The Crisis

Broadly speaking, a crisis comes in two forms. There is the internal crisis driven by irreconcilable contradictions. Then there is the external crisis that is driven by some unusual occurrence like a natural disaster. The latter tests mostly the ability of the system to weather the storm and recover. The former tests the ability of the system to radically alter itself in order to address the contradiction. This is the most dangerous crisis and the one that few systems survive.

Of course, the internal crisis can be papered over for a long time until some external crisis comes along and makes that impossible. The external crisis puts pressure on the system, forcing it to respond under duress. The internal problems are then made obvious as the system responds poorly. Efforts to quickly resolve those issues in order to address the immediate problems just create new problems. This was the process that led to the French Revolution.

It is also where the Global American Empire finds itself. In theory, the system relies on the trust of the people. The citizens of America trust that the way they choose leaders, while never perfect, eventually gets them leaders who address the needs of the people by respecting the will of the people. It may require a few elections, but the politicians eventually figure out what they need to do to make things right. This belief rests on the additional belief that the politicians want this result.

That is not reality and people are clearly beginning to understand this. Most Americans have no genuine representation in Congress. The Democrats represent abstract identity groups that get plenty of airtime but are a tiny minority. Most people, for example, only know crossdressers through the media, not in real life. Most black people can easily describe a woman. Of course, the GOP represents no one. White voters are well outside the ideological orbit of the Republicans.

After the 2020 election, it was generally assumed that Joe Biden would not finish out his first term in office. His physical condition was the main reason. During the campaign he was mostly kept out of the public eye. When he was in public, he looked like a man struggling with the ravages of time. There was also the fact that his second was clearly picked to be his successor. The Left has developed an obsession with elevating black females and Kamala Harris is supposedly one of them.

The betting initially was that Biden would make it through the midterms and then announce that he was stepping down for health reasons. This would allow Harris to finish Biden’s term and then run for two terms on her own. This was a left-wing talking point that was echoed by mainstream conservatives. It was mostly about depressing the populist opposition. That plan assumed every other part of their grand strategy would go according to theory.

Here we are seven months out from the November elections and it is clear that Joe Biden needs to be removed from office now. His insane rantings in Europe about Russia have terrified the rest of the world. More important, the world is adjusting to the fact that the Global American Empire has an incoherent figure head. The Russians call him grandfather, not out of respect but from pity. The world sees Biden as a doddering old man who is not in charge of his administration.

This is an untenable situation. Every political system requires energy in the executive, even if it is just symbolic. The North Korean public is regularly treated to images of Kim Jong-un looking vigorous and in charge. The Chinese make sure Xi Jinping looks like a CEO of a successful firm. American presidents have often been shown doing cool outdoor things like chopping wood or playing sports. Society needs a leader and one who looks like he is fit and ready to lead. That is not Joe Biden.

Of course, the times need a fit leader. The crisis in Europe has now become a global crisis because no one has a hand on the tiller. The inmates are running the asylum in the Biden Administration. In prior generations, this crisis would have featured one-on-one meetings between the ruler of the Global American Empire and the parties at the center of the dispute. In this case, it would have meant a summit between Russia, China and the Global American Empire.

Ukraine is not the only issue. The fallout from two years of Covid mismanagement are creating serious trouble for normal people. Food prices have been climbing for a year and are now rising at an alarming rate. Retail and wholesale inflation are at levels not seen since the 1970’s. Labor markets are now showing the first signs of crisis as the deliberate demographic changes turnup in hiring. This is the unsaid basis of the commercial pilot shortage in America.

In other words, the Global American Empire is facing both serious external crises and irreconcilable internal crises. The lack of energy in the executive is allowing these problems to spiral out of control. Compounding it is the fact that the plan to install Kamala Harris looks unworkable. She is mentally and emotionally unfit for the ceremonial position she has now. The weird cackling and general ineptitude say she can never be permitted to hold power.

Of course, the coming elections mean a blowout of historic proportions for the ruling half of the uniparty. Professionals who study these things suggest this may be the worst election conditions for either party in American history. As a practical matter, that means the Republican half of the uniparty will play a major role in selecting the person to fill the remainder of Biden’s term. They may be tasked with removing Biden and Harris in order to save the system from total ruin.

That sounds like good news for the system, but the Republican half of the uniparty is every bit as inept and morally bankrupt as the other half. Again, this is a party without a genuine constituency. Their voters are just choosing the least bad option. That option is built to deny those voters real power. In other words, leadership of the system will go from people obsessed over esoteric identity groupings to people focused on denying the majority any influence over the system.

For normal people, this means a system that becomes increasingly erratic and paranoid about the general public. The things that matter like employment conditions, food prices and energy costs will continue to get worse. The standard of living is about to drop precipitously for most people. The quality of life is also going to decline. This is the cycle that the aristocracy faced in 18th century France. It is also what the party faced in the waning years of the Soviet Union.

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273 thoughts on “The Crisis

  1. I don’t see a Revolution gaining any real traction unless there is a concerted effort to study the techniques, strategies, and commitment of the Taliban. Most people in the US will faint after they lose their internet and cable television connections, and probably blow their own brains out when Hungry Howie stops delivering pizza.

    • I doubt it feasible to go up against military directedly. Even the taliban could have been defeated had they went all in. Make no mistake they would go all in with internal unrest by the dirts. No-go zones might be possible. Also it’s time to start thinking about what signs will emerge when a collapse is imminent. Elite’s heading to new zealand? I would love to hear thoughts on this.

  2. it’s interesting but you haven’t mentioned the fact that many millions of people are going to die, are dying right now at a rate of 40% above normal. When the next winter season arrives we’ll likely see people dropping like flies.

    People who’ve been poisoned by the pharm industry even if they don’t die will be unable to work.

    The u.s. will be unable to protect its borders. Unvaccinated mexicans will come in and provide the strong backs and weak minds for the mafia which also runs china.

    that is our future and you’re worried about who will be president?

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  5. Update: North Carolina wheelchair millennial has now called on Fauci to be arrested and is once again being reprimanded by the GOP Leadership for previous comments. He’s clearly wheeled off the reservation and into the Marjorie Taylor Greene camp outside the reservation. He clearly lost an internal power play and flaked when he was told to get in line and pay his dues. McCarthy probably wagged his finger at him and asked him why he can’t be more like Patches Crenshaw. That he could have been set up like that had he been a team player and paid his dues but it’s now too late….and NOBODY talks about the orgies…nobody.

    • I doubt he cares. And that’s going to be a problem for the GOP. AT BEST the leadership can offer minor goodies, maybe, as the elderly leadership clings on and on and on. Democrats suffer from the same problem and AOC, the Squad, and others make a regular living off the party faithful of defying leadership and trashing them.

      So ambitious Republicans took note, and started copying them. They are for sale, obviously, but their buyout price is much, much higher than leadership will pay. Meanwhile they look like stars to the party faithful, have their own fundraising efforts, and the more the media trashes them the better they look to the party voters.

      Neither party has a mechanism to contain and productively channel the ambition of younger members.

      • I agree. It’s the same dynamic going on in large firms. It actually started at firms a while ago. Old boomer who can’t even combine pdf files making 10 times more, wanting his ego stroked 24/7. Since government is always 20 years behind the private sector, the oldsters in Congress are finally getting a taste of what’s been going on in society. The boomers have so much avarice they’re not cutting in the AOCs, the Greenes, and ones like wheelchair guy on their cut of the loot. And being younger, they have a better pulse on what’s going on, even if they’re as dumb as rocks.

    • Paying your dues means you must wade into the orgy pile until you are naked with Pelosi who introduces you to McConnell and you learn why his neck isn’t the only appendage resembling a turtle’s neck but it’s not quite as traumatizing as The Pelosi Greeting. This is captured on video and you realize that you can never go home ever again. I’d leave the reservation, too, the poor soul.

  6. I figure everyone here’s hoping the Globo regime in DC won’t survive the shock of a Russian victory in Ukraine. But I think the sanctions, destroying the reserve currency and crashing the economy may be worse for Globohomo. If Globohomo does not fall we will all live in a digital concentration camp in the future. And many of us will be dead. They also know we’re now playing for mortal stakes. It could go either way. So we need to make sure it goes ours.

  7. The wild card in any attempt to remove Joe Biden or to induce him to resign will be Jill Biden. It might be possible to convince Joe to go quietly, but Jill has no intention of watching Joe drool in a Wilmington retirement home. She will play every card in her hand and up her sleeve, and blackmail people in order to stay first lady. Her best move is to make very sure nothing happens to Kamela Harris, since as long as she’s the alternative, Joe’s position isn’t too bad.

    • And there’s historical precedent in that with Edith Wilson, after Woody stroked out, and certainly with arguably the first unelected female co-president in Elinor Roosevelt, who was a 1930s version of Hilary Clinton. By 1944, Wheels was a desperately sick man and his wife made sure that knowledge was suppressed, if only to keep her position in the power structure.

    • The struggle to watch is between State/CIA on the one hand, and the Pentagon on the other. They don’t like each other much, each wants to run things. State/CIA have been top dog since the 1950s, and the Pentagon is totally cucked. But they do have a manpower advantage.

      You could see a Reverse Seven Days in May. A military action designed to prevent nuclear war by a senile President and lunatic set of officials.

      Biden is the choice of the Party, which means in effect, a few inside leaders like Pelosi and Schumer, kingmakers like Clyburn, and the vast Tech/CIA/Intel group, where Google begins and the DNC and CIA ends is never clear. Right now they “sense” victory over Russia as the Russian Army has been defeated in Kiev, and supposedly the Ukranians are poised to take back the East and South. We shall see. Russia has “ceased” operations around Kiev and Ukraine has reported a series of routs there.

      Russia of course has many options, beyond cyber warfare. Including masses of immavaders as weapons as seen earlier with Belarus and Poland, here in the US as well as Europe. And stirring up the cartels and “diversity action” ala the Summer of George Floyd until every “diverse” person gets $20 mil each in reparations, and evil YT is purged everywhere. WWII America was vastly different in accepting rationing and restrictions. After two years of pointless lockdowns and George Floyd “cultural enrichment” not just Joe Average (who does not and never has mattered) BUT lower ranked leaders who can’t change their skin color and that of their kids have enough.

      That pricey prep school in LA that had ALL of its “diverse” kids get UC acceptance and NONE of its YT ones is likely the most important story there. Its how revolutions start — local elites get crushed by central authority.

      • Thanks, Whiskey! I’m not sure Russia’s doing that badly but I appreciate your comment on the State/CIA rivalry with Pentagon. My only additional comment is that the rivalry between Obama (on the side of Biden) and the Clintons (Kamela Harris fans) will also be part of the equation.

      • Pay no attention to the MSM, Ukraine got their ass kicked and it wasn’t even close. If Russia wanted to “Fallugify” Kiev they would have done it, but Russia knows they must live next door to Ukraine after it’s been denazified.

  8. As we saw with Obama, the liberal German media thinks Biden is a political breath of fresh air – at least when compared to Trump.

    And even now, despite the ridiculous and “cringe-worthy” remarks he constantly makes, quite a few in the press have stated what a great leader Biden is in this time of crisis.

    These are same idiots who would praise an arsonist for putting out the very fires he started!

    Anyone taking bets that Biden gets a Nobel Peace Prize before leaving office?

    • Karl, even hard-core US Dems don’t believe that. In the US the Party’s nominating committee can change their primary rules on-the-fly until the preapproved candidate is nominated. In round one of 2020 interest spiked in Tulsi Gabbard, Kamala Harris dropped out. The committee changed the rules again, and again. The same thing happened w/ Hillary and Obama in 2012. And the Republicans did the same w/ Ron Paul.

  9. Z-man, the arguments I hear from Cloud People is the following:

    Brandon being a senile wreck is a good thing, as it lets “the experts” do what they want without interference from an active President. Hard Times will just allow food, electricity, gas, and other rationing to create the Global Reset that will “save the planet.” That any Republican elected officials can be labeled “Russian traitors” or such and sent to prison, problem solved. That if worse comes to worse the “experts” (really State, NGOs, intel services all the same thing) can declare Martial Law and rely on an army of CIA Contractors plus agitated non Whites to “finish the job” so to speak.

