The New McCarthyites

While doing homework on the Army – McCarthy hearings, I was reminded of two things that seem to come up regularly. One is that the people causing the mayhem in our society are lacking in self-awareness. The term McCarthyism has dropped out of use of late, I cover this in the show, but most people are old enough to remember when it was popular and what it meant. The new McCarthyites are totally unaware of that rather easy comparison between themselves and McCarthy.

The other thing that comes up repeatedly is that the people causing trouble have a weird blind spot about the internet. Often, they will make a big bold moral statement and then sometime later make another big bold moral statement that is the exact opposite of the previous statement. Even crazier is they will do this on Twitter. Not long after, people will post screen caps of their prior statement alongside the new statement, easily revealing the contradiction.

You are left with the impression that these people are unaware of the internet, despite using it for their political drama. You really see this with the January 6 show trials they are cooking up. The claims they are making against these people are for things these people have done in the recent past. Adam Schiff spent four years claiming the 2016 election was illegitimate. Now he is tormenting people for the crime of questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

What lies at the heart of this is the problem presented by McCarthy. The sorts of people attracted to these moral crusades are without the normal sense of self that mentally healthy people possess. They need a foil, someone they can point to as bad in some way, so they can claim to be good by virtue of opposing that person. It is why their politics are highly personal. Liz Cheney cannot stop obsessing over Trump because she is a moral nullity who needs a villain to feel like a hero.

That is what makes the January 6 commission worth following. These people are so morally obtuse they could very well set themselves up like McCarthy. None of the people on that commission are sympathetic to the public. None of them seem to be smart enough to see this. They are so sure they are on the sign of angels, because they are certain their opponents are evil. That is how these people eventually find themselves on the other end of the inquisition.

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  • 02:00: Background On The Hearings
  • 22:00: The Morality Of McCarthyism
  • 42:00: The New McCarthyites

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125 thoughts on “The New McCarthyites

  1. does this make you wonder if the left really opposes the death penalty? Because there’s rarely an example of the shoe on the other foot (i.e. them holding the needle and white christian strapped to the chair). I mean in a sense the left opposes the death penalty fundamentally because it is an ordered process. You have a trial, a sometimes lengthy appeal/clemency process and then finally an execution. The left supports putting people to death but probably not in that type of fashion. I think they support the death penalty in a kind of spontaneous way (think bugsy seigel in 1947).

    • You hit the mark – expediency. When the left doesn’t recieve what it wants, it justifies the quickest methods of obtaining what it wants. The most glaring example of recent times was homosexual marriage. Nobody wanted it and legislative system reflected it. So they just had homo marriage declared costitutional by fiat. Since then, their progressive goals kept getting more utopic and unobtainable. They’re not getting anywhere with the covid and antiracism crusades so eventually they’ll start resorting to simply disposing of the perceived problems; i.e. just executing bad whites.

  2. Good one. Thanks, Z-man. But comparing the January 6 Committee to the Army-McCarthy hearing is a stretch. Better to compare them to Stalin’s show trials.

    • McCarthy fits better. We’re not quite to the point of blatant gulags and liquidation commissions yet. Stalin was a once-in-a-century type inhuman bastard who scarcely hid his intent of disposing of his political enemies. If for nothing else the McCarthy trials weren’t used as a convenient pipeline to a firing squad.Getting there, though, even quicker than I would’ve imagined.

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  4. Once McCarthy was confronted by a reporter in an elevator and questioned about what he was doing. McCarthy gave an aw-shucks grin and shrug and basically said it was good theater.He didn’t even REALIZE he was being poisonously dangerous, to other citizens and to the Republic as a whole. Eisenhower was smart to keep out of it. My sense is that Ike would’ve stepped in if he felt that his presidential stature and/or powers were needed to restrain the Good (sic) Senator.

  5. Like most people ahead of his time, McCarthy was crucified for speaking truth The masses want illusion, entertainment. The nose understands this, instinctively. McCarty was just a canary in the mine. Non stop talmudvision, every fuckin where you go….a phone in every hand. Prison planet Is this how you want to live, ruled by satanic madmen?

    • The primary difference between the 1950s and the 2020s is that there were three TV networks in the Fifties and countless cable options in the modern days. It’s kind of pathetic that it takes a 500-channel universe to allow one (1) Fox News to exist and pull ahead of the pack.

        • I take your point, 3g4me. I do. But. Tucker, Gutfeld and Watters are not Rachel Madcow, Don Lemming and Wolfman Hack.

          • BeAprepper: And I, also, take yours. But a kinda sorta anti-anti-White civic nationalism is still not pro-White ethnonationalism. For those who still believe they can reach and wake Joe Normal in time (and that it will make any real difference), I suppose one would say there is value in Carlson et al. But for me, if one is truly an ethnonationalist and unapologetically pro-White, it is useless noise and waste of time.

        • 3g4me:
          The preacher man, your wife, a friend maybe, coaxes you to go to church. One day you pick up the Bible. Then, an epiphany, you get baptized.

          Tucker brings many to the “church” knowing that if he preaches too loudly he will be chased from the pulpit. Better to bring people along slowly, let them read between the lines and go that extra step on their own. You can’t convert someone who doesn’t go to church.

