Regime-ology is a new field of study so the practitioners are still working out the tools and methods for interpreting regime activity. Unlike Kremlinology, on which regime-ology is modeled, the focus is not on a hierarchical structure. The Soviet empire was run by a vertical organization that operated like a corporation. The American empire is a horizontal organization modeled on the Mafia. It is a collection of elite gangster organizations jostling for power within the elite.

With Kremlinology, events could be interpreted as either a signal from the party elite or representing internal party changes. If someone disappeared from the public eye, it meant he had fallen out of favor with the party leaders. If party media reported something hanky about a party member, it was assumed to have been done with the permission of the party leaders to prepare the public for a change. The target was being shaped as a scoundrel so he could be denounced.

Regime-ology is a bit more complicated. If someone disappears for a while, it could mean nothing more than he is having a blood transfusion at one of Google’s secret rejuvenation centers. On the other hand, disparaging information about an oligarch in regime media could simply mean that one mob family is unhappy with another mob family and this is how they are communicating it. Using the media promotes the interests of the gangster class and delivers the message.

That is probably how to interpret the sudden interest by regime media in the famous Hunter Biden laptop from two years ago. For those not interested, this was the laptop that President Biden’s drug-addled son abandoned at a Delaware computer shop, which contained a trove of embarrassing information about the family. In addition to thousands of naked selfies and pics of Hunter smoking crack and meth with prostitutes, it had details of the Biden family criminal dealings.

Regime media dutifully covered this up by declaring it Russian propaganda and going as far as to imply it was a Trump campaign dirty trick. The New York Post, which was the first to report the laptop story, came under withering assault from the Silicon Valley crime families until they dropped the story. Facebook started banning people from their site for mentioning the story. Like the people air brushed from official photos in the Soviet Union, this story was erased from public view.

This is nothing new. The power of regime media is in what they can make the public ignore and this was a typical example. They do this by framing the issue as good guys versus bad guys, which is catnip for the American moralizer. Then they declare the thing to be ignored as the black hat and let the moralizers do the rest. Anyone mentioning the laptop on-line or even in private conversation was declared a crazy QAnon conspiracy theorist by others in their circle.

For no reason at all, the laptop story is back. First the intel community told the New York Times to admit they lied two years ago about it being fake. They did not mention that it was the intel community that lied, of course. Then the Washington Post was told to write about the Biden family’s criminal dealings that were on the laptop. The Post is the official organ of the intelligence community. You will recall that the Post was instrumental in the Russian collusion hoax in 2016.

Even more interesting, the scandal ridden outlet CNN has been given the green light to unleash their nutters on the story. This is a story posted by Dean Obeidallah, a former circus clown and far-left conspiracy theorist. In addition to being a conspiracy hub, CNN is also a popular landing spot for disgraced members of the intel community. Andrew McCabe and Josh Campbell landed there after being forced out of their jobs. The FBI uses CNN to control the Antifa/BLM community.

Taken together, this new interest in the Hunter Biden laptop story suggests the intel community is unhappy with the Biden crime family. It could be a warning shot about the recent rantings by Biden in Poland. This has created huge problems for the foreign policy gangsters running the war with Russia. They have been forced to spend their time telling European leaders that Biden should be ignored. This is not a good look for the Global American Empire in the middle of a crisis.

One way to look at this is that they are preparing the way for Biden to be removed from office this year. The plan was for him to pretend to be in charge through the midterm then hand things off to strong diverse female. Team Biden has been making plans for him to run again in 2024, while he is clearly in rapid decline. The Hunter Biden story could be the leverage to force Team Biden to stick to the deal. He takes the blame for the midterms, retires for health reasons and the laptop disappears.

On the other hand, this could be the start of a plot to hang the Ukraine debacle on Biden and his crooked son. The regime media is being told to sell the Ukraine war as a smashing success, but that can only go on for another month. Reality in the ground says the Russians are slowly grinding up the Ukrainian army. In a month, there will be little of it left in the east. Whether it is by force or by negotiations, the Russians will get the terms they laid out last month.

Then there are the economic sanctions. This is proving to be a disaster for the Global American Empire. The Germans just cut a deal with the Russians to buy gas in rubles, even through both sides are pretending otherwise. The Germans will buy the gas in Euros from Gazprom, which will then convert them immediately into rubles at the agreed upon exchange rate. This is de facto acceptance by Germany that they will buy gas from Russia in rubles. The rest of Europe will now follow.

What we could be seeing here is Afghanistan 2.0. The military industrial complex, the intel community and the foreign policy establishment opposed the withdraw from Afghanistan, but team Biden insisted on it. They let Afghanistan collapse and then let Team Biden take the blame for it. Notice that no one actually responsible in the military, intelligence of foreign policy realm was fired. We could be seeing the same thing afoot with the looming Ukraine disaster.

Again, regime-ology is a new field. We do not know what we do not know, so we are left to our imaginations. Maybe Hunter Biden is so mobbed up that even the thoroughly corrupt FBI has to acknowledge it. Maybe this is a feint to distract from something much worse that is in the wind. All we can know is that Hunter Biden will never be charged and we will never know the truth about the Biden family corruption. In a gangster state like America, those things are handled internally.

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190 thoughts on “Regime-ology

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  2. Well, here is an interesting development.

    Get a load of the IMF spokeswoman musing that this might lead to some “small” arrangements to trade in currencies other than the Dollar or Euro. Like, for instance, China, Russia, India, maybe Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iran. Yeah, “small”.

    But maybe this is what the brainiacs had planned, you know, to get the West to Go Green, and Build Back Better. Perhaps not, though, as they thought they could snarl a bit and everybody would just dall into line.

    Hubris, meet Nemesis.

  3. Fox News has its very own in house tranny now after signing on Kaitlyn. TAKE THAT LIBS!!! YOU’RE OWNED! Libs are the REAL transphobes…

    • Non-sequitur, but for whatever reason this brings to mind the TPUSA grifter Charlie Kirk touring with a flamboyantly gay black grifter who was fobbed off as, wait for it, a gay black conservative. IIRC, that dog and pony show provided the Groypers an opportunity to reach a wider audience..

      Anyhow, I have as much disgust toward the cuckservatives and their propaganda outlets as I do toward their leftwing counterparts.

      Speaking of: will it be MSNBC or CNN that hires the first prominent tranny in response to Fox?

  4. I smell Hillary all over the laptop story. First, Brandon’s team let Trump sue Hillary and gave her a small but symbolic fine for the Trump Russia collusion hoax. That’s to head off Hillary! as the replacement for the increasingly dangerously doddering Brandon.

    Then, Brandon let it be known that he will be the President in one form or another through 2028. Perhaps beyond. Hillary is frustrated. She owns the CIA, Brandon the FBI, and this is a war between “Gods and Monsters” in the Woke Wing of the Uniparty.

    Reportedly, I have seen on several sites the rumor of Brandon re-instituting the Draft. This might be just before or after Midterms. Rumor is it will be pretty much ALL White males (only) ages 18-35., women, non-White exempt. As a way to first address the manpower shortage currently short-term stop-gapped by National Guard deployments in Hospitals, School Buses, etc. Secondly as more manpower for direct rule should Midterms require martial law. And lastly as cannon fodder to be fed into the Ukraine meatgrinder which Brandon’s team wants to keep going on as long as possible. I think at this point they are JUST rumors, but what is real is the desire by Brandon to keep Urkaine going as a drag to prompt regime change in Russia (it is more likely to create it here); the constant deployment by State Governors of their National Guard to do basic things like drive school buses and man hospitals. I can not THINK of a time when this has been absent massive earthquakes or hurricanes for just a few weeks not months. Not even the aftermath of the Rodney King riots saw the Guard deployed for more than a few weeks. So who knows? I don’t.

    America used to be extremely predictable, but our rulers seem to veer into craziness from one fad to another with no reason at all.

    • a whites only draft…rrriiiigggghhhhht. classic whiskey nonsense. weren’t you predicting imminent gotterdammerung a few weeks back? how did that turn out? how are you not embarrassed to put out such hysterical crap?

