Another Reboot

Hollywood figured out a long time ago that they could make a lot of money on a sequel to a popular movie. They could count on attracting most of the original audience without having to think too hard or spend a lot of money. If the sequel was just the original with a couple new twists, then it was easy money. The reboot is a similar concept, except it relies on nostalgia to sell the concept. Fans of the original Star Wars movies could take their kids to the reboot of the franchise.

The general consensus is that the reboot and remake are a sign that Hollywood has run out of creative writers. The wrinkly brains are now in the technical end, making cool graphics and special effects. The writers arrive in a short bus. This cultural dead end where they just keep rebooting prior ideas has reached a point where they are rebooting reboots of reboots now. The only novelty is they are stripping away anything of interest and replacing it with ideology.

The same process has been happening with politics. The first little hint of it happened with Bill Clinton who was sold as his generation’s JFK. This played on Baby Boomer nostalgia, which has been powerful juju since the 1980’s. The first genuine political reboot was Obama. He was pitched as the black JFK, which was a foreshadowing of what has been happening in popular culture. Just as the role of JFK was being played by a black guy, everything on TV is now played by nonwhites.

The thing that was interesting about Obama was that despite all the talk about the future, they were obsessed with the past. His signature program, health care, was a re-do of the failed health care fight in the 1990’s. His Russian reset was a rebuke of Reagan’s tough approach to the Soviets. His Iran policy was a re-do of what happened in the late 1970’s under Carter. The Obama years were a series of remakes of old defeats by the Left, but this time they were the winners.

Of course, the Trump years had a strong undertone of nostalgia for the 1980’s and Reagan’s “Morning in America” theme. It was clear Trump planned to run a similar reelection campaign until Covid. The crazies, of course, relived the Nixon years, replaying the fantasy version where they got to actually impeach their foe, rather than have him resign. The Trump era was a very weird nostalgia trip for an aging political class unable to contemplate what comes next for them.

It appears that this election season, the Republicans are planning to release a reboot of one of their old franchises, the Contract with America. To great fanfare, Kevin McCarthy, the top Republican in the House, has unleashed the Commitment to America, which is a remake of the New Gingrich program. According to the poster, “Republicans helped build the greatest economy in a generation and the American way of life was thriving. We are ready to do it again. This is our commitment to you.”

The problem with the sequel was always that the original successfully followed the woman’s swimsuit model. It was long enough to cover the important bits and short enough to keep everyone interested. In other words, the original addressed all the important plot points and the characters had finished their arc. Reboots offer the chance to retell the original story with a slightly new angle. Today, of course, that means replacing the white males with strong diverse females.

The problem for the Republicans trying to reboot the Gingrich franchise is that most people recall that it was not a scintillating success. It was a clever marketing strategy that got Gingrich the speaker’s gavel, but exactly no one is romantic for the early 1990’s or has warm thoughts about Newt Gingrich. If anything, Newt Gingrich is a reminder that managerial conservatism was a disaster. It led directly to the “Big Government Conservatism” of the Bush years.

Looking at the site, it is clear that the Republicans went to Hollywood and snatched a few writers off the short bus. “Restore. Rebuild. Renew” is the answer to “Build Back Better” which is itself a hollow slogan. Under each word is a list of “promises” that are so vague and meaningless, you wonder if this is a deliberate insult. The top item under “Restore” is a promise to do the same things for Covid that the government has been doing for two years now. “What do we want? More of the same!”

Perhaps the most amusing and ridiculous claim under the “Restore” tab is the promise to address tech censorship. Kevin McCarthy and the House GOP is so mobbed up with Silicon Valley cash they should be forced to wear corporates logos on their suits like race car drivers. They have opposed every effort to do something about the gross abuse of civil rights by these firms. This is also true of Conservative Inc., which is bought and paid for by big tech money as well.

What is most remarkable about the plan is that it manages to avoid every issue of interest to the typical Republican voter. The Gingrich strategy was to sound like radical reformers, while not threatening anything important like entitlements. McCarthy’s strategy is to sound completely harmless while promising to let the crazies continue smashing the civic life of the country. You get the sense this is a promise to the oligarchs that they will have no trouble with the Republicans.

Notably, there is nothing in this plan on immigration. That is because the GOP is not just the party of open borders, but the party of aggressive importation of the least desirable people into your neighborhood. When you vote Republican, you are voting for your children and grandchildren to live as hated minorities. The GOP is the other side of the turd sandwich with regards to immigration. One side wants open borders and the other side wants to build massive welcome signs.

Getting back to the reboot topic, what this plan suggests is that the critics of Hollywood are correct about the lack of ideas. The Republicans have nothing to offer, so they are rebooting old campaigns. McCarthy has never had a job or met a normal American, so he has no idea who he is pitching with this slop. It sounds good to the feckless airheads in marketing, so he just assumes it will work. It will not get him in trouble with his handlers, which is what really matters to him.

Finally, what is shaping up in the 2022 midterms is a replay of the Biden strategy in the 2020 election. The Democrats hid Biden away and made the election about Trump being Hitler. McCarthy and the Republicans will hide under their beds and hope the public is sick of the Democrats. In other words, it is another election in which one side wins by default. The political class has nothing to offer, because from their perspective, everything is going great and you need to shut up.

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247 thoughts on “Another Reboot

  1. I said last year that a successful coup will occur in the US in the first half of the 2030s. I think we are still on schedule on this front, namely that of all current elites living in a sealed Overton bubble with all real answers to real problems that bother ordinary people external to the bubble.

  2. Z: “McCarthy has never had a job or met a normal American, so he has no idea who he is pitching with this slop. It sounds good to the feckless airheads in marketing, so he just assumes it will work. It will not get him in trouble with his handlers, which is what really matters to him.”

    Good stuff. Replace the word with McCarthy with whatever and it still works like a charm. It’s the explanation for why your once-relevant actor, rock band, athlete etc. eventually make disasters of their career if they hang around long enough.

  3. “The general consensus is that the reboot and remake are a sign that Hollywood has run out of creative writers.”

    What happened to Hollywood’s creative writers? My answer: Hollywood chased them out.

    White males are easily the largest pool of creative talent in the United States, certainly the Western world. I read a study a few years ago that concluded somewhere around 80% of new bestsellers, non-romantic fiction and non-cookbooks, in the United States are written by White Caucasian males. The second largest pool of creative talent are White women (Twilight, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, etc.) – many of whom have had incredible success by sales volume. But those demographics are now heavily discriminated against in the entertainment industry.

    David Cole has pointed out that in the wake of the George Floyd Insurrection, some Hollywood studios placed a cap on White male employment – no more than 30% — while no such cap exists for non-Whites; the same cap exists for White females. And that’s on top of all the other diversity initiatives, which are now mandatory if you want your movie to qualify for an Academy Award. You have to have X number of [sexual group] and [racial minorities] in certain positions. That all but kills the creative esprit de corps.

    The result, building for years, is that the largest pool of talented writers, White Caucasians, are being driven out of the industry in favor of inferior, but politically expedient, diverse new talent. The result: you get embarrassing failure after embarrassing failure at the box office and practically nothing original catches on with mainstream audiences anymore. So, studios are forced to rely on nostalgia-heavy reboots and remakes.

    “Remember Spider-Man? Transformers? Remember that guy from the Matrix? That thing in Predator? Remember when movies were good? Then you’ll love this crap, too!” — Hollywood

    The industry’s new writing talent is also politically far outside the mainstream. These are the kinds of people who think heterosexual relationships, non-masculine women, and traditional storytelling are “problematic.” Innocuous movies like “The Princess Bride”, a film about a handsome warrior who rescues a princess, couldn’t be made today due to feminist peer pressure and funding issues from woke producers (and discriminatory racial hiring quotas).

    Demographic change has also played a vital role in chasing out creative writing talent. America just isn’t the same country it used to be. In the past, Hollywood’s success came from allowing talented (mostly White) people to make the kinds of things they’d personally like to see, and then selling them to a homogeneous (mostly White) movie-going public in the hopes they’d also like them due to similar taste. But that’s impossible now because America’s new and diverse demographics don’t all like the same things. One group may like one thing while another might not, or even be offended by it.

    The result: Hollywood has been forced to cater to the lowest common denominator – base things that won’t offend anyone and will attract large, diverse audiences. This means cheap humor, ‘splosions, simple plots with hackneyed dialogue, nostalgia, and 2D characters with self-insert potential.

