The Ethnostate

A point I like to make about libertarianism is that while there can never be a libertarian society, libertarianism can be useful as a critical tool. In the last century it was useful in analyzing and confronting socialist economic policy. The “science” of the marketplace was good at dispelling the morality of left-wing claims. The market economy provided more people with more goods and services at fair prices than the models that claimed to defend the interests of the masses.

The ethnostate is similar to libertarianism in that there is no way to go from current social arrangements to an ethnostate. Even in places that have an ethnocracy, like Israel, going the next step is impossible. Even the most clannish societies have some outsiders in their midst. Even so, the model is useful when confronting the claims of diversity and multiculturalism. The ethnostate model exposes the contradictions and false claims at the center of post-Marx culturalism.

Ethnocracy, on the other hand, is possible. Israel is the obvious example of a country arranged so that the dominant ethnic group remains in power. Syria is another example of an ethnocracy, one ruled by a minority. You can probably classify post-Civil War America as an ethnocracy, ruled by the Yankee elite. The image of the WASP aristocrat is drawn from this reality. A good show might be an examination of American history through the lens of ethnocracy.

These examples are useful in understanding what is happening in the West and in thinking about alternative political models. Majority populations in the West used to unabashedly work to promote the interests of the majority, but then the poles reversed and majoritarianism became taboo. The concept of the ethnostate is useful in understanding why this happened. There is something about Europeans that make us open to division and internal conflict.

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  • Opening
  • Wilmot Robertson
  • The Ethnostate
  • Ethnocracy
  • Examples
  • Observations
  • Individualism
  • Alternatives

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209 thoughts on “The Ethnostate

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  1. One of the main factors in National Review firing Joe Sobran was Midge Dector discovering that he contributed essays to Instauration. (Or perhaps that he simply had a subscription to it.) There was no coming back from that at the time. Around 1995 if I recall. No matter. As Joe said himself, he practically went out of his way to get himself fired.

    I also remember reading in Newsweek around 1995, an article by the late great commie Alexander Cockburn (who helped start Counterpunch), about the Sobran/Buchanon ruckus on the Right. Alex was in favor of the Right purging its outliers. And he mentioned Sobran’s involvement with Instauration in the article. A few years later Alex felt the force of the Zionists in his own life, and he changed his tune.

  2. Z: “Finland is a great place. It’s friendly, but not too friendly.”

    I wonder what he means by ‘not too friendly’, being a good thing. Who does he consider negatively “too friendly”? The Irish? American Southerners? Or fake friendly Americans. Perhaps he means the Fins simply stay out of your business.


    • Not too welcoming is how I took it. Don’t want people getting ideas lol.

  3. While showering and Listening, and subsequently toweling off my bronzed white body. I had an idea for your swag. It was your idea, right there. T-shirt of Vermont, white background Vermont superimposed on a green background. Inside the Vermont outline is plain black lettering: “America’s number one ethnostate.” This would be followed by text showing the percentage of whites and the rest.

    It would drive those wacko’s absolutely crazy. No Masks still trigger Vermont, the most vaxed (and covid stricken) state in the union.

    Triggering them is a hobby. For sport.

    • “What’s Vermont’s Secret? How do they keep non-whites out?” make a nice USA Today article

  4. If I were interested in collating, transcribing, digitizing and publishing the works of any thinker on what might be described as the Right, I’d probably look to Ron Unz,

    He has the experience, interest and resources to ensure that forgotten thinkers have their work preserved, and Wilmot Robertson as the creator of the concept of the EthnoState is probably too important a personage to Mr Unz to resist.

    His personal pieces tend to be a bit wordy but his American Pravda is something every dissident (no matter what you’re dissenting from) should read

  5. The Weirdest People in the World is an excellent book which does much of the lifting to explain where the individualism which prevents whites from forming an ethnostate and explains the mind virus which infects white-only communities such as Vermont and Finland. Author Joseph Henrich attributes much of this behavior to the centuries old prohibition of cousin marriage by the Catholic church which dates back centuries. The resulting psychology of those subject to this effect was to encourage cooperation between clans. This cooperation resulted in the wealth and success of European societies where the population was free from clannishness.

    • I’d like to read an essay about the subject. I’m not reading 747 pages on it.

  6. as something of a misanthrope – is it possible social media is a blessing in disguise? Because maybe the end result might be some sort of genetic separation. The people who are theatrical and crazy are more willing to “out” themselves and the normal people who are more reserved/private are less willing to waste there time with them.

    • Social media is undoubtedly an extraordinarily useful tool in what its users would view as the wrong hands.

  7. Keep in mind that even Israel doesn’t want to touch the Ashkenazi vs Sephardic divide. Its ethnopolitics only works because of the religious element.

  8. Using the ethno state as a means to critique other social Arrangements is interesting. Frankly, I would also use the ethnoetate as a goal to Aspire to even if it will never be attained 100%. And your use of Israel as an example of an ethno state and ethnarchy and its struggles is not the turn off you think it is. Israel has problems most ethno-nationalists wish we had. and psychotic liberal democracy require permanent revolution and or successive enemies against which to struggle. I suppose most any persistent long lasting social Arrangement requires an objective and work towards that objective to remain Lively and viable.

  9. I have a time share in Vermont. Beautiful state and very rural. What is interesting is that whenever I vacation there I don’t experience any Wokeness. I think because the state is so left wing that there is no need to propagandize. They just assume everyone agrees with them and shares their world view, so no need to proselytize. I did manage to speak about labor shortage with some diner waitresses. They did not at all sound left wing. Rather, they blasted generous unemployment benefits.

    • No need to virtue signal when everyone shares the same virtue. How can you stand out as being uniquely virtuous when your virtue is universally distributed?

      • Coming from the University, I always thought that most of the virtue signaling I witnessed was not about quantitative difference, but about qualitative. Everyone was against, say, “racism”. But the competition was about finding it in every aspect of life. Aunt Jemima was an easy target, but you were really attuned to the concept if you could detect racism in the color of a Fortune 500 CEO’s shoes.

    • Vermont is the perfect analogy for the leftists insulated from the harm done by their philosophy. Heartbreaking to think about it, but nothing short of a few million migrant stands a chance of piercing their delusions. Maybe not even then.

    • What happened to Vermont was the influx of hippies from the Tri-State-Area during the 60s & 70s (e.g., Ben Cohen, Jerry Greenfield, Bernie Sanders) and the hangers on from places like Bennington/Marlboro/Goddard colleges during the same era. Go look up the list of “Mayors of Burlington” or “Governors of Vermont” and you can literally trace the transition of Vermont. Now the Flatlanders outnumber the Woodchucks and they have way more money. That’s what happened.

  10. (transient victories/defeats, forever ties)

    The plight of the scientist/rationalist: without enough pills and nuts & bolts, mankind, and the Universe, will never be fixed.

    The Universe: is it recycling (perfect Universe), or is it refining (imperfect Universe)?

    If the Universe is a full-fledged, self-contained recycling unit, then humans (and everything else, for that matter) are a random, disposable feature.
    If the Universe is a self-improving entity then humans are a transient, disposable tool.

    Either way, coping with our transient nature seems to be our greatest conceptual ordeal.

    Anecdotal corollary: There are not enough resources in the Universe to support two eternal entities – God and Man; one will destroy the other, otherwise both will perish. Place your bets, Ladies & Gents.

    What to do?
    Do nothing, nothing at all (in the strictest sense, or just keep doing whatever you do.)
    You either are part of a perfect whole, therefore you’re perfect yourself, or you are an imperfect part of an imperfect whole and if the whole doesn’t know what perfection is, how will you ever?
    (It’s neither your fault, nor merit.)

    • “You either are part of a perfect whole, therefore you’re perfect yourself, or you are an imperfect part of an imperfect whole and if the whole doesn’t know what perfection is, how will you ever?
      (It’s neither your fault, nor merit.)”

      Wow! I was just about to say that!

      Is that a coincidence, or what!?

    • The openness to outsiders of other ethnicities seems to be a product of manorial feudalism, which was prevalent in Europe during the middle ages… But as you move eastward, that stops at what is called the Hajnal Line…Cousin marriage, a potent IQ shredder, is generally banned west and south of the Hajnal line, but prevalent otherwise…It is still common in places like southern Italy…

      • ” is generally banned west and south of the Hajnal line”

        is generally banned west and North of the Hajnal line


      • pyrrhus: Cousin marriage, as most understand it in the US, is not common in southern Italy. I believe that is yet another myth along with the disproven belief that many southern Italians have significant Turkish/Arab genetics (small number of people with a very small amount in Sicily, but not southern Italy as a whole).

