The Crisis of Gerontocracy

Anyone who has had to plan for the departure of a long time employee or co-worker knows that it is more than just replacing their work product. People who have been in an organization for a long time have a gravity to them. Their personal style, their way of going about their business, changes the work habits of those around them, so when they leave lots of things will change. There are unknown unknowns that you can never account for, but you can anticipate to some degree.

This is something indirectly raised in this Wall Street Journal story about the possible return of Hillary Clinton. The authors are long-serving political operatives tied to the Clinton political machine, so it is not unreasonable to assume they were instructed to write this and get it posted in regime media. They picked the Wall Street Journal because it speaks to the right-wing of the political elite. The idea is to position Hillary Clinton, of all people, as a unifier of sorts.

There is a bit of the old Clinton triangulation going on here. The way this works is the left-side of the political class led the charge to get rid of Trump, but they are fumbling badly and upsetting the right side of the political class. The threat of Trump running in 2024 rustles them even more than a demented Biden staggering on for another term, but it is a close call. The answer, so the theory goes, is the old familiar Hillary Clinton, who will play ball with both sides.

The problem, of course, is Clinton is 74, which may be the springtime of youth compared to the rest of the political elite, but it is still old. People forget that Clinton was in rough shape when she ran in 2016. She mysteriously disappeared from the public eye for a while and had the incident where she collapsed on the street. She was also wearing some sort of contraption that was never explained. Time heals all wounds, but only in the emotional sense, not the physical sense.

In fairness, Donald Trump is 75, so he is not exactly the youthful alternative to the gerontocracy that currently runs the country. The thing is though, he is a vigorous man for his age and has shown no signs of slowing down. One thing that went unnoticed is unlike other presidents, Trump did not suddenly get old while in office. He seemed to grow stronger off the endless battling. His father was supposedly quite vigorous into his 90’s and Trump appears to have inherited those genes.

Again, the authors of that post are attached to the Clinton machine so they did not just dream that up for the fun of it. They make clear that Clinton is beginning the process of mounting a campaign. It could mean running against Biden in the primary, which would not go over well with the Obama wing or the Sanders wing, so they are beginning the process of normalizing the idea so it is not an issue. Clinton will position herself as the moderate trying to save the party from Biden.

Of course, this is another example of how the political class is unwilling to look forward so it instead tries to reboot old ideas. They Republicans plan to run their midterm campaign as a reboot of the Newt Gingrich show from the 1990’s and now Hillary Clinton is imagining herself as Ted Kennedy in 1980. Forty years ago, the left-wing of the party was sure that the reason Reagan won in 1980 is the old guard of the party refused to jettison Carter in favor of Kennedy.

It speaks to the bankruptcy of the political class that they keep indulging in these weird walks down memory lane. Within living memory politicians would run on specific agendas, tied closely to things that were important to people. Biden ran on not being Trump and now Hillary plans to run on not being Trump or Biden. Elections have always been beauty contents, but now they have been stripped of their talent portion, leaving us with the terrifying image of geezers in swimsuits.

The actuarial tables are immutable. Whoever is calling the shots in both parties will eventually have to move on from the geezers. If Trump runs and wins in 2024, he serves one term. Who is the next man up? If Hillary runs and wins, she could serve two terms, but that means living to 84. It also means not getting the Joe Biden treatment after one term. Who is being prepared on the Democrat side to take over for the collection of geezers now in charge?

The fact is the empire is facing the same problem the Soviets faced in the mid-70’s when Brezhnev’s health rapidly deteriorated. The party knew he was not long for the world, but there was no clear plan to replace him. When he died in 1982, the 70-year-old Andropov served for two years then died. He was followed by the 73-year-old Chernenko who promptly died. Gorbachev was next in line and he proved to be incapable of maintaining the empire.

The reason the Soviets did not have a competent new generation of leaders ready to supplant the Brezhnev crew is they had never been developed. We see the same thing with the current generation in Washington. The next generation does not exist as they have been boiled off for fear they would be too ambitious. What is left is a collection of dull-witted time servers and youthful morons like Sandy Cortez. No wonder no one wants to see the geezers carried off the political stage.

Getting back to where we started, it is prudent to think about the knock-on effects of the current generation of political leaders shedding this mortal coil. The political system has been warped by their long time in office and that will change as well. The old Soviet system had evolved for men like Brezhnev and his henchmen. Our political system has evolved for this long serving generation of politicians. When they are gone, the system around them will change radically and perhaps violently.

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202 thoughts on “The Crisis of Gerontocracy

  1. In the 60s, 70s, and 80s you had a number of white female mayors who served as the transition candidates between a white-run city and black-run city. During the transition phase a black candidate couldn’t win and a white female was more acceptable to non-whites than a white male. Something similar is happening here. Old white geezers are hanging on in order to prevent a black or other face being put on the open anti-white hatred that now defines the political left and the Democratic Party. The transition is inevitable but they’d like to delay it as long as possible, long enough so that stupid white people who will no longer be able to deny that a flat-out race war is being waged against them won’t have the electoral power to do anything about it. When Pelosi goes it will be hilarious to see if the power brokers behind the scenes will try to promote some other old white fossil like Steny Hoyer into the office in order to prevent a black ass-clown like fellow fossil James Clyburn from being the face of the Democratic Party.

    The Republicans don’t really follow the same dynamic. Aside from Trump prominent Republicans are fairly young, in their 50s and 60s. They don’t really stand for anything so there’s no pressure from below except from (overwhelmingly white) populism, and that isn’t much of a force in the face of the crushing racist oppression such forces face from the cultural establishment. The Republican leadership is able to easily brush them aside, as they did when they joined forces with their so-called political opponents to crush the Tea Party movement.

  2. The Culture Machine has figured out how to stop time, to stop History.

    All that was required was to block any information regarding the actual historicity of the present and focus on relentlessly presenting as immediately relevant events from the past that have ‘moral significance’ like ‘The Holocaust(tm)’ and WWII. Essentially, the media have trapped culture-consumers in Lower North America in the propaganda-world of WWII, where the Nazis are ready to invade at a moments notice and ‘our boys’ must ‘go over there to fight them’. 9/11 has completely faded from views except for the few souls who were completely traumatized by that event.

    What the Rulers do not want is for History to start again. Since the Struggle of Good versus Evil has been inculcated into every aspect of culture and that struggle is timeless, focusing on the Struggle as the meaningful component of every ‘event’ in the present makes it appear that history has stopped.

    Maybe Francis Fukuyama was right in ways he didn’t fully understand. Not that he was right that history could stop, but that the goal of the Rulers of the World would be to attempt to create the illusion that time had stopped.

  3. So much talk about pedos, and no one mentions the fact that the US has an open (on camera) pedophile and pederast as President?

    There are multiple videos of Biden groping kids in a disgusting manner. If he does that on camera during official business, one can only imagine what he’s doing when there are no cameras rolling.

    His daughter wrote in her diary that daddy came into the shower with her, and the newspaper that printed that was promptly raided by federal goons.

    • That is a valid point. Now, developing even just a little on what you mentioned and what I and others wrote below could easily become a federal crime, even if just said to vent anger and frustration or even in jest. It would be stupid and counterproductive, not to mention disloyal, to bring unnecessary spotlights onto this watering hole of sanity, or on any of its frequent visitors. So I’m not going to go there. And to any feds, no there are not any threats issued here. It is a peaceful exchange of views well within the 1st Amendment (look it up if you’ve forgotten about it).

  4. The Democrats are in a tough spot this year. The propaganda system has turned single white women, the managerial class and soy boys (most young people actually) into raving lunatics. Normal people don’t like that. If they go with one of the few remaining normal people it will alienate a large block of the party. If they go with a green, CRT wokester it will alienate many men, especially, it seems, Hispanic ones. The geezers are all they have to bridge that divide.

    Trump will be an asset for the democrats in 2024. He is the only thing that can truly unify the two wings of the party. Between that unification and voter fraud they stand a very good chance of winning. After 2024 they will need to expand voter fraud until red states turn solidly blue. Between immigration and their luck on the educational system that seems destined to happen

  5. What Hillary does well is avoid extremism. She doesn’t come across as a radical. This is why the progressives in her party will never support her. To the progressives, now is the time to double down on major projects sponsored by the government, while off in the center where Rodham-Clinton lives, they don’t want to ruffle the feathers of the big corporations that are now sponsoring the Dems. It’s a polite-fest.

    Hillary Clinton should have learned SOMETHING from her husband who, for all his faults, was admittedly a great pol. When he said, “Ah feel your pain,” you kind of went, wow, this guy really gets it … or he’s full of shit in a realistic manner. Clinton is rough-edged compared to her man. She is more of a heartless lawyer than a caring provider. Remember her time spent on soulless corporate boards — representing the interests of stockholders for cold hard cash.

