Woke Dawn

A popular bit of wish-casting among conventional conservatives has been the line “Go Woke, go broke”. This is the unfounded belief that the companies embracing the latest cultural Marxist fads are being punished by the marketplace. It has become a Pavlovian chant among the sorts of people who comment at sites like Breitbart, whenever they do a story on a major brand jumping on the identity train. The fact that no one has gone broke does not seem to register with them.

This is why Hollywood, which should be the most sensitive to the marketplace, proudly embraces the latest cultural Marxist fads. Contrary to the claims in this post at the Daily Mail, Hollywood knows they have no fears of going broke. They have been siding with the cultural commissars since the dawn of the mass media age. Watch an old Chaplin film and his communism jumps out, even without sound. Watch a film like the Manchurian Candidate and the politics are plain.

One reason Hollywood has no fear of going broke is they know most people will find a way to look past the propaganda. They can pack a superhero movie with a lot of propaganda, as long as they also pack in the special effects. The people rushing off to see this stuff are too culturally illiterate to catch the messaging anyway. Even if they do see it, they happily filter it out so they can enjoy the explosions and cartoon fight scenes that are the main draw off these shows.

There is also the fact that people have to watch something. The reason Soviet cinema was hugely influential on American cinema is because it existed. Even in the most repressive regimes, entertainment flourishes. Stalin understood the power of movies, he was a huge film buff, and not just because of the propaganda. He knew, as all authoritarians know, the people need their entertainment. This is why he supported Soviet film and so much of it was produced.

The Soviet citizens were happy to consume it. The typical urbanite in communist Moscow consumed party product then waited for the next party product. Sure, the stories were wrapped around popular communist themes, but they also had all of the human drama and plot twists of any other story. Obviously, there was no box office, but the party kept track of what was popular and rewarded those filmmakers who were popular with Soviet audiences.

This has always been the paradox of marketism. The people who preach the power of the marketplace never look up to notice that the market does not work like their libertarian textbooks claim. The cereal aisle at your local market is not a bizarre full of vendors demanding your attention. It is a couple of cereal makers, one main link in the supply chain and strategically planned shelf space. Your decision was made for you long before you discovered the joy of Cap’n Crunch®.

The reason is, not all consumers are the same. The guy with power commands more attention than the guy with no power. Every Soviet filmmaker thought first of what Stalin would like and then what the party would like in the same way that Hollywood frets about what the cultural commissars are thinking. The reason is the people who insure and underwrite films care about those things too. The “me too” movement revealed that Hollywood is an effect, not a cause of culture.

This is why the ad makers have erased white men from their ads. The people making the ads do not care about the consumers. Why should they? They are not the customer for the ad maker. The customer is the bitter, middle-aged single woman decorating the C-suites at the corporate client. They need to hear they are empowered; despite the fact they have pointless jobs as ornaments. The ad makers know their business, so they sell them ads that tell them they are important.

That is one aspect of this explosion of cultural madness. The last thirty years has seen an explosion in credentialed luxury people. These are people who went through the credentialing system, told at every step that their life not only has meaning to them but is vital to the world, only to find themselves doing busy work. Ask the diversity officer what she does for a living and the shame on her face is obvious. At some level, she knows her life really has no meaning whatsoever.

Of course, to many it is just a grift. Watch a video on the life of a pornographer and you see the same ethical reality you see with many of the people pushing diversity. Robin DiAngelo is a grifter and she has always known it. She is not morally troubled by her grift, because she has the moral compass of a pimp. The big diversity conferences look like a white bread version of the Players Ball. The reason is the people involved at the top of the game have the mentality of a hustler.

This falseness is why the “diversity” is usually ridiculous. When they cast a black actor to play Henry VIII, it is not for diversity. Sure, in their pitch meeting the people plotting this will make the proper noises, but that is just part of the process. This is just the easiest, laziest way to tick the box and get attention for it. Otherwise, nothing has to be changed, as the “diverse” version is just the previous version with different costumes and the costume is the actor’s skin.

A good recent example of this is the Amazon series The Wheel of Time. It is a fantasy show based on a novel series of the same name. When it debuted it got some press for its diversity, but that lasted a week. The reason is the industry sponsored fan sites care as much about diversity as the writers, which is not much at all. What mattered is the sensitive psyche of the harridans at their one client, Amazon. They wanted lots of skin tone, so they were shown lots of skin tone.

That is why the diversity is shallower than the writing and dialogue. All of the characters are stock figures from the fantasy series casting company. In fact, other than skin tone, the series is less diverse than an NBA team. This is a fantasy show so the writers could have produced a variety of different and complex races, but that would be more trouble than it is worth. Once Amazon saw the cast, they quickly signed the show for a second season, because the right boxes were ticked.

A truth of life is that all societies are hierarchical. Democracy and capitalism are very clever ways for the elites to drug the masses into thinking they have a say in how society is managed. There is always someone in charge of every human group and America is no different. Those people have embraced this weird religion we call wokeness and they intend to impose it on society. The marketplace is not going to magically protect you from this madness.

On the other hand, it does tempt people from the fog of democracy and the marketplace into the sober reality of human organization. Before these cultural pogroms launched thirty years ago, the typical right-winger was sure all he needed to do is vote harder and buy the right brand of cereal. Despite their rhetoric, the typical left-winger also bought into the myth of democracy and the marketplace. They thought the will of the people mattered to the decision makers.

Now, the right is increasingly skeptical of democracy and the marketplace. Reality is beginning the breakthrough and that is largely due to the wokeness. The old Left is also having to reevaluate their view of these things. The political divide is forming up around the old “who? whom?” partisanship. There are those with power and access to power and those who have no power. The people with power wear wokeness like it is a symbol of party rank. Everyone else now gets to see it.

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192 thoughts on “Woke Dawn

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  2. Another popular capitalist/conservative myth is that unlimited real estate financial speculation somehow leads to massive development. Actually, it leads to population collapse, whether it happens in South Korea or Australia. Banking money has nothing to do with any kind of free market.

  3. That misandric Gillette ad still has me scratching my head. A razor company catering to Feminists, a group of women who aren’t exactly notorious for shaving. Right.

  4. Wokeism is a secular religion created to fill the vacuum created when our founding religion, Christianity, was abandoned.

    Ours is a guilt culture, a legacy of our biblical / Christian roots. In contrast the ancient Greeks were a shame culture.

    Each culture has is own approach to wrongdoing.  In shame cultures what matters is what other people think of you, thus you avoid embarrassment and the loss of face.  Whereas in guilt cultures it’s what the inner voice of conscience tells you.  In shame cultures we’re actors playing our part on the public stage.  In guilt cultures we’re engaged in inner conversation with the better angels of our nature.

    In shame cultures, if we’re caught doing wrong, there’s a stain on our character that only time can erase.  But guilt cultures make a sharp distinction between the doer and the deed, the sinner and the sin.  That’s why guilt cultures focus on atonement and repentance, apology and forgiveness.  The act was wrong, but on our character there’s no indelible stain.

    In shame cultures, if you’ve done wrong, the first rule is, don’t get caught. Only admit when every other alternative has failed, because you’ll be disgraced for a very long time.

    How do you behave when no one is looking?

    Diversity & multiculturalism has diluted our Christian sense of guilt. We feel no shame. We are never guilty. We are all Nihilist now.

    • Excellent observation & comment, but now add some context. Each modality (public shaming or introspective guilt) is a feedback mechanism that works to minimize harmful behaviors. In some social environments, shaming works best (Japan for example), while in other environments, a guilty conscience tends to be more effective. What exists is what persists because it “worked” in that time & place.

      We are now living in an environment of extremely rapid change driven largely by modern technology; which in turn has led to the extinction of real hardship, existential threat, and natural fitness selection. In modern civilizations, law & order mechanisms are most often used to accomplish the same goals as shaming & guilt, namely minimize anti-social behaviors. And this mechanism is now being defeated by Soros-funded district attorneys that will no longer enforce laws or punish criminal behavior. And the police will not arrest a DA for malfeasance (they are part of the same team), so it falls to average citizens to rise up and right the ship before it’s too late. Liberty must be earned, and that takes work and sacrifice.

      • Thanks TomA.

        Furthermore, if one does not feel shame, if one doesn’t feel guilt, then the only guard rail left is law enforcement.

        So what happens when crime goes unpunished? Vigilantism. The laws of the jungle. Crime. Pre civilization Darwinian “justice”.

    • >In contrast the ancient Greeks were a shame culture.

      Highly debatable. Morality hypothetical like Gorgias’ Ring wouldn’t even be posited in a shame culture.

      • Homer. Achilles, Hector. Why did they fight? Honor. Pride. To run away from danger would be a terrible disgrace. Shameful. “Come home with your shield or on it”. Molon labe was uttered by a man who would be too ashamed to surrender. Shame on himself, his ancestors, and on his family.

  5. I really don’t think blacks understand what wokeness is all about. They actually think they are equal in all things and deserve whatever positions they find themselves thrust into. It hasn’t occurred to them that wokeness is simply a case of ‘let them play’, that it is done out of sympathy and guilt, and that it is patronising in the extreme (so patronising that it is hard to understand how any black would demean themselves by accepting those token positions).