    Most of the intel and NGO-istan seems to think that they are on a roll, Putin will be out in a few weeks or so, and next up will be China. If not, well “wartime rationing” is their plan B and they will execute it with enthusiasm exceeding Covid. They see themselves as winning even more bigly, and there is not even the possibility of any failure or issue for them. My sense is that the Military is uneasy, having a somewhat more solid grasp of reality and dangers but they are marginal players who will do as ordered. The dog not barking is any pushback from Milley and company.

    My best guess is Brandon’s team frauds/arrests their way to maintain power, institutes severe rationing, financial controls, outlaws cash, total lockdown, and hands over power to Stacy Abrams in 2024. Elites seem to love her and incompetent, angry black women in general so that seems the smart bet. They clearly see themselves as winners on a roll, and don’t care about votes, Dirt People, or Russia/China at all as “done deals” so to speak.

    • The usual black pills from you I see. Better odds Putin will force the Ukraine to a settlement (remember he hasn’t sent any actual good troops anywhere except to fight the Azov Battalion) and the next elections will be nuts.

      As usual the uniparty will “allow” power to pass to the Republican members of the uniparty who will attempt to clean up the mess a bit and loot the place more

      This might fail though, 100% of nothing is nothing.

      There is also a fair to middling chance that President Andropov, I mean Biden and the two below him will provoke a crisis that in a few years will ends up with either extreme federalism or a collapse USSR style

      As for lock downs, no one even the Left wants a repeat of this . As I noted above 100% of nothing is nothing so you can tax and spend or even mint money with nothing to buy.

      Also one thing that is in good supply is ammo. Just because not much was used this time, doesn’t mean it won’t be.

      At a certain point more and more Americans (and quite a lot already have) realize you are either driving the train or riding the boxcars and while a lot are boxcar ready , a heck of a lot are ready to fight, youngsters included.

    • I could easily believe you just penetrated the skulls of cloud people. It sounds like how they think.

  10. Does it feel like the Democrats are screwing up so royally on purpose? Really, how could swamp creatures of such experience and venality screw the pooch in so many different and independent ways to Sunday in only 14 months?

    Smart Republicans should do everything possible to AVOID getting elected in November. Leave it all in the Democrats’ hands for when the real sh*tstorm lands.

    • And I’ll do MY part to keep any Republican from getting elected in November by simply not voting.

    • No doubt toward the end of the USSR, the important people were asking a similar question? Is the party trying to destroy the USSR?

      They weren’t. Just as we did , they got old and ran out of competent replacements and by 1991 no USSR

      We have a bit longer do to decentralization but there is an excellent chance by the mid 2030’s the US won’t exist.

  11. Steve
    on March 29, 2022 at 12:03 pm said:
    You might want to peruse this. This was forwarded to me by a deputy friend of mine.

    Thanks for the link, Steve. That’s worth knowing.

    And yeah, it’s disturbing. But oddly enough, it confirms *both* what I have been arguing today *and* what others who have been arguing against my positions have been saying.

    It confirms that there is real evil and real danger and that the source of the danger is “our” government.

    But it also confirms that there is–and will be–determined resistance.

    The speaker is the High Sheriff of a county in New York. And he spoke of another sheriff in New York who can also be counted on to offer resistance to putting people into “camps.” And he is speaking publicly to groups or people who are clearly supportive of his position. And there are his deputies and the other sheriff’s deputies. And there is your deputy friend who sent you the link. And there are without doubt many, many others like him. You, for example.

    So, yeah, there is real evil afoot, but there is also resistance to that evil. And that’s what I’ve been trying to express: There is and will be resistance to this sort of thing, and the country can be shut down and rendered ungovernable by a surprisingly small number of men who are determined not to submit. And we do have such men in every part of this country.

    So the battle lines are drawn and are becoming clearer with each day that passes.

    Yes, many people will not come through what we are surely facing. But I have no doubt whatsoever that the majority of those who do not survive whatever is going to happen will be those who attempt to reduce free men to abject slavery.

    That is just not going to happen as a permanent thing; as a “done deal.”

    There was no “reply” button beneath “Steve’s” post, so I had to reply this way.

  12. “In other words, the Global American Empire is facing both serious external crises and irreconcilable internal crises.”

    Yeah, but weed, porn and anal are LEGAL, man! And March Madness is on cable TV!!!

    We’re living in FREEDOM, man! We’re gonna kick Putin’s bitch-ass without breaking a sweat while doing beer bongs and watching Negroes with white girlfriends slam-dunk the ball, Brah!! Greatest country in the world!!!

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  14. Perhaps we shouldn’t discount the possibility that the mid-terms will be stolen. There are the same number of voting precincts, none of the riggers from 2020 faced any consequences, what would keep ballot harvesting and midnight deliveries of mail-in ballots from happening again?

    • My thoughts exactly.
      As a practical matter, they have nothing to lose. If the Rupubics gain control of either or both houses, it has the potential, I say potential, to throw sand in their gears. If they steal, business as usual. And as you pointed out, no consequences.

      Plan for the worst and hope for the best. And whether it’s barter or other means, have something in place that will allow you to trade when they go full digital.

    • I hear you, but there’s really no reason to. Remember, the Republicans are the fig leaves of the anti-white oligarchy. They make irritable gestures to deceive normie, then they go along with everything the Dems want. Trump was an exception, and that’s why he could not be allowed to hold a second term.

    • If you believe that they stole the 2020 election (and I do) then you realize that they need to steal them from this point onward (I of course mean for the uniparty). If an outsider gets in then its a good chance their entire game is up so they are committed now.

      Once you climb on the tigers back you have to keep riding him or risk being eaten by him.

      • It really doesn’t matter. Election reform is only a very slight possibility . The reality is only civil war or collapse can save the US and the former may end up with the later anyway.

        At a certain point each side may decide the other side simply has no business in the same polity and to do something about it. If it were binary it would be easier but there may be many many sides so collapse is a high probability.

    • They probably will be but it won’t matter. It is now about crashing the Globohomo system. And Dems being left holding the bag which the chicks start to really come home to roost, may be a good thing. Turns out there are accelerationists on the other side of the fence too. This is not about ‘politics’ anymore, it’s about who’s left standing.

  15. Having Joe Biden seems like an elaborate long prank. Like a long form version of the TV show Punk’d from 15-20 years ago

    • Do you want the Yale retard? The black guy whose wife has a dick in her dress? The orange pompadour with the star of david tatooed on his ass? The senile grifter with a pantload of shit? Vote harder my friends, Uncle Schmuel loves you….war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

  16. Feeling that 1914-vibe where one little thing causes the whole sh1thouse to go up in flames.


    A bass boat plays Syriana with a certain lock on the upper Mississippi and it’s global famine and a hundred million hungry migrants moving north before the current year is over.

    • If I recall something like 6 or 7 African nations get their entire wheat supply from Ukraine/Russia, so that situation might be occurring sooner rather than later.

      • Because of this, I believe North Africa will be a mess in months.

        Follow-on effects will occur because France is another exporter to that region and they have mentioned food rationing.

        The countries in the region will play a game of musical chairs bidding up any wheat exports available to them. That will lead to soaring prices and spotty availability across the region.

        • The wider problem is the already established and massively funded NGO routes for “refugees” from North Africa into Europe.

          If that happens combined with the fuel and food issues it could get very. very ugly very quickly.

          At some points it just seems an intentional experiment to test how much shit Europeans will swallow before they get violent.

          • Firearms are much harder to come by in most of Europe. At least legally. Less than 30 years ago various tribes in Rwanda showed what butchery could be done with even common tools and knives, no high tech required. It’s been quite a long time, but I suspect that the much more intelligent white European, forced by circumstance, might discover perforce that no indeed, the warrior of old still exists in his genes.

            Things may get very “interesting,” indeed.

  17. I stopped voting 20 years ago, didn’t even vote for Trump in 2016.

    The people still voting Republican, not only don’t have representation, they don’t deserve it either.

    • Wild Geese: Never read him before. Fairly good beginning, but he lost me at “Remember back in the 1990s when race relations seemed to be getting pretty good . . . ” They were never good except in the fantasy world of ‘I don’t see color’ normatards. And to then claim ethnic minorities were “slowly but surely assimilating” is a blatant untruth. So while his assessment of wokeness is fairly accurate, his view of the world prior to the ascendancy of said wokeness is heavily skewed via rose-colored glasses.

      • Race reality is the biggest hurdle for anybody moving toward our direction. For many, it’s a bridge too far.

    • ” In many ways, the Regime right here in America is a bigger threat to regular, everyday Americans than are Putin or the Russians.”

      A curious understatement in an otherwise absolutely brilliant essay.

  18. The wake-up for me has been the behavior of the Heritage/Fox News/Washington Post conservatives hawking NATO intervention (this is a separate, worse issue from the Coke/Pepsi Russian vs. Ukrainian debate, not compelling to me since I dislike both of these outhouse countries). Even though I knew D.C. is a business, and Republicans will opportunistically take an extreme pseudo-contrast position to the Biden policy-du-jour because “that’s politics” — I sort of assumed the Iraq 2003 war was commonly agreed to be a complete mistake. Reasonably, some won’t like to say this out loud because they supported it, including myself up until the Syrian civil war in Obama’s first term. But Beltway bandit types, I would think, remember back as far as a dozen years ago. I now have begun to perceive it as a deeper disaster than traditional D.C. corruption because these think tank employees and childless professional women have no exit ramp. Anyway, I have about zero interest in the fall elections. I am not betting on the current system existing in 24 months. Imagine being a “political junkie.”

  19. “The quality of life is also going to decline. This is the cycle that the aristocracy faced in 18th century France.”

    1789 problems require 1789 solutions.

      • Be careful what you wish for. 1789 and 1793 were the work of the radical lunatic nutjobs. The people on this blog are basically like the Vendeans — who got their asses kicked by the crazies.

        What we need is 1937 Madrid or 1973 Santiago, not 1793 Paris.

  20. I wish fervently the Democrats’ “abstract identity groups” were only a tiny minority, but alas, they are not. In fact, very shortly they will be the majority. And, unlike the traitorous GOP, the Dems actually give their voters what they want. The GOP also gives Dem voters what they want. And that is why close to half the people in AINO have no federal representation.

    • Homosexualss make up about 2-3% of the population; Jews 2%, outright perverts and disparate degenerates are about 1%; the biggest actual D-Democrat group is blacks, which are falling from 13 to 12%.
      The only way there is any kind of majority is that they control the majority of vote-counting and redistricting. As Queen Anne points out, none of the left’s agenda actually gets passed by voting, its a black robed shamans and back-room budget reconciliation riders.
      The mestizos do not care for silly gringo rules, and will do their own thing seperate from red team-blue team.

        • They do. And the Asians even more heavily Dem. Over half of the electorate are now reliably in the hip pocket of the Dems. Not that it really matters, of course, given the habitual perfidy of the GOP.

      • Rebel: There’s far more to control than mere vote counting – that’s just the pretty wrapping for public consumption. Full Juice may be officially 2%, but their influence is widespread and they control the crucial financial and media levers. Your average individual is not into cross-dressing, but those in the grips of delusional autogynephelia are supported and promoted by the 2%, a disproportionate number of whom share their sexual malady.

        Sub-Saharans may be officially down in overall percentage, but that’s merely because the country is ballooning with the 1million plus brown and yellow people entering every year, with and without magic papers. Okay, your average Mestizo may not be quite as quixotically violent as your average black, but most of us don’t choose to live in Tijuana. Or Mumbai. Or penned up together like Hong Kong bugmen.

        Don’t play the HBD normatard’s game of quoting easily falsifiable and manipulable statistics and insisting that what the average White experiences doesn’t really exist according to the magic numbers.