    In the end analysis, Hillary Clinton will continue to alienate large swaths of the American electorate, while her opponent — whoever he may be — has a fresh start to portray himself as someone new. She’s too careworn by time. Her opponent would be shinier, newer — a gold coin in a government mint. And that’s something she can’t avoid.

  6. Hillary Clinton is dead in the water. She represents the White liberal business wing of the democratic party in a moment when up-and-coming squad voters want their own. That’s the reason why Nancy Pelosi is retiring. Even if the GOP weren’t about to retake the House, she would have been booted out by her party. IIRC, a condition of her getting the Speakership was that it would be her last term. Her race played an unspoken role in demands she step down, and the moderate wing of the democratic party (to the limited extent it can be called “moderate”) was just barely able to put her over the line. The same resistance will meet Hillary Clinton when she runs again – probably emerging in the form of minority voter apathy.

    Outside of Hillary’s other baggage — age, Russiagate — she doesn’t have a chance against Donald Trump, the presumed republican nominee in 2024 (or Gov. Desantis). People forget just how incredibly lucky Donald Trump got in having Hillary Clinton as an opponent. He likely would have lost versus almost anyone else. Hillary is deeply unpopular, is politically tone-deaf, and in the years since her loss she’s ruined herself by taking the low road with Russiagate; she’s repeatedly, and falsely, claimed the Russians rigged the election against her. She’s done. The other half of the country will never accept her as president, and there’s a real possibility of civil unrest, perhaps in the form of Red State nullification of federal edicts, should she assume the office of the presidency.

    Democrats know they are screwed. I’ve seen them go from promoting the unlikely Pete Buttigeig to desperately lionizing the White male governor of Vermont. They’ve got no one in the bullpen because – like Hollywood – they purged all their White male talent. They’re stuck with the likes of AOC and Stacey Abrams for the foreseeable future.

    • “Hillary is deeply unpopular.”

      I deeply feel this and I’m surprised that so other people feel the same. To me, Hillary’s voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard.

      So possibly, there may be limits to how malleable normies are: The elites have not been able to make most people like Hillary.

      • Your logic is impeccable, and therefore Joe and kamaltoe aren’t in office because they shouldn’t have been able to garner more than 30% of the vote…and yet here we are.

        • After pinning Trump down for an entire term of office, he was punished by the electorate for not being able to escape his confinement. That explains Biden-o-matic and Kome-hither’s success rate. If you can’t build a wall, Mr. Trump, went the electorate, what good are you to us?

      • Does not matter.

        She could be dead and the rigging for the next election will still make it happen.

    • This ties in with the latest Biden polling, he’s at 33% approval. Thats in Quinnapac which oversamples Dems. So he is likely quite a bit lower. He draws no Independent support and has even 27% disapprove among blacks. He’s net negative with Hispanics. It seems only cool Wine aunts like him.

      I guess the polling is Clinton-derived to push her as the “solution” … Hillary like Macron and Draghi in Italy and so on are the ones pushed by various bureaucratic factions but eventually they will just take power themselves the way Arab countries had various generals take over from Kings and Presidents.

      FYI I was wrong about the normalization of p3do via the AP … it was actually USA Today. They are still on about that. More Hillary! battlespace prep? Sorry about that Chief.

    • Well said. I read somewhere that there was something of a harmonic convergence in 2016: Trump was the only Republican who could win–and HRC was the only Democrat who could lose, though I wonder whether Bernie’s Canarsie accent and New York attitude would have won over the voting public.

  7. Semi related, the FT has an article today relating the Lizzie Warren vs Jerome Powell struggle. The Biden Admin re-appointed Powell despite Warren’s objection, but was so weak that they had to appoint some semi-lunatic as his subordinate and day to day manager of the Fed. Warren had been able to reject Larry Summers for the Fed during Obama’s Presidency.

    The struggle seems to be between the Corporatist Wing of the Dems, Clinton, Summers, etc. slightly less insane, and the True Believers. Warren’s objection to Powell is she wants him to use the Fed to prevent ANY (yes ANY) investment in: fossil fuels, including Natural Gas, Coal, oil; nuclear energy; transportation, including air, rail, and sea transit as well as roads; real estate including commercial real estate; and food production. Yes, agribusiness is supposed to go bust to go green. Her proposals are caveated in weasel-words, as in “disclosure” and “green levies” but essentially her aim is to outlaw all public and private investment in anything. It is insane, but its the epitome of Green. And for a bonus she wants “racial equity” which would amount to special taxes on White people to give to blacks and other non-Whites.

    Her method of attack is the insider trading the Fed does, while excusing her own, Pelosi’s, etc. So far the Press has been eagerly pushing stories of Powell and his allies on the Fed doing insider trading (which they have) so Warren can get her way by forcing their resignation and getting someone who will go full Green Killing Fields. Likely the Hillary! article is the fear / panic response of the Corporatist Wing fearing the full Pol Pot coming on as they realize it will not just be dirt people taking the Holiday in Cambodia (apologies to Jello Biafra).

    • Surely the FT is reporting a real thing, rather than just dressing up the messaging you are meant to hear. Not the FT they re surely honest reporters.
      Jeez – Gellman… Gellman… anyone?

      Its all a lie. When does that start to make a dent in people?

      • And on that point the FT is trying to state that “anti-vax” sentiment and protest against lockdown imprisonment is being pushed by Russia and China.

        Ask yourself why a “serious” paper would print such obvious lies. Then ask yourself about the other stories and their intent.

        . More globohomo propaganda dressed up as financial news.

  8. Colin Flaherty, who wrote a lot of truth to power on black crime, died yesterday.


    • Colin was scheduled to speak at the last AmRen, two months ago. He was sick then and had to cancel, to universal disappointment.

      Colin’s focus on blacks without considering who empowers them irritated me and I don’t like anyone with his East Coast personality. Nonetheless, he was a brave and talented man and I mourn his passing. Respect to the man!

  9. Hillary is being offered as the Clintonesque triangulation because Biden rapidly became even less popular than Carter faster. I saw a “Lets Go Brandon” t shirt on a guy in my local supermarket last night and I never saw an anti-Obama shirt anywhere I live. I’ve seen the “I did that” stickers on gas pumps, supermarket prices, empty shelves etc all over, and my county went solidly for Clinton and Biden. Biden is hated because inflation amounts to a weekly pay cut, higher every week. To top it off he’s a failure everywhere else: lockdowns that make Covid Karens happy but enrage ordinary people and never end, crime out of control and no ability to stop it, failure in foreign affairs from Afghanistan to Ukraine. He’s old, senile, and it shows.

    But this weakness is not just attracting the vulture like Clintons. Now the DOJ / FBI are acting as a Praetorian Guard and saying who will be eligible to be in Congress as well as President. The FBI basically got rid of Trump, and they are in the process with the new DOJ task force on whatever to basically arresting any politician as well as parent protesting school board policies as a domestic terrorist. Defined by them. Along with the Retired Generals offering dirty stories to unhealthily stimulate the Leftist managerial class “Dear Editor, you will never believe what happened to me on the way to the coup,” well the lack of even a competent President is drawing in people and institutions to the vacuum. If they got rid of Trump, why not Biden and rule themselves? Again who would stop them? Its not just the Clintons circling like buzzards over decaying Biden — Wray, Garland, Milley all can plausibly order enough men to arrest Republicans, “to save our democracy” and rule themselves to fight “extremism” or parents protesting school board policies. FWIW none of this talk ever happened under either Clinton or Obama — Biden’s regime is that weak and pathetic.

    Semi related: the AP had some laudatory article about adding “P” for P3do to the LGBTQBLT alphabet. It is now “minor attracted persons” and gays are in the forefront pushing this. Its going to happen faster than you can say Bill Gates and Ghislaine Maxwell. Who did not kill herself.

    • This link ties into the pedo push, and the Ghislaine Maxwell kerfuffle. Click on the orange “Bloomberg” for the full story.

      More anarcho-tyranny brought to you by “Our Elites”, and they are increasingly can’t be arsed to hide it.

      • I’m just gonna say it, I hope they kill the MFs who are pushing for pedo ‘tolerance’. I have absolutely no use for pedos. Z can delete this if it’s outta line.

      • No surprise at all.

        The whole Maxwell “show trial” was staged for one purpose: To prevent, now or at any future time, ANY questions being asked that would expose the truth about the Epstein-Maxwell partnership, which is that the whole thing from start to finish (?) was a Mossad blackmail operation, and (((Maxwell))) and (((Epstein))) were the (((foot soldiers))).

