Germ Warfare

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One of the most underdiscussed parts of the current crisis is the war being waged against the infectious disease known as neoconservatism. It started in 2015 when Trump launched his bid for president. Even though he was never able to articulate it, he was running as a rejection of Bush and by extension the neocons. It was his win in the South Carolina primary, after he had unloaded on George Bush, which sent the neocons into a panic and started the Republican civil war.

It has been an interesting civil war in that it was mostly the party against Trump but it has turned into an old versus new since he left office. He had some allies in the party, for sure, but most were too afraid to be open about it. Some, like Lindsey Graham, pretended to be his ally so they could hell subvert his presidency, especially on the foreign policy front. Graham was sent in from the usual suspects to keep Trump in line on those issues.

Even so, there has been a slow realignment going in within the party as well as within what is left of the conservative movement. On the later front, the neocons have completely shed their skin and joined the Left. Bill Kristol runs something called the Bulwark, which no one reads. His other efforts are aimed at undermining his former party through the Republican Accountability Project. They used to be Republicans Against Trump, but that was too obvious.

Jonah Goldberg and Steve Hayes were both fired from Fox News for a lack of interest by the viewers. Hayes ran The Weekly Standard into the ground and now he runs something called the Dispatch. His partner in that is Jonah Goldberg, who was also jettisoned from National Review. Of course, they brought on the soy-faced wojack David French, who has stop pretending to be a Christian and instead has embraced the religion of post-Marx identity politics.

The return of the neocons back to their ideological home on the Left has left a void in what is left of conservatism. For two generations they were a golem for neoconservatism, despite their pretensions. Without their animators, they have been left to stagger around without purpose. There is a long debate among establishment intellectuals about what can replace it or reform it. Most likely, it is just pushed over the side in favor of something new and organic.

The crisis in the system is showing up in the primaries. The donor class is pouring cash into the Wyoming congressional primary. The neocons are rallying their supporters among the plutocrats in an effort to undermine the party. The effort in Wyoming is based on getting registered Democrats to cross over and vote in the Republican primary on election day. In other words, Liz Cheney is just a cat’s paw for the Trotskyist murder cult that has decamped for the other party.

Probably the most interesting race thus far is in Ohio, where you have three flavors of populists running for the open Senate seat. There is an old boomer running as if it is 1985 but he is rich and has party support. There is Josh Mandel, who will quickly morph into Lindsey Graham if elected. Then there is J.D. Vance, who is trying to run as a post-Trump populist. It is a three-way race at the moment and it reflects the currents within the Republican Party.

Gibbons will probably win the primary mostly because old white people will never come to terms with current realty. Instead, they will cling to the civic nationalist fantasy of voting our way out of the problems of democracy. The fact that just as many are easily fooled by Mandel hammers home this point. Both are creatures of the legacy talk radio culture. Only the actuarial tables will fix this problem within the Republican electorate.

The fact that J.D. Vance is in the conversation says that some people are waking up to the reality they face as a people. Vance is not a charismatic politician and there are genuine concerns about his sincerity. He was a Trump-hater back in 2016 so people should be wary of his judgement. Then again, he is not unusual in that many people have gone through a similar conversion. Vance often sounds like a guy who suddenly realized he had been lied to his whole life.

None of this is to suggest that the Republican Party is about to become representative of the people who vote for it. That will never be allowed. The point of the party is to make sure the majority population has no representation in government. If that arrangement is threatened, then it is mail-in voting for every state. It is just increasingly difficult to keep the old grift going. The old Red Team versus Blue Team dynamic is collapsing.

We are at the start of a volatile period in politics. The great tide of discontent that will sweep the primaries this autumn will bring in all sorts of people. The war between the ruling class and the people will shift to Washington, where there will be more than a few Marjorie Taylor Greene types roaming the halls of Congress. The main result will be the final purge of the neocons from the Republican side. The process that began in the 1960’s is about to come full circle.

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150 thoughts on “Germ Warfare

  1. The best life for me is to not be attached to any dogma, belief or orthodoxy. Therefore I am free to think how I want and live without fear and others telling me what to think, do and say. I am true to myself and therefore cannot be false to any man.

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  5. OT, credit to Wild Geese:

    Xi is cracking down on those Shanghai urbanites Geese pointed out. They were getting uppity.

    Enforcing dictatorship is why Zelensky got a standing ovation from the US Congress.

  6. In my state of California, there is a law mandating reparations for Slavery to black people. California was admitted to the Union in 1850 as a Free State. Slavery never existed here. There were very few blacks here before WWII. Yet here we are. Currently the commission in charge of this (all but one black btw, the lone non-black being a Nisei wanting more reparations for Manzanar) has come up with the dollar figure of $300,000 each, and being limited to those who are descendants of slaves. But that could change. Even at that figure (and there is no limit to current California residents either) the amount would be three times larger than the current budget.

    Basically, the demand will be likely around $3 million per is my guess (only a guess), and open to all black people, and the taxes will be levied only upon Whites when the commission is finally done and the legislators have their say. That is coming. And its not just California — EVERY state will have it. Whitey will have to pay, and pay, and pay some more. That’s the whole point of spiking the football in the end zone.

    Will Whitey pay up, across the nation and across the state? My guess is no, but that’s just a guess.

    • Jared Taylor has an article over at Unz on this very thing. The main thing to remember is it’s dammed leftard Whites that, if not driving it, are most certainly on board and allowing this garbage. They need to pay a steep price for their treachery.

  7. FYI: From my local outdoors store mailer this week:

    “Featured Bait of the Week: Z-Man Chatterbait MiniMax”

    It’s a dog whistle! Maybe they want to be a sponsor!

      • I bet you anything that guy reads this site religiously. He should design a dissident lure. Straight and narrow.

  8. OT: if you could kick one state out of AINO, which one would it be?

    my money is on South Cuntilaina, because there isn’t one person there that isn’t a perverted cuck.

    • Have you seen the folks who live in Philly? They should mandate full burkha. For humanity to the virus’s.

    • It’s not a long way from Philly to Shanghai. Round eyes, slanted eyes, yet still they see eye to eye. Maoism, redux.

  9. Don’t just purge the neocons. At the least they should be deported. Preferably tried for treason.

    • I can’t resist quoting Z-man’s great piece in Taki about a GOP candidate…”Some people say investment banking is a job, but some people say bank robbery is a job. Most people, however, think financial legerdemain is worse than robbing banks. In the former, it is the people who suffer at the hands of the rich, while in the latter case it is the rich getting punished.”

  10. Re G Lordon Giddy and Antidem below, on Rush, Tucker, and the changing of the guard.

    “It’s the change from Boomer leadership to Gen X leadership”

    Thus, Obama’s role and importance.

    He was groomed to push the old Democrat gerontocracy off the hill. They won’t go away, and have trained no protégés.

    Revolts happen when elite factions get ambitious. 11 bubble billionaires brought him to a meetup in Palo Alto in 2006 and told him they’d make him President.

    His first big test was to usurp Hillary. His third term, appointed by Kamala, will finish the purge. He’s going to bust a Teddy Roosevelt Bull Moose Progressive Party move.

    Joe and Kamala were chosen because they were designed to fail, discrediting the old white fogies once and for all.

    After the purge, the mindless puppets of the Squad will do *any thing* the tecnocracy tells them to. Obama may become a czar, dictator for life, as Zelensky is now.

