The Winter Of Empire

Way back when the tech oligarchs began to censure people, the primary reaction was that this was not allowed. Americans had been operating under the assumption that we had the right to speak freely about politics and we had the right to hear others speak freely about politics. That was the rule. What these tech companies were doing was un-American and immoral. In other words, they were breaking the rules.

It did not take long before people started losing respect for the rules, since they were no longer being applied fairly. Working around the arbitrary enforcement of ever-changing rules is now a primary enterprise. The new normal is that the people with power exercise it arbitrarily and capriciously. As a result, the people who prided themselves on obeying the rules now have no respect for the rules.

That has been the biggest change in the last half dozen years. It used to be that a room full of dissidents would be talking about how we can get the state to do a better job enforcing the rules. Now, the room is full of people who laugh at the rules and talk about ways to get around the latest schemes by the rule makers to benefit themselves and their allies at the expense of the decent people.

All of sudden, billions of people around the world are having the same sort of conversion in their minds. The Global American Empire is literally trying to de-platform an entire country. They are threatening to do the same to anyone who helps the Russians evade the effort. The rest of the world is about to learn something American dissidents have learned. You cannot trust the rule makers.

This was madness when inflicted on citizens, but it is suicidal when scaled up to the world as a whole. Does Washington really think they can send the world a notice that they have changed the terms of service? That is what we are seeing. We are seeing Western governments seize Russian property, for no other reason that the terms of service have been changed and property rights no longer exist.

What the Russo-Ukrainian war is testing is whether Karen culture can become a ruling ideology of the Global American Empire. Russia is unhappy with NATO and Ukraine, so Washington demanded to speak to Russia’s manager. When that failed, they launched a de-platforming campaign on social media. Millions of American zombies have joined in on the campaign to destroy Russia.

The madness of this is that the Global American Empire has rested on the fact that America could be trusted to enforce and abide by the rules. Sure, with power comes privilege and one of the benefits for America has been flexibility on the rules, like we saw with the Iraq invasion. In general, the empire was built on a set of rules that were promoted by and defended by the American empire.

Now the rules no longer matter. Where does that leave the moral authority of the Global American Empire? It is too soon to know, but we see Russia, China and now India adjusting to this reality. That means developing a parallel set of systems and institutions, something we have seen in America. Soon, most of the world’s people will live outside and opposed to the American rules

In the end, that means death to the Global American Empire. Just as we see domestically, the collapse of moral authority means the only way to maintain power is through force. Washington can bully Americans around, but she cannot expect to bully the world around for very long. The cost becomes prohibitive. What this war has done is bring us to the winter phase of the Global American Empire.

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  • The Nuremberg Trials
  • Lucius Junius Brutus
  • America as Brutus
  • Russia & Ukraine
  • The Reckless Giant
  • The Loss of Virtue

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249 thoughts on “The Winter Of Empire

  1. Just here to gloat.

    I voted for Donald Trump because I knew worse wasn’t better. Thanks to all the people who sat out the election or voted for Joe Biden because they were mad about some trivial BS. Great call. I supported secession because I knew this kind of situation in Ukraine would eventually happen — endless hysteria and mismanagement as the Empire collapsed, then disaster. Yep; disaster incoming thanks to Twitter & Reddit. I committed to never voting republican again after their response to the 2020 George Floyd Riots and then Juneteeth. Now they want WWIII!

    All great calls on my part — incredible batting average.

    If I had gotten my way, none of this would be happening now; and the terrible things that may be in store would have been averted. But no, we had to “have babies” (but live in tyranny for decades), instead. We had to “get tuff” by watching Jordan Peterson videos and working out and going on a diet. We had to flee to the countryside and wait for the apocalypse. We had to grill and do nothing because other people would get some guns or something and fight “if x line is crossed” far away in a future that doesn’t inconvenience us in the present.

    Good calls. Thanks guys.

    In reality, all these things were excuses to do nothing. It didn’t have to be this way. Yet another reminder that the vast majority of the population, even on the “dissident right”, are worthless simpletons and cowards. I don’t endorse the things to come, but it’s hard for me to feel sorry for anyone in this country either because this was the obvious outcome easily visible to all of us who aren’t knuckle-dragging troglodytes. We told you and we were ignored because you thought you knew better. Nope.

  2. It needs to be said – Part 3, the slaughter begins.

    Plebs from Russia are now killing plebs from Ukraine and vice versa, in very large numbers; and neither of these combatants hate each other or want to play along. Yet here we are. And it’s coming to a theater near you very soon.

    This was all organized and implemented by the Cloud People for the sole purpose of “keeping them dancing so they don’t notice that we have been raping them blind for years now and especially don’t want them to turn on us as a form of accountability.”

    That is why the US State Department fomented this crisis by egging on the Zelensky government with talk of EU/NATO membership and rearming with nukes. And if that wasn’t enough motivation for Putin to attack, then toss in the fact that US DoD was operating unsafe bioweapon labs in Ukraine with the mission of developing customized pathogens targeted at their backyard.

    And now the US and Europe are flooding the zone with sophisticated conventional weapons (think Javelins and stingers) that are guaranteed to prolong the slaughter and ensure an escalation rather than quick resolution.

    And the MSM/internet meme campaign has the rest of the planet believing Putin is Hitler and unjustified in thinking that Ukraine is a real threat to their security (bioweapons, move along, nothing to see here!). And the hypocrisy of this is galactic (hello Iraq War).

    If you don’t want to be slaughtering your neighbors soon in another manufactured crisis/internecine war, you may want to consider focusing some attention on who is pulling the strings.

    • I cannot find a single hole in your theory. Globohomo quite likely WANTED this war, as a distraction from their myriad crimes at home.

      • I think “wanted” is too soft a word. I would say it is more akin to lust or bloodlust.

    • “This was all organized and implemented by the Cloud People for the sole purpose of “keeping them dancing so they don’t notice that we have been raping them blind for years now and especially don’t want them to turn on us as a form of accountability.”

      Not to neglect the added benefit that we have large numbers of white ppl killing each other!

      • Most of the victim plebs are unsuited to fight back against the Borg, but there are, still to this day, hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of alphas among us. They generally keep a low profile because its in the genes, but they represent a formidable threat if (or when) riled to action. Consequently, a primary purpose of manufactured war is to kill off as many alphas as possible on both sides.

        I don’t think we are going to defeat the Borg using a Braveheart campaign of massed masculinity charging forth into battle, but rather a highly focused use of precision. In this mode, even the meek can be an extraordinary factor when employed as a bolt from the blue. Nothing is more decisive than surprise.

          • “They lost.”

            That is my point. Fighting the Borg head-on via a grassroots rebellion is a losing proposition. There is a better way, and it doesn’t involve surrender or acquiescing to tyranny. Nor is standing on the sidelines with your fingers crossed an acceptable reaction. The future belongs to those who will fight for it, and smart is much more effective than brave.

    • I’m gonna hate it when the results of our leadership over the decadent decades hits home, and it is coming soon. Sadly, as an honest man, I cannot say that as whole, we can’t separated from the ‘leadership’ that brought us here. And when we get what we deserve for the horror we have inflicted upon many upon the globe, it will be horrendous, terrifying, and sad as all hell, but I can’t believe in my heart then when you back people into a corner you kind of get what you have coming.

    • The Russians have made good on their threats to disrupt importation of weaponry from outside, and influxes of foreign fighters or mercenaries for Ukraine by launching a major rocket attack on an entrepot for such weapons and fighters, as well as a major training center of long-standing near Lviv in western Ukraine. Looks as if the Kalibr missiles likely employed can really ruin your day. This report is from Reuters, a western news agency (from my experience with their reporting) to be in lockstep with US/NATO. I detect an atmosphere of shock underlying this post, something that tends to happen when shit gets real.

      This is what all rear echelons of NATO forces would look like if it came to a fight. Destruction of logistical supply chains in detail is now possible to those possessing such weapon systems, and would be a primary objective in their war-fighting strategy.

      Another link to a site run by a poster of Russian ethnicity resident for a long time in the US. Was a Soviet military man, and a current observer of military technology. Post covers several topics, ending with this missile attack, as well as a brief reflection on another hypersonic mussile system just coming online for the Russian aerospatial services. He did a post on this a day or so back with more details.

      • The Russians have been executing their plan with relentless effectiveness and have now encircled the main body of Ukrainian forces located in the eastern provinces. Nearly 60,000 of their best men and equipment are now isolated from resupply or an easy escape corridor. My guess is that they will be given an opportunity to surrender and disarm or be destroyed in detail. That will likely be the tipping point for Zelensky to reenter negotiations with a more accommodating attitude.

        With each passing day, Zelensky’s hand gets weaker and his options fewer. Putin will likely offer a deal that includes Ukrainian independence west of the Dnieper River in exchange for a no NATO/no nukes commitment and coming clean on the US funded bioweapons program. The latter is necessary in order to rehabilitate Russia’s world image and justify its actions. But this puts Zelensky in a tough spot. Not sure Potato Head will allow him to live long enough to cut that deal.

      • If Martyanov’s comments about Zircon missiles being invulnerable to current Western air defenses are correct, that system is indeed a game changer.

        There are also some interesting remarks in the comments about Russia just shooting captured Western mercs.

  3. The conclusion that Z articulated can be summed up as follows.

    Compelling other countries to find/create/use an alternative to the dollar, thereby eliminating it as the reserve currency for the globe, will be the biggest unforced error in the history of unforced errors.

    And to belabor Thomas Sowells’ observation, a bunch of Harvard men will be behind it.

  4. The difference is we realize it. They will be surprised, starting with cities burning to the ground in a few months in uncontrolled violence that isn’t state-sponsored terror this time. Cavalier? Maybe. It also happens to be true.

  5. OT but a very good analysis of the Canadian truckers, what happened, mistakes made, how they organized on the fly and some lessons learned. This full-spectrum insurgency, from the court room to, probably eventually, the two-way range, will be very long. The Canadian trucker campaign was an important early stage confrontation and we must learn from it. The obstruction level on the ‘peaceful protest – obstruction – armed resistance’ scale is very important. Because peaceful protests will be ignored or suppressed or both.

