A Lesson From Ukraine

One of the underlying plot lines of the conflict in Ukraine is the role nationalism has played and in playing in the conflict. Fundamentally, the West, especially the United States, is responding to the purest of nationalist calls. The response to Ukrainian patriotism is an endorsement of the basic tenets of nationalism. The Ukrainians are a unique people with a common language, culture and territory. Therefore, they have a right to their own nation.

Conveniently left out of American coverage is the fact that ultra-nationalists have been playing a key role in the drama. These are the militia groups that have a fondness for fascist ideas and iconography. The most famous example is the Azov Battalion, but they are just one of many operating in Ukraine. These groups have been doing the fighting in the breakaway republics. This was true when the Ukrainians were assaulting the areas and now that the Russians have invaded.

Of course, the West is now organized around opposition to nationalism, especially the form expressed by the Ukrainian ultra-nationalists. In every country in Europe, nationalist groups have top meet in secret to avoid the wrath of state sponsored terrorist groups like Antifa. In Germany, nationalism is illegal as a practical matter. A party that sounds too nationalistic, like the AfD, will be crushed by the state. In theory, Ukraine is what the rest of Europe opposes.

Then there is the reality of Russian nationalism. The Western media is painting it as the new fascism, but this is another example of the antifascist legacy. Russian nationalism is now a mirror of Europeanism. Listen to Putin and what you hear is a call for pan-Slavism or Eurasianism, to use a Dugan term. Instead of a unified Western Europe it is federation of Eurasian people with the Russians leading the way. It is the EU for people with no natural place in the EU.

There is another aspect to the Russian side that the nationalists have thus far struggled to accept or even understand. What Russia is arguing for is an older, more realistic form of nationalism that is based on blood and history. Putin talks about the long history and shared suffering of the Russian and Ukrainian people. It is a call to solidarity that transcends the whims of map makers. The modern dissident nationalist is mainly focused on maps and objections to globalism.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has put the dissident nationalists in a crisis, because it is placing them on the wrong side of history and the wrong side of the present. All of a sudden, nationalists are standing shoulder to shoulder with the people they know are the enemies of nationalism. It is turning out that modern nationalism is more of a pose than a well-considered political morality. They have been left with the same silly flag waving that we see from actors in the news media.

It is not an accident that many of the people who fly the nationalist flag were all wrong about the Covid response. Nationalism, in the modern sense, is nothing more than warmed over cartoon fascism. The modern nationalist dreams of wearing snappy uniforms and being at the top of the status hierarchy. He is fully engaged in opposition to the prevailing cosmopolitan globalism, but he has no agenda of his own, other than opposition to the polices of globalism.

This is not to say that nationalism is a bad thing, especially in the way the modern ruling elite describes it. Nor does it mean that the nation state is a failed idea. What the crisis in Ukraine reveals is that modern nationalism is simply not ready to be anything more than a holding pen for the disaffected. Nationalists in Europe need to understand that no one in the European elite is shedding any tears for what is now happening to the ultra-nationalist at the hands of the Russian military.

What the Ukrainian disaster provides is an opportunity for nationalists to regroup and plot a course that acknowledges present and future reality. The Global American Empire is fading and we see that in Europe now. What comes next is open for debate and if nationalists are to be a part of that debate, they have to have a positive agenda, rather than a list of complaints about American globalism. Nationalism needs to offer a way forward in the post-America Europe.

The place for them to start is Ukraine. Nationalism needs to explain why the Zelensky government violated its duty to the people by picking a fight with Russia. It also has to explain why Ukrainian patriots are right to defend their country, even if their government is a corrupt puppet regime of another power. In other words, nationalist need to fuse their theory with practical politics. Political theory is a fine thing but it is worthless if it cannot solve the practical problems of human organization.

The Ukraine disaster should be a lesson to American nationalists, especially the pro-white variety. The cultural, biological and linguistic differences between Russians and Ukrainians are small, certainly not worth fighting over. That is the theory, but the reality is the bombed out schools and dead soldiers. America is a big diverse place with differences that dwarf the differences between Russians and Ukrainians. Uniting any group in America is a gargantuan task.

For any form of nationalism to work in America, as it descends into majority-minority demographics, it must respect the vast regional differences. Simplistic calls to demographic reality will work no better than the simplistic calls to nationalism have worked in Ukraine. Laundry lists of complaints about the present or the past are not a viable agenda. Whatever comes next for America will have to be rooted in a positive agenda that promotes a future that inspires the target population.

Finally, what the Ukraine disaster shows is that the old categories and the old ways of speaking of politics no longer work. The ultranationalist are not Nazis, despite their adoption of some Nazi iconography. Putin is certainly not Hitler. There are no white hats and no black hats. The simplistic world of the past where everyone had a convenient role to play is over. In the post-American Empire, we will need not only new labels, but a new political morality to go with it.

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222 thoughts on “A Lesson From Ukraine

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  2. We are about reaching the point where Russia stopped being able to map the future. From here on, it’s throw up your hands and guess at the next direction of the winds that blow …

  3. “House of Representatives approves $13.6 billion in Ukraine humanitarian and military aid.”

    That’s a nice chunk of cheese for the ones who fear the hoofbeats of cats.

    I think they have a general plan following the pheromone trail and sniffing out a likely source of cheese.

    But, they just pull back the plunger of the pin ball machine and let it fly. There is few of them and many of us, so we are the ones who suffer. The can count on their media to lie upon things to their favor. They can count on allies to control the government, and so forth. They hit a few bumpers here and there and rack up some points. Maybe it’s just a harvest of flesh, maybe it’s getting to buy at the bottom of a panic they created with money given to them.

    It’s just all free cheese.

  4. “Putin is not Hitler”. No, indeed, the situation now is the result of Putin being Chamberlain. He’s spent 20 years appeasing the DC warmongers.

  5. Allow me to settle all this with a very brief distinction:

    Nationalism: defined by borders. Compare: Sailerist “civic nationalism”
    Expand borders = bigger nation = good. Cf. “manifest destiny,” “white man’s burden”

    Ethnonationalism: state as the home of an ethnic group. Eg: White Europeans, Russians, Ukrainians.

    Applied to current situation:

    Ukraine: the eastern provinces are within our borders. Therefore, we must keep them (loss of land is bad). Uppity Russians there must be exterminated. (Cf. Sudatenland, Yugoslavia, and other made-up nations defined by borders)

    Russian: the eastern provinces are 80% Russian, and targeted for extermination. Therefore they must be incorporated into Russia.

    Got it?

  6. OK, this actual headline from US News & World Report actually caused me to literally laugh:

    “U.S. Intel: China Alarmed by Russian Brutality in Ukraine”

    I get it is a propaganda effort, and that it will work to any extent is horrifying, but that is some funny shit there and something you could not make up. Apple and Bezos must be leaning on their puppets really hard.

    • “I get it is a propaganda effort, … .”

      Around the end of February 2020, when they were first cranking up the Chinkypox propaganda machine, FOX Noise ran this headline across the bottom of the screen during a Tucker broadcast (verbatim):

      “Study: 87% of Coronavirus cases undetected.”


    • Talking of propaganda and the lack of any real footage, despite the OMG Genocide nonsense.

      Here is a series of videos from some guy who actually did what those people did when they visited the overwhelmed hospitals during the coof.

      He flew to Poland and got on a train to Kiev.

      Normal public transport, fake barricades, it all looks very odd.


  7. Seems to me we are actually going to get a view of what nationalism actually looks like absent globohomo in Russia following the sanctions.

    Not only have lots of the media/big tech/porn/mcdonalds/coke etc cut ties.

    Now it looks like western banks like Goldman’s and Citi are going to be doing the same.

    I have always hypothesized that a prerequisite for a normal functioning society is removing the financial squid and the media/tech/corporate before any normality can emerge from the population.

    It seems we are going to find out what this looks like.

    If its anything like a 19th century national mindset its going to look so completely alien to the majority in the west as to be incomprehensible.

  8. What’s complicated about it? A certain group that controls most of the USA foreign policy got in charge in Ukraine too. They have an ancient hatred for the people there on top of the desire to strip mine the country of its wealth.

    They convinced the dumb Ukrainian goys and Nazi meat heads that they are superior and that they must die for their “nation”, weaponizing the base tribal instincts of white men and directing it towards something useful. Just like the American goys were convinced to die in Iraq to remove Saddam from power.

    It’s not a failure of “nationalist” ideology at all, it’s realpolitik from the people in charge. When nationalism suits their aims, they go nationalist. When Bolshevism suits their aim, they go Bolshevik. When capitalism suits their aims, they go capitalist.

    Btw, not sure where you found all these “white nationalists” in the West supporting Ukraine. Almost every dissident is neutral, with tepid support for Putin due to him being perceived as the anti-Globohomo side.

    • I agree 100%

      With them it is always a means to an end, and the dense goys always get wrapped up the details and lose sight of the big picture.

      The big picture is ALWAYS they are in charge and you work for them, occasionally die for them too. All these “isms” and ideologies and the like they concoct are just the tools of their trade.

    • The white nationalist guys at “Counter Currents” are all on board with the story of “patriotic Ukranians standing fast against Russian aggression”.

      • Then I have a lot less respect for them than I once did. Because it’s clear supporting the Ukrainians is short-sighted. GAE would have turned that whole country into another American bath house absent the Russian invasion. The usual suspects on Twitter were crowing about Zelensky leading a “multicultural” Ukraine just a few days ago and celebrating mass emigration of Ukrainians into neighboring countries (while denouncing discrimination against Africans and Indians).

  9. “Z” blog.

    And people say the Fates have no sense of humor.

    Ukrainian nationalism taking up a lot of ink. What to think of it. Ukrainian nationalists are the koala to the eucalyptus (Russosphere).

    Ukrainian nationalists are only allowed to exist, organize because of GAE’s larger war against the Russosphere. As the koala only eats the leaves of the eucalyptus. If they don’t have eucalyptus, they starve and go extinct ( ie Ukraine full integration into GAE followed by the liquidation of the nationalists like in the west).

    But eating the leaves does not spare the koala completely either. It causes them pain, dizziness, and eventually destroys their tooth enamel. Starving the koala with a longer but still premature death, never fulfilling their full potential ( negatives of Russian rule -current war De nazification).