  6. I’m not sure if McCarthy was really an anti-communist or a communist playing the role of a drunken buffoon anti-communist, as a psyop, and a case of recursive irony demonstrating the depth of the subversion if you can look hard enough.

    Some psyops (Westboro Baptists) are obvious. McCarthy is hard to pin down. I don’t know if anyone in those naive 1950’s ever got suspicious about him.

    • I wasn’t around in the 50s, so no way I can know, but i will say:

      -i wouldn’t put it past the rulers to run McCarthy as a psy-op

      -if McC was legit, and only had a drop of alcohol a day, the rulers would still paint him as a drunk buffoon.

      • I think Mccarthy was legitimate.

        If I could time travel back , would I support him? No, I’d desperately try to warn anyone willing to listen about of the far greater threat of home grown liberals and the mass media.

        It doesn’t look like anything substantive would have changed even if Mccarthy and his movement were successful. That particular brand of soviet friendly leftism is largely gone. The only doctrinaire Marxist you’ll meet are broke single male grad students. Liberals have moved on.

        This is said with the benefit of hindsight and a fallen soviet union, but we may as well use it.

      • McCarthy was legitimate but one theory, and I buy it, was he received disinformation at times from Soviet agents within FedGov calculated to discredit him and HUAC.

        As an aside, you can trace the fall of the United States and its White core to when HUAC was dismantled due to McCarthy in large part. The domination of the postmodernist Left traces its origin to the death of its watchdog.

        • I don’t believe that lineage adequately traces or explains for the millions of people necessary to fuel this project. Far more logical that it is made possible by the continuation of American abolitionists ideology, Radical Republicanism, and descendants of extreme denominations of puritanical protestantism (mutating later to shed their formal christianity). With a power base in the New England area and many sympathetic legions all over the Midwest to the coasts. These people are tenacious, radical, and populous. Much more dangerous and formidable than any conspiracy of intellectuals.

          Look back at the terror of reconstruction. The beast in America is a beast within.

  7. I gotta go extreme here so bare with me as I clean the pipes:

    McCarthy wasn’t a “McCarthyite.” He did nothing wrong. He was fighting against the people who have incrementally brought us nothing but immorality, insanity, and ruin.

    It’s just another political slur; like racist, homophobe, islamophobe, anti-semite, transphobe, and yes even nazi. It has no real/consistent/sane meaning beyond it being a dog-whistle that the individual be treated as a subhuman.

    They would call you, me, and every commentator here a nazi. But I’m not a nazi, you would exclaim! Guess what? Maybe the nazis weren’t “nazis” either!

    The globalists/leftists are so in control that even right wing sites call the leftist villains nazis! The villains are commies! The nazis were trying to stop these kinds people!

  8. I have not had a chance to listen to the podcast yet, but I’ll comment on the blog entry in regards to McCarthyism.

    There’s a huge difference here that I think we all need to recognize.

    In the 1940s and 1950s immediately after WW2, there was a huge surge of LEGITIMATE COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY among the same usual suspects (coastal elites, academia, Hollywood), and McCarthy was most certainly catching wind of a lot of legitimately subversive and traitorous activity.

    Now I’m not going to sit here and proclaim that non-mainstream ideas or views should universally be condemned as subversive or traitorous. I would be painting my own self into a corner by making that statement. The very spirit of “freedom of speech” is to be free to think and say unpopular things and challenge the status quo. Therefore I do not think McCarthy was on a “just” crusade when he was hunting down communist dissidents. However, there were LEGITIMATE communist dissidents who weren’t just spreading Marxist ideas. They were very much acting as spies and agents of foreign governments.

    In the case of January 6th, and the various dissidents that our government would love to crush, scant few of them are acting as foreign agents. We are not currently at war with any other country, none of these people are selling secret information, and none of the dissidents in this Sanhedrin trial were there to topple the government. They were simply there to hold the people holding elected office accountable for transparency in elections. They believed their President had been conspired against and they wanted to grieve the politicians who facilitated that.

    This is starkly different than the communist insurgency of the post-war era. The behavior of 1/6 participants was spur of the moment. The people McCarthy was exposing were dyed in the wool conspirators who collaborated in secrecy to subvert institutions (I.e. the same people who currently hold power and are finalizing decades of effort).

    These are the people who have a laundry list of constitutional rights that they would rather see scrapped so that the plebeians have exactly zero power. It’s the same old usual suspects, just a few generations deeply into it.

    I certainly think McCarthy took it too far, but he wasn’t wrong for calling attention to these people. And mark my words, until the public gets sick this current iteration of McCarthyism too, (if that ever happens), they will continue their crusade forever.

    • “I certainly think McCarthy took it too far…”

      Or maybe McCarthy didn’t take it far enough.

      I still thumbed-up though, because I agree 100% with the rest of your analysis. The Jan. 6 protestors are regular Americans getting railroaded while those targeted by McCarthy were true subversives whose primary loyalty wasn’t to the USA.

    • Memebro: I will agree with Darcy here, and say perhaps McCarthy didn’t take it far enough. I will also take issue with your declaration that “non-mainstream ideas or views should (not) universally be condemned as subversive or traitorous . . . The very spirit of “freedom of speech” is to be free to think and say unpopular things and challenge the status quo.”

