The China Trap

Note: I did a 90-minute interview with the Friends of Aquinas channel. I have to say it was a very enjoyable conversation. The Monday Taki post is up. Of course, Sunday Thoughts is up behind the green door along with Thursday War Talk.

The Western media has been set to frame the war in Ukraine as a replay of the events in the 1930’s, with a healthy does of American moralizing. Putin is Hitler, of course, and Ukraine is the totally innocent victim. The narrative this time is different, because the “good guys” were ready and they have lured Putin into a trap. Biden made public what has been said privately, which is that Washington is planning regime change for Russia and then will move onto regime change in China.

It is entirely possible that this admission is not the result of a Biden gaffe or a bit of 4-D chess by his handlers. instead, this may be part of a trap laid by China, and to a lesser degree, Russia. Joe Biden admitted what most world leaders have understood since the war in Iraq. That is, the Global American Empire has no respect for the politics of other countries, so if they see those politics as a hindrance, they will try to decapitate the government and install a friendly regime.

Further, the reckless response by Washington to the Russian invasion has caused most of the world to rethink the global financial system. Saudi Arabia is now talking with China about doing business in something other than dollars. India has struck a deal with Russia to do business in rupees. India and Russia are now using China’s alternative to the SWIFT system for bank communications. Suddenly there is a race to build parallel financial structures by most of the world.

The primary beneficiary of this result is China. The reason the world prefers to do business in dollars and use US treasuries as collateral is the system of rules governing global finance are rooted in the dollar as the default currency. Those rules benefit America at the expense of the world, but the trade-off has been a fixed and predictable set of rules, including responsible management of the global currency. That trade-off no longer makes sense thanks to Washington’s actions.

That has been the primary result of the sanctions. Washington broke the basic rules of the system to launch this attack on Russia. Cutting off Moscow has been seen by most of the world as a violation of the basic promise of the system. Cutting of the Russian central bank without consulting the rest of the world is probably going to be viewed as the great mistake of this whole affair. That is supposed to be a punishment agreed upon by the world in only the worst cases.

The question no one is asking is whether China saw this as a potential outcome of the Russian invasion. They seem to have been prepared for it. Similarly, Russia seems to have been prepared for the assault. The ruble declined but stabilized after the Moscow central bank stepped into stabilize it. China was ready to meet with India and Russia to work out a joint response. Even South Africa seems to have been in the loop on what to do if Washington came down hard on Russia.

The fact is, Russia never would have gone into Ukraine without knowing the Chinese would backstop them financially. Russian is a big powerful country, but it is a relatively poor country so it cannot go it alone for too long. It is true that Iran has figured out how to get around the sanctions regime, but Russians have had a taste of the good life and would no doubt tire of the hardships. With China and India bucking the sanctions regime, those hardships are now greatly minimized.

Reports indicate that Washington was telling Beijing that Moscow was plotting the invasion and may have signaled their response. China has plenty of spies embedded in Washington, as well as the big social media companies. People forget that China downloaded the data from the Office of Professional Management. They have lots of close friends in Washington politics. The point being is that China probably had a good idea of what America was planning as a response.

If you look at a map, what you see is that most of the world is not going along with the sanctions regime on Russia. Instead of the West isolating Russia, it looks like it is the rest of the world isolating the West. More important, the cost of the sanctions regime is hitting the West where they feel it, their wallets. Prices are soaring in Western countries for food and fuel. Britain is about to experience the biggest drop in the standard of living since records have been kept.

It very well may be that the reason Russia invaded Ukraine is it was part of a much larger plan to deal with the Global American Empire. Russia saw the chance to reassert her ancient claims in eastern Europe and weaken NATO. China saw the chance to bait Washington into smashing its own financial system. The rest of the world is objectively looking at things and seeing a new multipolar world. They want to be on good terms with all of the new power centers of the future.

It is too soon to know if Washington is being played, but the indications thus far suggest they do not see what is happening. Allegedly, the Biden people did not talk to the Federal Reserve about their sanctions regime. This is why cutting off the Moscow central bank has blown up in their face. That is the sort of error that suggests the decision makers are not thinking things through. They also seem to have fell for the military assessments from the Pentagon.

We will know much more in the coming months, but it is possible that what we are seeing is the result of a clever trap laid out by Beijing and Moscow. The war in Ukraine is just one piece of a larger puzzle. This is a puzzle clear to everyone but Washington, which is still high off the fumes of the 1990’s. They still believe they are at the end of history and leading the world to the promised land. Instead, they may be leading the West into a massive financial disaster.

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189 thoughts on “The China Trap

  1. Let’s assume the worst.

    These people intend to reduce the world population by billions.

    They don’t particularly care about the living standard of the rest.

    They know the finance system is fucked already, and they don’t intend to save it.

    Instead they want to introduce a new one that would function as a tool of oppression the universe could not have fathomed before.

    Other powers of this world are to be dragged into the ensuing chaos, since they intend to rule in hell.

    In this light, everything goes according to plan…

      • I hear you. I don’t understand why people promote actions that increase the likelihood of a nuclear exchange? Not enough recent films or games illustrating the devastation of a nuclear blast? I mean, the folks are fear primed, look at the insanity of the Covidians?

        Perhaps the best outcome is one or 2 major blasts on American soil. A reality test. What cities would be the best US targets for this reality test. Nuclear Blast Real vs Covid Vaccine not real.

        BTW, I’m so sorry for those in this mind game scenario, just as I’m sorry for the ones volunteering for jab number 4. *my background music is “don’t go breaking my heart,” by Elton John and Kiki Dee*

  2. I just finished your Taki column. So Neoliberals like Francis Fukuyama are honorary members of Conservative, Inc.?

  3. Wouldn’t it be a just fate for the Deep State, the Western elite that is pushing for the “Great Reset,” or whatever their idea of rule from the shadows is? Now, please don’t accuse me of saying that I want to see America and other Western nations fall into the ditch; I AM afraid that we may finally be driving the Cadillac into the ravine. What I AM saying is that the West, the USA specifically has been “too big for its britches” for at least 2, arguably 3 or even 4, generations. The USA has in many ways lived at the expense of many foreign lands. Perhaps that’s changing. Maybe it’s way past time it did. If this is the change in process, yes it’s likely to take us down a peg or five. Our standard of living will drop. By how much is anyone’s guess. By all means, blame international Jewry (it’s traditional). We will do well if we avoid World War III.

    • One of the now dated lessons the neocons learned from the first Gulf War is that the Russians weren’t going to stop us.

  4. The trap was set in Tel Aviv. The Nose bankrupted us, used our blood to kill his enemies, raped and shat on our culture and traditions, stole everything worth stealing. Now the bigSnout seeks a greener pasture. 110, fuck these evil bastards. Ukraine is a fucking psyop like the covaids but people keep gawking at the talmudvsion , believing what paid off shitheads say.. Fucking grim.

    • These people have made a serious miscalculation. The grass is always greener on the other side, except when it isn’t – it will be browner. They had it good here, but for spite, they destroyed it. They will regret this as life in a browner, yellower world will be much worse for them and everyone else.

  5. Re your Taki post: As wrong-headed as Naomi Wolf has been about the book you mentioned and many other issues, she has recently been right on target when it comes to Covid totalitarianism.

    • Dr. Wolf has been very good on Covid.

      I like her site’s focus on legal strategies. There is a pretty good search tool for finding problem legislation and sharing it with people.

      Ironically, she’s married to an Army vet that works as a private investigator. Revealed preferences, indeed.

      I wonder if she ever goes to the range with him.

  6. Z, I agree with you more often than not, but I think this is a little off. I can’t help but remember what Bismarck said. “I could not have invented Boulanger, but he happened very conveniently for me.” More likely, the people in charge in Washington, who are highly opportunistic, just didn’t think this through. You yourself once spoke of them, I think, as having “The cleverness and rapacity of vermin, but they aren’t good at thinking through the downstream consequences of their schemes.” What we’re talking about here isn’t the result of some fiendishly clever Chinese strategy, just malignant stupidity in Washington. You nailed it the first time.

    • I think there is not so much conflict in the theories, and we can bridge these interpretations 1) D.C. is populated by clever vermin; 2) The China People, as Don Blankenship dubbed them, recognized the limits of modeling vermin behavior and planned accordingly. In other words: Trust them to be heedless skunks, but verify their skunkery is in fact still disorganized as one would presume.

    • Wholeheartedly agreed that 80% of our folly has been the case of Washington stepping on its own toes. However I think there’s a ton of opportunism occurring here on the part of foreign powers (China, India, Saudi Arabia, etc.) to break away from the GAE and have political and financial options.

