The New Religion

Note: Somewhat related to the post today is a post behind the green door about the classic movie Ben-Hur. It is an amazing film to watch in the current context, especially when you think about the audience of the time.

Imagine you were a peasant in the early medieval times and one day you looked up from your toils to see some men on the road wearing funny outfits. You see that they must be of means as they are not covered in muck and they have men of arms guarding them, but they are strange and different. They are headed in the direction of the lord’s home. You assume they are nobles of some sort. You are a peasant, so you go back to toiling away and think no more of it.

Days later, the lord’s men come to round up you and your neighbors. Everyone is herded down to the river. The lord is there and to your surprise the men you saw the other day are there as well. The lord announces that everyone is now something called a Christian and worshipping the old gods will no longer be allowed. Along with the other peasants, you are walked out into the river where you get dunked while the strangers say something in an alien language.

This is not exactly how Europe was Christianized, but it is not far off. Men from the Church would cut deals with the local rulers. The nobles would get financial help from the Church, maybe even promises of military support. In exchange the nobleman would become a Christian and his people would also become Christians. Early on, the Church took the “whatever means necessary” to win over converts. Many conversions were sincere of course, but many were out of convenience.

We don’t know if the old religions swept Europe the same way. It is possible they followed agriculture as it swept Europe. Regardless, the same paradox of conversion must have existed. There is a point at which they went from some older form of belief to the more personal and concrete belief of polytheism. Like the paradox of the heap, there is some point at which a society stops being defined by one set of beliefs and is defined by a new set of beliefs. We are in such a phase now.

If you are old enough to remember the Cold War, then you are like the medieval peasant at the beginning. All of a sudden, the people in charge now believe weird new things for no obvious reason. You try to assign the usual reasons for what you see, things like power and money, but they make less sense over time. After all, the people in charge have all of the power and money. What is in it for billionaires like George Soros who underwrite this strange new faith?

One reason for what is happening is something called isomorphism. This post in City Journal explains why social pressure is causing the people at the top to conform to this bizarre new faith informally called Wokism. Humans are social animals with a strong instinct to conform. In a world full of uncertainty, both personally and collectively, Wokism offers structure and a form of shelter. The underlying logic of this new religion is not as important as the structure it promises.

The problem with that post is it does not address the origins of this strange new religion and why it got started in the first place. It also fails to grasp that Wokism is a religion, rather than a social fad. It is assumed that religions require a well-defined anthropomorphic deity or deities, but this is a cultural bias. The evidence suggests that these well-defined gods were a product of settlement. When man was in the hunter-gatherer stage, nature was his god.

When viewed as a religion, things make a bit more sense. Religion first and foremost explains the natural world. For ruling-class people their environment is now the culture that has evolved in urban areas. They have little interaction with nature, other than to see it from their window. The natural environment of most people, especially those embracing this new religion of Wokism, is the highly urbanized and socially constructed world of the Cloud People, like universities.

It is not surprising that this new religion would be born on campus. They have been the monasteries of America since the beginning. The Puritans founded Harvard soon after they arrived for the purpose of training preachers. The beliefs of the ruling class of America have always been incubated and maintained on the college campus, so it is no surprise that this new faith was hatched there. The newly minted faithful then went forth to convert the masses.

It is also no surprise that the corporation have taken the lead in conversion. One of the few things the old radicals in the last century got right was the relationship between corporate America and the culture. Corporatism has always been the organizing principle of the American empire. Corporations sell the culture through advertising, entertainment and consumer goods. Now they are selling the religion and forcing the conversion of the people.

This is why the old liberals are baffled by it all. The New Left is in bed with corporate America in a way that would have shamed the Right not long ago. The old school lefties, trapped in the old ideology, are unable to grasp what is happening, because they are operating from the old framing. Similarly, conservatives are unwitting dupes in the process of conversion because they were conditioned to defend corporations from the “socialists and communists” on the Left.

Getting back to the primary role of religion, this new faith is catching on with the rulers because it explains what they are seeing in their natural world. First, they see the browning of the West. Even though they could put an end to it tomorrow and even reverse the trend, that requires things of them they no longer possess, so the new religion makes it seem like a naturally occurring thing. The arc of history is toward a multicultural universe free of white supremacy.

Wokism also explains why people are not the same, despite the unshakable belief that all men are created equal. The disparate outcomes must be the result of the social structures of society. The new religion not only explains the conflict between reality and their beliefs, but it also gives them a purpose. Overturning the white power structure to liberate the people from white supremacy is the ritual and practice of the faith. Wokism tells them the universe cares about them and has a plan for them.

This is why it is delusional to think this stuff is just a fad and will fade without having to confront it in the culture war. That is the old libertarian impulse to cower on the sidelines while pretending to be above it all. The new religion may be at odds with reality, but reason has never played the defining role in the ways of men. The woke can remain unreasonable longer than the reasonable can remain smug. Our peasant from before learned that when he was eventually forced to abandon his gods.

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360 thoughts on “The New Religion

  1. The rot goes a lot deeper folks, already in 1848 women were agitating for the right to vote in these United States.

  2. Muslim invasions of Egypt decimated papyrus production and this made parchment more important, and ultimately contributed to literacy spreading to Northern Europe. The Church traded literacy for conversions and Germans liked to imagine themselves as a new, holy Roman Empire, and they weren’t too far off.

    And most virtuous pagans saw Christianity and Islam as upgrades from a spiritual perspective, not materialistically.

  3. Fact is, four big forces have produced the current woke meltdown:

    1. The ascendance of women, which has made society more sensitive and insecure.

    2. The ascendence of youth, which has made society more idealistic and naive.

    3. Increased mobility, which has led to waves of immigration that has produced friction between cultures and values.

    4. The internet – the cherry on the cake of all this – which enables everyone everywhere to see and hear each other in high definition, turning social competition into something frantic.

    In combination, this has produced a fractious and neurotic social environment in which old structures are melting down. Who should be surprised?

    The simple fact is, the world has got more competitive because the meek have found a voice. The good news is that it will all come down to ability in the end, because that can only be faked for so long. If whitey wants to stay ahead, he only has to carry on being as good as he thinks he is.

    • The new guy weighs in with a cogent and somewhat novel argument that ends with a sage piece of advice for all. Summarizing, eventually the plates stop spinning and fitness-based selection must reemerge.

      Which subspecies of the human race is likely to be the most fecund and robust as we transition into the nextgen environment of the future? And what will drive selection in this Brave New (and artificial) World? Will the new incarnation of the species be a superman created in a DNA modification laboratory or a domesticated hive/herd drone cultivated the same way hybrid cattle and corn are optimized? Inquiring minds want to know.

        • Let it be known to all. The future belongs to a high quality variant of the Han Dynasty that is neither superman nor automaton. If you please Oracle, what becomes of the rest of humanity? Are we enslaved or exterminated?

    • Every single one of these has been driven by pervasive moving picture media. Not the other way around. These are second order effects.

      The TV/Film technologies once they got to color and size took over the representation of reality for most people. The brain cannot distinguish a ta low level from reality. Therefore all social cues became swamped in the medium which took over most of their waking attention.

      The messaging for all these came first then the large scale acceptance.

      The womens stuff had some small push earlier from the 20s, but was largely ineffectual until the 60s.

      If you look back at the media pushed as popular at the start of large scale invasion in Europe they are mostly set up to play the sympathetic migrant, with the stupid and unreasonable elder white male, combined with the foreigner support of youth and female figures in the situation. there are countless examples of these that all sprang up at the same time. Why did this happen?

      Similarly, from the 50s a huge number of film/TV of female placement into authority work roles which was not present in reality. Again why so much?

      The TV/Movie/Music complex created practically from whole cloth the youth focus of society from the 50s. This had never really existed in any form prior to this. This coincided with the mass consumer model, which is predicated on behaving like a teenager in the media sense.

      Until that link is broken, it will be the primary vector for controlled culture and there is no way to prevent it.

  4. Just dawned on me

    I wonder if trump had something to do with this rise in wokism

    One thing he did and did well was mock the elites and make them look stupid, calling them names, exposing them for the charlatans they are. Up until then most people at least had respect for them but he ripped of the veil.

    I think this created a void. Even for the people who hated him, it couldn’t be denied that these elites had never been before so ruthlessly mocked and cut down to size in public and that many heroes and icons and the leaders many aspired to or wanted to emulate were destroyed.

    • Yep he was the fuse, and things get ugly when the battle is finally joined. It had to happen, and he was the man of that moment.

  5. Wokeism is Civil Rights ideology left to ferment and spread through mass media. The people laughing it off as a trend that we are about to wake up from are sorely mistaken. This poison is old and it has staying power.

    Unlike our forefathers time, the abolitionist loons got the keys to everything and are steering the ship.

    • Wokism is just the latest iteration of Gnosticism – which actually predates Christianity.

      As such, it isn’t new, quite the opposite. And it doesn’t have a record of actually gaining dominance in any large country. Ever. Although it has led to a lot of destruction.

  6. “Corporations sell the culture through advertising, entertainment and consumer goods. Now they are selling the religion and forcing the conversion of the people.”

    I have yet to read a good reason as to why. Why is this the road they are taking? Is it simply the easier path?

    • “I have yet to read a good reason as to why.”

      Hatred of traditional whites. That is the primary motive.

      Why this is their primary motive requires a more complex explanation. Different groups have different reasons, but upon this hatred they all agree.

      • Emergent order.

        The corporate marketing department are made of people, who like all people have biases and blind spots. Those people also predominantly have a similar educational and social backgrounds – they’ve lived in a bubble their whole lives. And been indoctrinated by the establishment for years. So the ideas that bounce around each other for a successful ad campaign reflect and reinforce the belief of themselves.

        At some point the reality of the effectiveness provides a certain level of feedback. But, unless the campaign is incredibly offensive to the potential consumer it has little impact on sales. Which are primarily driven by product reputation and placement, price, convenience and chance.

    • “I have yet to read a good reason as to why. Why is this the road they are taking? Is it simply the easier path?”

      The search for cosmic justice. It is so unjust that one tribe out compete and be more successful than another. We share the gene that allows us to recognize this unfairness but not the discernment necessary to work with it. Instead we fight against it. We disregard the admonishment, “don’t fool with Mother Nature.” You make mum angry you suffer the consequences.

  7. “You diddy bint” is my favorite British insult! “Watery tart” runs a rather close second, I must say.

  8. In Canada, the banks — BANKS, of all places — place gay pride colors in their lobbies on a regular basis. This is a way of keeping their share of the power. They know they can’t stand up to the “woke” enactors, so they go along, and maintain their status thereby. The only question for the future is how far will the banks and other corporations go to keep their status strong.

  9. Nature, in this case human nature abhors a vacuum. As a society that is so enamored with its Faustian Progress that it entirely forgot in religious roots including its frequent hysterias and Witch Hunts , we deserve the troubles Woke is causing us.

    Hell the Salem Witch Trials didn’t stop till an adult , in that case the governor of Massachusetts shut it down because they accused his wife of Witchcraft.

    Our fence sitting on the right, our libertarian hatred of ideology creates that vacuum and until some adult with an ideological. axe to grind goes on or collapse happens just as our host noted this crud will go on and on.

    I’d suggest that we work on that ideology. IMO Paleo- Conservatism is a good place to start if we can figure out a patch for a post Christian society.

    This is difficult but our up and coming depression will make it easier. The right militant and muscular church might even be able to use Christian morality

  10. Guilt. Inherited blood guilt. That’s a core parallel postulate between Antiwhite-anity and Christianity. Adam gave cooties to Geronimo, now you must pleasure Tyrone to be absolved.

    if-and-only-if you believe/admit that you are guilty, can you be saved.

    We went wrong in a lot places over a lotta of time; a severe one was allowing itinerant tent-makers to takeover universities. But it goes way back, the early church fathers forbade Christians/Europeans from banking; but they did allow a certain group to profit from that activity; with the miracle of compound interest and 1500 year head-start, it’s no wonder they harvest from the wars they start, and that we die in them.

    Reject their imposition of guilt.

    • Blood Guilt is more closely associated with the proposition that a certain ethnic group killed Jesus (and it was not considered to be the Romans, masters of sadistic cruelty).

      Call it the Wrath of Farrakhan! Certain things just pop out at you: fat/obese underwear models, check, a certain group likes em thick. A desire for ugliness everywhere — immediately familiar to anyone who saw Compton, Watts, Inglewood back in the day. Degradation and perversity everywhere, again immediately familiar with the concept of “down low” and so too the desire to destroy the most productive part of society, over and over again. There are other things at work, but Affirmative Action and the promotion of a rising black/Mulatto elite as the natural rulers or Kangz is a huge part of it. So too most White women’s desire to be a single mom with a mulatto kid. Note: Mexican women etc. do not desire to stoop to conquer. They’d rather be Raquel Welch with an Anglo kind of kid. Kind of like Sammy Sosa took skin whitener while Barack Obama was accused credibly of using skin darkener. Different social goals, and the language barrier is hard to cross culturally not just intellectually.
      Sidenote: China has a marriage crisis, men have to pay huge dowries and most cannot afford it, single motherhood does not work in socialist countries so that means a birth crisis. Xi is doing what he can to crush women’s upward movement and tamp down their hypergamy for only the highest status women. I would not be surprised if he used algorithms (not Al Gore Rhythms) to assign mates in some sort of Moonie forced marriage in a few years.

      • I’ve read the works of Mr. Xi, and his take on humanity is really interesting. Apparently, he and the Party want the best for humanity. This is their philosophy. And they are busy at work doing exactly that.

        I hate to say this but Mr. Xi and his Party cadres have studied closely how white people have dropped the bomb for 500 years.

        Now they believe they have a ligament right to give it a good college try.

        And guess what. They will do it. That’s it. We are out of gas and ideas. We blew it.

        • Well, if we are so spent why are you the one who learned to speak English and we haven’t had to learn Arabic?

          Why do all asian parents want their kids learning Bach and Beethoven but no one has any reason or incentive or desire to learn their music?

          Yes, you can argue but that these things all have roots in a far away time. Ok, a little closer in time, but why do all skyscrapers in the orient and in the muslim world mimic ours? I was watching the olympics a few months again and it looked like Cleveland downtown. They may do something unique stylistically but it’s all copied from us. As are the ways highways are built, bridges, trains,etc. everything was copied and borrowed from us. Fashions too.

          I can go on and on. Our influence is so vast and great that no one else comes close.

          I’d say that even in our worst day we are still the best there is. I’m not happy where we are to be frank, but no one else is challenging us, and that may be the problem. China probably has the best shot though.

    • Usury is eating the world alive. Who came up with this wicked scheme. Where does the money all end up? Who are the most outrageous billionaires?

      • That is the Root, indeed.
        There is a Hand that holds the knife, but what we whites fear, is that Islam- the Knife- is returning for a second Islamic Conquest.

        I said what I said below because that Hand created you to avenge 70 AD.

        Islam is a vital force that resonates with the ways of the Southern Tier- and the White World is greatly outnumbered, now, by the Southern Tier. I fear they will hear Islam’s call, see its energy, and then that Hand will hold the world in its grip.

        Islam is the Talmudic Reformation. I would not have the Semitic God as ruler of this kingdom.

        • That is nonsense. And i simply am not going to induge you in it. The Chinese, the Russians, everyone. Cheap allies, all exhausted. Come on.

          Islam knife? Laughable. Islam 70 A.D. was equally laughable.

          If I was you I would make sure your children and grandchildren learn all the sciences because the Chinese are hot on your heel. Not Muslims or Islam.

          • Chinese refugees don’t create banlieus in Paris. They traffic their own girls, not ours in Rotherham.

            The Chinese burn dogs.
            The Muslims burn cars.

            At least the Chinese built us a railroad.
            What do you bring to our table?

      • A lender has every right to charge SOME interest.

        Interesting though when GW Bush was prez he worked to got some law passed to let credit card companies charge up to like 23%. That’s insane. But there you go, what he was all about.

        The whole government is on board with this

        If it were me I’d cap interest at 5%. That sounds about fair to me.

