Apartheid States

For as long as anyone has been alive, whatever we have defined as the Left in America has always come with a healthy dose of hypocrisy. They have one set of rules for themselves and their allies and an entirely different set of rules, often the opposite set of rules, for their opponents. The cry of hypocrisy from their opponents are met with accusation about bad faith or dishonestly. The Left in America, since the middle of the last century, has been defined by partisanship.

This is another aspect of the crisis in Canada that tells us something about what is happening in the managerial elite. The Right has been largely silent on what is happening and the outlandish hypocrisy on display. Look through the few posts in Conservative Inc. about the crisis over the last month and you do not see their favorite catch phrase at all. The main takeaway is that the so-called conservatives are mostly on the side of the government in this matter.

This is not just an American phenomenon. In Canada, the people who supposedly speak for the conservative voters have been struggling to produce a reason to oppose Trudeau’s power grab. You get the impression they are ashamed to be lumped in with those dirty truckers. The is true all over the English-speaking world. The Brits, who should take a special interest in Canada, have been giving the crisis a good leaving alone, while focusing on Ukraine.

What we see happening in Canada is the normalization of the double standard that has always been a feature of left-wing politics. On multiple occasions Trudeau has said that certain types of protests are permitted. The grounds for determining this is who is protesting whom. BLM protesting, for example, is always acceptable, because they exist to fight the white power structure. An Antifa riot over the behavior of the police is acceptable, as long as they wear their masks.

What we just witnessed in Canada is more than the implementation of this stated policy but the formalization of it. The point of making this a permanent emergency, which is what they are doing, is to make permanent this new double standard for political participation in Canada. A Sikh truck driver honking his horn to protest vaccine mandates is not allowed because white supremacy. A Sikh truck driver plowing through a group of white kids, because white supremacy, is okay.

Of course, this is not some out of left field manifestation in Canada, but a continuation of a process that started in 2016. The people protesting Trump were allowed to assault people and damage property. The thousands of rioters who set fires and smashed windows during his inauguration were never charged. Douglas Mackey, the man behind the Twitter character Ricky Vaughn, is awaiting trial for the crime of making fun of the anti-Trump people online.

The model for what Trudeau is doing is January 6th. Left-wing rioters disrupted the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings for a week. Nothing happened to any of them, but hundreds of Trump supporters face long prison terms for the crime of disrupting official proceedings, despite no official proceedings at the time. Trudeau is simply following the lead of Washington. The fawning praise from the media as he seizes control of Canadian society is confirming his understanding of the new rules.

Apartheid came to mean racial discrimination, but in reality, it was an authoritarian political culture that created a hierarchy of citizenship. In the case of Africa, it was the white founding population that sat at the top. It was not particularly different from the caste system on the Indian subcontinent. Instead of culture defining the layers, the African system was based on definitions of race. What is shaping up in the West is an apartheid system based on perceived political beliefs.

In the case of Canada, Trudeau and the rest of the political class are committed to the post-Marxist ideology that has evolved in the elite. That is at the top of the new political order and those who worship at that alter have full privileges. At the bottom are those who hold what are defined as the most dangerous ideas, things like nativism, patriotism and nationalism. Those people will have the least privileges. As Macron made clear during Covid, these people are not even people.

Again, notice that the limited commentary in the conservative space is not using the old lines about hypocrisy. The reason for this is the so-called conservatives do not see hypocrisy in these actions, because they fully approve of the new order. They agree with their friends on the Left that those old liberal values are part of the basket of ideas associated with who Hillary Clinton labeled deplorables. Their quibbles are with small issues like the implementation and the optics.

January 6th and now the trucker protests are stops in this great transformation of society by the unitary hive mind of the managerial elite. Derek Chauvin goes to jail for life for the death of George Floyd. Kim Potter gets two years in jail for shooting an unarmed man in a traffic stop. Mohamed Noor got four years for executing a white woman trying to flag down the police. Everything is now defined by this new hierarchy as conceived by the hive mind.

There is no one inside the hive mind to object to this transformation, because that risks being ejected from the protection of the collective. The random cruelty of the system against its perceived opponents is as much about defending itself from internal dissent as it is from external threat. If the police are laughing about trampling old people with their horses, they are not going to question the order to drag a party member from his home in the middle of the night.

This is the new world order. At the top is this uniformity of opinion rooted in two assumed truths about the world. One is the people at the top have a duty to root out the enemies of the system. The other is the enemies of the system lie in the populations over whom the system rules. Like the old apartheid system, it is a system organized around a permanent threat. In such a system internal dissent can never be tolerated as it threatens to weaken the defenses.

This is why the conservatives are so muted. It is also why the far-left in Canada voted to support the power grab, despite their alleged opposition to such things. The far-left instinctively knows how partisanship operates. There is no equivocation on their part, because they understand the game. The conservatives will need to purge a few of their members to finally get themselves in the good graces of their colleagues. In the end, they will support the new apartheid system.

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209 thoughts on “Apartheid States

  1. For the last 60 years, there has been only one essential problem with those on the anti-left, and it’s a show-stopper: all description, no prescription.
    Ladies and germs, we have lost this war. Prepare to be assimilated.

  2. And the traditional notion of policing and law enforcement in America has been based on the assumption that most people in a community will be law abiding. When there’s roughly one cop for every 500 citizens, it’s easy to see that things quickly break down when a good number of those citizens are lawbreakers of one sort or another.

    We’re seeing that already in some of our inner cities: the cops really can’t control crime, and most criminals are never caught. The traditional model of law enforcement no longer applies.

  3. I’m not sure about all these generalizations regarding cops. Certainly some are jackbooted bullies eager to do the Gov’t’s bidding; but not all.

    I’ve had my share of encounters with cops; back in my wild and crazy youth I was arrested a handful of times— nothing serious or shameful, all minor misdemeanors— and once had drugs planted in the van I was riding in and everybody arrested because the cops were after one of the guys in it. So I have no illusions about how dirty they can be.

    But I’ve also known some good cops. Most of those I’ve interacted with have been decent men who treated me fairly and respectfully, even as they were cuffing me.

    And for many years I was part of an internet gun forum where most of the members were active or retired LEOs.

    And the subject came up on more than one occasion of what they’d do if they were ordered to do something that was unconstitutional or wrong in some other way. And plenty of them were clear that they’d draw the line and refuse to participate. Who knows how real that was, if they were faced with the possibility of losing their jobs; but I don’t think we can just assume that all cops are minions of the managerial state.

    What I expect is happening, in the current anti-cop, anti-White atmosphere, is that fewer and fewer young White men will be considering careers in law enforcement, and those who are already cops are planning to retire as soon as they can.

    So I think we can expect to see immigrants and lowlife Blacks and underqualified Whites being recruited, as we saw in the case of that twitchy Somali cop Zman mentioned. IIRC, “minorities” currently make up around 40% of our military, and I expect police forces will more and more be the same.

    And city cops are different from country cops. Most of the counties in western CO where I live have told our gay Democrat govenor and liberal state legislature that they won’t be enforcing the ‘red flag’ laws that were passed a couple years back.

    So at least some of the cops will be on our side, should things ever come to open rebellion.

    • Sounds uncannily like a plot point in The Turner Diaries.

      Off topic (not directed at you Bill), does anyone know what happened to Modern Heretic 3000? He’s been nuked from BlogSpot, but since I heard about him here first, I thought I’d ask. Maybe someone lurking knows where MH landed.

    • I have no idea why you’re being down voted. I guess a decent proportion of the commentariat here are full of despair and enjoy losing.

  4. Back when the Unite the Right rally was happening in Charlottesville, I was living in northern VA, a few hours drive away. I used to live in C’ville, and I was outraged that the libs and nigs were removing Lee’s statue, and I had half a mind to go down there and join the protest.

    Sure glad I didn’t!

    Just like happened with the Jan 6 protest at the Capitol, the cops had it in for them. The Blacks and Antifa who started the fighting got off scot-free, while the good guys who were attacked got arrested and jailed, and the organizers got sued in civil court and lost their asses.

    Likewise, I had a fleeting thought that it would be fun to join the truckers’ convoy.

    Then sanity returned, and I thought, “Nah…. I don’t think so….”

  5. South African Apartheid sounded like a good idea to me. They were encountered with certain racial realities and needed to come up with a solution to keep society running. Our version of it seems to be a reverse Apartheid, a sort of incompetence at the top with wealth producers/society builders at the bottom.

    On the other hand, it has done marvels for these people at the top. In fact it has worked really well for the ruling elite not unlike the ruling elite in China and USSR.

    I think in the end we’re going to have to simply stall the system out. A hedge fund manager in NY produces nothing and thus the that power is in the hands of the dirt people. The only problem is how uncomfortable things will get for us as well. Although I’d rather rough it on my property with my chickens and well water than in the 17th floor of a high-rise in downtown Meenhattan. Let’s make this a war of attrition.

    • Fifteen years ago in grad school I had a Black classmate and friend from South Africa. Piet had grown up under apartheid, the poorest of the poor, the son of a farm worker. He didn’t own a pair of shoes until he was 16. When he first got there I sat across from him in the lunchroom and watched him eat a chicken drumstick. He ate it all, bones included. That’s how poor he was!

      But on several occasions he insisted that things were better back then!

      Because under Black rule, South Africa had become one of the most lawless societies on the planet. Gangs ruled the streets. Cops seeing someone getting robbed would wait until after the robbers had left before going over to assist the victim. Piet was worried that when he went back, if anyone knew he was coming from America, they’d follow him home and kick the door down and rob him. And he was a big strong man.

      “It was better back then”.

      • Wow
        Blacks are violent, dangerous creatures no matter the ground they walk on.

        When will Whitey wake up?

  6. “Derek Chauvin goes to jail for life for the death of George Floyd. Kim Potter gets two years in jail for shooting an unarmed man in a traffic stop. Mohamed Noor got four years for executing a white woman trying to flag down the police.”

    And the three White citizens who attempted to apprehend jogging Black burglar Ahmaud Arbery— an act which was legal under existing GA law— get life in prison after he died assaulting and attempting to disarm them— two of them with no possibility of parole— and today all three were convicted of federal “hate crimes” on top of it. Double jeapordy anyone?