  7. “Britain is about to experience the biggest drop in the standard of living since records have been kept.”

    Seems that where I am, that duo of portable wood burners were worth the 300 English Sterling I laid out for them. Of course, I have plentiful wood supplies here too, so that’s at least an ability to heat food and water if it goes full, fuller, fullest retard.

    I know next to nothing about Ivans and Chinks, but I do know what comes through my mailbox: energy supplier sends a letter informing me of a whopping 54% hike in electricity prices (about an extra 1,000 pounds per year), local garage has fuel levelling out at about 1 pound and 65 pence, babies nappies hard to get (apparently, they’re made in Ukraine!), flour is up &c. I could go on but you get the point.

    I’ll not lie here, though; for my wife and I it is quite concerning, but the challenge is accepted. I’ve thought long and hard what a gradual return to fewer luxuries would be like and I’m glad we prepared mentally a long time ago.

    Word on the street in my neighbourhood, when it does veer toward The Most Terrifying War Of All Time will buttress itself neatly against the price rises. People can see it, and it is not just the poorer folks – this stuff is eating into the once comfortable middle classes. There are folks who are still talking about the holidays they take twice each year! If The Shamdemic didn’t dampen your spirits, perhaps epic price hikes will.

    • “I’ve thought long and hard what a gradual return to fewer luxuries would be like and I’m glad we prepared mentally a long time ago.”

      OrangeFrog, so electricity, gas, and baby diapers are now luxuries? ;-(

      OK, I get what you are saying, but the UK is/was a first world country of superior genetic stock. Your describing Africa style living.

      • “Your describing Africa style living.”

        He is describing war. From the perspective of a combatant. I salute this O-Frog, and support that thinking.

        Much of the war made on us these last two years have been laughable. Oh-oh, can’t go to see a ballgame without injecting untested Nuremberg war crime substance into your body to submit to government? No, no way cannot pay $150.00 to take the wife out for a badly cooked meal, served by illegals in the back of the house, or the front. Or both?

        They upped the ante, no willingly submit to a war crime, no job. No travel. Next round it may indeed go to no food. No heat.

        So if you do not prepare for the next round your choices may come down to one: submit.

        And who says they are not happier in Africa with simpler lives surrounded by family? Are you only accepting the narrative of those that hate you? What’s the COVID ‘rate’ in Africa? Jab rate?

  8. We are “ruled” by deeply unserious people.
    Feckless and reckless and dangerous people.

  9. Putin isn’t Hitler. Putin is Chamberlain. Just as Chamberlain at Munich was buying time for the arms industry to ramp up before confronting the Nazi’s in Germany. So Putin from Minsk (and the cunning swine wasn’t even there!) onward was buying time for his hypersonic arms industry to ramp up before confronting the Nazi’s in Ukraine, and their NeoNazi handlers in DC.

  10. Pertaining to Putin’s grand scheme of the restoration of Mother Russia:

    European history is interesting because for so many centuries, they were the most powerful countries in the world. There were the Greeks, the Roman Empire, and various European countries from the 15th century through today. One trend I have imagined in my study of said history is that “modern” European history went from domination by the Spanish, the French, and then the English. Germany had never really been “the” major player, but as the 19th century drew to a close, it seemed obvious to everyone, well, at least the Germans, that it was “their turn”. This was thwarted by the Anglo-Jewish banking powers in WWI. WWII was just around the corner, after an engineered worldwide depression occurred. Once again, the Germans’ turn was denied them. Only this time, they took England with them. And while England is still in some respects the world center in banking and financial control, TPTB have decided a unified Europe will be the new leader of the world. However, it may be Russia’s “turn”, especially if American currency is dealt a blow by Russia and its allies. I know most people would say China is the obvious choice, and it may be. But, China has had its chance in the past and forsook world domination by choice. They thought they had the best of all worlds at home, so why spread out and engage in a fool’s errand of “ruling the world”. The spanner in the works is the fact that millions of Chinese have left China for centuries now, and have major populations in other countries, like Britain, America, Canada, Australia, Southern Asia, etc. And what they never accomplished by a conscious effort, they may accomplish through breeding.

    • A country does not always follow previous history. The Arabs, a Semitic people from the Arab peninsula, had no history of conquering the neighboring countries before 600 AD. Then Muhammad and Islam happened.

      China today combines traditional ethnic Chinese chauvanism with the poison of first Marxism and later hyper-capitalism. It is official CCP policy to become #1 in the world and dominate key natural resources. We are ‘white devils’ to them. Living under their gun will be short, brutish and hard.

    • China may have sown a great diaspora. They surely can lay claim to one of the world’s oldest cultures and sets of traditions. But I doubt it’s highly monolithic. Yes, there will still be family ties, but these weaken greatly after a few generations Somehow, I don’t see the Chinese in Vancouver, San Francisco or Australia having a lot in common with the rulers of the land of their ancestors, especially if two or more generations back.

      Spain provides a good historical example: there are roughly two dozen countries that are her children, yet Spain scarcely has any more influence or relevance in the affairs of today’s Argentina or Mexico than the UK has upon New Jersey.

      None of that is to say that there haven’t been and sadly won’t continue to be powerful elites that control money, governments and sometimes get lots of innocent people killed. Those people, to a large extent, are a people who throughout their long history have never had a country of their own.

  11. Despite the media hype, no one with a functioning brain cell in Germany (or France, Belgium, Italy, etc.) believes WWIII is heading our way. We may not like Putin, or agree with this conflict, but his reasons for doing this are clear – in 2009 he took Georgia, 2013 Crimea, and now he’s wrapping up with Ukraine and will most likely pick up Moldovia along the way in the near future. He has no grand visions of a new Europe, only a grand vision of old mother Russia.

    Does Europe really care? No. Not really. Despite what the media romanticizes about the countries Putin has and will invade, they’re all the poorest and most retched countries you can imagine and obviously not European either so we have zero ethnic ties with any of them.

    In fact, Putin is doing Western Europe a huge favor. This way they don’t end up in the EU as they will only suck yet MORE euros into their corrupt little corners of the world. Good riddance!

    • This is my view. Europe would better off if historic Russia is restored, the Visegrad countries are a neutral buffer zone and the West is free of American meddling. That last part is the major issue.

      • ” the West is free of American meddling. That last part is the major issue”

        The war in the Ukraine largely was agitated so the United States could continue to meddle in Germany and the rest of the West, so point taken.

        • But even if that happens, will America ever stop meddling in foreign affairs? It’s like a hobby with your government. Your country’s history speaks volumes going back well over 140-years.

          Western Europe has enjoyed nearly 80-years of unprecedented peace and prosperity, and mainly thanks to you. And still the US government seems intent on maintaining a constant state of war or conflict somewhere (anywhere) in the world which has nothing to do with real US interests protecting US citizens.

      • The ideal buffer would be Visegrad + Austria, since at least then there would be some Germans running things.

        The major geopolitical issue, though, is, “is Germany soft on Russia, and do they want to do a (relatively bloodless) Molotov-Ribbentrop do-over?”

    • With regard to WW3 kicking off, I’m far more worried about what the lunatics in DC will attempt to do or how they will respond to Putin’s next moves.

      Gonzalo Lira just did an excellent deep dive on Cookies Nuland on his YouTube channel.

      To sum those two hours up, she has a lot of ancient ancestral hatred driving this, and her fingers are on every last little piece of this entire mess.

      • Agreed. There also is a distinct danger that the corrupt buffoons will ignite a nuclear war and not just by accident.

      • I’m about 40 min into the video: it’s very good. By 15 minutes in, a normie will have gotten the plot. He uses generic terms like bureaucrat. Then it goes deeper.

    • Yes. I completely forgot about the South Ossetia business way back in 2008… didn’t see many angry people then.

      Mark you, that was when I still read The Independent.

    • “Despite the media hype, no one with a functioning brain cell in Germany (or France, Belgium, Italy, etc.) believes WWIII is heading our way.”

      Yeah, well, in July 1914 nobody with a functioning brain cell would have believed what things would be like in July 1919, either. Or July 1945.

      Stupidity, arrogance, and fecklessness have a way of contradicting what “functioning brain cells” believe.

  12. Shortly after the Ukraine Schlagfest got started, here in Germany, diesel was going up 10-Euro cents day for the first few weeks of the conflict. My wife also commented that she couldn’t find sunflower cooking oil in the local shops as the shelves were empty. Aldi and Lidl even posted signs limiting purchases of other cooking oils to 2-litres per person.

