The Hive Mind

One of the transcendent features of left-wing people, regardless of time and place, is their complete lack of self-awareness. The great blind spot for all left-wing people is the reflection in the mirror. They are incapable of seeing themselves other than as the hero in a great struggle. This story out of Canada about the correlation between Covid-loving and Putin-hating is a great example. The Left thinks it confirms their righteous hatred of their enemy, but it merely confirms their lack of self-awareness.

According to the story, “Unvaccinated Canadians are about 12 times more likely than those who received three doses to believe Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was justified, according to a new survey by national polling firm EKOS.” Now, polling is a dodgy business, so this could be a fake poll designed to titillate the far-left. The fact that such a scenario is possible, however, is more proof of the general thesis about the far-left’s lack of self-awareness.

There are two ideas advanced in the coverage of this poll. One is that the unvaccinated are immoral, so it stands to reason that they support the evil Hitler guy.  The Left all over the West has been fixated on the vaccine as a moral signifier. They rushed to be the first to prove their piety within the Covid cult and they rushed to condemn the vaccine skeptics as ignorant hooligans. The Left would have embraced face tattoos for the vaccinated if it was an option.

That was something else that turned up in places with vaccine mandates. There was some suggestion that the unvaccinated be forced to wear armbands, but there were two problems with that plan. One is the obvious link to some unfortunate events that occurred in the last century. The other is the Left instinctively feared the armband would become a moral signifier for their enemies. The unvaccinated would use it to show they are the star-bellied sneetches of this age.

The other idea advanced in the story is the claim that the people who did not want the vaccine are now pushing “Russian disinformation” about the war. The whole disinformation meme has two aspects for the hive-minded. One is the moral claim, but the other is ignorance. You see, those who are not repeating the latest talking points from the hive leaders are stupid and ignorant, which is why they succumb to the  disinformation campaigns from the current devils.

Again, the poll and the media coverage have that just-so-story feel that is popular with the far-left, so skepticism is the right position here. The polling companies are extremely cynical, as befits people who make a living serving sociopaths. They are perfectly willing and able to feed nonsense to the true believers, because that is how they make a lot of money. The customer is always right and their customers are the weird identity cult that has gripped the managerial class. Here is an example.

“I saw it almost immediately, within days of the invasion, people supporting it and some quite stridently,” said Timothy Caulfield, a Canada Research Chair in health law and policy at the University of Alberta who has studied the rise and spread of conspiracy theories. “It was pro-Russia, pro-Putin, it was the same kind of dogmatic language you heard from the anti-vaxxers about the alleged harms associated with vaccines. And it was almost immediate and it was from the same crowd.”

This is a guy who rushed to get the Ukraine lapel pin and immediately started saying “Keev” instead of “Kiev” while not being able to locate Ukraine on a map. One day, normal people are seeing their favorite news presenters discussing the latest pop stars and the next day those news presenters are part of a chorus singing the praises of a place called Ukraine. What we have seen from the managerial class over Ukraine is the definition of dogmatic.

Of course, this is that lack of self-awareness we expect from the Left. People engage in left-wing politics for the same reason they join UFO cults. They hate themselves so they look to swap their hated sense of self for the identity of a group. The primary driver is self-loathing. In the case of the managerial class, the perceived status that is awarded to the believer is an important bonus. The true believer loses herself in the identity of the group and gets likes from higher status people.

There is another factor to the appeal of this stuff. People attracted to left-wing politics tend to have disorderly minds and the simplicity of left-wing political framing provides needed structure. It is why it is not unusual to see a highly-credentialed left-wing person who is useless independently. They took to the structure of school, because they needed it. They did not learn anything they could apply on their own, because that was never the point of education for them.

Now as far as the unvaccinated, the unclean and the pro-Putin stuff, this is a lot like other bogeymen that have haunted the Left. Few people in the West are genuinely pro-Putin or pro-Russian with regards to the war in Ukraine. There are those prudently skeptical of the chanting from the usual suspects and those opposed to getting involved in the war. Some on-line are mocking the dogmatism of the Left with over-the-top, cartoonish Russia support.

This is reflected in the poll. Seventy percent of the unvaccinated were honest enough to say they do not have an opinion on Ukraine. Only five percent of the true believers offered no opinion. These are the same people who thought ornamental face gear scared away Covid spirits. They still think closing bars and restaurants magically prevents Covid. They are the people who believe what they are told and faithfully point and hiss at those who are not easily convinced.

Note that the poll compares the self-described unvaccinated with those who are maximally vaccinated. The fact that they left out the reluctantly vaccinated and the compulsory vaccinated is telling. Most likely those results did not fit the narrative the poll is intended to support. Most people took the vaccine out of necessity, their doctor recommended it or they hoped it would put the charade to an end. The genuinely enthusiastic for vaccines are a small subset of the population.

The reaction by the Left to the war in Ukraine is another reminder that it is impossible to constructively engage with true believers. Deeply religious people can usually understand why you do not share their faith. They are faithful, but they are not unaware of themselves. The Left is a different breed of believer. They do no seek salvation from the world. They seek salvation from themselves. This is why they obsess over the latest enemies of their cause. That is their salvation.

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177 thoughts on “The Hive Mind

  1. I’m not too convinced that lack of self-awareness is the relevant factor in defining the hive mind, even if there’s some correlation.

    I would trace the causation back thus: hive mind – insecurity – emotionality – feminisation of society.

    It’s clear enough that the right thinks with their intellect, the left thinks with their emotions (that may be the entire definition of left and right in today’s world).
    The ineluctable corollary of emotion is insecurity, and the hive mind is a response to that. I call it Meekism, to connote Marxism, to which it bears some relation.

    • Good points.. yet it seems to me left or right (if those have meaning) people mostly think with their stomachs! It’s of note that the very word ‘Aristocracy’, meaning government by the best has taken on a negative connotation in America especially. In fact we live in a Kakistocracy or government by the worst. Cheers.

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  4. I will add that the treatment of “Judge” whatever Jackson, and her very sympathetic sentences for child pr0n and her anti-White hate hate hate, was very interesting. Even slimy creatures like Cruz and Rubio got in on the act, reading back her words of anti-White hate and light sentences (a few months) for child pr0n.

    My sense is she’s going nowhere, and Brandon has the stink of failure. I would not be surprised to see the party dump him, force a resignation and install Harris with Hillary! as VP. With Hillary of course really running things and competing with Harris for the most evil cackle.

    Structurally, Brandon’s people rely on Media Air Support, still there of course, and Big Tech. The latter is in disarray, their Russian investments and now China at risk; not much caring for Brandon. Air Support alone as the French found out at Diem Ben Phu is not enough. Tellingly Renault is restarting Russian production as their plants supply much of their parts and a large part of their profits. Nestle is basically ignoring the sanctions. Others will start to do the same.

    The stink of failure is hard to throw off once it is upon a regime. If Brandon was competent the GOP Senators would have treated Jackson with kid gloves. Now, she’s likely to fail.

    • I disagree, unfortunately. They’re desperate to get a POC into the supreme court, and a female one at that, in anticipation of all those lawsuits coming over the Brandon regime’s anti-white racist policies. Or maybe not. But in any case, I think they’ll move heaven and earth to get a POC into the court.

  5. OT, Z-man was spot on regarding have a Regency in the White House. And also the habit of the Deep State defying Presidents will only cause trouble.

    State under Blinken has sanctioned senior Chinese officials close to Xi and blasted China/Xi for: Tibet, the Uighurs, and Hong Kong while DEMANDING they condemn Russia and abide by sanctions. It was remarkable, considering Joint Chiefs Head Gen Milley believes he works for Xi Xinping. State had previously tried to get Polish MiGs into Ukraine and a No Fly Zone and Milley/Austin squashed it.

    Now everyone senses that with the official Pravda NYT admitting the Son of Big Guy laptop story was legit and accurate and that Son of Big Guy is likely to be indicted, elements within the Regency are moving to replace the Big Guy. Perhaps with Harris, perhaps with Hillary!

    The problem with Hive Mind is that such maneuvering happens under concealment, not even the most powerful players can stop manifestly stupid things from happening. It has been noted in various forums that the US Air Force has had an EC-130 (spy plane) flying overhead the Trucker Convoy. At this point totally irrelevant truckers generate more (and illegal btw) military response than China or Russia. Bizarre.

    Which leads to the final point. Hive Mind Managers cannot fight a two-front war in an era of high inflation, rapidly declining living standards, against both the Deplorables/Dirt People and Putin. They must choose one and in choosing both they are likely to fail in both. Not having enough manpower, resources, and energy to fight both in Ukraine and against the Dirt People at home.

    • “The problem with Hive Mind is that such maneuvering happens under concealment, not even the most powerful players can stop manifestly stupid things from happening.”

      Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered, the good people of the world wait for the “most powerful players” to step in and end this clustershuck.

    • “cannot fight a two-front war in an era of high inflation”

      A destroyed economy and starving people would help the cloud people recruit desperate people for a war.

      But, if I was them, I’d be afraid to try to recruit for a war because there is a good chance that too many people would just say no thanks. Then their jig is up. Their better strategy is leave-behinds and agitators in Ukraine and other borderland provinces of the Russian federation.

      • Machiavelli advised of the folly of making people poor, not just killing them, in the Prince. A nation in the making of what, 100 million people more or less made poor? That they would not have a natural and engaging revolt against charisma-deficient managers and technocrats? A people moreover armed heavily in just such anticipation, and used to hating authority.

        As for Ukraine, I was referring to the larger struggle against Russia/China and the economic and military measures needed to keep Cold War II from being a repeat of Afghanistan compressed into a few years for GloboHomo. They can fight a Cold War with Russia/China, or White people. They cannot fight both.

        Ukraine itself does not have enough young men, and certainly not enough tribal ones to fight just for fighting. Afghans start fighting at age 11 or so because that’s what they do. Illiterate tribesmen with 20 cousins find warfare delightful and engage in it off/on during downtime goat herding season. Western White males with basic literacy and other options either need to be ideologically motivated (Right Sektor, Azoff Batallion) or be fighting for their homelands with high unit cohesion (US, UK, USSR, Germany in WWII). Otherwise you get Italy in WWII. Notable for surrender and desertion. See also, France.

        • Otherwise you get Italy in WWII. Notable for surrender and desertion. See also, France.”

          Italians and Frenchmen love life too much to die for some bullshit ‘isms.

        • Thanks.

          They sort of have been doing a old war with both whites and Russia. Which has much overlap. Anecdotally, there’s a lot of Trump-style white men kinda liking Russia these days.

          It’s an odd thing, they had it really good here; abdomen full from Americans blood. Your point is strong, they shouldn’t be impoverishing us, but it’s happening. I guess they see our men being made weak faster than we go broke.

          I guess they want to grab Russia. But they seem to be pushing Russia into China with maybe the hope capitalizing via China.

  6. I’ve also noticed in person that there is a fairly positive correlation between having taken the jab and being pro-Ukraine. But it seems the pro-Ukraine people think that those who disagree with them have come to our conclusions by reverse psychology, just to be against their position.

    This is hogwash of course but probably a result of people tending to assume others work psychologically like they do themselves. There is a lot to be against with Putin. But the governing principles of the West have become so ugly and despicable that he looks rather sane by comparison. And most of all, if Russia comes apart in Ukraine, it will be a triumph for the people who are destroying the West (and committing genocide against the West’s heritage peoples). That I do not want Globohomo to triumph is my most important reason for wanting Russia to win it as soon as possible.

    • “And most of all, if Russia comes apart in Ukraine … .”

      That is not going to happen.

      What I’m afraid of is that the (((neocons))) are going to force Russia into a wider war. Not a proxy war, either, but a direct confrontation between Russia and China on one side and NATO on the other.

      And if that is *not* what they want, then they are going about things in entirely the wrong way.

      (((They))) have already forced the Russians to announce that they are going to plug the holes in the border between Poland and the Ukraine, which has upped the ante significantly. The danger of things getting out of control are much greater than they were only a few days ago, which I think is what the (((neocons))) meant by forcing Putin’s hand.

      The Russians have made it clear that they will not permit weapons or anything else to be brought into the Ukraine.

      The (((neocons))) seem to be in control in Washington, and they are doing everything they can to widen the war.

      I think they mean to bleed Russia white with a never-ending insurgency. I think that’s why the “abandoned” a lot of weapons in Afghanistan. It obviates a logistical problem down the road for AINO. They mean to get “regime change” in Russia.

      I wouldn’t be surprised at a chemical attack that (((they))) will blame on Putin. They have already put the propaganda out there for that very thing.

      The (((media))) are saying that the Russians are emplacing mines and that they are going to make a “chemical” or “biological” attack on the Ukraine; I don’t remember which.

      But mines and chemical weapons are *defensive* weapons. So if there is an attack, it will be (((them))). But they’ve got the propaganda for blaming Putin already in place.

      This is not going to be over anytime soon.

      • That is interesting. I believe WEF is either the heart of Globohomo or just one step down. To have WEF affiliations should bar you from citizenship, never mind public office. After we win, it should be a criminal offense with hard ‘sanctions’.

        It is also possible the Russians might catch people who can tell interesting stories about ‘Big Guy’ and other DC characters.

  7. Psycho-analyzing liberals isn’t one of the more edifying or profitable pastimes IMO. They are products of their time and what people everywhere at every time want is to be popular and accepted. Certified “conservative” ideology usually isn’t too popular in its raw form (quickly devolving into a mirrored indie-scenester thing once they pride themselves on being contrary/unpopular).

    This points up the problem with Trump, in that he only played the hits. The man may still have a core belief “system” somewhere but wasn’t pursuing any deep counter-liberal strategy. Mostly he was having fun and grabbing that proverbial $20 bill laying on the ground which his actual class allies wouldn’t dare to touch. Other commenters have mentioned 4-year college stints, but the present society manufactures libs in plenty of other ways, constantly. This is really your life’s problem if you somehow didn’t go that route, whether your origins are more developmentally or culturally-genetically non-liberal.

    The only “square” conservatives ever to convert to being bog-standard Democrats over time tend to be neocons or (back when this species existed) Rockefeller Republicans — members of neither group had considered themselves to be square, uncool dirt people, of course, despite the high proportion of academia-friendly dweebs and nerds among the neo’s.

  8. There a lots of self-hating freaks (bioleninism) out there, but self-hatred isn’t the whole thing.

    The thing about not having self-awareness is that IT WORKS.

  9. Ok, so what are we going to call these jackoffs – besides insane, idiots, morons, dumbf****? Hey, maybe Kovkranians?

  10. It’s the punk scene of my childhood and adolescence, with all of the posing, pretense, militance, nerdiness, attempts to shock. Just really vapid and mediocre— and yes, self-loathing. Never grew up, never built confidence, but somehow got shuffled into authority, apparently. WTF.

    • Never thought about it this way but 100%. Lived through the same time and see it the same way now.

      • Neither did I until today. Went down a wikipedia rabbit hole, ended up reading about riot grrrls, and it all suddenly made sense lol.

  11. Last week a guy on the Twitters was joking that there must be some neurotoxin in the outlandishly colored hair dyes, and that the piercing hardware is undoubtedly fashioned from heavy metals.

    • Irony of ironies, but PETA actually did something useful and discovered that the NIH spent $50 million to terrorize monkeys by using acid to dissolve the part of their brain that moderates fear and exposing them to images of spiders:

      PETA made itself so useful they actually went to the head researcher’s home to let her know that people were on to her experiments, as seen at the link.

      Okay, so good for PETA (for once) and bad for the NIH.

      Well, what if they’ve already discovered a chemical or compound that affects the fear-moderating portion of the human brain yet fails to cause obvious physical damage like acid?

      If they did discover such a substance, what do you think these lunatics would do with it, based on what we’ve seen during the past two years?

      • Wasn’t this the plot of Batman Begins 15 years ago, where they were putting that neurotoxin in the water in an attempt to drive everyone mad?

        I liked it more when I was younger and naïve and watching it as opposed to living it.

  12. Hive-minded psychotic true believer NPCs: Grist for the globohomo mill, mindless drone societal soldiers for the Globohomo Empire. However many of them there are, even if in truth a small minority, there are enough of them that the entire USSA and all of the “westernized” countries are now through-and-through sick as they are. We all know how intense, as well as pervasive, the extent of the sickness is at present. Sucks.

    • Well, at least they have that in common but essentially leftists aren’t mentally ill. They’re plain evil.

  13. “The reaction by the Left to the war in Ukraine is another reminder that it is impossible to constructively engage with true believers. Deeply religious people can usually understand why you do not share their faith”

    This is a thing that is both true and untrue. Leftists are religious fanatics and regurgitate psychotic nonsense to affirm their piety. But…they don’t have anything that is actually a “faith,” a belief system, if you will. If Zelensky comes out tomorrow and announces a peace agreement and lashes into the Biden Administration, the Church of Left immediately will demonize and cast him into the nether reaches of Hell. Unfortunately for Zelensky, some of the True Believers are among the cynics, and sometimes the overlap, who run the Regime and will not hesitate to put a bullet into him for apostacy.

    • Dobson: “But…[the Left] don’t have anything that is actually a “faith,” a belief system, if you will. If Zelensky comes out tomorrow and announces a peace agreement and lashes into the Biden Administration, the Church of Left immediately will demonize and cast him into the nether reaches of Hell.”