    Meanwhile, the Black woman who pushed an elderly White stranger to his death for no reason at all gets a measly 8 to 20 years:


    So yeah: the double standard has been with us for a long time now, Blacks have been getting away with doing things— blocking highways, barging into restaurants and harrassing diners— that would get Whites locked up if they tried it. Black college students demand separate facilities, which would be labeled racist if Whites were to ask for it. Smug Black media stooges routinely criticize Whites, and made “Whiteness” an agreed-upon pejorative. Imagine the uproar if White commentators were to dare to criticize Blacks in a similar fashion, and to speak of “Blackness” in a similarly derogatory fashion! Psychopathic Blacks murder innocent Whites on a daily basis, and the mainstream media bends over backwards to not notice; while anyone using “the n-word” is publicly crucified to the howls of the self-righteous “anti-racist” mob.

    How can this be? How can they get away with such blatant hypocrisy?

    Our rulers justify this hypocrisy by re-framing it:
    it’s not hypocrisy, it’s Taking The Moral High Ground, moving with “the arc of history”, the Long-Oppressed Noble People of Color finally standing up to the evils of bigotry and racism and demanding “justice” and “equity”, as the saintly figures of Martin Luther King and George Floyd look down from heaven with aporoval.

    Once our rulers and the media have convinced the masses that it’s a matter of Good versus Evil, Right versus Wrong, extremism in exterminating the evil by any means necessary becomes a virtue. Rioting Blacks are simply “protesting systemic racism”.
    Antifa’s violent assaults are justified because they’re attacking Evil Racist Bigots.

    Because under this New Morality, the worst thing a person can be is a racist. Our ancestors were all racists, and that’s all the reason BIPOCs and their GoodWhite Prog “allies” are completely justified in condemning and renouncing them, and wiping all traces of them from the face of the Earth.

    Hillary’s characterization of legacy White Americans as “deplorables” was a sign of things to come.

    At this point, in George Floyd America, that way of sorting out the worthy from the unworthy has become the accepted standard. The people who Americans a generation ago considered their heros, are now demonized as the worst people ever.

    And no one in Conservative Inc. dares point out the astonishing reversal of values that this entails. Rather, as Zman points out, they accept the New Morality of the Left and fall all over themselves showing how anti-racist they are.

    The Left has succeeded in reframing reality, reimagining history, and rewriting the rules, such that anyone opposing them is by definition evil. The only allowable public discourse becomes deciding how “equity”, “tolerance”, “diversity”, and “inclusion” are to be achieved.

    Years ago, Derb saw it all coming, and announced that “We Are Doomed”. Sure looks like he was right.

  7. Some White Pills perhaps from the Resident Black-piller. The founder of Basecamp and Ruby on Rails, David Heinemeier Hansson, who is a fairly big deal (Alpha nerd, his hobby is racing and particularly Le Mans), is shocked and astonished at all this. As are many influential people. In LA the murder of the mother in law of Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandros (Jackie Avant) who counted the Clintons as pals has predictably created a big time Hollywood move to recall DA Gascon who in turn is now panicking and rescinding his orders to let all criminals go.

    Moreover, now Canada has roughly 90,000 people whose bank accounts have all been stolen, are locked out of banking, and will resent it bitterly forever. The Canadian Flag has been redefined as “racist” as has freedom and liberty, explicit carve outs for non-Whites to protest while Whites are jailed and their property seized has been widespread. That’s created a whole new class of White identity and resentment. People don’t enjoy being made to grovel. And unlike the 19th Century Free Silver movement, in a society with huge complexities, dependencies, and no real margin for supply, errors, or problems. In an era when energy prices are going to be sky high for decades.

    Who exactly will be driving those trucks now? Its an icky, dangerous, dirty job that only attracted Whites through the lack of micro-management. With fuel sky high for decades wages are guaranteed to be low, and immigrants will suck up welfare rather than do a dangerous and fatiguing job for low pay. This means chronic shortages of everything and much higher transport costs. But hey Freeland showed those icky White guys like an upper class snot ex-journalist.

    • All true.

      But sooner than later— 20 years at the latest, maybe a lot sooner— self-driving trucks will fill the roads, and all those upstart truckers will be sitting in front of their TVs, drinking beer and collecting welfare. Machines and robots will be performing most of the entry-level jobs. And I expect the Gov’t will be forced to pass some sort of guaranteed basic income to keep them all fat and happy.

      • Its not as easy to make those things as you think and good luck with driving on ice. They can barely, barely make a beer run in Arizona.

        Immigrant drivers are common enough but there are plenty of ways to monkey wrench the system.

        People around here are very passive maybe because its mostly a middle class middle aged crowd of NRX types but violence directed in ways I won’t mention is always an option. This is why the turducken and his Lefty buddies are in hiding.

        Ultimately you may have to make a choice, fight and maybe die or maybe win or just take the vax and die slow in your pod with bugs and Netflix .

        You get one pick so make it a good one.

    • Whiskey: B125 is Canadian and has already repeatedly noted half the truckers are already Sikhs. They and all the latest brown immigrants Trudeau is importing will take over the rest of the trucking industry. So I’m not swallowing your ‘white pill.’

      • You’re correct and the same thing is happening here in Zogmerica. Half of the truck drivers in Clownifornia are Mr. Singh. The other half will soon be Teslabot4000’s.

  8. Off topic
    Flipping through the channels,(it’s a rare thing these days), I ran across a news conference with Blinken saying,Putin bad. Must have war.

    Which continues to confirm the stereotypes;

    Little hats like to stir stuff up

    Behind every catastrophe is a Harvard man

    • But to be fair, it’s good to see the G got that pesky border situation locked down, so now we can go half way around the globe to secure Ukraine’s border.

    • Hmm… large Russian population in the Ukrainian border states with Russia… at some point starts to split up…

      This is just a taste of America’s future once the Mexicans decide they no longer feel like being part of whitey’s country, lol

      • The ironic part of that equation is they left Mexico because it is as full of Mexicans(therefore the shithole environment).

        If enough of them come here, here becomes there.

        Creeping Mexico

    • Blinken and friends are bullshitting, and Putin and friends know a clown show when they see it.

  9. I’ve been having this theory percolating lately. What if the purpose of the lockdowns, masking, forced vaxxing, etc. is to make normal white people move away?

    It doesn’t seem to be a coincidence that areas with very high numbers of Asians (East Asians and South Asians) have the most tyrannical lockdowns. For instance, British Columbia has increased its vaccine mandates while every other province has dropped theirs. Boston, Washington State, Oregon and California have similarly insane mandates. All areas full of Asians. Even Edmonton and Calgary which are 40% Asian now have Indian mayors who are trying to extend the vax and mask mandates locally after the province dropped them.

    Is it possible that they want white people to move away? In the case of the West Coast, it could be part of the CCP strategy for a slow takeover (which has already happened unofficially). It could also just be a hive mind, they generally hate white people and this is just a good excuse to get rid of them.

    Whether it’s on purpose or not I think Chinese naturally prefer to have tyranny. Nothing wrong with that as long as it’s in China. They feel more comfortable being told what to do, rather than going through the confusing individual self actualization that makes us Europeans individuals. Ie. almost every single one buys an expensive Canada Goose jacket as a show (to them) of status but are confused that no white person really cares.

    As for Indians, they seem to have no problem with the mandates either. They’re corrupt and have no problem getting a fake vaccine pass if they don’t want it. Maybe they like the vax Class system of feeling “better” than unvaxxed, it reminds them of back home.

    Another case of demographics = destiny. No matter how “conservative” they seem personally, leftist tyranny always springs up in their presence. We have imported millions of aliens who have alien ways that are not compatible with ours, in fact people that do not even share a Christian or even Abrahamic background – total aliens.

    • While these things may be unrelated, China has far more draconian vaccine mandates than either the United States or Canada: India depending on where does as well. That aside, there has been what seems to be a push to drive Whites out of cities. Some of the neighborhoods hit hardest by the Floyd riots were gentrified by Whites, for example, and many left afterwards.

      Further, the mandates have had the effect you described. Realtors in various parts of the United States without mask and vaccine restrictions report in-migration from the areas with stringent requirements. Push hard and you find the people moving are White.

      So, dunno, but it would be keeping with some things that indicate pushing Whites out of cities is a plan.

      • Canada never had a white flight from urban cores and downtown + inner core suburbs in Toronto and Vancouver are the whitest areas. These people are also true COVID believers and seem just fine with it, and many are quite rich. The people being pushed out are middle class whites (happening now due to economics & COVID insanity) and working class whites (happened decades ago due to mass migration).

        It seems strange that they would try to push out gentrified areas of USA cities since it is where the true believer liberal whites live. Seattle and PNW never had white flight either. Maybe the goal is to create some kind of Asian hive mind zones and only the insane and psychotic Good Whites fit into those plans. It still doesn’t explain the push against gentrified Midwest cities, except that maybe CCP or whoever is running this show aren’t interested in the Midwest at this time.

        • You’re spot on about white flight- excellent catch, just excellent- except you’re still thinking a bit too much like a white man.

          Sacrificing some goodwhite numpties is something a *white* man wouldn’t do, but we’re dealing with aliens here.

        • Many of these White gentrifiers are squarely middle class although some of them are quite wealthy; all are young. The riddle was why these natural members of the Hive were sacrificed. I thought through different reasons, including pushing leftists out into the ‘burbs, but nothing really satisfied me.

          Portland/Seattle are exceptions in part because they are all White, basically, and, at least yet, no replacements are lined up.

    • You’re not wrong.

      The plan IS to replace whites, or at least corral them into a few states where ‘the rebellion’ will happen and they will just come down hard on those states and demolish them.

      Our formerly beautiful cities and capitols will be bought up for pennies on the sheckel and turned into smart-hives for the New American cattle.

      At least that’s the way I see them wanting the situation to play out.

  10. The plot thickens as a *second* convoy is assembling for a cross-country journey to DC:


    Their more southerly route is somewhat better than that of the original convoy that passes through Denver.

    Now you have people arguing that the Canadian convoy was a controlled op that unexpectedly took on a life of it’s own:


    I don’t know enough about the players and the background to really comment one way or the other. I know Owen Benjamin was calling that convoy an op from the beginning and the Amazing Polly had reservations about the convoy leadership.

    • This seems like a really bad idea now.

      – Cops have a model for how to shut it down and are prepared
      – Convoy in Canada + Jan 6 has already exposed how the state will use any means to crush dissent (no need to expose it again – it’s now time to prepare)
      – USA has far more militarized and thuggish cops than Canada
      – Most states have almost no vax mandates left

      The Canadian Convoy was successful and useful, exhausted all peaceful options of protest, showed Globohomo’s weakness, and was a wake up call to Conservatives about the nature of the state. Vax mandates were also lifted faster than scheduled.

