The Pirate’s Cove

An observation made by paleocons in the last century was that the political system had been purchased by the financial system. By that they did not mean bankers were handing bags of cash to specific politicians. That has been going on since both money and politics have existed. What they meant was that the financial system had started to overwhelm the political system. More specifically, the ethics of the emerging new financial system had overwhelmed the political system.

In the money game, every rule is seen as an obstacle to be circumvented, rather than a limit on activity. The only thing that matters is profit. No one in the world of finance has ever considered if their trade is ethical, outside of some areas where there are agreed upon rules or the state imposes rules. In these exceptional cases, it is not ethics that restrains the activity, but force. Banking has always been a Darwinian game where the strong eat the weak. Morality has no role.

Government, on the other hand, has to be a game of morality, in which the boundary between right and wrong is policed. That is the point of government. The starting place of every human organization is answering the question, “Who are we?” What flows from that is a set of rules to define the answer. Government is either granted the power to enforce the rules or the elites seize power in order to enforce the rules, depending upon your philosophical outlook. That is the point of the state.

What some of the paleos observed in the 1980’s is that the ethics of the financial class had overtaken the ethics of the government. Politicians were now thinking the same way a banker thinks when he sees a rule. The first and only thought is how can I get around this in order to profit? Of course, those who are good at solving the puzzle are rewarded, while those who are bad at it or refused to abide by the new ethics of government, are eliminated.

If you look at a graph of the Dow Jones from the start of the last century to the present, what you notice is a sharp tick up in the 1980’s. From WW2 into the early 80’s the graph is a smooth upward trend, reflecting the post-war expansion. Then all of a sudden, when the post-war expansion was clearly over, the graph turns sharply upward and has climbed to heights thought impossible. It also corresponds with the collapse in political ethics that started in the 1980’s.

Cynics will say this all sounds naïve as politicians have always been crooked, but that confuses the personal with the systemic. Men are not angels and every system, no matter how ethical, will have some unethical people in it. The reason we know politicians are crooks is we used to regularly arrest crooked politicians for taking bribes or running schemes. In other words, they fell afoul of the rules. Note that we no longer arrest politicians for financial corruption.

Those old enough to remember the before times know that the corruption surrounding the Biden family would have been disqualifying a generation ago. Taking any money from a foreign source was going to be a problem. Today, it is rare to find a pol in either party who is not paid by foreigners. One member of the House intelligence committee was sleeping with a Chinese spy. The normalization of bribery over the last generation is well outside the norms of traditional politics.

This is what those paleos were talking about in the 1980’s. Here is a good example of this from Pedro Gonzales in Chronicles. He got access to a Telegram channel where a payola scheme was openly discussed. There was a time within living memory when this would have been devastating. Careers would have been ruined. Today everyone inside the political system shrugs, because everyone is on the take. Pens for hire are so common that no one thinks it is odd.

This is why National Review, for example, created the National Review Institute, a not-for-profit that operates National Review. The not-for-profit does not have to disclose its donors, so no one knows who is calling the tune. That money is used to pay for content, often supplied by allies of the donor as guest content. There are shops all over now that hire writers to produce white box content for interest groups, who then sell it to these sites for the benefit of their donors.

This is not an accident. Just about every mainstream media outlet aligned with the two parties sits around thinking about how to do this. They know it would not sit well with the public, which is why they setup the not-for-profit entity. Like the bankers who hide their grifts in mountains of regulation, the political press hides their corruption in the tax code, fund raisers and phony book deals. Like the bankers, they look at the rubes on Main Street as suckers to be played.

Of course, if you want a career as a pundit, you better figure out quickly that the game is to make the donors happy. Since those donors are in one way or another aligned with finance or technology, the issues are simple. The reason National Review will never have a discouraging word to say about tech censorship is they rely on tech money to keep themselves in the lifestyle they believe they deserve. Whether they believe it or not, everyone involved is a pen for hire now.

Again, this is not about some people being corrupt. This is a about a revolution in the ethics of the vast political system itself. Forty years ago, people across the political spectrum operated from the assumption that the goal of public policy was good government, which they defined in utilitarian terms. Good government was the greatest benefit to the greatest number of people. No one talks like this now, because no one thinks like this anymore. Everyone thinks like a banker.

The irony here is that the last forty years have been a great test of the libertarian claims about the nature of man and society. America has been transformed into a pirate’s cove where the only limit on your profit is your conscience. The one thing everyone agrees upon is that this system is horrible. Soon the other thing everyone will agree upon is that we need a strong hand to reimpose order. Right now, the left-authoritarians have the advantage, but the right-authoritarians have the numbers.

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230 thoughts on “The Pirate’s Cove

  1. What?
    What? (Has to be more than just “What?” which is the real question.)

  2. The Occam’s razor explanation for this moral corruption may simply be that the tribe who controls most banking (finding it a good fit with their values) also, through ownership of the press, TV, music, movie and, now, social media wings of the entertainment industry are the dominant influencers of the culture

  3. I’m not so sure about the numbers anymore either. Consider this: back in 1988 Joe Biden’s presidential candidacy was run out of town on a rail when it was revealed that some of his writings were plagiarized from those of then-British Labour party leader Neil Kinnock. Thirty-two years later nothing was even mentioned about that, and of course, Biden went on to be re-elected to the US Senate several times, and as vice-president twice.

    What this shows is the degeneration of the US over that period paralleling the ascendancy of feminism and the growth of an intractable domestic Third World population. Don’t expect things to get any better.

    • Glad someone else remembered that. And Biden’s plagiarism was incredibly egregious. He didn’t just left phrases, he copied personal anecdotes and personal details.
      These days I enjoy telling people that I’ve been disgusted by Joe Biden for more than three decades. And why.

  4. @ Trumpton, who said, (but there was not “reply” button for me, so I’m doing this)

    I disagree here. If your town where you lived and your ancestors lived and made a community is wrecked then despair is very easy to set in and drug use become very widespread. […]”

    We’re just on a disagreeing binge!

    I can tell you that my mother’s family went from being one of the richest slave-holding families in America (documented by an LSU Press book in 1960 and, of course, by county tax recorded and family letters and wills, etc.) But when my great-great-grandfather Lee died in 1872, they were so destitute that they could not mark his grave. (It was marked in the 1950w by his granddaughters, one of whom was my maternal grandmother.)

    And this was a man who was partial owner of the Central of Georgia Railroad, with a track spur from a nearby town out to his home. But the War ruined them and reduced them to abject poverty. But they rose to the occasion, did what they had to, dug in their heels, and got through it. Many of my mother’s ancestors had similar experiencers. ALL of them dug in their heels and got through the brutal post-war military dictatorship and all the rest of it–including hunger, defeat, ruin, and poverty. But they got through it.

    When, because of a terrible accident, followed by cancer treatments five years later, I, at 6’3″ ended up weighing 127 pounds so that you could count the ribs in my back, and I was forced into bankruptcy by crushing medical expenses, I swallowed the sh*t that I had to swallow, and I came through it by God’s grace and favor and by my upbringing, which *required* that I remember my ancestors and uphold their honor, and *never* give in, so that’s what I did.

    I am now retired, with two adequate incomes; two grown children; and three excellent grandchildren.

    So I’m going to disagree with you that the backbone of society must be demoralized and winnowed out by hardship, even multiple hardships hard upon the heels of the foregoing hardships, and I have only scratched the surface of the things I’ve been through.

    My earlies “American” ancestor was a member of the Board of Directors of the Virginia Company of London, and he started the first large plantation in British America in 1619, Bennett’s Welcome. He was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1619–the first “elected, representative” body in the Western Hemisphere.

    Many people and things have tried for more than 400 years to dislodge us from the American South, but here we still are, and here we WILL remain. Or die.

    NO ONE will dislodge us or tyrannize us, and I speak for scores of kinsmen scattered between the Chesapeake and Mobile Bay. This land is OURS, and we have kept it against ALL comers for 400 years, and we are not ABOUT to surrender one inch to ANYBODY. Ever.

    People can–and DO–survive what they must. I am living proof, and that is why I must respectfully disagree with you on this matter, although I do understand your point. And I sympathize with good people whose lives were dislocated as you describe.

    And yet–here YOU are. Surviving and defiant, God love ya! You are British! And that’s a damn good thing to be. Dig in your heels, and defy the devil and the whole damned world! That’s who we are on this blog thread. And WE shall prevail in the end–you and I and people like us. Mark my words.

    • I appreciate some people will pull through against adversity. Well done.

      Its perhaps easier as an individual than a community, especially one where your ancestors have lived since the late bronze age. But I take your point. Still, some people need more of an external focus, but still provide the bones of the country in some respects.

      Not wishing to disagree more :). But I am English (as the Scots and Welsh would no doubt agree).

      British is a sort of made up political nationality that seems to have got traction outside the UK following Empire and for internal politicians looking to remove the idea of Englishness for the migrants and those moderns who see themselves without nationality.

      • Roger that. I know very well the diff between “English” and “British,” but I didn’t have enough info to label you “English” in case you should turn out to be Welsh or Manx or … or … or …

        So I was treading lightly. But I still say, “You are an Englishman!”
        A proud and stalwart heritage. A source of legitimate pride–and strength!

    • An inspiring tale. What really brings us together is resistance to the enormous crime that it is to try to replace people whose ancesters built Georgia over many generations or to replace Englishmen in England. And of course the same done all across North America, Europe and Australia. This plague of genocidal insanity threatens all our homelands in the wider European ancestry world across three continents.

      • “This plague of genocidal insanity threatens all our homelands in the wider European ancestry world across three continents.”

        Undeniably true. But also–I maintain–ultimately doomed to failure. By which I mean that, yes, these foreigners are here and in France and Britain and, dear God! Ireland has decided to import one million Africans in the next x number of yrs.” And this into a country with a population of roughly 5 million. The Irish struggles for 800 yrs for their independence and pissed it away in 70 years. Something *very* odd has befallen them, and it is *spiritual,” which I’ll mention a bit below.

        Anyway, the US is not a nation and never has been. Our territory has been subject to one gov’t in DC, but that is on its way out–the wall around the Whiteness House is proof of that.

        THEN there will arise new countries in North America, and I am absolutely convinced that there will be a country for us, as we are a nation in the literal sense of that word.

        Think about it seriously: Do you *really* believe that these economic immigrants are going to be so spiritually connected to the soil on which they have intruded for “a better life” that they will be prepared to do mortal combat with people like us whose soil this is and always has been?

        Is Pajeet or Paco going to bleed and die and kill to hang on to his auto repair shop in Dubuque or Dothan? I mean, how likely is that *really*? What is his connection to this land? And what is yours and mine?

        Do you see what I mean? They have someplace else to go. I don’t. And have no intention of going anywhere. Pajeet and Paco are here “for a better life.” When that is withdrawn from them–and it will be–then what? They are not living on their fathers’ fields.

        They have no spiritual connection to the land; to this place. They are rootless interlopers with no feeling for the place where they were born. But you and I and all the Zblog faithful are different critters altogether. And THAT is what decides things. The struggle is ultimately spiritual, and it is on that basis that possession in this land will be decided.

        Buck up! Be of good courage! Gird yourself for a spiritual–and “kinetic”–reckoning.

        TomA always gives good advice.

