2022 In Review

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The one sure way to look like a genius when making predictions is to say the upcoming year will make the closing year look relatively calm. The reason is that recency bias works in favor of such a prediction. Everyone thinks now is crazier than the past, because they mostly forgot about how they felt in the past. The other reason it works in this age is things are getting increasingly weird.

That is one I can put in the win column. The theme to last year’s predictions was that things would get crazier and that is objectively true. While I did not specifically call Kanye West becoming America’s leading white nationalist, the mere fact that it happened confirms that we have reached a new level of crazy. We do not live in interesting times. We live in an age of general lunacy.

This cuts both ways. In an age of lunacy, you feel free to make bold improbable predictions about what comes next, because why not? My call on Biden was crazy but having a dementia patient in the White House is crazier still. Why not have a palace coup to remove him and the DMV lady? That turned out to be all wrong as Biden and DMV lady seem to be permanent fixtures now.

I got the international scene wrong as well, mostly because I did not go anywhere near bold enough in my predictions. I always underestimate the lunacy of the neocons, mostly because normal people never fully grasp evil. It turns out to have been a wackier year internationally than I thought was possible. In this regard, 2022 will be remembered as a momentous year for the world.

I also got the midterms wrong, at least partially wrong. I thought I was going out on a limb with that one, but it turned out to be too cautious. I thought demographics and disgust would begin to catch up with the Republicans, but not as quickly as it seems to be happening. Turnout took a hit in 2022 compared to previous midterms and it was almost all on the Republican side of things.

With regards to elections, 2022 may go down as the year when people internalized the wholesale corruption in the system. Among normal people it is now assumed that our elections are rigged. Some take it too far and there are the grifters like Dinesh D’Souza trying to monetize the cynicism, but most normal people now accept that our elections are no longer on the level. That is not a small thing.

Probably the biggest miss for the year was my predictions for myself. I did not escape Lagos and I did not finish my book. It was a year of big changes and those changes threw a wrench in my plans. When you have a tight schedule, change almost always means a deleterious disruption in the work schedule. My early prediction for next year is that I will remain behind on everything.

On the positive side of things, I did get the economics right. I hit the Bitcoin and equities markets calls pretty much on the nose, so to speak. I said Bitcoin would lose 50% of its value and it lost a bit more than that over the year. I was a little aggressive on the stock market, but that was due to de-dollarization globally. Those dollars have to go somewhere so they went into stocks late in the year.

Probably the best call of the year was the continued decline of Conservative Inc. and its media organs. This is something not getting a ton of attention, but official conservatism is on its way to the dustbin of history. When Claremont grandees are referencing dissident writers, you know that behind the scenes there is a great deal of handwringing about what is happening among the Dirt People.

The same can be said for the media as a whole. It is looking like Donald Trump was to the media what the compact disc was for music. People repurchased their music inventory on the new format, which masked the real decline in the market. The same was true of Trump. People paid attention to the media because he was at war with the media, but now that he is gone, interest in mass media has collapsed.

Every year, the biggest misses in the prediction game are the things that happened which no one imagined happening. No one saw Ukraine becoming a global struggle to keep the American empire alive well past its expiry date. Some predicted war in Ukraine and some even thought it would carry on for a while, but no one saw the great proxy war for the survival of the American empire as a result.

Similarly, no one saw the Twitter fiasco coming. Even now, no one is noting the elite war on Elon Musk for his apostacy. They have been attacking the value of his companies in an effort to punish him for his Twitter takeover. Of course, no one thought that an advocate for child molestation would turn out to be their chief censor. No one thought the FBI was integrated into Twitter either.

That may be the biggest miss of 2022. Most American have now learned that there is a secret police in America and they spend most of their time spying on Americans and manipulating what they see and hear. When establishment figures like Victor Davis Hanson are shocked by what has been revealed about the FBI, you know we have turned some important corner in the life of the country.

In the end, it was a strange year. Maybe it will be viewed as a pivotal year or simply part of a pivotal moment that started in 2015 when Trump came down the escalator. The one thing we can be sure about is 2023 will be even stranger than 2022. The trick is in imagining something that seems impossible today, and then think about how it could become normalized by this time next year.

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175 thoughts on “2022 In Review

  1. I’m surprised more people haven’t mentioned the China-Taiwan crisis (yes, it’s close to that level). China and Russia have had some in depth meetings recently. I wonder if China figures they should go into Taiwan sooner rather than later to bring closure to the Taiwan issue.

    • Excellent point. I’ve been saying this for about a year now as well. Some additional factors working towards it being sooner than later. 1) they’d want to do it while Biden is still in office as a doddering old cook. They wouldn’t want to risk a Republican or slightly more competent democrats being in charge in 2024. 2) Xi is an intelligent and proud man. He’s also getting old. He certainly wants regaining Taiwan on his resume.

      Working against it: The Chinese have been pouring money into bribing Taiwan officials. They’re making headway as weekly, with pro-Chinese reunification candidates gaining a lot of traction. On top of the money, Taiwan has to look at the United States clown show and see that it may not be on the side of the strongest horse. It may just be a matter of time before Taiwan simply joins china willingly rather than be decimated.

      • ” On top of the money, Taiwan has to look at the United States clown show and see that it may not be on the side of the strongest horse. It may just be a matter of time before Taiwan simply joins china willingly rather than be decimated.”

        This is exactly why the United States could provoke a war with China unless there is some sort of secret modus vivendi between D.C. and Beijing over Russia, which is based on nothing more than a highly justified raw cynicism. If the double cross is in, there is no need for Xi to do anything but continue bribing D.C. policymakers and corporate titans.

      • “They wouldn’t want to risk a Republican or slightly more competent democrats being in charge in 2024.”

        The Republican Party is going the way of the Dodo bird.

        Any facial recognition program would report back that the face belongs to the Uniparty, the party that just approved a trillion dollar spending bill. I checked it out. Mitt Romney? Yep. Uniparty.

    • china will not lose its young men over Taiwan. they will “color revolution them” with money and positions of power for the Taiwanese politicians . Taiwan will become for china what Ukraine is for the us war machine. the CCP has enough money to “fortify ” taiwan’s elections for democracy

  2. I used to think the Swiss were silly for having bomb shelters, a country where every resident must have a place in an atomic bomb shelter within a 30 minute walk of their home. The distance is extended to a 60 minute walk in mountain regions.

    The Swiss government passed legislation in 1963 that required nuclear shelters in all types of housing in Switzerland. Switzerland became the first country in the world to have enough bunkers to shelter the entire population from a nuclear blast.

    After watching Putin’s recent discussions about NATO / US involvement in Ukraine, and lessons learned from Russian military actions in 2022, I’m thinking maybe the idea isn’t so silly.

    • Does the term “Ukraine Stander” refer to a sh!tlib NPC which “Stands with the Ukraine”?

      And then the bigger question would be: After we finally win this armageddon, WTH are we gonna do with all these sub-human NPCs?

      Simply liquidate them, and replace them with automated Japanese sex dolls?

      I’ve got acquaintances [going back several decades] who now act like literal pod people.

      BONUS FOOTAGE: Donald Sutherland as the Ur-Stander


  3. “It is looking like Donald Trump was to the media what the compact disc was for music. People repurchased their music inventory on the new format, which masked the real decline in the market. The same was true of Trump. People paid attention to the media because he was at war with the media, but now that he is gone, interest in mass media has collapsed.“

    Brilliant metaphor and my favorite Zism of the year.

