The Limits of Cynicism

People who follow French politics are talking about the upcoming run-off between Macron and Le Pen as a possible replay of 1981. In that election, François Mitterrand scored a stunning upset of incumbent president, Valery Giscard d’Estaing, to become the first socialist to win since the Second World War. Mitterrand ushered in a new era of French politics that prevails to this day. It is a cynical, divide and conquer politics that serves a narrow elite at the expense of the nation.

Like Americans, the French have been facing the problem that elections seem to have no bearing on public policy. They vote in new people and new parties, but the polices never seem to change. Macron has not been much different from Hollande, who was not much different from Sarkozy. In fact, each French president since Mitterrand has followed a predictable internationalist course. As a result, France has been swamped by immigrants and looted by international finance.

It is a good reminder that elections in a democracy have consequences, but rarely in the way people expect. Mitterrand’s upset victory ushered in a new brand of politics that every ambitious French pol seeks to emulate. Something similar happened in the United States in the 1992 presidential election. Bill Clinton represented a new generation of political leadership. He ushered in a new form of politics that infected both parties and the political mechanism upon which they rely.

Like in France, American politics is deeply cynical now. Elections are viewed with disdain by the politicians. It is something they must endure so they can get on with what they view as the important parts of politics. The important part of politics is advancing an agenda that serves the narrow interests of the managerial elite. This is why elections have no bearing on public policy. The office holders may change and the parties may swap positions, but the elites never change.

That is the source of the growing hostility the political classes of the West have for the people they theoretically represent. Macron is a prime example. He is in trouble politically because he carries himself like a man who is doing the French people a favor by paying attention to them. Not long ago he said that you are not French if you do not follow his rules with regards to Covid. He joked about using the administrative state to torment those who question his policies.

There is that cynicism at the heart of politics in the modern West. No serious leader thinks such things, much less says them out loud, if he has any regard for the people he claims to lead. More important, no serious leader acts this way if he thinks the opinions of the voters matter. When the game is rigged, or at least seems that it is rigged, then it no longer makes much sense to pretend public opinion matters. This is the truth of the cynical politics of the modern West.

In America, this is most evident in the concept of messaging. In modern American political jargon, messaging is a form of crowd control. The crowd is the mass media, which takes its cues from the inner party. The e-mails go out, the spokesmen give pressers and this is what shapes the daily narrative in the press. This is then supposed to herd the public in the direction of the official policy. Good polls confirm to the political class that their messaging is working.

An example is from the chief messenger, Jen Psaki. Note that she struggles to read the catch phrase of the day. It turns out that saying “Putin price hike” out loud sounds rather silly and childish, even to someone without a soul. The expectation is the official media organs will use the phrase while reporting on the inflation numbers and the general narrative will be that the cause of inflation is Putin. The Democrats probably plan to campaign on the slogan “Putin price hike” this fall.

Think about the cynicism on display. Psaki knows what she is saying is a lie and everyone in the room knows it is a lie. Further, she knows that no one thinks what she is saying is anything but a lie. The stenographers in the press pool know that she knows that they know she is lying. When they work on the official narrative at their respective media organs, they will know they are participating in the lie. In other words, everyone knows everyone is lying but they keep lying.

This is only possible in a deeply cynical system populated with people motivated by malice toward the public. The people running the global economic war resent that they have to pretend to care about public opinion. They can barely contain their loathing for the people outside the castle walls. Shark-eyed dingbats like Jen Psaki exist because she is actually what passes for a friendly face in this system. Even she can barely conceal her contempt for the public she is addressing.

French political observers suspect this election is signaling the end of the cynical politics ushered in by François Mitterrand. Cynicism is an effective short term strategy in politics, but it eventually runs into the Lincoln limit. That is the old line about fooling all of the people all of the time that is attributed to Lincoln. It was also a popular advertising slogan in the 19th century. This is appropriate given that the cynical politics of this age is basically just a sales campaign organized by fraudsters.

In America, we may be seeing similar signals. The cynical politics of the Clinton machine gave as a degenerate (Clinton), a simpleton (Bush) and a vacuous airhead (Obama) as president, all with the claim that they were accomplished men. If not for Trump the fourth in that series would have been the wife of the degenerate. Now we are being sold a mumbling vegetable as the most popular man in history. Joe Biden may be the limit of the cynical post-Cold War politics.

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205 thoughts on “The Limits of Cynicism

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  4. Wasn’t the government of Mitterrand implicated in actual genocide in Rwanda? Even to the point of transporting thousands of machetes into the country?

  5. My own theory is that the system runs on idealism rather than cynicism. Cynicism implies two layers of intellect, like the gambler’s bluff. Idealism doesn’t require any intellect at all, only naivety and thinking-by-emotion, and the latter has clearly taken over politics and society in general. They actually believe what they are saying.

  6. I’m I cynical in regard to politics? Yes.

    Best to never get angry with the political game, stay calm and know it is a corrupt entity.

    There is absolutely no truth in anything that is spoken politically due to our corrupt government-controlled media. Best not to get caught up with Left Right politics, it is a game where there are no winners. We need a third party which is non-media controlled but it is almost impossible to achieve in the U.S. as the media is state controlled.

  7. Two bits of media displaying the bottomless cynicism of the controllers and how dumb they think we are.

    First up is your typical article from the Deep State controlled Wapo that insists inflation can be solved via more immigration:

    Spoiler Alert: The author of that piece is your standard issue late 30s Millennial female ELOW.

    The second media bit is much more interesting, and somewhat eerie.

    This is the short ISIS-style clip of the young lady cutting a Russian guy’s throat and threatening Russia:

    Yes, it’s difficult to look away from her herpes-damaged lips. The background is also interesting, and looks very much like the amber waves of grain you might find in eastern Montana or Colorado.

    The most interesting, and unsettling part is the young lady’s floral headwear.

    That headwear is a type of traditional Ukrainian wreath called the Vinok:

    Ukrainian wreath (Ukrainian: вінок, vinók), or Vinok, is a type of wreath which, in traditional Ukrainian culture, is worn by girls and young unmarried women….Like most Ukrainian folk dress, the vinok had significant symbolic value and only specific flowers were used. It was traditionally worn by girls who were eligible for marriage.

    Okay, great.

    What really unsettles me is the specific shape of her headwear, the colors of the flowers used, and the specific arrangement of the flowers.

    To me, her headwear looks as though it was specifically crafted to mimic the representations of Covid virus particles that we have absolutely been bombarded with in all forms of media over the past 2+ years.

    Maybe my tinfoil hat is on too tight, or maybe everything really is connected.

    Either way, it feels like they’re just laughing at us now.

  8. Perhaps it was of consequence too in the Soviet Union that a series of leaders were near deaths door. That is not a state of affairs that commands respect.

  9. “The important part of politics is advancing an agenda that serves the narrow interests of the managerial elite. ”

    Senator Robert Dole said that the number one job of a United States Senator is to remain a United States Senator.

    • Bob Dole thought that Bob Dole did a good job of doing what Bob Dole said is the number one job of Bob Dole – keeping Bob Dole in the Senate.

  10. Suppose the cynics are correct, and the Democrats do install via sneaky conniving Obama as President. The way they dumped Toricelli in New Jersey in 2002 after he was caught embezzling campaign funds for Lautenberg. Even though Toricelli had won the primary and the ballots were already printed. Its not over until the Democrat wins.

    What then? Not only will Democrats have installed via sneaky and unethical means a man ineligible to run for the office, he won’t have the “magic” of 2009. By that time people were sick of Bush, the Recession, and had not seen much of Obama. People were tired of him by 2016, the man drew crowds of dozens in 2020 campaigning for Brandon, and can’t generate enough enthusiasm beyond Cool Wine Moms and freaky land weirdo land whales to create legitimacy.

    Its a Yesterday Man solution to the problems of today. Destined to fail, indeed installing Obama could trigger open revolts as people are just sick of him and showing the backstage kayfabe is just too much even for the rubes.

    • They can’t do that as they need the thin veneer of legitimacy that the tatters of the constitution provide. A more likely scenario is that Obama, or more probably one of his flunkies, will be appointed as Special Government Advisor and the command will be given that all (elected) executive power will be subservient to this position.

    • The president is chosen to insult you. They install whoever is most repulsive to the average citizen. If it’s Obama again, it’s Obama again.