  5. It’s no surprise the morality of the market took over in the absence of any real competing morality of the Nation. In fact, it likely, especially in the mid 60s with the sexual revolution, coopted our natural inclination towards freedom and individual liberty to foster the morality of hedonism and humanism we see today. Thomas Merton said any Nation not centered on God was another form of disorder not unlike anarchy.

    It’s also worth noting the amount of apple juice and orange juice we imported into the country who then took up positions of power in media and finance and who have their own morality that is not consistent with the morality of The Founders, who themselves thought some whimsical deism would be good enough.

  6. It is highly strange for so many of the world’s governments to march in lockstep in the way they respond to Covid-19. You have right-wing governments like Brazil’s, Centrist governments, Leftist governments — and all of them seem to be interpreting the information and reacting to it on the ground in a similar fashion. Even Sweden appears to be falling into good order with the rest. How now brown cow? Got lonely there in the land where the sun doesn’t shine? Long to be doing what the Californians are doing? Wanna be with the cool kids??

    *hand on forehead* I would expect some randomness. Think about the 1930’s. There was a random mix of political ideologies. Democracies, fascisms, communisms, socialisms, all kinds of things in-between were tried. If the majority of Covid patients are elderly, doesn’t that save the State money overall as they don’t have to be paid Social Security? And if the younger Covidians who perish are also suffering from complications, isn’t that a ditto situation? Doesn’t the regular old Flu cause tens of thousands of deaths and doesn’t car accidents? When are other options going to be considered other than shutting down our lives for all time?

    • It is curious. I feel as if the virus was exaggerated in large part to ensure mail in voting. However, what does that do for a Sweden? Curious…

      • My spidey-sense is tingling. I’m getting the same nebulous, non-geographically-specific trailing tingle that I felt about Desert Storm, part 2, Bush Jr. The first one made sense. The second…? And now this Covid…? *shakes head* I just don’t know.

    • “Great Reset”

      “Build Back Better”

      These phrases both come from the same place. Our so-called “national” leaders take their marching orders from a global elite.

      We must take our nations back.

  7. In keeping with today’s essay last sentence, we sometimes play “guess what sort of future government we shall have.” Being a defeatist cynic, a few years ago I said here or in a similar venue: I’m not sure what will replace our current government; if forced to speculate, I would expect (not to say desire) an English-speaking version of the Third Reich.

    This was well before the idiocy unleashed since the pandemic began two plus years ago. Now, the drift is clearly towards authoritarianism, yes, but of the left or right? Does it even matter? What’s distinct from German National Socialism is the international, capitalist nature of those who are pretty obviously calling the shots. We call them variously Globohomo (?), the Davos Crowd, WEF, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, or a dozen other terms I probably don’t even know. Our world changes every day ’tis true, but not always in ways that bode well for the future.
    It’s all to easy to forget that in only the past 14 months, roughly one billion people have been injected with two or more doses of a medical intervention that was scarcely ever tested in humans prior to its deployment, and even in those early tests, had disappointing failures and questions about side effects. The past year’s experience with the “vaccines” has proven equally disappointing, yet most Western governments continue to promote and even mandate their use.

    In semi-related news: I’m still digesting Sen. Johnson’s Jan. 24 “Covid: A Second Opinion” hearings. Of these, the whistle-blowers about the DMED database is curious. Briefly, the dissident’s claim is that this DoD medical database shows a surge in several categories of acute health issues tied to the mRNA jabs in 2021, compared to several prior years. The Feds quickly took the database offline and claimed a “glitch.” Apparently, you see, much health data from pre-2021 was not entered, which obviously explains the jumps in certain illnesses. Uh-huh. Nothing to see here folks, move right along.

    Question to ponder: Taking the whistle-blower claim at face value (risky, I know), what does this incident say about our government? Here is a database set up to for epidemiology ( = to detect emerging illness or disease) and either our military is so sloppy they forgot to enter millions of medical records over a several year period, or else they are deliberately covering up potential harms caused by the mRNA jabs. Yes, folks, that seems to be the choices: a major branch of the military is utterly incompetent or else they are criminally negligent, covering up a health disaster of untold proportions. If you were a service member, especially one with inside knowledge of the medical branch, how would you feel right now?

    It’s stories like this that make me fear the ratchet has moved one more notch…

  8. Its very very striking how White women have defined freedom and liberty as basically something evil. They do associate is solely with White men, which is accurate. White men not born to wealth and power like Trudeau or not able to ascend to it as a champion bodybuilder like Arnold need that to do the basics: attract a woman. Which women in turn resent as they want men neatly sorted into Alpha and not-Alpha piles, the latter ideally sent to out of sight work camps while women play Real Housewives of Cleveland or something. But I’ve seen this in various entertainment stuff since at least 2013 — Liberty and Freedom being the slogans of evil people all White men intent on evil White men things.

    That is the background of the Trudeau thing in Canada. Its not about the money really, its about the visceral hate hate hate. For dirt people White men who don’t know their place and don’t grovel. Its why big shots don’t go masked while their servants hover masked and faceless at big events. Like Barbara Streisand telling her staff to never look her in the eyes and back away from her. If it was about the money the lockdowns and mandates would have ended when Brandon took office.

    Hence quite likely the strong man taking over will likely be someone like Hillary! Using her power to crush the dirt people forever, at least that’s the plan I assume. If it will survive rolling strikes is another thing.

    • “Hence quite likely the strong man taking over will likely be someone like Hillary!”

      Not likely we’d be that lucky. The leftists’ strongman could be someone genuinely competent at real power politics. Right now both sides are offering up clowns. Part of the anger of our side with Trump, which I share, is that he looked and talked like Mr. Tough going to DC with the big broom. But when push came to shove he was just a pop culture buffoon. The mechanism of harsh selection is eventually likely to bring forth someone who is no more buffoonish than an enraged grizzly. It had better be one from our side, otherwise we’re in deep sh*t.

      • I don’t see any reason to expect *one* leader for all of “us.” The country is vast, and it will break apart (it already has), and I think we can expect regional leaders or, more likely, something like committees or triumvirates local/regional “assemblies.” That’s how it happened in the 1770s.

        • Fracture is possible. The left is very likely to rally behind one leader, leftists always seem to end with one ‘dear leader’. I think that would push us in the same direction to avoid piecemeal defeat. But if I start to firmly predict where this whole mess is going I’d only be exposing my enormous ignorance haha

          • The struggle is spiritual. This is OUR land; it was our fathers’ land before us. We have a spiritual connection to it; Pajeet and Paco do not. So when it comes to brutal bloodshed, who has the advantage? The *spiritual* advantage? Who has another country to go to? Who does not? For whom will the struggle be terminal and for whom will that struggle possess an eternal significance?

            When it gets down to brass tacks, will Pajeet or Paco be willing to risk death to stay in a foreign country with which they have NO connection and in which they have NO history and to which they came merely for material reasons–“a better life.”

            Make up your mind. Dig in your heels. This land is OURS.

    • Whiskey, big fan of your from back in the heyday of manosphere.

      The fact that (white) women, “hate, hate, HATE betas” is one of the great truths of all time; truly.

      • trumpton: Agree. Same with all the warnings about purported Russian – planned ‘hoaxes’ to start conflict. They’re throwing whatever they can think of against the wall to see if it will stick. While some people are becoming wiser to their ways, there are still too many who will believe whatever is reported on tv so I still expect our situation to deteriorate.

      • “I just think they are not sure what they are going to run with quite yet.”

        Exactly. See my post down below somewhere saying this same thing.

    • Plan B for Mandates and lockdowns and mail in fraud ballots is arresting Republicans. Already the Capitol Police are breaking into Republican Congressmen’s offices and photographing things, likely also placing bugging devices.

      The only reason to do this is for mass arrests to maintain the current system. The big break was Covid-19, instead of the chummy McCain/Romney vs Obama fake contests, one side grabbed it all, with the Twitter steroid inducing White female rage and various freaks gaining evil mutant power. Thus one crime family went for it all; and we are seeing Game of Thrones style a desire to rule without facade or pretense. Just brutal rule.

      The only question is, will the Regime be able to force truckers, firemen, line workers, etc. to keep things running under threat of arrest or not before everything collapses. Don’t forget outsiders like Putin and Xi have a vote too. Its one thing when the power is on. Its another if its off for years in some or many places. [the big transformers that step up power outside power generation plants essentially have no spares, are made only in the UK and Germany, and take years to make.]

      • @Whiskey:

        The regime simply does not have the power to do what you are suggesting. They just don’t. They just don’t have unlimited manpower.

        Do the math. It’s easy to google. The TOTAL number of men the regime can call on (active duty military, navy, coast guard, air force, police, reserves, national guard–everything).

        The total number of counties in the country.
        (ALL of what you suggest will have to be done *locally.* FBI agents in DC can’t arrest somebody in Texas. Somebody in Texas will have to *try* that.

        Next, the total umber of square miles in the continental US. Then do the simple division: How many square miles can “they” control with ALL the manpower at their command?

        And how reliable are the men under their comand? We know that on Jan 6th last year, Nancy P was screaming at somebody in the Pentagon b/c she didn’t think that the Nat’l Guardsmen from Florida and elsewhere would obey the establishment’s commands–and there’s anecdotal evidence that she was right.

        And so on.

        They do NOT have the power to do what you suggest. They just don’t.

        Hellfire missiles from drones, blah blah blah. Here’s a fact: Anything that the mind of man can devise, the mind of man can defeat. And even if we assume that only one in 10 Trump voters (as a kind of rough metric) are prepared to take no-nonsense action, that’s SEVEN MILLION angry and armed men. What does Nancy P have at her command?

        There will be no mass arrests. It’s physically “undoable.”

        And suppose that they try it anyway (they are pretty stupid; there ain’t NO doubt about that). What if half a dozen men decide to bring down cell phone towers? Or power substations? Somebody did that in Mountain View, California, several years ago in what was clearly a warning to somebody.

        The power grid is indefensible. Google the number of power substations–they sit beside streets ad highways throughout the continent. then calculate how many men working 24/7 it would take to secure that infrastructure. It can’t be done. Period.

        Unless you assume that the ENTIRE population will simply sit around waiting to be arrested during mass arrests–which they won’t–then what you are suggesting is simply not physically possible.

      • This is how I see it:

        The regime is weak, much weaker than we have supposed. It is possible that one strong shove will collapse the rotten structure.

        But while “conservatives” have been thinking about how to go back to 1860, the enemy has been planning how to seize state power. Conservatives don’t like state power, so they don’t think about it a lot.

        The biggest threat to us is an October revolution on the heels of a February revolution that APPEARS to offer the possibility of liberation for the country class.

        I hope somebody, somewhere, is preparing for a contest with the organized Left once the regime gives up the ghost – because that moment may not be far away.

        And by “contest”, I don’t mean liberdopian ideoogy seminars and the NAP. I mean, warming up the helicopters.

    • It is a prelude to mass censorship. “Mis/dis/mal(?)information” equals violence, you see. Shit is about to hit the fan.

      • “It is a prelude to mass censorship.”

        Agreed. I keep hearing persistent rumors about shutting down the internet. They’d blame “Putin” of course.

        But shutting down the internet would shut down banking and commerce. But that may be what they try. The Chinkypox fraud and the Great Reset have been rejected worldwide, so “they” have seized upon RUSSIA and the UKRAINE and silly stuff that couldn’t possibly be true. But the population has no lack of credulous dolts.

