Less Is More

The show this week is a follow up to the show last week. The original idea was to cover all of this in one show, but that would take more than an hour. I decided to split it up and do the second half in response to the expected complaints to the first part. We live in a post-liberal age, so we have to start thinking that way. First, we consider the liberal arguments about rights or political ideas and then look at it in the context of the present age and the history that led us to this point.

This really is the dissident project. Criticizing the current order is important and necessary, but there has to be an alternative. That does not mean we spend our days working on 25-point plans for after the revolution. Instead, we need to think about why the liberal order failed and then imagine how it could have been designed to withstand the assaults that caused the failure. The fact is the people who undermined the liberal order did so using specific tactics and strategies.

Of course, this leads to the question of what is possible in this age. A topic that will come up more and more in dissident circles is what kind of society is possible in a majority-minority world? What kind of America is possible in a multi-polar world where the state is limited by how much it can tax the people? That is a vastly different world from where we are now. Few people alive have lived in an America with a ruling class constrained by the limits of taxation.

The answer may be that no coherent society is possible on a continent full of people with radically different cultural perspectives. It is hard for most people to imagine, but the end of the Global American Empire could turn out to be a North America fragmented like post-Roman Spain. Sudden poverty and the collapse of legitimate authority could shatter the continent. The result could be a great reordering around the general features that define the current population.

It is a big topic, but the place to start is the small items. Speech is a good topic because it touches on all of these items. It is also why the subversives have always focused on speech as their lever to unsettle society. Once you start to declare certain things off-limits you inevitably are determining who decides. This is where the bad guys inserted themselves into the bloodstream of American society. They became the deciders and the results show that to be the great American mistake.

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This Week’s Show


  • Opening
  • Fred Johnson’s Dilemma
  • The Problem With Libel Suits
  • You Own Your Words
  • SLAPP Fights

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164 thoughts on “Less Is More

  1. Somewhat OT, Brandon is giving media interviews demanding Merrick Garland charge and jail Trump. Over-under on this happening?

    My guess is probably right as gas prices rise again, to distract people from it as part of “managing” the news cycle. That seems to be the method. Just stage some event, don’t actually do anything. Like the demands to pump more oil from oil companies while fining them for not using leases that are blocked by regulatory action or are non economical or can’t be put into production for lack of sand, workers, rigs etc. Instead of fixing that which would arouse the wrath of Warren and company, just another press event.

    That is the danger of a Regency staffed by a bunch of do-nothings from failed Senators. Trying to manage perception instead of real action.

    • I’ve mentioned before, Biden during one of his rage-whisper dementia episodes “confided” to the press corp that the Republican party will be outlawed before the next presidential election.

      I think they’ll do it and the people we call RINOs will join the only legal party. For Trump personally I’d expect nothing but the exclusion he already faces, but they’ll kill him on TV if they feel like it.

  2. I stand on russian side (as AA said, I’m a Putin pom pom girl, now), but frankly…sometimes it’s hard.

    Because the number of chavezists/national-bolchevists third-worldist is HUGE in Putin’s side.
    You see, the kind of “nationalist left”, Castro, Ortega, and so on… A lot of Slavic people (specially Serbs) LOVE to make a parallel between them, victims of nazis, and red skins, “genocided” by western white men.

    I mean, frankly, can someone being called a right-winger while defendid those barbaric red skins ? Those retard people, which make America stagnant for 10 000 years ? Which loved to torture everyone ?

    Why not, dear Serbians, claim than Australia belong to this miracle of civilization : aborigenes ?

    I remember now why I had a phase very anti-Putin/China : not Putin, not Xi, but those nationalists “anti west”. The tank left, the eternal pro-Palestine left.

    (sorry for the off topic)

  3. A very interesting Q &A session with Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge, initially done at the instigation of, and posted at rt.com. This is reproduced at ZH in full, as censorship of rt.com makes access to the article somewhat dodgy. Topic is the linkage of the ruble to both gold and commodities, likely a real game-changer for global economies and trade.


    • Wow. Those bitchy teachers/groomers are really in high dudgeon. I guess they’re fixin’ to show those parents who’s boss; guess those parentsare gonna have to sleep on the couch, eh?

      But part of me just wonders if this might backfire on these teachers/groomers, sort of like those sanctions against Russia bid fair to do to the sanctioning nations (who also, so it would seem, have their panties in a wad). A lack of situational awareness is a common thread here.

    • It begs the question; why are people still putting their kids in government schools?

      • Laziness . Also average (95-105 IQ folk) haven’t figured out that its now easy to home school.

        On top of that a lot of households are two income, single mom or just have a women in them who either would resent a house husband or won’t do the work of teaching.

        • Do the work to teach your kids at home, or have them exposed to the dude in a dress story telling time.

          Seems like it would be an easy choice.

  4. Get rid of the phones. Get rid of TV. Take your money out of Smallhatbank. Convenience was a means to put you in a prison Fuck these dickbiters, walk away from the kosher gulag, while you still have a chance.

  5. OT but relevant to current events:

    Just listening to the Greg Johnson/EMJ debate. EMJ left, the host and Johnson went on for a while afterwards.

    I don’t know much about Greg Johnson, other than reading articles here and there on Unz. This was the first time I heard him speak. He said a couple of things that jarred me: that NATO is getting stronger, then later that Russia might be heading for collapse.

    In fairness, he also said the US is a dying empire and speculated that pro-NATO sentiment might be indicative of a rising, organic European sense of collective defense (or something like that if I understood him), but I had a hard time squaring that with his earlier statements.

    At any rate, my immediate thought about all of this is that the Narrative is once again having a winnowing effect. Like I say, I’m not too familiar with Johnson’s work, and I don’t want to be unfair, but to hear a self-described nationalist talking big in the sense of supranational organizations and doubting the success of Russia’s nationalist project— fairly or not, it struck me as more curve flattening, if you catch my drift.

    One wonders at the spectacle without completely comprehending what’s driving it. Interesting times indeed.

    • Obvioiusly the Russian forces have underperformed massively according to expectations. Germany expected Ukraine to collapse in a few days. Why was that so wrong? Are the Ukranians not corrupt, somehow a bunch of draftees and urbanites just fighting like Red Dawn. What explains the Ukranian miracle?

      Either the Ukranians are military supermen, or the 82nd Airborne was in fact fighting the Russians just as Brandon said. I can certainly believe US airborne units with lots and lots of US tactical intel can defeat Russian forces.

      What is scary is the idea forming among US policy makers is that they can drive into Russia proper and get to Moscow and overthrow Putin. That indeed is scary.

      • Germany is stupider than usual if they thought that.

        If the US were to fight a regime say the size of Russia with comparable tech and outside support and a policy that mostly avoids mass civilian casualties , its going to take more than a few weeks , even more of the military is normally only used for defense and lack a lot of recent peer to peer combat experience.

        I do agree with the US and allies thinking they can line drive to Moscow though, That is nuts. Nukes will fly 100% which will admittedly put an end to such nonsense for good.

        And note any elites that think they can hide somewhere are in for a rude surprise. Russia knows where they plan to be and if its say New Zealand, that place would be a smoking crater

      • Another thing Johnson said (iirc) that makes a lot of sense is that Russia’s stated goal of a partitioned Ukraine with a neutral west will be realized, but the US is making it as painful and embarrassing for them as possible in the meantime. I could see that being the case.

        My thinking from the beginning has been that Russia more or less expected to roll and the US expected to not be able to do much about it, but Zelensky and Ukrainian patriotism threw a wrench in the works.

        Zelensky is acting erratically, negotiating but continuing to call for arms and intervention. Possibly he’s under duress idk. My sense, which could be wrong, is that he’s a puppet but not necessarily the puppet of the state department.

        Meanwhile if Johnson is right and the US is looking to prolong the pain for Russia, that could simply be opportunism given the mess it’s turned into.

        I figure it’s slavs doing slavic things, so I haven’t been too concerned or engaged, either, so maybe I shouldn’t even be speculating. Given the lack of reliable information, though, that might not be a handicap, who knows.