        While most people from small and isolated villages ended up related to one another by blood and/or marriage, marriages between first cousins were extremely rare. In the many thousand Italian genealogical records I’ve transcribed (primarily from one ‘southern’ hill village and one slightly larger village), there were a fair number of marriages among surrounding villages, some second cousins, sometimes the sibling of a second wife would marry the adult child of the older husband, etc.

        Prior to the Catholic church performing the marriage ceremony each party was required to submit fairly extensive genealogical records – parents’ birth records (which stated grandparents’ names and sometimes great-grandparents’), marriage records, death of any prior spouses etc.

  11. Whenever praising, or condemning, human “achievements”, please remember today’s “old” was yesterday’s “new”, and that today’s “new” will be tomorrow’s “old”: it will help give you some perspective (it will help you accept The Everlasting Dissatisfaction.)

  12. The part of the world which has America as its role model will vanish, and only a savage world will remain; the world will lose a huge chunk of its charm but it will retrieve some sanity. It could be worse.

    (the secret of happiness)

    ‘I just want them to be as numb as possible,
    They will learn to feed themselves; that’s all.’

    (Curiosity and its bastard sibling, hope, are the archenemies of tranquility.)

    I have no animosity towards you, no feelings for you: you are what you have to be; it’s neither your fault, nor merit.

    Did you build all the things you have used to become the splendid creature you think you are?
    No? Then it’s not your merit. (You’re just a sophisticated scavenger/necrophagous.)
    Did you foresaw all the bad consequences from your deeds?
    No? Then it’s not your fault. (You’re as clueless as the rest of us.)

    [‘m on “this side” (of the great divide) because the “other side” is dumb, drab and humourless; being on “this side” doesn’t force me to be a fanatic nor to stop pondering on human nature.
    I’m part of the relevant assets on “this side”: someone who appreciates the ‘pros’ without dismissing/overlooking the ‘cons’.
    If you still want to kick me out from “this side”, it’s all good: being a part of the “undistinguished side”, avoiding the pitfalls of both sides (while coming up with some of our own) is also a valuable experience.]

    (humans are clueless, sophisticated scavengers/necrophagous)

    • “(humans are clueless, sophisticated scavengers/necrophagous)”

      Soooo …. you are a pile of sh*t, then, or is it just that you are not human?

        • Same gibberish appeared at James Kunstler’s blog yesterday, with all three eructations atrributed to a kullervo.

          • That being said, however, Kullervo is a tragic character from the Finnish epic, Kalevala.

            For those to whom classical music is an interest, the great Finnish composer, Jan Sibelius wrote an orchestral/choral work of that title.

            The negativity in these successive posts do kind of put one in mind of the tragical course of Kullervo’s life. YMMV, of course.

  13. I don’t think an ethnostate is possible, even a vaguely ethnic one. Because of the internet. There is an article on Human Events (I know) linked off Instapundit that posits that Glee and Tumblr were the Patient Zero of woke. It argues that the limited (at its peak only 30 million watched it) but INTENSE identification of various sub-groups, lesbian latinas, gays, etc. sought romantic fulfillment in fantasy (the fans were all teen girls) and were engaged with the writers and other fans in a war of all against all in Tumblr and thus invoked woke as a “spell” to get “victory” for their desired fantasy relationship they could never have in real life. And brought woke with them as adults into organizations. Its very much worth a read.

    I do think that the internet allows freaks and weirdos like furries* or libertarians to self-organize and band together in semi Viking raids that terrify the defenseless. The Vikings could never muster more than about 15,000 men max at any one big battle, most of their raids were of hundreds of warriors to dozens. But against defenseless villagers without weapons or training. When the Holy Roman Empire moved like a glacier but exceedingly fine with much bigger forces against Denmark the King conveniently became a Christian and stopped the raids there.

    Any attempt at even self-segregation will fall afoul of the woke. “God save me from the fury of the Wokemen!” Who while being smaller in total will be bigger in the woke raid than opposing forces. See Disney, Apple, Coca-Cola, etc. We will never be big enough in aggregate to defeat in detail the Woke Vikings at any one point or time. So another strategy must come. Just as the Vikings needed skilled boat-makers otherwise they were stuck in Norway or Denmark or Sweden, plus warriors, the Wokemen don’t do so well under constant shortages of everything and biggest limits being skilled manpower on strike and not replaceable.

    *Awful furries started showing up in the 1990s as the early adopter freaks on the internet. The first horsemen of the apocalypse.

    • The analogy between the maniacal wokesters and the berserker Vikings breaks down, I think, when you consider that the wokesters require other people’s architecture and systems to spread their influence. They don’t build, they exploit. Institutions such as universities, corporations, and the government were all created by other people. The threat of force and consequences embodied by such institutions was latent and ripe for the picking.

      The Vikings, on the other hand, made their own swords, armor and ships, developed their own fighting techniques, and fought their own battles. They didn’t infiltrate monasteries and corrupt them from within but attacked them outright.

      Self-segregation only fails because of the strength of the state. The wokesters by themselves can impose little on a populace that tires of them. Either the system collapses under the weight of its internal contradictions (thus freeing us from the wokesters) or we learn to harness the strength of the state and other institutions to shuck off the dross. Neither is a particularly attractive course, but even a slumbering populace can be inspired to act if conditions worsen enough. The things you are willing to ignore during prosperity are not sufferable during lean times.

  14. Hmmmmmmmmm. I am going to go ahead and say this.

    That is some powerful thinking going on there, Z. Question: is a white ethnostate possible if it acknowledges AND accounts for race realities? Consider a society where, for example, black involvement is limited to service and (dare I say it) slavery? Our ancestors did very, very well both for themselves and the blacks they ruled over in Africa. So much so that nowadays in Africa – you CAN make a cogent case for a return to humane slavery. Blacks did far better in some countries as slaves than they do now as free citizens in some of the worse chit holes. Minus the political correctness, virtue signaling and hysteria of the Usual Suspects… maybe an enforced apartheid would be an excellent way to go?

    I wonder if we don’t create much of our own problems with race? Our ancestors were not heartless racist monsters. They understood the black man, and knew that his justice had to be simple and swift and utterly brutal. Our ancestors were smart enough to know that jews were bad news and needed to be kept on very short leashes. Would our fortunes improve if we made race awareness a foundation of a new ethnostate? Essentially – isn’t that what our ancestors did in the 50’s? Or are these vibrants more trouble than they are worth?

    Great show as usual – and I hope you and the dissidents all have a great weekend lined up.

    • Pick your own crops or be destroyed.

      Simple as that.

      If people don’t want to work on corporate farms, have smaller ones with owners and family that work them.

      Same with factories.

      Yes economies of scale are cheaper, the money savings comes at the cost of destroying your social foundation and the yeomanry on which an ethnostate needs to be built.

      No cheap labor, no immigrant labor, no “other race” labor , no exceptions.

      • I am just playing the devil’s advocate here, AB. I see what you’re saying and I think I agree. But… if these guys are too dangerous to have in your ethnostate…would that not also imply they are too dangerous to have beside it? If you have a snake turn up in the back yard where the kids play, you do not throw a pail or bucket over it to contain it or control it. You do the deed and kill the snake.
        I am not recommending anything here, these kinds of things are way above my pay grade.

  15. Been busy. Just finished the podcast. Another great topic found nowhere else.

    There are about 18,000 different bird species. Why so many? Because each evolved in a domain of unique & local environmental factors and what persisted is what worked best in that place. Ditto for homo sapiens. Different peoples are different for pretty much the same reasons. Negroes are well suited to thrive in sub Saharan Africa, just as Scandinavians possess unique traits that work best in the upper latitudes of Europe. And Norwegians, Swedes, and Finns are all somewhat different because of unique local factors even within the general region.

    Hard truth time. Negroes will always be a fish-out-of-water in the mid or upper latitudes, just as Caucasians will never really thrive in the Congo. This is biology that has existed for millions of years and it doesn’t care about modern PC bullshit.

    So what is the root problem? Our modern world of affluence, high technology, easy global mobility, and insane political leadership is creating an artificial environment that now selects for parasitic sheeple traits and hive insect community structures. Which is the exact opposite of our hunter-gatherer ancestral heritage. Do we really want to become a new species of fat squishy blobs that park their ass in a cubicle chair at work all day and a super soft sectional sofa at home all night? Or have to ride around in an electric cart at Walmart because you’re too fat to push a shopping cart down the aisle? What good is an ethnostate when everyone is wider than they are tall?