    Perhaps if that was simply and adequately explained to them they would be like “ooooohhh, I see” and that would be the end of wokeness. It would just take the right words from the right orator.

  6. Bad news. There’s a woke singularity ahead, and it may be unavoidable according to a new study from the Manhattan Institute (courtesy of Rod Dreher at TAC). The results indicate wokeness will only get worse as the demographics continue changing. We’re nowhere near a woke nadir, and much of what passes for woke advertising is merely corporations responding to the new demographics they think (rightfully) are replacing the older, more tolerant, more intellectual one — White Caucasians.

    There is the expectation among the entertainment industries that the future is diverse, so they’ve perhaps jumped the gun with inclusion to the point where the older generation suddenly realizes what’s happening. But the TikTok generation is all into it. Thus, they believe they can go woke without going broke. In the future, they’ll be right (they think) — even if there are occasional exceptions in the present.

    Of course, that may not always translate into the new demographics being able to afford certain things or even being interested in them, as some shows like Star Trek & movies like The Eternals have recently found out. That’s why everything from Hollywood is lowest common denominator: new demographics aren’t into the things old demographics were, so Hollywood is trying to revamp legacy properties with cgi ‘splosions, cheap writers / actors, and superficial representation so everyone will like them. Turns out, they are having a hard go of it, but that doesn’t mean they’ll ever stop; they can’t because that’s the new audience. Turns out, mass immigration had consequences. One is our people being shut out of our own culture.


    “First, we must do away with the thought that wokeness is a passing fad. It’s here to stay, not only for the reasons N.S. Lyons identified the other day, but also because, as Prof. Kaufmann demonstrates, it is popular with a majority of young Americans. You would be foolish to think that they will grow out of it. We have to have a long-term plan to deal with it.”


      • Wokeness has been around probably almost as long as civilization. It has gone by different names like abolitionists or cathars.

        Its ongoing streak of over half a century of unquestioned moral power in western states is unprecedented. And they were never that successful in the past. You’d have some counter force that beat them back and we’ve had absolutely nothing other than reality, laws of existence.

    • blah, blah blah says the analysis.
      Its popular for same reason a certain fashion style for a clothing season is popular.

      They are planned out well in advance, the manufacturers agree on the “style”, the clothes are produced in advance, shipped to all the distribution stores and then the massive media vectors push for the “new look” saturates the public and people do what they are told like a robot. Hey presto that is the popular look for millions of people.

      Its intentional, manufactured in advance and sold in the same way. as any fashion product or music genre. Its not organic in any form.

      • Social media is a much stronger driver of the culture than any corporation. It’s definitely organic in the sense that active social media users, typically the left, are able to set what trends become popular. The days of the Sears Catalogue setting the culture are long over.

        • You completely missed the point.

          Social media is exactly driven like Fashion.

          The originators prep the product and use the media vectors to propagate the product that exist solely to do this.

          Its the exactly the same.

    • Corporations were woke in the 1960s, when the new demographic hadn’t even arrived.

      There is something else other than dumb lolbert supply and demand homeconomicus going on.

      • American corporations back in the 1960s were active in the Civil Rights Movement, so they were woke as you said; but the culture was woke before corporations were in many cases. When the cultural zeitgeist changed, it was anticipated that black Americans and their supporters would be their future customers (and non-Whites overseas that might be offended by American racial policies).

        There was a profit motive in corporate actions. A new demographic was emerging, and they didn’t want to offend it by being “on the wrong side of history.” One might argue corporations were responding to the changing cultural zeitgeist, not making it themselves. They were expanding to serve a new customer base previously ignored. And the other side provided no resistance because DR3 — plus they were old, thus yesterday’s news in a capitalist society.

        Black culture, and White liberal deification of blacks, was far more widespread in the 1950s and 60s youth culture (late night television, music, movies, bars & clubs) than probably many assume. I’ve seen several movies recently from the early 1960s that feature the kindly black-acting-white stereotype character doing kind deeds for well-meaning Whites. I was taken back a bit after being told how oppressed black Americans were during this era — but there they were, practically everywhere I looked in popular media during this time period (and treated well, irrespective of Michael King’s assertion to Nichele Nichols to the contrary).

        That’s part of what drove the Civil Rights Era: young kids seeing kindly, hip and cool blacks-acting-white in the culture and, based on this image, rushing to defend these people from injustice … and corporations seeing changing attitudes among future customers and rushing to get ahead of it lest they be left out.

        Of course, it’s more complicated than that, but it did play a role. Corporations exist to sell product and make profit. If you change the existing customer base through mass immigration (or enriching another through welfare and social deification), then it’s not surprising corporations might try — however ineptly — to serve the new customer base, perhaps to the detriment of the old one or to overall quality. As I said, mass immigration has consequences. One is that we suddenly find ourselves locked out of our own culture.

        It gets more complicated from this point because what might have started out as the rational actions — profit, self-preservation — of the elite has devolved into an irrational religious culture promoted by midwits and mental defects.

    • Cancer will persist until it kills you or you get treatment (such as chemo, radiation or surgery). Wokeness disease is no different. It will either kill our society or the sane among us will rise up and choose to implement the necessary remedies. The latter is often quite hard and painful, but most would agree that it preferable to early death. This used to be common sense. And sitting on your hands is suicide in slow motion.

  7. There is no incentive for executives to remove wokeness from their products as doing so could be construed as a heresy against the progressive narrative, resulting in career suicide.

    “Oh, so you oppose making Transformers robots literally transsexual? You think the green M&M should keep her high heels? G.I. should be a boys action-adventure comic and not a parody of the Village People? Bigot! Fired.”

    So woke activist employees are continually able to foist their politics on large companies without reprimand from higher ups because no one will risk sticking his neck out for something most adult professionals think is silly anyways.

    IDW COMICS made TRANSFORMERS and G.I.JOE gay while you weren’t looking!


  8. Not so much “get woke, go broke” as “go broke, get woke” by corporations on the brink thinking this will insure their survival.

  9. Reading this in Hollywood ( California that is ) the little Irish devil sitting on my left shoulder, clinking his bottles asked me if I thought this formula for entertainment, film specifically applied to the adult film industry just over the hill. I remembered hearing a story on NPR a few years ago that was addressing the fact that white girls breaking into to the business were exempt from ‘ burning coal’ for the first year or so and how that was racist and made the melanin enhanced ‘ actors’ feel bad. I’m thinking that’s not the case anymore. All I could say to the little fella was Yadum Das Ziner…. Apologies for the pig-German in advance.

  10. An odd trend I’ve noticed recently is the casting of homely diverse women as supposed great beauties. Take Wheel of Time. One of the main female characters “Egwene” is a local beauty with two men in love with her. but if you look at the actress’s face, she’s homely as hell. And is it any wonder? She’s part Aborigine.

    In The Umbrella Factory, a boxy black girl “Allison” is a famous movie star who’s considered a great beauty. But she’s average-looking at best.

    In Bridgerton, a new London debutante, “Marina” is so “beautiful” that she’s mobbed by young aristocratic men dying to court her. But any viewer with eyes can see that she’s not nearly pretty enough to attract that kind of attention, particularly from rich white men.

    It’s like the producers of this junk believe that if they tell us these women are beautiful, it will change our ideas of what beauty is.

    Is it working? Call me optimistic, but I don’t think so.

    (Apologies for the double posting. I accidentally posted this as a reply to someone else, when I meant this to be a reply to the article itself.)

    • I always interpret this as an effort to humiliate the viewers who actually know better. Like being forced to acknowledge that the dear leader had 18 holes in one because you better not acknowledge the truth. Same idea.

      • That “thing” currently on Jeopardy is a good example, they’re rubbing it in the old timers faces We took a hard working White country and turned it into a kosher shithole.

        • It sure seems that every challenger to Him/Her is, shall we say, intellectually challenged even more than usual?

    • It is the Twilight and 50 shades phenomena. The female leads are written and cast to be featureless, soul-less marionette placeholders for a female audience to imagine themselves into. Men want to watch heros, women want to place themselves into the middle of the story as the heroinne. The eternal solipsism of the female mind – it is only of interest if they can convince themselves they are the center of attention. The list of these unremarkable Plain Jane actresses playing Mary Sue beauty queens is long and will be much longer before the gynocentrism of mass media dies off.

      • I would agree with you, except for the fact that I can’t see many white women wanting to imagine themselves as homely black women.

        In Twilight, it’s true that Bella was featureless, so I see your point there. But we’ve now gone beyond that. In the case of “Wheel of Time,” “Bella” is cast as a homely Aborigine who looks like she’s two days away from a unibrow. It’s very odd.

        (While I’m replying, I should also correct my initial comment. I meant “Umbrella Academy”, not “Umbrella Factory.” Big difference there.)

  11. I saw the other day that Ta-Hiti, whatever his name is never bothered to learn to spell it and spelling isn’t my strong suit anyway lol – Bongo Coates, that’s it, anyway this uber race grifter, is working on a Superman film where Superman is, you guessed it, black. Before that, in one of the last films, the one where he has a scaly suit, Superman more or less lost a fight to Urs or whatever General Zod’s concubine is called. So I guess Superman is just following its trajectory.