      • I think the whole “The Russians are underperforming” thing is idiotic. They have set the terms of the engagement from the get go; along with the forces from Donetsk and Luhansk, they headed off any hope of the massed Ukrainian forces in the east from driving on those republics, fixing the Ukrainian forces to the north in place so that there would be no reinforcements coming in from that direction. The panicked Ukrainians apparently also destroyed bridges and roads coming from the west, thinking that the Russians were going to sweep in toward that direction, with the result that this further degraded their ability to send reinforcements to the relief of their forces in the east. Meanwhile, the Russians, after basically wiping out the Ukrainian Air Force and navy in the beginning hours of the conflict, have been chewing their way towards Odessa along the Black Sea coastline. They kettled the Azov home base in Mariupol, methodically reducing it despite taking the time unsuccessfully attempting to get the neonazis to permit civilians to escape in humanitarian corridors. As they proceed along the coastline, they are making Ukraine landlocked, denying them maritime commerce to export their grain harvests, or to import goods via seaborne transportation, and destroying NATO’s ambitions to establish naval/missile bases to the west of Sevastopol. Additionally, they destroyed training centers and logistical support entrepôts in western Ukraine via cruise missiles, in the course of which substantial numbers of NATO trainers and incoming foreign fighters were also slaughtered, and the marker put down that this would continue as needed. And now it’ll be a mammoth Kesselschlacht in the east as their army either realizes the futility of their case, or they get liquidated.

        Looks pretty strategically competent to me. Listening to the screeching, butthurt Western militaries and their ludicrously stupid and ignorant clacques in the media will only keep you uninformed. Have there been Russian losses? Of course, it is war; but in the eyes of Putin and his advisors this war is existential, so it will be pursued come what may. The survival of their civilization is at risk, and beyond that, they have adjudged that, given the apparent utter incompetence of the “leaders” in the West, now would be an optimal time to stage a throwdown. I think L’il Justine’s antics contra the Truckers caught everybody’s attention, and for the slow of mind, the freezing of Russia’s foreign-held reserves sealed the deal; i.e., the Western world is run by pirates, so run away from SWIFT, the IMF, the World Bank, etc. as fast as possible. So we here are all about to pay the price via de-dollarization and all of the other attendant ills that flow therefrom. While that is bad, if we are really not lucky, we could wind up dead in a nuclear war sparked off by our ruling idiots.

    • The ‘meta-war’ around this war, the propaganda, disinformation, gaslighting about who’s winning and what’s going on, is probably the biggest in history. I concede defeat against this massive wave insofar as to having a reasonably accurate picture of what’s really going on, what Russia’s objectives are and whether they’ve underperformed or taken disproportionate casualties.

      But, even considering Putin’s links to WEF (possibly years back) and alliance with the CCP state – both of which are profound threats to whites in this world – the dissidents like Greg Johnson who are rooting for Ukraine don’t seem to know what they’re doing. I think it’s their inner civnat barking, subconsciously wishing to be loyal to ‘a government we can trust’. There is no such government in this world right now. The Ukraine is the cannon fodder meat grinder of the people who wish to destroy the West. People who can’t see that have flattened their learning curve completely.

      One major problem emerging is that, whatever happens in the Ukraine, there may be new massive waves of 3rd worlders headed for the West. Talk about ‘heads I win, tails you lose’. We could have a war on the North Pole and apparently the only obvious result would be ’20 million Africans need to go to Europe.’ WTF??!!


      • i agree it is impossible to know what is happening on the ground in ukraine, with any accuracy at all. we do know that the 82nd was not deployed there as no bodies have been displayed, and no complaints of US involvement like that, have been made. i would also point out that if the ukes had real battlefield wins, they would not need to post videogame footage.

        what we do know, is that the sanctions have backfired on the US and EU, and are doing far more damage to the latter, than to Russia. just look at where the ruble is now, vis a vis other currencies – right back where it was before fighting and sanctions.

        even normies are going to care more about inflation than a bogus war in ukraine. and the vaxx body count continues to grow; re: 15 players withdraw from a tennis tournament in miami. biden and co are not going to be able to distract from the very real problems they have created; they are now losing core Dem support in hispanics and blacks.

  6. The title of this post is prescient; Russia just cut off natural gas deliveries to Germany. Scheisse just got real…

    • If that is correct i think we are going to find out why Russia kept so much high end equipment in reserve and increased the call up numbers.

      Poland is already harping on that sanctions don’t work so the EU and the US/UK have only left themselves one place left to go.

      Because they have no history of ever backing down in recent history..

  7. The small hat/big nose coterie always try to frame things as more complicated/nuanced than they actually are. Basic truths are well known, and have been for centuries. But all of a sudden, say in the last 60 years, for reasons, they’re not.

    • I don’t think it’s merely a Jew thing. Lesser intellects seem to have in-built stumbling blocks to making clear and concise points.

      • Vox Day calls these people midwits.

        In essence the 115-125 crowd isn’t near as smart as they think and often pads problems with complexity to increase their perceived intelligence

      • Who prints your money? Who tells you what to think on talmudvision and censors all dissenting opinion? Who controls your leaders with bribes and blackmail? The fuckin Irish? Don’t think so, my friend. Read what these sick motherfuckers write, they put the plans right out there.

  8. I’ve touched on this is elsewhere but I wanted to expand on the thought process and follow some implications of the concept, which is that freedom of expression and speech is not a proper goal to advocate for or attempt to restore. There are ideas that should be suppressed for greater good of society. Taking the covid panic as an example, certain persons were allowed to instill such fear into the general herd that they were stampeded over the cliff of one of the worst examples of totalitarian cruelty and abuse of the population the world has ever seen. The most charitable view of our rulers and the advisors that enabled them is that they conducted a very dangerous involuntary medical experiment on billions of people, including utterly helpless children, using the coercive power of the state. Did they do it out fear because like the sorcerers apprentice they had accidentally introduced a synthesized contagion and over-estimated its lethality? Did they do it on purpose to further accrue and consolidate power? It doesn’t matter why they did it. By their own established legal principle even ignorance is no excuse, no mitigation to what has been established as the proper punishment for a crime. And what is the established proper punishment for crimes against humanity on such scale? Punishments they themselves have established and executed.
    The right thing to do is crystal clear, what lacks of course is the power to see justice done. Were we to find ourselves with that power and having dispatched those responsible for this particular monstrosity we certainly shouldn’t reestablish laws that enable its repetition. Essentially, I accept the logic of our rulers’ thought-crime principle, they are right about that, there are thought crimes. But it is they that are the thought criminals. They are the enemies of humanity who reveal themselves when they try to poison other’s minds with their ideas. Again, accepting the logic of their own “philosophers” of marxism and neo-marxism, it doesn’t matter if they are wrong because they are evil or just stupid. They are wrong and for the good of society as whole they are disqualified from participating.

    • A society needs taboos. No society has ever endured without them. Without taboos, all sense of dignity and decorum falls and life becomes an increasingly ugly carnival. Part of decadence is to celebrate falling taboos and wave them in everyone’s face. Historically this is then followed by foreign conquest.

    • ” … they are disqualified from participating.”

      Which should be the least penalty.

      Great post.

      We know what things are essential: the good, the true, and the beautiful. Enemies of any one those things are public enemies. They are the enemies of civilization; of law; of justice. Enemies of common sense.

    • Speech isn’t our enemy. Tyranny is. The right and proper counter is to make all politics hyper local. Any neighborhood can do as it pleases. Whites only? Fine. Lots of free stuff, fine. Just pay for it. Now your overlords are people you know and can get rid of. You can also move to a neighborhood that suits you.

      Our great problem was first federalizing everything then corporatizing everything. That meant the destruction of the family, religion, and the town square. We outsourced child-rearing to critical race theorist and gender weirdos. We outsourced religion to sports teams and entertainers, whom we worshipped.

      • Our second problem was expanding the franchise. Imagine how much better the world would be if women, guys below the age of 25, unmarried guys, and non-whites were not voters.

    • I cringe when I hear people say that our highest value is freedom or freedom of speech. Of course, I value highly these things but they are too vague. Our enemies believe that freedom is giving puberty blockers to children without their parent’s knowledge or facing the baker to bake the homo cake.

      I was rewatching the 300 movie (Sparta-,Persia) and in the movie, Sparta’s great cause was “freedom.” Given that Sparta was an early fascist state, it is unlikely that “freedom” was on their minds much.