      I think the time is now to dig in, plan, become connected, and become anti fragile (see my 4 points in comment below). Driving to this trucker convoy seems like driving right off a cliff now.

      • Agreed. Future steps need to be strikes and work stoppages and embargoes of offensive cities. This reeks of an op. There is no need for further visual confirmation, as you wrote. Tyranny is here.

        • But…but…they’re going to DC to demand Senate Judicial Hearings!

          Glowing brighter by the day. What kind of stupid chit are these late-to-the-party glory hogs going to bring our way.

          For what little it’s worth, I will not bring trouble into chez Z.

        • The only way that trucker protests, although they really are “mostly peaceful”, would be tolerated is if they were seen to be coming from the Left, Antifa like.

          The way to carry out the protests then is to lie. Sub rosa. Denounce Trump, talk up white supremacy, even start a few fires. Starve out the cities, but it’s ok, cuz, you know, racism.

      • The convoy seems made for TV.

        Its a drama journey moving steadily closer to its known end, building tension and allowing 24 news progress updates, with updates on the target site and the defenses being prepared.

        Perfect news fodder.

        • “Perfect news fodder.”

          Couldn’t have been more perfect unless they had planned a target date of 1/6.

          Count me out.
          It’s a goshdamn cattle roundup, a buffalo jump off the cliff, a manufactured excuse for the dickwads to break in.

          Dammit, I am worried about the aftereffects. Now they’re coming for the little guys somewhat outside of the system.

          • Edit: and getting ahead of that whole distribution thingie that still remains a bit outside of their grasp.

            They’re coming for our jobs now. We’re too easy to replace.

    • I’ve never been able to listen to Owen Benjamin without getting the impression that he is literally retarded.

  11. For a very long time I’ve made the observation that systems and institutions behave like an organism and have a life of their own.

    I work for a very large Fortune-500 corporation, one that is big enough to rival the economies of most small countries. It is global in operation.

    One would think that if you change CEOs, upper managers, or remove some board members, that it might make a difference. But it doesn’t. These companies behave as an organism that can grow a new tail when the old one gets cut off.

    Lots of these companies are many decades and even a few centuries old. Leadership comes and goes, people retire, new faces come and go, even new logos get designed and marketed. Yet the company is an institution and behaves in a collective interest which is largely unchanging. It really is no different from a hive.

    Governments are no different. Often we blame current leaders for this issue or that issue, or we look at history and blame a previous generation. But there rarely is one moment or one culprit. Thousands of important people making thousands of important decisions, modifications, changes, tweaks to the system, largely in unison to the collective goals of the system.

    It’s really very strange because despite all of this collective behavior, there isn’t really anyone steering the ship, or the fleet. They’re all on autopilot and behaving as a network. Kind of like how electric cars on a grid will eventually work. An AI system networked with GPS and sensor inputs. Everything just working in unison without one central program running. Just a vast decentralized network.

    All it took was coding the idea that “racism=bad” and the entire system took this current trajectory. It’s wild.

    • Brings to mind my view of the Catholic Church

      At some point it gets so big and moving by its own inertia that the interests of the organization had come to outweigh its original purpose. At some point, making sure the Church kept the lights on and its bills paid and all its “employees” happy became more important than delivering a message to the flock. I think the American government is the same at this point, substituting the flock for the voters. I know in California the state government has so much overhead to cover and bills and employees to pay that it has had to pass spending bills for some supposed noble purpose — whereas it’s just a scheme, as it were, to get more funding to meet the obligations of the organization or institution itself. Keeping the organization solvent takes precedence over its original mission to represent and serve the people.

    • The idea of a self-sustaining machine grinding on inexorably is what I meant to portray with a link, yesterday.

      It could be any issue, but covid contractors was the subject.

      These goverment-funded contractors are just that, on contract for the duration.

      They’ll keep grinding out the program per the customer’s ordered criteria, regardless of the issue, the consequences, the politicians, or the “will of the people”.

      This tells me the chit isn’t going to stop. The Terminator can’t cancel his design.

      The link, again. Z and the gang can’t read everything, but who ever heard of :
      Publicis Sapient
      Sherlock Biosciences
      plus a whole raft of universities


      Now, think of all the issues- from climate change to transgender to vaccines to Burisma and Genie Energy- how goshdam big is Leviathan? Big enough to replace Westphalia? Maybe so. A New Economy, a new ecosphere.

    • It may be that your corporation is big enough to survive in spite of Diversity, Idiocracy and Equity being forced down it’s throat. Many non-global companies will not survive diversification. I suppose Globohomo want slurp up the remains happily.

      But what happens if there is simply TOO large a pareto distribution of Idiocrats? The west functioned at a 40/60 competent/idiot ratio for many years but we’ve slid into 25/75 and are accelerating. What happens when we globally reach 5/95? I doubt even robots can save us then.

  12. So called “Conservatives”, aren’t really ideology driven. They’re for “stasis”, law and ORDER. They are against Antifa because they’re burning stuff down and *blocking the roads*. They’re against the truckers for *blocking the roads*. You can basically group politics into three blocks.

    Left (the most influential).
    Stasists (NB, not statists). These are the so called traditional conservatives, i.e. the shadow that follows Leftism.
    Dissident Right (the least influential of the three).

  13. If I were supreme dictator, I would be a little hesitant to create a class of men whose livelihood and wealth had been taken, leaving them nothing left to lose.

    • I agree with your sentiment, but I would point out a limiting condition. Who under 35 owns a house? Owns a car? Owns an LP/Cassette/CD? Everything is rented these days or granted conditional, privilege access. The younger generation fears losing access, not possessions, for they have never seen the value of ownership and, thus, cannot feel the pain of its loss. Almost seems planned…

      • and if they do own a house, the price is so inflated that they may never be able to pay it off. Yes, seems planned indeed. And why I have always told younger people that you WANT higher interest rates, in turn lower prices, because it is always much better to be paying $2,000 on a principal loan of $250,0000 than $2,000 on a huge mountain of $400,000. Younger people don’t usually think this way, lacking the life experience, and seem to care only about monthly costs versus the amount of principal they are on the hook for.

      • Indeed.

        Delta Airlines now partnering with AmEx to copy Apple’s “Buy Now, Pay Later” for airline tickets.

        No interest, true. But the airline gets $$ from the AmEx partnership.

        Point being: Youth of today are thoroughly conditioned to believe that constantly being in debt for nickle-and-dime stuff is normal.

        They wonder why they’ll never own a house, a car, or an actual “asset” that might appreciate.

      • Yeah even sexual relationships work this way for most people now. It’s never Mr or Mrs Right for people, it’s Mr or Mrs Right Now. And I think they’ve been conditioned to think of this as normal, which for those of higher intelligence who don’t put themselves in the position of accidental parenthood, it means never having children unless they’re willing and able to raise them alone.

        It’s such a bleak dystopian world we live in, but because it is all normalized, 90% of us can’t see the dystopian characteristics of it all.

        • Right, that’s part of their plan: getting everybody acclimated to the New Normal.

          “Everybody else is OK with it; what’s wrong with you?”

      • Good point Eloi.

        Had to stop and think.

        “The younger generation fears losing access, not possession.”

        But. What better way of never losing access than by possession?

        Amazon can never remove my access to “my” music if i am in possession of it.

        Shared housing (renting), shared car (lease, credit), shared music (online), are all manifestations of the collectivists ideology and the elimination of property rights.

        • I completely agree with you, but they do not recognize this. I own my cars, guitars, and LPs! I use streaming services, but as a convenience, not a repository. I guess I would point to the ‘spoiled-brat’ syndrome most people exhibit.

    • I commented below that female mindset equates men with no resources as low status and thus you get that sort of punishment.

      I wonder if this is really the Trudeau/Freeland driver here.

      They are not backing them into a corner. As that does not compute in their mind.

      Rather they are reducing the dissident status in the sexual hierarchy to make them low status males in their view and that is really all there is to it .

      Concepts like principals, compromise, second order effects etc have no pace in that sort of mind.

      • That may be the idea in many a managerialist mind, but these truckers all seem to have women, many with kids. In my experience, most women are content to marry within their station as long as the guy can provide, and they are more at ease and have more in common with these guys and will ultimately be more happy and contented with a guy from their own ranks than with a guy from a few rungs up the ladder with whom they will have less in common, be thrown into a social milieu they don’t feel at home in, etc.

        Yes, always better to marry within your own station. It helps keep a marriage together. But as long as the guy can provide and is a decent guy. I doubt many of these trucker wives dream about what it could have been had they married a Justin. Women can be very pragmatic. And I’m sure the blue collar gals prefer more rugged and tougher men anyway.

        As my uncle Rudy used to say, there is an ass for every seat (he sold used cars back in the day)

        • It’s another lie from the media that “Big City Liberals” have more sex than conservatives. Having a high body count, 5 one night stands of condom sex per year, makes them feel like they’re partaking in an exciting hookup culture. But the small town / blue collar / married Christian guys are having sex 90-100 times (or more) per year with the same woman – probably raw and producing children too.

          You are correct. The media and childless cat ladies were very triggered at the number of children at the Ottawa protest. Everyone had families of 2,3 even 4 (white) kids. Every guy over 30 was married and many were talking about their kids back home. The men were manly and the women looked happy and sexually satisfied. There are alot of women in the anti vax / anti lockdown movement. Not all of them are 10s but I’ve met more women through these movements in the past 2 years than before the lockdown started. At the end of the day an average guy just wants a woman to be intimate with, build a life with, and raise children with.

          • “childless cat ladies were very triggered at the number of children”

            Another spot-on observation. You’re doing yeoman’s work, B125.

            Good golly, what we could do if only we had dissident journos showcasing the crowd, asking friendly man-in-the-street questions.

    • Nonsense. You’ve seen too many movies or something.

      I see no evidence yet that these guys made desperate and destitute have the will nor means to do anything except serve as an example to everyone else.

      • Machiavelli in the Prince advises it is better to kill enemies than to make them poor. He famously observes that men will forgive the murder of their parents sooner than being made poor. You can see this with generations of Palestinians angry over a few hundred acres of olive groves, or people in Europe who had bank accounts, art work, buildings stolen from them by Mustache Man.