    This comes on top of one of the last, but not the latest, James Bond films where they briefly play with the idea of Bond being gay. Next I guess we’ll learn that Indiana Jones was the lover not of the Princess of some exotic kingdom full of old temples but of her brother. And since this is all fantasy I guess it can’t be worse than a black Henry VIII.

    I am sure marketing to the bitter maid political commisars plays a role but I also sense that a sadistic pleasure in rubbing or noses in it, making our childhood heroes gay or black or both, is part of this. I sense the wickedness of the pathetic loser beta male behind much of this.

    • Perhaps.

      But it also works to set history.

      People looking at this stuff in 20 years will see so many blacks in historical settings it won’t even register that it was ever something else.

      Couple this with no statues and literature and you will within even living memory have reset what future generations will see as the reality of the current present.

      Its just prepping history for the future demographic change in some sense. You provide the new comers with a ready made history in the new land.

      • Fully agree. What I find most disturbing is while they are removing statue and literature, they are not substituting with their own history and accomplishments. They are stealing white history and accomplishments and putting their face on it.

        As for adverts, I did learn something new. I never knew that Joggers would fight over Old Spice, go figure.

      • Yes, exactly. Cultural genocide, which is underway in the West, requires not only replacement people but replacement history. Distortions become realities after the genocide.

  12. Money is merely ones and zeros representing IOUs. They can create money anytime by a signature on a promissory note. For the insiders, interest rates are below inflation; they can simple borrow and wait. Vast sums are created and handed out whenever they can come up with a suitable pretext. In event that no gimmick can be found, the debts are extinguished and the assets are transferred to a cousin at fire sale prices.

    What is important is the tribal existence. Their tribe and our tribe locked in a cage match. They will accept no outcome but that we be destroyed. And Humiliated, in stories they shall tell. To Abuse our children slowly and painfully in front of us they extinguish them.

    Woke and Broke are merely means to their ends.

    The Czar, his wife and their children were brought into a room. First they killed the mother in front of the father and children. Then the children, one by one. They tore their bodies apart with their bare hands. Smeared their blood on the walls.

    So far it’s still small scale here. A driver runs over a Christmas parade, our kids being duped to chop off their genital. Steady and growing. Both Woke, and Broke, are our warning.

    • Its a cage match where one side can’t accept they are in a fight, denies the other fighter exists and keep getting smashed in the face without an apparent source of the assault.

      The brain damage just keeps piling up and the guy just can’t accept what is happening.

  13. In the series “Ted Lasso” the attractive, White, middle-aged female owner of the football team ends up in bed with one of her own players, a very young sub-Saharan. Even the circumstances in their getting together were incredible. To me this was an in-your-face f*** you to White People by the TPTB in producing this show. I hate these people with a white-hot hate.

    • Heh. You’re still watching the cuck porn. Be honest, thats what it is. Gotta consoooooooommm that third world feces sandwich, what else can you do? Its not possible to just not take a bite, you gotta do what they toldja.

      • Its aimed at White women. Who love love love that stuff like a BLM rally and a Pussy Hat rage march.

        Indeed the streamers neither want nor need male viewers, and do everything in their power to drive them off. Because they are not about a mass media audience — they neither want nor need that. Rather, they are all about selling lots of data (who paused on what scene, who rewound it, etc) for select demos: White women ages 12-35, blacks, etc. You as a White man have data that is value-less and thus your viewership is worthless and a bother.

    • I stopped watching when I saw that coming. Add to that the black player is the nicest and smartest player on the team. OK, sure.

  14. “The people making the ads do not care about the consumers. Why should they? They are not the customer for the ad maker. The customer is the bitter, middle-aged single woman decorating the C-suites at the corporate client.”

    Being in the ad business, I cannot stress enough how true this is. Job one is to give the client what he wants. If, as is standard now, the client wants to “showcase our diversity” (you have no idea how many times I’ve heard that phrase in the business) then by Gaia, that’s what they will do. Also, the effete, hipster types populating the ad business naturally subscribe to wokeness, so it’s a case of common interests.

    • Its amazing what constant unrelenting propaganda can do to set people’s supposed views.

      Stalin would have jizzed himself silly for such a set of all pervasive control mechanisms.

  15. 1. When did Z get kicked off (((You)))tube? I watched the podcast Friday, but have been unplugged since then. Permanent? Not a big deal, just idle curiosity.
    2. I think you touch on, at various points in this post, the truth in the line you quote so often “bread and circuses.” The superficial desires of too many people is what allows people to look past the propaganda in movies and focus on the football score or the special effects in a movie. Craving for sugar allows them to find difference between the same processed crap in the grocery stores. The crisis is that depth is lost, and these large suppliers are quick to provide superficial stimulation. Your point on diversity being the tool to generate buzz is apt, for the pushers role shifts to produce as much consumable crap as possible with new schticks for advertising. They are like drug dealers with an insatiable and ever increasingly jaded clientele.
    I was thinking about this just yesterday. I was having a conversation with someone I generally like, and we were listing off favorite authors. To my list, the retort was ‘so many dead white men.’ I responded that I see not much universal truth in most black writers. There are some exceptions, but most are so focused on the superficial aspects of skin color that they do not write literature of universal appeal. They are so obsessed with pushing an agenda or focusing on the superficial excitement of the day that they write books that have no appeal to me. I reread recently The Scarlet Letter. I read it in high school decades ago and did not think much of it. I reread it recently, and I was blown away by the way Hawthorne delves into the depths of the human heart and society in a way that both gives structure while avoiding moralizing (in a book about the topic of morals!). Most modern authors (not just PoC), just like modern moviemakers, are simply obsessed with providing cheap, superficial content that fills the void for a few minutes or hours. The Scarlet Letter is a book any person of any color can, if thoughtful, pick up and really reflect on their own life and learn something. Hawthorne setting is an allegory for the world we all live in. Unfortunately, most products of society today are, because of their superficiality, simply highs that help people forget about the world we live in.

    • “The crisis is that depth is lost”

      Depth of culture, depth of reasoning, depth of relationships and the sense of meaning, depth of value, this is true on many levels and very important. Take one example, you can make a strong case that we are moving towards a bleak future, possibly trending towards extinction. But that is not enough to get Joe Normie off the couch. He cannot mentally asign sufficient depth of value to everything he has ever known and cared for. In part, you could argue, because the depth of his care for his civilization, is insufficient. Again decadence, the great civilization killer.

  16. Z-Man, I have a different take. First, the constant always all black, all the time, with various sub-plots: all White women particularly attractive ones belong to black men, White men should be incels or stuck with ugly non-Whites, all White men are either evil or doofuses, the future belongs to non White women, etc. are radicalizing and might as well be Triumph of the Will propaganda. Trump got his start after all of White nerds energized and angry about video games turned into Woke feminist propaganda. More angry RedPill White guys have been created by Woking up Star Wars and Star Trek than a million Jared Taylor talks or anything written by anyone on VDARE. White dudes have an emotional connection to their heroes of their childhood, and trashing them for black female Space Jesus or Mary Sue Feminist Space Jesus just makes them angry. The Red Detachment of Women had more emotional pull and convincing emotional effect.
    Second, this is driven by Hollywood’s attempt to make money cheaply like a Tech Firm. Tech firms make money by selling your data. And not all data has worth. The data for White women, blacks, and various strong empowered women of color have value, that for White men have none. Zero. Zilch. Nada. We are just generally impervious to ads and so in an ad market our desires count for nothing because our data is worth nothing.
    Hollywood tries and mostly fails with big budget diversity: Lady Ghostbusters with ugly Leslie Jones, the last few Star Wars films, Eternals, Shang-Chi, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson is now old and her character killed off), etc. Feature a mostly White male cast like the last Spider-Man film with White dudes being heroes and the box office was large. But those cost a lot, not just effects but actors. So the idea is that streaming, even if it is all woke, and features cheap disposable non-White, non-Male actors can generate enough data sales revenue to make money with the up front cost being funded by marks (investors).
    This has come crashing down. High inflation means higher rates, meaning stock investment crashes for tech firms including Hollywood. The model depended on a low interest rate environment for ten years to push people into tech stocks searching for yield. Its not just Netflix losing 25% of its value off the news that their subscriber growth in the US/Europe is capped. There is no money to be made in Indian or Chinese streaming by US firms for obvious reasons. Monthly rates would have to be $55 for subscribers to cover costs of production and acquisition. Inflation of course means consumers cut spending, EBay is filled with old DVDs of stuff done thirty years ago, better, and cheaper. OTA networks run tons of re-runs from the 1950s-1990s that cost nothing to watch.
    Its like a business exec embracing ESG. Eventually powerful investors in inflation want returns to stay in business. Its easy to not make a profit and make Twitter happy — but when inflation hits say 25% that goes from CEO survival to irrelevant fast.