      We can’t make the mistake that Jefferson made by making some vague concept like “equality” or “freedom” our highest goal.

      For my part, my very specific motivation is the flourishing of white families in an ethno-state.

      • We (they) mixed up cause and effect. Yep, White ethno State came first, then from that abstracts like equality and freedom were posited.

  9. (How does one express gratitude?)

    Every newborn child is just another nail in the human fate.

    What is the human fate?
    – To colonize the Universe;
    – to straighten things out;
    – to rectify the bad, bringing good about;
    – to put an end to randomness, bringing order to a chaotic world, you say?

    (If you do, please come closer: see that bridge over there? It’s a bargain; it will be yours by a very reasonable price: your sanity.)

    Human beings are nothing more than state-of-the-art havoc spreaders; they do it using three main vectors: tourism, factories and bombs (the choice being mainly geography dependent.) And aviation is just the quickest way to spread havoc around.

    Why did Nature came up with such a destructive species?
    Because Nature wallows/basks in change.
    And one simply cannot stop Nature (even when one is somehow able to stop him/herself.)

    (How does one express gratitude?
    By not thinking too much about anything.
    By being as carefree as one possibly can.)

    • Did you copy and paste this nonsense? You or whoever wrote this crap mentions gratitude. Gratitude to who?

      • Haha! Good ol’ Dave.
        “Specious tripe” does come to mind.

        Kid, this is a rough crowd.
        You’re gonna have to bring more than gaseous whiffle.

      • Thank you for the comment.

        Please look around. Are you happy with what you see?
        If you are, then you must be grateful to all your fellow men. If not then why weren’t you able to make things better? With all your wit and ability to call others out, why weren’t you able to put an end to the things you dislike?
        Are the “others” too strong? Or are you weaker and/or less persuasive than you would like to admit?

  10. Z, I’m curious why you seem dismissive of the possibility of a splitting of the country? Whether it be peaceable or not, I see this as a real possibility, especially if economic collapse happens.

    Some dismiss the idea because the issue is largely urban vs suburban vs rural, rather than cleanly north v south. That’s true, but if lines were drawn, people would move to their new home (or be forced to go). Though I’m from New England. I’d move to a new right America in the Midwest or south. We can give blacks Georgia and call it wakanda. I agree with you dismissive mess of a white ethnostate as an unrealistic pipe dream. However, a right wing state would de facto be strongly majority white, if not de jure, and the non whites we’d get would be motivated ones on the top end of the bell curve.

    • *dismissiveness of a white ethnostate

      Also, a factor to keep in mind regarding your statement that we need to “come to terms with the reality of a majority minority country.” If an economic collapse happened, you can bet your last dollar that an enormous amount of the “new Americans” would pack up and go home or go to their next mark.

    • “I’d move to a new right America in the Midwest or south. We can give blacks Georgia and call it wakanda.”

      All you will do is to get your damned fool self killed.

      • Depends on the scenario naturally. If there was a peaceable separation and balkanization, then your comment is quite silly. Leftists and rightists are both polling in higher numbers now for wanting a separation.

        Even in a much more bloody scenario, you’d still move, it would just need to be more strategic. Certainly you wouldn’t continue to live in the lefts utopia rainbow land.

  11. The story about Fred is a case of character assassination. This is a typical leftist tactic. I have both seen and experienced this a few times myself. You make a leftie angry in some way. They don’t come out and say ‘such and such you said or did made me angry’. Instead, suddenly bizarre rumors about you circulate. Or they may attack you at the next department meeting for something entirely unrelated, and possibly false. Some officious little BS issue is blown totally out of proportions.

    The typical instinctive reaction, by me or I am confident, most here, is to address the issue raised. Only later did I realize it was not about the issue raised at all. It was misdirected rage. Because you had irked the central problem of leftists; self-loating. Which, in most situations, they manage to direct towards the outside world, and especially white males. But if you shoot down that projection, even if you do so inadvertently by simply rebuffing their nonsense, and making it ricochet back on themselves, you will have a disproportionate burst of outrage on your hands. About something unrelated and, often, something about you as a person. I’ve seen this in the workplace several times. And the person showing this response is always either a meek, passive-aggressive beta male or a female. It is not the behavior pattern of a confident, muscular male. They will tend to address whatever bugs them head-on.

    I think this deflected anger, forcing you to address minor issues as though they are major problem. And dealing with unhinged rage in the workplace, is a side-effect of the abolition of private violence. IOW by making all violence, except by the state, illegal, they also removed all traditional rules of honor and chivalry regarding violence. Thus it probably makes the violence that will happen anyway, more gratuitous and mean-spirited but that is not my concern here. It makes insulting, vile, backstapping slander and other highly disruptive social and verbal behavior, FAR more widespread. Because the response to such is ‘to have another meeting.’ In such, it makes having a masculine sense of honor illegal. It BANS honor in the Western, chivalous sense.

    The traditional solution to this, was to introduce a real, but heavily regulated, risk of physical violence, for what we would today call character assassination and back then call infringement on a man’s honor. This is why we had the duel. It had an important socially regulatory role. Today, we have no defense against character assassination unless you are willing to live entirely outside the law. In other words, the masculine mentality is being suppressed by the state. And once you realize that, it is no great mystery why marriages do not last, babies are not born. And why society is falling apart.

    • I’ve thought about that a lot. Having some available refereed form of violence. Be it a boxing ring or octagon where you can challenge someone to a modern duel. The inherent problem is that most leftists would simply not participate. They have no honor, especially not on the traditional sense you speak of. They’d spout something about violence being primitive and how they were taking the high road. We simply don’t see the world similar enough.

      • Exactly, it need, and should, not be lethal violence. And it should, like a traditional duel, be according to rules, not a feral (‘street’) fight.

        Leftists would indeed decline summons to such ‘duels’. We would call them ‘cowards’ and they would call us ‘brutish’. This would just be a symptom that we increasingly do not share moral standards. Leftists and us have less and less in common.

        When I see these outbursts of unhinged anger by a leftist I get the genuine feeling that we are biologically different kinds of people. And are probably in the process of diverging. I do not dislike anyone for being leftist politically. But I find so many leftists to be repelling people, human garbage frankly. This guy thinks white leftists and trads are evolving into different ethnicities. Can’t say this feels incorrect to me. https://neociceroniantimes.substack.com/p/ethnogenesis-has-created-two-white?s=w

    • The other problem is that women do this stuff along with the bugmen. And they aren’t going to let you shoot a woman with a flintlock pistol at high noon. Arguably you could restructure the duel concept between two women to entail mud wrestling, foxy boxing, or some novel means of organizing lesbianism into a point-based competition, but that still leaves the cases of male-female workplace conflict and women no one wants to watch engage in the aforementioned means of physical conflict resolution.

      • just need to go back the more sensible approach we used to have and many cultures still do practice where the word of women is discounted by various calculus. We just forgot why it was done and now we have been reminded.

        • One is reminded of John Knox’s great 1658 title

          ” First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women.”

          And, of course about 2,000 years earlier; Aristophonese’s ” The Ecclesiazusae”

      • There would have to be rules. One rule would clearly be not to fight women. Leftists want to make women more like men. We want more traditional roles. Women’s honor is a different universe compared to men’s and starts with a reputation for fidelity.

        • “Women’s honor … .”

          Is what used to be called “virtue.” Women possessed a quality called “virtue,” which in men was called “honor.”

      • ” … but that still leaves the cases of male-female workplace conflict … .”

        A problem that used not to exist, and which exists now only b/c women are allowed into men’s work places. But that can be undone, and the problem at hand would vanish.

  12. OT but April’s Fool Day, like The Onion, is one of those things that made sense in a sane society but seems archaic now. Genuinely implemented policies, like ‘ender fluidity’, far exceed anny April’s fool joke I could come up with.

  13. One solution to the lügenpresse problem would be to make the law such that when you sue to get a retraction, the media is required to report the retraction with equal prominence, time, and enthusiasm as they did with the original story. Having the You Know Who York Times forced to dedicate half of its headlines to “We lied about this thing” might actually make them think about what they’re publishing since as it stands financial penalties are meaningless to the behemoth corporations who own the media.

