Legal Insurrection

One of the features of every societal crisis is that the elites of the society stop enforcing the rules of society, especially on themselves. Prior to the collapse of the Roman Republic, the elites started making exceptions to the rules. In the short term they seemed practical, but in the long term these exceptions undermined the moral logic of the rules entirely. Before long, a man in Gaul could decide that the rules no longer applied and he was free to do as he pleased.

This is at the core of the current crisis in the American empire. The rules have become arbitrary with regards to the elite. In turn the elites no longer enforce basic principles that are the foundation of the country. One of the principles is property. It used to be understood that you own the produce of your labor. That was the default and infringement on your ownership had to clear a high bar. Today, the powerful can steal your property without consequence.

This collapse of property rights is at the core of this story out of Florida about a law banning theft of private images. A local politician says nude photos of her were stolen and distributed on-line without her consent. She is leading the charge to change the law regarding ownership of your image. She is also doing the rounds to draw attention to herself, but also raise awareness of the issue. She thinks there should be federal law to protect ownership of your image.

In truth, it used to be understood that you own you and therefore you own whatever you produce, including your image. Forty years ago, a television show maker would have to get a signed release to use footage of you walking down a city street. They did not have to pay you, but you did not have to grant them permission. Today, your image can be freely distributed on-line and you have no recourse. Similarly, your activity on-line can be used by others and you can do nothing about it.

Reasserting property rights to include things like your image, your internet activity, your resume and other non-tangible products of your labor would go a long way to restoring order to society. One reason for that is it would torpedo the business model of the tech monopolies, who rely on your free labor to make a profit. What Facebook calls ad revenue is actually the sale of user activity and content. They sell this data in bulk to marketers, government and corporate interests.

If Facebook had to get a signed release from you every time they sell your data their business model would collapse in a month. Their margins would collapse even if their user were okay with being exploited this way, because the cost of this model would be shifted back onto their balance sheet. The same is true of the other big socials. All of them would have to rethink their business model. This would most likely take place in bankruptcy court as there is no easy answer for them.

Of course, for this to work it would require the return of the old model for enforcing contracts, especially contracts of adhesion or one-way contracts. That is what the terms of service is called in the law. It is a take it leave it offer. These sorts of contracts used to come under careful scrutiny by the courts. The reason is they saw a powerful interest issuing terms to weak interests, so the way to level the playing field was the court would act on behalf of the weak interest.

The reason that the back of car rental contracts all look the same is they went through the legal process over many years. That standard language has been approved by the courts and will therefore be enforced by the courts. That means the car rental firm does not willy-nilly change the language during your rental. The same process has been applied to residential leases and utility contracts. The same legal standards should be applied to terms of service agreements.

A world where the big social media players have to get permission to alter their terms of service and those terms have to be legally clear and concise, is a world where they cannot abuse their authority. They go back to being passive service providers, rather than arbiters of truth. In a world where they have to respect your property rights, they revert back to a traditional business that offers a service in exchange for a fee, rather than a monopoly with socialized costs.

Of course, to return to a rule-based world requires Congress and the courts to rediscover the rule of law and the advantages of an orderly society. That would require them to suddenly get the courage and morality to turn down the massive bribes that flow into Washington from the tech firms. The great lesson Silicon Valley learned during the Microsoft antitrust case is that everyone in Washington comes with a price tag and there is always a sale going on in Washington.

An old adage about money is that if you need hard money to control your corrupt elites, your corrupt elites will find a way around hard money. This axiom of history applies to the law as well. if you need to codify the basics of a civilized society in order to control your elites, those elites will get around the laws of civilized society. That is the fundamental problem in America. Unless and until the elites are replaced with and by a moral people, the chaos will continue until collapse.

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183 thoughts on “Legal Insurrection

  1. any of you guys heard of Beau of the fifth column? He seems like an example of hyperreality. He’s a youtube personality who I think is an antifa living in an urban area – yet he makes money off his channel (where he has maybe 100k subs) where he does a decent job of looking like a redneck and has a convincing southern twang (which is actually fake). It’s like he’s a redneck version of diamond and silk.

    • I watched his nonsense a couple of times , know they enemy and all that.

      Our foes are subversives and creating ideological subversion traps like this guy is bog standard commie work. He’s probably paid to do it..

      That said he’s called “The fifth column” up front . Short of wearing a Karl Mark T Shirt you can’t get a lot more upfront about what he is.

      This kind of thing is a side effect of the Right’s weakness on the grounds of ideas

      We are overrun with “Write a firmly worded letter that’ll fix it ” when they drop those nasty migrants in your White neighborhood types and talkers rather than anyone who wants to you think of a way to pay back enemies.

      This is fully forgivable in a baby boomer, everyone else should know better.

      Debate, discussion needs to be a once off. Once an ideology is agreed upon anyone differing by more than 10% needs to be assumed to be potentially hostile and treated accordingly.

      At that point, you can start to figure out how to take power

      In essence #1 Ideology (Becomes worthy)

      #2 Take Power

      #3 Use Power

  2. I love how everyone talks about elites but they never mention the nose. These dismal, satanic fuckers are literally killing and maiming us. Crippling White kids for life, no one mentions it. The CEO of phizer, his real name is isreal abraham burla. The new world order wants you dead, crippled and enslaved. What does new rhyme with? Wake up Whitey, the clock ticks. They write the rules, print our money, own our politicians, tell us what to think on talmudvision. The blood of your ancestors pumps thru your veins, use it, you’re in a war.

    • anyone think this might be a funny troll? Basically start a qanon type conspiracy on 4chan and list a number of big time people, most of which would be tribesman – but instead of mentioning there ethnic background at all – say that they are all secretly lizard people. Like what happens if a third of all republicans that Larry Fink, Albert Bourla and Ron Klain are lizard people? Maybe you can btfo these people without being explicitly antisemitic.

  3. “An old adage about money is that if you need hard money to control your corrupt elites, your corrupt elites will find a way around hard money.”

    Of course, the way around hard money is often a fiat currency, which pretty much proves the need for a hard currency.

  4. In Spain, during the Age of Exploration, more and more men went into the priesthood because it too exempted you from many obligations and granted you special rights. There were so many diversions into priesthood that the King tried to stymied the procedure, but he failed. The lesson? A strong institution behind you can break the back of rules and societal norms no matter how strong the INdividual opposing it.

    • Still with that shit. You would think they would have the grace to at least be embarrassed about it by now.

      They are never going to stop with this stupidity. Luckily its going to Spring soon so unless its Ebola no one is going to remember come next winter.

    • Wow. Why would the suing hospital think that any of those people would even show back up to work?

    • The judge rescinded his stay a couple of days later and the hospital workers were allowed to start their new job. However, it is disturbing that the criteria the judge used to reverse his decision was to protect public health, not to protect individual rights. He determined that ThedaCare could cross train existing workers to replace those choosing to leave for better pay and working conditions. What if ThedaCare had successfully argued that cross training was not practical? Presumably the employees would have been prevented from leaving…effectively bound to their jobs by ThedaCare’s need and the employees’ abilities.
      This is one of the antebellum arguments in favor of slavery.