    • Your comment is true to an extent, but it’s not quite that simple. While it’s true that species evolved specifically for their locale, there are also numerous example of invasive species that transplant into a new ecosystem and completely drive out native species (Boas in Florida, Asian carp in the Mississippi, Asian beetles, African killer bees, etc).

      You’re right though that we’ve created an artificial environment that’s thrown things way out of balance. Take for example a place like Nigeria. It’s grown from 45 million to 206 million since 1960. Not to mention all the millions that have migrated to Europe and elsewhere. This boom is due entirely to western money and food aide, and allowing immigrants in from these countries. Without this, the population would have plateaued with massive starvation and conflict.

      • Paleoanthropologists date agriculture’s earliest origins to about 15,000 years ago. Before that, all of our common ancestors were hunter-gatherers. But my core point was that our ancestors were typically lean, agile, and swift. Even post-agriculture, most early farming communities were similarly lean and robustly strong of leg and limb. Only after the advent of mechanized farming did obesity become epidemic.

        More specifically, we are becoming fat and sedentary largely because our lifestyle and food abundance allow for this easy road to complacent over-indulgence. Fat sheep are quite docile.

    • Secondarily, I’d challenge your assertion that hunter-gatherer is “our” ancestral heritage. People Dr. Dutton and the Derb have noted that the characteristic differences between the ice peoples (northern Asians and Europeans) and the warm climate peoples is that the ice people necessarily changed into a cultivation/farming culture in order to better prepare for winters. The farming that developed in the north is the reason we see Asians and Europeans are substantially better at delayed gratification and long term planning, while Africans live more in the moment, like hunter-gatherers. So the theory goes at least.

      • I described this scenario recently to someone I suspected was left leaning and he went completely Triggly Puff on me. I tried to explain that I was making no value judgment one way or the other just offering an explanation why after 400 years together and making every concession imaginable we still don’t get along and why it’s not exactly compassionate to try and force diametrically opposed temperaments to co-exist. To no avail. I am now female Hitler to this person. Never underestimate the lefty capacity for irrationality

    • Unfortunately, the fish out of water at high latitudes concept is greatly reduced by the abundance of cheap, decently made, warm clothing available at little to no cost all over the West.

  16. It’s funny to me how ethnonationalists try to be as autistic and Weimar-Romanticist as their globo-H nemeses. A more-or-less ethnostate, kind of a geographically vast mafia or biker gang or something, can emerge on its own without help from ideology and planning. But you know, the result is never “pure enough” in either direction, for folks besotted with Rawls’s veil of ignorance and assorted other garbage they heard in college.

    What you want to try to avoid in life is starting from an artificial Rwanda/Burundi template designed for conflict.

    • You set my mind at ease, thanks. I guess we don’t have to do anything to turn things around afterall. It will all work out fine with no “ideology and planning.”

    • No ideology, no action.

      No action, no future.

      You don’t have to embrace Uncle Adolph or Papa Joe and shouldn’t. You’d better have something that works as social glue ad will work when implemented.

  17. An ethnostate doesn’t have to be as pure as the wind driven snow. I would settle for Finland easily. One of the biggest problems with the U.S. is that it has three or four white ethnicities, making it even more fragmented and gamed by (((them))). As a white Californian (the five of us left) I can go up and down the coast easily, all the way to Seattle without missing a beat, and all the way to Colorado before I sense a drastic change in the white people. The Northeast is very different, the Midwest is its own place, and the South is another planet altogether. I’m way, way more at home in even Western Canada than a place like Houston or Atlanta. I think a breakup into about four pieces is the way to go. We can’t fathom getting close to even a semi-soft-ethnostate with a vast continental country of very different whites. Especially ones who put fried chicken in a chicken salad and humming bird food in iced tea.

    • Had to get that shot in on our fried chicken salad and sweet tea, didn’t ya? 😉

      IMO, this could have worked. Really. Having already started out as a multicultural country, America had a shot at making it work as long as a sense of perspective was maintained by the elites in gov’t and their vassels in the media. But no, that doesn’t give the desired results of chaos and more power.

      • “IMO, this could have worked. Really.”

        In fact, it DID work. For about 350 years. From 1619 till 1968. It worked very well.

        “America had a shot at making it work as long as a sense of perspective was maintained by the elites in gov’t and their vassels in the media.”

        I repeat: It DID work. And very well, too. But as time passed, the Yankee fetish for universal public “education” was forced upon *everybody*, an arrangement that had *never* maintained in the South, where parents who wanted schooling for heir children got it privately.

        Some of the churches regarded education as their proper province.

        Jefferson and Madison and the Founding Fathers from the South did not have “public” education, and they were not exactly stupid or illiterate. It just wasn’t a thing in the monarchical, hierarchical South.

        It was the opposite, in fact. The landed gentry understood very well that schooling the lower classes would endanger their own positions, so it was not until “Reconstruction” that Southern states were forced by a military occupation, aided and abetted by New England Puritan schoolmarms, to erect a public school system for universal “education.”

        That was when foreign ideas began to be foisted upon the South, and the wartime propaganda of the Declaration of Independence began to be inculcated into the minds of defenseless children that “all men are created equal.”

        Believing our own wartime propaganda is what got us where we are today. The vehicle that delivered these pernicious ideas was the public school.

    • I think it could be done. 250 years is a short time for tribes spread across a continent to coalesce into a nation. If taking a step back gets it done in the long run, fine. Maybe we went too fast in the first place.

      • In a tribal sense, 250 years is the blink of an eye. The reason 50 states emerged united, for a short time, was that there was always room to expand and relieve pressure. There were vast, unsettled parts.

        Once everything was settled by the early 20th Century, then the FDR era united the place with workers paradise social projects. That was fleeting. Then we wen’t straight into the cold war, where the existential threat of Communism united us, and everyone played USA vs. USSR table hockey until 1990. We’ve been running out of gas ever since.

        The Covid trash, the Ukraine trash, all distractions are to keep us united in one flock so they can fleece us. One thing they don’t want is for us to sit back and contemplate exactly who we are. They want to crush all belonging.

  18. Is it truly that whites can’t/won’t defend their cultures? Or that “fellow whites” lead the charge to destruction?

    Who runs Hollywood? Who runs Wall Street? Who runs the media? Who runs our elite universities? Imagine if those running these powerful institutions had blue skin. As it stands now, whites have the worst of all worlds. They get flogged with accusations of white privilege while they control nearly nothing and are vastly under-represented in every power center.

    This goes a long way in explaining why the infiltrators haven’t been able to get a good foothold in China. “Hey fellow Chinese people” doesn’t work when the infiltrator can’t physically blend in.

    • Exactly. The media and academia dictate the morality of most whites. The naiveté and kindness of whites have been hijacked and turned towards their own subjugation.

      I don’t see how much progress is possible until this problem is addressed.

      • As with all revolutions, the first task is always seizing the media. Its the control mechanism from which all other aspects flow.

        Change is impossible without the ability to direct the NPC 80% where you want them to go. Once you have it, you can direct where you want in a short time, as the coof and ukraine should amply demonstrate to anyone with 2 brain cells.

    • Jews are probably not overrepresented in elite institutions when compared to whites with similar incomes from similar parts of the country. Are Jews more overrepresented than gentile whites with $100k+ yearly incomes from various zip codes in the NY metro area and LA? Importantly, Jews do not directly benefit from affirmative action and civil rights. Middle-to-working class Jews get screwed over as much as middle-to-working class white gentiles. Jewish overrepresentation in elite institutions is for the same reason as affluent gentiles – wealth and the family connections that are associated with wealth.

      • I think you got only “down” votes so (when I replied) because (in my opinion) you are probably wrong about Jews not being over-represented in elite institutions (full stop); no need to compare them to anyone else. They are a fraction of the populace, yet are WAY over-represented in positions of influence, power, wealth, etc. This is one of the biggest “open secrets” in the world and not too difficult to verify.

        You overlook a couple other crucial factors that have aided the Jews’ long-term success: religion, social values, etc. that facilitate surviving and even prospering as “outsiders” to an extraordinary degree, far more successfully than any other comparable ethnic group (you could call this “family connections” on steroids); high intelligence (Ashkenazi routinely come in at top in IQ rankings.)

        Get mad at me if you like. At least part of the reason why the Jews were historically disliked was envy or jealousy, pure and simple.

        • The IQ thing can’t explain the extreme over-representation. Its a good exercise for the interested student to take the mean and standard deviation of IQ for different groups and just do the math. How many people of type X with IQ greater than Y exist in the US .