      If there is a future White ethnostate, subversive ideas challenging the status quo must absolutely be considered traitorous. “Freedom of Speech” is a chimera – there are always limits; it just depends on who makes the rules. There ought to be no toleration of speech or action demanding ‘equality’ or ‘equity’ or any other ‘ty’ or ‘ism’ that isn’t fully and exclusively pro-White. That’s how we got here in the first place.

  9. Thats an apt comparison with Mccarthy and Cernovich. Both personal and ideological.

    People like to project on to Mccarthy the role of the crusader against whatever modern ill they see today. Whether they come from the far right sphere or even identitarians. When the truth is Mccarthy either had no real interest in the genesis of these maladies during his time period or was actively in opposition to you.

    The truth is much closer to a 1950s Cernovich if he won a race for Senate.

  10. I feel there’s a difference between decorative communism and real communism. Like I used to think communism was cool and that it meant Crosby stills and Nash, opposing the war in Vietnam, supporting the indians in pine ridge, lawyers like William kunstler and the new wave of actors that were replacing old Hollywood (peter Fonda and warren beatty).

    But that kind of larping communism can only exist in a productive stable society. Seeing what is going on in new Zealand and what happened with lysenko in the 30s, I learned that actual communism sucks. the cult like nature to it, the worship of talismans and other superstitious types of thinking and the opposition to the marketplace of ideas is the worst possible system

    • “Like I used to think communism was cool”

      Get thee to a monastery and spend your time contemplating your sins.

    • An age perfectly bookended by Neil Young’s self immolation
      on the Joe Rogan Pyre.
      And what a great demonstration of lack of self-awareness that they all are drenched with.

      • The thing I can’t get over is they paid him $150 million for 1000 song rights.

        You really think they are going to get that back? In 10 years no one is going to know who the hell he is.

        I do wonder if these things are real or are some fake money laundering thing like most of the art market.

        • All the the big tech bullshit is funded by the $10 trillion plus in free money that the Fed has gifted to the Finance-Fucksters since 2001.

        • The company that bought his catalog is backed by Blackrock.

          They have infinite free money from the Fed money printer, so they don’t really care how long it takes to recoup their investment.

      • Right.

        Neil Young. What did he once write? “Better to burn out than fade away”. Didn’t take his own advice; now at 75 the man who gave us ‘Four Dead in Ohio’ is a flack for authoritarian conformity. I assume that Eric Clapton and Van Morrison are on Neil’s shitlist too.

        Enjoy your dentures Neil. Buh-bye.

        • Graham Nash, who probably agrees with RFK Jr on every other issue, told him not to play “Chicago” which is one of his songs. Fifty years ago he probably would have been at a no-mandate march

      • Bilejones: Even when I was a shitlib in high school, I hated Neil Young’s music and his awful singing. Good riddance.

  11. Predictably, Art, ahem, Spiegelman dropped an “eff” bomb at the news of the rejection of his magnum opus. You know–“fascism” (oooooooooooooo!!). Can’t wait for the goose-stepping to commence.

  12. McCarthy was right to do everything he did. This appeal to norms and not destroying peoples’ lives is completely unreciprocated. Leftists make appeals to things like due process or fairness as a tactic, not as something they believe in.
    They made the appeal to free speech for as long as free speech worked in their favor. The second free speech stopped working in their favor, they immediately abandoned any pretense of supporting free speech.

    I took a lot of pleasure watching leftists and “male feminists” being destroyed by the pound me too movement. They deserved everything they got and more. It was almost as pleasureful as when Charlie Hebdo got their comeuppance. That it was their pets who did it made it all the more pleasureful.

    • “Pound me too” that is gold. One way the even the most obscure and disempowered can exert influence is coming up with memes like this to shape peoples thoughts. Still chewing on the feudalism analogy because it seems promising ground for coming up with a succinct and appropriately denigrating way to resolve the enemy naming problem.

    • McCarthy did not understand that Ike would reflexively defend the Army and even defend communists inside the Army if they had been good soldiers. In this he failed to understand people and groups of people (institutions). It was why he was destroyed. He did not understand limits of power and institutional motivations.

      Dudes like Mayer and Warner were happy to purge communists from Hollywood to keep labor costs lower and have more control seeing communist agitators as a threat to their control and profits. Army Generals would reflexively protect their underlings seeing correctly a challenge to their own control by any vetting or communist hunts by outsiders. In the one McCarthy had allies, in the other only enemies. So thus we had the inevitable outcome.

    • I came here to say much the same thing. Zman is right, rule by witchhunt is wrong and the fact that we’ve come to it makes me sad, but that’s not the same thing as saying we can turn away from it.

      We can only have a nation that allows space for freedom of thought in a nation that has a largely homogenous culture, a people who share the same moral foundation.

      The US isn’t a nation, it’s a ruled territory populated by mutually hostile groups struggling for power over each other. There can be no return to classical liberal democratic freedoms, because half the population of the nation views them only as a tool to use and abandon them.

      This is the normiecon “muh-principles” thing — clinging to the idea that a pluralistic nation that respects freedom of speech and thought, yet somehow isn’t subject to some groups working to imposing their thoughts on everyone else is just a pipe dream. That makes me sad, it truly does, but I have to accept it.

