To What End?

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It has been noted many times now that people in the West have to read American media the same way they used to read the Soviet media. Most of what we get from mainstream sources is the natural propaganda one expects from the toadies and bootlickers that follow every authoritarian regime. Other pieces are planted by regime elements for reasons that are not always obvious. As with Kremlinology a generation ago, regime-ology is something of sport now.

For example, the regime keeps planting these stories about an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine in their favorites outlets. A few days ago this entirely made up report was sprinkled all over regime media. It painted a grim picture of the attack that we are told was happening any minute. Of course, the White House comes out every day and tells the stenographers in the press pool that the Russians will invade Ukraine as soon as tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.

Today we have the latest regime scare story written by one of the zombies at their favorite outlet. The point of this story is to embarrass French President Emmanuel Macron who is trying to work out a deal with the Russians. He has been meeting with the parties the last two weeks to put an end to the situation. Unlike the Washington regime, Europe has no interest in war over Ukraine. The Europeans can read a map and they are not insane.

For a long time, it was assumed that the reason for the war drums from Washington was due to so many pols being on the Ukrainian payroll. We know the Biden family has been taking bribes from Ukraine for over a decade. That was one of those interesting stories that arose from the second impeachment of Trump. This tiny little corrupt country in Eurasia had a lot of friends in both political parties. The best sort of friends, the kind that can be bought and will stay bought.

That may be part of it, but it is clear that the Ukrainians have no desire to be the battleground in a new Cold War. For their part, the Russians have made clear they will never tolerate Ukraine in NATO. This should be an easy demand to meet, as no one in NATO, other than the Washington regime, wants Ukraine in NATO. Everyone in Europe understands the reality of Ukraine. It is a hyper corrupt kleptocracy that would be better off turned into a federalized neutral zone.

The other aspect of this is that the stories about the Russian military buildup appear to be mostly fake. The Russians are free to conduct exercises in their own land, which is what they have been doing thus far. They have not been sending weapons or “advisers” to the friendly militias operating in Ukraine. The CIA has been conducting covert operations with friendly militias for a decade now. In other words, this whole thing is one long running color revolution.

That raises the obvious question. If no one in Europe wants a war over Ukraine and the Ukrainians are not interested in a war, what is really going on here? One option is the permanent foreign policy establishment is infested with paranoids who wake in the middle of the night to the sound of hoofbeats. That has been an amusing line for years, but it would be a terrifying reality. Is the Ukraine mess really the result of deranged fanatics operating in the Washington foreign policy establishment?

Another less terrifying option is energy. The one thread that ties the foreign policy misadventures of the last thirty years together is energy. Russia has partnered with Iran and Syria because of energy. If they can control of natural gas out of the Middle East into Europe, that gives them leverage. Nord Stream 2 is a regular topic for the regime media, so it is fair to assume that the regime is worried about it. In this context, Ukraine is just a convenient cat’s paw in a larger geopolitical game.

What the regime is hoping for is an invasion of Ukraine that would then force the Europeans, especially the Germans, to kill Nord Stream 2. The Russians would remain the primary supplier of natural gas to Europe, but they would not become the exclusive supplier of energy. If Nord Stream 2 comes online Washington loses most of its leverage over Europe with regards to Russia. This is why they are so committed to this narrative about a Russian invasion. It has to happen.

The problem with this scenario is that it is too late to kill Nord Stream 2. The pipeline is complete and filled with gas. The last step in the project is for Germany to start using the gas and pay the Russians for it. No sane person can imagine a scenario in which this project is shut down. Even an invasion of Ukraine by Russia would only delay the opening of the pipeline. The Germans want the gas, the Russians want to sell it to them, so that deal will be consummated no matter what.

One interesting side bar to this is that the regime is certain they can jawbone the Russians into invading Ukraine. They also seem to think they can convince the world that a war is imminent. It is one of those examples where the regime reveals how disconnected they are from reality. Exactly no one seems to be falling for this disinformation campaign, especially the Russians. Yet the regime keeps running these stories in their media as if they are working.

As was the case with Kremlinology, we are left with our best guesses as to why the Washington regime is hyper-aggressive toward Russia. It could simply be cultural momentum within the foreign policy establishment. No one inside the regime knows why they have to talk about Russia as the great villain. It has just been the way it has always been. No one questions it, so the cultural inertia inside the system just keeps pushing the political class into confrontation with Russia.

That is the problem with closed regimes like we have in Washington. No one can see inside to figure out what is happening. Everyone inside sees everyone outside as a possible enemy, so no one talks candidly about what is happening. Everything operates inside of a black box. No one sees in and no one sees out. To the outside the world, the regime looks increasingly paranoid and dangerous. Eventually, it burns through its legitimacy and we arrive at a Ceausescu moment.

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161 thoughts on “To What End?

  1. Not Russia, but Ottawa:

    Ottawa chief of police: “We’ll arrest anyone who brings fuel for the convoy for freedom”
    Ottawa residents: “Hold my beer” 

    * Video of hundreds, possibly thousands, of men and women carrying jerry cans up the streets*

    “lots of those cans are empty or filled with water or koolaid, and lawsuits are being filed for each person stopped and searched just for holding a can with no fuel”

    “I can confirm with my own two eyes that the majority of police position there are having a great time – they see the smiles on everyone’s faces. They see the pristine clean streets (thanks to organizers amazing garbage collection logistics). They see the happiness. THEY FEEL THE LOVE. I have the photo and video evidence of all of this. Whatever the media says is either utter fabrication or astronomical exaggeration of minor incidents.”

    Tears in my eyes. Lump in my throat.
    Sorry, can’t help it.

    • Alzaebo: Not to rain your parade, but fwiw I have read that

      a) Although a judge ordered the cops to return the truckers’ fuel they seized, they returned fuel . . . diluted with and rendered unusable by water.

      b) The Canadian DPS is prowling around the truckers, claiming the environment (cold, exhaust, etc.) is unhealthy and unsafe for children and threatening to seize the protesters’ children.

      Hope this is not true, or if it is, that the truckers have counter measures in place. The ‘authorities’ will use every power they have and every dirty trick there is – they respect no rules, only power.

      • One of the great parts about all this is normies in Canada and the world seeing that the police are the enemy.

        • To quote Mick All the cops are criminals and all u sinners are saints! Please to meet u hope u guess my name-but what what is puzzling u is the nature of my game! War is a racket by Wall street bankers for the benefit of the rulers over the foolers.

    • This is really a struggle over who owns the Western world, the ‘elite’ or the peoples. It is now a physical, but so far peaceful, struggle in Canada and other places. But it won’t stay that way. If we seem to be succeeding, the elites will make it violent. They are fighting for control of the richest civilization in history. And if they appear to be winning back total control, we will have no recourse but to weapons.

      I think we should prepare to engage them in all dimensions and spheres. From online, where alternatives like GAB, rumble etc. are being developed to media, where we increasingly have our own places (this blog is a good example) to the ‘paper fight’ (law, regulations, courts etc) to actual violence. We need to be able to engage them in all domains, from news studios and court rooms to actual battle fields. On actual places of confrontation, sometimes the right instrument is a gun but sometimes it is non-violence. It depends on the circumstances.