        So the trucks, bank accounts, etc. are all seized. The protesters spend a few years in appalling conditions in jail. What then? They are on the permanent no bank account list, along with donors who get the same treatment (90,000 by last count). That is a substantial army of people and family members, friends who are angry and vengeful. The Palestinians, the IRA, the Basques, all waged asymmetrical warfare against much larger, industrialized, wealthier opponents and could at least inflict a lot of misery. Freeland (likely her idea Trudeau is brainless) has made enemies where none need have been made. People are far more loss averse than they are risk-friendly. Parable of the Lost Penny anyone?

  14. “What we see happening in Canada is the normalization of the double standard that has always been a feature of left-wing politics.”

    That’s one way to interpret events. Another interpretation is that what we see happening in Canada is the government playing the only card it had left. The government can’t rein in the panic it started, it can’t stop inflation, it can’t solve the supply chain issues, it can’t prevent crime, it can’t win a war. The only thing it can do is punish criticism, and even then it can’t do that very well (i e. it can’t track down and arrest every protestor). This isn’t a consolidation, it’s a death rattle.

    • Once a state resorts to a force model of control, the clock is ticking. Rather than seeing an assured future for the managerial class, the U.S. appears to be melting away before my eyes.

  15. I hope people are getting the message on cops and no longer “back the blue.” Michelle Malkin gets it after the cops allowed antifa bash her as she spoke at a pro-cop rally that had a permit.

    I realized there was something “off” about cops back in the rodney king riots of 92. The cops arrived at burned out stores not to shoot on site or arrest criminals, but to simply facilitate more orderly looting. They didn’t bend the knee literally yet, but they did it figuratively even back then.

    And then all the stories of cops arriving at a home-burglary and arresting the man who actually defended his home from a criminal!

    • What people feel about cops is generally based on Hollywood propaganda, not personal experience or history. Police exist to maintain order, not investigate or prosecute crimes. Sometimes they do that, but the original reason for police forces was to prevent industrial workers from damaging factories. Police are relatively new, mostly a function of democracy.

      In before-times, soldiers would maintain order at the behest of the king, and sheriffs would handle the general duties of state. Private justice could be had by offering a bounty and hiring a lawyer. Most people don’t know this history, and few people know more than one or two LEOs personally, so it’s not surprising that people rely on propaganda pieces to shape their feelings.

      • Cop TV shows always have them so caring , noble, and ethical. Like their whole life is about helping people and bringing justice as opposed to just getting that pension.

      • ” … but the original reason for police forces was to prevent industrial workers from damaging factories.”

        There were police in ancient Egypt. There were police in Anglo-Saxon England.

        In 1829, when Robert Peel was Prime Minister of Great Britain, he erected a police force in London and, naming them after the PM, Londoners called them “bobbies.” (And “copper” comes from the buttons on the officers’ uniforms.)

        Why did Bobby Peel think London needed a police force? London Dry Gin.

        • There were no police in Anglo-Saxon England.

          Other countries used their military, England did not-it was infamous for not having militias. You can find continentals’ accounts bemused at the lack of state enforcement.

    • And that’s even before addressing the matter of civil asset forfeiture and “policing for profit”. Make no mistake, the police are not always on our side.

    • The Malkin deal was interesting. Denver cops basically looking the other way while Antifa/BLM bashed heads of Back the Blue supporters. It opened her eyes from normie con to whatever she is now.

  16. Z makes a great point at the end: there is no equivocation (as far as I can see) from our overlords anymore; this isn’t Macbeth. The lack of equivocation signals the absolute ascension of the new moral system to law. In Macbeth, the witches had to equivocate in order to manipulate Macbeth, as their powers seemed to be limited to prognostication. Macbeth himself had to equivocate in order to make his cruelty and purges seem tolerable to the masses. The fact that our modern overlords no longer feel the need to equivocate not only signals the hive collective, but also their perspective on the power the possess. Clearly, they no longer feel they have anything to fear from the masses. Something wicked this way comes.

    • One wicked thing worth reiterating is that the new powers grant the govt the ability to retroactively classify the nature of the donations as financing terrorism.

      How long will it take them to start making connections like, “Gee, we noticed you had a Spotify subscription and you listened to that three hour long Joe Rogan podcast with Dr. Malone. Seems like you were financing…misinformation…”

  17. The interesting thing about Jan 6th is that the glowie provocateurs interrupted just as 147 Republican congressmen were preparing to challenge the vote counts.

    • Addendum:
      “In the end, they will support the new apartheid system.”

      And Pence, in a last-minute bit of inspiration, made damm sure that challenge never happened when either his guard or his fellow congressman shot a defenseless lady. The system’s highest priority is to protect itself.

  18. It is amusing to watch the overt tyranny of various countries as their peoples rise up and protest. The best thing about all of this is that despite the WEF’s grip on everything, the economies of most countries are failing over their respective central banking harvesting systems hitting the wall courtesy of mercantilism and outsourcing. If none of the producers are producing, then how can the cloud people persist in their deprivations? They soon will begin eating each other to try to stay on the top of the pile, and the dirty hungry people will eventually turn to “ceaucescu” their leaders. A lot of people are never going to get out of this alive, and the justice is that the strong aren’t really as strong as they think they are.

  19. But will it work? My guess is it’s DOA but staggers on destructively where it can for a bit. Bad time to be timid.

  20. As long as a regime has the ability to issue credit at will to fund itself, its power is only limited by what the people will tolerate, and the people whom it rules over are easily bought and cowardice, so the state grows in power like a cancer with an unlimited blood supply. The enemy of what’s going on here, is one of the laws of nature. You can’t have something for nothing. You can’t issue new credit against flat or declining productivity without currency debasement.

    The recent upticks in inflation are a symptom of a regime running up against this reality. Regimes like this can’t cost cut or shrink. Everyone is somehow directly or indirectly on the payroll now. Everyone has their clearly delineated piece of the pie. The college admins have their grants and student loan money. The defense contractors have their fake wars. The race mongers and bum advocates have their “non-profits.”. The bottom tier has its WIC and SNAP Etc. Ad infinitum. A carefully balanced debt fueled ecosystem.

    Inflation doesn’t stop regimes, it weakens them to a point of revolt. We’re not there yet, not even close, but as the cost of living escalates, the regime will have to be ever more despotic to survive. And each downtick in the value of the currency means an inability to project its power to the perimeters of the empire and a regime that has to spread itself ever more thinly and superficially.

    • Inflation also forces regimes to react in ways against their preferences to reduce discontent. It’s doubtful that Nixon wanted fuel rationing. It’s doubtful that Diocletian wanted to draft a list of all products in the Roman Empire along with their legal prices. Right now, the Federal Reserve does not want to hike rates since it will blow up the stock market and trigger a recession (if they are lucky). It will also raise the cost of all future expenditures for the regime and future interest payments. The regime will need to respond by cutting costs, by raising taxes/fees/fines, or by printing money in some transparently illegitimate fashion that everyone just ignores. I know how to bet.

      Their reaction to the inflation problem will make it worse, and it will weaken them. They are about to tank the stock market, trigger a recession, and accelerate inflationary pressures from the monetary direction. It will reduce their raw power and their influence. Their ineptitude will perhaps open more eyes than Trump, COVID, BLM riots, the 2020 election, the Epiphany Uprising, and Afghanistan. Perhaps, the laptop class will recognize that the regime has lost the Mandate of Heaven. (Or not.)

      • Th trial balloon they floated back in 08 was to force a certain percentage of all 401k plans into treasuries.

        • Yes, but the problem is that we are now so much in debt, that confiscation of 401k’s buys only a brief respite at the cost of beggaring the entire country. When no one has any money, the country stops working for all.

          • Compsci: One cannot assume that any anticipated confiscation of 401ks is to help keep the economy afloat. Their intention is to beggar the middle class and thus further degrade the possibility of self reliance and revolt. They are also determined to make it impossible for Whites to pass down wealth to their children. Because equity, raycissm, etc. You will own nothing, but your house will go to Laquisha and chirrens.

    • The Roman roads were their age’s global trade network.

      The Roman roads fell when the money was no good, and the soldiers guarding the roads got no pay.

      Half the known world’s population was lost in the next generation to starvation, banditry, war, abd plague.

  21. “Trudeau is simply following the lead of Washington. The fawning praise from the media as he seizes control of Canadian society is confirming his understanding of the new rules.”

    Trudeau is not “confirming” his understanding based on the responses to “his” actions. He is told what to do and does it. This essay is full of statements that bend over backwards to imply there is a randomness to the Kabuki theater and the actors don’t know what they are doing. That they are believers in the cocktail of bullshit their wordsmiths manufacture for the pseudo-intellectuals that regurgitate it. They do not really care about race, health, democracy, or any other “noble” sounding reasons for destroying society. Not wanting to appear to be a tin foil hat wearing “conspiracy theorist” forces you to impose academic reasons on why things “evolve”. There is only power. That is the reason for why they do what they do. If some dirt person benefits or another is destroyed, them’s the breaks. But, it is not random. It is all planned. It is not academic. It is reality. It boils down to Good vs. Evil. And for the last 5 millennia, Evil has had the upper hand. It has just gotten to the point where they don’t even have any actual opposition, so they can pursue their objectives without any cause to worry. “Oh, that’s in the realm of religion! How quaint.” This from people that believe that birds evolved from dinosaurs and a fetus is just a clump of cells.

    • KJV Revelation Chapter 13
      16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
      17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
      Ephesians 6:
      11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
      12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places..

  22. Just testing this comment. I’ve made another comment this morning but it disappeared, not sure where it went

  23. Once again, all true and a cogent summary of the key problems facing us. Allow me to be more blunt. The Hive will keep escalating until all the unbelievers are either converted, subjugated, or dead. Their aims are crystal clear and they are coming forward head-on. The ConInc crowd (and its minions in office) will come at you with a glad hand, fake smile, mouth a few patriotic platitudes, and then stab you in the back when they are sure you are looking the other way. And if you haven’t yet figured out which is worse, then you deserve your fate.

    Now what to do? They currently own the battlefield and the Jackboots, so meeting them head-on in a set-piece confrontation is suicide. Don’t do that. And don’t paint a target on your back. They are squashing all the productive elements of society, so collapse is inevitable. That means a fog of chaos is inevitable. Jackboots are very good at cracking skulls in a protest line, but they are useless against opponents they cannot see or anticipate. Plebs go to work every day keeping the economic engine running and these cogs are effectively invisible because innocuous and boring. That is your Fifth Gen warrior. And no, the Stasi can’t guard everything all the time. Smarter, not harder.

    • TomA, you often invoke “jackboots” as the ultimate bad outcome. Can we get out of this without our own jackboots?