      They hate us and want us dead. This isn’t a college debate room, this is war. I’d rather they were dead than me and mine, and I’m not going to apologize for that. Somebody’s ideology is always imposed. I’d rather it was my peoples’ ideology.

  13. I always thought that leftists hated McCarthy mainly because he turned their own tactics against them. Demonization, witch-hunting, blacklistings, and censorship are all straight out of the leftist playbook. The McCarthyites of the 1950s (not necessarily McCarthy himself) basically employed a few standard leftist ploys to discredit and sabotage leftists. Leftists adhere strictly to the infamous “who/whom” ethic — and McCarthyites were simply not the right “who” to be utilizing such a strategy.

    • The problem is they owned the media/movies and eventually destroyed the process.

      Its why even the guy’s name is such a pariah.

      • Yup.

        This is why the Oscars ran special, “Blacklisted by McCarthy,!” rehabilitation segments for decades afterwards.

    • The House Un-American Activities Committee was actually established in 1936 by a couple of Democrat senators, including Dickstein of New York, for the purposes of bowling out and demolishing fascists. Once HUAC was worked against them it suddenly became a crime against humanity.

    • Indeed, the whole “unAmerican activities” machinery was installed by the commie Left in the 30s before Hitler/Stalin Pact period, when they became “antiwar”; previously, they were demanding a “war against fascism” and wanted to persecute “isolationists” as “pro-German traitors” (like Russia today). There actually was a big “sedition” trial, like the Jan 6th hearings, with a random collection of Right wing figures like Lawrence Dennis and George Viercke, but nothing came of it.

  14. Good podcast! McCarthy, as you say, is much misunderstood.

    Regarding Hiss, when I was in college in the 70s it was a commonplace that Hiss had been railroaded by a bunch of opportunistic anti-commies, especially including Nixon. There’s still an endowed professorship named after Hiss at Bard College.

    That worm began to turn in the late 1970s, though, with the publication of Allen Weinstein’s book Perjury. Weinstein set out to write the definitive history of the Hiss case, and his working assumption was that Hiss was innocent. By the time he finished his research, however, he came to the conclusion that no serious individual could come to any conclusion other than that Hiss had been a Soviet Agent,. Venona, rather than revealing this, merely confirmed it.

  15. Clearly you are unfamiliar with ‘box wine’ and the middle aged spinsters that consume them by the dozen. So now instead of a bunch of alpha drunk males we have a bunch of bitter old shrews politicos drowning in box wine, nothing says progress like total feminization of every facet of culture.

    I’ll take Don Draper back, thanks…

    • Look at Pelosi’s drunken stumbles and ravings…

      …then realize how many Karens worship her…yikes…

      • there’s a great line by Rhett Butler in the book Gone With The Wind when he says to Scarlett “how closely women clutch the very chains that bind them”..

    • This got toplined but it was in reply re: Pickle Rick talking about 40s/50s ‘male alcoholics’. (including McCarthy)

  16. “The new McCarthyites are totally unaware of that rather easy comparison between themselves and McCarthy.”

    Well, except for the fact that McCarthy was right, which we know from the Venona archives.

    • 100% this. Yes his personal failings made him an easy target but the factuality of the matter is that indeed Hollywood, media, and government WAS shot through with commies, homos, subversives, (((propagandists))), and other undesirables. It is a shame that a more squeaky clean guy didn’t lead the charge to purge these devils when there was still a chance to do so.

      • Apex- I use box wine in cooking- I have no cats. though.

        Hilton Kramer ( Yes, I know, cue the triple parentheses) wrote this after the movie “The Front” starring, but not directed by Woody Allen came out.

        Sums up the era pretty well.

        He also argues that even if one thinks HUAC and McCarthy did some bad things, don’t make the mistake of believing that the Hollywood 10 were crusaders for freedom. They were bad guys, especially the recently lionized Dalton Trumbo.

  17. A bit off-topic, but the fit is too good to pass up.

    “[A] moral nullity who needs a villain to feel like a hero” is a perfect characterization of French President Emmanual Macron and his attitude towards people who refuse the Covid innoculation.

    • Throw in Widdle Justine to our north, now hiding from the Truckers’ Caravan by his claiming – out of an abundance of caution – to be isolating (from accountability to his country’s citizens) because he may have been around somebody with the Coof. Real Hero Material, that. Sententious leftist Frogs, both.

  18. Bumper stickers commonly seen before the election of BO, but now extinct, even on Volvos and Subarus:

    “Subvert the dominant paridigm”
    “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention!”
    “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism”
    “Question authority”

    What has happened, of course, is that the Left now has a monopoly on power (although they’ll never admit it), and because of that, all of their rebellious principles are now taboo. And the upshot of this is the fact that, for the Left, the only true principle is acquiring absolute power and eliminating all opposition. This explains why the charge of McCarthyism, once on the lips of every Leftist, is now in abeyance. Formerly, it was a useful tool for destroying opponents, but is now a potentially dangerous device for those opponents who still exist to use against Leftists.

    • One of my neighbors still has a Ginsberg “I Dissent” sticker on her car. Of course, if you ask my neighbor for one original opinion Ginsberg had in her life, she would come up blank.

      • I would not be surprise if in the future much of Ginsberg later “opinions” were generated by interns as she was out to lunch her last decade—similar to Marshall revelation.