      Trump was such a wild-and-outside exception to this, they *destroyed the whole world forever* as vengeance against us.

  11. Ya know, today’s is actually a nifty little manual as to the actual mechanics of the current system.


    As to today’s false flag, where’d they find a black guy who would do something like this? I thought they all died with Emmett Till in the Mississippi Burning.

    I had grandparents who died in the Burning, you know. My aunt Whaleesa is a Burning survivor.

    • The Daily Mail says the guy rented a U Haul in New Mexico and it was found a few miles from the station where he escaped. Conveniently, the cameras in the station were not working. The person was also known to the FBI and “cleared” after an interview in 2019. New Mexico?

      I recall some black separatist group purchasing land either there or Colorado in the mountains for some crazy commune scheme that ended up with the usual arrests for child abuse:

      From the Washington Post:

      “Five adults, including three mothers, are facing child abuse charges after authorities rescued 11 children from an underground compound in Amalia, N.M.

      Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and Lucas Morton face 11 counts each of child abuse. Also charged are three women, believed to be the children’s mothers: Jany Leveille, Hujrah Wahhaj and Subhannah Wahhaj. Police did not say how the adults were related to one another.

      The sheriff’s office announced the charges Sunday after a months-long investigation into Ibn Wahhaj, who investigators say had kidnapped his 3-year-old son, Abdul-ghani, from Georgia. The boy’s mother, Hakima Ramzi, told police that her estranged husband took their son to a park nine months ago and never returned.

      Documents made public in a court filing Monday said the father told the boy’s mother before fleeing Georgia that he wanted to perform an exorcism on the child because he believed he was possessed by the devil.

      Ramzi’s son was not among the children found at the compound, in a small community along New Mexico’s northern border, but Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe said authorities have reason to believe the boy was there several weeks ago.

      Deputies and other law-enforcement officers are searching for the boy. “

  12. Speaking of cynicism, the day the CPI report is released (8.5% inflation) we have a mass shooting in NYC, right on queue, justifying Brandon’s incoherent rambling about gun control the day before. It’s maddening and tiresome.

    • The number is undoubtedly bogus and much higher – and typical pathetic jogger marksmanship – and I hate to even use that term in conjunction with joggers…

      • So no cameras working, guy was “mumbling” and totally not speaking to someone in an earpiece, shot everyone in the legs?

  13. Cynicism is all I have left.

    I poured my soul into dissident politics from 2015 until Biden’s “election”. I associated with multiple flavors of the “far right” prior to that movement, I supported (tepidly) the Ron Paul Libertarian upswell of the late aughts. I stopped officially supporting “conservatives” when the “gang of eight” debacle happened. Trump was the only person in the last decade to inspire me, and look what happened there.

    I’m truly fed up with everything. I think they want me to be, so it’s like I’m voluntarily submitting to their will, but what else is there?

    Even Elon Musk appears to be letting us all down. If he could have simply maneuvered to resurrect Twitter I would feel a bit more enthusiastic.

    • FWIW Elon Musk wouldn’t be Elon Musk w/o billion$ in Gov’t grants/tax breaks/loans and credits. If he lost all those he might have to compete on a level playing field, and there is no such thing in the EV “market.” So somebody ran the numbers for him and he backed down.

    • I suspect the reason Musk bought into Twitter is for a source of blackmail material. That would explain all the male feminist types freaking out.

      If I was in his situation… needed by my Elite peers for the moment, yet hated by them because I won’t put their agenda ahead of mine… then I’d start collecting “social media” on them, too.

    • Why, in the name of Christ, would you voluntarily submit to anything? Elon the buttfucker won’t save you. He wants you dead. like the rest of the chosen. Dead goyim, that’s the plan.

  14. The limits of cynicism is due to the Demographic Crisis. Putin even if he wanted to could not be Stalin. He does not have enough young men. Neither does Xi, and they are both dealing with families that have only one child. Mustache Man and Stalin had respectively, 3.5 million vs 4.5 million men on the front at the start of Barbarossa. Putin has barely 200,000 available in Ukraine. The Ukranians have less than that. Feminism, atomized modern life, educated women are a short-term boost to productivity and for urban elite grifters, but at the cost of far lower resources in the long run: even Algeria, Tunisia, and Iran have TFRs well under replacement. Villages in France, Spain, Switzerland, and Austria are seeing the return of wolves, brown bear, and the like as they are abandoned by people there, same as Japan.

    Cynicism works well AT FIRST when there is still a large cohort of young men, all the same background, who can be mobilized with nationalism. Trudeau just warned about “over-nationalism” and the “dangers of patriotism” when supporting Ukraine. He and former FT journalist Cynthia Freeland are the exhibit A of the limits of cynicism. They can force grudging (and constantly evaded) compliance but not voluntary enthusiastic efforts. With the loss of so many young White men, it takes an inspiring PERSONAL leader and personal dynastic efforts to organize men: a Wallenstein, a Duke of Milan, or Medici, or even a Borgia. Nationalism and patriotism are dead: cynicism and more importantly the lack of men in critical mass to support it means that personal dynastic efforts are the coming rule. Which because that is inherently less stable depending on luck, charisma, etc. of various dynastic houses means lots more violence.

    Putin at least commands respect among his people. He looks and acts like a leader, and rewards his successful subordinates and punishes enemies like a Borgia. Biden is senile, Harris a cackling moron, Hillary an ultra shrewish lesbian Lady McBeth, Buttgig a frivolous gay, Trudeau an arrogant coward, Freeland an unctuous cow, Macron an arrogant gay, and most other leaders colorless extras from “the Office.” When there are not many young men available to do things, and even many men of ability, the requirement for personal charisma and leadership goes far up — far more so than when there are many young and not so young men able to be organized by nationalist feeling than just personal leadership.

    • This is exactly correct. I’m a young man, and my sentiment, widely shared among my age cohort from what I can tell, is that the system isn’t worth overtime. By that I mean that I work enough to pay my bills, and buy the things my small fa needs, but after that, anyone who wants my tradesman skill is SOL. The powers that be aren’t even worth working for, let alone fighting for, and certainly not dying for. As long as I can eat and pay my mortgage, I’m not interested in doing more.

      • Honestly, I’ve never known a tradesman who went hungry. Maybe they don’t get paid what they’re “worth”. But a practical skill and making yourself likeable can get you far.

  15. Can there be a “limit” on cynicism, if one has a working brain?

    Exhibit A: New York State Lieutenant Governor arrested today for “campaign finance scheme.”

    Exhibit B: The events unfolding in Brooklyn, “active shooter”, a day after Brandon mutters about “gun control” are already being touted as a false flag by some.

    Exhibit C: The government has, in recent days, been shown to be willing to conduct a false operation to ‘kidnap’ a sitting government. Also to lie (brag) to the people, ostensibly for their own good, about events relating to the war in Ukraine.

  16. I recall someone at the time saying that when Mitterrand won, French bankers and money men ran around screaming about the Gulag. They thought he actually was serious about all that “socialist” guff. Like in Austin Powers: “Well, comrade, those capitalist pigs will pay for their crimes now, eh?” It’s like when Trump won and the Left was screaming about death camps.

  17. Many thanks!

    Let me repeat that, as the filter says my reply is too short: Many thanks! And I really really mean it this time!

  18. Agreed. Except that, in the end, the rulers and their supporters come to believe their lies.

  19. if Le Pen wins immediately she will invite the israelis into France (they are there but it would be a much bigger scale) who will quickly install greatly expanded mossad spying system and the openly force French businesses to do business with them at a loss. you want to see that in action dig into Virginia and see the major infiltration the mossad did there

  20. “Joe Biden may be the limit of the cynical post-Cold War politics.”

    Oh, no! It can always get worse. More cynical. More comical. More devious. More dangerous. More fake. More gay. I’ve heard a rumor (one I’m concocting now) that Desmond is Amazing will be the new White House spokes…..thing after Psaki leaves.

  21. I saw an interesting poll on Telegram today:

    Who do you trust most?

    A. Trudeau
    B. Putin
    C. Biden
    D. Xi Jinping

    I’m sorry, but for me, Vlad wins hands down. At least he acts in the interest of his country.

    • Jinping acts for China as well. Although the latest lockdowns over there are concerning. And no, I don’t like the Chinese in particular. If choosing another country to reside in, Russia or China, it would be Russia.

      • Just talked with an American friend of mine with an adult child living in China.