    • Used to frequent that site often. Unfortunately they have generally been unwilling to acknowledge the rule of law has become applied in an inconsistent fashion if you have the wrong beliefs or skin tone. Haven’t checked it in awhile – doubt its more open to that point of view than before but would be nice if so.

  5. “There is always a sale going on in Washington”.

    Severian over at Founding Questions suggests that the Dissident Right adopt as its motto: “We are not for sale”.

  6. In California we see the “collapse of property rights” in a shift in landlord-tenant law in favor of tenants. It has become difficult, often impossible, for landlords to remove problem tenants.

    • This includes the tent campers (vagrants) who are now legally entitled to stay there unless authorities “offer them a place to live.” So they get to stake their claim on public property like it’s the Oklahoma prairie in the movie Far and Away….Fed by churches of course….

    • Its a very complicated question and the answer is not “muh property rights.” Landlordism is inherently problematic for a White society where everyone is treated fairly and with basic human dignity, and where predatory monoplistic behavior is prohibited. For every landlord with some rentfree druggie squatter, theres some “Jewish Lightening” landlord who burns the building down with someone inside to get the insurance money, or some slumlord that hires rapists for his property managers and oh gee, all the tenants children got raped. Like hard drugs, the dissident right answer for landlordism is to seriously restrict them, and occasionally ban them.

      • “predatory monopolistic behavior” cannot be prohibited because it is the lawmakers who create it. They create it with their laws, rules, regulations, and taxes.

        “druggie squatters” were all created by the drug war and the violations of private property rights.

        “slumlords that hire rapists for his property managers…” were also created government violations of property rights such as the huge taxes on everyone’s home. Taxes are the root of all government evil.

        “Like hard drugs, … seriously restrict them, and occasionally ban them.” Nonsense. restricting and banning drugs are also violations of property rights. Prohibition wars are wars against human beings and their freedoms. Those who support these wars are among the worst criminals.
        –Rick aka Freedom_First(at)verizon(dot)net

  7. “Unless and until the elites are replaced with and by a moral people, the chaos will continue until collapse.”

    So I guess the $60,000 question is:

    What will that collapse look like?

    • The US government flying millions of immivaders in under cover of darkness while the police sit around complaining.

      • The police are more likely to be monitoring and harassing you for complaining, than complaining themselves.

  8. I think part of the problem with the example you gave, i.e., “images” is technological, not just legal. Images are a subset of “information” and information has become like “air” in the internet age. I remember back in the 1980’s cases were the Feds were cracking down on local porn BBSs. Now much worse porn is ubiquitous (and international) online. I suppose you could go the China/Iran/Saudi route with ubiquitous censorship. You have to pick your poison.

    • Well, the point here is that “information has become like air” has happened due to the system’s failure to enforce the rules, particularly against the elite. Zman is off the mark in detail only as common law made actionable the commercial appropriation of another’s image without consent, without necessarily protecting noncommercial fair use. E.g. you could publish a news article about James Dean getting arrested and publish his mug shot, but you can’t use his picture for your advertising campaign without his permission.
      That is exactly the point of the article. The problem with Soros DAs is that Walgreen’s merchandise has “become like air” in some cities: yes, thats the problem, that lack of enforcing rules that has fundamentally undercut our social fabric.

      • What social fabric?

        I grew up in a 85% White Christian industrial (granted declining) power

        Most of what we have now has no continuity to that and without continuity there is no social fabric.

        Also there are plenty of ways to put an end to the shoplifting. Its a kind of normalcy bias that prevents us from using them.

        Service Merchandise did this decades ago , you have a membership card, grab an empty box , pay for it and the staff sends once up with the pneumatic system .

        We just use apps instead, No one is allowed to enter the store at any point and you either have it delivered to your car or to the secure zone.

        I can’t blame anyone for not wanting this , many folks figure we can get rid of these Leftists D.A.anyway but t would work.

        In time stores just get closed down as leases expire and if truck robbery becomes too much of an issue, a nationwide “Truck out” nothing gets sent to those cities will spur action

  9. One of the big problems we have is that we are a collection of nations within a country. This is no longer a country but a vessel full of nations that uses a stars and stripes logo. Any country that stretches continent wide, over several time zones, needs a core ethnic identity. We don’t have that. We did at one point. We’re basically an anglophonic USSR. I’m not a Floridan, the dew point would kill me, but what good does most of the rest of the country do Florida these days? Or Texas? I’m not a fan of that place either but we’ve reached a point where the country has more value broken up than together. Not quite yet. Not on paper. Not as long as the Fed can buy bonds of the now insolvent Federal government. But that era too will be gone one day. And we’ll be left with 50 states that all have to kick in massive amounts of wealth, that we don’t have, to keep the imperial city going. I just don’t see it. Whether the divorce is amicable or not is beside the point, there is no future in this condition. There’s no here here.

    • Pray tell, of what European state would you enjoy being a colony; Mexico and Canada would also have opportunities? Mexico gets the West coast, England gets the East coast down to Georgia, Canada (there by Great Britain) get from the Mississippi to the Rockies, Russian and China get their pick of Alaska, Oregon, and Washington.
      These are your options.

      • teo, that’s rubbish.

        Forming new nations is very basic statecraft Russia is in no condition to take anything nor is China (Caveat Taiwan)

        That said if you have some way to cram down a high functioning homogeneous low corruption nation on CONUS , I’m all ears.

  10. Once again, today’s post is yet another excellent exposition of a fundamental problem plaguing our current society. Now go deeper.

    Joe Normie still is very comfortable in his suburban 5 bedroom house and can easily afford a mocha latte everyday on his way to work. He may piss & moan about current events, but his is still wedded to voting as the preferred remedy for minimizing the corruption in DC. This will not change until his house is in foreclosure and his credit card is denied at Starbucks. IOW, we are locked into a slow death spiral until something dramatic changes the environment and people have no choice but to act tangibly in defense of their lives and liberty.

    You only have control over yourself. The vast majority of Americans have been deteriorating under the influence of extreme affluence for decades now and have a robustness score of about 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. The only thing that they are suited to do is complain, whine, wail, pitch a fit, and take to the streets in a spasm of protest (about 15 minutes before getting winded). You cannot beat the Tech Oligarchs with herd angst against the machine, and you most certainly cannot do it tangibly with a fat ass and flaccid muscle tone. Shed pounds, get fit, practice your aim. What we need is a national boot camp event. That might actually make a difference.

    • TomA: Agree. The foundation of independence and resilience is personal fitness. All the gear in the world will not help if you are too fat to walk a mile. And improving personal fitness helps with mental fitness as well as physical health I know that when I push myself to my limits for an hour in the gym, I’ve done something tangible. It’s not enough by itself, but it’s still foundational to everything else – mental fortitude and helping my family and the overall White community when the opportunity arises. “Do you even lift bro” may be an internet meme, but it’s also true.