    • The events in Canada this week are proving to be quite interesting. The one thing that stands out is that when the convoy got to Ontario yesterday, which has been invaded by massive numbers of Pajeet and Han, the protesters appeared to be 95% white Canadians. It sounds trite, but I’m praying for the success of those white people. Let them stand up and tell the cloudies that they won’t be walked over quite so easily.

      The first wave of trucks is starting to arrive in Ottawa right now. It’s getting quite rowdy already, with a cacophony of horns. There are streams showing it live, such as this one:

      • KGB: I noticed yesterday that all the crowds cheering on the truckers were exclusively White – just like the anti-vax protests in Oz.

        Well done, White Canadians! True north, strong and free!!

    • Exactly, Ostei. Raw power is all the Left wants, and it will do, say or try anything to attain or retain it.

      The ACLU was a Ju***-Bolshevik front in the Thirties, and demanded free speech and civil liberties to advance that agenda. Now it works to squelch civil liberties.

      So you nailed it. The Left has full power and control and will do literally anything to hang onto it. People may roll their eyes at “White Genocide” but it is a fact and will be accelerated if it benfits the post-modern Left.

  19. Just how much of an out of control alcoholic do you have to be in 1940s/1950s Washington DC to have a commonly known “drinking problem”?
    The culture of male politicians then floated on oceans of cocktails that would be staggering to us today. They drank like fish as a matter of course, so McCarthy must have been an epic drunk.

    • What we know today as “alcoholics” would have been known as “normal guys” back then.

      Then again, what would have been known as “fat” back then would be “oh you’re fine” today.

    • I read a book years ago that posited that apes who could process alcohol came down from the trees to evolve, because they could survive on fermented fruits as well as ones still ripening on the trees. The other apes either didn’t have the evolved biomes or had some kind of allergy that made it impossible for them to get drunk and continue to function.

      Maybe hardcore alcoholics are just preparing us for the next stage of evolution. I’ve heard Pelosi can put them back (she threw one of those January Sixth peasants into the dungeon for stealing her beer), so maybe she’ll get drunk before one of these hearings and commit an unforced error. Assuming she doesn’t melt into a pile of botox and mortuary wax before that.

      • I knew there was a reason I’ve been on the double IPA-buffalo wing diet this month!

    • Retuning to a DC filled with mere lushes would be a significant improvement over the current version that is packed wall-to-wall with deviants of every type…

    • My dad tells me stories of how he always had at least a two martini lunch back in his banker days

      My mom’s family is from New Orleans so you can only imagine what that was like. Even today among locals it is common to tip a few at lunch.

      Here in LA it also pretty common among the Century City and downtown execs. Middle management types seem to shun booze but are prob popping pills at home after work — after the gym of course. Gotta keep up those bourgeois appearances he he.

  20. Senator McCarthy didn’t die prematurely due to alcoholism, he was poisoned by the C.I.A. Change my mind.

  21. Was looking at pics of McCarthy

    There’s a resemblance to Ted Cruz

    Have to wonder if Cruz figured out that he could easily be made the face of the Bad Guys and partly why he has pulled back on his intensity and has crossed over to the other side in a large way

    • Physiognomies are real. Although he’s obviously relatively smarter Cruz is a natural blowhard like Tailgunner Joe. I think one reason Trump never got the 1950s cartoon-conservative square stigma is that, even though he relishes playing the heavy for TV, Trump’s entire life history and style is so comprehensively sleazy that his later metamorphosis could only be held as fundamentally humorous in the style of a rubber chicken or an “I’m With Stupid” shirt. Paradoxically these optics endeared him to a crucial fraction of the gullible voters who bought Obama’s “Black JFK” treacle.

      Something you don’t learn from opportunistic leftist history is that Joe M. wasn’t all that scary at the time either (whereas the Warners and Louis B. Mayer probably were a bit intimidating). He was openly mocked as a lush and a buffoon by even the slowest observers, i.e. college students. You can read newspaper accounts of him showing up at Podunk U. for a debate and of the audience laughing through his speech.

  22. There is a fairly straight line from McCarthy’s opponents to the current January 6 Committee. The people who comprise/comprised both hated Heritage America and had allegiances to foreign governments, one based in Moscow, the other in Tel Aviv. Both were totalitarians at heart and failures as human beings.

    The comparison of the two is more illumination than analogy. I know you point this out, and I agree the 1/6 Committee could end in a similar disaster even though McCarthy was despised by the Judeo-Bolshevik propagandists and the 1/6 Committee is loved and protected by them.

    I suspect some really nasty sexual business in Schiff’s past, and possibly Cheney’s, to emerge in a month or two. Just a hunch but there it is. The former is a good candidate for suicide, legitimate or state-sponsored, the latter for a quick fade.

    • “I suspect some really nasty sexual business in Schiff’s past, and possibly Cheney’s, to emerge in a month or two.”

      I agree with the first part of the sentence, but disagree with the final part. There’s no particular constituency in Tubman DC for exposing the moral degeneracy of the ruling elite, because it is bipartisan degeneracy. It happens irregularly and is swiftly swept under the rug, (case in point: Epstein and Maxwell).

  23. Absolutely spectacular work, Z. 100 thumbs up.👍

    Y’know – when the left is pushing homosexuality, diversity and CRT and gender fluidity at elementary kids… we should be pushing stuff like this at our high school kids.

