Words With Enemies

The show this week is on a topic that comes up here in different ways from time to time but will become more of a focus in the future. That topic is the intellectual and spiritual underpinnings of the new religion. Our side has the bad habit of judging this stuff by objective standards, which has some minor utility, but is of no use in developing suitable defenses or an alternative moral philosophy.

The first step in that process is the same as in war, which is to reconnoiter the enemy in order to understand his strengths and weaknesses. In the sense of the culture war, that means going into the enemy’s intellectual territory to understand how they think and get a grip on their code. Every subculture has its own language and the new religion is not an exception. They have their own jargon which we have to learn.

This parallel language is not just something they use in private with other cult members, but part of their everyday lives. What makes it effective is that the objects of their wrath are ignorant to the secret meanings. The enemies of the new religion still rely on dictionaries for words like race and sex. As a result, normal people are ignorant of the scheming that is often happening in plain sight.

As an aside, this is why the hard-thumping believers spend a lot of time cooking up imaginary code words used by their imaginary enemies. In the Charlottesville trial, the plaintiffs brought in a psychic to explain various internet memes. Projection is a big part of the new religion, so they assume that their enemies, real and imaginary, are speaking in coded language just as is done by the Left.

That said, dissidents do rely on coded language and esoteric language to communicate in the public square. Otherwise, the usual suspects would have an easy time of rounding up their opponents. In fact, every post here contains coded messages embedded in the text, along with the key for decoding them. The key, of course, changes every day and is why there are no Saturday posts.

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156 thoughts on “Words With Enemies

  1. Hi Zman,
    Just read your Taki article “That’s It! I’m Leaving!” – its very good – but two unfortunate mistakes, which I think you’ll want to correct, (and I don’t know how else to get this to you soonest):

    Your last sentence – “David Brooks is a reminder that any serious opposition to RACIALISM must first start with serious men.” – surely you mean “RADICALISM”?

    And also this sentence – “While Edmund Burke played an important role in the inefficacy of CONSERVATISM, no one had their awakening while browsing his writings about the French Revolution.” – surely, going by your previous sentence, you mean “inefficacy of SOCIALISM”?

  2. Actually the Saturday posts arrive, pretranslated, every Saturday at 1492 (HAHAHAHAHAHA) military clock. My fillings vibrate in sympathy with the 7G transmissions and the message is smoothly translated by my pineal pituitary gland to my lower liver lobe where it is stored awaiting the command to eat more vegan Spam.

  3. “The first step in that process is the same as in war, which is to reconnoiter the enemy in order to understand his strengths and weaknesses. In the sense of the culture war, that means going into the enemy’s intellectual territory to understand how they think and get a grip on their code”

    There’s something big you’re missing, is that there is an asymmetry of infiltration when subversives can pretend to be normal but normies cannot pretend to be subversives. Subversives being taken out by other subversives only results in greater deviance, a leftist “holiness spiral”. The right can put an end to all of this in the first place by force without the use of attempting reconnaissance because it’s impossible and it doesn’t matter.

    The right isn’t stupid. It’s smart enough to figure out that it doesn’t need to understand the left because it cannot practice subversion tactics. The left, which seeks to subvert the right, want to maximize opportunities for understanding. The right doesn’t even want to know, and doesn’t need to.

    • This is one of the dumbest things I’ve read in long while. Basically what you’re advocating is to wander through life like a leaf on the wind (like that end shot of the movie, Forest Gump). Gee golly, stuff just happens and I don’t know why. Stupid. Gee golly, this suspicious jackass showed up and is going counter to every one of our narratives, but welp we can ignore him because he won’t have an effect. You also don’t know jack about counter-insurgency (no, not the COIN crap) or counterintelligence. How do you think those two things work? The very basis and viability of those two things relies on trying to find out who your adversaries are and understanding how to counter them, ie. having some idea of their ideological and psychological motivations for their actions.

  4. I think you miss an important piece here z as to what these leftists see in the future. When I’ve pressed leftists on destruction of whites and open borders in the United States, their vision on the future is truly a global human. They see a world 500 years in the future where all human races have melted away with interracial breeding. There are no more borders or nations. One global government. I’m in my 30’s, so this may be a younger leftist vision than you see, but it is invariably where my questioning leads to. I think this is important to acknowledge in order to challenge it properly.

    • The result?

      A great leveling. The rise of mediocrity. Everyone has an IQ of 100. The bell curve flatter and wider. Excellence is vanquished. No more great art, great music, great architecture, great scientific advances. Dull, gray, sameness.

      S’ok though. Pop another soma pill. Smile, don’t worry, be happy. Big brother will provide.

      • Correct—except the global IQ median will not level out at “today’s” artificially adjusted “100”. It would be more like today’s 90–possibly 85. What that means is that the Critical Fraction can no longer maintain or advance the 1st world technological environment we’ve become accustomed to and dependent on.

        Society will revert to a simpler state of existence as well as your “dull, gray, sameness”. This will take the form of more people going back to an agrarian existence of a primitive nature. Since the world can not support such on its landmass, a great die off will occur until the human population reaches a few hundred million or so. These scattered populations will *not* be united under any form of world government. Rather they will be the beginnings of new nation states, held together by common interests and strongman, authoritarian governments.

        And so the “world” begins anew after stepping back in time 2000 years.

        • With a bunch of garbage strewn everywhere and and all the easily accessible resources stripped clean. Though by then maybe the greenies will have used robots to clean the litter and regrown wild areas. But I doubt that, since even greenie leftists seem to hate nature and want to transform it into nanobots.

          • Not sure I understand your posting. Food supply for 7B+ people was what I as talking about, not environmentalism—who also want to get rid of people. Basically, we live in cities and such because farmers are so productive. Take away the ability of farmers to mechanize, fertilize, and kill insects and food production dives—and so too will the population. This is what will happen in a world where people cannot longer produce such supportive technology for the farmer.

        • Good points Comp. I accept your lower estimate for global IQ too, the effect of which will be inestimably deleterious.

      • No Soma pills. 100 IQ humanity wouldn’t be smart enough to make them.

        Its booze, cigs weed and khat all the way down.

  5. For my own entertainment. I’ve been paying some attention to the chilean elections.

    They just had their first round and are now down to two candidates in a runoff. Both candidates are fun to analyze.

    Jose Kast is the nominal underdog. Kast is far right and has been in Chilean politics for a long time. Does the typical Right wing praising capitalism, free markets , and private enterprise. He is willing to get dirtier than most Latin American politicians and will stoop to acts like bible thumping when around certain audiences. He is also the type of man who has no shame and will take trips to Florida where he prostrates and cuts deals with Pepsi executives and Marco Rubio …. in the midst of an active campaign to be the leader of a totally “sovereign” country.

    The nominal favorite ,Boric, represents the liberal left of Chilean politics finally getting their turn to rule after years of center left Christian democrats. In actuality, Boric looks to be auditioning for the most zealous magistrate of the empire role. His electoral coalition Apruebo Dignidad’s logo has imperial symbols ( rainbow flag) plastered front and center.

    I wonder who will win this farce election, and I have a sinking feeling this dynamic could be coming our way soon.

  6. Final thoughts — yes mentally ill men in sundresses will join with anti-Fa and the Prog Rock groups but there are not that many of them … and BLM has a few thoughts on the matter.