        It’s the *only* thing that explains why, when she was *perfectly* safe at home in France (in name only), she came covertly into the US where an arrest warrant was outstanding, surreptitiously bought that house in New Hampshire, stayed there for a short time, and then “gave herself up” to authorities, went to an unpleasant jail (or so we were told), and then starred in the show-trial production, the final act of which now appears to be her exoneration because of an “unfair” jury.

        She returns to FINO, end of drama.

        No questions will therefore *ever* be asked that would expose the whole thing as a world-wide Mossad blackmail scheme.

        Very neat.

        • An American military coup will never happen because the culture is too ingrained against the concept. The military is practically “toilet-trained” to salute the flag and the Constitution, and the two are considered interchangeable by them for the simple reason that the Founders set it up that way. Those Founders … a devilishly clever lot. They knew that the military wants to obey and so they gave some pomp and pageantry to their new capital of Washington, D.C. to help tame the military hearts… Now the idea of the military going back on 250 years of civilian rule history is laughable. They’re going to collect their civilian-issued paychecks, continue their courts-martial and go on just being a military rather than assume the headache of governance.

    • “Semi related: the AP had some laudatory article about adding “P” for P3do to the LGBTQBLT alphabet. It is now “minor attracted persons” and gays are in the forefront pushing this.”

      …and gays are in the forefront pushing pedo rights… Can this get anymore [this is a sober blog and you guys are decent people so I won’t write the expletives I was thinking]??!!

        • Where do you take that fireball of anger when you read that there are some sickos trying to make sexual abuse of children ‘accepted’?? Where do you take that without going to jail??

          • Moran: I take it to the gym, I scream it in my car with my windows all closed, and I think it endlessly: I want them all dead, dead, dead, dead, dead.

      • “Can this get anymore [this is a sober blog and you guys are decent people so I won’t write the expletives I was thinking]??!!”

        The correct answer is “OH, MY, YES!”

      • If you think about the whole catholic priest thing they ended up hiding from people’s minds it was in the vast majority homo priests abusing young boys (80% of victims were male).

        the real issue is the inherent pedo nature of gays who happened to be priests, rather than the catholic thing itself.

        Its why the scout thing is the same. Teachers will be next.

        I can’t see normies ever putting 2 and 2 together, no matter how many times its rubbed in their face, the propaganda to ignore this causative fact that your male children are at a massive increased risk if you tolerate open homosexuality is just too much to internalise for most.

        • trumpton: It’s also an issue because there are a number of homosexuals in the dissident right movement. I’m not making any accusations against any of them. At the same time, however, I am not aware of any homosexuals (dissident right or others) who have openly and clearly acknowledged that this predation against almost and early pubescent boys is a very common homosexual behavior. If I am wrong, I would appreciate someone directing me to where such an acknowledgment has appeared.

  10. The Gerontocracy reflects the oligarch and corporate/lobbying dominance over the system. Change is brought about by large-scale failure or the oligarchs’ need to replace recalcitrant/revanchist legislators/administrators/politicos. If the legislators and administrators show the willingness to play ball, why would anyone ask them to retire?

    There is no systemic pressure to bring young people along. Every major Congress-critter has a “legislative director”. These are usually smart, ambitious kids. Even Maxine Waters has had some very smart staffers who shuttle back and forth from Wall St and K St. to Capitol Hill. These kids can convert their knowledge/influence to cash easily. Why would they run for office? This is all done on the down-low of course.

    The system has reached an equilibrium state wherein the geezers know the rules, keep the oligarchs happy while the younger people who might otherwise challenge the geezers are content to serve their apprenticeship and make lots of cash afterwards.

    The Presidential politics is obvious different, because its national and in full public view. But it’s the same in the sense that so many interests have to be kept happy that it’s almost impossible for a younger Democrat to emerge and, short of a systemic disaster, there’s no “evolutionary pressure” to replace the old..

    • When you live in a multicultural society there are countless career landmines that could end your job prospects overnight. The slightest wrong word, even the wrong style of dress or making the wrong hand sign, could turn you into a pariah. As you pointed out, there is no incentive for the youth to involve themselves in politics. Some of that is simple cost vs. benefit.

      In multicultural democracy, the risks far outweigh the rewards of pursuing elected office for the youth. Nuking your career prospects in your late 20s is a lifetime killer. In contrast, there is less risk for older Americans — one elected term in the Senate gets you healthcare and a pension for life. Older Americans will also have an education and social network to fall back on should they step on one of these ethnocultural landmines.

      The result is that younger Americans are discouraged from running for office. That’s why so many kids go from staffing positions to the private sector – just not worth it moving up in government (the congress, local legislatures). By the time in your life when the rewards start to outweigh the potential risks of elected office, your moment has largely passed and the country has new problems requiring new, youthful ideas. Ironic considering popular culture is the opposite — youth obsessed and novelty seeking.

      • There are only these landmines if the state decides that there are. This idea is nonsense as it is entirely 1 sided. It is not multi-cultural it is anti-white and such language should be used continually. Calling it anything just internalizes your enemies framing, so stop doing it.

        Tell me where all the anti-white landmines are?

        There are none.

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  12. They’re the last white straight (although in Hillary’s case, we’re never sure) candidates around. The successor generation in the Dem party is almost all non-white, and the old whites don’t want to yield until they croak.

    • “They’re the last white straight (although in Hillary’s case, we’re never sure)” – especially after Hillary assigned Huma Abedin as ambassador to her Labia.

    • Well lets take a look at the state of the 2022 dems.

      President- Biden is a moderate. He could be the president during the 50s 60s, 70s 80s, 90s. Generic, moderate, normal. Can’t tell anything from that. Cabinet and agency heads are liberals or moderate.

      Senate- Manchin is a conservative. Could easily be a Republican. Sinema and Tester are conservative leaning. Just three senators from that camp is low and does indicate a substantial shift.

      House- Golden is conservative. Kind, Cooper, Lamb, and Cuellar lean conservative. That is a tiny cohort and Kind is retiring. Seismic shift. Blue dogs are no longer conservative, they are now low taxes liberals.

      Governor- Jon Bel Edwards is conservative. Thats it. No leaners either? Low and a shift. Bill Alain was the dixiecrat governor.

      State level- Conservatives still exist in some legislatures and offices but they are declining quickly and not in leadership roles . Still an absolute dodo like state sen Francis Thompson roams the earth, perhaps the last state level Dixiecrat in 2022.

      Local- A lot of Sheriffs, council members, never switched affiliation from the 60s…. Major positions are almost all held by progressives though.

      I’d agree its a big shift in that an entire wing of the party is dying out. But the competent liberals and moderates are still in charge. Not the squad-progressives or the coalition of the ascendant.

  13. i see comments regarding prepping for total collapse scenarios. this i feel is a mis-application of energy, time, and money. if things get that bad, you can never be prepped enough (as a single person or family). but even more relevant is that such a worst case scenario is unlikely.

    once the collapse starts, “breaks” will occur all over the continent, preventing a coherent or comprehensive response by the current brain infected people in charge; akin to a fire break. they will be rendered powerless as all their lower members go rogue out of necessity. no one on this continent will have time for gulags and so forth, as all will be focused on rebuilding and survival.

    plenty of people will still die in this scenario, but a lot less than in the worst case (which entails a 90+% death rate, as the world reverts to a semi-industrial state).

    • “if things get that bad, you can never be prepped enough”

      That’s not really true. To know if you did ‘enough’ is the simplest, coarsest bottomline possible, are you and your kids or grandkids alive or not once things start to get better or calm down. The problem is we don’t know how much we would need because we don’t know how a collapse would unfold. It could be anything from Czekoslovakia to Rwanda. Having some prepping stoved away is equivalent to an insurance. More insurance is always better for worse events but some insurance is usually better than none.

      • i didn’t say no prepping :). just don’t try and prepare for an apocalyptic scale event 🙂

  14. I remember a movie (with Alec Baldwin – sorry) called Thick as Thieves. In it, a Chicago mob controlled activity in Detroit. When the mob had a troublesome black drug supplier whacked, the fixer that Chicago had sent to have it done, was asked who was going to control the drug scene in Detroit. The guy said, “Don’t know, don’t care.” This is exactly what the true ruling class believes concerning present day politics. “Who is going to be elected president?” “Don’t know, don’t care.” Why? Because they control the economy/currency. As Mayer Amschel Rothschild purportedly said, “Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.” Whatever puppet gets elected, they will do what they are told or they will be ruined, and or, killed. They could elect a cardboard cutout and the public wouldn’t notice the difference.