    For the little talent that remains, there is a strong incentive for it to move onto other things. If you’re White, why spend years of your time (Stephen King’s “It” took five years to write) creating something that will be disrespected by others or even used as political propaganda to attack your people? If you write a script about a European princess, they’ll cast a black African in the role (see Ann Boleyn). If you write something about a sexy woman, they’ll cast someone unattractive and rewrite it as a feminist empowerment fantasy (Birds of Prey), if it gets optioned at all. If you want a male lead, he’ll be denigrated as the butt of jokes. All the lore will be changed, all the characters will be changed to fit diversity quotas, and inappropriate messaging will be added for the lowest common denominator audience (rumor has it Amazon is adding GOT-like s*x scenes to their LOTR show, along with diverse Hobbits and lore-breaking content).

    I’m afraid it won’t get any better, even as the industry has seen woke movie after woke movie fail to catch on. Wokeness is here to stay. Hollywood foolishly chased out the White Caucasians who made the industry work, and it will maybe take another generation to get them back even if political correctness and discriminatory hiring quotas cease today. With nothing else to look forward to, audiences will be forced (conditioned?) to lap up the umpteenth iteration of Spider-Man, Star Wars, and The Avengers for the next decade or two, even if a few of these films occasionally flop. Hollywood has nothing else to offer.

    In some sense, I think what’s happening in the entertainment industry could be a prelude to what could happen in other industries in the near future. Thirty years from now, medicine won’t be what it used to be. Same for air travel and interstate commerce.

  4. Speaking of reboots, I see Ted Cruz was doing some serious damage control at some kind of hearing.

    Hey, I’ll take it. Thank you for that, Sen. Cruz. Still not getting my vote, though (not that anybody is.)

    • Damage control my ass.

      He knew full well all those questions would result in no comment.
      I was surprised he did not burst into a heart felt opera interlude.

      Good lord.

      • Like Rip Van Winkle, more and more people are waking up to to the fact that our institutions, especially the FB1, IRS, School Boards, Justice, Congress, and the media are corrupt beyond repair. It’s a slow process for once patriotic Americans to accept this fact. What Cruz did helped further that process so that when the day of reckoning comes, we will have more on our side. “I hate my government”. “I hate my country”. Hard words to say.

  5. Its all theatre. None of these motherfuckers decide shit. Told what to do, told what to say, cha ching, here’s your money, traitor. Bankstein runs the show. Now thery’re fucking killin people in broad daylight….here’s your booster. If that don;t wake up the sheep, nothin will. God help us all.

  6. It won’t be a reboot. This is not the 1990s. McCarthy may have plans to make America even more Corporate Again, but there are other players. Putin is angry at the Color Revolution started by Hunter’s bestest pal the head of the Kazahk Secret Police who worked for the old dictator. This is not a guy who fools around or is deterred by much. Meanwhile the real power in Congress and the Admin is the young, mostly female, non-White crazies: AOC, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib. The Squad. They want a fight, a real one. Being young, female, non White, and stupid (I realize I repeat myself) they have no idea of what they will unleash.

    Already Andrew McCabe who wields considerable influence (he skated scot free from all charges and is now a “respected lecturer”) is demanding the FBI treat all Republicans as terrorists and arrest them. The Squad has demanded this as well, it forms the basis of the coup Penthouse letters (“Dear Editor, you’ll never believe what happened to me … “) spread by former US Generals now retired, and fills the emotional needs of the media, the Custodial State class, etc. Arresting most or all Republicans nationwide for “insurrection” [the DOJ has a brand new unit formed to do just that — arrest “White supremacists” and “insurrection” ] in conjunction with elements of the military and instituting nationwide martial law will feed the feelz. And since 1989 that has been the smart way to bet — feelz uber alles. There is no longer a nuke sword of Damocles checking feelz. The ruling class cannot and will not take Yes for an answer from McCarthy. This is not the reboot of the Clinton era (for one thing Clinton presided over decent to good times and put lots of black criminals in jail for a long time which is exactly why he was not convicted). The emotional hit from anti-Whiteness requires a bigger and bigger dose each time to produce the same highs. And our ruling class are feelz addicts. Their lives are otherwise completely empty and devoid of any other meaning. Just look at them. Bet on the crazy since they are junkies and junkies are always crazy.

    The smart move would be to let McCarthy Make America Corporate Again but when have these people been smart? [The Custodial State managerial class / priesthood – they have never ever paid for dumb moves ]. Putin as noted is ticked off and so likely is Xi. They have ambitions, blocked for now by US military power. They too can play hybrid warfare and Color Revolutions. They too have many agents close to powerful people whispering things in their ears and feeding their feelz and ambition. [Swallwell and Fang-Fang. Reminder, this is the dude who wanted to nuke Red States. No accident as the Marxists say.]

    McCarthy is nothing but a corporate tool, but he’s irrelevant now like a French monarchist. Nothing he does or says matters any more than the Mensheviks mattered.

    • The Squad is the real power in Congress?! That’s delusional. The Squad have NO power, they’re just kept around to bark at people a lot. There’s no bite there.

      • The “Squad” is a creation of the media who find that covering old war horses like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Lisa Murkowski, Patty Murray and Michelle Fischbach just doesn’t get the clicks that the radicals do.

    • I wish that were true. But people have been predicting the demise of conservatives for over 60 years.

      They are still here. Republicans have not gone away.

      Whenever they hit what the talk of the town is calling rock bottom, they just perk themselves back up, outwork every rival ideology, and they are back before you even had a chance to miss them .

        • Sup Falcone. We still need to have that drink in Hollywood. Wait, I think you said you were moving to Wyoming or someplace.

      • well, it really doesn’t matter what the gop does or doesn’t do. re: rearranging deck chairs on the T.

    • Whiskey sez:

      The smart move would be to let McCarthy Make America Corporate Again but when have these people been smart?

      I would like to see the average person stand in front of a bank of furry microphones and speak impromptu for the reporters for one minute, let alone ten — and then do all the tasks required of a political figure in their daily jobs. It’s hard. It requires a degree of emotional and abstract intelligence seldom encountered in life.

      • just like acting is hard, or being a journalist is hard. guffaw. your new nic is “pusyhands”

        • You try not offending anyone with a single gaffe over the course of your entire career. I can barely get through a single post on my site without offending half my readers.

          If you think writing is easy (journalism), try writing for the New York Times. The level of writing there, which represents the standard of journalism, is extremely high — higher than the comments of any blog. I love my fellow commenters, but let’s face it, professional journalists have most of us beat.

          I respect difficult occupations and difficult lifestyle choices. To live a life based on fear and uncertainty, such as reporters in foreign lands under war, is not something to sneer at either.

          • What a load of BS. Have you actually worked at a large news org?

            I have worked with journalists for all the “high-brow” newspapers in the UK.

            They are without exception useless middling thinkers at best who spend 90% of their time re-writing AP/reuters/press emails that arrive in their automated interest feeds and copying other people’s articles.

            The fact checkers in the archive dept fill in most of the details (which are often left as blanks or vague statements in the original copy) as hardly any know anything about their subject.

            All the “leaks” are from certain journos which are paid for the placement of stories by interested parties/PR firms. Payment is in book deals, speaking gigs to sex with PR reps.

            War reporters are notorious fabricators of “news” in the industry, many spending their whole time in private security hotels in the area making up “breathless” accounts that never happened.

            No one cares. Copy sales and narrative consistency to editorial policy are all that count.

      • Respect to Catxman for standing up to the prevailing sentiments of our commenters, myself included.

        Having said that, don’t you agree that the Republicans do not want to serve the people whom they purportedly represent?

    • Whiskey I laughed at your ideological Penthouse letters. (“I never thought this would happen, but my 5 year old just asked me why I wasn’t doing more to combat incipient fascism…”)

      I remember being 16 years old and reading the Penthouse letters with stupified and almost unbearable envy. I don’t miss the intolerable sexual thirst of the young man.

      • do you remember when Penthouse letters went through a phase, involving amputees? That was some weird shit.

    • Putin is a serious man who took Russia from near total collapse (after Clinton’s (((Hardvard Boys))) sold the assets of the country to their fellow tribesmen for pennies on the dollar) to being a proud and successful nation. The neocon fools who keep poking the bear are not fit to wipe Putin’s ass after he takes a shit.

      Putin has tried very hard to be the adult in the room. I believe his patience is running thin. The (((idiots))) still crying over great-grandpa getting mistreated in the programs 100 years ago are in for a big surprise if they get us in a hot war over an area of the world that is of no vital interest to the U.S.

  7. I sort of see the Republican party as being the face of Judge Dredd. In the reboot of Judge Dredd, we see a frown even deeper than the original Sylvester Stallone grimace, and a gun even more powerful. These politicians are never happy. They know they’re looked upon without respect, and they growl at the umbrage. “I am the law!” or perhaps “I am my lobbyist’s law!” instead.