    • My husband still watches NFL games and he says the teams have stopped with the kneeling/BLM crap. They didn’t go broke, but they got the message. Gillette didn’t go broke either from making the most insulting commercial to White men ever and playing it to the largest audience of the year, but I have no doubt it did hit their bottom line. My husband, who will not give up his beloved football, is still ordering his razors on-line from Harry’s (although they went all woke too just not in such a spectacularly boneheaded way). The commercials for football are still completely black, blackity, black, black, and dumb White guys, but they’re mute/bathroom break/make a sandwich time anyway. Putting your money where your principles are is not going to cause any multi-national to go out of business or even pull their head out of their collective butts, but it still makes a difference. Any action even by one individual that decreases the bottom line of these perfidious organizations is a strike for our side.

      • At this point, I have to consider anyone watching football as a lost cause. The NFL is a Great Anti-White Shark surrounded by anti-white pilot fish in the form of its sponsors and jock-sniffing media groupies.

        • Yeah, I agree. It’s an addiction as far as I can tell. He did only watch “ADD” football (highlights all the touchdowns,etc.of the day) and not the whole games when the idiocy was at its peak, but that’s about it. It’s not something I admire if that means anything.

          One interesting tidbit is there’s a good chance the 2 teams in the Stuper Bowl will have good looking White quarterbacks this year. I’ve believed this game is rigged ever since that SB game where Krapernick lost with under a minute to play, first and goal at the 2 yard line. It was also the one where the lights mysteriously went out for 33 minutes and the halftime show was Beyonce marching around in military attire. So if the 2 charismatic quarterbacks scenario comes to pass I consider it a small bone being thrown to its actual audience. Although the halftime show is apparently a bunch of rappers so who knows. It’s all crap whatever way you look at it.

      • “My husband still watches NFL games and he says the teams have stopped with the kneeling/BLM crap.”

        But they didn’t stop hating him or wanting him dead.

    • They wont learn, but the Spider-Man movie was a white pill. Put not one, but three white males as main heroic characters (others villains were white too) and the theaters will be full to the brim. Obviously this was not intentional, but they had to bring actors from previous movies (when straight white males were ok, they even discussed their heterosexual love interests, surprise that they did not come out of the closet) and the story was not too propagandistic.

      People cheered a lot in the theater when the actors from previous Spider-Man movies entered the scene. The movie was helped a lot by the indifference Sony has for woke material, they also had a lot of success with Ghostbusters: Afterlife where the cast is also problematic (too many whites LOL) and the plot is just mindless entertainment (the gall).

      Anyway, not fully intentional, but ironically the main success of the year was a non woke movie with three straight white male characters. If they had some interest in making money they would take notes. But I agree with Zman that Hollywood understands the long game and finance does not have to flow from a real interest in making money. The Federal Reserve can always print (or create it miraculously from electrons and keystrokes) more money on demand.

      They even tell you how they were always propaganda creators. The Disney museum in SF has a section on war propaganda. And the money to make it is federally created so it does not run out.

      • I believe I’ve commented elsewhere about this same film, it’s a sad measure of how drowned in woneness we are that anyone considers the latest Spider-man film non-woke. It is very woke.

      • Ghostbusters: Afterlife was very woke. Its protagonist was an androgynous, tribe looking female who famously uttered something about stupid guns.

  17. Perhaps “Go Woke, G0 Broke” does work, but it operates on a much longer timeframe than we want.

    I look at Wokeness like a cancer. The cell-destroying Wokeness (not the propaganda side but the “we’re going to start implementing this” side) started on the college campuses in the 1990s and early 2000s. (Again, yes, the propaganda and theory behind Wokeness started a long time ago, but where it started to actually impact the body, so to speak, was on college campuses in the 1990s.)

    From there, it began to spread as the graduates started to move into the HR and the newly-forming diversity departments of government agencies and corporations. At first, Joe Normie thought that the cancer could be contained in the HR and diversity departments, but it was always pushing to burst out.

    And for awhile, the cancer was reasonably contained, though it was making inroad via hiring and seminars. But the big break-out was 2020. BLM allowed the HR and diversity coordinators to push themselves into all other departments. Since everyone had to swear loyalty to Wokeness, there was no stopping its priests from taking over.

    Starting in 2021, the Wokeness cancer spread to the Wall Street via ESG, so now we have cancer in the blood stream.

    To me, Wokeness is a cancer that slowly (and, at other times, quickly) spreads. At first, the body doesn’t even realize that the cancer is there. Then, the body starts to feel the effects, but most days, you feel fine. (I think that we’re at this stage right now.) But if the cancer isn’t stopped, it will kill you, and the decline can be stunningly quick.

    We’ve past the stage where we could eliminate the cancer fairly easily. We’re still in the stage where we can beat it, but it’ll take a lot of pain and time. In a decade or so, it’ll be too late. That’s when you’ll see Go Woke, Go Broke.

    • Continuing this analogy.

      The immune system is constantly identifying and clearing up cancers in the body. It should now be obvious to people that a large amount of the control messages are bent towards preventing western countries developing a natural immune response to these cancers.

      That is their purpose and sorry Z-man its not some “emergent behavior”. Its a long running and actual organized conspiracy to ensure no immune response can be developed. Hence why the “white supremecy” thing has suddenly come to the fore just when whites would be needing to find a group identity.

      Much like the “vex”, media in all its forms is an immuno-suppressant that is used to head off a likely response path at any given time.

      As the ex-head of GCHQ said in a lecture.
      “Every morning I open my newspaper and for each story I ask myself why this? why now?”

      • Emergent behavior is mostly misunderstood because it’s abstract and so people don’t see it. There may well be conspiracies and there clearly is a lot of anti-white hatred. But the emergent behavior produced by widespread decadence and frivolity is where the real ‘immunosuppression’ you talk about comes from. To see why try imagining anti-white propaganda in some definitely non-decadent society like Queen Victoria’s England or Bismarck’s Prussia. Sure you’ll get some fool to go along for the shock value. But you will get nowhere. It is decadence that has rotten away our natural defenses to subversion. The conspiracies are secondary opportunists.

      • “Hence why the “white supremecy” thing has suddenly come to the fore just when whites would be needing to find a group identity.”

        That’s a very sharp take, and quite plausible. White identification is happening, and a certain group wants to stop it. That’s most assuredly why there is such a push for a war with Russia, and why conservatard radio commercials constantly push “people,” i.e., White Gentile males, to register for Selective Service (I would like to know how many are not registering now; it seems to have the right folks alarmed).

    • A counterexample is that Disney has seriously harmed its Star Wars franchise with the silly wokeness and ridiculous casting…The last couple of their films have definitely underperformed…And I and some of my friends have reacted to the all-black commercials by refusing to buy anything from the sponsors, which is pretty easy to do…

  18. Z-man, I was sorry to hear you’d been kicked off Youtube. You should expect to be kicked off all the podcast platforms, these things are always coordinated, and also this website domain seized, your bank accounts frozen including your individual one, and possibly your power turned off. I’m not kidding either.

    At a minimum you should have everything backed up, an alternate site set up and a TOR bookmark set up. VDARE has done that for over a year now in preparation and they have lawyers.

  19. “Those people (our cultural commisars) have embraced this weird religion we call wokeness and they intend to impose it on society. The marketplace is not going to magically protect you from this madness.”

    True but this piece doesn’t explain: why wokeness? The corporate lady in the C suite who owes her position to the luck of the diversity draw may be the market to which the producers of cultural products are catering but if so, why bother with the car chases and special effects the masses require? Why not just go full Leni Reiffensthal and fill the screen with self-glorifying porn? Hollywood must still need the money.

    #metoo happened because Harvey Weinstein made the wrong enemies and was a handy scapegoat. When #metoo took on Kavanaugh, it came up short. Then #metoo became just a means of pushing vulnerable white guys around. Diversity may be a scam but that doesn’t explain why the government-corporate merger has gone woke.

    You were on to something with your column re: Kyrsten. There’s your Sinema Verité. Trolling the power structure in a culture in which nothing matters. If woke is the cultural expression of the mind and soul of decadence, there’s your market. Maybe that explains woke’s attraction. BTW, I saw a live stage production in which an actress was cast in the role of as Shakespeare’s Richard II. She was quite good.

    • A woman as Richard II? I don’t care if she was good. Richard was a man and should be played by a man, a White Man. I suppose that the next thing that will happen is that a sub-Saharan will play the thane of Cawdor. May it never be so.

    • The “Me-Too” movement lost a lot of steam when it became apparent that the biggest abusers in Hollywood weren’t white guys, but (((white))) guys.

  20. “Ask the diversity officer what she does for a living and the shame on her face is obvious. At some level, she knows her life really has no meaning whatsoever.”

    Has anyone actually seen this phenomenon? While there will be some kind of cognitive dissonance going on within everyone, I doubt that any diversity officer has or will have shame for what they are doing. If they did, they would quit. One, they are not capable of shame. Two, the comps beat working for a living.