    The twist of fate in this plot is that new koalas will keep reproducing as long as the koala continues to eat the poisonous leaves (stay Russosphere). The leaf and it’s poison can’t evolve a toxin so potent as to kill all the koalas. The koalas continue to adapt and survive. GAE (starvation) can take out the koalas. Thus Ukrainian nationalism (Azov blah blah) is inextricably tied to the fate of Russia and it won’t escape it.

    • “Thus Ukrainian nationalism (Azov blah blah) is inextricably tied to the fate of Russia and it won’t escape it.”

      Is there another blog site where the commentariat’s conversation is as wide-ranging as that on this site? From the beginnings of WWIII to nationalism to koala bears and eucalyptus leaves on the same day. And it’s not out of the ordinary.

      ZMan is a national(ist?) treasure.

  10. American nationalism is dead. And it’s not coming back. In the future there might be Black-American nationalism, Mexican-American nationalism, and maybe Chinese-American nationalism and .Indian-American nationalism. If we work hard enough, there might even be White-American nationalism. But American nationalism, *simplicter* is finished/

    • Yes, because America no longer exists. It died January 20, 2021.

      Requiescat in pace.

    • MBlanc46: You really don’t need the qualifier ‘American’ for all those other nationalisms. It will simply be Orientals wanting to live by their cultural and political mores, blacks wanting to live without Whitey’s laws, and Mestizos wanting to live as best suits them. The problem is that all of these groups have failed, to one degree or another, when trying to function solely on their own (to forestall one predictable objection, the Chinese ‘economic miracle’ occurred at the cost of America outsourcing its jobs, factories and intellectual property rights). Thus while wanting to claim their own corner of formerly American soil and live by their own mores, they all want and need the White man’s ingenuity (and quite often his women, when not deformed by modern feminism). The fact that these various alien races may inhabit former American soil does not change their origins nor their genuine nationality. No honest man can legitimately be called a hyphenated anything.

  11. The pearl clutchers are calling Putin a new Adolph because “he wants to create a united Slavic empire”, as in the former Germanic attempt.

    There are 1.3 million refugees in Poland, 2 million so far; I believe we’re seeing a possible Visegrad Spring to belay that Eurasian polity. (Maybe it’ll help form one instead, I hope.)

    Nuland’s husband co-authored the PNAC: destroy seven Mideast countries, seize their gold and oil, and dominate the world’s oil pan. I’d say this debacle is a repeat.

    I don’t know why the neocons didn’t come up with a pretext to openly colonize the Mideast. Does Iraq even have a government, or is it another Mogadishu (Somalia, East Africa’s oil port) or Libya (has an oil bank but no government.)

    Is it possible that they figured out they can get what they want (resource/route control), and can dispense with the pretense of civilization?

  12. The problem of course is that there are no real nationalists at the top of either of the governments involved here. Putin is happy to make use of Russian nationalism when it suits him, but he is essentially a Eurasianist and an imperialist, not a Russian nationalist. He opposes globohomo, and that’s something, but he’s not really on out side. As for Zelensky, he of course is happy to make use of Ukrainian nationalism, as with the useful idiots in the Azov Brigade. but we all know who he’s working for, and it’s not Ukraine. Putin may very well be the lesser evil in this conflict, but he is the enemy of our enemy, not our friend.

    • If this was 1960, and you had leaders…real leaders…like De Gaulle still on the scene, Putin would not stand out in the crowd. As a matter of fact he would be seen as sort of a wallflower in world affairs. In 2022, comparing him to the Alzheimer’s patient, the Canadian imbecile, the German imbecile, the bisexual Frenchman with the mommy complex, the sad, banker technocrat Italian, etc. etc., he TOWERS head and shoulders among world leaders. It’s not Putin that’s big, it’s the rest of the world leadership that’s gotten small…and so effete.

      • Sounds similar to a quote from an academic about his peers.

        “It is not that I stand on the shoulders of giants, it’s that I am surrounded by midgets”

        • Say what you will, Putin at least does not hate the people he rules over. Strange that that’s enough to make you a great leader, but in 2022, it looks like it does.

          • That, and Putin seems to have an instinctual understanding of the processes that destroy “a people” and the institutions that united/promote “a people”.

            In short, he brought back the church front and center in Russian life and suppressed the deviates that arose after the collapse of the USSR with the corresponding lifting of general repression and renewal of personal freedom.

  13. It’s incredible how the globalist, open-borders Left is backing the nationalist Ukrainians here. Wave an American flag, or wave the Canadian flag like the truckers, and you’re a Nazi and a fascist. But all of sudden waving the blue and yellow is good. Defend the American border, and you might as well be Hitler, but defending the Ukrainian border has become such a pure and noble cause it’s now right up there with climate change or transgenderism. “Diversity is or greatest strength,” but it’s the diversity in Crimea and Donbass that has caused the war.

    SMDH, brah…

  14. “For any form of nationalism to work in America, as it descends into majority-minority demographics, it must respect the vast regional differences.”

    That problem is solved by federalism. The inherent weakness of diversity is minimized by separating it locally but agreeing to come to the common defense regionally. It works in Switzerland. It used to work in America.

    It stopped working in America for two reasons. First, local homogeneity was diminished with multiculturalism. Consider the thought experiment of the construction of an artificial new country with 20 million Germans and 20 million Japanese. Would it be more stable if the Germans had the western half of the country and the Japanese occupied the eastern half (all else being equal) so there was a locally homogeneous German half and a locally homogeneous Japanese half [federal scenario] or would it work better if they were all mixed up 50%/50% on every street in every neighborhood in the country [multicultural scenario]? Culture is systematic human behavior and varies not just by race but by ethnicity. We all have different preferences for how to organize ourselves socially, politically, and economically.

    Normal authentic human culture arises naturally through the lived experiences of individuals who are bound by ties of genetic and cultural similarity. That leads to one of the main problems with America today. Our authentic American cultures are being suppressed and replaced by the synthetic deviant filth of Hollywood. The development of mass media has given evil people the tool to try something new in human history: to shape into being a new multiracial people with culture designed to optimize their compliance with rule by oligarchy. Their project is failing hard because ethnicity is real because race is real because biology is real.

    It is human nature not to sacrifice to make investments in the future for those not one’s own, especially in what we call ‘the commons’. The degree of kinship determines degree of willingness. The federal scenario would provide better outcomes in every metric than its multicultural counterpart.

    The second reason why America no longer works is that there is a limit to how much the problem of diversity can be managed with a federal solution. When the differences between groups are too large, there is no willingness to compromise to find optimal solutions to the larger problems that they as a collection of groups face, in spite of each having their own local space. If they are organized multiculturally (mixed up) then the problems become even more intractable. Recall our German & Japanese federal scenario, and compare it with a Somalian and Japanese federal scenario. Which would be less unstable?

    Diversity is never a strength and the consequences of too much of it cannot be acceptably minimized with compromise. Human history is very clear that polities governing peoples with too much diversity can only endure with fierce internal repression. Rulers have to use force to make disparate people get along. When the force is removed, the excessive diversity manifests instability which leads to war. Recall Yugoslavia.

    People can stumble along barely perpetuating themselves inside a diversity polity like an empire for a long time, but if you want your children’s children’s children to reach for the stars, they need to have a country, either a nation-state or a federation, of their own in which to grow.

    Horace’s Laws for Successful Federal Stability

    1. Each member of the federation must have its own physical space governed by its own people. (local sovereignty facilitates investment into local commons)
    2. All federation members must be the same race. The diversity of having different ethnicities of the same race is the maximum that can be allowed
    3. All federation members must be the same religion. The diversity of having different denominations of the same religion is the maximum that can be allowed.

    • “3. All federation members must be the same religion. The diversity of having different denominations of the same religion is the maximum that can be allowed.”

      What to do with us atheists? Bro you gotta let us in with the Christians. We both sign an agreement. Atheists promise not to be dicks. Christians promise not to get all Church Lady on everyone. We make some sort of list of the accepted and not accepted. So we get along.

      Legal: liquor stores. bars. mid-core porn. topless dancing. weed, controlled prostitution.

      Illegal: gambling*. lotto. hard porn. usury. trashing jesus. soccer.

      (Re. Gambling. We really shouldn’t deny men their love of competitive games of the mind. Poker, blackjack, chess, etc. And they want a reward for their skill and cunning. Which is money. If there’s a way to limit how much money people can risk, we should try and do that. Also, no dehumanizing mindless slot machines and the like. Prioritize group interactive games.)

      • I should have said religious heritage rather than religion. It’s the acceptance of a set of common behavioral patterns, mores, that is crucial, not going through the motions of going to church on Sunday. We have always had atheists in the West, but all of them during the time of our success were culturally Christian in the denominations of their respective countries even if they were unhappy about it (or unaware).

        It’s important that each member (state) of a federation have a denomination that is dominant within it to provide internal stability that is compatible with the other federation members, not that each individual human within is a practicing member.

        I put atheists in the same category as homosexuals (not trying to be offensive here, honestly) in that “don’t ask, don’t tell” is an adequate solution. Don’t undermine the dominant mores (like opposing proscriptions against trannies in school girl’s lavatories or demanding that Satanists be allowed to form their own churches) and nobody cares. Stable healthy societies don’t need to force people to go to church so they can provide a membership card.

        • Horace: “Don’t undermine the dominant mores.” Right on.

          Question, within the U.S. how many federations do you think there’d need to be? As the demographics / belief systems currently stand. I’m guessing, with much gray area: Races 8 + Religions 4 + political views 5 + sexuality 3 = 20 federations.

          • Frip, we need White, Black, Hispanic basically. You can add Asian if the numbers are there.

            I grew up in NYC. It worked just fine for years. The religions are free to vary within the racial/biological divisions. Same as now. Politics same way—with proviso there is understanding such does not interfere with the agree upon separation principles. Sexuality is not important, but I assume basically male and female and deviations are kept to yourself and not promoted as acceptable “alternative” lifestyles.

            So basically 3-4 “divisions” with subdivisions to be determined by population within those sub-divisions.

          • I don’t know. I’m close to setting up a new boot device so I can get linux and R set up again to look at exactly that question, overlaid with the question of mineral and water resources.

      • Like 10% of the population are atheists so you get your own Godless polity.