      • Might as well be Whites only (it’s not, obviously), but Whites are the “tip of the spear”—as they have been since the armed services was integrated in 1948.

        • Latinos make up about 25% of combat arms theses days just as shade below population percentage

          • Yeah, I’ve shorted the Hispanics in this regard. They might be pulling their weight. My bad.

      • Gotterdammerung is on schedule. It will be more boring and stupid than we thought.

        As for the validity? I don’t know. It’s as crazy as Disney going all tranny. What do I know?

        • For people who fool around with nuclear war, declare financial war on the whole world and can’t tell a man from a woman, a draft is pocket change crazy. I don’t personally believe it will happen but we’ll see.

    • Whites only? Nonsense.

      The last thing the government wants to do is instill team work, solidarity , a willingness to follow orders and urban warfare training into all Whites .

      Beyond that we are not going to war in the Ukraine, most likely it will all be over before we figure out what the heck is actually going on .

      If Dr. Steven Turley is right Putin is about at 86% popularity so he is going nowhere.

      If somehow we do start a fight , Russia knows that “no fly zone” is round one of “regime change” and will immediately go all out. Its not going to be Russia vs USA a stand up fight . They’d lose a direct math. It will asymmetric , hacking, ASAT weapons, and than tac nuke and strategic ones

  5. Paying farmers to destroy their crops, small family wells to literally dump their oil out on the ground,
    Aerosolized hemorrhagic fever (ebola) delivered by drone…

    What’s regimeology telling us about “the after those midterms wipeout”?

  6. Zman, Please excuse me linking all these headlines, but they so beautifully illustrate the premise of your excellent post. I promise I will stop here, but must add this one, particularly as I spent a few years of my life in Singapore and was not impressed. After all his warnings and apparent understanding of the dangers of multiculturalism, Lee Kuan Yew’s home falls victim to the benefits of diversity:

    • 3g4me-

      Perhaps LKY had failed to realize that the Singapore he created turned out to be one of the world’s great fertility shredders.

      The data for 2019 shows their TFR as 1.14. Only four countries show lower TFRs, including ethnically solid South Korea at 1.052.

      I think other commentators have mentioned this before, but I believe those low fertility rates are due to the hypercompetitive nature of the culture in those countries.

      If one looks at the countries with the highest TFRs…well, let’s just say those are places one can get by sitting under the tree, waiting for the fruit to fall off.

      • Wild Geese: Absolutely. Back when we first arrived there 30 years ago, they had figured out that their emphasis on reducing birth rates had backfired, because the Malays and pajeets there continued breeding while the Han did not. The careful racial balance of the population was being threatened. There were posters at every subway station entrance urging people to have children – and every picture was of a smiling Han couple. Ultimately made no difference.

        The Indians there at that time were almost exclusively in menial/service jobs. I knew Singapore was increasing immigration but had no idea the population of immigrants was up to 36%. And of all the locals I knew and from all the subway trips, driving trips, and walking-around time, I never once saw a Han-pajeet couple. Malays occasionally, but never ever Han with pajeet. Really piss poor planning on the part of Singapore authorities.

        • Interesting. Singapore was already going to be afflicted by multi-culturalism, but increasing immigration was assinine. It always comes back to “muh standard of living”.

      • Heh your stats are out of date. South Korea’s total fertility rate has dropped to 0.81 for the year 2021. How low can it go? Hong Kong was 0.7 something.

        “Singapore’s resident total fertility rate (TFR) was 1.10 in 2020; the Singaporean Chinese, Malay and Indian fertility rates were 0.94, 1.83 and 0.97 respectively.”

        Even 1.83 is well below replacement levels though. And if we look to Malaysia, they follow the same pattern.

        At the current rate the semi- productive societies of Asia might collapse before ours. Whites with TFR of 1.5 on average is almost twice the TFR of Hong Kong. The demographic future might even be grimmer in Asia, by 2100 a continent overrun by fanatical Afghans, Indian Muslims and Pakistanis while the few remaining elderly Chinese cower in their retirement homes.

        Just have white babies and keep a level head as we pass through the Great Filter.

      • Israel has above replacement fertility.

        As for Korea and Singapore , both are hard places to raise a family, competitive as you noted but also crowded and expensive.

        Its really not a big issue if immigration can be curtailed. To do this requires a lot of authoritarianism and frankly a new way to approach market economies

        Growth is not possible with tech and a declining population and while you can automate and increase efficiency the problem isn’t production but consumption. Even a few Neocons like Peter Zeihan get this , robots don’t buy stuff.

        The solutions are not political doable. Remove women from the work force or work sharing (lower work weeks) or new jobs being required to be in smaller areas that sort of thing.

        Marriage reform too.

        They may not work as the online lifestyle and the internet aredestructive to human well being or so it seems

        Sure people with “work at home” jobs can be anywhere and live where housing is affordable, staring at a screen is not conducive to higher fertility

        maybe just stopping all immigration is the right thing, no immigrants, tight borders and no food exports and nature will handle the rest . In time the population will match the number of jobs and the all important ratios will self repair,

        Good luck getting there though. You’ll need it,

    • While I can’t speak for Z, please don’t stop posting links.

      It is the function of the Shit-Libs, not the sane, to restrict information to that given from a few approved sources.

    • [Disclaimer: I’m no expert!]

      The whole topic of fertility rates and demographic can lead to many projections, none of them favorable*, so far as I know, for our dissident thing.

      To the best of my knowledge, a nation’s fertility dropping well below replacement rate correlates highly with the level of affluence that nation has achieved. Surely, technology (the Pill) is a major factor. But at bottom, I believe, is the simple perception that having a child comes with many costs. As a nation achieves — or at least promises — such benefits as old age pensions, free medical care and other benefits for seniors, that means the “value” of the younger generation drops. This is especially so in cultures that have lost the extended family tradition earlier, e.g. European/Western perhaps compared to Asian nations. There simply isn’t (as) much expectation by the old that the young will help care for them.

      It’s worth noting that in Nature, most organisms tend to have fairly large families. This is for many reasons, but not the least is because in the wild, most of the offspring die before they can carry on the family line. Humans are not exempt from this, although civilization tempers it somewhat. As Howard notes by inference, the most fertile places are those where children are just objects, not so much high valued as they traditionally have been in the West and especially Asia.

      All this bodes extremely badly for Caucasians and [East] Asians as a share of world population. These trends became established over many decades, and it doesn’t seem likely they’ll change quickly. A systemic shock could, of course. But, I suspect, that shock will be due to the existing order collapsing or at least being majorly reset. The world’s population cannot continue growing, especially that share that primarily waits for the ripe fruit to fall into their lap.

      *Perhaps “favorable” in the sense that a likely outcome of a systemic collapse would be a large decrease of the world’s population from whatever peak it reaches. Reduced to primitive conditions, it would be survival of the fittest. I’m not sure what the racial breakdowns would be. I’m not sure that Whites being 50% of a world population of 500 million is a socially desirable goal. 🙁

      • I don’t think Whites ever went above 25% of the human race at that was peak Y/T the Victorian Age and a bit beyond.

        That said I don’t see much downside in a Whiter world even if it has less people in it.

        I suspect the Georgia Guidestones nutters are partially correct, this planet can only support a limited number of people, maybe at most 2 billion not the 5000 mil they think

        If that ratio was 25% that’s 500 million European 1.5 Billion other. That works

  7. I never expected Biden to retire “for reasons of health’, because I figured that they would shoot him & blame it on muh white supremacists. You know, gun control, demonizing whiteness. More ammo to use on the domestic terrorists.
    Then Jim Stone said he thought they would kill him & frame the Russians. That seems likely as well. Maybe they’ll combine the two somehow – Trump supporters working for Putin.
    Stone showed an indication last month that the number dying from the clotshot was doubling every 5 weeks. If that continues til July, that comes to 10-15 million. That’s a very good reason to go to war – distraction indeed!

    • I’m expecting Russian incel terrorists wearing MAGA hats with AR-15s purchased at gun shows. One of them will have a tattoo implicating Alex Jones and a second will have copies of the Watchtower in his back pocket.