  6. Nit pick of the week.

    It’s not Super-Bus
    It’s Superb-Us.
    He was a very good one of what he was, not an excellent form of public transportation.

  7. My advice is simple and applies to the individual. It’s time to put to rest any belief that your rulers really live according to principles. They make, break, reinterpret or simply ignore them at their convenience. Draconian punishments lie in wait when they wish to “make an example” of someone. That’s why a man who put his shoes up on Nancy Pelosi’s desk faces years, if not decades, in prison. A thousand other men who committed rape, robbery or murder in the Imperial City will serve less time. They did not present an in-your-face challenge to the plutocracy. Do whatever it takes to satisfy yourself that your government exists solely to advance its own power and agenda. You are at best a dupe to be manipulated, at worst a nuisance to be swept aside or killed.

    Think for yourself. Do what benefits you and those you love. Your new standard should not be “is it legal or moral?” It should be the colder calculation: “What will I gain? What will it cost? Can I get away with it?” Live by your own code. If you are in a position to dispense justice, be it small or great, perhaps it is time that you become a law unto yourself. The existing “Law” is certainly not going to uphold you. In fact, it is still powerful enough to punish you so keep that in mind as the potentially huge risk it is. But as the situation deteriorates, you have more to gain and less to lose by becoming your own law.

    In sum: I am not saying you can do anything you like and be free of the consequences. Of course not. If you’re caught, you risk penalties, dire ones perhaps. What I’m saying is that there is little to be gained, and much to be lost, by pretending to be a good citizen of a rules-based society that died long ago. It’s time to stop being your own jailer.

    You are a chump if you blindly and faithfully follow the rules. Nietzsche’s ideal of the Übermensch may not be exactly this, but it approaches the ideal of the hero who lives by his own code. Perhaps it’s time to stop being a sheep and instead become that “blond beast of prey.”

    • Your new standard should not be amoral, as that will quickly begin to harm your cause as well as, more importantly, your soul.

      You should ask, “What can I do that is moral and at the same time benefits me and mine?” As to strict legality, well, that’s certainly a different matter by now.

      • Save your morality for you and yours. For others, not so much. This is basically the rules of the game as has been taught to us time and again, but we are slow learners it seems. Don’t let your virtues be used against you.

    • @Ben. Well said. Even if one doesn’t agree with you fully.

      “Perhaps it’s time to stop being a sheep and instead become that “blond beast of prey.” Cool. Never heard the “blond beast of prey” line.

      But yeah, we do live among sheep. We’ve got to insinuate ourselves within them. Caring about them, so as to change their minds. We can’t do that from a cabin in the woods. They are mostly innocently ignorant. Give them the right story, images and myth, and they will turn.

      95% of these turnable white sheep Americans are those people in funny street interviews who just 4 weeks ago didn’t know what a ukraine was. Prolly a kind of big bird.

      They think Ohio and Idaho are the same thing. Just pronounced differently. I’m from the former. So I’ve heard it my whole life.

      Girl: “So Frip, you like potatoes then, hah” “No, I said Ohio. I like the Mud Hens.” “Oh Ohio, where’s that?” “You know, up by the Great Lakes. Michigan, Toronto.” “Sorry, I don’t know where those are either, hehee.” “It’s ok. It’s way up by the North Pole. Over by New York. You know, the Statue of Liberty and all that.” “Oh OKAY. We took a school trip there once. Cool.”

      To be fair, whoever named the states of Idaho, Iowa, and Ohio were some real dullards. Those are stupid names that sound more like a yawn than a state. And they DO sound alike. Not one of the founding hayseeds of Iowa stood up at the meeting and said, “Kinda sounds like Ohio don’t it?”

      (Yeah I know, probably Indian names. Still. So we wipe out a people, then name our states after them? Was that some kind of prank?)

      • Name of the area was called after Indians while they were still occupying the land. It was later that the Indians were moved out, but by that time, the land was named after the predominant (now gone) tribe. Perhaps cities might be a better example.

  8. We are rapidly heading toward parallel institutions being formed – blocs of technology stacks. Russia, China, and perhaps a half-dozen other boogie men nations we have spats with.

    SWIFT is just the start.

    The US has had 30 years to get its foreign policy act together in moving from two superpowers to a multi-polar world. Our ruling class was not up to the tasks of both defining America’s role (as what euphemistically used to be termed as “the world’s policeman”) and carrying out that role … without being tempted by the pull of Empire.

    It’s not that the role was even ours to have, but we still had sufficient moral capital to lay claim to it at that time — provided we could carry through.

    No matter what happened in world affairs, ALL American politicians (no matter the stripe) understood that Job One of all American institutions was to protect the goose that lays the golden eggs – the reserve currency status. That goal was the single undergirding of the entire galaxy of international institutions that America built post WWII.

    We notice there is a slight disconnect here … the nation that wants to defund its own police still thinks it has divine right to policing the world. (Not to mention your every thought!) Kamala’s performances on the world stage this week are not just symbolic, they are the reality. Even our allies are starting to notice.

    • Need further evidence that we do not live in a real democracy?

      Item. #947. Our leaders, the top 4.

      1. A corrupt, stupid, demented old man

      2. A affirmative action clown

      3. A corrupt, stupid old lady, top House rodent

      4. A corrupt, stupid old man, top Senate rodent

      Would the ppl living in a real democracy choose such leaders?

      We are manipulated, controlled by stupid, corrupt anti-American Americans and foreign globalists who want to replace western civilization and the ppl responsible for it with a mongrel population and a new global civilization.

    • “We are rapidly heading toward parallel institutions being formed – blocs of technology stacks. Russia, China, and perhaps a half-dozen other boogie men nations we have spats with.”

      We should be so lucky… not sure we are quite there yet which is why they are so egregious & arrogant with their diktats to ‘bow & submit’.

      I would be MORE than happy to engage with the ‘parallel institutions’ but they are not even close yet unfortunately. Wishful thinking though and let’s hope this gets the ball rolling.

    • I’d say we had and lost the opportunity to shift to a unipolar world that attempted to live up to the lofty rhetoric around America.

      We couldn’t do that because it would take hard work, attention to detail, and a virtuous people.

      Why bother putting in all that effort when you can just grift off the effort to sell the US to the Chinese in exchange for shopping carts full of savings?

  9. All I’m going to say is this was an outstanding podcast. Totally frames the dying empire as the supposed moral standard bearer yet moral rule breaker. I’ve had a little too much to drink today so won’t embarrass myself further. But absolutely well done!

  10. Oh, and “Good News … ” Mitt Romney is calling for sending Ukraine MiGs and is going to run for President as an Independent ala Egg McMuffin last time. The aim is to siphon off enough votes to allow Brandon or Hillary! to “plausibly” win and destroy Trump and Deplorables forever.

    Hillary is now calling for a Russian hunt — against anyone who ever (besides her of course or her husband) ever said nice things about Putin ever. Yep that’s the sort of too clever by half kind of way the Clintons and Romney roll.

    They can probably get what they want — but Putin and China won’t play and have their own ways of making life very, very difficult for them. These people have no limits (Romney / Clinton / Brandon) and view themselves again as living gods. Their highest ambition is to pull some clever trick to destroy the deplorables over and over again — it is the only thing that motivates their otherwise utterly empty lives.

    • Mittens has a huge family.

      He can spare a few boys or girls to head over their and fight the Russians there so we don’t have to fight them here.

      • They don’t want to chance
        being in combat and soiling their magical underwear. This forms the basis of a religious exemption, don’t you know.

      • Military service !
        That’s only for dirt people.
        Not for a Romney kid.
        They serve by campaigning.
        I just can’t say enough good things about mitt

  11. FWIW, Facebook is now allowing people to call for killing Putin, his inner circle, and Russian soldiers and civilians.

    I guess Zuck, his management team, board members, and major investors like Larry Fink figure Putin is on the ropes, that the media portrayals of him being ousted any day are true, and that there will be absolutely no comeback at all ever for them because their security and screening is just that good. They certainly have not really faced much threats, perhaps they are correct. Yes Putin sent polonium tea to one enemy, nerve gas to another, and lots of others ended up dead somehow. In a continuation of the Soviet Era killings of emigres and defectors. And maybe yes their security is just that good, aided by technology just not able to be defeated …

    Ed Calderone, a former Mexican Narcotics Enforcement Officer, noted that if someone really wants to get to you its possible, no matter how good the security detail. Perhaps Putin is really beaten and will be in some ICC court next Tuesday. Or perhaps not. At any rate I get the feeling that Western Leaders take Cancel Culture to heart and view it as their primary weapon. And view themselves as living gods, untouchable by anything.

    • Obviously, we all wish Mr. Zuckerberg many more merry and happy Christmases with his charming and adoring family.

    • “At any rate I get the feeling that Western Leaders take Cancel Culture to heart and view it as their primary weapon. And view themselves as living gods, untouchable by anything.”

      Qu’ils meurent!

    • Putin did none of those things. Since 1993, there has been an ongoing power struggle in Russia between nationalists such as Putin, versus globalists in the form of Russian oligarchs put in place by the CIA when they came in after the fall of the USSR to “advise” the newly forming state. Putin has done a fairly decent job of keeping the oligarchs under control, but it is impossible to do it 100%, especially outside Russia. So every once in a while, the oligarchs get together with their tribal brethren overseas and cook up something that can be pinned on Putin in order to make him look bad. All the incidents you mentioned were planned and financed by the oligarchs, not Putin.

  12. Z’s theme today is about America being exposed as major rule breaker over Russia/Ukraine, illegal sanctions, Ukraine bio-lab, etc. However I think our cover isn’t as blown as he makes it out to be. Z says a few times that (paraphrasing), “The world sees how brazenly we throw out the rules just because we’re unhappy with Russia. Just because we’re mad.”

