Expansionist Ideology

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It is generally agreed that fascism was expansionist, primarily because of the events leading to the Second World War. The one real world experiment with fascism led the main fascists states to conquer their neighbors. It is a small sample size so there are people who argue that fascism is not necessarily expansionist. Franco’s Spain had no territorial ambitions. The same was true of Salazar’s Portugal. The counter there is that these two examples are products of their unique history.

Communism, in contrast, was expansionist and explicitly so. Marxist theory assumed that communism would transcend national borders and national identity. The Bolsheviks expanded on this assumption to argue that the advanced industrial states would move to communism first, then help the backward states to industrial and socialize, by exporting revolution to those states. While communism did not advocate conventional wars of conquest, it advocated ideological wars of conquest.

In these debates, there are three main defining issues. One is the ideological nature of the political system. Both fascism and communism were ideological, in that both revolve around a set of beliefs or philosophies. Communism was the better defined of the two, owing to the deeper intellectual tradition. It also had a theory of history that provided something like a divine purpose. The national character of fascism also limited its ideological scope compared to communism.

That brings up the second defining issue. The reason fascism was less expansionist than communism is universalism. Fascism was rooted in national identity, which by definition limits its exportability. Some countries would simply lack the national character for fascism. Communism, in contrast, was universal. It assumed that all people were naturally egalitarian and possessed the same potential. Further, communists argued that inequality between peoples was due to capitalism.

The third defining issue is the revolutionary character of the systems. Fascism was revolutionary only in so far it was a revolt against modernity. In this regard, it was more revanchist than revolutionary. Fascists wanted to restore a lost past in order to gain a lost future. Communism sought a direct break from the past in order to move into the next phase of history. The revolutionary impulse of fascism was limited while revolution was a defining feature of communism.

Using these three scales, it is easy to see why communism was unabashedly expansionist and fascism was debatably so. In fact, communism cannot exist without some new ground to conquer, while fascism is at least capable of operating within national boundaries as a good neighbor. Every communist country has been a nuisance to its neighbors, while we have examples of fascist countries like Spain and Portugal that managed to behave themselves.

When it comes to liberal democracy, there is not much debate about the expansionist impulses of the system. It is assumed that since this system eschews state violence, it eschews conquest in the conventional sense. There is also the claim that democracies do not go to war with one another or launch wars in lieu of negotiated settlement, so it is not expansionist by nature. Liberal democracies are dragged into conflict by illiberal systems that only understand force.

Yet, when we look at liberal democracy in practice, using the three scales to measure the expansionism of other ideologies, liberal democracy looks every bit as expansionist as 20th century communism. The United States, the epicenter of liberal democracy, has been at war for over a century. In fact, the reason for the past tense when speaking of fascism and communism is the United States conquered these two systems in the name of liberal democracy.

Liberal democracy is the most ideological political system ever conceived. It shares the same intellectual traditions as communism, but has become much more narrow over the course of time. Unlike communism, which assumed economic justice would solve the moral questions, thus ending the need for politics, liberal democracy assumes it has solved the moral questions. Liberal democracy is a set of cultural truths about which it tolerates no debate or dissent.

Of course, this assumes a degree of universalism that the communists would have found challenging. Fascists, of course, found the egalitarian claims of liberalism to be absurd and dangerous. Fascism was as much a revolt against liberalism as communism, because of the egalitarian nature of both systems. Liberal democracy combines egalitarianism and the blank slate to make claims about the human condition that no political system has ever entertained.

This is what makes liberal democracy the most revolutionary system of the three ideologies to compete in the last century. Absolute egalitarianism and the blank slate makes mankind limitless. It turns the vanguard into gods who can shape humanity to fit the needs of the ideology. Fascism was a revolt against modernity. Communism was a revolt against the past. Liberal democracy is a revolt against nature, specifically the natural limits of the human animal.

In the three measures of fascism and communism that defined their expansionism, liberal democracy exceeds them. This explains why liberal democracy, after having defeated fascism, quickly declared war on communism. Once communism was defeated, it declared war on the world. Fukuyama’s claim that liberal democracy was the final answer to the great ideological debates of the Enlightenment was not an observation, but a warning.

We see this in Ukraine. National interest should have led all parties to the negotiating table to sort out the problems in Ukraine. In fact, the conditions that led to war should not exist, but the expansionist impulse of liberal democracy created many of the conditions that led to war. It is the stated desire of the liberal democracies to conquer Russia that is keeping the war going. Russia, having shed revolutionary communism, is now at war with revolutionary liberal democracy.

The brewing war with China over Taiwan is another example of the expansionist impulse of liberal democracy. The Taiwan issue could be negotiated, but Washington likes to use Taiwan as a provocation. The radar system that it has installed in Taiwan is part of the explicit nuclear threat against China. The war with Russia is now being used as justification for further provocations. Washington has said that Beijing is next when it comes to regime change.

The very fact that the phrase “regime change” exists at all is a good example of the expansionist nature of liberal democracy. The fascists never expressed any interest in how other countries did politics. The communists were all about exporting revolution to other countries in order to alter their political orientation. We see the same thing with liberal democracy. It first exports the cultural goods of liberal democracy and then begins the color revolution process to effect regime change.

It is a big topic that deserves a deeper analysis, but on the surface it is quite clear that liberal democracy is the most revolutionary, expansionist and intolerant ideology to emerge from the 20th century. The limited expansionism of fascism triggered a war in Europe then world war. The explicit expansionism of communism plunged the world into a forty year cold war. The hyper-violent, revolutionary expansionism of liberal democracy now promises something far worse.

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195 thoughts on “Expansionist Ideology

  1. All things cooperate (combine so as to produce an effect): some do it harmoniously, some in antagonistic ways. (Some things can even have it both ways, e.g., the sea and the shore.)

    Seeking universal harmony is as unrealistic as promoting widespread antagonism.

    Harmony & Dissonance: Universe requires both.
    (Remember this the next time you’re antagonistically cooperating with someone: it won’t prevent you to try to beat the crap out of them, but it will spare you the vindictive pride if you win, the resentment and frustration if you lose.)

  2. (the arrogance of begging)

    Code of Ur-Nammu (circa XXII-XXI centuries BCE)
    Code of Hammurabi (circa XVIII century BCE)

    We have been breaking laws (almost) since day one.
    Natural laws, religious laws, fair laws, secular laws, haphazard laws, unreasonable laws, local laws, you name it: we try to break ’em all.
    To what purpose?
    We don’t know.
    Maybe it’s that thingy/tool of mass destruction some of us call “free will” and feel so proud of.