    BLM is demanding a boycott of White companies. For Blxmas. Or something. Just what constitutes a White company is not defined. That is the danger of purity spirals, there is always someone in the group wanting more holy status and defining themselves as more holy. The Muslim world and history is full of this, with fatwas back and forth over who is most holy and Muslim and who is not really Muslim. Christianity had that in the Orthodox / Latin schism around 800 or so as the power of the Byzantine Emperors waned and that of the local kings grew. The Church had to deal with all sorts of claimants during the Middle Ages that they were the most holy.

    Prog Rock just does not appeal to black people. Who prefer rap.

    • Whiskey, as a inveterate Prog Rock fan, I worry about this new meme of yours.

      Can I listen to King Crimson in the ethnostate? I don’t think that there is a whiter music genre.

  7. Just like the news media’s bombarded the American people, with images of 19 Arabs after 9-11, the drumbeat to war was unleashed, and off to Iraq, we went. Remember when Colin Powell ( a ‘ black ‘ ) man addressed the U.N. Security Council saying Saddam had Uranium enough to fill ‘ this ‘ laundry soap ‘ box? A country was destroyed and hundreds of thousands were killed, left homeless, and immigrants and migrating to Europe and the U.S.

    Iraq’s don’t see the war see all this as a ‘ white ‘ man’s war. They simply see it as war. Same with the Afghani’s.

    And who benefited from all this carnage? And who’s looked, and is still looking bad all over the world? Look, it is important, if not vital for the white man to sever the umbilical cord with Mr. Joo. And some fools still say that to say Jooz are not a race, is anti-Semitism. They are not Semitic, they are Akhanazi from Eastern Europe. 95% of today’s Jews are Akhanazi, and 80% of Americas Jooz are Akhanazi and support/contribute to AIPAC.

    Everyone wonders why, and how Jooz are so successful? Well, the U.S. Gov. for one, gives, and donates ( besides billions of free weapons) to Israel, to the tune of $ 20-30 billion dollars and much of that finds its way to buy off politicians in the U.S. and Europe. That’s why Congress and the Senate have a cold-hearted fear of the Jooish lobby in the U.S., primarily AIPAC. When you run for Congress, you will get a questionnaire from AIPAC about how you would support the state of Israel. One wrong answer about your supposed die-hard loyalty and you finished. The AIPAC will throw lots and lots of money at your opponent. This is how some woke politicians made to Capital Hill. Loyalty to Israel first, then America. This is well known.

  8. A lot of classroom time in college is spent on coaching the naive little wards on Aesopian writing. For the majority of course, it goes straight over their heads. Further there’s 10%-20% who are natural yuppies just mimicking it efficiently for advancement. But if you can get that last fifth of them doing it — jump ’em into the gang — that’s more than enough. College is a relatively more evil use of society’s time & Monopoly money

  9. Hmmmmmm. I dunno if the ones in my circle think that deep, Z. I could be wrong… but I think they go with whatever narrative the cool kids are pushing, and the less they have to think about it, the better. If you try to make them think, you will only make them mad. If you press it, drama and histrionics will follow.

    This holiday season, eat and drink too much. Talk about the kids, your hobbies, and play games. Tell your Leftie folks up front that if they start rubbing your nose in their politics, you will walk away – and do it if they get stupid about it.

  10. The problem the progs have is that they are not the only player. Francis Fukuyama was wrong. And history is being written now in Russia and China.

    The Brandon brain trust being geniuses hyped up a confrontation with Russia. Thinking their media strength and the ability to define the narrative inside the West made them strong. But Putin showed them how weak they were, making Brandon crumble without moving a soldier or firing a shot. Brandon looks weaker and stupider than Khadaffi’s “Line of Death” posturing in the 1980s. Meanwhile Putin is reminding Europeans that not only does he have the only troops in Europe capable of fighting, he’s the only supply for natural gas this winter. Brandon just cut off all US support for natural gas exports … to Europe.

    That is what is so dangerous about Prog Rock so to speak. They get high off their own supply and think that because they can boss around Normies and Grillers they can do the same to really dangerous people. And their mouths write checks their behinds cannot cash.

    • “That is what is so dangerous about Prog Rock so to speak. They get high off their own supply and think that because they can boss around Normies and Grillers they can do the same to really dangerous people.”

      Nailed it. Having just had their a$$ handed to them by goat herders w AKs they decided this is the perfect time to go to war with a country run by a former KGB thug, stockpiling 4000 nukes, incidentally on the world’s most advanced missiles and where the cultural equivalent of a backyard barbecue is going into the woods to hunt bears and wild boar with shotguns.

      IOW, this year’s Darwin award winner could be: all of us. For tolerating leaders this stupid:


    • I am unclear how Putin cutting off the natural gas is a lose for EU politicians.

      They want their population dead and miserable anyway (i.e closing down all the nuclear power stations with no replacements), so you can’t threaten a death cult with something they are intending to do anyway.

      Secondly, people are so utterly moronic that it would be a simple matter to blow up the pipeline in Germany and then condition via the media that Putin did it to create a set up for the Russia/Ukraine madness that they want to embark on to cause a mass carnage in central Europe.

      All roads lead to suicide it seems in the EU.

      • The EU and its constituent governments are not very fond their citizens but its also finding out that its citizens don’t like them much either.

        Intense rioting is nigh everywhere over COVID lock downs and while they aren’t yet to the overthrow them all phase is a lot closer than our media lets us know.

        Cut of heat, water and comfort much less food and you’ll find out just how nasty European people their can be.

        A good argument could be made that several nations there are closer to “Kill them all” than we are and yes they do have arms and/or can get them.

        That said the US while in freak out mode is unlikely to risk a war with Russia as that would be the “Go” signal for China and hell Mexico for all I know .

        We won’t get permission to base our stuff and do not want to face Russian cruise missiles much less nukes.


  11. On the topic of liberals seeing race, my mother and hard leftist sister went to a mall near us that is now a no-go zone for white people. I asked my mother were you the only white people there and she said yes but your sister didn’t notice until I pointed it out. My sister is lying I’m absolutely sure about that. And it’s not just because she’s a pathological liar but it does just accentuate that liberalism is just a game of who cannot notice the most.

  12. Z sums it up nicely. Give the devil their due. On a practical level, much reality is socially constructed, e.g. gender. Not sex, gender. When looking to explit the other side’s contradictions, reason is to no avail. Their Achilles heel is their arrogance. That’s the clay to work with.

    Kyle R. shot three people of color. Why? Because the people someone tagged as a white supremacist shoots are people of color. George Zimmerman was a “white Hispanic.” BUT — this is crucial — when Rachel Dolezal was exposed as a white woman who, for qute a while, passed for Black, she was not given the courtesy of a racial construct. Why? Because she sought to benefit the Black community whereas Liz Warren, who could give a hoot about Amerinindians, gets a pass.

    It won’t help to dismiss the solecism mindsst. Better to adapt it to one’s use.

    • Yes, the main lesson is that the average person is stupid, and half of all people are more stupid than that. Thus, the essence of democracy is that it gives the dumb (majority) the power to rule the wise (minority).

  13. Reason, morality, thought and emotion:

    It’s become commonplace to differentiate between thoughts and emotions: between logic and reason, on the one hand, and emotion on the other; as if they represented opposing or unconnected modes of cognition or persuasion.

    But recent fMRI studies observing the brain in real time have shown that that’s not the case: that in fact, there’s no such thing as a thought without a corresponding emotion, or an emotion without an accompanying thought. When you have a thought, the emotional centers of your brain light up; when you have an emotion, there’s also activity in the thinking part of your brain.