      • Getting nervous , schlomo, after you injected our people with poison, tried to kill, maim or make our kids sterile? You have no idea of the backlash coming…1930’s Germany is going to seem like a nice day at the park.

  19. Many nations are currently ruled, or at least administered by an infamous minority that historically has lacked it own nation, that has existed for most of its very, very long history as a culture lacking a true nation to call its home. There are of course many such peoples in world history, even up to the present day. Yet this chosen people, like no other, has been by turns welcomed, tolerated, exiled, hated, prosecuted, yet remained indispensable provider of valuable services to their host nations. Even this group’s religion and by incorporation later major ones, is full of myths, some combination of truth and legend probably, that show the people as bringers of good fortune, yet often bringing disaster to both their host and themselves. To a remarkable extent, secular history has borne out very similar patterns. People will argue whether the strengths and weaknesses are unqiue to this race, but I suspect they are found in all human societies.

    At their best, a slave rises to become the second in command of a great nation. At their worst, they are decieved by foreigners, blinded and left in a dungeon, but exact their final revenge by bringing the structure down upon both themself and their enemies.

    Even if those are mere tales, there is great wisdom in them, for those who would seek.

  20. On the note of Vermont, my wife’s family has a 100-year old lake house in Lake Champlain. Naturally, it’s our annual summer vacation spot, and in their defense it is a truly beautiful place to be with the scenery and all the outdoors activities. However Zman is spot-on about their hypocrisy up there – it truly is the whitest place I’ve ever visited and we often joke about it by counting the number of joggers we see on each trip (typically less than 5). Last summer we walked past her uncle’s house a few doors down the road and they of course had a “BLM” sign out front. I couldn’t help myself and asked the uncle (whom I actually get along with really well) if he’s ever actually lived around any black people. The expected response of deflection and moralizing came afterwards but I think he’s smart enough to have received the message.

    • ” … but I think he’s smart enough to have received the message.”

      The rest of your post excludes this extraordinary possibility. If he were smart, he would not have had the BLM sign up in the first place.


  21. Cogent presentation. I think that an Appalachian corridor republic might be feasible. We couldn’t go up against the feds directly but maybe a no-go zone might be created. Look up the “state of franklin” . Hilariously, they where trying to suck up to a founding father. My people are a hard headed people. Rivalling the jews.

      • Riverine navigation culminating in port facilities on the Gulf of Mexico. The last thing you want is to be landlocked, surrounded by Yankees, kneegroes, and other spiteful mutants. To that end it would be optimal to ingather as many regions along the Mississippi (including those to the west of that river), and its tributaries such as the Missouri and Ohio rivers. Think like Andrew Jackson did during the War of 1812, and fight to avoid being pinched off to riverine transport, the most efficient way of trading with the outside world.

    • “Look up the “state of franklin” .”

      And Nickajack:

      ” … A proposal arose, should Tennessee and Alabama attempt to secede, that adjacent territories in North Alabama and East Tennessee secede from their respective states and join into a new state called Nickajack that remained within the Union joined at the southeast corner of Kentucky. […].”

    • SidVic: I wholeheartedly endorse an Appalachian/Ozark republic. Parts of Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina. We have friends in a number of these locations and indirectly know of far more. But right now there are still too many worms in the apple.

  22. Free association sounds like the first step to an ethnostate, even if it isn’t continent wide. One thing that sounds bad about an “ethnostate” is it sounds like “zero nonwhites” to most people. John Derbyshire has written about how a little bit of diversity (of the right kind – thinking of the Chinese Turkey scene from A Christmas Story) can be ok. But a supermajority is highly desirable.

    • “A Minority does not have the right to impose its norm on a Majority. But a Majority does have a right, under reasonable circumstances, to impose its norm on a Minority. Norms are a form of decorum, and the functional purpose of decorum is to promote social harmony.”

      -pg 8. Unbridled Democracy

      This is exactly why the unraveling of our foundational concepts and core principles for Western Civilization is so alarming. People who live in a comfortable bubble of tree-lined suburbs do not understand this. The rule of law is a mere shell, the new buzzwords are equity and reparations. Bad areas and neighborhoods are that way due to bad people living there.

      Nice places to live are nice because the people living there want it that way. Traveling around the world with the military to undeveloped countries, even the poorest villages looked tidy and well-kept. The people didn’t have alot of wealth, but they had pride and self-respect.

    • I would love an all-white state, but would be okay with ca. 92% white, 4% East Asian, 2% Hispanic, and 2% Indian. No negroes, no Jews, and no Arab or Persian Moslems.

      • Ostei: The big problem with any degree of ‘diversity’ is the ultimate fate of that population. Do they mate with others of their own race and ethnicity? If so do they solely draw from the existing ‘x%’ or seek outside for their mates? One then deals with ever increasing numbers and reversion to the mean, and an eternal separate and distinct appearance and identity. Without solid and unapologetic majority control, they represent a nascent in-house threat.

        Or do they intermarry with those Whites who are willing and eventually blend into the majority population? Would said White population be comfortable with a distinct number of half ‘x’ citizens? Even now, it’s the half and quarter Juice, blacks, etc. who appear to harbor intense resentment of Whites – just smart enough to understand they’re not truly White, just different enough in appearance to be noticeably ‘other.’ Theoretically, that problem could eventually be alleviated over time. But that’s another area where I have to give a nod to the website everyone likes to mock – this takes generations. Personally, I would say it takes until the generation is born that no longer has living ancestors who are visibly different and/or retain memories of those who were. This means great-grandchildren, and thus 3-4 generations at a minimum. What happens in the meantime?

        Just some implications to ponder.

        • only full whites can vote and own property. once you blend, your kids don’t count, and can’t inherit your property.

          • Right. “Solid and unapologetic majority rule,” indeed. Or, cutting straight to the chase, miscegenation is outlawed. You break that law and you lose every single right. Or you go to prison for the rest of your life.

          • Karl. You’re getting to the point. The problem with race mixing is the problem of promoting regression to the mean wrt intellect and behavior. Bad enough for two whites, unacceptable for Blacks and Whites mixing—regardless of what status the parents are currently, their children are likely not to achieve that in the second generation.

    • cameron: Derbyshire obviously has a personal interest in what he likes to term “salt in the soup.” People can have strong disagreements on how much salt is too much. It is one of the stereotypical but truly dangerous ‘slippery slopes.’

  23. I don’t see how it would be all that difficult to at least improve the “multiculturalism” of the US and of other countries via ethnocratic laws. For example, America could just start enforcing its own laws already on the book. Throw employers in prison for employing aliens. it might solve the problems, but it could vastly improve the situation. Every time I have ever switched jobs, I have to prove I am a US citizen and show 2 forms of ID. (Anarcho-tyranny, I have to jump through the hoops, aliens don’t)

    The real problem in my way of seeing it is not the how, but to the political will to do it. Though I do admit this is no small obstacle. People will leave of their own free will if opportunities are closed here. No handouts, no jobs and most of the aliens go home. This leaves them only illegal means to support themselves which will make imprisoning them and deporting them fairly easy. All of these Mexicans are Mexican citizens including their children born here. If a Mexican gives birth in the US, that child is a Mexican citizen, so there is really no problem as to relocating back to Mexico.

    I wonder if in the not-too-distsant future, Mexicans in places like California decide they want to pull a Donbass and either become independent states or to join Mexico or vote themselves into Mexico. Or, maybe we will have our own Yugoslavian style civil war. Diversity is not a strength, but a source of violence and resentment and ultimately genocide.

    • “I wonder if … Mexicans … pull a Donbass and either become independent states or to join Mexico …”

      I will be absolutely DELIGHTED when this happens. Any process that involves oligarch-owned land and serfs walking away from GAE control benefits us in the long run. If Mexicans already have demographics decisive enough to take the land away, then it is already lost to us, so I would rather it be lost to the GAE as well.

    • Hell yeah, enforce laws. That’s what I mean when I often talk of living in a lawless society. It’s not the house burglar I’m afraid of. Here in the County I live in, the elections department was recently caught after they hired an illegal alien who worked there for how the hell long. They simply did not use “E-verify” on their applicants.

      Simultaneously, a club that I am on the Board of, is being made to jump through our ass to set up an E-verify system so that we can hire a part-time employee to do simple tasks around the grounds. Now tell me why I should give a crap and not hire “Jose” and pay him under the table for his work?

      There’s a saying I am told from the Middle East: “He who does not steal, robs his family.” Is that where we are now as a society?