        You don’t want to live in China. Even if Chinese.

  22. These politicians, to paraphrase H.L. Mencken, represent the inner soul of the electorate. The shallowness, greed, avarice, and degeneracy lurk in your average person, from the Walmart cashier to the CPA “doing it right the second time around” with his younger wife and kids, the first wife coal burning to get back at him and the older kids now wash-outs on drugs. When they saw Clinton, they saw themselves, which is why they liked him so much. How many older women love Hill-dog? She’s a mentor to them. The “I am woman hear me roar” power suit woman of the 80’s identified with that old c word. Because they were c words. So self involved they would forget to pick up their kids after soccer practice. And a lot of people identified with orange man too. “If I was rich I would be just like that.” Of course you would. Money can’t buy class.

    We appear to be heading into highly inflationary times, and those are the times where the typical sadistic liars won’t do. It’s usually when a new crop of liars is brought in. That’s because when times get tough, everyone realizes that they hate the people who mirror them, without ever articulating that they also hate themselves. Inflation is 6am sunlight creeping into the dark bedroom after a long, long night of bad choices. Illuminating the coke dust on the night stand and they ugly women you decided to bed with that night. Reality is a good thing, and a well grounded person should welcome that.

    • Well put, particularly the opening and the ending. This is what worries me the most – how most people are just like our electorate. This is the really scary thing.

      I would amend, however, that if there is coke dust on the table, you were probably bedding the woman in the early morning as well 🙂

    • Comment of the week, JR! Talk about cynicism!😆👍

      Nevertheless I think I may have to disagree. I’d never get in the sack with a a clapped out chubster and start snorting lines. There is no room in my world for that; if I did drugs id get fired from my job, I’d let my family down and my friends would abandon me. I am no saint… but those guys in Ottawa and Washington are nothing like me.

      I run afoul of the dissidents because I see a big difference between men like Trump and Biden. They are no saints either…but say what a want: Trump commanded respect from foreign nations. They won’t even take calls from Biden, and America has the economy it voted for. The dissidents tell me not to vote because they are all the same…? I personally don’t think so.

      • “The dissidents tell me not to vote because they are all the same…? I personally don’t think so.”

        They are overlooking Stacy Abrams.

        Which is pretty hard to do.

        • Stacy Abrams reaching a position of extreme prominence would be a godsend for us. Would turn more White people into race realists than ten thousand Jared Taylor videos.

        • @Wkathman

          Really – you mean like appointing the Jumanji diversity hire to the SC?

          They will ignore that like they ignore everything else rammed down their gaping throats.

          • Supreme Court justices tend to recede into the shadows immediately following their confirmations; a U.S. President, on the other hand, is the most visible individual on Earth. That’s why I want Kamala Harris in there: she personifies Affirmative Action at its most ludicrous. These people are all puppets. Any decision of important is made far above their own heads. We might as well have a puppet who validates many of our own claims.

    • you give normies too much credit for introspection. but your overall point is valid; they will howl for the blood of someone to blame for their own bad choices.

    • “Inflation is 6am sunlight creeping into the dark bedroom after a long, long night of bad choices. Illuminating the coke dust on the night stand and they ugly women you decided to bed with that night.”

      Oh, it gets better. These days, that “ugly woman” just might be a dude.

    • Z disagrees, but people really do get the government they deserve. The American people of 2022 are a far cry from the Americans of 1952.

      • I don’t know Z-s opinion on this, but there’s definitely a strain of traditional Civ-Nat thought, especially among the ones who don’t even shy away from the Lincoln “second founding,” which they literally consider a purification of the country, that America is this consecrated alter to democracy and humanity, given to us by God himself. They even say it in a haughty, huffed, moralizing tone.

        Given that, they think, in the literal sense, that things will always work out, because God has somehow sheltered us from our worst side. We just have to sit and wait patiently for “the next Reagan,” who will put everything back together. As if the first didn’t have a hand in our current predicament, among so many other failures.

        Anyone whose been to Europe, and seen actual altars a thousand years older than our country, with worn concave steps leading up to them, realizes that everything that happened on this side of the Atlantic is really just a small blip, an Ozymandius to eventually be covered by the sands of time.

        Among the ideas to be covered by the sands will the the haughty “muh freedum! muh democracy!” rhetoric, to be buried in a shallow grave net to the boomers who loved uttering it. Words that are aging like the old, formaldehyde laden RVs baking in their driveways.

        • Two points in response, JRW:

          First, to the extent civ-nat commitment to AINO is indeed rooted in chiliastic Christianity, there really is little hope that they will ever be of any use to us, and I say that as a Christian myself. True religious conviction, even in this superficial age, will not buckle before reason and evidence. The civ-nats will go to their graves gasping encomia to the good ol’ US of A even as the Hutus are burning their houses, raping their granddaughters, and slitting their throats.

          Second, the historical astigmatism you describe vis-a-vis Americans in general is even worse among contemporary Leftists, in part, because of their lunatic arrogance. These postmodern subversives honestly believe that everything (with a few minor exceptions) written and said in the West prior to approximately 1960 is benighted nonsense hopelessly compromised by Eurocentrism and all of the other isms. In other words, the works of perhaps 25 postmodernist intellectuals produced over the last 60 years or so, trump everything produced by the likes of Plato, Aristotle, Copernicus, Newton, Shakespeare, Jesus Christ, and Dostoevsky over the course of approximately 2,500 years. The postmodernists have accurately described and diagnosed all of human history and the present; everything that came before them may as well be incinerated.

          This should give us all an appreciation of the sort of madness that confronts us.

  23. Bill Briggs has a good rundown on what may be happening in China with links:

    Pete Zeihan just gave a pretty good talk highlighting how vulnerable China is on the food and energy fronts:

    NOTE: I think some of his political analysis is off, and I’d like to hear him explain his aversion to Trump beyond, “Euh.”

    Anyway, could it be that China’s propensity to regularly collapse into nasty civil war is going to save the idiot West from its lunatic project to hand our entire industrial and academic base to China on a silver platter?

    What’s the saying? “God looks out for idiots and the United States of America,” or something like that?

    • “…its lunatic project to hand our entire industrial and academic base to China on a silver platter?”

      A nephew of mine got his masters in computer science three years ago. He was the only native born American in his class. 45% Pajeet/ 45% Han/ 9% Russian.

    • He speaks Lahbstah! “Euh”, the classic retort, is a loquacious answer found in Maine.

      Such a lengthy discourse borders on the breach of bad form, especially if one’s lips are frozen.

  24. Tactical.

    The disease cells are becoming obvious to even the most deluded sheeple and the coming economic hardship is going to set the plates wobbling on their sticks. When Normie gets latte deprived, even the grillers are going to be walking around with a hair trigger and looking to throw down.

    The primary defense for the Cloud People will always be to get the plebs to start killing off each other when the pressure cooker explodes, and the second line of defense is the State Police and LEOs in general. That is the battlefield terrain.

    What beats this? Riots keep LEOs busy cracking heads and the Stasi can only chase a few hundred mostly obvious malcontents at one time. Packing sane white guys into detention camps will only turn those facilities into boot camps for the revolution. What scares the Elites? The unknown does. The unexpected surprise does. The bolt from the blue does.

    You want a new slogan for the future. “WTF just happened?”

    Use what you know and do every day.

  25. I doubt that we’ve seen the limit of the ridiculousness yet. If Those Who Rule Us don’t think that they can put Kamala Harris over on us, it will be Pete Buttigieg.

    • I know that Buttigieg has a stupid name and a very punchable face, but is he any more ridiculous than what we have seen until now? If yes, could you explain how? Serious question.

      • Buttigieg is chronically lazy. Like, doesn’t show up for work lazy. This is a mostly true stereotype of gay men and in his case even more so. That’s just starters.

        • That is a weird objection, given the freak show the US presidency has been for decades. Laziness seems quite innocuous. There must be more.

          Perhaps mandatory pride parades and drag queen story hours for everybody? But then again, that would be just a marginal change compared to current status.

          • I think the real dark side of Buttigieg is that he is a red diaper baby. His father was the premier scholar of Gramsci in the US. Take that plus his known intelligence connections and the guy all but* has a pink Manchurian Candidate tattoo on his ass.

            * Okay, I wouldn’t bet my life that he doesn’t actually have that tattooed on his ass.