    Folks, Zelensky banned all political opposition, seized the media, and installed Kolomoisky’s murderous Azov gang as Praetorians.

    More importantly, he installed the “no vaccine pass, no food” policy.

    The dollar is being collapsed by wartime stagflation. Within 18 months in the EU and Oz, and I see by 2024 in the US, cash will not disappear. Something different will be rolled out.

    QR code ATMs.
    You will have cash, (eventually to be revalued per an IMF SDR exchange currency), but for you won’t be able to withdraw your money without that Freedom Pass QR code.

    Then, you won’t be able to use it for many things- say, pay bills online, pay taxes, or buy groceries- without your Code verification.

    We are way, way, way beyond Red and Blue here.

    • Sorry, a small detail. Of course that Code will be linked to your internet history, even your phone calls.

      (They truly do listen for key word combinations, and have since flip phones. It happened to me in real life.)

    • I’ve long assumed Obama was the candidate from Langley. The key tell may be his stint at Business International Corporation which was apparently some sort of CIA cutout. (Plus, was his father some kind of CIA asset? I’ve read the family thing is a pattern in intelligence) If so it was incredibly audacious of the corporation: to not only run their own state-within-a-state but to put their own groomed figurehead in charge of the *actual* state.

      • His whole family- grandpa, grandma, mom, assumed fathet (Obama Sr.), probable father (FM Davis)- all were Agency creatures.

        Grandma and Mom were key assets in the CIA’s biggest overseas oppo, the Indonesian civil war.
        G’ma the banker funneling money to Asian dictators, Mom spreading rebellion money around with Soetero (then ‘working’ 5 years in Pakistan.)

        O Sr. was meant to infiltrate Jomo Kenyatta’s admin, but they were Kikuyu and he was Luongo, wtong tribe. He and S. Ann met at the CIA’s East-Wesr language school, and he needed a beard since he was a foreign national.

        G’pa was a drunk who escorted Third World diplomats to Hawaiian whorehouses, which is what of administrative liasons usually do. He was schmoozing, making contacts with the large Soviet Communist cell in Seattle, of which Frank Davis was part. FM Davis was bought with 13 y.o. Stanley Ann, shagging her.

        Obama may have been sold to diplomats, but almost certainly was molested by his dad Davis, an extreme degenerate. He wrote a poem about it. His side money came from letting rich old duffers fellate him at the golf course by his high school. His Paki roomate was most likely a ‘partner’ and Agency stringer.

        This is the source of Obama’s rage, at the world that used him. I can imagine the 10 y.o. looking in tje mirror saying “F this, I’m gonna be President some day,” and plotting his vengeance. He went to go ‘visit’ his mother, and she died the night before his election, remember.

  11. Well, I’m one formerly neocon Boomer who got it right while still alive, so there might yet be some hope.

    As for the Wyoming primary, there are only 45,000 Democrats vs. 190,000 Republican registered voters in the state, so it would take great deal of planned chicanery to affect the outcome of the House race there.

    • Chicanery like shutting down coal, which exceeds even oil in Wyoming? The surrounding states are ceasing to honor their coal purchase and shipment contracts, per official announcements, all through the West and Midwest.

      They’re shutting down Rocky Mountain coal as did for Appalachia. They are keeping oil at minimal maintenance (North Dakota), with no expansion.

      Our energy is slated to be sold offshore for profit; thus, they refuse to build new plants or factories such as potato processing, water canals, or mineral/oil refining. All they’re planning is fricking interstates and apartment housing for the Mountain West population boom.

      No infrastructure or jobs, this is what the powers did in Kosovo. Reservation housing in the middle of nowhere. Cattle pens.

      • The C-suite and managerial classes are another section of the hive mind thanks to the intellectual rigidity of Western business education and the enormous propaganda effort from Western media.

  12. I’m just stunned that the Fox News brainwashing machine has allowed an open platform (Tucker Carlson) that at least half the time is counter brainwashing. There may be a few boomers who are able to override the inserted chip in their brains, like that new show Severance. When they realize the real impact of the counter-brainwashing, Carlson will have his own one-man band pay platform and Fox will be back to its “Party of Reagan…won cold war…special event at Reagan Library…info slut in pumps talking about new puppy…” programming at 100%.

    • I’m stunned a giant hook didn’t appear from stage left and suddenly yank Tucker off the air when he mentioned the replacement and called out the ADL, even with some qualifications on his part.

      • It’s kosher theatre. With all due respect, if you’re White, why the fuck are you watching talmudvision? You’re feeding a monster who wants to kill you.

    • I came up during W.’s “Freedom Agenda” era so it surprises me how much I agree now with the pansy left’s then-view of Fox News (“info slut in pumps,” basically what I would imagine the middle-brow corporate thriller “Bombshell” portrays though I have not seen the film). I guess the difference between me and Joe Leftist is I don’t feel a flinch of secular class/ideology solidarity with the unlimited supply of desperate floozy actresses auditioning on it. Nobody put a gun to Tami Lahren’s head to make her do this. Of course I did find it odd back then how most of the ads on the channel were for pharmaceuticals or gold coins or something for your boat or a new book “Abraham Lincoln’s Finest Holocaust Spirituals” released under the name of the 3pm host from the network. The subsequent era, defined by social media clickbait, has edified me about the essential idiocy of metropolitan media. Also anyone will observe that “The View” or “The Doctors” or “The Judges” — they may have “The Congresswomen” lined up for syndication next — are superficially indistinguishable from Faux News programming. National Review used to sell a coffee mug with a quote “Pop culture is filth -John Derbyshire” but I actually more enjoyed the relevant full quotation which IIRC compared media to a sewage pipe outlet above the middle of your living room.

      • All true. Don’t forget all the reverse mortgage ads. Tom Selleck- “would I lie to you?” – Lol. It’s so quaint and sad…as the chain smoking old woman in Cincinnati signs on the dotted line. The best one by far was the Fred Thompson one years ago, they ran it forever. The irony of it. A former U.S. Senator, just out of Congress, who just finished reverse mortgaging the entire country to the Chinese, was strolling down the street, telling old people to reverse mortgage their houses, as a millennial selling newspapers, who couldn’t possibly afford a house, eyeballs him the entire time like he wanted to slit his throat. Ads like that will be studied as history that day.

        • What about Andy Griffith coming out for Obamacare? And Griffith didn’t even NEED the money.

          • Selleck, Thompson, Griffith…you guys are making me nostalgic for the days when commercials starred white men.