      • Compsci: If it were 40-50 years ago, I would say that by hiring Jose under the table you were part of the problem. But that was another country that is long gone. Now, I mock those who retain allegiance to this facsimile of a country and pay homage to dead traditions and ‘rule of law.’ Take from the rotting corpse what you can, so long as it benefits you personally and your people in general.

    • I was going to mention there was a more — efficient — way for a society to rid itself of illegal aliens and other undesirables, but I see at the end you mentioned it. 🙁

    • “People will leave of their own free will if opportunities are closed here.”

      That’s’s official explanation for the shocking depopulation statistics that this outfit published in 2020, causing no end of kerfuffle until the site was taken down. Most of y’all will remember that.

      But there is still this:

    • “I wonder if in the not-too-distsant future, Mexicans in places like California decide they want to pull a Donbass and either become independent states or to join Mexico or vote themselves into Mexico.”

      Yes. It’s called the “reconquista.”

      The reconquered territory is to be called “Aztlán.”

      • I really don’t think so. I think they’re mostly happy to do their Mexican thing right here in the US of A. As long as they get to do that I really don’t think many Mexicans other than the activist types think about the reconquista and Aztlan. They just want to live what they experience as the good life, they don’t care under whose government, and most recognize that as crazy as it is here, it’s better than Mexico. That’s why most of them are here in the first place.

        I really don’t think most Mexicans want to make California or the Southwest become part of the nation-state of Mexico.

        • Exactly. Mexicans move to the US because they don’t want to deal with the pretty corruption of their backwards culture. They may like a lot of things about their culture, but corrupt cops and bribes are definitely not part of it.

          • But yet, they vote the same corrupt politics as found back home. OK, I’m not versed in MX politics, maybe their people’s “vote” is meaningless, but I follow what is happening in my majority Hispanic city and county. If you don’t have an Hispanic surname, you don’t get elected.

            The political situation here is anything but conservative in nature. It’s leftist. As bad as in Minneapolis, probably not, but nothing to rave about. And nothing that bodes well for a good life in the future.

          • Reply to Compsci: That all may be true, but then by and large they’re down with leftist rule in the US of A with their co-ethnics in power locally. I doubt the average Mexican in the US, legal or illegal, hard working contruction worker or welfare leech, thinks about reunification with Aztlan.

    • Disallow any wage expense without a SSN that files that income for that year.
      Couple of dozen lines of code. Even for a H1B coder.

      Same problem with the same SSN next year is tax fraud.
      Problem solved.

  24. After 20 years of reading this stuff, we just moved to an upper Midwest “ethnostate” that’s barely big enough to be a Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). Based on 2020 census: 87% White, 6% Asian (predominantly from Laos), 3% Hispanic, less than 1% black, remainder mystery meat I guess. Here’s my field report:

    Among the children (based on school enrollment stats) there’s way more minorities. The whites are skewed towards older people. The future of this area isn’t 87% white.

    The state is shipping black criminals up here to the local jails based I assume on jail overcrowding. From what I can tell, some stay and impregnate the local white landwhales.

    The Asians are the Hmong. Despite their reputation in our community, they seem nice and normal. I see no evidence of them being scary gangbangers like their early reputation. We haven’t been here very long so maybe I’m not seeing it.

    A large fraction of the whites are very trashy, particularly the women. I hated the south when I lived there – well it’s MORE white trash up here. The cost of your ethnostate is that it’s a white(trash) ethnostate. At least they won’t rape and kill your kids.

    Make as much money as you can. That’s the best way to shield yourself from the country we’ve inherited.

    • As Steve Sailer once said, success in AINO is measured by the distance one lives from negroes, while still living in a major metro area. There’s some truth to that.

      • I respectfully disagree.

        Success is living no where near a major metro area.
        Really, nothing good comes of it.
        Good restaurants? Entertainment?
        If you don’t get mugged, killed, or have your car towed.

        The first rule of survival is to avoid crowds.

        • Yes but I know what he’s getting at. Rich people, people who are successful by 2020 standards, live in the big metros. Actually, contra Sailer, they often live quite close to blacks, but in gated communities and/or well protected by the police.

        • Different strokes. But for a great many people the cultural amenities to be found only in large cities matter a great deal. I personally would never live in a major metro area, but I do regret not having easy access to the best restaurants, museums, orchestral concerts, etc.

    • Idiiocracy, the country, has been in place 3 generations. The dysgenic effects have devastated all ethnic groups, not just whites. But like you said, at least among white trash your family won’t be raped and killed. Added benefit , your progeny will be like Gods and will usher in the new aristocracy/elite Z talks about.

      • “Added benefit , your progeny will be like Gods and will usher in the new aristocracy/elite Z talks about.”

        And it will be a *real* aristocracy b/c it will be *organic.* The ruling class in place today is fake b/c it is not an organic ruling class. The Southern term for such people is “jumped up.” They are nouveaux riches. A “professional” class churned out by the super-expensive diploma mills.

        I mean come on. Bill Clinton is a member of our “ruling class”? Or Herself?

        Nancy Pee? Schumer?

        Michelle O’Bama?

        It’s laughable.

        It’s fake.

    • white trash is trash. had to deal with that plebe shit early on before i became an earner. not going back…

      • The white trash I see in our ethnostate are primarily lower/working class leftists – the type who join antifa. The hicks around here aren’t so bad. It’s the city trash.

    • The problem with moving to a red state is the red states are just behind the curve, not whole new worlds. I too moved to a red state only to find a lot of the problems leftover from the 90s/ 00s. Normies going to normy. The dirt people have their own problems. They follow NFl despite being fake and gay, hook up culture is rampant, single motherhood is becoming the norm if not the norm, a good chunk of the churches are fake and gay, minorities are still venerated.

      • “They follow NFl despite being fake and gay, hook up culture is rampant, single motherhood is becoming the norm if not the norm, a good chunk of the churches are fake and gay, minorities are still venerated.”

        Just out of idle curiosity, which red state are you talking about?

      • And they elect people like Tank Abrams and Nikki Haley, while allowing their statues to be toppled, their flags to be outlawed, and their heritage expunged. Red states per se are not the solution. The remnant, people like us, regardless of whether we live in Wyoming or Vermont, rallying together, living together, and creating together–that is the solution.

        • Ostei: And your own excellent comment encapsulates why that 2-10% of ‘x’ non-White population is generally 2-10% too much. It’s just not worth the risk.

      • There’s some truth in that. The White lower class is a real and growing thing.
        Anthony Daniels’ “Life at the bottom” description of the underclass in Britain is shockingly reflected here in the US. It’s not just a black thing. I’ve always been a city guy; Liverpool, London, New York. Moving out to the boonies made me realize I was a natural dirt person.but I miss the cultural facilities of the Cities.

      • Could be – I have been using this term to describe the far gone antifa types I’m encountering in the purple state I live in – primarily female – the ones with parially shaved heads, rainbow colored hair and face jewelry. They’re too far gone.

        I have nothing against e.g. poor country folk from West Virginia. Not really what I mean by whitetrash.

        Whitetrash are those Portland antifa mugshots.

        • Poor, rural Whites are the ones historically designated as White Trash. I don’t have a name for the leftist antifa types. Edward Dutton would probably call them spiteful mutants.

  25. Keep in mind that modern Israel, beginning wht Herzl and the Zionist Congresses at the turn of the 20th century, was a defensive measure. The Holocaust and lesser pogrom bore their predictions out. The Zionists had no interest in Palestine. For a variety of reasons, primarily the wheeling and dealing of the pre-and post WWI great powers, Palestine was the place they were allowed to locate. The Zionists were pawns in the game, knew and accepted it. What else could they do.

    Secular as opposed to religious ethnocracies are rare, and Israel is an ethnoncarcy in name only. Add to that fact the addiktional fact that 90% of today’s Jews are an ethnic mix of Middle Eastern, Slavic, Germanic and Celtiberian populations. If Israel were left to be just another Middle-East state at this point, its Jewish character would quickly facd as the majority of Israelis acknowledge, few of them having any use for their small Orthodox minority.

    As for American Jews, if not excluded, withing two generatioons they’ll have vanished into the white American “bloodstream” the way Americans of Eastern and Southern European extraction are doing now. It’s the anti-semites who most want to keep the Jews around and for understandable reasons: some group’s gotta take the brunt of well-deserved white American anger, soon to erupt and it’s about time, and racial monorities are growing less useful to serve as the needed targets.

    • Whilst I don’t have a lot of sympathy for the Tribe, and do see them as complicit in the West’s fall (many of my acquaintance have been the most snobbish, arrogant, loud and ill-mannered swine I’ve met – cunning as foxes, too) – it isn’t the rounding on any outside group I’ll be looking forward too…

      Rather, the virtue-signalling, treacherous GoodWhites are atop my list – which figures, as they form the most solid bloc of Anti-White sentiment anywhere on Earth.