    At that same time, I had to make a trip to Czech and while there discovered not only were fuel prices significantly lower than in Germany, but when I stopped by a small grocery shop (not Aldi or LidI) they had cases upon cases of sunflower oil still unopened and all the shelves were full.

    It would seems the problems we’re hearing about from German media somehow don’t occur in Czech. But I suspect if German reporters can’t see if from Google maps, or find a reference on CNN or CNBC then the problem simply doesn’t exist anywhere else.

    If you’re curious, you can compare fuel prices by date and location on this website and see exactly what was going on in the world –

    • ” … in the local shops as the shelves were empty.”

      This has been true in my part of the States since the very beginning of the Covid hysteria, starting with toilet paper. One never knows what will be available and what won’t. They only think that has been available normally–without interruption or rationing–is fresh produce, b/c it is produced locally.

      “Aldi and Lidl even posted signs limiting purchases of other cooking oils to 2-litres per person.”

      And that, of course, is food rationing, but nobody will say that out loud. Yet.

      Thanks for posting that info., Horst. I’m glad to get such info from other locations. My sister, twenty miles from me in a neighboring state, has never seen shortages or rationing of any kind at any time.

      It defies explanation.

      • Toilet paper, still? Jeez. My son has said same of other things, mostly stuff you wouldn’t think too much about. In my bike business, getting cork handlebar tape from overseas has been somewhat difficult lately.

        • “Toilet paper, still?”

          No. That was at the very beginning of the covid hysteria. I could have–should have–been clearer.

          My fault.

          ” … getting cork handlebar tape from overseas has been somewhat difficult … .”

          Yeah, it defies explanation.

    • The same people that hate Russia, old hatreds, hate Germany. They want Germans snuffed out. Every. Last. One.

  13. I believe that Russia was obligated to do what it did in Ukraine, but knowing that they very well could have said “while we’re at it how can we use the overbearing response from the U.S. to our favor?”

    I like listening to libertarians say “I’m morally opposed to countries invading each other.” It’s like saying “I’m morally opposed to lions attacking limping gazelles.” Goes right up there with “start your own Verizon Wireless.” Harry Potter fans playing that stick game are more grounded.

  14. The CCP and the various arms of Globohomo – the top floor of the ideological movement spearheading Western demographic, cultural and economic suicide – probably work in similar ways to gain and hold influence; bribery, blackmail, insinuations and, sometimes, assassinations. The CCP has clearly penetrated both DC and Brussels. Why the CCP wants the West to collapse is clear. Why Globohomo wants it is far less clear but much in evidence. The relationship between the CCP and Globohomo is one of the important mysteries of this age but is presumably a mix of rivalry and cooperation. The CCP is not unlike the WEF with the world’s factory base, 1.4 billion subjects and nuclear weapons.

    • “Why Globohomo wants it is far less clear but much in evidence.”

      My take is that the Globalist American Empire in the early days was trying to bring China into its orbit with its traditional method of coopting local elites. The deal is that local elites, in exchange for compliance and obedience to GAE, both get to sup at the trough of the international system (at a rate controlled by their “betters” in GAE) and have their local rule guaranteed by the institutions of the empire.

      However, Chinese elites saw our old WASP American elites as barbarian thugs. I suspect their appraisal of the pack of yipping multicultural hyenas who conquered and displaced the old WASPs is far less flattering. The Chinese view is that just because a thug can knock you down and take your wallet, doesn’t make him your better.

      There was NEVER any chance that Chinese elites were going to accept playing second fiddle to the trash of Washington DC and New York City. The Chinese have been playing a long game from the very beginning to dominate the arrogant barbarians who sought to control them. They were happy to accept our industry in their country while they invested in their own people and civilization while ignoring pitiful attempts to constrain them with round-eye nonsense like international intellectual property rights.

      The GAE didn’t see this from the beginning because they are arrogant and stupid (poor pattern recognition capability). The currently manifesting outcome is neither the first choice nor the original plan of those running the GAE. The GAE made a play to dominate Russia and China and thus effectively conquer the world. They failed hard and know it. I suggest that they are now making a fevered and rushed attempt to cut off what they consider their core possessions from the larger international system that they are losing control over, in an attempt to preserve power and wealth. It’s not that they want the West to collapse, but that they want to cut its hamstrings to keep it under control.

      • Great comment. Something went horribly awry a few years back. While I suspect Soros is a comparatively mid-level Cloud, his anti-Chinese rhetoric has ramped up more and more. Something happened, and I agree it likely was China laughing at the very idea they would be subservient to Team Globalist.

      • >”There was NEVER any chance that Chinese elites were going to accept playing second fiddle to the trash of Washington DC and New York City. The Chinese have been playing a long game from the very beginning to dominate the arrogant barbarians who sought to control them.”

        Or, as a wise man once put it:

        “Now it is not good for the Christian’s health to hustle the Aryan brown,
        For the Christian riles, and the Aryan smiles and he weareth the Christian down;
        And the end of the fight is a tombstone white with the name of the late deceased,
        And the epitaph drear: “‘A Fool lies here who tried to hustle the East’.”

      • China already learnt this lesson during the opium wars.

        I doubt they wanted to replay that scenario.

      • It was a very different aspect of Globohomo behavior I had in mind with that sentence; the 3rd world immigration and trashing of culture through ugliness and oversexualization. I agree with your view as to their reaction to China.

    • ECash?

      Of course GAE would come up with the fakest and lamest possible name for their beast coin.

      • “Of course GAE would come up with the fakest and lamest possible name for their beast coin.”

        LOL! Ain’t it the truth! I kinda had my heart set on something alliterative and Karenesque like “digidollar.”

        Still and all, I suspect that “ECASH” will be difficult enough for a distressingly large segment of our “citizenry” to warrant its use.

        • If the parts about a $2000 maximum limit on ECash holding and unrealized gains taxes are true, one would think that the grillers would notice that and take action.

          Otherwise, get ready for the global human cattle pen.

          • ” … one would think that the grillers would notice that and take action.”

            Yes, one *would* think that.

            We shall see how long it takes grillers to notice what’s happening and put it together and figure out what to do an then do it.

            And how much power the mass media will have when a very simple issue–like ECASH–is forced upon them. Will the griller class continue to allow the mass media to mediate reality itself for them? And if so, to what degree, and for how long?

            I’m sort of relying on state legislatures and governors to say NO to the whole thing.

            It has happened before.

          • Given a lot of people now pay electronically via their phone/card would anyone really notice if those payments were in SlaveCash rather than Dollars?

            Its just magic beans of one flavor or another as far as they are concerned.

          • What action would that be? SCOTUS ruled in the 30’s – I believe – that unrealized gains are unconstitutional and yet here we are.
            Only one thing will stop these people and no one has the stomach for it.

    • Infant: I saw that last night. I also read, a few days ago, the Zerohedge piece that Bile Jones linked to. I skim and scan a lot at utube, and while recognizing everyone there has his own angle and is trying to maximize followers and monetization, I still pick up bits and pieces of info here and there, while fully trusting none of the purveyors.

      Fwiw, there’s a self-styled financial guy – one of the few who generally doesn’t just push PM – who seemed unusually agitated in a recent posting. This guy is normally fairly low key, not always screaming that the end is near, and he appeared genuinely worried, urging listeners to get their $ out of the bank and into anything tangible. Again, I am no one’s blind follower, but there have been a fair amount of ‘hints’ out there of late about digital currencies and a massive change in the financial system of both GAE and the world in general.

      Whatever happens, it is sure not to benefit the average White American or European.

  15. In America we have an evil party and a stupid party. Occasionally, Congress does something that is both stupid and evil. We call this bipartisanship.

    The Uke War and sanctioning Russia has received nigh-universal support in DC.

  16. This is nothing more than a controlled demolition. They are doing everything they can to destroy the dollar as the reserve currency. Our destruction and enslavement is just around the corner. There is no stopping what is coming so you best make the hard choices now about what you are going to do.

    • “This is nothing more than a controlled demolition. They are doing everything they can to destroy the dollar as the reserve currency.”

      They are destroying the economy of the entire world, actually, so that they can “build back better.”

      “Our destruction and enslavement is just around the corner.”

      Tomorrow, according to Martin Armstrong.

      “There is no stopping what is coming so you best make the hard choices now about what you are going to do.”

      It *will* be stopped. They *will* fail in their mad, evil scheme. The questions are “When?” and “At what price?”

      I have been hoping that Putin or Xi or somebody with assets in AINO would activate assassins; snipers. It’s being reported now by William Engdahl that the Ukes have been using assasin/snipers and have knocked off several Russian general officers and the Admiral of the Black Sea fleet, so somebody, at least, sees that a general catastrophe might be avoided by getting rid–immediately if not sooner–of certain evil individuals.