          • Recently they installed a TV in the break room where I work, and though they’ve filtered out a lot of fluff TV in favor of news and weather, they’re allowing one station that airs nothing but classic family television. (Think The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, etc)

            80% of the people I work with currently are millennials, and about 75% of those millennials are black. None of these people have a clue what they’re looking at. I envision it’s almost torture for them to sit through old TV shows that are so vanilla white. I get a sadistic pleasure from it. Lol

  13. Part of the discussion around here in the lasts few days has touched on building parallel institutions and society as well as how the neo-marxists rig every political conflict by controlling the definition of morality. How is it that they came to be able to do this? A starting point for considering the subject is that the inherited moral framework was one of the most important societal characteristics conservatives should have been defending. By failing to do so the conservative project was defeated. All that was left was mop-up of pockets of resistance, and establishing puppet representation.
    My understanding of the history is that conservatives were vulnerable on a couple important moral questions, race, and women’s rights. There was an internal conflict within American conservatism between the ideal of equal opportunity and conserving the inherited moral framework. The weakness was exploited and the conservative project has been the management of an orderly retreat all the way back to industrial scale baby killing and harvesting of their parts for forced medical experimentation; Pedophiles and their groomers, witting and unwitting, in our elementary schools openly corrupting the children; Explicit and formalized anti-white legislation establishing a discriminatory and oppressive anti-white legal framework.
    Youthful vigor and conviction is required to prosecute a competing moral framework that can over-match the neo-marxist orthodoxy. The enemy is not just wrong, they are evil and they have made it easy to make this argument. The parallel society should steel itself with moral foundations that exploit the obvious depravities that weaken the establishment. The strength of absolute moral conviction may not be sufficient to prevail in this existential contest but it is necessary.

    • The main issue is the 60’s counter culture grew out of an open, liberal and homogeneous society.

      Our “dissident culture” needs to grow in an authoritarian, closed, diverse society.

      Ghandi, the Freedom Riders and gay sex for children would not and would never have been allowed in Nazi Germany, Mao’s China or Stalin’s USSR.

    • Short answer is, they were able to do it because the dominant conservative culture allowed it.

      The mainstream culture at that time believed in free speech, the marketplace of ideas, and the Christian attitude of Love Thy Neighbor. They figured “sure, let the communists speak. All you have to do is look at communist countries around the world where everyone is miserable. It’s obvious our system is better.”

      Whereas our enemies understand that if they let us speak, they might lose. So they silence us.

      Whatever system comes next needs to understand that if you allow leftists to have free speech, you will soon lose your own free speech.

      • True enough. However, the key problem for the Right in the 20th century was the fundamental misunderstanding of the Left. Insofar as that Left were commies, no big deal. The Right had all of the economic and anecdotal data to demonstrate, in no uncertain terms, the foolishness of Marxism.

        But as the Right occupied itself with defeating global and domestic communism, it failed to recognize the subversive postmodernism that took root in the USA in the late 60s. And it was this Leftist pathology that insidiously conquered all of society’s institutions while the Right waged the Cold War. By the time they won the Cold War, they had surrendered the heart and soul of the USA to postmodernists whose sole objective was to undermine and destroy it. The Right’s tunnel vision proved fatal.

        • The leftist pathology that took root in almost everyone in the West is the ruling principle of non-discrimination, or tolerance. To discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, culture or religion is considered wrong and it’s what the 1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965 Immigration Act is all about. Almost all conservatives have bought into it and it’s what’s destroying our civilization.

          • And the pomos poured kerosene on this blaze. They saw–correctly–that the norms of non-whites (especially blacks) were antithetical to white civilization, and so they did everything in their power to legitimate those norms while pathologizing the mores and customs of whites. And you can see the results. AINO’s “culture” is now negroid, not white.

  14. I’m still waiting for the first Republican black, transgender candidate. Hey, the Republitards are an inclusive party, like all the cool kids. They don’t see color. Or genitalia.

    • First, you have the black Republican who publicly declares his acceptance of his transgender children. Like magic football man Herschel Walker and his gay ass son. Then, you have the actual tranny Negro candidate some years later.

      • Yep. Nothing could be more predictable. The Republicans are doing their dead level best to become an even freakier party than the Democrats. So-called “inclusivity” excludes normality, just as diversity excludes whites.

  15. Trump was a iconoclast, a political outsider. He was a mechanism through which voters could show their contempt for the entire corrupt political class. The more they condemned him, the more they loved him.

    The Democrats are true to their beliefs. Republicans are Mitt Romneys – imposters, fake, lying, chameleons able to change colors from blue to red to blue again at the flash of a dollar sign.

        • Romney’s alter ego:
          Pierre Delecto
          aka delicious penis!
          Yuck Euuuuw Phoo Icky
          Tim Ballard is really busy here in Utah.
          Man…did Mittens go bad grifting in Ukraine.

          • Euwww

            *does faggot wrist slap*

            “Girlfriend, behave yoself!”

            *titters, flips hair, bats eyes*

  16. There seems to be a lot more GOP/CivNat/Griller energy around local issues – School Board/CRT, grooming and trannies in sports – than there is around the GAE/Neocon project. Just look at all the Ukraine flag cheerleading, or at least acceptance of the GAE/Uniparty line.

    So my prediction for the future: Lethargy (enthalpy) and Chaos (entropy), as the Laws of Thermodynamics would predict.

    We all agree on the intractable problem: the Grillers won’t change, have to die off, but will be replaced with Hispanic and Asian folks. Zman thinks this will lead to volatility. I think it will lead to lethargy.

    Hispanics don’t vote at the same rate as Grillers and are less engaged in politics overall. Even culturally-conservative Hispanics like big government. Maybe Asians will get engaged through local/school issues. But they’re collectivists at heart – I have conservative Asian friends who simply don’t understand or accept the 2A and its importance. They are not going to be activists who challenge the Neocon/GAE narrative or the welfare state. Overall, both these groups just want to be left alone.

    Whites, divided and distracted, will be increasingly isolated and increasingly bereft.

    • “Even culturally-conservative Hispanics like big government.”

      They don’t like big government, they like welfare. They are simply willing to accept hyper regulation and the military industrial complex in exchange for handouts. Of the GOP promised higher welfare payouts by cutting military spending, Hispanics would vote for them.

      • “regulations? we don’t need no stinkin’ regulation!”

        they just ignore shit and do what they want.

      • What they like is corruption. They like welfare because it’s corruptly distributed.

        It’s the closest thing there is to a universal human nature. Some whites (Nordic, mostly) and some Asians (Japanese, mostly) don’t have it.

    • However much the Republoids get flack for their corny wind-up Ukraine chauvinism, at least it’s a traditional shtick from them, going back to the 90s and “let’s liberate China” nonsense. In mass formation psychosis terms the modern suburban left has contracted a dramatically worse case of it.

      On the weekend I was in a pre-bobo but hippie-ish remote Southern California burg, well outside of the L.A. cancerplex, and blue and gold flags were up everywhere on their neo-Spanish-mission main street. This recent news event product perhaps realistically impacts 2-3 residents of that entire city at most.

    • Both Sancha and Gundeep start running for politics… local politics.

      School board, city council, etc.
      They immediately grab the bag for their people, then start hiring their family.

  17. Bread and circuses.

    The upcoming election is the shiny thing that will occupy everyone’s attention and disseminate false hope to the masses during the remainder of the year. It’s purpose is to dissipate repressed anger via public venting by political campaigns expressing civic outrage. Joe Normie will shout at the TV every night in a cathartic spasm of rage, while never taking his fat ass off the couch. It will never occur to him that his fat ass is a symptom of the very disease that he rages against.

    But the 2×4 of reality will start to arrive soon and that may provoke some real street action this coming summer. Filling your gas tank will likely be a $100+ and your A/C electric bill could be $500 in peak summer. With rent/mortgage running to $5K+, the family vacation may have to take place in the back yard. And if you think the EBT cards will suffice keep the natives happy, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

    This is going to be a bad year to be an urban LEO. Riot duty in July is a bitch when wearing black body armor. Get out of the city now.

