Elite Dysfunction

It is popular in some circles to compare the current crisis to that which gripped America at the end of the 1960’s cultural revolution. Then as now, the white middle-class was disenchanted with government. The nation also faced maddening economic problems like stagflation. Similarly, the issue of race was center stage, largely driven by the political Left. We even have a version of the Nixon years in Donald Trump having been impeached twice for vexing the Washington elite.

This comparison is natural as the dominant demographic in American is the Baby Boomer generation who came of age in this period. It often feels like the current political elite is nostalgic for that time and is trying to recreate it. The cargo cult vibe was most evident in the Trump years. This comparison is also reassuring as what followed the turmoil and ugliness of the 1970’s was the reforms of the Reagan years and a long period of economic stability and prosperity.

It is a comforting narrative, but the comparison is superficial. For example, in the 1970’s, before Reagan was a realistic option, a consensus was forming among the various elites of society around important reforms. Business and banking elites had concluded that the regulatory code needed drastic reform in order for the economy to adjust to the changing economic realities. Those FDR era regulations designed to limit the accumulation of capital had to be rewritten

Reforms to the regulatory regime actually started under Jimmy Carter. The Airline Deregulation Act was passed in 1978. This begun three years earlier when Ted Kennedy took credit for launching the initiative. The monetarist revolution in finance began in the 1970’s and culminated in the appointment of Paul Volcker as chairman of the Federal Reserve in 1979. He famously began the process of takling inflation by tightening the money supply.

The point is that long before Reagan was an option, the elites in America were coalescing around a reform agenda. Business, finance, the military and the political class were thinking about a reform agenda. The public was hungry for reform, as they were suffering directly from the excesses of the cultural revolution and the recklessness of left-wing economic policy. Of course, the country was demographically stable with a majority population of close to 90%.

Critics of the comparison to the 1970’s start with that last bit. America is now a balkanized land of strangers. Thirty years of open borders has brought tens of millions of alien people into the country. Thirty years of policies aimed at busting up families and communities have hit their mark. The United States will be a majority-minority society within the next twenty years. Recreating the 1980’s consensus with a population that looks nothing like that of the 1980’s seems impossible.

That may be true, but the bigger problem is at the other end. The truth is no one voted for the tax reform agenda in the 1980’s. No one voted for regulatory reform or even the reforms of the military. These items were never on the agenda in an explicate way, but rather in the form of personalities. People vote for people. The pleasant people on the side of the elite agenda won national elections and the boring and often weird people opposed to that agenda lost those elections.

Fast forward to the present crisis and it is hard to tease out a reform agenda from the current ruling elites. Wall Street is operating like they are planning to swallow the family jewels, pack a suitcase and head for the border. It is a massive bust out of what is left of the American economy. Global business is more interested in currying favor with China and India than in what is happening in America. In both cases, the viewpoint is post-nationalism and even post-American.

The military industrial complex, which was essential to the reform efforts of the 70’s and 80’s, is locked in a defensive crouch. Its singular focus is on maintaining its budget, even at the expense of its effectiveness. They have embraced the dangerous antiwhite politics of the academy, just to please the budget makers in Washington. We have seen men claiming to be generals sobbing about their whiteness, all so they can please the deranged people on the appropriations committee.

Washington, of course, is a disaster. The old conservative side of the political class is trapped in the 1980’s. It is nothing but old men sentimental for their long dead heroes and young men flattering them for a paycheck. The old progressive side is a museum exhibit that talks. For them it is either 1968 or 1938. Then you have the new generation of radicals who are a toxic blend narcissism and ignorance. The few populist voices in the political class have no agenda to offer.

People like to talk about how “polarized” the public is on the various issues, but in reality, it is the ruling elite that is shattered. The only thing holding them together is the growing fear that the tide will go out and the world will see that they have been swimming naked. The impulse to surround themselves with razor wire and armed soldiers is the one thing they have in common. For them, reform is simply how to get better tools to keep the rabble at bay.

The biggest disparity between the crisis of the 1970’s and the crisis of today is in the intellectual class. The reformers of the 70’s and 80’s had a massive library of thought and analysis to draw from while debating reform. Conservatism was brimming with critiques and proposals. Monetary reform, for example, was the result of decades of debate on the topic. Even on the Left there was active debate about what comes after the cultural revolution of the 1960’s.

Today, intellectual life is barren within the mainstream. On the Left there is no debate, just a collection of bizarre theories from post-Marx radicalism. Their answer to inflation is a protest in favor of crossdressers playing girls’ sports. Conservatism is a dead space now and the debate over how to reform it is sentimental revanchism. No one in elite intellectual circles is capable of starting from present reality and talking about how to change the institutions to adapt to the new reality.

The reform era we associate with Reagan and the conservative movement was largely the result of a ruling elite seeking to revitalize itself. This was obvious if you read elite journals of the time. Reform was a serious topic debated by serious people. Today we see the opposite. The elites show no interest in revitalizing themselves and they actively discourage debates to the contrary. The current crisis looks more like 1970’s Soviet Union than 1970’s America.

Now, this is where dissidents will chime in with two corrections. One is that the claim that elites are plotting to reform the world. The Build Back Better stuff was a plan to reorganize society in their image. The World Economic Forum is an effort to reform the management of the West. Biden’s animators are now having him mouth the words “new world order” in speeches. In other words, the elite are trying to reform the world, just not in a way that serves the public interest.

The other claim is that these debates are no longer happening in elite publications or in elite forums. Instead, they are happening at private confabs like Davos or maybe at the Bohemian Club’s annual retreat. The global over-class now conducts its business far away from public view. Further, it aims are not expressed in legislation but in global regulation through international organizations. Non-governmental organization now do the hard work that used to be done by national legislatures.

The problem with the first critique is that what is being sold as a new world order shows no signs of being a reform movement. Instead, it looks like a lagging indicator of civilizational collapse. Like the American elite, the Western elite is held together by the fear the system will not hold. Guys like Klaus Schwab, the comical head of the World Economic Forum, are just monorail salesman exploiting the angst of the Western managerial elites. He is running a long con.

As to the second critique, there is no evidence that the people driving elite policy are operating from anything by avarice. You do not see deep thinkers invited to their soirées at Davos or other elite confabs. Maybe there are secret gatherings of the elites where their big-brained advisors layout their plans for global domination. Without any evidence to support this claim, there is no reason to think it is true. Instead, the chaos we are seeing probably reflects the chaos of the elites.

Now, it is possible that there is an elite consensus forming up, but it needs a bit more pain to whip it into existence. The coming economic disorder, which will show up in the streets and the voting booth, may be the remedy to elite dysfunction. On the other hand, we may have reached a point where elite consensus is no more likely than a popular consensus in a majority-minority society. Elite dysfunction may be a sign of a looming crackup of the old order.

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192 thoughts on “Elite Dysfunction

  1. I’m just not that into the whole elites thing. I can just as easily believe there are no elites, only flounderers who find themselves promoted beyond their abilities in a system that rewards either showmanship or virtue-signalling, all of whom are more or less sincere and enthusiastic in their blinkered view of the world, but not in cahoots (or cabal) and not cynically manipulating the nation towards chaos. Perhaps ‘proper’ elites are just what America is lacking.

  2. Anyone going to sign up for the livestream debate this Saturday between Greg Johnson and E Michael Jones? Going to be about Ukraine.

    Looks like you have to pay for it, but have to wonder if it won’t b available for free at some later point. $22 btw. Seems a bit steep.

  3. does anyone think the COVID thing shaved a few years off of the lifespan of this regime? I feel that if none of the restrictions had been put in place, things would be like 2019 again and the economy would be doing pretty well.

  4. One of the elites Job #1 is to perpetuate the elites. From Twitter, pretty much ALL White seniors at tony Brentwood Prep Schools DID NOT GET IN to UC (University of California). UC changed the rules, no SATs, no AP exams, and took pretty much all black, all the time.

    Yes its haha time. Cue Simpsons sound track. BUT — this is stupid on the part of the elites. Automatically they created enemies, ones with real money and influence, and the ability to use it. What, the parents are going to be happy their kid goes to Santa Monica City College, and gets a job waiting tables for the rest of their lives? These are people who shelled out $60K a year for six years. They are not the billionaires, or even millionaires. But their lawyers, doctors, accountants, etc.

    The most dangerous situation for elites is to move a substantial portion of their number out of that class into the lumpen proletariat. The threat of that is what caused New England and Virginia to revolt during the Revolution. Local elites were told they were being moved into the servant class as Royal Governors would take direct control and all decisions would be made in London. Not by them as had been done previously.

    • I am really Whiskey, apparently pretty much all comments now go to moderation. Not sure why …

  5. As I await my comment moderation hell, Niall Ferguson has a decent read on the situation on Bloomberg.

    Short and sweet, Team Brandon is fixated on Russian Regime change. With pretty much constant effort, and the idea that the Afghanistan model will let them bleed Russia dry.

    Its stupidity — Ukraine simply does not have enough young White men to fight, period, and young White men will only fight for either comrades/family, or ideology. Ukraine’s supply of the latter is being encircled in the East, and in the West they are mostly fleeing. There is a ban on men aged 18-60 (yes, 60) leaving the country and I would bet there will be few willing to die for Zelensky’s Twitter ratio.