      The sum total of this is far more than any one can properly master; imagine someone who’s a Navy SEAL in combat, a Gandhi in a non-violent protest, a top lawyer in court, a brilliant spokesperson on TV and a Sun Tzu mind bringing it all together and deciding how to approach each situation; such an individual does not exist. To do all these things we need white awareness that our former homelands are no longer ‘ours’, community, formal organization and a common core creed or shared set of principles. These things greatly overlap and are intimately related. But they are also distinct and a failure in any of them is an opening that an increasingly openly anti-white regime will exploit. There is a mountain of work ahead of us.

  2. Has it been confirmed that the F-35 pilot who crashed on his maiden carrier flight landing is a woman? So far, official reporting completely avoids the topic and refers to those injured as “airmen” and the pilot as “the pilot”. Besides the legitimate concern over recovering the plane, the real concern was who leaked the video. The gender reveal is a steel-trap, 2-3 weeks out. Could this horrible mishap be any more symbolic of Mother Nature refusing to play YouGoGurl with progressives?

  3. We, here on this blog board, cannot solve the problems of warmongering in DC, or border sovereignty in Ukraine, or an optimized energy supply system for Europe, or the realpolitik of EU/Russian relations. What we can do is recognize that this CIA psyop in the media is being conducted in order to foment a war that may get a lot people killed. Never forget that they killed a lot of innocent civilians and children during that cowardly retreat from Kabul a few months ago. So this shit is for reals and not just an entertaining debate among armchair intellectuals.

    We have to assume that the stress meter is spiking for the Cloud People and their minions in DC, and desperation is often a precursor to monumental & fatal stupidity. In hindsight, we can see that storm clouds foretelling WWII were evident by the mid 1930s, but the genesis of WWI was a bolt from the blue that caught everyone with their pants down. If Biden’s Cloud brain decides to go full-tilt crazy, you may want to have a contingency plan ready to go sooner rather than later.

    • ” If Biden’s Cloud brain decides to go full-tilt crazy, you may want to have a contingency plan ready to go sooner rather than later.”

      If people have not made provision after the last four or five years, they probably are too retarded to nudge into preparation.

    • I think Biden will crap his diapers if the “shit gets real”. He doesn’t have the gonads to go toe to toe with Russia

      All bluster from a blowhard

      He and his eunuch advisers will end up doing the faggiest thing possible and throw up some useless sanctions that will be made a mockery of

    • The most useful thing right now to throw a spanner in the works of nutty world, is to start protests like the ones in Canada. Right now Canada is center stage in globohomo v the people. All the other globohomo regimes are piling on to support globohomo Trudeau. We need to give the other globohomo regimes something to worry about at home. This is the best relief to give to the Canadian truckers. And right now they’re the business end of people trying to prevent this from going really crazy bad. If a similar protest starts in the US, the regime will not be able to push for a war in the Ukraine. That said I agree with your advice.

      • One of the most powerful viral videos on the internet is of a Jackboot in Ottawa putting a bloody beat-down on a 78 year old man for honking his horn in support of the truckers. He then handcuffs and arrests him for what amounts to a misdemeanor offense at worst. That imagery will resonate all across Canada and harden the resolve of the freedom protesters. And this act of wanton cruelty is going to be felt by every cop for the next decade whenever they solicit help from the community. And deservedly so.

          • My personal (seemingly utopian) plan for the “cop problem” is actually the same as Antifa’s. Eliminate them. I diverge completely with them in that I would make “police duty” a civil obligation for every reasonably fit adult male from say 25 – 60.

            The existence of a professional police force is probably more dangerous than a standing army. Witness the Covid tyranny. Was it the Army (in any country) telling people to wear their masks? No, it was Officer Porky and his gang of overpaid goons.

            Local part-time police also make a good check on the power of corrupt federal agencies like ATF, IRS, FBI and all the rest of the alphabet people. Then there’s the fact that most parents would make sure their sons knew the basics of fighting and using firearms. The gun control movement immediately looses a lot of its support, which comes, not only from women, but from soyboys who are scared to even touch “one of those things”.

    • Have we not learned yet that every POTUS after JFK has been and is a Shill for Zion and the corpocracy. They only do as they are told.

  4. It’s becoming more and more difficult to read the media toadies and make some determination about what is going on. The media has almost nothing to work with anymore. First, you’ve got a president who when he is intelligible makes up the most outrageous stories that everyone knows is bullshit, so they have to try to paper that over. Then you’ve got the conflicting stories coming from the various bureaucracies where the media is not sure it’s just bureaucratic in-fighting or there is some measure of the narrative to get out. To round that out they have to try to cover up reality, like inflation, unemployment, etc., and you’ve got the proverbial one-legged man in an ass kicking contest. It is funny to watch them careen from side to side as they try to right their ship of lies. I think they’re going to hit their natural frequency pretty soon, and the whole thing collapses.

  5. It’s hard to judge a regime foreign policy calculus equation because it’s just so wrong. It would be like plugging in numbers, doing the math, getting a very different answer and then scratching your head trying to figure out how the regime came to such a different, and wrong number. When you factor in that the State Department and intel branches are now almost exclusively run by bi-polar women and homosexuals with cat condos, that could be part of it. Group think would be another. Dark money is definitely splashing around too. I think the ultimate calculus may be that a Western Europe so tied to Russian energy, will eventually become so close with the Russians that everyone in Europe will one day look around and say to the U.S….why do we need you here again? De Gaulle was already asking this question by the late 50’s, to his credit, and the Euro itself was a creation to be a bulwark against further economic incursion by the U.S.

    • If 10 million government monkeys pound typewriters for 30 years, will they get a foreign policy?

        • A spokesperson for the monkeys’ union, AFGE, has officially denied that allegation. True or false, I can understand the impulse to want no part of this clusterf**k. PLAUSIBLE deniability, in my view.

    • A divorce (quit NATO) would be wonderful.

      P.S. Given the recent “threat assessment” or whatever the BS is, I suppose we’re all terrorists here now.

  6. Actually, this could related to both energy and the dollar.

    Both Russia and China want to move away from the dollar being the sole reserve currency. And key to that is having oil and other energy commodities sold in other currencies besides the dollar. China and Russia recently set up a deal for the Chinese to buy natural gas from Russia with Euros and not dollars.

    Nord Stream 2 would have Europe buying Russian gas in Euros.

    Look at what happened to Saddam when he started pricing oil in Euros in 2003.

    • 1000%. That’s it, with plenty of precedent. Ghadaffi’s gold and weapons were,stolen, but they had an oil bank set up within a week, even though they had no government.

      He had threatened to pull a gold-backed African dinar, and trade the world’s lightest sweet crude in Euros.

      That says what NATO is for, too.
      To keep European energy in the dollar.

    • The real “currency” of the modern world is energy. If you have energy, you can basically make everything else. You can grow food on the Moon with enough energy to keep them warm during the 15 day night. Technically you don’t even need water, just smelt the oxygen out of the rocks and extract hydrogen while you’re at it. The solar wind also deposits H right on the surface.

      When you don’t need dollars to get energy the dollar’s value will reflect the real value of the few actually useful things the US produces, basically food and raw materials – and that’s how the empire, the dollar, and globohomo itself end. This may well mean that the elite will do some pretty crazy things to avoid this, like starting a war where it gets gangbanged by Russia, China, and anyone else who wants to join the fun while Western Europe films the whole thing to jerk off to later.