    • What Israel did right, and what White Europeans need to do, is to frame this as an issue of survival. The claim that the arabs would push Israelites into the sea if given the chance is not wrong. There are less than 1B whites on a planet of 7B.

      As far as the American ‘anti-semites’ needing the Jews, that’s a stretch. ‘Every single time’ and ‘early life check’ did not happen by accident. Find a societal movement or government action that is explictly anti-white and you will always find tiny hats involved. They openly brag about this because they can, owning the institutions. The level headed among them can’t or won’t speak up to voice how bad this is for them, or why they keep doing it. The earlier motivations to ‘pass’ are long gone.

      Most nonwhites can’t organize on their own to accomplilsh more than street thuggery. ‘At your feet or at your throat’.
      Mexican browns by comparison behave relatively well under castizo rule. The ‘negritos’ are kept well in line.

      • “Mexican browns by comparison behave relatively well under castizo rule. The ‘negritos’ are kept well in line.”

        One of the first things Mexico did upon winning independence was to expel *all* blacks.

        Today in Mexico, it is a real advantage to be white.

        I spent several months in Guadalajara a few summers back–Mexico’s second-largest city, with eight million inhabitants–and that whole summer, I saw exactly one black guy–right by himself.

        I’ve heard Mexicans say things about blacks that would make most Americans’ heads explode.


        They have driven blacks from Los Angeles to San Bernardino. They seize black neighborhoods in short order.

        That’s part of the Democratic Party’s very foundation–those two voting blocs. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

        And now that we see in real time the dismantling of not only the food distribution system but also the dismantling of the food production systems, we can realistically expect to se some black/brown fireworks.

        Hunger is a powerful motivator.

        • Infant: Those Mexicans and Latin Americans who are genuinely of ‘latin’ ancestry (i.e. Spain, Italy, and Portugal) are generally White and run their respective countries. Far too many Whites, though, extend this recognition to the great mass of Mestizos, most of whom are a 40-65% non-White mixture. They may not be as hair-trigger tribal or violent as sub-Saharans, but their cultural predilections are not European, and their murder and rape rates are distinctly higher.

          I realize you know this, but I continually see people on purportedly dissident sites claiming the Mestizos overrunning former American lands identify as White and will be White allies. I strongly disagree.

          • “” but their cultural predilections are not European, and their murder and rape rates are distinctly higher.””

            Latin American violence is the worst in the world. Much worse than the middle-east. The Muslims get a bad rap because of the religious nature of the violence and the tiny hats don’t like them.

            Aside from actual war zones like Syria, I would prefer to live in the middle-east as opposed to Latin America.

        • Your experiences in Mexico echo mine (four separate trips, about one month each, in the ’00s). I’ve basically seen the entire country (except Baja). There are very few Negroes in Mexico. Indeed the only one or two I recall seeing were clearly American tourists.

          Whites should support each other. But we must also realize that we exist with other races. Some are better than others. Of the ones for which there are large supplies available here in the USA, I would choose the [white, brown] Mexican/Latino any day over Blacks. I’d take an all Mexican barrio over a negro slum any day. As The noted, if for no other reason, a multitude of Mexicans almost guarantees absence of Africans, which is a major boon in and of itself 😀

          And the food will be a lot better.

    • The Basel Program was the first manifesto of the Zionist movement, drafted between 27-30 August 1897 and adopted unanimously at the First Zionist Congress in Basel (Basle), Switzerland on 30 August 1897. The program set out the goals of the Zionist movement as follows:

      Zionism seeks to secure for the Jewish people a publicly recognized, legally assured homeland in Palestine.

      For the attainment of this purpose, the Congress considers the following means serviceable:

      1. The promotion of the settlement of Jewish agriculturists, artisans, and tradesmen in Palestine.

      2. The federation of all Jews into local or general groups, according to the laws of the various countries.

      3. The strengthening of the Jewish feeling and consciousness.

      4. Preparatory steps for the attainment of those governmental grants which are necessary to the achievement of the Zionist purpose.
      Balfour Declaration, Created 2 November 1917

      The original letter from Balfour to Rothschild; the declaration reads:

      His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.

      According to Winston Churchill speaking to parliament in 1933, England gave Rothschild the keys to Palestine in exchange for fellow-whites in America duping Americans into WWI.

      This whole scheme goes back into the 1800. A hundred million European’s blood and guts paved the road to that place.

      You use the term Holocaust. Define it.

  26. Bravo! A cogent analysis of the problems surrounding white nationalism – not that it’s bad like the loonies say just impractical. Btw growing up in North Dakota I did not meet a black person until age 13 and that was because our minister brought him in to speak to our youth group. The state was only about 90% white the rest being Native Americans who were very segregated.

    • Not anymore. Africans are colonizing Fargo and Grand Forks. They murdered a 14 year old girl recently. They’re present in the western towns in increasing numbers too. No where to run.

      • How do they deal with the cold?

        Boo Boo has a puffy coat on when I have a T-shirt and no coat on.

        Are they adapting? Oh brother…..

        • There was always the saying up there in North Dakota/Northern Minnesota that “the cold keeps the riff-raff away.” The Somalians prove that saying wrong.

          • The subsidized apartments, free unlimited heat, and free down coats have a lot to do with that.

          • There’s a good number of American blacks too. I assume they’re colonizing from their home base in Minneapolis. They came there from Chicago and Milwaukee.

          • Wolf Barney: Take away White provided and paid for heat and winter clothing and then see what happens. Have you ever been inside a black home? My younger son briefly befriended a half black/half Mexican kid on his Christian football team. When he was invited to visit, they had their thermostat set at about 78% – in an average, mild Texas winter. The mother was genuinely surprised and thankful when she took my suggestion that she dress her children in blanket sleepers at night (rather than t shirts and underwear) and turn down the heat to save money.

            In Jamaica the workers coming to repair my air conditioning said it broke because I ran it too often. In Singapore the natives literally dressed in wool sweaters on the rare occasion the temp dropped below 80 degrees.

            One more reason I want to leave Texas. I absolutely hate having only two seasons – blazingly hot and humid for about 6 months of the year, or occasionally not quite so hot for the other 6 months.

      • Fargo and Grand Forks are full of welcoming, nice, Lutheran, low-in-ethnocentrism, high-trust Scandinavian-German folks, who until recently had no idea what it’s like to live amongst diversity.

      • Don’t forget Twin Falls, Idaho, where the Chobani plant is flooding the scene with invaders.

        They’ve experienced the same kind of crime and child abuse issues there.

        • Wild Geese: One positive side effect of all the food processing plants and warehouses burning is that their workers – almost exclusively gimmigrants – have been laid off. Farmers in Iowa and Kansas are certainly hurting, but they have themselves harmed their communities by welcoming Mexican workers. And their nice White enablers like Mollie Tibbetts’ parents.

      • Yes I heard about that one. 😡 on the other hand,a friend adopted 2 mixed race girls who did fine in the sea of whites. One just earned her MD, very smart and attractive lady. Wish they could all be like that!

        • Redpill Boomer: Your pseudonym suits your comment. No, they cannot all be like that. In fact, almost NONE of them can be like that. And those two ‘exceptions’ you are so happy about will likely have children who will enormously resent that they aren’t fully White and will thus express rage and contempt for White civilization.

          That’s the problem with exceptions and projecting what one wants to see and believe on others. There is not a White person struggling to get out of every ‘x’ despite whatever you were taught in school.

  27. Another man who I recommend reading (I don’t know if he’s even still alive). A man from an earlier generation and with a very sharp mind. Professor Dwight Murphey. His essays reference Brimelow, etc. He’s on our side.

  28. Japan may be the signal example of an ethnocracy. A small Korean minority exists there, and I’m sure there is a sprinkling of others, but the Japanese proper rule the roost, and I don’t see many signs that they’re planning on committing cultural seppuku as has the West.

    The question of why whites seem uniquely prone to willful self harm is a good one. Frankly, I think it has something to do with our innate curiosity. More than any other race, whites are intensely curious about the world around us. This curiosity is what drives science, and it is what, to a significant degree, drove the age of exploration.

    Concomitantly, it motivates our interest in the Other as seen most clearly in the field of anthropology. More than any other race, we are fascinated by other peoples, their history–such that it is–and their conduct of life. This fascination, combined with a self-loathing streak, and postmodernist relativism, made it easy for a large percentage of us to prefer the Other to ourselves. Thus multiculti and the massive harms springing therefrom.