      Fingers crossed.

      • I find it hard to believe that flag rank officers are being taken out in great numbers. There seems to be one I’ve seen pictures of, but otherwise nothing. Best not to believe the Uke propaganda. You are being taken in.

        Flag officers don’t decorate themselves and walk around the troops on the front line posing for target practice.

        • “I find it hard to believe that flag rank officers are being taken out in great numbers.”

          The word I used was “several.”

          “Best not to believe the Uke propaganda.”

          Agreed. But it’s not Uke propaganda:

          “You are being taken in.”

          Comment would be superfluous. 😉

          • It’s all Uke propaganda, because the MSM–German or other–gets to see only what the Uke’s want them to see and hear. The Russians are silent on these matters as is their nature.

            That now a Russian Admiral is kaput means nothing in the scheme of things. You could document another dozen generals and all you’d have are twelve more casualties to add to the overall total. And no one is irreplaceable in an modern, large military–albeit, free thinking, independent Russian soldiers are not the norm, so leadership elimination at a lower level is tactical–but flag staff, doubtful in my mind.

            Nothing you’ve posted–all of which is undocumented/unreliable to my skeptical observation–means Uke, *or* Russia is winning. Winning however does not mean white flags and long lines of men marching back home, that’s WWII stuff.

            Russia may indeed lose this war, but most likely not on the battle field, only in the eyes of potential rivals via a poor showing of their military tactics and equipment. This is looking likely.

            As I said previously, the clock is ticking for Putin. We took care of Saddam Insane in 42 days in the first Gulf War. But these were sand people. Russians against what are basically other Russians is another matter.

    • Nonsense.

      You have to remember that Globohomo exists in an artificial bubble of prosperity fuelled by unsustainable debt. When people start to starve, the shooting starts. When the shooting starts, loyalties will be tested. Most of America actively hates Biden now. Over the weekend, when he told the 82nd Airborne they’d be in the Ukraine soon – he cluelessly sat down eating pizza while the squaddies glared at him.

      Globohomo Inc has clearly misjudged the Russians, just as they have misjudged Americans – many of whom are already seething at the stupidity going on at the gas pumps.

      Putin has played these people before. The fact is, he’s probably personally murdered a dozen powerful crime families similar to the Biden’s, Clinton’s and Pelosi’s already.

      The world is going to change, but the chances of Globohomo surviving it are pretty dismal.

      • that’s my take too, that globalists are so incompetent and so immune to reality, that they have to be taken out just for everyone else to be able to conduct business. and who is going to support their mad schemes in the field? the only group with access to the goody bag is the laptop class in DC. they are like al pacino in Scarface, at the very end, all alone and face down in a pile of cocaine. they have fukked over so many people all over the world, who not only want them dead, but want to do it personally.

      • Glen: Speaking of artificial bubbles: scanning the net yesterday one of the little sideclips at the Daily Mail Online caught my eye: “Putin is a laughingstock,” says sexually androgynous old c**t Jamie Lee Curtis, with her adopted transgender child, of the leader of one of the world’s great powers. And she and her coterie believe this, and believe their opinion matters, and is certain the rest of the world seriously considers their pronouncements.

        Smug, solipsistic, psychotic. Wish Putin would target the left coast with one of his razzle-dazzle new missiles.

        • Curious comment! Jamie Lee Curtis plays the at-first clueless wife of deep cover super hero Ah-nuld Schwartzenegger in the movie “True Lies.”

        • I see this all the time, 3G. Most parents, especially mothers, will throw common sense to the winds when their kids come home and announce that they are queer or trans or pan gendered. They will expect others to as well. When my daughter came home and announced she was queer the shitlib grands read me the riot act and told me to accept it or be banished. I hit the road and we didn’t speak for years.

          My mom finally broke down and allowed me back into her magnificent presence…but then the Covid Monster attacked and I was banished again because I wasn’t vaccinated. 😂👍

          Mom is a big fan of Jamie Lee Curtis, the View, Ellen Degenerate and all the Hollywood morons. I kinda wish my banishment was still active sometimes. 😆

          Our esteemed blog host has the proper attitude towards these types. They are for amusement only, and with the odd interesting study of mental illness.

  17. It seems obvious the morons in DC didn’t compute the various negative permutations that might/would result from this idiotic sanctions gambit. Just like the covid lockdowns. But, as others have mentioned, maybe it’s been the plan all along – screw their own people and then attempt to move onto Ruskies, and Chinese.

    I guess the question is how long are folks going to take it up the cake hole while energy and food prices skyrocket and inevitable shortages multiply – all in the name of our ever so precious “muh democracy”? Damn those DC dirtbags and their phony BS moralizing – we’re definitely in stage four cancer territory and extreme intervention is the only hope.

    • DC is simply incredibly high on its own supply.

      They saw how high the DXY (dollar index) was and thought, “What could possibly go wrong?”

  18. There seems to be different possibilities. I’ve been trying to assign motives to the elites for a while too, even before the Ukraine border skirmish.

    1) Elites & Washington are fully penetrated by the CCP. The CCP is using the opportunity to do a full economic and social collapse in the USA & broader West. Obviously so they can become country #1 and bring about a new world order, and also take over North America for its resources. We’ve also seen those stories in the news about “recycled white guys” ending up in China, maybe they would even allow limited immigration.

    2) The elites are controlled by some other group, like WEF, and seek to destroy the economic and social so that they can bring in their own New World Order. Could also include Small Hat plans in this category. In their sick schemes they are Gods and would love to be worshipped while we eat bugs. The world ends up multipolar, and there’s the West Globohomo vs. Soviet Globohomo vs. Asian Globohomo, end result no freedom or wealth for most people.

    3) The elites are actually just really stupid, female controlled, and weak. Old white guys are completely out of touch with current culture being controlled by 25 year old marketing kids that tell them “we ran this focus group, if you don’t make a Woke statement people will think you’re a mean raycist” etc. Women in power don’t think things through and react hysterically. As their rule gets weaker they double down and become more frantic.

    If one was trying to implode a nation you could say that they’ve done a fabulous job. Sexual liberation, open borders, economic destruction, COVID lockdowns, racial strife, shut down oil production, drug legalization, destroyed trust in financial institutions & democratic process… A+ effort. The only question is what comes next. The elites still have to live somewhere. Even living in gated compounds might not be feasible at a certain stage of advanced collapse, and they will probably not be welcome in other nations. Even Israel is distancing itself from the crazed and sick usa.

    • #1 is a no for me, unless the CCP somehow infiltrated the US government in late 50’s (or earlier) and has been running the show since then.

      I give #2 about 20% chance of being correct.

      80% for #3 mixed with some of #2.

      • The dust up in the Ivy League lends credence to #1. Ethnic mafias vying to be America’s pimp.

    • All of your options are possible. Another possibility is that the Ukraine war is just a sham. Deadly for the people on the ground for sure. But what’s a few tens of dirt people lives between men of real power. Putin, Schwab, the CCP and Globohomo’s DC office may be seeing eye to eye, putting on a deadly circus so we don’t have time to wonder what the covid, vaxx, imploding economy and many other mega crimes, were all about. Your options are also mutually compatible, especially if you stack them in layers. So hysterical females in DC are being reinforced to go by option (3) by handlers following (1) or (2).

      Because we don’t have the behind-the-scene information to determine which is more accurate, we have to assess based on behavior. Some of that behavior will be intended to mislead. The real power structures of the world are more opague and obscure than at any time since the fall of Byzantium.

      • “Putin, Schwab, the CCP and Globohomo’s DC office may be seeing eye to eye, putting on a deadly circus so we don’t have time to wonder what the covid, vaxx, imploding economy and many other mega crimes, were all about.”

        You might be right. But I dunno …

        These people can’t even keep their own creepy love affairs secret.

        They are certainly evil, but if they’ve got the brains to conceive and direct the machinations of “a fine Italian hand,” I haven’t seen any evidence of it.

        • I don’t personally believe my addition to B125’s options list is true which is to say I believe Globohomo’s hatred of Putin is genuine and mutual. But I’m trying to keep an open mind. Power has gone stealthy and one may be surprised.

      • Along those lines it seems a possibility that we could ask ourselves what each side is getting out of this if it is pre-agreed.

        The west gets its goal of a shock that massively reduces the availability of oil and gas, so it can play out its suicidal new economy renewable fantasy slaughter. And they get to blame it on Russia, who made them do it.