        Also its interesting to note than Horace has to undo a fair chunk of the population. Instead of “No test of religion” it becomes mandatory.

        In some sense the solution is therefore “End the enlightenment since it was stupid”

      • Atheists are really nothing more than a branch of Christianity, or a heresy in the view of Christianity because every atheist I know has pretty much the same worldview of a Christian but without a belief in God. It’s an offshoot of Christianity, at least in the west, and requires Christianity to give itself meaning as something in opposition or a negative form of it. Can there be atheism in a world without God? I don’t think so. One begat the other, and the word itself is derived from the word God.

        So, yes, Christian society will make room for atheists. It always has. Provided there are blood ties with the society at large so that it all remains in the family.

      • With the exception of Islam and some smallish Christian cults, atheists and believers can coexist and have throughout our country’s history. It’s the “anti-theists” (dicks) that cause the problems. They can’t stand that there are believers and consider most all religions to be dangerous to “their” religion—human secularism.

  15. I don’t know and doubt that Russia is a “good guy”, but I know for sure that America and “The West” are bad guys; as in satanically bad.

    • America is an occupied country and Europe an occupied continent. Globohomo, the occupier, is indeed satanically bad.

      • (Update for Simba on the American truckers: I heard the organizer interviewed on a big left-wing show yesterday, a very civil conversation; the truckers got a hearing with various Congressionals, nobody got clapped in jail, so it ended as well as could be per the old civic system.)

        • Thanks! Bless them, the trucker approach has very real potential, also for other professions. A rough diamond for now for sure but the Canadians came up with it on the fly while being pushed against the wall. So of course there’s refinements to be done. But this could be a real tool of ours.

      • This is the bottom line. The USA no longer exists, at all, at least not in any real or meaningful way at all. Those of us who live in its territory are nothing more than isolated, individual residents within the territory of the Globohomo Empire.

    • You think they are bad now.

      I said on earlier thread they are wprking themselves up to step over the line.

      I believe they are going to do an actual false flag biological or chemical attack in Ukraine. Who knows what the death toll will be.

      The whole scripted Nuland thing on the bio-labs is telegraphing this so much.

      The US and NATO is going to be a full shooting war in Europe if they do, as it will generate a real hysteria not seen since WW2.

      • If they are INSANE enough to do that – and they may actually be that insane – it could really lead to strategic nuclear exchanges and hence horrors way, way beyond anything Earth has ever seen; the dinosaur meteor plus radioactivity. The life of the planet does appear to be hanging on the workings of a senile, corrupt, perverted brain and his sick handlers. No wonder people believe in God.

        • I am tying this up with Johnson’s co-ordinated statement that Russia was going to do a chemical attack, and the US intelligence stuff on a small nuclear attack.

          The no fly zone stuff was also I believe a set up as the response to such a chemical attack.

          Its all about seeding the ideas for later.

          I do think they believe they can pull this off in the same way they tried to do with Syria.

          Irrespective if its real or not the the escalation will be.

          Covid has given them a feeling of complete control and, they are, to coin a phrase from the UK “fucking mental”

  16. Z: “Whatever comes next for America will have to be rooted in a positive agenda that promotes a future that inspires the target population.”

    Re “positivity”. Gonna state the obvious just cuz. It’s so hard because for generations society has been conditioned to see anything positive/alluring that we’d put forth, as evil. Openminded + Inviting = good. Noticing differences* + Exclusion = evil.

    Reversing this false morality can be done. But at this point it’s hard to imagine.

    *By noticing differences I mean having a discriminating mindset. But that right there is synonymous with evil. “THAT’S DISCRIMINATION!” Which is right up there with “THAT’S CHILD MOLESTATION!”. Yeah, we’re very far from turning this thing around. They own the language and the jails.

    • Of course, whites are the only people against whom it is not only okay but in many cases required to discriminate. Every sin the Left decries is sacrosanct when visited upon the Blue-eyed Ice Devil.

  17. I see this more of a failure of globalism than a failure of nationalism. Diversity is not, in fact a strength, but a debilitating weakness. Even minor diversity like the linguistic diversity of Eastern Europe of two countries that were once the same country is enough to cause the tanks to start rolling. This is also why White nationalism can never work, not even in America.

    • I don’t even see how the U.S. has a workable geography once everyone tribes up. Yugoslavia writ large.

      • The militia right calls it (via Matt Bracken) Bosnia X Rwanda

        Its a bit more complex than that being Latino America (which runs like a wealthier Mexico and has its own internal race issues) WASP America, Texas , The South, Heritage America and so on. So many different subnations that cannot and should not coexist

        Now changing that is difficult, a lot of people are stuck on CONUS being a thing for one and of course the a-holes in power won’t give up with a fight.

        Probably the biggest issue is no one wants the power is sane enough and capable. Its understandable , there is no benefit to it for you or your family since any decently well off American at least prior to Bidenflation has as much stuff and fun as they can possibly need. There are also a lot of downsides , uneasy is the head that wears the proverbial crown. Basically its a lifetime at least of checking the morning coffee for polonium

        This is why I think we’ll collapse . Now Boog-2 might push it over but no one is likely to build an ideology, build an army or fulfill the mandate .

        In time its doomed but how soon? I don’t know. If I had to hazard a guess, Boog-2 by 2035 or earlier and a collapse after.

        If somehow it drags on , fertility collapse will take us out, Amish and Mennonites globally have the highest fertility rates even more than Niger

        People who like using power are almost always evil

    • White nationalism can work in Blackistan. All that is required is a critical mass of like-thinking whites forming in a single hermetic territory. Political organization then occurs, goals are agreed upon, and secession follows. The credible threat of violence will be necessary, of course. More likely, violence itself will be required.

  18. Nothing to add, other than a report from the ground. Wife is Romanian. They shitting themselves presently. On the upside, the sex has never been better.

    • i call that a clear win for you! try shouting “Putin!” at culmination, and see if that provides extra spice.

      • it’s ok, i deserve a down vote, or two. For discussing my sex life here. After the afpac post, i know Z i disapproves. Sorry the guy is a fag. I find it hard to drop.

    • Its very hard to know exactly what is going on in the Ukraine right now, to believe the MSM, the Russians are losing badly, the same MSM then tell me that Putin will also invade, Finland, Sweden, the Baltics and maybe Romania and Poland

      Its sad that most people can hold the two ideas in their heads at the same time. and plenty of them read 1984 too, but still they don’t see it

  19. Zalensky began this conflict by telling 17 year olds to throw molotov cocktails at tanks. Neglecting to tell them that they would be instantly cut in half with machine gun fire. Just yesterday he told the world that Russia is “bluffing” on releasing nukes on a no-fly-zone deployment. In reality, we’re all 17 year old cannon fodder to that dirty K word. The same guy who pilfered Ukraine for his not so secret Tuscan villa, and from what I’ve read, also a home in Miami. Who knows how many millions he’s taken from that country….but let’s concentrate on “Putler” as our brain rotted, Disney-Plus binging society can only understand bifurcated, good guy bad guy scenarios.

    • The cynicism has been horrific and off the charts. Zelensky at this point knows he was strung along by the United States and the greater West, and then he does the same thing with kids. Putin claims as a primary objective an intention to “de-Nazify” the Ukraine, which isn’t full of Nazis. Poland just received–and returned–some cynical “you and him fight” from D.C. (this will have long-lasting ramifications although it appears a minor albeit dangerous blip)

      The aftermath promises to be quite heady although, of course, Globohomo has a “look, squirrel!” lined up.

      • RE: “Zelensky at this point knows he was strung along by the United States and the greater West”
        I suggest that this is an over-assertion.

        Was he strung along or does it just seem as if he was strung along?

        Formerly, he was an actor playing the role of president.
        The US state dept is run by his affiliates, the past president and prime minster of Ukraine are his affiliates, and there is a continuity via affiliated oligarchs, ie mobsters.

        • Kosher Theatre, no different than WW1. All lies. all bullshit…Chaim and Shlomo making money off Whitey killing each other. Look over here, while we rob you blind and turn your country to shit. The whole fuckin world is so tired of these sick, satanic motherfuckers.

      • It feels like we’re headed back to good old fashioned European Great Power politics which invariably had a “hey let’s invade Poland” ending.

      • NAZI is a scare word tossed out in place of argument. No different than calling everything “racist” over here. However, Russia has not forgot that during the German invasion in WWII, Ukrainian women lined the roads in the villages to welcome the Germans with flowers—so much was the hate (rightfully) for the USSR and Stalin. Also, the Einsatzgruppen recruited Ukrainians to help handle the “final solution” efforts in Eastern Europe—Ukraine and the Baltic States.

        So there is a history that the typical Russian will pick up on in Putin’s use of that term wrt Ukraine. Not totally unlike Biden telling Blacks that Republicans want to put Blacks in “chains”.

    • 100% literacy, nearly or formerly all white nation the size of Texas
      Breadbasket, minerals
      Seaport access
      Collecting transit taxes on the most lucrative gas lines in the world

      Ukraine should be another Germany or France, yet they’re so poor prostitution is rife.
      Almost as if somebody’s been robbing the place.

    • “Zalensky began this conflict by telling 17 year olds to throw molotov cocktails … .”

      Zelinsky started this war by going to the Munich conference in February and announcing that the Ukraine was going to acquire nukes (in violation of the Budapest Memorandum). The Russians moved into
      the Ukraine within the week.

  20. I think today’s article may be trying too hard to make a concept fit. Just because two different nationalist countries war with each other doesn’t make it a crisis or conflict between different visions of nationalism.

    There’s so much else going on in this conflict, historically and politically — security concerns, old emnities, global jockeying for power, powerful monied interests, I don’t know if we can draw direct lessons about old and new nationalism from it. Not saying that Zman is wrong, just that the waters are pretty muddy.

    • Likewise, there are a few “rah rah go Russians” on our side, but most people (including those people actually) only care about the conflict in so far as it harms GloboPedo. (And most of the go-go Ukraine normies are only doing so because they’re never allowed to cheer for their own team).

      • The normies are doing it because the media instructs them and they obey. It pours it into their mind from every direction.

        Its the “current thing” meme is not a joke.

        I live in a backwater. The small town shop and local council offices have hand drawn posters (with child drawings) for a fundraising drive for Ukraine in the townhall.