        • Same at it ever was. When I was young there was a book and film called “Sybil” about a girl who – due to horrific abuse – developed multiple personalities. The whole thing was a hoax. If it had ended w/ Sybil and therapist getting rich off book/film deals that would be one thing. What happened was people being diagnosed w/ multiple-personality-disorder went off the charts from a couple of cases in all of recorded history to tens of thousands.

  21. As a side note, the 26 year old wheelchair representative from North Carolina did us a service last week when he spouted off on the back room coke and orgies of the degenerate ruling class (likely within the useless party). As I recall he was and likely still is neo-con in his views. He would definitely wheel up to the wailing wall and caress the stones for hours. First he says the obvious truth, Ukraine and its leadership is far from pure, then get reprimanded by the party leadership and now this. My guess is that the click he wanted to be part of, including Patches Crenshaw, had such glory hounds that he was stuck wheeling around a bucket of their piss, and he was quietly seething about it, as a young thin skinned millennial he desperately wants to feel important, and feeling unimportant, lashed out as his masters. Other thoughts on this appreciated.

    • His wheelchair probably didn’t help his entry into that clique.

      When was the last time we heard mass outrage over a disability?

      There’s a group that’s been out of favor since the ADA was up for a vote.

    • He lost his legs in a pointless war and his cohort just suffered a Vietnam in a year’s time. Meanwhile, orgies. Stay tuned for more from millennials.

        • Maybe given his disability he felt like a cuc k wheeled into the corner of the room, watching a bunch of 70 year olds pop viagra but still perform? There would have to be logistical issues with that situation. They probably thought he could be a new stand in for Krauthammer. They missed the wheelchair in the corner. The room needed something.

          • OK great zinger, but yeah, impotence, resentment, and the ticking clock do loom large in the millennial psyche, it seems.

            At any rate, dunking on the young isn’t going to keep them down forever.

    • And yet he still did not actually name anyone there (if it even happened).

      Much like the many congress people got prescribed Ivermectin and the fund for paying off sex claims stories.

      Its almost a constant stream of vague look how helpless you are in the face of outright degeneracy, graft and criminality in your political class, but you are locked out from doing anything about it, as you can’t even find out who these supposed people are.

      Another learned helplessness exercise to rub your face in your own .lack of influence and just accept this stuff as normal.

      If it is real it must be such common knowledge among hundreds (perhaps in the low thousands) of people and yet its never mentioned in public anywhere in any detail.

  22. “The crisis in Europe has now become a global crisis because no one has a hand on the tiller”

    But how much of this is because of our idiotic response to the crisis we helped create in the first place? There really shouldn’t be a global food crisis because of the war. The global food crisis is because of our idiotic “sanctions” on Russia. Same with energy. The problem is not no hands on the tiller, but an insane hand on the tiller.

      • Perfect! The sad truth of our untenable situation and impending socio-economic crisis is beginning to sink in to the addled brains of the general populace. This is the moment at which history calls up fascism, war and revolution – not necessarily in that order, mind you.

      • That’s one I never read — yet. In a college lit class we did read Melville’s “Bartleby the Scrivener,” said short story perhaps a concession to decreased attention spans. But in any case, I prefer to not talk about it. 🙂

    • The trouble is, no one knows whose hand is on the tiller. I’m sure the Kremlin has a team dedicated to figuring it out right now and all they can discover is a complex, foggy Borg of DC ghouls – dozens of them, maybe hundreds. Plus mob hysteria implemented via social media.

  23. Confidence in the System is ineffable yet essential. It’s as vital as wheat or gasoline. And it has become all the more important now that the Elites have decided to run the System with no feedback or input from the Dirt People.

    Therefore, you’d think that they have to do something about Biden. But the surprise could be that there’s no surprise. Uncle Joe was a product of a grand compromise. How exactly are the Elites supposed to conduct a succession plan without a battle royal that would upset the balance of Uniparty power?

    I think the answer is that confidence has to fall even further to force the Elites into action. The dollar hasn’t collapsed and the stock market is still high. Home prices are high. So my prediction, to paraphrase Mr. T in Rocky III, is more pain.

    It would take something akin to a general strike 1848-style to get anything done about Biden/Harris. Meanwhile, you’re going to hear more gaslighting from Yellen/Blinken/Bernstein/Austin as Uncle Joe gradually fades away. This show can run longer and get worse than anyone could currently imagine.

    • disagree. it is closer to systemic collapse than you think. modern economies are quite fragile, with no design margin to spare.

    • Could not agree more. We’ve been hearing incessantly of impending collapse for the last 15 years, yet the putrid beast shambles on. Unless he ups and dies from natural causes–not impossible, of course–Biden will not be ousted. What’s more, the economy will not capsize within the next 10 years and there will be no mass suffering and concomitant upheaval. Now, if we expand the scope to 20 years, I’m rather less confident in asseverating the Power Structure’s survival.

      • This time last year, I’d have said the same thing. However, there are a couple key problems coming to a head this year that makes me think that the economy will late this year or sometime next year. The first is Russia, for reasons belabored ad nauseum on this forum and elsewhere.

        The second is the fertilizer shortage. Put simply, there will be a significant drop in corn production and yield this year, enough to where it will cause serious problems in the supply chain of food. Corn is necessary for beef and pork, all manner of processed food, and is used in fuel, most American liquor, and a decent number of niche uses. The biggest problem is that there are no cheap substitutes for it, and in some instances, no actual substitutes. Couple this with inflation, and food will become outrageously expensive, and our exports will drop. That’s just the stone hitting the water and the ripple effects will be much worse over time. Maybe the regime will survive this mostly intact; it’s certainly possible. I just wouldn’t make that bet myself

        • South America is having an excellent corn harvest. The US will plant massive crop acreage even with fertilizer constraints because corn/wheat/beans prices are very high. Prices will stay high, but there will likely be enough food for the developed world unless the weather is terrible. Marginal areas of the developing world with poor quality land requiring lots of fertilizer will indeed suffer as you’ve observed.

          • Demand for corn hasn’t increased dramatically, which means supply shortfalls are fueling the price increase. The question, then, isn’t so much whether corn production will be down this year, but how much it will decline. A 10% drop can probably be absorbed without much issue. 30%+, probably not. Louis XVI provides an example of what can happen to an unpopular regime when a staple crop suffers an unexpectedly low yield when the government is debasing it’s currency. I don’t know if corn is a harbinger, but the parallel is pretty eerie, and the current regime is less intelligent and self-aware than Louis XVI’s.

        • Nothing against you, Drew, but I’ll believe it when I see it. I’ve heard these doomsday scenarios many times before.

          • Ah yes, the Jenga fallacy: none of the previous blocks that have been removed caused the tower to collapse, therefore an indefinite number of blocks can be removed and the tower will never collapse.

    • Captain Willard: It shouldn’t surprise me any longer to see the stock market leap in response to the merest fake headline – but even a large portion of the money changers and manipulators believe their own bullshite. Just hint at some sort of negotiation and a great sigh of relief is heard throughout the land, and PMs drop and stocks climb to record highs. The system is saved!

      Seriously – my husband has to deal with a lot of these types of people and to say they are merely rational actors responding to economic inputs is to massively oversimplify. And to overestimate their understanding and control of the situation.

      On the one side we have the massive pressure of inertia and normalcy bias. On the other we have the creaking, weakening societal and economic supports that have been chewed through and are collapsing . . . slowly, and then suddenly. There are so many interconnected causes – it’s far more complex than the standard domino illustration. Lockdowns in China, labor issues in the US, the green coalition and the cost of diesel and the restrictions in slightly older trucks – covidianism weakened an already poisoned system tremendously. The war on energy compounded this. The American financial war on Russia in response to the actual conflict in Ukraine was the final nail in the coffin.

      There’s no fixing this. I don’t think the average consumer has any real idea of what’s coming. They will be far from rebelling when things reach the crisis point, because they have no idea how it all works or how many moving parts are involved. I don’t think domestic dissatisfaction will have any say in what ultimately happens politically. The question is what happens financially and economically – both domestically and internationally. And that will affect everyone – even the string pullers who think they’re safely immune.

  24. The standard of living issue continues to build and yet it seems like more people want to talk about hitlerian Putin and the “horrific” invasion of poor little Ukraine. Of course that is having an impact on our lives, but not in the way most people think. It’s the west’s, and in particular, DC’s hysterical reaction to it (and other things) that are causing all the negative consequences – and most people just can’t (or won’t) see it. At some point, one would hope, the general population will finally see the forest for the trees and do something about it, but I wouldn’t place any big bets.

    • I’ll take the under on that bet.

      Remember when Covid killed literally everyone because of Bad Orange Man and everyone was forced to stay in their homes? Obviously the economy tanked: everyone was DEAD. It had nothing to do with the government reaction.

    • It is easy to talk about Putin/Hitler for the average person. We’ve seen lots of movies themed about the little guy vs Goliath. It’s a theme where we can root for one side or the other. Like Monday morning sports talk, it’s easy.

      The economy is another thing altogether. Even Harvard trained economists disagree about what we can or should do. The air quickly thins and discussion is difficult for the average person. All they know is that they are in pain and as the threat becomes existential, they become more and more desperate.

      As noted by everyone in this group, especially TomA, these are dangerous times. As has been said, “a drowning man, grasps at straws”. The democratic process may very well vote (I use this term loosely) their own Putin/Hitler in. Some say we did via Trump, but Trump was/is a pussy compared to Putin.

    • Pretty much everyone who wants to live on a farm and live a mostly self sufficient life is doing so. People who are ignoring the signs probably aren’t really ignoring them so much as saying they rather crash with the bus than walk somewhere else. A lot of people would rather die comfortably than live arduously.

      • Most people simply don’t know how to live arduously. Physical hardiness and mechanical knowhow is largely passing out of existence with the disappearance of the Boomers.

        • I go to church with a lot of boomers, many of whom grew up on farms. While all of them have an admirable work ethic, the most common response I received from them when they learned I bought a farm was how glad they were that they didn’t have to do all that work. It would appear their descendants generally feel the same way.

      • Drew: Oversimplification. A lot of people would love to live more self sufficient lives, but they are constrained by finances, family ties, lack of knowledge and experience. Full kudos to those who up and did it themselves five or more years ago. But many who see the signs are still unable to respond as quickly or in the way that they would prefer.

        • A lot of people would love to live more self sufficient lives, but they are constrained by finances, family ties, lack of knowledge and experience.

          Which is to say, a lot of people are constrained by their desire for financial comfort, familial comfort or intellectual or habitual comfort. If being around family is more important than the ardor of preserving a lineage, by definition you want comfort, not sacrifice.

      • I confess that I am likely in that demographic. Perhaps I’m entitled to it: I leave no (known) descendants, have had a fairly easy life, and were the good things taken away, might choose (more likley: suddenly qualify for) death in preference to an existence likley to be nasty, brutish and short.

        I have no study to cite, but I suspect that this relatively good epoch in man’s history has led to a surplus of deadwood, evolutionary dead ends, drones, parasites, name them what you like. Nietzsche called them the herd, the soft domesticated end product of centuries of civilization. In a very real sense, soft times produced soft men.

        All to the good: one less useless eater in the way for your hard core guys to rebuild from the ashes.

  25. Biden will die or become unable to perform his duties due to a stroke or some other severe condition before the end of this year. Then it’s her turn.

  26. Just so, now prognosticate.

    Wanton, irrational violence is on the rise everywhere as pressure builds within a people struggling to deal with the manufactured insanity that is being inflicted upon them. And LEOs have been systematically castrated, so you can forget that counterbalance to self-correction. It only gets worse faster.

    People will take to the streets in protests and mass demonstrations. Opportunistic pols will leap in front of the mob and shout what people want to hear and put voice to the angst and anger. They will be elevated to messiah status and the fervor will grow exponentially.

    And then there will be a spark and pent up rage will spread like wildfire.