  4. “No one saw Ukraine becoming a global struggle to keep the American empire alive well past its expiry date. Some predicted war in Ukraine and some even thought it would carry on for a while, but no one saw the great proxy war for the survival of the American empire as a result.”

    Martin Armstrong did. Published if beginning in 2014.

    All the best to you, ZMan, for 2023 and beyond, and to your readers, too.

    • I was hoping Whiskey would show up on this thread, so that I could ask him whether Bibi was gonna fire Barnea, and put Yossi Cohen back in the job.

      But then it dawned on me that maybe even Bibi himself doesn’t have the authority to do the firing, without first consulting the council of the Sanhedrin?

      • I only know who Bibi is, but my take is that Israel is going to get very interesting and the Biden Regime reaction to it is going to be even more interesting. The FT notes that there will be lots of settlements in the West Bank and a possible attack by Israel directly on Iran.

        Obama detested Israel and its co-ethnics for a variety of reasons, much of it related to the usual Third World Prince resentments. That Israel beat their Arab champions and showed how shambolic they were, and that White normies liked them as a sub-rosa White normie champion was the source of most of the resentment. Support for Israel or its enemy Iran is basically identity politics all the way down. I used to think there was some magic deal as part of the Iran deal showering cash on connected Dems that cause their great enthusiasm, but it was just the old HATE HATE HATE for the Great White Champion in the ME such as it was.

        Biden spent a good deal of political capital on the Iran Deal, and made big bets on it to pointedly call the Saudi’s MBS a murderer and promising punishment. Only to see Iran repudiate any deal and have the CIA back the latest color revolution (badly, its being crushed and is mostly Kurds and Azeris) while both Saudi and Iran back Russia and the former looks to China for protection. No oil for you! Worst of both worlds, the USA has no ME oil nation as its friend and client protectee. Biden incompetently nuked the Saudi relationship pursuing a non-existent Iran Deal.

        Now Iran is cooperating in oil pipelines with Russia, and sending drones to Russia along with schematics for building more. Which enrages all of official Washington. The Neo Cons want another front opened with an attack on Iran, alongside Israel, but the Crazy Left which has a hatred for Israel cannot and will not allow it. The Regime is caught between the Squad, various ethnic groups, the Obamas and Jarrett, and the Neo Cons.

        Obama made the Iran deal his “legacy” and if he is angry enough he could call for Biden’s removal “for the good of the country” and Biden would be forced out. You saw who has the real power when the two were together — it wasn’t the President but the former President.

        We might just get President Harris.

    • I suppose we should all have been paying more attention to the Georgian business back around 2014 or so when John McCain and a bunch of bi-partisan hacks attempted to start the same sort of fire in somewhat the same region. The idea of using a proxy border state to somehow “destabilize Russia” has apparently been bouncing around the tiny minds of the Beltway People like a .22 cal assassin’s bullet this whole time. I suppose it finally lodged in the “Ukraine” hemisphere. Of course, it seems to be destabilizing the Empire itself instead but hey, what lovely savage irony!

  5. > When Claremont grandees are referencing dissident writers, you know that behind the scenes there is a great deal of handwringing about what is happening among the Dirt People.

    On balance, are entities such as Claremont or Hanson good or bad for the dissident cause? Given their amplification of dissident ideas, maybe their less ConInc and more dissident-lite.

    • Claremont puts out some good stuff. Hanson used to.

      I think there’s an actual conservative—not American “conservative”—core they share. When I find myself annoyed by them it’s always when they let slip an attitude that’s something like: The one thing worse than the weird dysfunctions and idiot plans our elite inflicts on us would be if the non-elite were allowed to stop them. Our rulers can be replaced, but not by us.

      They’re a useful reminder that a rightist mind-revolution among the “educated”/etc. would make them no less hostile toward us regular shitheads. That hostility *is* them.

      • Anyone who watched the behavior of Karen and Ken during the Coof knows that most of them would gladly wear a (very slightly) modified Nazi uniform as long as you just replaced “Jews” with “Unvaxxed”. Indeed, Coofism WAS probably your rightist mind-revolution right there. As they like to say “this is who we are”.

    • The think tank guys want to preserve the system at all costs, in the same way that a person whose livelihood depends on the government wants to.

      So your opinion on the usefulness of these think tanks depends on whether you believe that the present system can be salvaged. In Anton’s case, it all depends on getting the non-whites to love the Constitution. Good luck with that…

      On the other hand, these groups may make some persuadables aware us when they point and sputter (maybe “shriek” is a better word) at us.

  6. Don’t know if this will happen by the end of 2023, but certainly in time for the 2024 “elections:”

    Musk will be ousted at Twitter, and both social media posting and “voting” will become mandatory.

    Otherwise, how will The Regime know how wonderful we find them, if they can’t force us to tell them several times a day? The “people” (in the loosest biological sense) who rule us are basically Mean Girls. They’re mentally and emotionally 13. It’s not enough for them to run everything; they have to be told, constantly, how very very special they are. You will be made to care. So many people are obviously checking out — Media companies lost some huge percentage of market value last year, and voter turnout rates are in the toilet. That’s unacceptable. You will be made to care, Citizen.

    • In the lowest rungs of white collar work this has already been true for a decade (compulsory social media posting). Everyone here knows the enforced participation in gossip-girl “workplace software” toys like Schlock and Pinked-In. This is not analogous to the old lounge corkboard or stupid team-building events from Dilbert strips, it’s a complete queering of the contract of corp employment. The college campus is now covering 50 states and includes all of our global print, video, and music industries (plus extension offices for Allah-go-boom peasants of the outlands)

    • That will happen re: social media, but not that soon. The regime has to wait for the olds to die off. Once there is nobody left who can remember a time before the internet, it will be something like that.

    • “Musk will be ousted from Twitter”

      This goes along with my prediction. When Musk first bought Twitter, all my normie con friends got super excited and said something along the lines of, “We’re going to get free speech again online, this is going to change so much.” My response was, and is, it’s only temporary. In 2023, the left will do everything in its powers to destroy Musk for his apostasy. You’re already seeing it in numerous hit pieces every single week. They’ll start hitting him with frivolous lawsuits, try to diminish the value of his companies, and even look at trying to find obscure laws they can say he broke. They own the media, the managerial government, and the mob. When they destroy the worlds richest man for apostasy *maybe* a lot of normies realize the severity of what we face and they we can’t vote our way out of this.

      • There is a war among elites. The financial elites like Gates, Buffett, Soros, the guy in Switzerland behind Klaus Schwab are all for woke 100%. And the great reset. Musk won’t get to Mars with engineers working for an extra bowl of cockroaches a day (they will all be off scrounging for stuff) and Bezos will be worth a fraction of his wealth with everyone in a pod freezing. They both need motivated skilled labor among a shortage of that and face rivals in China particularly.

        Musk is basically it for satellite launches and other ad-hoc space stuff, that NASA and the Chair Force cannot deliver. So he has some protection and if push comes to shove the Pentagon will simply block some of the stuff out of the crazy left on National Security Grounds. Otherwise China and Russia will simply own near-orbit space.

        There is also Hillary! in the wings waiting to oust the Crazy Left as part of the “Clinton Restoration” so don’t discount that.

    • It’s all according to Nature’s Plan. Pretty simple actually.


      Which leads to differentiation.

      Which leads to resentment.

      Which leads to socialism.

      Which leads to communism.

      Which leads to ashes.

      Which leads to genes.