    This is relevant to morality, because our emotions are what assign value to facts; what makes some facts more important, more compelling, than others. Our emotions are what make the difference between the ‘dry’ facts which don’t affect us emotionally, vs the emotionally-charged facts which ‘mean something’ to us.

    The other ‘job’ of emotions is to stimulate us to action. Emotions take us beyond the realm of mere knowing, into the realm of ‘I should do something about that’. Emotions impel us to act in a way that mere facts do not

    Putting it all together, we might define morality as ‘a set of facts concerning virtuous conduct which we feel to be compelling’.

    > I don’t see any reason why our appeals to reason, can’t also at the same time be emotionally- and morally-compelling.

    Re: “verbal violence”: the law differentiates between verbal threats of violence— ‘assault’— and actual physical violence— ‘battery’.

    If I act or speak in a way that would put a reasonable person in fear of serious injury or death— even if I never touch them— I’m guilty of the crime of assault. If I make physical contact with that person, I’m guilty of the additional crime of battery.

    But of course, that’s not what Progs mean when they talk about language being violent. “Violent” language to them is any language which results in their becoming emotionally upset.

    They’re the sort of emotionally unstable people who are unable to distinguish between emotion and reality: if they *feel* a certain way, then someone must have *made them* feel that way.

    If I voice ideas that upset them, it’s clear to them that I’ve “attacked” them, I’ve “assaulted” their inner stability, I’ve intruded on their fragile inner world and turned it into an “unsafe” place.

    If that’s not violent, then what is?

    Thus certain ideas are experienced as dangerous to them; and what are dangerous ideas, if not inherently threatening?

    Being unable to distinguish between their feelings, and the objective reality of the outside world: if they *feel* threatened, then the only possibility that occurs to them is that *I must have threatened them*

    And what are threats, if not the precursor to violence?

    Just as it’s verboten to mention the race of criminals, because doing so raises the “danger” of “reinforcing racial stereotypes”— any language which suggests that men are different than women, or that Blacks are different than Whites, or that third-world immigrants are not desirable, or that trannies are mentally-disturbed, is experienced by a certain sort of Prog as inherently dangerous and threatening.

    Who knows what might come of it?

    Who knows but that I might start re-subjugating women, re-enslaving Blacks, running immigrants out of town, and using trannies for target practice?

    That’s true of some Progs. I’m sure there are others who use the notion of “violent language” as an excuse to subject the people they hate to real physical violence.

    • Well thought, well said. Thank you. Part and parcel of overthrowing their overthrow is studying it and devising a way to wrap around it to commandeer it.

      re: “They’re the sort of emotionally unstable people who are unable to distinguish between emotion and reality…”

      I’d suggest that this implies the existence of this type as merely naturally occurring. . No doubt there are those that naturally occur.

      They are intentionally manufacturing these kinds of broken emotional wrecks. To have a revolution you need revolutionaries and sufficient minions. They deliberately make people be unable to function in society so that these people will want society changed. These broken types filter out to additional positions in society to cause those institutions/positions to create more broken. A viral infection.

      It is, I think, useful to us to harness the broken people who want their dissatisfaction resolved. We need to utilize their desire for change, and get them to choose our solution to their woes.

      • Thanks!

        And yeah: they’re doing their damndest to make sure succeeding generations are woke.

        They realize that most of us oldsters aren’t susceptible, but that kids who hear nothing but lies will likely come to accept them as reality.

        And I see it all as part of the dumbing-down of America.

        It’s always been the job of each generation to equip oncoming generations to perform at a higher level: ‘Here’s what a long life has taught me, you’ll have the advantage of begjnning there’.

        But what happens when upcoming generations of kids are taught stuff that just isn’t true?

        When kids come up believing that Robert E. Lee was an evil bigot with no redeeming qualities, and George Floyd was a righteous martyr for social justice?

        What will
        George Floyd America
        Affirmative-action America
        Kamala Harris America
        be like?

        • Thanks ever so much, Boomer and Gen X parents, for being much more interested in the balance in your 401ks than the fact that Obama’s picture was the biggest one on the cover of your kid’s history book, taking up a 1/4 of the cover while George Washington’s likeness was maybe 1 square inch.
          That was the layout on the cover of my son’s history book his junior year, but I had homeschooled him through middle school, so he was innoculated and found it as ridiculous as I did.
          By the way, this was in Oklahoma, the reddest of the red states.

          • Good for you!

            And good for him

            And good for the rest of us

            More and more parents are going to be needing to pull their kids out of public school and homeschool them

            Your description of the textbook tells it all; and surely the information inside is just as distorted and woke as the cover’s portrayls of Obama and Washington.

            I’d guess that there probably were some teachers in that system who were just as appalled as you were by that textbook. But how honest can they afford to be?

            They certainly can’t be entirely truthful; about the kind of worldview that would elevate Barack Hussein Obama over George Washington

          • I’m tail end Charlie boomer, wife is gen x
            Our kids are warriors raising their own children as warriors.
            Expecting the social conformation complex to “educate” your children would be laughable if it was harmless.

      • They are intentionally manufacturing these kinds of broken emotional wrecks.

        Very much so.

        Marxist/Leftist modes of reproduction are all centered on various cycles of abuse.

  14. One thing not really appreciated is how all black black black black blackety black black our entertainment is, to the point where every hero is black and every villain is White, undermines the “racism is bad, mmKay?” narrative.

    It was one thing to see characters ordinary Whites liked on TV (most powerful because most repetition) and in movies say “racism bad mmKay?” since emotionally those characters were “real” to the White male audience. But the hard shift in the mid 1980s away from ordinary White male viewers to women, gays, and above all blacks makes the propaganda from a cast of exclusively black and empowered, stunning and brave diverse women irrelevant. White dudes want the “approval” and want to emulate White male heroes. Diverse female space Jesus not so much. Even less a Rapper-American. So in some respects this is a factor of aging. People who grew up watching “Bonanza” as 12 year olds still want on an emotional level the approval of characters played by long dead actors. Younger Whites who have seen no one who even resembles any of their relatives don’t care about the approval of some random rapper or diverse female space jesus.

    • Right now, in the U.S. black people are heavily placated on T.V. all other forms of media. Every movie, show, news hour has the bros and sista’s. And all these people are shown living in spacious, beautiful houses, all good looking, for the most part. Their friends are all ‘w white ‘ people and everyone is giggly happy. It is all a beautiful world. Which couldn’t be farther from the truth. You see this everywhere, pharmaceutical commercials, T.V. shows, it is everywhere. When the ‘ have-not ‘ blacks see this wonderful world they suppose all the other blacks are enjoying, Tempers, hostilities, and blow-outs happen. That really whats caused the looting and rioting and rejection of the American way of life. They realized in their own way that they have been lied to and things are not fair. ‘ How could these blacks have, and I don’t ‘.

      • Bingo! The false reality painted for/by the Lefties (Whites) in these commercials and other false representations of Black “reality” is also a false picture painted for and received by the minorities portrayed in those media.

        If there ever was suspicion in their minds that they were being “cheated”, it is confirmed by those “exceptions” shown living the good life. An 80 IQ will do that.

      • blacks now have at least 2 TV channels, ALBLK and BETV. Why can’t I have even one with no blacks?

        • Now now;
          You’ll be told all the rest are Honkey TV. Even though most of the commercials are blackity black; interracial or homosexual couples with mystery meat kids.