    The “gift” which was bestowed upon us, the human “super power”, is to be thoughtless lawbreakers: we march against the Universe, we rebel against God, and yet we don’t know why; not our merit, not our fault.

    My role is to be a questions provider, not an answers giver; it’s up to you to discard them or to find out the answers which suit you the best. (But if you’re just too lazy to do that, then rest assured you’re not meant to lead, but to follow – may you have faith in your leader, may your leader have mercy on you.)

    If you are not born to be a leader, having faith in the one who leads you is crucial (otherwise, chaos will trade places with order.)

    Who’s/where’s the faultless leader?
    Are you sure? If so, what are you waiting for?

    How much leeway are you willing to give the reproachable leader?
    And (more important still), how much leeway can the leader grant to the unstable followers?

    (order beats chaos hands down; chaos couldn’t care less)

    Chaos is a question of Order;
    Order, a threshold to Chaos.
    Doubt’s a degree of certainty.
    Certainties? A matter of doubt.

  3. Great piece Z-Man. The only argument I have is that I don’t see ideology in “Our Democracy.” I ask, where are the endless tracts, books, etc. about “Our Democracy” and how awesome it is, you can still read through the mountain of stuff left by the fascists and communists. And where are the giant Nuremburg “Our Democracy” rallies and giant May Day “Our Democracy” parades? Indeed “Our Democracy” seems to only turn out some pussy hat wearing women. Elizabeth Warren had a total rage meltdown over the Supreme Court draft opinion in front of a crowd of dozens.

    If its an ideology, I figure its a replacement for religion, has mass appeal, and has many, many ideological tracts arguing what is and what is not the ideology. I see none of that; rather a mass of “Last Men” apathetic, wanting safety and security, and a few billionaires and more powerful Ultra Managers (like Larry Fink of Blackrock, effectively far more powerful than Musk). And their flunkies the divinely appointed bureaucrats and technocrats. The Faucis, the Minister of Truth harpy, the gay dude fond of dressing up his BDSM slaves as dogs, the mentally ill ((())) guy in the sundress.

    What I am not seeing is the Lincoln Brigade in Ukraine. A few mercenaries, likely most of the CIA’s 30K contractors, doubtless American servicemen in Ukraine uniforms (yes I think Brandon is flat out lying). But no massive volunteer force. Just a few sad cases like James Yeager eager to make one last dollar before he dies of MS.

    Rather I think the expansionist stuff comes from the desire of a few Global Fund Managers and their enablers/drivers among the Managerial International Elite to control everything and anything. The good news (yes me optimistic) is that a West of Last Men won’t rouse themselves off the couch for that or anything else. The bad news is that the apathy allowed them near total control and they and their lower Managers are not: A. Owners intent on passing down a patrimony because like Clergy their offices cannot be inherited; B. Cognizant in the least of reality.

  4. Way I see it, the most fundamental human driver is insecurity. The more insecure you are, the more you will want everyone on your side – so even the will to power is really just a symptom of insecurity. The left are more neurotic and frail (this being the definition of the left), therefore they are more desperate to assimilate their perceived enemies. Liberal democracy is expansionist depending on whoever is running it, which at the moment is the left.

    This brings us back to the root of the problem which is always the same: the hegemony of emotion over reason.

  5. Anyone else see the total propaganda piece from Fox about the blonde, blue-eyed kid from Nebraska named Noble (not kidding) who got accepted to all 5 service academies?

    “Go die for the GAE, white man!”

    They’re just laughing at us now.

    • That contrasts nicely with the story of the White girl with nearly perfect SATs rejected from every Ivy League school and even a state school like USC.

    • Don’t have cable, don’t watch Fox. I do know in LA the Westside is mutiny over pretty much NONE of the White kids getting into any of the UC colleges or USC. NONE. These are not the power players, they are the doctors, accountants, lawyers to the power players. They paid a huge amount for private K-12 schools and they got their kids a fine career in the fast food industry. UC dropped the SATs and grades, to let in just blacks and a few Hispanics. USC has done the same. Indeed most schools have done that.

      After Obama then Austin purged most of the military of men of ability, the US military does not have much of a reserve of competence. Newsweek a few years ago noted the CIA has about 30K contractors, that’s ex SEALs, Marsoc, Delta, Rangers, Green Berets etc; plus 10,000 or so back office people providing cover, documents, tax payments, etc. and the knowledge there gained from experience in Afghanistan is large. But that’s an aging force likely to experience a huge drop in inputs. White guys fighting for what? Some Minister of Truth singing Harry Potter songs? A senile old fart. An aging ho?

      The Navy is the worst off with ships running into each other, subs running into underwater mountains, carriers burning to scrap at drydock, planes falling off carriers. The Air Force is not far behind — AA admits don’t cut it there. The Army and Marines can probably carry for a while their AA overburden but in any grinding combat our experienced non-coms and lower officers will get ground up like Russia’s has already. And we can only replace them with D’Jaquerious or Taheed.

      In addition the admittedly poor performing in Afghanistan .223/5.56 round and AR-15 are being replaced by some monstrously heavy thing by SIG (with current Cohen-level SIG quality) and a 6.8 round. No not 6.8 Grendel, that would make sense. Its some massively overpressured round sure to destroy the gun in combat, with a STEEL CORE around the base to contain the overpressure at the case head. Meaning massively expensive to manufacture and not capable of being reloaded (the real reason it was adopted IMHO). The AR-15/5.56 combo was at least fairly reliable, more accurate than an AK, and light and handy. The FAL is literally lighter than the new rifle and the .308 recoils less.

      • Sig continues to win military contracts because they’re selling to gov’t agencies at cost and marking up their products to the civilian market. So, not only are we paying for the military via taxes we’re also paying for their weapons when we purchase ours privately. Having some extensive experience with both the P226 and the P320, I can tell you which is the mechanically superior platform and it ain’t the plastic model with folded sheet metal chassis…

  6. On the merchandise, I like the subtlety of the graphics. I’ve never liked shirts with giant logos or loud lettering, so I think the look is great. My 2 cents.