        • Indeed. You could set up large outages using a combination of the Autonomous System boundaries and de facto control of the main routing authorities while keeping control of your own routing and pathways.

          There are lots of ways to do this in a very targeted manner than creates the impression of rolling outages coming from outside CONUS, or saying it was groups within.

          Who would be any the wiser apart form a few guys no one would listen to (sound familiar?)

          It would be funny if they cut the TV and resorted to a war time radio information vibe, but I think they would just ignore the dichotomy and keep cable running.

          • That’s good thinking. But they’d blame Putin. AND white supremacists inside the country. AND the makers of Afro-hair products or God knows who. But yeah, they’d blame all and sundry.

            But they do not have th power that is generally thought. Look what happened last January. Why build a concrete wall around the Whiteness House? They are *not* ready to rumble with three or four million *committed* men on a continent the size of North America. Whatever they try will blow up in their faces, just as the Chinkypox fraud and the Great Reset have done.

            They just don’t have the power to subjugate the population that does not submit. They just don’t.

        • ” The Chinkypox fraud and the Great Reset have been rejected worldwide, so “they” have seized upon RUSSIA and the UKRAINE and silly stuff that couldn’t possibly be true. But the population has no lack of credulous dolts.”

          No doubt there is an abundance of credulous dolts, but my take is the stupid ones who also operate the levers of power have panicked because significant blocs have found the Russia/Ukraine nonsense to be ludicrous on its face (the president of the Ukraine calling “bullshit” accelerated this). The intention likely was to implement widespread censorship because of “Russian disinformation” in the run-up to a war, but some other pretext may have to be used.


          That such a concept even would be put forward speaks to the IQ of both the populace and the police state apparatus. That level of retardation probably has Moscow and Beijing at least looking at a first strike. It would be the most horrific moment in history and plunge all of us into the Stone Age, but given the rampant insanity and idiocy gripping this dying empire, who could fault them? People need to have lots of fuel, water, food and ammunition on hand because it easily could be lights out before the end of the summer.

          • Beautifully stated! I disagree only with the idea that Russia or China would even *consider* attacking the continental US. Why should they? “When your enemy is making a mistake, don’t interrupt him.” All they need do is sit by and wait. When the US comes apart at the seams, they will want a rich, intact continent, not a smoking, radioactive ruin.

        • Infant: Whether it’s the internet or cell phone service or some variant thereof, what would follow would be people attempting to drive out to contact friends or relatives and see what’s going on. My husband remains convinced there just aren’t enough cops to block all the roads; I disagree and think they’d mobilize everyone to keep the population bottled up. Your thoughts?

      • To The Infant Phenomenon, since I could not reply directly:

        The preferred strategy indeed would be to wait “us” (heh) out, but Beijing and Moscow have lived through insanity similar to that gripping the supposed West and know all options have to be on the table, even those they do not want to employ. While I share your belief we, the White Heritage Americans, will prevail because we have no other option, the one asterisk is the psychopaths currently in charge could bumble us into a nuclear war, or lead Moscow or Beijing to think a first strike might be their best option.

        These lunatics are dangerous, and it is obvious to people abroad as well as here.

  9. “I have a dweem.

    Lil weeger boys and lil weeger gurls holdn hands, not doing nuffin.”

    LOL! Now that right there is funny!

  10. Zman, I’m not sure which Dow chart you are using, but you have to be careful. If the chart is based on dollar increases (versus logarithmic), the line will rise sharply at the end, even if the annual gains are identical. For example, if you assume every year in the last 100 experienced a 10% gain, a logarithmic chart would show a straight line, up and to the right. A typical dollar based chart will show a dramatic increase over the last several decades, because a 10% increase on today’s Dow of 35K is 3500, compared to a 10% increase 100 years ago, when the Dow was around 100.

    The attached chart allows you to look at the Dow over 100 years. In dollar terms (un-clicking the log scale and inflation boxes), you can see the sharp uptick in the 1980s that you mention. But if you click to log scale, the line looks pretty evenly up. What makes this chart interesting, is it allows you to adjust for inflation, which shows the 1970s in a much harsher light, and returns the trend to the 1980s uptick you describe. So the logarithmic, inflation adjusted sharp increase starting in the 1980s indeed reflects the reasoning you mention, but also reflects a recovery from awful period of 1965-1982.

  11. “Soon the other thing everyone will agree upon is that we need a strong hand to reimpose order. Right now, the left-authoritarians have the advantage, but the right-authoritarians have the numbers.”

    There are a lot of people that are about to suddenly get dead. The only question is which political side is going to be the victims and who is going to be the aggressors. That could go either way at this point.

  12. Another update: Ambassador Bridge crossing in Detroit/Windsor remains blocked today. US bound traffic was re-opened this morning but protestors seem to have restricted the flow again. Canada bound traffic has been shut down since yesterday and remains fully blocked, and the bridge officially closed in that direction.

    Traffic is diverting to the Blue Water Bridge crossing in Port Huron MI/Sarnia ON. Wait times are now 2 hours going in each direction, trucks are bumper to bumper for miles. My guess is that the actual wait time is longer, and the official “border” wait time doesn’t count the miles long backlog of trucks.

    Police are either unwilling or unable to remove the blockade. Thousands of officers from across the province have been dispatched to Ottawa to bully the truckers. There’s also a good chance that many officers are not happy with the never ending lockdowns either – a lot of cops don’t seem to eager to get involved. Cops are always on the side of Globohomo but they are pretty lacklustre so far in their response and need to be kicked by the police chiefs to do more than stand around.

    Don’t know where this is all going but millions or billions of $ per day are now being affected at the critical Ambassador Bridge crossing. Trudeau and the circus clowns are in Parliament debating whether or not the truckers are Nazis, and whether or not Trudeau is the real racist for wearing blackface 20 years ago.

    • Are the rumors of Ottawa police laying down their shields en masse, true? The police who refuse to become oppressors, they should lead the force once this is over. And ‘mutiny’ (which is actually taking their deeper allegiance to the people seriously, i.e. truly honorable and manly) in the middle of a crisis, that is any tyrant’s worst fears.

      • Seems like a baseless rumor. I haven’t seen this on the ground so far. However, they have many forces up there: Ottawa Police, Durham Region Police & York Region Police (Toronto area), Toronto Police, London (Ontario) Police, Sudbury Police, Ontario Provincial Police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and Parliamentary Police Force are all on the scene. There’s an army of cops up there walking around Ottawa.

        Most of them just look cold, and either apathetic or annoyed. Never trust the pigs, but they are not exactly going above and beyond in terms of policing, lol. Most just stand around and look cold and useless. The Ottawa police chief had to threaten the cops with prosecution (if they “help” the protestors) before they started looking mean and acting like thugs.

    • Viva Frei’s livestreams have thus far been the best I’ve watched. No matter how much he searches, he’s drawing blanks finding someone among the protesters who’s said or done something to embarrass the protest. Not that he wants to find one, mind you, but he’s combed the area for days doing man-on-the-street interviews and it’s impressive how well the protestors come across.

      Most everyone he talks to can put into words the reason they’re there, the reason they’ve had enough, but today he interviewed a woman who really hit me in the feels. Honestly, this woman needs to be showcased far and wide. Her story is moving and she’s got an oratorical gift.

      This link should take you directly to the moment, but if not, it’s at roughly the 2:23:10 mark.

      • Thanks for that. It explains why Trudeau had to flee. After listening to that, if he wanted to even pretend to be human, he’d need to go directly and throw himself off a bridge.

    • “Trudeau and the circus clowns are in Parliament debating whether or not the truckers are Nazis, … .”

      Thanks for this info. I didn’t know it. The truckers have *got* to get word out to the average citizen that THEY (the avg citizen) can bring the inconveniences to a halt by pressuring the gov’t. Otherwise, the avg citizen will blame the truckers.

  13. Since we’re talking about fudged numbers,

    They’re going to change the hospitalization / death count, from “with covid” to “of covid”,

    dropping the numbers by 80+ %,

    declaring miraculous victory in time for escalating vaccine injury numbers,
    the mid-terms and parliamentary elections,
    and in time to take their wins off the table.

    Heck yeah, they’ll get away with it again,
    To them, they’re playing games, is all.

    • Part l: the Honkening,

      And let us cry, Beware! Beware!
      The great big rigs, the horns of air!

      Now repent thou, vain elites!
      And forgo masks, forget the jabs

      Unchain the ones within the cabs
      To bring produce and beefy meats

      Part II: the Leavening.
      Part lll: Disco Inferno

    • In the UK the stats were a supposed 170k dead.

      The actual death certs without co-morbidity for 2 years was 17k.

      Of the ones over 65 the large majority were in nursing homes.

      Of those under 65 was ~3.5k in 2 years.

      Think about that. 3.5k in 2 years.


    • “We saved everyone from Beer Flu, it’s a miracle!” is one of their possible plays to get through the midterms.

      Their other play is to release a genuinely deadly virus and try to return to lockdowns and mail-in vote fraud to secure supermajorites all over the place.

      I don’t think they will release a genuinely deadly bug because tgey know they can’t control it, and the oldsters among them are terrified of dying before they can preserve their consciousness digitally.

      • You got to admit its kind of genius to brand a version of the virus that causes one strain of common cold as the next plague.

        You know that if you test for this family and its relations you are guaranteed to have the majority in the population positive during the winter and you know most people have no idea of the respiratory deaths numbers that occur yearly.
        You also know that blanket fear for months on end and masks and isolations will make people ignore the lack of bodies.

        You also know you are not going to die from it and neither is your family, so no need to hazmat up for the duration or worry about it actually wiping out the entire population.

        It always looked like a scam from the off after the cruise ship data and the stupid Chinese vids, As those running the west run entirely on fakes and hoaxes as their goto action (insert last 20 years here) supported by controlled media conditioning it makes a lot of sense that they chose this model, rather than go for a real disease.

        The trick is going to be doing it again.

  14. “Again, this is not about some people being corrupt. This is a about a revolution in the ethics of the vast political system itself.”

    Exactly. It is the culture coming apart. There is no honor among thieves. The feeling is, how do I max my cut. The old maxim is again empirically accurate; you cannot compesate downstream (politics, laws) for an upstream failure (culture). There is a reason that grifters, hacks, cheats and prostititutes were held in such contempt; their lack of morality, if left unchecked, will eventually tear the system down. Historically sound religion has been a strong force upholding basic morality.

    What we need is probably to gain enough power to empose a culture of honor upon men (women will gladly follow once we’re the alphas because suddenly the world would start to make emotional sense to them as well).

      • I think you’re right, with one possible exception. But generally, if you claim, or – often more powerful – act as though you ‘obviously have’, power, people’s first reaction will be to dismiss, then ridicule, then challenge you. In that way we’re just like chimps, for people to accept you they want to make sure you’re not bluffing.

        The exception might be successful bluffing, if you have enough ‘social proof’ that no one will challenge you. I think there is an element of that to leftist power which should make it very fragile. Trudeau running when the convoy came, should by old school rules have decided the game. But our side are still total greenhorns at this and so didn’t manage to close it with that opening. But I still think he is now a broken straw. On a primal level everyone sensed that was the most chicken thing in the world.

        • Indeed. The Prime Minister being driven from his own capital city. I’ve wondered about what has become of “optics.” The PM abandoning his capital. The hologram Joe Biden building another fence *and* a concrete wall around the Whiteness House.

