The Anti-State

Since the Greeks, educated men have pondered how it is man came to live in societies governed by political institutions. By the time societies reached the point where they could have men sitting around thinking about this stuff, rather than farming and fighting, the answers had been lost to time. The state, in one form or another, has been a thing that exists since the “memory of man runneth not to the contrary.” For just as long, men have been debating the form of government.

A core assumption, for as long as anyone has known, is that government has a practical purpose for society. For example, it is the job of every form of government to defend society from external and internal threats. The government adjudicates disputes between members of society. It is the state that deals with the rulers of other societies on the matters that concern them. Since private government has been the norm, the state defends the interests of the king or ruling elite.

These are obvious things that everyone accepts, but there has always been another purpose to the state. The welfare of the people has always been one of the duties of whoever is in charge. Again, private government has been the norm, so the king or the aristocracy is supposed to look out for the people. For most of human history this has meant economic interests. A good ruler gets powerful because his policies allow his people to grow rich through trade and commerce.

A new wrinkle was added in the 19th century with the growth of liberalism. The state was not just about practical things, like war and trade, but also had a duty to protect and promote freedom and opportunity. The state needed to be organized around the principle of liberty and equality. This meant that the law was neutral in that everyone was equal before the law. It also meant that the people were free to do as they pleased as long as it did not cause direct harm to others or the state.

That is a big leap when you stop and think about it. The role of the state has evolved from the private interest of the rulers and the economic interests of the people to cultural and spiritual interests. A government dedicated to preserving the liberty of the citizens is different than a government dedicated to protecting the interests and privileges of the rulers. The state is now in the business of securing the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of the people.

Various forms of socialism take this a step further. Instead of the government getting out of the way of the people and making sure no one interferes with their pursuit of happiness, the government needs to make sure no one is being exploited and that everyone can achieve their potential. This requires the state to take an active role in shaping the lives of the people. The state is now charged with making sure you are able to maximize your potential.

This very brief summary of government is useful in thinking about what is currently happening throughout the West. Until now, government existed for a positive purpose, to accomplish some goal or promote a set of ideas. Communism may be irrational, but it had a rational, positive purpose. Communism promised a world where everyone is equal and free of exploitation. Liberal democracy was supposed to deliver a world free of coercion and limits on your liberty.

The West is now reorganizing away from these sorts of positive purposes to an entirely negative purpose. Antifascism is becoming the organizing ethos of the ruling elite and that naturally means the government. By fascism, they mean a collection of ideas and concepts they think are integral to fascism. Things like racial discrimination or opposition to men wearing dresses. The point of the state is to eliminate all of these precursors to fascism from human society.

What we are seeing is the evolution of the first anti-state. Instead of being organized around a set of aspirations linked to the nature, culture and history of the people, the state is organized around exterminating ideas and concepts associated with the nature, culture and history of Western people. In order to eliminate these things from humanity, the state must use every tool at its disposal. It also means leveling existing society in order to rebuild the antifascist state from scratch.

This is why something like structural racism now takes up so much space in the discourse of the ruling elite. They look around at the inequality of man and conclude it must be systemic. Then they look at history and see that Western societies were created by Western people. They conclude that society was created to benefit Western people, so they must exist to the detriment of non-Western people. The solution is to tear down the system in order to eliminate structural racism.

It is tempting to think that communist societies were similarly organized around opposition to a concept, but that is not true. Communism promised something at the end of the struggle against capitalism. Since there was no practical path to that promised land, fighting the imaginary enemies of the revolution was a way to deal with the resulting disconfirmation. Blaming the wreckers for why the promised bounty of communism had not materialized was a coping mechanism.

The antifascist state, in contrast, is not making any promises about what comes after the struggle against the basket of “isms” they oppose. Justin Trudeau is not talking about the glorious future. He is seizing power in order to wage war against the concepts he and his coreligionists believe are lurking around every corner. That peaceful protest by the citizens was seen as Kristallnacht. Screaming “never again”, the forces of the antifascist state have swung into action.

Since the purpose of the antifascist state is to oppose fascism, it is vitally important that fascism exists. That is another main task of this new model. There is a lot of time invested in proving that the threat to “our democracy” is real. This is not done to convince the public to support their actions. This is done to maintain their own commitment to the cause. A main task of antifascism is manufacturing fascists as proof that it is a real thing that must be opposed.

The result is one side of antifascism justifies any means necessary to fight fascism, while the other side conjures a never ending supply of fascists. Unlike the terror that was unleashed by the Jacobins or the Bolsheviks, the terror of the antifascist state is not a defect of ideology. The growing terror is a feature of the system. Since fascism can never be defeated, the war against it is permanent. The price of antifascism is the permanent terror campaign against incorrect thoughts.

Antifascism is irrational and immoral, but it does solve a serious problem for the managerial elites in the West. Strip away the political theory and managerialism is essentially management by committee. This is horribly inefficient and we see the results all over society. Roads are crumbling, schools are a mess, public services are increasingly sclerotic and inept. The system is failing to deliver the basic services people expect from their political and social systems.

This new civic religion of the ruling elite is providing both a purpose and a justification for defending itself against the complaints of the people. All dissent is quickly labeled racist, fascist, white supremacist, etc. Not only does this justify the abuses were are seeing, but it also justifies the unresponsiveness of the elites. They no longer have to dignify the complaints of the people, because those complaints are white supremacy and therefore illegitimate.

In the end, government is a set of compromises to solve the immediate problems that come with large-scale human organization. A god-king is not the ideal form of rule, but it solves the problems that need to be solved. Popular government brings its own unique problems, but it solves the problems of inherited rule. Communism failed primarily because it could not solve the problems it promised to solve. Those compromises that came with it became intolerable.

The antifascist state is a solution to a problem that does not exist. Instead, it is a luxury good for a swollen managerial elite disconnected from reality. Unlike communism, it is not promising a new tomorrow. Instead, it promises endless struggle. There is a limit to how long any society can struggle, even against a real enemy. At some point the West will exhaust itself in the struggle against this imaginary enemy. The question is how much damage will it do on the way out?

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195 thoughts on “The Anti-State

  1. Newton’s third law teaches us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, by definition, an anti-state must produce anti-citizens (and anti-patriots); i.e. it’s existence ensures its destruction; it cannot stand. And that’s what we are seeing.

  2. It may well be trans-humanism is the final stage of the evolution of our ruling elite into beings of pure evil. I cannot think of a more refined and complete expression of evil. It is a perfect evil, the zenith of human pride and arrogance. Grotesque, cruel, depraved, diseased, hideous to behold, a horrific nightmare to contemplate. The older I get the more I appreciate and marvel at the depth of wisdom passed down by the ancients and how specifically accurate they can be.

    • I thought he would hold it out a bit longer. Still small wins I suppose.

      I wonder what the real reason was?

      If Biden had any brains, he should claim it was the US pressure that did it so he could get at least 1 victory out of it.

      • Addendum: I wonder if they will rescind the new money financing rules as well. I bet those stay. I would like to be wrong.

        Maybe they were the goal all along?

        • I fear you may be spot on regarding the true goal of Justin n’ Chrystia’s emergency power grab in Canada.

          If those rules are left in place an entirely new world of political mischief becomes available to them.

    • – Quiet and small bank run spooked the banks.
      – Destroyed trust in the financial institutions and police
      – Talking about spreading “freedom” in Ukraine while putting his own citizens under martial law rings hollow. Nobody wants to fight Russia now.
      – The Senate was going to vote down the Emergency Measures and embarrass him.
      – Cratering approval rating.
      – Every province lifting vax passports and masking.
      – People are angry as hell and it’s going beyond the usual Boomer LARPing
      – Insane dictatorial moves are spooking even moderates in the USA who are already leaning Republican after the COVID insanity and rightfully realize the Dems are just as bad
      – Members of Parliament and off duty cops feeling threatened in the community, protests outside politicians houses are intensifying. Suspicious chemical irritants being mailed to Nova Scotia MPs and arson at a Liberal MP office last night.

      The list goes on and on. Wouldn’t be surprised if Trudeau gets dumped as leader soon and another, smarter WEF psychopath takes over. Little bitch boy can’t even play dictator well. Or maybe they will have an “election” and the “right wing” side of the Uniparty will be installed in the hopes of letting off steam.

      • Great summary, thanks!

        It’s interesting, although unsurprising, that most of this isn’t being covered in the news. I’ve been following this story rather closely, and some of what you listed above was unknown to me until now. It’s a nice white pill to see that there’s more pushback than it seems on the surface.

      • Hopefully the protest demands will now focus on his removal. Demand he resign or be withdrawn however that works in Leaf-Land. It might not work but he’s clearly not fit for the office and is ‘a danger to their democracy’ and the best defense is a good offense. He and his supporters have alerted the public to how authoritarian they really are. The cops, as generally predicted, have shown plenty of them will trample their fellow citizens in the streets on orders from whoever signs their paycheck. I don’t see how the citizens can stop without getting rid of him.