      I am also extremely sympathetic to men who work hard, even if it’s not physically, for 8-10 hours a day dealing with incompetent POX and demanding womyn, then having to face a trip to the gym. I cut my husband a lot of slack in this area, because I know the last thing I’d want to do at the end of the workday is go face a crowded gym full of diversity. But whenever or wherever or however, it’s absolutely vital to overall wellbeing, and foundational to clear thought and action going forward. So f&&k Nike – just do it for White people. You and they deserve that time.

    • This gets to something I was saying – what happens when wealth becomes divorced from one’s Darwinian survival skills or even ability

      Take person a who lives in Manhattan (or maybe in wlmsburg or Astoria). He works in a creative class job and when combined with his live in gf makes 300k a year. They are also people who eat out like four times a week and there life is basically like living in an amusement park, at least until they have kids.

      Then you have person b who lives in eastern Kentucky and whose family has been there for 200 years. They’re definitely poor and probably work manual labor but have some skills of making there own food, hunting, handywork etc.

      So which one is a bigger benefit to society? Probably person b but that won’t become apparent unless there’s a truly black swan event

    • Yup.

      The AWFL Covid Karens that continue to propagate the Beer Flu scam are doing just fine.

      Their main worry is what kind of box wine to get for Sunday brunch and if the should serve brie or hummus, maybe both at their Super Bowl party.

  11. “if you need to codify the basics of a civilized society in order to control your elites, those elites will get around the laws of civilized society.”

    Lately I’ve been ambivalent about rule of law for this reason, cynicism having gotten the best of me. Otoh, if will is the name of the game, moral people can play it too.

    It’s one way in which Christianity has been emasculated: resign yourself to God’s will, accept all evil as necessary to His plan, don’t do anything for fear of doing wrong and being damned.

    I was thinking the other day about predestination. If we’re all saved or damned from the beginning, that’s a very liberating idea. Then again, you might think you can be evil and still be saved. Your free will doesn’t matter, nothing matters really.

    I think it better to believe, in the absence of burning bushes, God works His will through men, and free will is a question of who to serve. Therefore, practice faith to set your will to God’s, and be confident in your works. For what that’s worth.

    • The other element I feel I see in certain interpretations of, or perspectives on, Christianity is that there is a powerful hero coming to save you, if only you could be so kind to wait just a bit longer.

      I really feel that internalizing this concept leads to passivity and non-action, which ultimately lead to a total lack of agency.

      • Wild Geese: I was just discussing this with a friend a few days ago. Although it’s not in the Bible, the folk wisdom of “God helps those who help themselves” is scripturally sound. God has given us the moral rules and precepts for a civilized social order, but he leaves it up to men to make their own choices. Far too many have chosen too poorly for too long, thus Clown world. You are entirely correct that feminized, twisted evangelical Christianity has internalized this concept to justify passivity and lack of agency. That’s neither biblical nor Christian.

      • “I really feel that internalizing this concept leads to passivity and non-action, … .”

        Then how do you explain the Crusades? Or the Reconquista? Or the colonization of the whole world? Stuff like that.

        • I’d explain them as events driven by groups of people who had very different interpretations of Christianity that led them to take action and actively influence their world.

      • Plenty of Christians have convinced themselves it’s their duty to bring on the end times, incredibly.

        Cue the Twilight Zone theme, right?

    • Any God of mine wants us to punish evil, especially perverted evil. He wants to hear contrition for all the perverts you didn’t chop down. The ones you did get, that’s called a good hunting story.

      • Moran: Again, a point I repeatedly make to friends and online – professing amorphous ‘love’ for everything and everyone is tolerating and embracing evil. Hatred for evil is a good and Christian thing. Demonizing this natural and godly thought and instinct is yet another poisoned fruit of the gynocracy.

        • I’ve always thought that it is best we read a little more of the “old” testament and a little less of the “new” testament.

          For example (one of many) as per current discussion:

          “Do not stand idly by while your neighbor’s blood is shed.” Leviticus 19:16

          A call to (righteous) action if there ever was one. “Turning the other cheek” is BS when your adversary has a knife in his hand.

          • This is how I was taught to approach the Bible.

            Read the Old Testament than temper it with Jesus’s mercy.

            Modern Comfy Christians, Rob Dehrer I’m looking at you hate the Old Testament because it demands action and sacrifice but without its principles, Christianity is useless.

          • Keep in mind that the Old Testament was written by and for jews. For instance, the Ten Commandments were meant to apply to how “God’s Chosen People” dealt with each other, not the filthy goyim.

            The wholesale slaughter by the jews of non-jews (supposedly ordered by the same God who gave Moses the Ten Commandmentd) in their quest to reach and conquer the “promised land” is prove positive of this.

          • Back in 2020 during the depths of COVID, I had extra time on my hands and decided to read the 4 Gospels as a continuous story/narrative, not just disparate passages as you get in church.

            I was reminded that Jesus, while merciful, was not the church lady caricature we typically get these days. He spoke truth to power, basically called bullshit on the ruling class, made it clear you were either with him or against him, and did violently flip over jewish banker tables in and around the Temple.

            He was an alpha with authority.

            And it is pretty clear his apostles, at least some of them, carried weapons.

        • In my experience, you can be certain anyone who accepts you unconditionally doesn’t love you unconditionally and is, almost certainly, wicked.

      • I don’t want to pick fights with my beloved Christian comrades, but your comment implies that you have pre-existing standards by which you judge the God that you worship.

        Perhaps that standard by which you judge your prospective Gods indicates a deeper set of standards.

        I suggest: Race > God

        • That is a conundrum. If Race>God, then we’ve broken the most important commandment. I’ll give it thought.

        • They sort of go together. For instance, I doubt many Christians are worshipping Yahweh, in spite of the Bible. Never saw a semitic-looking depiction of Jesus while I was growing up. For most people, God has to be like us.

          Of course, acknowledging that opens a fat can of worms, but you know what, I can live with it.

        • Yes, our nature and inborn knowlege is God-given. We are made in His image, with knowlege of His greatness. Disbeleif requires active rejection of the knowledge of your senses which was given by our Creator, I.e. knowing rebellion against proper authority. We are not blank slates of amorphous blobs. Rebellion against Truth is inherent in all evil, from feminism to atheism to materialism. Rejection of the truth of Creation is just a more fundamental form of the same rebellion that causes the rejection of the truth of biology.

  12. Years ago in my learning days I helped out a church made up of white members clean up a vibrant neighborhood and teach reading skills to young blacks. We had one black lady in two years in the entire neighborhood help out with the reading classes and cleanup.
    This was a red pill experience for me.
    The morality of that neighborhood was lacking and with the exception of that one lady the community could care less about the trash around the school or the ability of their own children to read.
    I stopped helping.
    This same principle applies to our elites.
    They don’t care about this nation but they want men like me to do all the hard work for them.
    We need moral elites and the rules for society equally enforced.
    Good article.

    • It’s hard to be enthusiastic about people who refuse to help themselves yet blame their position on you.

    • You see it all the time where there are good works being done.
      Cleaning up parkland, beaches, rivers.
      Ner a vibrant in sight. Except in the ad or poster asking for helpers.

      • I love the tv shows and commercials where they show blacks camping or hiking or farming. as real as Harry Potter.