      • Have you seen that stomach-turning pic of him wearing fake breasts and feeding his adopted kid? That pic alone is enough to convince any sane person that America has indeed become the Great Satan. And Buttplug Pete is the emblem of this fact.

        • I agree, but America has been the Great Satan for a long time now. It has been bombing countries and exporting degeneracy all over the world for decades.
          America is already pushing Buttigieg level stuff everywhere where it can reach.

          • America seems to have become the Great Satan with the conclusion of the Cold War. Prior to the present period, there was some moral restraint, and at least the proxy wars and fomented revolutions were in the service of something that could plausibly be termed good–the defeat of global communism. Nowadays AINO is exporting the worship of men with fake breasts abusing children who are helpless to defend themselves. This is Biblical evil. And Pete Butt is the postmodern Moloch.

          • The ironic thing is Malta would never tolerate that sort of public display.

            He would be lucky not to be beaten in the streets.

          • > And Pete Butt is the postmodern Moloch.

            Given the downvotes I received on my original comment, I assume that people took my question as some sort of endorsement of Buttigieg. In reality, my point was that the whole political class already is so disgusting and degenerate, that Buttigieg wouldn’t make that much of a difference. All the evil stuff that he represents is already being mainstreamed by the current and even previous governments.

        • ‘What sort of sick fuck thinks that subverting the instincts of a new born with this sort of abuse is remotely acceptable?

          The narcissistic grotesqueness is disturbing, and normies acceptance of it even more so.

      • It’s more humiliation for white heterosexual males, to have a pillow biter who takes it up the ass installed as POTUS.

        • A victory lap demonstrating clearly that Western norms have been completely subverted.

    • “I’m with Her!”

      With the, umm, lactater.
      No, no that one, the OTHER lactater.
      Chaz could try using a baby shawl, for decency’s sake

  26. I don’t know I don’t think they’ve hit bottom yet. Everyone knew Biden was a dumb as a post fabulist with a mean streak going back decades, and they still went with him. Besides that, sociopaths are never deterred they just keep right on going, but you can teach them to be fearful. I believe the only thing that will change it is a drastic culling in the political herd. How that happens is anyone’s guess.

  27. I have heard she has “moderated” her message so much that any sign of right wing messaging is gone. France’s election system is such that it will make it very difficult for her to win. I also heard yesterday that all of the other parties have told their voters to vote for Macron. Whether they will or not remains to be seen, but we have seen the globalists close ranks. Without repatriation, it’s just another globohomo shill no matter who is victorious.

    • Yes, Tars. This was my understanding as well.

      I did follow French politics quite closely at one point, but she most certainly has softened her message and distanced herself from certain elements.

      I’d imagine proper right wing sentiment to be alive and well, though. In just the same way it is in England, except there is no voice for these people.

      Who knows, may change her tune (if it has changed at all) if she succeeds. But for us it is really just a spectacle now, any change for our benefit will not come from those up high. Even if we claim The Lord as our saviour, he still wants us to graft for it.

      • How come the Right never gets a bait-and-switch?

        Be fake and gay and green and legal immigration, then…

        WHAM! Death camps with gas chambers!
        Mariupol mobile crematoria!!

    • “I also heard yesterday that all of the other parties have told their voters to vote for Macron.”

      This seems extremely unlikely. Can you remember where you heard this? I’d be *most* interested.

        • Many thanks!

          Let me repeat that, as the filter says my reply is too short: Many thanks! And I really really mean it this time!

        • Finally got the damned thing to play! Anyway, he says “virtually” all other parties, which is what I wanted to know, so thanks again!

          • I think he said one of them told their voters just not to vote for Le Pen but stopped short of outright saying to vote for Macron, but there is still time for them to cuck.

          • Mittens, the Speech!

            With a distinguished touch of grey in his fabulous hair, and firm resolve in the set of his pearly whites, he drew tall and declared,

            “Fear not, for there is still time to cuck.”

      • It’s true.

        The right wing conservative candidate from the Republicans, Valerie, said to support Macon.

        The left wing candidate Melanchon said that they must do everything to stop Le Pen.

        That said. I can’t stand Le Pen. I actually think she would be worse for France than the banker.

    • Tars: Not only has Le Pen ‘moderated’ to the point she might as well be championing ‘citizenism’ a la Sailer, but her ‘populist’ economic policies make no distinction between native Frenchmen and resident non-White immigants. No income tax on anyone under 30? What portion of the French under 30 population is non-White? And retirement at 60 just means moving even more Whites out of the workforce, which means things break down even more rapidly.

      As Zman wrote, the French campaign is simply a non-English version of “a sales campaign organized by fraudsters.” Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

      • “And retirement at 60 just means moving even more Whites out of the workforce, … .”

        Le Pen will not be elected. And all governments and banks everywhere have destroyed pension funds, so nobody will retire at 60. The European Commission has commanded Macron to make retirement age 70 for everybody, and that’s what he will do:

        You can click on “English” when the page opens.

        • Infant: I agree, there’s no question they will not let Le Pen ‘win,’ no matter how far to their position she’s moved publicly. Just out of curiosity, though, who’s funding her campaign? I don’t assume it costs quite as much in France as in GAE, but it can’t be peanuts.

          As far as retirement, we all must keep working for the corpochracy as debt slaves to fed LaQuisha and Juan’s hungry chirrens. Which is why I never, ever donate a penny to any current charity. And my husband has been saying he’s going to have to work until he’s dead for the past 25 years. Only gubmint workers and teachers get to ‘retire,’ and only today’s average ignorant fool believes he is owed 20-30 years of living in the exact same or even better lifestyle to which he has become accustomed while working, and have it all be financed by someone else.

          • “Just out of curiosity, though, who’s funding her campaign?”

            Political parties–real ones–get aid from the state as well as contributions from voters and dues from party members.

            The last year for which I could find stats was 2020, when the state came across with 66 million euros (to all parties combined).

            When the French voters rejected *all* established political parties in 2017, Macron was not affiliated with a party. Brexit, Macron, and Trump sent the same message, bit it has been soundly rejected.

            Anyway, Macron ran with what French law calls an “association,” which is easier and less expensive to form. The French didn’t know who he was, they just wanted to reject them all, and Macron was the result.

            The Rassemblement Nationale–formerly the Front Nationale–has a great many members and a world-wide organization.

            They have official representatives in all major countries in the world. Those representatives “handle” the press in the county where they are stationed by the party.

            So Le Pen gets lots of money from the party faithful which they all do, but I happen to have a friend who is the representative of the Rassemblement Nationale in Mexico, so that’s the limit of my knowledge about that. I just know that the party is worldwide and well-organized.

            So the campaign money comes from the party faithful worldwide and from gov’t grants (the idea being to keep money from being the deciding factor in elections).Whether that works at all, I could only speculate.

        • I can’t wait until the recession hits and the stock market goes down and the California pension system makes it back into the news. The 2001 recession brought it to the forefront and the 2008/9 recession brought it to the forefront. Now they are talking about bringing reparations to the table with $300,000 per African American in California (how many African Americans are going to move to California if it is actually implemented?) on top of their already insolvent pension system. It was collapsing in 2008 when mass boomer retirement was still a decade away. Every retiree is like adding a new employee because of the unfunded pensions and underfunded pension which are paid out of current taxes. For their sake, they better hope the recession comes before the reparations shit is signed.

          While Illinois and California are especially bad and well known, the problem of under and unfunded pensions and retirements (like SS) are widespread around the Western world. France is probably just as bad as any American state.

          Not retiring might be the best case scenario for the Boomers. Forced retirement and no pension is far worse than working 10-15 extra years. But if anyone deserves it, it’s state and muni workers in places like California. Let them eat dung.

    • Le Pen is so bad that she might be slightly worse than Macron on identity issues.

      Her main thrust of support is center left economic appeals, which I do not hold.

      All she will do is isolate France and cause headaches from the French elites hostility to her narcissistic personality.

      I can not parse who is worse and would vote blank if I were French. Both are committed to the post war consensus. Le pen will make France slightly poorer…

  28. “The interesting thing i find with the French vote from last Sunday is that the old duopoly parties barely reached a combined 7%. ”

    Good point. That’s truly remarkable.

    • Not really. Macron is a French conservative. He belongs to the French right. He is of the mold of Giscard and Chirac. A lot of that 28% for him in the first round are right wing supporters. This is evident by Valerie’s measly sub 5% showing, large chunks of the right went to Macron.