        • I must admit I am slightly confused.

          Given he made such a big deal about dissolving the gov and calling an election if the house failed to pass it, it seems odd he decided to do it 2 days later.

          Perhaps he was going to lose in the senate or the court and that would essentially then force an election due to the same?

          I am sure some Canadians have more insight than I do, but it seems its going to be tricky to continue as if nothing has happened.

          Perhaps he can string it out under the cover of the inquiry he announced?

          I also noticed lots of follow up messaging about control of social media and information, so that will be interesting to see.

      • Thanks, B125. I knew about the bank runs, and they seemed to be escalating, but most of that is news to all of us down here because it is being embargoed. Let a thousand White Pills bloom!

    • He fell back ahead of a Senate vote. That’s all. Probably hoping that international events overtake the news cycle. Wouldn’t be the first time, won’t be the last.

  3. Excellent essay, as always. But there’s something else happening, too. The Great Reset. And that is hand-in-glove with UN Agenda 2030. And the Georgia Guidestones. It’s all one ball of wax. And I think that “wokeness” and the things you describe today is probably a smokescreen or a distraction to prevent the mass of the population from figuring out what the “elites'” real goal is. Occupy the masses with bread and circuses while you put things in place to reduce the whole of mankind to bug-eating sub-humans. Or if not the whole of mankind, then at least the portion of mankind that survive the population-reduction schemes. And that’s what “climate change” is all about:

      • Also, pretty sure Saker is some surviving old clown who refugee’d his way from the BBSs of old to Usenet to inevitably the Internet. The dude’s almost never right about anything.

    • Thanks for that column from Cynthia Chung, it was very well-written and sourced.

      One of the commenters at the Saker pointed out that the West may be frothing at the mouth for war because Russia and China are not complying with their controlled demolition plan for the modern world.

      The West really is run by a satanic watermelon death cult.

  4. “How much damage will they do on their way out” I hope they hit their wrinkled asses on every branch on the way down.

  5. I think that the antifascist state is an understandable response to the failure of educated-class governance over the past century.
    If everything is going wrong, it can’t be the fault of us, the ruling educated class. It must be the fault of racist-sexist-homophobes and fascists.

    • More broadly, what it does it demonstrate the fallacy or misguidedness of what we think of as our modern meritocracy. It undermines our current paradigm built on the idea that by casting a vast net across the nation one could capture the best and brightest as determined by something like grades in school and standardized test scores. Doesn’t matter who they come from, poor or rich, but these would all be the ones to lead us to greatness. But it never took into account character and morality, hence the degradation of society manned by lots of people who aced the LSAT but would sell their children for a Lakers season pass.

      Yes, it was always doomed to fail, and fail it has. You can’t go looking for leadership if intelligence is you only criterion. So probably not really a bad thing that universities are now doing away with the SAT, but this only means our new crop of handpicked leaders will be both stupid and immoral. Pick your poison.

  6. Addendum — now Google Maps is displaying the home address of people who donated as little as $10 to the Canadian Truckers, in an anti-fascist frenzy. Even during the worst of the Inquisition the Church limited the stuff they were doing to prevent the “seizure by denunciation” attitude shown in “the Lives of Others” where the Culture Minister schemes to destroy/imprison the loyal playwright/director/writer in order to have said director’s hot girlfriend for himself as a mistress.

    Every ordinary White person is going to go to Crypto and things like Monero which are untraceable as soon as possible. Even Hansson, the creator of Ruby on Rails is eating humble pie on crypto. And Chinese will pull their money and property out of China post-haste, as the only reason they were there was to stash it away from Xi who is pursuing it. If Cubada can take a trucker’s bank account for emotional anti-fascist reasons (one Liberal MP says Honk Honk is code for H- Mustache Man) then Cubada would do it for Xi. Social trust has simply collapsed in Cubada, and there will be efforts by some provinces to join the US as well as Republicans wanting to annex them. [The ones with oil].

    An anti-fascist state has to create ever greater amount of White men enemies while requiring them to fight external ones (Putin never called me a White Nationalist) while being punished for being White and a man, and keeping society going. Collapse will happen very quickly. [Q: Was something like this in the Palace Economies the cause of the Sea Peoples during the Late Bronze Age Collapse?]

    • Is crypto untraceable? My understanding is it’s a public ledger system. Someone who can tie one transaction to your account can see your entire transaction history, in that regards *more* traceable than a bank account. Worst case, cryptocurrency is about as useful as Tor: a way of flagging up you are doing something you want to stay hidden.

      • I’d imagine that NSA has already cataloged the attributes for the different crypto traffic at the packet level and has a standard procedure for sniffing out new ones as they come online.

        They can just program the traffic blocking in place as needed to marginalize crypto on the system currently in place.

      • Yep – there are lots of papers on tracing of wallet transactions and mapping IPs and relationship graphs of all the computers that ever transacted on the various networks/exchanges.

        They just need to tie one transaction, or related activity, to some real world token and every tx you have ever done is laid bare (and the same for those you interact with).

        some are more opaque than others, but ultimately the network control is the key.

        Chinese can only move crypto around due to offshore servers in the west. Once they go, you are going to be stuck.

        You can’t get a consensus if the network is blocked off, and good luck using consensus nodes in Russia and Africa if the telcos and govts in the west decide to act in tandem.

        • It’s simply not enough just to hide from these “people.”

          Just getting away from them somehow is not going to do the trick.

      • Crypto will end the day a regulation is issued declaring it money laundering.

        This will be simply done, there are precedents already such as seizures of cash without evidence of a crime and bank reporting of regular transactions of the same amount (“structuring”). Sometimes I wonder why BTC has been allowed to exist as long as it has.

        • My theory is that the controllers have two main goals for the current crypto realm.

          1) Current cryptos are intended to serve as training wheels to accustom everyone to the idea of completely digital currency prior to rolling out CBDCs.

          2) Current cryptos are a massive, real-world prototyping exercise meant to prove out the most effective ideas and implementations prior to the CBDC rollout that locks everyone into the digital plantation.

    • Every “right winger”, anti vaxxer, and Bible Believing Christian I know is currently taking out money and putting at least a portion of their savings into something else (gold, crypto, etc.) I hope they’re smart enough to realize that even the physical gold needs to be hidden, and to hold their own Crypto, not hold it on an investment platform. Hell, even watches and lumber are holding value these days lol.

      Would not surprise me if other groups (Muslim, Sikh, Chinese anti-Xi, etc.) are removing some cash too. They’re currently in Globohomo’s good graces but smart people are aware that can change.

      You would think that going after convoy organizers and maybe some of the people who stayed parked in their trucks would be enough to satisfy the leftist bloodlust. But no, even people who donated $10 over the internet, 1000km away from the protest deserve to have angry mobs show up at night and lynch them at their home. They hate you and want you dead.

      • I can understand the panic, a nationwide truckers strike combined with action against the strike breakers so they are unwilling to go scab could destroy the cities. Privation is not fun and modern cities are at the best of times ready to blow.

        Even these pissant strikes caused huge economic damage

        Reality is if some unlikely political solution doesn’t occur than its going to come to them or us.

        Make hard friends get your body and head in the game (proper mindset, cartel killers are cautious around you) and above all win.

        Its can be done if you understand that just because we were the main power and nukes that we can’t dodge history. That isn’t how it works. You be in power or be at the mercy of those who are. To knife, knife to the hilt .

        And above all leave you “muh prosperity” and black pill B.S behind . Win or be a slave . Its as simple as that

      • Those old curmudgeons hiding gold in mason jars scattered all around their property don’t look too stupid now. What I am going to be doing is building a vault on my property, its entrance very hard to find and secured to the teeth. And I am going to store everything I own worth anything inside of it. Yeah I know if the government ever finds it I am toast, but safer than putting it in a bank. And chances of them ever finding it and taking its contents are pretty slim in relation.

      • “Every “right winger”, anti vaxxer, and Bible Believing Christian I know is currently taking out money and putting at least a portion of their savings into something else (gold, crypto, etc.)”

        I hesitate to say this, but my conscience would smite me if I didn’t.

        I heard this afternoon from a source I regard as credible that the Russian embassy is contacting Russians here in the States, or at least some of them, and warning them to leave the US within a week and to take with them sufficient cash to complete the trip to wherever they are going (quoting now) “in case of interruptions in banking.”

        • That seems unlikely.

          How big is the russian expat population in the US?
          Pretty large.

          Outside the politically connected Russians (few in number – and there are existing sanctions on quite a few of them already), you would need a ww2 type internment to do this.

        • This analysis also completely ignores one critical fact: With the exception of diplomats, spies and others in the pay of Russia, why are nearly all Russian nationals (or dual citizens) here? Because they want to be. Why? Because their situation is better here than in their homeland, for any of a number of reasons. Yes, Russia is a nicer place than it was 40 years ago, but it’s still far behind what most of the West offers.