    • The coastal elites (fake elites) of the country are more connected to London, Paris and Zurich than to Louisville, Kansas City or Albuquerque. That’s a fact.

    • G Lordon Giddy: I did something similar on a more personal basis, even after I knew better racially. I thought perhaps it would help me be more charitable and a better Christian. After a few years of endlessly ‘helping’ a woman who would not help herself, and whose family expected me to help her while they spent money on themselves that I didn’t have for my own family, I wised up.

      No charity or ‘help” for any non-White. Ever. Certainly not collective, society-wide charity, but even on a personal basis. Whites whose charitable impulses lead them into diversity find the wages of sin is death. This poor man’s twisted Christian belief led him to preach the gospel to semi-sentient savages, and they killed him for it ( The online article is clearly worded to blame his death on his faith, rather than on his nogger killer, of course, but it’s not entirely wrong.

      • They wanted to escape the vibrant crime in New Orleans by going to Montgomery Alabama? Then go into the vibrant part of that town?
        Not wise for extending life on this earth and his son to have his father to grow up with.

    • Same thing with those mission trips to poor countries. The white people go and build and dig while the non white men just watch.

      In reality it’s not that hard to dig a hole for a well, or stack cement blocks. They just don’t care enough to do it, but they won’t stop white people from doing it.

      • I have volumes of stories on this. The church buying egg laying hens for a village in Africa only to find that the hens were eaten when they returned. The new water pipe put in that was dismantled with sections used for planters. The bicycles that they buy for the village that end up being sold in town. It goes on and on. I would rather burn all of my money in a pile than fund a mission trip. And I refuse to sit there for the feel good slide show afterwards.

        • Indeed! I used to donate regularly and generously to missionary groups, e.g., Samaritan’s Purse, until I realized it was a scam. Not an intentional scam, to be sure, but one that existed only for the sake of perpetuating itself. Yes, there is some good done by these foreign missionary groups, but like all “charity,” the gift tends to corrupt both giver and beneficiary.

      • B125, just in case there are any skeptics to your posting, same thing happened to a good friend from my (former) church. He volunteered *once* to travel to MX to help the “poor”. He had the experience of wiring the electrical in a new home built for a lower class, impoverished citizen—while that person simply sat and watch the church members work. He did not help in any fashion, but got himself and family brand new digs.

        In the end though, it seemed to work out. Said friend had his eyes opened up, and no longer volunteered for such charity work. Instead he patrols the Southern border here and interdicts drug mules and IA’s. Damn dangerous for his small group, but they are quite successful. I have video and have been with him on patrols.

      • The idea of a well requires an abstraction around water presence under the ground not just where it is visible in a river, which requires a certain mind set to start with.

        That said, if you have lived in an area for 500 years and you still have not got around to digging a hole near to the village for your water then you deserve to be left in the shit.

      • It’s not the SA that needs to “learn”, it’s the damn folks that contribute to them. I am/was one of them. 🙁

        In a year or two, this “revelation” of true SA thought/belief will be forgotten by Joe Normie and he will open up his pocketbook once again—so much easier that doing the hard work of finding better organizations to support.

        To my knowledge, none of the guilty parties involved have been removed from the SA organization. They will continue to infest and inject their beliefs. A pox on all their houses.

    • I’m gonna try to count the non-whites at the trucker convoy. I’ll let everybody know when I hit double digits, but is suspect it will be like Where’s Waldo

  13. Material for a follow up column:

    Elites emerge from the people. Something in the people must be susceptible to corruption for a corrupt elite to emerge. I’m inclined to think the corruption is more apt to be organic than imposed from without. You previously made the “unto the fourth generation” point: create the wealth, manage the wealth, enjoy the wealth, dissipate the wealth, begin the cycle again. That’s descriptive but not explanatory.

    The fall of the Roman Republic from roughly 200 B.C to Caesar is an example. Corruption terminates in a house-cleaning dictatorship, perhaps our future as well, with virtue restored under an Octavian, but then the rise and fall of empire continues the process.

    Christianity locates the source of corruption inherent in the nature of fallen man but that, too, is descriptive. We’re looking for the seed of corruption in the people ourselves independent of external agency.

    • Two followups. One, an explanation for the situation is simple: being spoiled. Dylan best described it when he said, “I’m trying to read your poetry but I’m helpless like a rich man’s child.” What begins corruption except rapacity, entitlement, and cunning? What perpetuates its downfall? The same thing – except for cunning. Substitute ‘helplessness’ and you have the perpetuation and slothful continuation of corruption.
      I was fortunate enough when, as a younger man, I worked a job that exposed me socially to many, many rich people from all over the world. It eventually became easy to distinguish between the first generation rich and second (or subsequent) generations. The first generation money always had an edge to them, but they also had people skills and generally treated you with respect. The subsequent generations: nowhere near the same sharpness nor personality.
      Two, Christianity does argue for a source of the corruption externally, yes – the whole postlapsarian situation. However, most of the instruction in the Gospels clearly points the blame at human arrogance (the log in your own eye) much more frequently. And, while I am not a Christian (maybe – it’s hard, you know?), the wisdom is undeniable.

  14. “Unless and until the elites are replaced with and by a moral people, the chaos will continue until collapse.”

    I certainly agree with this and I’m sure most of the people on our side do as well.

    The big question is how to accomplish it. I don’t have the answer, but I hope someone smarter than I am does.

    • Yes, you have the answer, as do we all. Not to fedpoast… but the way to control corrupt elites is to shoot them in the face as a warning to the others. It’s as simple as that. None of us want to do that because of the fallout. Most dissidents are acutely aware of all the drunks and grannies that got busted during the “January 6 Insurrection”.

      Will hunger and grinding poverty change your mind?

      We are going to find out!

      • One of Zman’s most impactful observations is that emergent behavior is a powerful phenomenon that can be exploited so as to dramatically limit the harm that must be endured during chemotherapy. The elites and oligarchs are not stupid. They will leave en masse when incentivized to do so. We need to have a collapse in order instigate the remedy, but we need not stay at the bottom for very long. It can be a quick rebound if we act with focus and precision.

    • Given the adage around hard times on this side of the fence.

      It seems that a certain level of morality in the elite sections requires that they too are subject to hard times in some sense.

      Historically in Europe this meant that up until perhaps WW1 (and for some a bit later) the elites and their sons were heavily involved in actual front line action as the officers and risked death along with the soldiers.

      Similarly, as others pointed out dueling also acted as a consequence within their own sphere over acceptable behavior, as did social ostracism.

      Perhaps in some senses it is about the Elites being subject to their own version of hard times, that at least gives some balance to their moral behavior and responsibility to others.

      How one would go about getting them to accept such a thing is another matter. I can’t see many of the sons of the pols, the lawyers and the media being front line officers in a combat unit.

      Did that ever exist in the US?

  15. John Adams was right.

    It wasn’t a long journey from social media stealing data to banks stealing funds, was it? As to the latter, take note even state bank commissioners could put a stop to it and thus far have not.