  15. This isn’t really off topic – this is the alternate reality the young left inhabit. And despite living life online, they still believe they’ll remain untouched by reality, ever, because their fantasy life is their lived experience and real to them, and who are you to ever dare challenge that?

    Sailer and his ilk would simply dismiss this as the flight from White, but it’s more than that – more than female solipsism as well. J.D. Vance made bank by joining the rising turd tide, marrying a Hindoo and trashing poor Whites, but this girl is heir to Rachel Dolezal or the various other abysmal White women who have larped as POX and been exposed as White and/or ‘privileged.’ Even after they’ve been exposed and excoriated, she was so deep in her fantasy she believed it wouldn’t happen to her. How sad that I don’t feel bad for her, but rather deep satisfaction at her crash with today’s reality.

    • Feminism has left a lot of ticking time-bombs in our culture, and most of these relate to the epidemic of cognitive dissonance that permeates young women coming of age in the modern era. When women become this crazy, how can anyone allow them to participate in the care or rearing of a child? That is tangible child abuse. The solution, of course, is to train young men to NEVER stick your dick in CRAZY.

      With hat-tip to karl von hungus, this problem may solve itself as many, if not most, young women are getting so fat, it may become physically impossible to stick your dick in crazy.

      • hehe remind me of an old joke: how can you tell where to fuck a fat chick? roll her in flour and jab the wet spot…

        • Keep it classy karl. You are the drunk Boomer uncle that shows up to Thanksgiving dinner talking about all the ‘chicks he banged’ when there are kids present at the table. Don’t go changin’!

      • “The solution, of course, is to train young men to NEVER stick your dick in CRAZY.”

        Crazy evolves. Some younger women act crazy because of the release of that crippling hormone, estrogen. But, they can grow out of it. Other females aren’t crazy as teens, but become progressively crazier as they associate with Karens, get pumped and dumped by cads, or, in general, overreact to the suckfest their lives become. What I’m trying to say is that “crazy” is not always obvious until after the dick is stuck.

        • How true.

          People forget that first wave feminism actually had some logical roots in reality. Electrical appliances literally erased ‘women’s work’. With the mass suicide of the church, our matriarchs went extinct. Liberated women hitting the workplace failed en masse – so we started getting more fake villains to blame – patriarchs, glass ceilings, etc – which fueled 2nd and 3rd wave feminism – which has lost all contact with sanity and reality. That drove the homo/transgender/LBGQTETC lunacy.

          They say you should never say “Things can’t possibly get worse”. About the only way they possibly could at this point, is for the lights to go out and for civil war to break out. That is on the table, now that obese females are taking to combat roles. Just awhile ago, a fat little carpet muncher was on Tik Tok warning patriots and dissidents that if martial law was declared, and she got any lip from you – you’d be shot for it and she’d get a medal for it. As our blog host says… this cannot end well.

          • i saw that 90 IQ rug muncher and her dumb ass rant. she would shit herself uncontrollably in any rough situation. if i was in a unit with her, i would shoot her as soon as i could.

    • A good petri dish for examining the cognitive dissonance of today’s Leftist youth are subreddits like r/antiwork.

      These people honestly believe that the US is run by a secret Nazi cabal and that everything would be unicorns and rainbows if the government would ensure they could drive a Tesla to their $100k/year part-time barista job.

    • Totally agree. Of course, you can’t sympathize with the little liar, but you can absolutely understand her dilemma. In her mother’s time, you had to either be at the very top of the academic heap, or you had to have a prominent doctor parent, or some equivalent, to get into medical school. She internalized/inherited this drive to succeed, but uh oh, you now have to have victim status, too! What to do? It sort of works for the trans craze as well. How to get society to recognize you? Become a different person! No wonder the youngsters are insane.

    • “Sailer and his ilk would simply dismiss this as the flight from White”

      Ironically enough I first saw mention of this story in the comments for one of Steve’s posts at Unz Review.

      From the “New York Post” story the poster linked in the comment:

      “The 2021-2022 essay prompts from Common App, the organization that oversees undergrad applications for more than 900 schools, include “Recount a time when you faced a challenge, setback, or failure.””

      Hey, “Queen for a Day” bait. You put out “Tell me your sad, sad, story and I’ll give the saddest story a BIG prize” and it’s going to bring out the inner narcissist and psychopath in anyone.

      It’s a calculated risk: If you’re gonna lie, tell a whopper. (See Warren, Elizabeth). By the time it gets exposed you may be far enough along to possess what made you lie in the first place. Additional points if you can embarrass the people who fell for your lies.

      But, it’s an All American Story at heart. She’s suing: “In a lawsuit filed in December, Mackienzie said the university ‘launched a sham investigation of Plaintiff, exploiting a phony and contrived administrative claims process against one of its own students – and at the time unrepresented – and accused Plaintiff of lying about the child abuse she suffered and her time in foster care, all of which is true and contemporaneously well documented in court file.'”

      Look, if Penn can have a guy who thinks he’s a girl on their swim team, why not an upper class BCG who thinks she’s homeless winning a Rhodes Scholarship?

    • 3g4me, it’s discouraging and enraging how the elites have incentivized hatred of whites and worship of the broken.

      A number of my nephew and niece’s friends have announced that they are trans or non-binary. This is the only way for a white kid to get a target off his back.

      My brother had a terrible time getting my lazy nephew to do his high school homework. My nephew threatened my brother that he would call Child Protective Service on my brother if my brother persisted. The implicit threat was that my nephew would tell CPS that my brother beat him or worse.

      My brother and my nephew have been estranged ever since. My nephew is now 30 and lives in his grandparents’ basement with his head stuck in virtual reality video games. FVcking pathetic and no sympathy from me.

      • Line: So sorry to hear about your brother’s travail. The fact that the grandparents are enablers just worsens things. So many insane and broken people. I keep thinking something has to break, this descent into utter degradation has to reach its nadir, but it seems bottomless. I don’t necessarily believe we’re in the end times, but as a Christian I see Satan and his works everywhere I look.

    • People never learn. Victorian literature was full of stupid young girl archetypes that had a mix of outright mendacity combined with self-destructive behaviors for a reason.

      Its always been true.

      At that time it was also OK to punish such behavior as victimhood as a saintly profession and the wilful belief in the words of obvious liars had not yet come to pass.

      These women are now everywhere in society, not only tolerated but promoted and coddled. This only re-enforces the success of such behavior for the younger ones.

  16. “His father was supposedly quite vigorous into his 90’s and Trump appears to have inherited those genes.” – Every picture I’ve seen of Trump’s father shows a relatively thin, fit man, all the way to the end, not a fat disgusting pig. The 70’s are dangerous years for men with bellies like Trump. You can see a lot of them at 75, but not too many at 85. Go to any 19th hole at a golf course and you can pretty much see that. He could be found dead in his bed one morning (obviously Melania is down the hall and probably hasn’t touched him in years) and the whole Q MAGA crowd will find evidence of a break-in. A whole explosion of rumors and things like that, when a fat pig, in his late 70’s lives every day as a time bomb.

    • JR Wirth: I’ll agree Trump is overweight and old, and I’m no fan, but to paint him as morbidly obese and likely to die any day is a bit of an exaggeration.

    • @JR

      Do you uh…..write fiction over at Castalia House?

      * Calling someone a “fat pig” is never not funny

  17. Wall Street Journal
    Hillary Clinton’s 2024 Election Comeback
    by (((Douglas E. Schoen))) and (((Andrew Stein)))

    It seems like there is (((one group))) that is intent on running this so-called country. I wonder what Biden’s (((cabinet))) thinks about this (((internecine))) development?

    • OT: whenever I see the name Andrew Stein I remember the NYC politician, Andy Stein, who was the son of a big NYC money guy, but changed his name from Finkelstein so as to sound less Jewish. Stein. Not Stone, Stein. He was, of course, a complete moron. I think he once ran for mayor but lost the primary badly.

    • I knew a Douglas Schon who was of German descent, goy all the way. I also knew a Peter Stein who was a goy German immigrant, although most Steins in the USA are tribesmen.

  18. The power players running things within the DC bubble will continue dancing and jiving like they always have, while pocketing their grift on the sly and pretending they can keep the plates spinning forever. Or failing that, board the Gulfstream G5 for a quick getaway to their “retreat” in the Bahamas or New Zealand. And the political theater will carry on even after most of them have left the building. It will be the second tier operatives and elected faux actors that ultimately face the music when the SHTF. Are there enough lamp posts in the area? Has anyone counted? This is why innovation is a must. Yes, it can be humorous and entertaining to read about the re-animation of Frankenhillary, but there are better way to use one’s time and effort. Start counting today.