    • “We lied about this thing” might actually make them think about what they’re publishing … .”

      Also, some kind of public humiliation must be dealt out to the offenders–both to writer and to editor or whoever approved publication of libelous statements. Bring back stocks in public places. Sentence libel-mongers to the same kind of public ridicule to which they subjected somebody else. Financial sanctions are all right, but the punishment must fit the crime. These malefactors would not dish out this s**t is they knew that it would redound to their own personal public humiliation. Fines are paid by the employer, so the perpetrator(s) is/are let off the hook entirely–to repeat their offensive behaviour.

  14. The press traditionally has had special protections because of the greater good argument. The idea that they could get away with using stolen documents that proved a chemical company was knowingly dumping sludge into a river, or a government was lying about war crimes committed by US troops in Viet Nam (or any other US war, really) was protected because publishing it was far more important than property rights.

    It all changed when reporters became “respectable”. The went to college and pursued $$ degrees. Then they were completely co-opted by the government and corporations.

    Reporters SHOULD be reviled!! Their whole job is to engender trust, convince people to break laws, then betray them for a byline and a deadline.

    Not anymore. They’re “respectable “. They read press releases from the government, their corporate masters, 3 letter agencies, Washington think tanks sponsored by oligarchs, etc.

    So yeah. If they’re not going to get people to steal and betray for them so they can nail a politician, a government, or a corporation to the wall, they should lose their special status under the law.

    • Journalists are among the worst scum on Earth. They’re maybe a notch or two above child molesters. By comparison, outright prostitutes look respectable.

      • Yes.

        Prostitutes on average increase human happiness and well being , provide a useful service too.

        Reporters ? None of the above. Even stab you in back whores do more good than much of the press

  15. Outstanding, Z – and we’ll presented. I might quibble about Fred Johnson and Sarah Palin though. Societies and systems want to come to a state of equilibrium. In nominal operation, the whackjobs are cancelled out by common sense. We see this at work with the legacy media. I can freelance a piece for the NYT, ABC, CBS, NBC, CBC etc ad nauseum – that says The Z Man is a horrible person that eats puppies and kittens – and the automatic response from over half the population will be “bullchit!” Indeed, dissident creed is that you take anything from the mass media, assume it’s a lie and then backtrack 180 degrees…and you’ll get close to the truth.

    CNN is a dead man walking. The NYT is half the size it was at its peak. Globohomo started censoring Twitter and Facebook…and other free speech sites spring up like bad weeds. People no longer want to talk to the press. It will be sooner, and not later, when Fred Johnson picks up his 44 and puts a bullet through Abby Babble at CNN and others start following suit.

    Without trust, speech, free or not, is pointless.

    • I remain unconvinced by the last couple weeks podcast arguments because I no longer believe in the premise that allowing the discussion or expression of ideas, freedom of expression / speech, is a fundamental good and aspiration. There are ideas that are poisonous to the general public and it’s welfare. This is another wisdom of the ancients that we have relearned from woeful experience. By over-indulging in that luxury we allowed hostile aliens to our culture subvert it by poisoning our minds, particularly our children’s minds, and through that violence we have lost those very freedoms we extended to outsiders. I believe history provides only one example of how such freedoms are recovered once they have been eroded.

      • Amen, brother. If I could up-vote you a dozen times I would. In my Bible class for high school seniors I throw them a curve ball by asking, “Is it even possible to have absolute freedom of religion, or absolute freedom of speech, or an absolute right to keep and bear arms?”
        Given that we live in a world that is irreparably “poisoned” by Original Sin, far too many people are incapable of handling these “absolute human rights”. “Do what thou wilt shall be the sum of the law. For love is the law; love under will.”
        It seems to me that the natural trajectory of “muh consuhtutional rights” leads inevitably to Aleister Crowley. It took a couple hundred years to get here, but get here we did.

  16. Not too sure people fully understand what happens if the dollar is no longer the sole reserve currency. Being the reserve currency actually has a lot of downsides, but the upside (besides power) is that the country gets to live well above its means.

    Imagine the dollar permanently losing ~25% of its value to other currencies over the next decade or so. Think about how much more things would cost. Now imagine that the government had to cut spending by 15% to 20% over the next decade to get budget deficits down enough to avoid the bond market exploding.

    We’re talking about a dramatic change in living standards and govt handouts.

    In a few years, entitlement spending – SS, Medicare, Medicaid, retirement benefits to govt workers and military, etc. – will be very close to total revenues, around 17.5% of GDP. Interest on the debt will be at least 2.4% of GDP and possibly 3.6% or 4.8%. So, combined, entitlements and interest on the debt will be a bit over revenues, say 18% or 19%. To keep the deficits to GDP growth of ~4%, you’d need to keep all other spending to ~2.5% of GDP.

    Well, defense spending is ~4% of GDP and other spending is about the same for a total of 8%. That would need to be cut by nearly 75%. Or you need to cut entitlements or you need to raise taxes.

    Basically, the govt takes in 17.5% of GDP. In a few years, it will be spending 26% or 27% of GDP, causing deficits of 8% to 10% of GDP. That probably wouldn’t work even if we were still the reserve currency; it sure as hell won’t work if we’re not.

    Again, if we’re growing at 4% a year (2% real, 2% inflation), we’d need to keep our deficit to at most 4%, i.e. we’d need reduce spending from 26% or 27% of GDP to 21.5% – ~4 percentage points less or 15% less. And that’s assuming interest rates don’t go back to even normal, which is getting less and less likely by the day.

    That’s our future if we lose the reserve currency. Much higher prices for imports. Higher taxes. Much less government spending.

    Can a country that already has serious internal friction handle that? I don’t know, but we’re probably going to find out.

    • The collapse is the cure. Will it be hard? Absolutely. Will the weak and stupid die off in large numbers? Probably. And Darwinian evolution has been around for about a billion years, so it’s not likely to disappear simply because of a wicked good internet meme campaign. Will whining, wailing, and street protests increase your survival probability? Good luck with that.

      It’s getting harder and harder to ignore the handwriting on the wall.

      • I simply don’t believe that the govt will be willing to cut spending or raise taxes enough to change the path. We were heading for trouble already, but if we lose the reserve currency status over the next decade, that trouble will be accelerated.

        With other govts cutting back on their treasury reserves, we’ll have to finance our deficits internally – or mostly internally. That means higher interest rates – which, in turn, means lower govt spending, or it means fed printing to buy the debt, which means more inflation.

        The bottom line is that losing the reserve currency advantage absolutely means lower living standards for Americans and less government spending. Both of those are not good for TPTB.

        Griller Cons might start getting a bit antsy when they or their kids are living hand to mouth.

    • What you’re talking about is the cure to what ails us. I came to the conclusion in 2016 or so after studying much recent history when my eyes were opened in 2008, that the dollar losing its status is the only thing that will cut .gov spending, and correct society from the insane ideas that were brewing. The Great Reset is in fact elite admission of this and is why they’re trying to front run it. A good read if you’re so interested:


      • People generally don’t indulge in degeneracy with their own money, only with other people’s money. Debt is other people’s money. Thus, as debt expands, so does degeneracy.

    • I mostly agree with the fundamentals of your post. However, there’s a few quibbles I have. Firstly, and you address this in one of your replies, there’s zero chance of them cutting spending and entitlements. Zero. The fed will continue to buy the debt, and print money, and we’ll have massive inflation. This is the foundational problem with democracy. The government doesn’t make adult choices, it makes popular choices. Socrates gave his famous criticism of democracy with the following example. Imagine you have two candidates to be elected as the leader of a group. One is a doctor and one is a candy shop owner. The doctor will tell the crowd, “You need to have good exercise and eat food that is good for you.” The candy shop owner will tell them, “You can have all the sweets you want.” The crowd always picks the candy shop owner.

      My second quibble is that it’s not JUST the simple mathematics of our fiscal irresponsibility. Our government’s sanctions against Russia, cutting them from the SWIFT system because of their actions in Ukraine seems to have awoken other countries’ eyes. They’ve motivated other countries to get off the dollar reserve. They realized, if the US is willing to weaponize the dollar to try and enforce their policies, how long until they try to do it to us? I think this has motivated countries even more than fiscal irresponsibility. Momentum is easy to carry forward, and maintaining the system is so much easier. India, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE are all exploring alternatives. Though the dollar is a fiat currency, it somewhat has the backing of oil because of the petrodollar.