  16. I don’t see how protection of your image can be reinstated in this age of CCTV and cell phones. I can also think of several exceptions that I’d like to see codified, e.g. the right to film public officials in the course of their duties, particularly the police. And once you carve that out you’ll see, like the tax code, that the right to be secure in your image will be twisted beyond all recognition, granted to those with influence and used as a virtue-signaling cudgel by oleaginous pols.

    • There are already a couple of cases around this I believe.

      Essentially it seems to boil down to if your image has financial value as part of your profile (actors etc) then you can assert ownership. If you are a pleb then tough shit you own nothing.

    • Your image isn’t any different than your actual appearance, can a fee be charged to people that observe you walking down the street? Can the owners of Rockefeller Center demand payment from those standing across 5th Ave in Manhattan for visually soaking in its Art Deco appearance?

      There are some people whose appearance is of significant importance to the general public and they don’t include Princess Di, Tom Brady or George Clooney. This guy is different.

      • Nonsense. It is perceptually obvious to an honest person that a picture is different than a person. It is easy and simple to place controls on information in the form of images, which we have done routinely for centuries: copyrights and trademarks. Its just that the information is protected only for a certain group (megacorps) while the plebs get the shaft. If we can have an FBI division dedicated to arresting people for illicitly using some images (movies), surely we COULD do the same for other similar data. Our society (the elite) simply refuses to do so.

  17. This is why I call the Current Year the Age of Why Bother? Pretty much every sector of society has started asking itself that question, and very few of them have an answer. Why not just randomly screw people over? Why bother making a show of following the rules and being consistent? “Better a false ‘good morning’ than a sincere ‘go to hell,'” the old proverb goes, but by SJW logic that’s the exact same thing as chaining the gays back up on the lavender plantations and forcing the “birthing parents” to admit that they have the plumbing they have. So, you know, hate crimes all.

    I used to see this all the time among college kids (and I retired several years ago). They’d lie to you on spec, for any reason or no reason, just to see if you’d bite. But the most horrifying thing was their reaction to getting caught: Somehow I was the jerk, because I didn’t just automatically believe them, and this despite a long, well-documented track record of mendacity. If the lie works, then great, they get some temporary advantage (if only the sheer quasi-sexual thrill of lying, Bill Clinton style). And if it doesn’t work, they get the sweet dopamine hit of outrage — I didn’t believe them because I’m a CisHetPat White male, and they are a [fill in the blank].

    So why bother with the truth? The truth is boring. Nobody has ever gotten upvoted on Facebook and retweeted on Twitter for telling the truth. There’s no virtue juice to be squeezed, no dopamine hit to mainline, so why bother?

      • Puh-leez… Kurt Cobain was a bastion of high intellectualism, sanity, integrity, and dare I say talent, compared to these complete retards walking around today.

        We’ve dropped, what, 10 IQ points since then? And it shows across the board. Garbage music with garbage lyrics for garbage people.

        Yes, he had nothing profound to say, but again, when contrasted with the wasteland of creativity that surrounds us today he may as well be Beethoven.

        (Caveat: I do agree with you however that the Gen-X lack of caring for anything and utter ambivalence did further grease the skids for further (((messaging)))).

        • I just saw an article whose jist was most music is now old music and its crowding out most iof the new music

          the 200 most popular tracks now account for less than 5% of total streams. It was twice that rate just three years ago.” Gioia goes on to use iTunes purchase trends as evidence of old music’s rising popularity. Apparently, the list of the currently most-purchased tracks on Apple Music’s platform is “filled with the names of bands from the last century, such as Creedence Clearwater and The Police.”

          And this isn’t old people. Even young people don’t want what is being sold apparently

          A few days earlier, I had a similar experience at a local diner, where the entire staff was under thirty but every song more than forty years old. I asked my server: “Why are you playing this old music?” She looked at me in surprise before answering: “Oh, I like these songs.”

      • “Oh well, whatever, never mind.” Gen-X Jesus

        And the most annoying one of all: “It’s all good.”

    • At the risk of getting an audit from Uncle Sam (he/him), if I owe any money to the feds this year, I’m just going to claim I have a small home business so I can get those refund bux.

      Why bother?

    • The prime I work for is all in on face panties, forced compliance injections, DIE-versity, and alphabet soup degeneracy.

      The project they want me to rotate to would support a country that is a known global exporter of Islamic jihad.

      So why should I bother?

    • The Left happens to be right about truth in a political context. It is only a weapon to be used if it works. Otherwise, lying is a perfectly acceptable choice of weapons if it leads to victory.

      I suspect one reason the Left hated Trump so disproportionately was that he lied with impunity, and they thought that was their sole domain. If the Republicans were anything other than anti-White frauds and liars, they would put together a committee to investigate child rape among CEO’s and university professors, basically a mirror image of the 1/6 dog ‘n pony show.
      Make Lying Great Again (unless truth works better in a particular instance). As Z and Ostei frequently write, post-modernism does not recognize truth as a virtue and only as a tool. Trump did show the way on this one.

      • For these things the part the right does not get is that shows of force is just that. Who cares if its true or not.

        In order to get respect you need to show force and stop giving a shit about accuracy. Is about establishing a narrative and inflicting real world pain on your opponents that gets the normie base’s respect.

        If that means constant investigations that result in fixed up charges on stuff that is not illegal, but needs pushing out of society then that is what should be done.

      • I hate to say it (or rather “admit” it) since I was a big Trump supporter but you nailed it.

        Truth is (?) we need liars on our side for a change. Good liars. Great liars. Liars that can out lie Nazi Polousy and Shit Schemer in a one to one.
        We can either drink Louie XIII from the skulls of our enemies or we can be the skulls. Our choice.

    • Great post: and the new generation- a sudden influx of zoomer nick fuentes AF groypers on the gab who are posting all sorts of “ironic” humor about raping and making women into hamburger. These new kids are all in with nihilistic anything goes until called out- then it’s “just a joke, btfo”. Hope it all crashes soon.

  18. It is axiomatic among the DR that economics and law are downsteam from culture which is downstream from biology. There is a maxim to go with that which is that you cannot compensate downsteam for a failure. Of particular interest right now, you cannot compensate for a failing culture with law. What you end up with when you try – and this is exactly what the West is trying to do in myriad ways on all sorts of issues – are a ton of laws that micromanage things but solve nothing.

    To grab one example from the article, a local politician’s nude pictures were stolen from her. Well, what the hell is someone who wants to be in politics doing having nudes taken at all. This is a snapshot of a culture collapsing into decandence (yes I use that word a lot, it IS the central cancer of the West).

    All sorts of laws addressing privacy issues (and I am ‘pro privacy’ btw) will not help here. The other day I felt old. Because I heard that it is ‘common’ among teenage girls to earn a little money posting nude or other sexual pictures on OnlyFans and similar sites. Ladies and gents, that is called prostitution. But it is ‘no big deal’ among teenagers today I am told. ‘No big deal’…right….this culture is dead.

    • Sad part is a lot of these girls get something like 5$ a month, and it’s much harder to sweep it under the rug than classic prostitution that doesn’t have a digital trail.