    • Got back last night from the plan A property
      A quick four day trip. Was able to get some things done and set in motion the next major project.
      Was able to set down and visit with a truly inspiring family. Eleven healthy intelligent aware pure white children. I pledged our place to them in the event we are barbecued in a nuclear strike. They’ll make good use of it if we can’t make it.
      Over 200$ in fuel there & back.
      I’ll be putting off road diesel the rig from now on. To hell with the law, they won’t fix any potholes anyway.

      • Spingehra, I know nobody wants to reveal much on any site for obvious reasons. However, can you tell us what state your bugout property is in? Any other info to help potential budding preppers?

  18. Even though I am a boomer, I wish America could die its way out of the morass it is in. Not going to happen.

    The left controls the schools even in red cities and post boomers there will be few red states left due to fewer whites and immigration, both domestic and international, into red areas.

    The only positive note I can see is if Hispanic males do continue their rightward journey. However that will not be near as good for the culture as Whites waking up now with a clear picture of what is going on and doing something about it

    • There’s nothing White Caucasians can do within this country at this point, even if they woke up. What would they do anyway? Vote their way out of this as a minority? Shame the shameless left into upholding their rights? Beg for mercy? Build “parallel societies” (excuse for giving up, holding your head down and going along to get along) when conservatives are notoriously bad at organizing anything coherent? Hope for an apocalypse that will probably not happen in your lifetime?

      The Left controls, and will control for the next generation at least:

      >All levels of education
      >Every corporation
      >The vast majority of federal workers according to campaign donations (90%+). This includes nefarious intelligence and police services.
      >The professional class.
      >Finance, including nearly all billionaires
      >Dozens, maybe hundreds, of NGOs
      >The media
      >The military
      >The urban areas
      >Blocking voting minorities, soon to be majorities

      You don’t win against that any more than a resurrected Genghis Khan and his Mongol army could conquer modern China, even if Khan had an army 10x as large.

      Whites under 18 are already a minority. There is no possibility of reform or victory within this system (of any kind) when the demographics that built the country are held hostage to majorities that don’t agree with them. Personally, I’d rather not live in a tyranny forever with zero rights and continually assaulted for my identity.

      So, I support secession. I’m open to any similar idea I think could work.

      Example: Some of our people couldn’t organize, perhaps with foreign assistance, and build our own island nation somewhere? Dubai sells artificial islands for $7 M — $1.8 B. The upper range is what Elon spent on Twitter. For that money he could be building Whitetopia somewhere, which would be far better for us in the long term.

      This is easier now than ever with modern tech — internet, 3D printing, etc. Isn’t that how this country was founded in the first place? Remember the pilgrims? After a few generations we could have a reasonable population of a few million like-minded people, selected for their personalities (which are largely genetic), who live in their own country safe from ever falling prey to leftism again (because they have the same genetics as the people on this forum which made them immune to the lies).

      Maybe we could fund it by soliciting money to build ocean windfarms and pipe the energy into greedy, upscale land areas that don’t want that unsightly stuff around but want to feel moral about muh green energy? Over time, we can slowly expand it as the population and economy grows.

      The point is whatever works, no matter how unorthodox. At least I’m thinking of ideas — something, anything. I don’t care for discussing options that clearly won’t work now, like voting harder or praying for a disaster or building our own Amish communities (even they geographically seclude themselves), which will be easily subverted by immigration and police action.

      We either get our own Israel, and this time make it explicit for our people & defined by law, or we give up the fantasy that things will change and grill like all the rest.

      Honestly, the fact that more hasn’t been done on that front indicates to me that most people have already decided on giving up. Others pray for a disaster that (somehow) will fix our problems, but that’s a terrible thing to bet our future and the future of our people on.

      • Mountain tunnel complexes
        (our flint, tin, and megalith ancestors)

        Seascaping the island chain stretching from the Philippines nearly to South America
        (our Greek, Cretan, Carthaginian, and Viking ancestors)

        Thermal deploymerization- garbage gas

        Quaise energy- unlimited, ultraclean, deep gynocore geotherthermal, preferably in those cave complexes or unmarked islets

  19. I think the other question is, will the economy and (former) country implode before or after November, and will the results even matter? The border is in complete meltdown mode while the civnats keep dancing to the same DIE tune. It just doesn’t look good.

  20. How am I expected to work up even a jot of enthusiasm for the midterms, when a new season of “Barry” is starting?!

    was reading a new blog (for me) and the fat hebe always hitting the chicken switch was referred to as the “Ace of Normies” which really tickled me!

    I suppose it relieves the day to day tedium, to discuss politics in Biden’s America, but it really is just so much mental masturbation (without the happy ending).

  21. Zman: Perhaps it might be more accurate to describe the Ohio race as the standard three grifters, rather than populists. Neither the color-blind White boomer, the Juice, nor the Appalachian White neocon who married a subcontinental represent White people and White group interests.

    • The choice for Ohio voters is who is going to oppose the establishment the most and be the most likely to throw sand in the gears. The establishment seems to hate Vance, I don’t trust him at all, but if I lived there that is how I would vote.

      • There’s a fourth GOP candidate, Matt Dolan, who’s family owns the Cleveland Indians (I refuse to participate in that “guardians” bullshit). Very much a mainline ineffectual conservative type.

        • Just the fact that his family owns a storied sports franchise and buckled to the PC mob to change the name says everything we need to know about his candidacy.

    • 3g4me,
      I have been skeptical of Vance, as well. Betrayal and treachery seem to be in their blood. However, the fact that he didn’t jump on the bandwagon and smear M Taylor Greene when given the chance gives me an inkling of cautious, guarded hope.

        • zman: Please clarify (sometimes I’m stupid). I truly cannot tell if you are being sarcastic or exacty what Vance suffering no consequences indicates to you – i.e. that he’s strong enough to weather official disapproval or that he’s got strong official backing because he’s onboard with their agenda and so can get away with a little public badthink.

          • to me, “either” would indicate a lack of sarcasm. Vance said something controversial, stuck by it, and was not punished by voters.

            usually zman’s sarcasm has a bon mot in it somewhere 😛

          • I just find it odd that the mob came to demand he disavow Greene and when he refused they went away. He literally said she did nothing wrong in attending the Fuentes event. That is one of those things that seems important.

  22. I’ve mentioned something a psychiatrist once said (maybe Theodore Dalrymple) about judging whether or not someone could roam a hall with other crazies in an institution or if he needed to be isolated in a padded cell. The shrink would engage the patient, flanked by orderlies, and ask a couple of baiting, or provocative questions. If the patient responded with aggression, then the doctor knew the patient couldn’t be trusted to wander around unsupervised with the nurses (when the orderlies and security staff might not always be close at hand).

    Trump was basically that baiting shrink, except for the political class. People who had always seemed slightly off now revealed themselves as certifiably insane. Go to YouTube and look up “Keith Olbermann, Russian Coup.” He thinks he’s Edward R. Murrow but he comes off like Tony Montana after he’s had his head in the pile of booger sugar and he’s shouting at the men shooting him to bits.

    J.D. Vance makes the lizards shed their skin, but nowhere near as much as Marjorie Taylor Green does. She’s definitely not Marine Le Pen, but what happens if someone who is white, female, nonelite, (and even worse from the perspective of our leaders) fertile, comes along? Say, a Sarah Palin with another standard deviation of IQ or two (Palin’s not any dumber than Obama, and certainly not Biden, but the margin of error needs to be much smaller for a white woman who doesn’t know her place, as Whiskey once called her).