        Putin gets to wall off Russia from globohomo western media and finance so he can have a functioning nation that isn’t poisoned by this shit and move Russians away from the invading western influences.

        Each side seems to get a thing that they could not achieve voluntarily, but they seem to want.

        Ukraine is obviously going to be split down the middle to act as a wall.

        • “Putin gets to wall off Russia from globohomo western media and finance … .”

          I hope so. But just because Russia is through with the West does not mean that the West is through with Russia.

          Not by a long shot.

          The war in the Ukraine is just getting started, and (((they))) are prepared to prosecute that war to the last drop of Ukrainian blood.

          We’ll live in a kind of Propaganda Hell for many months. Maybe several years.

          They will keep an insurgency (with mercenaries) going for as long as ever they can with the intent to bleed Russia white and effect their precious “regime change” in Russia–before they move on to do the same thing in China.

          At least that’s what I think they intend.

        • trumpton, the reason I mentioned that possibility, which I don’t personally believe, is Putin’s known links to Schwab. But the links are, to my knowledge, not recent. They may not be allies today and my guess is they are not.

          • Who knows.

            It could be real, and we are one Mr Potato nap time away from being a nuclear wasteland, with an imploded economy in the meantime..

            On the other hand, the weird lack of information and over the top suicidal rhetoric points to it could be staged so both parties get what they want, and both can use the excuse that the other side forced their hand.

            Either way it seems to me Europe is getting the shit end of the stick in the face.

          • trumpton, Europe needs a dramatic change of trajectory to save itself. Look at Britain. What a fantastic history. And today, a pathetic, scheming American stooge. Europe needs to find its stones or I fear it is lost.

    • Door #3– These people are far too confident, arrogant, and myopic to have a ‘long plan’, they are simply use to throwing their weight around w/ no blowback. It is all very feminine as you’ve pointed out and we’ve discussed before. When you haven’t been punched in the face it is easy to run your mouth and make threats assuming that some meathead is going to rise to your defense.

      As much as it would badly hurt everyone the crash of the US dollar while catastrophic for us, may be the best outcome for the rest of the world. We are now a grotesque parody of the United States and simply wearing it as a skinsuit like ‘Buffalo Bill’ the tranny from Silence of the Lambs parading around to the disgust of all.

      • “Door #3– These people are far too confident, arrogant, and myopic to have a ‘long plan’, … .”

        I think you’re right in general, but the “these people” that worry me are the (((neocons))). And they *do* have a long-term plan.

        These are the people that drew up the “Project for a New American Century,” whereby they had planned to destroy seven countries in five years. They failed, but they did have a long-term plan.

        I think they have one now, and I think they’ll fail this time, too, but this go-round is going to be very costly in both blood and treasure, and Americans won’t be able to watch these wars from the sofa in front of the TV set. We’ll be more closely involved.

  19. As an aside, is not replacing Nord Stream 1 and 2 and other pipelines carrying NG with more expensive LNG from the US not only more expensive and much more dangerous? Boston was having a fit in the past about an LNG terminal in the harbor due to the dangerous potential of such a depot in normal times. Wouldn’t LNG terminals in Europe be sitting ducks for cruise missiles. The cruise missile payload could be reduced significantly as the the US drops off the extremely volatile and explosive materials right in the port.

    I mean, if a dirt person like me can think of that elementary catastrophic possibility why can the elite educated like Blinken and company foresee this danger?

    • Karl Denniger has a post on this. bottom line is there is a woeful lack of capacity in LNG, plus it is much more costly per billion BTU. it can’t replace pipelines.

      • One third of a quantity of natural gas is consumed liquefying the remaining two-thirds. Then, it’s put on a ship for transport. A portion of the LNG cargo is allowed to evaporate to cool the remaining LNG.

        This shows global warming is of no concern to the inner party. All that CO2 released for no good reason. And, according to them, Methane is a much more potent greenhouse gas.

        • But wait, there’s more and speaking of ships: “On Friday, the US agreed to attempt to deliver an additional 10m tons of LNG to Europe in 2022, equivalent to around 14% of total US LNG exports last year as Europe weans itself off its dependence on Russia (the world’s largest energy producer). In the longer term, the US has agreed to supply a further 35m tons of LNG to Europe per year out to 2030, should the additional LNG consumption remain consistent with existing European decarbonisation plans.
          Meantime, leaning in a different direction, India has announced plans to double the amount of coking coal it imports from Russia. Vessels carrying at least 1mm tons of coking & thermal coal are set to deliver the fuel to Indian ports this month, the most since January 2020. China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are also all showing strong Russian import coal volumes…

        • Its nonsensical.

          Russia exports about 160 billionn cubic meters per year to the EU. That is about 430million cbm per day.

          The larger tankers are about 200k cbm capacity.

          How many tankers is that PER DAY?

          That would have to multiplied by the round trip time of 28 days. to get a constant flow.

          Each tanker burns about 200 tonnes of diesel per day, with each round trip at 5600 tonnes.
          Its $3million just for the diesel costs.

          The math is so ridiculous I can’t believe people print it as a realistic option.

          • Well, ridiculous people print it, and even if they know it’s absurd, they count on their target audience (a safe bet…) being being profoundly innumerate, and thus easily enlisted in support of the stupid scam.

          • And to show its BS all the way down where does all the extra diesel come from?

            Given Russia supplies 20% of the diesel to the Eu as it is.

            So we just need to find 100,000 extra tonnes of diesel per day to carry the 400million cbm of gas per day we get from the king of the potato people.

            Sounds doable by the end of the year, no wonder they get paid such high salaries.

          • Trumpton. It’s remarkable what a person can do with a bit of math and a healthy skepticism for the “official line”. Thanks for the post.

        • So, yeah. It’s a money play, combined with an attempt to drive a wedge between Russia and Europe, and to thwart any consolidation of a Eurasian trading zone. If that last happens – Mackinder’s World Island – that will leave the Outer Islands on the outside, looking in in many ways.

          The vulnerabilties of the LNG supply chain should be obvious, but to Our Leaders, probably it isn’t, as they preferentially whim away any realities that disturb their feefees. Try whimming away an anti-ship missle, beotches.

          • There’s no need, if Trumpton’s figures are even ballpark. I’m too lazy to do any research, but if the figures are accurate it sounds that even if all LNG tankers were diverted only to supply Western Europe, it would not supply more than a tiny fraction of what comes from their east.

            The ridiculous plans lost to plain old economic and logistical reality; no enemy attacks on shipping or ports required.

        • You ever wonder why they’re called greenhouse gases? I mean, plants like greenhouses, right?

          Same with fossil fuels. If we’re burning dinosaurs, and dinosaurs once roamed the earth, wouldn’t they be more or less historically carbon neutral? And wouldn’t the carbon on the surface today be slowly sequestered by the same processes that put the dinosaurs down there?

          Idk, stupid questions, maybe.

          • The ironic thing about “fossil fuel”. is that a large part of it may well be abiotic which renews itself through inorganic processes in the earth.

            Unless dinosaurs had space rockets, or there is some other mysterious process that happens across the cosmos but is absent on earth, I have not heard a good explanation as to why Titan is swamped with hydrocarbons, or the horsehead nebula (among others) is massive cloud of floating hydrocarbon in space.


    • Never mind cruise missiles. One of those Turkish antitank drones would likely suffice. But I’m sure that the Ukrainians are keeping track of those and all the other toys their Western patrons are providing so no worries.

  20. An immense amount of world wealth is tied up in US Treasuries. Financial failure will hit the pocket books of countries with zero interest in the problems of the Black Sea steppes. At some point they must decide if they’re getting out or riding the ship down to the bottom. That will be the moment of truth. If the federal reserve ends up buying all the extant T-bills the game is over.

    • “If the federal reserve ends up buying all the extant T-bills the game is over.”

      The power to create money ex nihil is to be taken from the Fed and given to the Treasury, i.e., the White House. Biden is scheduled to sign the order tomorrow.

      And it was a couple of years ago that FedGov gave permission for Big Tech to go into the banking business, which they have done.

      Why Big Tech? B/c tomorrow Biden is scheduled to sign the EO inaugurating “ECASH.”

      The plan is to pay to everyone the universal basic income in the form of ECASH, and the (current) plan is to limit *everyone* to possessing only $2000 in ECASH. As time passes, they will withdraw real cash, and then we’ll be in their merciless, evil hands.

      So they MUST be stopped, and they will be, but it won’t be quick or easy or cheap.

      • Perhaps the answer eventually lies in a dual economy. One with payment in funny money. The other with payment in commodity like silver, gold, etc.
        Not perfect, but that’s where I’d go.