      “By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return.”

    • I don’t see voting becoming mandatory. They don’t need actual voter turnout, they can just make it up like the votes themselves. Why go to the trouble of trying to enforce something that you can just “report” into existence?

    • Snow is white supremacy and systemic racism all rolled into one apparently.

      “Buffalo blizzard fuels racial and class divides in polarized city.”


      A few choice quotes from the article:

      “In 2020, nearly 147,000 of the city’s 270,000’s residents were on food stamps.” (54% of the city requires food assistance?)

      “People in this area are nurses, firefighters, blue-collar folks that live paycheck to paycheck,” (Nurses and Firefighters in the Buffalo area shouldn’t be described as paycheck to paycheck jobs.)

      While the loss of human life and city dysfunction is lamentable, these scenarios will be more common as the general breakdown in societal order continues. Too many jobs that required not only competence, but also a measure of pride in the community they work for is disappearing.

      Other examples abound, Katrina is an easy one, yet mini-dystopias break out if the EBT card goes offline, or when the latest venting of a future aspiring rapper/astronaut/physician youth by law enforcement.

      My prediction for 2023 is more decline, more dissent amongst the populace, and of course, more fault laid at the feet of Heritage Americans.

        • “After graduating from August Martin High School,[1] Brown attended Buffalo State College.[1][4] He played a year of Junior Varsity basketball as a 5-foot-11-inch (1.80 m) guard. While he had considered a potential medical career,[1] Brown graduated in 1983 with a dual Bachelor of Arts in political science and journalism. He subsequently completed a certificate program for senior executives in state and local government at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.[5]

          Early career
          After college, Brown worked for Bristol-Myers for a year as a regional sales representative. Brown quit after a short tenure and took the New York State Troopers exam before becoming Chief of staff for Buffalo Common Council President George Arthur for two years.”

          I.O.W. After failing to capitalize on one affirmative action opportunity after another via short tenures and failed exams, he finally got a government appointment and a warm body, “30 leaders of the future”, award.

      • Per your line about nurses and firemen living check-to-check, that hasn’t been true for 30-40 years now. Nurses in particular are paid much more than most are worth. Teachers, police and firemen and government employees in general are paid so much above what the private sector is paid that the comparision is embarassing for the private sector.

        I know some nurse and 6 figure salaries are more the rule now than the exception. But teachers are my special gripe. I remember when I was a kid, all you heard was how underpaid teachers were. That definately is not true now especially for an 8 month job.

        • At least at GloboBank, I can look forward to a full state-backed pension, indexed to the rate of inflation, plus full health benefits when I retire.

          No? I don’t have any of that?

          Well, at least I’ll have Social Security and Medicare when I retire.

          I do sleep well knowing that the private sector can’t even begin to pay for the promises made to public sector pensions.

        • Mike,

          Yeah, that line about nurses and firefighters came directly from the article. Those jobs are highly compensated positions, and the only thing I can guess is that the gentleman confused the certified nursing assistants with full-fledged nurses.

        • NY state troopers are rich.

          We know this because one can spot plenty of homes on Lake Ontario with a NY state company car parked in the driveway.

          • NYS corrections officers make out well, too. I know plenty, including a close relative, who retired in their early 50s, after having spent 30 years working 8 days a month.

      • Martin Armstrong’s “Socrates” says that Something Big will happen in January and in May.

        2023 will be “a year from political hell.”

        There will be “a panic cycle in politics.”

  7. The consensus view for financial markets in 2023 is that it will be rough but not the end of the world. As I’ve posted here before, we can immediately dismiss this because the consensus view for financial markets is always wrong. Always. This is a truism, a maxim, that you can take to the bank. At the beginning of 2022, nobody, consensus or otherwise, predicted we would be where we are now.

    That means either markets will do surprisingly well, or else it will be not merely bad but catastrophic. Nobody outside of dissident circles seems to expect the financial apocalypse, and there it often strikes me as wishful thinking. But I can’t say it won’t happen.

    I see some predictions about the end of the petrodollar in 2023, or at least the erosion of it, and that is indeed happening in some time frame. However, it’s not as if globohomo is unaware that this is happening, and they aren’t as dumb as you think. They have a plan. Which I believe is:

    Globohomo has already shown itself to be willing to sacrifice anything and everything about Europe in order to sustain the GAE, and Europe has demonstrated the meekness to accept that. So next, they are going to destroy the Euro currency and force Europe into using the US dollar as the way to solve their petrodollar problem. That’s my prediction for 2023.

    • “So next, they are going to destroy the Euro currency and force Europe into using the US dollar… .”

      The euro was always going to collapse b/c the EU refused to consolidate the national debts of all the countries that use the euro before they launched the doomed currency. So the EU has already destroyed their currency. It’s just a dead man walking.

      What the GAE is going to do to Europe is blow it up–literally. GAE is going toe-to-toe with Russia in what the Russians are already calling “another Great Patriotic War.” That would give rational actors pause, but there are no longer any rational actors.

      There’s already ethnic cleansing underway in Kosovo, as Kosovo and Albania mean to “cleanse” Kosovo of Serbs. Serb police have already fired on Albanian troops. We can expect Globohomo to do what it can to destroy Christianity in Europe. And, indeed, wherever it is still found. Which means GAE will bomb Serbia sooner or later, and that clock is running out fast.

      Poland is increasing the size of it’s army by nearly 100%. We can expect NATO/Poland to invade Byelorussia. In 2023? ’24? Soon, anyway,

      Russia is doubling the size of her armed forces and increasing conscription and training by more than 50%–for now.

      NATO is going into a major war against Russia, whether they want to or not. By which I mean that the GAE will blow up Europe.

      Europe is toast. But they brought it on themselves. The GAE will collapse within ten years. The US will cease to exist in its present form, thank Heaven.

      2023 — 2025/6 will be a wild ride.

      Start here and just surf the whole site:

      Just click on “English” at the top of the page.

      • The GAE plans to turn the nations of Europe into polities that are the equivalent of well-used prophylactics.

    • Yes. Babies. Those we oppose don’t have babies much anymore. They’re in it for the here and now. We’re in it for the future. I’m optimistic.

  8. This past year I have been trying to kick my doom and gloom porn (reality?) addiction. I have been going on week long news fasts and, generally speaking, my outlook on life improves when I ignore the outside World. But like a drug or acohol addict, in moments of weakness, I will open a web browser and return to all my old familiar internet haunts for an outrage fix. I have been on the internet since 1995 and I wonder if I have been absorbed by borg. I know witnessing the death of my nation, happening in real time, has affected me and I have yet to fully come to terms with it.

    • It’s not easy to turn away from a country I know you, like myself, once loved. It’s awful to visit family, watch TV (we have no cable or satellite) and absorb the agitprop spewed by our ruling class and their media lickspittles.

      A break is always good. In the New Year, I’m going to take longer and longer breaks from the train wreck that is the USA.

    • I am in this camp. By keeping up and seeing the lunacy on a daily basis I’ve turned into an angry man loaded to the top with hate. It is no way to live and it is very unfair to my wife.

      • Interesting little encounter group happening here. It is inevitable to feel the rage and for those closest to us to have to go through it.

        It isn’t putting one’s head in the sand to focus on saving one’s family and children and strengthening one’s position. The biggest help would be to have a small group of like minded men to gather with in person. There one can engage in a bit of despair but create accountability to do things that create positive energy and construct the fortress and vessels for our posterity and ourselves. That is my primary goal for 2023. It is essential.