    Sailer used to point out that so much of the rage of Jewish women in media is channeled anger from “Why can’t I find a husband?” or “That bastard left me for that little blond schicksa after I ironed his clothes and fed his kids!” Seeding the field with even moderately attractive, moderately intelligent white women will smoke a lot of moles out of their holes, I think. It might just amount to trolling, but look how much energy the kids with their memes sapped out of the left just by trolling them. The left thinks they own beauty just as they own humor (despite their vaunting of tranny troglodytes and hyperobese negropotamus females).

    • The complete supersized landmine in the e-left’s 2020s Twitter Battle Plan is that black and mestizo women really do not like marching to the tune of white/E. Asian make-up-tutorial tubers.

  23. “Of course, they brought on the soy-faced wojack David French, who has stop pretending to be a Christian and instead has embraced the religion of post-Marx identity politics.”

    Unfortunately, French has not stopped pretending to be a Christian. He holds himself out to be the one true practitioner of the faith. Aaron Renn wrote a piece for the Federalist shaming French for the sickening way he and his wife use their adopted daughter from Africa as an amulet to deflect charges of racism and as a reason to level the charge against others. A few French fans replied angrily to Renn on Twitter. One compared French to an Old Testament prophet telling Christians the unpopular message God needs them to hear. I have come to believe this is how French sees himself. It was a big part of his considering running for President in 2016. Why he has come to believe that the message God wants Christians to hear mostly coincides with modern day identity politics is a mystery, but he delusionally considers himself to be a prophet.

    • “he delusionally considers himself to be a prophet.”

      Nah. French is a grifter that is paid to tell the peasants what their masters want them to hear. Since he has no talent, intelligence, or skills, how is he going to live the “good life” without selling his soul?

      • French is a good symbol of elite decline. A serious country wouldn’t give this guy the time of day. He’d be a middle school guidance counselor or something.

      • Idk, America’s grifters do tend to believe delusions even while cynically selling starry eyes to others. Not sure who is a strictly money salesman these days.

        The narcotic of minor celebrity is strong with French

  24. We seem to be often in agreement here about standard politics and voting being of very little help or good for the cause yet these election analysis on every state and district keeps coming.

    Oh the Republicans are going to win big in the midterms and such, and then what? The sellout will just complete itself then. They are all reptilians no matter what distinction they make of themselves. Why do we play along?

    And by the way what kind of honest election do you expect, we didn’t get one last time or times before that. Finally, Felix Krull is right, JD Vance is a poverty porn purveyor looking to to step up for more limelight.

    • David: I’m with you – After breaking my anti-vote vow over false hope in 2016 I finally quit politics again for good perhaps halfway into Trump’s term, when it was absolutely clear he would do nothing substantive for White people . My views on voting have not changed – even locally, I consider it to be an endorsement of an evil system and an utter waste of time. Every time I read of another ‘victory’ over CRT in public schools, I laugh. Those parents who think they’ve achieved something have never actually looked at their kids math or reading books – CRT has permeated every subject for over a decade now. After I demonstrated (to no avail) to the headmaster of my son’s Christian school that every story in the new reading book was anti-male and anti-White, I learned my lesson. So we pulled our son from the school and a few years later said school closed down forever – because once again, White parents adamantly refused to think or talk about or accept racial reality, but they damn sure acted on it.

      I don’t give a damn about Hunter’s laptop or think it will make any difference to anyone – perhaps it’s indicative the dems think they’ve ridden the dementia-addled old White guy as far as he’s useful, but I just don’t care. Nothing that will happen with any election will impact my life in a positive way. No dreadlocked POX woman on any court or any extra-constitutional shenanigans will change anything or inspire any sort of revolt. There are simply no longer enough competent, clear-eyed White people left to ameliorate (let alone stop) the massive crash we’re hurtling towards.

      I’m sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings, but those who still think voting in their community matters (just like public schools generally are bad but their local one is different) will keep doing what they do. I’m not out to change anyone’s mind because people have to learn the hard way, and far too many never, ever learn.

      • Local politics, esp. school boards, is sand in the gears, so I support it and every effort.

        • Alzaebo: Sand in the gears is subverting their funding or perhaps starting a well-founded disinfo campaign on one of the neighborhood phone apps or something. Voting validates the process and gives the parents a false sense of control. Removing school board members doesn’t change the curriculum. It doesn’t change what the teachers were taught in teaching college. There aren’t any current textbooks that are not filled with lies – either the leftist or the civic nationalist variety.

          Sorry, but sand in the gears is home schooling your children. It’s having not one purported conservatard run for any position, and ensuring none of their idiot wives go out to support the local nice white lady who thinks it’s still 1980, or worse still think Ho Chung is a trubluallmurrican. Secede from the system. Participating in any way that doesn’t harm it – such as voting in local school board elections – is NOT sand in the gears.

  25. When Rush Limbaugh passed that was the symbolic end of boomer con. Civic nationalism will stagger on for some years yet as our suburbs get filled with aliens whom think Thomas Jefferson might have been the name of their HVAC guy who fixes things.
    We are indeed on the cusp of something different, I just hope somehow we as whites can have the courage to carve a niche in whatever this world is becoming.

    • This Ohio election may be symbolically important, but far more so is the passing of the position of public vanguard of the right from Rush Limbaugh to Tucker Carlson. As much as Rush shifted populist toward the end, and as much as he was always a stalwart on immigration, in the end, he was still a man of what the Chinese might call the Old Thought. Tucker, as much as he sometimes has to couch what he says in moderate terms in order to keep his show, is a man of the New Thought. Through the 90s and 00s, Rush really did direct the conversation on the right – what he talked about on his show yesterday was what everyone would be talking about today. Now this role has passed to Tucker (and not to Hannity, as the party leaders had hoped), and the change is very noticeable. It’s the change from Boomer leadership to Gen X leadership, from “legacy talk radio culture” to something far less genteel, and from Civic Nationalism to the first glimpses of what comes next.

      The importance of this is hard to overstate.

      • Rush was King of the Grifters; a needy fat boy desperate for acceptance and love. accomplished squat, but then he never cared about that anyway.

        • > Rush was King of the Grifters;
          > accomplished squat

          I see this “hot take” a lot online from zoomers and/or non-Americans. I respectfully say: You have no idea what you are talking about. Your assessment of Limbaugh is based entirely on the propaganda that was spread by the left. There is no single person since the end of WW2 who has had a greater impact on right-wing politics worldwide (but *especially* in North America) than Rush Limbaugh.

          • What exactly have conservatives been able to conserve over the years thanks to Rush Limbaugh’s influence? I don’t see anything except low tax rates for democrats and deregulation of left-wing corporations. His influence couldn’t reverse Affirmative Action, stop immigration or even conserve the definition of a woman.

          • Even though I loathed and despised Limbaugh–he was a straight up grifter and slightly closeted cuck–I actually agree with this for a different reason. As lame as he was, Limbaugh marked the first time anyone broke even a little from the media narrative for the controlled opposition, and the Regime and its Cathedral lost their shit and tried to pull him off the air for years on end. It was a taste of what would happen to Trump years later.

            That his Normie listeners, or even Limbaugh himself, failed to realize this meant there was nothing in electoral politics that benefitted the nation let alone its Heritage Whites, was as much a reflection on them as their totalitarian detractors.