    Its also stupid as regime change can go both ways. Russia is far less vulnerable there. They don’t have a diverse, multi-racial society, with the elites hell-bent on replacing the former majority with foreigners of a different race, and punishing and discriminating against said former majority who are nonetheless expect to generate all the wealth for taxes and provide military service. America and the West are opportunity rich targets for regime change by Russia, China, or both. The ability to exploit divisions and particularly set the privileged non-White against the White in a great increase in violence would make the Summer of George Floyd look like a Boy Scout Jamboree in the 1950s.

  6. The elites don’t have to design the future entirely. They can take a laissez-faire approach to the job. All they need to do is drop that hot potato in the hands of New York Wall Street and London bankers and have THEM sculpt an economic system that works. Culture is downstream of economics. (Which is why the 60s never worked; because it never had an economic leg to stand on).

    • Tech oligarchs are all lefties. Their plan is to own information distribution. That is power. They are also – through fintech and crypto – taking over financial systems. The entire COVID lockdown enriched them even as it impoverished everyone else.

      Corp America are all now true believers. Tech wannabes. The best part of our military is tech. Healthcare is something else they control. Pharma, too. Think of the future pandemics.

      With robotics and AI, tech oligarchs soon will have no need for us. Robots will grow the food, build homes and buildings, move cargo, and stock stores. They will wash dishes, cook food, tend to the garden.

      Really, most humans will be superfluous. When we are gone, the tech oligarchs can drastically reduce the carbon footprint and continue their privileged lives.

      Hitlers final solution will look like something feeble in comparison to what’s coming.

    • That sort of stuff works — until some corporal out of Corsica or Vienna shows up. Or some radical on a sealed train from Zurich. Then it fails, real fast. Smart elites are always co-opting threats and making sure the populace is fat and happy. Ceasar liked his men fat and sleek. “Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look”
      *Not really a random guy, testing to see what is up

      • @James Longstreen
        “Really, most humans are superfluous.”
        Then they’ll be happy to man the first and second waves of suicide soldiers gunning for the McMansions of Tuckerfurg et al. and blazing automatic rifles all the way through.

        @Some Guy
        But the radical on a sealed trail still needs that most precious of commodities to work his magic: TIME. He may have seeded the ground, but he has to wait until August to find how things have grown.

  7. Here’s another great example of how dumb the US leadership is as House Dems start making noise about direct stimmy payments to, “fight high gas prices…”


    Oddly, Jamie Dimon, the head of JP Morgan advocated for a resumption of domestic production to the WH:


    I say it’s odd because I’m pretty sure that Dimon was on the ESG train not too long ago.

    • Its not dumb if your intention is to price out fuel and energy for a large proportion of people.

      Keep raising the cost until you hit the usage reduction curve you want.

      • trumpton: Yes, “demand destruction” seems to be the latest buzzword – I’m seeing it everywhere. Gas, cars, housing, food . . .

        • The stupid view of the elites is that this will NOT result in them being replaced by people filled with FEAR of being ever poorer, but happy to see their latest vapid thoughts on Twitter.

          Xi rest assured as does Putin has no such illusions.

        • Demand destruction for food can only be achieved by demand destruction of people, or the reduction of new people.

          As if by magic the jabs appeared.

  8. Z-Man said: “there is no evidence that the people driving elite policy are operating from anything by avarice”

    On the contrary; any Christian who understands the nature of *evil* and can recognise *evil*, can see that “the people driving elite policy” are primarily *evil* – and therefore Not primarily avaricious.

    They are *secondarily* avaricious – in an extremely short-termist way; but in the past it was not a characteristic of avaricious people to use every possible excuse to destroy as much as possible of wealth-creating capacity as a way of getting rich.

    What the global elite are doing to the world economy is burning down their own houses as a strategy for keeping warm. The world lockdown was a cataclysm that threatens to be dwarfed by self-destructive ‘sanctions’ of the past month – against the slower (but equally sure) suicide of anti-carbon dioxide energy and transport policies.

    Sure – it works now and for the short term, but what about five years time with a world economy, trade and transportation in ruins; grossly insufficient energy, probably mass violence, famine, (real) plagues etc?

    I certainly agree that Dr Evil at the WEF is a con-man, but he is also a dupe – because the totalitarian panopticon cannot possibly happen when the powers that-should-not-be are bulldozing then setting fire as much of the world as they can get away with.

    In other words; what is *actually* happening – rather than what the middle managers of the strategy *believe* is happening – is motivated by evil not greed.

    BUT… to recognize this requires a clear understanding of evil, and the discernment to recognize it – and that capacity is obviously rare even among self-identified Christians; but absent altogether among the majority mainstream of atheists and ‘spiritual’ people.

    Time and effort spent contemplating the nature of evil – which inevitably leads to a consideration of the nature of Good – is the best possible activity as of 2022. Without it we are lost – now and forever.

    • Do you think also that their “avarice” becomes an excuse or a way to distract and camouflage their core incompetence?

      I mean, think how easy it is to let your emotions take over and your resentments and employ those feelings to stick it to whitey. That’s easy. What is rather very difficult is to litigate and argue positions that are detrimental to whitey, especially when the facts and reason are lined up against you?

      When you are too stupid to formulate a coherent argument, blame whitey IOW. And you get paid for it. So easy even a jogger can do it!!!

    • I believe they are satanic. probably driven crazy by boredom. too long without any real challenge and more money than you could ever spend.

  9. The E.D. pun is perhaps limply lowbrow on first blush but paradoxically right and fitting for the theme. However, it’s the Lyle Lanley connection that’s the real killer app in this column. Tbh that is perfect to explain his role– and will make all the Bond villain/Wicca-guru comparisons for Klaus obsolete, a true game-fluencing paradigm shift in other words.

  10. Wow, the Zman countered my argument before I’d made it. Nicely done.

    The CFR’s monorail salesman (love that) is selling a Fourth Industrial Revolution to their customer base. That base is the industry sector of Big Gov.

    Ukraine was a test bed.
    Zelensky intoduced a “Ministry for Digital Transformation”, that UKR might be the low-wage India of Gov tech.

    “Its most important task was to create a platform for the “state on a smartphone”, the DiiA app … rolled out in February of 2020.”

    “…more than 50 applications, proofs and official channels are now running via the app: driver’s license, Covid vaccination pass, student card, starting a business, insurance, social benefits.”

    “…the so-called “DiiA City” was also announced in 2020. This is a digital model for an economic zone with tax breaks for tech companies.”

    “Ukrainian and international IT companies, high-tech companies, investment funds, startups and educational groups would be attracted. The fields that one wanted to till ranged from agricultural technology to artificial intelligence, drone construction, aircraft and space technology, financial technology, medical neural networks and biotechnology, the advertising industry, trading platforms, the Internet of Things, publishing, blockchain companies, digital outsourcing, the graphics industry, and e-sports companies.

    In other words: A huge tax-privileged technology park for the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, in which man and machine merge. At the end of this, of course, there is the “Internet of Bodies”, in which, according to the WEF plan, we collect “body data via a series of devices that can be implanted, swallowed or worn.””

    “The plans are quite obvious: Ukraine is to become the test run for the fully connected Great Reset World. The renowned Forbes magazine also attested to the country’s being a leader of the “digital currency revolution”.”
    (From Gates of Vienna via WRSA, “ukraine-field-test-of-the-great-reset”.)

    The kosher sandwich of Kapitalism-Communism is that Kapital funds Communist revolution to break a target, then Kapital picks it back up at extreme discount.

    This is colonization, so the timescale can be quite long. And, it’s easy to copy as a religious vision, so the small hats have many copycats following their lead.

    The problem is these plans were formed in the 60s and 70s by yesterday’s men. This narrow-minded vision of permissions tech assumes a White 60s world, dealing with White-created problems of over-surplus and nuclear weapons (MAD).

    I think you’re right about elite chaos.
    The Gullivers didn’t envision that the sheer tidal momentum of brown overpopulation would Lilliputia their clean efficiencies, or that Kenaji Browns and Lia Thompsons would be the ones running Obamacare.

  11. I question how united the elites were on the subject of reform in the 1980s. I had a friend when I worked on Capitol Hill who had been in the EPA in 1980. He said tha the day after the election the senior civil servant in charge of his division (or whatever sub-agency he worked for) called the employees together and told them not to worry–things were not going to change much despite the election. Reagan’s 1981 tax cuts were largely repealed by the 1982 Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act, championed by Bob Dole, a creature of the Deep State if there ever was one. Reagan came into town vowing to eliminate two cabinet departments (Energy and Education) and left town having created a new one–Departmet of Veteran’s Affairs. The Gramm-Rudman-Hollings effort to balance the budget by mandatory sequestrations failed utterly. The Reagan revolution was largely a bust, although the precedent for enormous deficits was certainly estalished.

    Given the present situation, I don’t think that the political will can be mustered for even a failed revolution, and the present elite makes the Reagan-era leaders look like a group of Pericleses and Marcus Aureliuses. And the dollar, which remained strong under Reagan, is now wavering. Stormy seas ahead and there’re incompetent officers and a mutinous crew;

  12. Today’s post is, once again, outstanding analysis and insight into what ails us. And you won’t find anything like this anywhere else on the internet or mainstream media. But exposition alone is not enough.

    As an example, imagine going to a conference with your doctor to discuss his recent diagnosis of cancer and then spending the entire session talking about the history of your particular disease and how he came to form his diagnosis. You then leave not having discussed remedy in the least.