    • If Ukraine disappeared entirely, engulfed by Hungary, Poland, Byelorus and Russia, this would be a serious blow to the GAE and therefore a profoundly good thing. And I have no real brief with Ukraine, BTW, but if that country is simply going to function as a pawn of the GAE, good riddance.

      • Perhaps. My worry is that this could fire up a chain reaction of revived old territorial claims and attempts to fulfill them.

  7. The problem, to me, is Curtis Yarvin’s maxim “there is no politics without an enemy.”

    The rulers of any entity justify their power on protecting the people against the enemy. Otherwise, we don’t need no stinkin’ rulers.

    So we could say that the Commies justified their rule on protecting the workers against the capitalists. The Fascists justified their rule on protecting the nation. The Globalists justify their rule on protecting us against anyone that dares to challenge their rule.

  8. As for the RvW leaker, I hope he was able to negotiate a very lucrative sinecure for himself, because even that would be a minor cost for the Left compared to the huge return they are realizing on his actions.

    Heck, SCOTUS is already saying the leak doesn’t represent or influence their final decision. Who wants to bet this admission is prepping the ground to roll out a decision to uphold RvW to kill morale on the Right and possibly provoke it?

    • Just when you think things can’t get any faker, or any gayer. I’m actually quite pleased at how little this entire kerfuffle interests me. A few years ago I would have been groping about for the properly aggrieved stance. Now? Just let me know when the gallows are being erected on the National Mall. Otherwise, I can’t be arsed.

      • When I was a mainstream conservative–even a bit of a neocon–I would have been thrilled at the possibility of RvW being overturned. Now, I’m ambivalent at best. I believe abortion is morally wrong. But I also know it is a good thing for white people. I’m sure many people on the DR feel more or less the same.

        • I’ve considered myself pro-life, and am a regular Catholic churchgoer. In the past I cared a lot about the car the Republicans were always supposedly trying to catch (overturning Roe v. Wade).

          I still think abortion is a horrid, despicable, barbaric act.

          However, I am so cynical anymore that I figure if such evil people want to kill their own progeny, let them do it. Can there be anything more nihilistic than killing one’s own progeny? Remove such filth from the gene pool and give my progeny and people the advantage in the future.

          Overall, I suppose I would be happy to see the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade, because I see it as a potential accelerant to the breakup of the GAE.

    • amazon decided to advocate for RvW, so i canceled my Prime membership. It isn’t much of a sacrifice as i don’t buy much these days. But i wouldn’t of done it if they hadn’t gotten involved in the latest squirrel hunt.

      • karl: Please forgive my lapse into diction notsee – but you’re a smart man, so your written language ought to reflect that. It’s wouldn’t have, not wouldn’t of (the abbreviated ‘ve sounds like ‘of’ when spoken, so easy enough mistake). Sorry, can’t help being a former English lit major.

  9. Nationalist or fascist expansionism exists, but it relies on establishing a population of kinsmen outside the national borders and then invading in order to “protect” those kinsmen from oppression by foreigners.

    Hitler did his initial conquests in parts of Europe that had large German populations under that justification. The Children of the Lie send their settlers into Palestine for the same purpose. China sends workers from the hive to populate foreign lands and open convenience stores that illegally sell alcohol and cigarettes for food stamps, but each worker is still regarded as the property of the queen and seeks attain dominance in those lands for fertile ground upon which to lay their eggs.

    Justified or no, even Putin is notably conquering a large chunk of Ukraine rather than simply repatriating ethnic Russians back into Russia and letting Ukraine have their stupid ethnostate.

    • Ukraine wouldn’t be an ethnostate. It would ultimately be a multiculti adjunct of the GAE.

    • How do you have an ethnostate when most of the government and its backers are a different ethnicity?

      What you have is instead a population that has been hijacked to be a weapon masquerading as a state identity.

      Its a classic parasite model where the host thinks its exhibiting its own behaviour, which in reality is entirely controlled by another entity, but the host cannot tell the difference.

      • Well, the Ukrainian nationalists doing the fighting think they’re getting an ethnostate out of it. Obviously the reality is that they’re just going to get killed for the GAE.

  10. Manufacture of Consent – 1. A phrase originally coined in 1922 by the American journalist Walter Lippmann (1889–1974) to refer to the management of public opinion, which he felt was necessary for democracy to flourish, since he felt that public opinion was an irrational force. https://www.oxfordreference.com/view/10.1093/oi/authority.20110803100132197

    When Wolfe Blitzer and the others say “our democracy,” who is ours? Perhaps for the masses, Liberal democracy is a thing. Those in the know, ie those who are the “our,” know it’s is just a sales pitch.

    The newspapers, and now TV, tell a story: borrow money from the nose and go fight, die, about a thing that one can’t put in a wheelbarrow.

    When one gives a name to a thing it gives it a sense of realness, the more one talks about it realer it seems. But it is not real, nor realer not even realerer.

    Blood poured as smoke of carnage wafts upward. That’s real; that is their prize.

    • One could believe that there is some form of Blood God and its followers that just requires death.

      That appears to be the only point of a great number of these movements.

      Does not matter what kind of death, but the greater the number is the goal and if life is corrupted on the way then all the merrier for all concerned.

  11. I agree with the view that fascism is best understood as a behavior or even a mood.

    Setting the phenomena of fascism against the ideological juggernauts of liberalism and marxism is unavoidable. But it remains an apples-and-oranges scenario.

  12. This essay is excellent as it appears to follow on the work of `The Demon in Democracy: Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies` by Ryszard Legutko who delved into the deep similarities between communism and liberal democracy concluding that they both have similar roots in early modernism. Also relevant is Dugin’s work on the 4th Political Theory where he analyzes all three modern ideologies by decomposing them into their constituent elements — fascinating analysis. ZMan, please include both of these sources in your upcoming 2 hour special on this topic, ha ha.

  13. This is an excellent piece. However, there is one antinomy within LD that could put a break on its expansion. The postmodernists who have hijacked LD over the last 50+ years are relativists. For reasons having to do the different linguistic systems that putatively structure different cultural groups, there is no common standard of evaluating these groups, and therefore, we cannot rightly state that any are superior to the others. We also cannot say that there are human rights because what counts as a human right in Belgium may count as an obscenity in Vietnam. Similarly, while LD may be the natural political system of white nations, it may not be for black ones.