    But we’ve made it well known that we’re not doing all this just because we’re a bit unhappy. Rather we’re shocked and outraged. Putin made is easy for (the Western world at least) to play along with our moral outrage charade…to help us keep the virtue mask on…because Putin really did invade a country.

    In other words, America STILL gets to keep up its moral standing because of the optics Russia handed it on a silver platter. He gave us the concrete to build our Godlike statue ever higher. We’re so boldly moral that we tore up the freakin’ rulebrook in order to save a small country from harm. This is the Western public perception of it.

    Until recently I thought Putin played it right from the beginning. The invasion etc. I’m not so sure now. Perhaps he didn’t count on how crazy and stupid we are. We’re an unpredictable entity even to ourselves. How do you play chess against that?

    As far a Z saying this fiasco has made the East trust the U.S. a full level worse than ever. Dangerously untrusting. Totally agree with him.

    • The idea that the United States of America has any sort of moral standing at all at this point proves just how rigged the whole game is. The USA has invaded dozens of countries. We bomb random third world countries on a daily basis at this point. Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians have died or been maimed by our hands the past twenty years. The Iraq War wasnt that long ago. A lot of people boldly waving the Ukraine flag and declaring the US to now be in the “fight for freedom” against Russia were rightly outraged by that crime against humanity. Water under the bridge I guess?

      I really do wonder what will happen to the random American once the globohomo empire finally crumbles for good. Turnabout is fair play after all.

      • We’re gonna get bankrupted first, starved second. The Nose planned this a long, long time ago. Read the Protocols , now you’re living them.

          • Yes, the “Protocols” are likely fiction or even satire. But speaking as one who has studied literature as an academic disciple: Consider that just because something is a work of fiction does not mean that it may not, in places speak truths, sometimes very important ones.

            It’s also worth calling out your “Jew hater.” remark. Ad hominem is one of the most common, elementary logical fallacies. A person may indeed be an Anti-Semite. But does that have any bearing upon the truth or falsehood of his claims? Calling someone an epithet is the oldest trick in the book, often but not always an implicit admission that one has been defeated in argument.

          • Thanks for the compliment, darlin, how’s the whether in Tel Aviv? The Truth is gonna be the achillles heel for you sick motherfuckers..

    • “The invasion etc. I’m not so sure now.”

      You should be.
      The idea that Putin would allow the barking mad clown next door to posses nuclear weapons and become a member of the NATO murder machine is insane.

      • I didn’t say he should let Ukraine join NATO. I questioned whether (with the benefit of hindsight) invasion was the best way to go about it.

  13. No kidding. Have had people Russian hunting the last two days at work. And of course since we’re subject to both OFAC and UK listings, the incompetents in government can’t even put a coordinated “purge” list together. Some on one list, some on the other. And none seem to have a f—king thing to do with the war.

    • We had the Covid scam where non of the rules apply because Fear.
      We are now having the Russia scam where non of the rules apply because Hate.

  14. Hey Zman,
    Just wanted to thank you for today’s podcast. One your best ever in my opinions.

  15. Cartels are very low IQ, despite how they’re depicted in the media. They would have difficulty using sophisticated weapons, and would use less sophisticated weapons (rifles) to kill each other. If Putin does fund terrorists, it would be more reliable ones.

      • Don’t have to do any reading about them because I’ve lived near them all my life and I understand them. Unfortunately, Hollywood and the media glorifies them.

        • This is the hell of modern weapons. You can teach your average tard how to use a Javelin in half an hour. Those things are so advanced they do the thinking rather than leaving it to the tard that fired it.

          So effective are they, that the face of modern warfare has probably changed forever. With a 93% kill ratio – the guy in the tank is a sitting duck. The only counter I see to it is the modern drone – and even they have problems with man-portable shoulder fired weapons.

          We really, REALLY need to be cognizant of who we are giving these things to. I am not convinced we are allied with the right guys in this conflict, and may well regret arming them in the future.

          • I see you like to use Pat Buchanan’s Pronoun Propaganda.

            ” I am not convinced we are allied with the right guys in this conflict, and may well regret arming them in the future.”

            I am not arming anybody.

        • so they just got lucky when they blew the vp of mexico out of the air, a few years back?

          • There is no vice president office in Mexico.

            It was abolished by the Constitution of 1917.

            The last one was assassinated in 1913.

          • That crash appears to be Third World problems. It’s a case of the retard POCs.

            “Pilot Martín Olíva and co-pilot Álvaro Sánchez,[13] were not certified to operate the Learjet 45. The investigation concluded that both pilots had received fraudulent certifications: Captain Olíva lied about the number of training flights he had made, and had issues on the few training flights he did complete, while Captain Sánchez lied about being a Learjet 45 instructor. Both men had taken advantage of a corrupt system to get false training documents and some unsigned Learjet 45 certification forms from their flight schools. These revelations led Mexican authorities to suspend the licences of both flight schools.
            The descent profile showed that the improperly trained pilots approached the airport with an inconsistent descent angle. The plane descended rapidly and then leveled off in a stepped approach to the airport. The plane did not slow down to the required speed dictated by the air traffic controller, which brought the plane closer to the Mexicana 767-300.
            Conversation among the flight crew further indicates that they had little familiarity with the operation of the plane; they voiced confusion on several occasions about the cockpit instruments and failed to enter the proper information into the flight computers, did not follow a proper flight plan, and had navigational difficulties, missing their original arrival to San Luis Potosí by over 250 nautical miles (460 km). Further, their in-flight conversations were more of the nature of people driving a car, not of trained pilots following a proper flight plan.
            The flight crew waited over a minute to follow the order from air traffic control to reduce their speed. The Learjet had been traveling at 262 knots (485 km/h), while the Mexicana 767-300 was flying at 185 knots (343 km/h); this caused the Learjet to get too close to the 767-300.”

            If true, the above demostrates stunning incompetence that’s on even a different plane than the Atlas Air Jogger who flew the 767 into a swamp.

    • That’s true. That was true of Pablo Escobar in Columbia. It still did not stop him from creating havoc. Indeed, the low iq “just for kicks” stuff that was totally counter-productive (blowing up lots of people just to make a point to the powers that be in Columbia) makes such people dangerous. Mexico and Central America do not lack young men with low IQs who would like to very much kill and torture people. Its reversion to the Aztec and Mayan means. One of the many reasons they were conquered so quickly by far outnumber Spaniards was their relative low IQs, and taste for sadistic torture, murder and eating people that created a vast sea of enemies.

      Just look at the stuff the Mayans and Aztecs created. Can anyone say its beautiful, as opposed to stuff the Greeks created in 500 BC? I’ve seen both in museums. The Greeks created beautiful things that still amaze. Everything the Mayans and Aztecs created was ugly. So there you are. And their very stupidity makes them dangerous in a way that higher IQ people mostly are not (until of course very suddenly they are at much higher scale).

      • “Just look at the stuff the Mayans and Aztecs created. Can anyone say its beautiful.”

        You know that one uses the word “beautiful” to describe ruins.

        And the Temple of the Warrior is pretty amazing. Calamul is kick ass too. These were smart people. I live in SoCal. They’re intelligent. (When freed from utter poverty.)

      • I would tend to agree that Greece and Rome at their best were superior to the indigenous cultures of the Americas. Despite their barbarity I think you unfairly denigrate some of their accomplishments.

        While they weren’t on your list, it remains a fact that the Inca created some marvels of architecture whose methods of construction to this day defy reasonable explanation. (e.g. Machu Picchu) Or perhaps you think moving large stones, each weighing many tons, down and up mountains thousands of feet high is something that any primitive society can do?

        • Let’s not go overboard. The level of advancement was constructing pyramids out of large stones. Something done 4000 years before in Egypt. When Greeks were building the Acropolis and launching sea fairing ships, when the Romans built 100 mile aqueducts and perfected the arch and cement and built the Pantheon, the Incas and Aztec were still building pyramids. They were only a bit more advanced than Blacks—and both had a taste for human flesh.

    • I suppose the leadership is quite savvy (if entirely corrupt bordering on demonic) and the foot-soldiers are exploited. Isn’t that how it works pretty much everywhere to some degree these days?

  16. Andrew Anglin may be a goof but I enjoy his post about america’s crusade for anal sex.

    • A “goof” eh?

      Is that how we choose to describe prominent figures that mysteriously escaped prosecution and lawsuits that smashed the people following their lead? So goofy he can be the official public face of evil white people on mainstream magazines… precisely when it was most useful to the regime to associate the new right with evil natsocs. Although he continues doing his thing completely unmolested by the authorities somehow.

      Anglin’s boss Weev is a big goof too he goofs around the synagogue with his cousins.

      Mike Enoch is an extreme goof who was also mysteriously dismissed from the same cases. He also collects identifying info for concerned white people through the very goofy NJP he founded with some goofy friends. This was after C-ville showed how viable this sort of thing is.

      It’s funny that these goofy guys constantly make the right look absurd and eliminate any possible appeal it might organically have for enormous numbers of disaffected decent white people.

  17. I said a while back that a serious body blow to the American empire was Tapioca Joe’s unilateral cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline.

    It established with a big, ugly exclamation point that productive businesses can no longer trust in procedure and the rule of law. Any enterprise they attempt to engage in may be shut down unilaterally (or greenlit unilaterally) based on the whims of the Emperor (er, I mean “President”). That’s some serious banana Republic stuff there: what’s important is who you know and who you can bribe. The fact that you dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s and adhered to the rules doesn’t matter. We see that sort of stuff in Latin American countries and it’s a nation-destroying cancer.

    Hernando de Solo wrote all about it in “The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else”

    De Soto, writing in 2003, hoped that he could persuade the developing world to be more like the West in respecting property rights, contracts and the rule of law.

    In what Severian would call an Alannis-level irony, instead the West has deteriorated to Latin American governance. Rapidly sinking toward Africa-level.