  21. If I was part of a cabal of globo capital with a penchant for C-suite payoffs from commie totalitarianism and I had just been party to a four-year long coup on the political head, after a 12 year-long coup on all of the essential institutions of power, after a 70 year-long war of attrition on the culture and social institutions, and I was in the final stages of looting the treasury and liquidating the collateral of a former empire I just might be looking to animate that head to lay down the cards face up too. I mean I’m not saying our fearless leader and the clown car are trying to destroy what is left of the empire, but if they were…

    • It is a fact that the US government is acting in a way entirely consistent with courting civil war. Such insane behavior requires extraordinary explanations which, in my opinion, entirely validates your speculation without confirming it.

        • “* courting nuclear war (but also true as typed by mistake)”

          On his recent trip to Poland, Biden traveled in “the Doomsday Jet.” And he also made the public statement that there is no danger of nuclear war.

          He did *both* of those things, so, yeah, you ae right.

          • Considering the rule of opposite of leftists, his reassurance re nuclear war made me feel even less safe.

  22. Our elites are foreign, or at least might as well be, right? They’ve declared themselves and justified decoupling from them domestically, too. Give it a decade to sink in. Or maybe sooner the way things are going.

    It’ll suck, but as the pain caused by the current system moves up the socioeconomic ladder, enough people will find the state of affairs intolerable— and America will catch up with the rest of the world.

    If I’m lucky, I might get to experience the fullness of being a freeborn American man in my lifetime. At least that’s the hope.

    • Collapse not revolution. I think they know this, hence them threatening to blow up the whole world. The thing’s too big. Revolution and reform are both impossible, but that makes collapse inevitable at some point.

      Again, the Great Reset is the attempt to manage the aftermath. That might be possible if they were in control and not their demons.

      • “Revolution and reform are both impossible, … .”

        I’m not sure. Depends on what you mean by “revolution.”

        I suspect that several–maybe lots–of the states will say NO to the ECASH diktat, just as they did to the Chinkypox rules.

        Doesn’t Texas have its own gold reserves?

        Doesn’t North Dakota have its own bank?

        • “Depends on what you mean by ‘revolution.’”

          It does. I’d consider secession more along the lines of collapse, but that’s semantics so who cares. Point taken!

    • Yeah the middle class is getting destroyed and even the upper middle class is starting to feel it. They seemed to sit back and do nothing, and even enjoy it, while the working class was getting destroyed.

      They also kept their neighborhoods white for longer. Today there’s immigrants fresh off the boat that can outbid the white upper middle class. Some Arab family can afford a $5 million McMansion just north of Toronto and play loud goat herder music all night (true story).

      UC admission is showing that the children of upper middle class professionals can’t get into good schools.

      The rot is going to screw these people hard. Could be a good thing as you say, Right Now they seem to be going ultra woke to compensate for their loss of lifestyle and privileges.

      • This has been the story out here in CA for a long time

        Talk to any white lumber or electrician or tradesman about how th country was screwing them with massive illegal immigration, and all the white upper and professional classes just yawned.

        Now it is going to be them, and they may finally realize that EVERYONE was going to get screwed, they just worked it up the social ladder gradually.

        And now doesn’t it make perfect sense why they “elites” and the ambitious were acting with the urgency of the world going to end and that getting oneself into politics was like grabbing a seat on a spaceship or ark that would take them to safety? For a long while, people have known that something bad was coming, hence their urgency to grab one of those prized seats for them and theirs.

        And what is the secret word to get on board?

        “Keev” perhaps.

        • If a mexican stole your drywall job it’s because you were too stupid to go to college in the first place.

          If the mexican drywall sub underbids you on the regular its because you were too stupid to hire your own off-book mexican workers to lower your bid to compete.

          If the entire trade union is now run by mexicans and all their “cousins” and you still can’t compete you are just racist and bitter about being replaced. Also replacement is a conspiracy theory.

          If you took out a bunch of loans to go to college and didn’t study STEM you were too stupid to compete in the NEW ECOMOMY and should LEARN TO CODE.

          If you did study STEM but kept getting passed over for jobs and promotions because subcontinent managers hired and promoted their own you were too stupid to keep up with the GLOBAL ECONOMY.

          If you took out a bunch of loans to go to college to study STEM but the coding jobs are low pay and low status and mostly off-shore you were too stupid to learn how to start an APP or become an “influencer”.

          If your coding and stem degree can’t pay for your college debt you need to learn how to get a side hustle. Perhaps dog walking via an APP.

          If you still can’t afford to move out of your parents basement and have no girlfriend and a 20 year old car and have resorted to “dating” via an APP that never seems to net you an actual person. Well f*ck bro, you need to go out and learn a TRADE and move out of the city.

          Bootstraps baby. Now buy one of my t-shirts so I can fill up my 15 year old car with gas.

          • “Bootstraps baby. Now buy one of my t-shirts so I can fill up my 15 year old car with gas.”

            Brilliant post.


            It ought to be printed on laminated cards and passed out on the street.

          • Slight aside to Screwtape’s comment on Mexican drywallers and in building trades. Right next to me—across street, down a few hundred yards—Is a $1M plus home being built, entirely from what I see are Mexican workers. Over six months and counting, the structure starts and stops as these guys are hired to do various aspects of the home—foundation, walls, roof, electrical etc.

            My son and wife have looked over the build any number of times on walks. WORSE CONSTRUCTION EVER! Son knows a bit about such as he’s an engineer. Foundation has shifted, cracks big enough to put finger in have been filled and covered. Walls are warped and drywall shimmed to cover up. Nothing is square.

            Whites in the trades can’t compete—because they actually know something about the building trades and are not about to trade their workmanship for minimum wage. You get what you pay for—or don’t pay for.

      • It has worked up the food chain and has been horrible on our people, particularly the working class. One consolation is it eventually will come for The Cathedral, and their wailing and gnashing of teeth almost will be worth the pain. Expect that one after Peak Cannibalism passes and the flesh insecurity forces the Clouds to literally bite the hand that procured their food. My assumption is that day is close. And, as you pointed out, The Cathedral will suffer infinitely worse because it did not expect their day also would come.

  23. The Americans still feel pretty safe. At the moment, there is no real alterative to the dollar and treasuries. But in the banking world, perception is everything. The world’s view of the US and dollar have permanently changed.

    We’re no longer trustworthy – and trust is the most important asset for a bank.

    I don’t know how long it will take or in what form, but an alternative system will arise from this. Granted, Russia and China were already trying to create such a system for the past ten years, but this makes that process inevitable.

    • Some people are going to find out that “following the rules” no longer works

      I know a lady who ran accounting for a large corporation and was perfect in her following of both corporate and IRS rules and would look at anyone who broke them as deserving of whatever they got. She was the ideal “person who made all the right decisions in life” and would subtly flaunt it. You may know the type.

      She couldn’t believe that I sometimes wouldn’t pay my taxes because I had to put the IRS in last place when it came to paying my water and power or whatever other daily necessities. I ran my own business, and these are decisions I had to make. Money at the time came in in waves. For her, working corporate, she had no idea that when the money is not there then Uncle Sam has to wait his turn. I have to eat and keep the lights on. I could see it her eyes that she didn’t find me to be so much a bad person but a bit of a shady one because I didn’t revolve my life around getting uncle Sam his money. She dismissed me as a person who simply, didn’t make the right decisions.

      Then I told her of the time the state taxing agency ransacked my business checking accounts. I woke up and all my business checking accounts were at zero. And this was without any legal warning or certified mail. What had happened was they had sent me a letter for one tax period only, but then they figured what the hell, why bother with sending letters and going through the process of collecting on other tax periods. When I spoke with them they admitted as much. “You knew what to expect, so we didn’t bother with jumping through the legal hoops for all the other periods”

      Needless to say, my trust in the system was completely shattered. I will never trust any bank again. Or any state agency. Now all those Canadian truckers know how it is in the real world for many of us.

      Ok, so that’s me. But you watch. It won’t belong before the lady at the top of my post has similar shit happen to her despite her following all the rules. Her faith in the system is going to be shattered too, and she is pretty much every typical older white mom in America.

      • “The power to tax is the power to destroy.”

        John Marshall,
        Chief Justice of the United States.

    • The seizure of citizen’s bank accounts who have not been charged with a crime also erodes trust.

      • Yeah, the seizing of the Canadian truckers’ bank accounts and threats against even those who donated to their cause right before the US and Europe seized Russia’s central bank assets was a serious one-two punch for Normies.