    For this reason, I predict there will be a great deal of hesitation about imposing LD on non-white nations. Oh sure, the GAE will make gentle, halfhearted attempts at inculcating LD in Latin America, Africa and Asia, but nothing like what we are seeing visited upon Russia. Russians, after all, are white, and therefore possess a linguistic structure closer to the GAE than do the Matabele. No mercy or peace will, perforce, be granted the Russians, while the Matabele will, in all probability, be allowed to go their merry way.

    • ” … while the Matabele will, in all probability, be allowed to go their merry way.”

      Which conveniently leads right across the Rio Grande!

  14. What exactly is the materialist bait of liberal democracy these days? No one making middle class wages can even buy a house anymore in much of the west because liberal democracy and a financially leveraged banking system go together like bacon and eggs. When standards of living are now in reverse, what used to be baubles of a superior way of life have now become albatrosses hanging from our necks. As liberal democracies have lost their bait, much as in the Ukraine proxy war, they’ve begun fishing with sticks of dynamite.

    Yet another characteristic of liberal democracy is how it absolves itself of all culpability when wars go bad. Nothing is learned. Thousands upon thousands can die in far corners of the world, but “it was worth it because we tried to make that place better.” Attempting to do good, spreading liberal democracy, means that the ends always justify the means at all times. You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.

    • The bait is to become God and transform yourself into a fairy or a unicorn.

      • The Globalist/Transhumanist Impulse is to revive the Tower of Babel, but not the ultimate fate of its destruction, but the initial desire to appropriate godhood to mankind. The second bite at the apple from Tree of Knowledge.

    • “Attempting to do good, spreading liberal democracy, means that the ends always justify the means at all times.”

      Exactly. It’s “majority rule.”

      If the government is doing it, then it is perforce “the will of the people.”

      “And if you don’t like it, well, then, you shouldn’t have voted in the government that is doing [fill in the atrocity of the day].”

      That’s why same-sex “marriage” was opposed by the great majority *until* it became lawful. From that *extraordinary* and eventful summer of 2015, the majority became “gay-friendly” precisely b/c what had been regarded with disgust had become lawful and therefore “the people’s will.”

      Whatever is lawful is good, right, just, and moral.

      THAT is Liberal Democracy.

      • Should the Supremes overturn Roe v Wade, I suspect we’ll see a stress test of your theory that what is lawful is good (or the corollary – if it’s unlawful it’s bad)

        • Indeed. *Should* they do it.

          This might be about stacking the Court.

          Could be a long, hot summer.

        • Geezers think they have to overturn Roe to give forced vaccines (etc.) the appearance of legality.

          Younger members of Our Democracy not only know but loudly declare every day that no appearance of legality is necessary for anything anymore.

          The Roe fight is *only* about that.

        • Even the MSM “news” had to explain today that there were “perhaps” 25 States that would infringe on abortion “rights” should SCOTUS toss this tar baby back to the States. Some Blue States have even passed enhanced law specifically protecting abortion in those States (where it was assumed after ’73 Roe v Wade) in anticipation of Roe v Wade being overturned.

          This whole thing (leak) is simply political posturing for November elections. There is of course, the danger of SCOTUS “packing”. But that will be a bit off given the likely turn over of Congress to Rep’s this Fall.

          As with the Rep’s and the Trump election fraud, the Dem’s (Lefties) were taken by surprise with this (potential) SCOTUS decision. They won’t be again. If they return to power, SCOTUS will be expanded (packed) forthwith.

          Anyway, does it matter? Look who gets appointed to Court seats–basically ideologues who use cleaver words to make the Constitution support whatever seems “right in their own eyes”. Heck, even the interns–and what Supreme was not an intern at one point–now show his/her colors with the current leak of secret discussion/decision within the Court. Those interns are the future SCOTUS picks in the next generation.

          The bottom line is that the last refuge for Joe Normie, the Courts, are gone–and have been for years. Now if he could just catch wise we’d have some more applicants for DR membership.

      • Or, living as I do in the South:
        Being a liberal democrat means always saying You’re sorry.
        (trust you will detect the language nuance)

  15. “The fascists never expressed any interest in how other countries did politics.”

    Then why the disastrous invasion of the Soviet Union to smash the hated Bolsheviks, the Napoleonic miscalculation that may have been the Reich’s Waterloo?

    Liberal democracy’s expansonist, universalist, ideological opponent is (or was) the Church.

    • Hitler invaded Russia for the same reason he signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

      • it isn’t widely known, but the nazis were planning on total world domination. they were going to eliminate/enslave all non-germanic peoples. talked about putting them on subsistence rations, and keeping them happy with tobacco and alcohol. the nigs in africa are only alive now, because uncle adolph missed the bull’s eye.

        • “the nazis were planning on total world domination.” Citation needed.

          Karl, you’ve said many foolish things on this blog, but this one is your greatest achievement.

    • Our host’s assertion was that fascisms underlying ideology had no explicit desire for expansion. The example you give was specific to German fascism and it’s history of conflict with communists Fascism in Spain and Portugal expressed no desire to expand. Fascism itself is extremely malleable to the country that breeds it and surrounding circumstances.

      • At a bare minimum, Spain and Portugal both fought hard to retain their colonial possessions in Africa. If you don’t want to call this “expansion”, at least acknowledge that Fascists don’t always mind their own business. Nevermind the obvious expansionism of Italian and Japanese fascists……

        • Spain did not “fight hard” to maintain its colonial possessions. Upon Franco’s death (1975) and the accession of Juan Carlos I to the throne, Morocco launched the Green March into what was then Spanish Sahara and Spain stood down. Her other colonies have never been contended; the enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla are defended, but barely.

        • There’s a really good long essay floating around about Portugal’s struggle to hold on to Mozambique, wish I had the link handy.

      • One could argue that Nazism was actually the most idiographic and the least typical form of fascism. Equating Nazism with fascism tout court, then, is rather nonsensical.

        • What gets me is that Mean Mr. Moustache called it National Socialism. International Socialism aka communism of course. Either he was lying or he wasn’t, I doubt he was ignorant.