    If the desire for diversity really existed, and it was sane, you would have representation that approximated population numbers. For instance, blacks would be 13% of commercial actors, 13% of movie stars, 13% of sports stars, etc. Instead, their presence is wildly inflated. 20 years ago, you could ask a Chinese person what was an American and they would picture a White person in their mind. Today, young Chinese that consume American entertainment would conclude that blacks must represent at least half of the population of America. And in some things, even more. I don’t watch sports or sports “talk” shows, but occasionally I catch a glimpse at the gym. For a society that pretended to want a balanced view of racial groups in America, why are the majority of sports talk show talking heads black now? Is it because they dominate the sports that they talk about? They don’t actually exist to any significant degree in the sciences, mechanical, or technological fields, but to show an overwhelming number of Whites as representative would be “racist”. And this is another cliché the right uses. “Minorities can be racist, too!” Not according to the advertising narrative.

    • Minorities dominate the sports talkers, and increasingly other broadcast “talk” shows because that’s all they can do—lacking intellect—is talk. Vapid, unthinking, cliched, non-nuanced, talk. There was a YouTube video out a few years ago that filmed the “winning” Black debate team for some University. It went viral as it showed a bunch of “know-nothings” *shouting* down the other debate team with monkey-like gibberish. The Black team captain was indeed “proud” of their performance—thinking this was how the game was played.

      Years ago, when I was a grad student, there was a computer program that made the rounds. It was sort of a primitive attempt at AI. What it did was ask certain questions wrt a football/baseball game, and then produce a one or two paragraph description for a newspaper. The joke was of course, that the sports reporter field was so filled with low level sports writer hacks, who knew little more than sports cliches, that a computer could write an article (using those cliches) that could not be distinguished from a human. They were right.

  21. One of the main reasons that wokeness is so effective in “the marketplace” is that there is no real marketplace. It’s also the reason the vax mandate is so effective. Due to 40 years of low interest rates and a FTC that hasn’t done its job since the early 80′, we now have two or three conglomerates controlling about every industry. Think of how many airlines we had in the 80’s. Now…do you want to fly United or United? Sure there’s a couple others. That’s why flying is now the DMV at 30,000ft. A 1930’s term for this is fascism, which it is. The only difference is, the 1930’s fascism was pro-white and the current fascism is anti-white. So when the first woke company, Benetton, did its schtick in the 80’s, it was easy to steer around. Who wants to wear an ugly orange sweater anyway? What they were selling was wokeness, and all companies are now using the Benetton formula. The Benetton campaign probably won more advertising awards than any other in history and is likely to this day, taught in Marketing 101 as the pinnacle of a successful campaign, even though the brand itself stagnated and pretty much languished doing nothing.

    • Well there you go, “Go woke, go broke” actually does work, even for the pioneers! It’s just that you have to suffer through 3 to 4 decades of it first. Oh, and then they hand the baton off to a company even more insane.

    • An odd trend I’ve noticed recently is the casting of homely diverse women as supposed great beauties. Take Wheel of Time. One of the main female characters “Egwene” is a local beauty with two men in love with her. but if you look at the actress’s face, she’s homely as hell. And is it any wonder? She’s part Aborigine.

      In The Umbrella Factory, a boxy black girl “Allison” is a famous movie star who’s considered a great beauty. But she’s average-looking at best.

      In Bridgerton, a new London debutante, “Marina” is so “beautiful” that she’s mobbed by young aristocratic men dying to court her. But any viewer with eyes can see that she’s not nearly pretty enough to attract that kind of attention, particularly from rich white men.

      It’s like the producers of this junk believe that if they tell us these women are beautiful, it will change our ideas of what beauty is.

      Is it working? Call me optimistic, but I don’t think so.

  22. Since it seems like slogans that rhyme seem to be appraised a higher truthyness factor by the public, I propose a replacement for the one under discussion:

    “Go woke, get choked”.

  23. To expand on my comment below why I think, “Get Woke, Go Broke,” is failing to materialize, I am sharing a comment from Zero Hedge that attempts to explain that we now have Orwellian Monetary Theory:

    – Debt is good.

    – Lender is slave to the borrower.

    – Saving is Punished.

    – “Stable” now means increasing (prices) at a stable rate of increase. (2nd Fed mandate)

    – Extremely low interest rates are moderate, even though at immoderate record lows. (3rd mandate)

    – The future funds the present. (It is no longer incumbent on each generation to pay their debts.)

    – Free market economy is arranged by unbridled unelected power. (central bankers)

    – Democracy is ruled by these monetary dictators.

    – Inflation is good.

    – We can not raise rates because there is too much debt, so we must allow the current condition of zero cost debt creation to continue.

    – Rates must stay low to solve the employment situation, even though there are record job openings.

    – Not just Maximum employment the objective, but now also “inclusive employment”.

    – The Federal Reserve, once the buyer of last resort for banks, is now buyer of last resort for Wall Street.

    – Central banks, once bound to only deal in federally backed securities will now set up dummy operations, Special Purchase Vehicles to circumvent this restriction.

    – Central Banks that are in place to prevent inflation, promote inflation and let it run hot.

    – Central banking now includes addressing climate change, racial and gender equity and “financial inclusion.”

    – If the Fed Chairman walks past a “tent city” there is an employment problem in the nation, rates must thus be depressed, despite record job openings.

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  25. I have to chime in again. My wife and recently pulled the plug on a cable subscription. When we had cable, I’d only watch shows that were recorded so I missed the commercials. Now, we have YouTube TV and we are forced to watch commercials. We like travel shows, so one could imagine the types of commercials we are seeing. I think my blood pressure has increased 15 points. My favorite is a black dad and a daughter picking up trash at a national park. Has that EVER happened in the history of the world?

    • Go to any inner city clean up drive and it’s all former white residents volunteering. A few blacks for optics but not much gets done by them. Dey here for the free BBQ.

      • This x 1000%. For a decade or so I was one of those clueless, altruistic former white residents doing all the work while the ‘diversity’ lined up for the press photo shoot.

        As disgusted as I am with my former-altruism, it had the beneficial side-effect of waking me up to the reality of race and the nonsense that passes for our talmudized culture. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

    • Sure it has. If Dad and daughter were working the same work release program.
      It can happen.

      • Correct. A few years ago camping, hiking, fishing and hunting were labeled “racist” because blacks do not participate. That’s still the case even though if you watch a Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop commercial it is hard to believe.

        I need to read Z’s piece again, but my quick read takeaway was it is probably wrong (which may be wrong because it was really quick) about the economic consequences aspect to a large degree. Two words: Salvation Army. Funny and shocking how the colored folks didn’t pick up the slack.

        • I’ve heard this too. However, anytime I’m boating or fishing, I see more black fisherman than white ones. They seem to enjoy the sport just fine.

          • Maybe it is local or regional, but the blacks who fished and boated around here a few years back here were elderly. Most are dead or too disabled to fish and boat now. I have friends who enjoy the outdoors in other parts of the country and their experience is the same.

        • Jack: I always wonder if we can legitimately trust the corporate numbers any more than we can trust the government numbers. If a significant number of Whites genuinely stopped buying a product or effectively boycotted a store, would the company even deign to acknowledge it? As you note, the Salvation Army appeared to be begging Whites to resume funding their grift. But Target’s been massively woke for years. I remember reading numerous women saying they’d no longer shop there because of unisex changing rooms and bathrooms. I recently stopped into a couple of Targets for the first time in many years (looking for an egg substitute for baking unavailable elsewhere that I had seen recommended in online comments).
          Although it was admittedly a weekday, there were few shoppers – but no Target that I’m aware of has ever closed in my area. Perhaps, like the movies, their customer is not the consumer but those who are funding them.

          I really look at these purported shopper and consumer trends as an outsider. My mother was no gourmet chef, and my husband likes meat and potatoes, but I’ve rarely eaten what I see people lamenting the lack of in stores of late (tater tots, canned vienna sausages, etc.). I last really shopped at a mall in high school. I don’t watch tv or movies. I’ve pretty much separated myself from mass consumer culture and thus cannot accurately comment on trends in buying and behavior. And although I do buy too much online, it’s almost exclusively useful rather than frivolous items and I don’t have to dodge diversity to go out and get it.

          • Good question and good point. We seem on the cusp of a major economic downturn. Throw in an especially psychopathic forever war and it could become a collapse. This will be the first time since Woke got really rolling that times are hard, so we may get to see (a) if Woke doesn’t matter and/or helps corporations, or (b) if it has a negative impact, whether Woke gets tossed overboard or Big Business goes down with Big Woke.

            There are more than two times the numbers of White males alone than all 67 genders of blacks. If Woke helps or doesn’t matter, we should see the same Cabela’s commercials. If Woke has a negative impact, look for a possible Brady Bunch reunion on Cabela’s commercials.

            Based on what happened with the Salvation Army bellringers (which was an absolute delight), my money is on the reunion.

          • 3g4me

            You don’t have to dodge diversity to get your stuff, diversity comes to your door in the form of amazon and fedex/UPS drivers.

            I can honestly say I haven’t seen a honkey amazon driver. I’m sure they exist. Maybe in a parallel universe somewhere.

      • I love my annual fall weekend spent in a cabin in our nearest State Park because I know the entire trail will be 100% vibrant-free. Without blacks, you finally relax.