    When the chaos begins, the Cloud People want white guys to start killing other white guys and decimate the alphas as fast as possible. Failing that, detention camps will sprout up like dandelions. But what if, instead of French Revolution style madness, the disease cells start keeling over; first one, then another, and another et cetera. And they take the hint and head for the exit in their Gulfstreams. Far less pain and harm for everyone. Just sayin’.

    • If the Gulfstreams start to take off, hopefully those Stingers sold to the Ukraine prove worth the price.

        • There are tons of bulldicks in the Stasi that go orgasmic at the thought of nabbing a dissident with a manpad and then perp-walking them in front of the cameras as an “I told you so.” Hell, they will probably sell it to you as an entrapment gambit. Our ancestral heritage is innovation in the face of adversity. The unexpected is far, far more powerful than the trigger finger of bravado. Keep them guessing and they become impotent.

    • I don’t think you’ll see that. Too many normies think the system still works. I have convos with my normie conservative friends and they still watch Fox News and believe that voting matters. They keep telling me that when “we” take the house and senate back all will be well. Yeah….

      I think what will happen is you’ll see the death by a 1000 cuts continue while the tax slaves continue to slog through life. The republicans will start rolling out their LGBTQ “inclusion” plans. Reparations for blacks might be on the table as well in order to garner favor with them, etc. All the while normie is grilling and watching the NFL on Sundays.

      Speaking of republicans trying to get votes… Listening to Cotto/Gottfried this week, Halsey English said it best. The energy spent by republicans trying to get the black vote is a colossal waste of time. Telling blacks who have welfare, preference and all sorts of government mandated freebies that you’ll be taking those away and offering them a job instead is a waste of time. It can’t ever work. Culture matters, and what defines our culture…

      • When the inevitable riots begin again and then spread into “Normieville”, you’ll see a vast sea change in Joe Normie perception. We *think* this happened with Floyd, but it didn’t.

        We’ve not seen anything yet. I was young, but still remember the race riots of the middle 60’s. You’ve not seen disorder like that—yet. The “riots” you’ve seen with Floyd were controlled. The rioters allowed to “play” in confined areas, and no further. They were controlled by regular police agency playing little more than “referees” to the mob.

        In the 60’s they were not controlled by local authorities, but by regular military (in the main). The riots were also not confined to large population dense inner cities (think Plainfield, NJ). My cousin was stationed in the States as a Marine, and even on military bases they had “riots” among the recruits on base. He patrolled his base armed as if in Vietnam.

        The common term we often hear to describe such is, “this shit’s getting real”. You ain’t seen real yet. You don’t know what real is—yet—unless you’re old, or have been in a war zone. Perhaps we never will. But if we do get there, there will be no argument about what we are experiencing.

        • And yet, America’s decline began in earnest in the mid-60s. Not only did those riots not wake up whitey, they seem to have pacified him. It will take far worse than Watts to slap sense into normie’s thick skull.

      • GOP Pandering to blacks has never been about getting the black vote, it’s about getting the cuck vote.

    • TomA: The castration of LEOs is selective as this morning I could not help but observe that those tasked with serving and protecting were actually harassing and extracting. The harassers were all white as were all of their prey.

      • What I meant by castration was demoralized and pissed off rather than highly motivated and scrupulous. Yes, they can and will crack heads on command, but are otherwise reactionary to crime, arriving after the fact and thereafter often conducting half-assed investigations. During riot season and the accompanying chaos, they won’t have time to be looking for the needle in the haystack. Wear the fog.

      • Liberty Mike: I must have passed half a dozen cop cars on the road and parked here and there ‘watching’ traffic the other day. We are literally paying taxes to be harassed for going 46 in an unnaturally low 40 mph zone. They have nothing else to do in thus far stable suburbs. Not enough murders or robberies. Not enough chimpouts yet, just an uneasy superficial peace. So they harass and extract $ from White people. I’ve truly come to hate them.

    • ” … detention camps will sprout up like dandelions.”

      This is something one often hears, but I don’t quite know how to visualize it.

      Who would put people into these camps? How would that be accomplished?

      We don’t have a national police force. All law enforcement is local. The County Sheriff is not going to cart people off the a concentration camp in May and then ask to be re-elected in November.

      His deputies live next door; in the general population. Most of them have families living with them, and nobody could protect them from reprisals at the hands of a heavily armed population.

      The country is too vast physically to be subjugated even by *all* members of *all* the uniformed services acting *simultaneously.*

      Martial law *might* be enforceable in the city center of three or four megalopolises, but no more than that. And the cost would be such that even that desperate measure could b sustained for only a few months at most. Maybe only a matter of weeks, depending on circumstances. The troops have to be fed and armed. They have to sleep sometime.

      What am I missing? I can’t see how camps or martial law or anything like that could be accomplished unless we assume a willing and cooperating public, which seems unrealistic. To me, anyway.

      • In perhaps the same way Australia set up the Covid camps and dragged people off for internment.

        Happens the same in every country I imagine.

        • “In perhaps the same way Australia set up the Covid camps and dragged people off for internment.”

          Good point. I don’t know enough about what happened there and how it went down to draw any kind of conclusion, however tenuous, but I do take your point.

          It’s hard to believe much that we are told. Hard to draw conclusions.

        • Australia has the population of FL spread over a few coastal cities across a continent only slightly smaller than CONUS.

          They also turned over their guns.

          Covid as a plandemic would have collapsed if people had gotten angry enough to drive to the house of the County Health Director and burned it down.

      • We most definitely do have a national police force, where have you been. Stasi, HLS, DEA, Marshalls, etc. They number in the tens of thousands and do what they’re told like all paramilitary organizations. They serve their paycheck and pension first and foremost. And yes, they will set up detention camps very fast just like in WWII. And don’t worry, you are very likely on the list due to your participation on this board.

        • “They number in the tens of thousands and do what they’re told like all paramilitary organizations.”

          The land area of the continental US is well over 3 million square miles. There are not enough uniformed services to suppress 320 million people in an area of 3 million-plus square miles. The population would have to cooperate, not merely acquiesce.

          “They serve their paycheck and pension first and foremost.”

          That’s true. But the Great Reset is “necessary” because 14 years of super-low interest rates have destroyed all the pension funds in the world. That’s why the Great Reset’s first priority is to cancel *all* debts and then to force everybody into the ECASH system. And then to redistribute the population into “sustainable” and “walkable” cities.

          And roughly half of the states largely ignored the Covid hysteria. And if the governors of the states want to be re-elected, and maybe even stay alive, they are unlikely to hand over their populations to the Feds.

          There are just too many people, too much land area, and too many variables.

          You may be right, but I don’t see it. I’m not convinced.

          As for our being on some list or other, that’s very possible but, again, it’s going to come down to manpower, money (in some form that people will accept), and a vast land area. And the keepers of these lists have no interest in me or you. They have a keen interest, probably, in state governors and state adjutants general–people who have real power and are able to wield it. And that ain’t me.

          Thanks for your reply and all that, but I just don’t see how they could do it against any real opposition, and it would require only a small number of determined people actively resisting. It’s too easy to shut down highways and airports and river systems and the power grid, which we already know is indefensible.

          Assassinations would provide some credible resistance.

          Too many possibilities and variables.

          • TomA is the sort of person who thinks that survival fiction is a serious guide to future planning. As you say, the numbers don’t work. There are approximately 140 million rural Americans. The total number of LEOs and active and reserve armed forces is less than 3 million. Any federal attempt to round up rural folks would quickly turn into the Afghanistan scenario, but with a huge side dish of starvation and the end of land based logistics. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be attempted, only that it would be short-lived. If, as TomA asserts, cops just want a pension, they’ll at least be rational enough to get bogged down in the search for a dissident farmer. They want to eat, after all. Cops are good at getting stymied in carrying out unwanted duties

          • Gary North, ecoomics and politics writer, often could turn a sardonic phrase. Relevant to a bureacrat’s choices of preferred activities when resistance might be encountered, he observed: “It’s easier to write reports for a living, with the emphasis on living.” 😀

        • I remember there were some articles a few years ago about some non-law enforcement type government agencies (don’t recall which ones) acquiring hundreds of millions, if not billions of ammo rounds of various caliber. It was like, wtf is that all about?

          • ” … some non-law enforcement type government agencies (don’t recall which ones) acquiring hundreds of millions, if not billions of ammo rounds … .”

            That’s right. It’s disturbing. I remember that the Social Security Administration and the National Weather Service were two of the agencies you mention.

            But ammo has to be put to some effective use by somebody and, having been in several Social Security offices, I can say that I don’t think arming the typical SSA employee will pose a significant danger.

            But that presupposes that just b/c those agencies acquired the ammo, the employees of those agencies would be the ones in possession of that ammo and expected to use it for some nefarious purpose.

            I don’t know. It’s a mystery. All we know is what we are told or what we can see with our own eyes, which is necessarily limited to where we happen to be at any given time.

      • Wear your mask.
        Take the jab.
        Know your place, bigot.

        21st century concentration camps don’t need barbed wire and guard dogs.

        • Bingo.

          Once they install the CBDCs and global digital ID they have no need for a physical site.

          Rather, the entire world will become one goant decentralization camp.

          • “Once they install the CBDCs and global digital ID they have no need for a physical site.

            Rather, the entire world will become one goant decentralization camp.”

            That presupposes complete acquiescence on the part of everybody, and that is not going to happen.

            Even 5000 men *determined* not to submit could bring the country to a halt in a surprisingly short time.

            Black markets and local barter economies are more likely than submission by everybody and resistance from nobody.

            Human nature guarantees that.

            There are surely more than 5000 men out of 320 million who will never submit.

          • Everyone will have the chance to vote on whether the ” control grid ” ( the internet, wireless comms and electricity grid ) will continue to function or not. A few motivated guys, with a bit of knowhow and some basic weaponry, can neutralise the system fairly quickly. Destroy a few towers, junction boxes and cabling, then ‘dissuade’ the techies from turning up to repair them, and you remove the control matrix. Unfortunately, I expect a good part of the normie population to be openly hostile to this as their FaceFuxx, TokTiK InstaPorn etc is cut.

        • I used to regard the Left’s design for us as resembling a metaphorical Playpen Gulag–infantilizing totaltarianism. But I never envisioned concertina/razor wire atop and around the sides.

        • The Uyghurs beg to differ. They reside in camps where indoctrination is relentless and literal castration is the modern version of the final solution. Luckily there is no Siberia in the lower 48 so gulags are unlikely unless they open up the Alaskan North Slope for labor camps.

      • You must factor in the fact that the majority of citizens will support you and I being put in camps for “the greater good”. It will be popular with the public which removes many of the impediments you mentioned.
        Also, I think for all intents and purposes we do have a national police force.

        • “You must factor in the fact that the majority of citizens will support you and I being put in camps … .”

          That seems utterly outlandish to me, but I’ll concede that point b/c I don’t think it matters.

          When I try to imagine *how* millions of people are going to be collected, the whole idea breaks down. *How* would that be accomplished? “On the ground.”

          An order for you or me to report to such and such a place? And if nobody shows up, then what?

          Going door to door like the Khmer Rouge in 1971? How many people–realistically–would sit at home waiting to be dragged off?

          *How* are millions of people to be (1) collected and (2) carted away if millions of people don’t want to be collected and carted away?

          How would these things be done “physically*? In meat space?
          The logistics would dwarf D-Day by a factor of 100.

          How would our clearly incompetent government do it?
          The planning and preparation alone would take scores of thousands of people and several years to organize, and if anything like that had been going on, or if it were going on now, we would know it. An operation of that scope could not possibly be kept under wraps. And that is not to mention the costs, which is another dimension of a logistics nightmare.

          • Nonsense. The system is designed to avoid your objections. The answer is: one at a time, same as they always do, same as they did for the 1/6 protesters. The Federal Secret Police have rounded up and imprisoned hundreds if not thousands of political prisoners and you claim that is impossible because of the numbers?
            The marshalls and deputies serving the warrants have no clue nor care about what the underlying charge is, they just serve the warrant. Then they nab you for failure to appear – who has a moral objection to apprehending a criminal who failed to show up for their arraignment?
            The word “quarantine” literally means the process you claim is unthinkable and undoable. Poppycock.