    • To some extent, sure democracy was opposed by the Church; I suspect they opposed more that nationalism and that loss of influence. The rise of nationalism by no means required a democracy, as any number of authoritarian (usually) monarchies will demonstrate. And Nietzsche’s ghost requires me to note that, at least according to him, liberal democracy is largely Christianity stripped of its God. He makes a fairly good case, too. For the common man, it doesn’t matter al that much if you must obey a king alone, a king in an uneasy alliance with the priests, or a “government” supposedly of the people, but in practice that rarely being the case. People will endlessly argue the finer points; it’s safe to say that there’s a lot of overlap with systems of government. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

      Ah! That reminds me of what I wanted to add: While it won’t fit the traditional defintion of fascism or communism, Western Europe’s period of colonization of (mostly) the New World, was surely expansionist in the extreme. I would label it good old-fashioned capitalist (or back then, perhaps mercantilist) greed veneered over with the mission of saving souls (especially in those nations dominated by Mother Church.) At least the English were more open about the greed part. Of course, many variances with later fascism/communism. Not the least is that all the new lands were populated by primitve societies, if they were populated at all.

  16. Screw it: North stopped burning witches, South didn’t stop burning coal. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

    America chose the broad way to destruction a long time ago.

  17. I’m not going to let the minor flaw in this diamond essay – Zman I think has it wrong about Fascist expansionism ; Italy expanded all over, Portugal clung bitterly to its African colonies and Goa too, Tojo’s Japan was clearly Fascist and expansionist – distract from the brilliant points here.

    But like communism, perhaps the LibDem/Globo project contains the seeds of its own demise. The Commies had the International, the Party Line from Moscow and Mao’s little red book. What’s the LibDem equivalent? Is it Davos/WEF? Are these folks content to let the US Elite dictate the entire program?

    Furthermore, I find it hard to believe that the Global Elite have exactly the same program and can stay united long enough to gain total hegemony. Lest we forget, the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Australia, Japan are trade-based economies. Their foreign-trade sectors are much, much larger as a % of GDP than ours. I just don’t see how our policy of sanctions/restrictions/dollar-weaponization is going to benefit these countries in the long run.

    But I could be wrong. And I think Zman here has laid out the state of play better than anyone else. I hope he just reprints this essay (without the Fascist stuff) in Taki because more people should read it.

    • I think the point is fascism can be expansionist, but is not necessarily so, whereas communism and liberal democracy must be or betray one of their own principles.

    • I believe it may help address your points by invoking a central tenet of Marxism that is outside the scope of this essay yet helps explain the expansionist mood of communism: economics. Marx was a philosopher above all else of economics. In recognizing the impact economics of the world on the belief system (base/superstructure), the need to alter other countries arises specifically because countries are intertwined through economics. To be clear, it certainly goes beyond economics. But for the purposes here, due to intertwined economies, the need to reform other countries arises due to the fact that their economic system influences the communist nation.
      Now, how this is relevant to the point on the global elite. Most of our overlords, from my vantage, are post-nationalists who lord over the world economy (best symbolized in the GAE). Not only does this make them rich, it allows them, like any Marxist, to remake the system via remaking the economy (The Great Reset is economic as a means to alter the cultural). Much as a communist exports his ideology, the NWO elites have to crush any dissent that might challenge the circulatory system of the world economy they control. Exactly as a Marxist (and dangerously close to their goal – way closer than the commies ever were), they must completely convert the economic system in order to institute their final stage of history.

    • “Lest we forget, the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Australia, Japan are trade-based economies. Their foreign-trade sectors are much, much larger as a % of GDP than ours. I just don’t see how our policy of sanctions/restrictions/dollar-weaponization is going to benefit these countries in the long run.”

      It’s hard to say whether Mr Global regards life in the neolithic period a “benefit” or not, but I don’t think that trade and economic prosperity and all that are part of the plan.

      The Plan is for a neolithic lifestyle in “sustainable” and “walkable” cities. And the UN Agenda 21’s Land-use maps (below).

      The Plan is literally carved in stone:

      The Plan is to reduce the world’s population from 7 billion to 500 million. And “maintain” it there.

      Land-use maps:

      Germany is in the process of shutting down *all* nuclear power plants.

      And so on.

      • Whispering now, seriously OT:

        (The Guidestones are 666 miles away, in a straight line, from the UN headquarters, which is built on land donated by the crypto-Sephardi Rockefeller in the 10th Federal Reserve District. The new UN building’s design is an overlapping series of 6’s, as they 6uild 6ack 6etter, tikkun olam.

        Due to it’s hieroglyphic roots, the aleph-bet is a metalanguage that speaks to the spiritual sensitivities of the right brain. Culture war- as seen in Eloi’s exceptional comment- is a thing of symbolism and ephemera.

        Side note to the Christians:
        Do we realize that the demonically susceptible Judean branch are evacuating themselves to Khazaria, that Jerusalem might be spared?)

        • (*being induced to evacuate themselves, that is)

          Sorry, folks, yesterday I learned a bit of Turkish, Bhutanese, and Ashanti, met with Aryan Brotherhood, then translated between Spanish, Punjabi, and Ebonics, before discussing Mabharata and Gita structure, and Indian / Sikh politics, all here in the international hub of Little Rock, Arkansas. This is a strange and fascinating time we live in.

      • Infant, check out “Vigilantcitizen.com” if you are interested in occult sites such as these. A fantastic resource. If you are interested in the numerology of the elite, please check out Michael Hoffman’s “Psychological Warfare and Secret Societies” and “Twilight Language.” They are books fyi, but there is no way to italicize that I am aware of. Good stuff!

    • Let’s say Italy is a fascist state and Russia is communist state. Both are contemplating invading Nigeria. Italy and itself, “is it good for Italy to invade Nigeria?” Russia asks, “is it good for Nigeria to be invaded by Russia?” That’s the difference between communism and fascism. Fascism doesn’t preclude invasion, but it doesn’t default to it either.

  18. isn’t liberal democracy just colonialism dressed up in a shiny new suit?

    • Indeed. But very late stage Liberal Democracy has probably dropped the nice suit in favour of a Furry costume.

    • I favor the term ‘imperial democracy’ for this reason. It emphasizes the expansionist nature (although it obscures the roots in blank slate liberalism).

    • No, because colonialism existed to benefit the home population of the colonial power, both economically or militarily-preferably both. In addition, the colonized were never imported back to the home territory to supplant the native population and take over the political reins of power.
      Liberal Democracy is more like a parasite than a proper colonial empire.

        • Before Caracalla, the Romans did colonialism the right way. The Gauls, Britons, and Jews learned the hard way. After Caracalla, it is as you say.