      • Pyrrhus

        Thank God!

        The reasons for that may be;

        Can’t use EBT card for entry

        Typically no bus stops nearby

        Dude don’t camp!
        (A variation of “Charlie don’t surf!”)

  26. A black guy with blonde braids on House of the Dragon? Yup, yup, and yup.
    It proves everything in today’s post.

  27. You know, we can come here everyday and read a fascinating take on another division of wokeness. As in every other empire, we have our cloud people who are insulated from The Dirt. They and Their Government people they love and support live in a world separate from ours and hate us all, which is okay. Until the day comes when we are wiping our buttholes on $100 bills, and that’s when life gets real interesting. The day will come when they are like the horde of roaches that infest your kitchen coming out the first night after you sprayed everything down with Chlordane. That’s a situation where you need a broom and a snow shovel to clean up the mess they left behind, except this time they are the mess. Those days are coming.

  28. i’ve become a fan of woke media, not cause i watch any of it, but, while I work, i like listening to podcasts where white men make fun of it, that’s where I get my entertainment from.

    i need a stars wars movie where han solo admits he’s gay for black wookies & lando marries jabba to become the obama of the new republic.

  29. Allow me to countersignal. I think that the visual media are woke because the consumers are. Heritage Americans don’t consume visual media like they used to, except for sportsball. They may throw in a movie from time to time, but I’ll bet the only people consuming new content are people who haven’t figured out the s**t we have. This is a fairly low number. Add immigrants, and the general swelling of the sheeple population, and that allows visual media to keep pushing their garbage.

    But let’s imagine a world where the 1965 immigration bill didn’t pass. Instead of 350 million Americans, we have a declining population south of 250 million. 80% white. 50% centrist or conservative-leaning. We are still living like it’s 1984. I’ll bet we’re not grumbling about black people in Cabela’s ads. I’ll bet the nuclear family is still a sitcom staple. This does not mean I expect things to ever go back to 1984, but pop culture is driven by demographics and money, and cultural changes, more than just the will to propagandize.

    The USSR was a hardcore authoritarian state, so I don’t that that’s the best lab to test the all-propaganda, no-greed theory. What kinds of visual media bubbled up from India? Sweden? Brazil?

    • Ratings for network TV shows have plummeted to historically low levels. Most of the shows are now woke propaganda themselves, CBS has three different shows about the FBI. These ads are featured in sporting events also, which are still watched by white men. Here are the commercials that were chosen by AT&T, Mercedes Benz and IBM to run during last year’s Masters on CBS and ESPN. They all feature blacks and mostly feature black women, I remember another IBM one not included in this link that had a rapper in it. Maybe they are trying to impress Augusta National member Condoleeza Rice. The purpose of these ads is not to sell anything, it is a show of loyalty to the regime.


      • What stands out to me is that only 10 months later, not only have the actors been negrofied, but it seems as if every last commercial now features a narrator with a markedly black tone. In the three commercials featured in that link all the voiceovers are done by whites. At some point during 2021, the lightbulb went on over at the (((ad agencies))) and in the blink of an eye, white voice actors were unemployable.

        • Whoops, wait a sec. The first ad, featuring the totally non-threatening extended black family, appears to have to used a black woman as the narrator. Still, if 2/3rds of ad used whites a year ago, that number’s been inverted since.

      • Being hard wired for logic – it took a while to for me to grasp what you stated: “The purpose of these ads is not to sell anything, it is a show of loyalty to the regime”.

        Same as in all other areas of wokeist dogma – once the light bulb turns on, and there is the V8 tomato juice aha moment: there is no logic – the urge then to apply logic ebbs and the result is – if not peace – at least less frustration. That said, the AR15 suggestion by Tom A in the comment thread is not a bad idea.

        • Exactly, outside of cat ladies living in their bubbles, everyone else, white and black, must see (or willfully ignore) the absurdity of depicting intact black families on a camping trip, laughing while watching “Friends” on TV with a bowl of popcorn, or shopping together for bowhunting equipment. These displays which only grow in unreality year after year are not meant to persuade any actual consumers.

      • Honestly, it’s more benign than that. I majored in business in college, and had to take a couple marketing classes as part of the program. It was extremely easy to tell who was a marketing major because they all dressed in the latest fashions and used the trendiest buzzwords. Most people who go into marketing do so because they admire originality, but most are incapable of being original. That’s why every time a subversive ad comes out, within a month it’s a trope.

    • One of the most frustrating things about the Current Year is, this should be a testable hypothesis. In theory there are all kinds of stats on viewer demographics, sliced every conceivable way. And those stats no doubt exist, in the sense of “there are some numbers on this paper.” But in reality, who could possibly trust them? How many times has Zuckerberg alone been caught lying to Congress about his ad algorithms? And he’s a piker compared to the network people; they’ve been juking their own stats since the late 1940s (anything for a buck). At this point, I figure if they tell me a show is popular, it’s just another op — nobody watches it, but for whatever reason TPTB have decided it’s important that we think people do.

      • One of the ironies of the open society and rule by marketplace is that everything of value is either faked, forged or stolen. TV ratings have value, so there is every reason to fake them. If the credit agencies were willing to fake their ratings, the people ate Neilson are no worried about faking their ratings.

      • The reported ratings for network TV shows have dropped tremendously. If they are faking them, the truth is almost no one is watching network TV shows. I saw a graphic a couple of weeks ago of the top 100 shows watched during 2021, over 80 were football games. Anecdotally, I never hear women in our office talk about a show they watched anymore. Occasionally, one will talk about something off HBO or Netflix, but never a network show. This was common place even as recently as five years ago. How long are woke corporations going to continue to buy ad time and shows with a minuscule audience? This has to break at some point soon. Here is the top ten for last week, probably half of that total for 60 minutes is people who didn’t turn their TV off after the football game. The top ten shows in the 80s and 90s would have four to five times this many viewers.


        • Probably. I read several articles at the time it was released of mostly urban schools taking the entire school to see the movie. Hollywood mostly produces comic book movies now so they don’t have a lot of competition.

          • But that’s what I was getting at. Without schools or outside groups buying up huge swaths of tickets for kids (and adults) to go see the movie, it likely wouldn’t have organically led the box office. Without all those free tickets and rides to the theater handed out, what would the box office have been? It’s not Captain Marvel level stuff where ushers took video of empty “sold-out” opening week showings of the movie, but it deserves an asterisk.

        • If the numbers can be believed, Black Panther is the 5th highest grossing movie of all time (not adjusted for inflation) in this country. In China it’s not in the top 50, nor is it one of the top 20 highest grossing foreign films. Imagine that, Hollywood’s box office moll doesn’t want to watch a fiction about fully-functional joggers.

    • Everything about broadcast media is fake, including the ratings. Contra Z, it’s true that going woke reduces sales. The only reason the companies don’t go broke is that they get bailouts and tax breaks. They don’t stay in business because of increased sales, that’s for sure.

      In short, moral degenerates have ruined the commons, so they have to hire crowds to make it seem like people approve. It’s all fake and gay, even the crowds pretending to watch the broadcasts. If there were no ballots or tax breaks, these businesses would be bankrupt.

      • So, if those poor appearing ratings are being manipulated to the high-sided imagine how bad the actual ratings must be.

        On the flip side, isn’t the highest rated show currently on TV or cable Yellowstone, which is all about white people doing white things in white territory?

        • They’ve got to be very bad. According to Nielsen, roughly 9% of Americans watched the NFL playoffs. And yet, in spite of the games being close and exciting, I only talked to one person in my social circle about it. I know ally friends have TV’s and watch them daily, but most of the shows that get talked about are generally just old shows on Netflix. I don’t know anyone who watches broadcast television, except for two people who watch Blue Bloods. No one cares.

    • They don’t even consumer that much football. 17 million all races, all platforms is pathetic with a population of 350 million.

  30. Jeremy Clarkson’s show, Clarkson’s Farm, on Amazon has him going to some local auction with other farmers. He quipped that Amazon told him to always include as much diversity as possible in his show. Seeing the average age of these men was around 60 and all white, he wondered how he was going to achieve that.

    Maybe in the future they will CG all the uncomfortable visuals in movies and television. Kind of like how they colorize black and white movies only super impose diverse and colored faces over the white ones.

    • People are desperate to show minority farmers. Some minority grifters latched on to this, had their farms fail through their own incompetence, then blamed successful farmers for being racist.


      Problem is, to be a good farmer one has to have a very no-nonsense mindset that can cut through the B.S. If your crops don’t grow, you failed, and no performance review will save you from starving.

      • Wow that was tedious, honestly don’t know how someone that awful can stand being in the room with himself. (I do have the passing thought, as I’m not a big fan of Joel Salatin because he comes off as a pompous jerk to me, that maybe his and Joel’s enterprises succeed not because of “luck” but because of a high level of arrogant conceit required to make such zero-margin enterprises thrive).

    • Even better – /Ourguys/ who do video editing need to fix the africanization of every single European story. There must be billions to be made fixing everything from MacBeth to the new LOTR.