  8. Commitment to America – Jesus. I typically don’t spell it out, but what the hell – Fuck you McCarthy.

    • It does not matter. McCarthy is irrelevant. Yes there likely will be a Red Tidal wave, as store shelves are empty during massive inflation and lockdowns never ending. It won’t matter because the crazies running things won’t take Yes for an answer and they will have some fairly nasty people helping them push the Color Revolution they’ve always dreamed of.
      This is why Ted Cruz tried to get on their good side. He got the skinny of what is coming down for them. Cuck central or not, does not matter for Republicans or Ted Cruz for that matter.
      Cuck McCarthy is basically the scenery upon which the Squad and the rest of the crazies will play. Look at NYC: all the money and power can’t stop Eric Adams from his dream of Detroit on the Hudson.

  9. The #1 “R” was missing.

    REPATRIATION of 100% of Biden’s illegal aliens and Afghan refugees.

  10. Here is a black pill prediction. People will kneel to the Republicans and continue rewarding them handsomely. Not just in 2022 but beyond.

    No one is challenging conservatives or offering an alternative. The forces of system inertia and cyclical liberal apathy are waves that conservatives will happily ride.

    If no one is willing to challenge right wing bs like their fake fight against school wokeness, then I don’t have hope in these short term dynamics.

    • Incoming Governor of Virginia just picked an education secretary who has strong ties to organizations promoting CRT.

      This is right after winning an election based on CRT backlash.

      Conservative voters are simply retarded and will never learn. They never do due diligence or demand their candidate represent them in anyway.

      I saw a thread on this elsewhere, and some tool in the thread is already making a “hurr durr keep your friends close and your friends closer” 4d chess argument to explain away this obvious betrayal.

    • Ah but there is a challenge. Those on the ultra left. Consider the age and staff of Pelosi (retiring), Schumer (near it), McConnell (same). Now the Squad, etc. All young and filled with Dark Money contributions and able to spend on people and stuff.

      In California, we are seeing new taxes of about 12K a year to pay for both illegal alien health care, and reparations to blacks. I kid you not. It is proposed that only White people will be paying this. Its likely to pass. Cuck Central is irrelevant, as dated as 90’s acid washed jeans and MC Hammer’s parachute pants.

      The people to watch are likely President Harris (soon) and Hakeem Jeffries the next Speaker of the House (it will never be McCarthy for obvious reasons).

      • good, the people in Cali deserve every bad thing that happens to them. gavin should raid the state pension fund (Calpers) to pay for the illegals medcare.

  11. what’s striking to me, is that *none* of the padawans here, *ever* ask a question. but then, when has it ever been different. 🙂

    • The political class has been separate from the people for at least a hundred years , I’d say WW1 myself but after that the USG got back to its “do very little.” for maybe 11 years.

      After Roosevelt though? That is where the mess really kicked in. So 1933.

      Problem is with modern technology we can’t do without a big government. Laws like the restrictions on researching things like I dunno gain of function viruses , controls on how computers are used and information gathered, trade is conducted, subversive Leftism is prevented , corporation and the money boys kept in check, stuff localized all that. This has to come from Government guns and our side is simply too cucked by Libertarian ideas to admit it.

      The only solution is what Euros would call Ultra Nationalism with our guys running the show. All other outcomes are bad or worse.

      Also to some points above, re: The Republican leadership Its like that line from Spaceballs (paraphrased)

      Evil will always triumph because good is dumb.

      Our side, Normal Conservatives people of all stripes are dumb and trusting dupes who actually think that the Republican leadership is on their side,

      ‘Its changing so so slowly , Conservatives tend to such glacial change and you can thanks Trump for it.

      The truth is Cruz, Crenshaw and Mccarthy are no more on our side than Pelosi or Ocasio Cortez.

      Once that think layer of stupid is penetrated , we can maybe get therm to start thinking “Now what.”

      That will come though after Our Thing realizes that being anti ideology, anti power and anti governing by your own guys is no way to go through life

      Rule or be ruled, simple as that.

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  13. Well Bill Maher made a claim Zman that January 2025 was the time to leave America. Your thoughts on this topic?? How do the next 3 years go? Does whoever runs for president in 2024 matter? The 2 party system never seems to break.

    • What’s to think about, leave to where?
      Do you have a foreign chalet you are not telling us about?

    • The 2-party system broke in 2016. That’s what Trump’s election was. Never run for political office before, but goes straight to the top because voters rejected ALL the other candidates. They rejected BOTH parties. That’s why Herself was “nominated” instead of Bernie.

      Anyway, I don’t think 2016 should be regarded as a GOP victory. It was essentially a 3rd party victory, or you might call it a hostile takeover of the GOP, but I think it was really a third-party victory. Voters rejected everything and everybody on offer. That’s why every time the Ministry of Truth announced that Trump’s candidacy was over, his poll numbers went up and he skated to the nomination. People were delighted and energized that he didn’t talk or act like a GOPe. Voters were rejecting ALL of that.

  14. Speaking of reboots, is anyone else noticing that we’re starting to see reports going, “OMG! New and deadly virus in China!” ramp up just as the Beer Flu narrative is beginning to unravel?


    I already saw that movie and it totally sucked.

    • What’s funny is how no one ever concludes that permanently ending trade and travel with all Asian entities would do wonders for our public health. Therefore, the new flu most not be much of a threat.

      • Slow down disease spread? Perhaps. Stop it, never. We are interconnected and short of war, that will not stop. All our travel bans wrt Covid containment have not worked. A travel ban on Asians (just in case) will fair little better. Immediately holes will be drilled for “special” cases. That’s just air travel. The borders remain wide open for walk one.

        • Covid is like the flu in that everybody will get it eventually if they live long enough. Burning down human society in an attempt to interdict Covid is sheerest madness.

      • “… permanently ending trade and travel with all Asian entities …”

        My intro epidemiology textbook made crystal clear what worked for our forefathers: quarantine. The word is a melding of the words “forty days” from the Venetian dialect spoken 400? years ago, 40 days being the length of time trade ships were required to stay at anchor being monitored for disease before being allowed to offload their cargo.

        Our ancestors did not know what caused communicable disease, but they knew how to keep it out. You close your borders to all, except those who are admitted only after going through quarantine. Bacteria and viruses don’t magically teleport around. If you keep out the host organisms carrying them, then you keep them out too.

        Our formerly European Christian republic is now an open-borders multicultural international crony corporatist cartel trade zone. The management of the trade zone is adamantly opposed to anything which hinders the free flow of goods or people. Modern epidemiology is about maximizing crony corporate profit, that is to say minimizing the threat of disease to the ruling class subject to the constraint of keeping borders open.

        Globalism must be destroyed, utterly and pitilessly so that it never arises again.

      • That would mean we’d have to make stuff at home and the money boys quite literally would rather allow Communists to burn US cities to the ground than make stuff here.

        2020 showed the depths these people would go to and the utter psychopathic disregard for others.

        Sure BLM and Antifa did the burning but they had what to them was a higher purpose. Stupid? Yes. Evil? Yep but there was a little reason besides greed behind it. Our business class has less morals than Gordon Gecko on crack.

        That if the US is to survive they must be removed from power to a man is a red pill will have to be choked down hard.

    • Seems they have a number of backup pandemics coming out at once, they need something scarier than omicron, and fast! There’s also the “deltacron”, scariness yet to be determined.

      • Don’t forget, “Flurona,” recently detected by Our Greatest Ally.

        Also, France now has the, “46 mutations,” variant, which is more infectious than the Baskin Robbins’ 31 flavors and the 36 chambers of Wu-Tang variants, but not nearly as infectious as the Heinz 57 or Route 66 variants…

  15. “Restore. Rebuild. Renew” – Wow. Are they really saying that?? It reminds me of a sign in a spa where you wait for a massage with the heat wrap on. It’s called “Self Care” these days, those are the new buzzwords for white women. They should have said Self Care.

    • Republicans also compete with the Bolsheviks in the deification of the black criminal..They are not the law and order party by any means….But they are just smart enough not to support the release of murderers on no-bail, so can gain a few votes that way…

      • “But they are just smart enough not to support the release of murderers on no-bail…”

        Today. Anyone wanna place bets on how long before “The Conservative Case for No-Bail” appears?

        • There is a good case for no bail and no jail.

          Get them to trial quick and either fine , forced labor , flogging t or firing squad,

          Prison is just a a crime incubator in which 95% who go in come back no better or worse.

          As for bail? That just means rich people get out and poor people rot. Just no.

          Case first, arrest after. Trial quick, punishment quick and no categorical immunity for wrong doing

      • Repub’s have a bad tendency to be on the “right side of things” when they are powerless to effect change. However, when the power dynamic changes, they are a feckless lot. Take Obamacare. Something over a dozen “repeals” were passed and promptly vetoed by Obama. Trump get’s in and the Republic Senate fails to pass the repeal.