    • Look up “Japanese Grass Eaters”. There are some serious attacks going on against manhood there too. Their incels make ours look like alphas.

      I used to watch “Archer” and laugh at Dr. Kreiger and his holographic anime girlfriend. They’re actually doing that in Japan.

      Seppuku can be done a number of ways….

  29. the things that prevent me from living in vermont:
    1. shitty weather
    2. shitty people
    3. shitty taxes

    other than that it’s a great place!

  30. zman, something is off with your mic on this episode. not a problem but something you might want to know about.

      • It sounded muddy, swirly, some kind of artifact.

        Using audacity, I high pass filtered it. 40Hz cutoff, 48Db slope. (thus removing / lessening the stuff below normal male voice.) It sounded better.

        Still seemed to maybe have some residual artifact, Low passed at 6000Hz, 48Db.

        Now seems good.

        • that’s what i heard. don’t think it was doing that the entire show, but. was clearly audible in part(s).

  31. Reading the book “Whitopia” by journalist Rich Benjamin gives an interesting perspective on how successful majority white areas are viewed by a minority. Mr. Benjamin seems like a nice guy with above average intelligence. He even gave a Ted Talk on the subject of his book.

    His inability to grasp the big picture while spending time in these areas of the US was striking. Every location he visited, he was welcomed into the community without rancor. He goes golfing with the locals, sits down in local homes for dinner and basically gets acclimated. Taking away his pseudo cultural analysis he inserts, this book could be a coffee table magazine listing all the positive on a list of best places to live and raise a family in America.

    By the conclusion of the book he declares all the reasons why these communities should not exist. The usual liberal talking points are raised: lack of diversity, threat of increased racism due to low exposure to minorities and so forth.

    This same author I’m sure has no problem with major cities being affectionately called “Chocolate,” or Black Mecca. Or the opinion that white flight from the cities was bad, but whites moving back causes gentrification which is also bad, somehow.

    • Racism is generated not from unfamiliarity with blacks, but from its opposite. Not like that’s a bad thing, of course…

      At any rate, this guy is an example of why you never give media types the time of day, let alone interviews. Even when they appear to be nice, they have malice for you in their hearts.

      • Bingo. And the conclusion has been supported via some studies. To know diversity s to be wary of it.

      • We shouldn’t be totally aloof. If a media type is near you, bursts into flames unexpectedly, and your bladder is full…. 🙂

    • Makes me think of “get out” where a well-dressed black man is terrified of being hassled by cops in a white suburb. As if the reverse situation isn’t 100x worse. But no, if we even look askance we’re oppressing them.

    • ArthurinCali: One more proof (as if any were needed) that they don’t want ‘equality’ or ‘fairness.’ Tribalism is deeply rooted in our genes. One can’t fault them for wanting to see more like themselves wherever they are – it’s innate and natural. It’s why they never should have been brought out from their original continent. Same reason all the Oriental and pajeet immigrants claim they’ve experienced raycissm because they’re ‘different.’ Well obviously, since they chose to come to a historically White country. They wouldn’t be different if they remained in their ancestral lands.

      There really aren’t all that many exceptions. I read a book years ago (in my waning civnat years) by a black Washington Post reporter who covered the Rwanda civil war and slaughter. Like Mohammed Ali, he expressed gratitude his ancestors had come to America, but I’d be willing to be a large sum of money his children and grandchildren do not feel the same way.

  32. Eh, Japan is an ethnostate, but attitude towards foreigners has markedly changed in the last 30 years. Antiracism and uh…”sensitivity” towards people and all the other fashionable social concern crap from the West has come to Japan. To see a “no foreigner” sign anywhere is the exception now. Very very rare. Nobody wants to be called a racist and no business will outright say they only cater to Japanese. What keeps most foreigners from renting property is the arcane bureaucratic process required to get a lease contract.

    Immigration is the main barrier. Ironically the process to get a visa is piss easy, but very definitive and strict – namely, to even be in Japan a reason must exist for your presence; job, tourism, marriage, asylum, etc. Then the shock of getting hit with a 5,000円 health tax every month is amusing. I hate hate hate going to immigration because, frankly, it’s a helluva downer to be stuck in with all the brown people who can’t be bothered to have their stuff ready *before* they walk in.

  33. You did a whole show without mentioning the longest lived ethnocracy right in your backyard-the Old Confederacy and the Greater South.
    “Its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests upon the great truth, that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery—subordination to the superior race—is his natural condition. This, our new [Confederate] government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.” Alexander H. Stephens, March 21, 1861.

    This is where I take issue with the “Demographics is Destiny” crowd shrieking that we are doomed. My English ancestors arrived in an ethnocratic Virginia in 1660- my mother grew up in an ethnocratic South Carolina in the 1960s. That’s three centuries, and after losing a devastating war in 1865, “Reconstruction” only lasted a decade, and the ethnocracy reestablished itself for another full century. Globohomo has asserted hegemony for 50 years, so which is the norm, and which, in the fullness of time, is a passing aberration?
    The Old South was proof positive that a minority could live in a multiethnic state, if they have the will to dominate the helots.

    • “The Old South was proof positive that a minority could live in a multiethnic state, if they have the will to dominate the helots.”

      Were the blacks a majority in the Old South (this may sound like a stoopid question, but I’m genuinely interested and don’t know)?

      Also, can you recommend any books about this period and region that are any good?

      • It was very regional. Some areas in the Cotton Belt and the coastal arc from South Carolina to Louisiana were majority Negro. The district of Lowcountry South Carolina where my maternal line is from had around 35% Negroes, and the average slaveowner had 9-15. The next parish over, All Saints, in Georgetown District, was the home of the great rice plantations and slaves were just north of 80% of the population in 1860, and the great planters owned over 200 to 500 Negroes.
        Books are a tough one, as our Civil War is the most written about event in American history, so nobody has even attempted to write a comprehensive history of the South. Best I can suggest is going back to the beginning and reading “Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways in America” by David Hackett Fischer.

        • Thank you for the response and recommendation, I’ll most certainly get a copy of Fischer’s work.

          I’m not sure if in the US, there is much of a market for local history – for example, consigned to a county or parish? Here in England, particularly in the North, there most certainly is.

          It’s interesting, because reading these more specific pieces of history and collating them will probably get you as close to a comprehensive history of a larger area as possible.

          But I appreciate that The Old South is much larger than Teesdale!

          • Remember, we Southerners are your cousins. My earliest American ancestors came from the West Country to Virginia. Another branch were Ulster Scots, to South Carolina in 1713.
            Local history here in America is handicapped by being so new, historically speaking. Your local history goes back thousands of years in written documents, all the way back to the Romans, and the archaeology of our people there all the way to the Neolithic. “Old” in America is a couple centuries at best.

          • What???? Am I then to believe that Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” is NOT an accurate portrayal of our nation in its slave epoch? 😀

            In fairness, this was a wildly successful book, the 19th century’s best seller second only to the Bible. While a work of fiction, it surely popularized the abolitionist cause. Ironically, it also popularized some negative stereotypes of Negroes. (Source: Wikipedia.)

            I read this book in middle age. I find it curious in today’s world, one Black calling another “Uncle Tom” means he’s “excessively obedient or servile to White people.” I understand this to mean that most Afro-Americans detest those of their kind who respect “White” values. And their overall conduct validates that assumption.

      • “Were the blacks a majority in the Old South?”

        Not overall, but they were–and remain–the majority in the counties of the old Black Belt–the richest land in the Southern states, where plantation economy based on slave labor was dominant.

        Look online for a map that shows the South’s Black Belt counties. Here’s one:

        The slaveholding class was never more than 9% or 10% of the general population in the South.

        Pressed for time now, but check back this evening for book recommendations.

      • “Also, can you recommend any books about this period and region that are any good?”

        These below are by Eugene Genovese, an unlikely historian of the South, having been a confirmed Marxist but who later came to celebrate Southern culture, and who moved from New York City, his birthplace, to Atlanta, where he died. In his personal views, Genovese moved to the right. While he once denounced liberalism from a radical left perspective, he now did so as a traditionalist conservative. His change in thinking included abandoning atheism and re-embracing Catholicism,[17][18] the faith in which he had been raised, in December 1996. His wife, historian Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, had also shifted her thinking and converted to Catholicism.[19][20]

        The Political Economy of Slavery: Studies in the Economy and the Society of the Slave South, 1961

        The World the Slaveholders Made: Two Essays in Interpretation, 1969

        Roll, Jordan, Roll: The World the Slaves Made, 1974 Winner of the Bancroft Prize in History.