        The Canadian truckers was a much bigger deal for the guy in the street. Regardless, they both massively undermined trust in the system both on a person and geopolitical level.

  24. The US has perfected the techniques to destroy any foreign government that is even slightly liberal or has the trappings of a free press and a democratic vote. The dreaded “color revolution” is almost impossible to resist.

    Having seen shadowy 3 letter agencies run a color revolution “lite” in the US in 2018-2020, one wonders if Western Europe fears that if they don’t play along, they’re next on the target list for a regime change. Great Britain, Germany, France, etc….all seem like easy targets, and they don’t have the will to resist it. (Neither did the US, I might add)

    There’s a deficiency in western style liberal governments that makes them vulnerable to chaos. The US has perfected the playbook. But Russia, India, and especially China are watching closely.

    How soon before China runs this in the US? Indeed, if they haven’t already?

    • Gene Sharp’s short book, Dictatorship to Democracy is a good outline of the color revolution playbook.

      It seems like most of the techniques would work in reverse.

  25. The Biden regime change statement could be two things. One, it could have been inserted in the speech to titillate the media that is calling of WW3. It certainly did – even thought they back off it (Big lie stuff). The other is he simply continues living in the fantasy land that was on display back in the Clarence Thomas hearings. He is an unintelligent man who has long flattered himself as a leader and a man of insight. This is just a natural continuation of that behavior.

  26. Proforma CIA activity:
    Incite unrest to overthrow ‘bad guys’.
    Be surprised when in blows up in their face.
    Walk / run away from the aftermath.
    Lather / rinse / repeat on next victim nation.
    Spooks need (or will invent) an enemy to torment.
    As children, I suspect more than a few were the kids who used magnifying glasses on hot, sunny days to see how may ants they could kill.

    • They were the type who also phantasized about being a hero and playing with guns in their youth…but never becoming real soldiers. For this type, becoming a bureaucrat and taking their childhood phantasies into the realm of “the intelligence community” satisfies their adult desires. We now have incompetent children in government who think they are James Bond.

      • No, we have incompetent children in government who think they’re Ernst Stavro Blofeld. In reality they’re just his pussy.

  27. First, the Cloud People are all in, and it’s all or nothing for them and they know it, so risk is an irrelevant consideration in their decision-making. The coming false-flag gambit in Ukraine could well spark WW3, and they are OK with that outcome. Now go deeper.

    What have learned in the Ukraine War thus far? The entire affair was orchestrated by the Elites and now white guys are killing white guys in huge numbers. When the smoke clears, the dirt people will be suffering & starving, and the oligarchs will be eating caviar on their mega-yachts out at sea. And what will be the response? The popular “voices of reason” will be beating the drums for vote HARDER and promoting the canard that the next batch of RINOs will save the day. And the beat goes on.

    But we don’t have to bend over and take it up the ass. Instead of white guys killing white guys, we have better a better alternative. We can become antibodies and expurgate the disease cells. There aren’t that many of them and they are not invincible. When they give you a javelin, you don’t have to point it at the other white guys in that tank over there. Think outside the box.

    • I’ve been hoping for weeks that Putin would activate assets (assassins) in AINO to obviate the destruction of most of the Northern Hemisphere. He has disappointed me thus far.

      But sooner or later, *somebody* is going to DO this. Foreign rulers or domestic freedom fighters. Doesn’t matter. It doesn’t require an army. Just “a few good men.”

      And I believe that they are out there, ready to roll, or close to it. I seriously doubt that I’m the only one with this idea. If I have thought of it and hoped for it, so have LOTS of others, the difference being that they are young and I am old. They have sharp eyes, and I don’t.

      But they are out there. And they are thinking outside the box.

      I’d bet the rent on it.

        • Thanks for that, SidV.

          I’ve been wondering about that hacker
          group, “Anonymous.”

          They might take action against ECASH or the White House computer system or some such target.

          For that matter, N Korea or Russia or China or even Gucifer 2.0 might do something.

          Globohomo has plenty of capable opposition.

          • I would not get your hopes up. Anonymous are a front for the US 3 letter agencies more likely than not.

          • “Anonymous” started off as a group of 4chan users but the name has long since been coopted by US intelligence to obfuscate their work as some kind of grassroots group. Every time you see someone claiming to be “Anonymous”, it’s 100% an intelligence operation.

      • I always through that if someone like OBL wanted to really screw up America he would bomb some border town or something and blame it on Mexicans and watch the bubbling tensions between whites and Mexicans in this country blow up into a hot war and tear the social fabric apart

        My concussion was he didn’t really understand these nuances of living in America and thus didn’t think along those lines.

        Maybe Putin does?

      • Jason Bourne and Rambo are mythical creations of Hollywood and not in any way reality, so wishing upon a star for the cavalry to come riding to the rescue is wishful thinking at best. If you read accounts of Medal of Honor recipients you will see these men were ordinary in their normal lives and extraordinary in deed when the circumstances demanded the best they had to offer. That is the solution to our current dilemma. Ordinary men are obscure exactly because they are ordinary, and that is the only way to avoid the attention of the Stasi and Jackboot Corp. The construction worker or repairman carrying a lunchbox to work is not on anyone’s radar. Or the accountant, nurse, or truck driver. These are tomorrow’s heroes. Now add in some tradecraft, creativity, and the fog of chaos.

  28. Along the lines of what David Wright wrote earlier, there are at least some elements in D.C. that see Chinese global leadership as a good way to enrich themselves. Were these people positioned to cause this cluster? Dunno, but the Build Back Better/Great Reset regime has demonstrated enormous power. If it, or at least a portion of it, sees China as their way to get more coin, it isn’t much of a conspiracy theory to see everything going according to plans.

    The assumption had been the dollar would remain the reserve currency for at least another decade or two. That may be a stretch now, and those will hard assets rather than paper appear positioned to mop up.

  29. That is, the Global American Empire has no respect for the politics of other countries, so if they see those politics as a hindrance, they will try to decapitate the government and install a friendly regime.

    Rather off topic here but I’m not too fond of the moniker GAE: the globalists are not Americans in any meaningful sense of the word and they’re not espousing American values. It’s not America couping other countries because it’s not a bilateral political aggression, it’s the global cabal decapitating any government they don’t control, like indeed they did to America a year ago.

    • Agreed, Felix. The globalists are post-Americans, post-Europeans. That’s arrogant as hell and ultimately delusional, but it is how they view themselves. I’m no longer betting on them winning, either. They got a big win in America as you point out, but they are squandering it rapidly.

      • Agreed. These parasites have had a string of successes contingent upon their control of banking and finance…that ace up their sleeve they could always count on. I have a feeling someone is about to call their bluff. Stand by for hysterics.

        • “Stand by for hysterics.”

          Let’s stipulate instead exploding heads.

          Literally exploding heads.

          The Zapruder type.

          • Settle down. We are mere bystanders. Make this clear in every post. Zapruderx is most likely a red flag word, lolz.

        • The bluff has already been called

          We are living in the beginning of the end of a financialized economic order. I.e. a Ponzi scheme

          I had a strange vision not long ago but I was back visiting the south and passing all these old plantation houses, on top of me always having an interest in them and in the market to perhaps buy one one day. Seeing them in their various states of disrepair or lacking their former glory, their lands whittled down to normal size lots, I had a vision that soon enough all those fancy houses in the Hamptons owned by the Wall Street crowd would see the same fate. And they. would become abandoned and fallen into disrepair.

          If your riches are built on debt and numbers on a computer screen, oh boy, you got something bad coming for ya. We are going to see that a good half of the billionaire class are billionaires in name only based on phantom money and assets.

          • Before it became too depressing, I would drive by the house my grandmother was born in. (A nice Victorian.) I counted the electric meters outside: 12. So a property that comfortably homed a family of four is now a parking lot and a rabbit warren of condominiums, probably each of which cost more in “real dollars” (ha!) than the original house.

    • Just change American to Alien and it works out even better, and you don’t have to stop using the acronym.

    • GAE seems appropriate, even with the US being ruled by an Anglo-Zionist elite. Just like the British Empire was.

    • What is revealing to me is how the covid-climate-woke cult is nearly universally worshipped by the government heads across the west.

      Orange man was some rhetorical rejection but largely in theater only. The decapitate and install approach, seems to be what they like to call “Democracy”. Nobody rises to actual power without being a cult member. Period.

      Our own system, having the benefit of currency and aggressive military-foreign-policy was able to mask the illusion longer than most, but 2020 proved both that the time has passed for such comfortable shrouding and that it doesn’t really matter because the proles are long since too remote from their own governance and the demographic invasion has done its job of melting the culture into a hot mess of tribal opportunism and anti-heritate-American sentiment codified by law and policy.