          Things have blown up in Mr Global’s face. And his credibility is GONE unless he can come back with Something Big, and I am not sure he can.

  15. “If you look at a graph of the Dow Jones from the start of the last century to the present, what you notice is a sharp tick up in the 1980’s. From WW2 into the early 80’s the graph is a smooth upward trend, reflecting the post-war expansion.”

    But what you have to look at is the DJIA vs. gold, not the inflating dollar, as in this graph:

    What you see is the DJIA plunged from the time Nixon took us off gold in 1971, when it was $35 / oz., until Volcker and Reagan fought inflation, and put us on a quasi-gold standard of about $350 an ounce, as well as cutting taxes and regulations.

    That boom lasted until 9/11, when Bush and Greenspan initiated, or continued, several stupid policies leading to the subprime meltdown later in the decade.

    (Also, going back three decades, on the greaph notice the post-WWII market boom actually began in June 1942, right after the Battle of Midway, which signaled Japan was crippled, and the U.S. could concentrate on destroying Hitler and ruling the post-war World Order.)

    • Not quibbling about the rest of your comment, but the last part — crippling Japan then concentrating on Germany — is wrong.

      As soon as Pearl Harbor hit, Roosevelt and his cronies concentrated on Germany in Europe FIRST because that was where all the power in the world was locused. Japan was deliberately put on the back burner. So it’s the other way around from what you said.

      • After Roosevelt made a commitment to make Germany the priority the US sent more material to the Pacific than Europe.

      • No, he got it right. Japan’s supremacy in the Pacific relied on its naval capability, which was broken as a legitimate strategic threat after Midway. Up until then the Americans were doing a half-assed adventure in northern Africa with the British, but the Midway victory allowed them more room to allocate serious resources into Europe. The Russians had the same issue on a whole more severe level and didn’t even open their eastern offensives into China until what? 1945?

        • “He got it right”-you mean Boniface?
          I was agreeing with him sort of. Allocation of troops and material were biased toward the Pacific up to and after Midway. Midway increased the forces invested in Europe but did not change the fact that commitment of resources was pro PacificThe British and US generals operating in the European theater carried out studies and political campaigns totry to change the priority.
          One of the main problems was that the US navy had a big chunk of the US military budget and considered the Pacific to be its war so it in the form of Admiral King frequently lied about allocation of resources to the Pacific.

  16. It all comes down to lack of discipline, from sexual perversion, to deregulation, to open borders, to the contract nation and radical individualism. Liberalism iow.

    But liberalism is the bedrock of western civ! That doesn’t pass the smell test. We didn’t get this far by being a free-for-all.

    Not that the west ever had Chinese-level conformity, either, but things are far out of whack. The testosterone got bled off in the last century. Question is, has it rebounded yet? Only one way to find out, and the way the Karens, nerds, and freaks are starting to be beaten back is encouraging. Does the system have another diversion in it, or are we finally going to turn the corner?

    • “Does the system have another diversion in it, or are we finally going to turn the corner?”

      IMHO, the answer to both is “yes.”

      The Chinkypox fraud and the Great Reset have been rejected around the world and are now providing us with the rather enjoyable spectacle of those two things blowing up in GloboHomo’s face.

      But, yes–Mr Global has other arrows in his quiver, and he will let them fly as soon as he thinks the time is right. Lord only knows what they will do to us next, but the population is having none of it right now. That’s why the hologram called “Joe Biden” continues to yammer about vaccinations and Russia.

      And the jabbering classes are jabbering about Russia, too. They’ve even dug up Nikky Haley from whatever tomb she had been stashed in so that she could jabber about “standing up to Putin” to prevent China and Taiwan and “blah blah blah something something blah.”

      But it’s a feeble attempt to rekindle fear in Karen’s breast and in those of her fellow travelers.

      So my *guess* is that they will spring some new “crisis” on us as soon as they can. But right now, we are treated to the mayor of Ottawa yammering about how the sound of truck horns have been “terrorizing” the denizens of that city. If I hadn’t heard that with my own ears, I might not believe it because that really is scraping the bottom of the barrel of feeble.

    • Miht I refer you to this incredible comment from Simba, above:

      “What we need is probably to gain enough power to empose a culture of honor upon men (women will gladly follow once we’re the alphas because suddenly the world would start to make emotional sense to them as well).”

      Now I see why the Zman hates neo- libertarianism.
      No, they’re not “free” to lie, cheat, steal, pervert, subvert, corrupt, or corrode- even if physically, their swinging fist stopped an inch from my nose.

      We’ve got to bring rough justice home, and take it out of the hands of third parties. The government’s monopoly on violence must end, because “government” is a social construct.

      “Government” and “corporations” have assumed limited liability, but that’s a legal fiction. There are no governments, or corporations, there are only men.

  17. OT (been away, busy with other things lately): We now have a real life example of people giving up on the “facts and logic” argument. If anybody was wondering, it’s steamrolling leftists. The truckers protest in Canada is no longer arguing with “facts and logic”. They just drove into town, parked on the street, and started honking. They say they will not leave until all mandates are lifted. It’s incredible to see the problems that this is causing the “left”.

    -They keep resorting to inane snarks – “wow, don’t they know it was actually the US that mandated vaccines to cross the border, not Trudeau?”; “heh, vaccine mandates are provincial, not federal, wrong city”; “honk if you have a small penis”; “tell me what freedoms have you lost? these are people who just want to be oppressed”; “wow, so many f*ck Trudeau signs, they must really like gay sex”. They keep repeating moronic “facts and logic” lines while truckers keep honking.

    – It’s exposed them as thin-skinned, physically weak and ugly, and impotent. Lots of freaky looking blobs and pencil necks in masks are freaking out and screaming at protestors. Many childless people who never got past the adolescent phase. These are the people who want you dead, your children gender transitioned, and your nation ethnically replaced. Genetic failures.

    – Impotent females and diversity hires in the police, judiciary, and city council are demanding a Tiannemen Square level response. Citizens are terrified of the “mean racist truckers” popping their bubble. Judge has passed a rule banning honking in the downtown area for 10 days. The police has declared it illegal to bring food or fuel to the trucks parked on the street. They’ve basically admitted it would take weeks to tow everyone away – but heavy tow companies are refusing to tow the truckers anyways. They’re passing a bunch of BS that is further delegitimizing them. When you pass laws that nobody follows, you are not legitimate.

    Anyways, one of this blogs’ theories in action. It’s correct. Don’t argue with them since they argue in bad faith anyways. Just go in and HONK and take a giant dump on their lawn.

    • Same reason the meme war was so successful. People stopped playing by their rules. Let’s stick with it this time!

      • 6 years ago it was Pepe and disaffected blue collar midwesterners. Today it’s Canadian truckers and the Honkening. I’m sensing a pattern.

      • Meme wars are fun. But niche. Preaching to the audience.

        A50 year lock on tv, radios, movies, the stage, music, internet, and news is EFFECTIVE.

        • SCOTUS struck down Biden’s mandate, probably because industry knew they were facing mass resignations. That was news for a couple of days.

          Big rigs and loud noises capture the public’s imagination.

          It has to go beyond owning the libs this time, so I agree on that point, but it’s a world that craves entertainment, and those truckers struck the vein.

          • Especially coming on the heels of the Antifa “mostly peaceful protests.” The optics couldn’t be more different. The managerial classes’ response couldn’t be more predictable.

    • What’s it going to take for the leftists to realize that they need these truckers. And farmers. I get they don’t like them, but they NEED them. It is how society works.

      What happened to “It Takes a Village”?

      Where is the willingness to compromise? Isn’t that how society works? We are all on the same boat together so let’s try to keep things as harmonious as possible for the betterment of all. Instead of kicking and screaming in your first class cabin when you don’t get your way and pissing down onto the guys in the bowels of the ship actually keeping it running. But I guess that is white supremacist thinking…..

      • Falcone: Slight disagreement. No, we are not all in the same boat together. Just as we don’t all want the same things for our children. They don’t need truckers and farmers – half of them are dieticians and vegans who live on granola and chips (while lamenting big ag). Transportation ought to be by magic trains that don’t use evil petroleum-based energy (don’t try to explain where the generation of electric power comes from – they’re convinced it’s unicorn farts).

        Trying to get along with people who want you dead is not White supremacist thinking, it’s civnat thinking. The answer is to crush them all, hear the lamentation of the blue haired women as you send them out into the cold because they’re too godawful to even want to revenge f**k.

        • 3g: some of these types have never gone a full day without a vanilla latte, so I have to agree with Falcone here.

          Just spit-balling, and this may give the thugs too much credit, but wonder if they had wargamed this and tried to move to driverless trucks as result?

        • OK, but I mean the “country” is the ship. Yes, it’s a big ship, and yes maybe too big to keep everyone content, but the point being that you can’t HAVE a yuppy First Class Cabin lifestyle without the men in the bowels keeping the engine running and lights on and food delivered.

          So why piss on them? It is essentially pissing on yourself, but I think a lot of Lefties probably like that. Hence what we see today.

          But it takes a man to admit he needs other men to maintain his lifestyle. As hard as that can be.

          • Why do they import the third world and still think they are going to have a 1st world lifestyle when the 1st world becomes a complete shithole like the rest of the world?

            Seems like the same question to me.

    • “Anyways, one of this blogs’ theories in action. It’s correct. Don’t argue with them since they argue in bad faith anyways. Just go in and HONK and take a giant dump on their lawn.”

      The majority of leftists (not all, but most) are psychopathic control freaks, hence the rush to censorship and Covid mandates. Already psychological unstable, once things do get out of control–and, yes, you are right, outside controlled rules–they melt down.

      The United States is a more likely candidate given its rapid and vicious descent into totalitarianism, but if Canada or another Western country does go full Tiananmen Square, you will see several governments topple and this means more than a no- confidence vote and change in controlled political parties. My guess is Trudeau is on the phone with both Biden and Johnson, the former counseling violence, the latter negotiation. Interestingly, support for the truckers has emerged from India, which puts additional pressure on Trudeau not to go full Tiananmen Square. We’ll see.

      It has been glorious to watch, and here’s to hoping for a non-violent victory. And, yep, when the game is rigged don’t play that game.

        • I don’t see that.

          It does not seem that different than holding many people in solitary for a year for no crime in the US. Its barely mentioned.

          You can sense they are at the brink. I would expect they are just getting a false flag in place.

          Then its full court press on putting down a violent insurrection supported by the media 100%

          They have been doing this thing over and over so I can’t see why Canada would be any different.

          • The 1/6 arrests took place away from the cameras and, importantly, cell phones (wonder how many were confiscated and destroyed?). That’s a huge difference. The truckers seemed to have learned that just showing up and going home is the wrong thing to do. I’m not ruling out a Tiananmen Square, but even that today would show up even as samizdat– and may here.

        • “If Trudeau fires on the truckers, that will be the spark that sets the world on fire”

          It wouldn’t be immediate–probably–but you are dead right! That would be world-changing.

      • Relax, the WEF has Chrystia Freeland warming up in the bullpen if Justin can’t handle Canada.

        • Trudeau openly moves against truckers in a way perceived as unfair, and every other non participating trucker just has to quit working. Or even just slow down to the minimum.