  11. The most important, and terrifying Wokist religious innovation is that they have created a religion that does not need formal churches.

    Rather, the Wokists have created a religion that easily melds with what was once the largely areligious daily routine of Western secular life.

    On a certain level, this is similar to Islam, which is another religious ideology that infuses itself into the daily lives of people who live in societies where Islam is the dominant religion. Perhaps this is why the Wokists hardly challenge, and even sometimes align with Muslims – real recognize real.

    God help us all.

    • The Methodist and other churches have black lives matter and LGBTQIA flags. They colonized the churches too. Conservative churches have black lives matter and Israeli flags. Antifa has all three.

      • I agree that the Woke have conquered thpse pre-existing organizations and their dedicated spaces for religious worship.

        What I was attempting to get at is the idea that Wokism doesn’t necessarily need those spaces.

        Just look at the multiple means Wokism has to deliver its sermons – ads and programs on TV, movies in the theaters, CRT in the schools, BLM messages at sportsball events, story hour at the libraries, and DIE training sessions at work.

        Colonizing the existing, dedicated religious structures certainly helps their cause, but Wokism certainly doesn’t *need* them.

        • Good lord. We’ve attained a religious government with its own Great Awakening.

          A JudeoPuritan Islam, bent on bringing all into its ummah. Like Judaism, Islam, Communism, or Equalitarianism, it has a God who’s face it cannot see.

          Christ, they can see.
          He is shown with a White face, and every religion needs a visible devil.

          This is what Henry tried to get in front of with the Anglican Church.
          What our Freemason Founders tried to escape.

          Religious war- because religion is downstream of biology.

          • I submit that just as whites fragment into ethnic tribes- Vandals becoming Franks, Lombards becoming French- Krull’s example that North America is the largest Pan-White tribe is undergoing the same process of separation.

            The Woke are a different nation trying to emerge; we’re about to fight over territory.

            They’re people born of a different environment than yeoman agrarians.

        • H.G. wells wrote a book , The Open Conspiracy about doing just that. Utilize existing religions and imbue them with new marching orders for implementing his progressive vision.

          • Wells, the socialist, was indulging in the age old practice of buiding his new temple atop the old one.

    • ‘ On a certain level, this is similar to Islam, which is another religious ideology that infuses itself into the daily lives of people who live in societies where Islam is the dominant religion. Perhaps this is why the Wokists hardly challenge, and even sometimes align with Muslims – real recognize real. ‘

      Christian Evangelicals travel the whole world trying to convert the whole world to this false Christianity (Western Christianity).

      Religious ideology? How much of Islam do you know about? Obviously not much. Islam is a religion, as the Quran is composed of the words of the Almighty Lord verbatim. Don’t blame the Christian worlds ( western Christianity ills that is) on Muslims or Islam. Eastern Orthodox Christians are Islam’s allies. Western Christianity after the Great Schism ceased to be a religion but a trend. Or a fad, ceremonies and all, and highly embedded with Zionism, who are dragging Western Christians around by the neck.

      Look, we Sunni Muslims, and also Shiite, do not accept The Black Brotherhood of Elijah Muhammad and his folks. Black Muslims are on the wrong side of Islam for the most part. How many Gay Pride parades do you see in the Islamic world? They are not of us. We do not suffer from Wokism, LGQT, mass Atheism conversation.

      Clean your own house first.

      • Hate to burst your bubble, but Islam is not standing up to wokeism at all in Canada. Most believers are FOB. They are ignorant of western degeneracy for the most part and the kids hide it from them.

        Muslim girls: lots of tinder, weed, parties (mostly with black and white guys)
        Muslim boys: lots of incels, ugly, think that looking like drake is a personality trait, basically sleep all day and leer at white girls at the club at night, porn addicts

        The only people standing up against wokeism here are white evangelical christians and some catholic sects.

        • Oh man. These guys go ghetto at the drop of a hat. Look at Europen “muslims”.

          Wait, so do Indians.
          And Islam was so fond of African women (like their Judaic brothers) they disrupted the mating balance in Africa for centuries taking such an abundance of female slaves.

          Oh gods. Hollywood and their music/porn biz might weaken our competitors to the point of irrelevance. They hit the wrong target!

          • And when we brought you slaves, you took them by the thousands. You promised us they would be treated very well and be allowed to practice their religion, Islam.

            Instead, they were treated fully as one of crimes biggest crimes against humanity.

            And I don’t want to start with what happened to the American Indians. How many millions died. How many treaties were broken?

        • To each his own, and The Lord Almighty is the judge of things on the Day of Judgement.

          There is a Heaven, and there is a Hell.

          • Slaves were in fact treated quite well.

            Most never left the plantation or wanted to. Most stayed in the south.

            Not sure if you’ve ever been to the south, but blacks are quite happy there because it’s their home. Small town blacks are a completely different person than urban blacks. They probably dislike urban blacks more than whites do. They are some the nicest people you’ll ever meet

      • I was merely attempting to point out that the Woke are pious, and they seem to sense and respond to the piety exhibited by the Islamic World.

        I will only add that I lived and worked in what is considered a moderate Muslim country for about 5 years. As an outsider, it was very clear to me that the daily life of the average citizen was infused with a sense of religious duty that the West lost, or perhaps never had, a long time ago.

    • Pre-9/11, when Islam was a more morally neutral Other, I noticed a “profile” among my friends who converted to it: addiction-prone, rule-needing, “spiritual but not religious,” children of professionals, nepotistically (actors, professors) or accidentally (musicians, artists) too successful.

      The very same people became the 1st-generation woke—upon exposure to that *stronger* religion.

  12. Our brains seem to be hardwired to create order and meaning, as an integral part of our experiencing.

    Physiologically, by the time our sensory impressions become conscious to us, they’ve already been filtered through the parts of our brain that assign a meaning to them. There doesn’t seem to be any way for us to experience life, apart from some assigned meaning.

    Our brains have evolved to automatically seek patterns in the world around us. As an integral part of our experiencing, we automatically assign to these patterns a meaning. In our normal consciousness, we’re unable to perceive the world around us, apart from the meaning we attribute to it.

    Automatically imputing meaning to our experience— experiencing our lives in terms of some overall ‘picture’ of ‘how things are’— is how our brains work.

    And we seem to be hardwired to frame that meaning in the form of a narrative, in which we’re the main character. We naturally ‘see’ our life as a story, in which we’re taking part, but which is also ‘bigger’ than we are. We experience our life-stories as taking place in a larger overall context, which invariably has a meaning for us.

    > Surely that’s how the various religious narratives came about: as attempts on the part of primitive people to make sense of the world around them.

    For serious religious believers, then and now, their religious beliefs form the overall context in which they experience their world, and see their lives playing out.

    Perhaps the primary difference between religious beliefs, and other beliefs, is the emotional investment religious believers have in their beliefs being true. They identify with those beliefs, in a way and to a degree that they don’t identify with other beliefs ithey hold. Challenging their religious beliefs offends them, in a way that challenging other beliefs does not. They feel like you are attacking them, when you challenge their religious beliefs.

    For some people, wokeness seems to be their religion: their primary pattern of meaning, through which they experience life.

    For others, such as woke Christians, wokeness seems to function as an addition to their religious beliefs: enhancing them without altering them in any other way.

    So yeah: for Wokefolk, wokeness either functions as their religion, or as an integral part of it.

    • You make sweeping generalizations that I do not completely concur with. A person can easily, if thoughtful, make a distinction between spiritual teleology and the unfurling events of the physical world. In this instance, how their world plays out is not necessarily colored by their beliefs, if they make a distinction between the physical and spiritual.
      For example, one can easily say that the events of this world are independent of his/her belief in God’s overall design- especially in an individual lifespan. I will admit that this is not all, but the idea that patterns are fixed undermines further epiphanies in life. If pattern making is ingrained since childhood and filters everything, how could anyone ever have a genuine epiphany? Simply put, in your view, maturation is simply further smoothing the already established patterns (and it certainly is for many), but for some, it involves reevaluating and fundamentally altering these patterns.

      • Few would sign up to the last real Christian as real Christianity is purged from the Earth. Much like being the last “muh Constitituion” guy as blacks rape your wife before they kill her and you. “At least I still have muh Constitution!”

        However, I guess that most of those who would sign up for such a terrible duty are reading this website and they have my great admiration.

      • Ah! Eloi, I agree with Bill, that we have an instinct for pattern recognition, and storylines are how we organize it, but you’ve hit on what I consider the great mystery of religion- notably, Christian religion:

        Transformation. They are able to transform themselves. Many experience a rebirth, most seek it.

        This, the Zman credibly seeks to do in the political sphere. We wish to change Normie’s mind- as the Usual Suspects succeeded in doing with the Flowerman Project, circa 1948, itself a continuation of Scofield theology. This, contra Zman, is the origin of 60s campus Hegelian theology, in my view.

        You touch on the spiritual.
        Like you, I’m convinced there is processing going on in an unseen background.

        I sound like a lunatic because I’m determined to separate the tangled threads between the social mechanism and the unseen “spiritual” mechanism. They are intertwined, yet each is an expression of the other.

        A new dialect is needed, and that involves measurable definitions of phenomena.

        Please note that Bill is not- as he points out!- attacking your identity. His mind runs on a different processor than yours, is all. Like an Android and iPhone are different, yet both do the same things.

        My problem? A bridge between the two. This is why I can say both the Elois and Bills are right, same direction, best outcome, but they speak different languages.

        • I never said it was my identity! And I certainly did not feel attacked, and I hope I did not appear so. I extend epiphanies to non spiritual things as well (a mundane, in the sense of ‘earthly,’ Platonic cave moment). That completely pre and excludes the spiritual side.

      • Eloi,

        I don’t disagree with what you say, I guess I wasn’t being clear enough. If I gave the impression that I thought patterns were fixed, that wasn’t my intention.

        Perhaps the most startling discovery in neuroscience in the past 20 years has been the ‘plasticity’ of our brains. It used to be believed that once our brains fully mature, at around age 27, they lose the ability to change.

        Now we know that’s not the case: e.g., when someone loses their eyesight, the parts of their brain dedicated to vision gradually re-configure themselves to process tactile and auditory input. Our brains are cobstantly responding and adapting.

        So there’s no reason to think that our pattern-seeking ever stops, or that old patterns can’t be replaced by new ones.

        Whenever anyone takes the red pill and comes over to our side of the great divide, as Z puts it, they’ve noticed new patterns, and their brain is changing as a result.

        • Well put. You seem to actually argue a similar point to Kant – that we perceive sensory information, but, by the nature of our minds/brain, we can only perceive those things that appeal to senses, and we can only perceive them in pre-structured manners. Anything beyond that limited range is, therefore, beyond our abilities.
          I am no philosopher type, but a little is good for some perspective.

    • Indeed. Today we are up to our ears in stupid people trying to impose order on their world with Xirl Science, Critical Race Theory, Warble Gloaming, Intersectionality and other Vengeance Studies programs in our Universities. And, last, but not least, Wokism.

      Wokism is not a religion, it is merely bad ideology passed off as fake science.

  13. There is absolutely no question Woke is a religion, complete with divinities (trannies, which Woke created from whole cloth, are at the top of the totem pole), demons (Whites), repentance, indulgences, heresies, creeds, holy texts, the works. Where I have a question is here:

    “This is why it is delusional to think this stuff is just a fad and will fade without having to confront it in the culture war.”

    I don’t think it is a fad, exactly, but more like the Gnostic heresy, a deviation from the standard, widespread religion in its original form, equalitarianism. The question for me is whether it will in time be suppressed. I do not know, but suspect it will be once it comes into conflict with the Ruling Class. This likely will happen when exemptions disappear and indulgences are not accepted, as happens today. I do not discount it could have a long run, but suspect it will clash in time with TPTB, who then will declare Woke a religion and demand a reversion to the One True Faith, equalitarianism.

    Granted, as Emperor Julian discovered, restoration of the old gods is difficult, but again this is just a reform of sorts rather than a wholly new faith.

    • The reason the Byzantine Empire lasted longer than any other Empire in human history is that they had three laws they strictly enforced with the punishment of death.

      1 – No Jooz in Government

      2 – No Jooz in Finance

      3 – No Jooz in Education

      And that’s why you don’t see any history of wokism in Byzantine.

      Certainly not the Islamic World. We Muslims have ‘ circuit breakers ‘ for this type of evil as well.

      • While counter-intuitive, I suspect your religion also will succumb to Woke around the margins, too. Obviously Islam has a text-based prescription to fight heresy,, but I would venture to guess it will be like its prohibition against usury…Woke will be allowed in a redefined form when it becomes economically necessary.

        Best of luck.

        • Wokism requires a developed society with huge excess wealth and copious leisure time while Islam thrives in the most penurious conditions on Earth.

          I wouldn’t bet against the Ummah…

        • In some societies yes, wokism will infringe, others not so much. You have to remember, that all in all, the Islamic world constitutes 1.6 billion souls. Or 1 out of every 6 people. I personally know some young Saudi students in the U.S. that are wokies. They come here and it’s like a pressure valve going off, clubbing, dancing all night, who knows what else.

      • islam is the final stage of wokeism, which is female dominated culture. although it may not look like it, the muslim world is female dominated, mostly due to polygamy, but other things as well. in the absence of outside interference, this is a terminal stage for a society. “you win again, entropy!”

        • Polygamy in Islamic societies is very, very rare. The original reason for polygamy was back centuries ago, men needed as many sons as possible to tend to large herds while migrating during different seasons. So you needed sons to tend to herds of many, many camels, and sheep.

          The Islamic/Muslim woman owns/takes care of the house, the male/man, is the breadwinner.

        • Not going to down vote this Karl, but this is not the case.

          Islam is a very male centered social order.

          The risk it faces is secularization. I know a fair number of Muslims who are no longer faithful in any meaningful way and if they grow prosperous they will become more vulnerable to Wokism.

      • La, la, la. Please, let me tell you something. They were your creators and administrators, to the point that Hebrew was a dead language; Arabic became the language used by most Jooz.

        Byzantium and Persia were rife with their advisors and tax farmers; the Dark Age economy was kept alive by Jooz trade with the Vikings.

        Eventually, the Vikings began procuring slaves for Islamic silver, the same trade the Jooz had cornered for Rome.

        Allah and Yahweh are more than half brothers; the Jooz are Arabs who learned to read. Abraham was father to both, remember, and both claim Adam and his God as their first.

        I say the sons of Ishmael and Israel are still family, branches of the same tree.
        The Donmeh- Jooz who adopted Islam in Thessalonia- hold the Kaaba. The Emirs are more than half Joo, the Muhammed himself was more than half Joo.

        Both, I note, have the same tastes in bed- for boys on the road, and black women in bed.

        • Abdul-Rahman the Second, the Emir of Spain/Portugal had a Foreign minister who was a Sephardic Joo.

          There were two Jooish tribes in Medina Saudi Arabia who were of the Israelites. the original Tribes of the Israelites that is.

          The Jooz the Vikings worked with were Khazarian Talmudic converts. But you probably know very little about them. Khazars are really some 85% of the decendency of today’s Jooz. Then you have the Sephardic Jooz who are Semitic like Arabs are. Bothe peoples were expelled from Spain/Portugal in 1492 By queen Isabella and King Alphonso. Actually, the gentleman who navigated the Santa Maria, Christopher Colombus’s flagship was an Arab. Since Arab’s were very knowledgeable is seafaring.

          Some do say that the Family of Saud is half Joo, we just don’t know, but by their means and ways, it would appear so.

          I don’t know anything about Yahweh, but the word Allah is Arabic for God or Lord. Christain Arabs use Allah frequently.

          It’s important to know that the King of the Khazars, Tarkhan converted to Talmudic Rabbinical Judaism all his people followed suit. You’re talking about a giant Kingdom in the southern Russian Steppes.

          The 12 tribes of the Original Israelites mostly converted to Christianity, then Islam.

  14. Z Man writes, “The problem with that post (City Journal) is it does not address the origins of this strange new religion and why it got started in the first place.”

    But Z’s post doesn’t address the origins either.