      The Left does have a belief system. If Zelensky does what you said, he will have betrayed the Left’s agenda, so of course they would turn on him. Which would show just how committed they are to their belief system.

      • There was what I thought a solid reason for the distinction made between cynics and True Believers.

  14. Hmmmmmmm.

    I grew up in the hive, and wonder if you may not be trying to over-simplify, Z? While that is undoubtedly true for a large majority of them that actually loathe themselves… there is a healthy minority of them for whom self loathing isn’t a problem at all. I’m thinking of Dave Rubin, his husband and his fans, recently high fiving each other on his acquisition of children. Those folks are exactly as they appear: pleased as punch with themselves and tickled pink.

    I used to think Conservative Inc. was just old Yesterday men who couldn’t transition to the new realities of our day. But… I think those folks are actually mostly disaffected liberals, trying to distance themselves from the other lunatics to their left, and trying to reach out to those of us on the right, maybe? Or maybe carve some of our space out for themselves?

    I wonder. I’ve seen conservatives flip independent and even libertarian… but I never saw one flip liberal. I’ve seen any number of liberals trying to flip right…

    We live in truly contentious times…

    • He has a partner not a husband. I’m pretty sure deep down, he knows he’s not normal, and hates himself for it.

        • He hates himself for acting on the impulse. Everybody’s got them, but most of us control ourselves. Most men would like to impregnate every woman under 30 they see because we are born that way, but they don’t act on it. Its what separates us from the animals, or used too.

  15. I made reference to the GAE being a pirate empire the other day.

    Welp, the world-famed, august deliberative body of the US is taking steps to legitimize this practice (enshrined in the Constitution) by reviving the issuance of Letters of Marque and Reprisal against certain Russian citizens. I shit thee not, friends.

    Should be interesting to see where this goes; state-sanctioned piracy, hmm.

    • ” … the issuance of Letters of Marque and Reprisal against certain Russian citizens.”

      So the (((neocons))) WANT war with Russia. No getting around it. Not after this.

      Thanks for that info. I didn’t know it.

      I’m wondering whether Putin will activate some of his long-standing “assets” in various countries such that we could soon see targeted assassinations.

      I don’t see how he can avoid it at this point.

      After all, the word “sanction” does have another meaning.

      • It does seem to me that parts of the US government are trying to escalate this and repeatedly provoke Russia. To any sane person who knows the pertinent facts, this is complete madness that could get many millions killed. So we are left with that they are either mad. Or they are playing an entirely different game. Possibly one that involves well stocked shelters and bunkers in the far reaches of the Southern Hemisphere. But something does not add up; the US gov is not trying to calm down an incredibly dangerous crisis that could go nuclear in the worst possible way.

        • “To any sane person who knows the pertinent facts, this is complete madness that could get many millions killed.”

          That’s almost certainly what the “vaccines” are for. Maybe a nuclear exchange would suit their purposes better in some way.

          “But something does not add up; the US gov is not trying to calm down an incredibly dangerous crisis that could go nuclear in the worst possible way.”

          Do you remember the Deagle dot com website that was up in the Fall and early winter of 2020? It was a country-by-country projection of population estimates for 2025. AINO’s population is projected to drop from 320 million (that we know of) to 90 million, our population in 1910.

          Deagle did this for the CIA. It was nothing new. They had done it before. But it showed catastrophic drops in the populations of all Western countries. Some Arab countries’ populations are projected to increase. So is China’s.

          Is that connected somehow with what we see happening now?

          We know that Russia has said that the bio-weapons labs that they have seized in the Ukraine were designed to target people with Slavic DNA.

          Do they have weapons in the Ukraine or elsewhere that might target those of us with Anglo-Saxon or other white DNA?

          I think these people are capable of anything.

          • I doubt the technology is there yet to target subpopulations within Caucasians, such as Slavs or Anglo-Saxons. But these people are definitely capable of anything. I am personally agnostic religiously but even I have to reach for words like ‘Satanic’ about our overlords sometimes.

    • Its legal but everyone stopped doing it because it creates chaos and disorder. Not that the loons that “run” AINO care

      However a dying empire will do anything however shabby to stay on another day.

  16. “…you can usually predict with a fair degree of certainty what their beliefs will be on other topics”

    Ezzackly, that’s why I started thinking about camps of unrelated info-bits.

  17. “They hate themselves so they look to swap their hated sense of self for the identity of a group.”

    The observation that we didn’t used to have a huge swath of the population that hated themselves leads naturally to the question of how this came to be. Culture is systematized behavior. Personal identity or sense of self is a manifestation of culture. Identity formation is a process with multiple coupled inputs including mass media, religious training, family interactions, and formal education. The cultures of Western peoples, especially Americans, have been degraded and replaced by enemies who have seized control over mass media and education and undermined traditional religion and family by infiltration and subversion of religious and legal institutions.

    Race war, ethnic war, and tribal war is being waged against us by enemies who would never themselves pick up rifles to kill European bodies but instead attack European civilization indirectly in ways that lead to that desired result. This is one reason Globalist Incorporated is freaking out about the Russian attack on globalist-occupied Ukraine.

    The Russians decided that the war being waged against them would no longer be waged on their enemies chosen shadow battlefields of cultural and financial manipulation, but on their chosen sunlit battlefield of rifles and missiles. Paper covers rock. Globalist Incorporated has nuclear scissors, but so do the Russians. Paper wins, as long as it has the WILL to cover rock and maintains its own nuclear scissors.

    • i think the problem is more fundamental than that. people at every level of society see in great detail, how people at the top (or at least above them) live. and that breeds wide spread envy and discontent.

      couple that with having large numbers of people from different cultures vying for dominance, and the result is a melange of societal failure. but the problem is solving itself, in a fashion, with the current corrupt non-functioning system collapsing around the ears of biden and co.

  18. Forgot to mention that this morning I saw a headline RUSSIAN ATTACK KILLS HOLLANDAISE SAUCE SURVIVER . thought to myself gen1, gen2, or gen3 ? Like shooting fish in a barrel, they will believe anything and print everything.

  19. I had a good friend who a year or two ago would have benefited greatly from this post. I thought about forwarding it to them, I miss the friendship we had for over 15 years. But after thinking about it some more, I realized it’s no use. It would mean looking into that mirror. I don’t think they even clean the mirror anymore. Oh well. Good one Z. As usual

    • You can’t help them. I gave up trying to get them to see. They never will. It’s far too humiliating to face the fact that you were wrong about everything. They’re a lost cause.

      You: “The sun is very hot.”
      Them: “no it isn’t! Racist!”

      What makes me sad is how cold it has made me become. I’ve built up such a hatred for these people now that at times I barely recognize myself anymore. Truly sad.

      • “I’ve built up such a hatred for these people now that at times I barely recognize myself anymore. Truly sad.”

        That’s harming you, and that’s bad for *all* of us.

        Try emotional detachment. Look at things through the prism of centuries and shrug it all off by realizing that things are cyclical and that we are going through a collapse cycle.

        Distance yourself emotionally.

        Pretend that you are a visitor from another galaxy and that you don’t have to stay here.

        Keep in mind that it’s all coming to an end.

        Something. Anything.

        But don’t let those people harm you. The rest of us need you.

  20. The only thing I disagree with in this column is the notion that Leftists hate themselves. It strikes me as highly unlikely that people who consider themselves superior to everybody else, and who, in Z’s parlance, view themselves as heroes in a great struggle, would hate themselves. In point of fact solipsism is a far more common trait among Leftists than self-loathing.

    PS–There are two exceptions: First, Leftists who conspicuously disfigure themselves with tattoos, piercings and bizarre hair colors and styles, are indeed doubling down on their self-hatred by embracing and amplifying their ugliness. Second, I believe sexual deviants–almost all of whom are Leftists–abhor themselves because they know deep down that they are profoundly abnormal, and that their abnormality repels the vast majority of people.

    • I very much agree that “hating themselves” is a jarring note.
      Not sure what it is.

      Not in my nature to call others stupid, but its not in my nature to attack, either. We’ve got dickheads leading a parade of some kind.

      Death, I say! Death to dickheads!
      Who’s with me!

    • i think “hate themselves” is a term of art, to a certain degree. progs are driven by envy that stems from a lifetime of non-accomplishment. coupled with the realization they are physically unattractive; which super charges their envy. creation takes talent, destruction only takes a lit match. they hate those better than themselves for the feeling of inferiority those betters engender in the progs. if they destroy their betters, they will ipso facto feel better about themselves.