        The local small supermarket shop’s electronic till has Ukraine charity donations already tied into to the display.

        The shop screens show Ukraine national flags and refugee fake pictures without any other context.

        The newspaper racks look like a blue and yellow impressionist painting..

        It has invaded everywhere in less than a week.

        • Small town on the Vermont/Massachusetts border? You’re not going to see anything like that in small towns in West Texas.

          That’s not to say that the war propaganda isn’t working, but rather that the softer normies are more susceptible to it than the harder ones.

      • Ask yourself this: Is it good for the white people? The answer should determine which side you support in the Ukrainian dust-up.

  21. 2 more strongly nationalistic people should be mentioned:
    Palestinians and Israelis. And here is an amazing parallel between Ukrainians and Palestinians: Russians are reporting that maternity ward bombed yesterday was a military object. I lived in Ukraine for 21 years and I readily believe that it would be their MO.
    And one more parallel: both Ukrainians and Palestinians are LOVED by the world “elites” while Russia and Israel are hated.
    So much so that Cardiff Philarmonic just removed playing Tchaikovsky from their program. And Anna Netrebko fired by NY Metropolitan Opera.

    I’ve read some people drunk on anti-semitism that Ukrainian territory is being cleared for the Israeli jews (!!!!).
    Israeli nationalists moving from Jerusalem to Ukraine where every inch of earth has been soaked with the Jewish blood since the 17c??!!.

    Maybe Putin’s love and respect for the Jews in his life and for Israel is not an accident of history but a plan by higher power?

    • …So much so that Cardiff Philarmonic just removed playing Tchaikovsky from their program. And Anna Netrebko fired by NY Metropolitan Opera….
      Appears there is no end in sight to the virtue signaling contest.
      Guess I ought to check to see if my local library branch has a Tolstoy, Dostoevsky book burning bonfire scheduled.

      • If I was God Emperor of Mankind any public virtue signalling would be punished by crucifixion.

        Its harsh I know but everyone wins, The virtue signalers get to give the ultimate signal and society or at least I get to be rid of them.

        That said between the Puritan strain and the absolute purposeless of modern life , I can see why people are all in. It less them feel like life has meaning.

        I suppose they better enjoy it while they can. Once this edifice collapses, they’ll be too busy trying to eat or not get killed. Also a few generations out this will happen a bit less, subsistence farmers are often too busy for that

      • No, don’t go Anna.

        Sid, I realize that Anna and say six more like her could really bog the discussion group down—but there are not 6 “Anna’s” commenting. I find Anna to be respectful and often lends some alternative interpretation/thought. Let her speak, but ignore her if you find differently.

        • This compulsive fairmindedness is why they’ve taken everything from us. You’ve got this comment section and a handful of others theyve not managed to shut down. They’ve twitter, youtube, amazon, netflix, google…. basically the entire internet plus the educational institutions and corporations

          AND YET some here are concerned they don’t have a fair hearing here TOO.

          I actually love this about white people, it makes society beautiful when we have it to ourselves. It’s a huge problem dealing with people like said middle easterners who think it makes you an easy mark.

          • Don’t let them take advantage of you

            My experience tells me then what you are interacting with a mid easterner that if they know your are thinking “ok so here I am talking to some Jew” it makes them anxious, self conscious and they become quite docile. When they sense, however, that you are unaware of their Jewishness is when they pounce. They’re criminal minded bullies after all and take advantage of weakness and naïveté and innocence, much like blacks, perhaps why they have such an affinity for them and always take their side and seem to slobber over them. Birds of a feather, but with quite different beaks. And not sure you could really call one of them a beak, but I’m only making use of an expression.

            That said, and my point was going to be that you can still retain your good qualities of fair mindedness and so forth without becoming a victim. Just be wise to them — that is their kryptonite.

    • Upvote to Anna for presenting the other side. The “on the third hand,” side.

      Diversity is, after all, our hahahaha- kidding!

    • Anna,

      Are you suggesting that a Jewish takeover of the west is something desired by a higher power?

      Your honesty is much appreciated !

      • Where did you see me writing about Jewish takeover of the world?
        The Rabbis I respect teach that Jews should not run for elections in the non-Jewish country they reside in.

        I know I know too many of America’s Jews don’t go to the same religios lectures.
        And I do not talk Zelensky either: he converted to Christianity and baptized his children.

        • Did Zelensky marry a Jew? If not, the children would not be recognized as Jews anyway. But of course, the suspicion is that the problem with Zelensky and other non-practicing “Jews” is one of blood and not specifically the practice of the religion.

        • Anna,

          I read your comment to mean that some higher purpose might be involved in Putin’s behavior and that it might have to do with the God of the Israelis

          I could be wrong. So sue me (I kid I kid)

          That said, my overall view is simply that the Jewish people and Christian Europeans are not compatible and that for them to live together one side has to be weakened if not oppressed. And doing so means you need results, and that ultimately takes the form of the most lunatic and cruel on either side being tasked with the effort of subjugating the other. It has always been ugly. So whenever we do intermingle it always ends up in heartbreak and tragedy despite that many of us can be friendly on personal terms.

          For me personally, the main question is “must it always be this way?” Or must Jews and Europeans always be compelled to live with each other, is there another way or has fate bound us into this eternal conflict? Can either side ever be free of the other?

  22. All takes I have read so far about the Russian war seem unable to recognise something which is obvious to me, and put me excited on the alert, to be honest: the fact that now GloboHomo has an openly declared, external, conventional enemy in the persona of the Russian-Chinese block. This was invariably a pre-condition for each and every revolution in the past: (i) the war can weaken the tyrannical establishment, and also render it unpopular no matter the pro-regime propaganda; (ii) the external enemy can even materially aid the revolutionaries (see Leninists during WW1) or at least (iii) the common people gains bargaining power inside the system, as the tyrants have to appease them with decent jobs and a prospering society (as it was for socialdemocratic Western Europe during the Cold War).
    An organised and serious nativist party could make giant strides here, if the present rot “accelerates” due to rise in food prices, a possible involvement in a larger war that spills over to Eastern Europe and Taiwan, etc.
    But as the Zman observes, neither I see anything remotely like that, just navel gazing (assessing which commentator has gone to which side, and pondering who is morally right and who is not: no one saying ‘what do we care about Russia or Ukraine? How can we profit from this and derail the system?’); stupid idealistic, morality-based reasoning (“we are nationalists hence we sustain an independent Ukraine”, see K.Woods), or plain grifting (Morgoth had his own blog but now has gotten a substack with a paywall).
    Nowhere I see upheld a pragmatic, even ruthlessly opportunistic accelerationist point of view about this war, which to me seems the most sensible and obvious stance to assume, especially seen as similar situations have played out in the past, in history.
    My apologies for fed-posting.

    • To be fair, ol’ Keet seems pretty pro-Putin on this one. He has somewhat redeemed himself IMO. Still a damned Marxist though.

      • They just talk and talk and talk, these “nationalist” pundits, they assume one stance but don’t dismiss the other one even though it is its opposite. They say anything, and then its contrary. They need a moral reason for almost anything. Simply hoping Russia wins decisively and develops into an alternative to GloboHomo because it would be good to us?
        Not moral, merely convenient and hence out of the cards?

    • “‘what do we care about Russia or Ukraine? How can we profit from this and derail the system?’”

      You are certainly asking a good question there. It’s utterly irrelevant who owns the Donbass. But, to weaken and tear down Globohomo at home, that is what matters!!

      • Sure, that’s what I’m saying!
        Instead of caring if Ruthenia is right in claiming TransCarpathia its own or if it is better the place remains in the Repubic of Volynia,
        one should be ready to disseminate the kind of talking points Tucker Carlson uses, once discontent due to rising prices and penury is palpable among the normies.
        I mean, start preparing these talking points now, and think about the possible reactions or consequences, and think about a countermove for them as well.

      • Sure, that’s what I’m saying 🙂
        Instead of caring if Ruthenia is right in claiming Transcarpathia its own, or instead is better the place remain in the Repubic of Volynia, one should be ready to disseminate the kind of talking points Tucker Carlson uses, once discontent due to rising prices and penury is palpable among the normies.
        I mean, start preparing these talking points now, and think about the possible reactions or consequences, and then think about a countermove for these as well.

    • I guess it can serve as a nice distraction and a good grift. Gotta rake in those superchats You would think nationalists would be more concerned with the situation at home more than Russia and Ukraine. Everyone has to have an opinion for some odd reason. I cannot even begin to comprehend even the basics and neither can most of the people spouting off about it.

    • I’d like to like Woods because I like when kids read books, but… “We’re all liberals now,” as some internet commie I can’t remember said. The base from which he over and over again has to *become nationalist* is liberalism/libertarianism, and when he can’t find a route rightward away from those assumptions, he convolutedly falls back to them.

      One example, because it’s fully discrediting. He recently made a video arguing that what Sailer calls the Great Awokening—the simultaneous turn of all our media/etc. to anti-whiteness—is an effect of amoral corporate profit-seeking. His exemplary case was…the NY Times. Not even Sailer is sucker enough to believe that the Times is a profit-seeking enterprise. The thing was so egregiously wrong and dumb he could have clipped off a few philosophy references and sold it to ReasonTV.

      When Woods grows up (which may have just happened) he’ll be “our” Scott Adams. “The media sounds like it wants to kill you, but really it’s your friend. It just doesn’t know it. Let me translate its threats into a soothing lullaby.” TV says Russia is your enemy? Woods repeats it in your language. What’s the difference?

      • Yes, and he often uses quotes from books which he reads for 30 seconds or more, and I really don’t like that, I don’t think it works at all. Obviously he is heads and shoulders above people his age. He gave his best when podcasting with Spencer and Dutton, me thinks.

    • “How can we profit from this and derail the system?”

      Ooo. I am really starting to like you, ye black-hearted pirate.

      • Addendum: since Morning Joe is openly boasting about the US sending weapons to Ukraine to be used on Russian troops, I don’t know if we have Vietnam or an outright Spanish Civil War-

        Either way, it makes Majorian’s point even more important.

        • Thank you. How would these weapons get smuggled into Ukraine?
          Not by airplane.
          Not by ship.
          From Poland, by land? Kiev is surrounded from the West, so they won’t reach the Ukrainian Volksturm. And in any case it would be easy for Russians to spot the truck convoy and bomb it down, or simply stop it at a check point of troops that can come down at any time from Belarus into Western Ukraine.