      In the end I agree with your thesis. Economic collapse is coming. This could be the driver for real change, and perhaps the splitting of the country into left and right.

      • Agree on both points.

        On the first I was simply showing what the govt could do to at least manage the problem. The chances of them actually doing that are basically zero because it would cause huge amounts of pain that could be pinned on them.

        Presumably, our leaders will do what every govt in history who prints their own currency has done when they run up too much debt: they’ll inflate it away. Whether that a controlled burn or something that gets out of hand is to be seen.

        As to the second point, I also agree. Russia and China have both been working to move away from the dollar for nearly a decade, which is why Russia is able to scrape by for now. The freezing of the Bank of Russia’s dollars and Euros has made the entire world aware that their dollars (and Euros) are a liability, not an asset.

        This will dramatically accelerate the move to a multi-polar currency/settlement world. However, the problem is that for the moment, there’s really no alternative to the dollar as a global currency and treasuries as the settlement mechanism, so don’t bet on the dollar falling just yet. That said, the current situation is untenable and now that everyone knows how dangerous the current situation is, they’ll figure something out. It’ll just take a decade or so.

        My concern isn’t just that the dollar can implode; it’s that the sovereign debt of most of the world is in danger. There’s simply too much debt – both private and public – to be sustained by global income. There’s a chance that we’re on cusp of the first global sovereign debt crisis in a century.

        There’s no way for govts to service their debt and maintain their current spending – except with extremely low interest rates. But low interest rates cause slow growth, which make the debt burden worse.

        My guess is that govts will allow inflation to run hot while controlling yields, i.e. financial repression. It’s their only way out. The real question is whether they can manage that without the whole system falling apart.

    • Based on my “school of hard money” education (1970s-80s) reading, when a nation gets that far gone, usually there is a ruanway inflation where the money (and all debts) go to zero, oftentimes with a literal replacement of the government (and I don’t mean in the European democracy sense, either.) Add bloody revolution or war for extra effect.

      • Govts around the world will attempt to implement “financial repression,” i.e. let inflation run hot while controlling interest rates. That will allow them to inflation away the debt without getting eaten alive by higher rates.

        The question is whether they can do this without disrupting society too much. We’ll see.

      • Btw, the US didn’t implement financial repression in the 1970s and early 1980s. Volker cranked up interest rates caused several nasty recessions to decrease demand and, eventually, killed inflation.

        He was able to that because 1) the govt was run by adults at the time who were willing to take the pain of several deep recessions and 2) the debt to GDP – both public and private – at the time were low and thus higher rates weren’t as damaging.

        We have neither of those situations at the moment.

        The last time we did financial repression was the 1940s and early 1950s. But at that time, we had a roaring economy and extremely low private debt. Again, neither of those exist today.

    • The dollar’s role as world reserve currency has created a situation analogous to that of Spain in the 16th century. Their conquest of the Incas led to a flood of silver into the royal treasury. Which made the Hapsburg dynasty incredibly wealthy. Wealth that they immediately squandered on military adventures in Europe and enriching the church in Spain. A lot of people benefitted from the spending – while it lasted – but the easy money also pushed productive activity out of Spain. And it only returned very very slowly even after the silver and easy money ran out. Leaving Spain an impoverished backwater by the end of the 18th century.

      • Exactly. People forget that there are serious downsides to being to the reserve currency, especially one based on dollar for oil.

        We have to run trade deficits to supply the world with dollars to buy energy. Well, what countries need energy the most? Industrial countries, such as Germany and Japan and, later, China. That means that the US had to gut its manufacturing sector to allow the dollar to reign supreme.

        It also allowed us to run easy deficits, much of which goes to our military.

        There’s a reason that China doesn’t want to be the next reserve currency – not that anyone really wants them to be anyway.

  17. I don’t think the Visigoths in Spain is a good example. More like India. And I think we are seeing the emergent caste system already. The Disney meeting that was leaked was a good example.

    At the very top are Black women and Black gays. They are the hereditary leadership class, holy, and beyond reproach. They will run the military, business, info-tainment, and everything BUT Silicon Valley being run by Indians.

    Next up are AWFLs. Affluent White Female Liberal. They will be the hereditary manager caste, complete with transgender kids and adopted African babies. They will compete with the SJW Asians, Indians, and mulattoes to do the actual running. The AWFLs will mostly marry blacks and produce mulatto kids, so they will only last another twenty-thirty years or so.

    And at the bottom, will be White males. Even those from affluent families are finding zero college admissions, and a career in the fast food industry. Also Hispanics, the dog not barking is the lack of Hispanic enthusiasm for SJW and the lack of Hispanics among the Leadership and Managerial Castes as they are muscled out by holy sacred blacks and are too reticent naturally as well as too working class to be in the higher castes.

    I think this system can go on for quite some time — the way India has done, by farming White males as serf labor.

    • Black women don’t run anything. Every corporation is packed with backstabbing white women who mostly promote other Karens. The icky technical stuff they outsource to Indians. As a white man in a corporation your job is to agree with them and ideally be attractive.

      Blacks in control of everything, running every institution into the ground might have happened in South Africa but the usa doesn’t have the demographics for that. Even in South Africa whites do their own thing on a small scale.

      In the Americas whites are checking out of popular culture, finding things that interest them, and increasingly working for small businesses.

      • Black women run things in Hollywood. Ava DuVernay is now the most powerful and important person in Hollywood. Even Bob Chapek is afraid of her. The new Oscar museum omits a certain people entirely in favor of blacks, asians, etc. And culturally its a fat ugly black woman in charge of everything that we see in Entertainment. Just like 30 years ago it was always a black President. Its striking how quickly a certain ethnicity was ejected from Hollywood’s control and how complete that was.

        Most major corporations are in transition, so to speak, to being black and largely black female run. The Brandon Team alongside BlackRock and JP Morgan have instituted new public regulations along with the private ones to force diversity into board rooms, into managerial upper ranks, etc. This is also happening in Europe. Along with Green mandates. Its the G in the ESG requirements. [Governance i.e. no White males]

        Small business largely no longer exists in the US as a meaningful force and the same is coming for medium firms. BigCorp just crushed them with Amazon, Wal-Mart etc benefiting from the lockdowns, mandates, etc. that are designed to kill small business and help big ones.

        The temptation for the Regime to have “free” labor while hitting diversity goals and making its ethnic and racial lobbies very happy is enormous. I expect them to yield to it very soon. I’m surprised frankly it has not happened already.

        • black women run things…into the ground. all the groups you claim are in charge are innately incapable of running anything more complicated than a hair salon.

          • Yep. Blacks don’t run anything. They can’t. It’s not in their genetic makeup nor temperament. Sure, there is the “talented tenth” and quite a few stand out, but that’s not enough to run a society such as ours. Behind most everyone (minority) we see in front of a corporation or political entity are Whites, Asians, and imported prajeets doing the work needed.

            That’s not to say they don’t do damage, but that the power the have to do so is because of (mostly) Whites that allow such in the entities they control.

      • Thank you. The illusion of black women and like freak shows running anything–and it is a total farce to claim it happens even now–will be destroyed by the impending economic collapse throughout the West. White males to this day run everything, and after the implosion, they will run everything openly and use the pimp hand to slap silly anyone who grumbles. Tribes normally are patriarchies for a reason, and Whites excel for a reason. Those reasons are reality, and it is an unstoppable force.

        The illusion card is maxed out.

        Black women won’t even be able to get jobs as nannies in the next five or so years because the White Woke Women will be able to afford surrogates.

        There’s a train coming down the tracks, and it is not just the leftists who don’t see the blazing white light of the locomotive about to turn them into mush. When the dollar is worth about sixty cents in a year or two, know your tribal elder.

        The White one.

    • White males will always get into college–if they are qualified. It may be a bit more difficult to obtain scholarships and funding, but never impossible for the simple reason college needs their tuition. But the real reason is that Whites as a group are superior stock wrt what colleges should turn out and the job market desires. You simply can not run a country on our current stock of minorities. All most of them can do is sit around for 4-5 years and graduate in faux study disciplines. Plenty of Whites do that as well, I don’t cut them any slack either.