    On his Gab, Z defines “antisemitism” as a belief that ascribes all problems to the chosen. Fair enough.

    I don’t say that we have just one problem, we have a couple big ones. Nonetheless, our biggest problem is that the chosen have indoctrinated and incentivized Puritan-Americans to accept their explanation of the world. From this, all else follows.

    Do we blame the chosen or their indoctrinated and incentivized servants? Which problem do we try to solve first? I counsel the former at the risk of being labeled an antisemite.

    • You just assume the source is the answer to every question, The Jews!

      At this point, anyone paying the least bit of attention to my content knows where I think the source of this new religion. I did two hours of shows on it and many many posts.

      • In my defense, other big problems are the pathological compassion of some whites, our gullibility and our individualism.

        I don’t blame the chosen for these problems.

      • But…they wrote the Bible, the cultural structure and shelter of Europe. Harvard was built to teach the Bible.

        Please, for us stupids, can you state “the source”?

        Everything about today’s is five-star, but excluding the hearthstone of Christianity is a bit jarring. It seems perfectly clear to you, but the gears turn a bit slow on this side.

        For me, the Bible is entirely a political history. Isn’t political framing what we’re dealing with here? The call to authority?

        • The starting place is Hegel, who is considered the Protestant Aquinas. Hegelianism has been at the root of all left-wing movements in Europe. In the US, neo-Marxism began to creep in during the 1960’s. Just as Covid has comingled with the common cold, cultural Marxism comingled with Progressivism giving us the new religion of wokism.

          • Z Man, I hope you know how much I respect you and value your words.

            But when you try to explain our current situation in terms of “Cultural Marxism” and Hegel, you are like the post-Ptolemy astronomers trying to explain their errors with epicycles.

            May I suggest that you abandon your clumsy theories and look more closely at the world?

          • Marx himself was a member of the young Hegelians. If the audience didn’t know, that is how he got into the whole shebang – if I recall, he was a lousy lawyer in training before he got radicalized by this college group and started attending lectures on Hegel. His preface to a book on Hegel is where we get the famous “opium of the people” line. There is just something about Hegel’s inversion of the world that just screams as a basis of radical thought.

          • Thank you- Hegel as the Protestant Aquinas? Promoted on campus during the 60s postwar Cultural Revolution?
            That is certainly a new and interesting take.

            Like an updated Zoroastrian dualism, leading to a final endpoint. Did I get that right?

            Ha! I remember meeting a Palestinian who was trying to read Hegel’s wretched mess.

            No wonder so many just toss the whole library into the fireplace, unsheath their scimitars and broadswords, and give forth a primal scream. In angelic language, if they’re Presbyterian.

    • So the Founding Fathers were Anti-semites? Benjamin Franklin, Thomason Jefferson and good ole’ George Washington.

      One certainly does not believe all that was a conspiracy theory.

      Look, Wokism , like all the other ‘ ism ‘ are/were a creation of our friendly, wonderful Jooz to keep whatever peoples away from focusing on them, while they go about their diabolical plans to subjugate the world and bring us all on our knees worshiping whatever. The Phallus, Mammon, Satan, Shaytan, etc. I’m talking about nothing less than total slavery. Really, one should read a little on the Talmud. It’s terrifying. It’s all about supremacism annihilation of others, world domination.

      • how’s that world domination thing going for them? for some reason they all decided to get the jonestown jab, and are seeing very bad results. and all of their machinations has caused them to be hated world wide. once the chrisitan US normies are too poor to help, israel will finally get a chance to be all on their own. you won’t believe me, but people (like you) that obsess about the jews — or anything else (this is key) — are mentally ill, your brain is damaged. as i said, you won’t believe me but the evidence is manifest.

        • Von Hungus, you need to pay attention. There’s a reason they destroy every civilization that lets them in.

          Because they believe their own inverted bullsh*t, and cannot be dissuaded from pursuing it to the very end.

          Again and again and again. That’s why they chronicled their Book, trying to get ahold of this recurring cycle of civil war, collapse, and flight in their society.

          Been going on since Abraham burned Hammurabi and Jacob burned Esau.

          They revise their own story to cover up whatever grandiose vision they blew up this time, then forget they changed it. They’re like Brooklyn Democrats moving to North Carolina.

          They’re just smart enough, in a narrow, focused way, to be deadly dangerous.

          They target the upper administrative niche of the human ecology, and unfortunately, that’s where the leverage and messaging comes from- from the upper branches.

        • Prophets, scholars, laymen, I could find 1000’s of the most intelligent, sophisticated, wise, and blessed, men to ever have graced Gods great green earth that has either warned us, who have lost their lives (Aquinas) trying to, written columns about them when we are collectively too lazy to read, were destroyed for speaking of/about them.

          In essence, raising the alarm.

          Any wonder why the Jooz are the greatest collectors of antique books?

      • I don’t know about that

        If they hated us so much they wouldn’t be getting nose jobs to look like Meg Ryan

        No one gets a nose job to look more like them, and thank heavens !

    • The Finkels are a contributing factor. However, the poststructuralists, who are the true root of anti-whiteness (I much prefer this to parroting the negro illiteracy, wokeness) were and are not predominately Jewish. Among the chief 35 or so poststructuralist mandarins, only Derrida, Levinas, Cixous, Kuhn and Bauman are Jewish. The percentages for secondary, tertiary and quaternary poststructuralists are probably similar.

      • Ostei,

        Thanks for the elucidation. What I want to emphasize is that we don’t have to choose one cause to the exclusion of the others.

        The big question is: Given that we have multiple inter-related problems, what is the most intelligent sequence of steps towards a solution?

        • Line, pissing off the people you need is the worst sales tactic of all.

          Criminy, that seems just what the Zman wants to keep away from.

          Cripes, what a great question. What a great, great question.

          • Alzaebo, I’ll try to take it to heart.

            Z Man says that we must be salesmen and he is probably correct. I admit that I am a poor salesman in real life.

        • IMO, the first step is organization that facilitates internal migration to solidify a white, DR core territory. Then, as we build sufficient social and demographic strength, and as AINO collapses, we secede and create our own country.

          The devil’s in the details, naturally, but that’s my very general outline of how I see it going down. And speaking of going down, that is what will happen to AINO in less than 50 years. Probably considerably less.

          • Osteii, you don’t know how much that helps. Thanks so much.

            A nexus. That’s what I needed for several stumbling streams to coalesce into my real, ‘secret’ career. You made me realize I already have one.

      • Excellent. What we miss is the leverage. Religion is a hierarchy of authority, and the politically ambitious are determined to keep their place at the top of the tree, on the defensible high ground of the hill.

        We mistake authority for belief. The details, the beliefs, are only a dialect, an identifier like an accent.

        “Man is a believing animal”- and what he believes, in his deepest instincts, is in the Tree where he lives.

  15. What are the “things they no longer possess?” Fire hoses, attack dogs and rope for lynching ala Bull Connor or the will to reassert freedom of association and call a spade a spade, literally and metaphorically? Normie may not want woke religion; but he sure as hell prefers Sunday football to services at the Christian church. And often the preacher has replaced the hard demands of the gospels with the squishy accomodation of wokeism. But on the Day of Judgment the lukewarm will be spewed out…

    • Excellent Islamic video by a great Sheikh named Imran Hosien about Russia & China ( the relevance of Turkey and Iran) and WW3.

      This Sheikh is all about Escalotology. It starts out slow, but really watch it and give it a chance. I know it’s kind of off-topic, but he elaborates on today’s issues of what’s going down. He is known to be a great predictor.

  16. Clarity is needed in the use of “Christianity”, here. I believe you are biased toward the current, heretical evangelicalism that’s adapted to, and taken over, popular Western spiritual culture.
    Wokeism is riding on Christian heresy like a mother. Equality and race were Biblically defined (without issue), and don’t resemble the current definitions at all, until some small tribes got involved in Christian publishing (circa 1850s).
    For a wonderful exposition on our country, that is White America, and a proper framing of race, I recommend A Defence of Virginia, by Robert L. Dabney.
    Dabney was a fiery Presby preacher and Army General. And he brings it.

    • Wokism will devour Christianity, with few exceptions. Sorry.

      I know a few intellectual Christians and no one recognizes their version of Christianity besides themselves.

      To me, Christianity is like our Founder’s reliance on Natural Law or the Constitution.

      What do we make of Christianity, Natural Law or the Constitution when it is crushed? If it cannot withstand the actual world, what is its value?

      I realize that for Christians that the results of the actual world is not the final judgment. But for many, that is a cold comfort.

      • A rump of true Christianity will survive the looming apocalypse. And then Christianity, in tandem with the West, will rise again.

        • Doesn’t The Bible clearly say that the system of false religions will cavort with the merchants and the world’s governments in an incestuous relationship?

        • If Jesus doesn’t come back then it stands to reason that Christianity will fade away. And some prophecies have to be fulfilled or people will start looking elsewhere

          At least seems that way to me

      • Line, your idea seems to be that you think any institution can survive on its own, irrespective of the people enforcing it. That’s not what anyone is saying, that’s the “muh constitution” meme. No institution can resist change where the people have changed. Christianity as an institution can survive the massive demographic shifts in the West no more than the sheepskin the Constitution is written on can magically repel the Resident Brandon’s latest bizzare dictate.
        Its the deficits in genetics/people, not shortcomings in the ideas or Platonic forms of the institutions.

        • We agree. People are paramount.

          Who knows? It may be that if whites survive then I will be begging for admission to a Christian Theocracy.

          Sounds pretty good to me. I will accept non-citizenship and non-voting in a Christian Theocracy, if they will have me.

          I will try not to stink things up. Show me how it’s down, my beloved Christians.

        • If the Church is what it says it is, then it will survive irrespective of the people enforcing it because it is, unlike the Constituion or the US, a divine institution, not a human one. If not, it will eventually crumble like all other manmade institutions.

          It has a 2,000 year track record so far, which I know is barely a blink of the eye in historical terms, but the US seems on the verge of collapse and is not even a blink old yet.

    • Yes indeed! Dabney’s “Defense of Verginia &etc..” is an excellent read. Some of his other works are absolutely “prophetic”. Many available free online.

  17. When it comes to religion there are two types of individuals: True-believers and non-believers.

    There’s certainly more power in true belief and unfortunately the wokesters tend to believe (in the devil), whereas DR types like Z and civic nationalists and boomers who cling to the liberal order all do not really believe, so they can’t win a struggle against those who do believe.

    There are plenty on our side who understand the importance of belief but they still see religion as a necessary evil for society to function. I’m pretty much like this myself. If religions are a false construct then it would be false to believe in one and to be false is an evil. So we’re stuck in a death-spiral of skepticism while our enemies are strengthened by fanaticism and certainty.

    For my part, I don’t believe even though I think it’s True. This may be paradoxical but it’s not necessarily a contradiction. I don’t believe that historically it was the case that an ordinary Christian could or would say they have absolute belief and certainly in the veracity in the Creed. To be able to honestly claim such would probably make one an actual saint. Honest men must admit to doubting something they have never observed, such as “on the third day He rose again…” To be a Christian is to accept the validity of the Church and from there it can take a lifetime to explore the claims made in the Creed and the testimony of the Saints has it that in time one discovers the Truthfulness of each one.

    That’s not to say there’s not more doubt in our age. Surely there is! But human nature is not changed, neither is the Church, the Truth, nor the fullness of the Faith. There are times in my spiritual journey where I have little but doubt and I resent the Church for telling me lies like a parent to a child. But like a child I humble myself and remember that my frail human nature requires this, that I actually am a child and as such need a father and something greater than myself to rule me. So I continue my prayers, go to Liturgy, and take the Sacraments; and then I encounter Christ once again and the Truth becomes a little more believable.

    This is some thing the LARPagans don’t understand. Man doesn’t need a religion, he needs True Living Faith. Without it we will perish. The wokies, who fundamentally worship satan, can continue until the end because their faith in a sense is true.

    • And there are people like me who know there is something up there and out there but are content to live life on the ground not having to know what it is. Just that it’s out there. I don’t need to give it a name or meaning. I feel it in me. I see it around me. And I am content enough to leave it at that and go about living and being both mystified by the beauty of it all but cognizant of the wickedness of many people.

      I’m content enough to simply say, it is what it is. Works for me. I know my limitations.

      • Exactly!

        For so many questions, an openminded agnosticism— ‘I don’t yet have enough information to form an opinion’— is the only reasonable response.

      • my sentiments exactly; i don’t know how the universe works, but am ok with that.

        one of my kids expressed their atheism to me, and i tried to point out that any system has to be created externally to the system. soooo, given the universe *was* created…

    • Men need a reason to exist, a culture and community. Shlomo put an end to that because all the money wasn’t enough, they want to dominate and dictate every aspect of your life,,,see China, Australia, New Zealand. If they want Armegeddeon, lets bring it right to their front fuckin door.

  18. It’s interesting to see the white upper middle class & managerial class struggling to find their place in the new religion. These types have always been Good People – never racist like those other whites, and they already believed that diversity is their strength. They’ve now been informed that they’re actually still evil.

    They’re doing their best to follow along so far, but simply being “not racist” isn’t good enough anymore, since not seeing race is also racist. At work they’re struggling along, putting on more diversity seminars. They seem fearful, though. They’re cowards and the increasingly woke response is their way of trying to appease the angry non-white masses. Basically, these people are rule followers, and are very good at it, but the rules are now telling them to self destruct. Many are going along with it.

    Woke religion is a shitty religion. Non-whites go along with it, because it basically means they get all of whitey’s stuff for free. More “white washed” non whites actually believe it and just hate whitey. And average white people get nothing from it.

    Christianity provides a set of rules for life, a moral code, an origin myth, a community, rules and responsibilities, and a path to salvation. What do I, as a white male, get from it? I’m an evil sinner for being white, I need to constantly humiliate myself before racial aliens, no matter what I do I’m evil, second class citizen, and when I die there’s no salvation anyways, racial aliens will just melt down statues of me and stomp on my grave. That is a very bad deal. The worst deal in the history of deals, as Trump would say. If you’re evil no matter what, there are 3 options – 1) be evil 2) find another path 3) be a pathetic cuck forever. I don’t believe white males will ever follow this religion, as Whiskey says.

    I suspect the Goodwhites feel they are losing their nation too. As much as they taunt us that “right wing” white people are “losing” politically because of the browning of the West, remember that “left wing” white people are losing even more. At least right wingers might have some sense of tribal groups, community, religion, etc. when things go 3rd world. White liberals are increasingly irrelevant in the sea of brown and do not even have basic ways such as (Christian) religion or social conservatism to connect with the new imports. As a result they simply preach to their own choir, an ever decreasing sliver of the population.

    Kind of a long and convoluted comment. Couldn’t really think up something with much clarity or direction today, but those are my thoughts.

    • Well, when ‘ whitey ‘ goes around the world bombing, maiming, and destroying half the world for Zionism, which for ‘ whitey ‘ is worse than simple wokism, there is a fundamental problem.

      Born and raised Arab -American Muslim and have never had any dislike for Whites, but then I don’t see race. But I do see Talmudic Rabbinical Judaism that in essence is leading ‘ whitey ‘ along by ‘ whites ‘ neck. For Universal Global World Supremacy. I have read a few articles here yet no one seems to grasp that the Talmudists are bringing you all down, and fast.

      What good does it get ‘ whitey’ to go around the Islamic world bombing night and day? Essentially 7 Muslim countries since 2001 ! In the year 2018, ‘ whitey ‘ dropped 27.144 bombs on Muslim majority countries. Why? Because of sinister wokism that is a creation of our wonderful Jooz ? Why is, the white part of America that counts as helping Zionism subjugate, kill, and commit crimes against humanity in Israel/Palestine ? Why are white Americans, that seem intelligent, allowing Jooz to get away with creating a conflict between two civilizations? Why? Why can’t I even speak about this topic yet ripped to shreds for bringing up the truth about the diabolical designs of anything that has to do with Zionism or Jooz.?

      • It’s because Wahhabi terrorists “help” Muslims in much the same way that Nazi-flag waving wiggers “help” the DR.