    Prodigious brain power used in service to analysis is a good first step, but at some point you have use some of it in service to remedy. We were not built to stand on the sidelines and simply watch the ship sink.

    Our society is suffering from a form of cancer and we may well be at or near a Stage 4 level. Most, if not all, of the power players afflicting us are effectively disease cells, but the good news is that they are still relatively few in number. An organism under attack from disease fights back with antibodies. And the best antibodies are the smart ones that the disease never sees coming for them. This natural remedy has been around for about a billion years.

      • There’s nothing wrong with suggesting or recommending various methods for personal improvement. It’s educational, and to the best of my knowledge, has not been banned yet. Resurrecting a fitness ambition and learning new skills that may come in handy someday is the essence of benign goodness. Our government has been magnanimously training Ukrainians in fitness self improvement with javelins for some time now. Viral how-to videos abound on the internet.

  13. While the elites are certainly dysfunctional–mentally ill people usually are–I’m not at all certain that they are divided. On the contrary, they are completely united in the anti-white crusade to destroy the civilization white people built. What’s more, they are foursquare on the techniques and methodology of doing so–basically subverting all Western norms and sowing transgression in every corner of society’s remnants. They are punching smoking holes in the fabric of Western civilization as fast as they can. What remains is a charred rag held together by tiny filaments.

    The balkanization of the overclass will occur once the West formally collapses because the elites have no coherent plan for what comes after. They have destroyed wantonly and nihilistically. They are pleased to see it all burn. And that, as they say, is that.

    • I agree completely.

      Who needs a plan if the goal is annihilation of everything.

      Death cults do not need an after.

      • I don’t think annihilation is a goal, just that Globo-Lentil is great at destroying, not as good as they imagine at building.

        Although, it does “seem a perfect way to eliminate 77 years of fiat currency inflation, mismanagement and outright theft which has likely exceeded 100 trillion USD.”

        The Reset might be a rather lopsided Jubilee.

      • Step 1. Destroy everything, invert what cannot be destroyed physically.
        Step 2. ????
        Step 3. NWO Kingship!

    • Something I also touched on above.

      If you are too stupid to build things that whitey built, then concoct some cockamamy system of dumb ideas and superstitions as to why what they built is bad juju and needs to be destroyed but be sure to infuse it all with various moral platitudes that act as a convenient cover.

      Win win for the retards. They get to change the subject from their incompetence and meanwhile win lots of morality points.

      Nice how that works.

      So whenever a jogger or dumb woman comes around saying that the things white men built are immoral or inherently bad, the proper response is “In other words, you are too stupid to do what they did but can’t admit it so you try and make them look bad to hide your own insecurities.”

      I am going to try this next time the opportunity presents itself. Maybe with a less harsh tone.

      • “In other words, you are too stupid to do what they did but can’t admit it so you try and make them look bad to hide your own insecurities.”

        Stop at “…can’t admit it.” You’re talking to dumb people here, so you need to “dumb down” to their level of comprehension ability. “…so you try and make them look bad to hide your own insecurities.” makes the sentence too long (comprehension over 5th grade), adds a large polysyllabic word (8th grade comprehension), and requires they draw a conclusion (High School).

        • “Shit woman, if you could build a house you would build it but you can’t so you throw shade at men who can. That right there is some sad sad shit.”

          For the more intelligent ones maybe add “This is just another way of saying you have what the books call penis envy”

  14. I just watched the latest interview of Maria Farmer, of Epstein & Wexler fame. Wexler rapes boys as young as 10. All the elites knew what Epstein was up to. Yet he was an intelligence asset and the fbi, nysd etc covered for him.

    Girls that have self mutilated (breast removal) are celebrated? I’ve concluded that the only answer is a ruthless strongman. It would probably only require 50k deaths. Then maybe a transition to a republic with a limited suffrage could be possible. I sorta like the starship trooper model where you have to serve in combat to get full citizenship. Of course women wouldn’t be allowed in combat in my utopia. Two birds one stone.

    I also wonder, if say, Appalachia plus Ohio river valley (we need the farmland) wanted to leave the union- could the current elites produce a Lincoln? A man has questions.

    • Women (and perhaps some men) *might* earn suffrage by having—and successfully raising—children. The process of course would be long, but seems reasonable for discussion.

      • What on earth would be the point of giving women the vote back? Voting does not make you happy, that you are ‘oppressed’ if you can’t vote. Politics should not be a woman’s, or most men’s, thing. We’ve gotten to where we are because of ‘if they can vote, these others should also vote…’

        If a woman has a husband solid enough to vote, she can whisper whatever she wants in his ear. Works better that way.

        • Would it be too much of a stretch to hypothesize that women and widespread male suffrage was part of a push to smash the existing aristocratic oligarchy that had run the west for the previous few hundred years?

          Universal democracy combined with mass media is the ideal control and power mechanism if you get to set the views of the day.

          • I think they are connected yes. With increasing prosperity, people have more time and resources to be concerned with ‘fairness’. The problem is that fairness appears to lead to dysgenicity. I don’t ‘enjoy’ saying women shouldn’t vote. But gender equality is associated with civilizational collapse.

        • That’s the discussion part. Suffrage must be earned in some way—not simply a produce of fogging a mirror. From that premise, we can discuss who or what wrt suffrage.

          Women have a unique and critical role in the continuance of society—production of new citizens. A continuing thread here is the destructive social effect of childless, unmarried, “modern” women.

          What is the incentive a revamped society would provide women to undertake that essential role once again? Would you restrict women from all roles in society (aside from housewife) as was the case 100 years ago? Seems to me that ain’t gonna fly, nor is practical or possible to implement.

          For men, to me anyway, suffrage would be earned in any number of ways—not necessarily joining the military as Heinlein would propose. But even Heinlein implicitly understood the aspect of incentive that citizenship held out to the populous.

          Carrot and stick is all I’m asking about.

          • I wouldn’t bar women from the workplace, but I sure wouldn’t encourage they enter it, either. And I would strongly suggest that they stay home and tend to the children and the household. The force of the culture needs to be in that direction, whereas today, the opposite is the case.

          • Compsci, these are good and tough questions. I would say we need to revert to more traditional sex roles. How far this should go and how much should be by state force, something to use as little as possible generally, I don’t yet know. Voting is not a big deal in this regard. Voting does not make one happy. It is a status symbol today because has been made one. People always want more freedom, rights and more stuff. And when they have them it often works out to the detriment of society. It tends to make them soft and selfish.

        • I believe in olden times the only ones who could vote were males who owned a home, had served honorably during a conflict, and were above a certain age.

      • Women’s Suffrage is inherently anti-family and dis-civilizational.

        Giving women — even married women with children — the vote undermines the family structure because it pits wife directly against husband. One Man, One Vote really means one vote per *family*, and the family is the backbone of any society.

      • I toy with the idea of women having the vote, but it counting only 1/3 of a man’s vote. Women would still be a part of the political process, which would mollify many of the more progressive among them, but not enough of a part to do much harm. Strikes me as a reasonable compromise position.

        • Now you just have to get to the supreme court in order to work out who is a woman or not.

          Seems to be one of the great unsolvable questions of the modern age.

          • Not really unsolvable. I get the joke. Such a major revamp of society would first entail getting rid of the “crazies” and revert the definition of male/female to chromosomes as has been the norm since man came down from the trees.

            And yes, I know we’ve only discovered chromosomes since the 50’s. You know what I’m saying—that we just can now place a bit more objective description on the subject of sex.

          • @Ostei:

            Perhaps I should have made the joke clearer.

            It was a joke about the supreme court nominee not being able to define a woman.

      • It’s a no win situation

        On the one hand, women are too emotional to be in charge of politics and society.

        On the other, if a woman is able to somehow suppress her emotions she becomes less of a woman and is thus fairly useless and undesirable as a pale imitation of a man.

    • “I’ve concluded that the only answer is a ruthless strongman.”

      This is where we’re headed if we’re lucky. It may be some wimpy beta with a big brain and tons of insecurity issues who orders killings from behind a screen. A masculine alpha male is the least dangerous leader to have.

    • I doubt it would be a Lincoln. To lift an item from popular culture, it would more likely be a “President Snow” from the Hunger Games, someone who delighted in making the lives of the dirt people miserable, while not having to do much else.
      If they used a new high-impact/low yield theater nukes that guaranteed that population of dirt people were gone for good, do anyone of us have a doubt that these creatures wouldn’t use them in a second?

    • “could the current elites produce a Lincoln”

      They could steal one. But it’s more likely to be a Cadillac.

  15. “No one in elite intellectual circles is capable of starting from present reality and talking about how to change the institutions to adapt to the new reality.”


    But – is that because of incompetence, corruption – or fear? I think if anyone walked into that pit of vipers in DC or Ottawa with the means and intent to ‘drain the swamp’ – he’d get ‘JFK’d’ or ‘Epstein’d’…

  16. zman, would very much appreciate an explanation on “monorail salesman”. for some reason this jumped out at me. it seems like an oblique reference to Disneyland/world. does the magic kingdom hold a special place in your memories?

    • I think it’s a Simpsons reference. I don’t recall specifically what it was about since I haven’t watched in over 20 years.

    • Karl,

      There is a Simpsons episode called “Marge Versus the Monorail” where the town of Springfield gets awarded $3 Million from C. Montgomery Burns getting caught dumping nuclear waste.