    Now trying to apply that to global geopolitics is insane. It simply means that Russia, China and whoever decides to side with them can simply say — and rightly so — “Your system is untrustworthy. We are therefore starting our own system in which we can trust. Nations who wish for an alternative the global Western dictatorship should consider joining us. Bye.”

    • “In what Severian would call an Alannis-level irony, instead the West has deteriorated to Latin American governance. Rapidly sinking toward Africa-level.”

      What can you say, demographics is destiny. Look at the pictures of various ‘Secretary of this or that’ with ancestry in said regions.

      • The line I use with shit libs on this issue is
        “We know what a country with a lot of Somalis looks like.
        It’s called Somalia.

    • A nation with a large Hispanic population and large 3rd world population will end up governed like a Latin American nation if it survives at all. This seems like common sense but the Elite even so called Conservatives think D.I.E. will give them money and power.

      Its obviously not doing that for much longer but better to reign in hell and all that.

      As for a fix, maybe we should embrace a USSR multi state solution , Hey Hey Ho Ho CONUS must peacefully go.

      If possibly better than Boog that’s for sure and it looks like that light at the end of the tunnel might just be an on coming train The Collapse Express anyway

      • how the eff do you blame mud people for what is a pure white shit lib play?! seriously, this is ivy league tertiary syphilis all the way down the line.

        • This may be true, but the mud people are terrific weapons for the elites. In fact, without the mud people, the elites wouldn’t have nearly the power they have now.

          Using these dusky weapons, the elites have ethnically cleansed our cities, made white children hate themselves, lowered academic standards, toppled our statues, and made grown men and women cower, lest they be accused of racism. Hell, even election integrity is now considered racist, especially when our largest cities are controlled by people not like us.

          I could go on, but the point remains, much of this wouldn’t be possible without the endless sea of black and brown bodies.

          • American white youth seem to be far more self hating than Canadian, Brazilian, British, Australian, or any other nation – from what I’ve seen online anyways.

            Is this due to the presence of violent African savages that makes white boys feel weaker growing up? Is the media push that much stronger there, being the seat of the Globohomo empire? Is it because most white kids growing up in America have loser fathers who are obsessed with African sportsball players instead of their own families?

            Younger white guys in Canada seem fine in general, lots of well dressed and good looking guys. Definitely lacking enough racial conscience and too liberal, but who isn’t these days. Our problem is seems to be mass immigration moreso than complete moral and social collapse amongst the White population.

    • “Now trying to apply that to global geopolitics is insane.”

      Great post.

      I think what we are watching is the next stage in their Great Reset and in their Climate-Change (from what?) religion.

      The Western plutocrats *must* take possession of Russia’s fabulous wealth in untapped natural resources, or they are finished. Washed up. Done for. And they know it.

      We have known this since August of 2019, when the Fed Chairman (Jerome Powell) held a press conference to announce that the Fed was opening “a special Repo market window for foreign central banks. That told us that the US Federal Reserve System had become–by default–the world’s lender of last resort because banks around the world had become too unstable and frightened to lend money even to other banks–even overnight.

      It was an unofficial announcement of the death of Socialism. But Socialism wasn’t going to go quietly.

      In January 2020, the Bank of Japan announced that they would by Japanese gov’t debt “without limit.”

      Immediately after that, the Chinkypox Pandemic was proclaimed.

      NOW it’s Climate Change,, resource wars, and the Great Reset because super-low interest rates–and in some places even negative rates–have destroyed the pension funds of the world–Socialism’s progeny.

      What’s a Justin Trudeau or an Angela Merkel to do? Tell the truth and be torn to pieces in the streets?

      Well, no! Never. Instead, we can proclaim a pandemic killing millions and deliberately destroy the world economy. And later on we can proclaim ourselves the saviours of mankind!

      But people got tired of the Chinkypox. So they got the Ministry of Truth to tell the imbeciles of the world that “the bully Putin” had invaded the Ukraine *unprovoked.* The Ministry of Truth then told the imbeciles to tie yellow ribbons around things and talk tough and stop drinking vodka, because those actions have never failed to strike terror into the hearts of all bullies and tyrants throughout history, as those who know history will tell you, even if you don’t ask them (for they are a generous lot).

      And those weapons in Afghanistan–the ones that the Ministry of Truth tells us were “abandoned” there–well, gosh, it turns out are a lot closer to Russia and the Ukraine than they would have been had anybody thought to pack them when they were barging OUT of Afghanistan. Instead of packing the weapons, though, they packed tens of thousands of “translators” whom they delivered under cover of “darkness” (!) to “red” districts around AINO.

      This war is just getting started. It is not going to wind down. There will not be a “settlement.” It’s the next phase of the Great Reset.

      Keep your eyes and ears open for the subject of digital “currency.”

      There is already a *declared* shortage of cash–not coins (that was the chinkypox narrative)–but a shortage *now* of paper money.

      The Great Reset is alive and well.

      • Have you not considered that its a war to wall off the west from hydrocarbon energy and Gaia’s resources?

        They don’t want Russian energy or material. Instead we are going to be a gulag archipelago of energy poverty countries in a great experiment to see if society can actually exist in that manner.

        While Russia and China stays as a hydrocarbon energy block.

        The great reset may be more an attempt to reverse the industrial revolution than you think.

        • The Great Resetters mean to take full possession and ownership of Russia’s incredible natural resources. And Russia and China are to be *forced* to go along with the Great Reset/Green New Deal.

          The plutocrats don’t mean to wall anybody off from anything. They intend to redistribute the (remaining) populations of the whole world according to their land-use maps, which are all online. Everyone is to be “housed” in stack-em-and-pack-em apartment blocks in “walkable” and “sustainable” cities.

          It’s UN Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 2030.

          But the *timing* was to save themselves from being torn to pieces after wrecking the whole world, which was the only possible end of Socialism. Which is why the pension fund crisis has produced the greatest danger to them. Therefore–universal basic income paid out in the form a digital “currency.” More accurately described as a credit at the company store.

          • “And Russia and China are to be *forced* to go along with the Great Reset/Green New Deal.”

            Forgot to say that this will NOT happen. But try it they will.

          • It is my impression something like what you outline is in the works. Much as I do not like the CCP, Globohomo is the greatest enemy of mankind.

    • Demographics are destiny. You can pull off 3rd world shit as a leader without blowback… But you also get 3rd world level competency. That means as a rich person you can’t do things like make your country fight a war, maintain weapons systems, extract resources efficiently, step outside your gated compound safely… When the value of the dollar is worthless what are you going to pay your security detail with?

      What are our elites planning to do once they destroy North America and Europe? They can’t flee to South America, most of the rich have already left those places for the North. Flee to China? That seems to be the only option for them if they want to live in a reasonably developed nation where they can actually enjoy their lifestyle.

      I used to think it was some grand conspiracy but now I’m not really sure. They might actually just be really stupid, hateful, scared, and inbred.

      • how do they flee to china? i mean, who are they when they get there? all their wealth is either left behind, or confiscated at the airport in bejing. no, they have shit the bed and now have to lie in it.

      • “When the value of the dollar is worthless what are you going to pay your security detail with?”

        A universal basic income paid out in the form of digital “currency” with some Karenesque name like “digidollar.”

    • Back in the day Bolivar believed something similar. TBH, I wonder if the real divide was all that Hajnal Line stuff.ttps:// Custom and cultural divides that persist to this day.

      • I’m sure that’s an important part of it. Remember, de Soto is a Peruvian and wants to believe that it is possible for his people to advance, so he probably has strong personal interest in not believing that his people are inherently less able to develop those institutions.

  18. Mindless rule following is a large part of what drives the COVID hysteria. Whether vaccines, masks, or distancing, actually work is secondary – you aren’t doing as you’re told (by your superiors), and thus you are a Bad Person.

    For these people non compliance is scary. It means you might not act in a predictable way, and that could threaten the Good Person’s delusional, make believe worldview and material comfort. Their whole world order. They are willing to do anything to stay peacefully deluded – look at how Trudeau nearly wrecked the entire Canadian banking system just to punish some Bad People truckers who parked in an improper location.

    Rule following is not necessarily a bad thing. It allowed the prosperity of the Anglo-Germanic world to develop and increase significantly. The problem is that the people handing down the orders are a) insane & hateful b) often no longer actually our people (and if they are it’s soy males and females) and c) weaponizing these instincts against our own societies.

    Today not giving a f*** about the rules is a far more advantageous trait, that’s why I’m not a depressed, frail, drug addled wreck locked in my basement over a flu virus

    • i saw some young doucher wearing a mask in the gym, yesterday. and only him. wanted to beat the living shit out of him so badly. i mean, i wanted to literally kill him because he was an insult to the white race. but i refrained from violence and had a nice bump in my PR’s 🙂

    • I raised a few eyebrows today at work. We were talking about all the silly rules (mostly covid-related). I said that management can make and enforce all the rules they want, and I would comply only enough to keep my job, but it was NOT my job to make their job easier.

      I believe that is called, “Malicious Compliance”.

  19. The demonization of German culture never stopped after WW2. Instead, after a few decades, it became a systematic campaign to wipe out German society by cultural genocide and demographic replacement. What then happened was, these chicken came home to roost with the victors of that war. Britain, a country with a glorious history almost unique, is now the most self-loathing society after the Germans. And in America, we are only 2-3 steps away from making it outright illegal to be white.

    This genocide by denigrating everything about Western culture, promoting everything that history says is extremely dysgenic and by demographic replacement in EVERY WESTERN COUNTRY, is very probably the greatest crime in all of history. It even manages to combine genocide with the pinnacle of high treason. This is the true face of Globohomo. This is our ultimate enemy. And they want your grandchildren dead!

    • “And they want your grandchildren dead!”

      Well, if your grandchildren are already born, then yes, they want them dead. But what is even nearer and dearer to their black hearts is that your grandchildren should never even be conceived and, if they are, that they should be aborted. “They don’t want your grandchildren in their world” is the bottom line, and the methods for accomplishing that are immaterial.

      (Of course, I meant “African-American hearts” not “black” hearts.)