        The average Joe Normie Repub voter is being played, but as the grifters will tell you, they don’t deserve sympathy for being easy marks.

        • They are learning, slowly.

          As I quoted above.

          evil will always triumph because good is dumb.

          Good is getting less dumb. Thanks Trump and Tucker for it.

    • Mark Steyn is right to call the members of Conservative Inc., “Pom-Pom Girls.” They sure love cheering from the sidelines!

  16. 2022 holds no interest for me except for the election of Stacy Abrams as governor of Georgia. The fickle, feckless losers who dominate the state GOP deserve to go down in flames and be destroyed by the Stronk Black Womenz alliance and their honky enablers. Perhaps, just maybe possibly, Governor Gaptooth will be enough for the urban populace of the state to realize the water is six feet high and rising fast. Once politicos like Kemp and Perdue get the message that their grifting days are through, then and only then will new blood have a fighting chance. This being the south though, my hopes are not high but ever springing eternal…

    • Maybe it’s better if the worst, most radical and shrill psychotics the Dems can field, win across the board. Accelerationism is strong medicine. But nothing substantial will improve until we’re on the other side of that road trip through hell.

  17. I had a thought this morning, I’m sure a thought that’s been had and expressed many times by smarter and more influential people, and heretical for an American, but here goes anyway:

    The mediocrities have taken over. From Hollywood, to politics, to science, to economics— everything. It makes sense here in America, which counts the middle class as one of its greatest achievements, that mediocrity would rule. It also makes sense that such a system would run out of gas in a couple of centuries, that it would desperately and vindictively cling to power rather than go down fighting or admitting defeat.

    Of course diversity, girl power, the money mean and bean counters, the nerds cloaked in lab coats and VR. And of course the apathetic, servile youth who can’t be bothered to firmly shuffle the geezers past their prime off the stage. Of course.

    Give me heroes and villains, or at least an unmanufactured crisis, the triumph of real good over real evil. Give me what most seem to be pretending to look for. I want life, the test, the real thing, not this tedious, whimpering death.

    Careful what you wish for, I know, but how else are you supposed to know what you are or what your life was for? There’s no name— no value— in this age, nothing to remember it by other than how forgettable it is. Some cautionary Atlantean myth mentioned by our more notable descendants, that’s all we’ll leave behind at this point.

    • The idea that common people could ever run anything or lead a people is and will always be impossible if not preposterous on its face.

      No need to feel bad about thinking it, it’s common sense. No pun intended

      America has always had to thread that needle, giving props to the commoners while also giving latitude to great men to go about the forging of a nation out of wilderness. It worked for a good many years. I think it’s now impossible to put that commoner genie back into the bottle, with all the blacks all hopped up on feeling they’re owed the world and all the non whites needing to believe their own press clippings that they’re going to save American civilization and chase out the evil spirits of the white man. They’ll never take a backseat to brilliant white men without a lot of blood on the ground.

      • the blood on the ground will be nig blood, as the mexicans methodically exterminate them. this is happening now. even chasing them out of parts of the south, and chicago. they are doomed, on this continent.

        • Might be why the good whites are throwing blacks some bones lately, a sort of farewell bonus
          for when they’re no longer valuable and needed

      • “America has always had to thread that needle, giving props to the commoners while also giving latitude to great men to go about the forging of a nation out of wilderness.”

        When that ideal works in principle and practice, it also gives the odd commoner with recessive “great person” genes a chance to be noticed and/or rise up.

    • Mediocrities?

      We’re well into subpar territory.

      Just look at the idiotic Beer Flu falsehoods spewed by SCOTUS last Friday.

      • a 100 IQ white is (by definition) mediocre. a sub 90 IQ aboriginal is way way lower than that. and there are plenty of muds well under 90.

    • In fact, as the steady decline of SAT scores illustrates, Americans have been getting dumber quite rapidly…So Hollywood, which is wall to wall nepotism to begin with, is mainly mediocrities at this point, and probably won’t exist in a couple more decades….

      • non-white “Americans” are getting more plentiful, and this is driving down the aggregate IQ. now maybe whites are also dropping in IQ; would be interesting to find out (but not enough for me to look it up) 😛

        • Northern european white people are getting dumber.

          Anecdote from my neck of the woods: of the top 10 kids from my GenX high school class (perfect SAT/ACT scores), 8 are childless.
          All were plain to ugly, but none were hyper enchephalatic freaks.
          Of the two who reproduced, neither had more than 2 kids.

          Note, I was not in the top of my class and the Noname family is known for our looks and wit, not brains.

          • looks will get you a lot farther than brains. but having both makes the journey easier still 🙂

      • Hollywood for all intents and purposes is dead

        I’m seeing it in Los Angeles where all the money and studios and sound stages being rented are for content creators on the internet and for things like Netflix. I think Hollywood understands that the era of movies at the cineplex is over.

        California sort of sold movie people down the river too, making the calculation that Silicon Valley was where the state government needed to be. Hollywood was begging for tax subsidies so the locals could ramp up production again as it was being siphoned off to Georgia and Vancouver and New Orleans etc. but the state told them to pound sand in so many words. Things have somewhat picked up but not really. There used to be tons of white union guys working for the studios each making at least $80k a year when $80k meant something, say 10-15 years ago. Those guys are mostly gone now. You don’t see guys like that dropping big bucks at bars etc. they bright a blue collar type energy and enthusiasm and vitality to the city that’s gone now. I sure don’t see it or feel it anymore. The city is getting increasingly boring and stale and corporatized and filled by effeminate guys in tech.

        If Hollywood comes back it will have to get back to basics and start by making good movies that require a level of skill and talent that you can’t find with Netflix etc.

        Yes I know there are lots of people who say the movies made by Netflix are just as good or almost as good as the old Hollywood movies. But I have to disagree. There really is no comparison if you compare apples to apples. This is another case of our social capital being destroyed. Instead of higher quality motion pictures made for the big screen, we get lesser quality stuff made for televisions and it’s done so subtly and gradually that people don’t realize they’re being robbed of quality. A sort of shrinkflation I guess. Chip chip chip away at our expectations of what quality means.

        • “Instead of higher quality motion pictures made for the big screen, we get lesser quality stuff made for televisions and it’s done so subtly and gradually that people don’t realize they’re being robbed of quality. A sort of shrinkflation I guess.”

          This is a brilliant comparison!

        • Big summer tentpole films, more serious adult films in fall/winter, and big Thanksgiving-Christmas releases seen by millions were important unifying keystones in our mass secular popular culture.

          That is all gone now, replaced by boutique Woke garbage that 30 or 40k AWFL households might stream from Netflix over the course of a month or two.

          • Those things were used to intentionally programme popular culture and got us to where we are today.

            The death of Movies and TV is the best thing that could happen in the modern world.

          • It as Severian likes to put it,Hollywood has been Fake and Gay for decades including a huge chunk of the 70’s forward.

            Yes good movies did happen, I enjoyed some of them still do but as a medium its time has passed.,

            Whatever social capital it gave was fake top down and from a mass culture era , bad stuff all around.

            Letting it die so that new authentic capital can be built.

            This will take a long long time do the Internets facilitating a short attention span and tendency to create micro groups but it will happen and the end of Hollywood is simply a part of the path,

            If you want to know how bad it is, the CW hasn’t turned a dime in 15 years and is now for sale.

            Major shows on the CW like the medicore Walker remake pull viewership on par with smaller YouTube channels and things like say Batgirl often do no better than shows like the Quartering which is one guy in the Midwest talking about pop culture

            Hollywood and TV will die with Gen X if not sooner and good riddance .

    • I still say we’ve run out of gas because we’ve run out of IQ. The Critical Fraction is at its breaking point. Yes, I also note our institutions are failing at their duties—such as education—which tends to conflate the analysis.

      • It’s getting blatantly obvious.

        Go to the local big box or supermarket and watch the tards struggle to get through the checkout line.

        Drive around in peak traffic and note how bad it is thanks to all the Kalergian invaders that brought their terrible road manners with them.

      • IQ and a society to support it is costly to maintain and to make it worth the effort the need to be an overwhelming purpose to do so .

        Few sane people have such a purpose and our society is bereft of any reason to exist at all.

        And no moon landings and the like don’t matter. Most people went ooh and ahh and thought no more about it .

        I think humanity simply can’t live in prosperity for long and we will inevitably self destruct .

