The Return Of The King

This week the Power Hour makes its triumphant return just in time to celebrate one of the newest, but most solemn festivals, Insurrection Day. Given the way they have been carrying on for the last year, it is surprising that a congressional idiot has not suggested making it a federal holiday. Then again, that would make it more difficult to brainwash school children into thinking that this is the time when orange Nazis tried to burn down the Reichstag Capitol and seize power with Big Lies!

The absurdity of this ridiculous drama conceals something interesting about the psychology of the political class. They seem to require an Alamo-type event to rally their minds around as they lash out at their enemies. Charlottesville, another trivial affair, has been a rallying point for them. They got three years out of that one, so January 6th will probably be with us through the next presidential election unless some new political tragedy is engineered by our good friends at the FBI.

Part of it is the fact that the ideology of liberal democracy does not provide the sense of struggle required to keep everyone engaged. Like communism, liberal democracy has evolved into a revolutionary mindset without a defined end. It is just a process that goes on until something magical happens and we reach utopia. The commies came up with perpetual revolution to solve this problem. Liberal democracy is evolving a culture of permanent crisis to keep the believers engaged.

Charlottesville and now January 6 are legends that can be told around the campfires as reminders of the struggle. They both have the same elements. The cause was the good people were not vigilant, which allowed the bad guys to form up. Both stories have a point where things could go either way. Both have the point when the righteous swept the villains from the field and triumphed over evil. Both have their martyrs, although the January 6 martyrs are imaginary.

Of course, the more you examine it the more you see that the overlap between ideological zeal and insanity is quite large. These people cannot exist in the world as it is, so they have created a fantasy world. This world of imaginary villains is one where they can pretend to be on the side of angels in the great struggle. By itself it would be harmless, but this madness comes with a fanatical drive to control society. These people are crazy and highly motivated to take over society.

Communism eventually sidelined the fanatics. That is largely what happened when the Brezhnev faction deposed Khrushchev. The more sober minded saw that rule by true believer would get everyone killed. They were still left with an unworkable system full of logical contradictions, but they were able to stabilize it for a generation. It remains to be seen if liberal democracy can pull it off. Biden is the closest analog to Brezhnev and he is a doddering old fool incapable of doing anything.

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221 thoughts on “The Return Of The King

  1. Z – have you heard of eric feigl-ding? That’s another example of authority appropriation

  2. this is a question for everyone here, not just Zman.

    in a darwinian sense, do normies deserve to die?

    i say ‘yes’, that normies are a very real impediment to the emergence of a new system.

    why#1? they are so mentally welded to the old system.

    why#2? they do not have the excuse of muds; i.e. IQ too low to figure out what is going on. IMO they are wilfully blind.

    why#3? they are unfit in the biological sense, and cannot even control their own eating.

    why#4? they are amoral. if you do not know the difference between “amoral” and “immoral” please look both words up in a dictionary.

    I am not advocating their being killed, just that it is both necessary and deserved. and inevitable due to their inherent self-destructive nature.

    in short, i believe these people are fundamentally defective and inferior.

    • I think they’re livestock. Hopefully that’s unfair, wicked, or whatever, of me. Hopefully I’m not normie myself.

      Like domesticated animals that escape, some would survive and ‘re-wild’. I imagine most would perish.

      Rather not let nature take its course, but it’s to a point where everybody is going down with the ship if there aren’t major changes. Let the dead bury the dead if thats what it takes.

    • Karl, the world is an overpopulated place. You as an individual cannot stand up to a mob. They will easily crush you.

      When I realized that the fundamental truth of the world is tribalism then I began to look at the white normies differently.

      At first, I reached out to the white normies in self-interest because if the non-white hordes come for me then the white normies are my only possible protection.

      Later, I began to love them as my extended family. Psychologically and spiritually, we long to be part of a tribe.

      Of course, they are mostly idiots right now but I believe that they will eventually grasp the fundamental truth of this world.

    • I think what you’re trying to say is let nature take its course, and stop propping up brings that can’t take care of themselves.

      I don’t think it will be a choice anyone has to take, if things continue on the path they are on. Nature will sort things out without anyone making an act in furtherance.

    • Normies are annoying but essential . People willing to knuckle under to authority make agriculture, cities and technology possible.

      Otherwise the most complex society you can have is a tribe, usually a nomadic one like the Huns or something.

      if we wanted to build a semi stable social matrix ,what you’d need to do is remove everyone on the psychopath/sociopath/no morality spectrum from society making sure that people who can’t integrate are not around.

      The societies innovation level would be much slower compared to others as some austistic types would need to go and stupidity would still happen but the worst pathologies would be avoided.

  3. Regarding higher interest rates “fixing” inflation, no, that simply doesn’t happen. Higher interest rates don’t fix inflation. Inflation is not caused by low interest rates, it’s caused by an increase in the money supply. That’s all. High interest rates just transfer the inflated money into the pockets of people who lend money.

    Hmmm. Who would that be? I dunno. The Shift-9 and Shift-0 keys on my keyboard seem to be broken.

    The only way to reduce inflation is to reduce the money supply, and the main large-scale way to reduce the money supply is to cancel bad debt. Of course, that *hurts* the above people who lend money and who are not you and me.

      • The way I understand it, lending at interest (usury!) creates money, high interest rates discourage borrowing, encourage saving. You’re both partially right, I’d guess. More knowledgeable people can correct me.

        • Usury brings forward gains from future productivity in the form of debt and new money. Those future gains are eventually neutralized by inflation and bankruptcy. Ward off inflation and bankruptcy with magic tricks, like our financial system has managed to do for at least 15 years, and it seems to me all productivity grinds to a halt. See the labor market and birth rates. That’s this nobody’s opinion anyhow 🙂

  4. Cruz and Kazahkstan. With Cruz it is possible, though he has been more savvy than that, of playing the old double game like McCain. Build the damn fence, then open borders when elected. But he’s not elected. Either he lives entirely in the bubble and has no idea of what his actual and potential voters think … or the people who really run the Senate told him that after 2022 let alone 2024 there will be mass arrests of Republicans for “insurgency” to deal with the Red Wave as dissatisfaction with Biden grows like a tidal wave. [Schumer does not run the Senate, its probably someone younger and with more future running things.]

    Kazahstan ought to be a warning flag for the regime instead of a victory lap. True they created a problem for Putin to forestall action in Ukraine, but they were pushing on an open door: Kazakhs all had CARS running on natural gas, more prosperity, and an aging behind the scenes oligarch (the former dictator who “resigned”) ended subsidies meaning people could not run their cars any more. Of course they rioted. More importantly elderly leaders inspire no loyalty and cannot because they have no future patronage to offer. Its different for AOC (the press really loves her) or Rashida Tlaib or Pramilla Jayapal or Ilhan Omar. They are young, and offer to various women of color lots and lots of patronage and opportunities. The elderly trio of Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi offer no opportunities. The same goes for Trump too. Just too old — they won’t be around enough to jump start a career.
    The people running things are either out the door or young, female, non-White with stupid ideas, even more stupid and limited staffers, who cannot connect or create loyalty to ultimately White men who form the backbone of the technical workforce, the military tip of the spear, and law enforcement. The people who keep the power running, stores stocked, deter enemies, and arrest regime enemies. Imagine Pramilla Jayapal lecturing White dudes about how awful they are. And if the Regime can stir up trouble with an open door in Kazahkstan, so too can Putin here at home. With all sorts of ways to stir up trouble including putting stupid action plans into the heads of young, non-White, female staffers of people like Prayapal or Omar or AOC.

    • First, the color revolution in Kazakhstan is a CIA cover OP (with lots of help from MI6) being run as a ploy to divert Russian assets from the border with Ukraine. It’s not a spontaneous uprising per se, but nonetheless has some valuable lessons to be learned.