    • I keep wondering if we’ll start to see Americans asking for asylum from other countries for the anti-White discrimination they receive here. Might be worth it for just the humor. At minimum, I suspect students will start avoiding American universities and opt to study abroad to keep their job prospects open.

      • The trickle has started, a Jan 6’er claiming asylum in Belarus and of course Snowden. Could become a real trend at some point, especially for DRs.

        • If the wife’s nuclear family in Pennsylvania wasn’t a hurdle, I’d move us to Russia in a New York minute.

          • I looked into it.

            Its pretty difficult.

            Getting residency is a nightmare unless you are married to a Russian or sponsored by a company, or Gérard Depardieu for some reason.

      • Unironically contemplating applying for asylum in Russia. They might grant it just for a little PR win.

        Of course there’s no obvious way to GET there now and unless you speak with a native accent you’re now a visible member of a deservedly hated national enemy so…

        But a couple white guys did this in North Korea and that seemed to have worked out okay. I think they even got state pensions and acting roles in propaganda movies

    • It pains me greatly to say that many people’s children and grandchildren are already dead.

      They killed them a few months ago by injection while everyone was sleeping in the MSM induced catatonic state.

      They have just not realized it yet.

      • I also fear the worst about the vaxx but am not nailing my colors to the mast on it being a deliberate act of genocide; I remain agnostic/open minded about how bad it is, from worst to relatively innocuous. Imagine future developments will show how bad it is. For now I would just recommend that people NOT take the jab, or more jabs.

        • You can see it leaking out everywhere despite the attempts to deny and smother the reports.

          All the data and VERY large numbers of heart/menstrual/immune system reports in young people suggest a massively shortened life expectancy and fertility which is only going to get worse as people age.

          I expect they thought the increasing deaths would get rolled into a dispersed set of illnesses over time which would make it impossible for cause and effect to be proven.

          • Agree, VERY disturbing data and signs appear to be seeping through the MSM veil of denial. The really dark ‘conspiracy theories’ about the jab COULD be real (not assigning/gauging a probability of that for now but it is on the chart). Keep away from the jab and I guess the pattern will become clearer with time.

  20. “What this war has done is bring us to the winter phase of the Global American Empire.”

    And now the GAE is promoting the possibility of a “nuclear winter phase” to keep the normies in line. I, for one, am not even sure that nukes exist in numbers sufficient to achieve this. It always was a scam to fatten the wallets of the military-industrial complex. “Well, guys, we’ve got 100 nukes now. Let’s just tell the peasants we have a thousand and the Russkies have 800 so they’ll support our goals.” You even have to ask, how many of those nukes work anymore.

    • Intel community rumors say that significant numbers of American nukes are now duds whereas the Russian ones are shiny new. For example, America has had major problems producing tritium, a hydrogen isotope necessary for thermonuclear war heads that needs to be replaced regularly. Russia has no such problems. America’s only deployed land-based ICBM is the Minuteman III, a 1960s design. Russia’s latest are three generations newer. America still flies the B-52 in numbers. When the last B-52 rolled out of Boeings factory, Dealey Plaza was just a random place in Dallas… This COULD be rather one-sided…..

      • What I’d also heard, and am willing to be corrected of course, is that the material on nukes carried by the submarines isn;’t as “hot”, so the crew doesn’t get cooked, and thus more stable for a longer period of time. Probably not the same payload but I’d imagine a boomer full of nukes is still enough to ruin any country’s day. (Extending that rumor even further, that was supposedly why the GAE never put any more effort into their land based nukes. First because “effort” and second because the subs were always the real deterrent anyway).

        • Didn’t know that SLBMs had less ‘hot’ loads but that is certainly possible. And I agree with you that the US boomer subs are America’s strongest nuclear card and genuinely terrifying weapons. Moscow, or Beijing, would be completely insane to bank on what may work or may not work in the American inventory. I don’t think they want to find out anymore than anyone else. Perhaps my point above was just to say that even the strategic nuclear forces have not been kept free from the general incompetence promotion in society.

        • You are correct the subs are the real deterrent. Mass recognition of this is why The Hunt for Red October became a cultural phenomenon. That is also one of the rare situations where the film does a good job honoring the source novel.

          The theory behind the ground-based nukes in fixed silos is that they are really there to soak up a certain percentage of the enemy’s nuclear warheads in an exchange.

          It makes sense, I mean, you can’t really afford to ignore those facilities and leave them operational for a counterstrike.

          I feel sorry for the folks in the beautiful states of Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, etc. that are stuck living next to those facilities.

          • The nukes might be as fake as the moon landing. We’ve been lied to our whole lives, about everything. No sense makes sense. The satanists invert and pervert everything. TV World. Hell on earth.

      • The other thing the Russians allegedly have, that the US does not are tactical nukes. The numbers thrown around are something like 2000 to 200 in favor of Russia.

        This kind of nuke would be in the kiloton yield range and be fired as an artillery shell or air-to-ground missile.

        Then again, after looking into all the thermobaric munitions the Russians have, I’m not sure they need the tac nukes.

        Well, except when they need something to fire in the rain, which seriously impedes the thermobaric effect.

      • Moran, thanks for posting that. This might be the only place on line that acknowledges that possibility/

        The fear is though the Elite knows this and may prefer a use it as you are gonna lose it approach.

        Of course Russia is aware of this and specializes in bunker busters . They also have no issue with “You harbor my enemies, you are a target.” So N-Zed is a valid target in such cases.

        LARPING On the Beach doesn’t sound that much fun eve for the sociopaths in charge.

      • “For example, America has had major problems producing tritium, […]. Russia has no such problems.”

        Yeah, but *everybody* can use our bathrooms! But in Russia, they can’t! Because reasons.

        So which country would you rather live in?

        • No, I avoid carriers that use the dangerously reconfigured 737 MAX. Oh wait, Aeroflot doesn’t fly the 737 MAX, I got that all mixed up :-p

      • Tritium is being reprocessed from the old nukes being decommissioned. Tritium is an “exciter” which increases yield. Our standard nukes are “dial a yield”. That’s a convenience, not a necessity. The nukes dropped on Japan had no such mechanism. I doubt we have any shortage of viable nukes on hand. Obama in his first term authorized a $1T nuke upgrade program. The results/progress are secret of course, but I doubt we have a bunch of faulty/obsolete weapons classified as operational sitting around. Sort of like we don’t have any biological weapons either.

      • “This COULD be rather one-sided…..”

        Moreover, Russia has never stopped civil defense drills and preparations.

        We stopped that decades ago.

        They are ready for anything.

        We have grief counselors for everything.

  21. Heads up.

    Russia is now in the process of dropping a nuke at the UN in regard to documentation of biological weapons research funded directly by DoD in Ukraine and focused on using migrating birds and invasive insect vectors for dispersing pandemic-scale contagions into European and Asian landmasses. The US government is countering by placing Potato Head at news conference podium later today. Faith in the USA is about to tank big-time. And Putin is now trying to “flip” Zelensky in exchange for peace. How far we have fallen.

    • GAE has gone “all in” on a busted flush because the think they only need four cards for a flush because reasons. They might be able to sell that to the plebs within their borders with their non-stop propaganda barrage, but not to any of the real players.

    • > Russia is now in the process of dropping a nuke

      Phrasing! Are we still doing phrasing!? I feel like now would be a good time to do phrasing.

    • (To TomA) I think that your comments are well stated and get right to the point. However, I have essentially reached the point of despair when it comes to these matters. What I mean is that the Russians can SAY that the US has bio-labs in the Ukraine, and the Russians can PROVE that these bio-labs were being used to develop “weapons” that could be dispersed all over the place, in a variety of ways.

      But the US will simply say, “No, we don’t have any labs there.” When the Russians then say, “But, Vicky Nuland has admitted that the US has labs in Ukraine” the US will counter with, “Yes, we have labs there. But they are for the purpose of countering the biological warfare of the Russians.”

      In other words, they will simply lie. They lie all the time. And surely the US knows that the American people are now fully united against the evil Putler. Whatever proof the Russians have of our malfeasance in Ukrainian bio-labs, we will counter their proof with, “We dindu nuffin.” And we’ll get away with it.

    • It is hard to know what to make of the bioweapons lab. We know two things now:

      1. They exist.
      2. They were put in a dangerous, unstable place.

      What we do not know is why and for what purpose. Do the Russians know these things? Do the Chinese?

      To belabor the obvious, the UN preceded Clown World as Clown World, but this is going to be difficult to keep under wraps if things spill out that make the United States a further pariah. If the United States boycotts or demands a secret session, it is game, set, match. At a minimum, we are about to enter a new phase of the propaganda war. If the Russians have the goods, and we do not know yet, this could be devastating, particularly if the United States was responsible for Covid (I have no clue but have seen pretty strong cases made for it).

      • Hey, let’s see what the mainstream media’s take on this is. Oh…

        “How the right embraced Russian disinformation about ‘U.S. bioweapons labs’ in Ukraine” — Washington Post (they don’t deserve a link)

        “Kremlin concocted disinformation on Ukrainian WMD programs and bioweapons lab, US intelligence says” — Washington Examiner

        Of course.

        The media carries water for the US government. Outside the West:

        “US owes world an answer on bio lab: Global Times editorial” — Global Times (China)

        And at the fringes:

        “Bongino shreds ‘fact-checkers’ over alleged bio labs in Ukraine: When called a hoax, ‘you almost know it’s true’” — BizPac Review

        • “The media carries water for the US government. Outside the West:”

          Yeah, a German newspaper man named Udo or Uwe Something-of-other wrote a book about it when he retired. Said point blank that the enntire Germany journalism profession/business was controlled outright by the CIA and they published anything they were told to publish. That’s been maybe 10 yrs of so ago. Most of you will remember that.

        • “The media carries water for the US government.”

          The relationship between the MSM and DC is fundamentally the same as that between Pravda and the CPUSSR. And I mean that literally.