      Hmm… I actually AM expecting that.

    • Perhaps Joe will visit Flint and die from Lead poisoning.

      145 grains should do it.

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  9. And the economic hits keep coming. Double down on stupid and malevolent is much too tepid – let’s go exponential here.

    “President Joe Biden will on Thursday announce the release of one million barrels of oil from the nation’s strategic reserves every day for the next six month and ask Congress to impose fines on gas companies that aren’t producing energy from public land, as he seeks to tackle record prices at the pumps.

    At the same time he will use the wartime Defense Production Act to accelerate the switch to electric cars, according to senior administration officials, by producing materials needed for high-capacity batteries.”

    • 3g4me-

      The DPA for EVs no one wants is pure communist waste to make more money for the regime and reduce freedom of movement for the plebes.

      • Wild Geese: I’m thinking more of the fact that I read we’re down to about 30 days of oil and NG reserves, although I realize this fluctuates (and thus impacting supply and cost of all the byproducts). I ordered a 30 lb propane tank last week that’s supposed to arrive later today (found a reasonable price but mixed prior reviews so we’ll see what condition it’s in). Lord only knows what it will cost to fill it. We don’t currently use any propane on a daily basis but I decided it wouldn’t hurt to have a little more on hand.

    • The goal it to get you out of your car.
      There are not enough rare earths on the planet to provide batteries for electric cars to replace I.C/ autos.
      Transportation will become a service, that is why Uber was groomed despite it being illegal in all of the initial cities it was demoed in.

  10. Clown World and Follow the Money perfectly illustrated – excerpt from beginning of a Daily Mail Online article today. Qui bono, indeed:

    “Junior Goldman Sachs bankers whose salaries start at $110k are threatening to quit their jobs after the firm demanded they turn to the office five days a week.

    The bankers, who have previously complained of working 100-hour weeks, have claimed they are being ‘bullied’ into working in the office for the five days by top managers at the firm.

    The revolt comes a month after Goldman Sachs handed out the biggest bonuses on Wall Street, with the pay increased by between 76 and 226 per cent for junior bankers.”

    • It would be trivial to wreck the investment banks, just force them to hire more women and POC quants to reflect the population numbers.

      They would destroy their own business within a few months.

      After all fair is fair.

      • Those banks should have collapsed years ago. Their employees are working 250% work hours in 250% cost of living areas and they have student loan debt to repay. High school dropouts who start a career at McDonald’s make more money than a Wall Street fake elite.

  11. It’s like the old adage “be nice to people on your way up, you might meet them again on your way down.” Our rulers have always assumed that things would stay the same and America would rule the roost. This has led to any number of arrogant moves that people do remember, and when they get a chance will pay it back in spades, and our rulers never learn. Perhaps they are congenitally unable to.

    For example, about 70 years ago we played regime change with Iran and ousted a duly elected leader, and to this day we’re paying for that. Do they think no one remembers how long the U.S. has applied the “you can have self-determination as long as we approve,” rule?

    It’s the arrogance, and the stupidity that goes along with it, thinking no one is ever going to give you some payback.

  12. Josh Campbell’s “Personal life” section on wikipedia in its entirety:

    Campbell married his husband on July 4, 2019.


  13. If the last year was Kammie’s job interview, despite checking all the people of color/woman boxes, she’s awful. I think she failed the interview. Although, it’s not like elections matter anymore. The population has now been thoroughly replaced to an extent that nearly any figure head will do….

    The ultimate legacy of the GOP will be 30 years of imbeciles on the right staring at the Sean Hannity sock puppet from hell while they were quietly replaced in their own neighborhoods. People too lazy to even walk around their blocks to see what’s going on after eating the bag of Doritos and Costco five layer bean dip. I mean that in a literal sense. It’s sick. They may only be caught, like a hippo on a game camera, taking their groceries inside. You will likely only catch a glimpse of their pudgy, diabetic looking silhouettes as they shuffle inside to watch another 20 hours of the boob-tube. They deserve the beatings they will get in hospice from the POC imports. It’ll be a nice reality check on the way out.

    • “People too lazy to even walk around their blocks to see what’s going on after eating the bag of Doritos and Costco five layer bean dip. I mean that in a literal sense. It’s sick.”

      No doubt.

      Been around this my whole life. I’ve moved to areas that I’ve explored thoroughly in the first months… then spoken to some chump who has lived there his entire life; and he doesn’t know about anything more than a mile radius from his place.

      No need to worry, though. I mean, why give two hoots about the fifteenth Somali family dumped a block away, when CNN and the BBC tell you what you need to know.

      • Same here, I like to walk. It’s amazing how much you can explore over time if you walk 30 minutes every night. If average white people actually went out they might be a little more aware of what’s going on. The demographics are pretty grim. I’d rather see the truth even if it’s grim – at least I’m not stuck in 1985 lol.

        Most white people are now bug people, they do all their shopping on Amazon and all their entertainment is from Netflix. Personally I think they don’t like what they see in the real world, and retreat to their virtual world, without understanding why.

      • One of my usual walking routes goes past a middle school and over the years I watched the white/hispanic ratio drop precipitously. The neighborhood itself looks standard middle class white person lawncare, but about five blocks away past the main road through town hidden behind the stores there are the nests, run down apartment buildings where the Mexicans lay their eggs.

        • It could be worse. Blacks and/or similarly hued migrants from shithole countries. Mexicans/Latinos (non-negroid) certainly have their faults, but on the average they are quite a few notches above the Melanic Homonid®.

      • Walked around my old hood that 40 years ago when we moved out was 98% white. On the litter-strewn sidewalk, three pajeetas each pushing a stroller come my way. None of them moves in front or behind the others for the brief moment it would take me to pass them. Instead, I almost collide with one so I stop, refusing to step into the muddy, littered lawn to avoid her. It took her a good 3 seconds to realize I ain’t budging, and the 3 then she says something in pajeet to her pals, and they all laugh.

        I blame liberal whites for this. Not just for flooding my country with these people, but for never ever standing up to them, but instead happily jumping onto the street or the mud as soon as they pass unfettered. These invaders were treated like the boss of their new home as soon as the plane from their shithole countries touched down on our runways.

  14. I’m not a fan of Clarence Thomas and wouldnt be sad to see him leave – but it’s interesting what the bat signals on that are.

    I feel there’s a chance that they are telegraphing something. The fact he was in the hospital for a week and the media was suspiciously silent and at the same time that kbj is up for confirmation. And the moment he gets out they segue to this wife.

    Also, kbj is going to get confirmed in a week or two but breyer isn’t leaving the court until the end of June. Is it possible they are setting up a scenario where Thomas dies/resigns after Jackson is confirmed and then kbj takes his seat. Then breyers seat might go to a fellow tribesman (seat has been held by one for 66 of the last 90 years)

  15. my sense is that the laptop activity is not important. it’s old news. i think if there were real dissent within the club, Hunter would have been OD’d and Joe would have taken a tumble down the stairs.

  16. Next January the Nordstream 2 will quietly click on, and it will barely be covered by the regime media apparatus.

  17. Well, one possibility is that crazy Uncle Joe proposed a billionaire tax, including a tax on unrealized capital gains, the other day. Then, all of a sudden, the Laptop volume got turned up by the Bezos Post and the usual house organs. Using Occam’s Razor, this is the most likely explanation for all this noise.

    • That’s certainly possible. However, I have to believe any billionaire tax will be as fake and ghey as everything else, meaning it will be so full of loopholes as to be entirely ineffective. The real purpose of the tax hike will be to maintain the kabuki theater of pluralism for the lumpen idiots who still believe elections matter.

  18. I get a funny feeling when I picture the mafia in control of nukes, but that’s where we are.

    • They are probably more rational and forward thinking then the political mafia we have.

      • Exactly. Whose hand would you rather be on the little red football? Joseph Gambino’s or Joseph Biden’s?

  19. There seems to have been a shift in media strategy. The first week or two was completely insane, with wall to wall media coverage, hysteria on social media, and outrageous anti-Russian comments comment from both sides of the political aisle.