      One of my in-laws said matter-of-factly that his 10-year old son knows more about sex than he did at 18. He’s divorced, and his ex-wife allows pretty much unfettered access to the internet. These kids are going to be screwed up beyond repair, and it’s to the point where if we went back to 16 year old high schoolers having actual sex and using protection, it would be a godsend compared to what’s coming our way.

      • I don’t feel sorry for these girls, although maybe I should. But my views are getting harsher. They’re sluts and my dominant feeling is contempt, not pity. Even though this makes me a hypocrite. Point is this isn’t about me or them, it is about our whole world slowly caving in on itself. I’m a sinner but sometimes you have to have the balls to be a hypocrite to say what is true: no patriachy, no future.

        • > They’re sluts and my dominant feeling is contempt, not pity.

          I’ll have contempt for twenty somethings with a stable, loving family that decided to be a slut for easy money. I have nothing but pity for teenage girls with absent parents getting all their sex-ed from peers and Tik-Tok.

          • Chet: Thank you for reminding me of this very important point. In so many ways my gut response is that of Moran y Simba: contempt. But that contempt, in the case of genuine minors, ought to be for their parents who’ve failed them, and society at large, which created the degenerate environment in which failing parents and families are not merely tolerated, but celebrated. I try to remind myself of this daily when I see the young blondes at the gym with tattoos, making calf’s eyes at some dusky boy.

            Her father failed her – for marrying a slore (I ought to have realized that military Whites years ago came up with a better portmanteau than the nogger ‘thot’). He failed her for not providing guidance and controlling her genetic weaknesses. And all of society – men and women – failed her for buying into and celebrating social media that incentivized and monetized degenerate behavior. And then giving unfettered access to said media by unsupervised, uncivilized children.

            The blame can and should be cast so very widely. In the case Zman uses as an example, the woman is an obvious slore so her lawsuit is the epitome of modern woman’s ‘me too’ hypocrisy. But the very thought that one’s virtual image ought to be private, when one’s physical person is considered public property (getting the vax is a duty to the rest of the Kommuniteee) is ludicrous. Deconstructing this failed system based on a failed and dying culture is like trying to unravel the Gordian knot.

            That is why I am an accelerationist. I cannot bear this sick culture and the only way to ‘cure’ it is truly by going through collapse and fire. I would love for that not to be so, but my mantra is to unflinchingly face the truth and reality, so I cannot believe or propose otherwise.

            tl;dr: Nuke it from orbit, etc.

          • “But that contempt, in the case of genuine minors, ought to be for their parents who’ve failed them, and society at large, which created the degenerate environment in which failing parents and families are not merely tolerated, but celebrated.”

            I concede this point.

          • 3g4me-

            If the idiot DC regime doesn’t change course in Ukraine soon we may find ourselves on the receiving end of mass canned sunshine deliveries from Uncle Vlad.

          • @3g4me I am not sure that collapse is the only way forward. At least in the sense of everything collapsing.

            It would be quite easy to envisage a sort of neo-victorian society re-emerging in some geographic areas in response to the current degenerate shitshow.

            However, that would almost certainly involve that area being racially suited to such a set of social mores. So it would obviously not be on a country wide basis, as he required population no longer exists..

            Perhaps the self-segregation would follow with the social res-establishment of polite and restrained behaviors, or maybe the other way around.

            Either way any such place would need to effectively remove all current forms of electronic media. Not quite Amish, but something along those lines.

        • And I feel even less sympathy for most of the fathers who wake up to discover that their little princess is letting it all hang out for strangers. A small percentage of good dads are going to lose the battle against our execrable culture, but in most cases it was a matter of a dad (and mom, especially mom) who wanted to be a friend and not a parent to his child.

          • Thanks, KGB.

            I almost lost my kid to social services when she got spanked in grade 3 for being a monkey in class. I was told I was abusive and needlessly strict when I insisted she had to get good marks and keep her nose clean. I was told that. I was oppressing her when she dropped out of the sciences at university to take fine arts at a no-name college. When she came back from that as a militant SJW lesbian, I was told I would have to go live under her rainbow and defer to her and her love partner for the rest of my life – or else. I got thrown out the airlock and unpersoned by the hive when I refused. I’m lucky my marriage survived.

            That was ages ago and it’s far worse now. It is my contention that fatherhood is now impossible under most conditions. If you have any liberals involved with the upbringing of the child they will undermine you and oppose you with the rule of law on their side. The only people protecting their families anymore are heavily isolated and insulated trad Christian’s – and even they have problems.

            You can be a father… but it will cost you, and success is not assured.

          • Glenfilthie, to be a good father is now to balance on the edge of the law, at best. May the crash come soon.

          • I can’t express how much stories like yours turn my stomach, Glenfilthie. Your agony must have been nigh impossible to bear. I mean this very sincerely: when I pray, it’s for men such as yourself to maintain strength and dignity though worldly trials.

            The bond a parent feels with their child is inexplicable and a sure sign of a God above. It’s why the greatest sacrifice He asked was for Abraham to sacrifice his son, and it’s why God didn’t make him go through with it once Abraham had committed to it. It would be God alone who could shoulder the burden of sacrificing His Son.

      • On the other hand, there’s emerging evidence that the real-world sex drive of the young is being destroyed by the online fantasy world of porn and OnlyFans. It’s a mess either way.

        Some good news, though, that chick-with-a-dick finally got beat on Jeopardy! last night.

        • I laughed when I saw the Jeopardy thing.
          The Winningest woman on Jeopardy is a man, but was beaten before the winnngest man was a woman.

          We live in strange times.

      • These kids are going to be screwed up beyond repair

        The kids have been screwed up since the eighties. We have no idea how the Zoomers will turn out because we have nothing to compare them with, they are space aliens.

        The bright side is that they don’t watch television. With the remote, you can only switch between different flavors of globalist propaganda, on the internet you’re never more than a few clicks away from the Resistance.

        Also, gamer culture is right wing.

        • Maybe so.

          However, if you check all the current AAA titles the main characters one can play and the NPCs are often women and blacks (or both). This is even in WW2 titles.

          Most titles have the standard Hollywierd casting and storylines now.

          The only holdout is the fantasy stuff coming out of Eastern Europe where the devs are a lot more fuck you to the SJW crap.

        • That is true. But to correct harmful behavior you must first feel anger. Later, when (if!!) they repent you may feel sympathy. Right now, teenage girls going slut don’t need your pity, they need your anger. Even if they don’t know it.

          And if you correct such behavior, you risk social services sending cops to ‘correct’ you back into sicko-ism. You just gotta love living in perverted tyrrany.

      • it is truly horrendous and has observable long-term effects on the culture. The sexual revolution destroyed so much – it’s very hard to see youngsters who know no different. They are arguably sex abuse victims in their own right.

        • ABSOLUTELY! This is our fault, 100%.
          It’s just “normal” to them. This is just what people do. They were raised in this milieu. It’s all around them. They think it normal to “decide” whether you are boy or a girl. We expect them to show sexual restraint or modesty? Isn’t that what their racist patriarchal grandfathers used to say?

      • S and G, yeah. Let’s go fight nuclear Russia to ensure that 14 yr old girls in the Donbass can also make a few bucks selling nudes. That’s a truly worthy cause.