      • I don’t think most people, even most DR people truly understand what the loss of the reserve currency and “leader of the Western world” status would mean to us.

        • ” … the reserve currency and “leader of the Western world” status would mean to us.”

          It would be/will be pretty grim here at home when it happens. But we are 10 or 15 years from that.

          • We were 10-15 years from that 3 years ago, before the Kung Flu debacle. Now we could be 2-5 years from that and next year could be 0-2 years from that, if you catch my drift.

      • I’m beginning to think the developing biolab story is merely there to seed the ground for the next plandemic.

        The one that Gates said would, “….really get our attention.”

      • “What we do not know is why and for what purpose.”

        We DO know that whatever it was, it had to do directly with “Slavic DNA.”

        They had collected scores of thousands of samples.

      • The US Bio-warfare labs are in third world countries for the same reason US torture is.
        It is illegal but doing it abroad means they get to lie about it.
        Sane Countries don’t allow it so that leaves the powerless third world where the corrupt puppet plans on being in Switzerland if the shit hits the fan.

    • Rumor is Oliver Stone of all people has footage of the Ukies stating clearly these were meant as a mass kill weapon against Russia .

      Its probably bosh but still. that’s a diplomatic Tsar Bomba if true.

    • “Might be a good time to stock up on popcorn.”

      And buckshot, the plutocrats’ preferred brand of popcorn.

      No, really.

  22. We are living under something akin to the Nuremberg laws/trials. The law is whatever they say the law is at the time that they say it. There is no rule of law. The law, like big-social TOS has been weaponized.

    We’re seeing this both as victims and perpetrators. There are a few stories floating around right now about a 25 yo bm beating a 70 something year old wm to death getting house arrest and another story of a group of men who gang raped a 14 yo girl they got drunk getting no jail time. Contrast that to the Jan 6th guys or the jogger case or a hundred others.

    • The young Black that beat the old White did so because the old White called the young Black a “jogger”. The judge in sentencing said that he took this into consideration in sentence.

      I leave it to this group’s imagination to consider what would happen to you if you beat an old Black to death for calling you a “cracker”. 🙁

      In all fairness however, the young Black only hit the old White once and the old White hit the floor with the back of his head. It would be a lessor type of murder. However for example, a drunk driver than kills will get 4-10 years in prison—pretty standard.

      • I respectfully disagree with that. Getting drunk and killing someone is criminally negligent. IMHO, 2nd degree murder or manslaughter rises well above negligence. I would think justice was served if he got manslaughter and 10 years.

        People die in fist-fights a lot. Fist fights where both combatants are young and healthy and mutual combatants, and they usually get prison time. This was a man punching a man 3 times his age allegedly because of words. He either knew or should have known that punching an old man like that could cause serious bodily injury or death. The ONLY mitigating circumstances I can think of is the legal concept of “fighting words,” but I don’t what the white man said rises to that level.

        If some older African American called me a cracker or something, that last thing that would cross my mind is to punch him in the face.

        • “If some older African American called me a cracker or something, that last thing that would cross my mind is to punch him in the face.”

          Oh, it wouldn’t be nearly the last thing that *crossed my mind*, but it would be the last thing I’d *do*.

          You see, I’m White. I have impulse control.

        • Tars, don’t know where you live, but in my State it’s murder if you kill with a car while drunk. As I said, there are levels of murder, but it’s homicide all the same. Vehicular manslaughter to be exact. Same as assaulting someone that your fists who then dies. Also, here the sentence would be “enhanced” as an adult over 65 is considered a “vulnerable adult” and is basically given the same “special” protection in law as a child would be given.

          • “in my State it’s murder if you kill with a car while drunk”

            Takeaway: Be sure to kill with a car while you are sober, like the woman who killed my son and got off with a slap on the wrist fine and no jail time.

  23. I just read a book on the Nuremberg trials, never realized that the men on trial weren’t allowed to wear their uniforms adorned with medals and patches during the proceedings. A new rule, Against the rule of international trials. The Russian judges on the the other hand wore their medals in all their shining glory. Take that Herman!

    • ” … weren’t allowed to wear their uniforms … .”

      The convicted were denied the honorable death of a soldier (firing squad) and instead were hanged, suffering the ignominious death of a common criminal.

      Yankee Puritanism in action. The presiding judge was a New England Yankee.

      The trials were for the purpose of humiliation and demoralization, not for anything like justice. The accused were charged with extra-legal “Crimes.” Things against which there was no law at that time or even before the war.

      The whole thing was a travesty, and it ought to have been a permanent shame to the people whose government and army had stooped to such low-down, vengeful, and lawless antics.

      But those things were the product of a different (((mentality))) just as were the ridiculously childish and physically impossible (((stories))) of lampshades made of human skin. Or the equally childish story of blankets infected with smallpox.

      • It was not “lawless”, but it was major hypocrisy. The victor in all previous wars always did what they willed to the defeated. That’s war—and war is an existential matter. We just decided to dress it up and parade around as if we were not as blood thirsty (revengeful) as the defeated would have been had the shoe been on the other foot.

        • Point taken, but I’m still going to use the word “lawless” to describe the “trials” b/c they prosecuted people on charges based upon laws that didn’t exist at the time of the “trials” and had *never* existed, and *that* is lawless. Our own constitution protects us against ex post facto laws, but that was tossed aside in favor of (((propaganda))) and (((vengeance))).

          Major hypocrisy, yes, but also lawless.

  24. “What the Russo-Ukrainian war is testing is whether Karen culture can become a ruling ideology of the Global American Empire. Russia is unhappy with NATO and Ukraine, so Washington demanded to speak to Russia’s manager. When that failed, they launched a de-platforming campaign on social media. Millions of American zombies have joined in on the campaign to destroy Russia.”

    Aside from making sense that was genuinely good comedy. The Western reaction to the Ukraine war is extremely Karen. Neither rulers nor the 80 (90?)% sheep realize how completely ridiculous their boycott of all things Russian, looks. Youporn, a porn channel as the name suggests, cutting out Russia was possibly the high point; “If you’re going to be anti-degeneracy, no more of our prime decadence products for you!” Leaves me wondering what I need to invade to be spared the flood of decadence lol

    • That’s something we all need to ask every Ukraine flag pin wearer in our lives, every single day: “Who do we have to invade to get OnlyFans and Netflix and Facebook banned here?” It comes at them obliquely. They have what they consider a solid gold reason to be pro-Ukraine — “my TV told me to!” — but what does that have to do with Pr0nhub? Make them defend Pr0nhub as a “blessing of democracy,” and watch their heads explode.

      • The people who immediately jumped onto the ‘Save Ukraine’ bandwagon, are the ones who just eat Globohomo propaganda raw. They’re a lost cause, or at the very best, haven’t had the first, fundamental ‘this is all lies’ epiphany that opens the mind to more red pills.

        • They want it to be true, so if it is false it does not matter. That’s hard for rational people to grasp, but we are a dwindling minority.

      • “Make them defend Pr0nhub as a “blessing of democracy,” and watch their heads explode.”

        You give them FAR too much credit for both intelligence and morality, not even to mention spiritual discernment.

        But one good thing has come out of the current zombie apocalypse: The question of how to reach “normie” is now settled for good and aye: It is fool’s errand. It is impossible. Stop thinking about it. Even after the events of the past two years, they remain TV zombies. The the devil take them. They are not worth our thoughts or efforts.

        “I hate them with a perfect hatred. I account them mine enemies.”

        • “The question of how to reach “normie” is now settled for good and aye: It is fool’s errand. It is impossible. Stop thinking about it.”

          True, unfortunately. These cretins will clap along, possibly masked and properly socially distanced, as the ICBM’s race toward us. Lord knows I resisted it, but we share a continent with people who want us dead and people who don’t think people want us dead.

          “Forget it, Jake, it’s Normie Town.”

    • Sounds like the porn industry is hitting the big time; it’s now a part of the Power Structure. It only makes sense. The GAE is also the APE (American Perversity Empire).

      • Indeed it is. Forcing sexual deviancy into everyone’s face and then forcing everyone to smile at it, is central to their nihilistic, genocidal impulses. Globohomo know they are FAR beyond what people were historically executed for. And they are getting desperate as they realize the hoi polloi are catching onto them. They may conceivably prefer nuclear war to the guillotine they subconsciously know they deserve and this may be the real danger soon.

        • I don’t see any western society has he bollocks to execute its elites no matter what evidence comes out.

          People barely make a noise when their children are dropping dead of heart attacks from a forced poison, or when they are replaced and persecuted in their ancestral homelands.

          • An important rule for would-be revolutionaries is ‘the masses don’t matter.’ If genuinely outraged people took power, it would be up to their leadership if the top of Globohomo would be made to pay. The masses are irrelevant, they are just a sea to swim in for us and to ride for the current elite.

  25. If this is the winter phase of the GAE, does that make Joe Biden, “The Winter Soldier?” I mean, he is a comic book character after all. This time, we don’t have any Iron Men to bail us out.

  26. 2004 Bioshield Act
    Let them drive Teslas

    Why do I love MSNBC Morning Joe?

    Because, as Saml says–
    They have a wolf by the ears.

    One thing is odd, though- the Highest IQ People people rule Kiev, but they don’t seem to do any of their own fighting.


    p.s.– today: “Stop saying military aid, and start saying Declaration of War.”

    The appetizer was “(the 350,00 J**s of) Ukraine threatened by a nuclear holocaust” (ashes, drifting down like snow…)–

    But the threat between the lines was “Putin” pulling a 9/11, using biological weapons…!!

  27. I am interested in something I heard sometime ago (and it might be fake news, so I reserve the right to be wrong). I’d heard that Putin had decided to put the rumble back on the gold standard. I am not an economist – but I assume that comes as a response to defend against currency manipulation by hostile countries like the US?

    And why is this all happening? People are going nuts out there. I can’t believe Biden and Turdo are still in office after what they’ve done. I can’t speak for Biden… but in the last month, Turdo should have triggered AT LEAST six votes of non-confidence that should have swept him and his pikers out of office… and there’s crickets.