  19. “Liberal democracy is a revolt against nature, specifically the natural limits of the human animal.” – In one line, the reason why Christianity, and many other non-Christian traditional religions, begin to wilt and die once a society becomes a liberal democracy. You can’t compete with that. The seduction of telling a plebe that he or she can be a minor god in this world will undermine any theology, as the seeds of liberal democracy are carried into the church by the congregation themselves. Upon hearing of the actions of some old testament king, “well that was the past…it was a very primitive time…” Upon hearing Paul explicitly telling women that they should STFU and be quiet, “well, Paul was wrong there, the world doesn’t operate like that anymore.” etc. What are they really saying? They’re saying that history has been bifurcated, and not by a savior, but by a system. The very system described above. The religion itself becomes annexed territory of this system. The way Sweden and Finland will become part of NATO.

    • Ideology wants to divorce nature, and if it’s allowed to, all bets are off.

    • Your comment is intresting to me. In Nietzsche’s terms, Judaism -> Christianty -> Liberal Democracy (19th cent. europe, of course); these at bottom are a “slave morality,” devised for the commoner (the weak) to defend against the few/noble/strong man. On the one hand (my words), this was “good” in the sense that the weak were protected to some extent. The bad (N.’s concepts) were that the result was a “herd animal,” a domesticad human lacking the heroic qualities that he valued as were found in aristorcracy or noblility.

      N. would agree with the “revolt against Nature” part too, but complain that it was the IMPOSITION of limits upon the human animal (required by a slave morality.) It wasn’t Christianity that had to wilt and die, although N. was quite its opponent. It was the weak, the botched that shoud die, so that the “Blond Beast,” the noble, the aristocratic hero could roam free.

      Personally, I think N. did not make a good case for his Super-Man. But I think he was spot-on with much of his criticism. Democracy, indeed, any form of civilization, might be said to be a type of rebellion against Nature.

      I don’t think it’s proper to make the argument that cultures decline merely because they “turned away from God.” Men in groups will almost always worship (or at least venerate) something: a God, a ruler claimed to be divine, or the abstract ideals of a modern government. Even the Old Testament gives an instance: when Israel wanted to be ruled by judges (instead of prophets?), so they could be like the other nations, the Lord gave them what they asked for, and I don’t think it worked out well for them.

  20. “Fukuyama’s claim that liberal democracy was the final answer to the great ideological debates of the Enlightenment was not an observation, but a warning.”

    Nice line.

  21. ” It is a small sample size so there are people who argue that fascism is not necessarily expansionist. Franco’s Spain had no territorial ambitions. The same was true of Salazar’s Portugal. The counter there is that these two examples are products of their unique history.”

    Pinchet’s Chile was also not expansionist. Italy by itself wasn’t particularly, either, and what it did in Africa was more properly classified as late colonialism — same thing all the Western powers were doing.

    Finally, Germany and Japan were equally products of their unique history.

    The connection between fascist and expansionist seems to be tenuous to the point of nonexistent. Remember, the modern mainstream definition of “fascist” is simply “bad.”

    • A lovely and poignant piece. I agree with the overall thrust of wokeism as being against Tradition. Someone’s tradition. Anyone’s tradition. These people are such that once they’ve got what they want, what they want is now Tradition, so next decade they’ll destroy it, and around and around we go.

      It is the preservation of a people’s ideas and history that matters. If we can pass these things onto our sons and daughters, then I don’t think everything will have been in vain. It’s up to all parents of youngsters (of our ilk) to home educate their children, and teach the children not just history, but their history.

      I’ve had similar feelings to the sheep shearer you describe, many times. An apprentice of mine is being taught ‘British Values’ by a jogger who himself wasn’t even born here. These people are not us, but the apprentice probably sees nothing wrong with it, the likelihood being he leans Woke anyhow.

      We start with what we control and can directly influence; our families. And we walk with our chins up and glorify God.

      • “A lovely and poignant piece. I agree with the overall thrust of wokeism as being against Tradition. Someone’s tradition. Anyone’s tradition.”

        And now you know–if you didn’t before–why I recommended the Abbeville Institute to you just last week.

        • I had in fact known about it before – only because I saw an interview with some fellow on a podcast at Identity Dixie – possibly about a year ago. He was talking about the wane of State power – particularly Southern states – in the face of the Federal Behemoth. I want to say his name was Donald or David Something…

          But the time you took to recommend and respond was much appreciated. I’ve got a fair bit of reading to do.

    • That is a wonderful piece.

      Yes, the Yankee has – for now – triumphed, but to what end one might ask; exhaustion, vapidity, spitefulness, and in rhe end, dissolution and death. Now we are arrived at the estate prophesized by Robert E. Lee:

      “The consolidation of the states into one vast empire, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of ruin which has overwhelmed all that preceded it.”

      But perhaps there is after all hope, so long as men of tradition, and a corresponding breadth of character still live and move amongst us. May it be as Robert E. Lee also reflected:

      “It’s the loneliest feeling in the world-to find yourself standing up when everybody else is sitting down. To have everybody look at you and say, ‘What’s the matter with him?’ I know. I know what it feels like. Walking down an empty street, listening to the sound of your own footsteps. Shutters closed, blinds drawn, doors locked against you. And you aren’t sure whether you’re walking toward something, or if you’re just walking away.”

      • “That is a wonderful piece.

        Yes, the Yankee has – for now – triumphed, … .”

        How’s the peach crop?

        Are you in the SCV?

        • South Central Virginia?

          No, up here in Southern New Jersey, east of Philly.
          But we do have a very fine orchard down country from us which grows some bangin’ nectarines and peaches, and then later, a wonderful variety of apples.

          An aside…Laird & Company, originally strictly in New Jersey, are now split between Virginia and New Jersey; they do good things with apples. From the label of my bottle of their applejack: “Laird’s applejack was first made by William Laird in Monmouth, New Jersey in 1698. George Washington discovered this unique beverage, asked for and received the Laird Family recipe, and soon introduced applejack to the Virginia Colony”. My bottle of applejack was selected, blended, and distilled in Scobeyville, New Jersey. It is good stuff, either as an ingredrient of a cocktail like the Jack Rose, or just enjoyed neat, with a nice nose, & sweet. Laird’s also makes a bottled in bond form (100 proof) that makes a fine cocktail.

          My orchardist, Schober’s of Monroeville, sells their fruits from their base of operation, along with local seasonal produce, and firewood (my source for split oak, sold by the cube about 3 feet in each dimension for $60 last seen). Also some out of area stuff like Pennsylvania Dutch (Deitch, or Deutsch in dialect, of which I am a half breed with Nebraska/Missouri folks) apple butter and the like from the Bauman Family firm. Real deal, made strictly from apples and apple cider, no sweeteners or spices, thick and tart.