        We are in the Buddhist sense made to suffer

  18. > exactly no one is romantic for the early 1990’s or has warm thoughts about Newt Gingrich

    I have warm thoughts about Newt. He has more knowledge of U.S. and constitutional history than anybody who has served in Washington since. He was one of the first to call out the election theft the night of the steal, and has been brave enough to name Soros on live TV. The conservative agenda was actually advancing rapidly until he was suspiciously bounced due to a sex scandal (only to be replaced by the *real* sex pervert, Hastert.) After Newt, it’s been one string of globohomo, uniparty clowns leading congressional republicans after another (Hastert/Boehner/Ryan) and intentionally stalling conservative efforts when they held power until finally Trump had been banished and the potato had been installed as resident.

    Of course, the pervert McCarthy is likely to be a reprise of the pervert Hastert rather than the fiery Newt, so any comparison is entirely nostalgia and not substance, which might actually be your point.

    • Don’t forget that Newt’s mom correctly and succinctly summarized Killary in a nationwide primetime interview.

      • I believe she told Connie Chung that was what Newt said about her. That he let his mother do an interview with the regime press was to his discredit.

    • The 1990’s is when we could’ve done something about immigration. That was the main issue, along with loss of manufacturing jobs to patriots like Pat Buchanan. Peter Brimelow published “Alien Nation” in the 90s.

      Newt Gingrich and the most of the GOP had no interest in restricting immigration. Newt was also one of the main promoters of NAFTA and was a globalist.

      • Ross Perot was the real potential hero of that era, but the controllers spooked him right out of the presidential race before he could do too much damage.

        • Ross Perot didn’t go with empty and vapid campaign slogans, but actually described the problems the US faced in detail and used homemade charts on TV ads to show how he planned to fix the problems. Perot was substance over style. He was similar to Buchanan in addressing the loss of manufacturing. He never talked about immigration though, which was front and center with Buchanan.

      • no, Reagan fucked the country in the ass with his amnesty. should have been a material lesson in not letting a person with dementia be president.

          • agreed. the brain cancer was the better part of Drownin’ Teddy’s personality (Blue Falcon McCain too!).

        • Reagan made the same mistake others (Bush) who followed him made. That was in trusting the Dem’s to keep their word wrt tightening up the border. No more, no less. At least he could claim he was naive in trusting the Dem’s. Bush and those who followed could have no such excuse.

          On the other hand, one could also fairly conclude that there never was any intention of closing the border as both Rep’s and Dem’s wanted to keep the influx of aliens coming (for different reasons)—regardless of the societal/demographic change. Border closure discussion was just a phony political stance for the rube’s consumption.

          • Karl, perhaps. But there were also attempts by Reagan to balance the budget through tax increases and spending reductions. Spending reductions never came through, but tax increases were always immediate. Reagan’s proclivities vs naiveties need to be judged over a number of administration efforts.

          • Reagan wasn’t all bad at all :). Ad I would never say he was. His first time was really really fun for a lot of people 🙂

      • The Reagan Amnesty and GHWB’s doubling of legal immigration was the beginning of the end. NAFTA pushed things along and when the “W” admin came in virtually all enforcement ended. Under Obama it was criminalized. In 2017 when the Rs held Congress and the Whitehouse they refused to fund enforcement. The sooner citizens realize both parties hate them the better.

    • Mr. Generic: I have nothing but ice cold thoughts about ‘Newt.’ He did nothing but self promotion when he had the chance to work on any significant legislation. Like all of Conservative, Inc. he preaches Christian morality and is busy trading in wives. He’s quick with a good quip when there’s absolutely no chance he could be held responsible for any action or the consequences of any action.

      Nostalgia for Gingrich is like the ‘tards who keep rubbing their palms, chortling “Just wait until the midterms.” Uh, I think I’ll pass – until every last pol is buried with a stake in zher heart. Accelerationism – full pedal to the metal – for the win.

      • Agree.Gingrich was a vile, immoral self-promotion artist.
        I wouldn’t piss down his throat if his lungs were on fire.

  19. Forcing Congressmen to prominently wear the logos of their top 5 corporate donors when on the floor of the House and Senate is one of the most subversively brilliant ideas I’ve ever read.

    “This Congressman brought to you by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals”
    “This Congressman backed in part by Raytheon”


    • “I yield my time to the Congressman from Pfizer….”

      This is a wonderful idea. Things won’t get better until a while after this corrupt system crashes and the immediately following unpleasantries have been cleared.

    • Corporate logos plastered on the suits of congressmen is a great idea. But it shouldn’t only be corporate logos. The flag of a country that holds disproportionate influence should also be prominently displayed.

      • “The flag of a country that holds disproportionate influence should also be prominently displayed.”

        (*in my best Patrick Bateman voice*) Hey! Hey! Wolf Barney- Please, cool it with the anti-semitic remarks…

        • Ooh! Ooh! can I get one of the original George Soros logo Patagonia vests? You know, the good one, not the cheaper ‘Open Society’ one…

    • ProZNoV: But until such logos include “This Congressman brought to you by BergSteinWitz” we’re still whistling past the graveyard.

  20. What is very sad about the current state of politics is that all the leadership is ancient, stale, and smarmy; and really, really needs to die off sooner rather than later. Where is Covid when you need it? Even worse, Normie will pull the lever for R because he’s too lazy to roll up his sleeves (which incidentally, you simply cannot do while holding your cup of latte). This means Rs take back the House and everyone will self-delude into believing that the “Good Times” are back. God help us, and please deliver unto us an extinction event (hello biblical flood) to purge these retards from the gene pool. Last, if you’re inclined to vote R, remember that the asshole that stabs you in the back is a thousand times worse than the asshole that punches you in the face.

    • no worries, if the coof doesn’t get a normie, diabetes will. it’s like a self cleaning oven that way.

    • What you say brings to mind my recent experience in tampa

      You get so many white people who fled the blue states that they’re basically exhausted and just trying to get their feet on the ground making a life for themselves in a new city. Their escape gave them the opportunity to forget about the hard choices needed, and so now it’s all about how to dress, fit in, get comfortable in a new place. And pulling the lever for R is about as much energy they can expend at this point. The uniparty must be loving this great migration, they got everyone who could make a difference so exhausted and consumed with a new world to learn the last thing on their minds is saving the nation from ruin.

      Was very strange to say the least. I was out with my high school friends and we met absolutely zero people who had gone to high school in tampa. And no one really engaged with anyone else. I think we were the only ones chatting it up with women. Everyone looked scared at not knowing how to act in Florida or scared to be typecast if they announced they were a transplant. Meeting guys who were actually from Tampa seemed to destabilize them, it certainly made them quiet and had them recede back into their shell as if they felt they were second class citizens. They probably should have just stayed home and try to make things better where they’re from rather than this half ass existence they now have to live.

  21. No reason to get worked up over the midterms because elections are completely pointless. November 4 2020 is the proof and thinking otherwise is just normalcy bias. But, if the GOP were to reboot McCarthy, as in Joe from WI, well that could be fun, and needed. Otherwise forget it.

  22. The signal that the anticipated R wins in the midterms promiss nothing more than reboot redux was several of the designated mouthpieces of the republicans promising to impeach Biden once “we get power.” Now, nothing would please me more than to see the old goat unceremoniously carted off to the sidelines, but with all the other crises, THIS, this, is what the Rinos, RepublicansInc., and their lackeys look forward to. More kabuki theater as the border crumbles almost as badly as the infrastructure around us. Happy Happy, joy joy!

  23. Here’s how you know Restore, Rebuild, Renew is a grift: There’s no mention of Critical Race Theory.

    CRT is the ultimate winner for the GOP. It energizes its base like crazy. Half of Dems don’t even like it. And it makes the Dems who do favor it publicly defend racism against whites and not letting parents decide what should be taught to their kids.

    CRT destroys the Dems. Yet, the GOP avoids it like the plague in this pile of crap. When they talk about education, it’s just the same old school choice nonsense, which has no appeal to whites because their schools are fine because they’re filled with white kids.

    The fact that the GOP doesn’t have CRT front and center every day, all day shows that they’re not incompetent but liars. Nobody is that incompetent. Even that DB in Virginia knew enough to hammer CRT. The GOP is the party of grifters. Do not vote for them.

    • Agree 100%. Hell, even most minorities don’t like CRT.

      What better way to expose the Democrats as shills for the academic Marxists. But by not the exposing the Democrats, the Republicans expose exactly what they are: don’t vote for these sons-of-bitches.

      • You got it! Don’t vote. Let the communists, fascists, faggots and knee-grows win. That’ll teach’em. Plus think how much better our lives will be with them in 100% total control.

        • But they’re here, all these non whites

          Short of racial and ethnic separation, the title of president and who gets to run things is going to be passed around so every bloc gets its guy, that is if I had to guess.