    On a slightly positive note…I am seeing some of the mass media rag sheets starting to run the odd objective articles. It’s far too little and far to late… but they are beginning to see their problems more clearly. Maybe our rulers will too…

    • There wouldn’t be a point to doing such a thing, it’s basically on the “oil standard” now: show up with ruples and get oil, simple.

    • “And why is this all happening?”

      Because everything is cyclical, and it’s time for war now.

      But if you don’t buy that, ask yourself how the war started? Who forced it to happen? How? Using what?

      (And yes, it *was* the usual suspects.)

      Did you follow the Munich Security Conference (last month) at all?

      What happened there? And what happened later that same week?

      Zelinsky announced that the Ukraine was going to acquire nuclear weapons. Putin began his police action later that same week.

      But that’s just the proximate cause. The “whys” are more complicated and of longer standing.

  28. Kudos to acknowledging Putin is being deplatformed. Yes, these people–and there is a lot of them–believe Twitter is real life. Wonder what will happen to them when electricity and ISP’s fail and “real life” disappears?

    The hypocrisy the United States embraces has rendered it a joke. A few days ago ideas were being digitally floated about trying Putin for war crimes. How that would happen was never explained, but as casualty lists from Iraq and Libya and Syria were compared to the number of dead in the Ukraine, that meme disappeared for some reason. The Iraq War really rendered the United States a nullity.

    • It’s our first war where diplomatic postures (and possibly actual military decisions) are based on “social media metrics”—as Western domestic policy has been for years.

      During that time they’ve censored all real dissenters from the measured entities. (Keep a list of “our” guys who haven’t seen any trouble on mainstream social media. It won’t be a perfect list, but it won’t be far from it.) So the metrics have gone full GIGO.

      That’s not why US election cheating happens, but it’s why it has to be massive and last-minute. It’s not why Canada declared martial law, but it is why its leadership was shocked that calling protestors transphobes three times didn’t make them run home crying. Etc., etc.

      They always meet the world *stunned*.

    • “Wonder what will happen to them when electricity and ISP’s fail and “real life” disappears?”

      Same thing will happen to most of them as will happen to most of us. They’ll die.

      Knowing why this is happening or even predicting it makes no difference. A garage full of MREs and some boxes of 22lr will make no diference. If the global economic and logistic system crashes we’d be unbelievably fortunate if the death toll was in the millions, billions seems more probable.

      A lot of us are far too cavalier about that sort of outcome.

      • The difference is we realize it. They will be surprised, starting with cities burning to the ground in a few months in uncontrolled violence that isn’t state-sponsored terror this time. Cavalier? Maybe. It also happens to be true.

      • Middle aged people which is like nearly everyone on this blog is are fair closer to death than youth.

        All of us are dying just some slower than others so a little callousness makes the losses cultural and personal easier to bear.

        Still even if globo-homo somehow wins its still doomed. No one that ascribes to its views or to modernity in general has children. They don’t get a future period.

        All those billions will die in time and no one will follow them.

        Over that period the damage we’ve done to land and water will catch up with us and the people that do reproduce, will be in smaller numbers.

        Futurism is just as doomed while the suffering would suck as the Viking said Cattle die kinsmen die all men are mortal

  29. Karen = Genghis Khan lol.

    I’d say piss on today’s ‘men’, but they’d probably like it.

    • Hilarious – they would be bathing to the Beatles “Golden Slumbers” …. “Golden showers fill your eyes…”

    • There is a reason there were many death goddess, and vengeful female destructive forces in earlier mythologies and stories.

      The west through Christianity and the chivalry movements completely lost this lesson.

      • I’d say feminism, which is neither chivalrous nor Christian, if you catch my drift 🙂

        • I agree its a retread of the female pagan sex/death cults that spring up all over the ancient world, which also got echoed via the medieval heresies of redemption through wilful sin.

          Lots of female followers in those things.

  30. Thanks for another great podcast.

    So much of the current world is a cartoon version.

    Apparently, social media is riddled with support for Ukraine by way of blue and yellow flags in profile photos from people who’d be unable to locate Rhode Island on a map.
    I can’t help but think of Ralph from “The Simpsons” saying “I’m helping!”

    • The George Floyd of 2022. Ukrain = Floyd ,Russia = chauvin. Silence is violence type thing.

  31. It would show some common sense and clear thinking if my fellow Americans who are seething about Ukraine being invaded could transfer some of that anger to the never ending invasion on our southern borders.

    • You stole my thought.
      And that’s why I can’t take the stuff on the other side of the world seriously.

      This whole event is partly distraction.

    • “It would show some common sense and clear thinking … .”

      Which MEANS … !

  32. The supplying of military material to Ukraine is tantamount to a declaration of war on Russia, not just a criticism of their invasion. This situation is likely to expand its geographical footprint.

    • The West sending mercenaries and volunteer brigades is a a mistake that will have enormous consequences. Russia will respond with the importation of their own mercenaries from places like Syria. It will not be long before a truck bomb goes off in a Berlin market.

      • The problem will be identifying which side will actually have done it?

        Strategy of tension in Italy anyone?

        • And further to that point (and something I posted yesterday) there is yet another BBC story on how Putin is “setting the stage to use chemical weapons”.

          The false flag prep is strong, narratised and so clumsy it seems certain they have decided to go this route to kick off NATO action in Europe.

          They have exhausted sanctions so it looks like they are going to carry through on the full on suicide.

          • I’m afraid a full on suicide is quite possible. Some of the recent recklessness indicates as much. You do have to wonder if Putin and Xi truly appreciated how batshit crazy the United States/GAE had become.

          • Yup, they were front-running their intentions so hard this morning, I was watching for poison clouds.

            Barrel bombs! Maternity wards!

          • “They have exhausted sanctions so it looks like they are going to carry through on the full on suicide.”

            Yes, but I don’t think they mean to do it next week,

            Their move is already underway. They are going to “sponsor” in “insurgency” in the Ukraine in hopes of bleeding Russia white, and then managing to get their hands on Russia’s natural resources, which is what this is all about.

            They will use mercenaries in the Ukraine. They have a huge cache of modern weaponry in Afghanistan. That’s why they left it there. It obviates an otherwise difficult logistical problem, and war is logistics.

            Things are just getting started. There’s a long way to go yet.

      • Somewhere soon on the Imperial bucket list will be the announcement of a missing US attack submarine. Details will be classified but the event will create the kind of response that the neo-cons want.

        • ” … the announcement of a missing US attack submarine.”

          Remember the Maine!

          And the Gulf of Tonkin.

      • It will be much worse than that. Mexico is filled with ever splintering cartels and no shortage of young men who really, really like killing people. A bit of money and direction (Putin has both) and the sort of stuff that Mexico calls Tuesday will happen here all the time. And once started it cannot be turned off save wholesale ethnic cleansing ala Yugoslavia.

        Social Media is also a two edged sword. The Japanese military in the 1930s heavily funded the Moorish Temple then Nation of Islam. For obvious reasons. Multiply that by 100 and you get another easy strike. Putin has been generous and merciful so far by historical standards.

        • “A bit of money and direction (Putin has both) and the sort of stuff that Mexico calls Tuesday will happen here all the time.”

          Good thinking. I hadn’t thought of that, but I have wondered by Putin hasn’t already activated Russian assets here in the States. Fifty years of no border control plus multiple murderous adventures overseas is a recipe for disaster here at home.

          Drop the Wilkinson Bridge at Baton Rouge into the Mississippi and shut down the entire Mississippi-Platte-Ohio-Allagheney-Muskingum drainage system–nearly the whole continent.

          Shut down the power grid. That can be done by small groups without an EMP.

          There are many options. But *all* of them fit hand-in-glove into the plans for the Great Reset.

      • Good God, I hope not. For one thing, I believe that this volunteering impulse is more rhetorical than anything else. If RT is to be believed, there were Americans and other Westerners who sympathized with the…let’s just call them Novorosiyans for reasons of brevity. For another, I just hope this thing ends ASAP. A more definitively Ukrainian nation will emerge, but the longer the war lasts, the less chivalrous Moscow will be in regards to the boundaries and degree of autonomy of this newly-fashioned nation-state.

      • What the Hell Mitt, think you can buy MiGs like used cars?

        C’Mon down to Crazy Ivan’s House of Warplanes Comrade!

        I’ve got MiGs, Sukhois, Tupolevs, all waiting to “fly” off the lot Comrade!

        Take this Sukhoi SU-27. All original, low flight hours, only used to bomb Afghan tribesmen.

        Or this MiG-29 two seater. Perfect for family man, extra room.

        I’ve got deals for low credit, no credit, nobody walks from Crazy Ivan’s!

        My prices are so low, my zhena tell me “Ivan, you so CRAZY!”

        Doesn’t work that way. 🙄

  33. Talk about “rules.” Poland and Hungary have taken in more refugees from Ukraine than any other EU nation, close to two million altogether. And what did the EU just do to them, under the fig leaf of these nations violating “rule-of-law?” Sanction them. Why? Insufficient obeisance at the altar of LGBTQ degeneracy.
    I give you the backstory then the news today:

    • People better start waking up to the fact its in part WorldWarSodomy.

      Why do they not get that is what all the flags are about?

      Its about territory and expansion.

      Lots of these people identify as a rootless group in the world outside nation in the same way we talk about other groups.

      • Right?

        The actions of US embassies around the world with regard to the alphabet soup flag should make it abundantly clear that they have made it into a de facto symbol of GAE.

        It’s instructive that their main object of pride during the completely disastrous Afghanistan pullout was flying the alphabet soup flag over Kabul.

        • TPTB putting the “homo” in Globohomo. As Severian frequently points out over at Fundamental Questions, Clown World is approaching the fake and gay singularity at ludicrous speed.

        • It’s not just the US. Over in the YUK, Richard Moore, the chief of MI6, told us what the priorities are.It’s sodomy.