      The key takeaway is that when lots of people fill the streets in mass protest, it fully engages and ties up the local LEOs and military in crowd control and key-facility security tasks. This is what the fog of chaos looks like. It is quite easy now to disappear into a crowd or move about elsewhere unfettered. And all the rats tend to hide in their bunkers because of the unrest and instability. The smart ones will begin to flee and drag a large (and noticable) security entourage around with them.

      Getting yourself shot at the front of street mob is not an effective protest. There are better options. Smarter, not harder.

    • Non-responsive:

      Derbyshire made an allusion to some signature Whiskey rhetoric in his latest podcast.

      So he’s not totally boomer-hopeless.

      Check it out.

    • Lewis Hamilton is.

      Thank Goodness Max Verstappen won the 2021 World Driving Championship and Lewis is tied with Michael Schumacher with seven F1 championships. I didn’t look forward to being lectured by Lewis “Holier Than Thou” for 2022.

      Hey Lewis, when you grow some balls, come to Indianapolis for the 500 and we’ll see how talented you are. 🙄

      PS: Those walls are hard and IndyCar has no team orders.

  5. when did Vanderleun turn into a pathetic piece of crap? get old, get scared, shit yourself, die. got it.

  6. Too good, I have add this in about Insurrection Day:

    “…add the antifa types around the corner of the Capitol, breaking windows and pushing cops for the cameras.
    Meanwhile, the Trumpers on the front steps knew nothing about that, and were more than happy to enter the building when invited.

    Then Pelosi and McConnell announced they were under attack and stopped the proceedings.

    I had friends watching on C-Span. That was the first time that the evidence had been presented on live TV, nationwide.
    Just as one Congressman was reading the evidence the feed was cut.

    And when they all came back the dissenters had been silenced and were properly chastened.
    It was an operation and it went off flawlessly.”
    – Paula D

    My reply:
    It was an operation to cut off presentation of the evidence of the Steal.

    Proof? My favorite picture:
    The one showing Congressionals cowering behind the front row seats?

    The larger picture shows the rows behind them. Congressmen in the seats above, sprawled out, bored, surfing their cell phones, or gazing down in perplexed contempt at the idiots cowering behind the front row seats.

  7. Judas priest, the Z is posting opera clips over on Gab.

    Wholesome Dave comments on one:
    “White Women are Magic.
    Never be embarrassed for who you are. Never apologize for what your people accomplished.
    If White people never existed, you wouldn’t even be reading this post.”

    Good grief, this stuff has me weeping like an Italian. “It’s so beautiful, it’s so beautiful, *sniff* *sob*”

  8. Hi Zman and fans, with regard to Mayim Bialik, Bialik is definitely not an Irish name, so neuroscientist Mayim Bialik is about as Irish as our friend Jack Murphy

    TBF the name Bialik does kind of sound Irish, Bia = food in Irish

    • Could be wrong. But I detected a hint of sarcasm in his voice when he suggested she was “Irish.” If he did indeed look her up he would have surely noticed there was NOTHING Irish looking about the former artist known as Blossom.

  9. Zman, I died when you made fun of McGill. My dad went there, so I am well versed in the “McGill is the greatest university in the world!” rant. Anyone who knows anyone who went there or had the pleasure of being taught by someone who went there has probably heard it.

    Keep fighting the good fight and all that.

  10. “Like communism, liberal democracy has evolved into a revolutionary mindset without a defined end. It is just a process that goes on until something magical happens and we reach utopia.”

    Liberal democracy IS communism. Not for nothing did communist nations refer to themselves as “People’s DEMOCRATIC Republics.”

    Like communism, liberal democracy will reach Utopia when everyone is equal: the gays, transgenders, pansexuals, blacks, queers, Latin/a/o/xes, disabled, etc., etc. and when the borders are open, the internal combustion engine has been abolished, and everyone has Universal Basic Income.

    Just as communists had to invent the threat of the kulaks and “Trotskyite counterrevolutionaries” and “capitalist pigs” to stay in control, the Powers That Be need to gin up imaginary Nazis, terrorists and “insurrectionists.” When there aren’t any, or aren’t enough competent ones, they FBI can always entrap a few low-IQ morons and set them up as defendants in show trials — also like the communists.

    When public monuments or historical figures contradict the Official Narrative, they can be demolished or airbrushed out of the history books like Comrade Yehzov.

    The “permanent revolution” is the war on private property, the war on marriage and heterosexual monogamy, the war on fossil fuels and autos, and the war on “racism.” It has been ongoing since the Sixties. Charlottesville and 1/6 are just propaganda events used to buttress this narrative just like the Doctors’ Plot.

    Not for nothing did the U.S. ally itself with the communist Soviet Union of Josef Stalin during World War II, and fought together to crush an ethnic nationalist who won election in a parliamentary democracy.

    • I admit that I’m a bit of semantic crank on this issue, but not everything we dislike is communism. Communism has a fixed meaning and it is that the government owns the means of production.

      I think “anti-white anarcho-tyranny” is a better description.

      When we call our current situation “communism” instead of “anti-white,” we blunt the force of our criticism and hide the truth. This comment applies doubly so to “cultural marxism.”

      Sure, calling our current situation “communism” you may get the Boomers riled up but they think you’re talking about lowering their taxes and protecting their stocks.

  11. Here is the question I struggle with… what do we call this nonsense? I refuse to refer to it as “The Insurrection” because that’s both Fake and Gay.I’ve been using the Zman’s preferred nomenclature of BLM/AntiRacism/CRT efforts as “anti-White” and that works great. What is the term that we can use to refer to this event without using the Enemy’s language..?

    • The Insurrection is exactly what you call it, you dastardly deplorable dissident! There is a time to let your enemies define you and just savour the comedy of their stupidity and hysteria.

      We are all nazis now, fellas. We need an imposing mascot now… like maybe a little pot bellied green frog…

    • Honestly, it was an insurrection. The people who went to the Capitol were expecting to watch their god deliver justice.

      However, they weren’t a threat. Like Christians awaiting the Rapture, they expected to passively cheer on their God as He did all the work. It was an insurrection but an insurrection where everyone brought a Ouija board instead of weapons.

      As much as I sympathize with the insurrectionists, it was basically an IQ test and everyone who attended failed the test badly. They believed Trump.

  12. Mayim Bialik is not Irish, she’s Jewish, lol.

    “The Big Bang Theory” star is a passionate advocate of extended breastfeeding, and nursed her son until he was 4.

      • Oh, no no no no no.
        Don’t tell me she’s another Betty Freidan.

        Betty had EV-erything.
        And Miya has good looks, blonde hair, fame and stardom to boot!

      • @Karl

        Yep. Spent her Thanksgiving in an empty house, mired in cats piss. No more kids and no more husband.

        This was after she claimed Thanksgiving a shame and said she already had a country to be proud of. Damn shame.

        • she got what she deserved, good and hard. not for the last time, either, as her type are impervious to learning.

    • Not seeing it in the eyes, the way you do with somebody like Schiff. But there is something off there, Chateau Heartiste is the expert in such things… and although he might agree with the eyes… I think he’d probably see a bit of the ‘man jaw’ going on there.

      But whadda I know…

  13. “John Derbyshire once said that some people lie awake at night hearing the sound of hoofbeats, and this really is our ruling class. They’re just so sure that everywhere they go, wherever they are that the rest of us are out there just plotting, just waiting, waiting for the signal, you know, we’ll see the orange beacon in the sky and we’ll all know that we can put on our black shirts and put on our khaki trousers, hoist the black flag and start slitting throats.”

    *cough* Um … I am.

    • It simplifies my wardrobe choices!

      “Hmmm…going out tonight…let’s see, black shirts or white sheets?”

    • If one wishes to invoke the aid of Saint Mencken in this holy task, one should remember to spit on one’s hands prior to the raising of the black flag. The ritual proprieties must be respected.