        Life goes on, and we must prepare ourselves and our posterity for the future. I call it Operation Andaluz.

        For any reading I do, I would prefer to find things that are non-reactive or do not prompt a reactive response. Anything that is a problem statement that has no solutions proposed or provides no meaningfully constructive endeavor to contribute to must be abandoned. We only get one life.

        Happy New Year!

      • hit the gym

        put that hatred into pumping iron. then, once you’re in shape start learning a martial art. you have no excuse to not be ripped.

        focus on what you control, especially on a healthy lifestyle, cut out leftist food like mcdonalds and fake news programming. have as many kids as possible.

        nothing wrong with hate, it means you have a healthy testosterone level and are observing things around you for what they are. can’t let the hate consume you though, learn to tame the beast. You are in charge.

        • I took this week off, and I’ve been chopping probably close to half a cord of firewood every day for my aging parents so they have plenty for the winter. What a workout! Never sustained it like this before, so I never realized it jacks your whole body up. Country strong, too, not just slow-twitch iron-pumping. All while producing a valuable commodity. FWIW.

          • Was it Ben Franklin who said ‘when you cut your own wood, it warms you twice’. Of course, you’re cutting your folks’ wood, so the saying doesn’t apply. However, you will be warmed by the satisfaction that you are providing for your parents the way they did for you.

          • My mom’s thanking me with brunch, so it’s a square deal as far as I’m concerned 😆

            The old man can still chop it as needed, but if they get a head start and I get a workout, everybody wins.

      • Fatalism and stoicism are the keys to staying reasonably mentally healthy in these lunatic times. You simply have to accept that the evil ones successfullly destroyed America and have done grave damage to Western civilization in general. What’s done is done, and there’s nothing you can do about it, so why derange yourself?

        On the positive side, you can also console yourself with the certainty that the Left’s victory is temporary. No society built upon galloping irrationality can persist for very long. The collapse is coming. It could happen in 2023 or 2063, but it will happen. Then, once we pass through the great inflection to the other side, we will rebuild what they have destroyed. There is solace in that.

        • Been doing this more & more recently. I find that about 2012 or earlier (~10 yrs) is my cut off. Before then the Poz hadn’t really set in badly. Anything in the past few years is hot garbage, and you need to carefully investigate. There IS some good stuff being made but you must really sift the chaff to find the little bit of wheat.

        • I’ve been on a 〈i〉Perry Mason〈/i〉kick lately. Have yet to see a single vibrant in any episode.

          • PM is one of my comfort shows. there are a couple of nigs scattered across the 9 seasons, as witnesses and background characters; but not many.

    • I can deal with the doom and gloom, it’s just become very hard to communicate with Normie, so it’s like I’m walled off from most people. When they state some observation about current events, I realize that the gulf is too large for me to cross. But occasionally I get a pleasant surprise.

    • “I know witnessing the death of my nation, happening in real time, has affected me and I have yet to fully come to terms with it.”



      • Live long enough to f**k your drunk dad?

        I know, I know! It was a parable exalting consanguinity- a ‘pillar of salt’ meant she was barren, foreign ways means no kids, inbreed instead for the tribe.

  9. “People paid attention to the media because he was at war with the media, but now that he is gone, interest in mass media has collapsed.”

    Here’s a prediction for the upcoming year. I predict that MSM and social media flagging as dominant propaganda arms for the Left, will encourage encroachment (censorship) upon alternatives such as blog’s like this and sub stacks (one on one communication via email). Look for movement in that direction in addition to the persecution of such authors to continue. Not sure of how such will appear, but the information vector is too powerful to be ignored. People may be fed up with MSM, but the psychological urge to be “informed” remains.

    • In Germany private chat groups like Telegram are monitored. There have been house searches (a common form of harassment) and prosecutions for things written there…

    • One example: The New York Times is currently doing interviews for an upcoming piece on Reddit. It will be a demand for censorship. Reddit is already so thoroughly censored that the targets for the hitpiece are shitlib-dominated—but not *perfectly* dominated—non-places like r/politicalcompassmemes and r/redscarepod. Nothing interesting has been allowed on Reddit for years. Like Twitter, it’s been made “safe” by (and for) pedophile trannies. Not safe enough, though.

    • The Twitter files have demonstrated that no target is too small. There were feds censoring accounts with only a few dozen followers.

      As for dissidents, I think we’re more likely to just have our discourse deplatformed from the internet entirely. China is able to manage a great firewall, I don’t see why American can’t. Maybe it already does.

      But I have long believed the regime likes having us segregated in our echo chambers where we can do little harm and where they can easily keep an eye on us. If they took that away, we might wander out in the real world and actually do something. So I figure they prefer us here.

  10. I predict that in 2023 I will write at least one more comment on the upcoming collapse to which Line in the Sand will react with a double face palm. But on a more pragmatic level, I predict that credit card debt will skyrocket as inflation starts taking a real bite as people’s savings deplete. This, in turn, will generate thousands of viral videos of normal people going postal in various fast food restaurants, at least one of which will involve a fatality. And here is my outlier prediction . . . Brandon will try to start WW3 with a nuclear first strike on Russia, but the Pentagon brass will refuse the order.

    • Credit cards are nearly max’d out now. This stat is well known, since cards and credit limits are reported, and monitored by the Fed. I suspect we’ll hear the news after the Xmas stat’s roll in. CC expansion was one reason for the delay in the economy crash in 2022. On the other hand, it is an aspect of the “money supply” and as such being tapped out is what the Fed’s want in order to reduce $$$ supply. When the unemployment stat’s rise, it will hurt the average joker even worse.

      So as “Clubber” Lang said in Rocky III, “…I predict pain…” in 2023.

    • Yeah it’s quite possible that as the Thrill Kill Kagan Kult discover that nobody gives a s**t about their project anymore, they will either do a false flag OR just go ahead and order a “pre-emptive strike”.

      Then one of our guys will play the part of Stanislav Petrov. I certainly hope so.

        • Arkhipov certainly was the hero in the submarine episode. Marko is referring to the episode where the Soviet computer glitch showed 5 US missiles launched and Petrov (pbuh) was the smart guy who realized if the US attacked, they wouldn’t only launch 5, and risk annihilation from the retaliatory strike. So he stood down.

    • 13% of our population already goes postal in fast food restaurants for various reasons. So are you predicting it to spread past that 13%?

  11. Everything makes perfect sense when you understand that the west is now dominated by – and run by – old white women.

    My boomer mom is 79. She is so laughably crazy now all I do is ignore her or laugh at her. You could smother Biden or push Turdo La Doo down the stairs…and put my mom in charge and not a thing would change. She drinks her own koolaid and her place in an affluent white retirement community insulates her from the consequences of her voting habits. War with Russia? Oh, that damnable MAN!!! Pajeets ruling Britain? Yay for diversity!!! We need MOAR!!! Truth about joggers and jews and vibrants only apply if it somehow happens in HER backyard.

    Even before she got old and senile, she was certifiable. Biden is the puppet. His wife is pulling his strings… and the real puppeteer is whoever is pulling hers.

    • Even the Saudis seem to have come to the conclusion the China is the strong horse, having to deal with a man in Bidens condition might have been the last straw

      • Yeah…it depends on who defines the terms I guess. She’d be properly described as maybe a pre-boomer? Born in 1943, and I think the accepted notion is that Boomers start in 1945…?

        Like many boomers, my parents fell upward and failed forward.