      • Apparently no White males at all got into UC save some athletes at the top level. Schools that had 80% acceptance rates just a few years ago now rejected nearly all the Whites and ALL White males.

        Colleges don’t need or want tuition, any more than big business “needs” to turn a profit. There is an unlimited supply of government money at hand, and legacy endowments for places like Harvard and Yale will let them run at a loss for two centuries. Public Universities get money from the taxpayers, and the administrators hate and loathe White males. Private universities are woke hell holes, with nothing but female non-Whites for the most part attending. Colleges don’t care about the job market — they care about being woke, getting more money from the legislature, screaming at White people, and promoting blacks as the holy sacred redeemers of the original sin of Whiteness. This IS the public morality of our times, and the fundamental organizing principle of the West. Its not based on anything other than black = good and White = bad.

        And history is filled with incompetent, hereditary elites running things with more intelligent serf/slave populations. The Mameluks in Egypt ran things there for 300 years with a slave army. The Soviet Union was able to do all sorts of things, at great cost, with what amounted to a giant slave empire. Like being first in space, first with a man in space, first on Venus, etc.

        • At least a few of their men (or their frozen desiccated bodies, to be more precise) are still reportedly in orbits around the Sun. To a large degree, the Soviets were first in space because they were rather reckless. Perhaps it made up for being slightly worse off technically.

        • Yeah … 21st-century AINO is not medieval Egypt (or 21st-century Egypt) OR the USSR at any time during its brief life span (or Mother Russia at any time before 1917).

          Apples and oranges.

        • The USSR died in 75 years. We don’t have that long and are well into our collapse cycle. I’d say it started 1965 so we should have maybe 20 years max left, given how Yuri Andropov like Biden seems to be, we may have much less. It could be 1983 Russia here just waiting on our Chernobyl which would be loss of reserve currency status

          I tend to think the 4th Turning stuff is probably correct which suggest this will be over in 10-15 years or so which dovetails nicely with the general sense many have that a civil war is inevitable by the mid 2030’s too.

        • Whiskey, you don’t know what you are talking about. Some (few) Ivy League colleges have vast endowment funds from years of donations—most other colleges have very little and are dependent on tuition. They struggle to get foreigners in just to get full tuition from them. There are few—if any—state colleges left where the state pays all the bills. Even my University was down to less that 20% state funded support when I left.

          I have no idea about the enrollment stat’s of UC (it’ a large system) but a quick look at the most highly ranked technical university in the world, CalTech, shows a 30% *White* enrollment and only touted an aggregate 38% minority enrollment:


          Best you stick with facts. White males, while shrinking, are not close to excluded. As I said, they can’t be as they are needed. Besides, in general—as I’ve repeatedly stated—there are waaay tooo many students in college now. Of the estimated 50% of the population cohort now attending, perhaps at most only 20% (2/5 or less of them) are of the intellectual caliber to be there.

          Getting a degree means nothing in today’s environment of higher (lower?) Ed. For example, last I heard, 40%+ students in this State were taking one or more “remedial” courses upon admission. The largest percentage being “Math” and “English”. In other words, these people “graduate” HS illiterate and innumerate.

      • This “problem” will go away.

        There will remain very few institutions of “higher learning.”

        If any at all.

        • There should be a reduction equivalent to the need for a specific population percentage to attend. That would immediately signal a 50% reduction in the number of schools currently open. But not all schools will close entirely, nor will all learning be done remotely. There will always be need for over production of “elites” by families that insist their offspring get “credentialed” so they don’t drop down in societal status. 🙁

    • The dog that didn’t bark in your comment was Jews.

      Blacks couldn’t run a lemonade stand. Jews run the show and put blacks in public positions as ornaments.

      The real question is whether the Jew/Liberal White coalition (where whites are most definitely the junior partner) will be able to hold the country together and fight off the South Asian push to take over top spots.

      Maybe those groups – along with NE Asians and a few mostly white Hispanics and a tiny number of actually smart blacks – meld together into a ruling class similar to what you see in South America. That’s definitely a possibility.

      Or things start to go south. We’ll see.

      • “That’s definitely a possibility.”

        Sorry, Charlie. That’s not a possibility.

    • Bruh, you got the oppression pyramid all wrong.

      There is a graphic breakdown that gets it almost entirely right.

      Sadly, I don’t have the link handy.

  18. “a continent full of people with radically different cultural perspectives”

    I don’t think so. I think that our liberal friends like to create the conceit that they are courageous challengers of frightful injustices. And their Activism Culture encourages every well-born graduate of a selective college to form an NGO committed to ending some monstrous injustice that will end the world as we know it unless we act now.

    In fact, the activist groups are tiny: but small minority groups are always in the game of seeming to be part of a huge wave instead of an inconsequential ripple.

    In my view America come in three parts: the People of the Creative Self who are boring conformists acting out a fantasy of creativity and “difference”; the People of the Responsible Self who are ordinary people living, working, making families in the world as they find it; the People of the Subordinate Self who are marginal people that haven’t yet cracked the code of life in the city, and expect some powerful lord to take care of them.

    We start with understanding America this way, and then go forward confidently, realizing that the vast majority of people just want to live to experience their grandchildren.

  19. until white people start shooting, nothing will change (for the better). and no, i am not ready to go john brown either…yet.

    • Good. Until you decide what are trying to do, you can’t win that way anyhow.

      You must impose your own desired order by force on people, to put it in crude terms, if you don’t want Barely Legal Back Door Babes sold you put a bullet in people who produce or sell it and if especially nasty, said barely legal babes too.

      Same with marriage reform. You want reform and patriarchy, you coerce.

      Till minds are changed to “Hey this coercion is the right medicine for this period.” Ye Olde Interregnum as it were, force is only useful if you go to a war of reduction and that has its own problems as in “What civilization.” level ones

  20. I really don’t think the problem is the rules. The same rules served us well in the past. The problem is evil people took over the system and weaponized the rules. They kept the rules in place to use against anyone they don’t like, but carved out exceptions to themselves. There was someone famous who said something along the lines of “you cannot restrain evil people with rules”

    There was a court case in the 40s (Wickard v Filburn) where a farmer grew more wheat than he was supposed to grow. The extra wheat was for his own personal family use and not for sale. But the state successfully argued that because he grew his own wheat he wasn’t buying it on the open market he therefor was indirectly affecting interstate commerce and therefore the rules still applied.
    Even putting aside how evil it is to give farmers quotas and what a property rights violation it is besides, this logic gives the government unlimited regulatory power. There is no human activity which cannot be regulated by this logic.

    Property rights simply could not restrain the government and the courts. Of course, this is a one way ratchet. Each new progressive ruling or law piles on top of all the previous ones and expands on each usurped power. The “conservative” uses “Stare Decisis” to uphold all of the previous rulings and the progressive ignores previous rulings and gives new novel powers to the state or the media or whoever is the favored party. Of course, this all done selectively. When it’s MLK, the rule is reversed to help MLK, then later when it’s James Edwards the prior ruling is reversed because it will hurt James Edwards.

    • Very well said. Our founders created a great system, but there is no system that cannot be overcome by evil. Repealing the interstate commerce clause would go a long way to restoring that system, which is of course why they won’t. Here is a similar quote to your last sentence:

      “When I am Weaker Than You, I ask you for Freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am Stronger than you, I take away your Freedom Because that is according to my principles.”
      ― Frank Herbert, Children of Dune

    • Let go of the constitution idolatry.

      The constitution was a flawed compromise by men that were making it up as they went along. Not some holy, divinely inspire document. It was created by and for a particular people at a particular point in time.

      And worked pretty well for the first half century or so because the people who created it and their immediate descendants wanted it to work.

      But soon enough people began pushing the boundaries for personal power, glory and sanctimony. The times and level of technology changed. And the culture of the country – the people – changed.

      At this point, the structure of our government is an obsolete dysfunctional mess. Fixing it is going to require major structural change – including a whole new constitution.