    • A few years ago, some group posted the names and addresses of Trump donors. The web site’s name was “racist watch” or something along those lines. The site didn’t say up forever, but it lasted long enough for me to note who in my neighborhood donated to Trump and to see them as part of my tribe.

      Sure, Trump turned out to be a disappointment, but it’s good to know where the like-minded people are, just in case. While it’s shameful that convey donators are being doxed, sometimes intelligence works both ways. Personally, I’d like to take a look at that trucker-donation map so I know who to support and team up with if the going gets rough.

      Just some food for thought.

        • Yes and no. Firearms are valuable and thus a popular target of theft. But yes, at potential great risk to the thief.

          There’s a bit of wisdom in there for anyone considering buying other valuables, such as gold. Now, frankly, I doubt the most foaming at the mouth Progressive hacker is going to post a list of everyone who purchased Maple Leaves or Gold Eagles in the past year, but you never know. There are ways to buy this stuff anonymously. Or perhaps arrange delivery where you shan’t be storing it.

      • After each presidential election, I make it a point to pay attention to who looks really angry, as a way of determining likely affiliation. Did you notice how enraged many women were after Trump’s election in 2016?

  7. A major part of what happened is Hollywood Conquered Jesus. The old Christian individual salvation morality based on adherence to your savior was replaced by a communal HATE HATE HATE of White men and worship of black people as magical saviors of the original sin of Whiteness and White hereditary guilt for creating the Industrial Revolution. And Hollywood Conquered Jesus by being Hollywood — very good at presenting stories with theme music, charismatic actors, morality plays, and evil evil White men villains. To Kill A Mockingbird, the Green Mile, Dances with Wolves, Avatar, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, the Heat of the Night, The Legend of Bagger Vance, all present the same story: evil White men, one “good” White man who rejects his Whiteness, the magical black savior, etc.

    Lately even the White man rejecting his Whiteness has been canceled, and now it is all black all the time. But yes God is dead, and Hollywood killed him. By having a better soundtrack, actors, and screenplay. I’m not happy about that but its human nature.

    What is interesting is that there are a few “edge” niches still occupied by White men in Hollywood, which has otherwise purged them even or especially those with small hats. These are the outlaw stories: Breaking Bad, Dexter, Better Call Saul, the Shield, the Sopranos. Featuring tough, charismatic lead characters played by veteran non-handsome character actors who know what they are doing, sometimes not always having their own unique code they mostly (not always) adhere to in their criminal dealings. A more stunning rejection of the anti-fascist State could not be imagined.

    The problem with Hollywood magical black morality is there is no place at all for intelligent, ambitious White men other than the enemy. And thus so too the anti-fascist state.

    • Breaking Bad was so popular for exactly that reason. It was a show created by a White man for White men. The storyline, acting, and special effects were all well done – White man quality for a White man audience.

      It also nearly got rejected from every producer until AMC took a chance on it. Interestingly it had White, black, and Mexican men on both sides of the law and the characters didn’t have many racial grievances with each other. Kind of the civic nationalist dream I guess – and CivNattery kind of works in Brazil and other places where a macho male culture allows men of different colours to bond.

      It was also more or less redpilled on women, unfortunately the bitch Skylar controlling her beta, balding husband is a common reality in the West. Notice that the manlier Hank (despite being chubby) never had any problems with his woman and even got a HJ in the hospital after getting shot, lol.

      Anyways, it makes you realize how much great content we could have if not for the insane affirmative action and destruction of Hollywood. Lots of great older movies too. Maybe one day we can have that again. Most white guys are stuck in pop culture from 20+ years ago. Classic rock, 80s movies, etc. There is nothing coming out today (with a few exceptions) that interests people with an IQ over 100 or aren’t explicitly anti-white.

      • If the best hero is some criminal meth cooker who murders people. I would say its not much of a positive role model.

        Just more anti-white propaganda pretending to be entertainment.

          • Sure I do.

            Lot of positive white role model media from earlier times.

            I just don’t agree about stuff like Breaking Bad.

            I think those type of things are not great.

      • Totally agree about being stuck in pop culture from 20+ years ago.

        Steve Sailer has a pretty good comment thread up about his review of a book on the ’90s.

        I need to stay away from it or I’m going to spend the next month responding to every point of nostalgia that catches my eye or resurfaces a good memory.

      • Here’s the first table read for the prequel series Better Call Saul:

        Guess why it’s popular. Also notice the demographics, especially of the writers (far-left). We won’t have too many shows like this in the future due to racist quotas against our people, which don’t apply to other groups.

    • Justified with Timothy Olyphant was a pretty good white guy show, a sort of modern-day, “Eastern.”

      They must’ve had really good location scouts because it was set in Kentucky yet most of it was filmed in California.

      • Reacher on Amazon Prime is amazing. No mandatory diversity , a more racial honesty as you could expect, solid acting.

        Its not worth getting Prime for but if you have a friend who has it, watch it. Justified but a bit better I think

        • Do you know anything about the show Yellowstone?

          That looks like a pretty good white guy show, and supposedly it is far and away the most-watched show in the country right now.

          Gee, I wonder why?

        • The second Jack Reacher movie with Tom Cruise altered the opening segment from the book to include Cruise beating up a bunch of racist, redneck hillbillies in a country diner for daring to oppress innocent illegal aliens. Apparently, we White males aren’t allowed to have our own heroes who fight for our interests.

        • I see people keep saying this, but no. It was stupendously awful. My daughter and I heckle-watched the whole thing and that was the only reason to watch it. The plot was beyond idiotic, and it was full of magic negros, strangh wahmen and evil White men. Not to mention the laughably wrong technical details that are standard fare for anything out of Hollywood. I can imagine how star Ed for validation of a manly White lead some people must be to think it was anything less than gawdawful.

  8. This analysis leaves out the globalization of the economy, which is a major factor in the disconnect between the economic elite and the mass of the population.

    • Cheap, near instantaneous — compared with yesterday’s methods — of transportation may also play a role. When your ruling class of rootless urbanites moves around for most of their lives they tend not to form strong attachments with their local environments. As a substitute, they form bonds between like-minded members of their social class whom they see in the halls of prestigious law firms, universities, and government jobs.

      I don’t think it’s a coincidence that more successful global leaders, China’s Xi and Russia’s Putin, have backgrounds that put them in direct contact with the dirt people class for long periods of their lives, especially during their formative years. Those leaders tend to become nationalists who work in the best interests of the nation-state, not just a few wine-sippers in the PMC upperclass who’ll happily sell the majority of people in flyover country down the river for a quick buck — mass immigration, war, killer pharmaceuticals, deindustrialization and free trade, etc.

  9. Locke wrote “Life, Liberty, and Property” but Madison and the committee wanted a reference to the Almighty, and couldn’t envision God assigning property rights, so they changed it to the meaningless “Pursuit of Happiness” and claimed it was “Natural Law”. But true natural law is the meanest bastard gets his way in a small group, and the most conniving group of bastards get their way in the larger. “Their Way” is always their own self- interest.

    • Madison wasn’t involved in composing the Declaration of Independence, which is the only document with the “pursuit of happiness.”

  10. >>The antifascist state is a solution to a problem that does not exist. Instead, it is a luxury good for a swollen managerial elite disconnected from reality. Unlike communism, it is not promising a new tomorrow. Instead, it promises endless struggle.

    The promise of endless struggle is a modern adaptation of the Permanent Revolution as advocated by Trotsky. It won’t stop until the people implementing it meet the same fate as Trotsky.

    • The light bulbs are going off and people are waking up the reality that it ain’t patty cake anymore. Now they need a tangible set of tasks to consume their anxiety and give them hope. Here it is.

      Boot Camp exists for a reason. No military sends raw recruits directly into battle because that simply doesn’t work. The civilian equivalent is to first isolate from negative influences and stop the demoralization (this means kill your TV now). Immediately start eating better and get more exercise (hard focused exercise if feasible, swimming as an example). While getting physically fit, exercise your mind also. Teach yourself to focus on a specific problem or objective and then do something tangible in furtherance of that goal (start with small simple things and then work up to increasing difficulty). For example, if you don’t know how to shoot, learn.

      Start with these basics and your self esteem will grow with you.

      • None of that is practical advice in the long-term. The endorphin release from exercise is equivalent to a drug hit, nothing more. It’s a way of soothing away your concerns without actually doing anything about them — yet another right-wing cope. It’d be far more effective to organize around a common objective (national divorce) and push for that than to work out in your apartment gym and scarf protein drinks while consuming Jordan Peterson vids and hoping other people do something about the state of the world in your place. Of course, that requires action in the present and near-term, so you’ll have to expect a number of right-wingers to ignore that option and, instead, put their fake macho efforts into less risky, less mentally taxing, things like pumping iron, prepping, and living off grid while telling other people they’re the real cowards.

        • I don’t know what triggered this rant, but getting fit both mentally and physically is always a good thing to do, regardless of politics and current events.