    I noticed that they toned it down quite a bit though. And today people are barely talking about it, it’s just another conflict in the background. Maybe too many people weren’t falling for it? The neo-con media especially failed at getting right wing support, and the unvaxxed refused to let the frame move from lockdowns to Ukraine.

    Lots of interesting stuff like this from the regime.

  20. “Kremlinology” was one of the biggest failures in the history of intelligence. The day before the collapse begun, all of the alleged “experts” thought the Soviet system was stronger than ours. Nobody saw the complete collapse of the system in the weeks and months leading up to it, let alone the years leading up to it. These people did this as a full time job and with access to information gleaned from spies and Soviet traitors. Even Soviet defectors didn’t know how bad things were.

    • The hundreds/thousands of experts/insiders whose jobs, reputation and speaking gigs depended on the Soviet enemy existing failed to see their coming collapse?

    • Even as incompetent and corrupt as American intelligence is, I have never believed this. Plenty of people in the IC had full investiture in keeping the Cold War grift flowing and sucked that teat to the bitter end. They knew it was falling apart but had to keep the funding flowing. These are the same people who lied about WMD and Trump-Russia collusion for their benefit.

      • Their budgets likely never had a year over year decrease in funding just as NATO never went away. These things, once created take on a life of their own.

    • The Edition of the college standard textbook Samuelson’s “Economics” Published in 1989, seriously described the Soviet economy as a viable alternative to the West.

  21. The American political mafia has started to figured that Europe isn’t going to “tow the line” like we used to, sanction threats or not.

    Ursula Von der Leyenn, former German Minister of Defence, was a disaster for the our military. Thanks to her, almost none of our ships, subs, planes or tanks are even serviceable let alone fit for purpose.

    And while Chancellor Olaf Scholz may have agreed to bump up military spending, even he knows buying hardware is easy, but convincing young people to enlist is something all together different.

    Germany has spent the past 70-years demonizing anyone and everyone who would even consider a professional career in the Bundeswehr. And we eliminated compulsory service over a decade ago. So German military ranks won’t be swelling anytime soon.

    But we all know Russia isn’t heading our way, and Putin is not a threat to the EU. And no one in Germany with a functioning brain cell is going to risk their lives for Ukraine.

    Herr Goebbels would be in awe of the American propaganda machine.

    • Aren’t there large raids in Germany at the moment on people who criticize German politicians online?

      I think the last I read was around 100 homes were raided across the whole country on the same day.

      • Wouldn’t surprise me. Bavaria and Lower Saxony recently criminalized displaying the letter Z because the Russians are using it as a sign of victory. According to German authorities, flying the Z is “incitement to aggression” and is therefore a criminal act.

        Germany appears to be every bit as anti-white and screwy as Blackistan itself.

        • Ostei: Halfway decent article about just how NPC the average young German is today. But massively fails to mention this is merely a reflection of the average boobus Americanus (but muh Freedom Convoy!), and zero mention of Juice (fool author even quotes a “Steinlein” as an example of an average German, quotes Heinrich Heine and mentions Theodore Adorno without identifying their ethnic background).

    • Germany is just as bad or even worse. I take NO pleasure in saying this. But since 1990 or thereabouts, Germany has had governments that slowly and systematically worked towards the extermination of ‘das Volk’. They are every bit as wicked as Hitler; they want you, your children and your grandchildren ‘vernichtet’. It sounds extreme if you are just making the crossing from ‘good, upright conservative in opposition’ to dissident. But Germany’s governments after Kohl have been genocidally anti-German and monstrous. But so have all Western governments.

    • They’ve spent 50 years creating rootless, weak soy males, and demonizing the remaining men who don’t go along with it. They’ve also imported millions and millions of alien young men – and then taught them to hate their hosts!

      How many “German” men aged 18-25 are even German? Bonus points if you filter out the men who can’t figure out what gender they are, and are probably useless in combat.

      Seems like if a draft was started the result would be more likely a Sharia army forming, declaring war on Germany and declaring Germany a Sharia state rather than going to fight FOR the German infidels. Demographics have consequences.

      • Greatest crime in history when extended across the whole West. The guillotine really is too good for them.

      • Houllebecq thought France would go full caliphate first, but Germany may well give her a run for her money.

        • All fair points. Multi-culti has decimated Germany and Europe. And there’s no doubt it has been planned all along.

          But this goes back 80-years when German encouraged guest workers to rebuild our war-torn country, and we never forced them to leave.

          The guests became the new tenants.

        • The candidates are many: Germany, France, Sweden, the UK, and the Netherlands, to name several.

          • Reply to Milton Keynes:

            I’m sorry? Is that a joke?

            Perhaps you’ve been stuck in your motor, driving around all those endless roundabouts in Milton Keynes – bit dizzy?

            I would count myself a man who has travelled – on foot – throughout most boroughs of London since I was twenty. I loved to walk, drink, read and talk…

            In places, London is white as white. But those are now the enclaves, surrounded by browns and blacks and of course various others. Have you frequented Streatham, Croydon, Hackney, Brixton, Wembley, West Kensington, Ealing, Tooting &c of late?

            I’m afraid she is most likely now 50% foreign born; God knows what percent non-white.

          • @OrangeFrog

            London is already minority English (45%), as is Birmingham.

            It was 60% in 2001.

      • I have read that close to 50% of the cohort of males 18-25 in Germany are non-German born—thanks to the mass migration/invasion Merkel presided over a decade ago. This age cohort is of prime breeding age, and as such, signals imminent genetic change in the population. Unless these foreign born males are allowed to bring in foreign born wives, Germany is in theory worse off than the USA.

        But as we agree, can one trust anything one reads?

        • Merkel accomplished what not Hitler, Stalin or Bomber Harris could, she killed Germany.

          This cannot be resolved amicably.

    • Once upon a time, Europe was in perpetual internecine warfare and standing armies were a both a necessity and a temptation. But now, all Western nations are afflicted with internal pathologies in which the fish rots from the head. And the only foreign threats are via Third World immigration invasions. As such, a professional military is more of a decoration rather than a deterrent.

      What is needed now is a sociological immune system that can purge the host of disease cells. For that, you need a different kind of fighting force; one that is properly suited to address the unique nature of the internal threat. The name Claus von Stauffenberg (among others) rings a bell.

  22. One of the great clown world things of today was a raid by the German police on Gazprom’s offices to look for evidence as to why Gas prices are so high.

    I actually burst out laughing. Sometimes its a struggle to get my head around both the scale of the pantomime and the shameless in your face gaslighting reporting of the pantomime.

  23. “The American empire is a horizontal organization modeled on the Mafia. It is a collection of elite gangster organizations jostling for power within the elite.”

    This is my best current guess too. There is currently a, honestly mystery novel level interesting, sort of open source, efforts, among dissidents to understand how the West is actually run, where WEF, Soros, Bilderberg, The Trilateral Commision, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations and presumably several others. I think we’re roughly guessing right and it’s interesting. But they’re not going to call and tell us how close we came to the mark.

    • If you get your door kicked in at 3am, you are probably getting close to the real structure.

    • *where WEF, Soros etc. fit in and how they fit together.

      (I should proof read my comments more 🙂

    • The fact that the WEF is so open about it, makes me suspicious that it’s a cover. But against this is the easily verifiable fact that many leading politicians across the West, have a known affiliation with WEF. This suggests it’s genuine and not just smoke and mirrors.

      OTOH, why is the DR across the West abuzz about Schwab and the WEF NOW if this has been going on for decades??

      • Maybe the WEF gets a kick out of being open about their plans, since things like the cover story on Time magazine over a year ago and Klaus Schwab and his “Great Reset” book is all mostly met with yawns. You would think declarations like “you will own nothing and be happy” would be big alarm bell, but so far, not much resistance.

        • People go nuts over ‘Ukraine’. But not over being told that they will be slaves who own nothing and have no privacy in the future. Most people are evidently too dumb for freedom.