      The town gets taken in by a Professor Harold Hill like con-man named Lyle Lanley who sells them on a monorail system (via an awesome song-and-dance number, after all it is based on “The Music Man”), takes their money, and builds a substandard, crappy monorail system. No extra points awarded for guessing who gets chosen as the first monorail conductor for Springfield.

      Marge Simpson is the only person who distrusts Lanley and finds out he’s sold crappy monorails to towns that then bankrupts them.

      Hilarity ensues, as they say.

      • Ha! Even Honolulu had big plans for monorail, on a island that has a 35 mph state speed limit because it’s so small.

      • And may I add that the salesman was voiced by the inimitable Phil Hartman. The Simpsons writers even stated that anytime they had a line that was funny, they considered Phil as a reader because of his delivery; that man could read a phonebook and make you laugh. Somehow I still laugh when I hear Troy McClure (another character Hartman voiced), referencing previous movies he starred in, stating, “and Gladys, the Groovy Mule”!
        The Simpsons used to be amazing. Please don’t confuse it with the husk that now shambles on. Watch the first six seasons. Possibly the best comedy writing ever.

        • “Is there a chance the track will bend?”
          “Not on your life, my Hindu friend!”
          “What about us brain-dead slobs?”
          “You’ll all be given cushy jobs.”

          Ah, now we can’t have Apu OR Phil Hartman today. And how I miss Lionel Hutz, Attorney at Law.

          “I move for a Bad Court Thingy”
          “You mean a mistrial?”
          “Yeah! That’s why you’re the ‘judge’ and I’m the ‘law talking guy'”

          To close:
          “But Main Street’s still all cracked and broken…”
          “Sorry, Mom, the mob has spoken!”

          • “This is the most egregious case of false advertising since my lawsuit against The Neverending Story. I don’t use the word “hero” often, but you, Homer Simpson, are the greatest hero in American history.”

        • You may remember me from such educations films as ‘Firecrackers, the silent killer’.

          Loved Hartman! The video which is shown to Lisa’s class on the merits of the meat is pure gold. ‘When I grow up, I’m gonna graduate from Bovine University!’

  17. “For example, in the 1970’s, before Reagan was a realistic option, a consensus was forming among the various elites of society around important reforms.”

    “The public was hungry for reform,…”

    Reminds me of that scene from Oh Brother, Where Art Thou:

    “Well, people like that ree-form. Maybe we should get us some.”

    “I’ll reform you, you soft-headed son-of-a——! How we gonna run ree-form when we’re the damn incumbent?”

    Reform is just a word, like love or progressive or climate or gender, that is a positive sounding catch-all for whenever TPTB want to change something to help them steal even more control. Be wary whenever some politician or media stooge use it.

    • Plus one on the Pappy O’Daniel reference.

      “Moral fibre? I invented moral fibre! Pappy O’Daniel was displaying rectitude and high-mindedness when that egghead you work for was still messing his drawers!”

      Still, I’d rather have a crooked sumbitch like Pappy O’Daniel that took kickbacks but delivered public services than the True Believers that run things today. Pappy was crooked as five miles of mountain road but he was American and damned proud of it.

      As another character in the movie says (repeatedly): “Damn! We’re in a tight spot!”

      • Too bad Dapper Dan is now made in China. We need some domestic production of men’s hair products!

      • OT – but just gave me a good analogy for the difference between the R and D uni-party
        R – Dapper Dan
        D – Fop

        • There are special corporate interests who fund both the stupid party and the evil party.

          You know the decals pickup truck drivers put on their back windows, where it shows Calvin pissing on Ford logo, or a Chevy logo, or Ram? The same company makes all those decals.

          • At one point in the Covid hysteria there was an expose showing that the premier of the province of Ontario owned a printing factory that was making bank on all the relevant signs about distancing, arrows to put on the floor, etc.

            Nice work, if you can get it.

      • There was an old concept called “honest graft” Daley Sr was an example. People in the ward needed some jobs, he’d add a bus line or two, more driver and maintenance jobs for the locals. Steer a paving contract? Went to a local contractor that used local labor. In a sense everyone in Chicago got a “taste” including politicians. Now politicians help sell your local factory lock/stock/barrel to the Chinese and move the whole thing to Shenzhen.

      • Sumbitch?! You must be from West Texas.

        Gawd, I need to watch OBWAT again. One of the best Coens, no doubt.

  18. The owners of our society think that they have unlimited options. Since the 1980’s they’ve been more connected to Zurich than Des Moines. I say this in a literal sense. They’re more connected to far flung places like Gstaad or St. Baarts or Paris than to anything in the interior. You can even see this without leaving California. Carmel-by-the-Sea is a whole different world than just 40 or 50 miles inland, which becomes a sad Mexican holding pen for those who serve. The whole country is that way now. You have a swath of territory from the Potomac to the Pacific of those who serve, with a smattering of enclaves like Vail in-between. Do they care that a million of them died from opiates? They would say “good!” Do they care that gas is $6.00 a gallon? “What, you still don’t drive and EV? You do know the E-Tron came out right?” They also know that these people will take almost any abuse, as long as they get their little morsels dished out. “Sure, send them a stimmy check for their Mountain Dew. Shut them the f up.”

    Since the phony elite thinks they have unlimited options, they also think that they can pretty much do as described. Pull out some LV suitcases, fill them with jewelry, and book a Wheel’s Up flight to one of these far flung places. There’s always a nice place to land when you have enough digits in your account.

    Those in control know that you can’t protect the stupid from being stupid. They only way to knock common sense into most people is to pour an avalanche of dung onto their heads, and even then most wont get it. The 1950’s were an aberration. A brief moment when what was left of the real elite threw extra bones to the dogs because they literally thought worldwide communism would triumph in 10 years, and were willing to do anything to stop that from happening. Once they knew communism was in control, they stopped throwing milk bones to the help.

    What separates the current ruling elite from the one of 70 years ago is the total lack of pity and fear. Those are two emotions that any successful elite need to stay elite. When Nancy Pelosi is pulling gourmet ice cream out of her top of the line Viking, in her gourmet kitchen, on camera, and freely day trading on the House Floor, while asking “what’s you’re problem? This is capitalism.” You know the winds of change will be blowing through Versailles soon.

    • My only fear is that when our Elites disintegrate, the Woke Monsters will ride in on the ruins. Who will stop them?

      • Do the woke monsters exist without the animal husbandry of the elite? I doubt it. Their entire existence, from faux social hierarchy to soylent feed and makework jobs is predicated on the infrastructure of the big lie being forced upon us by cloud people. Our productivity makes them possible. But only under the yoke of the cloud.

        When the pain of reality finally visits the elite there will be plenty of reality to go around. The purple-haired queers and the stronk independent pussy hats painted in stripmall squid jizz will be on their own. Which means so will we. I like our chances.

        My only regret will be to have left the mountains after too long waiting for the collapse-cure to intersect with my own self-inflicted dissident economics.

        There’s a lot of real nice gentlemen’s ranches and mountain homes up in high country presently occupied part-time by lizard people and other Goldmans that will be liberated and put to good use once those Chinook winds kick up.

        • I LOVE our chances. Surviving will be an epic grind, so my kids will not have to pile the skulls up before planting. That’s our job.

      • Is fear that success isn’t guaranteed a reason for inaction? At what point do you think chances of succcess will improve to a level that suits you? What direction has that needle been moving in your lifetime?

    • It seems there are a number of us that would like to reintroduce fear to the elites.
      Great post. Reminds me that human’s scaling anything seem to fail under it’s weight and unwieldiness. When you could bump into your leader at the feed and seed, he’d probably remember his manners.

  19. What is happening to us right now is the mopping up after the cultural revolution’s utter rout of normalcy.

    • Yup. Operation Destabilization.

      We’re seeing Oppo Destabilize in Eurasia, right now.
      “…puppet government “run” by Zelensky in power and by which to funnel weapons and money to destabilize Russia and Europe.”

      It’s intersectional.
      “…implement ICE-9 (Freezing of worldwide bank accounts) the second that there is something like a nuclear war. The aftermath of ICE-9 is that the reopening of bank accounts will be a Fed-Coin.”


      Goddam. The radio just announced Moderna’s “vaccine” for under 6’s.
      They’re sterilizing the next generation- there will be no grandchildren. The 60s Culture Revolution has openly declared a war of extermination.

  20. White people are largely irrelevant to the mainstream culture in 2022. As Z says, it’s not 1980 anymore and white people are definitely not in the majority, at least in the age groups that count. You might live in a 5,000 person, all white town. It’s not representative of the whole nation, when 10,000 legals and 10,000 illegals are entering every single day.

    Biden “winning” with 80 million votes was probably rigged, but it’s actually more representative of the people. Blacks and Hispanics are too lazy to vote. If they actually voted, Democrats would win in a landslide every time. Same goes for white representation in commercials and branding – white people aren’t the target audience and this is based on cold, hard headcount data, and future demographic projections.

    The whole culture war, red team vs. blue team, LGBT, ideological battles, generational fights etc. is a white person thing. Liberals think that mass immigration means the end of the badwhites, which may be true, but it also means the end of their own pet projects. No Mexican or indian will ever go around hating people with light skin – maybe “white” people in the specific anglo-american context. I’ve lived in a 10% white area before, frankly it’s not all bad, minimal LGBT & BLM, etc. It’s just that it should be all white people, my own kind, living that way.