          Reminds me of a small city in the Los Angeles area where my wife’s uncle was mayor. They picked like six people to serve on a governing board and rotated them in and out of the mayor’s chair every year. The area was quickly being taken over by Chinese but was historically white and Spanish Spanish / middle and upper class Mexican, so to keep everyone happy they each got one tribal member on the bench who got to be mayor once every so often.

          America is in the same place.

          Incidentally it never worked out that well for Monterey Park, if you were white or Spanish. Which is now 75% Chinese if I had to take a stab at it.

        • actually, if you let all the muds get into cage match with each other, guess who they will come running to as soon as they get bloodied up some 🙂

          and if you are feeling particularly Machiavellian, it would not be difficult to pit them all against each other and cull the fukkers like Tamerlane on meth.

        • Republicans ARE “communists, fascists and faggots,” or whatever other condemnatory epithets you care to nominate. The only difference between them and the Dems is that they betray those they purport to represent, which makes them even worse.

        • Let’s see, in 2016 the Republicans held the Presidency, the Senate, and the House. How’d that work out for us?

        • “You got it! Don’t vote. Let the communists, fascists, “faggots and knee-grows win. That’ll teach’em. Plus think how much better our lives will be with them in 100% total control.

          Hoagie, you seem to be laboring under the impression that that hasn’t already occurred, with the assistance of the GOP.

        • The GOP doesn’t do anything when they win ? Why on Earth do you think, this time it will be different. That is the every definition of insanity

          Only collapse or removal of the ruling class by any means necessary and replacement by an authoritarian right run by our guys can fix the nations problems at this point.

      • The Booby: Oh for gawd’s sake . . . Who gives a good g&damn what ‘minorities’ like? Why must there always be someone to add “Dems are the real racists,” “Thomas Sowell and Candance Owens say” and “They’re trying to divide us”? Did I miss anything? Oh yes, extra special magic POX don’t like affirmative action and CRT because it calls into question their absolute brilliance and hard-earned qualifications.

        Go peddle that crap somewhere else, please. This is my safe space and zero tolerance of conservatards zone.

    • The GOP is a part of the anti-white Power Structure every much as the Dems, Harvard, New York Times, Google, Coca Cola, Paramount Pictures, etc. To the extent the GOP makes vaguely irritable gestures against the Dems and their overt anti-white racism, it is mere misdirection. Fundamentally, the two are no different, and that is why the GOP will never lift a finger to defend YT. On the contrary, they will surreptitiously work to harm us.

        • Sorry, I forgot Trump spending 6 months on a criminal black rapper in Sweden and not one second on the guy who won the election for him- Julian Assange (brain damaged now after a forced vaccination.)

    • That is one thing that I tell the local republican party reps that is akin to throwing a vampire out in the sun when ever they bring up school choice, I always tell them that I oppose it. When they ask why I tell them two reasons;
      First, it’s yet another subsidy that my children will NEVER qualify for and I’m tired of having what little money I have left stolen.
      Second, I do not want inner city ferals anywhere near my kids school, much less living in the same neighborhood. They should be caged like a zoo attraction, not walking around with normal people and that’s who’s coming to destroy my neighborhood. No effing thank you!
      They look around to make sure no one else witnessed what I just told them – or more importantly no one they know saw them standing next to me when I made those comments – works every time.

  24. “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce” – Karl Marx. Old Marx had his moments, didn’t he?

    If you view this as a large marketing exercise, this GOP effort makes sense. It’s a brand campaign to relaunch/reboot a failing brand, like Duncan Hines cakes (when no women under 45 will open an oven these days). It reminds me of one of my old business school case studies.

    But the DONORS are McCarthy’s target audience, not the voters! So this is about keeping the money flowing, not about getting votes. The voters/votes are irrelevant anyway, since it’s the counters (and the software programmers) who matter now in national elections.

    The last thing the national GOP can afford to let happen is grass-roots dissidents and true conservatives define the GOP brand. Just look at what a problem the Tea Party and Trump were for the entrenched GOP. A repeat of this would jeopardize the cash flow. So McCarthy is getting out front of any possible grass roots movements with the RRR. Gotta keep the corporate overlords happy!

  25. ‘ “Restore. Rebuild. Renew” is the answer to “Build Back Better” which is itself a hollow slogan.’

    Hollow indeed. The Republicans are banking on the tired old two-party strategy of inertia: wait ’til the other fella is sufficiently unpopular and then take your turn in the captain’s chair until the roles reverse.

    If the GOP wants to regain the credibility it lost after self-destructing during the Trump years needs to do the following:

    * Promise to end the “forever wars”
    * Withdraw from NATO
    * Return US troops to the US and use those troops to defend the Southern border (the wall was always a stupid idea)
    * End illegal immigration by enforcing existing laws
    * Open investigations into big tech and big pharma (I know, never gonna happen)
    * Open a public dialog into fixing a healthcare system that is bleeding the country dry

    So, in other words, the reality is we’ll just see more “hollow” slogans.

    At least expatriating is still an option… but try to avoid Australia.

  26. Isaiah 61:4

    And they shall rebuild the old ruins, They shall raise up the former desolations, And they shall repair the ruined cities, The desolations of many generations.

  27. It sounds like the entire political class is rebooting 1852. In that election, the ultimate dark horse Franklin Pierce (nominated on something like the 32nd ballot) squared off against Gen. Winfield Scott. The only issue that mattered was slavery, but nobody from either party would’ve said a word about it if you put them on the rack. Thus Gen. Scott argued with Gen. Pierce (he’d raised a regiment of volunteers for the Mexican War) about who looked better in a uniform.

    The winner, as wags at the time joked, was General Apathy. Since nobody was in charge, practical power devolved to whoever could rouse himself sufficiently to take it. Which back then meant Stephen Douglas, but the details don’t matter — in practical terms, your choices on slavery, aka the only issue that mattered, were: Fanatically pro-slavery, actively pro-slavery, or passively pro-slavery, since “doing nothing” amounted to letting the more actively pro-slavery people do their thing.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see the first “we’ve got to do something about immigration!” movement that actually does something (as opposed to Trump, who just blustered) come out of the old-school White Left. The Republicans killed the Whigs in 1856, but they didn’t replace the Whigs; most of the old-school Whigs voted for some flavor of Democrat in 1860. If anything, the Republicans were an outgrowth of the Know-Nothings (funny how nobody talked about immigration back then, either, except for fringe weirdos… who suddenly found themselves in power).

    That might well be the reboot we’re seeing: as in 1852-60, the old “why bother?” suburban country club party goes away, the old “supposedly little guy’s party that is actually in thrall to the biggest business in the land” party splits into warring factions, and a new party that actually addresses the one issue that matters picks up the disaffected from every camp.

    I forget what happened after that, but I’m sure it worked out fine. Whatever it was, though, you can rest assured that the reboot version will be infinitely faker and gayer, because Clown World Always Wins.

    • Bernie Sanders was saying the same as Trump about immigration in 2016, and suddenly someone bought him a house and he shut up. If Hispanics continue to trend Republican, you may be onto something, but my guess is the elements who control all major parties now are so actively anti-White it may be impossible to get off Team Genocide even if it is beneficial.

      • The Hispanics who are trending Republican are also in favor of restricting “open borders” immigration.

        • If an immigration moratorium was supported by 80% of the population, they won’t do anything. What matters to them is what the elite class and their donors think, not the rubes.

          • That’s the thing, though — substitute “the slaveholders” for “the donors” and it suddenly looks exactly like 1856, if not 1860. If you haven’t read up on the period recently, it’s almost impossible to grasp how deeply slavery was burrowed in to everything. The guys who most profited off slavery — the shipowners, the insurance companies, the big mill owners in places like Lowell, MA, Wall Street (all of it) — didn’t own a single slave. Would never even consider owning a slave. Were actual abolitionists, a lot of them, at least in their public pronouncements (no bigger hypocrite than an 1850s Yankee, even now).

            The reason the Dems never talked about slavery back then was because the South owned them. The reason the Whigs never talked about it was because Wall Street owned them…. and Wall Street made more money off slavery in a week than a guy like John C. Calhoun made in a lifetime.

            The “donors” get what they want…. until they don’t.

        • Many of them did it the right way and spent years getting approved. They see no reason to allow others to “cut in line.”

          • Maniac: There is no “right way” for non-Whites. And for the 10000000000 time, the only difference between ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’ immivaders is two damned letters. Grow up.

          • Maniac, my guess is that when you say that the legal immigrants want the laws enforced, you are thinking like a white person.

            Most hispanic immigrants, legal or not, have family back home that they want to bring here, legally or not. Further, most of them have illegals among their family and friends. These facts tend to dampen their enthusiasm for strict enforcement of our immigration laws.