        • To be fair: who would pay any attention. These boys could be up on a podium every night telling us about bug eating, small box apartments and transhumanism or whatever you fancy… most would (and have) lapped it up.

          It seems to me that people just refuse to believe that The Evil exists in quite a significant quantity in these orgs. They think it’s just ‘good, honest people making mistakes’.

      • Moran: My guess – even just a few years ago, those who knew about WEF/Gates/Bilderberg etc. and mentioned their machinations were dismissed by all – including the DR – as nut-job conspiracy theorists. A close friend has been discussing all this with me for perhaps 7 years, but for the first few years I generally let a lot of it slide and focused on other issues where we had more common ground. But the more I looked and read, the more I found it was true. If anything, what she mentioned didn’t go far enough.

        I still don’t accept anything anyone else says about political or economic machinations at face value without looking into it myself, but neither do I dismiss anything out of hand either. This was my model when I worked for the govt. and was asked questions by European reporters. If I hadn’t been somewhere or seen something or spoken with someone myself, I would categorically state that I could not personally confirm ANYTHING.

        The old assumption about limits to depravity or boundaries beyond which normal people generally would not go no longer apply. Even those who consider themselves part of the DR take quite a while not merely to digest all the red pills, but to truly accept the strictures of Clown World. There is nothing too insane or too incompetent or too evil that it ought to be dismissed out of hand. We must accept we live in Clown World and the traditional rules absolutely do not apply. “Abandon all rationality and assumptions and morals ye who enter here.”

        • I agree, put NOTHING past them a priori. It is a new way of thinking which takes time to get used to. But, within recent memory we’ve had open declarations by clearly connected people that ‘you will own nothing in the future and you will be happy’, we’re being told to spend trillions on ‘climate change’ all the while, evidence of clear fraud by the ‘climate researchers’ is being brushed over (climategate scandal). We have witnessed the US government flirt openly with regime change and war criminal trials for the president of Russia (hence playing openly with the risk of real nuclear war). And the stories of surplus mortality in young and working age people post-vaccine won’t go away and seem to be growing if anything. We cannot assume anything is too evil or insane with these people.

        • Too many rabbit holes to explore. I’ve spent most of two years on the Covid-19 “plandemic.” Some other dissident writer I read (forget who) made the comment (more or less) that much of the proof, such as it is, can be found at the second or third level by varying amounts of internet searching.

          Since I “specialize” in the Covid-19 mess, one of my favorite examples is a version of the classic “follow the money.” Now, I don’t have access to the brokerage records of Dr. Fauci or any number of other well-connected bigwigs. But here’s an example of what can be found, just by looking on official websites: The World Health Organization seems at first a UN-funded entity? Oh really? Just look around on its own official web site at who the donors are. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation > 10% of its funding.

          A lot of the evidence is, if not out in the open, available after even the most casual inquiry. It’s scarcely an exaggeration to lament that the gullible public is entirely satisfied that reality is only what appears on CNN, Fox, NBC, major dailies, and so on.

          In other words, you may not be able to find The Truth, but you can obtain a fairly close approximation. But most of your friends won’t believe you. If a celebrity pens a successful book (RFK Jr.’s “The Real Anthony Fauci”), it may sell over a million copies, but the major media will hardly acknowedge the existence of said book, much less mention (or attempt to refute) any of its arguments. Instead they will lament how a Kennedy could go so far astray, and perhaps not be in his right mind.

  24. So many scenarios that could play out. In any case, it will be very interesting to see who Hilarycides whom. In the overall scheme of things, that may be on the undercard – or it could turn out to be the main event.

  25. Secretary of State Blinken’s Wednesday visit to Algiers, Algeria is an excellent example of how tone-deaf and out of touch the Global American Empire’s elite really are:

    The Western Sahara is a core issue to the Algerian regime as it is currently constituted. The US is basically telling them to drop any and all claims to it in favor of the control plan drawn up by their neighboring rival Morocco.

    Lecturing them about Russia is silly because one can go to Wikipedia and review Algeria’s large Russian inventory of combat aircraft, tanks, vehicles, ships, subs, and air defense.

    They’re not going to turn their back on billions of dollars invested in those, especially now that the reserves they had have dried up, forcing them to run deficits. They won’t do the GAE’s foreign military sale (FMS) program because they are acutely aware that FMS is a GAE buyout.

    On top of this, France has managed to antagonize Algeria over ongoing accusations stemming from their war of independence and Spain has antagonized them by taking Morocco’s side on the Western Sahara.

    All of this is dumb because Algeria is a major producer of natural gas and helium, which is easily derived from natural gas production. Those are two resources the GAE really needs at this point. They couldn’t replace Russian gas, but they could certainly reduce European dependence on Russian gas.

    If the GAE was led by intelligent operatives, they would play it down the middle with Algeria and Morocco because the latter country controls vast phosphate resources that are useful for the production of fertilizers and in other industrial applications.

  26. The Russians are about to go public with lots of evidence that the Biden Crime Cartel, in concert with the US government and DoD, has been subcontracting Ukraine to conduct illegal bioweapons development for over a decade now. Even worse, rogue elements within Ukraine actively planned to use these weapons in the attack on Donbass that was planned for later this Spring but preempted by the Russians in February.

    This new class of bioweapons being developed in Ukraine has used DNA splicing to create customized pathogens that target specific genotypes and have delayed deleterious effects. They were also experimenting with novel delivery mechanisms including using specific bird and insect species as insertion vectors. This is, of course, monumentally stupid on steroids and risks unleashing catastrophic effects all across the planet.

    The MSM will try to bury or discredit this story, but methinks the rest of the world will recognized the existential threat when they see it. The only real villain in this drama is the USA. How far we have fallen.

    You go Progs, you go.

    • And then the totally unrelated announcement the UN will be setting up a war crimes investigation for Putin and Russia.

      The projection just gets larger and larger.

    • TomA: Endlessly ironic for this former shitlib turned patriot turned conservative Christian turned DR that now wrt Russian pronouncements, my standard mode is akin to Reagan – “Trust but verify,” whereas with GAE pronouncements, my standard mode is “It’s lies, deflection, and BS insanity all the way down.”

    • Try and remember that Jim Stone, like Alex Jones, is for entertainment purposes only.

      While they may be right occasionally, “even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

      (I’ll get the downvoting started myself).

  27. Over the past year or so, I’ve started to check out the WaPo and NYT websites, not to get my news, of course, but to get a hint of where the lead bird in the flock might turn next. You can see subtle (and, sometimes, not so subtle) changes in the game plan by simply looking at the headlines.

    For example, the other day, there was a story about how Putin had been misled by his advisors throughout this whole affair. That’s a very interesting headline. I mean, if you call Putin a war criminal, how can you ever negotiate with him. However, if he was mislead by others, well, he’s not really a war criminal anymore and you can negotiate with him.

    Yes, it’s all very Orwellian, but that’s the world in which we live.

      • Ha. True. People forget about Kafka, but he’s just as useful for our times as Orwell.

        • Thank you all so much.
          I learn a lot from this comment section, although I had heard of Kafka I had to look him up. Quick take
          Idiocracy? Sort of?

          • Spingehra: Perhaps more a blend of 1984, Brave New World, Harrison Bergeron, and a bit of Cthulhu thrown in for good measure. Read his “Metamorphosis” or “The Trial.”

  28. May I propose another option for the recent reveal: A simple flaunting of power. One of the kicks it seems our overlords enjoy is flaunting their disregard for truth and demonstrating their ability to manipulate it as often as they desire. As Z aptly notes, the leaks come from the same source that did the initial gaslighting. Perhaps it is revelation of their method; a clear exercise in demoralizing any opponent and bewildering and striking awe in the hearts of the mindless masses. Think of the number of times they label something a “conspiracy theory” only to years later leak documents that confirm the “conspiracy” was true. Perhaps the revelation of the method continues the breaking of any American will.

    • That’s much more likely.

      Remember how quickly their revelation of the corporate/intelligence/antifa joint effort to “fortify” the election was published. They bragged of their plot’s success in Time, the biggest legacy name in media—but if you *repeat what they said* you’re banned from everything. Republican election winners will soon be barred from office for having spoken of it.