    The only flaw in the show was the way you closed it. I’d prefer to see my little buddy from the Hitler youth singing ‘Tomorrow belongs to me’. 😉👍

    • That is fine until you get filmed saying it. All it takes is one complaint, and your career is over. The LGBTQFDSCIAL – you know – all those letters (The Community), pushers get away with it. The moment, however, you are caught pushing any type of traditional narrative, it will gain traction in the media and you will be out a job.

      • Oh – pbpbpbbbbfffbbbffft! I got destroyed long ago, E. that ship sailed long ago!

        I don’t know what to make of the experience, 10 years later. I got off light… I look at fathers and husbands and sons today and the treatment I got was a cakewalk compared to the hells they must endure today. I dunno how they do it.

        All I know is this: the guys that hate them and want to destroy them aren’t going to stop. After they destroy you they will turn on each other. Their fate is sealed.

        When it comes time to fix things… it’ll be us guys here tasked with it probably.

    • The Left just went spastic because a small school district dropped “Maus” from its curriculum for explicit scenes. Outside of the sheer stupidity of reading a comic book as curriculum, it shows the immense power they have, and needs to be broken before we can make headway.

      In the age of cell phones, we can make every teacher fear she is being videotaped at any time. We need to make it the hip thing to destroy a liberal teacher’s life in the same way it’s currently cool to be bisexual.

      • However, the problem is the populace and the power structure. Look at those sicko teachers in New York or wherever grooming kids to identify as trans based on looking at their social media. They will not be fired – at most reassigned – and they will continue their sickening course as soon as it is blown over. I don’t know if we lack a critical mass, or the powers that be have learned they can get away with it, but the double standards prevent the action proposed. It is sick.

    • The idea of teaching children a dissident viewpoint is all well and good but it has to account for the liklihood that those kids are going to grow up occupying a place in a world very alien and antithetical to those ideas. Teach your children well, yes, but don’t neglect the part of the curriculum where they’re given tools to help them deal with the insanity prevailing outside. Just turning them loose into a looking-glass world is a recipe for disaster. For Boomer and Gen X dissidents we’ve had the curious benefit of watching the craziness get turned up incrementally.

  24. You know, there’s all kinds of distractions brought to us by our New McCarthyites and their persecutions, but the one thing that can’t be overlooked is this: We have already collapsed, and the event is deepening until it all finally comes apart. Nothing else really matters now, except the point when everyone wakes up into a living hell.

    I live here in the Mid-Ohio Valley, where in the late 1960’s we had a similar industrial capacity not unlike that of the Ruhr Valley. Times were good, jobs were plentiful, and the future was bright.

    Now that is all gone here. We went from 2 steel mills, 4 blast furnaces, 3 coke ovens, 2 foundries; etc., and so forth to nothing but decay, rust, and opiate addiction. The utter collapse here is obvious to me, but the funny thing is there’s lots of people here that talk about a bright future, even though they’re starting to complain about shortages in imports from China. They still don’t get it, and these people tell me all the time I am a cynic, and get royally pissed off when I point out the obvious. Nobody gets it, whether you’re a Dirt minion or a Cloud person.

    All of these people are going to go on and party like there’s nothing wrong, though it’s very obvious we are in the late stages. There will be an event that will change all of that, soon I believe. Our McCarthy January 6 Clowns go on and on like because that’s their way of telling everyone they’re going to run the show and tell us what to do, and perhaps that is good. When this sucker finally dies on their watch, they will get the blame but they will get mad dog mean towards anyone who calls them out. There will be bloodshed to come out of this now, and perhaps that final act of a united country will clear the deck of our infestation of Socialist/ Fascist U.S.A. The McCarthy people and other fools will eventually be gone, and likely not on their terms.

  25. Clarity is a tonic to many things that ail us. As an example, Adam Schiff is the metaphorical equivalent of human excrement, and no one expects excrement to have morals or even intelligence. If he stripped off his clothes, rubbed his entire body in his own actual excrement, and then paraded around the Capitol Building as the vile, stinking, disease inducing, diarrhea that he is, no other representative would tolerate his presence in the House Chamber. But this does not happen because the totality of his shitiness is concealed under his skin suit. And this rant may sound like hyperbole, but it really isn’t, and that is why voting cannot cure our ills. Schiff will be persistently reelected in his district until he keels over. He is adored by his tribe.

    • Something how we see so many of them on media and in Government. Based on the frequency of that you would think that they and not white folk make up 60% of the population.

    • I am actually from Schiff’s district (only part of L.A. that voted for Bush in the 2000 election IIRC). I think he has no future in this or any other mutant variant of the Democratic Party, because he’s patently honky. Also, his district is full of rich Chinese and Subcons now, so if anybody locally challenges him, it’ll probably come from that quarter. But the median member of Congress is so unimpressive that the Peter principle plays completely to Schiff’s advantage. Is being a legislator a job non-corrupt Americans just won’t do?

  26. McCarthy certainly had lots of failings, but he at least had the excuse of having actual Soviet commies to find, and of being drunk a large portion of the time. What’s Schiff’s excuse? The Proud Boys and SSRI’s just won’t cut it.

  27. “Liz Cheney cannot stop obsessing over Trump because she is a moral nullity[.]”