    • It’s like when the little hat people say they are ashamed of white people and their own whiteness

      They don’t hate themselves.
      They don’t even see themselves as being white

      Hating one’s own group can be a sneaky way of attacking others in that group. They usually have some internal rationale of absolving themselves.

      • The Finkels who hate the white race usually don’t consider themselves white. I know a female rabbi who, when apprised of a new ADL directive to destroy the structures of whiteness in society, or some such tommyrot, rushed to assure her flock that they need not worry because Jews are PoC.

        • ” … rushed to assure her flock that they need not worry because Jews are PoC.”

          Dear God.

          Stranger than fiction.

    • In this context, I would define self-hatred as the need to feel superior to others, which for whatever reason, liberals have in spades. People with a healthy sense of self do not need to feel superior.

    • I agree with you on a majority of your points, however I do take exception to the fact that only the physically repulsive/sexual deviants are self-loathing. I made mention of a friend of mine here, who because of the Kung-Flu voluntarily shut herself in her house for almost ten months.
      The last few arguments we had over things in the headlines had her constantly interrupting me/repeating the same things over and over again. After several minutes of this I told her, “You know you keep interrupting me not because you’re trying to convince me of your point of view, but because you’re trying to convince yourself. It’s almost as if you say it enough times, you’ll actually believe it.”
      This sent her off into another paroxysm and she hung up on me.
      The fact that she eventually would call me again after several weeks and act as if nothing happened was also another tell.
      Her hair isn’t several colors, she doesn’t have a face full of fishing tackle and since we dated for several years a while ago and remained friends, I can say that I know first hand that she isn’t a deviant. Lusty, but not a deviant.
      The bigger point about all of this is that there is now a sizeable portion of the population that refuses to listen to anything we have to say and is downright hostile to us. in fact they’re just waiting for the opportunity to round us up and get rid of us for good.

      • Where is the self-loathing in this, Steve? Neurosis, I see in spades, but I’m not seeing where she necessarily hates herself.

        • I left out a few things; the biggest being she not only does not take care of herself physically, she won’t do anything for her appearance either e.g. chain smoking, no haircuts/styling her hair, dirty fingernails, dirty clothes. I was always taught that people who exhibit these traits are self/loathing, have a very poor self-image.

          • ” … she won’t do anything for her appearance either e.g. chain smoking, no haircuts/styling her hair, dirty fingernails, dirty clothes.”

            That sounds like clinical depression.

          • That certainly indicates a lack of self-respect, or perhaps, as TIP mentions, depression.

      • Yes, they’ve been given a new definition of “democracy” and anyone not on board with that new definition is an enemy of democracy. And yes, they’re just waiting for that signal to round us all up and put us up against a wall and shoot us. They already have the waste disposal units, several thousand per state.

    • Narcissists hate themselves. Psychopaths don’t hate themselves. Within the hive, the elite portion is going to be dominated by the psychopaths who will simply say whatever is to their advantage. If the Current Thing is Russia bad then they say “Russia bad, buy my book”. These are people without conscience who will say and do anything that increases their personal power.

      The followers and non-elite portion is where all the narcissists are. Narcissists are completely consumed by their feeling of inferiority and the idea that everyone is looking at them and judging them to be inferior, which leads them to compensate by creating their ridiculous facade of superiority. With leftists that’s typically done by loud proclamations of piety to the Current Thing, thus they appear to be the same as the psychopaths despite radically different motivation.

      Our day to day encounters with leftists are always going to be the narcissists, thus the moralizing and tendency to rage when you disagree with them. They psychopaths won’t bother arguing with you because there’s no benefit to them they don’t care what an insect thinks of them. If you were alone with AOC, with no cameras or recordings, and she wanted you to buy her a purse she’d start quoting Ayn Rand or the 14 words or whatever to get you to cooperate.

      Since we can’t do anything about the psychos (at least not anything that you could mention without violating TOS), that just leaves tormenting the narcissists. So just hit them with whatever your conservative disgust sense detects. “I really have a lot of respect for women who raise lots of children, how come you don’t have any kids?” “Oh yeah, smoking pot is so cool. I bet you impress lots of teenagers as a 60 year old man who owns a bong.” “Your grandson is so cute, he really has his father Mandingus’s brown eyes and kinky hair.”

  21. Reading this one made me break out into a big sh*t-eating grin. I dunno why, but this is great comedy, you just have to smile.

    Most interesting is the exploration of the social mechanism, signaling, as an echo of individual identity. Psychology pays far too much attention to the individual alone.

    I don’t go with vague woo-woo such as “madness of crowds”, “mass psychosis”, or “pathological altruism”, although we are leaky radios on broadcast spectra.
    I think we’re seeing fat tails of the instinct of cooperation, mostly.

    That bit about structure? So important. Ritual is a quick shorthand, much like morality tales or religious ‘family’ story.

    I wish they were getting their instructions from somewhere else, for sure.
    Like oxen hearing the cowbell.
    Moo! Moooo!

  22. Z – you mentioned that the left has disordered minds. What do you think explains guys like Jonathan haidt who seems to be a smart/rational guy despite being a man of the left. Is he an outlier?

    • I don’t know enough about him to have an opinion, but when I see “social psychologist” I think of the long line of quacks from that field and move onto something else. Looking at his wiki bio, I’m reminded of a line by John Derbyshire that some people “are awfully good at creating pseudoscience — elaborate, plausible, and intellectually very challenging systems that do not, in fact, have any truth content.”

      That said, I fully admit my bias against the soft sciences may be coloring my initial view of the man.

      • Natural science is the only science. Everything else is either engineering or ‘social science’. Social science is erroneous. It’s an art and ought to be practiced as such imo.

        • Anything that employs the scientific method gets a pass, apparently. “Psychology uses the scientific method, so it’s a science.” That’s what I was told when questioning Notre Dame’s tuition office over having to pay “lab fees” for a 2 or 300 level psych class my son had to take.

    • I’m not sure it’s accurate to characterize Haidt as a man of the left. My sense is that as his research has progressed, he’s developed an appreciation for the virtues of conservatism.

      He strikes me as a rare example of an academic whose mind remains open. He hasn’t hesitated to come out against the woke hive mind.

      • Agree with Bill. Haidt is trying to swim to the surface, while still speaking to his people. They’re the ones that matter most, to him.

    • Haidt’s a deeply deluded sub-midwit. When he pretends to quantify moral/psychological phenomena, he doesn’t know he’s pretending. Read the surveys that are the “rational” cornerstone of his work. They’re stupid beyond belief. Astrologers in circus swami costumes are greater scientists.

    • Haidt comes off like a centrist who aims to challenge some of the popular dogmas of the intelligentsia — yet without excessively jeopardizing his own standing in the academy. A bit like Jordan Peterson. Both fellows look remarkably courageous, but that’s largely because they operate in an arena dominated by cowardly pipsqueaks. Anyone who exhibits an ounce of independent thought appears heroic in such an environment.

  23. Now I have something to agree with the lefties about. I loathe them as much as they loathe themselves. Common ground for once.

    • Exactly. Their self hatred is justified &
      rightfully so. Strange They can get that one thing right but nothing else.

  24. While I generally agree, I’d say that a fair amount of the managerial class dives into all of this less out of self-hatred and more out fear or a desire to be seen as good. Of course, I live in Northern Virginia so I’m surrounded by people who’s entire life (career, friends, etc.) is based on being a good member of the hive.

    These are upper-middle class folk who are terrified of losing that status. They believe in the latest fad because to reject it could spell disaster for them and their family.

    The ones that really get into this stuff definitely put off the vibe that they couldn’t sit in a room alone for more than ten minutes before their self-loathing would cause them to start crying. But the rest are just making themselves believe what they need to believe to maintain their status.

    • In a world of mandatory political correctness enforced by cancel culture, it is often impossible to gauge what people really think and believe.

      • Yeah, I know a fair amount of guys who have/need security clearance for their job. They’re terrified to say anything about any topic outside of sports and general life.

        What’s funny is that they’re terrified to even agree with the hive because they might not agree in the right way or the rules might change down the road. Best to say nothing.

        What’s surprised me is the couple of military and ex-military guys. These aren’t (or, at least, weren’t) desk jockeys. They were in the game, so to speak. Not sure about all issues, but they seem to be truly on board with the “diversity is our strength” thing.

        Granted, these guys are in their 50s, so maybe the pozz wasn’t too bad for most of their career, but they seem to believe in the we’re all Americans thing.

        • I know an ex-mil field engineer in his early 50s that is perfectly willing to live in a tent in Uzbekistan on a field exercise with their troops for a couple weeks.

          He comes home to a suburban house totally wired with Alexa surveillance devices to turn on lightbulbs in every room, even the garage and basement.

          The rest of his paychecks go to pay his daughter’s tuition for four years of brainwashing at one of the most libbed out and pozzed up colleges in the US. Unsurprisingly, she deeply resents her father’s general nature.