      There’s no meaningful gap in our knowledge. It doesn’t matter which lackey does what. If we had an army, we wouldn’t wonder who to aim it at. The gap is in our heads, a resistance to acknowledging how petty, sadistic, and already victorious the bad guys are.

    • remember the old Star Trek episode of Kirk trying to get the doomsday machine to self destruct? “Everything I tell you is a lie” “I am telling you the truth”…

      • Close, but no cigar. There was a Star Trek (1960s original) “The Doomsday Machine” episode, but the villain in that show was not communicating, but only destroying planets. You are probably thinking of the episode

        While these two episodes had in common a robot that laid waste to planets, the latter was created on Earth and did not blindly destroy worlds, instead sought to cull the imperfect. Nomad (the probe), somehow damaged, mistakes Kirk for the machine’s creator Roykirk. Unable to destroy the robot any other way, Kirk convinces Nomad that he has made a mistake, and thus he’s imperfect, and since his mission is to destroy imperfection…

  29. “On the other hand, this could be the start of a plot to hang the Ukraine debacle on Biden and his crooked son. The regime media is being told to sell the Ukraine war as a smashing success, but that can only go on for another month. Reality in the ground says the Russians are slowly grinding up the Ukrainian army. In a month, there will be little of it left in the east. Whether it is by force or by negotiations, the Russians will get the terms they laid out last month.”

    The primary motive was to divorce Germany/Europe from Russia, largely over energy. That was initially successful, but the cracks are forming now, as you mentioned.

    I suspect “Biden,” which of course is his puppeteers, has not gone as far as other Gangs of Empire want. Specifically, weapons have not been peddled as planned, large troop deployments to Eastern Europe have been avoided, and military intervention and a No-Fly Zone has been rebuffed. Team Biden seems to be lubed by grifting off “foreign development money” more than guns ‘n bullets, so its rivals really are pissed.

    The Russians have been rather reticent about the reams of evidence of corruption they almost certainly have on the Biden Crime Family, which probably indicates Team Biden has played within the lines it would tolerate. There simply is no way our Regime, regardless of its success, would have been able to keep such bribery material close to its vest due to its recklessness and impulsivity. The Russians always have played their cards far better.

    Ultimately the United States and most of the West will be plunged into economic chaos and misery over the sanctions regime. The “We Always Have Been At War” gambit with Hunter Biden may be in preparation for throwing a sacrifice to the howling and hungry wolves, but count me as dubious over its effectiveness. The Regime has a Jill Biden problem. The Regime has a Kamala problem. And the Empire has a credibility problem, to the extent it had any left. While much/most of the public has been whipped into fury against Russia, there also has been more indifference and hostility to American involvement than any war in recent history. Whether due to the recent hostility to the military, the humiliation in Afghanistan, or the poverty being inflicted on us, the public is nowhere near gung-ho about this war.

    We may be looking at the first Empire neutered and/or toppled over not losing a war but agitating and instigating one.

    • “The primary motive was to divorce Germany/Europe from Russia…”

      That is the 800 lb. gorilla sitting quietly in the corner (for the moment). The banksters are getting agitated. If Russia is successful at getting Europe to pay for gas and other Russian resources in rubles, the USD is in serious trouble. And that means our gangster ruling class will erupt in a rabid, self-incriminating lunge for what is left of our wealth. It won’t be pretty.

        • Because Europe is the major importer of energy paid for with the Petro-dollar.
          The massive Dollar reserves around the world are primarily driven by the sheer size of the oil market and if oil is not solely traded in dollars these dollars will inevitable find their way back to the US and trigger 1920’s style inflation.

    • One seldom cited “benefit” (?) of all the optional wars the USA has been involved in in recent decades is simply that there are tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of former military that were well trained in varying types of combat and many whom engaged in it. A lot of them are long discharged, existing in some capacity in the civilian world. There are many domestic scenarios where such talents might be useful. The only things missing would be reclaiming former fitness, access to weaponry and perhaps the biggest question mark of all: which side or which alliance to join.

      Some of them might be loyal unto death to the old regime. But given the rate at which the system is deteriorating, I suspect that the majority may look for alternative factions, should the need arise.

  30. They are all demonic sociopaths. They are a constant reminder of the Boss Tweed line:

    “The appearance of the law must be upheld, especially while it’s being broken.”

    • Good call! As in that ancient SNL skit, it’s always much more important to look marvelous, regardless of how one feels. Perhaps GAE is being forced to the realization that it has reached the limit on cosmetic surgery. The sagging visage underneath the veneer is beginning to show; the portrait of Dorian Gray will look marvelous by comparison.

  31. What if the Russians find something tying the development to Covid to the USA in the Ukraine? Would not surprise me and would explain the worry Victoria F the EU Nuland was showing a few weeks back. I’ve always suspected since this all began in 2020 that it was us who released the virus. Who stood to gain the most? Late 2019 the REPO market where all the problems in 2008 began started to blow up again. It continued to go crazy right until the CARES ACT was passed and the FED expanded their balance sheet an even greater amount in a shorter time period then the 08 debacle. Just a thought

    • If you look at the actual actions taken in 2020, most of them were financial and also punishment for the deplorables who voted for the orange golem. Anybody else notice the lack of building of hospitals or the binge of hiring nurses during a “pandemic”? Follow the money 😉

      • But you got 50k pretend ventilators made by car manufacturers.

        Where did they go?

        They in a big warehouse somewhere, or maybe they taped them all together as a new Pentagon project.

        • Actually, the ventilators most likely went to the dump. Seems I remember a news spot over a year or so ago, where intact, new-in-box, ventilators were found in a dump outside of LA. These might have been Chinese, however the spot highlighted the then lack of need for such equipment with the new understanding that they killed more folks than they saved. Indeed, I believe that there were emergency room physicians warning against such use *before* Trump signed the emergency declaration to product these.

          • Do you think they even got built?

            I would wager only a small proportion, and given the regulation certification for medical device production lines I doubt they were little more than a pretense.

            It was just another graft/money laundering scheme along with all the others.

            The actual thing is unimportant, no one cares about the outcome of the thing, but the more sciency the better as a narrative.

            If it was just a box with flashing lights that would have served as well.

          • Trumpton. Yeah, you are probably correct. Smells like scam all the way. Money taken in, production canceled, most product never delivered— everyone happy.

          • Trump clearly got “played” for virtually all his executive actions, especially early in the panic. Surely invoking the Defense Production Act to obtain ventilators was one such.

            It’s not quite a repeat of history, but the Biden Regency just invoked the Defense Production Act to produce batteries for electric vehicles. What this means in principle is that well-connected investors are positioned in suitable industries and perhaps in potential Lithium mines normally stymied by environmental and other restrictions, which can be magically waived since it’s an “emergency.”

      • “the binge of hiring nurses during a “pandemic”?”

        It was actually just the opposite. No new hires, and then thousands like my daughter riffed for refusing the vax.

        • Vizzini: This. And now Conservative Inc. and John Normiecon alike claim most restrictions are gone, the magic peoples’ protests worked as they’re supposed to in Our Democracy, most were right to be seriously concerned about the dreaded disease from the start, but the danger has eased and it’s all over so let’s let bygones be bygones and Not Let Them Divide Us.

          F**k that sh&t.

    • ” I’ve always suspected since this all began in 2020 that it was us who released the virus.”

      It almost certainly was an intentional release. I don’t know if Russia has definitive proof, but it appears to have something it is holding over Team Biden’s head.

      One thing is for certain: WEF and the globalists are about to become the walking dead.

        • Mr. House: Thank you for the very useful link. Sets it out quite clearly and logically, and includes mention of things some have forgotten or failed to connect to other facts/events.

          • No problem! He does an excellent job of laying things out. Who’s narrative seems to fit the facts on the ground better? His or the MSM? Spread that link far and wide, see how the true believers react to it if you can actually get them to read it. Also the Prof is on the left (i don’t pick sides) but that might help with the street cred for people since most of them “identify” with the left.