  7. Russia may indeed invade Ukraine up to the Dnieper river. It makes a nice boundary, and everyone east of it speaks Russian at home, and are Russian in fact. In the same way, East LA would make a very smooth transition if Mexico de-facto invaded California. What the dissident call should be is that every country has a right to unify its surrounding ethnic enclaves into a motherland. The left already did the intellectual heavy lifting on this years ago. Is eastern Ukraine not the Russian version of Aztlan? The Ukrainian peasant woman selling onions near the Russian border is in fact Russian. She would say, in Russian, “it’s about time.” It also helps that the second largest gas field in Europe is sitting under these Ukranian Russians.

    • Not disagreeing with you re: Ukraine. It’s good old-fashioned nationalism, but the part about Mexico gets me going. That, too, is nationalism, but it hits closer to home.

      Been thinking a lot about how the right to leave and the right of conquest go together the last couple of years. The BLM riots of ‘20 flipped a switch in me. Many say mass immigration is invasion, and they’re right. It’s soft conquest. My thinking is changing.

      So for the time being, and as far as I can tell, I’m in the minority in thinking it’s better to conquer than be conquered, better to have witch trials than collapse. That’s the minority position because it, admittedly, doesn’t seem possible right now, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

      • This is why so many white Californians, those of us who are left, have my attitude. We straight up conquered in 1848, and we were straight up conquered in the last 40 years. I would be willing to bet that this website has a larger than average following among both current and former white Californians. If you want to find white race realists in this country, find a Californian with a moving van in front of his house. Sadly, by the time white people in places like Wisconsin understand the full gravity of what’s happened, it’ll be too late.

        • JW: x 10000000

          Do not have to go very far to find race realists in CA or among their diaspora in Idaho, AZ, etc

        • SoCal used to be land of blondes and the Beach Boys in the long ago.

          Reagan amnesty ’86, ’92 Riots, and the ’94 Federal court overturning the prop that denied illegals welfare were the death blows.

    • Thats what I would do too, taking the Dnieper also solves the water problem in Crimea, would also take the land along the Black sea, its hard not to be greedy

      Leaving a small “independent” rump Ukraine behind has an up side too, anyone causing trouble in greater Russia could just be told to go home to the Ukraine

    • In point of fact, Ukraine has a very tenuous history as any kind of an independent nation state. Kievan Rus’, the first Russian state, formed in what is now Ukraine, and in the 11th and 12th centuries, expanded northeastward, dukedom by dukedom (also known as appanages), with one of those dukedoms centered on Moskva. It was only the Tatar yoke and subsequent Lithuanian/Polish conquests which separated Kievan Rus’ from its eastern appanages. With the collapse of Tatar rule in the late 15th century, Muscovy gradually wrested Ukraine, which simply means “border” in Russian, from the decaying Lithuanian/Polish state. During Soviet rule, Ukraine was merely one of the Soviet republics. So, if one excludes the Kievan period, Ukraine has known very little existence as a separate, independent nation state. Concomitantly, when Russia claims that Ukraine properly belongs to it, they have a strong case. And Blackistan is about the last nation on earth qualified to determine the proper geopolitical configuration of far eastern Europe.

  8. OMG, just goofing around and thought I would look up on DuckDuckGo to see if there are any pictures of Z-Man…don’t do it.

    • I won’t (I assume it is gross), but I read and listen (nearly) every day; I have long wondered what Z looks like and what his job is. I understand the need for privacy, but I sometimes wonder, too.

      • Remember how the Planet of the Apes began with a Chimpanzee Ceasar, and ended up with an Orangutang statue of the Lawgiver?

        Something like that.
        Let the myth become the legend. The ape hisorians will understand.

    • I have it on good authority that he is black and possibly gay.

      My source is a Jewish black rival of Z’s on Blab named Cornelius Rye who never lies.😂👍

      • Hahahhahahaha. ‘Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter still; therefore, ye soft pipes, play on’

  9. I’m going to refrain from (((. ))) today because I’m sure that territory has already been covered by someone.

  10. “Most of what we get from mainstream sources is the natural propaganda one expects from the toadies and bootlickers that follow every authoritarian regime. Other pieces are planted by regime elements for reasons that are not always obvious.”

    It has gotten to the point that absolutely nothing that the media supplies for consumption can be trusted. Even internet sites that you sorta trust put out disinformation that is supplied to them. As peons, we are out of the loop and have to translate what we see and hear through common sense filters. But, we never get the information in real time and sometimes months and years go by before we see that it was a deliberate lie.

    “To the outside the world, the regime looks increasingly paranoid and dangerous. Eventually, it burns through its legitimacy and we arrive at a Ceausescu moment.”

    Would love to see it happen, especially the Ceausescu moment where he and his wife were executed. Unfortunately, there is never going to be anything that the “system” controls that will bring about the aforementioned moment. The courts, the legislature, the police, the military, the media, etc., are all bought and paid for. Someone may go down, like Cuomo, but someone will be brought in to replace them by the same people that told the scapegoat what to do. Policies will remain the same and the Cuomo’s are rehabilitated or retire in luxury. You remember the Yellow Vests in France? I feel the Canadian truckers will be marginalized and eventually disappear from the scene, just like the Yellow Vests. We look at movements like this and think. “At last! This is the moment it all changes!” It never does. The only thing that will work for the peasants is an armed insurrection. Period. And that is fraught with danger, which is why everyone is waiting for someone else to go first.

    • I think you’re right about the truckers eventually being marginalized.

      The regime is going to do some token relaxation of Beer Flu restrictions and furiously start nailing themselves to crosses, claiming to have beaten Beer Flu while they consolidate their gains and the libertarian argument for mandates and jabports is formed.

      Then, after they steal nationwide supermajorities in the midterms, airborne Ebola will be released, Fauci will reappear, and its back to lockdowns, face diapers, and infinite jabs, brought to you by Pfizer.

      • Wild Geese: I hate to bet against the truckers, but it appears your comment a few days ago (I think it was yours!) was prescient:
        The police are busily gathering names, license plates, working with facial recognition software, etc. Just as with the FBI and Jan 6, they will be rooting out anyone who had anything to do with this for years to come, and unpersoning them.

        I really think that, even more than noticing race or Juice power, the final and seemingly insurmountable hurdle for White people is accepting that nothing – no boycott or mass demonstration, let alone voting and ‘working within the system’ – will change without violence. And whether due to fear or inexperience or concern for family well being or being bullied by womyn, White men have been conditioned to avoid any show of force. Not fedpoasting or urging anyone else to specific action – I’m an old lady and not desirous or capable of leading anything – but I have accepted what I regard as truth, as unsavory as it may be. Violence will be the only solution.

        • Precisely. All these government methods to punish protesters prove is the futility of peaceful protest. Soon they will fade as a option/outlet in the minds of the people, then all bets are off.

        • The problem with violence is that it doesn’t work until you have that critical mass 10% of the population willing to be violent on your behalf. So far all right-wing violence has consisted of lone wolf bombers and spree shooters, so it’s easy for the media to craft a narrative wherein some autistic 20 year old kid was clearly brainwashed by evil nazis to do terrorisms.

          Mass demonstrations really are the only path right now, simply because they are necessary to provoke the government into overreacting and in the process de-legitimizing themselves. The trucker protest is working perfectly because all the sane people were already annoyed with the restrictions, and they are obviously just being annoying as opposed to violent. So then the media start making up their stories which are implausible even to a normie, last night on the news I heard “deep-pocketed anti-vaxx interest groups” were responsible, which is about as sensible as saying it was space aliens with space money. Furthermore, passing laws against horn honking or giving fuel to protesters makes the government look like authoritarian idiots.