        • Shame is now reserved for someone who once had a dog named “Blackie.” Or males born White. Teen cam whores? Self-actualizing princesses who must be celebrated.

    • I’ve seen anecdotes indicating that OnlyFans and TikTok are so omnipresent and out of control in teen lives that the idea of the girl or boy next door no longer exists.

      It’s just one long, global, 4k, real-time perp show, all the way down.

    • “The other day I felt old. Because I heard that it is ‘common’ among teenage girls to earn a little money posting nude or other sexual pictures on OnlyFans and similar sites.”

      My paternal grandmother would have described such creatures as “common as pig tracks.”

      So, yes, it *is* common, all right.

      • …and in that same vein, and per my grandma, most all ‘as homely as ditch mud’

      • When my daughter was getting to that age, I got mad one day (nothing like nude photos or I would have gone nuclear) and cancelled the internet. Yes, I did. We just did without it – maybe about a year. We still had TV at the time, and I was far from a perfect parent, but the pure shock factor made a difference. Nobody she knew didn’t have the internet at home, and she didn’t yet have a smart phone. Maybe that wouldn’t work now, but I do know that there are times when you have to demonstrate your authority. (I read once that the actress, Angela Lansbury, moved her kids from Hollywood to the Irish countryside, just to escape the bad influence.) I feel pity for girls with nobody to protect them (boys too).

        • Angela Lansbury (from a line of political bigwigs – and herself was involved with some odd people) let her underage daughter (14 or so IIRC) to ride about with the Manson Family unsupervised. I think she even gave her a note to show the cops if she got questioned saying she had permission from her mother.

      • That is a reminder not to jump to conclusions too fast. I’ve been plain angry at what’s happening to civilization lately and may at times have been too ready to believe the worst in any story surfacing. OTOH the jacka$$ stealing medical files, that’s actually even worse.

  19. Gore Vidal used to say that the elite never saw themselves as being subject to the morals that they dictated for the middle class.

    But still the elite were part of the same tribe as the general populace. They had to keep up appearances. That all changed when a hostile tribe took control of the media and started having powerful positions in the government, finance and the courts. The elite is very status conscious and is as easily influenced as your typical hysterical young female. Now it is morally wrong to work against the wishes of the elite and both the left and the right seek to enforce the desires of the elite.

    At some point it will have to be them or us and right now it is hard to bet against them

    • Fun fact: Vidal also argued for a pan-European alliance (including the Russians) against the Orientals, whom he saw as the West’s natural enemy.

      • That’s one reason why men like Charles Lindbergh lamented the nature of World War II in Europe. He couldn’t understand why Germans and English would fight, instead of joining to promote the white world against Asiatics.

        • One of my grandfathers, upon being conscripted in The War to End All Wars, was back in Liverpool 6 weeks later.
          He said he’d never met a Belgian and liked the Germans more than the French. He didn’t think his participation was necessary.

  20. In a country where police and corporation will not prosecute basic theft, more abstract concepts like ownership of self will not apply. There’s a mix of low-life thugs and white collared thieves that are doing as they please while the middle class tries to have decorum. For a low-tech version, just look at the flagrant thefts in CVS stores around country.

    This will change only when less powerful people are constantly stalking and videotaping executives and bureaucrats, including their own internal meetings, and posting them online. Think 1000 independent project Veritases.

    On the storefront, it will only happen when poor whites start flagrantly stealing with impunity with the same disregard as the diversity.

    • Maybe that won’t change it.

      America is becoming a low trust high crime tolerant society,

      Normie Americans and the DR think that old rules will be reasserted, even if only against YT. But that’s probably not going to be the case.

      • No need for blackpilling here. Marxists are known to free criminals and encourage immorality in order to demoralize and break down a society, then turn around and play the Savior when they judge the time is right.

        A Communist is somebody who turns off the lights so the people will cheer when he turns them back on. These thugbait crime waves are not “just happening”.

    • What you describe is anarcho-tyranny…why should I comply with the edicts of a regime that won’t prosecute crime by protected groups, only protects the Ukraine’s borders, will allow non-citizens to vote, etc? Am I some kind of damn sucker?

      • ” … why should I comply with the edicts of a regime that won’t prosecute crime by protected groups, … .”

        Because you are not protected and because they *will* prosecute you. And everybody knows it. The only thing I can say that’s even halfway positive is that the situation you describe cannot last.

        • That is why people form self protection groups and why the FBI et all is used to often to try and prevent Whites and to a degree Blacks (BLM Is a political group not a self protection one) from forming them.

          Its not that difficult to put an end to malicious prosecution when you have the will and morals of a cartel.

          No matter what though such groups will form up as more an more people come to see reform and/or restoration as futile and such groups are well placed to take power locally.

          Warlordism for the win. Feudalism is dead, long live feudalism.

        • Henry David Thoreau.

          Civil Disobedience.

          ” I was not born to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion. Let us see who is the strongest.”

          Passive aggressive. Throw sand in the gears. Wear gray. Don’t get caught. Lie. Run. Hide. Prepare.

    • There are exceptions, and it is predictable how they flow. Use a celebrity’s image for financial gain and that becomes obvious. Only if it becomes to use Nancy Pelosi’s image without compensation to peddle Depends will this stop. Thus far, the line holds.

    • Honestly, dueling is missed. It had a real and necessary function. At the very least, sometimes you have a snotty colleague or other person who needs a real beating. But, modern law means the snickering little yellow b*stards who game the rules, will have 4 armed LEOs breaking in your door if you give him his comeuppance. The abolishment of private force leads to the rule of the beta psychopath. Just look at who’s in office anywhere in the West.

      • This is a very important point. The soft power sycophants utterly depend on hard power to back up their behavior and status. Coupled with a fashionable disdain for hard labor and self-sacrifice, they seem determined to provoke a response. Trudeau trying to condemn the truckers resisting his shenanigans is one example.

      • “The abolishment of private force leads to the rule of the beta psychopath.”

        This is the most succinct and powerful way I have heard this described. Putting this in heavy rotation. Kudos.

      • That’s not dueling, that’s uncodexed tribal fights with guns instead of spears. Dueling presupposes an honor codex. It is to fighting as sex is to rape.

          • You cannot discuss duels without mentioning The Three Musketeers, where D’Artagnan apologizes to Aramis that his chance of satisfaction is slim, since D’Artagnan expects to be killed by either Athos or Porthos first.

            Duels were a real problem in Bourbon France. Only nobles were allowed to duel and only nobles were allowed to serve in the military. Louis XIII lost several hundred young noblemen to duels every year, and eventually banned the practice.

      • I think you could get blacks to do this in a semi controlled manner if you emphasized they had to get blinged up for the occasion and stand round like peacocks in a glittery public arena before going to it and televised it..

        The only downside is you would have to ban high capacity clips given their propensity to hit all the bystanders and not each other.

  21. Once the Old Virginians were safely out of the way, the path to unbridled Judeo-Puritan power was cleared. Merchants and political charlatans have been ascendant for so long, we have forgotten how honorable men once behaved. George C. Marshall was probably the last of the breed. No one now remembers him.