    • Looking at the Ukraine situation, they’re also every more out of touch on foreign policy, and making all kinds of aggressive moves that would have been unheard of even 10-15 years ago towards a country that can do some real damage. Clearly they think nothing of the cannon fodder in our military, not that anyone should be left in the military. I don’t even think it registers with them the damage that a single EMP can do. But these people have been reckless their entire lives. I think history will show that only through sheer luck and accidents of history did our country even survive into the 2020s.

      • A conflict in Ukraine would be 100X more beneficial to our hostile occupying genetic aliens then the sandbox adventures of the last 20 years shooting swarthy goatherds.

        This would be the tip of the spear US forces, still largely Euro descended whites vs. other European / Slavic stock. So brother and cousin wars with dead white faces on every side. They did this twice last century with exceptional results, but the job won’t be finished until all traces of European males are erased as we are the only true threat to permanent global hegemony they face.

        You posted your comment as if this isn’t intentional and with the openly rage filled anti-White hatred on both continents I’m puzzled why you think they are “out of touch” or don’t understand. They know full well what they are doing hence why a true threat like China is not mentioned.

        • But the regime has been doing everything in its power to drive white males out of the military because of their right wing coup fantasy. Plus in a strategic exchange, those thermonuclear bombs and the ensuing famine would eliminate the urban population. The only people left to come out of the devastation would be rural white people and the Mexicans who actually work for a living.

  19. I said it a few weeks back, Kamala as president, Hillary is then the VP, Kamala is then shot by a lone gun man wearing a MAGA hat

    • I wonder if Kamala would have the brains to quit if Hillary! was forced on her as VP. There are much easier ways to commit suicide.

    • ” … Kamala is then shot by a lone gun man wearing a MAGA hat … .”

      It doesn’t even have to be that complicated or dramatic. We have the precedent of an unelected prez and unelected VP in Gerry Ford and Nelson Rockefeller, which was universally accepted.

  20. In fairness to Gorbachev, you have to take into account the fact that the empire he had inherited was vastly different from the ones his predecessors had. He faced opposition and forces that were unknown in their time.

    The American empire is changing too. Diversity alone will soon make it ungovernable. People are getting the red pill suppository and they like that even less than the vax. If shenanigans are employed to secure the presidency for Hillary… I can see the gloves coming off. A lot of liberals are sick and tired of this crap too.

    But whadda I know. I guess we’ll do as we’ve always done with these things… we’ll eff around and find out!

    • They will do everything in their power to maintain the status quo as long as possible. Just look at NATO. Any attempts at reforming NATO, whose sole reason to exist is an empire that does not exist anymore and hasn’t in 30 years, is met with howls and shrieks of “world stability” They want to maintain the status quo in order to preserve the status quo.

      But the status quo can only go on for so long. America is already in free fall. We’re losing a medium sized city now every year to opiate abuse (100k). I’m pretty sure we are losing more people, especially young men than the post-Soviets were losing to alcoholism. I think the end will come when all that printed money comes back home to the US. We’ve been exporting printed dollars in ever increasing numbers for 50 years.

      • By maintain status quo you mean keep huge salary and troughing benefits for no fucking reason at all.

        Its a non job like no other for the military.

    • Nice phrasing: “People are getting the red pill suppository and they like that even less than the vax.” haha. I love it.

      Something like a big, long, lasting red pill-delivered in the manner you describe-could just bring Andy Cooper and Don Leh’maan et al to the, overused “right side of history.”

  21. this kind of a political crisis is a good thing, politicians are intermediaries between oligarchs & the people, replacing old school politicians with gender studies graduates is going to erode the globo-homo order.

    • This is a big problem for the elite. The next generation of puppets are stupid and unreliable. They’re also either not white or in-your-face white women, so Joe Normie is reminded every day that his people not only aren’t in charge but that the people in charge hate him.

      The elite want Obama types. White-sounding, house ni$$ers who know their place. But, stunningly, there aren’t any of them. Harris was supposed to fill that role, but she’s shrill and grossly incompetent. Hell, even Obama was wandering off the reservation in his second term.

      I suspect that the Dem establishment will continue to field white candidates for national office. The blacks and browns won’t like it, but they need to keep whites asleep.

      • If you want to know what the future looks like, read up on the current mayor of Chicago. Coming soon to major metros all across these “United” States of America.

        • The saddest thing about living in clown world? At the time, Lori Lightfoot (FULL) was the lessor of two evils.
          Here’s hoping Cthulu throws his hat in the ring for the next election.

        • I like idiot alderman Michelle Smith, who represents the toniest part of Chicago.

          She thinks citizens blowing whistles will stop murders and mayhem. She is also on record saying the 2A should br canceled and no one should have guns.

      • Nope.

        Look at media – it is now so dominant that every authority type is non-white that no one will notice when every politician is the same.

        Its why they do it. Its called conditioning.

        90% of people have not even noticed they have already been written out of their own cultural references and most on here seem not to have noticed the large and concerted push to swap out any “right” authority figures for young women and non whites.

        Both parties will look the same and no one will even see it was done.

  22. The problem for the establishment is that they’ve changed the country’s core ideology into one based on the evil of the current system.

    Among younger Dems, the United States is a society built on white racism, environmental degradation and exploitation and exclusion of blacks and browns around the world.

    You say that the GOP doesn’t agree, but that’s not true. If you ask them about any of those, they won’t fight back against its validity, just the pace of fixing the problem.

    Both the GOP and Dem establishment have no real agenda, no real vison of the future because that agenda would need to be based on that core ideology, which would mean open warfare against whites (yes, even more so than now) and power failures.

    That’s why the Dems and GOP’s current agenda are so retro-looking and watered down. They can’t actually act on the ideology that they’ve allowed to become our country’s belief system, so they focus on infrastructure or tax cuts, things that younger Dems couldn’t care less about.

    As to younger whites who don’t hate themselves, populism is their agenda, again issues the Establishment doesn’t want to address,

    The problem, of course, is that the Establishment is old, really old. At most, they have another decade. After that, the younger Dems will take control due to demographics and start to implement their agenda. At the some time, a still large cohort of self-respecting, populist whites who have come to no longer respect the system will start to realize that either they push back or that will be forever a persecuted minority.

    Can that situation hold? Maybe, if the economy keeps everyone very comfortable. If the economy falters, all bets are off.

    • That cohort of self-respecting, populist whites is there. It formed up sometime during the Obama years, and it’ll break through again, for good, as surely as the interests it threatens are losing their grip. The question is whether success is sustained this time, or if there’s another setback.

      • And at the risk of optimism, I’d guess it’s sustained. The demographic situation is a function of economics, and it’s hard to see how the economic picture improves. You can’t expect mercenaries to put down roots and work for the common good.

    • The anti-establishment, pro-populist winning agenda:
      1. Restrict immigration
      2. Bring back manufacturing jobs to the US
      3. Stay out of foreign wars
      And in light of recent events, the number 4 should be to campaign against Critical Race Theory and all anti-white and woke agendas.

      The left will shriek in protest, but ordinary Americans will enthusiastically embrace the plan. Woke Fatigue (or Woke Disgust) shouldn’t be underestimated.

      • Basically MAGA without the shell game, right? Trump had a winner and pissed it away ingratiating himself to backstabbers. Ruined his name while he was at it. Granted the headwinds were strong, but who knows if he hadn’t ditched his horse and left it to the coyotes.

        • One guy facing a massive, powerful, well-funded establishment. Along with the head-on opposition he had infiltrators in his midst. He just couldn’t do it.

          • BS. More excuses for the blowhard cuck.

            He could have just kicked out all the people he wanted at the start and brought in a new set from outside DC. Like many before him.

            He chose not and spent his next 4 years pretending to do stuff and sending tweets.

            He was piss poor at actually thinking through what he needed to do.

      • Wolf Barney: And do all this with a 75% non-White population? Not hardly. We’re barely 50% European White right now. Based on differing birth and death rates and the age of the White population, that’s going to change rapidly in the next 10-15 years. Lists of political solutions always sidestep this, or insist that Mestizos aren’t woke, and decent noggers are incipient republicons. Bah, humbug.

    • Economically supply chains breaking down is the least weird thing right now. The COVID lock downs have created a sea change in the relationship to work and money/

      People who can mostly want to be at home with family as much as possible and for many consumerism was taken out behind the proverbial chemical shed and shot. Some folks went the stoner route (weed and ramen basically) and others just stopped wanting the latest and greatest.

      People also realized they were being shafted pay wise in huge numbers. While this isn’t creating any labor unrest , it is creating a 3rd world style work if you must culture . Bye bye Protestant work ethic

      On top of that the fearful crowd has also destroyed retail in some states and restaurants as well.

      That is going to leave an economy with no foundation which I think almost assures it falters.