          In the long run the only people left who believe the authorities will be a minority of hopeless leftist bootlickers, and everyone will be very very upset about $50/gallon gas, cars ticketing you from your own dashboard like in The Fifth Element, and the only meat being Beyond Cockroach. At that point you have sufficient violent people to accomplish political reform via elite cranium redistribution, and no one will be letting Chuck Schumer hide in their attic and write a diary.

          • Ploppy: OMG, that visual image of his profile and sneer hunched over a diary while rubbing his hands. Wish I could craft memes!

      • After which, Normie will hold yet another high-profile, telegraphed and carefully peaceful protest in the middle of a Marxist stronghold. And be surprised when his enemies turn out to be Marxist terrorists. Again.

      • The fundamental question for the truckers is: do you want attention or do you want results? If you could get results without anyone paying attention, would you do it?

        The correct play for dealing with the COVID regulations/mandates is to ignore them without drawing attention to yourself. If you can’t get around the regulations, the second best thing to do is drop out of public life entirely. If the truckers wanted to end the mandates without risking jail time, all they have to do is stay at home, and tell their boss they won’t be doing any more trips until COVID has been eradicated to such an extent that all restrictions are lifted. They wouldn’t get much, if any, attention for this, but it would have the same ratcheting effect, while also keeping the moral high ground.

        Essentially, the best way to protest political problems is to stop standing between politicians and the consequences of their actions.

  11. Regarding energy, there’s the whole movement to prevent European people from having access to cheap fuel and meat and all the rest. Could explain why European rulers are going along with keeping Nord Stream 2 Propane Boogaloo from going online.

    • Propane Boogaloo!

      Trucker Aktion:
      How many trucks can Trudeau tow if tow trucks won’t tow trucks?

    • We have the same movement in the US.

      Sending Europe LNG removes supply from US markets.

      On the flipside, New England is occasionally forced to import Russian LNG because the state of NY will not allow additional pipeline capacity from PA or the Midwest.

      • I have yet to see any mention, anywhere, of just what the impact on US energy prices would be if a Germany’s worth of Nat Gas was removed from our market. Let’s remember too that Gas ain’t just for burning. It is the raw material for every fertilizer manufacturer on the planet. You won’t even be able to use your fat to keep you warm.
        Funny dat.

        Russia would just switch supplies to China, and India I believe is close to getting pipeline deliveries from Russia.

  12. I suspect it’s nothing more than the need to keep money flowing to the defense industry. Those poor folks at Lockheed Martin need new shoes for the kiddies.

  13. “That has been an amusing line for years, but it would be a terrifying reality. Is the Ukraine mess really the result of deranged fanatics operating in the Washington foreign policy establishment?”

    Victoria “Fuck The EU” Nuland wants to talk to you sir.

    • She gives me the feeling of a girl trying to instigate a bar fight between two guys, on a planetary scale. Girls and power……girls and power….

  14. I’m inclined to think this whole Russia stuff is merely the chattering classes giving themselves something to talk about to distract from their miserable failures on domestic matters, and to justify the existence of their pointless, make-work bureaucratic government “jobs”.

    We’re supposed to give them accolades for “confronting” “challenging” “crises”. We’re not supposed to actually take anything they are saying literally or seriously.

    We are ruled over by homos and females, after all.

    • Don’t forget (((them))). Not only would that be an oversight, but failing to acknowledge their world-shaping POWER, would offend their self-sense. Can’t have that, can we?

      • Just so, Jersey.
        I saw a synopsis of the build-up to WWl, from the 1848 Revolutions that formed the early nation-states, who grew into Empires by rapid colonization thru 1910 (by means of coal-steam and oil powered ships), to the 1914 mobilizations.

        I realized the Zman was right: the Usual Suspects were bit players. Parasites nibbling at the sidelines, feeding off what war loans and stock scams they could make–despite the magnified consequences to their customers, such as the war bankruptcy of Tsar Nicholas. (WWl had ruined his finances.)

        They wait until the contestants are weakened, then rush in to the head of the parade, proclaiming themselves Masters of the Universe who had this planned all along.

        Instead of a Culture of Critique, how about a Culture of Opportunism? Undermine, then attack on weakness- a classic Mideast hudna.

        Puffed-up gangster culture, learned in the ruins of Aryan Sumer.

        Stealing the birthright, again.
        What Whites do naturally- empire- this bunch will caricature, forcing the issue.

        Smart, true, but not wise; they excised the wise White-interbred majority long ago (and still brag about it.)

        This shortsightedness is why the West has gone from a forge of moral code- aristocracy- to the cheats and grift of democratic financialization.

        Never let your enemies teach your children.


        As a real-life lesson, Hollywood was a true meritocracy by smart immigrants who started out poor and built something great, combining the cheap, arid landscape with somebody else’s invention, one particularly suited to their skills.

        Now they are losing their town to their own political golems, as the blacks and browns push them out.

        Golem Culture,
        Opportunistic Culture,
        Rootless Culture-
        Nomads gotta nomad.


        Sorry, Zman, but you’ve got me re-thinking this whole Anti-semitism thing. It ain’t all them; we pull the same stunt too of riches to rags.

        The small hats have outsized impact, but so do negros. I’m thinking the conquest strains of the white world (Danes, Anglish, etc.) might’ve gained an infusion of traits from the Ten Tribes, augmenting their ancient history of wanderlust and migration.

        • One wonders why Tsar Nicholas II decided to defend Serbia when he had no diplomatic obligation to; that’s what started WW1. Would have been a small conflict between Austria-Hungary and Serbia otherwise. Has to be the single worst decision in all of human history.

          • The Tsar looked nearly identical to his cousin, the King. Just sayin’ I bet that had something to do with it lol.

          • The Serbs accepted the Austrian ultimatum and that was the end of that. But the Germans threatened to break their alliance with Austria if the Austrians did not keep pushing the Serbs.

  15. Also: There’s a lot of money to be made, supplying the Military-Industrial Complex with the tools of the trade.

    • Yep. Since the corporations have embraced Woke, either out of sincere belief or expediency or both, the last grift the Republicans can run is skimming bribes from the MIC. This is why both parties want this insanity despite their voters’ overwhelming opposition.

      • MIC is totally Woke.

        Looking at the link to my firm’s annual DIE report on the internal website right now.

      • The GOP is a marketing department? A PR firm like the think tanks?

        That’s a very Madison Avenue sentiment.
        (Who owns Mad Ave…)

        That’s why I’m beginning to think all these World-Spanning Plans are just hyping the latest money sink or IPO.

        They’re Musking us.

        Indeed, womyn and homos after all. An echo chamber has seized the microphone.

  16. Worthy to note here too is the fact that many careers have been built upon being an “expert on Russian Affairs ” and “expert on Eastern Europe” . These types are in the realms of State Dept , military , intelligence agencies , law enforcement , think tanks ..etc . Keeping the Cold War alive is a moneymaker for some . Just a flash in my brain worth a mention , not to take away from all the other valid more current points being made .

  17. IMO the goal of the Sabre rattling over Ukraine is to kick off Cod War II.

    With Afghanistan over, the MIC need some reason for trillions of dollars to spent on them. The foreign policy establishment needs a prestige boost. And the political establishment needs a long term excuse / distraction from their failures.
    Another hot war is a non starter at this point.