        • Yeah, the Baby Boom officially started in 1946. WWII was still underway for almost 3/4 of 1945. My mother called me a “war baby,” born in March ’45. I joke with my husband who is a couple of months younger that I have a president “on” him, i. e. FDR who died a month after I came into the world. We’ve had some real gems for Boomer Presidents, starting with Wm Jefferson Clinton, followed by George Bush, Barack Obama, too, born in 1961. Al Gore would have qualified, too, and of course, DJT!

      • Misclassifying Biden as a boomer (akin to an off by one error) is certainly understandable. I myself had subconsciously assumed the same, simply because his smartass mouth has been running like a water meter ever since he entered public life. That, and he lacks any of the good characteristics the Silent Gen have/had. Biden falls between the cracks, so to speak.

    • My old Sgt. Major’s last grandson has finally resigned his commission and left the army. His last posting was the Pentagram and one of the things that finally made him call it quits was what one officer from Norway – I believe it was – told him regarding the administration and it’s collection of carny folk, “What happened to your country’s leaders? When I was growing up there was at least a semblance of sanity from DC regarding international geopolitics, but this list of characters who are in Washington now (He was referring to that “person” with the shaved head, mustache and bright red lipstick, who wears dresses. I can’t remember it’s name.) are insane. I tell you this as a friend, the rest of the world looks at your government and thinks they belong in an asylum, no one takes you seriously anymore and that is dangerous for the free world.” He isn’t wrong.

      • True but it is just as bad or worse in Europe. Norwegians are really in no position to throw stones in that regard…

  12. I want to make predictions, but as ludicrous as the ones I want to make are, I’m not entirely sure they haven’t already happened. A beer for the first person who replies that the following has already occurred:

    I predict gender affirming care will start happening AT public schools. Oh, and field trips to tyranny clinics.

    • I have been predicting The Boogaloo for years. But the grillers grill, the normies chill on the couch with a game of sportzball and a beer, and our happy merchants cash in.

      This year I call for the return of The Great Pumpkin. Hey – shouldn’t I get a prize too just for showing up…?


      Happy New Year Z. I hope and pray that you are wrong about everything this year… but wrong in the right way, if ya catch my drift…

    • Mark Dice made a very reasonable prediction a few weeks ago. He said that in the very near future it will become verboten to use the phrases “trans woman” or “trans man”. Using these terms implies that the person referred to is something less than a complete member of their new gender. He’s absolutely right and I won’t be surprised if they begin pushing this in 2023.

      • What could be more humiliating/demoralizing than to have some delusional, psychologically impaired “co-worker” seated in your area and be required to interact with he/she and co-enable he/she’s delusion?

        Given that thought…yeah, it will happen!

  13. While it wasn’t exactly today’s point, the closely related topic of 2023 predictions is prevalent in comments. It is interesting to note that it is difficult on several fronts to determine whether an array of predictions will come to pass either in 2023 or 2024 because they deal with serious and potentially catastrophic outcomes that are taking shape but not there quite yet.

    So with that in mind, I’ll offer mine: NATO (the GAE, obviously) overtly will intervene next winter in European civil unrest over energy and possibly food disruptions and shortages. This will get really serious really fast if that happens in Germany and/or is violent, the latter of which is likely. Additionally, the immigrant populations will prove especially dangerous. The GAE and its British and Canadian puppet states will pull out all stops to censor the story and keep their own populations placated and unaware as much as possible. Whether that last can be done will depend on domestic economic conditions, which are likely to be quite bad. The world as we know it is at a hinge point because of stupid decisions such as provoking the Russia-Ukraine war. It is a fascinating time to be alive and likely will be an unpleasant one.

    • does NATO have enough troops to do this? will the member states’ armies really participate in this?

      • Barely yes to the first and definitely yes to the former. Remember, the German government is arresting people who mention the United States engaged in the greatest recent act of domestic terrorism by blowing up Nordstream. The other European governments lie about it and track down subjects who acknowledge the obvious. They would joyfully fire on their peeps, just like in the States.

      • NATO/EU have the perfect set up. If things get spicy, send troops from Italy to Germany, Norway to France, whatever. There are for all practical purposes an infinate number of combinations you can go through without ever having to deploy your army in your company. Imagine Polich troops deployed in Germany, there would be no shortage of volunteers for that, the rest of Eorope in Poland for that matter.

        • When the Soviets decided to put down the Gdansk riots, the Polish dictator literally begged Moscow not to use East German troops. This was ignored and eventually bit the USSR on the ass.

      • “does NATO have enough troops to do this? will the member states’ armies really participate in this?”


        The real $64 question.

    • My uneasy feeling is that China stabs Russia in the back. I can’t see how it is not to China’s advantage for the GAE and Russia to duke it out, deplete each other, leaving China as the last man standing in this globe-sized Mexican standoff.

  14. It was a good year.

    At this time last year, I was banned from bars, restaurants, theaters, sporting arenas, planes, boats, barbers, and many employment opportunities. The unvaxxed in Quebec couldn’t even go to Walmart or grocery shopping, except for the pharmacy, and had to stand in steel cages while they waited for an attendant to get their stuff. There was also the talk swirling around about a “tax” on unvaccinated people. A lockdown was called for everyone around new years, which lasted until March, even though 93% of the population was vaxxed.

    The Freedom Convoy happened and things rapidly went back to normal. Our message was received loud and clear, even though they never admitted it. A few weeks later, the Ukraine invasion happened and the whole COVID thing was memory-holed. Ukraine flags went up on the NPC’s windows and cars.

    2022 will go down as the year that changing demographics made themselves felt. They’re noticed EVERYWHERE now. White flight suburbs, small towns, farms, doesn’t matter how far away you go, there will be diversity. The 2022 midterms showed the Republicans will NEVER be competitive on a national level. They simply don’t have the votes, by which I mean they simply don’t have the volume of White people. Georgia is 50% White, remarkably stayed red for a long time due to Whites bloc voting for Republicans, but that couldn’t hold forever.

    The mode of the the USA and Western governments have gone from stable and competent, to crazy and erratic. Just like a banana republic, and they have the same demographics. California going to give reparations to blacks. 3rd world corruption and incompetence is everywhere now.

    Many things that don’t make sense to us actually make perfect sense if you remember that you’re not in a White country, but in a racial jungle not much different than Brazil. Except they hate white people more in America. But remember that it’s not your country, so the political decisions, media, and culture are not supposed to reflect what you want, or who you are.

    2023 Predictions: Much of the same. Increasing vibrancy and corruption. I expect a lull this year, not too many big events will happen but the general slide down from 1st world to 2nd world country will continue unabated.

    Expect immigration to increase even more as the USA races to flood and destroy its people before 2030/2040/2050 as immigration source countries start to see a declining population of their own.

    Germany is going to open its borders, this time to skilled labour. Short Indian will be out in the UK and the Labour party will ramp up migration to new highs. Canada is already on an insane immigration bender and that will continue. Expect India to be their new favorite source.

    In Canada: demographics have made it impossible for Conservatives to win what would be a landslide for them with 2005 demographics. Trudeau will squeak in with a minority government in a spring election, carried only by the Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto areas. He will continue to slowly ban all guns.

    • Thanks. It is shocking how widely reported it is, especially at dissident sites, that the trucker protests failed when in fact they were wildly successful. This is largely due to the massive censorship regime in place. That blackout started simultaneously with the Canadian bank runs, which rattled United States policymakers who feared they would spread south.