          • @Rebel

            Your rebuttal is effectively proving the point. Federal police have been tracking down Jan-6ers for over a year, and only have several hundred to show for it, and that’s with having a) cell phone data, b) security cameras, c) snitches and d) secret warrants. Oh, and a huge budget and the full support of the ruling class. If that’s the best they can do under those circumstances, how can you possibly expect them to round up, say, 100 million? Or even 1 million? And what if they had less-favorable circumstances?

          • not only that but if even a few camps are set up, how are they to be corralled, identified and transported, how are they to be fed, kept warm, have their fecal material treated and clean water supplied etc?. And what do you suppose they will do all day, just sit politely? Even the Germans had trouble with this and they were the most organized race on earth.

      • that’s how i see it too. the cities are already unmanageable, how will the progs build anything, that’s not their thing.

        • Posters above are citing the Jan 6 op as proof that the government could handle a serious insurrection. Problems:

          1) The Jan 6 people were well-intentioned but tactically, operationally and strategically inept, to put it nicely. Serious insurrectionists, of which there may currently be a talent pool of upwards of 10M, are not.

          2) Taking even a fraction of that number, say the 3M alluded to above, arresting that number of people could not be carried out “one at a time” or anything near it. It would in fact involve nearly 10,000 arrests per day if the entire force were to be rounded up in a year. Even the biggest law enforcement shakedowns rarely exceed 30 people. And those are big events that require significant planning, manpower and assets.

          3) USP Atlanta was recently shut down due to rampant corruption among the corrections staff. They shut the lights out, basically fired everyone and transferred all the prisoners out. This was almost entirely due to a large portion of the guards working for, extorting or colluding with a large portion of the inmates. This is a USP, the crème de la carceral crème. The case illustrates just how close to mission failure any current US prison is.

          Arresting 3M people, if they weren’t summarily executed, would involve increasing the active prison population by 150% and the feds alone by a factor of 10. Guards colluding with inmates is a serious problem at all prisons. And the fact is that most prisoners are extremely violent, antisocial and, frankly, dumb. Where you had a facility full of highly intelligent, prosocial, instrumentally violent but sympathetic prisoners who many guards may see as being natural allies, you’ll have a situation that is virtually impossible to control.

          Also, remember that prison guards don’t carry lethal weapons. That’s not because the wardens are humanitarians.

          In short, you would have to create from thin air a prison system annex that is 2-10 times existing capacity. You may soon find that insurrectionist prisoners who elected not to walk through the front gate are thanking you for building them a new command center.

          • I would add that, empirically, this is what you see in cartel-run areas of Mexico; prisoners often have guns inside prisons and come and go as they please, sometimes to carry out hits in surrounding towns.

      • Creating a national police force was the motivation behind the whole defund movement. Destroy local, build back better nationally. Thankfully, they won’t have time or enough follow through to pull this off.

        • Aren’t there a lot of earmarks for federal funds to be used to effectively buyout local police in the new $1.5T spending bill?

          • “Aren’t there a lot of earmarks for federal funds to be used to effectively buyout local police in the new $1.5T spending bill?”

            No idea. But if such a bill were passed–a mighty big IF–are we to expect all 50 governors and all 50 general assemblies to acquiesce? That just doesn’t seem even remotely realistic to me.

            Nor does it seem realistic to expect 100% or even 75% of local police forces to go along with such a plan or such a law or order.

            It is not realistic to expect zero popular resistance. And it wouldn’t take much to stop the whole thing. Not, I concede, in all 50 states, but I don’t think determined resistance from half the states is in the least bit unrealistic.

            You all are right that there are a shit-ton of fools and poltroons in this sorry excuse for a country, but there are scores of millions who simply will not cooperate, and the governments–plural–would have precious little recourse.

        • “Creating a national police force was the motivation behind the whole defund movement.”

          Agreed. 100%.

          “Thankfully, they won’t have time or enough follow through to pull this off”


      • Of course we have a national police force. Not counting all the feds, what you have is your local police department being just a field office for the national one.

        • Not in the county where I live. And in only one county in my state. And in only one county in any of my state’s five sister states, and the black sheriff in that county (where my daughter and son-in-law live) put BLM down in one evening, and they stayed put down.

          The governor of my state did two weeks to flatten the curve and then ignored the whole thing. And that was true in about half the states. And I would fully expect him and our General Assembly to say NO to concentration camps. The people of this state, too. Not ALL, of course, but enough to make the whole thing impossible.

          Ditto during the summer of BLM. Absolutely nothing happened in this county. And we have a black sheriff. He announced to the local press that BLM would not be tolerated in this county, and nothing happened. Ditto for the states around mine.

          There was *one* “incident” in our capital city, which was put down quickly and decisively, and that was that.

          FedGov does not have limitless power. They just don’t.

          The problems with concentration camps and all that are logistical. They are insurmountable *without* the acquiescence of almost the entire population. Determined resistance by relatively few men would stop the whole thing.

          • In an abstract way it would be interesting to see if the US population (or a proportion) reacted to something like this in a manner that is entirely different than every other population historically it has actually been done to.

            God forbid, but if it comes to that I hope you are right, but I can’t think of a situation where it resulted in the sort of pushback you are describing unless the force doing it was foreign to the nation.

      • Infant: My husband has raised all your points. And yet – check out the Fema website. How they’ve divided the country up into 10 districts. Who they’ve put in charge of those districts. The forces at their disposal. And you haven’t accounted for the complicity of the average White normatard.

        Did even one police officer in Australia have a neighbor rebuff him for the covid camps? Did even one police officer in Canada have his children shunned by others because he beat up a trucker protester? If this happened, I have yet to hear of it. Pavel Morozov may be merely part of Soviet historiography, but he’s also an archetype. One of the 6 Jan protesters, who was apparently a rather loud-mouthed idiot, was turned in by his own son. And still nobly proclaims he loves the little pr**k.

        You’re thinking too rationally here. Emotion is the key to how they’ll all react.

        • Werent people on CNN calling for the arrest and forced vaxxing of other citizens like, 4 weeks ago? Did you forget all the covid lockdown, internal passports, restrictions, fines, that were everywhere just a couple months ago? Re the belief of the commoners: the masked people driving alone in their cars? How short of a memory do you have to have there?

  27. “For normal people, this means a system that becomes increasingly erratic and paranoid about the general public. The things that matter like employment conditions, food prices and energy costs will continue to get worse. The standard of living is about to drop precipitously for most people. The quality of life is also going to decline.”


    This has been my main concern for a number of years now, even before the Covid Tyranny made is obvious that these people just think they can ‘shut it all down’.

    Yesterday, I left a comment detailing the hike in prices my end; in particular, detailing that such items were going to get dearer. I mentioned the importance of foregoing luxuries, and one commenter asked if I considered electricity, gas &c to be such (here in the UK). My answer is that they are not luxuries now, but I think they will be within my lifetime (I’m in my thirties, so there’s plenty of time to go).

    Western governments cannot do much in the way of help their citizens. Even if they knew what to do to make the lives of one group better, another would get worse. That’s assuming the plan could even be implemented in our highly distributed and scaled-out world. Thus, it becomes incredibly important for concerned men to start to think about how to prepare for the future that we’re likely to have.

    For my money, I don’t think I’ll see an end to private property rights in the next twenty years – so that’s a basis I’m working from (of course, I could be way off). But I do not expect: reliable energy generation and distribution, a fairly enforced law for the plebs, cheap and worthwhile educational establishments, a large and good quality source of foodstuffs, ‘elected’ politicians to help me in any way, local authority to sort local issues out competently. I just cannot see it, and to my mind, this is the least deadly route: a gradual decline and then tepid stagnation of the standard of living.

    The mental tooling to sooth this process is quite obvious: you accept the decline. You then begin to condition yourself to live without (what I at this point in time consider to be) luxuries: holidays abroad, expensive meals out, season tickets for a football team. Naturally, Christianity has it’s role here – a reading of the New Testament will detail suffering after suffering, and even those who were comfortable had little. A good mindset for the future, I think.

    I’m not advocating for a return to the Dark Ages, here. I don’t want it, but it is coming and it is just the timing that I’m unsure of. Another question for our types is that of the decline of social capital. My family have dropped people like we’ve dropped some luxuries since The Shamdemic, why? Because these people, whilst nice, lived in a totally different world, a world of plenty, a world where they cannot believe in State Evil, a Godless world. Drop those who will weigh you down, but seek others that will buoy you up in the bad times.

    As we’ve lamented here before, our ‘leaders’ have very little understanding of what needs to be done. But let us suppose that they did: how then to effect the change? I cannot be done, The System cannot be reformed only decline and – eventually – destroy itself.

    • I disagree about the private property.

      I don’t think you will get laws specifically to do this. Its not how the direction of travel is structured, as we seem to be in a post legislative world in many respects as demonstrated by recent events.

      You will get a digital currency, that is programmable plus all the corporates will join in restricting transactions based on terms of service as they do now for stuff like normal opinions or assertion of reality.

      Deviation from proscribed behavior will be met with removal of any property . Look at the language against Russia. The UK FS stated that Russia would get sanctions lifted if they “changed their behavior”. Its now the dominant nanny mind state in the entire ruling structure.

      The effect is that property rights will just be gone at some difficult to define time that we will see after it has passed the threshold.

      Personally I think that will be within 5 years.

      • Yes, I must admit to being a bit optimistic – and certainly used to think that an outright legal assault on said rights would’ve been out of the question. But, by stealth or by law, I imagine they’ll eventually be taken.

        A direct legal challenge would be most beneficial for us, as it would get shot down in flames. But, as you mention, it is the ’round-the-houses’ cuntery that’ll get it done.

        Of course, I also bet that any future society will have an enormous amount of problems doing all of this. It does seem to me like they have bitten off more than they can chew.

        • You are much more optimistic than me.

          I think they are in many ways already half way there, the rest is just a matter of keep slicing away until its done, same as all the other stuff.

          For example I recently got a letter from my bank about the new terms of service, which included me being discriminatory in any way to staff, or not being able to justify to their rules why I wanted to withdraw money from my on account (including possibly having to provide an invoice from a “reputable” company to support such a withdrawal as a reason),
          otherwise any withdrawal could be refused, or not able to deposit if I can’t show where the funds originate.

          I was also told if I did not agree I could move my account, but to where?
          They are all going to be there in a short period of time.

          The digital Pound is already in white paper form in the BoE, as is the Ecash in the US, and the one in Australia.

          The time is now it seems to me, not 20 years.

          • Seems that the rub is in how one uses a bank “account”. I use a bank to pay recurring bills. Excess money does not remain there. Digital would work as well as I really don’t see cash that often in those matters.

            The trick is if I can not pay bills or transact exchanges outside of the bank? Right now, I simply pay in cash. But after cash is eliminated…where do I do?

          • trumpton: Just got a message from a friend who’s at the bank trying to withdraw a relatively modest sum to pay workers on the few acres she just bought (exorbitantly priced, but she’s convinced she won’t be able to cross state lines so limited her search area). Bank told her she cannot withdraw more than $2k a day because they don’t have enough on hand. She is more convinced (and I would agree) they are concerned about a run. I realize each branch only keeps a certain sum, but at least as recently as 3 weeks ago I withdrew more than double that in cash and had no issues (albeit different but equally woke bank).

        • ” … an outright legal assault on said rights would’ve been out of the question. But, by stealth or by law, I imagine they’ll eventually be taken.”

          But it seems to me that that could be accomplished only with the willing cooperation of *local* authorities.

          Presidents and Prime Ministers can give all the commands they wish, but who is there to carry them out or enforce them?

          • “Presidents and Prime Ministers can give all the commands they wish, but who is there to carry them out or enforce them?”