    We are all being replaced, eventually including the elites. This is why I don’t get caught up in numbers, wishful thinking, or waste time debating libs who are engaging in bad faith arguments. Just move forward with the right people. I personally think right wing, tribal, and/or religious whites (any combination of the 3) will be faring far better in the future than atomized liberals. The time to stop demographic changes was 40-50 years ago, it’s now far too late.

    • If the old Altright guys are to be believed, the idea that proximity+diversity=war applies. If that happens… then genocide is on the agenda, and certain race realities might very well rear their ugly heads…

      I cannot see a peaceful balkanization. When America’s blue states start to starve, as they must – they WILL go hunting.

      • One addendum to the blue state indication is that there are numerous pockets of red across many of them. Even in California this remains true.

        While the media and other sources focus on La-La land, Hollywood and San Francisco, this leaves out the rural valleys, deserts and mountain communities that are disconnected from the rabble.

        There are still people in the blue areas that want to raise their families in a sane, normal way, but also see the writing on the wall that this system is dying.

        As things crumble and the hard times reappear, things will be…interesting.

        • True. It’s the same in Hoculstan – formerly The Peoples Republic of New York – once you get away from the city and into the upper Hudson Valley, all the way into the Catskills and The Daks, it’s all red – with the exception of the downtown Albany area and Buffalo.
          The major problem in a lot of these areas is the grinding poverty. They literally are the people that got left behind and that makes a possible recruiting pool for………..well, use your imagination.

    • “…right wing, tribal, and/or religious whites (any combination of the 3) will be faring far better in the future than atomized liberals.”

      Remember, every White colony of slaves, convicts, refugees, and the indentured landed in a land of outright savages- both Americas and Australia come to mind.

      By the fourth generation, their grandchildren had built high civilization. The colonists themselves were descended from illiterate, pig-headed peasants who had built wonders like the Notre Dame and Hagia Sophia with their own hands in the middle of an Islamic Conquest.

      It sucks to be us, but I’d say the long-term odds are pretty good.

    • “You might live in a 5,000 person, all white town. It’s not representative of the whole nation, when 10,000 legals and 10,000 illegals are entering every single day.”

      More than twice as many Afghanis entered the country in the past year than there are people in my whole county.

      That’s still not a reason to hesitate.

  21. Schwab may be a clown, but that doesn’t mean that his Build Better Better agenda isn’t going to happen. And the fact that it looks like civilizational collapse doesn’t mean it isn’t a reform movement. That’s what the reforms basically involve.

    >there is no evidence that the people driving elite policy are operating from anything by avarice. You do not see deep thinkers invited to their soirées at Davos or other elite confabs.

    I don’t think anyone can seriously maintain ‘deep thinkers’ are driving any of this. (I don’t think there are any deep-thinkers in that world any more.) But that doesn’t mean that ‘The global over-class now conducts its business far away from public view’ is false. It does this, only without the ‘deep thinkers’. Although one could also point out that much of it isn’t secret anyway, for example, Schwab published a book on the Great Reset.

    >Instead, the chaos we are seeing probably reflects the chaos of the elites.

    This is partly true, but not all the chaos is unplanned.

    • Our ruling class’s “deep thinkers” are sadistic morons and “elite consensus” is that we, whose existence is a nagging narcissistic wound, must die. They don’t need a *whole* plan, no more than any murderer does. They need a feeling, and they have it.

      Is black crime low because Africans are too dumb to invent guns and too impulsive to avoid prison? Smarter men provide the killing tools, as psychologists and physicists and bugmen in “biolabs” do for our rulers. Any injury to their grandiosity is motive. When they’re caught, the dead remain dead.

      Imagine how wild and free that vengeful impulse would be if the killer were guaranteed protection by every policeman, every coroner, every lawyer, every judge, every legislator—and the victims were not only every witness but the *possibility* of witness.

      How many Jews and Christians and Muslims truly believe the Nephilim existed? Over/under is fifteen, and twelve of them are schizophrenic bums. That’s our future.

  22. “Maybe there are secret gatherings of the elites where their big-brained advisors layout their plans for global domination. Without any evidence to support this claim, there is no reason to think it is true.”

    Hehe, now we’re getting to the meat and potatoes and where I disagree w Z. Of course one needs to produce evidence if one claims the existence of a global elite running the show. An extraordinary claim requires strong evidence. The evidence is probability theory.

    Schwab is a con man, agreed. But it is not a normal con he’s running. His young starlings, picked for the ‘Young Global Leaders’ program (YGL), end up the leaders in their fields, in politics, the media, entertainment and technology. Let’s take politics, it’s the most unambiguous. The annual YGL intake is just under 150, and covers all four areas of focus. So tops, 100 of the annual intake can be in politics, covering all countries mind you. They are now, by Schwab’s claim, half the federal Canadian cabinet, including Blackface. The PMs of New Zealand, Finland and Belgium and recent former PM of Georgia and the presidents of France and Costa Rica and Peter Buttigieg from Indiana. If you include YGLs predecessor, Global Leaders for Tomorrow, it includes Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel.

    The overwhelming majority of the above were picked BEFORE they were high-profile. 6 months before he became President of France, no one outside Paris banking circles had heard of Macron. Before he was suddenly a serious contender for the 2020 Democratic nomination, how many had heard of Buttigieg outside Southern Indiana? More importantly, what are the odds that you can pick, years ahead of time, members of cabinets of virtually ALL Western countries and the leader of at least 4? They are very slim. Yet it happens.

    There are three elements in the set of possible explanations; 1 Schwab is lucky when he guesses, 2 he has a secret psychometric method for picking winners and 3 causality i.e. alumnus status of YGL helps raise the chance of being one of the lucky. Option 1 violates probability (although perhaps not quite as much as I intuitively assumed first; am trying to calculate a rough estimate which may be hopeless because I have to guess ‘ballpark’ figures for too many of the central parameters). Option 2 is futuristic science fiction. Which leaves us with option 3 being the strongest. So, sorry, it is wrong to say there is no evidence.

    • An excellent riposte, in my opinion.

      It had always seemed natural to me that the elites picked the future elites; I mean, why wouldn’t you if you could? Add into the mix that the sort of people that become ‘elites’ are driven wild by a need to wield power and control, I think it’s pretty clear.

      What is Davos, if not an attempt to assemble influential people and discuss/pursue certain agendas? Once the Davos attending Elite NPC has been programmed, it is routed into another venture – perhaps a business, church, charity or conference – and there spreads it’s Evil.

      I guess it’s a bit like the local crook: we all know who they are, but we seldom have the hard evidence to prove it.

      • Thanks. I’m not all too happy with it myself because I decided to try to gauge the probability of WEF just guessing correctly and that was a mistake to try. Because it involved guestimating such contrieved parameters as ‘what is the size of the pool now of potential candidates for national leader of Western countries in 10 years’. How do you estimate that?? It is not just an age bracket question, you can write off most. e.g. how many on your street could (realistically) be president in 10 years? Probably not that many. And Schwab is fishing in the pool of young go-getters which IS a far smaller pool than ‘technically qualified’. Schwab is beating significant odds. But he may not be beating astronomical odds which is what I first expected before scribbling on paper.

        Bottom line, the evidence on closer examination is not quite as rock solid as I first thought. But there is still very strong reason to think something important and nefarious is going on with the WEF.

        • Isn’t that just how the “democratic” system works? It’s clear that existing elites are the gatekeepers for new entrants.

          So self appointed king makers, given they have enough real influence, vet up-and-coming strivers. If the novitiates pass muster, they’re invited to a 5-star luxo conference where they are vetted more and further indoctinated into the values system newly minted underlords are expected to uphold. This is like a second or third date. At this ponit, if the prospect seem like nimble puppet material, Claus adds them to his harem, with all the billions in campaign funding and open doors in position appointing that entails, provided the recruit doesn’t get independent thoughts and stroll off the reservation.

          It doesn’t take much money and influence to kickstart the political career of even a low mediocrity. That’s been the lesson of George Soros’ ongoing meddling in local sherrif, DA and other elections: With a measly half-million bucks, you can unseat a popular local incumbent with a carpetbagging zombie.

          As a methodology check, what were the chances that Aramis Ayala, a woke hack whose CV was flipping burgers Saginaw MI’s ghetto, was going to defeat the incumbent FL attorney general? When Soros donated $1M to her campaign, it was probably far better than even money.

          • It is different, at least from how most people imagine the system works. Most probably realize there is corruption in government, and that the establishment controls admission to the halls of power. But here we are talking about complete foreigners with the largest effective vote on who is in the, say, Belgian government or who is promoted to prominence as a POTUS candidate. It is the very ‘foreign influence’ of elections and the political process that people are, rightly, angered about. It’s just not coming from the Kremlin but from various resorts around the world. Foreign shadow men controlling who runs your country is a big deal.

    • It’s long been fairly obvious that the Davos crew’s main function is to act as the shiny object to distract attention while the real work goes on elsewhere. It’s long been known and documented (and were I not so idle I’d dig a couple out) for example that the gnomic gatherings of the BIS come to consensus’s that are uniformly enacted into law in the next couple of years throughout the West.
      To pretend that what you see is all they’ve got is juvenile at best.

      • If the BIS (Bilderberg??) is as open about what they do, making it ‘obvious’ that they are the real center, as the WEF is, why would the WEF (Davos) be a cover for them?