      Seriously don’t these people have their own stories to tell? Stay the fuck out of ours. Better yet, let’s see some bible stories with Kang David and Solomon.

  31. > That is why the diversity is shallower than the writing and dialogue. All of the characters are stock figures from the fantasy series casting company. In fact, other than skin tone, the series is less diverse than an NBA team.

    This has infiltrated basically all of fantasy, with big RPG makers like Wizards of the Coast slowly removing all uniqueness from the various races, along with basic things like good/evil alignments. It’s basically turning into a boring cosplay where you can wear whatever skinsuit you want but inside everyone is the same malleable grey goo. There’s no thought into intrinsic qualities, because that goes against the progressive narrative.

    The Heroic Fantasy aspect is being done away with in favor of other forms of storytelling, largely to get more females playing. They’re willing to do away with the classic nerds because they’re on the wrong side of history, and will buy their new garbage anyways.

    • This is utterly exasperating. Yet another cultural rampage by those who care not to build their own social capital and creative output but insist on wrecking ours.

  32. The wife had mentioned a new HBO series titled the “Gilded Age”, which on the surface seemed interesting. I’ve always had an interest in the mid 19th century thru early 20th century period. Then I see it’s written by a woman, the main character is a woman with her negress (aspiring writer) sidekick – no thanks. It’ll probably be nothing but scheming “society” harridans and poor little gals trying to find their way in an evil White man’s world. Pretty much nothing but garbage in ALL media these days.

    • Back in my halcyon days of the 90s and 00s I remember reading about how all marketing was already being directed at middle aged white women as the dominant spending group. Given that this is no surprise, they figured out that this “demo” likes to virtue signal to themselves by enjoying media that exalts the virtues of women of color, minorities, and transgenders.

      The bumbling husband of the 90s sitcom was already pandering to them. What they don’t know is that white straight males are the backbone that makes the system run on time and the backlash will not be pretty… a man can dream 🙂 … in reality the end of wokezilla can only be a massive redpilling that is unlikely given how the regular guy is addicted to their mental comfort.

      The best I can say is that my Facebook (full of normies) went silent on politics after 2017, from then on only the most fervent believers were active and even they have been inactive recently like they know how indefensible is the regime.

  33. Wokeness and post-rational progressivism, and arguably leftism in general, are futureless religions. They are essentially dead end, death cults like The Shakers. And just like the Shakers, they will fade away into oblivion and the foggy veil of history. Why?

    Leftists increasingly produce no children. They are people without a future. Which is why they increasingly live for today and will do anything for self-actualization. In fact, it can be asserted that selfishness is their religion. Don’t bother thinking about all their efforts to help diversity. Leftists do those things to help themselves feel better. This lack of fertility is why they want to indoctrinate your children and make sure you have no say in their education. They think biology plays no role in forming political disposition. They are wrong.

    In three generations, this reality will bear itself. People of the future will laugh at all the leftist ideas of our stupid era that nearly ended our civilization. They’ll mock them and have theme parties about them – like the slave/master place exchange parties of old. Too bad I won’t live to see it. In the meanwhile, defense is the best offense.



    • Leftists increasingly produce no children.

      This is why they are doubling and tripling down on their efforts to recruit everyone else’s kids.

      • Wild Geese: And they are succeeding, because Jane Normal, Mr. Conservatard, and even Mr. Purported Hard Right continue to send their children to ‘public’ schools and allow them to view social media or movies. There’ve been comments here that one must allow such things or one’s offspring won’t have any ‘friends.’

        And then I watch homesteading videos with happy White kids tending animals and doing things with their biological parents and siblings, and sometimes joining with other homesteading families and kids and running happily unsupervised out in the woods. Somehow those children don’t seem isolated or ‘unsocialized.’ But then, what do I know.

        The progressives have been breeding fewer biological children than the nominal conservatives for decades. It makes absolutely no difference. The left recruits your children, mostly with Whitey’s willing acquiescence. And now every homosexual, transsexual, or batshite crazy single woman is breeding due to the miracles of ‘modern science.’ They are perpetuating a line of genetic mutants that would historically have ended generations ago.

        And, of course, the non-White races have no such qualms about having children they can’t afford to feed, let alone educate. White helots will continue to fund the alien’s offspring, just like Whites are continuing to fund dozens of other charities in the absolute same vein as the Salvation Army, thinking they’re doing the right/Christian thing.

        Anyone who cites any official population numbers from today to use in a comment predicting future triumph on our side is a shill.

    • “Leftists increasingly produce no children. They are people without a future.”

      This is such a profound point. And I’ve successfully used it to shut down lefties. I’ve said to these childless cosmopolitans: “I see no point in discussing the future with someone who doesn’t have one”. It gets a reaction of having boiling water thrown on them – screeching, indignation and shock, immediately followed by the realization that it is the truth.

      I’ve accidentally made a few cat ladies cry… and it felt better than it should have.

    • Wokeness isn’t competing in some fertility race. Its in the same position that Christianity was in the 13th century.

      Both conservatives and liberals agree with woke presumptions about life, morality, the future. They are just bickering over who the more pious wokesters are and how to ascend quicker. Conservatives are hell bent that capitalism will gooify humans and liberals want a more theological approach.

  34. Netflix shares cratered after their recent earnings report, but that’s about the only example I can think of that comes close to, “Get woke, go broke.”

    • “The people who preach the power of the marketplace never look up to notice that the market does not work like their libertarian textbooks claim.”

      Aye, a wickedly brilliant observation.

      Day trader minnows will get whipsawed out, big program traders will buy more at the discount. That’s why these “estimate” whispers are put out.

      is the most important line left out of the profit-and-loss statement.

      • Oops, html error-
        *Who does the master’s bidding*
        is the most important line left out of the profit-and-loss statement.

      • Day trader minnows will get whipsawed out…

        I believe this is exactly what the controllers are doing in the post/pre-market hours to wreck the positions of retail traders attempting to swing trade conservative (85-90% OTM) defined, limited risk options positions like credit spreads and iron condors.

        They do this by pushing equity prices around on the lower afterhours volumes and ensuring that ALL major news that pushes prices 5% is released afterhours.

      • “The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.”

        Quite a few Libertarians predicted the housing crash, though I don’t think any of them nailed the timing. The thing is, company that doesn’t produce stuff people want will eventually go bankrupt, absent government intervention. Further, any government that uses debt to prop up money-losing ventures will also go bankrupt. Just because it’s hard to nail down the timing doesn’t mean you got the process wrong.

    • ‘Netflix shares cratered after their recent earnings report, but that’s about the only example I can think of that comes close to, “Get woke, go broke.”’

      I’ve seen similar companies, like Disney, gleefully pointed out by the “Get woke, go broke” crowd when their stock dips a few points or their audience numbers decline a few percent. To which my mind responds, “I guess that means they’ll go completely broke….in another 125 years.”

      • Yep, they all know—and depend upon—the short memory of the consumer. Brief dips in earnings are simply background noise.

      • It’s similar to the NBA and WNBA or college sports and Title IX. The few commercially successful products subsidize the box office failure propaganda.

  35. I was caused to ponder this topic a few days ago.

    On Friday morning, I was up early in the morning doing some work, and had the Golf Channel on, watching the European Tour (DP World Tour) tournament coverage from Abu Dhabi. Now for me, watching professional golf is a decent escape from woke (though not a perfect escape).

    During the coverage, MasterCard aired a commercial about how they are doing something to help or promote black female businesses. The commercial featured this nasty, fat, ugly, weird red hair sheboon:


    I pondered why MasterCard would buy this airtime to push this advertising message to an audience that has to be at least 90% white men. Further, why would they use a nasty, repulsive boon to push this message when they could still push the same message with a white-presenting, attractive black woman (think a Tyra Banks type) that would at least draw the positive attention of white men? In general, why would any advertiser use a fat, nasty, repulsive sheboon to promote their product? Data from dating apps show that the typical boon is by far the least desirable, least attractive potential mate for all races, black men included.

    My hypothesis is this is another approach to demoralizing white men, trying to force them to realize or accept that the future belongs to fat, repulsive, sassy sheboons, not to them or their progeny. Though I have considered that the usual suspects are sending a signal that black, female businesses will have additional funding and therefore will be easy pickings for the fellow whites.

    • The notion that there is any strategic plotting behind this is just as much a conservative tic as is believing in the “Go woke go broke” fallacy. They have no more clue about what’s driving their behavior than does a dog rolling on a dead fish.

      • Of course not, the ladies in the marketing department think with their hindbrain.

        Their bosses, on the other hand, are at war- although it is true, they don’t know why or think about the end, even though the tactics are deliberately thought through.

    • I think you may have just set the record for the use of “sheboon” in an essay of fewer than 200 words. I would now like to nominate “sheboon” as the official mascot & moniker of the managerial state. Nothing says DMV bureaucracy like “Sheboonysequakwanatrisket”.

