Free Rubber Dick Man!

It is incorrectly assumes that to be on the side of order means unconditional backing of the police. The fact is, good order should require a light touch, as the laws become a habit of mind and the laws reflect the collective habit of mind. When the laws are odds with the culture, you get disorder, which requires forces to maintain order. That force comes with consequences. Here’s an hilarious example from Pittsburgh.

A young man is facing charges stemming from an unusual incident in Westmoreland County Monday.

Skyler Connor, 18, of New Derry, is facing a disorderly conduct charge for waving a rubber penis at passing motorists.

According to police, the incident happened on Route 30 in Unity Township around 6 p.m.

Connor was a passenger in the back seat of a vehicle at the time.

The people who wrote the disorderly conduct laws never intended to give the cops the power to regulate teenage pranks. The intent of such laws are to prevent people from disrupting the normal functioning of public activities. Someone drunk in public harassing citizens is an example. Tying up traffic with some sort of distraction like a parade float or naked women could be a public nuisance. A kid waving around a rubber dick is not disrupting public order.

This is also a good example of anarcho-tyranny. You can be sure the cop who made the arrest had a few grand worth of battle gear and was driving a squad car kitted out like a starship. The cops are hyper-vigilant about stupid things like this that have no value to society. Yet, these same cops cannot be bothered to look for stolen cars or roust the hobos out of the local library. The cops treat the citizens as a nuisance, rather than the people they serve.

5 thoughts on “Free Rubber Dick Man!

  1. My idiot stepson threw a donut at a cop. The cop was writing a ticket and was not amused. He called in his buddies to block off the streets so they could catch the evil doers. (and they were pissed off when they found out what the crime was.) Stepson was charged with interfering with an officer. If he’d hit the cop with the donut, it would have been felony assault.

  2. Maybe the cop would lighten up if a car full of girls waving rubber dickies tooled by him.

  3. You’re OBVIOVSLY ignorant of or oblivious to (though, at YOUR age, I DOUBT it) the concept of


  4. I’m glad the cops popped this eighteen year old grown man with his arrested social development manifesting in a f–k you attitude toward me, my wife and my two young granddaugters. No, I wasn’t there, but coulda been.

    In an earlier post you mentioned that once the elites lost respect for the laws and customs it was just a matter of time before the collapse. It has not been customary for the public to accept this behaviour from men without so much as a rebuke, and if the officer stands as my proxy, well, fine with me. Your disregard for the incident’s societal implications may stem from a belief that our customs have changed. To me it seems like one more indication that our customs are simply no longer respected.

    • Yes, if we let one guy wave his rubber dick around, in no time we will be up to our eyeballs in rubber dick waving anarchists. Seriously, I’m fine with a cop pulling the guy over if he was making a nuisance of himself. Give the driver a citation and a warning. Arresting the guy seems way over the top. I have this image of the jerk cop being a dick over the rubber dick. Sorry, I could not help myself.

      But, maybe there’s more to the story. Maybe when the cop pulled him over, the kid wanted to have a dick measuring contest. Sorry, sorry…

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