  14. This is the first time I have read this claim from Schumer. It took him two months to come up with “there’s the big Jew, let’s get him.” Even then, it was told to him second hand and it appears Chuck is adding the “let’s get him” part on his own, even though he implicitly admits he never heard any of it. This might be peak clown world. Are there any Kennedys left in Congress? One of them should claim a protester yelled, “there’s the big Mick, let’s get him.”

      • Of course, this is an obvious lie from Schumer.

        We all know that the kind of MAGA person who went to Jan 6 either “doesn’t see race” or is Israel First.

        We’ve got so much work to do in fixing these people.

    • It’s on. “Respected Historian” David Brinkley on Deep State propaganda organ MSNBC compared the events of Jan. 6 to the Holocaust. We are living in an insane asylum.

        • Well, as a skeptic: I’ve never heard anyone defend that the Nazis did not act barbarically against civilans (Jews etc., although for some mysterious reason, the Jews get all the attention.)

          Deporting millions of civilians, including citizens of one’s own nation, into detention camps is barbaric enough. But even the USA did it, albeit in much lower numbers. And we treated our internees rather better than the Nazis or Soviets did. Even though concentration camps were an abrogation of human rights, it still stops short of deliberate extermination.

          It is upon that, as I understand it, that most of the claimed Holocaust narrative hangs. I am agnostic on this historical point, having not studied it at all.

          However, as a counter-argument, allow me to give a single data point: Anne Frank, who could be called the poster child of the mistreatment of the Jews. Yes, she died in a prison camp of a disease, in early 1945. But here are a couple points you’ll never hear the Holocaust advocates make:

          1. Apparently the evil Nazis cared enough to feed these poor souls. Not much, it’s true, but enough to keep them barely alive. This, while they were losing the war and everything, including food, was in very short supply.

          2. Putting a hated Jew into a hospital and providing care, however rudimentary and limited, same argument.

          Both of these facts seem to go hugely against a narrative that would have the Nazis exterminating the unwanted as expeditiously as possible. From the history (photos) I’ve seen, most of the dead at the camps were victims of neglect, starvation, disease. This is cruelty, to be sure, but apparently the Nazis failed to off the prisoners sooner. Very curious, for a culture that was known for its efficiency and ruthlessness.

          • You need to be camp specific, but in the main most camps were used as holding for enslaved workers (the old, young, sick, weak being killed immediately). The workers had a planned life expectancy. There was always conflict between the die hard NAZI Jew haters and the civil industrial production planners who needed labor and could use any and all—regardless of race.

            There was also some attempt toward the waning days of the war to bargain prisoners for supplies. And even as late as end of 1944, high numbers of new prisoners fell into NAZI hands, ex. Hungary turned Facist and began to turn over hundreds of thousands of its citizens and refugees.

            There was a reason that the camps had the slogan “Arbeit Macht Frei” on the entry gates.

          • Ben, Hitler and the National Socialists wanted a national divorce from the chosen. I hope that you can sympathize with the sentiment of not wanting to live with people so fundamentally different from you.

            Up until the war, the Nazis were helping the chosen move out of Germany. After the war started, things got deadly serious, just like they did here, when we put the Japanese and some Italians and Germans in camps.

            No concentration camps in the USA had swimming pools and symphonies like Auschwitz did. Objectively, the camps run by the Germans were nicer.

            The only reason that the German camps look bad is that Germany was losing a total world war. Had we been losing, our camps would have looked just as bad.

  15. Try as I may, I simply cannot convince myself that these people are just stupid or crazy and not self-consciously lying. Z’s example of the friends of the guy who wrote to Z and said, “no, he’s not crazy, he just has no moral compass,” that is a perfect example. He’s not delusional, he’s a pen for hire and will write either whatever he is told to write, or, more likely, whatever he thinks they want to hear.

    A big reason, I think, for all the articles about the “insurrection” is that they alone will survive time. When babies born today have their own children in high school, they will learn about the great 2021 insurrection and there will be no other surviving record and nobody to argue with what is in that written record. This is exactly what happens today.

    If you read about the “civil rights movement” of the 60s, the only surviving record is what the press wrote about it, brave groups of students and Jews going to the South and being beaten in lunch counters for no reason whatsoever. They just “non-violently” sat there and let the racist rednecks beat them 1/2 to death because they were evil at heart. Black people just trying to go school had dogs and fire hoses turned on them. The mean, evil white people just tortured them for their own sadistic pleasure.

    The very preposterous nature of what they propose is their best defense. “They really do believe this” is the natural reaction to such bold faced lies. We have a hard time accepting they could tell such obvious lies and so, deep down, they must believe it.

    • I completely agree. The construction of a historical record is the basis of modern history; this has, at most, a tenuous relationship with a fair approximation of what ‘really’ happened.

    • Yes. It will go into history books as inflated as the victors are able to inflate it. (but less than the millions of magic Six.) It will be taught in classrooms: holocaust, indians, holocaust, slavery, jan6, holocaust, sodomy.

      If it can be declared an insurrection, then anyone they can paint as a participant will disenfranchised. 14 amendment, IIRC

    • That is the very hell of it. I have thrown the history books out en masse. Hitler supposedly made the Germans hate Jews so much… that they turned them into soap and lampshades? And all it took was lies and half-truths? And the Jewry were all innocent and totally blameless? When historically they’ve been kicked out of every country they ever settled in?

      And the soviets – they killed more Jews than the fascists did, yet every big titted hottie on the university campus runs around in a Che shirt and supports ANTIFA…?

      The mind wobbles…

    • BINGO !!!

      One of the strange reasons Trump won in 2016 is because he won the meme war, Trump was perfect for making funny memes, just search for the Trump Terminator video on youtube

      Now to get more serious, in politics there is a mountain of corruption that goes on behind closed doors, that is just lost to history, because once the main players leave the stage, it just gets lost, it never happened, we don’t know the half of it, the media + hollywood = history

      Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.

    • All those historical examples you cite as “lies” were something far worse. They were half-truths. To use your civil rights example, there really were “martyrs” made of many of the Liberals, innocent blacks etc. Yes, of course there is much more to the story. But the point I want to make: the Radical (the civil rights activists in the 1960s examples, or their enablers in the press) seizes upon the exceptions to the rule and enshrine them as the norm. The one partisan who was unjustly killed becomes the hero, the martyr of the cause. The thousand or million who got exactly what they deserved? They are swept under the carpet. The grain of cherry-picked truth that suits their point of view swamps the broader picture, the historical context, that might have cast all the events in an entirely different life.

      We see exactly the same phenomenon in other domains: the media showing the heart-wrenching human interest story of the young child dead of Covid-19 (more likely “with”) because his thoughtless Trumper parents would give him the experimental injections. Even if the facts (carefully selected of course) of the incident are true, they rarely represent the statistical truths, any more than the plane crash on the news represents the real risks to air passengers.

      • Anyone in the medical field, nurses especially, will have stories about the strangest occurrences involving patients and treatment outcome. Nothing is 100% safe. So it is quite easy for any outlier event to be found to prove/support any damn thing you want.

        As I’ve said repeatedly, the average “Joe Normie” is too stupid to understand statistics and risk analysis. What has changed is that more and more, our (purported) leadership is just as stupid—at best—and worse, duplicitous in their interpretation and use of these outlier events for political gain.

      • Excellent description. That is exactly what they do, half truths. But a 1/2 truth, in my mind, is just another lie.

  16. One of the best clips that day was watching Romney running through the capital. “Oh no, Mitty, they are on to Pierre Delecto!”