    And a Neocon traitor. The apple never falls too far.

  28. Often, they will make a big bold moral statement and then sometime later make another big bold moral statement that is the exact opposite of the previous statement. Even crazier is they will do this on Twitter. Not long after, people will post screen caps of their prior statement alongside the new statement, easily revealing the contradiction.

    It’s more fundamental than that.

    Those people lack memory and self awareness (and a conception of history).
    It’s something I’ve noticed explains in the population for more than a couple decades. I call it the digital clock effect. People living in an eternal present with no memory of the past or projection to the future.

    I’m reading Legutmo’s Demon in Democracy and one the commonalities he points out between communism and democracy is the need to destroy people’s memory in order to push utopia. It’s ironic that the West’s technology – the ultimate triumph of the “capitalist system” , is actualizing the destruction of human memory more thoroughly than the totalitarians could.

    • Soft times creates a weak and passive population that sees no need to transmit lessons to its offspring, and all sorts of unwritten realities taken for granted become lost. The collapse of organization and birthrates was blamed on overpopulation in the utopia mouse experiments, but seems more likely just to be an output of excessive comfort creating a brain rot and the inability to function in basic tasks any more.

      • which is why they are going for the elders, their accumulated history and knowledge of how to do things has to be erased..

    • It comes and goes, but they are probably using the same secret proscription list as the rest of Silicon Valley. This is one of those things that they put together years ago. This allows the McCarthyites to quietly censor people.

    • What is it going to take for people supposedly on the DR to stop willingly, for no good reason, supporting the people who hate them?

      I bet there are some dipshits who still use google,


      • More than 50% of search engine clicks to my blog still come from Google. It was 90% in 2018 so I suppose that’s progress.
        Meanwhile, 99% of my book sales are still on Amazon. I buy things from them myself!
        Related: those content producers kicked off YouTube now have around 10% of their former audience even though their work is freely available elsewhere because erstwhile fans couldn’t be bothered clicking a few more buttons.
        Consumer inertia could be our downfall.

        • Nikolai: Normalcy bias, herd thinking, Joe Normal being . . . Joe Normal. Again, why I am an accelerationist.

        • I don’t think so. Too many of us treat this as if it was a debating society or an opportunity for a little extra money.

          Nothing wrong with that but is why we get nailed by platform issues and worry that people just don’t like Gab or Bitchute .

          Truth is all the things that matter take place in meat space.

          You want to know what Normie does (Normie here being White Canadians and a few friends) they paralyze the country with truckers strikes and if rumor is true, drove President Trudeau into hiding in a secure location.

          That is what matters, not talk.

  29. Torquemada seems a better comparison than McCarthy, I think. Or Matthew Hopkins as channeled by Vincent Price in “Witchfinder General.” McCarthy seemed like a bloated alcoholic, but there didn’t seem to be a kind of sexual sadist component to his personality that strikes me when I look at Schiff (There are videos of Schiff and Schumer repeatedly using the word “erection” when they mean to say election). McCarthy, when I go back and look at the videos, at least looks like a man, hangdog and jowly, but a man. When I saw Schiff at that previous hearing with his gavel, I literally laughed, as he looked like a wooden dummy come to life, or a child in a highchair with his rattler.

    I was scanning comments on YouTube under Schiff’s appearance with those hens on “The View”, and someone, speaking of Schiff, quoted Tony Montana from Scarface: “The eyes, Chico. They never lie.”

    Even the unsophisticated know there’s something desperately wrong with that man. His dominatrix should get combat pay.

    • All these folks have a certain uncanny valley characteristic to them. Maybe David Icke was just wrong about them being holographic lizards.

    • “McCarthy seemed like a bloated alcoholic, …”

      If McCarthy was wrong, it was because he severely underestimated the problem. He was the one-eyed man surrounded by those who had gouged both their own eyes out to keep their gibs and cocktail party invitations coming.

      Turning on McCarthy worked for his detractors. They all got to die with a glass of brandy in one hand and a cigar in the other, while leaving ruin for future generations. Financialists can not be allowed to rule.

      • The problem McCarthy’s defenders had and still have is it does not matter if his charges were correct. We now know the government was infested with Soviet agents. The problem for McCarthy was that he was easily demonized due to his personal failings and he was willing to trample the rules in order, so he claimed, to defend the rules. That is a contradiction that cannot be resolved.

        • If we can take anything from the last 20 years its that anyone can be demonized in the media no matter what their personality.

          Smearing and character assassination is what they do.

        • I think our history has shown neither he nor the movement he led went far enough. Hypocrisy need not be feared, our rulers and their propaganda arms definitively prove that every day. We got to where we are at least partly because of a misguided allegiance to a set of rules our enemies ignored. The answer to “At long last have you no decency!” Should have been a formal charge of sedition followed up shortly after by the firing squad because it was the accuser that had no decency. How far is a society, a people, entitled to go in order to defend themselves from arriving where we are today? It has been our fate to see that truth and reason are insufficient defenses when endeavoring to maintain a free society. I recognize I sound radical but it is a profoundly important question, even at a personal level, especially if you are influential.

          • tashtego: As I believe Hoagie admitted yesterday, we can either drink from their skulls or be the skulls they drink from. We are far past the stage when optics and convincing Joe Normal are of any utility whatsoever. By the time the need for motivating a massive political movement for massive social change is obvious it is already far too late.