      Sure Macron is running under a new party, but the French right has never had stable branding like America’s Republicans. They used to have a major party called UMP, before that Rally for the Republic was the largest. Now the right brands themselves with two parties, the Republicans and the more successful grouping ~ as Macron’s En Marche.

  29. “Shark-eyed dingbats like Jen Psaki”

    Sterling work there, sir. I would push back as calling 41 years of cynical French rule as “short term.” They go through new republics every decade or two.

    Related, but there is some point when willful cynicism becomes unconscious, something once done as a tactic now so routine is seems to be a natural act. That’s the tipping point where regimes are so isolated from the populace they are looking at the guillotine in the distance.

    • Was the Shark-eyed reference a nod to Quint asking the chief what its like to look into the eyes of a shark as it bites you?

      • “Like a doll’s eyes. . .” OT: When we had one of those weekend “free-views” to try and persuade us to buy more than basic cable, they ran a 4K restoration of Jaws. From the ashtrays on the counter in the ER to the Del Monte canned veg in Quint’s shack it was a trip down memory lane. I could not possibly have enjoyed it more.

        • One of the greatest films ever made. I’ve watched it perhaps 15 times and will likely watch it 15 more before commencing to push up daisies.

  30. I can’t make head nor tail of this Mitterand talk.

    The inaugurator of theater politics in France was his predecessor, Giscard. He famously ran a marketing-heavy deliberately vague campaign in 1974 complete with frivolous slogans (“Giscard, a REAL president!”) and campaign photographs courting the ladies right in the feelz, even roping in his children. In office, he pulled stunts like having televised breakfasts with the presidential palace’s garbage collectors. He ushered in chain migration – in departure from the already generous guest worker programs in existence that tied residency permits to work contracts. He accustomed the French to the idea of never doing anything without “consulting with our partners and allies” and set the tone for EU-centrism, criticism of which has been a third rail from the 1990s to the present day. He was a young whipper-snapper who triangulated like the best of them on economic policy and social issues.
    Also, Mitterand’s victory in 1981 was not an upset, it was a replay of the extremely close 1974 election. And his was not the first time a socialist government was elected since WW2, just since the 1958 constitution.
    I suppose Mitterand’s longevity in power and his pliability made his an aspirational empty-suit figure for every careerist after him, but that’s about it.

    The interesting thing i find with the French vote from last Sunday is that the old duopoly parties barely reached a combined 7%. What happened is Macron’s fanclub, founded in 2016 on the premise that the mainstream Left and mainstream Right are so similar they might as well merge in a single entity, hoovered up all the players who had something going for them (upstairs or otherwise), leaving mostly cooks and crackpots to hold food fights inside two hollowed-out husks.

    • “The interesting thing i find with the French vote from last Sunday is that the old duopoly parties barely reached a combined 7%. ”

      Good point. That’s truly remarkable.

    • Great comment. Mitterand the “Socialist” was the perfect vehicle for screwing the French middle class in the same way Clinton gave us NAFTA.

      The problem of course is that the fracturing of the old parties just has the practical effect of isolating the nationalist right. Look at the AFD in Germany and the Liga Nord in Italy. If no other party will form a coalition with them, they become a practical dead end. Meanwhile, the isolation of the right gives fringe leftists more coalition influence.

      There is a lesson here for the DR. Is it better to try to take over the rotting husk of the GOP or start something new? The European record on starting new things isn’t encouraging.

  31. “French political observers suspect this election is signaling the end of the cynical politics ushered in by François Mitterrand.”

    There are good signs and bad.

    Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour combined outpaced Macron and Mélenchon separately. But Macron was in first place, with 27,84%; Le Pen in second, with 23,15%; Mélenchon in third, with 21.95%; and Zemmour in fourth, with 7.7%, which is below the cutoff for advancing to round two.

    So Mélenchon is in the position to be king-maker in the second round of voting. He’s a hard leftist. But a poll published yesterday afternoon showed that, in round two, 33% of Mélenchon’s voters would vote for Macron, while 23% would vote for Le Pen. And that’s not good news, assuming that Macron and Le Pen hold on to all their voters in round two.

    The good news is that the margin between Macron and Le Pen is *much* narrower than in 2017, when Macron got 66% and Le Pen 33%. And Macron is going around saying some odd things for an electoral campaign: “I am screwing you over and killing you because I love you,” he has announced to the public on the issue of forced “vaccinations.” And he openly opposes the right to self-defense. “That’s the state’s job,” according to Macron. He doesn’t want ordinary citizens defending themselves. (There’s a big trial going on now where a man is charged with murder for killing two men who broke into his home while he was there with his two young children. It’s a big controversy and has entered into the election campaign.)

    And apart from the election, thee are semi-hopeful signs in France. Retired army generals and gendarmes commanders sponsored a march (in March) called the French Pride March. In my opinion, it wasn’t well attended, but the sponsors plan to make it an annual affair.

    67 army generals attended the march out of some 2500 in all. One person who claims to have been present says there were about 1000 participants in all.

    Macron is buying votes by supporting independence movements in Corsica and Brittany. Le Pen’s National Rally Party openly opposes the independence movements.

    The cynicism is everywhere.

    Macron wins re-election.

    • While I think your conclusion is right, the wildcare is the Ukraine war. The optics of Macron emulating Zelensky by donning a flight jacket and so forth were so over the top cynical that he only did it once or twice and the images have been memoryholed. If the run-off were further out, Le Pen would be better able to capitalize on the financial pain the moronic sanctions have imposed on the French.

      • “The optics of Macron emulating Zelensky by donning a flight jacket and so forth were so over the top … .”

        LOL! It really was, and it reminded me of Dubya doing the same thing with his “Mission accomplished” photo op (on an aircraft carrier, wasn’t it?) But the general public in every country eagerly (or dutifully) lap it up.

        “As a dog returneth to his own vomit, so returneth the fool to his folly.”
        –Proverbs 26:11

  32. I’ve found that the most powerful antidote to cynicism is sincerity. Being a GenXer, I’m cynical by nature, but my cynicism melts when I encounter people who genuinely, openly (but quietly) believe in something good.

    Cynicism is fine in small doses but taken for too long or too much, it destroys the soul – and most people (not the Clintons) can feel it eating them away.

    That’s why a love of people is so terrifying to these people. There’s a purity and simplicity to it that exposes the crass pointlessness of their politics, beliefs and, even, lives. They offer nothing. We offer everything.

    • Not stirring anything up here regarding Trump but, sincerely or not, and whether in deeds or just words, he exuded love for his people. That’s what terrified them, you’re exactly right.

      • That’s true. Trump actually like white people and even mentioned them.

        Hope is what starts revolutions.

  33. Also, not sure what you did for a living Zman, but if you’ve ever been a drone a giant corporation then Jen Psaki makes total sense. Nancy Pelosi also, you’ve never been talked down to by corporate management in the 3rd pointless meeting of your day about how you should just be grateful to have a job? You haven’t lived yet!

    • Corporate females are the worst. When I worked at big companies, I hated dealing with female managers. With few exceptions, they were a toxic blend of narcissism, incompetence and condescension. There were exceptions, but the corporate system selected for them, so that was the norm. In small business, it is the opposite. The women tend to be highly capable and pleasant.

      • “Corporate females are the worst. When I worked at big companies, I hated dealing with female managers. With few exceptions, they were a toxic blend of narcissism, incompetence and condescension.”

        And they “hover.”

        • “i don’t like to micromanage” (Proceeds to micromanage.)

          Granted the men are equally awful. Just another confirmation that corporations are the government and the government is a corporation. No soul.

          • The micro-managing thing is so true. “Here’s a problem. You need to figure out a way to deal with it.” And after you figure out a way to deal with it, she nixes every last aspect of it and tells you to do something completely different. I don’t mind taking reasonable orders, but can we skip the part where I waste my time on something you intend to ignore?

          • Email made this much worse, as a “cc:EveryoneInCompany” email theoretically puts everyone on the hook for dumb decisions.

            “Why didn’t you say something? I sent out an email you acknowledged as read!”

      • Zman, this has been my experience as well. I had two female corporate bosses and they were the worst of my career. They were actually good at the technical aspects of their jobs, but just mean and bitter. Now I work for a millennial CEO at a small company, and she is pleasant, fair, professional and capable.