    Just for the fun of it, I tuned in to NPR for a few minutes while driving yesterday to peer in to the insurrection crap show of clown world. They were interviewing a few of the “women of color” who were present that day, trembling in fear. The congresswoman they interviewed (didn’t catch her name) spoke about the fact that she fled her country and came to the US to flee just the type of situation which occurred on that horrific day of January 6. She cried and was barely able to describe the account through her tears. A male staffer had to place his foot at the bottom of the door as they cowered in fear. No one attempted to open the door at any moment. But still, Imagine how frightening that must have been!
    It was absurdly hilarious.
    Then I thought of what Ashli Babbit might have been thinking as she lay dying.
    The fact that someone recently wrote an article to slander and smear her is reprehensible.
    The Zman’s fantastic point about their hatred of Trump supporters (not necessarily Trump) really resonates as we remember the fate of poor Ashli Babbitt.

  17. “They seem to require an Alamo-type event to rally their minds around as they lash out at their enemies.”

    American culture is built around the concept of the beautiful loser. Americans have romanticized the Alamo (a heroic last stand), the Antebellum South (another last stand), the Indian (…), the Battle of Wake Island (a mythological “fought to the last” battle popularized by John Wayne), etc. This often extends to foreigners as well. German soldiers were portrayed as competent badasses in American movies until the 1970s. Even today WWII in the Pacific is mostly talked about in sterile terms, maneuvers and technology, and not so much in terms of denigrating the brave Japanese personally.

    Romanticizing the beautiful loser allows the ruling class to live vicariously as brave warriors fighting to the last against oppression – against a morally inferior “other”, the defining feature of Leftism (“me good, you bad”). Last stands are the greatest test of character and bravery. Would you have the courage to fight until the bitter end against overwhelming odds? If so, you’ve proved your mettle. And that’s a powerful psychology for many, especially in the upperclass who’ve mostly attained their power through nepotism and good luck rather than anything heroic or honorable.

    The American regime wants to fantasize they are brave warriors fighting against overwhelming odds when, in reality, they are cowards who hid under their desks from overweight, unarmed protestors. They can’t stand that thought.

    January 6th, Insurrection Day, will go down in history as America’s Tienanmen Square: an oppressive regime inappropriately used lethal force against righteous, unarmed protesters — then horribly punished dissenters with their police state, jailed the opposition, and lied about what happened.

    Detractors miss what this day represents either because they thought the protestors were naive or because they hate Donald Trump personally. But I would argue that it doesn’t matter. It happened. And the response, both in terms of shooting Ashley Babbitt and mocking the public by giving her black shooter an award (after jailing a white cop who accidentally killed a black career criminal, George Floyd), and in terms of the regime’s preposterous, hamfisted lies on its anniversary, will prove far more significant than the protest’s initial motivation. That part will be forgotten by history. The regime’s response to this event, which was to take something quickly fading from public view, and turn it into an Alamo for the other side, will be remembered – I suspect – when the American Empire comes crashing down.

    However the regime would like to frame things, they weren’t the underdogs on January 6th. This wasn’t their Alamo. They aren’t Scarlett O’Hara. And they aren’t the Lakota at Wounded Knee.

    The regime didn’t have the high-ground after their crimes during the 2020 BLM Insurrection (a literal insurrection aimed at forcing out the government through violence); after their treasonous Russiagate lies; after the Pentagon’s interference during the 2020 BLM Insurrection.

    The lies surrounding January 6th are merely an attempt to recast events as favorable to the empire’s leaders, and they’ve reached back into American popular mythos to get it done. But they’ve messed up and made it a heroic last stand for the so-called bad guys. And that’s why conservatives are wrong to run away from it. Everyone loves a beautiful, and brave, loser who fought against overwhelming odds and didn’t back down.

    • “My only regret, is that I have but one upvote to give.” – (w/ apologies to true patriot Nathan Hale)

      Top comment, archive for future reference as a counter to the pretty lies being added to the historical record as we speak.

    • A bit hackneyed. However, its so apt as a quote to encompass the above process it can’t not be used.

      “Those that control the present, control the past. Those that control the past control the future”

      If only Orwell was trying to tell us something.

    • Banana Boat: Please God, I don’t want my grandchildren to be slaves in a country that celebrates ‘Juneteenth.’ I want them to be proud blood and soil citizens of a White nation that remembers the truth of 6 Jan.

  18. Started laughing my ass off toward the end. I have a degree in kinesiology! It is so utterly useless.that its almost comedic. But the classes were fun 😁

    • I appreciate your honesty. We will win because we hew to the truth and that includes self-reflection and self-criticism.

      (My niece went to college and said she was majoring in biology. We all thought that she was set to get a decent job. After she graduated with a degree in something like kinesiology she informed everyone that she was starting work as a greeter at a restaurant. She said her degree did not prepare her for any job. The family groaned. At least it wasn’t women’s studies, I guess.)

  19. “Communism eventually sidelined the fanatics. That is largely what happened when the Brezhnev faction deposed Khrushchev…. Biden is the closest analog to Brezhnev and he is a doddering old fool incapable of doing anything.“

    I didn’t think of Khrushchev as a fanatic nor of Brezhnev as the angry and senile old man. Khrushchev rejected the fanaticism of Stalin’s regime. Andropov and his successor (I forget the name) were the Bidens of the Soviet regime, eventually resulting in its demise. Brezhnev had a nice, long run in office — much longer than the feeble Biden will enjoy. But Harris is no Gorbachev.

    • Khrushchev abandoned the paranoia of Stalin, but he was a true believer. He launched a number of programs aimed at perfecting communism. Cybernetics is the most notable. Khrushchev and his faction really believed they were on the cusp of the promised communist utopia.

      • Cybernetics is control theory, in the scientific sense. If the Russkies abused that term for mind control or whatever that doesn’t make it a dirty word. Robotics is to a large extent cybernetics.

      • The book “Red Plenty” certainly had an air of reality about the thinking of those charged with making it work.

    • Cherenko, if IIRC and spell correctly.

      I have to thread the needle here. Z is right in that Kruschev was the final True Believer, but the analogy between Biden and Brezhnev is quite strained. If the last USSR dictator had been Andropov or Cherenko, one of those would be a closer analogy to Biden in all respects.

      • Agreed, but I was thinking near death Brezhnev. Even so, this regime really does lack such a stabilizing force.

  20. Why are all these people so willing, eager even, to tarnish what little credibility they have by putting all this nonsense in writing in a very public way? It is pretty easy to laugh off something you said with your mouth, as misspeaking or letting your mouth get ahead of your brain, or even just getting carried away and caught up in the moment. But it is very difficult to do the same with the written word, let alone something written for publication in a newspaper. Multiple people also had to sign off on every word of it.

    In the fullness of time, every one of these imbeciles are going to regret it.

    • I would say it is because they live in an echo chamber. In their world, the insurrection was real.

      • But that’s just another way of saying they believe their own BS. It’s also easy to “want to believe” this about them as well. I just can’t bring myself to do it. Now, it is certainly easier to maintain a lie when everyone around you is pretending the lie is actually the truth. That, I grant you.

        It’s reminds me of the fake Navy Seals. To me it is as unbelievable to say the managerial and media classes believe their own BS as it is to believe the fake Navy Seals REALLY starts to believe he was a Navy Seal. That’s why the fake Navy Seal reacts so hyperbolically to being called a fake. Deep down he knows he’s a liar and a fraud and that he is being exposed. They react to the protestors in DC in the same way. They know they are evil. They know they are liars and they are deathly afraid of the wrath of the people over whom they rule.