    So what’s a gaggle of corrupt incompetents do in such a situation.

    A sequel of course. Or reboot if you prefer.
    Cold War In. This time fake and gay.

    • What is notable about the Cold War reboot is that they have already started the war on us.

      I suppose it could all be packaged as their war on reality, but the practical applications are quickly becoming too hard for the proles to ignore. They are now explicit in their war on Heritage America.

      The rapidly consolidating domestic federal globohomo powers seem to be the inevitable backlow of their inability to retain global economic (military) hegemony; the cannibalism phase is underway. Friends here in the MIC are being purged in what seems to be the final push.

      But with a fully converged pravda media apparatus and complete institutional alignment that penetrates all the way down to local school boards, they have already gone all-in on a two-front war. The cordwood piles of useful idiots are in the making.

      It is “us” against Russia and the goat-patch gang, and our “government” against us. The beltway empire is at war with the world to bring the whole enchilada under commie rule. But not only are they in a two front (arguably 360 degree) war, but their entire navy floats on the sea of anti-reality generated by the long cultural war.

      None of these conditions can be maintained. We are approaching ludicrous speed. Going plaid is only a matter of time.

      • That’s the head-slapping moment.

        Umbrella corporations, foundation funding, vertical integration…

        How can one look at all these top-down orders and then declare that “Conspiracy doesn’t exist”?!

        • For example:

          “For perspective,
          Global News is owned by
          Shaw Corp, owned by
          who owns
          J &J
          WHATS APP”

          We say that every day now. If “hedge funds” and equity funds aren’t a global goshdam conspiracy, then what the he!! is?

          • I think people vastly underestimate the importance of Blackrock and Vanguard. When you look into their control and influence, the idea of the global cabal is clear. The fact that they remain hidden and unknown is, to me, evidence of their power.
            I believe this variable is why we have the visible leaders (your Trudeaus, Whitmers, Bidens, etc.) as opposed to your rapacious, but infinitely more intelligent and interesting, leaders of yore. The reason: they are just the bodies put in to fill a suit. People like John Adams and Alexander Hamilton may have been awful people, but they really were the leaders of a group. The ones now are just faces to give the proles a sense of connection with their rulers and belief their vote matters.

          • Sure, it can be obvious but then what? Six degrees of Kevin Bacon is hard to ignore but what concerns me more is that our guys still talk of profits like those who talk of “votes”.

            What does it matter if all capital can be traced to a small board room in the clouds where lizards sun themselves under a heat lamp powered by flying monkeys on stationary bikes (its green) if average joe worships the same golden idols? That is what the whole system solves for. That is success.

            When most men are still trying to extract their own livelihood from that same system and, in fact, still invest their time, energy, and goodwill into it in exchange for the fiat social status and material things purchased by their grandkids legacy, are they too part of that ‘conspiracy’?

            How far down from the clouds do the turtles go?

            The important thing to me is to recognize that the system is evil and will exact its pound of flesh.

            We do not topple the cloud lizards with more votes or more personal profits. But we might help them topple themselves. Either way, what we do right now matters when that end-state comes and so we can expend energy toward that or into the system. To do both is a straddle that gets ones nuts broiled eventually.

          • Screwtape: I agree with you completely. I enjoy having nice things, but the materialism of the time has allowed the rise of this situation. In a world where people celebrated ideals worthy of celebrating and focused on the connections they have with other people (i.e. family), the issue could be solvable. My pessimism is a result of believing that people worship these overlords as gods indirectly through the love of stuff and money. They feed the morality of the system. To me, Z almost always misses this point. He focuses nicely on many aspects of society, but the greed of the ruling class is because we, the average Joe, worship money. In a world that worship material items, the most materialistic turd will float towards the top.
            People sit and complain about CRT, but how many sit and educate their own children? Not simply with homeschooling, but even in the evening. Do you give them a cellphone? If so, you simply give them a way to offer to the gods of materialism.
            To be fair, the destruction of the middle class has made it nigh impossible to support a traditional family with one income. However, how many are in debt up to their eyeballs because they want stuff? They put their one month old in daycare to work (for their future…. of course lol), but couldn’t they really just cut the Netflix.
            Yes, it is hard, because it involves sacrifice of the stuff that is dangled in front of us every day. That’s why it is sacrifice.
            Again, I do not want to trivialize how difficult it is to raise your children as yours in this day and age of shrinking wages and benefits, but what are you doing otherwise? I’ll tell you – sacrificing your time and money to the gods of the material world, instead of sacrificing for your family.
            And yes, I put my money where my mouth is. My kids have never been babysat, and my wife and I do not make a lot of money. We made sacrifices to do what we believed is correct.

  18. O/T but in the spirit of the Canadians being on everyone’s’ mind.

    But can someone shed light on something. I watched a few moments of the Canadian parliament. How did both Canadian and American accents become so different from those of the motherland? And not only that, the Canadian and American accents are quite similar.

    It’s not been that long, the separation from England, but more curiously why the accents changed the way they did, following a similar pattern. Is it that in england the accent is something that is more unnatural and forced so that when away from it your mouth and speech patterns naturally fall to something more basic?

    Pretty interesting if you ask me.

    I don’t see nearly the same break with the French accents in Canada or the Spanish accents in South America. Yes differences, but to me not nearly as stark. And the core elements of the language are retained, the flow, the diction, the expressions, etc. even in America the flow of the speech is far different than in England. That’s a whole other mindset, insofar as language is a factor and reflection of how people think and how their minds are working.

    • People used to speak with much more diverse regional accents/dialects, but radio/tv killed most of that. Mass media led to broadcasters in North America adopting the Nebraska accent, while at the same time the U.K. went with the “Queen’s English” of the upper-class in the London area.

      • Adding to this, before radio and the great ironing of dialects, English colonial settlement was largely about different groups of England settling large tracts of distinct areas. So one grouping of villages might settle in a tri-state area or province.

    • I’m not an expert on this but I imagine the American/Canadian accent is because of non-English speaking people in North America so it became sort of more ‘phonetically generic’. If you compare to Australian accents, American does seem to be farther from English-English although I am not familiar with any objective measure of phonetics to measure this by.

    • British accent is not what it was 2 hundred years ago, when people in Britain, the colonies and the US talked more similarly.
      The British plebs and nouveau riche wanted to differentiate themselves by sounding fancy so they started using pretentious pronunciation to show how much better they are. That spread across all UK and is now the British accent we all know. True story.

      • Sometimes I wonder how local accents in England can be so distinct over short distances. The Manc and Scouse accents are nothing like each other, despite Manchester and Liverpool being only 30 miles apart.

        But the other day I was listening to a trucker from Ft. Erie, Ontario, which is separated from Buffalo by less than a mile, and his accent would not be spoken by anyone in Western New York. I was in Mississauga for work a few years ago and the guys up there laughed when asked by another American (from the Mid-West) if they could recognize I wasn’t local. They said they knew it the moment I opened my mouth. So, the accents remain on the ground level, although they’re certainly in retreat.

        • KGB: Agree. Prior to knowing any real Canadians, I believed as Falcone – that US and Canadian accents were essentially the same. I personally learned that was not so and now I can hear the difference pretty clearly. Not just the ‘eh’ or ‘aboot’ but the general flow and different syllabic accents and affects – quite distinct once one has first noticed. I have found, however, that some Whites who have real roots in Alaska sound more similar to some northern Canadians.