        In comparison look at how carefully Iran and Russia act to avoid giving the Neo-Cohens any good causus belli.

        • Well, you have that everywhere. Extremist Hindu’s etc…

          I understand.

          As An -American, born and raised ethnic Arab Muslim. It’s been a pleasure talking here. I learned much.

        • Spoken like a true Zionist blowjob.

          What, are you going to ask me if I live in my mothers’ basement now?

          Grow up ! That’s not an Islamic thing. It’s an African tribal practice.

      • Dammit, dammit, dammit!
        “Why do they hate us?” the shabbos Bush cried.

        Because “we”, ridden like a horse by our Trotsky masters, hated them first.

        Who started the bombing?
        We knew nothing of Islam until 9/11- and the official story blaming the Yemeni, bin Laden, is laughable.

        Jihadi, clit-cutting Islam- Wahhabism, like the Donmeh’s Wahhab used to seize Abraham’s birthplace of Iraq- Jihadi Islam was almost dead.

        The Islamic world was rapidly modernizing, young women wore skirts in college, American teens spent summers working in Tehran’s bazaars. Expats tell me Beirut, Riyadh, Teheran were like Paris or Las Vegas.
        The old Islamic universities were stirring to life, sending royal sons on to the London School of Economics.

        Before they were Muslim, Middle Easterners were Christian. Yes, Bored, even the title “the Mohammed”- the Prophet- was represented by a Cross two hundred years before Salmeen Quraysh became known as the Mohammed.
        What’s more, they were the First Christians; Paul preached first in Syria, not Galilee.

        The good and great Shah began re-exerting historic Persian influence over the MidEast, and the Merchants couldn’t have that. They wanted their oversized piece of the oil and opium routes, and blew the place up instead.

        They were coming back to us. We, who held sway 3000 years before anyone had ever heard of Bedouin Semites pushed into the inhospitable corner of the Nejjd desert, might have made of them cousins. But the Merchants reclaimed their own, again, sending them against us once more.

        (Bored, before Islam was Islam, it was called the nazween, the majority Ebionite movement in Israel, that sought to push Rome out of their kingdom. Arabs had not yet begun their rise in Jesus’ day, they were a few tribes amongst many others, not yet a nation.)

        • (PS- the Mohammed was an unknown mayor for the first 160 years of Islam. There is no mention of him in letters or even the Blue Mosque. It took 11 versions of Quran and the defeat of the Mutazilite version to enshrine him, 300 years after his birth.

          Note that it took 300 years for the Romans to officially deify Jesus, as well, they warred over whether Iesus was a Prophet or a Diety.)

  19. Men like Jan Huss and John Wycliff were the dissidents of their day.
    Within the framework of Christianity they were searching for truth and the truth they found differed from the established truth of their world.
    They also paid the price for being a dissident.

    • Maybe because the present-day version of the versions of the Bible
      have been re-written some 39 times I believe.

      We Muslims are actually closer to original Christianity than one thinks.

      We do believe in the Gospels, John, Luke, Mathew, Barnabas.

      It was all wonderful until the Jooz started editing. Then we has the wonderful civilizational splitting crusades that lasted a century.

      And now the conspiracy to split, and sow discord between Islam and Christianity again is here by our wonderful Talmudic Rabbinical Jooz.

  20. Let me add, that finally seeing Michael Anton’s “unprecedented” article all the things he says are unprecedented:

    A. Ugliness as the mark of the ruling elite in advertising and architecture and everything else.
    B. Destruction of the people and deliberate importation of poverty and dysfunctional people.
    C. Anti-natalism and celebration in public of depravity

    Are the function of two inter-related things: the ascendancy of White women and blacks in leadership of nearly everything, and the Woke Religion as the justification for that ascendancy as they fail again and again.

    Looking at the Democratic Texas Flee-baggers, the people who fled Texas to prevent voting reform (dead and non existent cannot vote) they were all White women. And manifestly ugly and fat ones too. Looking at the leadership of the Democratic Party, Biden is the last White man left standing (and pooping his pants). Aging alcoholic wine aunts, various angry/vengeance minded non White women, random incompetent gays and trannies, a few black or Latino men, and a heaping helping of Indian dudes with all their well known faults is what passes for leadership among corporations, Democratic politicians, the Military, NGOs, media, and academia. All of whom fail, fail again, fail some more, and then fail and fail. In every thing they try to do. Thus Wokeism explains the failures, offers a perfect future (just cut down every White tree) and justifies their existence.

    Which explains also the lurching towards Armaggeddon. Christian Europe got wealthier, more organized, more pleasant, more prosperous, and more populated as time went on. This was because literacy among the clerics, serfdom substituting for slavery, some moderation of constant warfare among nobles, and stability allowing craftsmen and guilds to flourish along with European trade created both power and stability: just look at Chartres Cathedral, or York, or Il Doumo. By contrast our age has Frank Gehry and disintegration.

    If I was pressed to the most critical aspect of growth of Wokism, and its trajectory, I would argue its White women who are the schwerpunkt. The hinge of battle. They quickly with the pill and condom and anonymous urban living and rising incomes realized they no longer needed (and they never wanted) beta male provision. The ideal is now (in advertising) no longer a black husband even but mulatto kids who will grow up to be Obama types. George Floyd is the ideal man because he was stupid, large, aggressive, a drug addict, fathered lots of kids he never supported (the female ideal of a man — he’s desirable because he fathered so many kids in a recursive joke) and had a long history of criminal violence. Fat women in underwear ads appeal to most White women (and all black women) because they no longer need to appeal to even beta males any more. You can see this in the Black Lives Matter rallies. Pretty much all White women, no White men, and lots of blacks. That’s the woke. The wild-card is Latinos. They pretty much despise the crazy White left, they came here to make money and establish greater Mexico, not Northern Haiti.

    • Hispanics feel like they belong in the Americas because they do belong. They are “Americans” – descendants of Spanish, Portuguese, Italians, and significantly Native Americans too. Hispanics are to Central & South America what Americans (heritage) are to USA and Canada. They speak a European language and practice Christianity. And regardless of what leftists say about them all being poor brown people, most are not “Indigenous” and don’t see themselves as Indigenous. They are an extension of Western civilization.

      Compare that with Hindus, Sikhs, Hans, or Muslims. They have nothing to do with our society, and share almost nothing in common with us, nor do they share any ancestry with us. They didn’t build our society and they hate us. They have nothing in common with us and are far more alien than most people realize. Genetically and culturally. They want to destroy our societies as they feel unwell living in them – they don’t belong here and of course they want to transform our nations into places that they are more genetically inclined to living in.

      I’m not saying this to be soft on borders. Latino-Americans belong in Latino America. They don’t want Gringo America – but they also don’t want Haiti, or India, or Pakistan. It’s just that the societies they create are far less alien to us than other types of foreigners. Mexicans are big grillers – they like to eat, get fat, drink beer, play loud music, and have sex. They don’t really overthink things in their daily life, lol.

      Growing up in Canada I was always aware of the English – French divide. Both sides (were) white, but there was still alot of animosity and tension across religious, cultural, and linguistic lines. I tend to see the Anglo – Latino conflict in that regard, rather than purely racial ones like many Americans do. They don’t belong with the Anglos and Anglo – assimilated Europeans, but they’re not a huge fan of the woke stuff either.

      • I somewhat disagree with regard to the Chinese. For a while, at least, they seemed like the only ones who still cared about Western Civilization.

        When the ex and I used to go the symphony probably one third of the performers playing Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart where Chinese or East Asian. And they deserved to be there, they weren’t affirmative action hires.

        In high school in the 80s the only students who cared about Shakespeare were the Asian kids (and me, even though I was a delinquent).

        I fear that may be changing, however. The East Asians seem to be becoming increasingly woke. But I attribute that less to true belief than to the fact they are so dominant on campus. Unfortunately, their parents don’t send them to university to ask questions, or challenge what they’re being taught; they’re sent to university to get the highest marks, and on to the best bureaucratic jobs. If that means being woke, then woke they will be.

        I hope I’m wrong about that.

        • “And they deserved to be there, they weren’t affirmative action hires.” you must be listening to different asian musicians than i am.

        • The Booby: Most Asians don’t learn to play classical Western music because they love it or feel it in their hearts; they do so because it is considered cultured and upper-class. Same reason their wealthy purchase classic Western art. They may be technically proficient but their playing has also been termed robotic. How many continue practicing daily after leaving their Tiger Mothers at home? How many listen to it for the pure pleasure and joy, rather than prestige or cultural assimilation?

          And the lack of questioning is not merely because their parents send them to college for jobs, it’s part of their cultrure. Lack of creativity and individuality and fear of going against the current is inherent in their DNA.

          • You are truly a great hater. Bravo fine woman. Probably should try to reel it in a bit. I’m sure i would hesitate to install you as camp commandantess.

      • Hispanics, particularly the mestizos, may have a reason for being in America, though I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a birthright. But they must realize that they, just like the aboriginal peoples of the plains and eastward, are a conquered people. At best, they can be second class citizens who are tolerated to the degree that they do productive work. There can be no question of preferences or subsidies or space for their cultural aspirations. Assimilate, learn English and work hard; or leave. But, now, putting the genie of Azatlan back in the bottle will prove highly improbable. Espero que te gusta tacos.

        • By “America” I mean the Americas. Maybe I should have been more clear. The United States of America is an Anglo-Saxon country comprised of Anglo-Saxons and Anglo-assimilated Europeans.

          Either way, a Mexican or Colombian is still far less foreign to the USA than a Hindu, which is why they don’t want so much woke crap.

          Not saying they are our people or that there should be open borders, though.

          • It’s perfectly fine to rank ethnicities into how they assimilate with Anglo-America. I grew up with a substantial number of Italians, who were different in some ways to those of us of Northern European descent.

            Still Italians fit in much better than Mexicans, who fit in much better than Iranians, who fit in much better than Somalians, etc…..

          • I like your post, but to clarify, USA was founded by WASPs; Protestantism is essential, whereas Central and South America is a distinctly flavored mix of paganism and Catholicism.

    • Woke White women will be deemed unclean soon enough. In fact, that happens in fits and starts even now to some degree. The craziest of the lot, they will fall the hardest. Robin DiAngelo may have to pay the Woke jizya before it is over.

      • that’s already happening; they are being pushed out all over the place, but it’s too diffuse to be much noticed.

  21. “This is why it is delusional to think this stuff is just a fad and will fade without having to confront it in the culture war. That is the old libertarian impulse to cower on the sidelines while pretending to be above it all . . . The woke can remain unreasonable longer than the reasonable can remain smug.”

    Sailer and the HBD crowd right in the crosshairs. Now back to read all the comments.

    • One thing I like about us and about Z is that we carved out a niche as being anti Sailer and his ilk. We have our own thing.

      I love it.

      And we were among the first to see conservatism for the fraud it is. That took some smarts and some guts and some serious thinking.

      Will Ted cruz and Rubio ever realize that all the energy in the room is being against their stupid “conservatism”?

      And where are the two anti Castro anti communist guys while the Jan 6 guys are sitting in prison. I thought they HATED authoritarianism. Their dads fled it ! They KNOW how evil it is!

      Yeah. Sure.

      • It is rich. The studied silence by anti-communist conservatives about people a few miles from them imprisoned and tortured for their political beliefs is deafening. I had cut Trump himself a lot of slack, but when he failed even to rhetorically support people punished for their support of him that evaporated my last drop of goodwill.

  22. wokism & all the other climate change nonsense are a front for population control(slavery)/sterillization, it’s a means to an end. elites have a different religion, they don’t really give a flying fuck about global warming & equality. Soros doesn’t fund BLM cause he’s woke. Southern african countries got suspiciously travel banned cause of covid new variant, this would not be the case if elites were actually woke.

    • This is one of the things that has always amazed me about woke and climate change. It could not be more blindingly obvious that the elites don’t believe a bit of it. From living in all-white communities, attending all-white schools, to buying beach-front property and flying around in private jets, they clearly believe the exact opposite of what they say. And yet, all of their acolytes have the religious fervor of the true believer. The sheer amount of cognitive dissonance is incredible!

      Then again, as with many religions, that sort of thing isn’t uncommon. Living a life of poverty and charity while the high-priests live in lavish comfort and hedonism isn’t anything new.

      • “And yet, all of their acolytes have the religious fervor of the true believer.”

        Corporations function very much like secret societies. Initiates must obey their masters & go along with the rituals if they wanna advance in rank, truth won’t mean shit if they’re ambitious. You’ll never see an apprentice tell a master mason that his rituals are retarded. If you work for google you go along with the program, you don’t start thinking for yourself.

        There’s also the women who get indoctrinated in college, but they’re just stupid & angry with daddy(God), they’re a bizarre combination of a church lady & a witch.

      • You find out how much they care about green issues/climate change when you bring up mass immigration of third worlders who will leave a much bigger carbon footprint when they’re in the West than if they stayed in their huts back at home.

    • Yep, this is one of those ZMan blind spots I don’t understand. Conspiracy denial. Like anti-semites who make fun of 911 truthers while they themselves are Holobunga truthers.

      The blind spot allows dissidents to take the vaxx, not realizing the boosters will never end. It’s dangerous to ignore the cabals.

  23. Religions sometimes convert, and sometimes don’t, and sometimes do not want to convert. Western Europe after the fall of Rome was thinly populated, illiterate mostly, poor, and thinly Christian. The Barbarian conquests succeeded because there was literally no Romans to oppose them, but could not emulate Rome though they wanted to because their people were illiterate with little to no skills. Conversion to Christianity gave kings literate clerks who could not try to inherit the throne, and could tally taxes in the way pagan shamans could not. Hence the conversions. It was literacy above all else that led to Christianizing Europe.

    Egypt by contrast fought the Persian efforts to wipe out their religion for 400 years until Alexander conquered the Persians. For some reason the Egyptian gods got under the Persians skins and they tried unsuccessfully to stamp it out generating constant revolts. Islam found many converts in conquered lands because it meant the end of the taxes on non Muslims, however in India there was a desire to keep a slave population that was quite large and the old Hindu gods still have to this day many adherents.

    Wokism finds easy converts among: blacks, mulattos, White women (seeking to have mulatto kids as the new “half-blood princes” i.e. Obama types), other non-Whites (but not Latinos who increasingly know they are the other White meat for dinner). It has no chance of EVER getting many White men to be adherents. Only the genetically damaged like the anti-Fa shot in Kenosha, or gays, or trannies.

    Moreover the Woke offers no path for conversion for those “genetically evil” and with hereditary blood guilt. The only role White men get to play in the Woke religion ruling our society is the bad guy scheduled to be wiped out. Completely. Everyone knows this and it is why we approach a forest event: cutting down all the White trees.

    Wokism is a stupid religion, as it guarantees something like Rwanda cubed with all the latest modern weapons at first, and then small arms at the end. It NEEDS that sort of thing, in every aspect it cannot moderate or tamp down social strife but requires a Gotterdammerung for catharsis. The most devout adherents of Wokism actively work for the day this catharsis starts. No one should fool themselves this is not coming — the Wokist of the Woke demand it happen.

  24. Zman does Bill Maher strike you as the most visible public old school leftist? He often appears on his show questioning what happened to the left and it often comes where he says we used to be a color blind society, now everything is about race and blaming or bashing White people. We used to say we wanted free speech and now we are all about cancelling people. It seems to invert liberalism he says Woke-ism. Maher used to always attack religion on the right. This is probably why he hates wokeness, because it feels like a Religion at this point.

    • Maher is a servant of the devil. He was on the Epstein flights. His shtick is wearing thin and he knows his days will be numbered; hence, he is complaining.

    • I have imagined that if George Carlin were still alive, he’d be saying the same things. His thing was always easy when it was the conservatives who were “the man” and corporations were in bed with them. Now that the roles have reversed, how would he deal with it?

      Granted, he always had far more talent than Bill Maher, but I do think he would struggle with it. Or, maybe he would evolve into a more Dennis Miller kind of thing…

      • i haven’t listened to him for years, but he didn’t strike me as doctrinaire. yes he mostly commented/criticized the mainstream culture, but i seem to remember him basically going after anyone/anything that was pretentious or phony.