    • It works in the other direction as well. I was thinking, reading the comments so far, wrt adding “color” into formally White character parts. For example, we now see a lot of this in newer Hallmark “Christmas Special” productions. But the “color” added is more often than not, little more than color. The facial aspects and appearance of Blacks and Hispanics are primarily White standard—especially for females. Think about those Black female characters one sees these days. Most often they look like Whites with a dark tan. Not sheboons.

      • It is funny. Back in the day, that was the standard presentation of black women in mass media – as basically white presenting with mocha skin.

        Consider how Clair Huxtable (Phylicia Rashad) was presented:


        Or, even in a very black movie, Coming to America, how the main love interest of Eddie Murphy was presented:


        It was done that way because the expectation was to present beauty.

        Apparently Hallmark is now catching up with the 1980s, which is better than catching up with the 2020s.

        • Way back during the Cosby days, it was openly stated that they wanted to present black people in a positive light, as a form of motivation. That was one of the things about the Cosby Show that was openly discussed. There is nothing wrong with that, as far as I can tell. Now the diversity stuff is just onanism. It has no point other than to flatter the people making it.

          • “it was openly stated that they wanted to present black people in a positive light, as a form of motivation. ”

            At some point 2012/13 or so, it was an inescapable reality that no matter the motivation,reality was that they could not perform equally. That was when Wokel’s went into overdrive in the desperate need to change reality.

        • Not to disagree, but add that current commercials show this trend as well. Sheboons seem not nearly as common as Black women with very Caucasian features. There is however a tendency to show more natural hair among Black women, but heck we are used to women doing all sorts of things with hair styles.

          As I think of it, I only see sheboons on the news.

    • Since when is Abu Dhabi in Europe? I’m not Magellan, but shouldn’t the “European Tour” play courses in, Europe?

  36. First, does anybody actually go to a movie theater anymore? I thought those died out as a result of the Covid madness. Haven’t been in a theater in more than a decade, and my small town doesn’t have one (thankfully).

    Second, kill your TV. Really, this is an existential must do. Hollywood is herpes on steroids and no one should be deliberately rubbing feces into their eyes & ears. If you persist in this form of degradation, you should die of fat disease as nature intended.

    Third, borrow an AR-15 from one of your neighbors (yes, someone you know has one) and go to the range to practice fire at least 50 rounds. Now run around the block twice. This is also addicting and far, far more pleasurable. Extra credit – print your own “inspirational” targets (it’s the only worthwhile thing you can do with a printer anymore). Pulling the trigger is both empowering and uplifting. Replace bad habits with good habits.

    • On special occasions.

      “Apollo 11” in 2019; only used original footage in 70mm, including original narration from the newscasters of the day. It was glorious on an iMax screen.

      Hard not to weep watching it and thinking “What an amazing country this once was in my lifetime.”

      “Top Gun II” – just the flight sequences, please. Looks like a love story to manned aviation and American might. Also disappearing rapidly. Probably the last movie I’ll ever watch in a theatre.

      But yeah, snapping off a few rounds, lifting a few heavy things, yogging around the block…good stuff.

    • TomA-

      Here in Hochulstan you’re more than welcome to attend the theater as long as you keep your face diaper on when not eating or drinking.

      Heck, I hear they’re even going to allow beer and wine sales in theaters soon!

      One small positive development is that they’ve taken to showing classic films like The Quiet Man and Singin’ in the Rain on a limited basis.

  37. A possible explanation for the appearances of the actors in TV ads is that they have been evolving, back in the 70s they tended to look like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfkquXqhMdA . Now that’s what I call progress.
    On the other hand it may simply be a cunning stratagem to avoid being sued by disappointed customers, after all if the ads are shown to be pure fantasy then more fool you for believing their claims.

  38. Yes. Good observation. For a while I could not understand why advertising featured Negroes so prominently in such unrealistic scenarios (i.e., poring over stock portfolios or going to the golf course in a Mercedes) when Negroes comprise a mere 13% of the population, and the poorest 13% at that.

    Thern it dawned on me that the advertising was not targeted at the Negroes themselves, but rather at wealthy, “educated” whites who fancied themselves as morally superior to other whites for being “anti-racist” and prizing “diversity.”

    The surest way to successfully advertise is to flatter the consumer into thinking she is the smart and virtuous and important by buying your product.

    • Or the commercials are aimed at humiliating Whitey. A way of saying “this isn’t your country anymore.” A War on Whitey.

      • Playing “spot the white guy” in commercials is ultimately a disheartening and demoralizing exercise.

        As it is intended to be.

        • Yep, when you “spot the White Guy” he’s usually portrayed as a bumbling and fumbling fool. Often getting schooled by a witty, snarky black guy or girl.

          Or he’s married to a black gal and she’s driving the car while he’s sitting on the passenger side, looking weak and pathetic.

          • Saw an ad for an expensive Jeep Cherokee during last week’s football game. Showed a coal-black Negro driving around with his hot blonde white woman in the snow and then kissing her on the lips…

            Made me sick.

    • “The surest way to successfully advertise is to flatter the consumer into thinking she is the smart and virtuous and important by buying your product.”

      So good. Superb.
      Then it behooves smart dissidents to leverage this to *their* advantage.

      I’d say this encapsulates the Zman’s mission of building a positive identity. Dishearten your enemies, reward your allies.

    • I vote for flattering the White guy. I confess to enjoying seeing video of intact and good looking Blacks doing normal “White” stuff—like sitting down to a family dinner. Hell, I know it’s a load of BS—even for “Whites”, but I can dream can’t I?

      • Compsci: Blacks doing White stuff is yet another form of crypsis. It’s another way to reinforce the lie that they’re “just like you.” Why would you enjoy a lie? Why would watching inherently alien people aping and replacing the original Whites be something positive for you? And even if their outward behavior was White-centric, it would not change their lack of an inner life or their cell-deep intrinsic differences that jeans and flannel shirts cannot camouflage.

    • Two minor quibbles: Yes, Blacks are the poorest — of larger minorities. But (at least years ago), the poorest ethnicity in the USA is the Native American or Feather Indians.

      More relevant to the topic at hand: Why are Whites appearing less in advertising, or equivalently, non-Whites in situations not representative of reality? Sure, it could be for “woke” or political gain. But another possibility has been overlooked: Xman almost hits it, but is just shy of the mark. What’s the purpose of advertising? To sell stuff or persuade. What helps the ads stand out, or remain in our minds? In part, I’d argue, the very fact that they are (deliberately) unusual, perhaps to the point of being farcical. As evidence to support this thesis, I would submit the very discussion we’re having here, and many similar ones in the past.

      • It may cause the product/service to stand out, but not in a good way. Like Ford advertising how its Pintos create the best explosions when hit from behind. So yes, it sticks out in our mind, but as Stonetoss says:


  39. “The people making the ads do not care about the consumers. Why should they? They are not the customer for the ad maker. The customer is the bitter, middle-aged single woman decorating the C-suites at the corporate client.”

    I always thought ads these days aren’t meant to convince customers to buy a product or service. They’re meant to get acceptance and awards from other people in advertising.

    If anyone can post the stonetoss.com cartoon where the punchline is “Burgers?”, feel free.

    • mmack: I thought of that stonetoss cartoon but don’t know how to get images to post here. My husband was just telling me last night about some commercial he saw on the tv at the gym about some hygiene product or skincare product (I think but cannot recall exactly) and the entire visual was a White woman’s hand on a black man’s chest.

      They’re not trying in the least to hide their intent, but as usual, too many here are overthinking it.

  40. Advertising is just aspirational fantasy. Just as the Moms of our youth weren’t beautiful, wise matrons making us Jif PBJ sandwiches in picket-fence suburbia, so is the “black-washed” advertising of today mere regime propaganda.

    The woke advertising/propaganda is signaling from the Elite directed at the lower orders of society. “What is wrong with you people! We have given you internet, entertainment, stimmies, THC edibles and abortion on demand. We have shown you the way to the golden future! Why can’t you race mix, buy the appropriate products and support the regime?”

  41. A couple of years ago I planned on avoiding Procter & Gamble products over some woke agenda. I looked up their products and it’s a very long list. It takes some homework to avoid the woke companies.

  42. “Those people have embraced this weird religion we call wokeness and they intend to impose it on society. The marketplace is not going to magically protect you from this madness.”

    Quite so. A couple of years back I would often say “Get woke, go broke”. But it never seemed to happen. Ever. There may be a reported ‘backlash’ from customers, but the Woke Org exists pretty much as it did before.

    Partially related to your comments on The Wheel of Time, I recently re-watched the excellent Lord of the Rings trilogy. There was no diversity. Nothing. Mark you, these were filmed in just over a year, from late ’99 to late 2000, apparently. Different times…

      • There were black hobbits in the Hobbit trilogy, as well as implied race mixing between dwarves and elves.

        Peter Jackson bent the knee.

    • The first Lord of the Rings movies could not be made today for the facts you mentioned. There were no black elves, black hobbits, black dwarves, or black wizards like you see in the fantasy series of today. There were non-white actors, but they (gasp) played orcs.

      Even Game of Thrones couldn’t be made today as it was since, although it was multicultural, people of different skin tones lived in different geographic regions. Today, half of the people living in the North/Winterfell would have to be played by black people.

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