        • The English never really moved about very much in their own country for hundreds of years. Most people were lived for generations within a few miles of their ancestors for generations. So accents tended to develop in isolation outside mass media for a very long time.

          Even the factory migrations happened quite locally.

          It may also sound strange to people in the US but in England Manchester and Liverpool are considered quite far from each other.

          Prior to TV dialects were very strong and even places 10 miles or so had quite different dialects which sounded like foreign languages to each other.

          • Aye, e’en with computer whatzits, like google voice on android, ye have a passel o’ regional accented [UK Engish] voices. It’s a right Tower of Babel, it is. 😀

      • The American accents are Middle Eastern and not northen European. Nasal whine is not natural to Europe.
        Sunderland has Viking vowel sounds, South London gave rise to the Australian accent because so many South London convicts were shipped out to Australia in the 18th century.
        UK accents are northern European and make absolute sense within that cultural history. Some rural settlements in the US have the real ,old settler accents that are south western English:

        The American accents changed, the English accents ar old and authentic.

        I assume this myth is pedddled because a certain type of American wants to take ownership of the language via the claim of greater authenticity. From a British view the argument rests on sublime ignorance about the UK and the history of the English language.

    • I am not sure that is entirely true.

      At College I was friendly with a naive French guy who dated a quebecois girl.

      He constantly made fun of her accent equating it to 18th century Church/peasant French and maintained that films made in Quebec had to be shown with subtitles in Paris (not sure last part is true).

      • “Albion’s Seed” has a whole section on English and American regional dialects.
        Yes, the American accents in the 18th century, and to a lesser extent even today in places like Appalachia retained older English forms, based on the regional dialects of the original settlers. Southern/Appalachian American is a very distant echo of the West Country and Ulster. Just like the habitants of New France retained old 17th century French.

        • Fuck, deep appalachia still uses some norse words because the of viking invasions of Northern England in the first millennia.

          The most common is some variation of sack/bag.

    • English is a northern European language so will and was spoken from the throat, the North American accents are very nasal and have more in common with the Middle East. The US accent is much more unnatural than the English,Scottish, Welsh etc. by the standards of Europe.

      Canadian French is very different from French French and there is also a big difference between Castillian Spanish and Mexican Spanish.

      Mr Generic -I don’t know if you are trying to troll British people by claiming there is one accent in Britain. Britian has regional accents,county accents and even different accents within cities.South London sounds closer to the Australian accent (which is derived from South London) than generic North London. There are plenty of videos on Youtube demonstrating UK accents.

  19. I honestly wonder if we’re trying to find the ‘reasoning’ behind a raving psychosis here. The people calling the shots in the West

    a) think it is a good idea to import the Middle East and Africa into their home countries

    b) gingerly promote increasingly reprehensible sexual perversions as ‘tolerance’

    c) after acknowledging – correctly IMO – that China is their strongest peer competitor, are doing everything they possibly can to drive the largest on-the-fence power in that line-up, into the arms of China

    d) after being humiliated by goat-herders with AKs, they now figure this is the best time to take on one of the world’s strongest militaries, armed with plenty of nukes

    To me this looks like a mix of insanity and ‘high on their own supply’ leftist thinking (‘we MUST make the world safe for rainbow dildos!’) and hatred of their own base. It may be I’m just not smart enough but I can’t turn the above facts into 5-D chess.

    • I figured they would immediately move the military to flag-flagging an incident and unleashing themselves in a rage on American citizens, but apparently our military needs to get another black eye in a bar fight before taking out his rage on the people at home.

    • Actually, if you sort of force a ‘rationality’ frame down on what may be run-away insanity policies, it seems to me the real target for destruction is…. US. WE, the heritage people of the West, would be hurt the most by another war driving up the already insane debt. And that war would also justify more police state measures. Now every dissent would be ‘a Russian agent’ (they’re already beating that dead horse in Ottawa). And could perhaps be blamed for the economic collapse that seems to be in the cards now. They COULD be sacrificing us to save their own bacon: “Off to my bungalow in New Zealand now, hon. Oh and terribly, terribly sorry about the radioactive heaps and economic chaos and Muhammad robbing and raping you. But we can’t all be lucky all the time. Cheerio now, luvs”

      And no one who knows anything about the rulers would put that past them.

      • Regime media endlessly bleats about how Right-wingers look to Put in as a Christian strongman.

        Regime-ology reveals this to be THEIR view of Putin. This is all a deep desire by the Left to strike at a proxy for American dirt people.

        They hate us, the least we can do is hate them back.

        • Yes and to make sure we don’t follow them to their get-aways and have a little talk about the mess they left behind, they’d have us commit suicide in a possibly nuclear tango w Putin (so he won’t follow them either w nice old cup of polonium tea)

        • Vladimir Putin and the Russians are not ripping down the monuments to my ancestors and desecrating their graves.

      • Moran: All that you said – plus further reducing the number of young, fit, or capable White men worldwide by forcing them to kill one another in yet another ‘no one knows quite how this happened’ brother war. Lakeisha will remain in her vital support position and Wang Li will provide excellent military intelligence to those expendable White grunts.

    • Yes, man’s search for meaning.

      The Kulture that underpins this insanity is the same that had parents ritually abusing their children and eagerly submitting their bodies to a toxic medical experiment while shunning and excommunicating their own blood over their failure to do the same.

      Whatever the wicked cocktail, once ritual child sacrifice is elevated to the moral apex, that culture is not long for the world.

      There is much debate over intentions, grand plans or stumbling hubris, pure evil genius cabals or perverted bureaucratic minions greedy for fame and money, but I find that most people who dwell in the comforts of those thought experiments are really wrestling our own cogdis.

      The elasticity of Our Democracy in a Clown World in full. Normalcy bias and our Mythology under the hot lamp of noticing. Which is how we get “They want us enslaved or dead, mostly dead” and “we need to vote these people out” in the same thread.

      To understand the war on our people is to accept that the Nation we think we occupy died a long time ago. And that the question of who we are met a similar fate. For me, the smart enough to think 20 moves ahead in 5D chess is a big part of how we got here.

      What gets me up at 3AM is not unwinding motive and means of my enemy, but rather how can I make money, acquire the things my family needs to survive, forge bonds and reciprocal relationships within a community of my people, given that we are physically in a world ruled by demons that openly kills kids to advance their purpose – and have plenty of people on board with that.

      • Screwtape: Well said. And same. Perhaps it’s that I’m just not smart or forward-looking enough, but I don’t quite see the utility of figuring out precisely who all the parties are that are pushing this and/or why. It’s enough that they are my enemies. No greater understanding of regimology, in this case, is going to give me any greater say in what happens. I’m far more immersed in what I can personally do to help my loved ones and Whites in general become more mentally and physically resilient.

        • Paralysis through analysis is no great thing, 3g4me. I’ve found it too often be a great detriment to success.

      • The most important question in regime-ology is “How do we crash it?”

        However, to that end I would caution; learning about the enemy can be very useful.

        • True. Plenty of sand-in-gears stuff to go around. Once one sees the strings, figuring out the Empires puppeteer is not that difficult.

          But what is difficult is navigating the no-mans-land that is divorcing from the Empire and not yet into the fold of a dissident community IRL.