          He sees the college problem but won’t move to do anything against his princess. He thinks the Alexa surveillance stuff is just the bee’s knees even though all he’s doing is to help build out the digital panopticon.

          • Wild Geese: Interesting how the willingness and courage to take physical discomfort and risks does not seem to equate to the willingness to risk challenging the social or political status quo. This seems to apply equally to ‘elite’ athletes even in extreme sports. They’re willing to challenge assumptions and strident safety warnings physically, but mentally they’re hive members in good standing.

            My late father-in-law took his share of discomfort and risks throughout his military career, although politically he was a moderate conservative (very probably a function of his age). My older son took whatever risks or challenges he could during his few military years, and is on the far right of the DR. He has a few former military friends with whom he can speak frankly, but the majority of them are totally onboard with most aspects of wokeness, which they choose to interpret as ‘tolerance’.

          • “He sees the college problem but won’t move to do anything against his princess.”

            When his daughter turns on him like the viper that he helped her to become, and he can’t figure out why, I shall laugh him to scorn. He deserves whatever he gets.

            And it probably won’t be nearly bad enough for him

        • Sometimes you have to play a certain role in order to survive in the environment you’re in. And if you’re adept at playing that role, no one will be able to tell that you don’t actually believe the words your role requires.

          Some years back I worked at a daytime drop-in homeless shelter run by a group of Christian religious fanatics. They wouldn’t hire anyone who believed otherwise.

          After years of studying the Bible and trying to believe in the Christian narrative, I had gotten to the point in my spiritual journey where I simply couldn’t believe it anymore. I wasn’t an atheist— I didn’t rule out the possibility that there’s some kind of Creative Force behind observable reality— but I was convinced that the God portrayed in the Bible doesn’t exist, and that the Christian narrative simply isn’t true.

          But I really wanted that job, so I faked it: I pretended to be a devout Christian. And because I had such an extensive Christian background, I was able to pull it off without a hitch. For three years I led Bible studies, prayed when called on, etc. No one suspected the truth: that I didn’t actually believe the things the job required me to profess.

          All of which to say: in an environment where survival and advancement requires holding certain beliefs, you never can tell whether the person professing them truly believes them. They may just be doing a convincing job of faking it.

          • I’m reminded of a book about daily life in Stalin’s Soviet state. It was called “The Whisperers” because you could only do that, among maybe one or two people, even hiding your true beliefs from your children, to simply stay alive.
            Modern AINO is a society of whisperers.

          • Sometimes I wonder about that with some of our people in government. Are they just parroting the party line for their jobs or are they true believers? I rather think a large portion of them are true believers.

  25. Good insight: for most Lefties, their opinions are not mere beliefs, but function as an integral part of their identity.

    They hold that particular set of beliefs— not because they’ve examined all sides of the relevant issues, and concluded that the evidence supports them— but rather, because the identity they’ve adopted mandates what one must believe and not believe. It’s a complete package: you can’t be a true-blue Prog unless you accept the entire narrative.

    It also makes sense that such people would tend to be “true believers”, who hold their beliefs with an intensity and an emotional fervor not usually found in rational discussions. If they can’t summon facts to back up their opinions, then a morally-accusatory emotional blitzkreig— “Surely all good people know this to be true! What kind of person could deny it?”— may be their only recourse.

    Of course, it’s always been the case that beliefs about certain topics tend to cluster. If you know what a person believes about gun control, you can usually predict with a fair degree of certainty what their beliefs will be on other topics, like immigration, affirmative action, or tranny school teachers.

    Are Lefties markedly different in that respect?
    Are they more likely to be desperately trying to “find themselves”? Are they more inclined towards group-think and hive-mind: more likely to adopt an identity— and the ready-made set of mandatory beliefs that go along with it— simply in an effort to fit in with the people around them, and in doing so, coming to know who they themselves are?

    Research has already established that Leftists are more likely to be mentally ill. And if lack of a firm and settled coherent identity is characteristic of mentally-ill people— which seems likely— then the picture Z paints— of Leftists seeking to establish a sense of self and organize their disorderly minds, by assuming a premade identity— makes a lot of sense.

    • “Leftists seeking to establish a sense of self and organize their disorderly minds, by assuming a premade identity— makes a lot of sense.”

      Agreed. Self-hatred and self-loathing seem (to me) to assign to those people more self-awareness than I have ever observed in them.

      The people we are talking about are empty inside. Their lives are pointless and meaningless. They are too rich, too secure, too well-fed, and thy have WAY
      too much time on their hands. This is frequently talked about in here.

      They are very insecure, by which I mean that the have no confidence in themselves b/c they’ve never faced and lived through any *real* adversity. They’ve never done time in the fiery furnace. They are unsure of themselves. So they latch onto their “role models” and parrot them. That then becomes their identity, and their great fear–and it’s probably unconscious–is that somebody will realize that they are fakes. That they are empty. That thy not only do not *naturally* or *actually* adhere to the right opinions on all the right things, but that they don’t have any opinions of their own because they are empty inside and are faking their way through life. It’s a kind of inverted class-consciousness.

      And the way they know what the right opinions are is from the mass media, including Hollywood. Fame and public adulation are the important things to have as an opinion maker. These empty people feel their insignificance very keenly, but they are unable to diagnose their inner problems precisely because they *are* so self-unaware.

      That’s also what makes introspection impossible for them.

      Self-hatred (imo) assumes that they are self-aware, and I have never seen any evidence of that. That lack of self-awareness is what makes it possible for them to turn on a dime in their opinions, once some all-new psychosis becomes fashionable with “the right people”; with “the best people.”

      • Or maybe it’s ‘All of the above’:

        Person A doesn’t really know what he believes about many complicated issues….

        In addition, what he’s been taught includes some beliefs which simply aren’t true: “All human groups are equally endowed”. So when he does try to make sense of things, he’s handicapped by the fact that some of the pieces he’s trying to fit into the puzzle are wrong and because of that will never fit.

        So he’s confused…. He’s not sure what he believes, or who he is. And maybe he sees his confusion and uncertainty as a weakness, and loathes himself for not ‘having it all together’.

        And like almost all people, he feels a need to fit in, to be accepted. Seeing himself as part of a larger group would help him ‘discover’ and fill in his identity.

        And identifying with a group not only provides him with a set of beliefs, it provides justification for those beliefs: “See, look how many other people believe the same thing.”

        Or maybe he inherited his beliefs, was born into them, without ever giving them much thought. If everyone around you believes ‘X’, it takes a special kind of person to question what everyone else in your world takes for granted.

        And all of the above makes true self-awareness all the more difficult.

        • Bill, quite so. It also takes a superior mind to “put the pieces together” while discarding those pieces that do not fit. Hence we have “sheep” and will always have sheep in any society.

          The question in my mind is why there are seemingly so many sheep in today’s society. I can’t imagine we had so many in eras past, or that this country could have been built upon such a foundation. Our Founders were either superior Shepard’s or something has produced such people in abundance.

          • Yeah: does it have to do with the fact that people today don’t face the challenges our ancestors did; and it’s overcoming challenges which forges an effective person?

        • “In addition, what he’s been taught includes some beliefs which simply aren’t true: “All human groups are equally endowed”. So when he does try to make sense of things, he’s handicapped … .”

          OK, I’ll buy that, and add here that the beliefs he has been taught came in a kind of “package deal,” the other component being a kind of tabu against thinking at *all* about the beliefs he has been fed. They are presented as unquestionable. Not merely unquestionable, but as a kind of moral tape measure by which he can measure people who don’t share the unrealistic beliefs and judge them wanting; bad people. Nazis. “Literally Hitler.” It’s a self-limiting *and* absolutist mentality.

          And I’d add further that these people lack not only self-awareness but also *imagination* and rudimentary knowledge that, I *think* probably betrays a complete lack of curiosity about anything.

          In general, then, I think we can agree that they should have been drowned at birth, like unwanted kittens on a farm.