  23. If the end result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a neutral country, I don’t see how that can be negative for nationalism in Ukraine. It sure as hell worked for Finland for decades. If international Jews like Zalensky are replaced as head of State of Ukraine, now we’re talking bonus points. I’m looking for the downside to the Russian invasion among actual Ukrainians. So Russia carves off the easternmost states. That part of Ukraine was always the most Russian like and the most alien to Kiev. Again, bonus points for better geography. The fact that the nationalists are fighting so hard in Ukraine likely goes down to a sociological paradox, I used to know the name of it, where the closer two ethnic groups are the more they hate each other. Like what happened in Northern Ireland. Outsiders would just see pale whiskey drunks fighting each other. But plop some exotic Nigerian sheboon in in the heart of Dublin and they get along great with her.

    • The result may be electoral certainty of a pro-western government coming to power and causing the crisis to begin anew. Ukrainians are mad as hell, as they should be. And are probably more determined than ever to join the western bloc. Losing the eastern provinces means an even greater voting percentage for being western.

      Bad news for them. Bad news for us. I think that’s why Russia wants a constitutional amendment. Not that it would prevent anything. But they want some sort of assurance Ukraine won’t join the west. I think it’s get uglier. Morally motivated ideologues won’t let this one go.

      We are in the 3rd inning right now and the Russians are at bat. Looks like they have the food stores to persuade other countries to join them.

      Expect volatility and chaos.

    • “So Russia carves off the easternmost states.”

      Not sure exactly what you mean there, but that has not happened. Russia has not carved off anything.

      The Crimea held a lawful referendum and voted overwhelmingly to ask to join Russia. When they did, Russia said, “Yes.”

      The Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics have not been carved off by Russia or by anybody else. They declared independence in 2014, and they have repeatedly asked to be allowed to join Russia, and Putin has turned them down every time.

      Last month, Russia granted diplomatic recognition of the republics’ independence, but granting recognition is not “carving off.”

      I hope I haven’t misunderstood you.

    • Zelensky converted to Christianity and baptized his children. He forgot last 2000 years of history:
      at the end of the day he will be called a dirty Jew irregardless. Or as the Stalin preferred: “rootless cosmopolitans”. Or as you prefer: international Jew.

      • So did Disraeli, fooling nobody, least of all Disraeli himself. I myself also prefer “rootless cosmopolitans.” Say what you will, Stalin was a serious man and nobody’s fool.

  24. “For any form of nationalism to work in America, as it descends into majority-minority demographics, it must respect the vast regional differences.”

    That’s kinda what the Constitution included, with no federal citizenship, where the duties of the federal government were defined and limited, and where the 10th Amendment gave anything not enumerated as a federal responsibility to the States. The first Immigration and Naturalization Act gave the right to citizenship only to Whites immigrants. All of this was overturned after the Civil War, when the States became subordinate to the federal government, when blacks were given federal citizenship, and the 14th Amendment gave the federal government whatever power it wanted with the “necessary and proper” clause. True freedom is best when government governs least. Evil always seeks to centralize power to make it easier to control the masses. The problem with Whites, as well as all people, is that they are willing to assign their rights to a politician that promises them the most. Doing your duty of constant vigilance is too much work. The need to grill and watch sports ball is more important than guarding your freedoms. Apparently.

    • They won’t be able to afford meat or lighter fluid soon enough. Should be interesting. I’m of the mind that Globohomo becomes unsustainable once it cannot feed and distract. It certainly will be more vicious and oppressive in the interim, but sometimes we forget it is built on sand, albeit a lot of sand.

      • I think it will strengthen it.

        The manipulation is ubiquitous and so deeply rooted in most I think the regimes will thrive on an endless enemy.

        The moral struggle against the nameless enemy forcing inflation and shortages is going to be real easy to marshal.

        Its going to be a combination of the blitz with the coof 24/7.

        • We’ll see soon enough. To quote Z, reality is the one thing that does not go away when you no longer believe it. I think that reality includes hunger and general deprivation even though the propaganda generally works.

    • Modern society, the machine world is antithetical to freedom. Small hold farmers and craftsman can do their jobs as they see fit and either reap the benefits or face the consequences.

      After the industrial revolution, people can’t make choices or the system falters and may even die.

  25. “Nationalism needs to explain why the Zelensky government violated its duty to the people by picking a fight with Russia. It also has to explain why Ukrainian patriots are right to defend their country, even if their government is a corrupt puppet regime of another power.”

    Agreed on both points. I suspect the primary reason the State Department recoils at Putin’s claims (cynical, but still) that he wants to “de-Nazify” the Ukraine is that has the potential to instill the sense “their” government was a puppet of Globalism.

  26. The issues raised here are some of the toughest challenges we face and that I’ve also been brooding over. And the challenges for American and for European nationalists are similar but not identical. White Americans are sort of the genetic mix of all the national varieties of Europeans. But both sides of the Atlantic absolutely need a positive program. And it is frankly darn hard to come up with. I’ve been listening to podcasts about the French/European nationalist Dominique Venner, a very interesting man. The problem of a positive creed for Western nationalists has been ruminating in my mind for some time now but nothing very clear has yet emerged that I could test on the rest of you here. The negative list, of abominations to be resisted, from the of naive Sinophilia to the mindbogglingly perverted and aggressive ‘Global Respect Act’ that effectively commits the US government to wage ideological and sanctions war on anyone who does not want sexual perversions smeared over every society in the world, is a lot easier to write. One thing I think is that we must have several layers of identity, nationality and ‘white/European’. But that does not go very far. We need epiphanies on the positive creed and my mind has been frustratingly barren when I’ve tried to put pen to papir on this so far.

    • Gotterdamn-it-all: Thank you for the link. It directly refutes the standard propaganda that commenter ‘Anna’ peddles, but that won’t deter her (why I disagree with Compsci that she ought to be ‘welcomed’ to comment here with an ‘alternative’ viewpoint).

  27. Nuts & bolts at the root of the problem.

    Today’s blog post is an attempt to begin to fix things that are broken, i.e. build up a positive agenda and rally the sane. That can work if we are not at Stage 4 of the societal cancer that ails us. But methinks we have to go deeper and expose some brutal truths of the present.

    We live in a world in which everyone (legal citizen, illegal alien, and dead people) get to vote on the actors that govern us. And it shows in the quality of the “leadership” currently residing in DC. What are they good at? First and foremost . . . grifting on a mega-scale. Secondarily, there are expert con-men. And last, their only skill is in making the encyclopedia of laws and regulations evermore bloated, burdensome, and expensive. Which is the very essence of societal cancer.

    What is the probability that that dynamic is going to change anytime soon? Or, what would it take to fix this problem? Well, we’d have to go back to the original founding basis of who got to vote, i.e. only sound men with skin in the game. Is that going to happen? If you think not, then what?

    This is not a new problem, and history is replete with examples of how this was solved in years past. Hello! The US is led by a dementia patient and the Ukraine is led by a television comedian/dancer. Would you follow either into battle a la Braveheart?

    • I might quibble on the idea that they are expert grifters and cons. Watching that debacle yesterday about the biological weapons facilities kinda highlighted the level of intellect we are dealing with here.

      One of the critiques the dissidents make about Conservative Inc is that they roll over and concede the moral high ground to Leftie. Yet the dissidents do too. Sure, we gripe about it and bark as we should… but we aren’t fighting it the way we might. There are no mass demonstrations with clear cut goals, no organized boycotts, no ‘mostly peaceful’ reprisals. I get that… but at the end of the day these guys are not going to stop. They are going to have to BE stopped. I will leave that right there, lest I be accused of fed poasting…

      • We can’t do any of that. Whites were ethically cleansed from the cities a long time ago. That is the energy for direct action come from. We are simply too spread out.

      • Running into machine gun fire is doing something. Still, it’s not advisable.

        Protests are for friends of the regime. When BLM and other leftists go into the streets, America, Inc tells the cops to stand down. Tells the media to give positive coverage. On occasion, they will also go out and kiss the protestor’s feets. When we, or even the cucks protest, they shoot our women in the face and then call the shooter a hero.

        • To wit:
          K Harris sez: “Pollution from heavy-duty trucks and buses has made the air poisonous to breathe and this pollution is also, of course, accelerating the climate crises. Threatening the future not just of our communities, but of the entire world,”
          Only thing left she left unsaid – so go shoot ’em in the face!

      • the reason there are not mass demonstrations is because the masses are not in revolt. they are revolting in another sense of the word, however 😛

        glenf, you call yourself as “yesterday man” but i think that is not so. you are a future man, whose time is yet to happen. but itz coming, soon…

      • Goals are what is needed more than anything. What do we want and what is the society like when we run it.

        Problem is most of us don’t want it. As I’ve noted before there simply is no benefit,

        It won’t make you live longer (probably shorter) be happier, get a better wife, raise good kids , be materially better off unless you really want a palace or really anything else.

        On top of that, you have to take away a lot of freedom in terms of material goods (closed markets) sexual liberty. weed, marriage and a host of things that like or not we have far more freedom on than we ever had before.

        In essence we make the world smaller, slower , staid. Its conservative to be sure but a hard sell even to ourselves.

        And if I can pile in, it does nothing to alleviate the anomie , the malaise that makes modern society. Countless movies have show the general suck of suburbia but small towns and cities are just as bad if not worse.

        What matters is tribe and its antithetical to modernity. So modernity has to go, back to dirt farming and feudalism I guess.

    • Historically all great revolutions have been around a ‘holy faith’ that makes the revolutionaries part of a great, abstract brotherhood. We need to find our ‘Holy Creed for the White Man’. But saying that is about as easy as writing a masterpiece symphony. The hard part is actually writing a genuine masterpiece, not saying that you want to write one. It is not wanting to be a genius that is hard, it is actually being one that is, so to speak.

      • But, Simba, not just any ol’ made up something. When Citizen said, “my race is my religion,” is cinched the deal for me.

    • a good way to determine the worth of any leader, be it my immediate manager or the company ceo, or my neighbor, is: would I charge uphill into a hail of bullets for this person, knowing he would care for my family after I am dead?