          • Thanks. And what is the evidence that BIS is the spider in the web?

            Isn’t it most likely that ‘the heart’ of Globohomo is not ONE of WEF, Bilderberg, The Trilateral Commission, or BIS. But an informal network linking them together and also to the top of the EU top, US gov. top, the leaders of Big Business not coupled to WEF or Bilderberg and such.

            Still, in this devil’s soup, the ability of WEF to formally establish association with FUTURE Western leaders, makes WEF one of the most interesting of these affiliations.

          • I agree its likely multi headed.

            Much like the crime family syndicate in the US pre-war. Each one had their turf, but they worked as an org (before they got taken over by the US IAs in the 60s).

            I also think its strongly oriented around their families in much the same way.

  23. Yes, the fish rots from the head-down however in the case of the US I think it’s rotting from both ends. The fabric of our culture is completely frayed. So many “normal” folks (non-elite) have no god, no heroes, no beliefs, and no morals. Generations of leftist politics winning in our country has destroyed it. We’re a broken society, time to let it shatter and start anew. The question is – who has the balls to do anything about it? Until we are actively and vocally campaigning to end the USA and balkanize once and for all, we’re just shouting at a wall.

  24. Conservatism, Inc. right on cue to prove your point. Everything is saved according to National Review because Supreme Court nominee Jackson said, “I do not believe that there is such a thing as a living constitution that changes over time.” She also said she could not provide an answer to the question, “what is a woman” because she isn’t a biologist, but never mind that. Scalia wins! The “American idea” is saved!


    • Barnard: Yeah, and the Sailer cohort is so relieved that Clarence Thomas is apparently recovering from his illness. So magic black man will save them yet.

  25. So I would just make the argument that fusion of State and Corporate power WAS the Elite agenda and that it succeeded!! From their perspective, there is no dysfunction. They’re in charge.

    The fusion of State and Corporate power has progressed to the point that it dominates all other electoral/political dynamics to which Zman refers here regarding the hypothesized “Elite Dysfunction”. They can proceed without input from below.

    From our perspective, it looks like dysfunction, because the social and moral capital of the US, and indeed of the West, is collapsing before our eyes. Now I agree that now that the Elite are fully in charge, they need to come up with some program/agenda to prevent collapse. And I also agree that they’re going to have a helluva hard time doing it, for many of the reasons Zman suggests here. But the original agenda – put themselves in charge – was all the agenda they needed. Where we go from here is anyone’s guess.

    • It is becoming impossible to distinguish where a firm ends and the gov begins.

      Just yesterday I was in a remote meeting using the Microsoft Teams product via web browser.

      The URL for that window began with gov.microsoft.com.

      They’re not even trying to hide it.

    • The elites are in charge and society is collapsing. Is it all going according to their plan? We saw a glimpse of rebellion from the dirt folks with Jan 6 and the trucker convoy.

      A video I saw a few months ago showed Bill Gates in a limo on Downing St. waiting for the gates (no pun intended) to open to meet with Boris Johnson. A bunch of furious people surrounded the limo chanting “ARREST BILL GATES,” and pounding on the windows. It had to be kind of terrifying for Gates, but soon the cops broke up the crowd clearing the way for the limo to get him to his meeting with Johnson.

      Are these just sneak previews over what’s coming next?

      • Those protesters had to be Leftists though, wanting Gates to move further Left? Because right-wing protesters would have been instantly crushed by LE.

  26. How much of this is caused by (mostly) Boomers believing they are the smartest people to ever live clinging to power? Klaus Schwaub is 83, even older than the Boomers, what he is still doing leading the World Economic Forum?

    Public life has become a form of performative art, only these people think these things they do will make them go down “on the right side of history.” Whatever wacky fad is in style among progressives can’t be resisted or questioned because you will be remembered as a villain. Even the most insignificant figure on the public stage believes he will have a chapter devoted to him in history books.

    • Some of you guys are like the survivors of the holocaust, searching for the last Nazi. In 2040 you’ll be sending hounds to Argentina to root out the last Boomer for trial.

    • Unfortunately the Schwabster has a younger generation of cultists, led by Harari and Malleret, to continue pushing the agenda.

      Speaking of which, I recently heard a commentator make the excellent point that the WEF has much less power than we think it does, and that in a way we are serving their agenda to project power by talking them up on a regular basis.

      • Heh. The power they wield would presumably be their ability to organize and disseminate ideas, in which case they may not be that influential.

        But I don’t mind talking about them, as I only ever say they’re Evil.

  27. The “reform” of the 1970s and 80s was not really reform in any meaningful sense. Instead of reforming in the early 70s when it could have happened, the elite doubled down on the ruination policies. The drunken spending sprees of the 60s (moon program, Vietnam, welfare, section 8 etc) should have been reversed, instead they were embraced and institutionalized.

    The 70s and 80s began and institutionalized the loss of industry in the US. The electronics industry, parts of which were invented in the United States utterly collapsed in that time. The steel and automotive industries also massively shrank in that time. Nixon “normalized” relations with China and immediately began shipping jobs. Later, Dubya would complete the mission allowing China into the WTO. America invented the semiconductor industry and it was more or less gone by the 2000s.

    This was also the time we began to monetize everything, like social capital. Small towns were decimated. The town’s major employers going out of business and laying off the town. All the supporting businesses went out of business. This was also the time of the rise of the social worker and the rapid expansion of prisons. Everyone began moving out of these small towns. Generations living in one place were suddenly scattered across the US in search of work.

    Reagan cut taxes while ignoring the existing debt and ramping up spending. Demographers came on TV nearly every day warning of the impending SS collapse through demographics. Actuarials and finance people warned of the debts and soaring trade deficits and they were ignored.

    Long term falling interest rates allowed people to make up for lost income with credit cards and then occasionally refinancing at the lower rates. But of course, that ran out by the mid 2000s when interest could no longer drop.

    • Don’t forget wives entering the workforce. First beneficial to the households bottom line and then just helping to stay even. Now?
      Everyone has bugmanned themselves into conspicuous consumption, high debt and the the need for more storage units.

      How many are even doing this with wives now. Partners will do. Look ahead, I see the abyss.

      • Are you insane? Not only have women always been in the workforce. But children were 18% of the workforce during the first two decades of the 20th century. Just think about it. Nurses. Garment workers. Mill workers. Etc.,

        • But were all these women, married? Lots of young women worked before marriage, but looked to marry and stay home and raise children and tend to family. Of course, there were spinsters—those who failed in this attempt.

          This was still the case when I was very young. Then the Feminist Revolution set in and women were demeaned if they were not competing with men in the workplace. This evil spread even to married women who were told they could “do it all”. Men deserve blame as well—they were greedy and welcomed the extra income, which came at the expense of the family unit.

          And here we are today.

        • Firstly, quite rational. Secondly, way to miss the point. Thirdly, there was a big culture and workforce participation since the 70s. Just because women have always participated in the workforce doesn’t mean all women have.
          Maybe you are a zoomer.

    • Manufacturing unions were the goat all of that. Their aggressive nature of cheesing everyone off meant that they became an easy patsy to be blamed for over-priced, poor quality products of the time (as if anyone in the union had anything to do with the design and engineering of the firms they were employed at).

    • In the late 80s to the mid 90s or so I remember a great deal of wailing and gnashing of teeth as Wal-Mart expanded its reach across the US and wiped out the main street of one small town after another.

    • @Tars – I feel the 70s is one of the more underappreciated decades in american history. Like it was the first decade where the post-WWII economic expansion ran into some speed bumps.

      The question is – what caused it? Was it an afterschock of the cultural changes from the 60s? The opening of foreign markets?

  28. Intellectual life among the elites has withered because the elites no longer represent any sort of common culture or principles. In 1965 you could have William F. Buckley and John Kenneth Galbraith debating Keynesianism because all three were white men who spoke English and had university educations.

    In a multi-racial, multi-cultural “democracy” all the elites have to do is appease the nonwhite or sexually deviant identity groups so that they can win elections and then proceed to plunder the nation and line their pockets through rent-seeking.

    Consequently there is nothing left for elites to debate. It does not matter that Pete Buttigeig knows fuck-all about transportation, what matters is that he is gay and that the electric-car subsidies will increase. It does not matter whether a Supreme Court justice knows anything about the Constitution, what matters is that it is a “she” with coal-black skin and an African name who will never question affirmative action and abortion.

    We have become a tribal society, like vultures and jackals competing over who gets to pick at the carcass of the nation. And vultures and jackals do not have elites.

    • Xman: Spot on. My immediate reaction, upon reading how both left and right had some serious ideas and proposals in the ’80s whereas now congress reacts to increasing crises by passing laws ensuring the safety of cornrows and dreadlocks, was “But of course.” While the ’65 immigration act had started producing its poisoned fruit by 1980, the numbers weren’t yet truly alarming and the anti-White fervor was generally absent. Now, when almost every political or social or even financial problem has its roots in America’s balkanized and increasingly stupid population, the refusal to accept and address the reality of race bars any realistic discussion of anything. You cannot discuss a problem, let alone consider solutions, if you cannot accept the fundamentals of reality.