          These guys own their own rigs. Short of nationalizing trucking, having the military drive thousands is seized assets (trucks), there’s no way the truckers can lose…if they hold fast.

          All they want to do is the exact job they did two months ago, and the one everyone said they were “heroes” for doing peak pandemic two years ago.

          All Trudeau wants to to is have complete and total dictatorial power by emergency mandate.

          Advantage: truckers. But if the government really wants it, they can win by the death of 1000 administrative cuts.

    • “When you pass laws that nobody follows, you are not legitimate.”

      When “the most popular president ev-ah” has to be inaugurated behing barbed wire and 20,000 armed troops with *no* witnesses, that “gov’t” ain’t legit.

      And when that same hologram (“Joe Biden”) builds a new and higher fence AND a concrete wall around the Whiteness House, that means his gov’t ain’t legit. (And I think that the reason the hologram is always called by both his names is that nobody would remember who it was if people didn’t use both names.)

  18. Can someone please explain what Z means by: “Right now, the left-authoritarians have the advantage, but the right-authoritarians have the numbers.”

        • He said that the left has the advantage but that the right has the numbers. He didn’t say that the right has the advantage, but I took it to mean that *eventually*–because of the “numbers” … .

          • Have you read any of the civ nat sites?

            They have the majority numbers in the right and its cringeworthy how ashamed of their own race they are.

            Any opportunity to put a POC or woman in charge and they are all glowing with how saintly they are, while the world turns to shit around them.

            Somewhere like CTH for example. The very first thing about the truckers were reposting of Indian and Sikhs in the protest, despite it being 99% white,, so they could point out who the real racists were.

            The real right is tiny.

      • A lot of rednecks out here. We feel increasingly authoritarian. Savagely authoritarian. Incidentally, I didn’t take the truckers seriously. They got the clouds concerned. After the BLM riots their appeals to law and order are falling on deaf ears. LMFAO

        • If I were in Toronto (or whatever affected cities) I would bring hot coffee and sandwiches to the truckers, and the Mounties could go fuck themselves. 🙂

          I’m rooting for the truckers.

      • Well, I figure adding up the black, white liberal and hispanic liberal percentages gets you to about 50% of the population. I guess the assumption is that a chunk of the white liberals will flip.

        • No, DLS, that makes no sense. A million joggers and pajeets living in Toronto makes no difference to events in Otawa unless they go there. 5 million Chicagoans makes no difference to what happens in a rural Southern, Western, or Appalachian county of less than 50,000. Look at the county voting maps. Blue islands, red sea. The left has broad but shallow support. The hardcore antiwhites are most of the blacks and the wine aunts. There are hundreds of thousands of screeching bluehairs and a few million joggers in the metropolises, but there are 25-30 million pissed of salt-of-the-earths Out Here. The rural people are ready for a national divorce, and are quickly coming around to the nees to support and follow a strong leadership to successfully accomplish that.

          • Ok, so your point is that we have regional majorities but not national, and therefore can only win with a separation? Or are you arguing the Right has a much higher share of the population than 50%? I am not trying to be argumentative, but just to understand Z’s statement.

          • DLS: false question, it is in between. National aggregates never matter in these things, so % of total pop is irrelevant. Those motivated enough to show up are the ones who count.
            Historically, sectarian strife is decided by tens of thousands of participants in a country of millions. There are 10+ million “hard right” ppl in the US (to the right of Breitbartarians) who are just so, so very tired of this all and want to get down to brass tacks. There are lots of people, millions, ready to open the window and scream “I’m mad as he’ll, and I’m not going to take it anymore!” — if only someone gives them the opening and permission to so so. A strong leader, perhaps. A Marse Roberts who will tell us NOT to lay down our guns, this time around, to fight like he’ll on the streets, the beaches, and the mountains… And in the truck cabs?

        • More likely that the non-black minority groups will flip. Right now leftism is only attractive to blacks because the religion worships them. But I have to imagine hispanic guys possess similar levels of incredulity watching TV and seeing the black particle physicist agree with the black investment banker about how they both love that particular brand of sunscreen.

          • There isn’t going to be a race war.

            Here is something that Southerners know and understand: Joggers do not, as a rule, do one-one-one violence. And the cold and, to them, casual violence of which they *know* whites are capable mystifies and terrifies them.

            If you’ve ever witnessed Negro violence, you will know that they have to (a) be in a group and (b) work themselves up to it.

            Also, consider the short work that Mexicans have made of Negroes in places like LA. The Aztecs are capable of “white-style” violence, and Negroes are simply not emotionally or culturally prepared to deal with that.

            Those who have witnessed Negro violence first hand will know what I am saying is true. They never act alone in most circumstances (although there are, of course, the rare exceptions, so please spare me the extraneous examples and arguments). Rather, they must act as a group and there is a whole sort of “ceremony” of working themselves up to it, which involves a lot of childishly idiotic tough talk (like the Brainiac in the video), and a lot of jumping around an moving around in aimless motions. These are observable facts.

            Ask yourself this: During the so-called BLM violence recently, who was doing the actual violence? And who the looting?

            A black/white “race war” is not in the cards. It never was. Burning down their own ‘hood and looting the Rite Aid, yes. Serious risk of bodily harm brought on by concerted violence, no.
            (And it *means* something that they don’t loot Magnin’s or Neiman Marcus or Saks.)

            The civil war will be largely confined to white/white.

            Who was it drew the first blood of the current war at the “take-me-out-at-the-ball-game” shoot-’em-up right after Trump took office?

            How many black serial killers can you name?

            Their violence is always tribal and only when they have ginned themselves up to it.

            Looting and burning is their thing.

          • Yeah, if the shit really hits the fan the blacks will be a nonfactor. My point. It’s good whites against bad whites.

    • This is how I see it:

      The regime is weak, much weaker than we have supposed. It is possible that one strong shove will collapse the rotten structure.

      But while “conservatives” have been thinking about how to go back to 1860, the enemy has been planning how to seize state power. Conservatives don’t like state power, so they don’t think about it a lot.

      The biggest threat to us is an October revolution on the heels of a February revolution that APPEARS to offer the possibility of liberation for the country class.

      I hope somebody, somewhere, is preparing for a contest with the organized Left once the regime gives up the ghost – because that moment may not be far away.

      And by “contest”, I don’t mean liberdopian ideoogy seminars and the NAP. I mean, warming up the helicopters.

  19. The other thing I have noticed in my lifetime. Many “career” politicians were still firmly part of the middle class. Today, members of Congress who have never had a job in the private sector are retiring as multi-millionaires. Joe Biden and family are famously wealthy as are most senior members of our “elite”.

  20. The NRCC today sent out a robo-email with the subject “Stand With The Truckers” petition (“100,000 Patriots Needed Now” etc.). I know they are just superserving the core, but whatever else may be said even faintly complimentarily about Spencer Abraham/Phil Gramm/WSJ/ ‘90s-era Republicanism, which is still largely in control of the party AFAICT, did anyone ever think of them as the true avatars of blue-collar heroes? Michael Moore got a lot of mileage from easy punchlines mocking that, at the time.

    Of course, Trump himself isn’t a prima facie champion of either unionized Joe Sixpack or the lumpenproletariat but was so culturally out of step with the knowledge-worker blob that he became their Eva Peron figure for a few months back in 2016-2017. I’m impressed that Canada must still be redneckier than us because I’d assumed their financial class was on the 99% fresh winning side of history by now and that the Canadian vox populi would turn against the CB radio Bachman-Turner guys sooner. Two obvious subtexts, Canada’s way more racially homogenous and lockdown fatigue is just going to boil over into a lot of silly fads in addition to Ottawa occupation or George Floyd memorial riots (it amazes me that anyone can still say these news events are “about” anything besides pushback against COVID power-grabbing holy war)

    • That’s the whole point. We all *want* the Freedom Convoy to spiral out of control into a generalized Jihad against the ruling class. Canada, France, USA, Germany, UK, they are all run by the same (literally) group of people – and fuck em all! They all deserve to be packed into a semi-trailer full of diesel fuel and set on fire.

      And when the CNN media hairdos are dragged off to be thrown in there with the politicians and bankers, they’ll be sobbing “come on, you guys are overreacting to these mandates” – and the rest of us will say “mandates? what mandates?”

  21. Who, then, shall be Caesar?

    It’s not like “the people” will elect him. He will, of necessity, install himself. As did the original Caesar.

    It won’t be an Uber- grocer like Bezos; he’s too busy flying his space penis rocket and dismantling bridges for his super yacht to leave the dock.

    That freak Zuckerberg purportedly has pretensions; he may have all the dirty laundry, but does not have the hard power.

    Whoever it may be: when we get to the point as civilization is collapsing because all the copper wire is being stripped for $crap, a strong man will inevitably come. A Putin like figure, probably., and more is the pity.

    Generations born today will never know what America used to be. If it ever was, I suppose.

    • Caesar was a skilled diplomat and — most importantly — the commander of a very loyal and very disciplined army. He “installed himself” by being victorious in a civil war.

      We aren’t getting a Caesar, although we might get a Robespierre.

      • …and Robespierre and Saint-Just were the intellectual descendants of the monster Rousseau…

        • Rousseau was everywhere in France. Marie-Antoinette had a peasant hut built in the gardens of Versailles where she dressed like a peasant and churned butter. Rousseau lived off going from manor party to manor party telling aristocrats they were evil.

          He was ubiquitous.

    • Elon Musk. He will stand on the White house balcony and whisper ‘based’ thoughts right into his subjects brains via Neuralink.

    • Caesar was elected as co-consul (IIR). He of course broke the law and crossed the Rubicon and the civil was started. Then—victorious—he returned to be elected to a term of dictator (IIR). This lead to assassination and further civil wars.

      Point here is not the specifics, but that another Caesar might be legally elected, then declare marshal law and remain in power indefinitely—Congress not with standing. Hitler did something similar. Hindenburg died, but the German Parliament had been subverted long before by Hitler, so Parliament had no problem eliminating the Presidential position and appointing Hitler as supreme authority.

      See no particular reason, that this is impossible under our governmental system here.

      • Fuck Caeser you need a Ghengis Khan, Eric the Red, Atilla the Hun….to cut the balls off the bankernose, send him to hell and the god he worships.

    • Counter Currents had a good article about needing an Ataturk as opposed to a Caesar. I found it interesting to consider & persuasive, but am hardly an expert on either.

    • “Generations born today will never know what America used to be. If it ever was, I suppose.”

      It WAS. When I was in high school, we could hop into a friend’s mother’s convertible, put the top down, drink beer openly, and not wear seat belts (there were no shoulder “harnesses” at that time.)

      We *were* free, and we *felt* free.

  22. “Hypocrisy is a tribute that vice pays to virtue.” (attributed to Oscar Wilde, but it really was La Rochefoucauld)

    Have things really changed much, beyond the Elites’ current failure to grace us with their hypocrisy? The “in-your-face” flexing, which is irksome, of the modern era is really the only change. The corruption is as old as America.

    From the debt consolidation of Alexander Hamilton, to the Bank of the United States, to the land grants and the Credit Mobilier, to the Trusts, then on to the Federal Reserve and modern financialization of the economy, the Elites have been in charge of the economy and the political system.

    What has changed is that there is now zero effective opposition to their schemes. Can you imagine what they’d do to Andrew Jackson these days?