          • Few on radio I’ve found have their Damascus moment. What I look for—and see locally and nationally—is a general change in what has been termed the “Overton Window”.

            Ignoring Hannity who is really too stupid to deserve much discussion, Rush is a good example. Towards the end, his discussion of America’s “problems” increasingly was in plain terms of Whites vs “minorities”, albeit he never could drop his Civnat proclivities and his minorities were often meant as “those minorities within minorities”.

            I see this locally as well, and I am in a predominantly minority community—
            *it is the nucleus of White identity forming.*

            Rush took a lot of his audience with him on this trip. Now it’s for some others to grab the baton and move it further alone the track. However, the era of mass audience on radio I believe is ebbing. The Internet is filling the forming void as (seen here) folks are a bit too impatient waiting for folks like Tucker to have his incremental effect on the OW.

            A little over 50 years ago, there was not even a TV show featuring a Black leading actor—OK, I remember “Amos and Andy”, but in the main this is true. Today, there are few commercials featuring a White person, and few shows with all White casts, such has been the rejection of White identity.

            Point is, we did not get here over night, nor will we recover tomorrow. Let’s give credit to those who grew, those still growing, and those still to come.

      • It is important. I was a big fan of his in the 90s. I recall very clearly how, some years back, people were calling and asking whether it was time to panic (maybe this was Obama time, and the “fundamental changes” talk about what he was gonna do, can’t recall). But Rush said, like he was prone to say, “I’ll tell you when it’s time to panic.”

        Well, fast forward to 2020, and hell if someone didn’t call asking him if, given a stolen election and so on, it wasn’t time to panic now. Because, they said, you told us not to panic until you said so.

        And it was funny because I’d almost entirely stopped listening to him and only tuned in because he was dying, and here was this person asking a question from a time when I had _almost_ entirely stopped listening to him a few years prior and, damn if I didn’t know exactly what the caller was asking. And Rush says, “Hell no, it’s never time to panic, we just need to vote better.”

        And that was Limbaugh. Couple hundred million bucks and four ex-wives and needing to loose a hundred pounds and pals with Elton John never understanding one goddamned thing about his country.

        • He understood nothing about “his country”, yet amassed the largest radio audience ever? You don’t see a bit of a contradiction here?

          Rush knew lot about this country. What you should be saying is that he did not move fast enough for your liking in adopting all of your political principles and understanding. But he did move and he did advance the cause, if by nothing else opposing much of the Leftist agenda we still speak of today.

          • Rush opposed the obvious leftist lunacy, but he was all in on free trade, mass (legal) immigration, and war in the middle east. Eventually, he grew opposed to the neocons, and as he put it, “was tired of carrying water for George W. Bush.” The best thing he ever did as far as I’m concerned was read an article by Sam Francis about MAR’s (Middle American Radicals) during the Trump campaign. A little late to come on board, though. He should’ve been quoting Francis a long time ago.

      • What makes Tucker interesting is that he has guests that the Hannity crowd wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. Lots of indies like Michael Tracey and Pedro Gonzalez. As well as people associated w/ the left like Glen Greenwald and Aaron Mate. As Z often points out, the old political D/R divisions are increasingly meaningless.

      • Rush was terrible on immigration. He was the epitome of “as long as they come legally.” Peter Brimelow posted an article at VDare around the time of Rush’s passing where he met with Rush many years ago and urged him to promote low levels of legal immigration. He wouldn’t do it.

        • I’ll add that what a difference Rush could’ve made if he made legal immigration a focus of his show. We had a chance to reverse demographic disaster if he and other conservatives would’ve come aboard around the time of Brimelow’s Alien Nation book in the mid-90’s. As an immigration patriot, back then I considered Rush an enemy. He was great on tax policy though.

    • Rush Limbaugh was a formative influence on my life, having stumbled onto his show on its third day at age 12, and I would never denounce him. I entirely agree with the comments about his influence on the boomer-right cannot be overstated. With that said, I contemplated calling his show at the end to crib Z-Man’s observation that “we stand in front of an empty trophy case.” I wanted to point out that had I called his show in August 1988 when he first premiered nationwide, and predicted that by the end of his run, the country would have embraced (insert list of degeneracy), I would have been laughed at (at best) or ridiculed (more likely) as most of what is embraced today was so bizarre then as to not even have commonly understood terminology to describe it. I also wanted to point out that when the great Republican majority finally manifested itself, it’s efforts were squandered on Bush Jr’s great crusade. In the end, I didn’t call because it seemed vaguely rude to criticize him as he wrestled with terminal illness. But it did occur to me that I had moved on … crossed the great divide, and that there was no going back. Now I listen to some of the talk-radio era’s greatest hits (not Hannity, who was once described as confusing vehemence for coherence – i’m thinking Boortz) and cringe a bit. It is obvious events have moved past them, and they were a product of their time. Whoever observed that for the CivNat it’s always 1985 was spot on, and for the CivNat, giving that delusion up is probably harder than watching Tranny Appreciation Day announcements from the White House. Still, I miss Rush. He was damn talented and a keen observer of politics. But he never could get past the idea that voting GOP would fix everything.

  26. “We are at the start of a volatile period in politics.”

    Or is it the last spasm before the death of theater politics. At some point, the demographics will take over. Z is correct that the Boomers will never change their political viewpoint (Sailer proves that), but without the Boomers, the demographic scales change quickly with the percent of white voters falling rapidly.

    Then again, I suppose that’s mostly true on the presidential level. House and Senate races in white areas could get very interesting in coming decades, but if the GOP becomes what it is in California, that may not matter.

    I suppose my point is that just when a fair number of whites start rejecting colorblind civic nationalism, it might be too late, which, again, comes back to building parallel societies.

    • “… it might be too late, …”

      It might be too late for what? It’s already too late to ‘save the country’. Our European constitutional republic is a twitching corpse. Even its white skeleton will be chewed to fragments by the diversities.

      People, however, are another matter. All empires die, populations move and borders change. The GAE *WILL* die, as sure as rain. Right now European peoples are in a race with the GAE to not be the first to die. New nations are born from the corpses of empires, and old nations, long submerged under imperial dominion, are reborn.

  27. Vance is not a charismatic politician and there are genuine concerns about his sincerity.

    Vance is a bona fide shitlib who exploited his own people to write poverty porn. He hardly attempts to hide that he considers them to belong squarely in the Basket of Deplorables.

    • Felix: Spot on. And he married Usha Chilukuri, so when crunch time comes he will side with diversity. Vance is hardly a voice for White populism.

      • Agreed. But he is useful in showing whites that the GOP (and the system in general) won’t even accept a colorblind CivNat.

        It’s all racial, all the time with the Dems and the GOP won’t lift a finger to stop it. Vance losing is useful in showing whites that truth.

    • He is the worst kind of shitlib. He’s embarrassed of his own family. As soon as I read your comment I knew who he was. I hadn’t recognized the name from the article. He’s a real scumbag. He made a name for himself telling shitlibs what they wanted to hear about those scummy people in Appalachia.

      • Too bad, really. Hillbilly Elegy could’ve been an interesting piece of anthropology because he’s not a bad writer.

        Reminds me of old-school Commie Joe Bageant of West Virginia who, in Deer Hunting With Jesus, managed to portrait white working class people with both love and despair.