            You take the antidote to poison early. You rip out weed infestations as soon as the first tips break the soil. Better yet, you treat the soil beforehand to prevent the weeds ever setting roots.

            As someone else (or was it also Hoagie?) said yesterday, we need(ed) our own brazen liars. Our own who make flagrant charges. But we needed them 30-40 years ago, and we needed our Inquisition long before that.

          • 3g4me: Broadly speaking I share that worldview. I call it the Judge Holden philosophy since that has been the best expression of it I’ve encountered and devoted time to think about. The Holden theology or cosmology posits one absolute objective truth which can be divined in only one way. It refutes all objections with the observable evidence of how the natural world works and has always worked. ‘This way and not some other way.’
            Proceeding from here those who would oppress and exploit us are only doing what is natural and we have only ourselves to blame for not contesting the field. Effectively contesting the field is not going to happen using the vehicle of a general mass movement with amorphous and idealistic goals, though we can recognize that a mass movement, strategically steered, would be of great value.

        • You contradict yourself z,

          You’ve frequently used Hoppe’s quote that in a rules-based society, “There can be no tolerance
          toward democrats and communists in a
          libertarian social order. They will have to be
          physically separated and removed from
          society.” McCarthy was following, to a T, Hoppe’s proscription.

          • Incorrect. There is no contradiction here. Removing people antithetical to the functioning of the groups must follow clear rules and a clear process. Otherwise, it is not a coherent rule-based society. Hoppe’s example of physically removing communists requires an orderly process. McCarthy was just winging it, believing the rules no longer applied.

          • Zman, I generally agree with what you write most times on this blog.

            However, here is one of the times you bafflingly start sounding like someone from or

            The rules as they are setup make it impossible to deal with those who rule over us.

            We either break the rules or we content ourselves with wearing chains forever.

          • Where did I say we have to abide by our enemy’s rules or incoherent ever shifting rules? I did not. I said the opposite. Clarity is kryptonite to the Left. Due process is like acid to them.

          • @zman

            That is nonsense. What the left loves more than anything else is due process rules.

            Look at impeachments, or the changes to the house rules, or the prosecution of even the most trivial offense, or the baker guy who is now into more than 10 years of legal cases etc etc.

            They use lawfare as their first port of call and have done so very effectively.

            Just because tech companies have no rules, does not mean the left does not pile them up legally and use them much better than the right.

          • The 1960’s are long gone. The modern Left hates clarity and they hate objective process. They insist on appropriating to themselves the right to decide what is and what is not permitted and you get no appeal.

    • I said in the show that the analogy falls down a bit when you look at how McCarthy and Cohn reacted in that hearing. Despite their personal failings, they retained the ability to feel shame and comprehend right and wrong. The new McCarthyites are like the Red Guards in that they are incapable of shame. Whether it is ideological fervor or sociopathy, these are people incapable of shame because they lack empathy.

      • That is what makes them stronger. You said it, we have a carny / entertainment world. The bigger the freak, the bigger the show, the bigger the audience. Our people want and need weirdos and freaks at every opportunity, and the more debauched, psychopathic, sociopathic, and insane the better. This is a society that made a hit show out of a serial killer (Dexter) so more than likely the freak show of Schiff etc. will be wildly successful.
        American women in particular LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing freaks and weirdos break normal people on the wheel. It will get boffo ratings.

        • Whiskey, this is all part of what Bork called “defining deviancy down”. Wrote a whole book on such phenomena 30 years ago.

          Dexter TV show is just one example. It never would have gotten off the ground in his day, but Bork warned us it was coming. The series (8 years) ended with killing—without benefit of formal trial—as “normal” behavior, not only on the part of Dexter, but also on the part of everyone he comes in close contact with (and doesn’t kill).

          Indeed, in the series’ last year, Dexter meets a young protege and takes him under his wing to teach him the ropes in how to kill and avoid capture. And worse, good friends of my wife have raved about the TV show as “their favorite”!

          We are truly a despicable, degenerate society deserving of judgement. And yes, I’ve watched the series. Make of that what you will.

          • Dexter is your basic revenge fantasy. They are very popular for a reason. Most of us like to imagine that we were able to dispense justice so clearly and decisively. With just a few exceptions in the show’s history, Dexter mainly kills those who obviously deserve it.

            I’ve watched a few seasons, but ultimately grew bored. The moral questions the show presented well at times became more woke-ish, and the rest became mostly soft porn of various flavors.

          • Yeah, never thought of it as “revenge porn”. New concept. However, the initial basic plot was that Dexter had, you know, “urges”.

            Not apparent those initially killed were killed for the good of society, or for anything done to Dexter. They were killed because Dexter had urges and they would not be too much missed.

            This selection criteria Dexter admits over and over in the series. Selection criteria was taught to him by his adoptive father—a compromise between satisfying his “urges” and killing innocents randomly.

            The difference between the guilty and the innocent becomes more blurry throughout the series as Dexter is involved in getting rid of more than one threatening individual who might discover his secret.

            Was killing criminals seen by the script writers as a moral compromise? (Actually, I just think the script writers thought killing innocents while painting Dexter as a sympathetic character was a bridge too far.)

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