      • No. But I’d charge “with” this person into a hail of fire. Leadership is not granted, but earned. Given today’s situation with just about anyone in “authority”, I’d need to see “proof” of any individuals claim to authority/leadership.

  28. Localism for the win. An American version of pan-Slavism is doomed to fail, for the simple reason that people like me (i.e. sane people) want nothing to do with the folks in California or the East Coast, even if they’re White. Make that especially if they’re White. BLM and La Raza hate me and want me dead, sure, but that’s an easy fix — barbed wire and machine gun nests are great for keeping the peace. Goodwhites, on the other hand, are termites. You let one in, and next thing you know your house is crashing down around you.

    It’s at least an Alanis-level irony that localism will be getting its biggest assist from Globohomo — hard to buy the iCrap on which the Cloud economy depends when gas is $15 a gallon. We’ve always wondered what would happen to the cities if the EBT cards ran out. We’re about to find out, because it doesn’t matter if the card is charged when there’s nothing on the shelves — turns out solar powered trucks just can’t get it done, Gavin. Lot of people going to be forced to fall back on their own resources before too long. Strong communities will be strong. Potentially strong communities will get strong, or perish, and though it’s best not to mention how, exactly, the getting-strong process works, lest our Federal friends drop by, we all know.

    tl;dr: Dear Penthouse, I never thought this could happen to me, but I’m saying this sincerely: “Let’s go Brandon!”

    • “We’ve always wondered what would happen to the cities if the EBT cards ran out. We’re about to find out, because it doesn’t matter if the card is charged when there’s nothing on the shelves”

      Cities will burn soon over this.

      “We have always been at war with Black Lives Matter,” they will claim on electronic and digital media.

      One hundred percent with you on the localism and regionalism as the first move.

      • What is the difference between the urban EBT card and the suburban guy working his cloud job? One trades idle time for money, the other productive time for money. All is held by the same hands. All can go away tomorrow.

        Covid and Canada were pretty clear signals that men will submit and comply or be separated from their money.

        And this on the heels of years of orange man bad, BLM, anti-racism, ADL, cancel culture that has already established the pattern of incremental submission and pre-conditioning toward choosing one’s personal livelihood over some suddenly expensive principle.

        Of the five most pipe-hitting dissident, rural, living the truth White men I know IRL, only one of them draws his livelihood from even the same state. And he only does so because he “retired” with cloud-derived wealth.

        So how do we define localism? What of the economics?

        Localism and national power structures are not mutually exclusive but are also often at odds in terms of the real trade-offs of life and resources. These are often ignored in discussions of preserving a future for our children. If that is actually the cause.

        Within these tradeoffs are the pressing problems to be solved that will give life to the localism that ensures the basic survival of a people.

        Which is also from where the power will extend into the new or assimilated institutions. We need both. Otherwise, let’s just cue the disaster porn. Buy gold. Bitcoin. Shitpost.

        The nogs have made ghettos in the greatest period of material abundance in human history. The EBT blackout merely amplifies what biology already determines. That future is written.

        We have our own biology, however, and this needs to be revisited. A parallel economy of “be like joocloud but don’t use joocloud infrastructure when possible” might be a step in the right direction but also might be a cloverleaf back onto the highway to hell.

        For a real-life example of “get out of the cities or die”: my move toward localism and community will cost me $75,000 cash, a $250,000 mortgage, and drop me into a region where working class jobs pay $15-$20/hour on the heels of already walking away from cloud income at great cost.

        Your goddam right I’m gonna get local. And I am making this move 100% because of those dissident men who have gone before me – and continue to build in real life.

        But it’s a fantasy to think that only the nogs are captive to the cloud economy and that somehow whites are not licking the same ball bearing to quench their thirst thus trapping them in the same cage. I don’t have the answers but it would be encouraging to hear even the questions being asked.

        • “But it’s a fantasy to think that only the nogs are captive to the cloud economy and that somehow whites are not licking the same ball bearing to quench their thirst thus trapping them in the same cage. I don’t have the answers but it would be encouraging to hear even the questions being asked.”

          Is it really the same cloud? Bare shelves in an urban area vs. bare shelves in a suburban/rural area? Obviously not since we know one entails horrific violence and the other mostly economic immiseration.

          Agreed the questions need to be asked, and there are dependencies all way round, but the effects of those dependencies are starkly different. I doubt anyone here thinks there isn’t tremendous cost and hardship coming and frankly underway.

      • I’m not so sure. Globohomo can, does and will turn on a dime. Today, the rioters face no opposition. The cops back down. Anyone who is arrested is immediately released with no bail and given a good free lawyer.

        But what if the system doesn’t support them? What if the cops don’t back down? What if the judges get the message? What if the free legal services get the message?

        Whether it’s an emergent phenomenon or a conspiracy, all of the coordination that allows the rioting can easily go the other way to stop it.

        All of the inner city riots of the last 50 years has been for causes the managerial class believes in and supports and has always benefited them.

        Food riots probably wouldn’t benefit them.

    • Localism will lead to piecemeal defeat of all of us. It is a good idea against tired and reasonable men. But we are up against universalist, zealous fanatics. We must build a power structure to compete with such a giant monster.

      • I’m not certain about that because I just don’t see where the fanatics are going to get enough doorkickers and power plant operators to enforce their regime on a widespread basis.

        Heck, the US Navy already has a ship it won’t deploy because its captain won’t get the compliance injection, and a federal judge has somehow blocked his removal.

        • History shows that this world’s Stalins and Pol Pots and Saddam Husseins can find their door kickers. Organization is absolute key. A few weeks back on this blog I was reminded of the German Peasants War in 15-something. 300.000 angry peasants, presumably with their farming implements and other weapons, against less than 9,000 professional soldiers. The professionals slaughtered them. Military history is full of similar loopsided stories. If we sit in little, localities, mutually isolated, they will pick us off one by one.

          OTOH, if the local spots bond and merge, that could reverse the dynamics. But history says that is extremely hard.

          • And, forgot to say, a ‘Holy Creed’, probably whatever it is, is key to organizing. Faith is probably the greatest MILITARY invention in history. It’s less important, for victory purposes, if it’s faith in Muhammad, Marx or God given liberty. This is why we need the positive creed. Its absence is the great, black hole in the heart of our arsenal.

          • As you show there though, it’s less numbers and more organization and determination. An area with a couple thousand White mujahidin are going to have more where-with-all to defend themselves than some disjointed mass of 200 million bugmen who will all be looking for someone else to do the hard work.

          • We agree. To have a ‘mujahideen’ you need a shared Holy Faith. THIS is what we need.

          • However, what explains Afghanistan? That is precisely the worse case scenario you predict—small, isolated pockets of resistance. Defeated in all direct encounters, yet successful in the final outcome. Vietnam had a similar ending.

          • Comsci, the Afghan and Vietnam wars comport with my thesis here because the winners (our enemies) had a holy faith to bind them together, Islam/Afghan nationalism in the former case, Communism/Vietnamese nationalism in the latter case, probably both nationalisms buttressed by ethnic elements. This shared ‘holy faith’ was the glue that allowed organization, ie cohesion, coordination and shared purpose, to hold up against massive losses on their side. So there is no contradiction between those (tragic) wars and the conjecture of ‘holy faith -> organization -> superior cohesion -> victory.’

            It is this conjecture, which I believe true, that WE must now emulate. And then we shall save ourselves and our posterity.

  29. Most European nationalists are non-ideological blood and soil-types who don’t care about fascist iconography or ideology one way or another, they just want to grill and not have their lands given away to random passers-by. They are not fringe like in the US, they are a mass movement only held in check by overbearing propaganda.

    Ideologically, the organized natpop parties in Europe are almost all social democrats – they’re not actually nationalists though, but their voters don’t know that, they’re too busy grilling to care about politics.

    Nationalism needs to explain why the Zelensky government violated its duty to the people by picking a fight with Russia.

    I don’t see why that’s incumbent on nationalists , but that’s an easy one: they’re Kikes, they hate the Ukraine peoples, plural.

    • homo grillus, cro-magnon’s dim witted ancestor :(. there is a mike judge movie in there somewhere…

  30. If your “Nationalism” has you fighting for a Jewish comedian leader of a globalist government installed by the CIA in 2014 – you may want to seek out alternatives.

  31. “what’s so peculiar to me, is how people in this country will get energized about “helping” ukraine, but not about their own country.”

    Their TV sets tell them what to feel and think, and do, so that’s what theyy feel and think and do. If theyy are commanded to feed their children Fruityy Pebbles, that’s what theyy do.

    And their TV sets are telling them to feel morallyy outraged by Mr Putin b/c he is “a bullyy.”

    Their TV sets do *not* tell them to love or defend their *own* countryy, so that does not occur to them. It is not allowed to occur to them. And even if it were, it would never occur to them b/c their TV sets are silent on that subject.

    I’m sorryy about your shift keyy. Was it *from* Covid or *with* covid?

    • One of the main reasons the Globalist cabal wants to crush Russia is precisely to stop others from acting in their own interests. Brainwashing becomes more difficult when there are people who fight the system and win and remind everyone they won.

      Putin’s fight really is not our fight, but it shows us how to fight and who to fight, so all stops are being pulled to whip the public into the Two Minutes of Hate against him. When he prevails, and it is almost certain, you will see a pivot to the next shiny thing.

  32. So you wrote a whole piece on Ukraine nationalism.

    You did not mention Zelensky and his govt is a puppet, funded by a rich Jew living in Switzerland, who is also funding the militia and was placed there via coup by the US.

    The purpose of the govt was to antagonize Russia and create another US backed puppet state hemming Russia in, while at the same time acting as a country sized BCCI for many entities.

    This is not about nationalism, apart from as a smokescreen to further extra national interests at the expense of the Ukranians.

    The lesson if there is one is do not take your funding from external sources and be aware of who the puppets putting themselves in the front of movements are.

    That’s it.

    • At this point it is patently obvious to my readers that there is nothing Ukrainian about the current Ukrainian government. Restating the obvious is another problem with right-wing politics that should be expunged.

      • Its called contextualization.

        Writing a whole piece about some imaginary nationalism mostly present in western media and internal militia groups both funded by outside interests and failing to mention it as the context is odd.