        • I predict that the current claim that Hispanic Republicans want to restrict open borders will eventually be seen like Reagan’s claim that hispanics are natural conservatives.

          It’s what the Republicans tell the whites as they slip the pillow over their faces.

          Sure, hispanics want to make money but they also want to see their people dominate more.

          • I don’t think it’s untrue.

            I know lots of Mexicans and chicanos or “Mexican Americans,” and the hostility at the border jumpers is real. These guys are a direct assault on their ability to make a living.

            The country is turning on the Mexicans just like it did everyone else, No one is ever going to be safe unless you join their team and not only join but get up pretty far the food chain. Even then these people would stab you in the back. But for all the most righteous of reasons, of course.

            It’s all about the Benjamin’s. Never going to change.

          • Re: “Hispanics” as natural conservatives, so much of the dialogue reminds me of Blue Staters talking about negroes: They don’t know any, don’t want to know any, will bear any burden, pay any price, to never have to know any. Those of us who had to live with them, on the other hand, know all about them… for good or ill.

            “Tejanos” — the “Mexicans” who were in Texas before the place was even a gleam in Stephen F. Austin’s eye — are the kind of patriots that would give Toby Keith a stiffie. Yeah, his name is “Raul Hernandez” but he thinks Reagan was a squishy pinko appeaser. See also Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana — everybody down there is a mixture of god-knows-what, just like everyone from Texas was a Mexican-American-Comanche something-or-other. “Natural conservatives”? You don’t know the half of it.

            The whole grab bag of border-jumpers, though (“Squatemalans,” for convenience) are your standard-issue 95% Maya socialistos, same as it ever was.

          • Line: Finally, someone who gets what really matters. It doesn’t matter who has magic papers or not. The whole edifice of the dissident right is built upon recognition that race and ethnicity is the foundation of one’s identity. I care not what Mestizos say re the border or any pol. What matters is what they do and how they live. They are not White people, and while they are not as utterly destructive and openly hostile as noggers, they cannot build or maintain a country with potable water and sort of stable middle-class existence. I have no problem with them in Mexico or Guatemala, doing whatever they want to do. I have every problem with any of them here, regardless of which head of the political medusa they try to kiss,

      • Bernie was actually better than Trump on immigration. Bernie wanted to reduce LEGAL immigration based on the fact more immigrants leads to lower wages. Never forget that Trump wanted “the most LEGAL immigrants ever.” Trump was the epitome of “as long as they come legally!”

        • He did at one time. But nobody can run for President on a limiting-immigration-to-boost-American-wages platform. The people who really run things and fund “candidates” wouldn’t have it.

    • If we’re rebooting the 1850s, it is instructive to remember BOTH established political parties broke apart before the shooting started, Whigs and Democrats.
      The choices available to Northern voters was “fanatically pro negro, or passively pro negro” too.

    • I am reminded of Pat Paulsen running for president on the old Smothers Brothers tv show, his slogan was “sure, why not”,,,

    • Trump did more to stop IA’s from the South than any President since Eisenhower. More importantly, he was successful, albeit after an agonizingly slow start.

      Unfortunately, walk overs from the South are but a fraction of the problem. Trump a least could have educated the public on this matter using his “bully pulpit”. It is arguable that he even understood the full extent of the problem. I suspect he was advised to avoid pissing of the Hispanic community.

      Another problem was—as with most of Trump’s efforts—that anti-IA actions were *not* codified into law. Executive actions are easily reversed (and were) by the next President. This was my concern and complaint to his State campaign manager after election. A complaint ignored until a while ago when she finally admitted everything the Trump administration has done basically has now been *undone*.

      Seems Trump is a convenient whipping boy for frustrated folk here. However, I have yet to hear anyone describe what Trump could have done under his authority that was not done. Trump has his baggage, no doubt. But the enemy is the feckless political class and deep state in Washington.

      • After he was elected, Trump could have worked with Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell…oh, wait, he did.

        Tax cut.

        My son’s are really going to appreciate that profile in courage when they are older.

      • “MPP” or “Remain in Mexico” was a policy implemented after a RECORD number of illegal border crossings in 2019. It didn’t apply to Mexicans, the physically or mentally ill or extra-continentals (everyone else on the planet except Hondurans, Guatemalans and Salvadorans) South Americans, Asians, Africans, Middle Easterners, etc. were all waved through as they are to this day.

        • Not sure where you get those figures, but I’d wager they are imaginary. The rank and file BP grunts state categorically that the numbers of border apprehensions and asylum seekers was at the lowest point in memory during the last couple of years of Trump admin. And further, there were riots by “Africans” in MX who were stopped from approaching the border. I saw the videos myself. These figures pale in comparison to the BP grunts claims of record crossings of 10K *per day* in Feb. No one was “waved through” during Trump tenure.

  28. I always say that the best part of Trump’s 2016 campaign was smashing the Overton Window and pushing immigration into the conversation. Well that moment came and went.

  29. The nineties were the last decade of peace and prosperity that the country had experienced. They were also a time with a dominant white culture and quiescent minorities that were attempting to fit in with that culture. Prosperity increased all through the decade and crime fell.

    What’s not to like about?

    Sure their were misfits and malcontents – there always are. They’re biggest bitch was that things were too boring. The opposite of the Chinese curse. And yes, problems were brewing under the surface that would explode in the following decades. But again that’s always the case.

    From the perspective of 2022, 1995 looks like utopia.

    • From the perspective of 2022, 1995 looks like utopia.

      Yes. There were flies in the ointment but the ambience was almost exuberant. Democracy, liberty and capitalism had won the Cold War, everything was possible, the future was what we made it.

      One of the worst crimes of the neocons was to abuse the victory in the Cold War. America anno 1989, with it’s unrivalled goodwill and political, cultural and economic power, could have transformed this planet into something better. In 1989, everybody loved America, even the Arabs.

      The neocons squandered all that.

      • Yes, they certainly did, but with a focused resolve. The Crazies, no longer in the basement, adjusted their little hats, rubbed their hands, and set about Job #1, wrecking the prospects for comity between the white gentile tribes, the Traditional Enemy, by any means necessary. Of course, if things went well with this, there was a lot of geld in it for the tribe, too. And then, just when things seemed to be going according to plan, along comes Putin…

    • I have a strong memory from 1995-96ish. I was driving past a public park that I had seen many times and played in as a child. For reasons I could not fathom at the time someone had put up a small stone semi-circular wall at the park entrance.

      Written on that wall was the inscription– “Diversity is our Strength”. *shrug* ‘Ok, whatever that means.’ Is what I thought at the time’ and continued on about my business.

      Had I known then what I known today I would have dynamited that f-cking wall into rubble that very same night since we were not living in the panopticon at that time and I would have easily GAWI.

      The (((mind virus))) had been concocted and was started to have it seeds planted all around. A stone retaining wall here, a large poster at my college there, etc. How could we have known? When we look at it with hindsight it never really ended did it? It was blackety-black-black from the mid 60s through the late 70s. They gave us some reprieve in the 80s to make sure we weren’t catching on *too* quickly, and then they were right back at it again from the 90s onward, dripping that poison. Death by a thousand cuts.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, say what you will about the far left and their (((enablers))) they are nothing if not patient. Multi-generational mass infiltration schemes require the patience of Job and exceptional discipline. Unless the wheels come off, it is also the only way you are going to reverse this, even normie is starting to grok this now as they keep a closer eye on their local elections particularly school board. Grilling & chilling probably wasn’t all that wise while the cat ladies and radicals were left to their own devices in your various elected bodies.

  30. At this point, I think we should just elect the lobbyist’ themselves. Think about it, instead of R or D, you get a list of random institutions and law firms from the oort cloud around D.C..

    • Lobbyists should wear pimp suits and fedoras and use a dog-head cane when meeting with senators, MoC’s and other hos.

    • I like the NASCAR suit idea for politicians. Amazon, Pfizer, Chase Bank, and Raytheon logos on suits. Kevin McCarthy sponsored by State Farm Insurance!
      Like a good neighbor Kevin McCarthy is there!
      And of course we could have colorful pins on the suits for the foreign nations who own our politicians.
      Stars of David, Saudi flag pins….

      • Exactly! And when their guy is a lap down, he miraculously gets a yellow flag for “debris on the track”, a wave-by to get on the lead lap and ends up winning the race.

      • Hell, we may as well cut out the middleman (elected officials) and hand the keys of the kingdom over to the FANG CEOs.

  31. A lot of the BLM riots were young people wanting their own 60’s revolution that they heard so much about but never got to take part of. In that regard, with the looting, arson, and murder, followed by a whitewashing as a right side of history moment, they nailed it pretty well.

    The only difference is there were no pozzed priests or ministers to give the legitimacy, as they have entered the post-Christianity phase, and those relics can be tossed aside for good.