      • As others have commented, not all LEOs are Jackboots. In fact, most are not, and more than a few are closet dissidents. So no need to paint with a broad brush.

        In general, Jackboots are mercenaries in the employ of a tyrant or authoritarian government such as the current managerial state. They work for pay and pension, and do as ordered because they know they are protected by the Elites and they share a mutual self interest in sustaining the Citadel. And you don’t have to be a sociopath in order to forcibly herd people into detention camps. When they look in the mirror, they see a white hat topped with a halo. You can’t do the job otherwise.

        As to your question, first things first. The disease cells must be expurgated, and there is an optimal way to accomplish same with minimal harm. Modeling strongly suggests that the rebirth and rebuilding process will be fractured and chaotic initially, but over time, many types of solutions will emerge based upon largely local drivers. This means balkanization and a lot of relocation, a large portion of which will be voluntary (Uhaul migration).

        None of the above requires a mercenary army of sadistic thugs.

      • Great point.

        A lot of new redpillers are still stuck on libertarianism, or “getting back to the Constitution”, but it is the weak state created by the Constitution that has allowed things to get this far.

        Until the helicopters are warming up, we’re not getting anywhere.

  24. Z seems too blackpilled on this. Realistically, none of these events should surprise any of us who have been paying attention over the past few years. The USA has already been doing this, but at least they had the pretext of “riot” on Jan 6, and all the others deplatformed were done secretly (ie. Fuentes). Trudeau has now put it out into the open, for all to see. Here are my takeaways:

    1 – Name calling no longer works on White people. Trudeau came out with the big guns early on, calling them “racist”, and “nazis”. Then he indirectly called them “anti-black”, “transphobes”, “misogynists”. Nobody cared and he was roundly mocked.

    2 – The government really hates you. They think so poorly of you that they would rather declare a dictatorship than acknowledge your demands. The Conservative Party gives lip service while doing nothing (same as they’ve done for the past 2 years). They will try to ruin your life for opposing them.

    3 – The police are not on your side. They might even be sympathetic personally, but they will all follow the orders of their pay masters, the State. Most seem to just be psychos who enjoy attacking you. This will require an enormous mindset shift among normal white people who see the cops as their friends and allies.

    4 – Critical infrastructure is really the thing that holds the regime together. They freaked out once GM, Chrysler, Ford and Toyota were complaining and shutting down – and this was a very simple, temporary and minor disruption, about 30 personal vehicles blocking access to a bridge. Globohomo needs reliable and modern infrastructure in order to run its tyranny, even the basic vaccine passport program. Think of the components that are required to keep this electronic data system running.

    It seems obvious what we have to do from here. I won’t write about it since we are in Emergency Measures and I’d hate to have a midnight visit, but put 2 and 2 together. It doesn’t involve mindlessly storming the Parliament Buildings. The question is, are there enough men with the brains and balls to take action? I guess we will find out.

    That seems to be what we have to do now – wait and see what happens. Is it just Trudeau throwing a tantrum, or are they really going to try and screw over dissidents and turn us into Cuba? Regardless of what happens, we need to use this opportunity to stress points 2) and 3) to normie conservatives. We also need to stop framing ourselves as victims looking for a saviour, I’ve seen so many people moaning and complaining about how it’s unfair and how mean Trudeau is.

    It’s not “woe is me, the government hates us” – it’s “yes, the government (and it’s personal police force) hates you and wants you dead. what are you going to do about it?” Then, of course, we can stress the important of laying low, connecting with like minded people, and point #4.

    • It is blackpilling. There will be many more black pills throughout the remainder of our lives.

      That written, the trucker strike was an astounding success in several regards, notably it has further delegitimized an already illegitimate system. Those of us in the United States are accustomed to it being a pariah. For the first time I can recall, Canada is a pariah. Further, as you point out, the Achilles’ Heel is an indefensible infrastructure. While the parallels between the Soviet Union and the totalitarian West are jawdropping, I would contend there are more in the former ready to throw a wrench into the system at this early stage than there were in the USSR until at least the late Eighties.

      While anyone who continued to believe the police were their friends probably is useless and retarded, this did drive that point home (perhaps even more than the willful impotence of police here during the Summer of George, and their barbarous nature during 1/6). Ditto the late realization that the government hates Whites.

      The impotent name-calling has been a thing for some time now.

      Bear in mind that a dying beast is the most savage, though. Again, the parallels between the treatment of the 1/6’ers in the American Lubyanka, the persecution of the Canadian truck drivers, and the treatment of Soviet dissidents is off the charts.

      • A government that can’t get tow trucks to move some semis, quickly and on short notice, is not going to be viewed as strong or competent by anyone.

    • Regarding no. 3: I was looking up stats about LEOs last weekend, and according to official sources, there are about 700k LEOs I’m America (the national population being about 330,000k). Of those, a good number are overweight, old, and/or female, so I’d bet that at most only 50% or so are capable of jackbootery. So, while they aren’t allies, they aren’t exactly an irresistible force either.

      • Police exists to protect the State and to allow strangers to associate with each other.

        I’m not sure either of those, especially the later is a good thing.

        So long as its self policing for bullies and pedophiles , most communities can deal pretty well with a minimal police force and a strong intolerance of strangers.

        Now such societies are by definition much poorer but they are also stronger and healthier in man ways.

        I don’t know you personally and will when possible not do business with strangers is something we may want to consider striving for, economic costs be damned.

      • Whatever your opinion on the quality vs. quantity of US security forces, legal impunity and Samuel Colt (or Mr. Glock) makes their fat, female and diverse members more efficacious than any trucker or Epiphany protestor.

        • For a day or two, yes. However, LEOs simply aren’t a force that can handle the grind of running martial law over large areas for extended periods of time. They aren’t supposed, and that’s by design. They don’t have the man power to go hot against even one percent of the population (which is why their response to protests was so tepid). Most of them don’t have the stamina to shoot it out with gangs for more than a couple days.

  25. “This is the new world order…”

    The hell it is. Nonsense.

    Z… people are getting fed up with this. People are getting fired from their jobs rather than taking the jab. That is damned serious business for dirt people, that demands serious commitment to personal morals and principles and means serious sacrifices. Do you know how much it costs to drive a rig from BC to Ottawa, park it, and blow horns for a couple weeks? You could go on a multiweek posh vacation in Europe, and take your gal along with you. Not to fedpoast… but Turdo is going to be damned lucky if people don’t start throwing bombs at him and shooting at him. When it finally comes, he’ll be lucky if it isn’t one of his own people that does it. Those filthy shiks – with a very few exceptions – are part of the liberal power base as are all vibrants. If you see a rag head trucker tooting his horn at these events… that’s bad news if you are a liberal politico. These guys are motivated, and it won’t take much to goad them into real violence.

    Another feature of liberalism is that the Streisand Effect results in everything they do. They say they are against racism and work tirelessly against it – and now it is exploding across the country. They won’t officially allow it but race realism is everywhere now. Guns and high cap mags are selling like hotcakes, Obutthole was the best gun salesman the NRA ever had; home schooling is booming as parents realize that they should not be exposing their kids to sexual predators, drug dealers, and marxist flakes that now infest the public schools. The boogaloonians are threatening mayhem if they see election shenanigans again.

    It’s like you said in your last podcast: it’s all over when we ask these liberals what authority allows them to do this stuff, why they want to do it, and how they expect to accomplish it. EVERY SINGLE PLANK of their platform fails under one or sometimes all of those questions. It’s all over when we decide that – hey, we don’t consent to this and won’t put up with it. You can’t run a country like this; and they know it. Now the Cloud People are looking at losing their jobs and status and the fallout from all that… and they are panicking. That is why they are doing this stuff. You can bet that Turdo is on the edge of his seat hoping the dirts don’t call or raise.

    This clamp down is not the end of Turdo’s problems. It’s the start.

      • The primary lessons of WWI and also WWII was that asking thousands of soldiers to jump up out of a trench or foxhole and charge across open terrain into the teeth of murderous machine fire was stupid on steroids. All you accomplished was to pill up dead bodies in front of machine gun nest. The battle ahead is not like ancient legions meeting on an open plain in manly hand-to-hand combat. The Fifth Gen warrior is unseen, unnoticed, unanticipated, and gone before they know what hit em. Anyone with dirt under their fingernails knows how thing don’t work too.

    • Glen, absolutely. Simply put, there are more of us than them. Some folks here repeatedly denounced the trucker protest as meaningless because the truckers were so peaceful and in the end got their heads handed to them. This is a misunderstanding of passive resistance, i.e., you do not comply with unjust laws and you accept the current penalties such non-compliance entails. It’s as old as Thoreau and Gandhi. It worked for MLK.

      Each of these events awakens a sleeping population. We need more of them, not less. Problem here is folks simply don’t have the patience for a process that will unfold over their children’s and grandchildren’s lives.

      • Passive resistance works against a regime that has some principles.

        Faced with a Bolshevik type regime it just gets you slaughtered.

        • Trumpton. The former USSR proves that this is not so.

          Solzhenitsyn was sent to the gulag, so was their physicist Sakharov. There were many so exiled and bunches killed outright, but this did not stop the process. The people simply caught wise and the system ground to a halt. Gorbachev could not save it. His reforms meant nothing as they came too late.

          Passive resistance does not necessarily have to depend on the good auspices of a corrupt government, it can/will also change the people’s concept of that government. It calls into question that government’s right to govern by exposing the true intent/legitimacy of that government wrt the people it governs.

          That’s why Trudeau had to demonize the truckers. He had to justify his force against his own people. The government professes to be a protector of the people, so these people (truckers) must be painted as “criminals”, “subversives”, “supremists”, and the like.

          The government can only use force against criminals and be supported. The real victory of the truckers was in not submitting to the temptation to resist force with force and prove Trudeau slanders correct.

          That is passive resistance.

          • Silly me I forgot the 20 million killed in the USSR and 30 million in China.

            That just shows its working.

          • Trumpton, no you missed the point of my postings because you don’t read them and then respond. You just double down and repeat the same old song.
            No one said the USSR did not kill people, just that the more they killed, the worst the situation became wrt the government’s claim to legitimacy and their “right” to rule over their populous. The USSR is no more, and to say it’s the same old thing under Putin is way too simplified.
            Similar with China. Yeah, China is still a bunch of authoritarians, but nowhere near the ideologues of the Mao days. China has tossed the Marxist doctrine out in favor of a manage capitalist system.
            How much these systems were changed by the people is debatable, but they did change. And so will we one way or another. Passive resistance is one technique to try before active resistance.