            Having been in the military, I agree with that statement knowing how “shit rolls down hill.” so to speak. This is why I don’t pay any attention to any flag-rank people being interviewed about the goings on in far-flung places around the globe. For the most part – they don’t know anything going on “on the ground”. However if they decided to interview an E-8 from the 1st Ranger Battalion, or 5th Group, or a Gunny from the MEF, or Force Recon, then you’ll have my attention.

          • The legions of faceless bureacrats, for one. A couple keyboard strokes and a few mouse clicks, and you just lost “access” to every penny in your bank account. You will never know who did it or why, or where they are, and you will have no recourse. Prove what your account balance was and well give it to you; oh, that was only accessible through the online account we locked you out of? Too bad, so sad.
            Or your phone stops working, but you must have a phone based 2 factor authentication to access your mortgage account, or 401k, or checking, and boom, 5 weeks later your house is foreclosed. You will never know what hit you,, and you will have nothing to hit back at, short of going all Freedom Dozer (and we all know how that ended). This is NOT masculine tyranny of Stalin or Mustache Guy, this is the dictatorship of the Catlady Wine Aunt from HR.

      • “You will get a digital currency, that is programmable plus all the corporates will join in restricting transactions based on terms of service as they do now for stuff like normal opinions or assertion of reality.”

        I agree, but my conclusion is that this situation will produce black markets everywhere and for everything. And how can anything like that be controlled by the would-be “authorities”?

        No government in North America has the manpower to enforce all this stuff. And they can’t *get* the manpower.

        Everything is local. If I’m in Kansas, cops or soldiers in Washington cannot arrest me or bother me at all.

        If some would-be tyrant decides to make an example of a town or city somewhere, even the stupidest griller will see the handwriting on *that* wall and will act–finally!

        ” … plus all the corporates will join in restricting transactions based on terms of service … .”

        It is growing increasingly commonplace–and popular–to take what one wants from a shop or other business and walk away with it. It’s well known now. If corporations decide to make the plebeians toe the mark, the plebes can be expected not to take it well. Business would have to shut down. Obliging customers to hand in written orders and wait outside for their purchases to be brought out to them, as is now happening in some places, depends *entirely* on the willing cooperation of *every* member of *every* population. It would take only one man and one incident to demonstrate to all businesses everywhere that locking the customer out of the store is a non-starter.

        And supply chains are breaking down anyway, but even if they weren’t, it would take very few men to break them down or shut them down by killing truck drivers or others in the supply chain.

        I don’t see how a population as large and as well-armed as ours can be expected (realistically) to endure both privation *and* tyranny at the same time. One or the other, yes. Both at once, no.

        We are probably looking at a general breakdown of everything, together with a local barter economy, at least for a while, probably a short while, until some equilibrium is reached via a series of now-unpredictable events.

        My two cents’ worth.

        • I like this comment but disagree about the manpower for enforcement. Tech surveillance and volunteer Thought Police are in fact the “disruptive” “paradigm-shifting” “game changers” you heard about– which people over 40 tend to doubt, but I haven’t seen a good rebuttal from the Don’t-Worry-Google-Is-a-Business-Not-a-Government faction. Lawyer/judge-proof qualifications and libertarian-perv expertise have replaced interchangeability and common virtue, i.e. “work ethic” in the terms of using folks to get things done. Read the article in IEEE Spectrum about how Ukraine flipped over to the E.U. power grid in a matter of hours. Super easy, barely an inconvenience? Actually yes, for once. This is an uncharted situation.

          • Tech surveillance and volunteer Thought “Police are in fact the “disruptive” “paradigm-shifting” “game changers” you heard about … .”

            Anything the mind of man can conceive of or do or produce, the mind of man can find a way to defeat.

            Just the other day, a commenter here explained his idea–brilliant, in my low-tech opinion–about how to defeat drones with helium-filled balloons and wires or something that I cannot now recall. But the point is that the mind of that man is already devising a way to defeat the high-tech gadgets that the mind of other men produced and that the mind of still other men are now calculating a way of using to suppress *us.*

            There *will*
            be resistance, and that resistance *will* be (ultimately) successful. A lot of folks won’t live to see it, but it will happen that way simply because of human nature–the very thing that “progs” insist does not even exist.

            But it does.

        • Agree. Humans are nothing if not inventive. Millions will find work arounds if the psychopaths try to push a CBDC. The whole system is broken anyway, so now is a good time to think about alternative systems to replace the dying empire: homeschooling, local support networks, barter, etc.

        • You dont have to shoot every injun. You just shoot the one who gets furthest out front, and after 2 or 3, no one is out front anymore and you get away.
          Same as it ever was. Pour encourage les autres.

        • The KillDozer moments will be the destruction of the control matrix grid ( internet, wireless network, electricity distribution ) by those with nothing to lose. These systems are incredibly fragile, the number of techie staff capable of repairing it is small, many parts are fabricated in China, Taiwan etc. When no-one can access electronic media, payment systems, the big data control grid etc, then we will have a level playing field for those of us who can rely on more traditional skills, systems and lifestyles. You biggest enemy will be the ‘electronic zombie’ normies who are hopelessly addicted to their electronic way of life, who will turn you in and call for your death just so they can carry on in their digital prison.

      • digital currency is not the future. barter is. no one is going to take bidencoin for a sack of turnips.

      • if I cannot access my bank account to receive money in, then obviously I cannot pay out money to anyone, so no electric, water, sewer, garbage, cellphone, insurance gets paid. I just stay home, tend the garden, read books, feed the chickens and keep the firewood pile topped up. Life is good..

    • I haven’t been out of the country for over 2 years. First travel was banned, then it was banned for the unvaccinated. I have thought before that this lifestyle is much more in line with my ancestors, most of whom probably never left their county their whole lives – let alone their country.

      COVID was a good test to see how you’ll fare in the New World we’re getting. Sounds like you’ll be just fine.

      • Great observation. I haven’t been to a restaurant, cinema, footie match or rock concert for two years, or on a foreign hol. Who knew we could survive without these “essentials”? Scum like Macron thought that we would fold if we were forbidden these things. We didn’t and we wont.

    • Private property rights have already been grievously wounded by what the controllers have done to truckers’ bank accounts and Russian billionaires’ yachts.

      The unrealized gains tax they keep chirping about is another tool they will use in conjunction with rising property taxes to force people from their homes.

    • “You then begin to condition yourself to live without (what I at this point in time consider to be) luxuries: holidays abroad, expensive meals out, season tickets for a football team.”

      I began doing this when I began nearing my “end game” cashout, knowing that my passive income would be far less than what I was earning then, beginning the day I hit my goal and went offgrid, so to speak. I was 52 when that happened. I’m pushing 76 now and while I miss travel, it os not owing to monetary reasons. I miss nothing of the rest and lead a very satisfactory and serene life with cash to spare in some months. I no longer “do without” or scale back, however, due to the accelerating approach to the final goalposts.

  28. We’re talking about a nation which cannot internally reconcile its need for excellence with its emotional desire for affirmative action for women and minorities. That alone is destroying us. Time is not on our side.

    • The MSM and social media and the corporate sphere is gradually, but relentlessly pushing psychosis down everyone’s’ throats.

      Until that breaks there is no way to turn that ship.

    • The complete collapse of excellence in the education system is an 800 lb gorilla few are talking about.

      My STEM college’s alumni mag is nearly unreadable word salad about racist diversity initiatives, green energy scams, and dystopian transhumanist initiatives.

      The mag from my STEM grad school is the same.

      They both run articles on vibrant alums for their video game collections and Wakanda costumes.

      Older alums are complaining about the woke rot in the comments section of our school’s website and threatening to cut donations.

      I figure this is commonplace in the US university system now.

      • Wild Geese: And yet the college educated crowd – not merely the woke women but the HBD or nominatively conservative Stem guys – are all still paying tens of thousands a year to ensure their daughters can go to a good college. Because in 4-5 years they’ll need to have a solid career that won’t be offshored. Because despite their comments about believing in HBD or population replacement, they still choose to live as though things will always continue as they are, world without end.

        In the face of utter uncertainty, I prefer Orange Frog’s preparations for the future to that of the ‘go to college and get a credential’ crowd. It’s far more tangible and will prove far more useful.

      • “I figure this is commonplace in the US university system now.”

        My mother got a BS in Home Economics in 1944. She is still living and doing well, and she gets these full-color, slick-paper publications from her university, and I leaf through them now and then.

        Same BS. Some negress has managed to beat an egg or some such.

        But of all things to manage to politicize, quantity cookery and food technology are among them. Not the availability or the production of food, but the *preparation* of food.

        It’s almost unbelievable, but there it is.

        Food. Food is political.


          • “I think you are making a category error in describing it as political.”

            How so?

          • @infant

            They are not political IMHO.

            They are part of a systematic and sustained existential assault on the very existence of all white culture. Hence it invades everywhere.

            I do not think that categorizing it as political is helpful as it hides and distracts even in our own mind from what is an intentional war of extermination by pretending its a political disagreement.

            Doing so is fooling ones-self as to the terms of engagement, which is why Europeans just stand around in confusion as they get imprisoned and removed in their own countries by constantly mistaking this for politics.

            Personally I don’t categorize some one assaulting me, harassing my children and burning my house down as though we are having a disagreement.

  29. The liberal Americans I know think that Biden was a great choice for President and seem to have no issues with the way things are going. Not sure if it’s possible to share a country with people like that either. And people like this aren’t capable of having their own country since it’ll immediately get destroyed, or invaded (both currently seem to be happening).

    • I think this is important to remember. The same group that elected him are the same that still admire him. I cannot fathom, in any way, that Republicans will be able to remove him. The laptop story is another non starter. Just like Burisma. Just like the freedom convoy(s). Just like Qanon. Just like the Podesta emails. Just like the DNC emails. Just like Benghazi…… just like Iraq……….

      • The laptop story is not without purpose I believe. Leverage a prison sentence on one’s child to get the current President to step aside is what I’m betting on. It’s insurance.

        • Compsci: Sorry, but must disagree. Don’t believe it will make a blip on most people’s radar. Even if Biden’s spawn gets convicted, no way he’s going to prison. And so what if potato steps aside? He’ll be replaced by different variety of vegetable. I side with Eloi on this one.

        • To have leverage, you must have two seperate points of contact. My left pinkie can have no leverage against my left ring finger because they are part of the same hand.
          There is thus no leverage against Biden the Higher; those who would use it are part of the same appendage.

      • Yep. These stories all break on the scene. The conservative alt-media start parroting the usual “explosive!” headlines, then it all vanishes. Remember Weiner and Clinton’s emails that were going to bring down the system?

        • Those John [m]olesta emails are still incredible proof of the pedophilic proclivities of our overlords. I forgot about the Weiner laptop though – that whole thing was absolutely something that got major coverup – way beyond any videos on the crackhead Biden’s laptop. On his is probably evidence of 1)Hookers 2) Underage hookers 3)corruption. That Weiner email (Huma’s husband if you don’t recall) was so clearly silence from WWAAAAYYYY up.

    • “The liberal Americans I know think that Biden was a great choice for President and seem to have no issues with the way things are going.”

      For these people, it is unlikely that they’ll ever see – even when they’re eventually, very obviously, enslaved… or put to the sword by cultural enrichment. I look at such people and have visions of them being rudely awakened by a culturally enriched home invasion, and then bad things done to them, and then limply watching as The State (The Evil) does nothing to help them. Maybe some light sentences, but then again, maybe not. I simply cannot see that such people will ever relief themselves of the illusion of what their country is.

      It is worthy of note that even in my small north UK city, office employees remark about how much of a vegetable Biden looks to be. No American Potato has even inspired that much in the way of office gossip – the guy is comical (although his incompetence is terrifying).

      • They might note that Brandon seems old and unfit, but then they will talk about how Britain First is racist and not vote any further right than “respectable” Boris Johnson.

        Perhaps most people are like this because we simply didn’t have democracy for that long and it’s unnatural. They’re natural sheep who just do as they’re told and for most of history didn’t think much about politics because it was above their rank.