          One of the last shows that show a strong white family is Yellowstone, although they have a token black in the bunk house.

          John Dutton ponders why he is doing what he is doing. He is trying to grow something for his kids, and they seem to want nothing to do with it. A tale about our current situation?

          Give it a look if you haven’t. Lots of good ideas in it on how to deal with enemies and conflict.

          • We tried. The thing is full of all the usual lefty tropes.
            Several years ago I watched a few episodes of Bonanza hadn’t seen since I was a kid. Was initially shocked that each one was a lefty morality play. The bastards have been at it for a very long time. Its just all so tiresome.

  15. Can’t help but think that “Words with Fiends” would be punchier than “Words with Enemies.” Good show though.

  16. Thank you for another interesting hour, Z. You graciously invite us into your home everyweek and please forgive me for either my offense, or ignorance. I’m sure you’ll correct me.

    There is midway position on us fighting back, or non-white genocide (you mentioned anti-semites are illogical), and that is they should GO HOME.
    The jews, red dots, blacks and browns can avoid the ugliness that’s coming by voluntarily packing up and heading back to the shitholes they come from.

    We know they won’t, unless forced to. Because they are all parasitic cultures. Once they taste White, they’ll never take flight. I don’t have dual passports, and I’m tired of all the giving.

    The satisfaction that I once had learning from you and others on our side, is waning. I’d like to believe that I was studying the opposition for strategic and tactical reasons, but it was likely hubris. I see now that understanding their “complex positions” has not served our side well in the last few years, much less decades. Diagnosis complete. At some point, Whites must have a remedy.

    It’s all tiring. This is akin to taking a martial arts class to build my character. No, it’s about learning to beat the bad guy’s ass.

    • “What is coming,” you say. Let me ask you – just what is coming?

      Here’s my take. Even Trump supporters run around talking about taking the House and Senate in 2022, ignoring the fact that Dominion voting machines and mail-in ballots make that highly unlikely. They just had their hind ends handed to them in 2020 by a sophisticated scheme to steal votes with the tacit approval of every federal government agency, and they think the masterminds are just going to sit the next one out? And with their success in 2020 and then 2022, the globalists will have election-stealing down to a fine art in 2024.

      So what is coming is traditional Americans continuing to sit on their dead asses, grinning about muh election, as society collapses around them and they become extinct. I pray to God I’m wrong.

      • Ordinarily, I might disagree. But I’m starting to wonder. The Left has been ranting about “our democracy” as Biden’s polls have crashed, even trying to rationalize how to give him positive coverage to boost his reelection chances via the false claim he’s being treated unfairly. I think this rhetoric is the Left trying to coach themselves into supporting a coup and ignoring bad election results in 2022 and 2024, perhaps with the false claim that they are anti-democratic or the result of Russian interference or some other insane conspiracy like voter suppression.

        As I pointed out the other day (and as Z has pointed out before), the Left tends to advertise where they are going next by pretending to fear it from the side.

        The Left said Donald Trump wouldn’t accept the 2016 election results. They then refused to accept the results themselves, even threatening electors in some cases to change their votes; Katie Couric openly wondered on election night if Obama should refuse to turn over the presidency. They also impeached Trump twice on false grounds, once using doctored evidence.

        They said they feared right-wing violence, then they did the 2020 BLM insurrection.

        They’ve been claiming for years they feared for democracy, so they tried overthrowing the government by claiming the elected president was a Russian agent.

        They followed that up by trying to pack the Supreme Court and overthrowing the constitution by claiming the court was biased and that, by appointing their party members, they would make it impartial. Uh, huh.

        Will they next ignore elections by claiming — somehow — that they are invalid, perhaps through some conspiracy? Isn’t that what their Jan. 6th show trial is all about: we face threats to “our democracy”, so it’s okay to be undemocratic in response to undemocratic people? The Left pretends to be the victim in order to justify acting as they claimed (falsely) others have acted towards them.

        This is one reason the Left goes nuts with trying to interpret right-wing memes as coded messages. Leftists genuinely employ such tactics themselves, so they just assume the other side does, too. Thus, Hawaiian shirts, bowl haircuts and the innocuous “okay” hand sign must be secret messages meant to bring about the authoritarianism the Left fantasizes about imposing themselves.

    • I’m an American-Arab. I was born in the U.S., I have the right to be here. Let’s just say I have nowhere to go because NATO destroyed the country of my parents. And I cause no trouble in the U.S., and that’s that.

      American passport and all. I love the U.S.

      • You are as you state in your history, a conundrum. However, societal decisions are not made on single data points or outliers. If the decision is made that a group to which you belong to is as a whole, incompatible with the current societal ethos, then you suffer along with your fellow Arabs who wish to reside here, and perhaps even share the prevailing ethos.

        I have no solution, but admit it is a problem the DR needs to get a handle on.

      • “I have the right to be here.” We’ll see about that.

        You are not us. Your genes and your religion cry out to subjugate us. And some of us here that cry.

        • Line;
          You have to give ole boy credit for giving the old college try to not be viewed in the cohort of Muslims who espouse Convert, Pay or Die.

          After all, NAMALT

          You are correct. They are as much like us as a cat is a dog.

  17. The case for linking language and violence can easily be made.
    In Waukesha a black man ran over a large group of white people. The news media types had been reporting that Kyle of Kenosha killed black people.
    Those with a nose for news lied over and over about the Germans in order to bring America into a war. Quite a whites perished in the WWI-II sequence.
    They lied to get the Gulfwars going. Our friends and relatives died. They lie to get a wars going in to Iran, Syria, Ukraine, Russia.

    • Just like the news media’s bombarded the American people, with images of 19 Arabs after 9-11, the drumbeat to war was unleashed, and off to Iraq, we went. Remember when Colin Powell ( a ‘ black ‘ ) man addressed the U.N. Security Council saying Saddam had Uranium enough to fill ‘ this ‘ laundry soap ‘ box? A country was destroyed and hundreds of thousands were killed, left homeless, and immigrants and migrating to Europe and the U.S.

      Iraq’s don’t see the war see all this as a ‘ white ‘ man’s war. They simply see it as war. Same with the Afghani’s.

      And who benefited from all this carnage? And who’s looked, and is still looking bad all over the world? Look, it is important, if not vital for the white man to sever the umbilical cord with Mr. Joo. And some fools still say that to say Jooz are not a race, is anti-Semitism. They are not Semitic, they are Akhanazi from Eastern Europe. 95% of today’s Jews are Akhanazi, and 80% of Americas Jooz are Akhanazi and support/contribute to AIPAC.

      Everyone wonders why, and how Jooz are so successful? Well, the U.S. Gov. for one, gives, and donates ( besides billions of free weapons) to Israel, to the tune of $ 20-30 billion dollars and much of that finds its way to buy off politicians in the U.S. and Europe. That’s why Congress and the Senate have a cold-hearted fear of the Jooish lobby in the U.S., primarily AIPAC. When you run for Congress, you will get a questionnaire from AIPAC about how you would support the state of Israel. One wrong answer about your supposed die-hard loyalty and you finished. The AIPAC will throw lots and lots of money at your opponent. This is how some woke politicians made to Capital Hill. Loyalty to Israel first, then America. This is well known.

      • I was one who fell for the the 9-11 story. Maybe minorly questioning it but, went along. A few years later, I had a friend tell me that 911 was a false flag and that the people in charge of America were intentionally wreaking it. I was “naw, that’s crazy,” but I looked into, and a few days later I realized that was so.

        Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, Robert Maxwell, is buried on the Mount of Olives, a great honor. He had a state level funeral, and lauded as a great hero of Israel.

        Ghislaine and Jeffrey were running kosher certifications: “we get pictures of you with kids, you get to advance your career, make sure you vote just so.”

        Long ago, I spent time as a sales guy in the middle east, all the people I dealt with were wonderful. Smoked the hooka in Kuwait with Palestinians, and such. I wish them well in the battle with the evil ones.

        And, I prefer that my country be my people.

        • Thank you tremendously, for taking the time to understand, and not take it all hook, line, and sinker.

          If one looks into it, Israel is the world’s capital for child trafficking/sex trafficking. It’s the center of world evil. Palestinian child prisoners are a common problem. And God helps them as they fall victim to a rancid, evil, system that does who knows what with them.

          The same day as 9-11, Ehud Barak, a very high-ranking Israeli politician lauded the tragedy saying ‘ this will change the world for the better ‘. He was so excited he could barely contain himself. And how about the five Israeli’s caught red-handed filming the towers being struck. Including, incredibly tower no.1 ! The FBI arrested them but soon released them and put them on a plane back to Israel where the next day they were shown on an Israeli talk/news show confessing that they were in fact MOSSAD.

          Its all right here.


  18. The funny thing about the whole “anti-racist” “movement” is that it is nearly 100% people deeply ingrained in the system they are calling “white supremacy”

    The whole antifa and anti-racist activist thing is made up almost entirely of people who work either directly or indirectly for the state. It’s state and government employees, people in universities, in public schools and the media and lobbyist class. There are a few in corporate HR departments, but these departments wouldn’t even exist without all the employment laws which are almost all part of that anti-racist milieu.

    “So the system you run is the most white supremacist in the country?” This is a question they are never asked or made to make an account of. It’s like all these university administrators constantly complaining about how racist the universities are. They are the least self-aware people on the planet.

    This is all from “rule by freaks and outcasts” None of them care about blacks. They want to tear down society’s rules that prevented them from openly being freaks. There’s a twitter account that posts all these mugshots of antifa. Just gaze at those mugshots a few minutes. 98% freaks.

    • Universities and State Colleges are where white males go to be accused of being sex violaters/abusers.

  19. OT: 33 yo retired NFL player found dead at home. was he vaxxed? dead athletes might get the grillers’ attention.

      • Yeah sure.

        Europe average deaths in soccer running at something like 6 per year fr the last decade.

        Year of Vex injections now at something like 100+ – – hmm something recently different in the env that did not even occur during the first year of the scam – must be a recent uptick in steroids. Duh!

        • Notice that I referenced the NFL specifically. Those players are obviously steroid-fueled gorillas who get lots of health problems post-career.

          • Oh, there are plenty of PEDs in widespread use among top level soccer players as well…

    • When the wokers come out at night in full force, it resembles the movie ‘ Escape from New York ‘.

      No force can handle that.

      • True, but it beats the putrid boot-licking and elevation to sainthood that was constantly thrown around regarding looters and rioters last year.

        Unless the protest was about our banana republic level gov’t, it was all cotton candy and praise for the destruction, I mean mostly peaceful protest.

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  21. The whole purpose of CRT and anti-Whiteness is to justify genocide. Anti-Whiteness is built around an oppression narrative. Oppression narratives exist to justify violence against the group oppressing you. It turns aggression against that group into self defense.

  22. Just got up. Haven’t listened yet.

    The primary purpose of reconnoitering the enemy’s status and codes is not to conduct frontal assaults, or even to prepare effective defenses; but rather, to enable covert infiltration.

    The US military is (still) the most formidable force-of-arms that the planet has ever known, and our potential adversaries have no intention of ever attacking us via conventional hostilities. They long ago realized that the US would only be brought down by internal decay and they were far better off enabling and enhancing this decay rather than attempt to cross oceans with sufficient military might to defeat us.

    This lesson applies to our internal rot as well. Attack head-on and you will face a phalanx of Caucasian male Jackboots. Infiltrate and subvert is the way to go.

    • I’m Arabic, but very American. When I fill out forms, paperwork, what-have-you, I always never see my race below, to put a checkmark. When I ask, the response is always, ‘ well you are Caucasian ‘ .

      So, that’s how I roll.

      • Quora :
        Are Arabs Caucasian?
        ✓ Yes they are.

        Wiki : Yes. White, while some also have Asiatic traits

        L.A.Times census: Are Arabs and Iranians white?
        Census says yes, but many disagree.

        • Arabs absolutely are not White and they are not on our side. But even if they were White, they are far too different culturally. That culture is deep. Just look at Islam. Islam is extremely Arabic. You cannot even become a Muslim unless you utter Arab words. Just look at the Pakis in Britain.

          Persians are another story. They are White, but they are also not on our side. They are far too different culturally.

          Now, neither are they really an enemy, at least in America. They are too few to really be that big of a deal politically. Checkmarks do not erase biology. There is a town in Michigan which is all Arab and of course, they voted themselves into political power.

          • Arabs are not white? According to you? When intellectuals, even white ones all over, say yes, for the most part. When you say side, what are you referring to, the final battle of armageddon?

            Ancestry said I was white ( Caucasian). Some Arabs are, actually many, are blond, blue eyes, green eyes. They are all over. Especially Lebanon, Syria, and the countries of the Levant. In Spain and Portugal, when they were Arabic lands for nearly 900 yrs, peoples interacted, and races mixed. There is no such thing as a ‘ white ‘ person except if you were 100% from Iceland, Greenland I believe. Isolated from the world. And right if white people stop the Zionist-led war of annihilation on Arabs, Arabs would start liking you en-masse. All my Arab friends in the Middle East like everything about the ‘ white culture ‘. Not necessarily the ‘ woke’ culture.

            You are talking about Dearborn, Michigan. Big deal. There are Chinatowns. Are they your enemies, even tho relations between China and largely white America are very sour? You want Persians, or Iranians, look no further than California, where northern California is inundated with very wealthy Iranians. Mostly the ones who were the Shah’s people who escaped with billions of dollars of the Iranian people’s money. That was one of the reasons for the hostage crises.

          • @boredmuslim I said Arabs are not our enemies. But there is a difference between not being our enemies and being on our side.

            Arabs are not White. The reason there are some Arabs that have some White features was because of past Arab invasions and the attacks on our women. You are not White. Sorry. Doesn’t make you a bad guy. Doesn’t mean you are my enemy. Doesn’t mean I have anything against you. I hate the fact that foreigners in the leadership class of my country attacks your countries and your peoples. I totally oppose it. But you’re not white and you are certainly not European, which is what most of us mean when we say “White” Most of your ethnic brethren also say they are not White, because they’re not.

            Muslims and Christians can never live together under the same government. Your co-ethnics are targeting White girls in Britain because they are White.

      • I always thought that “Caucasian” referred to those people whose ancestors came from the Caucasus region:


        One of the cool things about getting my 23&me genetic readout, is that they traced my patrirchal and matriarchal lineages back to the regions they came from.

        So wouldn’t the question of whether Arabs are Caucasian depend on whether or not their ancestors originated there?

        • Ancestry says I’m Arabic and Sardinian. Which
          I’m told leads to an exotic mix.