        • I did not mention that water is wet either. I think this hobbyhorse you are on is a problem with current versions of nationalism. It is organized around the usual gripes.

          • That the Nationalism in the Ukraine in the form described in the article does not exist apart from in the media as a propaganda construct?

            The foundation its a false dichotomy as the entire thing is not remotely about nationalism?

          • I think trumpton’s point bares repeating until people like Greg “loves the” Johnson and Dickie Spencer are sufficiently ignored and marginalized. There are plenty of DR peeps who get away with pretending the situation in the Ukraine has anything to do with “real” nationalism.

          • The problem is the post is not about Ukrainian nationalism. The post is about how Western nationalists have responded to Ukraine. Totally different issue.

  33. The Globalist project is happy to use whatever disposable tool – including Ukranian nationalism – that’s handy to advance its aims. We saw it in the whole Yugoslavia episode wherein we had to “bomb some folks” because of the nationalistic aspirations of Kosovo or Bosnia or something nobody besides a Hapsburg historian understands. But the people in East Timor didn’t qualify with the Globo-project for some reason, nor the Kurds nor the Haziris…….

    So it’s all single-ply, “toilet paper” nationalism. I look forward to that sunny day when Ukraine joins the EU and then is forced to accept 2 million Muslim and African “refugees” and Drag Queen Story hour. Karma.

    • Irish nationalism should be a warning to all nationalists. Gerry Adams is one step from throwing on a sundress and waving the rainbow flag around. Simply being against something is never enough.

        • Apparently not, as the answer is in the post. In fact, it has been a theme of mine for years now. Irish nationalism offered nothing but opposition to the British. Once that was removed, the void was not filled with a positive identity, but with American consumerism and globalism.

          • That is tragically true. As someone put it recently, in the context of Ireland wanting to import 1 million Africans into a country of 4 million Irish, they spent 800 years fighting for their independence, and threw it away in 70 years.

            The 1 million Bongos plan, now there’s something really blowing things up over for the IRA’s bomb makers. But not a squeak from Adams and his bomber boys.

      • Ireland went full on gay, Ilya feminist, BLM worshiping and uber pro abortion in the blink of an eye.

        The full court press against the parallel institution of the Catholic Church was the only bulwark that could resist globohomo. When it crumbled, Ireland descended into the same egocentric, selfish, civilization killing madness as the rest of the western world.

        • That was the damned Catholic Churches fault. It reached a critical mass of sadists, sodomites and chomos in power and became worthless.

          This was 1965 which was also the year of immigration reform, in essence the Slow Suicide of the West year one.

      • One of those lessons is to keep out foreign propaganda and influence. It was a long road from Michael Collins to Gerry Adams, and it had a soundtrack. The Hungarians and the Poles have taken note.

        • It will be interesting to see how the Hungarian election unfolds. Orban has a small lead in the polls I’ve seen, but his party remains under 50%. We will get a good first test of the new reality next month when the Hungarians go to the polls.

          Poland seems to be following Ireland. Look at the birth rates. The liberalization of Poland has resulted in the collapse of Polish fertility, the collapse of Church attendance and a net migration out of the country. Like Ukraine, Poland’s biggest export is people.

          • Rod Dreher is normally useless, but his trips to Hungary have helped him gain some sanity. He has made comments for a couple of years about Poland. He has talked to devout Catholics there who say the young people in Poland are overwhelmingly on the side of the globalists. They are not hopeful about the future of Poland although it sounds like their has been a slow down in the migration out of the country.

        • “One of those lessons is to keep out foreign propaganda and influence”

          That is impossible if you are in GAE’s sphere. This is fantasy politics. Running a country is not theory. This would not happen, in any sphere to be frank unless it’s a very weak one about to crumble. You impose your values on vassals period. Poland and Hungary haven’t taken note of anything.

          Poland is on the fast track to become the next Ireland. Cratering brith rates, low church attendance, an extremely liberal mass media, NGO’s up the whazoo, Globohomo corp colonization, a strong main opposition party that has the same views as shitlibs in Germany, San Fran, or Brussels, and diversifying like western Europe was in the late 20th century.

          Much of the same with Hungary. They are not as far gone as Poland but Orban could lose the next election to Eurocrats who will do as they are told.

          And it will not be easy to reverse any of this. GAE likes to diversify areas under it’s occupation. You can’t take that deal back. What was is gone forever ala the thylacine.

          • “And it will not be easy to reverse any of this. GAE likes to diversify areas under it’s occupation. You can’t take that deal back. What was is gone forever ala the thylacine.”

            Without doubt. GAE isn’t very sanguine about its eventual triumph, though, otherwise it could dispense with the colonization.

            As for Hungary and Poland, GAE hasn’t been able to eliminate substantial opposition to it within its own borders. Cynicism is justified but defeatism is not.

    • I look forward to the day when based Ukrainians join NATO and the EU and push back against the pozz along with countries like Poland and Hungary.

      Or are you one of those people who thinks that nationalist politics is futile?

      • But will they have the power to push back or will they get sucked into the borg?
        It’s the same thing we see with patriotic Americans trying to work within our system.
        They get Lindsay Graham or Mitch McConnell representing them.
        I like the idea of a separate Eastern European organization separate from the EU.
        But I liked the American Confederacy too.
        And we all know what happened there.

        • Poland and Hungary are one election away from being not that different politically from western Europe.

          Their demographics have been spared more from being outside GAE’s sphere longer than W europe. They will catch up on that too.

          They are not pushing back against anything.

          Protip. If your main opposition party accepts lgbtq blm etc (like they do in Hungary and Poland) the fight is lost already, the “based” party is on it much more than you think.

          How to tell the Russosphere is opposed to GAE. The communists and Liberal democrats aren’t fighting United Russia to institute pride month.

      • Do you think a based Ukraine will be enough to counter the other dozen or so pozzed member countries of the EU?

        I can’t see that happening.

        What I think is far more realistic is that a country like Italy defaults, their economy goes to shit, and then a natural consensus forms to break off from the EU and get back to the Lira and economic and national sovereignty. A European decoupling from America is probably also in the cards, and I think that is a necessary ingredient to European people finding their identify again and getting things back to normal.

  34. “Whatever comes next for America will have to be rooted in a positive agenda that promotes a future that inspires the target population.”

    ” … positive agenda … target population”

    sounds like a job for Alec Baldwin.

    • That caught my eye as well.

      Just because I hate it doesn’t mean it’s not 100% accurate though. It’ll have to be the youngin’s though, and I hope they succeed.

      A forced top-down faux nationalism enforced by a toxic nexus of government, private companies, and banks to compel groupthink is too awful to bear.

  35. I don’t disagree, exactly. But I’m not sure how necessary it is to have a successful revolution. But this overall point is similar to one Jordan Peterson raised a few months back: what makes you think you will create something better, you who complains on the internet about how bad things are?

    It’s a good point, but how difficult is it? “Our program is to not let them cut your son’s genitals off,” seems like a perfectly valid platform. If we need a morality: “All the things that might eventually lead to them trying to cut your son’s genitals off are the things we oppose.” And then you leave it for later to have the discussion about whether that means women can’t vote or immigrants can’t come to the country or whether the real problem was the Enlightenment conceits.

    Sicilian Vespers was a pretty good revolution and, iirc, had a program and morality that was nothing more than: we’re gonna slit the throats of our French overlords and rule ourselves. But now that I think on it, wasn’t that basically the American Revolution’s central conceit: we’re done with tyrants and we’re gonna rule ourselves.

    • Yes, history can be a useful form of education. Some solutions are so unambiguously effective that you just want to smack yourself on the head and say . . . why didn’t I think of that?

  36. what’s so peculiar to me, is how people in this country will get energized about “helping” ukraine, but not about their own country. is it just lack of self-awareness and introspection? or are they just pathologically altruistic, and helping their own country just doesn’t give them the “hit” they crave? just don’t see people here fighting for anything, like is going on in ukraine. when the going gets tough, fleas get a new dog.

    • I think the problem is that most Americans, even a lot of the non-white kind, sort of see this country as something “other” than the rest of the world. Like, Americans have been so desensitized by Hollywood that most of us view the world outside of America as if it was all a movie and we’re just sitting in a theater eating popcorn.

      It isn’t just external events, because for 99% of us, George Floyd riots and other domestic problems are equally viewed “from afar”. Sure, maybe the nearest metropolitan center has a shooting on a regular basis, but we live in such a big country that it rarely directly impacts us as long as we avoid the bad parts of the city and keep our heads buried in our smart phones.

      Most Americans still really haven’t fully embraced the idea that we are entering the beginning stages of an unavoidable global struggle that ISN’T solely economic. (Economics still play a role, but that’s not what’s is driving Russia/Ukraine for the most part). Americans have been so brainwashed to view their quality of life from an economic perspective that even though we sense that all the “stuff” we have doesn’t make us happy, we can’t quite articulate it and point a finger toward what actually WOULD make us happy.

      The dissident right (and on some topics some relatively self aware leftists like Jimmy Dore etc) are the only people who articulate the social ailments and have enough curiosity to ponder how things might be different if those social ailments were gone.

      So this is why Ukraine energizes some people. It’s a way to vicariously support things that we’ve been classically and operantly conditioned to think of as taboo.

      • good observations. i think the operant conditioning works in both directions; to move people away from the “taboo” (anti-narrative), and also to move them towards the “good” (narrative). somewhere b. f. is smiling…

    • There is something deeply sick about modern Westerners. They will sacrifice to help some deserted village on the far side of the moon. But not lift a finger to keep their own neighborhoods livable for the next five years. Nature has an answer for that kind of impractical stupid. But it’s not a nice one.

      • The SWPL crowd is the embodiment of the saying, “Familiarity breeds contempt,” when it comes to dealing with their neighbors.

    • It’s not that complicated. Most people are literal NPCs who get dopamine hits from the online attention they get for supporting CURRENT THING!

    • Every time someone talks to me about the Ukraine, I point out that something like ninety thousand Americans are dying every year from opioid overdoses. Why, I ask, are you more worried about a few hundred people dying on the other side of the world than about far more people dying around you in your neighborhoods and towns? They never have an answer. I guess it’s ultimately because the people with the bullhorn (as Sailer calls it) want to talk about the Ukraine, and not about the nightmare here at home. The people, as Mayor Quimby once observed, are a pack of fickle mush heads. They’re easily distracted and follow whichever voice is loudest, whichever object is shiniest. Ukraine is the shiniest object right now.