        • You are wrong about the effect of exercise. It’s not “nothing more” than an endorphin release. It stabilizes metabolism, regulates blood pressure, and maintains a sharp mind. Every active person knows this.

          To conflate physical exercise with a drug hit is to be – well, how do I put this? – stupid.

    • “Instead, it is a luxury good for a swollen managerial elite disconnected from reality.”

      I have a formula for it: Americans are too rich, too secure, too well fed, and they have WAY too much time on their hands.

      In places where they have *real* problems, gender fluidity is not on their radar screens. Sh*t like that are rich people’s “problems.”

    • I was going to comment upon that part. I believe Z is right, the implication that the Anti-Fascists have no real vision or enemy. They don’t need any. A totalitarian state is known more by its methods, than by any claimed ideology. Our present Progressive demigods make their Bogeyman racists, white supremacists, etc. Note that the enemy changes as the narrative requires. The Nazis needed enemies so they found Communists, Jews, and so on. The Soviet Communists needed enemies so it was capitalists, counter-revolutionaries, wreckers, spies, etc. When the Church was burning and doing other unpleasant things to heretics until just a few centuries past, of course it was Satan in all his guises: devils, demons, witches, warlocks, black cats.

      What all those systems, and I propose, all such dysfunctional authoritarian regimes have in common, is the eternal requirement to label The Other — the enemy, the putative source of all a society’s ills. Certainly, at times there may have been a grain of truth in these charges. But for the most part, they were lies to suit the existing power structure. The need to view at least some other of one’s kind as being an enemy, at least an unknown, is an inherent part of human (indeed, animal) psychology. Rare is the society that claims to love all and approaches that ideal in actuality. Perhaps a group of Buddhist monks. But even if their altruism is genuine, alas it still doesn’t stop them from being exploited by more ruthless bands. They may not have much property worth confiscating, but all their good intentions won’t stop their women from being raped and everybody being shipped off to re-education camps or being sold into slavery.

      The same analysis applies to the proposed future of a regime. The Church offered (I guess) heaven on Earth, salvation to all, and you would be converted like it or not. Communism promised to abolish itself when the New Soviet Man had finally transformed world society. Nazism offered a thousand year republic, a master race, and a generous helping of pagan mysticism thrown in. The Woke promise — well, that’s a good question, isn’t it? If I read Z right, they aren’t really promising anything.

      But the point is — it doesn’t matter. The claimed objectives are usually mostly, if not completely illusory, not achievable in the real world (oh yes, that is what the Progressives are trying to abolish!)

  11. One of the adjustments we’ll have to endure is the unremitting antagonism of the state.

    I can’t think of one positive thing done for us since Barry and the Dems slapped us upside the head with Obamacare.

    I believe there’s an organizing principle, and it’s pretty simple. For example, Trudeau’s foundation owns 40% of Acuitas Therapeutics which makes mechanic lipids for Pfizer. He gets paid for each injection.

    Apply this to any number of mandates.
    Green energy, emissions equipment, white fragility seminars, covid patents, CRT courses…they’re all like mafia “protection” rackets.

    You’re forced, at gunpoint, to buy something that makes them rich.
    That’s why they’re so eager to use force.

    Gangster government. They aren’t thinking about the future, or the people, or the nation, at all. And they don’t have to be smart, either.

    • It’s not just what they do. It’s the self importance as they do it. For instance the red headed lackey Press Secretary for Biden told someone in an interview this week that watching old episodes of the West Wing really engaged her in getting back into politics (as if she ever left). But these people aren’t just malevolent, they’re also roll playing with themselves as the hero. At no point do they even consider, for five seconds that they may be the villains. I think even the Soviet Politburo knew, on occasion that they were just a den of thieves eating caviar in Tsarist era dachas.

    • Thank you Alzaebo. I am adding this to my “Great Random Internet Comments” collection,

      Does anyone remember that lefty ‘V for Vendetta’ film from 2005? An evil right-wing government set off an epidemic that killed thousands, then profited off the pharmaceuticals that rushed to the rescue!

      Thank goodness there are no more evil right-wing governments profiting off public crises,

  12. On one of the defense-related blogs I read, I did an experiment commenting on a story about the Russian “invasion” of the Ukraine. Everyone accused me of being a Russian propagandist or even a bot because I am not “rallying to the flag” or feel sorry for the Ukrainians. I expressed that there is no vital national interest for the U.S. in Ukraine and that their lives wouldn’t change one bit if the Russkies took over part or all of it, which they won’t do. I also said NATO is long past its utility and should be disbanded.


    It was classic emergent behavior where the believers in the “consensus” attack and try to eject any opinion that challenges what the propagandists have told them.

    This is a classic example of the anti-state where our rulers are engaging in a course of action guaranteed to have no advantage to the average citizen in the U.S. All we’ll get out of this is sky-high gas prices and a possible war that could be devastating. I’m tired of seeing people killed and maimed over meaningless squabbles we should not be involved.

    • and this phenomena is why the current system is doomed. the herd of normies is beyond redemption, and need to be punished severely (by circumstances they created) for their sins. they are not your countrymen, and never were.

    • That’s exactly correct. The Monroe Doctrine has been replaced with the Bush Doctrine. White people are evil for conquering North America, so we have to show people how good we are by conquering the world. How insane is that?

  13. I’m not so sure this is only about the evolution of government but more so a change in the ethnic composition of the people ruling over us

    At root government assumes one thing, that to be governed means to accept that someone is better than you. Or has more power than you, and you can either accept it or resist it and all the variations and means of expression in between. And that the rulers governing over the people can interpret their role as either being honorable about it or being a tyrant, with all the shades in between. Within this dynamic, the politics will obviously change and perhaps the nature of the governing institution as well.

    I don’t see these changes in government happening out of an organic process or series of causes and effects leading inexorably from A to B. But more simply, we have people who don’t like us ruling over us. So that’s the dynamic we are in, It’s the worst of all possible political arrangements, a people who resist and a ruling class who hates. Kaboom.

    Sure, the tech and so forth allow these basic things to find other ways to manifest, but that doesn’t mean so much the government is changing as a process. It just means we are in a shitty situation and need to find a way out of it.

    • You might call it a real-world IQ test. Are you dumb enough to do something practically useless that makes it easy for the government to identify you and target you for being unpersoned? Or is your IQ greater than room temperature?

      • You mean like all those Trump got hyped up to come on down to the greatest rally to achieve nothing but your entrapment?

    • I’m of mixed feelings about this. There’s a part of me that thinks, “Well, maybe a few more sacrificial lambs might wake up a few more normies concerning the motives of TPTB”. Holding someone in solitary for a year for the crime of honking your horn is just saying, “Hey, we’re assholes. BFYTW!” I mean, I’m not going to show up, but if somebody has a martyr complex, go for it!

  14. It has been obvious for years that violence is the only viable option for Bad Whites. Not voting harder. Not trucker convoys. Not posting on the internet. There are two reasons why Bad Whites are hesitant to employ guns and rope. One, the inherent soft-headed decency/cowardice of the Bad Whites, which we have to get over. Two, once the bullets start flying, there is no turning back, and many Bad Whites will be conditioned by the media to believe we started it, à la, Fort Sumter. It is human nature to feel “better the devil we know than the angel we don’t”. Things will have to get worse before we get the necessary 5 to 10% of the population to become committed. Fortunately, the idiots in DC and our State Capitals will make that worse future a reality. Get your popcorn ready. And your ammo.

    • The current trucker convoy has this as its stated goal:


      WHO WE ARE: We are truckers, moms, students, nurses, doctors, investors, county workers, teachers, cowboys, loggers, engineers, sanitation workers, professors, cashiers, flight attendants, pilots, sales reps, physical therapists. WE ARE, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, married, single, divorced, separated, gay, straight. WE ARE Black, White, Asian, Native American. WE ARE immigrants, natives: WE ARE citizens of the free world.

      I just threw up in my mouth, a little.

      • Yeah, I’m not a big fan out of this making everything into “we are just regular folks, your neighbors, your friends…”

        Like they’re organizing a jog-a-thon or bake drive.

        Its obvious this is being organized by an MBA and team who have made the decision to put optics and brand marketing in front of everything else.

        Maybe I’m wrong, maybe today’s truckers actually talk and think like this, but if the organizers of this thing are next up there running for political office, co-opting it like many did with the tea party for example, then hard to say I was wrong.

    • The bottom line is that bad whites are an ornery and often irascible bunch and are not going to be lorded over by people, especially a foreign people, they hate and who hate them, it’s never going to be allowed to become too entrenched, to get too far. That’s the nature of things. If over their lifetimes all the technology and psychological manipulations and billions in R&D couldn’t convince men to take it up the ass, to dump women and go fag, then says we are dealing with an immutable nature of a people. Even Gen Z is bending but not breaking.

      So here we are. At some point the bullets are going to be flying because there is no other possible outcome for this irresistible force meeting an immovable object. Human physics, as it were.