          The real-life community building is more pressing to me than going nog and sanding and sucking the system.

          The IRL priority to me is more about building up David and less about about breaking goliath. The study of our enemies is well ahead of the study of how to build in that no-mans land.

          The past few years have taught me a lot, but mostly that I am on my own. And not as it relates to the Empire, as I figured that out long ago, but among the dissident ‘movement’, or however we choose to label.

          In that community there is a lot of information, analysis, and speculation to absorb about how we got here, where we are, and what will be useful going forward, but in terms of converting into real life assets that serve the cause, it always comes down to something like this:

          Step 1: Get the F out of cities/blue states and suburbs yesterday, as you are gonna die any day now.
          Step 2: ?????
          Step 3: Freedom

          I have pushed on that rope too long already to conclude anything other than it comes down to: Just Do Step 1. And have faith.

          Apparently, it is a lot like the Tom Brady dating advice: “Step 1. Be Attractive. Step 2: don’t be unattractive.” Goliath can wait.

          • Step 2: Have babies.
            Step 4: Have babies.

            When the crazies self “genocide” we will be left IF we reproduce.

          • Screwtape: It can be overwhelming at times. Other than one other couple who we’d trust with our lives, there’s really no one else IRL my husband and I can talk to about this except for each other. He nibbles around the edges with a couple of long-term friends, and they may even verbally agree, but it has no affect on their behavior or choices (re vax, preparedness, location etc.).

            We have accrued ‘stuff’ related to resiliency, but are not yet in a financial position to build and move. We try to learn things or work on personal physical fitness, but we are old and it’s an open question of what use we’ll be in the future. And yet . . . it’s not in us to just give up and quit. So we do what we can, have our good days and bad days, and just keep on as best we can. As you so aptly put it, we’re in a sort of limbo, in large part divorced socially and culturally from this world but not yet with a real foothold in the one we desperately want to help build.

            My older son is highly critical of online fora (or at least anything that’s not on Telegram) but I’ve grown to rely on the the discussion and instruction and intellectual stimulation provided by Zman and commenters. So I appreciate all here bearing with me.

  20. This isn’t quite people ceasing to clap for Ceaușescu, but it’s close enough for me to enjoy the hell out of it:

    Maybe we owe Mark Miley with his fruit salad campaign ribbons a debt of gratitude for helping normies wake up from their slumbering worship of the military. An equal debt is owed the semi-retarded black cop who shot Ashley Babbitt with the gun he once forgot in a bathroom, for helping wake many normies from the stupor regarding reflexive worship of the cops.

    Watching these idiots in power flounder the last few months has been fun. I think it’s a matter of time until they do something as cowardly as Trudeau just did, and flee and go into hiding. Biden might not, as he is so stupid and high on the fumes of his tough guy/working class persona that he probably thinks he and not the ten secret service guys behind him are the reason he gets away with these disrespectful confrontations. The dam is breaking and the shadow of a tidal wave is forming over their ugly faces as they can do nothing but look up, gape, and kiss their asses goodbye.

    • Joey: Is it just me, or is Ned Price some sort of simulacrum? I mean the resting ghey face, his awkward stance, sloping shoulders, all topped off with the face diaper – it all makes for an extraordinarily underwhelming physical presence.

  21. The weirdest thing about the dependency of Germany on Russian fuel is they have methodically been shutting down their Nuclear Power plants and other sources of energy independence. Of course, they are throwing wind and all the other supposedly eco-friendly options, but not at near the rate necessary to make up for the loss of energy.

    It seems to point to Germany considering Russia to be a long-term partner with no concerns about being cut off, and wanting an alternative to the U.S. sphere of influence.

    Honestly, as pozzed as Europe can be, even they were horrified when the sitting president was booted from all social media in his own country. It’s not so much because they felt under the gun, but because how much power was in the hands of ideological lunatics and not in the hands of politicians or even Washington Bureaucrats. It’s like a friend who descends in a downward spiral starts to act more and more erratic, to the point you have to keep him away from your wife and kids because you don’t know what he’s going to do next.

    • Europe has its own crazies. The siren call to utterly destroy civilization requires that nuclear power, the only alternative to petroleum that actually preserves a standard of living, be destroyed.

  22. After the Austrians were shellacked by the Prussians in 1862, the chief of the Austrian general staff, whose name escapes me at the moment (I want to say Conrad, but I know that’s wrong) said that he could not die happy unless he had beaten the Prussians in the field. I guess he died unhappy. The French army’s war in Indochina, which ended at Dien Bien Phu, was driven in part by a desire to erase the humiliation of 1940. These people may feel, after the bugout from Kabul, that they have something to prove. Armies and empires on the skids can do some remarkably risky or il advised things trying to redeem their reputation.

    • We may be in a situation where the die is cast and some kind of American military misadventure and humiliation inevitable.

      If we truly are on the decline then something like this must happen. There is no escaping it.

        • We all make mistakes, but a $100 million FFS

          Her ego is writing checks her body can’t cash, I wonder does she get another chance, or will she be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong

          Just wait until the black trannys get their chance, I feel sorry for the competent still left in the US military. try to stay safe boys

          • (((They))) Live: Any competent Whites in the US military need to get out. ASAP. Since it appears the vast majority of military Whites took the vaxx, they have firmly demonstrated they are obedient drones. So how many actually competent Whites are truly left in the US forces?

          • Fortunately she only gets docked a maximum of two months’ pay or whatever the limit is. 🙂

        • She is joining a club of women who despite ALL evidence that men have vastly superior spatial and geometrical awareness we continue to destroy multi-million dollar aircraft because… Equity.

          Welcome to the Club Sugartits, but you ain’t the first, and you will NOT be the last.

          I say just give Becky and Shitavious command of all heavy ordnance and equipment. The Armed Forces will destroy themselves long before a single shot need ever be fire by an opposing force.

          We have several fighter jet crashes, several Navy vessels run aground or collided with other ships, and a submarine that doesn’t understand depth very well that hit the sea floor.

          Let’s get as Diverse, Equitable, and Gay as possible as quickly as possible!

          • Wasn’t the sub commander a Muslim?

            He was probably just searching for Osama’s traditional Islamic burial site.

        • She’ll be fast tracked to a US commercial airline when she leaves the Navy.

          100% guaranteed.

          Think about that next time you fly the friendly skies.

          • I know a pilot for Jet Blue. His goal is to catch on with Delta (or at least it was, he’s religiously unvexxed) and he was furious a couple years ago when a woman he’d help learn to fly had got in with Delta, jumping to the front of the queue because of her internal genitalia.

  23. My guess as to a fairly reliable barometer would be to check on what the Poles are doing and saying.They’re certainly not well disposed to Russians, (or the Germans) but neither are they slaves of Globohomo.

    • Nord Stream 2 is bad for Poland because they will lose the transit fees, but that $5 million is a rounding error. Ukraine on the other hand earns over a billion in transit fees. Still not a massive amount, about 2% of state revenue, but they will notice it.

      • What is the alternative? Russia is a low cost producer with the largest proven gas reserves in the world. Getting it from Russia to the rest of Europe is pretty straight forward and relatively cheap.

        Don’t the other options involve liquefied natural gas from ships?