      The biggest change is, that while the left has been fundamentally anti-White America at heart from the beginning, the right used to have some serious thinkers who were willing to address the lunacy of running society to please the lunatic fringe. Recall “defining deviancy down” and the early concerns about the explosion in black illegitimacy. Today Conservative Inc. celebrates every single mother as stronk and brave for not having an abortion, fully supports gay marriage, and is careful to use ‘correct’ pronouns and names for the public freak show.

      It’s not merely the diverse themselves that are killing the Western world (low impulse control, low IQ, low curiosity, high violence and ever higher birthrates). It’s the mass of ‘average’ Whites who think being conservative is staunchly supporting cancel culture just so long as it’s done by ‘private’ businesses while simultaneously denying genuinely private businesses the right to hire and serve whom they choose. It’s White women disdaining White men in favor of the alien. It’s putatively ‘conservative’ Christian fathers sending their princesses off to leftist colleges and getting denounced by their own public-school educated sons.

      The ‘elite’ have always included a large cohort of the vain, the fake, the self aggrandizing, the ambitious. What ‘seriousness’ there was reflected more a common concept of ‘adult’ and ‘moral’ behavior and thought. Now tribal juju and female hysteria has been added to the toxic and venal brew. I think Zman is too quick to dismiss the plans and goals of the international cabal as a comical ‘con.’ But either way there is truly nothing the DR can do to effect any change. When ‘nationalists’ are pushing a half pajeet to be a White standard bearer while conservatards pretend that ‘keeping the supreme court’ and congressional elections will fix things, the sane disengage, prepare, and wait.

      • “…the sane disengage, prepare, and wait.”

        You answered your own question wrt what can the DR do. The powerless can do nothing but wait and hope to keep the “idea” alive for those who seek it.

  29. The baby boomer generation has its problems but a higher number of us show up for work and work hard, some of us also understand common sense and the natural order of things.
    Even if the elites get it together to a degree the number of competent people who can execute a civilizational revival are limited in the near future.
    We are in for some rough years ahead.

    • Avoid living near nuclear power plants, below hydro plants/ tailing ponds or things that explode if intelligent people are required to operate.

      • Mow Noname: Essentially avoid anything run by non-Whites and women. That means avoid almost everything urban, public, or communal.

      • Nailed it. Although nuke plants these days are pretty safe (well, engineered to be) when left alone. We Whites love redundant safeties. Time preference, don’t you know.

        • Yeah, but…any number of the fantastic accidents written about have been caused by stupid people bypassing/ignoring/misinterpreting these safety measures.

          Hell, look at the condo block in Florida that collapsed a few years ago. Even White inspectors saw and noted, but were too stupid to recognize the implications of what they saw. The number of reports, the number of inspections, the number of years of progressive deterioration, the bureaucratic obstacles, even the initial building design assumptions…boggles the mind.

    • Yeah, boomers show up and work hard. How’s that bridge over the river kwai going? Gonna show them furriners how hard a white man can work, eh? Sure, itll be used to kill your progeny, but doing Good Hard Work is an end in itself? Right?

  30. “Elite dysfunction may be a sign of a looming crackup of the old order.”
    One can only hope and pray for the speedy realization of the dam bursting asunder.

  31. The western elite are trying to figure out what order works in a post-white world – and they’re coming up blank.

    The Roman order (sort of) held on for several centuries despite having lost its raison d’etre because no one could think of a better system. I think something similar is happening today.

    No one, not even the AOC types, wants to live in the dysfunctional, crime-ridden Brazil that would come from either non-whites truly taking power in the US and Europe, or for all groups, including whites, to openly vie for power. But the only way to avoid that is to allow whites to continue running the show as though the country’s demographics and culture were what they were in 1985.

    The elite can’t go backward because the demographics have changed. But they can’t go forward because the new multi-everything order would have no place for them, except possibly as second-tier sidekicks to the colored public rulers who reign over a chaotic and poor society.

    • It’s already very evident at a local level in the Toronto suburbs. Using the city of Brampton as an example, which is officially 75% “minority”, probably 90% including illegals, and 60% Punjabi.

      The city council breaks down as follows: 50% white, 20% Latino, 20% Punjabi, 10% black, and the mayor is a white guy. All the other majority non-white cities in the area are the same, still run by whites. It seems like every time a Punjabi gets put in charge of anything he immediately gets caught for a petty and meaningless corruption charge.

      Mississauga a city of 800,000, 57% “minority” and probably 80% non-white based on the eye test has a nearly 100% white city council. Muslims were allowed to start broadcasting the call to prayer during Covid lockdowns in this city, which outraged the Hindus, who demanded to play their noise as well. Import the third world…

      It’s very suspicious that the media is so quiet about this lack of diversity because whenever there’s more than 2 white people in a group they’re usually complaining that it’s too white. Seems to suggest that some people know. And yes it’s true, any place will be driven into the ground immediately through blatant corruption, look at the Mexican woman politician in Texas that got charged recently. Also it will immediately descent into ethnic free for all fighting. How long can “race blind” white people rule over the coloured masses? For now, but at a certain point they will be booted out. Indians, Muslims and Chinese are much different than the Mestizo and African peasants in Latin America that remain under white control.

      • “Indians, Muslims and Chinese are much different than the Mestizo and African peasants in Latin America that remain under white control.”


        People look at Texas or California or Mexico or South America and say, “Well, whites still run the show there. Sure, working class whites are hammered but the elite is still white.”

        And they’re right. But Indians, Muslims and Chinese are not the same as Mestizos and Africans. You can see that already in the US. Indians, especially, are making rapid inroads in political, financial, business and media circles.

        The small hats were stupid to let in similar groups to themselves.

        • And Hamtramck, Michigan has the first all-Muslim city council. Is it worse than the non-Muslim Portland council that legalized crack? Maybe, maybe not.

          Will be interesting to see if they actually follow anything Muslim or if they just go the usual fag marriage, hate whitey (but whore with white guys) cultural “Muslim” route like Ilhan Omar.

          • B125: You’re one of the few who always notes non-White women’s fetish for
            White men. Sure, sassy fat black women resent that black men prefer Whites or Asian or Mestizo women to them, but black men will take their pleasure with and procreate with anything. Until the last ten years or so, however, only the occasional White guy would step out with a black or a pajeet female, while there was always a small but now ever increasing group with yellow fever.

            Today every Wong, Kumar, Hernandez, or Mohammedan bint screeching about White privilege has . . . a ‘white’ boyfriend or husband. And one of the blackest women I’ve ever seen posts nude pictures with her white Canadian husband, labeling herself the ‘cat that got the cream.’ It’s vile and unnatural and exceedingly common, and further sign of irreversible demographic decline.

      • Richmond, BC is the most Asian city in North America – majority Chinese, 80% “minorities”. Yet, the mayor is White and the city council is 6 Whites, 1 half-White/half-Asian and 1 Asian.

    • For right now, at least out by me, what is holding it all together are the old customs and communities from the people who moved here. As long as those ties hold, then the society will lurch on with or without whites for at least a generation. Meaning, for example, you have a tight knit Asian community who runs many of the shops and stores who employ Mexicans who then go home to bitch and moan to their tight knit community about how bad it is working for an Asian. Meanwhile the Asians are telling their kids never to marry a Mexican because they are not too bright and lower class. Prejudices take root, etc. they become obstacles to “tear down” and keep people occupied for a while.

      We know from our own history that after a generation these community differences break down and you get Irish marrying Italians as something of an American “trope” as it were.

      And so on and so forth among a new mix of people from all over. Similar things are happening among the dot Indians, Armenians, etc. they are making their way through a largely non white world and setting up their own things independent of us.

      The American future will be these new immigrant groups finding their way in a new world interacting with other immigrant groups. How we fit in is up to us, or whether we go our own way which I hope is what happens and that whites begin to concentrate themselves in particular areas of the country.

      I’m assuming there isn’t a major war where all these new people get sent off to die, but there probably will be. There always been a sense that one of the main reasons to bring in so many Mexicans, for example, was always because we needed cannon fodder.

      • The Asians will never intermarry with the Hispanics. It’s possible that Asians, Indians and upper-middle class whites intermarry to form a new elite but none of those groups wants to marry blacks or Hispanics.

        It’s one things for different ethnicities of the same race – Irish, Italian, German, etc. – to blend together. It’s another for different races.

        • I dunno, Citizen.
          I saw a wonderful little romance, like “Waiting To Exhale”, except it was Mexican chicks in L.A.

          One gal had met a Korean guy; both a bit tubby and dumpy, regular people, and he told her, “I was so lonely until I met you,”

          His parents came over from Korea, excited to meet his “American girlfriend.” When they saw she was a brown American, he had to immediately break it off.

      • Don’t you imagine many of these groups, particularly Indians and Chinese, will bolt if there even is a remote chance they will be drafted? Even among Hispanics, some of the groups (Central American Mestizos spring to mind) also are not prone to military “service.” The plan may be to use them as cannon fodder in the increasingly dystopian and desperate Empire, but that Wall will get a closer look when the Left finds Whites not only will refuse to volunteer but even register. Given the proliferation of Selective Service PSA’s on conservatard radio, my guess is Whites already are declining to sign up as cannon fodder.

        • Jack: Both fewer signing up, and fewer available altogether. Just as all the public schools are constantly scrambling to deal with a shortage of Whites to go around their ‘diverse’ schools. As the decline in the numbers and percentage of White children and youths accelerates, so too will the public calls for them to step up and bend over.