        I would be interested to do a family line analysis. I know in my family the people less susceptible to Globohomo all come from lines of small business owners, tradesmen, and farm owners. The cattle (and there are more of them) come from servant lines. Democracy makes us all “equal” with disastrous results.

        • “I would be interested to do a family line analysis.”

          Some such studies have been done along these lines, although as I recall, it didn’t involve family lines, but the conclusions were that political and social attitudes and outlooks have some kind of innate, maybe genetic, component.

          Can’t remember for the life of me when these studies were done, or by whom, or where.

          Googled this one up rather quickly:


        • B125: Definitely agree there is some genetic component. Even though we’ve only bought raw land and don’t yet have any structure there, it still amazes me how people react to this. My husband said everyone in his small office is always asking him when and what we’re going to build (he didn’t actively publicize but neither did he hide our purchase, particularly as we had to use one of his office staff to get things notarized during covid). They find it intriguing because it’s something none of them have considered. Same with a lot of his former govt. friends, all of whom have a lot more $ than we ever did (they were always double income families and made sure to send their kids to ‘good schools’). Husband’s cousin was shocked and ecstatic when we shared the news – said something to the effect of “everyone always talks of doing this, but you’re the only one I’ve known who’s actually done it.”

          I think it has a lot to do with the fact that most of these people come from peasant ancestry. Even those of German ancestry came to America after 1800. Even those who took advantage of the homesteading act usually did not actually own their own property in Europe. The Irish and Italian and mass of the post-civil war immigrants almost all came from peasant stock. They generally settled in the cities. They performed unskilled labor; some were craftsmen who set up small businesses. Even when future generations achieved economic success, it was used for other purposes – not buying acreage. Big houses, travel, college, sure . . .but buy land? Never occurred to most of them.

          The only person I have ever known whose family had land and a farm is my friend from West Virginia – and her family came here from England in the 1600s.

          • Great news on your land. We’re in the process of looking ourselves. Now, providing the State provides a guarantee of your property rights or it has weakened so much you are able to defend it violently and not risk the State coming after you, then wonderful! There is much to be done with land. Very much indeed.

            Building, growing, coppicing, farming (don’t know much about it), sourcing groundwater… if you’re lucky then self-sufficiency is within reach.

            My wife and I have reasoned that we’d sooner live in an old trailer on land we own if things go South, rather than ever live in that hellhole London again. Or any city, for that matter.

            It’s a great move in these incredibly uncertain times. You’ve put your money into something with lasting value; something, in fact, that most normals will never demand because they don’t even know they need it, and they don’t care.

            In the same way that the future was once our rapidly industrialized cities, it’ll now be our own blood, toil and tears in small communities whose loyalty we can vouch for.

            Godspeed to you and yours, my dear.

          • Orange Frog: Many thanks and my warmest best wishes for your family as well. We are a bit economically stretched at present due to family responsibilities, but we are going to look at sheds/mini-cabins in a few days in the hopes of getting at least some structure up there until we can actually build what we want. Getting a well dug is a parallel primary goal. Wish we were 25 years younger.

            Just fyi, found this comment from someone in the UK at a utube homesteading video, may or may not be applicable to your circumstances:

            “Smallholding can be a challenge:
            * We used to have quite a few sheep … but then we got too old to chase them around etc.
            * We then got meat goats … but found we couldn’t tolerate dispatching them, as they are so intelligent.
            * Pigs? Nope – I can’t stand them. Also, again they are very intelligent .. and sadly can harbour nasty bugs.
            * Apples? We have a 700+ tree orchard .. but found that we couldn’t compete with the many other orchards around here .. especially the one run by the nearby government-subsidised college.
            * Free-range eggs? We have(had) 5 medium sized chicken sheds .. but the supermarkets suddenly refused to buy from smaller farms.
            We are now adding a big polytunnel to the holding and plan to go slighly more vegetarian .. purely for economic etc reasons, not out of wokeness.
            From now on, we will be growing simply for ourselves – not for resale.
            We have sold a big chunk of our land leaving just 2.5 acres around the house – but the new funds will allow us to properly equip the holding with bigger polytunnel, decent tools, solar, rain capture etc.”

          • Best wishes to all who want to try living off the land. Not easy in the best of times. Permit me to share a classic joke:

            Scene: a small town, in farm country, outside the local bank. Farmer Jed goes into the bank, withdraws a large sum of money. Then he stands on the sidewalk out front, offering to sell $100 bills for $85. Needless to say, he soon is doing a brisk business.

            One of his friends comes along, sees what he’s doing. “Jed, are you out of your mind?” he asks.

            “Beats farming,” says Jed.

          • “Getting a well dug is a parallel primary goal. ”

            I emigrated to a beautiul, temperate valley in central Argentina and very quickly learned the importance of mains water and a well to back it up. Later arrivals had to have wells. My son, an engineer with offshore oil drilling experience, launched a water well business after we’d discussed it. He was going gangbusters in our area, but doing so well (pun not intended) he attracted the attention of larger outfits and is now drilling water wells for oil and gas companies, contracts that pay much more. He now must train someone to run another rig plus his own so that he can spend more time with his family. If things continue as they’re now going, he will be able to “retire” from active daily operations by the time he is 50. Water WORKS!

      • Yes, it’s amazing how many of the WW2 jews marched off to the camps, even dug their own graves and climbed into them without a bleat of protest.

  30. “American presidents have often been shown doing cool outdoor things like chopping wood or playing sports. Society needs a leader and one who looks like he is fit and ready to lead. That is not Joe Biden.”

    I always told My Lovely 🥰 Mrs. that with his energy Donald Trump looked 10 to 15 years younger than he is. Joe Biden looks 10 to 15 years OLDER than he is.

    But then again I’m old enough to remember the cries and snark of his opponents that a doddering old fool of a President shouldn’t be trusted with the nuclear codes and that he’d start WW3 and get us all nuked.

    Good times, good times. Maybe I should stream “The Day After” to get myself in the mood of the times.

    P.S. Anybody seen Code Pink lately?

    • I haven’t seen Code Pink, but the Washington Free Beacon had an article yesterday about the SPLC. Workers were wearing masks outside while protesting the requirement that they return to the office full time. Some of these organizations will end up imploding as they cannot control their workforce and there is no natural endpoint to the woke madness they have put in place.

    • Oh yes, Code Pinko’s truck makes an appearance here in Berserkeley every winter. As you can see they are TERF’s:

      Meanwhile, in the upscale Rockridge district of Oakland today, a 20 something bearded hipster male was standing on a corner with a clipboard taking donations I assume, and wearing a shirt that sad “End White Supremacy.” I passed him by and thought later of saying something like, “I want to end anti-white racism. It appears you hate your ancestors, your heritage, yourself. With all due respect brother, you are lost.”

  31. There are other pressures too. Soaring home values mean higher property taxes for homeowners. The end of low interest rates this year limits consumers ability to borrow. Student loan payments have not been made for almost two years now.
    There will be further demands for debt forgiveness, which thankfully Biden has resisted. Someone in there seems to understand how bad it looks to pay off the debt of Beltway lawyers making over $200k on the backs of people who never went to college or already paid their loans. Maybe they are just having the ultimate “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” moment. I would expect them to attempt some sort of maneuver where requiring blacks to pay back their students loans is considered racist and not required though. They are already trying to make failing HBCU’s effectively free to attend.

    • I think they will tie it to “reparations” in the not too distant future.

      It will be effectively a white tax to pay off the non white student loans and provide them with “free education” for evermore as payback for industrializing the world, enabling an extra 5 billion people to live and viciously letting them into the country.

      This would be easy to push through at this point.

    • And doesn’t the inflated home values make a perfect thing to tax under the new “billionaire” tax? After all, your home has gone up in value – unrealized gains. Isn’t that one of the great wealth disparities? Isn’t that another great way to force you to sell your home and move to hive megacities? Doesn’t that help create equity?

      • “After all, your home has gone up in value – unrealized gains.”

        Yes, the proposed legislation stipulates conditions that would require–not just permit–that very thing. What is more, if you property’s value collapsed the next year for some reason, you would not get a refund.

        And I was wrong yesterday when I said this was to be an executive order. It is legislation that has to get through both houses of Congress. And the mid-terms are approaching, and the GOP candidates have to get through that even though, as ZMan points out today, they are dedicated to the proposition that nobody deserves any representation after the elections, least of all from them.

  32. Personally, I hope they keep going right along with Biden and/or Harris for at least four years, and the more corrupt and ridiculous the elections and candidates in the next couple cycles the better.

    America getting what it asked for good and hard is the only way past this.

    • The longer Biden – Harris remain in place the better for us. Additionally, I hope they find a way to keep Trump off the ballot and the GOP picks a ticket of Nikki Haley and Tim Scott.

      • The only thing that might go in our favor regarding Trump is if he were allowed to win. Him winning would accelerate the collapse and possibly lead to something new a little faster. That being said, the carnage that would result from all of this would be disastrous. I think it would finally wake normie up though.

      • My guess:

        President Hillary
        VP Romney

        She’ll bring back the draft and send your daughters to Ukraine.

      • I would argue Americans did ask for/deserve this, even if the election was stolen. Americans have been complacent as all these things have happened. Americans have stood by idly as American school systems have radicalized our youth into faithful believers of the one true religion. Americans cow when called racist for wanting voter ID laws or border security. The cowardice and apathy of white Americans is coming home to roost. On top of that, even if we had a candidate that was completely honest in the 1980s about the trade offs, Americans would have voted them out of office. Imagine this candidate in the 1980s. “I will cut back immigration to a trickle, but your 401ks, retirement funds, and home appreciation will stagnate unless you start to reproduce like the early 1900s.” I personally would trade all of my home’s appreciation to look more like the demographics of the 1950’s, but Boomers would have voted said candidate out of office the moment their 401k stagnated.

      • It’s fair to say about half the country did vote for this. I agree that if the vote was honest, Trumo would be President, and the Senate would have 52 Rs (see Georgia). But even if you negated the cheating, and accounted for the Rs that don’t vote in CA and NY because there is no reason, we are maybe at 52% Republican. But even that does us no good, as over half the congressional Rs are RINO Romney types.

      • Wrong. Was there some voter fraud? Sure. But the truth is that just shy of 50% of voters went with a dementia patient because he was a Democrat. And within a decade, demographic changes will mean that 50%+ of voters will vote Democrat in the presidential election.

        The Dems won’t need to steal the election ever again. They’ll win with the votes.

        The real “stealing” is the demographic changes. And you can’t fix that. Time to move on. It’s not your (or my) country anymore.

        • I agree with you Presidentially, because the Dems now know they only need to steal a few hundred thousand votes in the largest cities in 6 states. I only disagree with you regarding Congress on a technicality. The Republicans will always hold about 50% of the seats by moving more populist and socialist, which will siphon off enough hispanic votes to stay relevant. But even here you are correct substantively, as there will continue to be no difference between Rs and Ds, with the Ds being the front of the horse costume.

        • “The real “stealing” is the demographic changes. ”

          Exactly. It is genocide. We must confront the evil we face before we can destroy it

      • I beg to differ. Nearly half of this country asked for all of this. You are grossly underestimating the number of really, really low IQ morons we are forced to live amongst. Z Man said it best in one of his more recent shows. Retards shouldn’t be allowed to vote. They are grossly unqualified to tie their own shoes every day, never mind having a say in important political affairs that affect our lives. Women openly admit to voting for candidates because they are “handsome”. We just had a potato elected simply because the previous president said mean things on Twitter. We are a very dumb country, and we got here in record time.

    • Huge upvote. This is the best case scenario for us because it skips past the idiotic talk about good candidates and gets to the heart of the matter: dissolution of a failed system.

    • A facepalm is all I can respond to that. 🤦‍♂️

      Nice to see the Europeans are taking Foreign Policy advice from “Animal House”:

      Otter: “Bluto’s right. Psychotic… but absolutely right. We gotta take these bastards. Now we could do it with conventional weapons, but that could take years and cost millions of lives. No, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part!”

      Bluto: “We’re just the guys to do it.”