    • I agree with your points, but to your line about how topics cluster, I would add a point. Do these topics cluster because they are inherently related, or do they cluster because the media makes the connection as part of the adopted identity? I term most Americans thinking today as schizophrenic, for they follow the logic of someone with disassociation, e.g. The CIA is watching me because trees are green and you are smoking a cigarette. What is missing is any type of reasonable thread between these points, and this is what makes engaging with them so frustrating – the associations are arbitrary, but they lack the self awareness to diagnose. I think of the Dunning Kruger effect.
      This of course leads to the question of the origin of this pathology. I would say a large portion is how we experience the world. Because of our luxury, because of a lack of self-esteem (through lack of tribulations), because of our excess of time, we experience the world in spasms. These spasms last for a few seconds and then, swipe, onto something else. Whether it be conversations (any deep rhythm broken with distracted staring at screens), whether it be on a phone (tabs and posts quickly viewed and then closed) or whether it be education – where you spend a week reading a five page short story but look at every line and break it into a million different techniques or definitions. Open a Common Core textbook and look at how literacy is taught – it is schizophrenic.
      The lack in all of these issues is sustained focus (not to be confused with fixation). The loonies get fixated as a surrogate for focus. Thus, identification and adoption (or rejection) of patterns assembles their identity, but any depth is impossible due to the fixation.
      Let me illustrate another way. Imagine reading Of Mice and Men. In one instance, you simply read the book, focus, and feel the depth of the characters. In the other instance, you fixate on nouns and notice every noun. Who actually understand the book? Who will be left with a jumble of words that are not strung together. Likewise, in the modern era, the average loony (and there are plenty on the right) can only fixate, not focus. And it is only getting worse.

      • Sometimes beliefs cluster because they make up related aspects of a coherent world view.

        An accurate world view— one which coincides with reality— helps you make sense of the world: helps you recognize the patterns that are there to be noticed if you know what to look for and where to look.

        Whereas a faulty world view— one which leads you to believe things which don’t accord with reality, and to expect to find things which aren’t in fact there— will inevitably confuse you. You won’t be able to recognize the patterns, because your flawed expectations will have you looking in the wrong places.

        And yes: it’s getting worse: the more upcoming generations are programmed to believe things which aren’t true, the harder it will be for them to make sense of what they see.

        • I guess my point, to begin before I, like Zeppelin, rambled on, is that their world view is not a natural cluster. In fact, it is often ironic. There is no natural correlation between gun control and immigration, except for a negative relation. If the issue is “safety,” coherently you should want to regulate guns and immigrations (negating the debatable aspect of guns as leading to unsafe scenarios).

          • As I see it, my belief in gun rights and strict control of immigration both derive from a unitary (and realistic) world view: one which recognizes that not all people are good, that not all people make good neighbors, and that some people intend to do me harm.

            By contrast, I see belief in gun control and lax immigration enforcement as arising from a faulty world view: one which sees people as essentially good and essentially harmless, which makes no distinction between various groups, and which imagines that a neighborhood of Somalis is no different than a neighborhood of Swedes.

          • The real Bill: I agree with you. That is an informed, logical connection. My point is the mindless masses that hold often conflicting views that they change like Covid masks. Liberals can have a logic as well, like Haidt referenced above, even though I do not agree with many of his points – I respect him because I perceive persistent, thoughtful beliefs. My point is about the ‘useful idiots.’ Topics can have a cluster, but for too many, the cluster is given to them, not connections they make themselves.

        • They get em when they’re young, impressionable, and mindfuck em real good. Talmudvision and Kosherwood reinforce the narrative…next thing you know, 2+2=5. Snow is black. The Termites have patience, chewing up the wood for thousands of years.

      • “I term most Americans thinking today as schizophrenic, … .”

        You musta been absent the day we determined that they are a certain *kind* of schizophrenic: “hebephrenic.”

        “The hebephrenic or disorganized subtype of schizophrenia is typified by shallow and inappropriate emotional responses, foolish or bizarre behaviour, false beliefs (delusions), and false perceptions (hallucinations). The catatonic subtype is characterized by striking motor behaviour.”

        Oh, yeah, and we also learned that “hebephrenic” is pronounced “keeve.”

        • Oh, yeah, and we also learned that they often have names like “Ocasio-Cortez” and “Pelosi” and “Maxine Waters.”

          Just listen to anything uttered by people who have such names and you will see hebephrenia sloshing out of their pin-heads and mussing up the furniture and turning the floor into a kind of toxic waste dump.

          Somebody oughtta call the EPA.

      • “These spasms last for a few seconds … .”

        A friend of mine says people don’t *think* anymore; that they just have what she calls “bursts of consciousness.”

    • I see it as the oldest language- emotion- in the hoots and calls of monkeys in their Trees. Are you surrounded by friendly monkeys?
      Or by those bad monkeys from that other tree?

      A statement loaded with emotive impact isn’t neutral “information”; it is a hoot announcing position, and loyalties. Status is determined by connection, by how close one is to the alpha, the flagpole.

      This why “information” (statements) seem to appear in camps of unrelated beliefs.

      Observe one’s emotional reaction:

      “Connect the red wire to post A.”
      Nothing. No screeching here, in Brazil, or Burma, or Binghampton.

      Now Right:
      “Energy independence.”
      (Nodding, coos of agreement, smile)
      “Gun control.”
      (Suspicious hoots, eyebrows drawn)
      “Barack Hussein Obama.”

      Now, Left:
      “Clean Green electric cars.”
      (Nodding, coos of agreement, smile)
      “2nd Amendment.”
      (Suspicious hoots, eyebrows drawn)
      “Donald J. Trump.”

      Everyone believes exactly the same things:
      1. Our monkeys are the best monkeys, our Tree the best tree
      2. There’s something wrong with those monkeys over there – they’re so stupid , or crazy, or evil, they’re dangerous!

      • ” … the hoots and calls of monkeys in their Trees.”

        LOL! I wish I had thought of that!

      • Human nature.
        Degenerates, their ideas/ delusions
        Self hatred can only result in misery of individuals & destruction of society.
        Thinking of the fact that we are all aboard the sinking ship with too few of us manning pumps while they are chopping away at the keel.
        Yes that sets me to screeching like the simple primate that I am.

    • in my opinion, prog cadres are just socially ambitious normies. or lazy normies that don’t want to do the 9-to-5 jive to earn their daily bread. wish zman would do a deep dive on the normie taxonomy 🙁

      • Definitely LAZY
        That constantly deride boot straps, whining systemic racism, patriarchy adinfinitum.
        Truth they are lazy & want everything easy
        Too cowardly to take any risk whatsoever.
        It’s all so tiresome

  26. If we’re going to be realists, we have to begin by admitting that no one as an individual is going to make the Crazy stop. The hurricane is coming ashore and running to beach and shaking your fist at it in anger is not going to make it go away. And the hurricane is no trivial matter. If you don’t take it seriously, it will likely maim you or kill you. And burying your head in the sand won’t stop it, nor is there a sidelines to stand behind in the hope that it passes you by unscathed.

    Ukraine is a harbinger of what’s coming right here to River City. Real death is going to start arriving with the artillery shells and internet propaganda is not got to stop you from bleeding out through the ears if you’re lucky enough to survive the initial blast. And hiding in the basement will prove ineffective when hundreds of tons of building collapse on your head. Trying to flee down the “humanitarian escape corridor” will get you shot in the back by the Asov Battalion and staying put means starving in slow motion, which is not as fun as it sounds. I know! Ask a gamer to hit the reset button. That’s the ticket. Or better yet, vote HARDER. The new RINO guy will fix it.

    We are way, way overdue for a reality check and cleanse.

    • thing is, the US is a *continent*. and there are no continent scaled hurricanes, literal or metaphorical. the cities are well along in the process of going feral, and will be depopulated over time. but not every place is pozzed and doomed. personally, i would align myself as much as possible with the latino community; it is as close to a safe harbor as exists today.

      maybe i am overly cynical, but it really seems that the vast majority of whites are tertiary normies; beyond redemption or salvation. best avoided and treated as a tappable resource should the SHTF in your locale.

    • ” … and internet propaganda is not got to stop you from bleeding out … .”

      “They” will have shut down internet access by that time. It’s almost unbelievable that they haven’t don’t it yet.

  27. True. I’ve seen it as more of a fear and loathing. They hate that their entire identity and purpose in life floats in a fragile ether of prog status. And that there are people who look just like them and have a shared history but are low status. A funhouse of mirrors. They want to break them all. Thats the impulse toward destruction, bury the evidence of the truth and all its reminders of who they really are.

    There is a natural anxiety to that. Anxiety being the hindbrains active bullshit radar means deep down they are living a lie and know it.

    This generates shame. Shame being a sort of self-loathing that they displace by projecting onto the moral failings of the dirt people.

    Thats where they convert their own weakness of being a fragile status striving drone into the kind of arrogance and moral preening and self-righteousness that soaks all their public faces like the leftist hive bukkake that it is.

    See also: any kind of ’empowerment’. In the grand inversion, ritual acts of self-destruction are “strength” and in a system built on raw power, it’s also morally righteous.