          • I do read them, I just don’t agree.

            20 million dead is not a proof of passive resistance success

            “The former USSR proves that this is not so.”

            I don’t know what you think is proof of success, but liquidating a sizeable portion of the country followed by 70 years of a shit existence is not my idea of a success metric.

            Active resistance in many countries, while not perfect, has led to partitioning in lots of cases or at least regional self rule, and I can’t think of a single armed rebellion situation where the death toll for one side was in the 10s of millions.

            War finishes more quickly, and with less casualties than passively getting gulaged for 70 years in the hope the regime stops killing you and your family eventually.,

            So I would say empirically active resistance works better with brutal opposition.

          • Resistance is not passive. Bending over and getting fucked like Ned in Deliverance is passive. You fight fire with fire or kiss your ass goodbye.

        • Bad analogy. The Bolshevik faced a largely unarmed, illiterate rabble. Turdo is an idiot and faces a sophisticated populace that is armed to the point that they can show up at a protest, shoot once, and every cop in Ottawa is dead. If they shoot twice, every politico is dead.

          If you are looking for a viable historical comparison, look up Bastille Day and the events that led up to it.

          • I would argue most now are dumber than any Russian peasant in the 19teens. However, is this not the brilliance of the modern auto-de-fe? Rather than pile up the bodies, let them make examples of people through psychological means. The person strolls around as the spectre reminding everyone what you do not want to end up like. It is a refinement of the authoritative state – one where the shackles are not physical, but mental. Hate to quote again from one of the Bibles of this era, but it is truly Orwellian – there is a reason Winston was alive at the end.

          • Whether they’re dumber or not, they have the potential ability to coordinate a resistance in ways that the Russian peasant wouldn’t comprehend. Not saying it will prove of any use, but it’s a tool today’s dissidents have.

          • The Russian peasants had their community with a strong sense of local identity. Most people nowadays do not know the names of their neighbors. Online movements are no different. What’s my name, btw?

      • Passive resistance worked for Gandhi etc because they were aligned with the actual power-holders, ie. the left. It won’t work for the right, because the right has no power.

        • Fred: Gandhi also had the advantage that the British didn’t really have the stomach to slaughter thousands at that point and could no longer really afford the costs of maintaining their empire. And MLK was no master of passive resistance; he wanted revolutionary action. His small hat advisers and funders developed the ‘passive resistance’ strategy and carefully choreographed MLK’s actions.

          Passive resistance sounds noble but it’s meant for those who have the time to wait the system out and want to be remembered as martyrs by their descendants. Whites don’t have that sort of time – in 70 years there won’t be many left.

          • “Whites don’t have that sort of time”

            Yes. Yes. Yes.

            In 1940, we were near 1/3 of global population.

            2 to 3 generations ago.

      • Compsci,

        I was singing along with you till the last sentence: “Problem here is folks simply don’t have the patience for a process that will unfold over their children’s and grandchildren’s lives.”

        Patience? For three generations? I wish it weren’t so but events strongly suggest we’re near a win-or-lose moment. The globalist overlords have taken the gloves off, now confident they can do anything to us to maintain their grip.

        Several commenters in this thread are right that a head-on open confrontation is not the smart strategy. That’s playing to the other side’s strength. But the left’s authoritarians have a weakness that can be turned to our advantage, namely, the forces they must use to execute their plans are slow-moving, competence-challenged bureaucracies that include many whose loyalty they can’t count on.

        That’s our ace card if we plan smart.

  26. Depressingly accurate and well done, Z. We live in a terrible age and it was richly earned.

    There are consequences, though. Putin’s humiliation of the Imperial Capitol has been appreciated by a larger set of the population than would have been previously the case. The first conditioning to fall by the wayside, apparently, will be the support for the military and imperialism (the same happened during the Suez as the British Empire started to collapse). The Ruling Class seemed quite disappointed–and angry–when it could not work Normie into a frenzy over the Ukraine. I suspect law enforcement will be the next to lose popular support, and finally voting and the system itself.

    Deprogramming Normie will take a while, but the Borg is doing its best to speed it along.

  27. What is the take here amongst the readership concerning the assertion that UN shock troops spearheaded the assault in Ottawa. If this is true, it’s another indicator that this is indeed a global “great reset “.

    • There was no need. The RCMP and provincial police fell into line, which actually is more ominous than any UN/NWO fantasy.

      • Yep, and it showed normie the blueprint for the police here. If you think for one minute that the police in the US are on your side I’ve got a great bridge to sell you.

      • Doxxing and social punishment is only supposed to work one way. The po-po are aligned with their paymasters, and hence an important element of their power. If the po-po were subject to the doxxing and social punishment, not only does the Clouds’ power take a hit, but then the thought that They, too, and not merely their bully boys, could suffer doxxing and social punishment inevitably arises.

      • Darn tootin’. Another test run, what’s stopping them from giving the Yunies a try?

        They showed up in plenty of other countries, time to step up the program. Those UN planes in Ottawa weren’t a peace delegation.

  28. Awesome. This doesn’t leave us dirt people many attractive options, other than keeping one’s head down and trying not to attract any of the antibodies in our direction. Doesn’t bode particularly well for the future.

    • Dissidents in the USSR didn’t have many options either. They just had to wait it out. Hopefully we won’t have to wait it out for 70 years.

      • Dissidents did not wait it out in the USSR, it just took a generation or two to achieve their goals. You think Solzhenitsyn was only read in the West? There was an underground for these people’s thoughts. It kept the spirit up for the masses. When the time came, e.g., glasnost, there was a body of people ready to take action and the “end” came as a tsunami for the USSR. So too will it arrive here.

  29. The so called conservatives are content to be part of the system. One of the most colossal lies was the one perpetrated on good hearted, traditional Whites by treacherous neocons.
    A relative of mine (of the boomer era) dedicated her life to the great cause of conservatism. Countless hours were spent making phone calls, knocking doors, fundraising for local to national republicans. Over the past year, she has become a bit red-pilled. As much of a buffoon as Trump was, he did serve a purpose by shattering and exposing the broken system.
    It’s infuriating to learn that they were not only never on our side, they were always thrilled to be the dutiful gatekeepers. It was only about stroking their egos while ingratiating themselves with the left.
    Buckley was the quintessential cloud person. He should only go down in history for the despicable act of quashing the brilliant and honest Sam Francis. Mel Bradford, Sobran, and Francis should have been the founders of the true conservative movement.

    • Yeah, Sam Francis always impressed me.

      I was thinking of him the other day at the same time as reasoning about how “we’re not voting our way out of this”. There was a lecture he gave at an AmRen conference, it may have been the mid 90s, where he was talking about ‘dog whistles’. I cannot recall exactly, but I think he was talking about how Republican nominees never lost when they put out ‘racial dog whistles’ to white voters… if we cared about the system then I guess that strategy would have paid dividends still, but here we are.

      I agree it is very disconcerting for many people who supported the system to now see it for what it is. And to move away from it and look at alternatives (although they’re few on the ground). The System is Evil, and propagates things that many just don’t want. But telling that to a Lifer in The System is always hard.

      I consider it a good day if I can find someone to talk honestly with, and that’s a rare occasion. For now, it is about family and finding useful and honest allies to prepare for our decline.

      But voting? Canvassing? Going out of your way for The System? No thanks.

  30. Altar.

    If you don’t want to be dismissed by your betters as a simpleton truck driver, don’t spell like one. Meanwhile, hypocrisy everywhere else, I know…

  31. The left is outraged by Kim Potter’s sentence. The judge seemed to be moved by the outpouring of support Potter received, she said there were over 1,000 letters. Daunte Wright’s rap sheet was completely memory holed in news coverage, if you Google “Daunte Wright rap sheet” the only result on the first page that covers it is from the Daily Mail. No mention of it was allowed in the trial, but I wonder if the judge didn’t weigh it into her decision.

    • Two years was reasonable. In a sane society though, she would have gotten off and the police chief would be fired for allowing a woman to be put in a such needlessly dangerous situation.

      • This is not just that particular location. Lady cops doing anything more than writing parking tickets & traffic stops (maybe) is an -exceptionally- bad idea.

        There is a rather large amount of statistical evidence that they will be the first to go lethal force in encounters that often could be deescalated with a proper ass whupping which they are incapable of delivering to a 200lb kneegrow buck.

        Along with females in infantry/combat arms and probably even female fighter pilots as we’ve seen more than once now, physics simply won’t bend to your utopian lefty sh-tlib fantasies. Reality Always Wins.

        • Reality wins, but who pays the bar tab in the end is where we have our work cut out. “Conservatives” love making great ceremony of opening the bar tab for strong independent women and pox alike. But they always slip out the back door just before the White guy minding his own biz after a long shift at work gets his guts opened by some invader with a busted corona bottle.

        • It’s not women in particular services that’s the problem, but their positions. For example, in military—combat arms, in police—beat cop, and so forth. These are positions that use force against males and women just don’t have it in their nature—neither do most males these days either.

          As to the escalation of deadly force, yep, they go to it quickly as their lives are in danger more so than a male counterpart. I even can speak to this personally.

          Way long ago, I was invited to participate in LEO training with simulations. Civilians—with known backgrounds—were only used. Can’t have other LEO’s playing bad guy or Joe Normie for realistic training, just naive, but dependable civilians.

          In one session, I was instructed to be belligerent to a female LEO (trainee) who was covering me with her sidearm incident to arrest and cuffing. I was not to comply, but remain with my hands visible and not move my feet, nor comply with commands. However, I could say anything and everything to her.

          Well, long story short, after a few choice words and a couple of “fuck you’s”, the female LEO shot me in the stomach/lower abdominal area two or three times. Simunitions are basically plastic paint balls shot out of a real, downloaded cartridge, from an issued firearm. They sting and leave a dime to quarter sized welt.

          The exercise was immediate halted and the instructor debriefed the woman trainee. He simply asked the shaking trainee, “why did you shoot him?” The answer, “because he wouldn’t do as I said”. There was an immediate lecture (repeat lecture I’m sure) of the rules for deadly force and the need to handle the encounter “differently”—to put it mildly.

          We, the training group, all had a good laugh at her expense. Nonetheless, this experience stuck with me to this day.

        • we had a lady cop one place we lived she was called out whenever a child was involved. good to have a couple of lady cops for such things including rape

      • In a sane society neither she nor Mohammed Noor ever would have been cops in the first place. This is an unthinkable concept to our elites most of whom are true believers when they say diversity is our strength.