          ” With the tragedy and destruction unfolding so distressingly in Ukraine, we should remember the values and hard won freedoms that distinguish us from Putin, none more than LGBT+ rights. So let’s resume our series of tweets to mark #LGBTHM2022.”

  34. I think it is important to remember that this is a controlled demolition. Our government is doing everything it can to force the rest of the world out of our orbit of control.
    I believe the destruction of the American empire is a good thing and a forgone conclusion, but the fact that they are doing so much to hasten things along tells me that this is all part of the great reset.
    Get ready for hard times and never submit.

    • Dumpster fires are never started by people who can think ahead. Really doubt there is some 15 point master plan they’re following. By your reckoning, a nume exchange would be far more efficient. Hell, it may happen anyway.

      • Compulsive arsonists start fires just to see things burn.

        They are often very planful about their activities.

        This does not seem very different to that.

    • I agree with you, but ask for one clarification: Who is “our government”? If you say the miasmic bog of international bankers, IMF, UN, BIS, WEF, etc., I would completely agree. I think people see the idiots like Biden and Rubio and assume they call the shots. In this instance, yes, they are incompetent buffoons. However, they are buffoons in employ of much more competent people. Was PT Barnum a buffoon? He employed them. The crowd in the circus may believe he is a buffoon through association. However, they fail to pierce the veil that separates the puppet from the puppeteer, and thus they assume it is all clown play. He got his money from them (a sucker born every minute – whether he said it or not). Our overlords are getting what they want through a perceived veil of stupidity.
      Allow me to illustrate another way. I think we can all agree that these people are acolytes of the new world religion. However, who is the messiah who taught them? Even if a religion does not require a singular Jim Jones/ messiah type, it still requires a ruling council to organize it. Who are the people running this Council of Nicaea? If you propose some person form a 100 years ago and it has snowballed, I would argue that even the most superstitious voodoo Haitian has a high priestess that keeps the flock in order. Who of the buffoons we see on TV is competent enough to keep these morons enlivened?

      • In the current iteration of GAE, I believe the most important governing bodies are Blackrock, Vanguard, and State Street.

        The not quite secret king is Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock. He continues to be an enormous driver of ESG and DIE in the GAE.

        • Wild Geese Howard nails it, except perhaps for one thing: Larry Fink. The guy is too visible. I admit to the possibility of being wrong about this, but I strongly suspect that Fink is merely a front man. The people with serious power are smart enough to stay in the shadows. For instance, it’s very difficult to even find out who exactly owns Vanguard. Again, I could be wrong about this. Fink may well be a major driver of these destructive phenomena. I simply doubt we would even know his name if that was the case.

          • The visibility of Fink is curious. The same with Soros, who is calling for regime change in both CHINA and Russia. Let me state that calling for Xi to be deposed and replaced–which Soros has done–shows these people are on the ropes and dangerous to us all. Having a seeming front man like Soros do so shows his puppeteers have gone to ground already.

          • I agree with both of you. Geese is dead on about those Vanguard. And Wkathman is right on about Fink as a probably frontman, even Fink’s name is a hint at this. Names have power, and elite group could never really share the power or glory with a frontman.
            I would add that the membership of Vanguard and Blackrock are opaque, they are all probably mixed together with many of those other organizations. IMF has been great for breaking countries outside the direct flow of western/ global economics, UN is great for governance and military forces, BIS for domestic central banks, etc., and so I tend to view them all as heads of the same hydra because their membership lists at the top strata are probably identical.

      • I agree with your assessment of “our government” 100%. The people on the TV are just window dressing. I was referring to the string pullers not the puppets.

    • ” … this is all part of the great reset. Get ready for hard times and never submit.”


      The Great Reset. That’s what’s happening.

      My soapbox is REFUSE a DIGITAL “CURRENCY”!

      I think that will be the moment of maximum danger. And they will have calculated and gamed out
      resistance of all kinds. So they might say that their digidollar is the only way to pay your taxes. Or the penalty for refusing the digidollar is death. Whatever–they will have their clubs and cudgels at the ready *before* they roll it out.

      BE READY.

    • It will be interesting if people actually are able to identify a lot of the players that make a difference to this insanity, rather than just end up in street level theater conflict with the goon squads.

      I can’t think of a modernish equivalent to that happening anywhere.

      • One of the strengths of the corporatist model of rule is that just about everyone in that model is fungible, making them easily replaced. This is especially true in bureaucratic fields that specialize in paper pushing.

        Based on that, I don’t hold out much hope that people will be able to distinguish key players among the grey goo of corporate personnel pools.

        • The key to dealing with this sort of an entity is to make staffing the critical role impossible. You don’t need to kill CEOs, you need to kill people who are a step or two above bottom rung. In a bank, that would be loan officer; in retail, inventory manager. Effectively, law enforcement can’t protect all these people, but if the jobs go unstaffed, the organization will be referred effectively impotent. So, you can pretty much be guaranteed to take out a large number of these people easily, and be guaranteed that no one wants to be promoted.

          • When I look at the flood of competent white, male Boomers and early Xers that are retiring or taking up self-employment I’m not convinced that any active measures need to be taken at all.

            I mean, in my plant, when something really breaks or goes wrong people figuratively break their legs trying to find the competent, experienced, often ornery white guy who can provide a genuine solution.

            Outside work, as a late Xer, I’ve been amazed at the amount of interest recruiters are expressing since I’m not actively searching for a new job.

            For months I’ve been getting two or three unsolicited emails a day from recruiters trying to fill positions at the big 4 MIC firms.

            The Great Resignation is very real.

    • Linh Dinh (who used to write for Unz Review–I don’t know where he is these days) recently wrote that “No real change will occur in this world until the first significant assassinations take place.”

      An interesting take on things, don’t you think?

      • No. Many more kings have been assassinated than kingdoms destroyed in the annals of history. Changing the system is only possible when there’s a parallel organization to take it’s place, already existing.

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  36. An axiom of the modern era will become “no rules means no rules”, and even more importantly, it means “no rules” eventually becomes a two-way street. But there is an essential difference between the two camps when “no rules” dominates all social interactions. The Cloud People, due to their positioning of power and ostentatious display of wealth, are easily identifiable and relatively few in numbers. Whereas, the Dirt People are diffuse, indistinguishable, and omnipresent. As such, focus is a liability for the Cloud People and effectively useless on the Dirt People. The former must be constantly looking over their shoulder, whereas the latter is like the atmosphere, it’s rarely noticed at all except in the aggregate or when a storm arises. A lion is king when the jackals are few, but easily trampled by a herd of stampeding water buffalo.

    • They mostly fly in a different universe to everyone else. Not everyone is Bezos, but enough of them at the moment have few touch points with the rest of the world.

      They will bring the entire resources and force of the govt and your tax base to protect themselves and make sure you don’t interfere with them.

      It mostly depends on how long they can keep that racket going.

      Its a long way from there to a French style revolt.

      • The over-class is largely invisible to us. I’ve pointed out in the past that foreign policy, as an example, is controlled by maybe fifty people. There are maybe three dozen people in Washington and an equal amount outside, but with strong ties to the system. None of these people are known to the typical American. Until thus week, few people had ever heard of Victoria Nuland, who is running Russia policy. Robert Kagan is known only to people who study this stuff.

        This is repeated across all sectors of the managerial class. Each area has an elite that control the administrative layer, which runs policy for their area. It is why elections have no consequence. Regardless of the party or president, the same cabal of neocons control foreign policy. The same bankers control monetary policy. The same regulators control regulatory policy.

        • All true, but can the self-anointed leadership hold and remain cohesive as the international pie gets smaller and the slices get smaller? All revolutions start when the elites turn on one another. This will be no different.

          Prediction: some of the leadership will become pro-China/Russia/Iran (this is the case now) and some will become strident opponents based on who gets spoils from where. That will be the great fracture.

        • I agree 100%.

          The unity of the supra-national orgs combined with media circus on minion personalities, and a lack of examination as to the relationships in the top tier means nearly everyone has no idea who the movers actually are (including me).

          Its why you get clowns like Schwabb in his Ming outfits as a narrative fulcrum.

          Always have a front guy.

        • true for the very top layer. but all of the supporting layers are very visible. and they will be easily dismantled. the fundamental problem with the cloud people is they have concentrated too many resources in too few hands. the system is wildly unbalanced.

          now they have created a classic pincer situation; one “arm” is their war internally, on us; the other is the new war they just started externally, on the rest of the world. the pozzed corporations will be cleansed or crushed, the pozzed institutions likewise. who will protect harvard when it is being torched? or the WHO?

          and that top layer is as helpless as a baby deer, in reality, because no one likes them, no one will follow them into battle, and lots of people are envious of what they have.

        • The anonymity of the power-players with respect to the masses is a reality of human nature. Most common folk don’t give a damn about the machinations of DC and have more important things to do with their time than read the pages of the Washington Post or New York Times. And that only matters if you still think we can talk or vote our way out of the mess we’re in.

          Unknown is not the same as unknowable, especially so in the age of the internet and social media.

          • exactly. they are more vulnerable than they think. how many security personnel are having vaxx problems, or have children with vaxx problems, etc. how many are willing to die for their “masters”? less than are willing to sell them out, i would wager…

          • @karl

            Do you think they would tie together the same people are responsible for both?

            Seems pretty easy they could say “look evil pfizer” and then would carry on providing more “solutions” to the problems they created.

            As we see now with inflation. Most people can’t even join together it is the lockdowns worldwide that caused most of it.

          • ” … especially so in the age of the internet and social media.”

            That’s interesting to speculate about.

            Bill Clinton has never even sent an email. He has *no* cyber-footprint. I daresay there are a LOT of movers and shakers like that. But I don’t know.

      • As the pie gets smaller, as it must as the empire contracts, the revolution will start among the elites, as it always does, over spoils. A French-style revolt will happen only after that. Membership in and control of the managerial elite has been based on world domination. That’s soon gone.

        • that is one of the achilles heels of the ruling claque – the inability to deliver the gibbs.


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