    • Just when you thought the gesture stupidity could not get any more retarded.

      These are supposed to be people entrusted with billion dollar decisions.

    • They’re just trying to delay their inevitable submission to the newly created petro-agro ruble.

    • Meanwhile, the Russians have has made some currency adjustments:

      The money quote:

      […] So, in order to get rubles, the West will have to exchange gold for them (there is no point in the Russian Central Bank accepting USD or EUROs as they could have just sold the oil for them in the first place).

      Furthermore, Russia said, to make it easier on you, we will discount the ruble when you exchange it for gold. So for example, say oil is going for $150/barrel in Saudi Arabia. If you have $150 usd you can buy 1 barrel of Saudi Oil. Or, you can exchange your $150 usd for gold then use that gold to buy rubles. So, assume the discount rate is 50% you can then buy 2 barrels of Russian oil for that same $150 usd. And what do you think people will do?” […]

      G8 governments are beside themselves and have issued a sternly worded statement.

      • These moves are quite savvy, and make sense in light of Putin’s educational and judo experience.

        I believe they are the opening stages of a long-term plan to build up the ruble and undermine the petrodollar.

        It will be interesting to see who blinks first after the March 31st deadline passes.

      • I’m a gold bug going way back. But I’m also cynical enough to doubt that we will see a gold-backed or even linked anything any time soon, especially the Ruble. 😀

        A few Gulf Wars back, there was talk of a gold Dinar, etc.

        The West’s monetary system hasn’t even had a tenuous official link to gold in half a century. Even that was largely window dressing which is precisely why it was scrapped in 1971.

        Gold or silver backed money never lasts long, although there are a few cases in history where it lasted a few centuries. The temptation for governments to debase coinage (really old tech, although still practiced: that’s why even the penny lost most of its copper 40 years ago), the printing press (old tech) or creating money at the stroke of a keyboard (current tech.) As a wise man once noted, governments can create credit and money. But they cannot create wealth, real goods and services.

        Remember the rule: Only gold is as good as gold.

  33. Looks like 2022 could end up being “The Year of the Four Emperors” for the Evil Empire. What a fascinating precedent — the “right”-wing party wins total control of Congress, then immediately uses the 25th Amendment to oust both the “President” and the “Vice President” and install…. Mitch McConnell, I guess. They’re dumb enough to try it, anyway, which is how you end up with an insane Leftist Man on a Horse.

    If they were smart — and I know some big league guys read your site, Z, so please, y’all, think this over — they’d use the Biden laptop stuff they’ve already been dropping to hold a “truth and reconciliation” type deal for 2020. Declare a massive do-over special election or something. It’s either that, or… well, you know. Basic history is not a secret. (and yeah, I know, they’re NOT smart, so they’ll do the dumbest possible thing. I really wasn’t kidding about President Mitch McConnell, may God have mercy on us all).

    • Thinking about it, one scenario is that they remove Harris this summer and install someone new. Maybe Lizzy Warren as a Hail Mary to salvage the midterms. After the midterms, Biden resigns. The GOP would have a huge say over who is VP, but the inner party would have someone controllable in the main job.

      The more likely scenario is they push Biden out after the midterms and they are stuck with DMV Lady. This allows the staff to remain in charge since she is more of a vegetable than Biden. The GOP will then pick the VP who will be promised control of foreign policy. That means a super-neocon.

      • If the left side of the uniparty were smart, it would install Bernie Sanders. He’d reenergize the populist/socialist wings in the party and probably dull the red wave. I know they’ve screwed him in the past, but that’s precisely the reason his installation would save them. Plus he’s more controllable than one would think. Watch videos of him from 2000-2010 (ish). There are interviews where he talks about open borders being harmful to Americans, and it being a Koch brothers wet dream. Now he’s full throttle pro-immigration. The uniparty gave him a proper “reeducation.”

          • They are in power. They have implemented every program they have wanted in my memory. Fanaticism should not be conflated with stupidity.
            To be clear, I know they are unable to cite facts, use basic reasoning, or even make cogent points – the common metric of stupidity. But they know how to operate within the system, at least indicating shrewdness.

        • Maybe they should do it as to who has the most second homes gets to be VP.

          Should be a big field. Is Bernie tops with 4?

        • If the Cabal would have been content with President Bernie then they wouldn’t have blatantly sabotaged him during the Bernie-Biden playoff. The BernieBros were a very pickly type for a long while afterwards.

          Bernie is a Socialist but he’s clearly not THEIR Socialist. Bernie’s domestic policy would not have been much different but he certainly would have played Ukraine differently than “Burisma Joe”.

      • Harris would never go quietly and I can’t see the rising class of Brahmins in the tech industry letting her get forced out either. What would be the pretext for her removal? They can’t use lack of competency, it isn’t applied to anyone else in Washington.

        • “What would be the pretext for her removal?”

          Anything. The MSM will repeat it, and the public will believe whatever they are told.

          If the right people decided that she had to go, she could be “convinced” rather quickly and easily to “resign for health reasons” or some such. Say she’s “a Covid carrier.” Pay her off and send her packing.

          And my guess is that her price would be low.

          • Such a scenario has been done before with Spiro Agnew, VP under Nixon. Nixon was on the verge of Impeachment—when that term meant anything—when all of a sudden (yeah, sure) Agnew was in the hot seat for petty bribery as Governor of Maryland. In a few short weeks, he was gone, Ford was in, then full speed ahead to cashier Nixon.

            Cynic that I am, I always assumed that VP Harris was already compromised upon her election. TPTB simply have kept the dirt on her under wraps for a case such as dumping Biden and her.

          • During her press conferences in Poland and Romania, you could see her looking at the men in charge, begging them to answer basic questions directed at her. Even in all her narcissism, I think she knows she could not handle the top job.

          • Infant: Disagree. She likes her title and perks. Blacks and browns really value the imagined prestige. Living large. She won’t go quietly. Don’t forget her husband Emhoff. He won’t let her go quietly.

      • Z:

        Stacey Abrams is rested, ready, and eager to step up to the plate. Because the White House needs more sass.

        • Stacey is ready, ready to chow down on the plate she filled up at the Sizzler buffet.

      • and if the uniparty cannot stem the collapse after a new stooge is installed? as you have pointed out, real world consequences are happening now, and getting worse by the day. propaganda is useless in these conditions, it just makes people more angry (and more frightened). forces have been set in motion that have taken on a life of their own; china and russia can now see a path forward that collapses america without (obvious) risk of a war. and biden and co handed it to them. IMO the Pinochet option is the only move that has any chance of success, now that the political/business class is so catastrophically inept.

        • When Jon Lester was still pitching, it was well known he had the yips with his pickoff move. So he never threw over to first base. But knowing he could try, base runners usually did not get big leads and try to steal second. Biden tried to throw to first base and launched it into the seats. Now, every baserunner knows they can run at will on him.

        • Is the Pinochet option really that far fetched? The military is a woke joke but I am sure there are some cool heads at the Pentagon who can see the mushroom clouds on the horizon unless Biden is ousted (and Blinken and whichever of the Obama crowd has their hand up Biden’s ass)

          • I think they actively monitor for that sort of thing now across the west. They learnt from the past.

            Look at Germany where 600 or so German Army members are under investigation by counterintelligence and they disbanded one of the KSK commando units over rumors they were planning on targeting left politicians..

      • Most likely. All hail VP Victoria Nuland!

        (Seriously, though, that’s why a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” is the way to go, boys. Since it’s “the staff” who are screwing things up, it’s “the staff” who most need to go… but since they don’t stand for election, there needs to be a purge somehow. Scratch that, there will be a purge somehow, since what can’t continue, won’t. It’s only a question of “when” and “how” and “who’s running the rubber hose room.” I feel weird offering really solid advice to The Uniparty (who of course won’t listen anyway), but the alternative is far worse. I’m like Hobbes that way — “peace at any price,” though the price is horrifying).

        • If I were advising Trump, I would suggest he promises to purge the neocons from the foreign policy establishment and permanently revoke their security clearances. He would never do it because Israel, but it would be a good way to personalize public anger over endless wars.

          • He would be dead before signing the paper.

            Or more likely, they would refuse to go, and he would do what?

            It seems the presidency is effectively a token position at this point, like the Charles I monarchy.

          • I’d advise him to do exactly what Biden did on Day One: spend the afternoon countermanding each and every Executive order Biden signed, while reinstating all the ones Trump himself put into play during his term.

            Let’s show the world what a clown show this “democracy” is.

          • People say Trump should have fired Fauci and yes he should have. Fauci would have refused to leave and the establishment including most of Congress would have backed him. I doubt he could have forced Fauci out of government.

            How could a competent leader purge the foreign policy and intelligence establishment? I don’t even know where you would start.

          • He should have moved his office to the Aleutian Islands or Diego Garcia. When he refused to show up, then he could be fired. The trouble is Trump was surrounded by people who either hated him or were incompetnant.

          • Yep. Trump—the shrewd selector of top personnel (as in “you’re fired”)—proved to be amazingly inept in his personnel selections upon entering office. He got high off of his own PR hype.

            His narcissism lead him to assume he was able to make a deal with anyone, but for the most part his “staff” proved woefully inept or traitorous. That was the problem I was afraid of when he ran for the office—a naive political entity lost in the swamp of American politics. We’ve seen it before with these “not of the political class” upstarts—Schwarzenegger, Ventura, and now Trump.

          • Keep in mind, the Senate has a select committee that must approve all presidential appointments before they can even go to the full senate for a vote. I believe Rubio is the lead Republican. So any non-uniparty appointment is dead on arrival. If you can’t cut off the heads of all our agencies, how can you even begin to remove all the traitors below?

          • There would be a rush among every uniparty judge in the country to see who could be first to slap an injunction on the order.

    • The idea of the Republicans holding a “Truth and Reconciliation Committee” literally made me laugh. The visuals. The self-denunciations. Some strong black woman chosen to play the role of Aunt Jemina as Super Lawyer.

      And, of course, the intelligence community leaking really nasty shit about the GOP’s cooperation in the coup attempt against Trump and how the CIA was the True Hero.

      My money is on Harris, despite the disastrous consequences, becoming president after Biden resigns January 21st and Admiral Rachel Levine receiving unanimous Senate approval as vice president, with McConnell tone policing base opposition and handing out envelops after stiff pours of Maker’s Mark.

      And, of course, de facto separation accelerating among the states as the dollar becomes worth at best a dime.

    • The faster the Vichy Right shows itself as being nothing but the obedient lapdogs of the Left and their collection of spiteful mutants and obsolescent farm equipment, the better. Changing the doddering old man nominally in charge for a doddering old man from Kentucky who will pursue the same insane policies as dictated by the apparatchiks in Tubman might finally break the illusions of the Grillers.
      But it will probably take an aircraft carrier going down with all hands for that to happen.

      • They pretty much have, no? The whole Ukraine thing really cleared a lot of the smokescreens of bullshit that had been masking peddlers of GOP/neocon talking points (eg, Instapundit). Hilarious how quickly those people went from screeching about “media lies about covid” to parroting every retarded Pentagon/state department briefing as though it were the Gospel.

        • Right?

          One week everyone’s an epidemiologist and expert on human biochemistry.

          Next week they’re all experts on geopolitics and modern combined arms military operations.


    • Unfortunately (??) the 25th can’t be used by Congress alone, so even if / when the R wing of the Uniparty takes control of Congress in January, they have no direct mechanism to remove either Harris nor Biden short of full impeachment & conviction. Getting the impeachment through the House is fairly trivial if you’re determined enough to do it, but getting the conviction requires 2/3 of Senators to vote “yea”. And the D wing of the Uniparty will never go along with it in either case – in Biden’s case because they know damn well Harris is unfit; and in Harris’s case because they’d lose control of selecting her replacement who would of course then in turn take Biden’s place.

      Biden will ultimately have to either die in office or suffer from such a serious medical event that the Uniparty will be left with no choice but to remove him. But suffer no illusion that the Uniparty will do so short of that.

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