        • Maybe deep down, but they are superficial creatures. It is like the mask stuff. They really believe they are saviors, even if they do not put on the mask themselves. AOC truly believes her directives to wear masks saves lives, even if she does not wear them. Her performance as a savior is what determines her righteousness. Outside of her speeches, she does not think much about it.
          The problem with your assumption is that you assume they reflect upon the words they say. I cannot look into the heart of another, but I believe so much of politics is performative that the performance is the truth in that domain. They go onto the stage, they perform their lines, and they think no more about it. I suppose you could argue that they compartmentalize, but I suppose that only applies if they were traumatized. I think they just slip into a role and perform.
          Does an actor feel they lied when they perform a role? I think they probably do not think much about this stuff, except when they put on the role. When they walk off the stage they leave the issue behind like a snake sloughing off its skin. No more thought is probably given until the next time the role is conjured.
          We see the clips 24/7, but I bet most of these people’s days are completely removed from any consideration of the news headline stuff. Chuck stood on the stage, delivered a few solemn lines, and then got into a chauffeured vehicle and probably Sandusky’d some little boys the rest of the day. No more thoughts on the matter until the next time.
          In short, I think we think about this stuff more than they do (to be clear – not the media; they are obsessed).

      • Eloi: Schumer’s descendants (well, I know he has one lesbo daughter, so perhaps his niece’s kid’s kids) will recall his holy memory every Passover, when the evil White rayciss crowd screamed “Let’s kill the big Jew!” And his name will be added to their famous book of martyrs. Same old same old – the way they’ve always written and taught their history.

  21. In a sense, they were right that the “Insurrection” was a terrorist attack – but the only terrorists involved were FBI plants and the Capitol Police.

  22. O/T: afornt I ferget, a bit of a white pill:
    I know where the missing workers are.

    Wr’re too used to the quiet revolution that happened in the 60s-70s.

    Now, the women are going back home.
    They don’t want to be men anymore, grinding it out in the workplace.

    The downstream effects will be less consumerism (in part due to unsafe shopping), fewer taxpayers, less pricing predicated on double incomes, etc.

    Maybe even…fewer women getting education degrees and teaching our boys to be girls! Please please please.

    • Ted Cruz was cruising for donor money. Cruz knew what he was doing by using the word “terrorist” to describe the people for Trump on January 6th.
      It would be great to see this day celebrated with fireworks and celebration.
      Maybe that could actually happen someday?
      Treacherous politicians like Cruz will hopefully hasten that day.

      • Cruz is a snake. Here’s a bit of history, unknown to most, but significant nonetheless: Ted Cruz placed one of his senior confidants in Donald Trump’s administration. She turned out to be an important “resistance” leader who leaked all kinds of dirt about the man. Cruz lobbied for this woman, recommended her. Does anyone really think Ted Cruz didn’t know what she was going to do? Now pair that with his history of lying — pretending to oppose immigration but going to the border with Glenn Beck to hand out toys to illegal border crossers — and his efforts to sabotage Donald Trump at the republican convention. Ask yourself if his “terrorist” comment wasn’t just a calculated insult meant to garner positive DNC media coverage for his future presidential run. Just who is this man working for?

          • And, of course:

            ” For as long as I live, for as long as I have the privilege of serving in the Senate from New York, I will unflinchingly, unstintingly and with all of my strength be Shomer Yisrael, a guardian of Israel. Ladies and gentlemen, Am Yisrael Chai, in Israel and America, the Jewish nation lives now and forever.”


        • After the reaming Cruz has gotten, and will be getting for some time, for his “terrorist” bull shit, he will probably go beyond merely being a mendacious anti-Trumper, and go the full Bitch Cheney, at minimum winding up caucusing with the democrats, if not actually changing parties.

          That latter may depend upon his sense of whether Texas is about to tip blue, what with all the illegals, as well as the numbers of Blue Ticks fleeing the consequences of the prevailing ideologies where they came from, but then entering Texas ready to again advocate for the ideologies that led to their departure from the Blue states from whence they came. What a problem, eh Ted?

          • If that’s his plan then he’s dumber than I thought.

            The dems never liked Republican turncoats. And the woke are an exclusionary cult. So there no way in hell they’re going to embrace him.

        • Banana Boat: Yes, Cruz is quite the snake. And Texas repukes will continue to vote for him, just as they continue to vote for John Cornyn. Never underestimate the stupidity of the average republican voter. And Texas has lived too long on its reputation – its present reality is nothing to boast of.

        • The same person every politician is working for; Themselves.

          For crying out loud, at this time in history, if a person actually BELIEVES that a politician has their best interest at heart, they deserve the inevitable ass reaming that will come their way.

          Honest to God, how many times do they have to lie cheat, and steal, before a person wakes up?

          No one is coming to save you, especially a professional grifter.

          Sorry for the rant but the Ashli Babbit section in the episode put me over the edge.

      • Say what you will about the Cheeto President, he knew how to identify the “true name” of his opponents. Once named by OMB (Orange Man Bad), that’s your forever name.

        What was it for Cruz?

        “Lyn’ Ted”

        (Honorable mentions: Low Energy Jeb, Little Rubio, Crooked Hillary, etc.)

      • That is a great idea. I no longer celebrate July 4 with fireworks or anything else. Henceforth, I will do so on January 6.

      • Tucker not letting him sleaze his way out of using that framing was one of the most honest things I’ve ever seen on the black box. It was a thing of beauty watching him squirm when Tucker basically called him a liar to his face.

    • Good good point there.

      The best thing about these COVID lockdowns is they killed consumerism. A lot of people not just the women you mentioned have decided that the endless race for stuff and constant struggle to pay loans (you didn’t really think the parasite class would pay you a good wage, hah hah no) to buy said stuff isn’t worth it.

      Minimalism is getting more popular as is buy what YOU actually need, not what people tell you that you need and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

      The PTB’s though aren’t going to like the GDP decline, population decline or any of that and are liable to go more bonkers than usual as the edifice crumbles around them.

      Worse a huge chunk of that missing labor is the skilled labor from the Boomer generation. That we can’t replace and in a few years when Gen X starts pulling the plug ? Well things will get interesting as the US finds it simply can’t do a lot of things, no one wants dollars and no one is spending.

      • Won’t you take me on down to the shoppin’ mall, hubby,
        Where luxuries glittered and the children could play?
        I’m sorry my wife, but you’re too late in askin’,
        A flash mob from the projects just hauled it away.

        (with apologies to John Prine) 🙂

  23. One could argue that the Jan 6th event is a Rorschach Test for sanity in the modern era. The events of that day were recorded by hundreds of cellphone video cameras and Revolver has put together a compelling composite demonstrating quite conclusively that Stasi undercover agents planned and executed this false-flag OP with malice aforethought. It’s not clear that Ashii Babbit’s murder was pre-planned, but every other “violent” act was a direct result of incitement by these Stasi provocateurs. Yet, no one in Congress is even the slightest bit curious about that video and what it shows.

    The moral of this vignette is that the collaborators in Congress know exactly what they are doing and the insurrection is actually happening inside the Capital Building in real-time during these hearings. And never forget that Herr Wray of the Stasi was asked directly during a Congressional hearing if the Stasi was involved in Jan 6th and he refused to answer the question.

    This is what we’re up against. A wife-beating Stasi agent in the Whitmer kidnapping caper and Ray Epps, Stasi provocateur extraordinaire, on video inciting people to break into the Capitol on both Jan 5th and the morning of Jan 6th, and he never went to the Trump speech. Instead, he positioned himself at the break-in point all morning and coordinated the actions of his accomplices in tearing down the fences and then leading the charge. Ray will not be testifying at the inquisition this week. Why not?

    • Outside of the murder of Babbitt, what violence actually occurred during the so-called “insurrection”?

      • I heard somebody say they were there, that at back streets the police were beating the schmidt out of people- batons, pepper spray, flash bangs. At least one guy was killed by a fired smoke grenade denting his head, the cops wouldn’t let an ambulance take him or other wounded.

        Perhaps those videos reveal a bit too much; after all, the cell phone providers cooperated immediately. Can they sensor streaming?

    • As cited previously by Z:

      “We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  24. If “their democracy” is under threat or so fragile, has anyone ever asked them why?

    These people are in charge of “their democracy”. They should be accountable for its health. How have they let “their democracy” become so fragile?