          I’m not trying to force the fact of Arabs are white or not, but some Arabs, of perhaps mixed race, are light-skinned/fair-skinned. and there is a general view that Arabs are Caucasian. This is just what I’ve gathered from reading on the subjects. If you saw my mom and sisters walking down the street here in the U.S., you would never know they were Arabic/ Sardinian,67%/33%. They and I are very light-colored skin, and the only thing that gives them away when they lived in the U.S. and Europe was the hijab, headscarf, I suppose.

          When Obama was President, the American-Arab community in the U.S. lobbied the White House to include Arabic as a ‘ category ‘. The Obama people studied the proposal and rejected it for whatever reason sticking with Caucasians.

          Not but a very minuscule number of Arab youth ‘ attack’ western women. But I have read how lonely housewives go to ‘ certain spots’ to pick up Arab and Afghan youth for some intense pleasure.I say good for everyone.

      • Yesterday the foreign guy was saying that “he doesn’t see race”.

        Today he’s going on long diatribes about how he (and all Arabs) are actually the real white people (but also white people don’t actually exist).

        Every single time. No matter what a foreign alien says at first, dig a little deeper and there’s nothing but resentment and envy for white people.

        Don’t care where you were born, you are an alien and, as long as you are in my nation, an enemy.

        • B125: “No matter what a foreign alien says at first, dig a little deeper and there’s nothing but resentment and envy for white people.”

          This. Indians, Arabs, Pakistanis – they all somehow find their way here and start off proclaiming they are our brothers against the blacks and Juice. Then they begin rewriting history to feature their own people more prominently. When challenged, the racial animus comes out. Sorry, but the enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend.

          There are some Arabs with Caucasian features because the Arabs took hundreds of thousands of Christians as slaves (extensively documented in several excellent books I’ve read). They decimated entire villages in Ireland, many in Italy, even in Iceland. Having some of the physiognomy of an enslaved Christian ancestor does not make an Arab White.

          Arabs also took numerous Africans as slaves. They generally castrated the men and bred with the women. All Arabs have some degree of sub-Saharan ancestry although it varies significantly by country. I believe it is highest in Yemen and Egypt (between 15-20%).

          The US census racial categories have nothing to do with biological reality and DNA ancestry. There was a proposal to add a MENA (middle east and north africa) category but the Juice and Arabs didn’t want that, for obvious reasons. A significant number of them do check ‘white’ on the census, which is why the official 59% non-hispanic White per US government statistics is hogwash.

        • Don’t put words in my mouth, please. So if everyone that is not white is your enemy, how is life working out for you. Where do you live, in a dense forest? Paranoid all the time.

          I truly think white people , Anglo-Saxon type, need friends, not enemies, lest you fall for the General Custer last stand, very soon. Time to make allies and friends. Are you not paying attention?

          • First, we don’t need friends or allies outside of our race. Second, given how history plays out over and over, we are fairly certain there is no such thing as a friend or ally outside of our race.

      • None of us got to pick our parents, so I never hold such things against anyone. You play the hand you are dealt in life, and no one cares about “racism” when you’re fighting for your life. It’s only the false luxury of affluence that enables squabbling about such distinctions. If you are working 3 jobs to support your family, you simply don’t have time to piss & moan about race.

        It’s also important to note that Islamists will die in defense of patriarchy as the correct model for family peace and proper functioning. There are too many pussified American men that have rolled over in the wake of the feminist movement. Any parent that forces their child into an arbitrary sex change at 3 years old should be shot, and I suspect that the first time this solution happens, it will be by a Muslim man.

        • The feminists do not realize that they will be responsible for the inertia of the pendulum swinging back to a patriarchy they cannot imagine in their wildest dreams.

          • Heterozygosity (having two different alleles for genes instead of the same allele) is much, much higher in European people than in the entire rest of humanity. It is a direct result of white women being given a MUCH higher degree of latitude in choice of mate over many, many generations.

            Leftist white women have no idea how anomalous their freedom is or how much they are blowing it for women across the rest of the world by destabilizing Western Civilization. Most non-Europeans may not be as book smart (East Asians excepted), but they are not unwise, and it is clear that Chinese strategists at least have done a pre-mortem on America and identified feminism as one of the causes of impending death. New restrictions on women in the CCP (both quotas and ideological reliability filtering) seem contemporaneous with their move against internal Islam.

            It would not surprise me in the slightest to see a patriarchy in the West arise at the end of this cycle where white women have fewer rights than they have ever had since our ancestors evolved optical whiteness 8000 years ago. Swinging is what pendulums do, and this one is building up some momentum.

  23. When the left complains about blacks living in white societies having a disadvantage, they’re right. Black and Indian societies don’t have concepts of rule of law, property rights, charity, and cleanliness that white societies do. The problem is, that blacks, Indians, and everyone else prefer white societies. It’s why there has never been a successful diaspora of American blacks to Africa. There is no such thing as a society that benefits every genetic cluster equally.

    The core question to ask any white(or black) is, “Yes this country was made for white people. Do you want to live in a black society? An Indian Society?”

    • And, as if it needed restating for the umpteenth [surely that’s a giveaway as to my generation] time, the disintegration [lol, pun discovered] of neighborhoods with the influx of said diversity is empirical proof of that thesis’ cause and effect..

      • The “influx of said diversity” is a dual level attack on family and community.

        biology -> culture (systematized behavior) -> Politics
        strong families -> strong communities -> strong country

        Healthy Politics includes a civilizational immune system (regulated borders and proscriptions against dyscivilizational behavior) which is a prerequisite for a strong country.

        It’s why the unholy alliance of international marxism and international crony corporatism (globalism) attacks biological reality (male XY and female XX) and the traditional family. They started attacking these roots of stability of European civilization many decades ago and the resulting degradation of culture and destruction of community has now manifest in European countries on the edge of dissolution and destruction.

        Diversity is only a strength to the globalist pirate. Those who have neither tribe nor nation are prey animals in a herd of one, easy meat for predators both foreign and domestic.

  24. White folks falling all over themselves to prove they don’t have a racist bone in their bodies is the result of at least sixty years of brainwashing by the mainstream news and entertainment media. For instance, for decades we’ve heard the media use the term “The Black Community” or “The Hispanic Community.” But have you ever, even once, heard them say anything remotely like “The White Community?”
    This never was a mere oversight. Over the years, the anti-white agenda used to be more subtle. However since the surprise they got in 2016 and the increasingly loud muttering of the white working class, they’ve now pulled out all the stops and are advancing their agenda more aggressively. They’re going for all the marbles, and don’t care who notices it.

    • Yes. They’re doing it because it’s the only move they have. And sure, if you listen to people who read the think tanks, you know they anticipated this, but you have to ask yourself if they’re cagey or insane. They assume the right will react fearfully and tech will carry them. Are those sound assumptions?

      • They are insane—as they ignore objective reality within their world concept. That doesn’t mean they are not dangerous or will not triumph, just that heretofore their lack of understanding of reality has caused them to overreach in their efforts. This has always been to our potential advantage, but unfortunately we don’t make the best use of those openings when presented since we are so badly united as a race.

    • White People need to stop caring about anything they see in MSM. Seeing them talk about it should be the clue that they hate you, and anything they talk about is a weapon they use to destroy you. Everything those people harp about is sh*t that goes on their their sh*thole cities. Why should we care? If their version of Satan. a.k.a. as Vladimir, decided to turn their cities into tritium glass, how would their extrication from human society affect us at all? On the other hand, if you lived downwind from them, you might not be a happy camper.