  23. In my experiences business is doing the same thing. The guy who runs my company is 82, succession plan? Whtsthat?

    • Do his kids occupy senior positions in the company? If they do, they will probably run the company into the ground when he dies and they inherit. You might want to start thinking about a new employer now and getting a jump on things…

      Same thing will probably happen to the US…

      • Depends.

        A friend of mine was the recipient of a multimillion dollar company given from his father. From youth, the dad trained his son fluency in Chinese language and culture (where a lot of their business is), as well as the nitty gritty of business life with alliances and such. Five years in and so far quite successful.

        In another example, a cousin of mine took over his Father’s multimillion valued farm, and he was trained for 10+ years before the dad felt he was ready to let go.

        Both these examples are looked down on now, and there are plenty of examples of business owner’s kids running things to the ground, but I don’t know if the track record is any worse than the current culture of getting some MBA grad and sticking him in an industry he’s unfamiliar with and has no loyalties to.

        • Surely, Mr Wright
          “I should add he left my mother some decent money that has lasted 25 years since her death. ”

          This should be HIS death?

        • David Wright: My mother turns 92 in a few weeks. I’m not so certain I want to hang around that long. My father left her comfortably provided for (and she was cheap enough during my childhood to ensure that) but my siblings are busy using it all up (an ‘investment’ condo in Florida, paying for my married niece’s grad school, etc.). I’m dutifully sending “Thinking of You” cards each month, although she ignored my last birthday and the last few of my boys. And no, I don’t plan to attend her funeral when she finally meets the maker she doesn’t believe in.

      • Already happened. Everything’s been offshored and stolen. You’re in the Kosher States Of Blackrock. They got a needle with some special juice to put America out of its misery.

    • TomC: Guy who owns the company where my husband works is in his late 70s – never married, no children. Number two is only a few years younger and his son-in-law was a minimally capable family hire. Supposedly some sort of employee-buyout or profit sharing was bruited about a few years ago, but not a peep since. Business is going gangbusters and this smallish, privately-held company supports a significant number of families, but my husband worries what will happen to the business when the founders die.

      Older people (yes, the dreaded boomers) either seem convinced they’ll live forever or petrified of dying, but either way they make no plans for when they’re gone other than feathering their own nests (buying houses on golf courses and other stupidity). I thought Whites were supposed to be better at future time orientation, but I’m really not seeing it among the old or the young.

      And I skim hundreds of online comments about food shortages and it’s all about Doritos and soda and peanut butter-filled crackers and frozen pizza. I suppose that’s just another way I’m weird – that’s not the sort of food I’ve focused on in the past and it’s not what I’m buying now.

      • ESOPs are pointless without someone there to run the place. If the main engineering and sales talent goes then all you have is a pole barn full of equipment.

        A related side rant. Lots of boomer-run businesses are also not built to sell. Not only is 80% of the talent tied up in the guy who runs the place, but they’ve played accounting games their whole life to suppress the business income. This has the effect of making the business unappetizing for sale since the revenue calculations are not favorable and also even if the it is sold at a favorable price then a lot of those “fake losses” from giving all the kids company cars, etc. come home to roost and the taxman will get his 40lbs of flesh that he’d been missing out on for decades. This has led to a few instances that I know of where the owner just waits to be carried out horizontally from work.

    • This is crazy common Boomers I can see but they think they are forever young and younger ones are not quite yet at retirement age but Silents should have known better.

      I’ve seen a number of businesses for sale like this , farms, small manufacturing with stable customer base . All with these ancient leaders and no plan to continue.

      They are essentially going to close taking that economic with them unless they find buyers. Some of this important work too.

      I had considered a couple of them but both were in undesirable locations either Blue states or bad weather and frankly I’m no spring chicken anyway. Too old for that.

      • A lot of those small manufacturers are super-specialized niche operations that do low volumes for various levels of the MIC.

        No one’s fighting a protracted high-tech war in Ukraine when those guys start closing en masse.

        • I had exactly the same thought.

          I actually looked at once such business, the owner was willing to train and the price was right but I don’t see how doing that would improve my life in any way.

          Anecdotally a younger friend of mine, maybe 30 at the time managed to get an apprenticeship as a machinist but they claimed they could not afford him, laid him off and he moved on. That is one machinist we’ll never have.

          Because the incessant short term thinking, two quarters is too long and constant drive for more profit, we are going to end up third world if we don’t collapse first.

          We will not have the skill base nor anyone interested in rebooting it. Y/T could do it a.along with the broader group “and friends.” but baring someone essentially cramming it down, no one wants those jobs. Not even Mike Rowe can convince people otherwise and the now broken work/family formation relationship means people will seek the easiest route.

          Given our habit of laying people off and cutting pay at the first opportunity , the product of short shortsightedness whatever consequences we reap are long deserved.

  24. America essentially did away with Apprenticeship programs as low-class training, when it was arguably the most consistent way of creating generational skills. They just didn’t like it because the nature of it made it hard for the managerial class to formalize into a generic process and required leadership in directing individuals as opposed to treating them like spreadsheet entries. None of these politicians took young people under their wings to keep their legacy because the Yale degree told them they already knew everything.

    The current culture of credentialism assumes that anyone who has the same level of degrees has the same skills, and a Harvard degree from 50 years ago is equivalent to one today. Since most of these people never had to put their feet to the fire in needing to get results under a one-on-one apprenticeship, they learned to fake creating value in a bureaucratic environment, which mostly involved sociopathic behavior.

    What’s happening in the political class is going to start happening in other skilled professions, it it hasn’t already.

    • Chet: Nailed it. Younger people are convinced credentials equals expertise. And yet at the same time they castigate employers for not considering on-the-job experience for hiring – it’s sort of a reverse Gell-Mann amnesia. Yes, most older people are hidebound and utterly stuck in outmoded views of how the country and economy work, but the younger ones are equally narrow of view. And a whole lotta folks are rapidly approaching their appointment with the witching hour, and in full denial. Politically and economically, will it or nill it, change is coming.

      My husband was approached at work as he was age-eligible to do some sort of topping up of his 401k. Since we’ve been discussing when and how to liquidate it to make the best use of the money while it’s still worth anything, he just smiled and said no thank you. So many are still making plans for 15-20 years out because of course nothing will ever change, and it boggles my mind.

    • Credentialism allows a small cadre to have outsized control over the future of a society. The supplanters gained control over the credential granting institutions over that last handful of decades. So it makes sense that they will push credentialism.

      The Harvards and Yales and others sit upon big piles of wealth, built up over centuries of our peoples savings. It should have been obvious that interlopers were going to come and help themselves to it.

      • Being tax exempt really helps build those coffers.

        Imagine if your family for generations was exempt from all tax and inheritance, you too could have your own endowment.

    • Actually was just looking into what’s necessary for one of my daughters to get her electrician’s certification and it seems pretty much impossible to do without being part of an apprenticeship program.

      • Company pays for your schooling, you give them a couple of years ‘apprenticeship’ in the meantime. It’s a good deal.

      • is there a problem with her getting into such a program? i mean, there are ‘paths’ to that goal, that she can follow, yes? Ask her what 440V feels like 😛

        • I didn’t say it was a problem, I was just saying that all paths lead through the apprenticeship, so apprenticeships aren’t dead.

          • Also, I can tell you what 240 volts feels like. I can also tell you what 10,000 volts feels like. But the amperage is crucial!

    • Already is . I know engineers from very good schools and very good families who know nothing but social justice pandering . I know others who while C students work in sales.

      Apprenticeships are the solution but they are expensive and no on wants to pay the costs. They’d rather down skill or automate.

      On top of that, the greatest fear the business class has is good pay.

      If you want an engineer, its starts in primary school and by the time he’s a Journeymen he should be able to marry, have steady work a stable family and a nice house.

      if some office job pays as much or just working at Coscto pays more (it pays a lot more than a machinist) the rational choice is to do that

      We taught people to be economically rational actors and should not be surprised when buying less, working less and picking the easiest way out is a comm,on choice.

  25. “Our political system has evolved for this long serving generation of politicians. When they are gone, the system around them will change radically and perhaps violently.”

    Makes sense. It is also necessary, this corrupt, sponsorship, Byzantine system cannot be reformed. It will kill of Heritage America if left unmolested. Hope most of our side comes through unscathed. Not all of us will, these things devour people. There is NO excuse for ANY of you not to have the basics, water filters, canned food, medical supplies, spare gas, gold or other valuables, guns and ammo etc. prepared so you can keep yourselves, and more importantly your kids, out of danger according to circumstances.