  25. pretty sure that jason stanley guy is a tribe member, liberal juuz consider the word nazi to mean enemy of juish interests. Anyone who opposes official public policies is a nazi, if you don’t buy into juuish scams you’re a nazi, plain & simple.

    if there are people within the republican party who oppose mainstream liberal ideas then that must mean they are nazis, they can’t publicly call them enemy of the juuz so they call them nazis.

    Nazi party might be gone, but the nazi spirit is still alive, that’s what the tribe believes, a present day badwhite is a white who would have approved of hitler back in the day, opposition to liberalism is how a tribe person figures out if you’re a bad white or not.

    Everything that’s going on today stems from WW2, first it was the nazis who were bad, then it was the racists, then it was the nationalists, now all whites are guilty until proven otherwise.

    • I grapple with how much the anti-white sentiment of today gets blamed on the Austrian painter. Ever since the fall of Berlin it’s been an unending push by the usual suspects to cast the “anti-Nazi” net further and further afield. When all was said and done, he really screwed us badly.

      • If only he’d kept it within defensible borders, a Fortress Prussia.

        And, kept the deportation limited to the 375k J’s of Germany proper- relocating them next door, even, but not attempting Israel and the Pale.

        Most of the near neighbors ‘surrendered’ voluntarily.

        Yes, he would’ve been attacked by Soviet divisions to the east, vicious Communist gangs in western France (the “Resistance”), and the Bank of England-

        But, the picture would’ve looked entirely different.

        • I love the way Americans always leave out their role in Europe in the ’30s.

          Or their anti-European policies after WW2.

          The destruction of Europe and North America just seems to coincide with the rise of America. Notice how after the collapse of the USSR and the realization of America’s unipolar moment this anti-white stuff goes into hyperdrive.

      • Rothmoses and the Mustache Pharaoh.

        “They were bad, so we killed them and took their stuff.”

        Typology. The same stories are told over and again with details jostled about. Details from one story get incorporated into a new story to link them.

        Millions of Germans were hunger-killed after WWII. Dresden was firebombed needlessly. Rothschild’s Balfour Declaration led them to the Jollyland. Sorta like killing the Egyptian children , plundering, and drowning pharaohs army and the three million wandering about for forty years. Except, what happened to Germans actually happened in the physical universe.

        The story is happening to us. The bank slurping our wealth, genocide of our children,

        • “Millions of Germans were hunger-killed”. a lie

          “Dresden was firebombed needlessly”. another lie.

          you aren’t going to be able to peddle such obvious nonsense here, sugar tits.

          • Up to 9 million Germans after the war, 3 million on the forced march from Czech Sudenten in winter, Rhineland Meadows, etc. etc. etc.

            The Austrian painter was a retelling of Purim, the book of Esther:

            The whore is schtupping the small king.

            She gets ambitious, seduces the big king.
            Accuses the small king of a secret plot to kill all the ****.

            Big king kills small king, whore marries Great King of Persia and becomes queen of the ruling power of the world.

            This time, she married Uncle Sam.

            They have a playbook of successful strategies.

            British commanders, Biblically literate, kicked the stuffing out of Turkish forces at the very same sites using those tactics.

        • you people left out one little tidbit, that may be of relevance. just who displaced the millions of germans after the war, and forced them on a winter death march? come on, you know the answer, but you are all too intellectually dishonest to say it. lean in, and I’ll whisper in your ear…Stalin.

          the level of wilful (or feigned) ignorance here is dispiriting.

          • You could start with the Rhineland Meadow genocide of Germans, conducted by The United States. Look into the Morgenthau Plan.

    • “there are people within the republican party who oppose mainstream liberal ideas then that must mean they are nazis”

      Are there? Who? Where? I’m not aware of any. If they exist they are isolated and alone, or they are so covert and efficient that this is all some master plan (its not…).

      I know of an approved designated punching bag, Gosar. And even he doesn’t question the system’s assumptions.

      • “Are there? Who? Where?”

        there were during during trump days, that’s why they were called nazis

        • That is not a helpful standard.

          Nazi means bad in liberal speak. They can also use it against people like Dubya and then take it back. Its not that serious.

          You mean like cheetoh puff’s buddy Van Jones? Trump days? Mhhmm the GOP is so different from those Elysian times, I’m sure.

          MAGA are some of the biggest enablers of liberals, wokes, whatever you want to call them.

          • you don’t need to be anti-liberal to be called nazi, simply disagreeing with them regarding a topic makes one a nazi.

            trump is trash, but he opposed some liberal ideas so he’s a nazi.

            do you need any other clarifications?

    • Where did I read the quote that, ‘…people can live without God, but never without the devil…’

      Something along that line anyway. Didn’t sink in until recently with the Covid scamdemic and the repeated—and escalating—blaming of the “unvexx’d” for spreading the virus, instead of failed policy and understanding of our officials.

      It’s all so tiresome.

  26. Still don’t know what to make of Ted Cruz and his use of the word terrorist to describe the Jan 6th actors. Is there anybody in the senate who can be trusted? Tucker couldn’t get him to admit the truth, which is that he is something other than what a lot of us had hoped he was. Not sure what that is, but it sickened me to see it.

    • Ted Cruz, Gaetz, Hawley, Gosar, etc. all swore an oath to uphold muh constitution. The regime thinks that the J-6ers were trying to defy the constitution.

    • Cruz is the weathervane. His function is to discern if Joe Normie will line up to restore “Normalcy” or if distrust is so high that other methods will be required.
      It will be interesting to see the level of support for primarying the bastard prior to his 2024 re-election bid.

    • How about Ted Cruz is an oily scum bag politician whose only “principle” is Look Out For Number One?

        • Yes, as an oily scumbag I resent being lumped in the same group as Ted Cruz. 😉

          By the way, don’t vote!!! Let the GOP watch their assumed Nov 2022 landslide turn into a slap in the face. They’ve had 50 years of second chances to show some balls.

          • The only voting I’ll ever do is upvoting on this blog.

            (And the very, VERY occasional downvotes for suspected Fed posters)

      • 100 percent agreed. After he got embarrassed by Trump, he realized that their was a market he could tap into. He went from mainline to a ‘hardcore’ type after his experience in the primaries. Give the scumbag credit, though, he did learn that the MAGA types will keep him in power. Most GOP Congressmen avoid it like the plague.

    • “Still don’t know what to make of Ted Cruz and his use of the word terrorist to describe the Jan 6th actors. Is there anybody in the senate who can be trusted?”

      It is pretty obvious what Cruz is.

      It always has been.

      Baby steps, SH, baby steps.

    • The lesson for me there is that even the “outer party” members of Congress do not fear the regime street enforcers (Antifa, BLM, etc.), at least not in an existential sense. I suppose they’re right; after all if the pussy hat brigade torched the capital the next day would be just another day, but if the Jannies had torched the capital the “next day” was going to be something entirely different.

    • If you actually believe any Republic politician is on our side, you are a major chump. These people are all part of the anti-white Power Structure.

      • Ostei: Isn’t it ‘interesting’ how none of the purportedly ‘right wing’ repukes have had antifa demonstrate at their homes or try to break down their front doors? They at least did that (or so I read) to Tucker Carlson’s family – and I’m not a big Tucker fan. Anyone who’s won an election at the national level has taken money and favors and and is bought and paid for. The tragedy of flight 93 is that it didn’t hit its target.

        • The only people who are truly on the Right, and who are on our side, are the paleocons and the DR. And none of them are Republicans.

  27. In regards to Jason Stanley, he got dragged by Beattie in a legendary twitter thread when Jason posted his lackluster SAT score proudly.

    And this guy is in Yale, which shows sociopathy is more important than brains in the elites.

  28. You know, all of this January 6 stuff is really entertaining. Everywhere you read commie agitprop press it’s everywhere.