  28. Occam’s razor states that the simplest explanation is preferable to one that is more complex. Simple theories are easier to verify. Simple solutions are easier to execute. I don’t think that “self-loathing” is a very simple explanation. I mean, its only an hyphenated description, but good luck trying to verify it. Again, those with an academic mindset tend to fall back on psychological and sociological terminology to try to describe reality. Psychology and Sociology are not even real sciences. They are Liberal Arts degrees. With the exception of Behaviorism, Psychology is only a step above Astrology. Psychology and Sociology are attempts to provide order and structure for debate, but they don’t really solve anything. And their ability to predict anything is abysmal.

    • With all due respect, I have to disagree with your trashing of the field of psychology: while there’s certainly a lot of bullshit generated by psychology— and while psychology isn’t a hard science in the way physics and chemistry are— psychology has generated many genuinely helpful insights about what people are like and what drives them.

      Human decisions and actions aren’t purely rational, much as we’d like to imagine that’s the case. Psychology gives us the tools to look behind the surface and plumb the depths of human motivation.

      Self-loathing is a real thing, and does indeed play a profound part in the lives of people afflicted with it. It affects their experience and decisions in ways which they themselves are not always aware of.

      • “Psychology gives us the tools to look behind the surface and plumb the depths of human motivation.”

        Psychology gives you terminology which you then pretend are tools. The only advantage Psychologists have over laymen in “treating” people is that they have enough experience with liars to know a lie when they hear it. Sort of like a cop.

        “Self-loathing is a real thing, and does indeed play a profound part in the lives of people afflicted with it. It affects their experience and decisions in ways which they themselves are not always aware of.”

        No one said it wasn’t. But, to ascribe “self-loathing” to label the behavior of an entire class of people is a little disingenuous, don’t you think? And this need to declare that the reason someone does something is something they are unaware of is farcical, I believe. When you ask a child why they did something wrong and they say, “I don’t know”, do you actually believe that?

        • Yeah, I don’t think all Progs are characterized by self-loathing. Even a generalization which is true for most, won’t be true for everyone.

          And with all due respect: you really don’t know what you’re talking about re: psychology.

          To take one example: the terminology that allows us to differentiate between our conscious and our unconscious minds has proven to be immensely helpful in understanding human experience and behavior.

          And I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the concepts you use and take for granted had their origin in psychology.

          • Yeah, I’m sure you know much better than I, with me only having a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. You in therapy?

      • “Human decisions and actions aren’t purely rational, much as we’d like to imagine that’s the case.”

        There’s a saying that “Man is not a rational creature; he is a rationalizing creature.”

  29. “The primary driver is self-loathing.”

    That’s the part I’m not sure of. Among the vast legions at the bottom of the leftist food chain, there is undoubtedly considerable self-loathing. Who could blame those automatons for hating themselves? Nevertheless, the small handful that comprises the leftist elite seems to operate from an extreme superiority complex. They routinely sneer at the hoi polloi of “flyover country.” Their arrogant disdain for Middle American rabble is palpable.

    I’ve grown skeptical of concepts such as “White guilt.” The types of White people who continually bash their racial kin rarely appear to feel guilty about anything. It’s as if they seek to demonstrate their own moral supremacy by casting guilt upon those dreadful Badwhites (Badwhites typically signifying little more than crude caricatures). The Goodwhites who prattle on endlessly about such things as “White privilege” almost always come off as unreservedly self-satisfied.

    Great essay, by the way.

    • I pray for the day we could gain control and frog march these people in a line that would rival anything the Canadian truckers produced.

    • Good point, yet I’d wager these are the same sort who gave religion a bad name when it was fashionable to be religious. In the extreme anyhow, being fashionable implies an unstable identity and probably a bit of self loathing imo.

      They suck, they only destroy, they know it, and their lives revolve around putting on an act. Best to be totally unattractive to them, even if malleable normie finds it off-putting in the meantime. My unsolicited two cents.

    • Wkathman,

      It seems to me that sometimes the pose people strike is actually a cover-up for their true feelings. The aggression of belligerent people often serves to cover up their fear. And sometimes, to hide it from themselves.

      Likewise, sometimes a pose of superiority serves to compensate for a feeling of inferiority. People who are truly confident of their superiority don’t feel a need to flaunt it.

      And yeah: expressing “White guilt” is often nothing more than virtue-signalling. Suppressing their knowledge of the actual truth of the situation is part of the not-noticing required of leftists.

      • The real Bill: I suspect that you’re mostly right. Those who present themselves as superior often harbor a strong sense of inferiority. What I was getting at is my hunch that those at the bottom of the leftist hierarchy (huge in numbers) do not necessarily possess the same mental profile as those at the top of that hierarchy (small in numbers). It could be that you, Zman, and I are all playing a bit too much at armchair psychologist here. Suffice it to say that something is seriously awry about the temperaments of many progressives — whether that be inferiority, superiority, or just plain lunacy.

        • At best they’re predators. If that’s the case, there’s nothing to analyze, just a drive. Still, I don’t think that’s possible without them being something other than human.

          I doubt there are more than a handful of true psychopaths out there, plenty of traumatized sociopaths. Rabid dogs to be pitied and shunned if possible, put down if necessary. Too late to stop the spread of rabies, but it can be dealt with. Metaphorically, of course.

        • “Armchair psychologist”—yeah, was thinking the same thing. We have as a group derided Sigmund Fraud many times, yet if he read this thread he’d be smiling. 😉

        • Wkathman,

          I suspect part of Progs’ inability to think straight may be due to the fact that they’re starting off believing things which aren’t true. When your basic assumptions are false, there’s no way you’ll be able to see things with a clear eye.

          If I assume that Blacks as a group are equal in intelligence to Whites as a group, I won’t be able to make sense of the Black-White performance gap. I’ll be forever looking for other explanations: systemic racism, not enough Black teachers, etc.

          So even super-smart Progs will be handicapped to the extent that they unthinkingly accept the Prog narrative.

          That’s a big part of the dumbing-down of America: starting kids off believing a false narrative concerning human nature and human history.

    • Wkathman, oh Zman is definitely right: Self-loathing is the root of all this.

      It might be hard for you (as an emotionally-healthy, non-NPC) to relate, but if you really want to increase your understanding of what animates the Cloud People, I encourage you to research the origins and causes of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

      Now almost everything related to the field of Psychology these days is made up nonsense, but there was a period of real research between the sex-obsessed Freud and when the sex-obsessed homosexuals took over the field.

      The causes of NPD (and the other “cluster b” disorders) go back to early childhood. A childhood with a lot of instability, a lack of bonding with a primary caregiver, and being raised in an emotionally invalidated environment. Think of kids who were raised by the tv because mommy just *had* to have her precious career to validate *her* feelings. Or conversely they had “helicopter” parents who ensured they went their entire childhoods never facing adversity or having to make any real decisions: Their lives were entirely managed by others.

      These people reach adulthood but deep-down, they realize they are useless and incapable of achieving anything on their own. Worse yet, they never developed the ability to “self-sooth”, so they constantly need external validation in order to distract from the emotional abyss their parents created in them.

      Their own egos won’t let them accept the facts that they are flawed, and less capable than others, so they instead project those negative feelings on others, and seek an identity not based on themselves and their own merit (they have none) but on their membership in a group.

      • “Worse yet, they never developed the ability to “self-sooth”, so they constantly need external validation in order to distract from the emotional abyss their parents created in them.”

        Well-spotted and well-said. That’s a major thing.

      • Broken families.
        The ‘nephew’ got adopted by his grandparents, my best friends.

        He was 4. The screaming rages, throwing things, his feelings of…rage? Grief? Loss?

        He couldn’t understand or convey what he felt, only what he knew bone deep:
        his parents had abandoned him. Had left him like a dog in a field.

        Court order? How the fudge is a four-year-old supposed to understand that?

        • “Court order? How the fudge is a four-year-old supposed to understand that?”

          It’s just unutterably sad.

          You are right, though. Broken families.

          And unbridled and ubiquitous elfishness. The infantile belief that
          personal “happiness” is the most important thing in the world.

          The whole population has been well trained to expect the impossible.

          And the whole population has been *trained* to expect things faster than “instant.” That’s why you get “microwave directions” on a package of
          “instant” oatmeal.

    • I don’t believe there is such a thing as a superiority complex. All displays of superiority are masks for feelings of inferiority.

  30. ” It is why it is not unusual to see a highly-credentialed left-wing person who is useless independently. They took to the structure of school, because they needed it. They did not learn anything they could apply on their own, because that was never the point of education for them.”

    These are the people who will get three different graduate degrees in increasingly useless fields. Maybe they get to teach some classes as an adjunct. They never hold a private sector job beyond the service level and want the taxpayers to pay off their $90k in student loans. No sane society lets these people vote.

    • No “sane” society allows voting rights to anyone sucking off the teat of the State. If that means all Western societies are insane, so be it. But, as John Lennon once sang—imagine. Imagine society being governed by producers, not parasites.