        • Maybe they are the exception, but there are women on this site who are very conservative, thoughtful and intelligent (3g4me and Whitney, IIRC). It’s actually more the women of color, followed closely by men of color, that are the issue. If we limited the voting franchise to property owners and taxpayers, the woman issue would go away, as it would severely limit the city liberal vote of POCs and young single white females.

  34. Re: the Putin Price Hike, the first thing they tried was even worse (if you can believe that). I saw a NYT article that claimed, in all apparent seriousness, that the economy was booming, and asked “so why are experts predicting a recession?” I girded my loins to actually read a few paragraphs, and the point of the piece became clear: They’re trying to sell the notion that “inflation” is happening largely because of supply and demand.

    Things are just so great, economically, that retailers can’t keep stuff on the shelves. That’s both why the shelves are bare, and prices are astronomical. Same way, there’s nobody working because the economy is just so hot, employers can’t find anyone to fill all the open jobs. Bad enough, but they specifically called this inflation. That’s not what “inflation” means, and they know that’s not what “inflation” means, but that’s the sales pitch they were going with. I guess that was a bridge too far, even for the concussed goldfish of the “American” public, so they’re going with Plan B, Putin (they mentioned him in passing, too, of course, and though I couldn’t stand to read more than a few paragraphs I’m sure they blamed Climate Change and agitated for Moar Immigration, too, because of course they did).

    • Goldfish is far too generous.

      The US American public has the intellectual capacity of a gnat.

      • Which is egregiously unconstitutional, but hey, constitution shmonstitution, amirite?

        [Actually I hope he does it, if only because we’re already doing a Fake and Gay replay of the 1850s, so we might as well have our own Clown World Dred Scott case, too. That was the actual ruling in Dred Scott — that in granting Scott standing to sue, the state of Missouri de facto granted him US citizenship, which by the Constitution is the sole prerogative of Congress. Jumanji Whatzerface can write the majority opinion as her first official act on the Supreme Court].

    • Wow. So, now I know. Over the last 18 months, finding Italian parsley–of all things–has been an iffy proposition. But now I understand that AINO’s consumers have such heavy wads these days that they are gobbling down this delectable herbaceous delight like it’s 1999. Time to buy acreage and sow that Italian parsley. Then it’s off to retirement in Gstaad!

    • These people coerced dictionary publishers to redefine “vaccine.”

      Now its economic definitions. Whatever suits them in this heinous corruptocracy.

      • Nihilists ‘Marmot: No coercion was required; Websters have been woke for decades. And dictionary definitions are the mere tip of the iceberg. The expert Doctors have redefined child development standards to reflect both the browning of the population (changing normal ‘average’ weights, heights, etc. at birth and general age milestones) and the effect of masks. Wearing a face diaper actually helps children’s emotional development because they now must utilize body language and other non-expressive cues to determine the tone of social interactions.

        Just filter anything that says “American” to mean the melange of Han, Pajeet, Mestizo, and black, and you’re on the right track. Just as official dictionary definition is now news speak. It’s really quite simple.

    • Severian: When I turned on the computer far too early this morning (seeking escape from various other concerns), the Daily Mail’s big headline on inflation absolutely staggered me: It’s back to the 1980s and it was all Reagan’s fault! My husband and I lived through those times, and while there was certainly plenty of inflation until Reagan’s economic policies got it under control, the ’80s is not the decade that comes to mind when one thinks of inflation and high gas prices. But Jimmy Carter isn’t convenient and Reagan’s a good proxy for blue team/red team politics.

      I am so far beyond cynicism that I am in uncharted waters here.

  35. Shame about parts of France. When we were much younger, our family would take holidays in the South of France; in small villages where the population was exclusively white. If it were ever possible for a small village to complete capture a clueless foreigner’s idea of what France ought to be, it was some of these places.

    Just don’t venture into Paris, Marseilles, Lyon &c. It is the same as one would find in any large US city or British one. Coloureds galore.

    The other thing about France is that she is a deceptively large country, with some quite staggering variety in geography and peoples – and I’m led to believe that local opinion of GloboHomo isn’t exactly shining. Turns out, Pierre doesn’t want some Somali man pissing against the wall of his medieval village house. That said, they’ve had a funny history with Algeria and other assorted colonial appendages and as a result some of the diversity there – and it’s reach – seems to be quite terrifying.

    But in the end, we English must still pay our 20% basic rate income tax above a certain threshold; a tax originally levied to fund the Napoleonic Wars, so I’m not all that sweet on ’em!

    Wonder if Z has any French readers? It’d be interesting to hear from people actually on the ground.

    • Algeria is unusual because at one point it was considered part of metropolitan (European) France.

      One of the major unresolved tensions that led to the Algerian war for independence was that no one could figure out a workable plan to permit Algerian political representation in the French political system at that time.

      The nearest equivalent I can think of in Anglosphere politics were the efforts to give the American colonies representation in British Parliament in the years leading up to the revolution.

      • IIRC they did a similar thing to when the Republic of Texas became a state. All of a sudden everyone in the territory is now a citizen w/ free movement, etc. In Algeria it led to mass migration. Whereas Texans like being Texans.

    • Although I’m sympathetic to the DR cause, I cannot resist taking a swipe today. After all today’s theme is cynicism 😀 So get ready to hit that “frown” button, folks!

      The post-Colonial powers, and by that I mean almost exclusively Europe and by incorporation its racial (Caucasian) children former colonies, are getting precisely what we deserve. In the peak of our imperial phases, we ruled over large portions of the Globe for one, maybe two centuries. Apparently what those geniuses never envisioned was that, at some future date, colonialism might prove to be a bad idea after all and a retreat to the mother country was indicated. To a large extent, that retreat involved tolerating — or even inviting — the former serfs in. Overwhelmingly, these were brown, yellow and black people. Sometimes they were even full citizens of the realm when they stepped off the boat. Apparently it never occurred to those in power that an Algerian, a Moroccan, and Indonesian, a [Dot-}Indian did not magically turn into a Caucasian native speaker of Christendom merely by having citizenship conferred upon him.

      Today even a pretense of citizenship is asked, when they step off the plane or ashore on the midnight raft from the mainland. Generous welfare benefits and often, permanent residency are given to nearly all comers. You see, by definition all these arrivals are needy in some way. If not political refugees or those seeking asylum, at the very least they are economic migrants intent upon working hard in the distasteful industries. Who are we to deny these people an opportunity at a better life?

      Some nations had even “pre-imported” their vibrancy: in the old days, this was called “chattel slavery.” The United States is perhaps the biggest “beneficiary” of that, although many Caribbean and Latin American nations can also lay claim to a similar past.

      As they say, Karma is a bitch. If we are honest with ourselves, the West has largely brought the problem of third-world immigration upon itself. Surely we have been “inviting the world” for at least 50, and probably closer to 100 years. All with good intentions perhaps, but I think we all know what paves the road to Hell. 🙁

      • Yes Ben. But whom did these empires serve? The Elites. Now that the wheel of Karma has turned, whom does it crush? The working classes.

        • that’s more than a little simplistic. given that we were a colony, didn’t we benefit from empire, too? would like to see real numbers on changes in quality of life for non-elites, during the age of empires.

        • In other words, the Elites’ interests have been served both coming and going. Gee, how did that happen?

          Well, the Olde Elites still considered the Dirts to be, at least in some measure, to be Their People. But now, after the New Elites are largely no longer an extension of the Olde Elites (replacement didn’t start with the Dirts, rather the opposite, it began with the Elites, and thereby hangs a tale…), the Dirts, original stock or new stock, are definitely not considered to be Their People.

      • I take no issue with your comment, Ben. We have brought it upon ourselves, no doubt.

        But, you say:

        “Who are we to deny these people an opportunity at a better life?”

        Simply, if we were a proud people and Nation, we’d be it’s keepers who have every right to deny you entry, as this thing of ours is for our posterity, and not that of others.

        Perhaps we’d make exceptions. But it’s moot, as we know white leadership hates most other whites and is seemingly not very proud of their history. We did bring it upon ourselves.

        • Their “opportunity for a better life” comes at the cost of destroying the socio-cultural fabric of my nation. That being the case, I will not stand in the way of their pursuit of happiness–in their own bloody country where they belong.

      • The king’s “we” may have brought it on ourselves, but it’s the peasant’s “we” who are paying the price.