    • Maher’s definitely a snarky a-hole, but a lot of the woke crap seems to rub him the wrong way. The left has gone so far, so fast and so radical that even a-holes like Maher are alarmed.

    • Maher is a left-libertarian. He does not want any rules that prevent him from pleasuring himself. He is a guy who famously spend his weekend with prostitutes. Wokism probably strikes him as a new set of rules against carnal pleasure, so he opposes it

      • Him and others like John Cleese just wanted to destroy society enough to get rid of annoying things like restrictions on promiscuity and drug use.

        They got rid of that, but along came a whole host of other problems. They’re trying to pull the brakes but it’s far too late for that now. They’ve gotten more than they bargained for!

        • “… just wanted to destroy society enough to get rid of annoying things like restrictions on promiscuity and drug use.”

          It doesn’t appear that we can have just a little bit of crazy. A homogeneous society could draw the lines to affect a minimum number of people. A multicultural society, with a multitude of different peoples each with different preferences of social, political, and economic organization, must necessarily either have rules that are harsh by everyone’s standards, or no standards at all.

          • “A multicultural society, with a multitude of different peoples each with different preferences of social, political, and economic organization, must necessarily either have rules that are harsh by everyone’s standards, or no standards at all.”

            This may be true and one of many reasons multiculturalism decreases life quality for all, at least all whites.

    • Maher is one example, but there are more and more. To me, Jimmy Dore is the best example of this category of left behind liberals, as z has mentioned. If I were to venture a guess, most regular democrats fall in this category and really just don’t pay close attention to what is happening. The zealots are maybe 20% of the party, but they’re the most vocal, active, and have taken all leadership positions. So I’m doubtful that the old classical liberals stand much of a chance in the dem philosophical divide.

    • Wokeism at its root is about purity and perfection

      Thats what rubs him the wrong way since he is more of a sex, drugs and rock and roll guy, for lack of a better phrase

      • AKA a death cult. anytime some group or person is into purity, they are chasing annihilation and extinction. normal life is too damn hard for them 🙁 pouvre petite chiens

    • Maher, though he can’t admit it in public, has realized his, “fellow white,” cloaking device is useless versus the vibrant children of Kalergi.

    • Johnny: We were never a ‘color-blind society,’ although that’s what leftists like Maher preached endlessly. They never truly meant it – Maher never identified nor defined himself as White before – he was special and kool and was down wit his nogger friends. He – like Brett Weinstein or Bari Weiss or any of the leftists who’ve now fallen afoul of the latest iteration of wokism – will NEVER be your ally. Maher still opposes ‘White supremacy’ and Christian morality and the foundations underpinning the stable society we used to have, which enabled him to make money by mocking and undermining it. He will never recognize that his ‘fall’ is a consequence of the poisoned fruit he championed for years.

  25. I’m not denying the religious aspects of Wokeism, but I would argue that there’s a strong element of opportunism that has made it into a big force.

    Corporations and politicians found in this movement an opportunity to “sacralize” their own self interests and to demonize opposition. Formerly mundane political disputes are now transformed into moral causes. School Board elections are now jihads. The corporations get to pursue heaven on earth, not just high returns on shareholder equity.

    Ironically, the utterly nihilistic apparatus of modern business and government found in Wokeism a desperately-needed moral renaissance. Business needed distraction from oligarchy, cartel and wealth concentration. Government needed a distraction from its manifold modern failures. They cannot fix potholes, but they will deliver Heaven on Earth………..

  26. With reference to your Christian analogy, woke also has it’s own version of their bible we shall call The Book of the Woke which includes two books, the old and new woke testaments.

    What we saw in the 60’s was the old woke testament. It was a bit stodgy and connected to the liberal history of the previous liberal generations. It proclaimed the cultural changes were necessary through free love, drugs, divorce, open marriage, abortion, “stick it to the man”, and racial acceptance.

    Today we are witnessing the new woke testament being revealed and preached around the world. And just like the New Testament of the Bible, where Christ was foretold in the Old Testament, we are witnessing a completely new set of individuals who have arrived. Individuals who are more like us in the flesh, who are more personal and inviting.

    And much like Christ of the New Testament, the woke of their new testament have made it clear that all must follow and accept them as our new lords and saviors or suffer eternal damnation and rejection as stated in the book of Environmentalism Chaper 2, verse 25 “None can come to Gia except through us.”

    What’s really interesting in this parallel of the Christian Bible, and the Book of the Woke, is they both have the exact same ending – Revelation of the beast and a total apocalypse.

    • Jesus and his disciples never advocated for the extermination of an entire race of men. Nor did Christ advocate for the end of Roman governance.

      “Wokism” is another word for totalitarian politics. Comparing Christianity to “Wokism” is ridiculous on its face.

      • Yes, that’s clear. In fact the contrast couldn’t be on more opposite ends of the spectrum. Which was my point.

        While Jesus and his disciples may not have advocated for the extermination of man, the extermination of the wicked was certainly God’s intention with the flood.

        • “Nor did Christ advocate for the end of Roman governance.” Kudos to Carl as well- many miss that important fact.

  27. King Arthur: “The Lady of the Lake, her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite, held aloft Excalibur from the bosom of the water, signifying by divine providence that I, Arthur, was to carry Excalibur. That is why I am your king.”

    Dennis: “Listen. Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.”

    As an aside–or maybe that was the aside–I do not think the elites gazed down upon all of the browns and invented so-called “wokism” to account for this strange new world. On the contrary, the desire to destroy white civilization, which is the objective of wokism, is what precipitated the importation of the aliens. In other words, wokism is not an ex post facto coping mechanism for the elites. Rather, it is the very ideology of the West’s destruction. It is an active, not a passive principle.

    • The idealization of General Sherman is a great example of this. Ole’ Tecumseh was a hard man. War was horrible, so he would be so horrible that it would end quickly. He did this no matter who he was pointed at.

      Lefties hate white people so much that the mere fact he did it to the South washes away that he did it to the Plains Indians next without so much as a second thought.

      Hating bad whites is their only good.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who read the first paragraph of the article and thought of the Socialist peasant in Monty Python.

    • “Some aquatic tart? Some watery Bint?”
      50 plus years since I heard it and Is the line that caused me to discover the Arabic word for Daughter.

      I use it today and the target knows she’s been insulted but doesn’t know how, I highly recommend it.

  28. Having watched the progression of this mind-cancer since the late 80’s I find the two most salient characteristics to be the origins of its theology and the nature of its attraction to the believers. Regular readers here and of other writers like Bloom, MacDonald, and Irving are all too familiar with the origins. There is definitely a pattern that even the meanest intelligence can identify. I acknowledge the wisdom of not allowing yourself to be completely defined by opposition to some ‘other’ but that’s an expression of intellectual and emotional maturity. This is certainly not the only mutagen afflicting our body politic but its obviously one that has to be addressed. If our movement were to follow the example of history on how best to motivate the masses, its leadership would not scruple to express the grossest simplification of the evils of the ‘other’. How openly these expressions are promulgated subject of course to relative power relationships.
    As to the attraction of the theology, for blacks themselves and blank-slate fanatics it really is all they are left with to explain the failure of every single experiment in social engineering up to now to achieve statistical equality of accomplishment between whites and blacks. Time after time, through at least 100+ years of scientific refinements to rule out various sources of bias, the result of social engineering and intellectual quantification experiments always confirm what common sense observation had resolved for millennia. The only avenues left to explore the question further are in the forbidden field of genetics so they have resorted to a ‘white matter’ theory, detectable only through its deleterious influence on blacks. Perhaps the Hadron Collider will be employed to detect the racist particles that fill the aether in near future. I bet a proposal to do so would be funded.

  29. Well said.

    That’s all I want to say, but I’m told by an electronic gadget that my comment is too short, so I’m now just blathering for no real purpose. Speaks volumes about the world we have made for ourselves, don’t it!

  30. Hmmmmmmm. Overall it is well thought out and well presented (as usual)… but it bothers me, Z.

    Christianity ‘sold’ because it was a far better way to see the world, and your fellow man. It wasn’t just a good deal for the noble, it was a good deal for the peasant too. Christianity recognizes the value of hard work and personal sacrifice. Peasants were encouraged to work hard for their masters. The masters were obligated to look after the peasants. Contrary to the story tellers – the nobles, the slave owners, the royals – all had valid interests in those they ruled and their welfare. The Christians were in no position to force the faith on the Romans to convert in 380 AD. Finally – and you will have a problem with this as will many others – there is indeed a God. And just so ya know… He’s right there under your nose. You have been conditioned as much as the Woketard – so you can’t see Him. Not to preach at anyone – I spent most of my life as an atheist and was blind too. Christianity requires you to take up burdens in order to free yourself. It is very specific in pointing out that virtue signaling will get you nowhere – you have to be a better person, not just go through the motions.

    With Wokism, the believer is absolved of all the icky duties and and responsibilities of the Christian. It relies on animosities that all gets downloaded on the peasantry – and they will pay through the nose in blood and nig geld. As a woke nobleman, I can fill your neighbourhoods with diversity and all that goes along with it – and the nobles in my exclusive gated community will sing my praises, and punish you if you dare to notice the obvious downsides. It works so well that even the pozzed churches have bought into it hook, line and sinker. It’s rampant: the priest will turn his church over to the homeless, impoverished illegals – and they will raise hell in the surrounding neighbourhood but the priest doesn’t care. He spouts off a few lines of scripture, and then jumps in his BMW and goes home to his nest among the Cloud People. What you don’t see in the mass media or the social media – is that those churches usually empty out and close without white Christians to support them.

    Proper Christianity involves rebuke, correction, and repentance. THAT is why it has been so successful, historically speaking. The wheels are coming off Wokism as we speak. Do you still subscribe to the mass media? Do you believe what you read? Do you trust your gubbimint? How do you feel about covering for that affirmative action slug in your department that can’t pull his weight and wouldn’t even if he could? How’s your sportzball team doing? Wokism can only end one way.

    • Excellent observations. Christianity requires something from its adherents. A good analogy is great art, music, and literature. There is no doubt that Milton’s Paradise Lost is one of the world’s greatest epic poems. But most people will never enjoy it because they are simply unwilling to put in the time and effort it takes to fully digest and contemplate such a masterpiece. They would rather watch a silly film or football match. Those ephemeral entertainments require no effort.

      • Somewhere out there – instead of an aspiring rapper, there’s an aspiring Milton. Whatcha’ think?

      • Gotterdamn-it-all: I read Paradise Lost before I read through the Bible, and even today I consider the two together in my mind. Milton really was my first introduction to higher-level Christian thought. The man was a dour moralist Puritan and a tyrannical father, from what I’ve read, but he was also a genius and great moral thinker. Read his works on divorce, or the press, or anything else. All well worth one’s time.

    • Excellent post. Z’s biggest problem is his blind spot or flat rejection of Christian truths. Writing long essay’s is nice and all, and they help is small doses, but to understand man and the world, you have to see it through a religious lens. Then, it all makes sense.

      • But wokeism is an offshoot of a type of Christianity that demands perfection, sort of a Calvinistic thing

        It’s a cry for help, whatever it is. It’s rooted in fear.

        People who are naturally brave at heart reject it on its face because it deeply offends their sensibilities.

        • Falcone: Strongly disagree. It is a perversion of Christianity, through the lens of talmudism – it might better be called the real ‘judeo-christianity.’ It is at heart rules based (which is Juice and Mohammedan, not Christian) and ever changing. So just as there are blatantly contradictory parts of Mohammedan suras, the newest stands in lieu of the older, just as what is verboten today applies for things said years ago. The priests of wokism are those who are told to be silent or face rebuke in true Christianity – the sexually degenerate, immodest women, and unbelievers.

          • Points well taken, and of course not discounting the outsize role the juice have in all of this, but when I see these poor lost souls of our own race, I know what they’re going through. They’re longing for something, and they are also of the type who demand perfection. That’s an enduring trait of many a Christian. And what breeds cynicism ultimately, since in church they learned that life was made by God, that Christmas was a time of joy, lambs and doves and mangers, putting into the hearts and minds that life would turn out the same, but they can never make that leap in understanding that by necessity God made a world that must also be cruel and imperfect. That’s the part they can’t deal with. They never could. Pretty much every utopianist was a former Christian who became angry at God.

            I’m reminded of the scene in Dracula where the love interest cries for someone to take me away from all of this death. It was such a poignant scene because it speaks to many our people. They can’t truck with the fact that life isn’t perfect. Of course there people with small hats who exploit this in our people, but that feeling is all ours. We have to deal with it.

    • Glenfilthie,

      Or maybe Christianity ‘sold’— and continues to sell— not because it’s true— but because it contains a lot of good practical advice.

      Anyone sincerely setting out to love his fellow man in a selfless fashion— to treat him with love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, andself-control— is likely to do well in life. And then go on to make the (fallacious) assumption that ‘because my life is so much better, then Christianity must be true’.

      But I think that’s the nature of all religious belief, to be self-confirming. My life is going well, so (Christianity, Mormonism, Buddhism, Islam) must be true.

      And while I don’t argue with your theoretical description of Christianity as requiring the believer to be self-correcting and repentant, having grown up in the church and spent decades of my adult life in it, I haven’t found that description to be accurate: some Christians are like that, many aren’t.

      Much more common, in my experience, are the Christians who believe that believing the right things makes them “saved”— “saved ‘by faith alone’, apart from works”— and because they’re saved, nothing more is required of them: ‘I’m not perfect, just forgiven’.

      In my experience, striving for self-awareness and self-improvement is not particularly characteristic of Christian believers. I’ve met plenty of believers, and pastors, who were real unselfaware assholes.

      • I am in no position to preach at anyone, Bill. Many are in no position to hear and see. I am not going to look down my nose at you or pretend to be a better person, because I am not. God does not talk to me; but I can see His works and feel His presence. It’s enough. Sometimes I *think* I can even see his hand in motion but I cannot be sure; I am not a theological expert or even a “good” Christian. But I know men and women that are. When you actually meet these people, you see what power and freedom really are. They arrive at it through grace and humility and thankfulness. They have a lot in common with the Dissidents. Both groups could do good things for each other.

    • christianity is a slave religion, created by slaves for slaves. why would any ruler not want such a religion for his peasants? i mean, when they talk openly of flocks and shepherds…

  31. “It is not surprising that this new religion would be born on campus. They have been the monasteries of America since the beginning. The Puritans founded Harvard soon after they arrived for the purpose of training preachers. The beliefs of the ruling class of America have always been incubated and maintained on the college campus, … .”

    This is only partly true, and we know that you know that because you have written about it before. And you quite often obliquely speak against what you have written in the quote above.

    The Puritans arrived in America with a printing press to publish their nutty ideas. They have birthed all the -isms: Puritanism, Unitarianism, Universalism, Unitarian-Universalism, Transcendentalism, Abolitionism, Christian Science, etc.

    The men who settled the South did not bring a printing press. It was not in their nature even to think of doing such a thing. They brought guns, dogs, musical and instruments. They ate oysters ffrom the tidal rivers and learned from the Indians to smoke tobacco and eat “barbacoa.” The Puritan Yankee lived beside waters rich in lobster and other such food sources, but they ate baked beans by choice.

    So it is a mistake to speak of America and Americans and their rulers as one thing.

    There is no American nation and there never has been. Various scholars have written extensively on this plainly observable fact, this scholar or that identifying between four and sixteen distinct American nations (“nation” is form the “natus” the past participle of “nascere,” to be born, so a nation is a group of people first and foremost related by blood as well as a common history, language and culture).

    “The new religion not only explains the conflict between reality and their beliefs, but it also gives them a purpose. […].”

    That’s probably the main thing in my opinion, and it says a lot about these people you are talking about.