    • Awesome quote; I was not familiar with it. And your reference to Andrew Jackson at the end is perfect. His going in and calling the 2nd bank of US “a den of vipers and thieves” is one of the great moments in US history. I read a great biography of Jackson a few years ago by HW Brands – if that is anyone’s cup of tea. Even the Trail of Tears section gives a fair and appropriate explanation for why he made the choice he did – not cuz he was a Bad Man

      • Thanks, Eloi. Any guy who had the brass to tell the Supreme Court to fuck off after the earlier collapse toward their unquestioned authority after Madison v. Marbury is my kind of guy.

    • “From the debt consolidation […] to the Federal Reserve […], the Elites have been in charge of the economy and the political system.”

      True and perfectly natural. The difference, in my opinion, is that in those days, the elites were an organic elite; the real thing. Today, they are jumped-up “academics” or “politicians” whose grandparents stepped out of the stinking hold of some cattle boat from Poland in 1920. And they are *obviously* not only unsuited to rule, but also *uncomfortable* as elites, which is why they are so clumsy and comical.

      They are a fake, that is, an *inorganic elite*. Had they been produced by centuries of their own kind–I’ll stipulate landowners–who wore the mantle of authority with ease, things would be quite different.

      But Mr Lincoln and his partners in crime destroyed the true, organic elite and handed the country over to nouveaux riches like the Rockefellers and Carnegies and Mellons and Fords. From there, it was all downhill, and now we have “academics” and “experts” and bureaucrats and journalists and movie stars and Karashians and That Negress in the royal family (for Christ’s sake!) masquerading as elites.

      The problem is not in having a ruling class, for that is entirely natural and necessary. The problem is that the current elites are fake; “inorganic”; new. And they abuse their positions because they are grasping for what they can get while the gittin’ is good. They don’t have the common weal at heart. They wouldn’t even know what that meant.

      O ye household gods of mine! Can you *imagine* that Chelsea Clinton creature being accepted as a bride in the family of some member of the St Cecilia Society in Charleston, South Carolina? Of course not. She would never even encounter such a person. Thank God.

  23. Money. Politics. Corruption. Rules. Ethics.

    And speaking of pirates, the Pentagon has made off with more than $20 trillion:

    And *somebody* has Nikola Tesla’s notebooks, which disappeared from the Manhattan hotel room where he “died alone” in 1943. Or so we are told. And maybe it’s true.

    Is the knowledge of how to supply free electricity to the whole world at no cost related to the missing notebooks and trillions of smackeroos?

    • Eh, if the controllers were interested in a stable power grid they’d be funding and promoting thorium reactors.

      Germany successfully ran a 300 MW thorium reactor for over 400 days in the mid-80s with only one minor incident.

      The fools shut it down over the Chernobyl hysteria.

      • China apparently developing thorium reactors. As to our Caesar, I can give you a Pinochet. Everybody line up behind ol Sid and lets take this shit back. Free helicopter rides for the masters.

        • India is also working on thorium because they are painfully aware of their lack of easily available coal.

          • Like that makes a difference.

            The UK and Germany basically sit on coal seams and they are going to be as energy starved as everyone else due to the combination of moronic fuckwits, nihilistic liars and the usual parasites.

          • It wouldn’t take long to spin up coal-to-petrol plants. Germans did it. My people are sitting on 300 yrs worth of coal. Good hard, low-sulfur coal. My dream is that the republic of Franklin will sell energy to the lowlander scum.

          • ” … because they are painfully aware of their lack of easily available coal.”

            Yeah, but they have plenty of dried cow dung for fuel.

            Let ’em eat cake.

    • Nikola Tesla was a brilliant man (having a science unit of measurement named after one, albeit an obscure one, is the mark of a great scientist.). I too have read magazine style biographies of his. But I must label your conjectures as an urban legend. Makes a great story, but at the end of the day, those boring laws of physics still hold sway.

  24. If the FBI today conducted Operation Abscam, the sole purposes would be to determine if the “sheik” paid too little and if something untoward were said about America’s Greatest Ally.

    Also, as pointed out earlier, Swalwell is on the House Intelligence Committee. Further, the only reason this has been an issue is because he slept with the Chinese spy rather than took coin from her.

  25. Sounds like America is heading down the South America path both demographically and politically. The Left causes chaos, and the normal people get angry that there’s a lack of order in the streets.

    A person or group from the Right takes the reigns of power and imposes control. I think Brazil has that right now.

    Regarding the change in ethics, I’d submit that part of the issue was and is that the elite no longer see themselves as culturally or ethnically connected to the people nor to the people who created the system and its rules. The elite have no mooring to overall society, only to other elites and other members of their ethnic tribe.

    For now, the elites can get away with this because the people still believe in the system. But with every example of the elites disregarding the rules, the people lose a bit of faith in the system. When the people no longer believe in the system – and thus the legitimacy of those who run the system – it’ll be trouble for the elite and that’s when you start to see the scenario above.

    • The expectation of payment, disguised as a donation, even to meet with a representative is straight out of Latin America or Africa.

    • That picture of the big, fat, negress sitting unmasked like a f’n queen amid dozens of fully masked elementary school kids is a visual example of what’s wrong. In a just world that pig would be taken out an slaughtered. Can’t happen soon enough for me.

      • “In a just world that pig would be taken out an slaughtered.”

        And think of the HAMS! Enough for 50 years of picnics!

        • Joking about assassinating a public figure is bad enough*, but making hams from, er, “long pig” is even worse. 🙂

          *Instead, why not wish that hated person a slow, excruciatingly painful, but natural death? Viola! No (or less) reason for ire from The Authorities.

          • “Instead, why not wish that hated person a slow, excruciatingly painful, but natural death?”

            Ohhhh … you mean a barbecue! Yeah! I’m ashamed I didn’t think of it myself!

        • “What do you think she will do to those kids when she’s running Georgia?”

          I don’t know. Compulsory aerobics, maybe?

        • Eat them, like they’ve returned to in central Africa?

          The villagers have run away, so the mai-mai stir up chit to bring in soldiers they can capture and cook.

          That’s the meal plan.
          I say we send more WorldVision missionaries to ease their plight!

          • “I say we send more WorldVision missionaries to ease their plight!”

            What?! And take food out of the mouths of “elderly Holocaust survivors” in Russia?? Who would then advertise on Sean Hannity’s broadcast??

        • One of the things I don’t get is that Governors in the US appear to have the same level of power as a Military Governor of an occupied country.

          Can someone explain where this level of arbitrary ruling power comes from. What is the legal basis to enable this?

          • “Can someone explain … ?”

            I’d give it a shot if you can explain what you are referring to. What prompts your question?

          • The idea that governors can enact pretty much what edict they want and there seems to be no limit on the arbitrary nature of it.

            It was prompted by someone asking what that fat woman will do to the kids when she is running Georgia.

            It seems like Governor becomes a defacto dictator in many states.

          • Okay, there’s no “reply” button for your observation that many governors seem to exercise dictatorial powers, so I’ll do it this way.

            Every governor has his own army–the state militia, now defunct and called the National Guard.

            The US Constitution gives the Congress the power to commandeer the state militia/national guard in certain circumstances and with certain restrictions, but the Constitution is a dead letter there as elsewhere.

            So, yes, governors do have a lot of power b/c the federalism stipulated by the US Constitution envisioned a republic of sovereign states. But Mr Lincoln destroyed the old republic, so what power state governors now have are mere vestiges of the original federalism.

            And I reckon you are referring to that Gretchen woman in Michigan and that “Village Hampden” in New Jersey and that lunatic who claims to speak for God in New York and Gavin Newsome in California. They are all of them Democrats, so they have rather exalted views of their “power” and they used–or, really, abused–it to the max during the Chinkypox fraud. But I think that’s because they are in Democrat states with General Assemblies and populations of totalitarians and ‘fraidy-cats who were more than willing to acquiesce in any abuse of power, however egregious, in the name of “safety.”

            But none of the egregious acts of those petty tyrants was lawful or Constitutional. They just did it b/c the could, and they knew they could get away with it in their “blue” states.

            But the governors of Georgia and South Carolina and Florida didn’t do–or attempt–any such thing. Gov de Santis in Florida has made quite a name for himself taking active measures against the Covid tyranny. In GA and SC, on the other hand, the governors just ignored the whole thing. Both of them did the “two weeks to flatten the curve” and that was that.

            You may recall how the “press” went bonkers when the governor of Georgia let everything return to normal aft er the “two weeks to flatten” thing. But he ignored the whole thing as did McMaster in SC.

            That woman in Alabama got her panties in a knot and started issuing commands, but she very quickly–and with no explanation–dropped everything and shut her stupid mouth, and Alabama escaped the Chinkypox tyranny. Some sensible person clearly took her aside and explained things to her.

            Anyway, different governors with different temperaments in different states with different people and different histories and outlooks.

            I recommend reading *anything* by Dr Edwin Vieira, and b/c of your question here, I recommend you start with Dr Vieira’s short book “Thirteen Words.”


          • Trumpton-

            I’ll take a quick stab…

            US state governments are essentially miniature versions of the federal government, which is driven by the Guarantee Clause in the US Constitution.

            The Bill of Rights in the US Constitution also says the states have all the powers that the Constitution doesn’t delegate to the Feds and all the powers the states don’t prohibit to the Feds.

            This means the states all have their own constitutions. Those documents are all much longer than the federal document, and they are much more intrusive on the day-to-day lives of their citizens.

            On top of this, many states have draconian emergency laws on the books. The governess of Michigan was using state-level emergency laws from 1945 and 1978 to enforce health tyranny until the people managed to petition the courts and/or legislature to nullify them. As a result, life there has mostly returned to normal.

            One more item to point out is that governors control substantial law enforcement and military assets in the form of the State Police and the National Guard.

            In blue states, they are using those elements to enforce health edicts and fill in for nurses that were fired for not getting jabbed.

            In red states, like Florida and Oklahoma, we’re already seeing states’ rights issues pop up around the National Guard units there that are pointing toward Fort Sumter.

            This has been my basic attempt to explain why some US governors can be very dictatorial. Hope it helped.

          • It seems to me that that if you issue orders it and its followed and enforced then you have the power. I can’t remember the Nat Guard except in NY for Cuomo.

            Unlawful etc are just meaningless in that case.

            To a non US person it looks like Governors have no need of legislative assemblies or courts and pretty much can do what they want via edicts. IIRC many just ignored strike downs and carried on making up more random rules.

            Perhaps its a hangover from the British Governor model for the colonies?

      • I believe the term you are looking for is “Ghettopotamus”. is it me, or did anyone else notice that almost everyone of the kids in that photo were White?
        A friend of mine is a deputy with the local sheriff’s office and he has a special revulsion for the ghettopotamus. According to him, she’s your typical ghetto queen in every welfare office. Her only accomplishment is being born and thus, she believes she’s entitled to everything. She’s better and smarter than everyone else, you will show her deference, or she’ll file a complaint.

        • Steve: That’s the first thing I noticed- that the majority of the children were White. Someone from Georgia please correct me, but I was under the impression that just about every southern White of any sort of means sent their kids to private school in the wake of forced school integration. Was the photo op in a wealthy, majority White area filled with woke White womyn? Why else would the parents be okay with sending their children to be indoctrinated all day while rebreathing their own carbon dioxide?