      • I normally agree with your comments, but this sounds like you came in a Time Machine straight from 1963?

        The ruling over bit has already happened in the west, and a sizeable portion of the younger generation appear convinced they are mentally ill perverts.

        • The ruling over has been happening for a while, from the top, for sure, but the larger resistance to it is quite new. In other words, they have been pushing and poking us for a while, but the bear has been in hibernation until more recently. And yes, for every mentally ill sexually confused weirdo out there among Gen Z, you also find stiff resistance in people like the groypers and gamers. For that, the younger people deserve a lot of credit. I’m not going to write them off.

  15. This applies to external threats as well. Especially to a Russian man who they claim is “literally Hitler….like literally… omg he’s Hitler.” I generally make it a routine to watch the Tucker Carlson monologue clips on-line. What interests me is the sh t-posting below these clips. Lately it’s been really interesting as Carlson introduces flashes of sanity to the debate, and has been doing a terrific job. But I’m noticing certain words popping up in nearly every screed against him. One of the words is “dangerous.” Another word is “treason.” The calls for the arrest and censorship of Carlson for just blurting out the obvious, what tens of millions of us are thinking anyway should give us pause. All I can think of in a similar vein is how Scientology goes into overdrive when a big name speaks out against them. But even that doesn’t do it justice.

    This is a religion from the gates of hell. And if we let them, they will get us into WW3 in a mass delusive psychosis. Look at their COVID psychosis and extrapolate. We’re in serious trouble. And even if they don’t give us WW3, they will give us a monetary devastation called MMT. In their mental fantasyland it will work.

    • Agree, keeping it local.
      This fanaticism can be next door, in your school’s, churches, work, sadly at times even under your own roof. Ask What had to happen with old yeller? And why?
      Those infected will gleefully carry out their duty. Steel your hearts, it’s not about you.

    • But the beauty of it all is this: this entire hellscape is built on the foundation of lots of cheap energy. The second there is a blackout or the electricity stops working, 99% of this simply disappears like images on a TV screen when the power is turned off. Then there is just silence. Which is why I think a possible path for the DR is to pose as liberals and advocate for Green Energy or anything that makes electricity harder to come by and far more expensive.

  16. ” pondered how it is man came to live in societies governed by political institutions.”

    Govt was considered natural as all tribes had outstanding warriors or “big men” who took control as a father figure. In larger societies, government became necessary evil. Necessary that their be some authority on earth, but unfortunately, that authority would have to be comprised of corruptible men instead of angels.

    “The welfare of the people has always been one of the duties of whoever is in charge. . . A good ruler gets powerful because his policies allow his people to grow rich through trade and commerce.”

    Not sure about this. I think in most societies, those in charge are mostly concerned with staying in charge and keeping their subjects under control. A powerful ruler doesn’t want his people too rich or strong so as to be able to oppose or disregard him.

    One could theoretically have good government if you have a good people governing over a good populace. But mass industrial society doesn’t work that way and hence we always have the Gervais Principle in action, named after Ricky Gervais creator of “The Office.”

  17. > Instead of being organized around a set of aspirations linked to the nature, culture and history of the people, the state is organized around exterminating ideas and concepts associated with the nature, culture and history of Western people.

    Who would have the means, motive, and opportunity to try to exterminate the nature, culture, and history of Western people?

    • If the JQ is a turn circle in the road, whether we like it or not, all paths leading us out of this mess at some point have to pass through that turn circle. We can take a roundabout way and avoid it for years, enjoying the sights and taking in the scenery, or we can drive right through it in a convertible full of skinheads blaring death metal and doing Nazi salutes, but I don’t see how there is any getting around it to be honest. And I know it often makes for an ugly conversation, and I know it can become an obsession, but regardless it cannot be avoided.

      As something of another example, say with Sicily. Or Spain. It was clear to them that for a long while that being lorded over by Muslims was the obvious obstruction in the road leading them to a better place. But you couldn’t get anywhere without first confronting the Muslim Question, as it were. Or with the Northern Europeans finding that the Roman Church was a huge impediment to them in realizing their unique destiny. These questions have to be confronted. Whatever character and tone and quality it ultimately takes on it beside the point.

      Or am I wrong and mistaken?

      • One group opened the door to Heaven.

        The other group opened the door to Hell.

        Simple as.


        Not saying anyone’s in charge. (Or at fault, really.)

        They open which door that they can hear the knocking at, and the influence pours through.

        We’re seeing an ecology in action. Who’s in charge in a forest?

  18. Again, an outstanding exposition of what ails us. Now connect the dots.

    Printing fiat money is a temporary band-aid. All economies require productive people. The managerial state is Hell-bent on crushing anyone productive and growing the supply of parasites that will sell their vote for another dollop of government gravy. This viscous cycle inevitably ends in collapse, and sooner is a higher bottom with far less pain & death.

    In a Braveheart style set-piece battle, literally no one would follow Potato Head or Turdeau into the melee and risk life and limb. Yet jackboots stand in a cordon line protecting these disease cells. For most, a civilian militia response is the easy road because they don’t have to think, just be angry. And then the plebs at the bottom of the social pyramid slaughter each other to the delight of the Cloud People hiding in their protected enclaves.

    No, no. The disease cells must go. 4S & focus. It’s the only way to be sure.

  19. Endless war, endless money printing, destruction of history, culture, collective freedom, town and country, nature. The only thing left to sacrifice to the angry gods is the children. They kind of tried it with covid. I wonder if they openly call for the blood of the innocents in the wake of the next crisis, and I wonder if I’d be shocked by how many people would go for it. The mask is dropping fast!

    At some point there has to be a mass realization that anti-western isn’t western. Foreign, iow. Waiting, waiting, and more waiting.

      • Often by their own mothers, who see more value in likes from bots and the screen than protecting their own flesh and blood.

      • I want to see it done openly if that’s what it takes for people to realize how this thing runs. You’d think tens of millions of abortions, countless more never conceived, and debt slavery passed on to those who make it to life would be enough to open eyes.

        • CS Lewis in 1958:
          It has stolen on us unawares. Two wars necessitated vast curtailments of liberty, and we have grown, though grumblingly, accustomed to our chains. The increasing complexity and precariousness of our economic life have forced Government to take over many spheres of activity once left to choice or chance. Our intellectuals have surrendered first to the slave-philosophy of Hegel, then to Marx, finally to the linguistic analysts.

          As a result, classical political theory, with its Stoical, Christian, and juristic key-conceptions (natural law, the value of the individual, the rights of man), has died. The modern State exists not to protect our rights but to do us good or make us good — anyway, to do something to us or to make us something. Hence the new name ‘leaders’ for those who were once ‘rulers’. We are less their subjects than their wards, pupils, or domestic animals. There is nothing left of which we can say to them, ‘Mind your own business.’ Our whole lives are their business.

          I write ‘they’ because it seems childish not to recognize that actual government is and always must be oligarchical. Our effective masters must be more than one and fewer than all. But the oligarchs begin to regard us in a new way.
          Here, I think, lies our real dilemma. Probably we cannot, certainly we shall not, retrace our steps. We are tamed animals (some with kind, some with cruel, masters) and should probably starve if we got out of our cage. That is one horn of the dilemma. But in an increasingly planned society, how much of what I value can survive? That is the other horn.

  20. We are on our way to being stranded in a snow storm with our electric cars batteries drained and it’s going to be the fault of “ white supremacy” .

    • I just got an image in my mind of a black guy standing on a pile of frozen white corpses and screaming. “I’m freezing out here and it’s all because of white supremacy!”

      • Along the same lines, I sometimes wonder if a glimmer of realization occurs to the urban poor (to include some Whites I suppose) living in high rise tenements, scurrying along on streets peopled with thugs and homeless, with subways and other transit systems in tatters, with block upon block of abandoned buildings or the ruins of factories and long-vacant stores. Does it ever occur to them that once, long ago, all these things were built by White people and everything functioned quite well, safely and efficiently. Where did it all go? Why did the White people take the magic dust with them?

  21. The regime reminds me of the Aztec empire in some ways. The cruelty and depravity of the religious practices of the elite alienating the masses of people over which they ruled. Perhaps there are parallels in how that depravity evolved in the ruling strata of Aztec society to how it has happened to ours. It resulted in a very unstable society that made it possible for ~200 strangers to arrive, they might as well have been aliens from another planet, and enlist masses of villagers to help them massacre the hated rulers. Without even being able to communicate beyond signs and gestures the Spaniards enlisted thousands to help attack the capital, estimated to be a city of about a million. It’s true that the 200 brought a few technological advantages that were force multipliers but the lessons I always took from the episode was that a.) The Spaniards were determined to succeed or die trying as evidenced by burning their ships and b.) The population was seething with well-earned hatred for their rulers and couldn’t wait for opportunity to tear them limb from limb.