  21. The case that really highlighted the complete immunity of the press was the James Edwards case. They told a huge whopper about him and one that should been defamation per se. They said he was a grand pubah of the Ku Klux Klan. He was never a member, let alone in a leadership position. The judge actually said that while he was never in the KKK or in any leadership position in the KKK, he interviewed David Duke and so that was close enough.
    Of course, CNN, which loves to bring on David Duke to draw attention to the fact that David Duke has endorsed some Republican are never never held to this same standard.
    “Free Speech” like everything else in modern America has been weaponized.

  22. A real life example. Oberlin is trying to drag out this jury verdict against them forever. As I recall from when the verdict was first reached, Ohio law required a 10% payment to an escrow pending appeal. I don’t believe the Gibsons have seen a cent from them yet. The event in question is now five years old.


    • Beat me to it. Great White Pill.

      Short version: In 2017 a black Oberlin college student gets caught shoplifting from a bakery in business serving the college for 5 generations. Student confesses and is arrested. College dean organizes a “bakery profiles and is racist” campaign, hands out fliers; college drops contacts with bakery. (2017 BLM hysteria ramping up)

      Bakery sues for defamation: awarded $11 million compensatory and $22 million punitive (max allowed by law).

      Appeals court just ruled “Ok by us. Pay up, suckers”.

      Still, 5 years, the business is toast, and all the owners originally wanted was a simple apology….which they STILL haven’t received.

      Good case to follow over at legal insurrection. Great reporting, photos, as they’ve been over it for years.

      With any luck, Oberlin will become uninsurable and will suffer mightily going forward. (I can dream)

      • Does the US not have tortious interference laws?

        It seems to me the Dean and other named persons are personally liable for this sort of behavior., rather than just the college.

        I am constantly surprised this personal tort suits are not used more as a way of attacking these third party attacks.

        • One problem is that we don’t have loser pay legal expenses laws. You have to finance your case until it pays off.
          You might find a lawyer to take the case for a percentage, but not always and even less so if the law firm has to front costs of a protracted legal battle. And of course, in many types of cases, the loser can declare bankruptcy and you and your lawyer get “zip”. And even if the loser does not declare bankruptcy, it’s up to you to track the bastard’s assets down and “attach” them, again through the court system.
          It always cracks me up when I read a commenter posting “sue the bastard”. I immediately know that person has never done anything like that in our court system. Seen such done within the family and although the case was successful, not a nickle was recovered.

          • …and the law allows many ways to shield assets short of bankruptcy. While I’m not at high risk of being sued, for example, several years I looked into it. Florida is one state with (nearly) unlimited homestead exemption. Many other assets are non-attachable (retirement accounts, etc.) I’m speaking of civil suits here; if you run afoul of State or Federal agencies, the exemptions probably are of little avail.

            If you run a business and/or are of more than trivial net worth, you might look into asset protection.

      • Sorry, why would Oberlin pay a cent? Not going to happen. Laws are only for the rulers. Which is determined by race, gender, and sexual identity.

        White males are legal serfs. Now that applies to even the sons of the managers and accountants for big shots. [No college admissions for them just black black black black].

        No Lower Caste person has rights. No Upper Caste person goes to jail (for long). See Jussie Smollet.

      • Of course, my sympathies are with the bakery. Even so, a multi million dollar award is utterly ridiculous. I’m aware it’s far from the first, of course. Insane awards are not unknown in tort law. The Constitution has some language against “unreasonable fines” but perhaps that doesn’t apply to civil awards.

        • Bad conduct by institutions must be punished more harshly than bad conduct by people.

          Of course our side still wants justice rather than revenge which it makes us weak in many ways.

          • Exactly. There are two aspects we often forget in jury awards such as this: actual damages, and punitive awards. How can a large institution with huge amounts of money be discourage from outlandish behavior? Punitive damages. Given that the judge did not reduce the award, perhaps such was not “outlandish”. However, I speak with ignorance of the case.

  23. I think the first thing we must hoist in–and most of us probably already have–is that the GAE is no more America than the Holy Roman Empire was Rome. We not only live in a post-liberal order but a post-American one. For patriotic normies, this is just too much to handle, but serious people should be able to accommodate themselves to this reality.

    Once this intellectual feat is accomplished, one no longer need be hamstrung by quaint old notions of constitutionalism and adherence to laws that are being worked against us by people who hate us. In the acceptance of reality, there is liberation. And in liberation lies possibility.

    • If reports are true that the Biden Admin is reallocating resources and personnel from the VA system to the care of illegals then Normy better come to the realization that it is no longer their country

      If this doesn’t wake them up frothier illusions then…. Choose your metaphor, but it is a sledgehammer to the head

      • I think it will take nothing short of white, normie America to have their home, retirement savings and their assets completely stripped away from them in an instant in order for them to wake up. Even then I don’t think that may be enough. They’ll still be yelling “I’m not racist!” while being lead to the camps.

        • There are a fair few people who are boxcar ready but many many others are not.

          They don’t know what to fight for though and our side is just as bereft of ideas and far too leery of good old fashioned coercion to be useful.

    • This country is an international shopping mall. Participate in it when you must. Use every rule, whether written or unwritten, to get the best deal for yourself and your people. Anything beyond that is allowing yourself to be manipulated by the regime.

      • I’d say the country is like the Mall of the Americas crossed with Arkham Asylum and Miskatonic University.

        • Wilbur Whateley wants to read the University’s copy of The Necronomioan 😀 (For anyone who cares, he’s a character in “The Dunwich Horror,” one of Lovecraft’s better stories in my opinion.)

  24. Should be a class action suit for pushing the mRNA as a “vaccine”

    But do words even matter? If a major news organization can get away with promoting the mRNA as a vaccine then they can get away with anything.

    But hopefully Kyle can still shake them down for millions.

    • Not being a doomer, but what court is going to hear that?

      I mean seriously, it would implicate the entire govt, all public health care and the courts themselves.

      No judge would ever find against this.

      • And even if you could find one judge, it would be in the lesser courts and immediately over turned by a superior court.

        It’s times like these that I miss Scalia. No – I do not consider him a savior in any way, but I enjoyed his reasoning. Not that the SCOTUS would ever hear a case like this, but I always enjoyed reading his commentary, and I would love to have heard his view on some of the recent events.

        • Unfortunately, some crimes are just too big to be dealt with within existing frameworks.

          This appears to be one of them, along with a number of others that have been going on for decades.

          This is doubly true when the crime network has become larger than any Nation and swallowed its institutions.

        • Scalia was not always good with this sort of thing. He said pedophiles don’t have a right to be in the same room with children testifying against them. Sure, this is an easy case to erode the right to confront your accuser because nobody, myself included, thinks of pedophiles as even human, let alone possessing of the right to be in the same room with his victim. But that’s the thing with SCOTUS rulings, they don’t [just] apply to the case, they apply generally. How long before a complainant doesn’t need to be in the same room with a “racist” or some other ridiculous thing?
          He also was the deciding vote IIRC, on the alleged “right” to burn American flags.

          • What’s wrong with burning the American flag? This from someone who agreed with you 100% a few short years ago.

      • I’m still upset by the mass deceptive advertising in selling drummettes as “chicken wings”

        People get away with lying all the time and nothing happens

        This is a cultural and moral issue at this point rather than a legal one. Empire of Lies indeed.

        • It’s probably useful to make a distinction between things the free market can sort out – like drumettes versus wings – and abuse of sovereign immunity, as in the case of the mRNA vaccine mandates.

  25. Once upon a time, perhaps a few tens of thousands of years ago, like peoples (often blood relatives) lived in tribal units and then eventually in small villages. Occasionally, one such tribe would experience a rare hardship (such as harsh winter or drought) and begin to starve. Rather then keel over dead, their men (in desperation) would opt to go in search of food elsewhere and perhaps stumble upon another tribe with abundant food. This is where Viking raiders obtained their reputation.

    What is the point of this historical musing? When people are desperate existentially, they don’t have the luxury of time to debate speech rights or censorship by oligarchs. They do what has to be done first, and only after the dead are buried and bellies are full do they engage in erudite conversation.

      • america is full of fat prey animals; they are called “normies”. best served with a thick sauce…

          • PJ beat you to it:
            “Eat the Rich: A Treatise on Economics 1998 by P. J. O’Rourke”

        • I am willing to bet normies taste like shit. They are so full of processed foods, chemicals, and preservatives, I can’t imagine they would be good eating. They are certainly going to be prey but I would prefer to hunt them for sport.