    I was reading about the real Brandon the other day- the NASCAR driver who got dragged into something he didn’t even do. Someone was going to sponsor his car and actually paint a “LBG” on it. NASCAR, or course, pooped out 10 litters of puppies and said we ain’t having that around here.
    The commentaries were worth a 12 pack and a fifth of 100 proof. ALL of them were wailing about evil Republicans and their insurrection, and they were telling the few dissidents how that’s the way free enterprise works, and hurray for NASCAR stiffing all of those white-supremacist crackers down there. That’ll teach them!!

    I was so amused that no one actually talked about how free enterprise works for NASCAR nowadays. I think their attendance is down over 75% before they went all in for cunnilingus for the woke. These people are so lame and ineffective. I still figure its about time for a new false flag. Those people are getting ready for something.

    • The reason Brandon Brown was pursuing that sponsorship from an obscure cryptocurrency is that traditional NASCAR sponsors are shunning him because of the “Let’s Go Brandon” line. His only contribution to it has been winning the race and standing there while the brain dead NBC reporter told him they were shouting “let’s go Brandon.” A competent organization would help him line up other sponsors so he wouldn’t be in that situation. That’s not the Kwanzaa lovers at NASCAR. They would rather run a driver out of the sport than even meekly push back at their corporate sponsors.

      • Much the same can be said of nearly all media as well as politicians and to a lesser extent, perhaps much of the government “regulatory” apparatus with future career prospects and stock investments at state, of Big Pharma, especially re the Covid-19 “emergency” that allows favored markets and sometimes mandated uses for their product.

    • No matter how hard NASCAR kisses Negro/Queer ass the fans ain’t coming back. NASCAR, like “Our Democracy,” is as dead as a bag of hammers.

    • honestly, i would rather watch a goldfish swim around its bowl, than a nascar “race”. it was crap before, and is crap now.

      or lawn mower racing; i’d watch that before nascar, too.

      • Tell me about it. One Indy 500 race day—or day after, we were over to the BIL house for family get together and dinner. Lo and behold, he had recorded the Indy 500, and preceded to replay it on the TV for the whole family to watch! Three hours of silent, painful, boredom, narrated by the BIL of course. Near as I could tell, this was male bounding shit on her family side.

        Wife and I were newly married, but on the way home I read her the riot act. I said I’d never visit her brother again if he pulled this shit, nor would I stay if he ever turned on the TV at a family gathering—his home or any other. I left it to her to inform her side of the family my masculine “inadequacies”.

        • Anytime you’re at a family get-together, and someone insists on turning on the TV and playing it loud, you know you’re dealing with people of the IQ of a lump of coal.

    • “I was so amused that no one actually talked about how free enterprise works for NASCAR nowadays.”

      The example I like to use is NASCAR at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. They ran the first Brickyard 400 in 1994 to a full house (over 250K fans). When “The Split” occurred between the open wheel racing series of CART and the Indy Racing League in 1996 all the racing “pundits” warned people with ALL CERTAINTY that the Brickyard 400 was going to be a bigger event than the Indianapolis 500, just you watch!

      In 2003 I bought tickets for friends of ours and My Lovely Mrs. and I to attend a few months before the race.

      By 2019, the last race held with fans in attendance, I could’ve walked up to the IMS ticket office race day and bought a ticket to sit pretty much wherever I wanted to at IMS for the race.

      2020 was the last Brickyard 400. The NASCAR race is combined with a third IndyCar race in the summer. On the road course at IMS, not the oval track.

      Parallels my experience with Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet. Back when they opened in 2001 I was informed to see the IndyCar race I’d need to buy a “Track Pack” of tickets to all four races to go see one race. The cheapest package was $150, IIRC. 🙄

      By the time we left Silly-nois Chicagoland had chased IndyCar out of the track, and was begging me to buy a four-pack of tickets for the NASCAR race for less than $100.

      Chicagoland Speedway hasn’t hosted a race in two years. It’ll probably be bulldozed and a bunch of warehouses will pop up atop it.

      They shot themselves in the foot before they shot themselves in the head.

      • What has most damaged auto racing is the elimination of the danger factor, and thus the masculine charisma that always underpinned the sport. Outside of sprint car racing, auto racing in AINO has been on the wane since the mid-70s, and F1 racing since the mid-90s.

  29. Caught the first few minutes of the local FM news radio – the “conservative” one with the Sean Hannity show on in the afternoon – and the hosts were getting voice messages on their “open line” by normiecons saying the Capitol riot wasn’t all that it was made up to be. The cuck-twink who hosts the morning drive, and his brain-dead co-host, were replying to them to the tune of “If that’s not an insurrection, I don’t know what is”. Then a “Mmh-hmm, dictionary definition!” from his co-host. THIS was a dictionary definition of propaganda as laid down by their corporate masters. But nice to see a little pushback by the unwashed normiecon.

    • Yeah, well jan 6 occurred with backdrop of BLM burning down whole cities for many months without a significant pushback. Even the sleepiest normie noted the magnitude of the different responses.

      • January 6 was a bunch of bozos getting manipulated into trashing a whorehouse. That’s it. Unfortunately the event served the regime’s interests to a tee.

        • There were of course, those first into the breach, but I also saw video’s of laughing “rioters”, graciously walking up the Capitol steps to be “waved” in by guards in uniform. Which side of the building, I can not say. But a “good time was had by all.”

          So what’s the point? Well, in a large crowd, those in the rear are not privy to the actions of the front. I can image dozens or hundreds in the back who’d never disobey a cop in uniform thinking as they moved forward that they were indeed allowed to enter the Capitol.

          Mens rea used to have meaning. So did “innocent until proven guilty”. And don’t forget the bail and speedy trial provisions of the (former) Constitution. All this was legislated away after 9/11 with the “Patriot” Act signed into law by Bush The Lessor.

          Wise men predicted what would happen, but were ignored because the law would only affect some Muslim “ragheads” in Gitmo.

          We are “all” ragheads now.

  30. Let me cite the First Rule of Clown World: no matter how fake and gay you think something’s going to be, it will always end up being so much faker and gayer. I figured the Insurrection Day memorial would be so fake and gay, Perez Hilton himself would beg them to tone it down… but even I couldn’t imagine that they’d break out a song and dance number. Like Africa, Clown World always wins. Well played, you crazy diamonds… well played.

  31. “Liberal democracy is evolving a culture of permanent crisis to keep the believers engaged.”

    Which is also why they will push the Branch Covidian cult to the max.

    • At this point it simply looks like they are holding on to the Covidian gig because nothing has yet come along to replace it. It feels pretty desperate. They have really, really tried to move climate change back up to the front, especially if they can tie it with Covid, but the normies just aren’t buying it anymore.

      Once some new crisis comes along, they’ll move on.

  32. Considering the left has been crying for a revolution for over a century, you have to laugh at their sanctimonious patriotism now that they’re actually getting one. Maybe it’s because they’ve realized that if there’s any revolution, they’ll be on the business end of it.

    • The Left has won a revolution, or at least thinks it has, so now the pivot is to force all the unclean to be patriotic to “Our Democracy” because dissent is now evil. Of course, the dumpster fire neither can be ignored nor extinguished.

      • Dissent is domestic terrorism.

        Now can you imagine Leftists in 1972 saying something like that?

    • From your keyboard to God’s ear. I only wish that on January 6 there had not only been an actual insurrection, but that it had been successful. If it had been, a great many of the villains that bedevil our daily existence would no longer be among us.

      • If we ever get an(other) insurrection worthy of the term, it will be a most momentous period to live through. For a large fraction of the populace, alas “expire during” will be more accurate. 😡

  33. The trauma still resides in me, triggered by that photo of the grandma serenely marching inside the velvet ropes taking it all in like the one last Capitol tour before she goes home. Wrinkled nazi.

    • That haughty air!
      Like a conquering queen, admiring that mountain of skulls!

      How could she?