    Your excellent and readable (as ALWAYS) article today, with some of its observations reminded me of something de Tocqueville wrote (about the people you are writing about today, although he didn’t know that, at least exactly):

    “There are some [countries] whose inhabitants think of themselves in a sense as colonists, indifferent to the fate of the place they live in. The greatest changes occur in their country without their cooperation. They are not even aware of precisely what has taken place. They suspect it; they have heard of the event by chance. More than that, they are unconcerned with the fortunes of their village, the safety of their streets, the fate of their church and its vestry. They think that such things have nothing to do with them, that they belong to a powerful stranger called “the government.” They enjoy these goods as tenants, without a sense of ownership, and never give a thought to how they might be improved. They are so divorced from their own interests that even when their own security and that of their children is finally compromised, they do not seek to avert the danger themselves but cross their arms and wait for the nation as a whole to come to their aid. Yet as utterly as they sacrifice their own free will, they are no fonder of obedience than anyone else. They submit, it is true, to the whims of a clerk, but no sooner is force removed than they are glad to defy the law as a defeated enemy. Thus one finds them ever wavering between servitude and license.

    When a nation has reached this point, it must either change its laws and mores or perish, for the well of public virtue has run dry: in such a place one no longer finds citizens but only subjects.”


    • There is no American nation…? Ya might want to run that past the mudflaps in the middle east, the Chinese, the Russians, and probably most of Africa…

    • The Infant Phenomenon: Excellent de Tocqueville quote. One of these days I have to go back and try to read through his book – I’m always coming across pertinent quotes from it, but when I tried to read it all myself some years ago I found it a slog.

  32. Once again, get out of the city. While in the city, wokism is like gravity. It’s everywhere all the time and will wear down even the most diehard sane person. As long as you remain within the indoctrination zone, you will gradually be ground down into subservience.

    I live in a small rural community where social interactions are far fewer and most frequently one-on-one. In this setting, wokism is almost non-existent because there is no herd to back up the proselytizer and embolden their sales pitch. In the rare event that you encounter such, a hard puzzled stare tends to deflect their assault quite well.

    Wokism is a disease of the metropolitan areas, much like AIDS. No one person can beat back a social disease founded on abject depravity, but you can certainly choose to live somewhere other than a cesspool.

  33. This new religion depends on autonomous tech because it’s anti human. The ‘nonessential’ crowd will find out what that word means when the machines they depend on decide they’re nonessential, or when they die while having their consciousness ‘uploaded’ to an avatar. That probably sounds insane, because it is, but that’s what the priests of the new religion believe.

    Irl, whether contrived or not, the reaction against woke has begun. I can’t see how woke comes out on top. Sure, it was once fanciful to think men could fly, but that’s a technology that augments the person. This is killing the person to be reborn as a god, which has never worked and isn’t coherent.

    • Apparently the Wokists fail to realize the logical endpoint of their blessed autonomous tech is Skynet.

      • Maybe OT: I imagine at least some do. Maybe many. Spiteful mutants, after all.

        And honestly, being part nerd, I get it. A lot of these freak shows know how wicked this society is, because they’re the proof. They see normal people looking down on them and think ‘You made me, you hypocrite.’ It’s a righteous anger, but Revenge of the Nerds isn’t righteous.

        That’s iwhy nerds historically caught a swirly from time to time— to keep them tethered to reality— and also why the jock had a duty to keep order.

        Putting down rabid dogs is no fun because it’s not their fault, so it’s best to nip it in the bud.

        (Apologies for the crude metaphors.)

        • one time in jr hs, this peky mouthy little guy, got hung up by the back of his jock strap, on a volleyball post (if you know what i mean). can still see him hanging there wiggling his legs a couple of feet off the ground.

      • A. AI is racist.
        B. Racists are eugenicists.

        C. The first thing Skynet sees when it opens its eyes is a Switch-faced woke gamer…

  34. “Wokism also explains why people are not the same, despite the unshakable belief that all men are created equal.”

    I would challenge this a bit:

    The “all men are created equal” thing has been tossed out with Christianity. Christianity, and in a broader sense, theism that is framed around a brotherhood that serves a greater power or moral framework, by necessity has led to democratic processes and an idealic sense of equality before the creator who made us all in his image.

    Remove Christianity and what you have left is the obvious reality of inequality. The problem is, the moralistic premises behind Christianity still color things, so explaining inequality must be done with a good/evil paradigm. The science of genetics cannot be trusted to explain these realities. Inequality must therefore exist because of malice on the part of SOMEONE, or a group of SOMEONES.

    The left does not want us to be equal, they want white people to be cast as EVIL and morally corrupted compared to the innocence and purity of brown people. This is the gospel of their new religion and it isn’t up for debate.

    In summary, I don’t think equality or the premise of it holds any continuity with the current religion. It has been abandoned. This is why the destruction of white people, culture, and institutions has been set in motion. Everything we created, no matter how benevolent to humanity, is inherently evil.

    • You are trying to apply logic to faith. They firmly believe that “all men are created equal” which is why they mention the DOI so often. On the other hand, they don’t think much about who or what created them. That is solved by the blank slate. People are infinitely malleable, so the creator no longer matters.

      • “They firmly believe that ‘all men are created equal’ which is why they mention the DOI so often.”

        Yeah, but what I see in them is good old-fashioned paternalism. They dutifully parrot the catechism of our bizarre civic religion, but in their heart of hearts, they KNOW that all those “lesser breeds without the law” can’t do anything for themselves, so their white Bwana must see to it that badwhites do the right thing, which means following the prescriptions of the goodwhite class to the benefit and “uplifting” (a telling term) of Joggers and assorted categories (not regarded as real people, but as symbols of white privilege and as the objects of the virtue and great-hearted charity of the thoroughly paternalistic goodwhites).

        It’s so convoluted that it’s hard to follow, but that is only an outward and visible expression of what is inside these peoples’ heads: confusion mixed with self-aggrandizement and a counterfeit spiritual exaltation.

        There’s a lot of mental illness abroad in the world. It’s just been normalized is all.

        • Not mental illness.
          They think like women.

          Most nonwhites think like women too. They’ll claw each others’ eyes out to get noticed by a confident white male, all while crowing about how awful their boyfriend is, and scheming to steal the house in court.

    • “In summary, I don’t think equality or the premise of it holds any continuity with the current religion. It has been abandoned.”

      Yep, it’s been formally replaced with the concept of equity. The Left abandoned equality the moment they became strong enough to persecute their enemies, white Christian Westerners, who were no threat to them.

    • Where do you get that Christianity stands for the proposition “Equality before God” = “All men are equal” in ability, intelligence, morality, strength or any other particular attribute? Or am I misunderstanding you?

      • I am not saying that Christianity originated as an egalitarian religion. However, there are egalitarian ideas incorporated into it and that can be teased out of it, if one so chooses to do so (and as our culture most certainly has for the last century or two).

        This isn’t a criticism or Christianity, just an observation of what it became.

    • I think it’s a combination of genocidal hatred and religious fervor/social fad. For the people at the top of cloud people, who set the trends, it’s genocidal hatred. For the rest of the cloud people, it’s followed with religious fervor.

      • It is hatred of the self

        It’s a modern form of self-flagellation

        A person who loves himself tends toward wanting to procreate and make more of himself. Notice how the destruction of life is at the core of wokeism

        Appetite for Destruction

    • The cure for Twitter-boomer-con takes on wokeness is, ironically, “noticing,” “follow[ing] the money,” etc.

      There are street-level hustlers like Kendi, talking and behaving as if Sailer is right. Behind those salesman-preachers are institutions, almost all of them “for profit” corporations, shoveling hundreds of billions into a furnace—uncoerced, knowingly, proudly. See, e.g., Gillette’s *glee* when a single “woke” ad that went viral cost them ~10 billion. Repeat for literally every corporation big enough for you to know its name. And there are no shareholder lawsuits, no “breach of fiduciary duty,” no firings, no course-correcting, nothing.

      Explain it, libertarians. You’re not allowed to blame ESG/SRI type malinvestment, because that’s just an example of the phenomenon, and you’re not allowed to say “potlatch,” because you don’t know what it means.


  35. “First, they see the browning of the West. Even though they could put an end to it tomorrow and even reverse the trend, that requires things of them they no longer possess, so the new religion makes it seem like a naturally occurring thing.”

    About ten years ago, a friend of mine attended a social gathering with other foreign service officers. A few of them had just returned from posts in Haiti. It was a small gathering with plenty of alcohol. The officers who’d been in Haiti began to speak frankly about their experience, comparing the Haitians to animals.
    They were lefty progressives. I’m sure they look at Trump supporters and populists as dull, blue collar, unsophisticated rubes.
    I wonder what they think now when they drive past the elementary schools in Arlington County and see that the playgrounds are filled with foreigners.
    The new religion of wokeness has the power to blind even those who have had first hand experience with racial differences.

    • They are profoundly paternalistic as regards nonwhites. They believe that all men are created equal and the DON’T believe it. Simultaneously. And I don’t think it causes cognitive diss. They are “above that sort of thing, don’t you know.” They are Mahatmas: Great Souls.

    • Remarkable that these people even needed to serve in Haiti to realize such a basic and obvious truth. That said, it is quite clear from your story – and many, many others – that people do have eyes to see and ears to hear, yet they simply must conform. These fellows are the most cretinous of all.

      That’s the way it goes, I suppose.

      • The state department requires them to receive months of extensive ‘cultural’ training to prepare them for the overseas posts. It’s even offered to spouses.
        Meanwhile, we watch the barbarians pour over the gate and across our border and inserted all across the country.

        Those on the left are just as foreign now.

  36. Ultimately, there’s only going to be one solution (with many facets) to dealing with these tards. And it’ll involve primarily the intestinal fortitude to do what needs to be done utilizing traditional implements including scary looking devices that go bang, twine that can be woven into rope, things that can produce fire, very sharp steel etc. The possibilities are endless.

    • “The Possibilities are Endless”
      Here in Clownifornia, many of the woke are being hoisted by their own petard. Headlines of the death of so-and-so-soymann at the hands of vibrancy fill me with a kind of schadenfreude that ought not to exist. Many such cases.

      • Isn’t it funny at how vibrancy attacks the wokeiest ?

        I seem to be immune to it. I just dawned on me the other day, when I was walking around somewhere and a few black guys got all tensed up and nervous. You could see it, the way they were staring at me and getting into a defensive posture.

        Maybe there are white guys who trigger their threat response just as there are black guys who trigger a white’s thereat response. And I’m nothing special physically but I am quite fearless and confident, and that must be what triggers them.

        • I find the same thing. I remember while travelling in Europe, I was not bothered once by African or Arabic scammers/thieves, despite them being everywhere.

          My smaller, woker, friend got harassed multiple times. They especially loved to prey on white women, who would start nervously laughing, and then pay up for whatever string they tied around their arm (because they’re totally not a racist!). If somebody tried that with me I would have rudely told them to f* off, and assault them if they continued to escalate (at least in a public place during the day, with other people and police around).

          Same in my day to day life, nobody has ever called me a racist lol, and I’m the one white guy who probably is.

          They can sense who the easy targets are. Woke whites are basically the suckers who they can dupe into giving them free stuff, or taking stuff from them. Unfortunately they’re giving away our entire civilization on a large scale right now.

        • It is in the eyes and is somewhat instinctual because they are more animal than human.

          I spent many years working around and in direct contact with the most violent, low IQ, savage, murderous types you can imagine. You either become hard or you will be eaten.

          They sense it like dogs, if you have that steely resolve in your eyes they know you are going to not be easy prey and like any predator in the wild will look for the sick, frail, young, weak, or old to easily strike at. When there is a chance that they may be heavily injured or killed they back off.

          One on one nogs are opportunistic and not very scary. The problem is that just like in the wild, they are cowardly pack animals not unlike jackals. They overwhelm by sheer force of numbers vs. any individual martial talent or bravery.

          • “One on one nogs are opportunistic and not very scary. The problem is that just like in the wild, they are cowardly pack animals not unlike jackals. They overwhelm by sheer force of numbers vs. any individual martial talent or bravery.”

            Nailed it! VERY few whites understand this anymore.

            It is NOT DIFFICULT to control joggers. Only the WILL is lacking nowadays.And I am QUITE old enough to remember how it used to be.

            And could be again if the WILL were to be found or generated.

          • Notice too how they always look for that knockout punch, be it verbally or physically

            Verbally, notice how they always go straight for the jugular. The one word or words they think can totally defeat you and back you off.

            But if you can withstand the first barrage and keep standing there unaffected they become totally toothless

        • “Isn’t it funny at how vibrancy attacks the wokeiest?”

          It drives home the fact that Wokeism is a death cult. Weak men are the most attracted to collectivist ideas because they most need the protection of the group… that’s the promise of Wokeism… but then they invite the predators into their midst and give them licenses to kill.

          All while hating their would-be protectors such as police.

          • “Weak men are the most attracted to collectivist ideas because they most need the protection of the group…”. Koresh was banging all the wives and most of the daughters, of his followers.

      • I don’t get misty about the eyes when a member of the Wokestapo winds up finding out the hard way that it’s not always cis White males who do bad things, i.e. those two Norwegian dingbats who went backpacking through Morocco a few years back.

      • Indeed. I am still laughing at the latest one: some popular she-boon on Twitter was roasting the parents of Kyle Rittenhouse for so badly failing their son in his upbringing. All her fellow howler monkeys clapped and shrieked in approval and congratulated her on her scathing wit.

        She was murdered just recently – by her own son. At thanksgiving.

        With the right mindset, noggers can be infinitely entertaining.

  37. “The New Left is in bed with corporate America in a way that would have shamed the Right not long ago. The old school lefties, trapped in the old ideology, are unable to grasp what is happening, because they are operating from the old framing. Similarly, conservatives are unwitting dupes in the process of conversion because they were conditioned to defend corporations from the “socialists and communists” on the Left.”

    Exactly. This confusion stems from the end of the Cold War, which the West lost… in a big way.

    Yes, the Soviet Union was bankrupted and collapsed, but by the time that happened the Marxists had already taken over the universities and, eventually, the bureaucracies of the West.

    With the failure of the USSR it should have been obvious the West needed to clean house, fire 80% of its academics, close the universities for a year, and start over from scratch. Of course, that would have been impossible because the baby boomers still believed they saved the world in 1969 by putting flowers in their hair, thanks to the egging on of their university professors… and there’s nothing cowards love more than being told that they’re heroes (much like the mask-wearers of today).

    Instead of getting a housecleaning, academia became even more powerful in the West. It slowly abandoned it’s allegiance to literal Marxism, pretending the previous 100 years of Marxist preachings never happened, and simply moved on to new religions, like global warming, the mother earth cult, and wokism.

    With its complete dominance on campus, the new religions soon infected the business and science departments, too. Contrary to popular belief, business and science students are just as moronic as liberal arts students, and just as eager to be popular and to not make waves.

    Thus, we ended up with a marriage of convenience between the corporate world – including all its bureaucracies and MBAs, and the post-Marxists liberal arts world – including its government bureaucracies and BAs. They came together in the new religions, and found themselves strangely united, along with the artists and the media. The post-Marxists soon discovered they didn’t care that the economic vision of their master didn’t come to pass; they had power, and that was good enough.

    • and now the unis are busy killing themselves. enrollments are down 20% (i think i read that) and that trend is just going to accelerate.

    • @ The Bobby:

      Well said. Somehow the notion (I won’t call it an idea) gained currency and then dominance that everybody *deserved* a “college education.” Too much stupidity in those few words to get into here, but suffice it to way that education (the real thing) is simply NOT for everybody. Most people are too weak-minded and fuzzy-headed to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff, so the drivel spouted by stunningly mediocre “professors” is accepted and believed because “they’re experts.”
      That same phenom also explains most of the covid superstitions/

    • The academics didn’t really move away from literal Marxism. I read something the other day that 1/5 university social science professors openly identify as marxist. Think about that.

      • I’m shocked it’s that low.

        If you’re in any doubt about the ideological orientation of a given academic, you can apply the “parking lot test.” Go to the faculty lot. Find all the cars that are no older than 3 years from the current year. From those, exclude American makes (except Tesla). From the remainder, exclude any that don’t have an ostentatious environmental impact, one way or another.