    • the aztec citizenry wholly supported and took part in the barbarity and cannibalism. it was surrounding non-aztec tribes that the spaniards recruited. human flesh was actually a staple in the aztec diet, the sacrificial theater was just an excuse to butcher the captured individuals.

      • Point taken but I include all the parties as ‘participating’ in the one society which the Aztecs reigned over. I think your more accurate refinement of the situation adds even further support for the analogy.

  22. Not sure that I agree about our rulers “not making any promises about what comes after the struggle against the basket of “isms” they oppose.”

    They are promising a world where Badwhites and the societal structure that they created won’t keep down non-whites, women, trannies, etc. There is a promised land at the end of the struggle. Granted, that promised land is extremely vague, but it’s there – at least in their minds.

    Perhaps I’m being dense, but our rulers’ promised paradise seems very similar to the communist’s promised paradise. The communists promised a world without the oppression and exploitation of capitalists; our rulers promise a world without the oppression and exploitation of Badwhites.

    The communists never really explained the nuts and bolts about how their promised land was supposed to world and neither do our rulers – probably because their both insane and because there is no way for how their promised lands could work.

    Regardless, as best as I can tell, the our rulers do claim that there is this world that’s just around the corner if we can just get rid of the Badwhites and tear down their oppressive system.

    • Marx well understand if you want revolution never explain the end game. It just gets people arguing about the spoils when you have not set foot on the turf.

      He attacked anyone who defined the “after” as corrupting the movement and always avoided saying anything concrete.
      Its better for the troops to carry round their own vision without distracting them with someone else’s conflicting one.

      The right is always arguing about the after and gets nowhere.

      For a working movement, its seize the power, destroy the other then worry about the after.

      • Yep. This is why making a successful novel into a movie is often problematic. Millions of people picture the novel’s protagonist in their minds—each a different creation and understanding of perfection. But the movie producer must select one actor, and only one actor, to play the part. It’s a recipe for disappointment.

        A current example was in casting Tom Cruise in the Jack Reacher novel series. Author Lee Child had to apologize to his readers, and even promise no more Tom Cruise movie renditions as 5’6” Cruise was considered a poor fit for the 6’5” Reacher character.

        • Absolutely to both. Think of slogans like “Change” – fill in whatever fantasy you want.
          For those interested in Marx, to my knowledge he only wrote on two or three occasions what the End of History would look like. Specifically, I am thinking of the ‘withering away’ letter. People so often confuse communism for socialism because 1) they don’t know root words, and 2) Marx was incredibly scant with commentary on the subject. The fact that someone promising the End of History is so vague on what that would look like should give any thoughtful person cause for pause.
          However, and here is an important caveat, he makes some trenchant observations. I think a lot of the ills of Western Civ result from problems Marx pointed out (alienation of individuals from themselves and their labor as a byproduct of Industrial Revolution, as one example). Certainly, his curative for this ill made it worse, but anyone interested in identifying why things got so bad would be well served by reading Marx a bit.

          • “I think a lot of the ills of Western Civ result from problems Marx pointed out (alienation of individuals from themselves and their labor as a byproduct of Industrial Revolution, as one example).”

            In this short and readable book, Hilaire Belloc explains that it was not the Industrial Revolution that brought about the things you rightly list, but capitalism, which preceded the Industrial Revolution in Britain.


            Highly recommmended.

    • “Perhaps I’m being dense, but our rulers’ promised paradise seems very similar to the communist’s promised paradise. ”

      That’s hardly surprising, considering it’s the same people.

  23. Instead of insisting that non-western people abide by our laws and rules if they want to live among us, we do away with everything that made our societies great and the envy of the world, to placate the lowest common denominators and make ourselves feel better. It is really no different from allowing a child rule the roost to the detriment of the household. Ultimately, it will all devolve to third world s***hole status to the ruin of everyone. it really is just remarkable what has become of the formerly great western civilization. It looks like this fourth turning stuff is actually going to happen.

  24. > This is why something like structural racism now takes up so much space in the discourse of the ruling elite. They look around at the inequality of man and conclude it must be systemic. Then they look at history and see that Western societies were created by Western people.

    The story of Western Civilization could be seen as history’s biggest double down on a flawed premise. The idea of the blank slate controls our entire political landscape. Freeing the slaves didn’t lead them to equal societies with Whites, so we needed the Freemen’s Bureau to lift them up. That didn’t work, so laws were changed so racial discrimination, even private, was forbidden. That didn’t work, so affirmative action took root. That didn’t work, so anti-racism has to be implemented in all parts of society.

    The trains been going without brakes for 150+ years. It’s not going to be a Buckleyite shouting “stop” that will make it go to a halt, but only crashing into the mountain.

    • It is systematic. The system requires one not to be White however. It requires one to have White competency and White ideals to thrive. That of course is not possible for the majority of our new vibrancy.

  25. OT Just had four days with the Kung Flu. It’s not that bad. But totally lost touch w what happened in Canada and other places.

  26. Popular government brings its own unique problems, but it solves the problems of inherited rule.

    Inherited rule may or may not be a problem but what problems that it does have are solved by “popular” government, if there even is such a thing? The Kennedys, the Adams family, the Bushes, Romneys and many others are examples of hereditary dynasties even if they’re supposedly legitimized by ballots in honest elections.

    • Popular government gives the idea of having “skin in the game”. In general this creates a much more compliant people when the State does things they don’t like, since they felt they had a voice, even if it was overruled. While one can argue that the “skin in the game” is an illusion, that illusion has created relative stability in the political process until very recently.

      • And I’d add the “dynasties”—Bushes, Kennedy’s, etc—are relatively short lived. GB’s “Windsor’s” have been in the saddle for 300 years—not that they have must authority these days.

        • The British royal family is descended from Prince Consort Albert of the House of Saxe-Coburg, a duchy in Thuringia, married to Queen Victoria in 1840. The royal house succeeded that of the Hanovers in 1901. The name was changed to Windsor in 1917.

          • The present dynasty goes back 11 centuries or so, through the royal house of Scotland (Stewart) and also through George I’s grandmother, Queen Sofia.

  27. AI and the increasing worthlessness of human labor will likely bring back the “private government” of ancient royalty.

    This time however, the small number of people who own the government will have no need for the teeming masses of humanity. They won’t have to worry about being overthrown by them either.

    • A truly unfettered A.I. would provide a final solution to the Civil Rights Question. The future of A.I. funding is not making it work but making it blind. There will be no bright future but with our own bloody hands, we cannot escape South Africa.

    • Why I always have maintained that globalism is the back door back to the monarchy.

      The globalists know that for it to work they are going to need figureheads for people to look up to, and what better way than to go back and re-install the monarchical families with their long ties and traditions to a certain people. I am not quite sure how Klaus and Soros are going to figure into royalty, maybe as just behind this scenes players. But they know theirs cannot be the face of this NWO if it is to survive.

      All of this, in short, is the revenge of the monarchy. They had it all taken away but they never stopped wanting it all back. I suppose American democracy and its private property rights was a bump in the road they were going to have to deal with, but over time it was going to have to be crushed.

      People say, I think wrongly, that a man like Gates or Bezos has more wealth than any king could have ever dreamed. Yet for all their wealth, they could perhaps have enough to buy the Las Vegas Strip. The Bellagio Casino, for example, was valued at $1 billion way back in 1998; it has to be worth at least 5 times that today. Contrast that with a king who not only owned the strip but the entire county around it and the entire state or region around that. Real wealth is finite because it is always tied to a finite resource which is land. Even Bezos probably doesn’t have enough to buy the Queen’s or the RC Church’s assets; why am I even saying probably, of course he doesn’t. And that’s after the Queen and RCC have been reduced to something of a joke and shell of their former glory. Bezos has a 400 foot yacht. The Royals had a naval fleet. See where I’m going?

      No, even our richest people today hold a fraction of what the monarchy of old held. What our democracy did was divide all of these hard assets into little pieces to be spread out over millions of people, rather than being held by a single entity. As another point of reference, a man worth 100 billion can afford 100,000 million dollar homes, assuming all of the billions are in cash — which they aren’t. But even so, the land mass supporting 100,000 million dollar homes is like a corner of Los Angeles. Or 100 billion is the same as 100,000 people each worth $1 million, again like a few wealthy neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

      No matter how you slice it, as long as the land is divided up into all of these little pieces, no one alive today will be able to approach the wealth of the monarchs of old. And the rich are well aware of it. Sure Gates can go buying up acreage in Montana or wherever, but he would always be nothing more than a Count in the greater scheme of things.

      Moral of the story. Private property is the key to defeating globalism and its pull back toward the monarchy and its true incomparable and vast wealth. And why then would the elites be out there incessantly trying to undermine the rights of regular people to hold land and property?

      • You mean like arbitrarily confiscating the assets of people who had broken no law*, merely because it did not suit the political views of the group in power?

        *I speak of the rule of law, not a declaration of an “emergency” which is usually equivalent to abrogating the protections under the law in normal times.