      • “If that means all Western societies are insane, so be it.”

        That is probably not far off the mark.

  31. This is from the same polling company as the referenced paper, revealing their definition of ‘disinformation’:

    Description of disinformation index:
    For this research, we tested seven separate indicators of disinformation and we have constructed a disinformation index, a 21-point scale that measures how strongly respondents believe these seven pieces of disinformation:

    COVID-19 was manufactured in a lab;
    The reported number of COVID-19 deaths is being exaggerated;
    Vaccine-related deaths are being concealed from the public;
    Ivermectin is a safe and effective treatment for COVID-19;
    COVID-19 vaccines can cause infertility;
    COVID-19 vaccines can alter a patient’s DNA; and
    Whether someone is vaccinated should make no difference to someone who is fully vaccinated.

    • So their unexpressed, unexamined assumption is that everything on that list–their list–is that it is *all* disinfo?

      Well, there’s their self-unawareness on glorious display.

      Is more evidence required?

      • Their implicit argument is one of “authority” and therefore fallacious—if not simply circular. Since they can not even reason correctly, there is no purpose to paying further attention to their analysis. The above would have served as a test question (What wrong with this reasoning?) in my Intro Logic course.

  32. The Hive Mind reminds me of a street preacher standing on a busy corner with a Bible raised high in the air. He’s not sure how many passersby are affected by his preaching, but he is absolutely certain that what he is doing is necessary and vital.

    • But the Hive Mind isn’t on the street corner.

      It’s in charge of every major US institution and power center.

      • You’re taking this too literally. Imagine street preachers on every corner in every town every day. What a nuisance. I used to see these guys in a certain large city all the time back in the day. They were usually black.

    • The street preacher forces no one to do anything. The hive mined leftists put fags in admirals dresses and praise them as women. They hate American nationalism but love Ukrainian nationalists. They see the Nazi units in the Uke army but if we had KKK units they’d freak out.

      The hive is deadly to freedom. The preacher is just trying to save souls.

      • I can walk away from a street preacher (and when’s the last time anyone actually encountered one anyway).
        As for the hive minded leftists – if only I could walk away.

      • It’s usually along the lines of, “now don’t you young people do all the things I did when I was young.”

      • Yes, they hate American nationalism but love Ukrainian nationalists.

        I just saw a headline a couple of days ago decrying “White Christian nationalism” as the latest and greatest threat to our “democracy.”

  33. i think more people eagerly got jabbed than you give credit for. other than that, it is noteworthy that the hive mind is now directing its “cells” into harmful and destructive activities. first harmful eating habits (lots of carbs, and veganism), then the jab, and now getting killed in ukraine. right now just the most gullible are going over there to “fight”, but soon enough they will be drafted en mass (or nuked en mass in cities). in other words, the more successful the hive mind is in taking control of society, the more rapid the demise of the hive residents. and that’s before you even get to the way the hive mind has discouraged cadres from reproducing. and the few that do have kids eagerly offer them up to Baal. all in all an inversion of the natural order; re: how a country behaves morally towards its people.

  34. “Timothy Caulfield, a Canada Research Chair in health law and policy at the University of Alberta who has studied the rise and spread of conspiracy theories.”

    Now why would a chap interested in ‘Health’ Law be looking at ‘spiracy fearies? Hang on, it might not be real health, but ‘public’ health, which in today’s language means ‘mental health’. So: ‘spiracy fearies = unhealthy, so we thus need to be treated for our malady.

    It’s all so creepy.

    • I can believe the Hive Mind would love to line the theorists up for straight jackets, rubber rooms, electroshock therapy, and full frontal lobotomies, all in service of the greater good.

  35. I can be more concise. Mask+Vax=sheep. Sheep=Go Ukraine! They cabal running the show control all the informational nodes and they are pushing the buttons hard. Incidentally, Maria Farmer of Epstein fame has been going hard in some recent
    interviews with a Addy Adds. I find it useful to review the facts to keep my hatred of these vile people fresh.

    • The cabal also control the mindspace of the Karens.

      We make fun of the Karens, but I’m convinced they are the critical social nodes in the current configuration of Western society.

      Think about how many other people you potentially control and influence if you control the mindspace of a single Karen. You’ve probably got her husband, her kids, her siblings, her parents, her grandparents, her friends, her coworkers, her casual social acquaintances, etc.

      On top of this, the Karens tend to voluntarily self-organize, reinforce, and self-police their own bloc as well as all of the people they are in social contact with.

      This sort of behavior also strikes me as a secularized version of certain behaviors seen in Islam, though I haven’t noticed Karens going out of their way to support or defend that ideology.

      • In a hunter gather tribe, most likely men are out hunting and the woman are gathering close by and doing chores socially about the homestead. In social groups today it the women who do the festivals, organize the church picnic put up the Christmas decorations, do birthday parties, and so forth. .This is in accord with nature biologically. Natural selection seems to reinforce keeping society on the path.

        The problem is that we were too lazy and allowed a group of outsiders to subvert our people. So they just crept in and took over control of the society. They exchanged real for fantasy. They promised glorious golden fabric that only the righteous could see.

        “Karen” is antiwhite. It is derogatory and directed at white women.

        • Yes it is, and it also doesn’t apply to most married white women. But stereotypes exist. I hope that the sting of white hate serves to wake some of these types up to reality. Sadly I’ve not seen that. Most often doubling down seems to be the response.

  36. Something I’ve increasingly realized over the years is that the more I read and study and learn, the more I find out what I don’t know. Most people don’t know what they don’t know.

    This is evident for both the shots (they’re not vaccines) and Russia/Ukraine. For both, most people probably didn’t know much, if anything about the subject. Some decided to research and study the topics, others decided to let the hive tell them what their opinion should be.

    • it goes deeper than that (unaware of facts); normies actively resist learning, to the point of anger. they are willfully ignorant.

    • Wolf Barney, your experience mimics my own. I’m now quite confident that I know very little objective truth, which is probably why I (and many of us here) don’t just repeat things we hear. No matter how many times we hear it.

      There are the facts that I can accept: the sky is blue, the trees are green and a net force is required to move objects. These are things we can all verify, and that’s the thing: most information we get we cannot easily verify, so it has to come down to trusting the authority presenting the information (but not before we’ve attempted to use our own discernment to reason “does X seem true?”).

      It’s why I like mathematics: you’ve got a closed set of rules, so if someone makes statement Y, you can (in theory) deduce if it be true. It’s also why I like woodworking, or growing my own vegetables: I know I’ve done it, I know the results and the failures, and each event is a bit of useful, personal information. That said, even though these things are true, why should someone else believe me?

      Or, as my grandfather used to say: “Go figure it out for yourself”.

      Real thinking is very hard. Normals are the sorts who will pick up a popular history book and think each word true because: book. What about the nature of God or His existence? That takes some thought, when all you need to do in the end is let yourself believe in the Divine Realm. However, be aware, just believing that pouring oil on your cucumbers will help them thrive may not be sufficient.

      I guess it’s the reason I tend not too follow ‘The Science!’ too much anymore. Each new study is chock full of useless information I cannot verify; and this, apparently, is the daft approach to take. Yet, if one goes to grab an undergraduate text on mechanical engineering, I’ll take it as gospel! What’s the difference?

      Right, this thinking is making my brain hurt…

    • The worst possible thing is to find yourself in the cloud without the correct opinion. Thats why they are all pinging off each other so hard. It’s the opinion, not the logic behind it.

      Not just that, but you must always have an opinion. Thats why they are all so anxious. What if the narrative changed while you were in the Hamptons?

      Something I learned in cloud business long ago, that is both ubiquitous and toxic, is that to utter the words “I don’t know” is to show your belly. Its low status. Nobody pays McKinsey to say that.

      In reality of course it is an important starting point for then forming a coherent position in order to solve the actual problem.

      So, I when I eventually landed at a firm that had no time for corporate psychopaths, I quickly figured out that not having a firm position or answer to a question was actually an important part of the job. It was how expertise was handed down and how big problems were avoided.

      The big problems arise when the culture assigns status to confidence and other facades instead of humility and the practice of honing the right questions. We have a culture of marketing, not engineering. The result is children with dynamite – and a paranoid, feminine, social strata built atop hubris. The iterative process of handing down the skill of asking the right questions is broken.

      Try telling the hivemends when they inevitably ask, “I don’t know much about that” and you can see them squirm into an emotional reaction. You can troll them with in three different ways: agree and amplify, exaggerated hitlering, or simply “I don’t know”. For me that says a lot about the hive.

    • I tend more toward Jaynes’ theory of bicamerality and how it has been exacerbated by social media.

      • It’s mostly the wiring, I say.

        The next question is, why that wiring.

        (And thanks, Clayton, for the link!)

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