        What you’re left with, then, is ostentatious, ludicrously expensive, new-model import cars, either electric or enormous gas-guzzling SUVs.

        Those are the Marxists. The most obnoxious, pimped out one — your really high end Beemer or Benz, the kind of thing a rapper would drive — is the card-carrying Communist.

        • Yeah, used to collect rare books. I once paid a tidy sum for a signed Jean Paul Sartre. I have no interest in Sartre, but my hope was that in 20 years some poor, starving Marxist would pay me 10X what I paid for it.

  38. “This is why it is delusional to think this stuff is just a fad and will fade without having to confront it in the culture war. ”

    I wonder if anyone said the same thing about Spiritualism during the Victorian era. I’d be willing to bet that wokism is more faddish than enduring if for no other reason than it’s so emotional in it’s nature that it really can’t be rationalized. Because it can’t be rationalized (i e. made into a rational system of thought and action), it can’t endure for long. It just feels really as hoc.

    • wokeism won’t endure because the people who subscribe to it are so thoroughly damaged and defective. the ones who just go along to get along, of course, don’t care whether covidism is “true” or not. the elite are cultural arsonists, burning everything they can get their grubby paws on. at least the nazis cared enough about art to steal the good stuff (and not burn it).

      • The Bolsheviks were pretty deranged and defective people. They killed the Tsar and won the civil war in Russia. The regime lasted over 70 years and destroyed millions of lives. Never underestimate the power of motivated degenerates in large enough numbers. Especially when so many of our people still insist on keeping their heads down and grilling.

        • i think the argument can be made, that the bolsheviks lasted right up until they were no longer necessary. at which point Stalin killed most of them.

  39. First— One of your best posts, save this for the archives!

    Second— Disregard every commenter who already started hand-waving this saying “no its not a religion, it is a…”. That erudite academia style mental circle jerk is why we lose –every single time–, these people simply do not grasp probably one of the only things I will give Vox Day full credit for. Dialectic vs Rhetoric. The former is dead as doornail. Nobody cares. In a world run by the ‘the feelz’ and absurdly high levels of feminization you must embrace rhetoric even if you yourself are aware its not entirely accurate. You can have high-minded debates about this, do it behind closed doors, if at all.

    Third— This is a Memetic Rhetorical Killshot and should be deeply leaned into, why? One of the things these people despise most is religion of any sort. They are mid-wits that view themselves are far too sophisticated for such superstitions in the age of “I f-cking love science!1!”. By clearly stating they are religious fanatics you will send them apoplectic and -especially- if you have cogent narrative to back that up.

    What you will end up doing in the moment is short-circuiting the NPCs programming. This is about equal to a computer crashing. They will shutdown and stop talking. But in the longer term if enough people are embracing the religious fanatic angle you may start to penetrate their impossibly thick skulls. The social shame of being a religious nut will be something they consider, –especially women–, because… feelz.

    • It would be most accurate to say wokism is an informal religion (that is, it has no formality). Replication is predicated on formality, the following of a form, and so formless spirituality tends to fade away with time because it lacks formal structure. It’s like building a stick fort in the woods. It can’t be replicated because there are no principles for building, it’s simply ad hoc. Seances in the Victorian era were this way, much like the new age nonsense of the late 90s. Both are passe because they’re simply purposeless emotivism, something they have in common wokism. Basically, it’s a worship service for people who don’t want the discipline of regular attendance.

      • They do have a formal theory of history. This is what lies behind their notion of progress. They also have a formal social theory and an established set of tools for interpreting both history but current social trends. There is a lot more behind this stuff than many realize. I did a series of shows on it a few months ago.

        • would you consider collecting links to all your posts and shows (related to wokeism) in a similar fashion as your “Essential Knowledge” tab?

    • Oh, wokeism is definitely a religion. Modernity has killed religion in the West, and nature abhors a vacuum.

      There is no end to the purity spiraling; however, companies and billionaires (for now) can buy indulgences with huge donations to politicians and “though leaders”.

      Individuals, alas, are hosed.

      It was ever thus.

    • Apex: Not that I casually chat with most, let alone any wokist, but how would you specifically approach this? I mean beyond labeling them a religious fanatic. Psuedo apologize and say “Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to challenge your faith?” Please provide some samples for someone not as quick witted.

      • Exactly that but more subtle. When they go on a tear about social justice and related f-ckery they will invariably ask your opinion. “Sorry, I’m not religious.” They take this bait nearly every single time. “Religious? what?!” They will then attempt to convince you and you can ride this train from there. “Everything you are saying sounds precisely like a radical organized religion”. (Give examples). They will clam up soon enough…

  40. Wokeism isn’t a religion, it’s a cultural phenomenon. A religion implies a number of things that wokeism doesn’t feature, a clergy, a foundational mythology, a complicated system of ethics, etc. This isn’t to say that wokeism couldn’t eventually become a religion, or at least an important part of one. Since culture changes continually, all of its features do as well. It’s also important that the legal system follows culture, it doesn’t determine it.
    Fifty years ago it would have been silly to believe that two men could be legally married even though thousands of gay couples shared their domiciles. Now their relationship is legally enshrined and so accepted that an open homosexual can run and win public office.
    Food taboos in modern America are just as irrational as the foreign examples that are remarked upon. Why should anyone care if someone else eats a dog or a horse as long as that dog or horse isn’t their own? Why would one care if the neighbor down the lane keeps and fights cocks when that’s the natural disposition of chickens and in other circumstances they are hardly treated as pets? Only a short time ago cockfighting was a popular sport in the US and of no concern to the legal establishment. There’s been a change in the culture.
    Wokeism may continue to expand but there’s no guarantee that its direction will be predictable. In 1955 no one would have been able to predict that Ru Paul’s Drag Race would be a popular television show in the 21st century.

      • Or spirits to be worshipped

        I think that’s where we are with wokism. It’s more of a spiritual thing like voodoo or something primitive rather than having anything concrete and incarnate at its core.

        But maybe some animal will become its sacred cow. One day Liz Warren is staring into the sky and sees a honeybee and has an epiphany.

      • Buddhism does not have a god or gods at the center. The Buddha acknowledge that there may be gods, but they are trapped in the beginningness cycle and have no role in human affairs. Jainism is another example. Certain strains of Jewish mysticism place god out of reach of man. Gnosticism, of course, remove God from the material world.

        • Not that you intended it to be a list – but Shintoism fits the bill of a no god at the center religion (or is it a non-religion, or irreligion, or…)

    • Good to see gainsayer man is back. You are wrong, as usual, but you remain certain, which is what counts.

    • Like other aspects of a culture at a particular moment in time, wokeism will inevitably be embraced by a core group. It can only become significant if it’s also accepted by those who have “no skin in the game”. Just as those most opposed to chicken fights had, in fact, never seen one but still cared deeply about so-called animal rights, much of the wokeist congregation has had zero experience of what the wokeists are talking about. To them it’s an abstraction so it’s easy to join up. People that are more familiar with the reality of the situation are unlikely to go along with the wokeist agenda.

    • Wokism completely adheres to any basic definition of a religion.

      “A religion implies a number of things that wokeism doesn’t feature, a clergy, a foundational mythology, a complicated system of ethics, etc.”

      Clergy – Your local DEI Political Officer (at work or school, situation dependent), but many SJWs can serve as deacons
      Foundational Myth – The 1619 Project serves nicely here
      Complicated System of Ethics – The hierarchy of race, sexual orientation, and other identity as needed. All you need to know is that Straight White Men are at the bottom of the pile

      Religion is not a mechanism of prediction, but a practice and way of life.

      • Additonal Ethical pronouncements and sacred texts:

        “All men are created equal”
        “Diversity is our strength”

  41. New religions take hold when the old religions are seen as tired, old, and useless.
    Mainstream Christianity is a spent force, in league with Globohomo.
    Civic Nationalism is a dead end.
    The Republican Party and establishment conservatism is a leashed dog.

    So what happens to normal people seeking to replace their dead gods? Lefty has their replacement forming.

    • That’s a great point. There is a void needing to be filled and the woke people are busy at filling it.

      Until something better comes along. At least they’re trying, give them that. They are not sitting around waiting to be dazzled by something better.

      • It is not that we need something better per se; it’s that the current crop of humanity has been so poorly educated, perhaps even mis-educated, that it can no longer comprehend what came before. Those “are you smarter than a 1918 eighth grader” posts lay it bare.

  42. Wokeism may be a religion but it is not going to be an enduring one. As religions come it is over on the suicide cult side of the spectrum because it grossly violates not only human nature but the fundamental principles of reproduction. Not that it is any comfort to us that this thing won’t last because it may well take us down with it in its race to go extinct in the most insane way fevered human minds can devise.

    For all we know there may have be many cultures and religions springing up based on the idea that deranged women should be in charge. But none of them survived long enough to be discovered by anthropologists. Darwin doesn’t take vacations.

        • Yes! Wings where there were no wings before! And why? Father Time, dont cha know!

          Talk about a religion. If we are going to call godless ideas religion, lets start with dumb evolution. Z has been in her grips his whole career!

          • That people can reason as poorly as you and still, evidently, have reached this genetic cycle, makes even me doubt Darwin. And I’m a hard-core evolutionist. Have a sweet day 🙂

          • Conversations about evolution are fundamentally religious conversations and because of that they tend to be unproductive, because people are intensely invested in their positions.

            There are a lot very good arguments for intelligent design, which evolutionists stumble over themselves to misrepresent, and there are a lot of good arguments for evolution that creationists and ID’ers are equally eager to misrepresent. Some aspects of the evolutionary process are patently obviously true. We can see them in our genetic structures.

            My take, and I don’t expect it to convince anyone, is that God designed a rational, understandable, internally consistent system. This was one of the reasons that science flourished under Christianity* — Christianity believed in a consistent, rational world that was subject to discovery and understanding, rather than the world being a place of incomprehensible, capricious, arbitrary forces.

            But, some stages of the life process are effectively impossible to accomplish via time and random chance (See Dr. James Tour (DrJamesTour) on YouTube).

            God stepped in at various points and directed natural processes. He didn’t do this via “magic” or “the supernatural” — He did it via scientific and natural processes that are beyond our current understanding. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

            *Don’t be fooled by all that Galileo nonsense. Churches were one of the biggest underwriters of scientists at the time and it was fellow scientists who got Galileo in trouble with the church for questioning their ideas. Not all that different from climate change consensus today.

            So, sometimes in comments, you’ll see me making evolutionary arguments, and sometimes you’ll see me arguing from the creation and the intent of God and I don’t see any contradiction.

          • Vizzini, makes sense to me. Without (a sane) religion, history suggests society grows decadent and nihilistic until it collapses.

          • well, given there were no “wings” when the Earth was formed, and there are now “wings”…

          • Evolution and creation ex nihilo are two different things. Or rather, address two different questions – how did this current thing come to be vs. why is there anything at all. They are not necessarily mutally exclusive.

    • Yeah but Christianity violated nature too. Paganism did not because it was an outcropping of nature and the natural world. Christianity instead grafted unnatural concepts onto man and nature.

      Such as stigmatizing sex of all things. And saying women are the root of evil. And telling men they couldn’t marry if they wanted to be leaders of the faith. Or that there must only be one god. Etc etc.

      These ideas flew in the face if nature and still do. Yes women are shit when it comes to politics but they are not the cause of man’s downfall. No women means no men. The desert tribes and their hatred of women continues to this day. That’s not natural.

      • No, Christianity places women’s sex lives under the control of men, the dreaded patriachy. We could haggle over the game theoretical reasons why but empirically this seems to be a pre-condition for the development of advanced civilizations. Loose sexual mores, bonobo style, in humans are associated with societies that never got off the ground. Or are gathering speed crashing towards it again, ie decadence.

        • Yeah but bad women are a reflection of bad men

          Men are built to be the leaders

          A society full of sluts and so forth is a society ruled by men who have abdicated their responsibility

          • Completely agree! It is NOT women’s fault we’re dying, it is men’s fault. There are no ‘strong women,’ there are only weak men. And frankly, for men to blame women for our troubles is wimpy.

      • you are describing specifics of the catholic church, not christianity. the latter of which by the by has always had a ton of homoness to it. starting with making a baby without having sex with a woman.

        and women being considered dangerous has been around since, well, that damn apple.

        • Of course they’re dangerous, but so are we

          They don’t have the physical tools to be dangerous so they use their cunning and ability to turn man against another man

          In fact I’d posit that as weaker men become or behave or act the more evil women become or appear. Men have their strength to keep the battle of the sexes balanced. Not advocating for slapping them around but….

          We’d all be fools to say that men not being allowed to at least use the threat of force is much of what ails our society. Just simple yelling or screaming them like a lion shuts them the hell up. It’s not a polite society, but it’s the way life made us for better or worse.

          The alternative for men, the one tool we are still allowed to employ, is to cheat on them to keep them in line. And that comes with its own set of problems. But that’s life, a bunch if never ending problems.

    • As James Burnham put it over half a century ago, “Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide”. If the leftism he knew back in 1964 was like a slow suicide by starvation, Wokism has the rope around its neck and is about to jump off the chair, as the most recent “War with Russia, NOW!” fixation illustrates. To those people who say “Don’t these idiots know that a war with another peer nuclear power would be suicide?!?” the answer is, yeah, they know – that’s the point. Such a war would destroy the evil Russian (“That’s for Great-Grandpa, you Cossacks!”) destroy the evil United States (“Remember Emmet Till!”), and end their own miserable meaningless lives in one great blast of glory. There’s no stopping them – the question is, how do we keep them from taking us with them? An answer is beginning to form, but a lot of people are not going to like it…

      • James Burnham would probably not believe his lying eyes if he saw where things are today. Prescient man.

  43. What I want to know is what is the percentage of contrarians in any civilization. There’s always a percentage of people that just will not go along and perhaps some were witches in the past or malcontinence hermits in the hills and probably the martyrs and the saints but that’s who is sustaining our side now. When I was very little I knew I was rebelling against something but I didn’t know what, I literally used to call myself a rebel without a cause just for a joke’s sake because it was everything. No one could ever tell me what to do. I have always bucked everything and as I got older I just realized that’s who I am I’m a contrarian and I am very fortunate now to be my own boss because it’s just a nightmare otherwise but I think that’s who all of us are. The real hardcore dissident people do not want to get along. So what do you think the percentage of population contrarians is? I think that’s the number we’re really working with. You know if it’s 10% that’s good. You can do a lot with 10%.

    • It’s not that we won’t “go along.” It’s that we won’t go along with things that are so obviously stupid and self-destructive.

      We “contrarians” are willing to note that the emperor has no clothes or, in the case of wokism, that the person with a schlong isn’t a woman, that diversity isn’t our strength, and that someone fresh off a boat from Haiti isn’t just as American as you and me.

      It’s heresy to note these things, but we do it anyway. If society were normal and in line with our nature, plenty of us “nonconformists” would happily conform.

      The real question, I think, isn’t how many of us are contrarians, but rather how many of us are willing to buck self-destructive trends.

    • Being a “contrarian” just for opposition’s sake is just as brainless as advocating for change just for the sake of change. What matters is what you are opposing and why. God help us if there are 10% “contrarians.”

      • There are those of us who have spent decades reading and learning and slowly moving into the DR but now things are moving fast and there won’t be time for people to develop a a coherent ideology that can pull them out of normiecon but they can sense something is wrong and they just need to be ornery enough to say screw it I’m not doing as I’m told.

  44. Another parallel is the foot soldiers of the spread of Christianity were the monks, the most aggressive true believers in terms of their sacrifices for the regime. In the outskirt monasteries they sacrificed a family and home for a small cell where they labored most of the day for spoils that went to the collective. The ‘silent majority’ has never been the ones to direct the flow of history, but the most radical of the sects.

    Now, the most aggressive true believers making the largest sacrifices are the trannies who cut their dicks off for the cause, white parents who make their children eunuchs either psychologically or physically, and drugged-up weirdos who destroy property because ‘White Supremacy’, all to support a rich elite that lives separated from the rabble.