        But while destruction is always easier than construction, the problem is not without solution, just a solution which is politically difficult.

        They must go back. Traitors must be hung. By the time it’s all over, there will statues of Anders Breivek across Europe.

    • From memory, OF, several commenters here are from France, one in Paris, the other in the provinces. It would be nice to get their take.

      • ” ,,, the other in the provinces. It would be nice to get their take.”

        He’s in Lyon, I *think*.

    • “Just don’t venture into Paris, Marseilles, Lyon &c. It is the same as one would find in any large US city or British one. Coloureds galore.”

      French gov’t policy for a number of years has been to distribute the coloreds throughout the country, including small villages.

      I don’t know what to think about that beyond the fact that if you want to visit a bastide of one of the villages perchés in the south, you’re going to find “them” galore, but the policy prevents swamping the French population in most places outside the cities. And that might one day be of supreme importance.

      But visit Carcassonne and you’ll get offered tours of the walled city from maghrebins.

  36. The funniest thing about the White House press briefing and when Biden takes questions from the press is how enraged they get at the mild pushback offered from Fox News nepotism hire Peter Doocy. A midwit reporter knocks down their talking points and Psaki can’t handle it. Biden is even better as his responses usual boil down to something like “why would you say that to me.”

    The same thing happened at some even The Atlantic was putting on about press “disinformation” when a kid at the U of Chicago blew apart Jeffrey Goldberg’s ridiculous narrative. Crazed zealot Anne Applebaum fell back to an argument that the business dealings of a Presidential candidate’s son should have no impact the election. Brian Selter’s argument against bias at CNN was that he and a Biden aide had yelled at each other. Previous generations of the ruling class at least could put on a front, these people aren’t even trying and I think this is their best.

    • I can’t figure out why a regime with such tight narrative control everywhere else allows Doocy in the room.

      Maybe they (correctly) view him as a pressure release vavle to keep the sheep asleep?

      • If a Fox reporter got kicked out of the room for simply challenging the narrative the pushback from normies would be incredible. It would divide the room too as a few of the dolts in the press would realize it would set the stage for the next Republican to clear the place out or stop doing press briefings all together.

        • Especially after the SCOTUS ruled the White House Press gal was constitutionally guaranteed a spot in the press room after Trump kicked her out. I don’t recall all the details of the incident. There’s your “conservative” court for you.

          • I believe a large part of it is Doocy serves as an focus of hate. Psaki, along with all the other reporters, sneers openly at him. This serves the purpose of 1) allowing the Foxnews audience to believe they are fighting the good fight and 2) reinforces the lib view that Satan walks among us. By allowing Doocy in the room, anyone watching is reminded that not all evil has been purged from the progressive ranks. It also serves as a model to inflate their ego: we are Legion, and we vastly outnumber the few who are not along with us. This no doubt further discourages the conservative viewer while emboldening the lib.

      • It’s because he’s a proxy for normies cons, and they want to speak power to truth, as a flex to let the little people know who’s in charge. It’s theater.

      • That is precisely the reason. Every sign of dissidence at the federal level is simply theater designed to buy the Power Structure more time by convincing normies and Grillers that they actually have representation in DC. That goes for DeSantis (he’s certainly national if not yet formally federal) and it goes for Marjorie Taylor-Greene.

        • One point that has been lost in the discussion around DeSantis is that he’s pro-digital ID, though the Florida websites and MSM stories make it clear it is currently optional, for now.

          Digging a little more, we find Florida’s scheme is delivered by the French defense company Thales, which is half-owned by the French government.

          People may remember Thales from the horrific three-minute ad where the young woman had the phone app that ensured her life was reduced to an endless series of checkpoints requiring the app to prove who she was.

          So, even in the seemingly free state of Florida the globalist plan to implement their digital control grid has been proceeding apace.

  37. Given the current state of affairs, one has to ask which is the prevailing zeitgeist, inanity or insanity?

    • I borrowed from the Intel slogan and describe them thus: “insatiable imbecility inside.”

  38. Vogue Magazine is always a good place to check up on the leisure and fashion antics of the real ruling elite, especially when their offspring are getting married off.

    The gushing sycophancy of the writing is accompanied by photos of lavish celebrations that would have embarrassed the court of the Sun King, but the photographs of the upcoming crop of our betters feature a seething contempt and elitist arrogance on the faces of the young that they long ago stopped trying to conceal.

    Here billionaire heiress Nicola Pelz marries a Beckham boy.

    Here’s Gordon Getty’s Grand daughter Ivy’s three day, multi million dollar wedding extravaganza.

    Vogue also gives us a look at “16 Stunning Celebrity Wedding to Swoon Over”.

    Swoon away, peasants…oh and eat the f&^king bugs.

    • Wow. That right there is the very definition of the phrase “resting bitch face.”

      Pop quiz, hotshots: Am I talking about the women or the “men”?

      • Nice overbite on the Getty gals.

        It looks like she’s marrying her brother?

        • There’s a startling lack of diversity in her bridal party photos. What, did they make the coloreds step aside when the camera came out?

          • Come on now, surely we want the schvartzes somewhere harmless like in YOUR daughters school… but not anywhere important and safe like OUR daughters wedding!

      • There’s a meme going around with a “Marlboro man” saying, “I, too, used to be a man in a woman’s body. Then I was born.”

    • Sadly decadence among the predatory ‘elite(s)’ is nothing new. I watched a YT video about the wild extravagance of the super rich during the Gilded Age. One millionaire in the 1890s spent $50,000USD on a single dinner for his guests! Shockingly the above example probably wouldn’t have made the top 3 of the most ridiculously expense and wasteful in the GA list.

      • True. Just read up on Cole Porter’s behavior for confirmation. And Porter, I freely admit, is probably the greatest song writer America has ever produced.

        • “And Porter, I freely admit, is probably the greatest song writer America has ever produced.”

          And there’s Johnny Mercer.

        • I’ve suspected there was plenty of debauchery in the entertainment biz back on the day too but it was kept secret. I wouldn’t be surprised if Debbie Reynolds or Liz Taylor circa 1951 were passed around like weed at a phish concert

          • carrie fisher talks about how her mom (debby reynolds) would flash her pussy at carrie’s teenage friends.

            hearst’s castle in central cali is/was a full on orgy castle.

            red kenneth anger’s book Hollywood Babylon for lots of fun stories…

          • Lord Protector Cromwell outlawed the theater for its depravity. The man had a point.

    • El Polacko: Beckham marries a Peltz and Getty marries an Engel. Nothing further needs to be said.

  39. “ Joe Biden may be the limit of the cynical post-Cold War politics”

    I hope you’re right, but don’t underestimate the level of stupid that runs rampant amongst us.

    • Hilarious.
      Hopefully those who tune in to Hannity will finally wake up when he starts repeating/whistling the “Putin price hike” line through his dentures.

      • Hannity is literally a low-brow. His hair line is barely an inch above his eyebrows. It’s weird-looking.

        • People who study such things (physiognomy)–Ed Dutton springs to mind–assert that a low hair line indicates a base intellect. A high forehead, contrariwise, indicates high intelligence. Don’t all rush to the mirror, now. (-;

          • When my sister said I had a receding hairline, I very cleverly said, “No, I have a high forehead.”

            But she was right.


  40. Zman

    How familiar are you with the anything goes nothing matters period in the Weimar republic before the rise of you know who? Feels alot like that, raging monetary liquidity, total collapse of morals and such. Sometimes i wonder if we’re being setup for a repeat of history.

    “Liquidate labor, liquidate stocks, liquidate the farmers, liquidate real estate. It will purge the rottenness out of the system. High costs of living and high living will come down. People will work harder, live a more moral life. Values will be adjusted, and enterprising people will pick up from less competent people.”

    • The main difference is that America is not mostly landlocked like Germany, and that the Treaty of Versailles didn’t just demilitarize the state, but deindustrialized the Ruhrgebiet/ Ruhr Valley so that the Germans couldn’t even produce food for themselves. The rules stipulated that the Germans could use their facilities for food essentials but not for munitions, but since fertilizer is a constituent in both, many times they couldn’t produce food. Are Americans literally starving yet, making coffee and bread out of acorns and chicory, living on turnip soup, waiting in line for six hours at the grocery to discover the shelves are bare? Once we get there, then we’ll be where the Germans were.