  28. I like to refer back to Animal Farm when thinking about this stuff. Orwell nailed the two main psychological types involved in “building socialism.” Napoleon the pig was a sadistic grifter. He came up with the slogan “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” because that’s how he always felt; he just needed to get enough personal power to let his freak flag fly enough to declare it.

    Boxer the cart horse is the other. Boxer worked himself to death for Animal Farm out of his sheer human (equine, I guess) decency. There’s a kind of man who can’t help taking the weight of the world on his shoulders.

    The problem is, the world has moved on since 1945. Back then, sadistic grifters were a tiny minority. It took keen psychological insight for Orwell to portray them, because they were so rare (I’d be willing to bet big money that reviews at the time criticized his portrayal of Napoleon as way too over the top… and not just liberal reviewers, either). Boxers, on the other hand, were much more common. Alexey Stakhanov was a real man, and he was legion.

    And we have a “new” type of man these days. It’s actually a very old type, because Man has been Man since he climbed down from the trees, but this type — the Nihilist — is exceedingly rare in history. These were the guys that ran the chiliastic cults in the Middle Ages, the ones whose beliefs sum to: “First we kill all the sinners, then Jesus comes and the world ends.” Nihilists hate the world almost as much as they hate themselves, but since they lack the guts to kill themselves, they have to burn the world down in order to commit suicide. When the last Leftist is standing on the mountain of bones where the last concentration camp used to be, he’ll still be wailing about the need for more revolution.

    We’re ruled by Nihilists. Pure, shit-flinging nihilists. There’s only one thing they want, and they’re going to get it, one way or the other. The only questions are Lenin’s: Who? Whom?

    (apologies for the long comment)

    • No need to apologize for the long comment; you earned that length by making it a good one. Our rulers definitely appear to be Nihilists. What’s intriguing is the way that the tone of their rhetoric has changed so dramatically in very recent times. Elites have always cared primarily about their own power, yet they at least used to pretend to care about the welfare of regular people. Over the past decade or so, however, our elites increasingly sound as if they have nothing but contempt for the rest of us. They seem to believe that technology/automation will enable them to stop concerning themselves with us altogether. It’s as if they’re moving us from the “useful idiots” category to the “useless eaters” category. We have traditionally been useful to them because they needed us for their wars and for basic productivity. They envision a future in which they will not need us at all, thus rendering us useless from their perspective.

      We need to figure out how to break free of such hostile masters. Wish I had some suggestions in that regard.

      • Maybe the elites have effectively merged supra-nationally. Insert global org here.

        And therefore now its a monopoly elite, who needs foot soldiers. They just get in the way.

        Seems like the post war was really just a series of mergers and takeovers within the ruling class while the plebs thought they still had nations and competition.

        I wonder what the org structure actually looks like?

        • You’re on to something. One definition of GLOBALISM might simply be the merger of multinational elites. They seek to wipe out distinct nations and cultures because it would be so much easier ruling over one global bland, nondescript, soulless monoculture primarily defined by consumption. The Chinese Social Credit System (SCS) operates as a model they want for the whole world. But here in the West, government is supposed to be “limited” (ha! ha!) — so elites will delegate the administration of their SCS to banking and corporate players. A privatized economic tyranny will be far more effective than a traditional form of oppression run directly by the government. The once-almighty state is a mere junior partner under GLOBALISM.

    • The Termite bagel eaters are psychopaths, not nihilists. They’ve put their plans down on paper…the talmud, the protocols, right there in black and white, for all to see. People stare at tv and refuse to face the death cult running every aspect of their lives. God only helps those who help themselves. Wake up Whitey, you’re the only 1 who can take down the Nose, that’s why he wants you dead.

  29. >What we are seeing is the evolution of…[a] state…organized around exterminating ideas and concepts associated with the nature, culture and history of Western people.

    Arguably, based on this statement, which I agree with, the founding document of this state is The Authoritarian Personality:
    …which, of course, lines up well temporally with the USA’s “victory” in WWII and its ascendance to empire status.

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  31. A few years ago I was watching this national geographic series called “colorized america” which is to take black and white footage and to colorize it. The one I was watching was from the 1950s and was narrated by Liev Schrieber I think.

    It felt like visiting another country since things weren’t as politicized. So for instance the interstate highway act, the building of new subdivisions and the affordability of luxury goods – were not seen as political. The idea of democrats stopping eisenhower from passing the interstate highway act (which passed 388-19 in the house and 89-1 in the senate) out of spite would never occur to people.

  32. Anti-fascism is an excuse for population control, anyone who complains is called a nazi & becomes untouchable. How many years have they experimented on human mind trying to figure out how to manipulate our behaviour?

    After ww2 ended, inside communist states the tribe began experimenting on nationalists, christians & right wingers in general, torturing them, wanting to break their human spirit. What’s happening right now is nothing but a continuation of that agenda.
    This insidious shit derives from kaballah, which considers us to be nothing but mindless flesh waiting to be molded by our sorcerer overlords.

    In fact all of this “great reset” bullcrap is a mass brainwashing experiment which tries to corrupt the european mind, the west is a prison of nations at this point. That’s european’s reward for helping out the tribe.

    • “The tribe”…. took awhile for someone to mention our eternal enemies. I love the Z-man; it is hard to read so many words avoiding talking about those who wish the extermination of the White race, and how they are the elites, the rulers who are making all these changes.

      • ofc it’s them, u think soljenitin was crazy, making shit up?

        corporatism gets brought up a lot on this blog, well, who owns corporations?

        Black Rock. & vanguard, basically tribe members or europeans who marry within the tribe.

        same shit happened when communists took power, those who weren’t part of the tribe usually married one, starting with stalin.

        • Not just them, anymore. Birds of a feather hear the call and flock to their tree.

          It’s those whose brains are wired to bite the hand that feeds them and kiss the hand that holds the whip.

          Feminine brains, by nature’s cruel standard, but also a stereotype of the Middle East.

          Inbreeding reinforced that trait.

  33. This analysis is correct, I think – although I believe you can simplify its expression.

    The mainstream ideology (you call it antifascism, I would call it New Leftism – i.e. the evolution Leftism underwent in the middle 1960s in the USA then everywhere from economics-based communism to what we have now – antiracism, feminism, sexual rights, environmentalism, animal rights, anti-virus healthism etc) is *oppositional*.

    It is not aiming to create, but to destroy; it is not aiming at utopia, but permanent revolution; it is not aiming at functionality but must end in civilizational collapse.

    There are many things to which the antifascist/ New Left ideology is opposed, and they keep being added-to – as you say, all the isms; but it is also opposed to any real-religion and especially Christianity – all real-religions must be subverted and absorbed-into the oppositional ideology or else destroyed. (Since 2020, the leadership of all major religions, everywhere in the world, have been absorbed.)

    And yes, this goes nowhere but perpetual, destructive revolution.

    What is truly astonishing is that the globalist’s oppositional ideological stance includes even the surveillance and enforcement apparatus – police and the military – so that the regime is destroying even its own capacity to impose its agenda.

    The Great Reset will never happen, because the regime is destroying the functional capacity of all the social systems that would be needed for the Reset. The parasitic anti-bureaucracies are killing the functional bureaucracies – the disease is killing the host.

    This is not difficult for me to explain since I regard the motivation to be ‘supernatural’ and demonic, ultimately, so that inducing all *human* institutions to destroy themselves makes perfect sense.

    But from your secular perspective you need to assume something like a self-destructive and suicidal disease process – a psychosis – that afflicts the highest level of the global rulers.

    The point to realize is that this is not self-interest among the global rulers – except in the short-term. They are well advanced in fouling and tearing apart their own nests. No matter how many trillions of dollars they personally make on a timescale of months and years – if/when *everything* collapses, everywhere – they will *inevitably* (and irrevocably) destroy their own capability of having the kind life of enjoyment and free from suffering they most seem to value – and this could begin to happen at any time.

    So this antifascist/ oppositional New Leftist ideology is motivated by elite madness, not elite self-interest.

    • The mainstream ideology (you call it antifascism, I would call it New Leftism

      The term of art these days is the past-Marx Left. I have review of Paul Gottfried’s book on antifascism coming out on Friday and he explains how opposition to fascism evolved with post-Marxist ideas from the Frankfurt boys.

      • @ Z-man – re: Post-Marx. The funny thing is that modern Leftist isn’t post-Marx. There are still plenty of Marxists on the left – e.g. AOC and thousands of college professors in the US. In the UK the Socialist Workers Party (revolutionary communists) have a big presence and jump on any destabilizing bandwagon, especially in academia. The (ruling) Scottish Nationalist Party retain considerable Marxist style rhetoric – Scotland is one of very few places where there was any significant support of Marxism from the working class.

        Extremely few Marxists ceased to be Leftist when the 1960s transformation happened – which shows mainly their fundamental dishonesty and evil motivations. For example, in 1960 most Leftist intellectuals were eugenics advocates, urged meritocracy (indifferent to class and sex), and championed the virtues of economic efficiency and functionality.