        There’s still a number of his very personal columns online – here’s a sample about Lynndie England of Abu Ghraib fame.

        • Felix: Wow. Never heard of the guy or read his stuff before but it’s powerful writing. Need to read it again to think through further everything he’s saying.

          • I discovered him when I was still a Commie myself – he was regularly featured on The Smirking Chimp and Mother Jones.

            It’s amazing how a ideological, firebreathing Commie like Bageant feels like he’d be in our camp today; an example of how you become anti-Commie by standing still while the Commies are captured by Wall Street.

            Unfortunately, his writing career was cut short a few years after Deer Hunting With Jesus, when he drank himself to death.

          • Felix-

            I had a similar experience discovering Bageant when I was a bit left of center and bought into the idea evangelicals called the Dominionists were going to impose authoritarianism during GWB’s reign.

        • I just read a couple of his articles, the one you linked and the next one linked at the end of the article and all I can say is “what a douche.”
          In both articles, he bashes his middle class neighbors and, of course, those poor people he despises so much.

          His major criticism of them appears to be that they aren’t good little progressives like himself. Of course, all of this ire is strictly for the White underclass. He specifically states that his criticism is not of the “urban” blacks.

          That’s not to say that there isn’t a lot of fair criticism of the White underclass. I even agree with some of the criticisms he made in those 2 articles. But, he simultaneously argues that these people are trapped by an unfair system conspiring against them while also making fun of them for their non-progressive attitudes and, really, for being members of the underclass. He chides them for not being “informed” while also admitting they attended the worst schools and the media being propaganda mills.

          He also says equality is a myth while bitching about the existence of the underclass. His writing is pretty good though.

          • In both articles, he bashes his middle class neighbors…

            Well, he’s a Commie, what did you expect?

            …and, of course, those poor people he despises so much

            But not in the way Vance does. Bageant has a genuine affection for his white trash brothers and I read his bashing more like tough love than contempt – he’s a Savior Commie rather than a Smash Capitalism Commie.

            he argues that these people are trapped by an unfair system conspiring against them

            To be fair, that’s what a lot of white nationalists do too, except they blame AA and (such), rather than unfettered capitalism.

        • Thanks, Felix.

          I followed Joe’s blog those years ago, and admired both his skills as a writer and as a surgeon wielding a scalpel, revealing the diseased tissue of our “society”.

  28. Even though he was never able to articulate it, he was running as a rejection of Bush and by extension the neocons.

    Even though his voters were never allowed to articulate it, Trump was a rejection of multiculturalism and by extension, an embrace of the white ethnostate.

    • Trump would at least mention white people as a group – if rarely. He also wanted to protect the border – though, again, he loved legal immigration.

      Trump shows how thirty whites are for someone to champion their causes. Trump wasn’t pro-white; he was just anti anti-white. And that was enough to make him the hero of many whites and the enemy of a certain ethnocentric tribe.

      • Trump wasn’t pro-white

        But his voters believed so because the MSM billed him as the new Adolf.

        • Agreed. A fair chunk of Trump voters probably thought that Trump was secretly pro-white.

          They were wrong. As best as I can tell, Trump is only “pro” two things: 1) Trump and 2) Israel.

          But I do believe that Trump is an old-school colorblind civic nationalist. Of course, how he squares his dislike of identity politics with AIPAC is unknown. But he’s not unique in that regard.

      • Trump is the US version of Sylvio Berlusconi. He doesn’t own the national media but he does possess it.

    • I think many over-interpreted Trump is this way. If I had to guess, fewer than ten percent of his voters had ever heard the term ethnostate. His appeal was mostly nostalgia foran idea of America that reached its peak in the 1980’s.

      • Alright, so let’s amend that to “his voters were unaware that’s why they were voting for him”. Eighties nostalgia and 7/11 nationalism is internalized white nationalism.

        I concede you’re a lot better placed to judge that than I am, but I doubt many voted for him as an anti-Bush statement – they weren’t chanting “No More Wars” at his rallies, it was The Wall that drove the crowds wild.

        • I used to buy the civic nationalism->white nationalism line of argument, but I have come around to the idea that civic nationalism was the full expression of 20th century colorblind Americanism. Conservative fully internalized the America is an idea argument. Conservatives really thought that the country was about to move past the issue of race.

          In this view, Trump was really about turning the clock back to before Obama and the rise of post-Marx cultural radicalism in politics. It was also about returning to the time before Bush and the endless wars and globalism.

          • I’d agree that the most white GOP voters truly long for a country that has “moved past race.” They seem genuinely hurt by identity politics, as though it’s a betrayal of their trust.

            You can see that by how much they latch onto affirmative action in college admissions hurting Asians. I used to think that whites used that issue because it shielded them from accusations of being racist, and that’s partially true. But in talking with them about it, I discovered that they really care that AA is hurts Asians and use race as a way to pick people.

            If I mention that maybe we should just dole out slots based on a group’s % of the population, conservative whites reject the idea as almost sinful.

            What conservative whites really want is a multi-racial country that acts white.

          • Conservative fully internalized the America is an idea argument.

            But how many of his voters were conservatives in the reflected, intellectual manner you are?

            Back in 2015, they had nice, clean non-neocon conservatives like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio vote for – international men of mystery, rather than a over-the-hill carnival barker.

            The Wall got Trump elected, that’s what set him apart from the pack. That’s what Ann Coulter means when she said that people voted for his politics, not his person.

          • @ Citizen of a Silly Country

            “They seem genuinely hurt by identity politics, as though it’s a betrayal of their trust.”

            It is a betrayal of sorts. It’s like a Prisoner’s Dilemma writ civilizational. Every new ethny added to our empire has to not see race and ethnicity in order for white GOP white voters’ vision of the future to manifest. Normie white is the sucker prisoner who trusted all the black and brown prisoners not to squeal on him. He was the frog who carried the scorpion half way across the stream.

            “What conservative whites really want is a multi-racial country that acts white.”

            This is insightful. I read a lot and see this in fiction. Some characters in fiction targeted to whites will come with melanin enhancement made explicit during their introduction to the story, but their skin color usually isn’t mentioned again and their behaviors are completely white. They act white. If a reader had skipped over the one introductory sentence that included “brown skin” then their mind’s eye would have constructed a completely different (and white) vision of the character.

            Politics is downstream of culture (systematic behavior) which is downstream of biology. There will NEVER be a multicultural country that acts white. Diversities are not going to change not simply because they don’t want to, but because they cannot.

        • I agree with you, Felix. It was internalized racial consciousness that drove the 2016 election. Even most Trump voters were in a form of denial over it, but the Wall is what won the race and, if he had kept the promise, a more overt coup would have been required to remove him and tear it down.

          Many Americans think the United States died with the stolen election, but it had reached room temperature long before ’16. The only reason anyone even should consider voting (not in this midterm, mind you) is that if Trump or DeSantis or someone like them win (probably stupidly, I’m assuming a return to free and fair elections in the Unted States), the aforementioned overt coup will happen and the lines will be brightly drawn. Again, possibly stupidly, I’m assuming people not retarded enough to accept such a coup without a violent reaction.

          • Well, speaking from one of the contested “swing” states, I’m not seeing any substantive changes to the voting process here to indicate future elections will be observably fair.