          • I sometimes tell the story that when I was a boy I was attacked by a “wolf “(Alaskan Malamute, but close enough) and I really did become more wolf-like after that. Hence I think this may be the origins of the wolfman mythology. As TomA might be able to elaborate on, back in the day when we were living in caves and someone got bit by the wolf and he became crazed.

            Point being, that if we eat normies will we become total retards?

          • Given their monomania for grilling, they actually might not taste half bad. A bit on the smoky side, I’d imagine…

          • Think of all the powerful psychoactive drug residue built up in their systems.


        • They go by other names too, like “plumber” and “electrician” and “truck driver”
          I like living in a first world country. I definitely like running water, indoor toilets, electric lights and bananas in January.

      • “Eat the Rich” must have some literary reference I’m unaware of. It’s also the title for at least three distinct hard rock songs ca. late 70s- early 80s. One by Aerosmith. Another by Krokus, about being downwardly mobile. And my favorite by Motörhead, a tongue-in-cheek take on the world’s greatest form of birth control 🙂

  26. One thing that I keep coming back to is what will we organize around? Will the eleven American Nations coalesce around individual common cultural understandings when there doesn’t seem to be anything that links us to a cultural history in these regions? I mean at this point the Downeaster Yankee and Southern Gentleman and Appalachian Hillbilly seem to be more of a historical cartoon than an organizing cultural feature. If the culture is so fragmented that it becomes a difficult rallying point, what is its replacement?

    • Only organizing I see happening is at the very local level, something like a neighborhood watch. I know in speaking to various guys I know either well or only as an acquaintance that there is more and more conversations about that we might need to band together if SHTF and we have to protect our businesses and property. This also happened during the COVID summer during the riots.

      Better than nothing right? At least people are increasingly aware of the need to band together for protection.

      Can a savvy politician or person see all of this happening and trying to unite the various neighborhood “gangs” into something bigger? Sort of like the Warriors movie with Cyrus?

  27. Civil rights was the great post-war political wedge issue. Once lefty gained traction with that, it opened the door to all sorts of “rights” and other demands for “equity” and “inclusion”. Rights of association got trampled in the process. And without rights of association, you have nothing.

    • not so much a wedge issue as an irresistible opportunity for bougies to virtue signal. white people ate that shit up with a spoon.

      • They sure did. Even as a kid I knew this stuff was bullshit. I just knew, it was obvious. I just assumed others felt the same way and were merely “going along with it” because its kinda sorta reasonable to say everybody should be judged as an individual and that’s all that matters.

        I didn’t understand how others could not know and further believe it with all their hearts. And that the judging everyone as an individual was just a pretext to insidious goals.

      • Good whites really do seem to love nailing themselves to the cross, don’t they?

      • LBJ taking over from JFK looks more and more like a palace coup every day.

      • The ousting of Mossadegh in Iran in ’53 was the prototype. CIA funded “grass-roots” demonstrator/rioters and convenient
        bought and paid for dictator in waiting.

        What could go wrong?

        • I say it half-jokingly, but at the same time, it kind of rings true lol. Or maybe it’s just me.

          But yes, as far as US intel-backed revolutions go, I hear Iran was the first and know no differently.

    • So-called “civil rights” was the formalization of the fiction that blacks are equal to whites. Since then, we have moved on to the even more farcical notion that they are our superiors. No society with such an irrational organizational dynamic can survive for very long. And so America did not.

    • Many Americans no longer know the meaning of “rights of association”. When the fires are out, the dust has settled, and the bodies buried, we should be sure to include “rights of disassociation” along with “rights of association” in whatever agreed upon covenant becomes the law of the land. You know, like, “No colored people allowed.”

    • Post-war White society was so easily and PERMANENTLY fractured on racial lines. I think a big reason was because whites were first fractured on gender lines; woman pitted against man (the for benefit of the government and businesses).

      Lord knows other races fight with each other, but they stay basically unified in defending the people from the other.

      So many Whites were and are incapable of that for various stupid and self-serving reasons. I just don’t know what to say about a race where so many are just so spiritually broken and twisted like that. So willing to use strangers of other races to beat down the others in their own race.

      I mean, there is no good reason why whites, who attained total dominance, shouldn’t have stayed on top and had a huge global population. The only reasons are insanity, greed, and back-stabbing.

      Modernism, post-modernism, technology made by whites, effected them the most, and has destroyed them. Just been a terrible freefall since WWI. Just endless bad blood and bad faith within whites.

    • “Civil rights was the great post-war political wedge issue. […] Rights of association got trampled in the process. And without rights of association, you have nothing.”

      But there was something antecedent to “civil rights” that made everything after 1964 not only likely but inevitable: universal suffrage. LBJ spelled it out: “I’ll have those joggers votin’ Democrat for the next 200 years.”

      Once *everybody*” could vote, the practice of vote-buying was not just inevitable but necessary. And it has been vote-buying above and beyond anything else that has brought us to where we are now.

      And, of course, there was something antecedent even to vote-buying: the childish and ridiculous notion (I won’t call it an idea) that everybody is equal.

      Alexis de Tocqueville wrote that the day would come when Americans would choose equality over liberty. (So did Frenchmen, Alexis; so did Frenchmen.)

      The problem is human nature itself. The most stable form of government has been feudalism: it was local, and everything was reciprocal. Everybody knew his place and what–precisely what–was expected of him.

      Without hierarchy, things fall apart b/c, in fact, everybody is *not* equal, and b/c everybody is not equally capable of making common-sense decisions and running his own life towards some other destination than the ground.

      What’s wanted is a socio-political system that is hierarchical but which also allows the cream to rise to the top from wherever it might appear. But at the same time, the difference between education and training must be recognized so that the weak-minded, suggestible, credulous members of the population are not “educated” beyond their capacity to digest that things they are “taught.” Weak-minded persons must be protected from manipulative persons. There must be *strict* separation of school and state. And it must be understood that school is not for everybody.

      • Controlling psychopathology at top and bottom is the key. We know what to do with psychopaths that are at the bottom of society (jail or worse). What is to be done with the ones at the top? Until society has an adequate means to reign in those individuals, we are lost.

      • What’s wanted is a socio-political system that is hierarchical but which also allows the cream to rise to the top from wherever it might appear.

        The problem with that is that the shit also needs to sink, no matter where it emerges. And the mediocre should hit the mid point. All of which means that the offspring of the rich and powerful will have downward mobility, almost certainly will fall from the position of their parents. And that goes against human nature at a very deep level.

        • “And that goes against human nature at a very deep level.”

          Yes, it does. But I’ll bet we all of us have known families in which the parents finally disowned an incorrigible child (of whatever age). So there is that, and there always will be, since intelligent and insightful people do have children just as fools do.

          But you are right. That’s why I said that it is human nature itself that is ultimately the problem. All we can do is, as Patrick Henry stated so forcefully, walk by the light of experience, which is what we have a LOT of. It’s sound judgment that too many people lack.

  28. It seems you have come to an arrangement with Lew Rockwell.com. Are they linking to your articles everyday now?

        • Technically linking, partially posted and click to go here to read the rest. If it was me I would welcome it.

          I have a soft spot for some people there. Paleo libertarian which isn’t too bad. Beyond that some of the links are pretty good.

          • Yeah, but doesn’t Z deserve some form of compensation?

            Or is “spreading the word” in itself accepted as a form of compensation vis a vis the internet?

            Say a “racist” organization begins linking to Z’s works without any consent and he gets the “guilt by association” treatment? What would be his legal recourse to say he was never any part of their decision-making and should not be lumped in with them? But the the damage is already done and there is no legal route for him to take to car his name.

            My guess is that this will ultimately find itself in the courts. For any number of reasons, compensation being one of them as well as consent.

          • Ostei, exactly. Rockwell previously seemed to me “far out”, but lately, they seem to aggregate more thought that I agree with. When I saw the first Z-man article ref, I knew why. I say they are a plus for this group.

      • So on Rockwell and using a Z as your logo.

        Boy are you in trouble if you ever go to Germany.


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