        Within a decade or so, almost all of the same people publicly vilified eugenics and advocated race and sex preferences (and became indifferent to merit and functionality). This, because the New Left ideas won greater arts and media favour, and more votes than did the unfashionable, brutish, and shrinking male proletariat.

        So Marxism never disappeared, but just joined the rainbow coalition of the New Left as a more junior partner. The Left (in the US as well as UK) are quite happy to pretend to be concerned about class and poverty, even of native white men; on those hours when they are not pretending to care about something else – racism, feminism, the environment, health, the transagenda or whatever. The New Left is a Big Tent.

        Once an ideology has abandoned coherence and functionality, it can pander to *any number* of victim groups – even Marxists – and set them against each other while pretending to favour them all above each other. Now the whole population is in multiple potential victim groups – thus the Left just continues to grow and grow; as successful parasite will – until the host dies.

        Destruction is just *so much* easier than functionality! The Left’s only significant challenge nowadays is to disguise their true motivations; and with the mass media on-side and the masses addicted to it – that’s not very difficult.

    • “The Great Reset will never happen, because the regime is destroying the functional capacity of all the social systems that would be needed for the Reset.”

      I’m starting to think the WEF-type promoters do not believe it can happen and are just bribing and manipulating greedy and delusional people for profit. Klaus and Co. are creepy and repellent, but take note of the “you” and not the “we” in the line “you will own nothing and be happy.” My guess is after the impending financial class their cordon sanitaire turns on them viciously. The degree will depend on how much they can still be bought off.

      • The great reset is well underway. The question is will it become widespread. Why are the fast food hamburger joints all selling very expensive fake hamburgers? You may not eat ze bugs, but you will eat ze soy.

      • I think the quote is missing a part. The full quote is:

        “You will own nothing and be happy. Or else.”

    • Shiva- the Decomposition layer.
      Gaia’s response to overshoot.

      Heaven’s function is the Seeding;
      Hell’s function is the recycling.

      Thus I agree to the spiritual influence.

  34. the managerial class is spectacularly incompetent, and are doing so much damage across so many sectors of society, that they will collapse the current system on top of their heads before they can get the internment camps going. and they are creating a lot of enemies along the way (as Tom A points out). the real dagger at their heart though, is the coof monster they conjured into existence. a lot of true believers are going to be suffering catastrophic health consequences (including death) and are going to be calling for blood. and that is when the shit show ends. there just won’t be enough healthy cadres left to keep it going. drink the kool-aid, get kool-aid prizes.

    • What gives me hope for the future is a belief that the ruling class of Western liberal democracies is mainly comprised of bullies without fortitude. Nowhere yet have they had to face truly threatening opposition. Once that happens, I still believe most of them, from fat L’Queesha at the DMV to Hipster Kevyn in Foggy Bottom will cut and run. Growing up with participation trophies won’t have equipped them for an actual challenge.

      • The wig-outs over peaceful White protests confirms your belief. Imagine if fantasy fascists and Russian hordes are replaced by real riots, let alone bullets. You do not have to imagine too hard, either, since the Covidians have shown a small version of what the response will be. All kidding aside, we should encourage these types to engage in mass suicide since they are vulnerable to that suggestion.

      • I could foresee a series of tribal sectors each with it’s own murderous drugged up “kang” sending out militarized troops to raid neighboring sectors for food and women.

  35. The obvious mechanism of this war on unreality is that it also serves to bring into existence the thing it imagines it is struggling with.

    Listen to the Canadian senators debating the emergency powers act. Every single one went on a rant about minorities, sexuality, women, the homeless etc. The actual notional subject of war powers was irrelevant to the speakers in any way.

    You can’t believe these people exist as adults, let alone are in decision making legislative bodies. Even the left wing guy doing the streaming was having a WTF experience.

    Its like the horror film where some school kids stand in front of a mirror summoning a demon by chanting its name that through their own action becomes real.

    The demon can’t come quick enough.

    • Often it feels like we have been taken over by some bizarre cult. When that trucker thing started, a columnist in one of the Canadian news sites penned an essay where she claimed the protest was white supremacy. There are plenty of nuts in the world, but they are not supposed to be on the front page of the news. They are not supposed to be in charge.

      • It is fascinating in a macabre sort of way. I have a hard time not being black pilled over the state of my fellow man.

        • I am ever more convinced that no poliical system can be maintained under the full participation of women, plural, not excepting monarchy, when a queen is acceptable and often desirable.

          The Western world is ruled by second grade teachers or the people who can most easily manipulate them.

          This country at the very least made sense when Abagail Adams and Dolly Madison’s salutary rule extended strictly over their husbands.

          Despotic organiztions once were male but now, fueled by female virtues which are custom twisted for the new despots they appear unstoppable.

          • Women are the moral enforcers.

            How to get to the underbelly of a society?

            Tell the women about the latest and greatest fad so they can one-up other women.

            Tell them “ban alcohol”, “blacks are suffering”, or “racisms lead to Hitler”.

      • We probably feel that way because this phenomenon is a religious cult, and an especially deranged one. Those weird sects have a nasty habit of ending in mass death, and the reckless behavior toward Russia, largely due to its Whiteness, could end in a nuclear conflagration to that end. To the degree possible, remove yourself as far away as you can from the Anti-Racist cult, and if you have the ability to do so successfully, encourage its members to engage in mass suicide.

        • ” … and the reckless behavior toward Russia, largely due to its Whiteness, could end in a nuclear conflagration to that end.”

          No, because fortunately, Russia is ruled by grownups. And they have grownup plans to prevent petulant children from destroying the world. There are credible rumors that they may demonstrate something for us within the week.

      • The other side of the coin is a regular poster here who claimed the trucker protests were a sign of an emerging positive white consciousness. I’ve seen no indication that any of the protesters were thinking along racial lines.

        • Inherent truths don’t need ad copy.

          Good news- that trampled lady was a Mohawk. The First Nations are PISSED.

          The War Flag has been unveiled over Ottawa. They see the Goodwhites flooding their lands with wicked foreigners.

          They stood with us in the beginning; somw ith French, some with British, some with Spaniards. But they stood with Whites.

          They will remember who they were, and they will stand with us again. Sachems, assemble!

    • Since literal demons do not exist, this has to be viewed as a belief in the supernatural that has evolved into psychosis. Downside: these types are capable of anything, including mass murder. Upside: reality always wins.

      • Literal demons do exist. Your refusal to recognize them as such does not change that fact. You have a preconceived notion of what a demon should look like and do. They have an age old plan to fool fools. If you can’t recognize evil how do you plan to defeat it?

          • Whether or not they literally exist as supernatural beings, or whether or not you believe in supernatural beings, there is zero doubt there are demonic and satanic people.

            Our rulers behave as-if demons are literally real.

            There was some tunnel opening in Europe where the opening cerimony was demonic. Go look at the building in Brussels designed to look like the painting of the tower of Babel.

            These people are evil and they openly flaunt their evil. They are Satanic/Demonic. They, at least, are certainly real.

          • Good. Then you do admit there are actual demons. I assume you are capable of identifying them then.

            Name one.

          • They don’t eat or sleep. They are spirits. They tempt us. However, the mentally ill and morally weak (i.e. sociopaths who proudly proclaim “literal demons don’t exist”) freely give themselves over to demonic possession which is where the real fun starts.

          • Like most deniers you seem to be of the opinion that because you don’t believe in something it does not exist.

            I don’t believe in communism.

    • It’s mass insanity.

      I used to joke that Covid caused something like mad cow disease in some people. That is more and more looking to be the case.

      • And Albert Bourla caused both – mad cow disease was caused by feeding cows other cows. Guess who was on the board of the European veterinary group that made the suggestion to start this practice? Our current Pfizer CEO. Oh, and guess his ethnicity lol…
        Humorous, but true. For the record, I think the people were mad before Covid; Covid was simply a catalyst.

          • That’s a “Holy Sh**!!” piece of data.

            Referring back to demons, since they’re immaterial, they have no hands, but they do seek conducive hosts.

            Some hosts are more vulnerable. Whites, white males, being neocortex thinkers, are deaf to demons.

            The insula, (“doorway”), was well named.
            It’s the dominant processor of the breeder-brained.

            This is why whites are prized as mates: we offer immunity to the cacaphonous voice of the passions that drive them, keeping them chained to the Wheel inside the greenhouse.

          • Think of bacteria finding a flesh wound. They breed more bacteria.

            Our neural systems not only attract, but also generate said “demons”.

        • ” … I think the people were mad before Covid; Covid was simply a catalyst.”

          I don’t know about “mad,” but profoundly superstitious, yes, indeed! Sixty seconds at the entrance of a grocery store watching the Minimum-Wage Priestesses perform the holy ablutions to exorcise the Covid Demons from the shopping cart handle was EYE-OPENING.

          That was “science.”

          I had NO idea.

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