      • The people controlling the media bullhorn are the same people making billions off whites overdosing on opioids.

    • The core reason Americans are not energized about helping Americans is rooted in the domain of religion.

      The sick, weak impostor that calls itself Christianity says that Christians are to serve the world, which is the domain of the adversary. The pithy and revealing version is that our Judeo-Christian values declare that Christians are to be the slaves of Lucifer.

      The affect of this is akin to having a child grow up under a devouring mother and degrading their mind to what is affectionately called Borderline Personality Disorder.

      Like the above child, many Americans cannot feel positive feedback for helping themselves or their own because their society has never rewarded them for helping themselves or their own – only doing ill-advised things in Africa counts as a good deed. One aspect of the griller phenomenon is a lack of religion-level aspirations and societal-level affirmation for doing anything more than that with their lives. Same for deifying local minorities and the calling to serve them rather than your own. Or securing liberty and democracy for Ukrainians while, at home, the former finishes evaporating and the latter becomes an increasingly obvious scam.

      Pick your religion well, because whether undeclared, counterfeit or immature, it will matter far more than modern man wants to think it does. Along these lines, dissidents have difficulty formulating a positive vision for the future because such aspirations arise from your religious foundation, and the collective you does not have one.

    • In America, there is a strong incentive to see the losers in your family and town as a type of enemy, because separating oneself mentally and spiritually and physically from the bad apples in one’s family and midst is a prerequisite to becoming a financial success. So we have a good chunk of the population, social climbers from the middle class if you will, who individually have the smarts and ambition to succeed — just that doing so means you have to start cutting people off.

      “Making the right life decisions” and so forth. This is a sort of national religion. And part of it means you have to know when it’s time to cut people out of your life if you are going to make it. And “making it” is perhaps the most important thing in our country, it is the spark that ignites the fuel that powers the entire enterprise and economy.

      What this ultimately does is create frictions among the people even among families. And out of this comes a culture of essentially hating many of your own people who are seen as a drag on one’s life. But people being people need to find something to feel good about, and this manifests in looking outward for people to care about and concern yourself with, people who are seen as less fortunate and who want the same life as you and want also to make it but can’t because of some bad people like Putin. Or because of racism, if we look at it domestically. It is a way of finding friends outside of your personal space because you’ve burned all the other ones out of your personal life but still have a natural desire to find friends but in this case you have to look to outsiders to scratch that itch.

      It is a peculiar American phenomenon and has been the basis for much of our art and popular culture.

  37. But where is this new political reality to come from? If nationalism is an indentity that emerges, over time, from “blut und erde,” there’s lot of mixed “blut” and the “erde” is always in transition. History is the rollout, in time, of facts on the ground. I was speaking with some local Ukrainian emigres, now citizens,going on two years ago, Trump voters all. “Pan-Slavism” has no appeal for them. It was more like curse the Russians for what they did to the kulaks.

    If the coming hardship lasts long enough and is severe enough to wring our ruling class’ decadence out of us, like rinse water wrung from a sponge, the coming demographic amalgalm may chart a post-empire nationalism of its own that may be “nationalism” only in name.

    • Well, this is why the American version is simply about those who are White. On the other hand, can you name your great-great grandfather? I mean, it’s worth remembering that Horsa and Hengist said their 8th grandfather was Odin.

        • I cannot, which is my point. I think very few Americans can do so, which means that we are all somewhat like the “founders” of England – our near ancestors might as well be mythic figures

          • You may be right, but the popularity of pay-to-play genealogy sites and TV shows such as “Who do You Think You Are?” and “Finding Your Roots” suggest enough people are interested to make them profitable. (As to my own family, I know the names *and* the stories. I suppose that’s easier when your family goes back generations in the same place.)

  38. Faye’s “archeofuturism” holds a lot of potential as a way forward. It solves the problem of just withdrawing, a la the Amish or Rod Dreher’s Benedicts. You create an intentional community (or preferably carve out a state), eschewing cultural degeneracy but keeping technological pace with both friends and enemies outside, to avoid the hermit kingdom problem. The story’s probably an apocryphal embellishment, but Peter the Great dressing himself as a common sailor and walking among the Dutch to bring shipbuilding skills back to his empire is a telling example.

    There are smart, decent people in America who already sort of do this, homeschooling their kids, restricting their internet access to things that are actually educational, etc. If the family is the smallest unit of government, there are already a lot of people in America who’ve seceded and are just waiting to join other likeminded secessionists to make it official. Watch Atlanta. As Buckhead goes, so goes Whitey…

    Steve Sailer (continuing his descent) put an article up recently in which he says American secessionists should think twice, as once we’re divided up into little nations we’ll be easy pickings for meddlers, a la Soviet satellites after the collapse of the Union. I say how much worse could it be? I’d rather be Putin’s vassal than Blinken’s. Or let’s say the Mexicans decide to take advantage of our fractious status to perform their reconquista/carving of Aztlan in the Southwest. Aren’t they sort of kind of doing that right now anyway? At least if we were officially at war with them we would be able to deal with the problem head-on. It’s like the Christchurch shooter observed of the Muslims Down Under: an unarmed enemy is much more dangerous than an armed one, because they can walk among you. Dealing with Mexican soldiers would be easier than dealing with “people just coming here for a better life,” who slowly change the culture, drain your social capital, pick your pockets, and have children, all while smiling in your face “Si, Senor!” while digging your grave.

    • Two points:

      “If the family is the smallest unit of government, there are already a lot of people in America who’ve seceded.”

      This is one of the main areas we must not lose the battle. The ruling class strongly abhors the notion of family and is doing everything in its power to crush this natural institution. The sexual degeneracy is as much a means as an end, as it focuses human populations away from procreation to mindless hedonism.

      “At least if we were officially at war with them, we would be able to deal with the problem head-on.”

      This has always been a problem with the modern methods of warfare. We are evolved to recognize hard power threats to life and limb but are less sensitive to the death by a thousand cuts corruption of civic culture and personal morality. The survivors of this age will be able to do two things well: see through bs and understand the implications of hostile moves clothed in civil ‘good intent’.

    • Last week in PA, a funeral was held for Matthew Perna. He took his own life while awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to four charges related to the “insurrection”. He walked around the capital that day and took photos. There were hearing delays and court postponements. It dragged on for over a year. He was to be sentenced in early April. The process was the punishment but we’ve all seen their plans for those evil insurgents, rotting away in DC jails. These are well meaning people who knew the election was stolen and believed they still had rights.
      The left celebrates the demise of their “enemies”.

      Meanwhile, the refugee replacement effort is coming to a city near you. The local leaders and lefty lunatics are bending over backwards to find homes, stockpile halal friendly food for them, etc. These foreign invaders are welcomed with open arms.

      The hoards of Afghans pouring in can’t communicate with one another as they speak different languages. Perhaps we should take a lesson from them. Maybe our next step is to become the “divided regions of the country which once was America”.
      The chasm which exists now is far too great to overcome.

    • In terms of sheer ethnic mass the over 1 billion Han Chinese would be a larger issue if the US were to break up.

      They already have colonies on the West Coast and are deeply embedded in all of our academic institutions.

  39. “Uniting any group in America is a gargantuan task”.
    I’m not sure that’s true. Uniting diverse groups is an impossible task. Dogs and cats may look similar, but they ain’t the same.

    • I read somewhere that he has recently been diagnosed with ALS so he’s doing this rather than degenerating slowly over time.

      • but he will make it to the bank. supposedly he is willing to fight and die for the ukraine, but he won’t spend his own money to do so? just another murphy (sans beard).

        • James Yeager is a grifter—first class. He was a contractor in Iraq and left under accusations of cowardliness and abandoning his folk under fire. I do not know the truth, but his fellow contractors were angry enough to publish such on the Internet. Yeager has since made YouTube videos and runs firearms “training” clinics for those with more money than sense.

          There are dozens of people like him in this business. They are all “expert” former whatevers in the military and quick to step up and “lead/train” the gullible civilian market. I even have had experience with one locally. They all have their fanboys. They provide great entertainment and a good LARP experience. Just enough to get you killed should you believe.

    • If this guy does make it to Ukraine, I have this gut feeling that things aren’t going to end up well for him.

      • So he dies? And? Lots of men want one less fight

        Its not his people or a worthy fight but he isn’t the kind to go out in a blaze of glory taking on The Real Enemy ™

      • As I said, Yeager is a grifter. He will never get into a battle and probably never even cross the Ukraine border. But if he does go over there—or anywhere near—he’ll come back and recall stories of great encounters with the Russians and spin that into $$$. Same as he did after Iraq.

    • As seen on Twitter:

      I think these American veterans going to Ukraine to fight are going to have a very rude awakening when they realize they have neither air superiority or artillery dominance like they’re used to.

      • I get visions of Angola, 1975, when U.S. mercenaries entered a chaotic situation and ended up before a firing squad.

          • No. I believe that was about Hoare, a mercenary in the Congo war of 1964. In Angola, the mercenaries had only small arms and fought against tanks and artillery and it didn’t end well for them. The Cubans fighting for the communists said the mercenaries were poorly led and equipped well, probably much like what will happen in Ukraine.

      • Also why I’m bullish on civil war being a good thing. The US military doesn’t do counter insurgency. We just level the damn city. How long are the bonds of friendship going to hold when Lt. Normie calls in a drone strike on Memaw’s trailer. How long will he resist the DEI officers whispering in his ear about the inhuman nazi successionists?

      • Homage to Catalonia is lost on these fools.
        Going off to be a hero in a war they know nothing about sounds like a wheeze.
        If he gets caught by the other side he may well end up recieving a good old partisan roasting.

      • Russia has stated that they want and encourage UKR soldiers to surrender and that they will be treated well. AZOV battalion and “foreign mercenaries” will be interrogated and then shot.

        • That’s a good point. Merc’s have no protection and treated little better than spy’s. And no, an Ukrainian ID won’t save you.

    • If he does survive (dubious) and is able to observe reality, his experience may not be unlike Orwell’s. The United States has a number of reasons it does not want its citizens to fight for the Ukraine, and among those are an awareness that could take place about the utter rot of their own nation.

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