          Our orchardists are Christians who observe the Sabbath, thus are not open on Sundays.

          One last note. New Jersey was a Copperhead state during the War of Northern Aggression. Had the Mason-Dixon Line been extended eastward, much of Southern New Jersey would have been south of the Line. There was a serious movement a few decades back for Southern NJ to secede from the New York dominated, Yankee north. Unfortunately, not to be.

          • JerseyJeffersonian: It’s good to remind people how different parts of the same state can be. New Jersey is tainted by its proximity to New York and it’s crowded north and east, formerly heavily ethnic White and now heavily black and Mestizo.

            The west and south is much more rural and there are some beautiful areas there.

          • The jewz are buying up that state, lock, stock and barrel, with the money they print. It’s the new Khazaria, land of the name stealers. There’s billboards in isrehell, tellin em to come on over, get your food stamps and welfare. Live it up and fuck the goyim real good.

  22. It seems to me that it’s more a matter of American imperialism making the world safe for American corporations pushing other countries around than it is liberal democracy. You don’t see the Danes or Norwegians or Swiss doing such things.

    • “You don’t see the Danes or Norwegians or Swiss doing such things.”

      (1) Those are real nations.
      (2) They don’t have populations of 320 millions.
      (3) They don’t have nuclear weapons.

      They can’t do such things as the Yankee Empire does. They just can’t.

      But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t if they could. There’s no way to know.

  23. Excellent and thought provoking essay, Zman. Let me be the first to go there: Every. Single. Time. In all honesty, the thought came unbidden while reading your post. While classical Marxism certainly was posited more on economic grounds, one could easily argue that Marx’s underlying emphasis on everyone everywhere being ultimately the same and sharing the same goals was based on his family’s Jewish history and undoubted family tales of ‘discrimination.’ Marxism’s emphasis on equality, I would argue, was underpinned by the eternal desire of the Jewish diaspora to be fully accepted as full and equal citizens of their host countries (while simultaneously and deliberately maintaining separate and what they considered superior and distinct religious and cultural beliefs and practices).

    When it comes to liberal democracy, one sees the same people in a different setting. Because modern Jews have become vastly wealthy due to capitalism, I would argue they have now wedded a belief in untrammeled capitalism (and added modern managerialism) to their historical universal zeal. While the American founders were generally well-educated and comparatively wealthy planters and lawyers, most distinctly disavowed internationalism. Washington’s famous farewell address, backed by other early presidents’ quotes, were often cited by American politicians throughout the early 19th century to a people who shunned international expansion (there was plenty of room in Manifest Destiny to fulfill any such desire anyhow).

    The Puritans may have started with wanting to be left alone to build their ‘shining city on a hill,’ but their history of religious zeal combined with social control boded ill for America’s future. It wasn’t enough that they could worship and rule themselves as they pleased; they were eager to force everyone else to follow their lead (they loathed the pacifist Quakers) – because they alone had all the right answers to all the moral and social questions.

    Perfect and ready made soil for the Jewish immigrants to America. Despite the continued cries of ‘discrimination’ when certain segments of the population didn’t want to break bread with them, the Jews faced almost no restrictions on their commercial, religious, educational, or political aspirations once here. Their historical clannishness didn’t change, but acquired a patina of “Americanness” in line with the Puritan-Congregationalist ethics that became unofficial national policy after they triumphed in the unCivil War. Both groups believed they had all the right moral answers, both pushed philosophical egalitarianism albeit for different reasons (the Puritans because of religious belief in equality before God, the Jews because of their desire for equal social and political status). Add capitalism and making money and we were off to the races.

    Combine Jewish international financial and religious ties to post WWII capitalist and ‘democratizing’ zeal and the world became their oyster. The expansionist zeal cannot be attributed to them entirely – there was certainly a fair share of White progressives always willing to partner with them – but that egalitarian impulse plus the belief in moral righteousness plus now world status and power proved irresistible.

    tl;dr: Liberal democracy is not only radically different from the republican system the American founders envisioned, it is distinctly Puritan and Jewish in its characteristics. While the majority of the American people were neither, our modern business and political elite are both. Politics is downstream from culture which is downstream from genetics, so here we are.

    • “Perfect and ready made soil for the Jewish immigrants to America.”

      And not just America. It was the Puritans who let the Jews come back into England in the 17th century. They had been expelled by Edward I in the 13th century.

    • I think this is a good post and especially the insight about how the three different ideologies view their role in time as in relation to past, present and future.

      I think where I disagree with the analysis is that liberal democracy is distinct from fascism. I think in reality liberal democracy is a fig leaf for American Progressivism which is in turn a fig leaf for fascism. The entire Western world adopted fascism inspired by Bismark’s Prussian model of early technocracy/state-corporatocracy. The American imperialists and post Civil War puritan victors instituted fascism while calling it Progressivism. All of those factions merged into the Progressive Party where Wilson and Roosevelt effectively created what today we call the Uni-Party.

      I think what 3g4me is getting at is to understand the ideological project, (which is still based on power and control since the ideology animates the persuasion required to sell the project to the voters in the secular pews), you have to understand who makes up the factions. It seems abundantly clear that this is a marriage of secular Puritans from the Northeast and secular Jews. The God Sized Hole is filled always, but manifests differently in the host in which the hole is filled. The marriage of Prussian statism with secular Puritan and Jewish traits, that I admittedly do not know a lot about, has created this bizarre Leviathan that is at once messianic but has already eaten and destroyed its host.

      They have had a 120 year run. The imperial power they co-opted, (America), is bankrupt and declining thanks to their policies. It seems their solution is to finish destroying it by enlisting Black Supremacist Marxists and a bunch of really stupid white coastal elites buying into the project by participating in a bizarre ritual of self immolation. The Black Swan of the Russia Ukraine invasion illustrates their conundrums. Weakening and trying to outright destroy reliable energy systems and declaring war on your own power’s military and majority population backfired on them. They have a weak hand on the international stage and the economic sanctions are effectively an escalation of the war they have declared on the people they seek to rule over.