          • Right? If i were going to rob the bank (US treasury) i’d light a fire somewhere else in the neighborhood, feed it, run thru town yelling fire (covid) and while everyone is busy dealing with that, rob the bank 😉

          • I mean anyone with an inkling of history knows humanity has been playing games like that for a long time

            “The first ever Roman fire brigade was created by Crassus. Fires were almost a daily occurrence in Rome, and Crassus took advantage of the fact that Rome had no fire department, by creating his own brigade—500 men strong—which rushed to burning buildings at the first cry of alarm. Upon arriving at the scene, however, the firefighters did nothing while Crassus offered to buy the burning building from the distressed property owner, at a miserable price. If the owner agreed to sell the property, his men would put out the fire; if the owner refused, then they would simply let the structure burn to the ground. After buying many properties this way, he rebuilt them, and often leased the properties to their original owners or new tenants”


        • Thank you for sharing this. It certainly does convincingly point out the confluence of various events and actions.

          Coming as it is, as you point out in your follow-on comment, from a leftist perspective (Marxism and critical theory focused on materialism and power relationships), one notes no real interest in religious or spiritual values as oppositional forces to the operation of the power centers he traces, hence “human rights” are restricted to meatspace priorities.

          Also, although there is some reference to harmful side effects of the “vaccines”, this potentially important strengthening of his argument concerning the diaboloical nature of the globalist conspiracy – potential large-scale premature mortality and/or interference with fertility – is minimal. But then, this article was published before much of this was becoming more widely noticed and reported.

        • I enjoyed it enough to read it twice. That’s one based Marxist. For me, this is the money quote:

          “.We can safely assume that all key strategic decisions – economic, political and military – are at least heavily influenced by these elites. Or do we want to believe that Virus has taken them by surprise? Rather, SARS-CoV-2 – which, by admission of the CDC and the European Commission has never been isolated nor purified – is the name of a special weapon of psychological warfare that was deployed in the moment of greatest need.”

          I knew this is what happened but until reading this was foggy as to the pressing need. I’ve read other references to the liquidity crisis that emerged in the repo market in September 2019 but no one else tied it up so neatly or made the actual connections.

          Thanks so much for this. It is compelling.

    • “What if the Russians find something tying the development to Covid to the USA in the Ukraine?”

      No, no. The Ukraine biolabs are where we manufacture *swine flu* strains. The bat coronaviruses come out of the U.S.-funded biolabs in China. Learn the difference.

  32. Drug-addled or not, one does not simply abandon a laptop at a random computer store in Delaware, especially if the person of interest is from Delaware, and double-especially if there is compromising material on it.

    This was a plant. Why? Don’t know, and don’t care about court drama.

    • I would have assumed that but the store had video cameras and you clearly see Hunter Biden dropping the thing off at the shop. Maybe it was an agent dressed to look like him. Then there is the signature on the release the person signed, which matches Hunter Biden’s signature. Again, could be fake but then why deny it is real?

      Drug addicts do strange things. A guy like Hunter has had little contact with the world the rest of us take for granted, so he could have thought it clever to drop it off at some small repair shop “so no one would find out about it.” By “no one” he means people in his world. Then the drugs take over and he forgets about it.

      Frankly, my experience with drug takers aligns with this scenario.

      • Hunter probably thought their was some sort of HIPAA rule for computer repairmen that prevented them from disclosing anything he saw on his hard drive.

        • I agree with Z to some extent.

          Normal people are so irrelevant they might as well be furniture to these people.

          Who cares what normal people do, they are no one and no where people. If they saw it so what?

          The authorities are going to do f’all about it.

      • I go down many conspiratorial rabbit holes, but I have to agree with Z’s assessments. 1) Entitled brat. 2) Drug addled entitled brat. I mean, let’s be honest, how many of us have lost at least one self filmed sex tape back in the days of physical tapes? Amiright? Think how much more degenerate this dude is.

        • ” I mean, let’s be honest, how many of us have lost at least one self filmed sex tape back in the days of physical tapes?”

          That would be a big zero, both on the existence of such tapes and thus the impossibility of loss.

      • Hell I’d be rich if I had a nickel for every video I lost of myself smoking crack with Chinese prostitutes. Too much s**t to keep track of in my daily grind.

        But seriously, I didn’t see the video. It could be a deep fake, or Hunter could be a moron. But if I were as rich as Hunter, I wouldn’t be fixing laptops anyway. I’d just buy a new one.

        • “…could be a moron…’

          Heh, never underestimate the power of stupidity, bro.

        • The most likely reason he wanted it repaired was that he wanted some of the content saved for later viewing and he didn’t have it stored anywhere else.

      • It’s highly likely that Hunter has such a limited understanding of tech that he failed to realize that an experienced technician at any halfway decent computer repair shop can easily bypass his login to access the data on his machine.

        On top of that, the tech could easily make dozens of bit-perfect clones of the laptop drives to work on later, use for greenmail, hand off for a dead man’s switch, etc.

        • I really think you’re overestimating Hunter’s cognitive abilities; same goes for a large swath of the population too.

        • Depending on the problem, a bit level copy of the hard drive is “best practice” before starting work. It may also come in handy in case customer complains of “missing” files after return of laptop.

        • This^^ Think about it. HB was in his mid-20s in the mid-90s. Unless you worked in the industry or were hobbyists, the 25% that owned home computers didn’t know much about data storage or exposure, they were end users. It’s entirely likely HB never progressed beyond that stage. (He doesn’t strike me as having much motivation beyond impulse gratification. Sad as that is.)

      • I thought the most likely thing was that it was basically deliberate. H. Biden was trying to create problems for daddy because he wanted something, maybe just attention. It doesn’t seem possible that he was unaware of the possibility of the data on the laptop being observed and perhaps released. Combined with the certain knowledge that he never has been nor ever will be held responsible for his actions he did it to harm his father, maybe he was denied an increase in allowance. I’m a little surprised that the computer shop guy hasn’t killed himself lifting weights or shot himself 3 times in the back of the head on a hunting trip or something similar. Has he been summoned to testify publicly anywhere?

      • Criminals want to get caught.
        Hunter really hates his father and extended family. Resented Dead Brother Beau being the favorite.
        Hence schtooping his sister in law?
        knew leaving the evidence where it surely would see the light of day & expose everything. Ultimate F you to “the big guy”

      • I couldn’t find a precise timeline of the laptop. But I believe the following is close: April 2019, Hunter drops off the laptop. December 2019, laptop is seized by FBI. Sometime between those dates, the PC tech wisely (?) made copies of the data, which apparently are in many hands by now, including the Congressional Record. Notably, at least per recent testimony, the FBI seems to have lost track of the original laptop. Well, these things happen!

        A major point: If your intent is to plant disinformation, it seems highly unlikely that you’ll get a son of a former Vice President to do so, and leave a video and signature record in the bargain. It’s also worth mentioning that this was long before anyone even considered Biden being in the primary, much less on the final ballot.

        I will have to partially disagree with Zman’s take on the laptop. He’s reading a little bit too much into Hunter’s behavior or thinking. While luckily I never got into the hard drugs, I have first-hand knowledge being a drug user and much broader experience with “friends” (“acquaintances” is more accurate) in the drug culture. While none of us had presumably the trust funds and handlers that a Hunter does, nearly all druggies have one thing in common. They do dumb shit. Even if they are basically intelligent, come a serious addiction, anything resembling common sense and foresight go right out the window like a stash before the traffic stop. Actions have consequences? That’s about the last think a doper ever considers.

        My take: Hunter needed the laptop worked on and just forgot to pick it up. He probably never had the slightest thought of what the consequences were if his data ever were aired publicly.

    • As Z mentioned in response, this is garden-variety junkie behavior. The man is an admitted crack addict who frequently photographed himself with underaged chicks and who banged his dying brother’s life. The laptop is perfectly consistent with Hunter’s life and behavior and the only surprise is he didn’t sell the content to someone.

      • Please don’t misunderstand my comment, for I make tons of typos here, and I’m not mocking you. But reading the line “banged his dying brother’s life” gave me a comical vision of him f$%#@! the life out of his dying brother.