  26. I’ve been saying this for sometime now, the real “fun” starts when the 2030s arrive. When the older boomers get out of the picture who knows what is gonna happen since these people run the country for their benefit and the younger folks these days have no idea how to run a complex society.

    • In the teens they did talk about the ‘flamin’ twenties’. Maybe it’s the ‘immolating thirties’?? My gut feeling is the system is getting bone rotten though, and that it could be sooner than 2030. But that it will happen is not contingent, when it does is contingent and therefore extremely hard to predict.

    • Society will most likely be reorganized into smaller, more manageable chunks. People hate chaos and unpredictability, so if global supply chains and infinite choice are off the table, then regional supply chains and limited choice will be the order of the day.

  27. I remember the ‘draft Kennedy’ movement in the late 70’s. That didn’t go anywhere because people started to realize the Kennedys were complete BS and would say anything to get elected. A funny clip I can’t find is Ted Kennedy tripping as he’s climbing some stairs to a podium during a debate with Carter.

  28. “When they are gone, the system around them will change radically and perhaps violently.”

    That’s kind of happening now.

    Gorbachev knew the system had failed and try to introduce fundamental albeit incremental change through glasnost and perestroika. Brezhnev had attempted the latter but never got the chance to implement it. When Gorbachev tried these measures, half-measures, really, the military abducted him and Raisa and the coup failed. The USSR then split up fairly peacefully.

    The United States will not be as fortunate. If an actual reformer even were to survive and get into office, he would be blocked at every turn. The endemic corruption and less frequently hidden brutality here makes the end-stage Soviets look like small ball. The American Security State is as vicious as North Korea but has better optics.

    Trump promised and, to be fair, to a small extent managed to restore a degree of national sovereignty and economic reform. What happened does not need to be rehashed.

    I think a closer analogy to the United States is the Young Turks in the end stage Ottoman Empire, who sought to restore former glory through mass slaughter and fundamental change of economics and military operations. As Whites, we need to keep an eye on who our Young Turks decide to genocide. At the moment, we are the targets but also the majority and dominant race despite all attempts to make us otherwise (I cannot think of a historical analogy there; maybe the Muslims in then-Christian majority countries). Is there a White Ataturk? Let’s hope so.

      • That war really was the final battle of WWI in the East, and Ataturk shrewdly maneuvered to gain the blessings of the occupying Allies and went on to ride roughshod over the same reformers he had previously joined. Take note that the former empire was promptly dismembered and the non-Turk minorities were absorbed and protected by other imperial powers. Ataturk blessed this.

        To add to what I wrote earlier, the Armenian Genocide was an attempt to strengthen Turkish identity. Despite Ataturk’s involvement in the murders, he was held in esteem by WWI’s victors.

    • Worse, Gorbachev WAS the “younger generation.” He was as unaffected by the Great Patriotic War as anyone born in the 1930s could be; by the time he made his bones, Communism had been built as far as it was ever going to. It was, if not prospering, then at least stable…

      …which is why Gorby’s generation actually believed all that bullshit. The OG revolutionary generation might, or might not, have been True Marxists, but they definitely knew that when the choice came down to True Marxism vs. remaining in power, True Marxism had to go. Gorby and his crew never faced that choice, so when they started talking about True Marxism — you know, democracy, the People, the whole schmear — they thought it really could work.

      So too with the younger generation. AOC is almost too stupid to live, but insofar as she’s capable of believing anything, she really believes in Social Justice. They all do. They’ve never been in a situation where they had to make a permanent choice, or deal with the consequences of failure. Like the graduates of the Higher Party Schools in Moscow, they’ve been LARPing all their lives — it works on paper, comrade, and since it will never get off paper it doesn’t matter…

      …until it does. The 2030s are going to make the Totally Legit Joe regime look like a bastion of steely-eyed realism and ice-cold sanity.

      • I think if given the choice of a nice dacha and vacations with her ginger boyfriend in sunny Florida or True Social Justice, AOC and the like will go with staying in power. Ours are too stupid and averse to time preferences to be True Believers.

      • Severian: Well said. And in addition to being true believers in Social Justice, they are true believers in their own credentials and expertise. They have degrees from the best schools! They have lived experience as POX! They know everything important that can’t be learned by reading books written by dead White men. And in AOC’s case, she has an ironclad belief not merely in her own intellect but also in her sexual attractiveness (and from comments here and elsewhere, there are too many who would overlook the crazy eyes and chompers in favor of her other attributes). That sort of self-esteem is immune to any criticism let only reality; the only way to end it is death.

        • Somehow I can’t find relief in believing someone has “true” belief in the concept of “Social Justice”—not when it equates to the extinguishing of the White race.

    • I think the closest analogy is Britain, but a bit worse. The British lost their empire and economic clout over the course of several decades starting at the close of hostilities of World War 2. They went from the premier world power to irrelevance in a generation to a vassal state of the EU, which lucky for them they appear to have escaped.

      The question is, in my mind, can the US maintain the internal system when the need to maintain the external empire goes away. Surely there will be some tightening even in the internal affairs of the country if it can be maintained.

      Even the money printing problems are not that clear cut. Sure, money in the past that was printed and then exported would have to come home, but anything that affected the external US Dollar supply would be massively deflationary at home. The deflationary forces are enormous and they fear deflation even more than inflation. The system we have works great when the system is expanding. But the second it stops expanding it begins rapidly contracting and it’s a self-reinforcing force too. Some small deflation would cause more deflation causing yet more deflation.

  29. Clinton, McConnell, et al entered politics at a time when it was considered “public service” and the red team/blue team stuff was just a healthy ornamentation to liberal democracy. Now politicians are openly and shamefully partisan, and attention-seeking, like what you see in Latin America. It’s not the noble politicking and corruption of the 1960s. To give McConnel-Pelosi a bit of an excuse, they may be horrified at the gridlock and partisanship, and think that only their years of “public service” can hold things together and have a chance of even passing a yearly budget. Trump and his followers, to them, was the utmost in ugly partisanship: a vision of things to come if “public servants” don’t step in and calm things down, and return us to the quiet horse-trading of yore.

  30. What does it take for the American electorate to get a restraining order against the obsessive stalker Hillary Clinton? How many times has she gotten ‘no thank you’ for an answer?? This is creepy.

    • Moran: I follow online headlines (get news nowhere else) as a form of regimology, and I can confirm Zman’s thesis. They’ve been pushing Hillary as a moderate alternative to Kamala. It IS creepy – I think it’s also unavoidable. The gerontocracy will continue to operate as they always have, until the ensuing crash with reality obliterates them and far too many of us along with them.

    • “How many times has she gotten ‘no thank you’ for an answer?? This is creepy.”

      Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. The Dem Party is splitting apart. Herself getting back into the mix will rend the whole rotten thing.

  31. What we have seen in places like France and Canada is that graduates from the WEF youth leadership program are filling this void. AJ this morning points out that dan crenshaw is just another mealy-mouthed member of this compliant group. Nothing will be done “in house”, all will be contracted out to un-elected officials and screened by their ESG statements and policies. The most visible example that comes to mind is the recent energy meeting between US and Canada in which WWF gerry butts and bubble brain katherine mckenna were the canadian representatives, both former cabinet members that resigned when they became embroiled in controversy. The media have been incurious of course.

    • You raise an important and often overlooked point. The real managerial class is working behind the scenes in NGOs and investment firms, and as you say the WEF has been training up young “leaders” for a while now. Everyone knows that laws are written by lobbyists, not lawmakers. The future of government is “”governance” no government.

      This doesn’t dismiss the overall collapse of competence and bad optics. We just need to remember that the empty suits we see in capitol buildings aren’t actually in charge of anything.

      PS – everyone should check out the latest video from Morgoth’s review on YT/Odessy. He does a great job blowing up liberal assumptions underpinning the whole “mass formation” thing.

      • Oh thank gosh. That “mass formation” canard is just the midwits rebooting the ridiculous “Brainless white racism…and then Hitler!” garbage.

      • Disagree on the new Morgoth cut.

        It’s obvious he only latched on to the term from the Rogan-Malone interview and didn’t bother watching any of the long form interviews from the originator of the term, Mattias Desmet.

    • So how do all the WEF young borg get into these positions in every country?

      who makes it happen in each country?

      What does that then say about the selection and choice presented to elections?

      How does it happen in every white country at the same time?

      It essentially means no white country has any form of actual representation if all leaders are preselected and must by definition be a conspiracy coordinated in all these areas of some other group(s) who operate without anyone noticing.

      There is no other set of actions that can provide such an outcome.

      • Conspiracies certainly occur but the reality is all human political activity is driven by social networks, who you know matters over everything else.

        Such networks are self supporting too scratch my back, I scratch yours. Power begets power.