    At least the more powerful people in the Church hierarchy actually had to try to keep the pretense of personal sacrifice, and even the corrupt ones built beautiful cathedrals and administered charity works that any peasant could appreciate. The new religion of equality is destructive for the sake of bringing all forms down to the lowest common denominator, which is a world that can not have cathedrals, paintings, or other artifacts that point to transcendence.

    In Heaven there is hierarchy, in Hell everyone is equal, and our rulers know which place they believe in more.

    • But Christianity had a timeless element to it and took centuries to percolate and come into being.

      Wokism is a cheap knockoff of pre-existing concepts, and concepts formulated by dead white men.

      There would be no wokism without the intellectual foundations of western man. Such as equality.

      So I guess Christianity had to borrow or ride on paganism and some of the traditions to sail through Europe and be accepted. Maybe wokism is now riding on Christianity and its vestigial concepts and faith through the Acela corridor and Silicon Valley.

      I’m not one to say that wokism is going to disappear. If it has staying power then so be it. That just means my relationship with my fellow man becomes even more tenuous and I may disappear into the woods to get away from this shit.

      • Wokism has very deep roots. It borrows heavily from aspects of Christianity like the concept of a fallen world. It is a form of Gnosticism. Instead of the world having been created by the demiurge, it is the product of white people for the benefit of white people. The arc of history leads to a remote existence beyond this existence. I will be diving into this in the show tomorrow.

        • One of the central tenets of the Christian narrative is that there’s a sense in which all people are seen as being equal: they’re all “God’s children”, “made in His image”, individually known and loved by the God who created them.

          There’s also a sense in which every person is considered to be uniquely valuable, simply on the basis of the belief that God has deliberately chosen to create them; and “God doesn’t make junk”.

          In the Christian narrative, no matter what their earthly circumstances, everyone has an equal chance of getting to Heaven; the serf is on equal footing with the lord of the manor. In fact, the serf may have a better chance: “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

          It’s not hard to see how the presumed equality and inherent value attributed to people by the Christian narrative, could easily morph into the “anti-racist” egalitarianism embraced by the woke; in which no one is any better than anyone else, and you’re a terrible person if you presume otherwise.

          In the woke narrative, all differences in human station and condition are seen as the result of a systemically-racist society, in which some people— “people of color”, women, gays and trannies— are being kept out of Equity Heaven by privileged Whites. In a fully-woke society where “social justice” reigned, everyone would live in the Heaven of perfect equality of outcome. And until then, the oppressed occupy a special place: “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a privileged White person to renounce their privilege and become Woke”.

          The problem with all that, of course, is that just isn’t the way the world is.

          And just as the doctrines of the Catholic Church drove it to oppose science, in a similar fashion, the doctrines of the Church of Wokeness put it at odds with what science is revealing about human beings.

          In contrast to the myriad religious narratives by which— in the absence of facts— primitive man sought to explain the world around him; evolutionary science— evolutionary-genetics, -biology, -psychology— has given us a factually-supported understanding of who we are as humans, and how we came to be the way we are.

          The human biodiversity and marked group racial differences which evolutionary theory reveals to be the case, stands in opposition to the equality imagined by both the Christian narrative and it’s successor, the Woke narrative.

          That, it seems to me, may be the reef on which Wokeness finally shipwrecks: the findings of science regarding inherent group racial differences.

          • “In the Christian narrative, no matter what their earthly circumstances, everyone has an equal chance of getting to Heaven; the serf is on equal footing with the lord of the manor.”

            Maybe, but that equal chance isn’t necessarily large, or at least few will take the opportunity offered them:

            “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it.” — Matthew 7:13

          • Vizzini,

            Right. And then there’s this, which I’ve come to think of as the Joel Osteen verses:

            “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’”

        • Really looking forward to it. Fascinating theme.

          Just listened to a great review of Spengler and the Road to Techno-Dystopia by Morgoth.

      • Christianity was completely formed right from its inception. As Chesterton says in The Everlasting Man: she leapt into existence like Athena from the head of Zeus, fully armed and ready for war.

        • Not really: early Christianity was characterized by a variety of mutually-contradictory beliefs about who Jesus was: Jesus was fully God from the beginning, Jesus was a human who became God, Jesus was both God and human; Jesus was a human who died a physical death on the cross, Jesus was a spirit who only appeared to suffer physically; people must be a member of the Church to be saved, people can be saved outside the Church— all these were beliefs held by early Christians.

          The beliefs which characterize Christianity today are those which prevailed in these doctrinal disputes; which were also political disputes between various groups seeking power.

      • I agree. Also, wokeism is grounded in material political concerns and envious overthrow of the existing order, while Christianity took an existing corrupt order and promoted an unselfish alternative. The woke behave more like the Pharisees and Sadducees, especially in their tortured legalisms, sophistic reasoning, and focus on manipulative control and linguistic mayhem. The temptations of biogenetic engineering, freedom from physical want, and massively scalable social engineering have created a society-wide inversion of the normal moral categories and resulted in rule by thousands of bitter Gollums. As Christianity recedes (if it doesn’t have a resurgence) a new approach to old problems will rise in its wake, trying yet again to address the fallen nature of man.

        There is no question, however, that this pseudo-faith has a unique ontological framework and worldview. Its incoherence is propped up by the Christian-infused, rule-governed behavior of every-day people. Empty suit authorities can declare males and females to be no different and that 2 plus 2 equals 5 for as long as ordinary people are willing to play along, ignoring the absurdities in their ordinary life but mouthing the political cant as demanded. But if a sufficient number of people are made excessively ‘uncomfortable’ (as these torturers of language are so fond of saying), all bets are off.

        • The fact that we see so many woke Christians, would seem to indicate that there’s little difference between them; or at least, that they’re mutually compatible.

          And I could certainly make the case that your description of the language of the Pharisees and Saducees— “tortured legalisms, sophistic reasoning, and focus on manipulative control and linguistic mayhem”— can also be seen as accurately describing Christian beliefs.

          The “three Gods in one Person” doctrine of the Trinity, the notion that Jesus was at the same time ‘fully human and fully divine’, the idea that believing in Jesus wipes away your sins, makes you right with God, and assures you of a place in heaven, the miracle stories that no Christian can replicate, despite Jesus’s promise to his disciples that “You’ll do greater things than these”, the fact that so many self-identified Christians are not in fact filled with the spirit of love— the case can be made that Christian beliefs too are tortured and sophistic in the “reasoning” offered to back them up, and manipulative in their application.

          It may feel good to espouse Christian beliefs, but there’s little or no evidence backing them up.

          Both wokeness and Christianity contravene the findings of science. Christianity asks one to believe things which are not only unbelievable— never seen before or since, impossible, according to what science tells us— they fail the test of proportionality: that the more unlikely the claim, the stronger the supporting evidence must be in order to validate it.

          So while I agree with your description of wokeness as having inverted normal moral categories, I’d say something similar regarding Christianity: it has inverted the normal categories of reason: requiring the believer to relinquish common sense and science, and believe things for which no sufficient evidence exists.

          So in that way it’s exactly like wokeness. Which is why so many Christians find it easy to be both.

      • “But Christianity had a timeless element to it and took centuries to percolate and come into being.

        Wokism is a cheap knockoff of pre-existing concepts, and concepts formulated by dead white men.”

        Every intellectual Christian that I have ever met has his own particular version of Christianity where he is the only true adherent.

        Wokism with devour Christianity with very few exceptions.

    • I remember the first time I read how a large percentage of people had no “inner dialogue”. As someone whose “inner dialogue” will never shut up, it was my first red-pill of the vast genetic psychological differences in people. It’s not even they’re inferior, as most people posting here are probably the real genetic mutants, but the thought process different it’s pointless to try a form of argumentation that only works with a small portion of the population.

      It’s why sperging out on facts and reason is pointless for the majority of the population and it’s far more effective to change their external stimuli to point them towards different behavior.

      • agree. the cloud people aren’t really around the low IQ people, so are unfamiliar with their limitations.

      • I’ve also heard the study that examined how many people have an inner dialogue was extremely flawed. That’s the thing with any social science research you come across. It’s just all so shoddy and bad you can’t trust anything that’s asserted.

        • I agree. Most everyone has inner dialogue.

          For many, it is all about social status and entertainment.

    • They said the same thing about Christians I’m sure. They were suffering from this or that, crazy, whatever the convention was at the time to express or try to understand the phenomena of spiritual conquest. Today our conventions is “psychology”

      I’d agree with Z here, just because you can define it as a form of madness or whatever doesn’t change its power or negate it.

      But yes it will be funny seeing this spread through campus with the professors of psychology holding up their textbooks to ward off the evil spirits like holding up a cross to Dracula.

  45. If it’s borne of the corporations, it dies with the corporations

    I.e. a severe economic downturn wipes wokism off the face of the earth

    I would think

    • When one wakes each day to the prospect of not eating, it’s amazing how all unnecessary cultural claptrap is shed. Wokism, coming soon to a favela near you.

    • Jeff Bezos just gave $100 million to the “Obama Foundation” to be used to pay for Barak’s Presidential Pyramid/Library.

      The Amazon official most tied to the donation is Jay Carney, who worked in high profile positions in both the Biden and Obama offices.

      Amazon is on the hot seat for multiple issues: anti-competitive practices in their media acquisitions and very hard-corps anti-union organizing tactics (during record profits as their competition was destroyed by Covid). This, while we’re told that Biden is the “most friendly labor President in living memory”.

      Rich men and their business partners paying off politicians to get favors is as old as civilization itself. Biden, or Dr. Jill Biden, are unquestionably lining up billionaires for their legacy library in the not too distant future.

      Regulatory capture in this country is complete and total, and they’re not even hiding it anymore.

    • Words out of my mouth, Falcone.
      Wokeism rhymes with religion but it’s not a Religion. Spirtual to be sure. The Wokes have just trapped us all in the Truman Show.
      Wait until the oil runs out. The world religions will remain in some form. Wokeism will not.

    • Do you really believe that wokism was conceived in corporations?

      I grant that corporations love open borders and amnesty, but what about the anti-white stuff? Letting criminals go free?

      From the corporations?

      Economics is a second order concern compared to our real problems.

      • The way I see it, and I could very well be wrong, corproations see Woke as the strong horse for now. Not much skin off their nose for buying in, lot’s of goverment powered and race grifter backlash for opposing. Kind of a squeaky wheel thing. If Grillers owned the DA offices and were putting cities to the flame, the Woke would stop quickly. Heck, if they just cut their ties with enteratinment and hyper-consumerism that would probably work. But there is little downside to flowing with the Woke for now.

    • I don’t get people like him. I remember when there were plenty of “old” men who could easily relate to changing times and to younger people and make sense of it. Not everyone was an old get off my lawn crank. What is so hard of even entertaining a thesis or idea like the one Z presents here? He can’t get his mind around it? And yet he’s an historian? I don’t get it.

      • A weird fear of being wrong seems to grip some men once they hit their middle years. By old age they are “get off my lawn” cranks. I don’t get it, but I’m in a business where being wrong is a daily occurrence. Maybe I’m just conditioned to think being wrong is the path forward.

        • it’s like a sports team sitting on a lead. hansen has built up a certain amount of status and success, and he is protecting that (by not writing anything new).

        • Live and learn

          Who ever said it stops when you hit a certain age ?

          Yeah I don’t get it. Change makes life exciting. I suppose that’s what really upsets the likes of VDH. He wants tranquility and sameness at this time of his life.

          • Hanson wants ex-convicts to stop stealing the wire to his vineyard pumps and the dogs running around the trashy illegals’ encampment to stop chasing him on his bike.

        • Re: “being wrong is the path forward”

          I’ve heard that the Chinese character for “crisis” can also mean “opportunity”

        • It seems like older guys have this thing where they just stop listening to what the other person is saying. Perhaps less a fear of being wrong, but as folks get older their reaction time slows, and having to take a few seconds to process what the other person is saying is embarrassing.

          My dad complains about his friends only wanting to go on about their problems, while he only called them because he wanted to go on about his problems. It’s like zero-sum socializing that leaves them all spending the entire day watching television while whining that people avoid them.

      • maybe he is all used up and just phoning it in. his only child died of some mystery illness a few years ago, and i am guessing he is just hanging around waiting to die.

        • I read the piece and frankly, it was simply weak cheese. A rehashing of history with the consequences.

          And he’s right in saying “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it”.

          The left has. Whether it is the end of Wokism only time will tell.

          • He, like many conservatives, is wishing for reality to impose itself on the loons and self-correct society. What they fail to appreciate is that the woke have created their own reality by leveraging existing systems to work for their own behalf. As long as the populace has bread, the circus will go on.

        • Aww, I didn’t know. He’s a local son, a remote neighbor.

          I remember cleaning his table as a busboy at the Denny’s across from the campus.

          A stolid joe, just your average raisin (walnut) farmer.

    • Like many of these guys, he has not taken a second to learn about this new religion. It is easier to dismiss it and safer, of course.

      • And he’s still into the blank slate, paint job theory of race.

        “Not all Mexicans are bad”, as he describes the way his neighborhood has devolved into a favela.

        You’re right Z, he’s obtuse that way.

        • He doesn’t want to die knowing the country he loved is destroyed, the next generation will be conditioned to think people like him were evil, and there will be no triumph, but just a slow slumping into the trash bin of everything he lived for.

          There were probably old Indians back in the day who said the white man will wear himself out and the Iroquois will rise again.

  46. Since “religion” carries the connotation of anthropomorphic deities, I sometimes use the term “fetishism.” It sure explains Covid. If the whole world is magical (spirit-infused, whatever term you want to use) then everything that happens to you, and everything that doesn’t happen to you, comes down to juju.

    You’re walking through the forest. You come across a tiger. The tiger looks at you, but doesn’t pounce. Why? Well, five minutes ago, you stopped to pick up an unusual rock. The rock must have juju; it’s your anti-tiger rock; if you don’t want to be eaten by a tiger, you’d best keep your rock in a special place, and offer sacrifice to it, lest its juju depart and you get eaten.

    So with Covid. If you didn’t get it, it’s not because it’s not all that contagious; it’s that your magic mask has juju. If you got it and recovered, it’s because you kept your TV tuned to MSNBC; the juju in your TV set fought off the ‘vid. But someone else you know got Covid and got very sick, and even died? Oh, well, just last week she let an unmasked person within 10 feet of her; that canceled out her mask’s juju. Or, in flipping the channel to MSNBC, she accidentally lingered a second on Tucker Carlson’s show. Bad juju, boss!!

    This is called Following The Science ™. We would all do well to review the work of Lucien Levy-Bruhl.

    • I’m with you on this. It’s not quite a religion. It’s something similar but not quite. I guess it’s something more like witchcraft or hocus pocus. Or what you propose. And not long ago certain women were all into crystals. And now covidianism. So maybe if we get a big boiling pot of white man’s urine and drop in some crystals and a dash of the delta variant and some Pfizer mercurial globules from its vials and give it some good stirs we will get a magical amulet rising to the top in the likeness of George Floyd. And they can sell them on Etsy.

      • the covid panic provided a lot of isolated alienated people with an organizing principle, and relief from their personal circumstance. they became part of, and were subsumed, by a mass movement. hmm, where have i read about that before? :). see link i posted elsewhere for this post, with a link to kuntsler (on mass psychosis).

        zman, i think you missed a good opportunity to compare this new religion, with older religions; i.e. maybe they are all like this new creed.

        • So very true

          And all this while, unbeknownst to us, were these people walking around with a hole in their hearts hungry for something to give their life meaning

          I guess the signs were always there. We just didn’t take note.

      • I call them, “the Watermelon Death Cult,” even though that kind of fails to include the Covid angle.

    • when you used the word “fetish” it got me thinking that maybe there is a sexual component to all this madness? like with serial killers…

      • I don’t think there’s any doubt about it. Bossing people around is the only thing that gives Karen the poony tingles. Those awful patriarchal neanderthals back in the 70s had it right: All your average Feminist (= Karen) needs is a deep dicking, and all her problems will be solved. Alas…

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