    • As a member of the White Community, I proudly announce that I will no longer identify as “a white person”, but rather as “a member of the White Community”.

      We Are Stronger

      • I’m not a white person technically, even tho Ancestry . c–, says I’m Arab-Sardinian, I fully relate with white people.

        Is that okay?

      • Just as Blacks used to be fine being referred to as “colored people”— but now find that intolerably offensive, and insist on being called “people of color”— why shouldn’t we Whites demand to be called “people of Whiteness”?

      • Why don’t ‘ White ‘ people identify themselves as ‘Anglo-Saxon ‘ along with just ‘ White ‘?

    • Just like gay pride parades are celebrated all the time, but never a straight pride parade.

      I know, off topic.

  25. One of the biggest weaknesses of the Cloud People, and their agitprop media is their total lack of humor. Anything our side uses that is humor absolutely drives those people bat sh*t crazy. A prime example is the “Let’s go Brandon!” meme.

    I love clicking on and going into the belly of the monster; i.e., reading their articles on what I call Democratic Communist/Fascist media. You can bet if you click on just about any article written by someone with a Green-, Stein-, or -berg in their name, it will always be off the top, and they’ll all be talking about the same thing. I suppose the Borg has a way of telepathically communicating all over the U.S. It seems that “Let’s go Brandon” is a perennial weekly topic, and they always drone on about why can’t we be decent, as though there are rules, and there’s always some dribble about “our democracy”.

    It really is fun to troll these people. My modus operandi is to get them fired up, then let them know that my side doesn’t give a flying f##k about their rules and we don’t care about anything they have to say. If that’s what they call democracy, then we don’t want any of it. That is the message our side should never fail to mention.

    • Laughter is much more dangerous than hate. That’s why Let’s Go Brandon is much superior to Fuck Joe Biden.

      The rulers savor your hate. They fear only ridicule.

    • Never yet met a “ leftist/liberal etc” with a genuine sense of humor. Snarkiness, sarcasm, ridicule, yes. Never humor and NEVER even a mild joke at their pieties.

      • Watch Steve Colbert, Jon Stewart, or that twat brit and they’re all the same.

        – X republican is doing something
        – Snarky response
        – Audience laugh and clap like seals

        • To be a Leftist, there’s one thing you must have, and one thing you must not have. As noted, the “must not have” is a sense of humor. The “must have” is, of course, crippling Daddy Issues.

          [Since there will undoubtedly come a time when our communities will have to deal with Liberals attempting to pass — since, you know, we’re the guys who grow the food — I present the following as a public service announcement. To smoke out a Liberal, there’s a simple three-question test:

          1. Do you know who your father is?
          2. Do you have any kind of relationship with him?
          3. Is that relationship warm?

          Unless the answer to all three is yes, it’s a Liberal trying to pass. The dumber ones will answer honestly, but the smart ones will try to fool you, so you have to watch them a bit. They’ll give the game away by squirming when they lie — they can’t help themselves].

          • The most hilarious takedown of this sort was when a twitter-anon mogged Liz Breunig about her relationship with her father and brought up he was funding her career with his military contractor money.

            Had a complete meltdown response and nuked most of her posts.

        • Like Bill Burr, his humor is contrarian. If either voted, I’d expect it to be Democrat, but not necessarily as true believers, but because of misanthropy. You can always tell in their sets, that they don’t really like their audience. It’s like a more extreme version of Mark Twain.

    • But I thought Jimmy Kimmel was funny? Sic. Not funny at at, and certainly hard to watch.

      Saturday Night live anyone? Again, sic. Not funny.

      Raw, ugly non-humor at white peoples expense all over the place. I really do miss George Carlin tho. He was on target I thought.

      It seems to me that the tribe come up with a weekly agenda and send out the memo and hammer it home across the ‘ Media Board ‘ of theirs. That way there is no escaping it. Causing their foot-soldiers, wokers to march in tune and attack honest white people and culture and of course the white race. It seems back in the day, everyone knew their place, now white people are certainly being infringed upon. I say this because I am more white than Arab. Although my Parents are Arabic-Sardinian, I related to white people all my years as a naturalized American caucasian born in a ‘White hospital, in a white town, in a white community. All my acquaintances, friends, lovers, girlfriends were white, and my wife now is white. I find I cannot relate to anyone non-white. Neither Spanish, Black and all that. Just can’t.

      The biggest threat to the ‘ steins, bergs, greens ‘ in the west, especially in the U.S. where it really counts is white unity, which is a totally powerful force that is the only one to undo their stranglehold on the affairs of the world. If any other race causes them trouble, like the Arabs for instance, they simply drop big ordinances on them. I have seen the result of this first-hand. Destruction everywhere. Causing the white man to be hated, or mysteriously loved. It is bizarre. The global south-to-north migration of peoples across the globe, into white territories is to lessen the unity of the white race so ‘ white ‘ will become a loose confederation of a people and are then able to be taken down. As I said before, the white man, united, is the biggest impediment for the Joo, and his diabolical plans. To me, there is no question about it that all that is happening now is not preordained, or planned long ago.

      If white people don’t wake up soon and put up a front, you too will be knee-high as wokers in totality. Once this happens, its all too late and ‘ your children’s children will be working the fields for stein, berg and green ‘.

      Did George Washington say Jews were a dangerous scourge who should be hunted down as pests?
      ‘They work more effectively against us than the enermy’s armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in. It is much to be lamented that each state, long ago has not hunted them down as pests to society and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America ‘. Just saying.

      Now Benjamin Franklin :
      ‘ Benjamin Franklin was already an elder statesman at the time of the American Revolution. And his years had certainly brought him wisdom, for he knew of the Jooz’ nature, and he had the courage to warn his fellows about them. Benjamin Franklin’s warning to the Constitutional Convention in 1789 concerning the Jews has been called a marvel of prophecy. But, really, Franklin was only giving voice to an opinion, informed by his knowledge of the Jooish people. This prophecy was recorded by Charles Pinckney of Charleston, South Carolina, and the original notes of Mr. Pinckney are said to be held at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

      What he is alleged to have said ;
      “I fully agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and impenetration. The menace, gentlemen, is the Joo. In whatever country Joos have settled in any great numbers, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation is founded by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a state within a state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal.

      “For over 1700 years the Joos have been bewailing their sad fate in that they have been exiled from their homeland, they call Palestine. But, Gentlemen, should the world today give it to them in fee simple, they would at once find some cogent reason for not returning. Why? Because they are vampires, and vampires do not live on vampires. They cannot live only among themselves. They must subsist on Christians and other people not of their race.

      “If you do not exclude them from these United States, in this Constitution in less than 200 years they will have swarmed in such great numbers that they will dominate and devour the land, and change our form of government, for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives, our substance and jeopardized our liberty.

      “If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them sustenance, while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands. I warn you, Gentlemen, if you do not exclude the Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves. Jews, Gentlemen, are Asiatics; let them be born where they will, or how many generations they are away from Asia, they will never be otherwise. Their ideas do not conform to an American’s, and will not even though they live among us ten generations. A leopard cannot change its spots.

      “Jooz are Asiatics, they are a menace to this country if permitted entrance and should be excluded by this Constitution.”

      • Those quotes by Washington and Franklin are interesting. I won’t quite say those people in the press run the world, but one can pretty much surmise they tend to work for whoever does run the world. Perhaps it is a coincidence that the Rothschild family, who are worth more than the entirety of the United States, are what they are. We can also say that includes Larry Fink, who is the boss over at Black Rock, the bank which in conjunction with Vanguard own every damn hospital in America.