      As for GAE. I agree. The “American” part is an unfortunate residual geographic reference. But I do like that it is pronounced “GAY”.

    • Creepy Unamerican Managerialism

      American Nihilistic Atheist League

      Belligerent Unilateral Totalitarian Terrorist Blustering Oligarchic You-know-who State

      All of these seem like fine acronyms.

  30. lil justine got her ass handed to her at a recent EU session, where several MPs called him a dictator and a disgrace. ties into this post in that EU will quickly see which way the wind is blowing, and distance themselves from car-crash America. pretty soon it will be fortress North America (minus Mexico) against the world. I know which way I would bet…

    • I too am wondering if the EU will eventually break off from the US and go it’s own way working with China and Russia. I know, personally-if I were a country or collection of countries-I wouldn’t tie my fortune to the dictatorial whims of the US, as demonstrated from the Iraqi wars forward.

      • Israel did. They gave the port of Haifa over to Chinese management when they had been specifically asked not to do so. (Those Epstein tapes must have been something!)

    • Victoria Truss is a stupid enough bint to have let the cat out of the bag (think Biden with a vagina) when she said sanctions could be lifted relatively soon. Oddly, England and Western Europe are more likely to feel the heat from the financial consequences the soonest, and Eastern Europe’s historical enmity against Russia makes them more likely to hold the line.

      It would not surprise me if the EU starts to fracture by the autumn. Whether that would lead to a split with the United States is another matter, but as Z wrote the mask if off as to how D.C. views the sovereignty of others so the paranoia is justified.

      • Italy will have to default. Spain and Portugal too. At the more local level, there are going to be many a house that falls into foreclosure in these countries. I know a lot of these houses, in Italy at least, were purchased by Brits and Germans as second homes for their “gentry” class. Well, not going to be a gentry class for much longer, and they are going to dump these places to keep the lights on at home.

        • I have British friends who bought property in Spain with plans to retire there. They are definitionally middle class and I suspect their land will remain vacant now. I don’t know if this is true about Germany, but lots of similarly situated Brits had the same plans.

      • “Whether that would lead to a split with the United States is another matter, but as Z wrote the mask if off as to how D.C. views the sovereignty of others so the paranoia is justified.”

        Well said, but I *think* the European governments are “all in” on the Great Reset.

        These are fanatics. Tyrants. True believers.

        It’s a religious crusade for them.

        The population has to be reduced to 500 million. That is literally carved in granite.

        These devils are true believers. They are *convinced* that the world will end in five years if they don’t act NOW.

        They *mean* to save the world whether the world wants to be “saved” by these demons or not.

        I’m not sure how far we can get with our rational calculations.

    • The E.U. is not America’s friend.

      (Z left this German trading bloc out of his ‘Great Powers’ analysis, a glaring omission in my opinion)

      The American Democrats do this bloc’s bidding on tax and foreign policy fronts. We forget that daily treason at our peril.

      • Not so sure about the EU being an actual “Great Power”. They possess little in the way of Hard Power; they have fatally hobbled themselves industrially while chasing the Green Illusion, their possession of the full cycle of exploitation of natural resources from initial extraction, through purification to useable fractions, all the way to industrial fabrication is questionable. Instead of engineering, or some other practical, science-based proficiencies, they educate their youth to be SJWs. Military power, except to some extent for France, is largely a nullity, and if a major surge of migrants from Africa and the Middle East fires up, they probably lack the ability to defeat it, even less so the will, suicidal idiots that they seem today to have become.

        None of these trends are congruent with Great Power status. They have allowed themselves instead to become impotent satrapies of the GAE. Sad, and a clear losing bet.

        • Good start. Now extend your thought experiment to include not just the EU but the west of “The West” perhaps even including such up and coming nations like India, China, etc.

          Questions for extra credit: what forces sustain the more backwards, undeveloped parts of the world, especially like Africa? What happens if that support — financial, technical, donated products and so on — is ever cut back a lot?

  31. Or maybe, just maybe, our hidden rulers saw this as an optimal moment to put even more screws to the average American. Biden has given multiple heads up how we would be affected by sanctions. Only thing different is he didn’t blame Trump.

    Don’t forget their climate change and great reset agenda are still foremost in their minds. Anything that can effect help in that agenda is a positive to them.

    With Will Smith invading Chris Rock’s personal space, all bets are off now.

    • Manipulating events to position China as the primary global financial power, or at least one of the strongest players, seems at least plausible given recent history. It may be as it seems on the surface, a devastating error, and given the impulsiveness and recklessness of D.C., that’s the more likely reason. But we certainly cannot rule out that at least some D.C. elements go exactly what they wanted.

      • It always comes back to financialization. Pumping stock by moving manufacturing overseas, often using slave labor. Or buybacks. Or bribes. None of it has anything to do with value.

  32. The thought of China joining economic and militaristic forces with Russia makes me a tad uneasy.

    • I’m not sure why all the downvotes for Maniacs comment. Any pain dealt to the American political class will be felt by the dirt people exponentially worse.

      • I find upvotes and downvotes on this site to be amusing. I personally don’t care if someone does so to my comments, but I don’t always understand the reason for their downvotes. Why would you downvote an opinion? An opinion that merely reflects the author’s feelings about the events? Is it, “I don’t agree with your opinion” (BFD), or is it, “I don’t like the fact you have an opinion different from mine”? Or, is it, “If I don’t downvote your opinion, the left will win!”?

        • When I see a downvote, it brings to mind the jeering and boos you see in the British Parliament when someone says something others don’t like

        • sometimes it’s a way to show disagreement. i will leave a comment explaining why i downvoted something (mostly i ignore opinions i disagree with). but there is definitely a contingent of dickless wonders here, who have the hormonal profile of a 13 y.o. girl…

        • I never downvote opinion, but I sometimes upvote opinions expressed well—especially ones that have given me new insight in the matter under discussion. My downvotes are reserved for remarks of unusual stupidity or cruelty or obvious trolling.

        • Sometimes there’s a personal beef. Sometimes somebody posts something so demonstrably untrue that it beggars belief (like the one last week saying Zelensky converted to Christianity.)

          • Well, “officially” Zelensky did convert to Christianity. Did he not? Whether he believes or this is an instance of politically expediency is another thing.

            A well known Orthodox Rabbi I follow seems to believe Zelensky’s Christian conversion and is pretty critical of the man’s apostasy to his (former) faith. On the other hand, this Rabbi has a good memory wrt Ukraine, the (real) NAZI’s and WWII, and would not give a hoot in hell about any Ukrainian.

          • Sometimes my big hands working this little phaggy phone drift to the sadface instead of the happy face by accident. There is no undo for that so, sadly, it counts on the permanent record. But I do my best to earn my down votes the honest way.

    • I’m inclined to feel the same way, but then I read what the US government is up to and feel even more uneasy. Lesser of two rebuild and all that.

  33. His handlers ‘frantically backpedaling’ on his statements as a ‘gaffe’ is pretty crass. That was no gaffe. We’ve heard enough of those to know the difference. Someone put that in the teleprompter and he read it word for word.

    • i think what happened is that Biden was trying to paraphrase something along the lines of what he said, but inadvertently amplified it. a classic big mouth foul up. too funny if he ends up costing his backers big $$.

    • You are probably correct that this was in the speech, and not the quotidian, standard-issue Biden gaffe. The dim-witted Biden cabal probably thought this cri du coeur would be their contemporary equivalent to “Mr. Gobachev, tear down this wall!”. Uh, no, this merely further established their reckless stupidity in the eyes of the world.

      • And given that Biden is himself pResident due to a coup, the irony of this eructation makes it yet more stunningly mendacious.

        • ” … the irony of this eructation makes it yet more stunningly mendacious.”

          Yeah, but dear God, does *anything* stun us anymore?

    • Blinken only backpedaled to the point of saying Russia won’t be allowed to win.

      The New York Post reported that Blinken said, “I think the president, the White House made the point last night that, quite simply, President Putin cannot be empowered to wage war or engage in aggression against Ukraine or anyone else.”

      “Biden doesn’t want to remove Putin, he only wants Putin to lose. Forever.”

      • And how, praytell, is that to be accomplished?

        Neither President Putin, nor Russia, are quaking in their boots at your belligerence, Blinken.

        If you had any sense, Blinken, which evidently you don’t, you would be looking to minimize the already existing damage, and to avoid more frightening potentials for escalation. But no. Okeedokee, let it be on your head then.

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