          • “Was the photo op in a wealthy, majority White area filled with woke White womyn?”

            Almost certainly in metro Atlanta, which is populated by carpetbaggers of one kind or another. And the photo op might have been staged.

          • People dont realize that large numbers of blacks have been migrating from urban areas and the Left Coast to Georgia for several years, hundreds of thousands I believe. Mostly to ATL.

    • > Regarding the change in ethics, I’d submit that part of the issue was and is that the elite no longer see themselves as culturally or ethnically connected to the people nor to the people who created the system and its rules.

      It’s hilarious seeing women defect to China for the Olympics, and then their asian-american friends lock shields to defend her. They know America is just a shopping mall to loot, and now heritage Americans are getting the idea that these people aren’t here to assimilate into 1950’s American life, but to loot and conquer for their tribe.

      It’s why the Olympics viewership has sank this year. People watch the Olympics for national pride, not to watch a bunch of deracinated mercenaries.

      • “People watch the Olympics for national pride, not to watch a bunch of deracinated mercenaries.”

        Some talking head on TeeVee just last night said that the reason Americans are not watching the Games is to show their displeasure at “Russian aggression” against the hapless Ukraine.

        I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

        • Civnat conservatives on Faux are screeching that NBC wouldn’t run an ad labeling the Olympics “the genocide games.” Apparently, the Chinese are the real racists. Conservatives are such rubes. CR3!

          • “Apparently, the Chinese are the real racists.”

            Weeger, pleeze. That’s
            common knowledge. The way they abuse their Weegers is shameful!

          • I have a dweem.

            Lil weeger boys and lil weeger gurls holdn hands, not doing nuffin.

            Fwee, fwee at last.

      • The skater who fell twice will be rightfully shamed as an example of how America’s corrupting influence weakens the Han people, then shipped off to a hard labor camp.

        This will put additional pressure on her fellow defector Eileen Gu. She is a talented skier, and it would be nice to see another sellout crumble.

        • “Eileen Gu”?!


          What do you call a girl with legs of unequal length?


          What do you call a Chinese girl with legs of unequal length?


          • Now that was funny!

            Unfortunately, she has won gold in one of her events, handing the Chicoms an enormous propaganda victory.

      • I remember years ago rooting for some white guy (I think that he was from Germany) instead of the black American guy. The Normies around me were, of course, surprised. Asked the usual, “How can you root for a guy from another country?”

        And, naturally, I answered that I was rooting for the white guy because I’m white. The real surprise is that while no one joined my side, nobody lost their shit and, generally, they understood. How the world has changed over the past 20 years or so. If I said that now in public, the room would erupt in fury against me.

        • I had a good friend who was rooting for Lithuania against the U.S. in Olympic basketball back in the 90s. I wasn’t quite there yet at the time, but now I understand his prescience.

      • Yep it’s all Hamilton on Ice. Even the aging civnat NBC viewer has her limits.

        Sure, her only grandson is half Mexican, but that’s part of it too. Everything is identity now but that also means the ascendence of the Paperwork American cannot coexist with the Heritage American mythology. We can no longer convince even ourselves that proper paperwork is something to get excited about.

        The pretty lies about who we are worked for a long time but like that frizzy haired huckster wrote, there is a tipping point. When there is no longer enough reality to support the crusing anti-reality facades, that melting pot goes from vibrant interesting stew to thick greybrown muck. And now even the pot is black and it according to experts always has been!

        We can propagate the pretty lies but can’t eliminate biology. There is still a visceral element, an emotional string that is plucked by seeing our own people reflected on screen.

        The melting-pot scrum of mercenaries dressed up like trannies in the tortured-tutu cliches of identity-driven back-stories of hardship worked for a good long while but what happens when the whole thing is greybrown muck?

      • Chet: Well put. It is both hilarious and enraging to read headlines claiming she’s equally ‘murrican and Han, or conversely that she’s a traitor. Both are equally false, of course. She’s loyal to her people, but since most White Americans have no concept of a people and are still convinced ‘identity politics’ by anyone is evil notsee, they are utterly confused. Ands at the same time, no one bats an eyelash when entire teams of ‘European’ athletes are composed of sub-Saharans. The Olympics used to be a venue for physical excellence and national pride. Since the 1960s and mass immigration, not so much.

        Blood matters a whole lot more than paper. Culture is downstream from genetics which is more than bone deep – and goes back centuries. But a few years working in a family-owned ethnic restaurant, or at an Asian massage parlor, a brief ‘oath’ based on nothing any of them believe in, a few pieces of paper, and voila! Newly-minted magic citizens. And then some people are confused and concerned when an individual in search of fame and fortune chooses to share and bestow the same on his genetic people, because ‘citizenship.’

        • Oh, feel compelled to add a comment based on said ‘athlete’s’ cultural appropriation of blonde hair. Every last Korean and Asian immigrant will insist (and check online, the first dozen pages of search returns will back this up) that all the Asian plastic surgery industry is driven by Asian beauty standards. They’re not trying to look White; it’s a historical fact that a tiny percentage of Korean natives have natural double eyelids. That’s also why they’re getting breast implants, and wearing blue contact lenses, and getting their hair permanently curled and/or dyed blonde or red. Because they’re trying to conform to historical Asian standards of beauty. I’ve seen dozens and dozens of articles asserting this, and the last time I mentioned it at Unz, the resident Korean commenter immediately popped up spouting that same argument almost verbatim. Talk about npcs . . .

          • I was eating alone in a smaller restaurant in Taiwan and at the table next to me was young boy with his mom. In the middle of dinner, I heard him say to his mom, “That foreigner is drinking Coke with his dinner, isn’t that strange? Look at his nose, it’s huge.” I chuckled to myself because it’s natural that young children recognize those differences. Besides, my beak isn’t actually that big!

    • We have been colonized. Deprived off colonies to lord over, our rulers have turned their eyes towards the underclass of their home nations.

      Americans today have more to learn from Ho Chi Mihn than Westmoreland.

  26. Nuts & bolts.

    As long as they can keep the plates spinning, the Comfort First Imperative will keep the sheeple docile. If the plates start getting wobbly, then a foreign war is an effective distraction and will kill off lots of alphas that might make trouble at home. As a last resort, marshal the Jackboots to crack some heads and “send a message” to the dissident malcontents. If things still go sideways, then foment conflict between the plebs and get them to slaughter each other in the streets (hide in your gated & privately guarded compounds while this is playing out). Keep the Gulfstream G5 fueled and ready for takeoff just in case.

    Nothing changes until the environment changes, which is why collapse is the only real cure. Then it’s about smarter, not harder. There will be fog and you must wear it. From the shadows, only from the shadows. Use your intelligence to become anonymous and unpredictable. Know that what they fear the most is the bolt from the blue. And fear motivates flight. And emergent behavior will do the rest.

    • “Nothing changes until the environment changes, which is why collapse is the only real cure.”

      I really don’t know why people think this. If we cannot win when times are good and there is at least semblance of rules, why are going to prevail when times get super-tough in a collapse? What would this collapse scenario even look like?

      IMHO, a collapse is likely to be a scenario where we get screwed and the elite do not. We won’t be able to buy gas, but they will. We will suffer shortages of essential items, but they won’t. We may suffer rolling blackouts, but they won’t.

      • All throughout our evolutionary history (and really, this applies to all live forms), only environmental necessity motivates real action (this is also known as the survival response). We are descended from those who had this instinct, and if you don’t have this in you, then extinction is your destiny.

        Joe Normie simply won’t get of the couch until he has no other choice but to do so or die. Yes, I understand that it’s easier to stay on the treadmill and chase the carrot, but we were meant to be much more than that. You have excellence in you, and it’s your duty to pursue that course. Don’t fret about the nature of the collapse. Strengthen yourself to survive it. That is what nature intended.

        • We are a demoralized people. All those 100k plus people who died last year from drugs were the former backbone of America or their children. When they were faced with the situation of “act or die” they chose to numb it with drugs instead of either acting or dying.

          If some sort of collapse happened, and I think it is arguable that it already has happened, just slower than people thought was possible, we would just see more deaths of despair , be it alcohol, drugs, morbid obesity or suicide or other self-destructive behavior. Things rarely get better by getting worse.

          It very much strikes me as a kind of “permission” to go out and raise hell. Like the rules don’t really apply anymore and so I can go out and fight, whatever that happens to look like. I just do not believe that is ever going to happen. If we win, it will be because we took the initiative and took the “fight” to them on our own terms and won and not because the other side laid down and died or because they gave us a type of “permission” to finally start fighting back against them.

          • ” If we win, it will be because we took the initiative and took the “fight” to them on our own terms”

            Yes, this is exactly what I have been advocating for several years now. There is a tutorial in these archives that details how best to accomplish this goal. The fog of chaos, born of collapse, is an integral aspect of this approach.

          • “All those 100k plus people who died last year from drugs were the former backbone of America or their children. When they were faced with the situation of “act or die” they chose to numb it with drugs instead of either acting or dying.”

            I don’t quite see how both of those things can be true. If they were the backbone of the country, then they can’t–by definition–have thrown up their hands in despair and become drug addicts. The “backbone” class of any population simply does not do that sort of thing.

          • @infant.
            I disagree here. If your town where you lived and your ancestors lived and made a community is wrecked then despair is very easy to set in and drug use become very widespread.

            I grew up in a mining town in the North of England. Generations of men (and my own family) were miners and there was a strong community and town spirit.

            The last pit and with it employment for the town closed about 30 years ago.
            It is now a welfare wasteland of charity shops. betting shops and widespread drug use and crime.

            Even the most coherent community needs a purpose for its self-respect.

      • ” … we get screwed and the elite do not. We won’t be able to buy gas, but they will. We will suffer shortages of essential items, but they won’t. We may suffer rolling blackouts, but they won’t.”

        I know how you feel, but I don’t agree. At least not across the board. I’d expect what you describe in some places but not in others. I don’t think that a country as vast as ours will be any more uniform after some kind of collapse than it has ever been, which is to say, “not very.”

        As for not being able to buy gasoline: All gasoline runs through pipelines to various terminals, from which wholesalers distribute it to retailers, usually convenience stores nowadays.

        And people know where the pipelines are, and they are very vulnerable.

        And the wholesalers–they who own the tanker trucks that deliver gasoline to retail outlets–live next door or down the street. So assuming that there is gasoline to be had by *anybody,* in a real collapse, distribution and availability will be a fluid situation.

        There is no reason (that I can think of) why the “elites” should have access to gasoline if nobody else does. Where would they get it? If they have to buy it at retail outlets, which they do, then what is to stop me or you from going there and getting gas for ourselves? OR preventing “them” from buying it?

        • I’m no genius at much of anything, and that would include disaster preparation. But it doesn’t really take a PhD in emergency planning to grasp that in a truly serious crisis, one involving a general systemic breakdown, even the “elite” in their bunkers or private compounds with some stored supplies would only be relatively well off for a few weeks, months perhaps. Even the military and government dweebs in their underground nuclear bunkers couldn’t stay isolated forever. At some point the bottled water, the diesel, the canned food runs out. And then they are fucked, just like everyone on the outside. And the remnant of survivors on the outside will have an advantage the elite lack: having completed a grueling crash course in survival. A great “joker in the deck”: these elites, to include the military, are in theory protected by security troops. In a crisis, guess who will be calling the shots?