        This is why in the past collective punishment, corruption of the blood and bills of attainder were commonplace . Its necessary to eliminate rival networks and sources of power to a man.

        Call it Romanov Rules if you like. Ask this simple question. When is the last time a Romanov tried to get onto power? Oh wait. There aren’t any Romanovs

        In theory electoral systems, Republican and less so Parliamentary were supposed to make this concentration of power less of an issue but clearly they do not work. I’m not certain they ever did.

        Lincoln certainly didn’t think so and regardless of what side of the Lost Cause you are on, raw force and near dictatorial power resolved the festering sore of slavery.

        This is why any real change for our thing must come during an interregnum. 20-40 year of Authoritarian Right Wing Populist rule than restore elections.

        A caution though. Before you start , know what you are trying to achieve in detail. Ideology before action, goals before movements.

        Also even if you can pull it off, its like riding a temperamental stallion . It requires an expert hand or you will be stomped.

        Mainly though it requires will. Boomers don’t matter, Gen X is apathetic and later generations are broken. Leadership is in short supply even without glowie interference . It may be that we have to collapse to begin anew.

  32. “Clinton will position herself as the moderate trying to save the party from Biden.”

    I can actually see this approach, in the sense that the Obama/Biden wing completely misunderstands “gradualism” (The hoary old “Frog in a Pot of Boiling Water” example) and instead, metaphorically, has heated the pot of the USA to boiling and thrown the frog straight in.

    America’s Favorite Ex-Wife will just “gradually” make your life worse and worse in hopes you won’t notice the collapse.

  33. i would bet real money neither clinton is alive by the time the 2024 pseudo-election is held. she is morbidly obese, a raging alcoholic, and gets no exercise. bill of course is in the tertiary phase of syphilis…

    • Once Animatronic Joe’s bugs get worked out, they’ll switch the human-looking outer covering.

      Now you know how the Terminators REALLY originated.

  34. maybe i am reading between the lines here, but if it is the oldies holding the current political system together, and there is no one to replace them (after they expire), then the political system here will collapse like it did in the CCCP. are you implying this Zman?

    • Part of the problem for the regime is that even normie-cons can tolerate being preached to about how racist and awful they are by Biden, but even with Obama the fuse was short and every time he opened his mouth on the subject a political triage ensued; and Obama is a master political tactician compared to the likes of Harris, AOC, and Abrams.

      • With regards to gerontocracy, Obama was relatively young but within a year or so his presidency he moved and acted like a seventy year-old man. Like he aged 20 years. The system seems to be designed to smash youthful vigor, which was probably another reason they hated Trump, who at 72 acted younger than most of the people in their 40’s and 50’s.

      • Exactly. I made the same point somewhere on the thread.

        The Dems will need to keep fielding white candidates because whites don’t like being called racist by rich, pampered blacks and Hispanics. And whites really hate being called racists by any Asian or Hindu.

        But, of course, fielding white candidates pisses off the non-white contingent of the Dems. It’s going to be fun to watch.

      • They will tolerate whatever is forced upon them.

        Monopoly of force combined with the private sector wall of anti-whiteness will keep them swallowing that vomit all day long.

    • The difference is that the old Soviet nomenklatura were actually the guys in charge. In today’s world, they’re just meat puppets – I bet if you could make a list of the 100 most influential people in the world, none of us would recognize a single one.

      • my impression of that era is the nomenklatura were 2nd tier inner party (maybe upper outer party)?

  35. I saw the WSJ article before Z’s, and I, in truth, burst out laughing at the third paragraph in the WSJ article: They note Hildabeast is younger than Biden. I understand factually true, but still, it is simply hilarious.

  36. Hillary Clinton – good lord, that old bag will just never go away. Chucked aside in ’08, soundly beaten in ’16 – maybe three times is a charm – for her, not the rest of this (former) country. Man, what a joke this place has become. AOC might as well run on the T&A platform. Couldn’t be any worse (well, not really) than everything else we’re seeing these days.

  37. Sportsball metaphors are overused, but I like the “farm team” one from baseball. You can either draft and develop your own talent, or you can field a team the way the Yankees stereotypically do: Sign every aging big-name slugger and former Cy Young winner you can find, so that every guy on the field is a former All Star… but is also in his late 30s.

    Maybe that team wins you the World Series, but often it doesn’t, because pro ballplayers hit the wall faster and harder than female pop singers. The pitcher suddenly loses his fastball; the slugger all of a sudden can’t catch up to one, so now you’ve got some second baseman you’re paying $30 million a year, and he’s a replacement-level player. And you can’t bench him, because — $30 million investment aside — he’s Billy Bigname. You can’t bench Billy Bigname!

    Politics seems to work on a similar principle. You can’t put Bernie, Hillary, Nancy, the various Bushes, etc. out to pasture — they’re the Billy Bignames of politics. Of course people will vote for them! They’re Billy Bigname! The franchise that follows the Yankees model often goes through the dreaded “rebuilding phase,” where they’re not just terrible, they’re laughingstocks. Alas, that’s where the metaphor breaks down, because even though Red Sox fans love it when the Yankees go through another “rebuild,” in the non-metaphor world, the Red Sox fans have nuclear weapons.

    • “because pro ballplayers hit the wall faster and harder than female pop singers”
      Alanis Morrisette would like a word with you! She gracefully stumbled through the wall…

    • Another example from sports was George Allen, ooach of the Washington Redskins, who famously traded draft choices for veterans;

      Good post by the Z-man! I note that Bernie Sanders, who probably should have been the 2020 Democratic nominee, is 80. I’m not sure sure Hillary can wait until 2024; is she physically capable of campaigning, I wonder if the plan is to replace Kamala Harris with Hillary, and then replace Biden with her. She could then as an incumbent with so much to do that campaigning is impossible, don’t you know!

      • I’ve been pushing that idea since about day two. The intervening year has only made it seem easier for Clinton.

    • Baseball did go kicking and screaming into the analytics age. Only when “rebuilding” didn’t become a code word for “suck for another 10 years” and instead became “win the world series in 3, just you wait!” did baseball become interesting again, at least for a time.

      Politics however has become as fossilized as the Catholic Church (pre-Vatican II) and allowing fresh young meat to bubble up and wow the crowd is anathema to them. “What if our youngster says something edgy! My God the press will have a field day!” is Pelosi-McConnell’s way of thinking. I do think they want politics to be boring again, and let any revolutionary spirit die on the vine.

      • Which is yet more proof — if anyone still needs any — that no one is in charge. Into the 1960s, at least, the Party bigshots knew how to handle junior members. A Senate Majority Leader like LBJ would’ve given an AOC type a good talking-to, and that would’ve been that (John C. Calhoun would’ve had her thumbs broken if she even looked at a smartphone, but that was a different era). Now these clowns mouth off anywhere, at any time, and nobody even dreams of shutting them down. Neither “side” of the Uniparty has any discipline at all. I really wouldn’t be surprised to see some kind of “caning of Sumner” incident here in the near future. I mean, why not? It’ll be a very very fake and gay version, of course — a twinky slap fight — but given the emotional tenor of the place, you know it’s gonna happen sooner or later…

        • Oh what I’d give to see an honest to goodness Sumner caning on the floor of the House or Senate.
          Even the most vitriolic Twitter fight pales by comparison. The duel. Now that would really add some spice to the proceedings.

        • Or is it that the people in charge aren’t actually terribly smart – or at least savvy? If our ruling class was actually very smart and capable, then presumably the bipartisan smartest-guy set would have had the experience and insight to give the likes of Theranos a wide berth. Instead, what was an obvious exercise in smoke and mirrors attracts some of the biggest names in government. How does that happen except as an exercise in ideology-addled hubris?

          • Fraud at every level.

            When your entire life is a series of fraudulent schemes its just another trough to get into.

    • The Democrats don’t really have anyone young to push these people aside though. Corey Booker and Kamala were supposed to fill that role and failed spectacularly. That they took a total non entity like Mayor Pete and made him a serious contender and gave him a Cabinet post shows how bad off they are. They don’t even seem to have a serious plan, the people in power are true believers in all the diversity nonsense. Most of them believe Stacey Abrams could be President and the country would continue to hum along just fine.

      • Sticking with the metaphor, Mayor Pete is like a high school pitcher who can throw 98 but can’t hit the strike zone, or a high school slugger who can’t hit a curve. “Analytics” be damned, teams still keep drafting these kids, because they assume it can be taught… But it can’t, at least not to adults. Mayor Pete checked all the boxes, so he has all the “tools” as the scouts say. Now it’s just a matter of teaching him how to use them… Ooops. Another big time draft bust. Why oh why does that keep happening?

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