  34. Just reading the headlines of the links provided are white-pilling me (and making me chuckle lol):

    “◾Salon: Republican voters don’t actually “believe” the Big Lie about January 6 — they’re in on the con”

    People THIS insane cannot stay in power. God, logic, whatever, will not allow that. They are too ridiculous to remain scary. There is no way in sweet hell this regime will not fall. No one will put up with Goofy in charge. They are toast, they must be.

    • Democratic Communists just can’t fathom that no one cares about anything they have to say. That leads me to asking them question: When are you puss#es actually going to try to do something to us?

      • You nailed it. These Marxists wannabes are outraged that people either ignore them or laugh at them. They will be noticed and respected or you must die. Sick fucks, to be blunt, sociopathic narcissists to a person. Remove yourself from them and from your lives to the fullest extent you can.

    • You’d think it would take, at the very most, 1 in 5 ignoring them to put an end to it.

      I go back and forth on why that isn’t happening. Is it because the will to ignore is lacking? The temptation to believe that is great. Or are they, like a psycho ex, doing whatever it takes to keep the public’s attention? In that case, being more assertively indifferent, let’s say, would be in order.

      Idk, my opinion depends on my mood, honestly, but I’m pretty sure it’s one or the other.

      • “Aggressive indifference” has become my motto of late. What I’m going for is that “Oh, that’s so nice, dear!” thing that mothers used to do with small children.

        “Look at this picture I colored, Mommy!” “Oh, that’s so nice, dear!”… even as she’s still washing the dishes or folding the laundry or whatever. But, you know, super patronizing. “Lookit me! I’m just got my fourth booster shot and I’m wearing three masks while sitting alone in my car!” “Oh, that’s so nice, dear!”

        It drives them absolutely around the bend, but they can’t figure out why. See also a genius retort that I can only wish I came up with, for whenever the Libtard in your life starts blathering on about “the insurrection” or whatever: “Oh, is that what your tv told you?”

      • Most ppl are still sheep. But this is so surreal that the true believers are opening themselves up to ridicule. And when people laugh at you, your power is slipping. Eventually, even the dimmest sheep will realize that these ppl are delusional.

  35. The irony of JanSix as the democrats’ Reichstag fire is completely lost on them.

    • Supposedly there are 14,000 hours of video from the area/festivities.

      Anyone care to make a guess as to how much will be released, if any?

      • You’d think that with 14,000 hours of material to work with they could edit it down to a few minute long clips to push their agenda.

        Apparently not. Which is pretty amazing.

      • They are so incompetent that I knew they screwed up when the video we did see entailed their black n’ tans police pulling back the barricades and waving those people in. I was going like, “Are you kidding me?”

      • Surely they can splice in some of the “peaceful protests” from Seattle, Minneapolis, Utopia, etc. They can also show an “expert’s” theory about how the racist Ashli Babbitt shot the aspiring rapper Michael Byrd, aka Da Byrdman.

        • Don’t discount it, and don’t discount that a third or more of the populace of the dying Banana Empire will believe it.

  36. Kids will be learning about the Jan 6 Insurrection in schools for as long as the empire will exist. Museums will be built and school trips will be regularly made to them.

    • AOC’s moistened panties, inside a temperature controlled glass case, will be a favorite stop during the tour.

    • ” Kids will be learning about the Jan 6 Insurrection in schools for as long as the empire will exist.”

      When HALF of the people come right out and say ” The January 6 Insurrection” is a Government pysop fake-flag lie, the empire is finished. There won’t be any kiddies being brainwashed much longer because that edifice of rot will be gone too. There won’t be any museums built because every Democrat Sh@thole city where they have those will look like Beirut, and their constituents will have long since looted anything of value they had there.

      The only question left is this: Does it all fall apart like the Soviet Union without a shot being fired, or do they actually start something leading to shooting. Right there is a question whose outcome determines if no one dies, or we lose 10 to 30 million in a final blaze.
      Scarry, isn’t it?

      • when the shooting starts, the regime will have whatever man power it can muster, pinned down in the cities. and that’s when their people in the field are wiped out. followed by sieges on the cities. no one is going to fight and die for this crew, no one.

        most likely the biden admin personnel will be gunned down immediately (by a counter faction of the inner party) once shooting starts.

        • Well I figure the first thing to happen is the South cuts off all energy to Commie Land, and disconnects their power grid from them. I don’t think they even have one oil refinery up there
          Another thing is, they can’t even make guns like they did in 1861 to 1865. Most of those companies moved South of the Ohio awhile back. Had something to do with making those evil black rifles that honkies like to buy.

          • Careful. North Carolina’s largest gun shop is full of joggers buying AR’s. When “civil unrest” finally arrives it’s gonna be a doozy.

        • You never know what X is going to be, and thus why they have to go full totalitarian lest some outlet be discovered.

          As an example, during Covid 2020 my state stopped issuing temp tags to sold cars as the DMVs were shuttered. Or something, I think, and therein lies the issue as towards the end of 2020 probably 10% of the cars had no plates at all and no one really knew why. It’s a short trip from there to everyone saying “F it” and not putting any plates on their car. They pulled up on the throttle before it got completely out of control but there are other issues bound to appear.

          • Here in Hochulstan the done thing is to simply let the vinyl wrap peel off the bare aluminum plate, making the numbers very low-contrast and difficult to read.

            This is in spite of the fact the state DMV site offers free replacement for decayed plates and stern admonitions about driving around with decayed license plates.

          • TWGH, up your way have the Puerto Ricans taken to putting Puerto Rico tags on the fronts of their cars? I have no idea why they’re allowed to do that…apart from the fact that they’re our new overlords.

      • Compare and contrast how the Soviet Union left Afghanistan with how the United States did. The same difference will hold when the United States collapses.

    • Kids will be learning about the Jan 6 Insurrection in schools for as long as the empire will exist.

      Britain had the gunpowder plot.

      AINO has the graybeard flop.

      Perhaps a few centuries on cool kids will wear masks of Trump as protest against the regime.

      • As Severian say: faker and gayer, or FNG. Even with full control of all information inputs it’s a hard sell to get people to believe that they’re the Chinese guy stopping the column of tanks when all the pictures are of them driving people over with their tanks.

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  38. That’s a ton of takes on a fake tragedy today. I look forward to listening this afternoon as I sip some tequila.

  39. Hope this is a good one. This will be my first Power Hour listened to with headphones while putting around on my Gravely zero turn mowing the yard.

    This is exciting !

  40. Didn’t think it was possible, but the Jan. 6 performances were even faker and gayer than I anticipated.

    • it seems to be that in a world where satire is the shape of things to come, the logical end is something like a clown college exploding. Tragic and funny at the same time.

    • I inadvertently suffered through 2-3 minutes of NBC coverage at dinner time. It was like peering into the mind of someone on a bad acid trip. These people should be wearing robes and sipping cocoa inside an institution.

      • The headlines Apple pushed onto my phone about JanSix had me laughing out loud several times yesterday,

      • Once it is seen it cannot be unseen. The Regime has two options: kill those who “incorrectly” saw it or surrender. They can do neither.

    • Kamala’s dramatic reading was the winner. Just the right amount of tearing and lip biting. Like high school children forced to read their MLK day essays.

        • The only thing that skank is fit for is a new set of knee pads every now and then, and maybe a pack of wet wipes to freshen up afterwards.

        • She should have worn fishnets, heels and a low-cut halter top to show off her sagging boobs. This is known as playing yourself in acting.

          • It is always good to have an AIPAC stooge attendant at the latest assault on Heritage Americans. The Cheneys probably had their Swiss accounts refilled. One hopes the cucks go their eyes full when the war criminal vice president they supported attended a rally calling for their genocide but cucks are stupid.

        • I thought it was to The Holocaust®. I wish they would at least be consistent in their hyperbole. 🙂

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