        And, of course, Albion’s Seed from Oxford University Press.

    • “The Old South was proof positive that a minority could live in a multiethnic state, if they have the will to dominate the helots.”


      Groids are not difficult to manage IFF the will to do so is present AND if some great outside power is not involved in meddling in affairs that they cannot even begin to understand.

      • Oh, absolutely not. My mother’s generation was the last to live in that world. She clearly remembers segregation as a young girl, and it operated very differently than Hollywood and the Spiteful Mutants propaganda would have you believe.
        Part of the point I’m making is that a functioning ethnarchy is within living memory, and can, given the right conditions, reemerge.

        • No polity that is 1/3 another race is an ethnocracy for the simple reason that contact, even daily contact, with the other race, is inevitable. This imposes an insuperable aesthetic disability on life. I don’t want to live anywhere I am forced to gaze upon negroes and hear their gibberish on a regular basis, even if they are fully subjugated and segregated.

    • “Its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests upon the great truth, that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery—subordination to the superior race—is his natural condition.“

      I suspect this statement contained the seed of the conflagration. My damn yankee mind doesn’t comprehend how that relationship between the races would naturally lead to slavery instead of Liberia. From my readings, many damn yankees of the day had the same problem.

      My sense is that the average northerner wasn’t keen on invading the South, the average southerner wasn’t keen on preserving slavery, and that’s why the tide of the conflict roughly turned on the Emancipation Declaration. Hard to see now because of bad blood and scarring, but I’m reasonably confident saying that.

      It was a disaster for both sides, acute for the South, slow and gnawing for the North. I see the Radical Republicans somewhat like the Bolsheviks: a radical minority that could never have seized power if the majorities hadn’t beaten each other up.

      At any rate, the inability to solve the question of whether inequality leads to slavery or separation is what caused the war imo. That sounds redundant as I tap it out, but I think there could be a deeper truth in there. Also imo, in cleaving to slavery and subjugation, the South ultimately made the slave’s condition its own. Then the North, enthralled by the vengeance of spiteful mutants like Thaddeus Stevens, made the same mistake. It’s something worth thinking about as history goes on rhyming.

      • The average Southerner might not have been particularly keen on preserving slavery, but he surely was keen on preserving the racial hierarchy, whether he was a slaveowner or not, since he lived among Negroes, unlike the Yankees. You can read Stephens passage as slavery or subordination to the superior race is the natural condition of the Negro. If you’re an optimistic person, the current situation with regard to the obsolescent farm equipment may be reversed. It certainly cannot forever move along the trajectory of the dreams of turning them into productive citizens. Reality will eventually return.

        • I’m sure he was because of the large black presence in his society. It’s a matter of whether or not it’s necessary to be in that situation.

          Also, Emancipation PROCLAMATION. Oh boy.

      • “That sounds redundant as I tap it out, but I think there could be a deeper truth in there.”

        Allow me to set you damned Yankee mind at rest: There isn’t.

        • Idk. Plenty of slave owners knew they weren’t free, either. Something along those lines.

          • Thomas Jefferson likened it to having a wolf by the ears. It was and is an intractable problem that isn’t going to be solved by fantasies of an ethnostate, nor a Mustache Guy style solution, and we obviously see that the desegregation solution and trying to civilize them didn’t work, and the current solution of bowing to them and appeasing them with gibs is worse than useless.

          • I agree it seems intractable. We’re back to the beginning.

            Here’s the problem with the northern ethic: we neither want to rule nor be ruled, so we have a hard time accepting the idea of a natural hierarchy. That causes a lot of problems. If you aren’t going to submit to being ruled, you’re forced to rule, but you find ruling exhausting, demoralizing, immoral, etc. And of course wielding power opens a can of worms.

            All I know is, cities periodically burn in my lifetime, we almost had race riots in my county seat, and there’s an attempt to subjugate whitey. None of this is tolerable, nor do I think it’s the natural human condition, so we have to come to grips somehow, or the day will come when it explodes again.

          • Basically I think woke and segregation will always be locked in a death battle, with the majority caught in the middle, until that dynamic is upended.

            The most humane way to do that would be to change the conditions that give rise to it. Being intentionally vague there, because there might be a number of ways to do that. I think focusing on the question of conditions would be much more fruitful than fighting it out.

  34. I read that book a few years ago and it seemed like it could have been written at that time, rather than 50 years prior – it is very good and somewhat discouraging to know all that BS we see that day was going on even back then.

    “Majoritarianism became taboo.” Just another of gifts bestowed upon our society by the sainted jogger.

    • Tangentially related: I have recently watched a 1964 French movie, “That Man from Rio”, with Belmondo. What struck me was that even a 60 year old movie was filled with magical smiling blacks who just want to play music, dance and have fun, and are always gentle and helpful, despite living in poverty.
      Anti-white propaganda was already going mainstream back then.

      • “Anti-white propaganda was already going mainstream back then.”

        There is nothing even remotely new about anti-white agit-prop in America.

        Do you know anything about John Brown? Harriet Beecher Stowe? William Lloyd Garrison? etc.

    • If nothing else, top marks for the name Lothrop Stoddard. May name my next cat Lothrop Stoddard.

    • Infant: My husband lost my first copy of Stoddard’s excellent book. If memory serves, he left it on a plane. Hope it shocked the hell out of whoever picked it up. Needless to say, I got a replacement.

      • “Hope it shocked the hell out of whoever picked it up.”

        Made me laff. What a mental image!

  35. “There is something about Europeans that make us open to division and internal conflict.”

    I don’t think Europeans are especially quarrelsome. I’ve always thought that, of all the world’s peoples, Euros are most progressive. Meaning, our societies have never sat still for hundreds of years like you see in East Asia or the Middle East. Those peoples get revolution only when the ruling elite fossilize and atrophy to such an extent that an outside power invades. Chinese rulers for example would regularly dismiss inventions from their people because it upset the “balance” or embarrassed the ruling clan.

    Huwhites on the other hand are creating revolutions even at the height of their country’s power. Their rulers have bestrode the world yet were overrun by Protestants, Communists, Socialists, Suffragettes, innumerable paradigm-shifting inventions, Capitalists, and now Ethnomasochists. There is no sitting still for whitey.

    • We can be very self-destructive and we have a recessive phenotype, to put it clumsily. Somehow, we persist. I wonder if we don’t also have badass genes that demand survival of the fittest. Always winnowing or expanding.

  36. The Dispossessed Majority was published in the 1970s. Wilmot Robertson (a pseudonym) also published a subscriber newsletter called “Instaurations” for the readers of Dispossessed Majority. (Aaaand, as I type this, I hear you saying it.)

        • “I was one of the first subscribers.”

          Same here. I was a freshman in college.

        • @Epaminondas:

          Is your name from the little story book that all Southern children had “back then”?

          “Be careful ’bout how you step in dem pies, Epaminondas!”

          That one?

    • You can find PDFs of that mag on Nostalgic to read, but at the same time not really an era I want to return to.

      • I came along at the end of that era. The first version of white nationalism started in the 1960’s and ran into the 1990’s. I am not sure you can say there was every a version two. Maybe the alt-right qualifies, but it descended into the same vices as the previous version.

        What always struck me about these people, even as a kid, is they were trapped in a paradox of sorts. On the one hand they wanted to make a rational appeal to intelligent people. On the other hand, they were financed by people who wanted to hear race jokes and holocaust denial. There was never a way to reconcile those two things.

    • “Instaurations” is a great word. Francis Bacon’s “The Great Instauration” is one of the seminal projects that led to modern science. I will have to investigate this publication – thank you for the reference.

    • I found a copy at, of all places, a Catholic thrift store.

      Catholic paleoconservative and former head of the Rockford Institute Thomas Fleming once called DM a moderately written book.

      • ” … a moderately written book.”

        Meaning what, I wonder.

        I’ve been a Chronicles magazine subscriber for ten yrs or so. Excellent magazine. Tiny subscription base.

        Our bishop is a Chronicles subscriber, too. We were a bit worried (and suspicious) when this Charlemagne Institute took over, but things seem okay now.

        • I think he meant it wasn’t extreme. That from his perspective (a moral traditionalist – my phrase not his) it wasn’t an immoral book.

          This is all from my memory based on comments at the blog a LONG time ago.

          One of his editors once commented: “what’s wrong with miscegenation?” and explained that he meant using this word as a pejorative and the n went on to note how in the end God is raising men from all nations, suggesting that distinct nations are part of God’s plan.

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