          • Not only that, but something I was discussing with my father as it regards younger white guys, that there is “anti-semitism” bubbling right below the surface and if the likes of Schumer and Blinken become the faces of the “you must die for your country” appeals, it is going to boil over in a big way. They are right now playing with fire.

        • I suspect they won’t bolt. Instead, stomp their feet and demand privilege. Exceptions will be carved out for all POCs, and our White boys led to the slaughter as always.

  32. It really is amazing how the leadership in not only this (former) country, but much of Europe as well, have completely sold out their legacy populations. The people, history and culture etc., just don’t matter to them anymore. Everything they do is claimed to be in the interest of the people, however it’s anything but. Industry is farmed out to other places, third world s***hole turds are allowed to invade, former national interest policies are now crafted by “new world order” denizens – all to the extreme detriment of the country’s founding population. It certainly does seem as though a slow motion collective suicide is taking place in the west, or maybe a game of Russian roulette. We’ve been dodging the bullet for a while, but time (and luck) is running out.

  33. One huge problem with trying to outline any reform agenda is that discussion of almost all of the problems that face our country today have been ruled out of bounds as racist or sexist, except for a set of obviously false far-leftist tropes. Any discussions of the causes of underclass crime and dysfunction except “racism!” is out of bounds. Any discussion of problems regarding marriage and family formation is “Sexist!”. Any talk of the US disentangling ourselves from some of our outmoded Cold War-era alliances is “Isolationism!”. And of course, bringing some of our industry back from overseas is the dreaded “Protectionism!” (when it isn’t also racist and isolationist to boot). You can’t really frame any kind of a reformist agenda, left or right, when the powers that be claim to know all the answers already, that any other answers are evil, and those answers are wrong. Only when the sheer dysfunctionality brought on by those wrong answers start to adversely impact the more sane members of the elite, will reform become a possibility – if it’s not too late by then…

    • Daniel Patrick Moynihan would be a full bore Nazi by todays standards. That’s where we are

    • Man, have you nailed that. We can’t have a discussion with people who start calling us names the minute we bring up a subject. I go through that all the time.

      • Another great piece, Z.

        Discourse/discussion sailed away long ago. You can get fired from your job simply for rejecting anti-white hatred or not blaming black criminal behavior on whites.

        This “country” (I guess you call it, or maybe just land mass) is over and has been for a while now. In my mind, the only chance of having anything close to a country we would want to live in is either war (which would be devastating and isn’t easily defined by geographical boundaries) or a full Balkanization of regions which are co suffered sovereign lands and governed within themselves. Neither of these options will be allowed to happen so it’s a pipe dream.

        In my mind, I’ve come to the realization that things will just continue to get worse and worse for white, straight people and this will carry on until every white is either imprisoned or exterminated.

        Is there a white pill to be had? I’d love to see it.

  34. If Ed Dutton is right, IQ has declined about 5 points the past 50 years. And 15 points since the peak around 1870. You can see it at NR in the decline from Burnham to Williamson, part of the vapidity of modern conservatism Z writes about. Or your local city council. The IQ power no longer exists to solve difficult problems.

    • At first blush, I hand-waved off Dutton’s Witches book and the Darwinian pressure foundation thesis on which it rests. Now, after moths of anecdotal evidence, I am a true believer. What’s that saying? The plural of anecdote is data…..and boyo, there is a lotta data. .

    • Baltimore, Detroit, Philly, Camden, Newark etc. All 3rd world shitholes. All used to be world class cities and economic powerhouses. It has become so normalized in America that cities are shitholes. Our formerly most productive areas are now giant vacuums of resources from which nothing emerges. All largely thanks to IQ.

          • You forgot “bad schools” and poor “family values.”
            We have 10 thousand euphemisms to avoid talking about the one thing that seems to follow around the problems.

      • What’s the common denominator for the demographics of those cities leading to the decline. Here’s a hint – rhymes with “crack”.

      • You don’t think part of the problem is that we went from being mechanically and “thing” driven and oriented to being computer chip and cyber oriented?

        There are still plenty of guys out there who can figure out how to build things with pumps and gears and welding this and that, similar to how things were done in the heyday of great American cities. But there are comparatively very few who can build computers from scratch and program them to do this or that. I know, for example, there are still a lot of white guys who are great at building things, have the intelligence and desire to do it and do it right. But you show them a computer and their eyes glaze over. Or they get pissed because it’s not real and tangible and dealing with computers just plain irritates them. Most normal guys hate computers because they can’t see how the process works and the cause and effect of say turning a gear to follow how it interacts with the other gears, etc.

        I guess the moral of the story is that with computers came a significant decline in white society because there just isn’t going to be that critical mass of men who are both interested in them and have the minds to deal with them. Suffice to say, our future may be one that is far more mechanized rather than computerized.

        • Computers (really technology) simply lifts to bar to be hurdled. Whites fall behind as well as minorities. The technology advance occurs faster than we can handle with the level of intellect the population can supply. This is also known as the Critical Fraction.

          The theory basically is that as when we don’t have the manpower at the level of intellect needed, the society will become “incompetent” to maintain its infrastructure and the standard of living must decline to meet its level of support. A 1st world technological society requires a higher level of population intelligence than a 3rd world banana republic.

          Now considering that there is a general decline underway in native population intelligence and imports of “new” people are even worse than the declining native population, we’re in for some hard times. Difficult to predict when/where/how as we have concurrent developments in technology (e.g.,AI) that may offset/delay some of these declines, but it will arrive nonetheless.

  35. “Elite dysfunction may be a sign of a looming crackup of the old order.”


    We are watching it in real time, and while it will be nice to see them hammered, it will be even more dangerous and painful for the Dirts.

    • ED is a problem for everyone in the relationship.

      Wall Street swallowing jewels and heading for the border is spot on.

      Team R is rotten with revanchists.

  36. If the Elite can’t reform, then they sign their death warrants. The divide on the Dissident Right has been between whether formalization would save the current Elite and reform the system, or whether simply opposing the system would be enough to displace the Elite with one of our own. The issue with both of these is that you don’t get power by acting like a salesman or a striker who stands outside and demands attention, you get it through being invited in in the virtue of having something the Elite might need.

    Think we spent too long dickering how to best handle the Elite as though we *could* rather than building the mechanism to challenge or reform, as needed. The option now is to begin building the stuff to build that mechanism, which means going outside and talking to your neighbors.

    • “Think we spent too long dickering how to best handle the Elite … .”

      No. We are approaching the only possible destination to which universal suffrage at all times had to end. It was a done deal from the passage of the Voting Rights Act. Probably before you were born.

      “The option now is to begin building the stuff to build that mechanism, which means going outside and talking to your neighbors.”

      If you have neighbors who could even *begin* to grasp the stuff we talk about in here, I *urge* you to bottle and sell them.

      But to return to the ugly truth of our situation, you do *not* have such neighbors. And you should *not* waste time–which is quickly running out–in talking to numbskulls wearing Chinkypox masks and fantasizing about castrating Russian army officers.

      Come to your senses.

      Don’t waste time or effort.

      Look to your own house.


  37. Whew! That essay covers quite a broad swath of US political history for the past +/- 50 years. In summary: whilst the arc of the moral universe may be long, and it may bend toward justice – the arc of US history is bending precipitously toward the toilet bowl.

  38. I’d also argue, from observation, that these elites are simply dumber and draw from no “hard experience”. They are not serious people. In college, I took a course taught by George McGovern—someone I disagreed with politically—but he was a man who was forged by serious experiences (including piloting 35 B-24 missions and a DFC) so you listened to him. He’d seen the devastation of postwar Europe, flown relief missions to starving people after VE. Put his money where his mouth was. Compare that to the current, poorly educated grifter class this is perpetually upset by mean tweets. Try to find a McGovern among the left today. You can’t.

    • Even if there were a McGovern-type among the pool of candidates to choose from, he’s a White man. Yes, they picked a White man for president this time, but going forward they clearly only want non-male and/or non-White.

      • “Yes, they picked a White man for president this time … .”

        You have seen definite proof of this?

        I think it’s a hologram.

    • Absolutely agreed. The general stupidity has spread upwards and metastasized there. As we see with the psychopaths in charge talking glibly about nuclear war, in addition to making for a dumb society, idiotic elites are quite dangerous. People of different ideologies making common cause usually is a grift, but the handful of relatively intelligent people of various stripes coming together now signifies true fear on their part that the stupid and yet insane PTB are driving us to annihilation.

      • ” … the handful of relatively intelligent people of various stripes coming together now … .”

        First I’ve heard of it. I had no idea.

        To whom do you refer?

        • Basically fringe media types. At the elected level, there is a full stop effort to prevent a similar coalition but you can see it coalescing there over the Ukraine War among the AOC types and a few based Republicans..

  39. It wasn’t that long ago when one of the cable news networks, I think it was CNN, aired the show “Crossfire,” with Michael Kinsley representing the left and Pat Buchanan, or Robert Novak taking the opposing side. That would never happen today, and in fact expressing many of Buchanan’s and Novak’s views, including some of Kinsley’s, would get them, not just the show, cancelled.

    • Recently told by a coworker, who was completely serious, that the NYT was balanced because the weekend editorial had BOTH:

      Ross Douthat


      Maureen Dowd.

      Jesus wept.

    • One thing about Ralph, he lived his credo. Not many of those anymore. Guy could pinch a nickel till the Buffalo shit.

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