        • There have been plans for a long time now to pipe gas to Europe from the massive deposits in the Persian gulf. Russian and Iran would love to build a pipeline to the Black Sea or even the Mediterranean. That would mean crossing Iraq and Syria. The Saudis and Israelis have a similar dream, except it would go through Syria. Genie Energy, which is operated by a gaggle of neocons and Israelis, wants to tap into the gas deposit under the Golan Heights.

          This is why the energy angle is the most appealing to me. It brings all the threads together.

          • I’m sure the energy angle has something to do with it, but I’ll contend that practical, logical, economic competition and money has less to do with it than the hubris, pride, and arrogance of the political/military class of AINO’s empire, safely behind the concrete walls and concertina wire of the White House and the Fistagon.
            Ideology trumps economics among our rulers, if the last two years, the inflationary spiral and the Honklers in Canada haven’t made that plain to all.
            While Biden might have been a profoundly stupid, corrupt, grasping machine politician with his hand out for cash to the highest bidder, when his brain worked, the faction animating that black eyed puppet aren’t the robber barons, its the ideologues.

          • The Great Game.

            Energy available is the lifeblood of any society; the militaries have first dibs on fuel.

            See what those White people have done? They went from mining flint, to metal, to coal, to oil. Wreckers!

        • LNG and a new gas pipe line from the middle east, which is why the Saudis and Qatar wanted Assad gone

          But as someone pointed out above, Europe is full of green lunatics who hate Natural Gas and also Nuclear power, its not possible to reason with them, who knows what Europe’s energy policy will be in 5 or 10 years, I expect power cuts

  24. We are going to find out what happens if America starts a war and no one else shows up

    A type of military masturbation

  25. “I guess the key will be if they start casting Putin as the rebirth of mustache man like they did to Saddam. At that point, you probably want to get nervous.”

    That’s been happening for years but has been surprisingly ineffective. The accelerated looting indicates the Regime realizes it is about to be outed as the Great Oz.

    • We need to remind them when mustache man was alive we teamed up with the only person on Earth worse than mustache man at the time and with a much larger body count. We ganged up with Stalin, you know, mister freedom and democracy!!

  26. “As was the case with Kremlinology, we are left with our best guesses as to why the Washington regime is hyper-aggressive toward Russia.”
    Never, ever underestimate the power/evil/ignorance of egomania. They are all only one small step short of Dr Strangelove.

  27. The biggest kick in the balls ironically came from the D.C.-installed puppet Ukranian President Zelensky, who admitted the claims of a Russian invasion are lies and part of another hoax. Zelensky can read a map, too, and also sees the handwriting on the wall.

    So what is going on, really? My guess is the Banana Empire realizes it is dying and, more to the point, knows its vassals know it is dying, and wants a war or threat thereof to keep the Europeans in line. The people of Europe are scared to death by the insanity that has gripped the United States. In addition to turning so many Americans against the regime, the Covid manipulations have laid bare to Europe the mendacity and raw evil of the Empire.

    Germany and France have started the divorce, and it will accelerate. What should concern us most is that the monsters in charge might be desperate and crazy enough to launch a nuclear war. We learned from the Venona files that Andropov toyed with the same idea once he realized the days of the USSR were numbered. This appears to be the same thing. Fortunately, Andropov ate at the Jack Ruby Cafe shortly after he revealed these plans. Let us hope the D.C. pigs put their snouts in the same trough.

    The recent DHS memo about “dis/mis/malinformation” indicates the Banana Empire intends to impose mass censorship in the near term. My guess is this is to squelch opposition to the D.C. psychotics willing to be roasted alive–and joyfully watch it happen to us–to feel better about themselves.

  28. I’d say prior to Trump’s election, no one outside the DC bubble gave a single thought to Russia since the end of the cold war – if then. And even now, with all the idiotic saber rattling going on, the vast majority couldn’t give two s****. There will be no popular support for any military action of any sort. Of course our all seeing and ultra competent “leaders” don’t care about that. It’s like a separate nation within the US boundaries.

    This (former) country has become nothing but a bad joke. We still think we can call ALL the shots around the world, but that’s changing inexorably and will mercifully will come to an end – hopefully sooner rather than later. Europe and everywhere else in the world should unilaterally kick all US troops out of their countries and tell DC to stuff it. Those clowns are stuck in a time warp and everyone else is being dragged along for the ride.

    • Every white man needs out of the military. But he should steal everything he can before he goes

      • I have noted many commercials encouraging registration for the Selective Service recently. These are aired mostly on cuck talk radio. Wonder if young White men already are refusing to register because the content sounds quite desperate.

      • Biden is shoring up his domestic support for war with Russia with promises of crack pipes for all

        Let that sink in

  29. Most of the players on our side who were involved in the impeachment of Trump over the Ukraine and who are now screaming “the Russians are invading! The Russians are invading!” just happen to be members of a small tribe with very long memories. The Tsar. Losing their control of Russia during Stalin. Putin going after the oligarchs. They don’t forget. Since we do the figuring for them, they never pay the price.

    • Long, interesting, though a bit over-the-top piece on Unz this week on this topic:

      The general argument in the article is that it is not about old grudges for the juice, but the fact that Russia/Putin has the audacity to not bow to Jewish power as the US and much of Europe have.

      If you accept that thesis, then you must ask how would a hot war in Ukraine benefit Israel/juice? I have not laid out the pros and cons from their angle, but that would be the question to determine the likelihood of a hot war in Ukraine.

      Another key point the article makes is that while Russia/Putin have not bowed to juice power, they have not yet “named the juice”. If they were ever to “name the juice”, that would start WW III. I agree with that supposition.

      • The Russians need their own formulation of the “Samson Option”. I.e., let it be unmistakably clear that, if (((they)))are manuevering for some sort of killshot against Russia and the Russian people, that it will then trigger the nuclear annihilation of all significant aggregations of (((them))), and particularly of Eretz Yisrael.

        You’d think that this might discourage them, but consider that their fanatics have historically embraced suicide – Massada, Samson himself, origininator of the Samson Option – rather than embrace reality. The only difference nowadays, is that the extirpation of pretty much their entire people is technically possible. But would this dissuade (((them))) in their bloody-mindedness? Not so sure about that.

      • Russia and China have not named the tribe. They understand that doing so would result in all out financial and military warfare.

        However Putin, remains helpful to Israel’s enemies including Iran and the mustache man in Syria who is like the more famous mustache man for not letting the tribe have its way. To make matters worse for the tribe, Putin is a symbol of traditional Russian culture and masculinity and opposition to Globohomo unlike the favorered Justine in Canada. That cannot be allowed.

  30. Unnoted is that the Regime has again trotted out the idea of denying the Russians access to SWIFT (“Ha, no gas since you can’t get paid!!”) even though the Euros have repeatedly told the regime that would be the end of SWIFT; so there’s certainly some “high on their own supply” going on.

    I guess the key will be if they start casting Putin as the rebirth of mustache man like they did to Saddam. At that point, you probably want to get nervous.

    • The hollowness of the SWIFT threat is remarkable. Europe collapses if they are cut off from Russian natural gas. Everyone knows this except Washington. Russia needs to sell it and Europe, especially Germany needs to use it. There is no other option. It is not just natural gas. Europe gets its potash from Russia. This is an essential element in fertilizer.

      It is another example of the disconnect between what the regime says and what is reality.

        • I dunno. Colorado could give Bela a run for its rubles on that potash – and CO is run by a “business-friendly” millionaire jooish homo. I like our chances.

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