        I like to say there are layers of them in the United States. The low level ones make no attempt to change their surnames, and they often work for the agitprop press. Go a bit further up the totem pole, and you see the people whose surnames are missing a few syllables.They work for the press, and they also tend towards careers in the legal system. At the top are the ones who completely change their names to sound outright white Anglo-Saxon.
        They take names like “Garfinkle” and change it to “Garland”. They are the powerhouse lawyers who love to work for the legal system at its highest levels. They get a kick out of classifying mothers as terrorists, just because they screamed at some school board member over them having unisex bathrooms, and letting perverts rape their little girls in the bathrooms, after which they collaborate with local law enforcement to cover it all up.

    • Slightly OT: Wish I could link to the piece some subversive thinker wrote in response to the “The Left Can’t Meme!” trope.

      BS, sayeth the writer. Every ounce of TV, advertising, movies, public education, the university system, mainstream news, books (YA fiction in particular) and most of the internet is chock full to the gills of very effective and very on point messaging.

      Crowing about the “rights” meme-ing ability to the lefts capacity to do literally everything else is like putting an 8 year old’s lemonade stand profits against the GDP of the US.

      • This is essentially one of the points I was attempting to make yesterday, that the Wokist faith has infused itself so effectively into daily life that it has a myriad of media for delivering its messages.

        The Woke can’t meme?

        In this environment they don’t need to!

        • At least half of the country doesn’t believe anything those people have to say. Also, they know they will never surrender their 450 to 600 million firearms plus trillions of rounds of ammunition to those people. Then those people prattle on about decency and how it’s their way or the highway for everyone else. They really are sleep walking into a potential catastrophe.

  26. Fortunately, they have done us a great service by publishing the academic version of the secret decoder ring. It’s called “The Penguin Dictionary of Critical Theory.” You can pick up a used copy cheap. This is more esoteric academic stuff but it’s a good place to start, because this nonsense is all Postmodernism at bottom and that came Straight Outta the Ivory Tower.

  27. Lolz ran across this on NRO: https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/our-webathon-intern-effort-were-more-halfway-our-goal-jack-fowler/

    I don’t have a lot to give, but I can’t let another webathon go by without contributing as much as I can. National Review has been a consistent voice of conservative wisdom and intellectual depth in my family since before I was born. May it always continue to be so. Thanks to all of you for keeping this beautiful little ship sailing for almost sixty years.

    P.S. Consider my gift five Alexander Hamiltons, not two Andrew Jacksons and a Harriet Tubman.

    P.P.S. A special thanks to whoever convinced David French to come aboard full time. That person deserves a raise.

    Yes Z-Man you are right, especially on the double-p-s: David is something special. Terrific brain matched with terrific writing skills. Do you too feel that way? Well, maybe you could show it by sending a little token of appreciation to Bill Buckley’s magazine and website

    Z-man, do you have something to tell us?

    • Anytime one of those publications “on our side” starts talking about “decency” and ” civility”, stop right there. They are your enemy, plain and simple. They are controlled media designed to neuter any opposition to the Imperial Deep State. Fortunately, enough people on our side have awakened enough to figure that out. That’s why that set is literally screaming LETS BE DECENT AND PLAY BY THE RULES in everything they post nowadays.

      • In my city there is a popular yard sign–exclusively in wealthy, white nabes, alas–that says “Love one another.” Every time I see one of those I have an urge to whip out my .357 and blow a hole through it. We tried the nice guy routine for over 50 years, and the Judeo-Negro-Puritans destroyed America by way of a response. No. More. Nice.

      • Decades ago, Murray Rothbard smoked out NR as a CIA set-up. Because we conservatives identified the CIA as anti-communist, even those of us who believed it shrugged it off.

        Now that we know the extent to which the CIA has run this country and the world (into the ground) since World War II, we understand the foolishness of our nonchalance.

      • It’s not him. Some Zachary character. Even if twenty yrs ago, proof that Z was a French fan boy would give him vapors.

  28. LOlz was trying hard to imagine how the janitor would randomly use noose in a sentence. Good save with boy.

    • There are old expressions that simply aren’t used anymore *because* people are afraid of being called racist.

      “If I don’t get this floor mopped and dry before the game starts, they’ll have my head in a noose.”

      “Have my head in a noose” was previously a term for “getting in trouble” that had no racial implication.

      • I can’t wait for some schoolmarm, male or female, to tell me I can’t say “cottonpickin’.” I will inform him that my white grandmother picked cotton, so he can go screw himself/herself and, while we’re at it, most likely his/her pronouns.

      • I enjoy saying, “Well, that’s mighty white of you.” as often as possible. I love watching the hypersensitive ninnies squirm.

      • Accidentally used the term “tar baby” in the south once when at work only knowing that it meant : “tar baby refers to a problematic situation that is only aggravated by additional involvement with it.” (wikipedia).

        Unbeknownst to me at the time, it apparently had/has awful “racisms” attached to it.

        It’s a minefield out there. Be careful, ok.

        (Just don’t use the “ok” hand gesture, because that’s racist too.)

        • I heard my boss say something the other day about words we can’t say anymore. I said, “And what are those words we aren’t supposed to use but you know I will every time I get the chance?” He shook his head and grinned.

          I also go out of the way to use the word “retarded” when lecturing to the college class I teach. I let them know it’s a perfectly good word – comes from the Latin “retardare.” God, I hate political correctness.

          • I remember about 10 years ago some DC bureaucrat got fired for using the word niggardly. People who are hooked on this so-called “woke” thing don’t realize that this stuff was going on well before the advent of St. George.

      • My former idiot hairdresser had a fit because I used the term “off the reservation”. If I hadn’t had a head full of dye I would have got up and walked out. These people have no idea how retarded they seem to those outside the Borg.

  29. yup, the r-word is the toughest one. Sure, white supremacy is the new one, but the r-word is the one-to-beat.

    I think the way to handle it is to refuse to be in a serious conversation with the word being pronounced fully. Go the Wikipedia route:

    In the English language, the word racist is an ethnic slur typically used against white people, especially white Americans. Because it is considered extremely offensive by many, even if only mentioned and not used as a slur, it is often referred to by the euphemism “the R-word”

    • I used this successfully in an online book club. I posted somethign mean, and a lady privately messaged me to make sure that I wasn’t posting “racist” things.

      I replied that that word is an antiwhite slur and has no place in polite society. I wrote that if she wanted to discuss it, we could use the term the “R word”.

      Never heard back from her…. But it was better tahn if I wrote that I wasnt a racist blah blach

      • More than pretty good, even better when accompanied with a haughty sniff, an upturned nose, and that scowling, wide-eyed “I dare you” stare.

        Oh man. Hi-ya, you’ve out-Karened the Karen.

    • Use the family analogy: “Just because I love my own children more than I love my neighbors’, doesn’t mean I hate anyone.”

      If you’re online, there’s Muhammed Ali giving it to a clueless BBC-twat like he’s a ten year veteran on /pol/. (Notice when the Brits laugh at Ali’s patois like he’s doing a comedy skit)


    • “In the English language, the word racist is an ethnic slur typically used against white people”

      Agreed. Jeff Dahmer once denied during an interview that he was a racist. “Hey guys, I ate ppl of all colors…” When cannibalistic serial killers don’t want to be accused of something, you know what the new word for heretic is in the culture.


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