  32. Reading the Gulag Archipelago, one of the items that stuck out the most is the Soviet obsession with finding wreckers. While Alexander mostly took the stance it was simply to punish people who could not fulfill the insane Soviet dictates, one could sense the overwhelming dread the rulers had, given if the idea of wrecking took hold on the people they rely on, it would collapse quickly.

    After their power was completely consolidated, open protest and rebellion was suicidal. At this point in our late-stage empire, we’re at the same point, only with eliminating bank accounts and livelihoods instead of gulags. There really is not an avenue of open protest anymore that will not be quickly stamped out, and Jan 6 and the Trucker Convoy were the last dying gasp.

    As people leave the streets, the need for boogeymen will become more difficult. The next stage of the empire will be to follow the same tactics of as the Soviets, and find dissident adjacent ‘wreckers’ in industry to scapegoat for their own incompetence. There will be trials of wreckers to blame when solar panels can’t stop persistent blackouts, or doctors being put on trial for wrecking vaccine efficacy when things get out so out of hand the lies don’t work anymore.

    • One of things I touch on in my forthcoming review of Gottfried’s last book is the difference between the way communists deal with dissent versus the managerial class deals with dissent. The former was direct and physical, while the latter is indirect and psychological. Freezing a bank account is a for of psychological warfare. It is far more insidious than sending goons to rough up the wrecker.

      • It’s also more feminine.

        But you’re correct. Destroying a man’s life to where he’s begging for any crappy job just to pay the bills is more effective than sending him off to a gulag. In latter case, you create a martyr, in the former, an example.

        • Destroying a man’s life to the point where he’s begging for a crappy job is indeed a feminine approach to punishment. It’s punitive and vindictive and it’s a hallmark of the matriarchal divorce industry in the United States.

          • If you consider that for females the resource poor male is low status, then it makes sense that to punish a man one must make him low status in the perception of the viewers.

            What could be worse?

            For men, status is derived from lots of things including violence. so the different approaches make sense.

          • Excellent points. The passsive-aggressive nature of the entire managerial state and corporate bug farms is a massive and sophisticated rear guard.

            The institutional preconditioning, gelding of boys, subjugating men to the gynocracy for decades in advance, all renders direct violence secondary and fringe.

            There is zero avenue for violence or physical confrontation that does not immediately go nuclear. The proposition is to submit, or scorched earth.

            They score massive humiliation points by preemptively removing all physical and natural (masculine) remedies illegal and moot and then forcing men to perpetually negotiate with sadistic weak males and embittered barren females for the pleasure of serving the empire that seeks to destroy them.

            As trumpton points out, the entire status hierarchy is inverted, feminine. But it’s also a kind of anarcho-tyranny in which a select few can accrue masculine status by controlling the levers of power but its a shrinking pool of men.

            Then there is the pox plantation in which non-whites are allowed to operate in the feral, r-selection masculine paradigm as another mercenary force of the State to box-in White men with actual violence and protected social status that prevents that violence being met in kind. Some evil shit.

      • As I have thought about this, I think it has as much to do with masculine authoritarianism vs. feminine authoritarianism.

        As low T soyboy males and wammens apply their version of authoritarianism, it comes with their typical passive-aggressive approaches, instead of direct, in your face methods of murder and imprisonment.

          • Radio host Dennis Prager had a show last week for call-in’s concerning whether you’d prefer to work for a female or male boss.

            Believe it or not, no one—men or women callers—wanted to work for a female boss. The women callers had their female (boss) counterparts spot on in their criticism. 😉

      • “Freezing a bank account is a for of psychological warfare.”

        One wonders how many of “them” grasp what they have done there. Canada has–almost instantaneously–made itself a place to take your money OUT of. It is no longer a safe place for investment. That is HUGE. Even banks are not safe. Canada has come out of the closet as a lawless jurisdiction. “Smart money” the world over sees that–and understands it.

        The mistake of barging into peoples’ bank accounts was a colossal blunder. They might even *compound* it by preventing people from pulling their money out of Canada now. They have *really* gone too far.

        They have dropped a big rock into a little pool. There will be waves.

          • Why a feature? If one threatens the segment of the population with significant economic clout—as vs the new vibrancy—what does one gain?

            You may be correct, but you need to elaborate.

        • The billions of CCP dollars laundered through real estate, making housing unaffordable for normal White people will never be mentioned by Trudeau. It’s a feature not a bug – that’s the way they want it to work. 10 million dollars crowdfunding, some of which came from the USA is a national emergency.

          For anybody right of center, it’s time to pull out a significant chunk of cash to hedge your bets. With inflation, it will quickly become worthless, so put it into something worthwhile.

          • Yep. In the early 2000’s while I was shlepping for schlomo in gobofinance there was a massive effort to access the China markets.

            Much strategy and big brained circlejerking and a bunch of money into black holes over there before it occurred to the merchants that selling garbage to the “emerging middle class” of china consumers was 10x the cash and 100x the risk of just facilitating and middlemanning the flow the other way.

            Why try to buy China when you can just sell them Heritage America instead?

            How quickly inconvenient regulations, favorable tax treatments, and even visas and other paperwork arrangements were passed in order to grease the whole thing.

            Chinese nationals in US colleges, real estate investment vehicles, infrastructure, agriculture, and natural resources all got stuffed with dirty CCP. And it was dirty. Those liar loans in the morgage ponzi were iron clad compared to chinafinance.

            All while the war on terror meant your bank account got tagged and the IRS and tech struck deals to make sure you weren’t a terrorist after you wired too many small transactions to your nanna.

            All that infrastructure is now just the new normal. Only difference is we are the Taliban now.

      • I read a story about some anti vaccine protests in Montreal back in the 1800s. I think it was smallpox or one of those early vaccines.

        Anyways, a mob formed and burned down the house of the chief vaccinator. Then, the cops showed up and beat the mob senseless with clubs.

        Everybody mostly went home after that. Nobody had their life savings stolen. The whole “wrecking your life” thing does strike me as very feminine – men just beat each other and go home. Regardless, it’s something we will have to learn to deal with.

      • Funny, if I had any creed that I have lived by it was: Never mess with another man’s family or his income.

  33. This is a war against Jesus and those that follow him. That is why it’s the only religion these people hate

  34. since before i was born there were talks about liberal west turning into a borg society where only those who submit & get chipped will be allowed to function.

    It’s pretty obvious the plandemic was a beta test for that, canadian truckers will probably be among the first to experience how it’s like to become an untouchable.

    on the bright side this piece of shit system is so damaging to the human spirit that only the low iq whites & the migrants will reproduce meaning it’s not sustainable in the long run.

    • The Indian caste system ran for hundreds of years, it was mostly only outside forces that changed this. Once people were born into it, it didn’t seem that strange to most.

      Can’t see a similar outside force potential on the horizon for the US/Canada.

      • The genetics of India are interesting. However the system evolved, the mating patterns quickly began to reinforce it. As a result, India is a collection of genetic pods.

        • One difference in the west I suppose is that a caste system can’t be maintained if you try to prevent intra-cast mating via propaganda conditioning.

          You can’t have genetic castes under such a system.

          • The caste system our rulers envisage is doomed to failure. Unlike South Africa, where your status was readily visible and immutable, they want to base it on subscribing to today’s prevailing orthodoxy. But as we’ve seen the past 15 years, that orthodoxy is in a state of constant flux. That’s why people tailor made for tribal membership still get hurled into the void when it’s discovered that they once tweeted problematically about the numinous gays.

            How can you sustain a system of apartheid when it’s based on an ephemeral system of shibboleths?

          • Maybe its just not solidified to identifiable characteristics quite yet and its just trying to find its shape?

            All such things must have flex before they become relatively stable boundaries I would wager.

          • it should also be mentioned that in order to remain in this system’s good graces parents will be required to leave their kids in the hands of pedos & all sorts of other freaks, i doubt indians have traditions such as these.
            I can’t imagine muslims putting up with this shit, also this unending influx of migrants is unheard of, who is gonna pay for these people, Joe the plumber?

            Liberalism is way too unnatural & freakish. This is how civilizations look like when they’re close to collapse, not when they begin a new chapter.

          • Problem (?) is that the Indian people still support the caste system. And it seems from news reports here, this is carried over by immigrants in the US. I doubt it is going away any time soon.

      • indian caste system wasn’t technologically advanced & it’s in accordance to nature, meaning the smartest indian subgrup rules over their savage kin, it’s as it should be.

        Globalists on the other hand aren’t that smart, their iron grip takes too much energy out of the system & it’s dysgenic.

        If u’re referring to the tribe then things get tricky, are the ashkenazi multiplying or are they dwindling same as the smart whites?

        • I wasn’t really referring to anyone.

          I was just pointing out caste systems are often the norm in history and appear to be quite stable for long periods when the groups accept the situation. Often this is when the rulers and the rest are genetically distinct.

          The odd thing about the West system is that the force is being applied to create a caste using the resources and force of themselves to make their own the low caste. I can’t think of another parallel in history.

          Its amazing that electronic conditioning can overcome and subvert natural group dynamics to such a degree.

    • ” … this piece of shit system is so damaging to the human spirit that only the low iq whites & the migrants will reproduce meaning it’s not sustainable in the long run.”

      Everything “they” are doing or plan to do depends 100% on an *unfailing* supply of electricity. And the power grid is indefensible. *Nobody* can defend it.


  35. It’s quite clear where we will be in another year or two. Trudeau watches the U.S. and acts accordingly and the ruling left watches events there and refines their plans.

    Vanquishing Trump and supporters is still on track. I can’t wait to see if anyone is foolish enough to emulate the truck convoy here. Being a dissident rightist has never been more discouraging, trying hard to see or remember any small victories.

    The tell for me is when they cancel the last public face and defender for our side, Tucker Carlson. That’s a strong signal and a final black pill for Joe Normie. None of this will change anything for me because I know this is a generational fight. The Russia thing somehow will have an impact, I feel it. Going to set events in motion few will have anticipated.

    • The US truck convoy is scheduled to arrive in DC on March 1st.

      Now is not a bad time to convert extra fiat into useful hard assets and goods.

      • DC is full of minority hires at every level of government including the police, prosecutors, judges, etc. and many of them are somewhere between overtly and covertly racist.