      • Please excuse my ignorance, but could someone please explain how the trucker protests were “successful”?

        • B125 should answer this, but in short the mandates they wanted lifted were. I think this frightened the normally successful Regime a lot more than anything else in some time. The individual truckers suffered from the Regime stealing their money, but the goals largely were achieved. You only heard a little about the vaccine mandates disappearing and a lot about the sanctions–until the bank runs started.

    • Yep, I was talking to GOP Normie the other day about politics. He kept talking about policy. I told him that it didn’t matter. Demographics mattered and that the GOP was utterly doomed. Told him that Florida, Texas, Georgia, Arizona would go the way of Colorado and Virginia, i.e., purple than blue.

      No joke, he told me that Hispanics and even blacks were getting tired of the Dems and that they were starting to vote Republican. I couldn’t control a laugh. I told him that the GOP has been saying this since the 1990s and it’s never worked – ever.

      He just kept saying that they would come around. I kept telling him that the GOP, which is pointless, is doomed. Country’s politics will look like California over time. He didn’t want to hear it.

      He’s wrong, of course. GOP has an outside chance in 2024, and if it wins there, in 2028. After that, it’s over. That’s when things get interesting.

      • The mestizos in America will vote for a small, limited government focused on individual responsibility, liberty, small business ownership, low taxes, and gun rights at the same time the mestizos in Venezuela or Guatemala vote for one. Or when the Zimbabweans or Liberians vote for it, maybe African Americans will too.

        AKA they never will.

        Honestly, I don’t care how they vote or how they live in their own countries but it becomes my problem now that they’re invading ours. We will slowly be creating new political arrangements here, even if it’s unintentional.

        Also, your friend should consider that his vibrant acquaintances are just telling him what he wants to hear,
        but pulling the lever for D anyways.

        • Again it’s too late now, but looking to other countries and how they handle “immigrants”, there are any number (most) that *if* they allow a “permanent” stay, you don’t work nor do you ever have the right to vote, or even to own land. Only in the West are citizens so brain dead as to allow strangers to move in and gain control over their society.

          • Even today, it would still be possible to get most of the current immivaders to auto-deport if there was even a hint that the Whites were finding their balls and seeing what was being planned for them. The hapless wetbacks who arrive broke and stay that way can’t leave but most of the problem today is people who are upper middle class in their home lands and come here to grab a bit more. Those people always have enough for a plane ticket home.

      • Yes, isn’t it true. We have been hearing for how long now that Hispanics are “natural conservatives”. Candice Owens reliably informs us that blacks are “getting tired of the dems.”

        In reality they vote around 70 percent dem in nearly every election.

    • “They simply don’t have the votes”. the GOP’s lack of votes isn’t the problem; it’s their lack of balls. plus they are duplicitous liars and creeps.

    • “California going to give reparations to blacks.”

      Haven’t heard that, but it is GREAT news! Maybe blacks will flood out of here and into California, where they are truly hated by Mexicans. Anyway, maybe it will reduce their numbers in the rest of the country.

      Canada will break apart. Is already breaking apart. Alberta at the very least will leave the confederation and will likely join with Montana, Idaho, and the Dakotas as a new country.

      • Not for long when only 55% of Alberta’s newborns are white (and dropping)…

        The regime only needs to wait 20 years. In 2040, why would India West separate from India East? And join what, Mexico North? It might break up due to some other Indian conflict in the future, but definitely not in the sense of the current culture and political arena.

  15. Outstanding insights. It seems to me some on the “conservative” side are still in denial about many things. I know some people who understand very well that the government has lied to them their entire lives. They define themselves as “conservative”. They also believe that Putin destroyed the NS pipeline. Russia/Putin you see, is evil and they will conquer Europe if we let them.

    The left is crazy beyond all hope of redemption. Many on the right are as well. The few good articulators of truth, like the ZMan, have much work to do.

    • “The few good articulators of truth, like the ZMan, have much work to do.”

      Unfortunately, the “much work” part may very well be to “survive” when Sauron’s eye casts its gaze upon him.

    • “Russia/Putin you see, is evil and they will conquer Europe if we let them.”

      You say that like it’s bad thing.

  16. Yeah, it’s interesting to see the progression:

    Trump shows Normies that you can push back against the Left and the media. Then, he shows that GOP will not support someone who brings up issues important to them.

    This is like Normie seeing that first glitch in the Matrix. He’s not sure what exactly he saw, but it wasn’t right. He’s not losing trust in the GOP yet, but he’s starting notice things.

    Trump shows normies that the GOP will actually work against someone who brings up issues important to them.

    Now, Normie is beginning to wonder what’s going on in the GOP. He’s starting to lose some trust.

    Covid, BLM and the stolen election

    Normie loses faith in medical authorities and the gov from Covid. Normie can’t hide behind “colorblind” anymore. He’s racist and must admit it. Normie isn’t happy about that. Finally, the election causes him to lose trust in elections.

    Portfolio, inflation, Ukraine, midterms.

    Normie doesn’t care about Ukraine, but it’s another thing that make him wonder what’s wrong with the gov. The midterms feel rigged. Normie’s portfolio takes a hit but not too bad and economy is okay, but Normie is nervous. Normie hates inflation. Normie is losing faith all around.

    Who knows. US or Polish troops in Ukraine. Recession finally hits. Stocks fall even more. Gov prints/borrows again, causing inflation to return.

    Normie has lost a lot of faith in the system already. He’s not going to put up with stagflation for long. Dealing with persistently high inflation and fear of losing his job, Normie ain’t putting up with uncontrolled immigration and some black lesbian telling him how terrible his because he’s white.

    A bad economy always causes unrest, but it’s particularly bad when the population has already lost faith in the system.

    • Barring Global Thermonuclear War, I predict this book release in 2025-2026

      The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914

      and the newly issued Companion Volume 2:

      The Grifters: How Europe Went to War again in 2023

    • Is it just me, or have they toned back the anti-white stuff a little bit?

      I’ve noticed stuff moving back towards a “hey, we’re all in this together” tone instead of being outright hostile towards white men. Noticed a few more white men in commercials.

      Maybe our men were noticing a bit too much. Or maybe it’s nothing.

      • I haven’t noticed any of that. In fact, the ads and commercials over the holidays were 70% black. Where do you live? I’m in Philly but it seems like Rwanda.

      • Interesting. Blacks aside, I live in an Hispanic area. The commercials still show Blacks to the exclusion of Hispanics. It is noticeable in the extreme. Perhaps 2023 is the year Hispanics find their “balls” and begin to express their plurality in the new America. (Latest figures on the border in El Paso are more than 1,000 per day pouring over! But that has to be mistaken—as in low—because the count total for 2022 is said to be 2M.)

        • I have this expectation that hispanics will have the political solidarity that whites lack, to push back against globohomo the way whites should have done. Hard to say when. It seems to become more likely as there become more of them. Or it could be just wishful thinking.

          • I don’t know if the solidarity will be political, or if it matters that it is. What will likely happen is similar to Muslim no go zones. There will be certain areas (how large or many, quien sabe) where things are just done different. And no ones says anything.

        • find their balls?! they aren’t solving the nig problem by voting. they are using a more direct (and permanent) technique. the msm doesn’t cover it much, but the mexicans et als are driving the nigs back into the south, and maybe into extinction from there. if the nigs are lucky, they get mississippi as a kind of reservation (but i wouldn’t bet on that).