            As it goes, various audit organizations have discredited the election results a dozen ways from Sunday, but no legislative bills have been passed to remedy these polling flaws.

            Indeed, in my County, they are moving to do away with the 300 or so voting locations and reduce them to 100 located wherever they deem “appropriate” and you can “vote” at any location you choose on Election Day.

            We are currently at 80% mail in balloting and for off year type votes—bonds, initiatives, etc—these are done 100% mail in. Mail in balloting figures in about 100% of the process fraud found by the election auditors.

            It’s been said that if voting could change anything, it would be made illegal. That was always a good quip. But the real reality is that voting would be made infinitely corruptible via mail in balloting. The Orwellian irony is that this technique is touted as making the balloting process, “fair”.

      • Yeah, but being nostalgic for a 1980s America is to be nostalgic for a country that was 85% white and which retained a culture based on white (and Christian) values.

        Trump voters may not have understood it, but they longed for a white America. Even Trump didn’t understand this.

        Trump was the last gasp of colorblind civic nationalism. Besides ending stupid wars, Trump and his voters wanted the country to reject identity politics and embrace the country’s founding, i.e., white, values.

        The rejection of Trump by the GOP left many colorblind CivNats with no where to go. Vance is trying to tap into that group.

        In that, Vance is a useful pawn. His lose is yet another sign that neither party really wants colorblind civic nationalism. Naturally, the Dems hate it, but he GOP’s unwillingness to stand up for whites when we’re bashed (CRT anyone) and the GOP party leaders’ refusal to back even milk toasts like Vance shows whites yet again that colorblind civic nationalism won’t work.

        But it’ll take whites a while to realize what’s the next step.

        • Trump voters may not have understood it, but they longed for a white America. Even Trump didn’t understand this.

          I disagree. They wanted a multi-racial, but monocultural America. It is why they worship black conservatives and black athletes who are patriotic. The black conservative confirms this vision.

          I do think this is changing, but the older generation will never embrace identity politics.

          • You’re correct. I literally figured out that I was wrong just after I wrote my comment. (This is why writing is so useful.) I figured it out in another comment:

            What conservative whites really want is a multi-racial country that acts white.

          • Ha. Staircase wit is a real thing. You really see it with older whites. You cannot blame them. That was the promise. They did what they were supposed to do and they expected the result that was promised. I also think they believe that all that is needed is the right people in power to snatch victory from the jaws of wokeness.

          • I would argue that’s what the majority of leftists want too. They want a colorblind America that happens to be as safe, prosperous, and industrious as the one in the 1960s, but this time with D.I.E. and majority-minority. They don’t stop to consider that they are really just wanting all minorities to act like common white people, who are trusting, organizational, and have no identity beyond the work they do.

          • zman: Very astute, as is Citizen’s restatement of the same: multiracial but monocultural, or diversity that accepts White norms. This all springs from the blank slate and magic dirt theory and fulfills their belief in equality, so they will not let it go. Their great-grandparents ‘assimilated,’ gosh darn it, and so will Ho Lee and Abishek. They reject racial genetic differences and the resultant cultural differences that make modern life a misery.

          • Z,

            Yeah, I’m amazingly clever . . . about twenty minutes after talking to people.

            As to white conservatives, especially Boomers, I agree. They really feel as though they’ve been betrayed, but instead of being mad, they’re hurt, which shows you how much they believed in colorblind civic nationalism in the first place.

            It’s as though their beloved wife told them that they she’s been cheating on them for decades. But instead of screaming at her and demanding a divorce, conservative whites are hoping that therapy will save the marriage because their whole self-image is wrapped up in being the faithful, good husband.

            Conservative whites can’t conceive of a life outside of the marriage, so they keeping hoping for a miracle, or, if you’re a Boomer, just run out the clock in denial.

          • Marko,

            You’re absolutely right. White (and non-white) liberals don’t want to rule Brazil. They want to rule 1985 America, except that it’s multi-racial.

            Neither the Left nor the Right is ready to move forward. They’re all stuck in a past that they destroyed.

          • Perhaps they “want” a multi-racial United States, but only if it’s in the same proportions that we last saw in the 80’s. They’re fine with a smattering of non-threatening negros, the Nipsy Russel/Bill Cosby/Bryant Gumbel types, hence the reason they latch onto negro celebrities, because that’s where they found black normalcy in the past.

            But it’s still an innate yearning for a white country, where they see whites on the TV, and where the rules are written by whites. Deep down they know the surest way to living under a white culture is to have a white population.

          • Marko’s comment above captures the duality of this problem. Current-year Democrats do seem to believe that inside every desert jihadi, rural jogging enthusiast, and multi-gendered P.E. instructor is a white liberal dying to get out. The Right/Left is dying because it daily is demonstrated that among all the peoples of the world the test subjects are failing to group up as either right or left in the prescribed Kantian manner.

          • Somewhat disagree. They wanted a 1985 America, which was overwhelmingly White. Many probably deceived themselves as to the actual reason they wanted a 1985 America, and many probably knew the reason but never would voice it. A certain segment fit the profile you suggested and for the reason you suggested, but they could have gone with a more typical NormieCon. No to go all Pop Psych, but there was lot of legitimate unconscious bias at play.

            Fastforward six years, and I’m not even certain a majority of the BoomerCons are fully onboard with Civic Nationalism at this point. Inadvertently, Trump changed many attitudes.

          • Nothing wrong with wanting a monocultural, racially mixed society. It’s just that it is at odds with reality. Slowly that idea needs to be changed.

            As to the Boomers not changing, I find that not totally persuasive. A lot of Boomers are pretty bad off themselves and living among “diversity” is not a pleasant way to live in your declining years (tell me about it, Z-man).

            It’s that damn upper quintile of Boomers that can afford to live apart from the pathologies of the minorities that seem the great obstacle.

          • Yankeeism.
            Puritans, English Protestants, live to try turn everyone into… English Protestants.

      • Odd thing about DJT was that he combined Howard Beale, Max Headroom, and Joe Isuzu in a single persona.

    • Felix: Even if Trump voters had been ‘allowed’ to articulate their rejection of neocons and third-world immigration, they would first have had to acknowledge ‘badthoughts’ and the vast majority shied away from that. Criticize ‘illegals’ for breaking the rules, sure – but reject the alien as . . . alien? That’s not ‘murrican. And goes against the magic constitution which declares that we’re all equal (or so they remember from public school).

      • “Paperwork Americans” is still the best descriptor for the horde who have come in the last 50 years.

      • hey would first have had to acknowledge ‘badthoughts’

        That’s what the secret ballot is about. Back in the glory days of 2015, the Danish People’s Party peaked with a sensational 23% of the vote, but I doubt one in ten would tell you honestly why they voted for that bland, middle-of-the-road social democrat party instead of one of the other, middle-of-the-road social democrats. They’d probably tell you something about better lives for the pensioners, but when DPP dropped their anti-immigration stance, their voted dropped to 8%.

    • “Trump launched his bid for president. Even though he was never able to articulate it….”

      “America First!”?

      As in ‘Make America Great Again’?

      Filed under ‘It ain’t rocket science.’

      And ‘KISS’…Keep It Simple Stupid’.

      • The 4-word campaign slogan was worthy of Mao as a political sodium pentathol initiative. We got one great A. Cuomo piece of analysis out of it (“It was never that great”) among other instant classics of the sound bite genre.

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