  32. “When you vote Republican, you are voting for your children and grandchildren to live as hated minorities.”

    This has been the strategy since ol’ Abe murdered shit tons of White folks in the South and his successors Africanized their lives.

    The dream scenario would be for the GOP to come up with a tiny majority consisting of a few non-Whites and giving them everything but the kitchen sink at the expense of Whites. You know, the same as they always do times ten.

    • The Republicans think they build a coalition of the non-white working class. As always, the Republicans think that a good economy solves most problems. This will fail because tribalism is more important to many non-whites than the economy.

      Although, to be fair, Hispanics do want to work. However, if you’ve ever lived in a place where the Hispanic population tips above about a third, the first thing that they do is put up flags of their home countries in public buildings and insist on speaking Spanish.

      The conventional wisdom is that the Republicans can’t offer more handouts than the Democrats. Trump said, “Hold my beer,” and came out with the Platinum Plan for blacks and the American Dream plan for Hispanics

      • To be fair, the Italians especially had/have a tendency to do the same thing in regards to hanging their flag.

        • I like to immerse myself in foreign cultures. I go to Mexican restaurants, Chinese, Italian, does anyone have an address for good African food?

          • When you ask someone that question, they typically answer, “no.” And then you say, “That’s OK, neither have they.”

          • I’ve never eaten Ethiopian food. But then again, neither have many Ethiopians.

            There is a joke in When Harry Met Sally about going to an Ethiopian restaurant (‘this should be a quick date’). Best part about it, Sally laughs. Today’s Karen would kick Harry out for being insensitive and cruel.

    • this is a serious question. I am no expert on Lincoln or the CW, but from what I have read, he wasn’t a fan of the nigs. So my question is, if he had lived, would he have shipped them back to Africa?

      • No. Instead, he’d have been heard to utter, “I’ll have them niggers voting Republican for the next hundred years!” Count on it.

      • Nope.

        The US has nearly always been run by addicts to cheap labor and tax cranks, we fought a civil war on those grounds with freedom as a pretext and no way was anyone going to pay to ship anyone back than pay again as the cost of labor went up.

        Nothing has changed either. The people who allowed cities to burn to keep Trump from being reelected are the same kind of people.

        We find a way to screen them out and be well set rid of them ? We won’t recognize the new country but once the mud, blood and dust settles it will be a hell of a lot more pleasant than this one.

  33. What do you expect them to do, Z? 2/3 of the nation are polarized and at each other’s throats, and the remaining 1/3 is batshit crazy…

    • i would say 2/3 are batshit crazy, and the other 1/3 is not vaxxed 🙂

      [light fuse and retire to a safe distance]

  34. exactly no one is romantic for the early 1990’s or has warm thoughts about Newt Gingrich.

    Also, his name sounds like a Star Wars villain.

    • I think the GOP was counting on new anti-2A laws. When that didn’t happen they just launched their ’96 reboot regardless.

    • Yes it does! It could also sound like one of those old-timey politicians from the machine era or the New South.

      Salamander Stevens
      W. Ostrich Keane
      Emu Wordsley
      Lobster Matthews
      Parakeet Huffalump

  35. Zman, wouldn’t it be a good tactic (strategy?) for people who want to fix things, to promote LOUDLY the idea of GOP politicians being banned? With the goal of getting the entire party banned? To me, the GOP is the tentpole for the whole shitty circus; kick that out and it all comes down tout suite. Maybe name this Operation Br’er Rabbit?

    • It seems about to happen without much help. The freaking hilarious part is the Republican Party will remain mute as its members are arrested and blocked from seeking office. Past behavior, future behavior…

    • The cockroaches would scurry into whatever party was formed to play the role of token opposition. They would then be able to play the part of persecuted outsider taking on the wicked ruling regime, while of course helping to enact all of the regime’s goals.

    • That won’t happen. The imitation of dialog is too important to maintaining the illusion of representative governance upon which they base their legitimacy. It would be a selective purge of just the very slight few who exhibit true opposition. Do they give odds in Vegas on this kind of thing? I would take the list of those few elected reps that have publicly appeared on gab and put money on them being purged one way or another.
      Legitimacy, that most important political capital. They had precious little going into 2020 presidential elections and they pretty much bankrupted themselves with what they did to install the drooling deviant. Now they must resort to force because they have no consent, manufactured or otherwise.

  36. I’m nostalgic for the early 90s. The U.S. was a paradise of freedom compared to today. And I still had hope – can’t unsee what has happened in the years since then,

    • So you’re part of Team Restore

      He he

      But I get your point. And honestly if one breaks away from the internet and media for some time you will feel a natural sense of renewal and regrowth taking place. I am never one to discount the origins of the internet as a DOD or deep state creation whose goal, even if only tangential to the overall project, was to serve as a tool in the government’s toolbox of the demoralization of people. The less I’m on the internet, for example, the better I feel. I’ve been away from the internet quite a bit this past month, have watched no TV, and I feel like I did when I was a kid and the future looked bright. Not an exaggeration to say I feel new again. If I or anyone is going to make a future for himself and figure a way to endure and perhaps thrive in this shit of a society, a big part will be doing it outside of anything that requires an electronic signal.

      • Truer words. The healthiest and happiest among us have divorced from the Tribe’s devices and comms. The poor quality helped move it along but many did so because it had grown all so tiresome.

      • Back when the internet was new it was mostly the domain of intelligent, competent White men. The Net was an interesting, free, male-oriented electronic frontier. Newsgroups, telnet, Compuserve, DOS, etc., we’re not for low IQ Amazon shoppers.

        Yeah, I miss the early ’90’s.

        • dude, some of us were on the internet in 1981 :). not bragging (ok, I am).

          first incidence i remember of “cancel culture” is on one of the usenet groups, some guy who was, shall we say “karlesque” (and no, it wasn’t me). posted a poem titled “bicycle pump enema”, might have been about gays, don’t remember. anyway, a bunch of proto-SJWs tried to get him fired for it. good times 😛

      • You can’t restore what no longer exists—a White demographic. We have followed a natural downward trajectory wrt our traditional Freedoms and Liberties with the admission to citizenship of populations where such is not a cultural priority or concern.

        • Demography is not fixed. Drive out the group you don’t want and build a social foundation that stresses family formation. No kids, no franchise , limit women’s rights

          You’ll need to be rid of the money boys though first nearly any one of the country clubbers would trade a sterile population for two quarters of 10% growth .

          Now the old naive trusting USA won’t come back but good riddance. W’ed be lucky to get suspicious enough as a society to resist subversion and eschew outsiders.

    • Drake: It’s really strange to me how many have so much nostalgia for the ’90s. I spent a large portion of the ’80s and early ’90s overseas, with a few years in the DC gulag in the middle. I remember returning to the US in ’93 and feeling like I was in an alien country. The White nation I had left in 1980 was already undergoing notable transformation, and the middle-class Texas neighborhood I had dreamt of for our then toddler son was filled with east and south Asians.

  37. given how things work today, JFK will be referred to as the white obama.

    watch the normies eat this new “plan” up, overfeed and vomit, then eat the vomit off the floor. all with a shit eating (so to speak) retard grin on their fat diabetic faces.

    oh well, same as it ever was, same as it ever was…

  38. I believe the Restore, Rebuild, Renew slogan also has religious connotations / ties to devotional booklets like my grandma used to read

    So here they go grifting after the elderly evangelicals again

    I bet Trump advised them on it or had a hand in it

    • Restore renew rebuild is as insipid as build back better.
      When I read that was to be the winning slogan., instant nausea.

      The tree of liberty is dead, should have been watered long ago.

  39. I will give the Republicans credit for using almost all whites in their stock photos selling their plan. That looks like one Asian kid on the slide, but the two girls are and even the construction worker is white. A picture of an entirely white family would be better, but this is impressive for the GOP.

    • Nah, just another part of the grift. They are aware that a significant part of their historic constituency has noticed they are being replaced, with the assistance of the GOP. Therefore, they will up 5he number of whites in their adds and fundraising materials. This gives the illusion that the people they care about are the ones represented in the photos.

      That would be a lie, and they know it. It’s just clever marketing to fool the marks.

    • Not directed at you Bernard, but this is definitely a textbook case of damning with faint praise.

      • It was intended as faint praise, but I am still surprised they did it. I bet there was an argument to add diversity to the images before a voice for sanity overruled them. If someone in the room said, “we need white people to vote for us,” that person should be made party chairman immediately.

    • That’s because the GOP is shedding White voters, who are staying home, which was particularly true in 2020. The Republican Party is on the Extinction Express but some of its brainiacs are still lining up Hispanics to tout lower marginal rates in Spanish.


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