      • I did my first TV watching in years this holiday when it was on in the background. The times that my eyes met the screen, I saw nothing but black people acting like upper middle class suburban white people. My, in-all-seriousness, trying-to-win-a-bet guess at the ratio would be 92% black people on screen. When in mixed company the white man is always on the periphery – which is to say 99%+.

        What 3g4me said, “Turn it off.” Not sure how to get my family to turn it off and fill their children’s eyes with positive images of our people. More important they need to build positive images of themselves.

        One thing is for sure, we are strong. Like Newton didn’t need to see images of white men discovering gravity to discover gravity, we don’t need to see ourselves in commercials kissing our children with a Lexus in the McMansion driveway to be who we are. We do need to love our children and fill them full of positive images and teach them the truth of our long and awe inspiring history. We must put in the effort to help them be worthy of it and capable of writing the next chapters of it.

        Let’s turn off Television Replacement Vibration and put in the real work required to own our future.

    • It’s possible for one event to cause the scales to fall from normie’s eyes all at once. I would know. There wasn’t any real progression. I went from Civnat G. Normiecon to radical dissident in less than a week, when it happened.

        • The Russia hoax. When they announced, all at once, on the same day, in every major news outlet, two days after the election, that Russia had stolen the election for Trump, in some mysterious unspecified way. It was everybody’s top story all at the same time, even though it lacked specific details. So clearly it was a staged story, and not an organically developing one.

          I didn’t really care about Trump back then one way or the other, although I did care about keeping H out of the WH. But what I realized right away was 1. Any such announcement 2 days after the election was a coup and 2. The level of organization and large number of players involved it took to stage that coup

          So I realized right then, all at once, how down to the bone corrupt it all was. Whereas before, I hadn’t really been thinking about any of that. But I’m sure it helped me along that I had never really trusted the media in my adult life.

          • Nice read here Jeffrey. For me it was quite a few years ago, but I didn’t know it. I started realizing that the idea of a “democracy” was the most ridiculous thing ever. That, and race realism came on at an early age. I didn’t separate completely from black acquaintances until about 3 years ago. Normie friends of mine started looking at me funny when I’d say things like “this retard is not only allowed to vote, but is allowed to live in our society”. They all called me crazy back then. Now? Not so much…

  17. In a year filled with craziness and insanity, 2022 is also when Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed by the US Senate to the Supreme Court, after stating that she is unable to define a woman because “she’s not a biologist.” Yeah, she’s crazy, but what about everyone who went along with it?

    In a serious country, after the laughter and ridicule died down, someone would’ve stood up and demanded that the Democrats find another candidate.

    • To the radical, words are just tools of power as opposed to tools to explain objective phenomena. Rest assured, Brown will use ‘woman’ in any way that accomplishes her objectives. he left knows this while the right is just interested in meaningless gotchas.

    • In a serious country, she would never have been nominated in the first place.

      In a serious country, she would never have been a lawyer. She would never have passed a bar exam. She would never have been in a law school. In a serious country, such an idea would never have entered her head. Or anybody else’s.

  18. They seem to be longing for the old days of covid controls. I’m seeing more and more articles with calls for masks and other covid histrionics. Drudge had a headline today asking if Covid is worse than 2020 in China.

    • I’m not the first to observe this, but the masks are so much like Islam requiring women to cover up as a public symbol of piety.

    • Tars: I thought for a bit the powers-that-be were backing off on the Covid stuff, but it’s now looking like it will never entirely go away. There have been lots of breathless reports on massive infection rates in China, and 50% of two recent planeloads from China to Italy tested positive. Of course, Italy needs all those Han to sew their authentic, luxury ‘Italian-made’ couture goods. And since the tests were proven bogus some time ago, I still don’t understand how anyone tests positive or negative for a virus they’ve yet to isolate in a lab.

      Nevertheless, Italy will now test all incoming Han. And AINO is going to start in a week – just after enough have arrived with their latest flu. Whatever – we’ve not taken the shot nor been sick. Hubby has to travel for work right after 1 Jan and he’s at least driving, but we’re still a bit concerned with him contracting the flu that’s been going around so doubling up on the zinc and quercetin. Meanwhile, the Mestizos pour in unabated.

      And yet, here in DFW, the diverse and the AWFLs are shopping and partying like it’s 1990 or something. Various more retail and online vendors are shutting down. Layoffs increasing among the financial and IT sectors, as well as what little manufacturing we have left (I keep track for my friend whose husband recently took early retirement just ahead of layoffs, to his vast relief). I don’t use any food delivery services but note that “Freshly” went under. Do people still use Instacart? Bonuses among the banking and financial sectors have also been axed, although ‘top’ management still get their lucre.

      If I have been surprised by anything, it’s that the UK totally backed off their massive testing and repression regime re the coof (perhaps they figured a sufficient % of Whites already had gotten the mRNA dose), yet Australia and NZ have continued pedal to the metal. My husband said this morning that he was surprised to learn via the twitter files just how intertwined big tech and fedgov were, because he didn’t think they were competent enough. That’s been his go-to defense for years for all sorts of accusations/theories against fedgov. I was not surprised at all, because I never confused incompetence with evil.

      2023? Who knows. More of the same, certainly. Something large and catastrophic? Perhaps. The only thing I’m sure of is that nothing – employment, economics, education, family formation – will be better for White people. So we continue doing our best to batten down the hatches and get out of the line of fire. No, not hunkering down in a bunker, but moving to a more rural and minimally diverse place is just common sense, at this point. And just a pointer based on the latest news hysteria – buy some extra toilet paper.

      • I’m unable to retire just yet. Wife and I have about 15 more years. I could probably do 12-13, but she needs 15. Once we retire, we will sell of our property assets, set ourselves up for a simple life in a rural area and completely disconnect.

      • Maybe Australia and NZ are worse than the UK.

        UK media does report on problematic stories whilst Aus and Nz media seem to be more reticent.
        Daily Mail covers race attacks in the UK and US even when the victim is white.Maybe people are more informed about the UK and US and don’t understand how far gone other countries are. People assume that Western media are equally keen on reporting “difficult” stories.

        Even on this site huge stories outside the US and Uk are not covered much if at all. Does anyone have an opinion about Operation Sentinelle and what that says about France? Or more Belgian Muslims went to fight for ISIS than Muslims from Britain? The story about how German schoolchildren are regularly attacked in German schools by immigrants’ children and the German state does nothing? Prominent Swedish women boasting in the media that they hate white men and will never procreate with a Swedish man? The rapid demographic changes in northern Italy?

        I think this ignorance differetial about Western countries is why commenters often assume that Anglo countries are the worst.

        NB I understand that the focus here is mostly US issues but even so people are too optimistic about continental Europe.

  19. 2022 was the year that systemic collapse became visible to normie. not that normie changed his mooing ways, but you never now. looking for the collapse to accelerate in 2023, as the ukraine proxy war blows up in biden’ face.

    • Depending on what you mean by “blow up” a quick and decisive Russian victory would likely help Biden. The Ruskies can put an end to this before Biden makes more bad decisions inadvertently saving his skin.

  20. Anton’s long winded essay mentioning you was something no one could have ever predicted and it’s remarkably fantastic.
    Congratulations, Z!

  21. Watching the Branch Covidian cult become unglued was fun to watch. Most people now understand that the vax does not work. The mask does not work. And social distancing does not work. In short, our Medical/Industrial Complex can no longer be relied upon. And that is no small thing, either.