        The “DC Truck Protest” will be flyover Whitey vs. racial grievance darkies so if you expect to see this week or two of kid gloves that the Canadians got you are woefully naive. Plus they are incredibly emboldened by the deafening silence from the ‘opposition’ (Cuckservatives) regarding Jan. 6th.

        It will be less Ottawa Street Party Kumbaya and more this…


        • Yes, since Canada has already established several precedents I believe we can expect the DC regime to move far more swiftly.

          My gut says they’ll have martial law legislation up for a vote in Congress 7 to 10 days after the convoy arrives on March 1st.

          We can bet it’s probably some 5000 page monster that the K Street lobbyists have had on the shelf for years.

    • The silence from the Imperial Capital over the events in the 51st State is very telling. They’re watching Trudeau putt so they can read the green when it’s their turn.

    • Z says that Trudeau is just aping Washington. Does anyone else think that the US trucker convoy is just aping Canada’s? Why now, when mandates are all but gone? And why did this not happen a year ago, when things were by then clearly ridiculous and tyrranical?

      • It seems obvious its because the goal is not to target mandates for the organizers.

        The goal is to do exactly what Canada is doing, and it will be in the US for the same reason.

        If people can’t see the thing is a fake (not for the participants I get that) I am not sure what to say.

        Seems they learnt nothing from Jan 6.

        You don’t turn up in the middle of enemy territory based on a plan they give you, that already has been shown to be a terrible outcome, at a time they choose.

        I thought whites were supposed to be smart. They seem stupidly gullible to say the least.

        Let a thousand flowers bloom.

        • The goal is to do exactly what Canada is doing, and it will be in the US for the same reason.

          Yup. The DC convoy will be used as cover to implement martial law in the US, vastly expand the federal government’s ability to seize assets, and greatly undermine private property rights.

          Seems they learnt nothing from Jan 6.

          Looks that way. Their foolhardy route through the blue hive of Denver is bad enough, but it turns out that the organizers have set up a central database for participants to register all their info.

          How long until that database is hacked, or simply turned over to the govt?

          You don’t turn up in the middle of enemy territory based on a plan they give you, that already has been shown to be a terrible outcome, at a time they choose.

          Some guy named Sun Tzu had this figured out a long time ago. What did he know?

          • I had not seen the central registration thing.

            Jeez could there be a bigger clue as to the intent.

            Please fellow dissidents enter your name and addresses, phones into this application you don’t know, can’t verify and have no idea who runs it.

            Are people really that retarded?

          • “The DC convoy will be used as cover to implement martial law in the US, vastly expand the federal government’s ability to seize assets, and greatly undermine private property rights.”

            Martial law is unenforceable except on a willing population (Boston when they were looking for those bomb brothers; New Orleans after Katrina), OR in a small geographical area. And even then on a generally unarmed population. It’s true, of course, that *most* people will stay home if told to do so–we’ve just seen that–but everybody won’t. Anyway, they don’t have the manpower to enforce martial law coast to coast. They might keep *portions* of large cities under control but martial law is unenforceable on an unwilling population.

            Everything else you say is, unhappily, correct, no matter how stupid barging into people’s bank accounts is. That could set all kinds of things in motion.

          • The Feds could be behind the registration drive.

            Say some Governor calls up the national guard. A Fed, some FBI guy impersonating a trucker, starts something. The Guard opens fire.

            Why not just store the trucks away a week? Starve these blue cities. How many guardsmen can drive a 18 wheeler?

          • I agree they don’t have the manpower to physically enforce martial law nationwide.

            However, with their new digital, networked financial tools I’m not sure that matters.

            A declaration of martial law also gives them cover to suspend elections, courts, and legislatures.

            No more pesky midterms to worry about.

            Diaper mandates, lockdowns, and forced injections all come back on the table.

      • “And why did this not happen a year ago, when things were by then clearly ridiculous and tyrranical?”

        Because most people believed the chinkypox propaganda. Most people actually believed that there was a worldwide pandemic “killing millions.”

        Once they realized what was really going on–if they did–things were firmly in place.

        Also, it’s easier to do nothing than to do something. Just plain ol’ inertia. And organizing something on a continental scale takes a lot of time, I suspect.

        • Doing nothing-literally-is a far better plan. Tptb are prepared and designed to deal with active visible protests. A general strike, refusal to work, refusal to engage in unnecessary commerce – how do they fight that?

    • The right’s victory will probably come much like the soviet union’s collapse. After getting kicked in the teeth enough times, normie will simply cease to care, go through the motions, and usher in an era of malaise that will eventually lead to collapse. The couch potato’s revolution.

  36. What is happening in Canada also puts the conservative masses in a tough situation. To acknowledge the role the police play in gleefully assaulting and arresting the protesters puts them in conflict with one of their core worldviews. They are the people who back the blue. It doesn’t matter if the police will readily force businesses to close over the flu. Nor does it matter that the police will body tackle a grandma for not wearing a mask. Conservatives are the ones who are on the side of the police because they are the ones on the side of law and order. After all, aren’t the police going to join forces with us to fight against the system?

    Whoops. It shows that the left isn’t the only one with reality distortion fields.

    Fortunately, the police are getting so flagrant in their hypocrisy of bending their knees for BLM while cracking the heads of normal people that even conservatives are starting to notice. And we know that only evil people notice.

    • The police and their bosses are still the same. Strong before the weak, weak before the strong.

    • So what?

      They will still be thanking them while they are kicking the shit out of them and their children.

      Its going to take many years to undo the conditioning.

      • My unscientific opinion is that blackpilling over law enforcement is rapidly occurring amongst many normies. I suspect it’s one area where they’re more easily willing to reassess their former beliefs. Most normies are instinctively disdainful of government employees, even if they’re not capable of explaining why, so it doesn’t take much to point out to them that the police are also agents of the state and that there’s not really a “conservative case for supporting this one tiny, head-bashing, subset of the government.”

        Amateur police auditors from both the U.S. and U.K. have grown in popularity over the past decade and have done admirable work in repeatedly demonstrating that in the end cops will instinctively violate you and your rights before lifting a finger to uphold their oaths to protect the citizenry.

        • It’s all about training and accountability. Cops get lazy on the job. Some are not that bright to begin with, nor trained as well. Laws change and they don’t keep up. The good auditors are de facto amateur law enforcement trainers. Kudo’s to them.

          But not all auditors are hero’s either. A good many are half in the bag themselves and are basically trolls with cameras. In those cases, they work at odds with their stated purpose.

          As I look upon a long life and numerous interactions over the years, I’ve never had a negative outcome with an LEO encounter, but I can say that probably 50% were totally bogus—the kind that would deserve a YouTube video.

          For example: A number of years ago, I and two others were leaving from the range after a late night shoot. Three trucks full of targets and guns, one after the other onto the highway. It was a Saturday night and up the road from us was a farm that rented out to “ravers” for their drug related festivities. Not our problem, but the road was heavily patrolled by the sheriff who was interested in these matters.

          Sure enough, a mile or so out, our three trucks were intercepted by three sheriff’s patrol cars. I was the lead truck and saw each patrol car as they sped up and cut in and flashed their lights for each of us to pull over.

          I handed over my license and other info and wished I had stored the firearms a bit better in the back of the truck as I really didn’t want a hassle with a nervous deputy. He asked me where I was going, etc. and then I asked him why I’d been pulled over. He said a “reported” stolen vehicle fit my truck’s description and he wished me a good night. He gave a crap about a butt load of firearms in the truck back seat.

          Similarly the other two vehicles behind me left shortly and we all met up at a restaurant. The second truck behind me was told of a dim tail light or some BS and then let go. The last truck of our group was driven by an active LEO (badge and all) neighbor of mine.

          He was told the real reason—the sheriff’s area commander said to pull over all cars to find drug addled “ravers”. He was apologized to and released upon simply showing his badge. Professional courtesy—don’t you know. ;-)And hell, it was a pretextual stop anyway.

          Point is that this was a bullshit stop and a deliberate violation of everyone’s rights—including any ravers. I’m not naive, but I was younger then and not into these things. I am not longer young and definitely not naive.

    • One of the most interesting parts of the trucker convoy is how aware they are of the ‘police question’.

      Scott Greer on Twitter makes a solid point that defunding the police will only create a power vacuum to be replaced by the feds with people that are even worse, but it seems there ‘s a lot of leverage that the right needs to use.

      It’s as simple as “When you’re ordered to make our lives miserable, do the most lousy and slipshod job possible, and we’ll make your lives easier and you can say you ‘did your best’.”

  37. how does this not completely remove both the need (by the inner party) and support (by their voters) for the conservatives? i guess normie is oblivious to everything outside the radius of his grill, and will keep on hitting the little button in his cage.

    • It takes time unwind the mental frameworks. It tends to move slow and then fast. A lot of people had their eyes opened by January 6th. Those people had taken the first step in 2016 when they shook off their conditioning and voted for the man everyone said was Orange Hitler. They took another step when they revolted against the 2020 shenanigans. The last link in the chain is when people conclude there is no solution within the system. When that starts to happen things move quickly.

      • Yeah, when a Normie turns, he turns fast and hard. Interesting to watch in real time.

      • They are still raging about orange man bad. My neighbor told me her kid’s HS history teacher recently introduced WW1 to the class by saying that Mr. Hilter wanted to “make Germany great again.” At this point, it’s hilarious.

        • Hell, we had a blow up a few weeks ago where a HS teacher directly compared Trump’s rise to the office with Hitler’s rise to elected office. These folks are out of control and blatant. I used to think stupid, since they were teachers, but now I’m not sure anyone can be that stupid.

      • Yes, agreed. The tell for me will be when Normie stops voting. The (lack of) preference cascade seems to be: foreign interventionism/imperialism, the military itself, all law enforcement, and finally the system itself. The Ruling Class could not whip up a frenzy among Normie over the Ukraine despite the best efforts of its Republican pets. I suspect there is more anger over that than anything truckers could do.
        Leaving people with no options, especially no access to food and shelter, is frankly stupid in the long run but heartwarming to the Ruling Class sociopaths in the interim.

      • When I het back to Virginia next week I’ll be driving over to Hampden-Sydney College to visit Robert Louis Dabney’s grave, and to ponder how he called it so rightly those many years ago.

        Also, notice how still remaining in the Violence Against Women Act are the last two anti gun sections:

        1) mandatory investigation for NICS denials;

        2) ATF authority to deputize law enforcement. Can you spell “Federalization” ??

        • Addenda:

          Should be: When I GET back to Vir….


          Note the number (and names) of the Rs who have signed on as co-sponsors.

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