Lemon Lies

If you’re a gun nut, you probably know about the Don Lemon flap over his preposterous claims about buying machine guns in Colorado. The striking thing about gun grabbers is how little they know about guns, gun laws and gun statistics. It’s just another example of how America is a foreign country to the typical media member. It’s why these stories get so much traction with gun owners. The lies are intended to dismiss gun owners as cranks, but reveal the media to be ignoramuses.

Charles Cooke has been all over it. Like a lot of Europeans who move here, Cooke has become a gun nut. It’s not that other countries restrict firearms so much as they don’t have a gun culture. Americans like shooting guns. You just don’t run into that in other parts of the world. American take dates to the gun range. Mr. Cooke has embraced that part of his new country with gusto.

The question is if there’s any proof Lemon ever bought a gun. It is a huge pain to buy a gun in another state. Most states have laws against transferring firearms to non-residents. The FFL dealer will work with another dealer in your home state, but the home state controls the purchase. That way, they can make sure you’re not dodging local laws. You can buy from a private seller, but that’s not the claim here.

You can go to the NRA-ILA site to see the local laws in Colorado. It seems that Colorado is like any other state. They would have forced Lemon to go through a local FFL in his home state to complete the transfer. Theh there is his confusion over full auto versus semi-auto. How do you not know that after having bought an AR-15?

Don Lemon is probably lying about all of it. He would not be the first nitwit from the media to get caught like this. These people know so little about firearms and firearms laws, they don’t know how ridiculous their lies sound to people who do know the facts about guns. It is like the guys who lie about their military service. The whopper works only if you know nothing about the military.

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  1. “…the difference between an automatic and semi-automatic is a matter of ‘semantics.’”

    Don Lemon is an ignoramus and only keeps his job because, from a discrimination lawsuit POV, he is a twofer, i.e., black and gay.

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