    • Moe’s unsolicited 2023 prognostication: school children in the blue-hives will be required to wear masks before the end of February.

      • And this is why the crazies will continue to distance themselves from the rest of us. Handing over power to them simply highlights just how insane and cruel they really are. Normie is beginning to separate himself from Team Wacko in incremental ways.

        • I am seeing this, most definitely. Especially among the young (late 20-somethings/early 30s) members of my family who are left of center and starting to get enough juice to move from Heartland areas to leftist strongholds in the South and Midwest. I cannot tell you how many conversations I have had with young folk over the holidays that have hovered around how they are leaving for Blue areas …it seems as if they have myths about Red areas that have only become strengthened, even when the Red land beneath their feet is actually swinging left. Very odd.

    • We have always placed way too much faith in the “Medical/Industrial Complex”. Everyone thinks doctors are the smartest people around and nurses are heroes. While some doctors are quite smart and some nurses do heroic things, the simple fact is that just like every other profession, most doctors and nurses are just average. They picked their careers, not through some higher calling, but because it worked for them.

      Considering that most medical providers that people encounter these days are Physician Assistants (which is a much easier school than Med School), and nursing schools are getting seriously dumbed down, we should treat them with the same skepticism we would the DMV ladies. From my experience, Health Care has become the single biggest scam in the US. I defy anyone to look closely at medical billing and not suspect money laundering.

      • So true. I had a scheduled visit with my doctor this month. I was contacted yesterday by the medical conglomerate. They said that I would need to reschedule my appointment because my doctor was sick. I inquired further and it seems my doctor is in the hospital with a heart problem. He is fifty years old and seemed in good health the last I saw him.

        I probably do not need to point out that he is/was an animated supporter of the vax and all of the boosters. He chided me a great deal about my “unscientific fear” of the vax. Well I can’t say it was the vax for sure. But….

        • I posted my experience at the doctor over a year ago here, but I’ll repeat that when I declined the vaxx he asked me why, insisting it’s safe and effective. When I responded that many doctors are raising the red flag, he said, “no doctors of any importance are.”

          I have a very encyclopedic mind and that’s when I let loose and rattled off the names of Dr. Luc Montaignor, the man who discovered HIV and earned a Nobel Prize, and the US leading cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough, and also one of the inventors of mRNA technology, Dr. Malone, along with some other statistics I committed to memory.

          He had no rebuttal, and couldn’t leave the room fast enough. I didn’t exactly enjoy embarrassing him because he’s a nice guy and he’s been my doctor for over 20 years, but he could’ve accepted my answer to getting the shot and moved on. So now I’m moving on to finding a new doctor.

      • I disagree. Minority promotions (AA) aside, you are conflating two aspect of the human condition. IQ, as in exceptional smarts, and “courage”.

        Doctors (MD’s) admittedly come in different “flavors”, but by and large they are fairly smart people compared to the average or norm of the population. Some of the best of the lot enter into research and the discovery of new knowledge. The rest I refer to as “technicians”. That is to be expected, but that doesn’t denigrate the remaining to “average” intelligence.

        However, smart folk—doctors included—have the same moral failings as we all do. The general populace lacks “courage”. Some of the dumbest people show courage given the opportunity, while some of the smartest are cowards.

        • Compsci, I’m gonna take a guess that you don’t currently work in health care. If you were surrounded by these people every day, you might adjust your opinion a bit…

      • Blame me for the down vote: “Most people now understand that the vax does not work.”

        Most people WHO VISIT THIS WEBSITE understand that the vax does not work.

        Most people are idiots, evil or keep their mouths shut in order to keep their jobs and continue grilling.

    • I don’t know about most knowing any of that, or if they did have that thought, it probably no longer crosses their minds. Expecting normie to draw conclusions, learn lessons, and act accordingly is sadly not something that appears likely to happen- at least not in any significant numbers. I would assume they will mask up again once the order is given.

      • Reference the masks …. one might consider retaining a particle of uncertainty about mask-wearers’ motivations. I have a significant allergic condition — something more, really — driven to the surface when I inadvertently moved into America’s Great Pollen Sump. After a couple of months, I began to get sick. A year later, the allergist referred me to someone farther up the chain (this doc was one of the smart ones) as it was obvious something more was going on.

        So I wear a N95 mask outside here on high-pollen days, or months, which come frequently here. If I don’t, I have a problem. I think that when some people see me hereabouts, where mask wearing is rare, they think I’m some kind of moron. I hate it, but I’ve got to do it at times if I want to avoid the system going haywire.

        Working fall-back relocation plan to get out of the poison air … at least for a preponderance of the year. What I’ve learned, is that a few who are wearing them have another reason for doing so.

        Just something to keep in the back of one’s mind.

  22. Over Christmas, three related takeaways from spending time with left-of-center (LoC) family members:

    *They think Elon is an “autocrat” (in normie lefty-speak, this means “a guy who has right-wing tendencies and who is also a natural leader”), a problem, and a generally bad person
    *Vietnam = bad but Ukraine = good
    *Alex Jones deserved what he got. Also Kanye is a terrible person and how can you not hate him 100% Marko?? (I was not being argumentative, but merely advocating free speech, something that LoC people don’t understand anymore.)

    One thing is for sure in 2023: normies will still be consuming content and believing the people on TV.

    I hope everyone had better conversations than I did!

  23. In the field known as “philosophy of science”, we learn that predictions that aren’t falsifiable aren’t worth anything. Such garbage predictions tend to be of two types — either tautologies or couched in such vagueness that they can never be demonstrated to be wrong.

    In politics, geopolitics, and political economy it’s too easy to be wrong. More important is arguably to get the qualitative picture right — e.g., the ebbing of USA’s global presence, the reduction of its economic fortunes, the emergence of domestic civil strife. In my exceedingly humble opinion, you’re getting this all correct.

    • Popper is an important figure to me because I respect his conceptual breakthrough concerning the primacy of falsification yet in his political writings, “Open Society,” he helped set the foundation for the Sanhedrin that rules us now. He is a quintessential representative of the good and bad in his group.

  24. “People paid attention to the media because Trump was at war with the media, now that he is gone, interest in mass media has collapsed.”

    Which is undoubtedly why the mass media is desperately trying to keep Trump in the news lately. However, no one really cares what they gave to say about him anymore, because like everything else, it’s 99% lies. Further, the Trump phenomenon has pretty much run its course as the thrill is gone.

    • Trump is still a topic among the normie leftwing and rightwing, at least with my normie family members. The leftwing thinks he must be stopped at all costs (they really still think he is a unique danger) and the rightwing thinks he’s still kinda funny, still gives those leftists hell, plus they think Biden is a unique danger. So yes, the media is still gaslighting the “Trump phenomenon”.

    • Precisely. What we enjoyed about watching the media confibulate about Trump in 2016 was that look on their talking head faces. Now that the media/deep state managed to boot him, we don’t want to see those lying faces…ever again.

  25. Zman, normally when I write it’s to criticise something but most of the time I don’t write because I’m nodding my head in agreement. Your writing over the past month in particular has been excellent. Keep up the good work, but give yourself a break before you break yourself.

    • I go back and forth thinking he is robot partially due to the prodigious output. And the almost too perfect made for podcast voice.

    • I am very grateful for Z’s prolific output. Been reading a long time. Only recently noticed there was a comments section.

      • And what a comment section it is. Zman’s posts/podcasts and the comments are a stellar combination. I marvel at the intelligence and thoughtfulness of so many who post here.


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