          • Yeah, depending on the circs, it will finally come down to “every man for himself.”

          • I would think they would do it through a combination of price and sales control. If gasoline starting selling for $50 a gallon, I’m out. I simply cannot afford a thousand bucks to fill my tank. But a thousand bucks is nothing to the rich and powerful.

            The government would continue to have gas too. At worst, they have the spro and can order the refineries to refine small amounts for police, fire, 3 letter agencies, politicians and others who matter.

            If you have diesel, that keeps a long time. But most Americans don’t drive diesels and you really cannot store modern gasoline for more than 6 months or so. It sucks water out of the air. (so farmers can grift ethanol sucks) Not to mention modern gas turns to jelly. That takes a pretty long time, but it goes rank pretty quickly. Like 6 months quickly. I have to buy new gas every year for my lawn equipment. The engines just won’t run properly on year old gas.

  27. As you point out the biggest change is how brazen they are about it all. A generation ago, politicians would have kept their lowlife offspring like Hunter Biden or Tim Kaine’s kid as far away from their careers and the public eye as possible. Now they almost brag about like parents would brag about a kid being successful in sports or getting into a top school.

    Facebook and Google are running ads in the print edition of National Review, whose few remaining readers are well into retirement. Yet National Review claims this has no impact on their coverage of the tech industry. The most hilarious recent development is Jonah Goldberg returning to CNN as a contributor. I wonder if the Dispatch is having donor trouble or he just can’t stand the idea of not being on TV bloviating a few times a week.

    • It’s kind of terrifying that reality has actually produced some of these characters like Hunter that have reached depths formerly reserved for characters like Roark Junior in the Sin City comics.

  28. You know, if you say Joe Rogan’s name backwards–nagor–it sounds just like …

    … well … I mean to say …

    … it really does.

  29. Back in the day, Teddy Ballgame’s [Ted Williams, baseball’s greatest pure hitter evah, for the uninformed or uncaring] disdain for the jock-sniffing press caused him to sarcastically label them, “knights of the keyboard.” While that sobriquet may have been true, it’s only with the advent of press payola have the knights become Ronin, master-less itinerants selling their pens to the highest bidder. If indeed, America is now a pirate’s cove where the only limit on profit is conscience, that old pirate saying, “take what you can, give nothing back,” is the easier path to take. We, most of us, know the right path, but like Lt. Col. Slade, we eschew it for the easy way as the former is too damn hard.

      • Because whoever down voted it is probably a rather stupid leftist, and knew that the poster was making a sexual comment about a Democrat politician when he typed out his name.

          • There’s a compliment for Z’s web software. I browse using a flea-powered windows 10 PC, a (uh…) Pipo X9S. On many other web services, Firefox often crashes, likely because of the site’s various doo-dads that run i the background. Rarely do I have this issue here.

  30. The financialization of the economy has been devastating to Main Street America, both economically and politically. What is acceptable behavior for politicians and their appointees really dove over the cliff with Clinton, although the 1980s Reagan crowd pioneered the Washington-Wall Street axis.

    What role does tech play in this? The vast fortunes being made in this century are mostly in tech not finance. They all seem to be on the same side but an explanation of the role of tech would provide a fuller picture.

    • ” The financialization of the economy has been devastating to Main Street America”

      Translate: It used to cost $10 to make it here, and we would sell it for $14.
      Now we can have it made in China for $3, still sell it for $14. Since it’s a piece of crap that will break within the year, the saps will come back and buy more.
      “It’s a new one, you know. It will be okay if I baby it.”
      “We have no choice, so we have to buy it.”
      And the Saps keep screwing themselves over, and can’t understand why their main street consists of decaying, boarded up buildings, or why they can’t get parts for that car they paid $45,000 for a few years back.

    • Maybe in C-suite, but but when you get to the director/officer level its Banksters all the way down. Consider the Fed. In just one branch (San Francisco) the average salary is $270K not counting bonuses and bennies. Multiply that times the number of branches (every big city.) Apart from a very few companies, tech just doesn’t pay like that.

  31. I guess the last mean/corrupt businessman with a reformable conscience was Scrooge, and that was 180 years ago. In the intervening decades, things have taken a notable turn for the worse. Agree that scorched earth is probably the only way to remove the existing system and players – it and they ALL have to go.

  32. One member of the Senate intelligence committee was sleeping with a Chinese spy.
    Maybe. So what? And even if this Chinese lady was a spy, couldn’t Eric Swalwell have been doing a serious investigation of what information she had gathered? After all, he is a member of the House intelligence committee, if there even is such a thing. In fact, the FBI should discreetly release the names, addresses, phone numbers and facebook accounts of all suspected female foreign agents to patriotic American males that can then interrogate them in comfort.

    • Lol. The “I was running counter-intelligence with my dick” must be one of the worst takes of 2022 so far.

    • mikey: Yellow fever may not be quite as offensive to the sensibilities as mudsharking, but the outcome is the same: White genocide.

      • If some of the more (hopefully) outlandish predictions of the anti-vaxxers come true, we may already be in for a great culling. It is a fact that we are just over a year into widespread deployment of the Covid-19 “vaccines”. The mRNA products are not vaccines, but gene therapies. They were scarcely ever tested in human beings and even then, with disappointing/toxic side effects. Yet suddenly they were rehabilitated to meet the horrible virus of 2020. They have been given to roughly one billion people in two or more doses. Guess who has taken most of those doses boys and girls? That’s right! North America, Western Europe and the allied nations! I’ll leave the details to someone else, but whatever damage they’ll do, has been done. Only time will tell what the toll is. Here in FL, the 2021 deaths are about 25% above what they were for calendar 2019. The biggest jumps have been in the roughly 20-50 age range.

        • Ben: Agree. I think we’ll start to get a handle on the true scope of the deaths in 3-5 years. And perhaps on birth rates, too. Of course, all official numbers are always suspect, and they will lie about and hide these numbers as well.

  33. I really like the phrase industry capture. It kind of goes with your pirate theme. But every industry is the same. I mean it’s long been noted the media just being controlled by a few people as one small player is swept up in the larger game until the regulators work for the industry instead of keeping them in check. And the more recent example that has come into sharp focus is the revolving door of executives between big pharma and the FDA and the CDC and all the other regulatory agencies. Just keep going up the chain and it becomes a narrower and narrower cohort controlling everything presumably until you get to the top. Who could be controlling all these Satan worshiping pedophile elites, I wonder? It’s a mystery.

    • To your point about the control mechanism, I’ve seen takes that Epstein-style ops have extended down to the city PD level for a few years.

      Given what we’ve seen during the past two years that doesn’t sound all that unhinged anymore.

    • Whitney: I was noting to my husband the other night that, although Glen Beck is a nut, the elaborate charts and drawings he used to do on tv were actual useful and ended up being true, Everything I check into lately turns out to be a rabbit hole. Everyone here knows of the failure of both Protestant and Catholic leadership and clergy re the plandemic, but I was unaware of just how closely aligned they were with the CDC in this whole deal. And, as this link (found at a different blog) makes clear, they all became best buddies when addressing the WEF in Davos. As you said, it’s quite the mystery:

      • Almost all of The Church and heretical sects have conformed to the patterns of this world. It seems like someone told us not to do that.

        “Here is a quick and generally reliable rule to follow. If people have always said it, it is probably true; it is the distilled wisdom of the ages. If people haven’t always said it, but everybody is saying it now, it is probably a lie; it is the . . . madness of the moment.””

        — Anthony Esolen, Out of the Ashes

      • “Everyone here knows of the failure of both Protestant and Catholic leadership and clergy re the plandemic, … .”

        It’s been shameful, to be sure, but I personally know of four congregations in the city where I live that ignored the whole thing–including (not) holding services, (not) social distancing, (not) shaking hands, (not) singing, etc. My congregation met without interruption, sat together, drank from the same cup every Sunday, etc. There were many (although comparatively few overall) who caved. But we have an injunction to forsake not the assembling of ourselves together. And unlike our forbears in the Faith, who faced *real* danger, we faced nothing more dangerous that bullsh*t spewing from the TV.

        But it did separate the sheep from the goats right enough. Revolting.

  34. > This is why National Review, for example, created the National Review Institute, a not-for-profit that operates National Review.

    The not-for-profit industrial complex has unleashed more devastation onto American social life than anything else. Shadow organizations like the Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Institute have had a massive influence on every negative social upheaval in our country, and they’re just getting larger and more powerful with time.

    The only solution might be to go full-scorched earth and remove all not-for-profit designation, along with any charity deductions for everyone. Removing the tax haven won’t completely neuter them, as it will take a strongman willing to seize their endowments to do that, but it would be a start.

    • ” … and remove all not-for-profit designation, along with any charity deductions for everyone.”

      Oops! Your train of thought skipped the track in this sentence. There should be *no* “deductions for everyone” b/c there should be *NO* income tax.

    • If I were advising Trump in 2024, I’d tell him to make this an issue. All not-for-profits must disclose all of their donors to the public within 24 hours of receiving the donation. This should extend to 527’s, the political committees and Super PAC’s. Sunlight would go a long way toward flushing out this stuff. All of a sudden, National Review has to think about how it looks for them taking Facebook money.

      • Mr. Trump won’t rock the boat too much. He’s an asset of the Black Rock people- the same ones who with Vanguard own every hospital in the United States. Remember, he’s one of people who told everyone to get Those Shots. He’ll only rock it enough to spill the weak ones his bosses don’t like, but heaven forbid spill everyone into the drink.

      • Good call.
        The Foundations were “investigated” in Congressional hearings in 1954, so some might scoff.

        But, it wasn’t the Internet age. Look what the web sleuths have done with the Cov-2 blitzkrieg, all the schemes, details, names, and addresses, are being exposed.

        Trump could play it like he’s only doing his masters’ bidding; even if he were, he’d have lit another prairie fire.

        • Sometimes it’s as easy as looking at an organization’s own official web site. I recently did this with the World Health Organization, ostensibly a United Nations “government” entity. Looking at how it is funded is quite eye-opening. Impartial advocate of health? Perhaps not. It’s amazing how much of our “world” is owned, sometimes literally, by a very small group of billionaires and corporations.

    • The non-profit firm is essentially a noble estate. It’s completely free from paying taxes, and free to appoint family members, in perpetuity, to positions of immense influence and wealth. Sure, they will only make a million per year, but they’ll control the coffers to tens of billions tax free. And this will be inherited. Forever. Enormous power. And, it’s being monstrously employed at the moment.

      They need to be destroyed.

    • Yeah … Zemmour consistently makes all the right noises and all that, but I’m nevertheless a bit uneasy with (((him))).

        • They are going to split the vote in this year’s presidential election. One of them has to withdraw and endorse the other one. That must be done before the first round or they have no chance.

          • Hun: This. I, too, am uncomfortable with Zemmour being the standard-bearer for the White French people, but when Marine LePen criticizes him as an ‘extremist,’ my hackles go up. She already threw her own father under the bus over optics, so this criticism only confirms in my mind she’s been bought and paid for. She will run against Zemmour on the strength of her name and split the nationalist vote as planned.

        • “Jean-Marie Le Pen likes him, so that’s good enough for me at this time.”

          Yeah, and I agree but, as I say, I just feel uneasy. After all, you can’t be betrayed by an enemy. It has to be a friend, or it ain’t betrayal.

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