    • I think that this was his second or third lost or stolen laptop, this self-reported information from the hard drive of this particular laptop copied by the repairman. I attribute this neglected laptop (never pick up despite several reminders from the repair shop owner) to Hunter being a nihilistic junkie.

      Oh, and by the way, before a House committee, the FBI guy supposedly ultimately in charge of the laptop reported that it has gone a glimmering while in their custody. Huh. Imagine that.

    • Drugs suck like that, Don’t do drugs.

      If not for the Big Guy, old crackhead Hunter would’ve been shot and killed in a failed armed robbery years and years ago.

      Another possible scenario is that he left it there, and ignored calls to go get it, because he wanted the information to be found.

      Some have theorized that the sudden reports in the media are an attempt to mitigate the damage if Hunter and his uncle get indicted.

  33. The corruption across the board in this (former) country is incredible. I suppose it’s always been this way to one degree or another, but probably more covert and behind the scenes. Now, it’s shoved in our faces non-stop. Then, of course, we’re told “what are you talking about, nothing for your lying eyes to see here – move on.” If it weren’t for alt sites like Zman, among others, to put events into perspective, the cognitive dissonance would be mind blowing – it practically is anyway. Very strange and unsettling times to be sure.

    • “The corruption across the board in this (former) country is incredible. I suppose it’s always been this way to one degree or another”

      No, it hasn’t. The corruption in this country (and The West in general) matches perfectly with the decline of Christianity.

      Just look at how the government handled the Robber Barons of the Gilded Age. Standard Oil and many other giant companies were broken up. Contrast that to how Congress looks the other way (or outright supports) the present-day Big Tech monopolies. A hundred years ago either the Robber Barons were too principled to bribe Congress, or Congress was too principled to accept bribes, but no more.

      (And even the Robber Barons used their great personal wealth to found universities and fund the arts. Our current day villains use their wealth to try to reduce the global population and destroy our liberties.)

      No, the corruption you see is a relatively recent phenomenon, and a direct result of a people who turned themselves away from absolute morality and a belief in a higher power. In fact, many members of our ruling class or their ancestors only came to the USA right around the time of WW2 for some reason…

      • I beg to differ, the key phrase being “to one degree or another”. However, I absolutely do agree with you it is much worse now and also the abandonment of religion has played a significant role – along with spawn of much of the ruling class that showed up in numbers right around WW2 curiously enough…

      • I rarely down vote here, but your illusions about history gave me pause. Sorry buddy, but corruption is part and parcel of civilization. Our nation has plenty of skeletons in its closet. Your Walt Disney* version of American history falls way short of the facts.

        To imagine that Big Oil was upset about having its monopolies broken up into smaller firms is about amusing as Brer Rabbit pleading to not be thrown into the bramble patch. 😀

        *I mean from mid-20th century, not the Woke, transgender, gay advocacy, color revolution etc. standards in effect today.

  34. May the aged, decrepit structure collapse all the sooner. Then whoever is left can rebuild anew on the foundations, if even those foundations keep any residual value.

    Disclaimer: I am not calling for the violent overthrow of the United States. 😀 (Of course, this message, along with my others, will be placed in my “permanent file” all the same.) To use an analogy. Most of us have lived, or at least driven past, abandoned old properties. Perhaps it was a modest home or a proud old Victorian? No matter. For whatever reasons, the home fell into disrepair. It wasn’t painted. Roof tiles fell off. Gradually the elements rotted away the wood. Perhaps the structure was the target of arsonists or merely burnt down by some other misadventure. In any event, over long decades, the house becomes a pile of debris. Part or sometimes an entire chimney made of brick or native stone may still be standing, a testament to man’s handiwork as well as Nature’s most durable material.

    Meanwhile, the grounds that once perhaps boasted gardens, fruit trees, lawns or just well-tended fields lay fallow and go to weeds. If one has ever walked upon such an abandoned land in the growing season, even then, remnants of a former glory are seen: perhaps blooming apple and cherry trees, rose bushes and other plants from long ago, still reaching skyward despite competition from the weeds.

    As an onlooker, I surely did not do anything to bring such a once fine property to ruin, to destroy the land’s productive value, nor cause the residents to flee or die off. Yet I yearn for the long-gone golden age, mourn the squalid present, and perhaps mull what the future might hold.

    • Lots of those places around here in old Southside Virginia where I’m parked temporarily. Place is very remote. Now with the trees still bare in early spring, many rotting structures in varying states of collapse look out eerily through a screen of bare branches. They are all around here in this forgotten county. I often wonder when these places were built, who lived there. Were there families and lots of children and noise; what were their hopes, aspirations and names? And I wonder what happened to them, why these former living places now lay dead, and where those who lived there are now buried.

      I suppose the success of the anti-tobacco war was the driving force creating much of this structural detritus hereabouts.

      This was tobacco land — huge estates and shacks in close proximity. In a thick patch of tall, now bare trees surrounded by cultivated land on a road I’ve traveled here countless times, I’ve just spied a massive house, not too many decades abandoned, that’s tagged for destruction by time and the elements, but is still largely intact. Similar structures are sprinkled over this countryside. I suppose older locals know the story of this particular estate and the people who lived there. Soon that will be forgotten — a situation occurring countless times in this small county alone.

      And also hereabouts are the ghosts remains of our once-considerable manufacturing capability. More durable, concrete skeletons remain of massive Thomasville furniture plant, and one that housed a Burlington (as I recall) plant. Jobs, families, communities and ways of life sacrificed by greed-driven elites post NAFTA — wiped out the job base of entire towns. What we see here and across this country tells a story that people need to know.

      The story of America and the middle-class kill shot.

    • The flip side of that coin is what were once single-family homes within a two-hour commute from a major city have been subdivided into condominiums, multi-family rentals and AirBnBs.

  35. i think the ukraine debacle will be much worse for the US than afghanistan. it will show the entire world that the US is toothless, and can be ignored without consequence. right now china and russia are playing rope-a-dope, letting old pudding head punch himself out. sure as shit they will be going on offense, just as the US enters a huge recession. that’s when the real gangster behavior starts, as the big fish start whacking each other to get more of the rapidly shrinking pie.

    • The WEF and the globalists are the walking dead now. They had it all and their hubris and triumphalism got the best of them. The downside is we will suffer right along with them, the upside is, of course, that they will suffer.

      • If you can, do everything in your power to get out from under debt. Holding debt in the face of a crashing dollar is going to be ugly.

        • I am/was of two minds on holding onto debt.

          I have a very low interest rate on a loan, which i pay back with weakening dollars.

          OTOH, as prices for everything goes up, i have fewer dollars to pay back the loan with.

          I guess that as the stress of paying back the loan becomes uncomfortable, pay it off before it becomes unbearable.

          • Interesting comments all. My only contribution is to say, don’t worry about unsecured loans. You can pretty much walk away from those. It’s those pesky secured loans that have a charter mortgage on them.

            DO pay your taxes. It’s relatively cheap protection money. If you don’t, you put a large target on your back.

          • run the cards up as high as possible buying hard assets, then take out a second mortgage or heloc, so you appear assetless (forget the moral about keeping your good name clear-these are animals you are dealing with) then when tshtf you can continue to live in the house until foreclosure, and then renegotiate mortgage payment terms if there’s even anyone left to negotiate with–or declare bankruptcy trump style.

          • I was toying with the idea of sucking out the equity in my home, and perhaps investing the proceeds intelligently. If housing goes to hell as it did just over ten years ago, let the bank take my home now worth half what I borrowed against it. Alas, those plans are on hold. Florida is a “recourse” State, which means that even with what is a secured loan, the lender could come after other assets. However, if one lives in one of the few non-recourse States…

    • It was funny to see old Joe telling China to dump Russia. Why would there, the Chinese suspect that at some point down the line they will have a serious conflict with the US, so they make the smart move and back Russia today

      It could have been so different, Hillary’s reset should have been a grand bargain between the US and Russia, that was the clever move. But the US elite no longer makes smart long-term strategic moves

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