      • ” … waiting in line for six hours at the grocery to discover the shelves are bare?”

        We already have food rationing. Stores have those little stick-on notices that say how sorry they are that there’s a limit on this item of two per customer.

        That’s food rationing.

        • Sorta true.

          Still, Americans got fatter during Covid.

          When Americans collectively start going down in weight for the first time in 50 years, then we have a food availability problem.

          (All the cheap food is sugar and carbs..could be awhile)

        • Yes but the rationing is still more than enough for a family and even some preps.

          Its rationing lite.

      • OTOH, Weimar Germany wasn’t saddled with dieversity. I’m not sure which is worse–acorn toast or having a pack of Somali baboons settled across the street.

      • This is why there’s no good reason not to start buying beans and rice and sealing them in mylar bags as a nuclear war prep. Even if the world doesn’t end, in all likelihood that $20 bag of rice is going to cost $50 pretty soon so you’re still ahead even paying for the mylar bags and O2 absorber packets.

    • “How familiar are you with the anything goes nothing matters period in the Weimar republic before the rise of you know who? Feels a lot like that, … .”

      There’s also a similarity to Spain in 1935, where politics just flat-out broke down, and nothing got done in the Cortes.

      And there’s an exception to the “rule” that the winners always write the history. The losers (the Commies) have written the history of the Spanish Civil War.

  41. From what I can tell, the center-right has collapsed in France. Other than handing the far left a chicken switch over the second round of the election, what does this mean?

    If a similar collapse occurs in the US — which to my mind is one of the aims of the dissident right — what will that mean?

    • The center-right has collapsed in America, but the two-party system prevents another party from taking advantage of it. The Republicans will win in the fall, despite not representing the interests of their voters. They are just the only vehicle to voice displeasure.

      • Oh, there are other vehicles, alright. It’s just that using them might get you January 6thd.

      • The D/R party system in the US exists solely to manage their respective voters. Not to represent them, or (heaven forfend!) govern in their interests. I believe I have met the cynicism threshold of today’s post.

      • I understand the structural differences between the two, but I guess it comes down to how center-right is defined.

        To me, a collapse of the center-right in the US would look something like yesterday’s boomers either defecting to non-civnat candidates or else bailing on the system altogether, neither of which seem to have happened.

    • “From what I can tell, the center-right has collapsed in France.”

      This may sound downright stupid, but I don’t think it is. For the first time in I-don’t-know-when, the Alliance Royale (the French monarchist party) did not field a presidential candidate. Things are breaking down.

      Jean Raspail wrote about that some years ago in an essay titled “La patrie trahie par la République” (The fatherland betrayed by the Republic).

      You can click on “English” when the page opens:

  42. You may be a tad too optimistic. Cynicism and opportunism go together but there are differences. Cynicism is an outlook. Opportunism is a strategy.

    Opportunists such as most of those who inhabit the political/tech/media world will say and do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. Senator Liz is the most visible example. But, unlike Sandy Ocasio, Liz isn’t cynical. Liz is an empty head who seems actually to believe whatever she’s spouting at the moment.

    Cynics tend to be less actively engaged, inclined to muse and mumur, “La plus ça change, le plus en même.” Tucker is cynical but not opportunist in that he appears to have sincere principles.

    Jen Psaki has a pretty face and perfect hair. Its color may even be real. Empires have followed pretty facces to perdition even when the tongues in those pretty faces merely say what they’re told to say. Jen Ps. is an example of a cynic who’s also an opportunist as are most of the legacy tech/media personalities.

    • Not a bad comment. I don’t know if you’re being cynical describing Jen Psaki as having a “pretty face.” My guess is that this did you in on the happy/sad face count.

      From my some would say distorted outlook, if I saw Jen Psaki on the street or beside me at a restaurant my immediate impression would be HR c*nt. She just has the look. She was chosen for that look, for that demeanor.

      I of course did not vote you up or down. Maybe you hold fond memories of that flashing up/down face as a teenager in some old Buick in some parking lot behind a 7/11. More power to you…they all need love.

    • It’s true that cynicism can lead to quietism. But quietism can lead to good things. To the extent that large numbers of cynics withdraw their consent from the Power Structure and its anti-white system, we effectively form our own community, which may be prefatory to taking serious action once the Power Structure becomes sufficiently vulnerable.

  43. Cynicism is part of it, but the mockery is the most galling aspect. I hate to harp on the JQ stuff (since the mindset has spread across the entire ruling class), but Lawrence Auster used to point out Jews have two ways of reprimanding gentiles, scolding or mocking. Jon Stewart is a great sanctimonious scold who would mock as well sometimes. Most of what passes for comedy (especially the bile on late night talk shows and SNL) is just mockery. The Bible strongly condemns it, as it is poisonous and creates nothing but acrimony between people (like backbiting or gossip). But mockery does work quite well, as people find themselves humiliated when targeted. Think of all the mainstream conservatives squirming when the hip lefty comics took aim at them, and how eager they were for approval that they’d go on their shows (Giuliani on SNL, Bill O’Reily constantly inviting Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart on his show to argue with him in bad faith, while he tried to keep the little bit of decorum he could lay claim to).

    But mockery, like cynicism, has limits. As useless as Bush was, he didn’t respond to it, didn’t even seem interested in it (maybe his dumbness immunized him to it). By the time we got to Trump, he had figured out how to use it as a weapon for the mainstream right. But the real task is clearing it from the public space, morally anathematizing it, not chalking it up as a victory when the platinum haired WWE wrestler/real estate magnate sort of scores one on our enemies using their tools.

    There’s a risk that the mockers/humiliators/ scolders/ and cynics run, though, that has nothing to do with them being beaten with their own tools. It has more to do with them using them too much, until they cease to work. Think of the cool kids at a high school who use the popularity game to keep the rank and file in line, but go a little too hard on the fat goth girl or the one weird D & D kid. People totally outside of a system can’t fear expulsion from the system, and thus the tools cease to work on those people. Maybe (to extend the metaphor) the cool kids got a Columbine coming their way soon. Or a Carrie White (the treatment of the January 6th Loiterers has to be the equivalent of dumping pig’s blood on Carrie’s head at the prom). Hopefully the cool kids are too busy laughing to see what’s coming, though.

    Regardless, I’m no longer angry. I am quietly seething with a patient anger. I suspect millions are.

    • I would cut Jon Liebowitz a little bit of slack…I used to watch the Daily Show during the Bush years. He did the bit that Z-man did in today’s essay: by using actual video of the daily talking points fed to media and/or amplified by the talking heads. It was illumining for me and many other anti-Bush types, back when the Left still had a shred of decency.

      • I was inclined to cut Jon some slack, especially since he embarrassed Colbert by pointing out it’s patently obvious that the Wuhan virus came from the Wuhan Virology Research Center. But then I saw an interview with Stewart chastising Andrew Sullivan for downplaying white privilege and white supremacy, and now my feeling is he can burn in hell for all I care. Ultimately it doesn’t matter. Stewart is a yesterday man. The country he thinks he’s lecturing doesn’t exist anymore.

    • Let them mock.

      Serious men get things done. I’ve been mocked quite heavily for rekindling my faith in Christ, but it is not a patch on what he himself went through.

      Time is of the essence: sourcing a local farm that will sell you eggs, sourcing like minds in meat space, purchasing a portable wood burning stove, conditioning yourself to go without, drawing up plans for homeschooling your children, making shrewd investments (financial or skills), upping sticks to move near to people more like you, praying, learning to efficiently grow food indoors, imagining how to last a day without electricity (do a mental drill), verifying the water you catch is good to drink, spending quality time with a loved one, having a child, finding a wife, walking with your chin up, working on concise answers to the most frequently asked questions, keeping a mental list of those who’ve wronged you, taking a walk, listening to the breeze, thinking about where you draw the line, drinking a fine ale… all are good ways to spend that time.

      Let them mock. We’ve all got stuff to do, and I’d wager most on this blog are getting things done, even if it is only on an individual level.

    • “Regardless, I’m no longer angry. I am quietly seething with a patient anger. I suspect millions are.”

      On Ann Barnhardt’s blog she posted a meme that said,
      “At this point your blood is either boiling or clotting.”

      What will we do if our “society” quietly transitions into the managerial fag-state that all the leaders want, and there are no consequences for the past 20 years? At that point I will truly despair, even though despair is a sin.

      I hope I die before then.

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