  22. The problem is that if you build a system that can enforce property laws online, you also build a system that controls all online content.

    I’m team lolbert on this one. There’s always a price to pay for liberty and this is the price for freedom of speech.

    • “A state strong enough to suppress all crimes is strong enough to suppress all freedoms”, cyber edition. I don’t know where I come down on this particular issue but you have a good point.

    • In “libertarians are right” situations, the solution—as one kind of libertarian has figured out—is to remove the malefactors. The state can’t stop Google without becoming Google? Then everyone who constitutes the Google corporate entity must be physically stopped. A pleasant thought.

      But it ignores that libertarians are never right. Google is what it is because it is the state.

    • What speech? An explicit photo isn’t speech. You wouldn’t need “revenge” porn laws if porn itself was illegal.

      • An explicit photo isn’t speech.

        Say you.

        One of the most annoying traits of MAGA-tards is their worship of the mail-order harlot in the White House, Breitbart is billing her as the new Jackie Kennedy. Should I be allowed to post nude pictures of Melania Trump where she’s making out with another ho? Christian Americans would want to know before they put her on a pedestal.

        But that’s not even the nub of the issue. The issue is whether I can post everyday street pictures online without asking consent of all involved. I recognize the ethical conundrum, but I don’t think you should have the right to privacy in the public space.

        I am perfectly fine with laws against porn, but not to the extend that all internet traffic should be monitored for it.

  23. Yep, with corruption ruling the day throughout society, chaos is pretty much all we have to look forward to, unfortunately. Probably never has this (former) country and western society been in greater need of a massive enema, with no one willing and/or able to pull the trigger. The way things are going, our leaders may stupidly force “someone” to take action…

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  25. “Unless and until the elites are replaced with and by a moral people, the chaos will continue until collapse.”
    Could not agree more. However, good luck finding “a moral people”. The immoral elite ae enable by the immoral commoners. They will all get what the deserve. You reap what you sow was never clearer.

    • “Unless and until the elites are replaced with and by a moral people, the chaos will continue until collapse.”

      From whence this moral code book? Who will author it? Kant’s categorical imperative, Mill’s teleological utilitarianism, Aristotle’s golden mean? Return to the bible? We need something numinous, rather than something intellectual, but in a diverse society, not likely we will find it.

          • “Natural Law” comes from a century’s worth of horrific, WWI-level violence — the “Period of the Wars of Religion,” 1517-1648. Once the combatant powers (which was all of them) realized that religious disputes can’t be settled by force of arms, you had the first (and, really, only) separation of church and state. But if the King is no longer God’s anointed (because we can’t decide which version of God does the anointing, and no one can be expected to pledge fealty to a heretic), we have to figure out some other rationalization for his authority beyond “He’s the guy with the most guns.” Hence, natural law, from Jean Bodin, Thomas Hobbes, and Hugo Grotius, through Locke, and down to the Founders.

            Pedantic, I realize, but hey… you asked.

          • BeAprepper: With all due respect for Severian’s greater historical knowledge, I think he’s missing an important component. Natural law was not merely the outgrowth of political philosophers following state actions. It was the condensed common sense of centuries of experience – of people living and dying amongst one another, learning how to deal with the misfits and the imbeciles and the geniuses with social rules of behavior that minimized conflict. Not all folk wisdom is merely tarted-up grannies’ tales – particularly when it’s White.

          • 3g4me:
            “Natural law was not merely the outgrowth of political philosophers following state actions. It was the condensed common sense of centuries of experience – of people living and dying amongst one another, learning how to deal with the misfits and the imbeciles and the geniuses with social rules of behavior”.

            I agree, but. What i think you are saying is that Natural Law is law by consensus. It is not numinous, not intellectual in a locke-ian sense, not biblical – necessarily. My point is that consensus is impossible with diversity. “The condensed common sense experience of history”. There can be no common, common sense when we don’t have a common history, especially culture. No commonality, no agreement on Natural Law, using your definition.

        • Yes Felix. But ethnostate impossible unless we kill or at least severely reduce diversity. Multiethnostates are unstable.

          • ethnostate impossible

            So what?

            You asked for moral guidance, not a political solution. I offer a lodestone, not a map.

            And besides, it’s not impossible and it wouldn’t require (much) violence, only patience and money. People segregate naturally unless they’re incentivized to do otherwise. If you paid them to segregate, you could have a white ethnostate in America in a couple of decades.

          • Felix:

            “So what?”

            This what. You said ethnostate good.

            “People segregate naturally unless they’re incentivized to do otherwise”

            But they are incentivized. Escape from poverty, free health care, minority preferences, free stuff.

          • You said ethnostate good.

            It is. I used to live in one.

            You asked a moral question and moral is not about what’s possible. We can never stop theft, murder and rape, but we can still make the moral judgment that they’re wrong and strive to prevent them.

            Consider the ethnostate an ideal that you always orient yourself towards; you will have moral guidance in a lot of problems if you always approach them with “what would be best for white people?”

      • “We need something numinous, rather than something intellectual…”

        Unfortunately, we in the slave states are living the numinous religious life right now:
        Wear the mask.
        Take the jab.
        Put on the hand sanitizer.
        All praise SCIENCE!!!

    • This intriguing comment thread highlights two problems:

      1. Grumpy describes the problem of immoral rulers. Someone will always be in charge yet how do we ensure that those in charge respect morality? (Who watches the watcher?)

      2. BeAPrepper observes that there is no universally agreed upon morality. No morality can be proven to everyone’s satisfaction by intellectual means.

      Felix solves the problem, as best as the problem can be solved, with an ethnostate. I agree with Felix because the source of morality must come from something deeper than what can be established by the intellect.

      Our best hope in solving these two problems is that people of a common ancestry are more likely to share common moral instincts about how society should be structured. A simple example of this is that the Chinese eat dogs while Europeans love them and this is due to our different evolutionary histories.

      Finally, I hope that I someday get to hear Felix can tell me about what it was like to live in an ethnostate. “Uncle Felix, tell us about the good old days.”

        • Felix: That is so beyond twisted and sick. There is nothing they will not claim as their own and destroy. This really is a kill or be killed situation.

        • Well, that’s today’s link that would make me weep for joy at the sight of a planet destroying asteroid.

      • Any American in his 70’s or greater lived in an ethnostate. Hell, I grew up early on in NYC, but even with non-Whites in abundance, it was the equivalent. I bumped into “coloreds” only when on the train, or perhaps at sporting events. Otherwise it was a White world, albeit we had German, Italian, etc. neighborhoods.

        • so are you old enough then to remember when wagner was mayor? It wasn’t until the Giuliani/bloomberg era that crime got back down to wagnerian levels.

  26. Money = Power
    Power leads to corruption. Why else would you collect more money than you need? More money than you can spend? So you can peddle influence. More money, more power, more influence.

    OTOH, less money, means less power which means less corruption.

    We are about to see much money disappear and devalued. For those who prefer less corruption, this is a good thing. But you had better prepare for the less money part.


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