      Things are going to get very interesting to say the least. The ruling technocrats do not have a reverse gear and their strongest faction are the people who check themselves and their children into cry baby centers and embrace victimhood. At the same time we enter into the next stage of currency collapse and debt default while their grand plan is to exacerbate the crisis. Going to be a wild ride.

      • Of the economic sanctions I mentioned I clarify by saying that the economic sanctions are a war against us, the native population they rule over. The point there is the sheer insanity of the project. When in world history has a ruling faction tried to aggress and expand its empire abroad while: declaring war on its majority population; standing down the military to purge it of its backbone and the people who make up its most lethal warriors; openly embracing starving them out and impoverishing them in a brazen and not even veiled campaign against them?

        This is very different from rallying a people behind their effort and asking them to make an economic sacrifice by offering them something in return – (glory; spoils of war; … …)

        Does anybody know the precedent for this? Did the Bolsheviks do this? It is truly astounding what is happening here.

        • “Did the Bolsheviks do this?”

          To the extent that the AINO political class is Bolshevik, they are doing it now.

        • “Did the Bolsheviks do this?”

          The old Bolsheviks of a century ago were titans both of intellect and brawn compared to the rat creatures who are their contemporary analogues. That the power of the combatants in the conflict inside our country is even close is solely due to the unhappy fact that we trads are also a pale shadow of our forefathers.

          We are not two healthy men in a life or death knife fight, but two lepers pounding each other with our diseased fists. The winner is he who has any fingers left at the end.

          The old Bolsheviks made many mistakes, including diversity and sexual liberation during the ‘War Communism’ period. These however, had immediate negative stability consequences and were rolled back or contained/managed pretty quickly during the ‘New Economic Policy’ period. (1920’s)

          The early Bolsheviks had no access to contemporary genomics and hence no understanding that human instinct (subsapient behaviors that require no conscious thought or decision-making) is genetically programmed. (EX: If I unexpectedly throw an apple at your head and you duck, that is not learned behavior, but instinct.) Nevertheless, they were keen observers of human behavior and made course corrections when they had no other choice, because their entire enterprise was operating on a social capital shoestring. (Russia in 1917 had very little for the maggot people to steal compared to American or even Ukraine of 2022)

          The rats ruling over us are still expending the accumulated social, political, and economic capital of a quarter millennium of European American civilization, thus so far they have not been forced to include objective reality into their schemes. That time is coming, though, and they richly deserve to be extinct at the end of it.

          • I have to agree Horace. The mirror you held up is a painful truth. But that is where restoring honor begins. I wonder if the Bolsheviks course corrections were mop-up operations because they just did whatever was expedient as they went along. That sounds like the current Progressive approach. We trads may get our chance to prove worthy of our heritage. What that looks like when the openings are presented as a result of this insane project is anybody’s guess. We have to be the best at what we do, be financially resilient and focus on what we are doing and what we are going to do, not what is being done to us. That is what winners do, no matter the current state of affairs.

    • Thank you for the long post. I’m perhaps mdi-way through “The Jewish Century” and while it hasn’t covered America (yet), there seems to be many parallels in “modern” Jewish history. From the Jewish point of view (as presented in the book), the first mass modernization of Jewry began in late 19th century, Germany, Russia and nearby nations. This was a desire to escape — at least partially — the old Jewish traditions and being aloof and often outcasts, and to embrace their host culture. Even if not fully assimilated, they often came to dominate certain specialties: higher education, skilled professions, medicine, banking, some government offices. Of course, none of that happened without incident, either among Jews or their Gentile hosts.

      Yes, many new social movements (e.g. Marxism, socialism, communism) attracted Jews, for multiple reasons.

      I recall from elsewhere, perhaps a Judaism course in university, that a Jewish tradition is that God’s creation was not complete, and that the Jew had a duty to improve the world.

      My take: the Jew, although maligned throughout history, doesn’t so much want to take over the world, but to assume favored positions in it and profit for himself and his tribe. Yes, he’ll probably but those intrestst first and that means favor Jew before Gentile. That’s pretty standard behavior for any social group: in group vs. out group. In most cases their goal is not to deliberately harm the host. He’s just looking to make a commission. 🙂

      From your account, it sounds as though the American Jews have largely done the same.

  24. Helpful analysis.

    What makes ‘liberal democracy’ so dangerous is that it has no aim or end-point (having abandoned the utopian goals of communism); but is continually evolving more and ever more; ever less common-sensisical/ anti-natural/ dysfunctional demands.

    In other words; liberal democracy deliberately makes chaos from order, destroys capability and inverts morality – on principle – and then calls whatever results ‘good’.

    This is why liberal democracy is causing increasing global disorder despite its basis in power and capability being advanced in decline. It is just so much Easier to destroy order and induce chaos, than it is to create stability and capability.

    This seems to be illustrated by the current conflict – where one side wants to make a functional buffer state; but liberal democracy is quite happy to contemplate (and work towards) the annihilation of an entire region and its population.

  25. Isn’t, “regime change,” just the modern, PC version of, “manifest destiny?”

    • “Regime change” really gives the game away. Shocked they use it with such openness.

      “We’re the US, and we will openly undermine your government using every means at our disposal”.

      China is listening. As is every aspiring nuclear power.

      If “liberal democracy” truly gave us “regime change”, it’s as dangerous as communism ever was, and for exactly the same cancerous reasons.

      • “Regime change” really gives the game away. Shocked they use it with such openness.”

        Excellent point!

        It’s the “regime” part that they think is an effective denunciation of whoever they target with it. “Regime” in their minds is a negative term; a term of disapproval. It’s supposed to indicate an illigitimate government.

  26. But, but we have to make the world safe for muh democracy. This (former) country has never been dragged into conflict, other than perhaps WW2 imo, and even that’s suspect as we were applying extreme economic hardship on Japan. Our leadership has always made a conscious decision to stick our nose in for one “reason” or another. But mostly, we’ve instigated those conflicts ourselves, because we’re the sainted, blessed and moral US of A and we sit upon the right hand of God (actually the devil) don’t you know.

    • “This (former) country has never been dragged into conflict, other than perhaps WW2 imo, … .”

      This has not been a matter of opinion since the 1990s, when the facts were published about how Churchill & FDR conspired to get America into the European war by using Japan as they did.

  27. If the noise about the Supreme Court overturning Roe / Wade is true this is great opportunity for some smash-mouth ideological warfare. I have suggested this before and I think its a good time to repeat it, frame the enemy as the party of baby-killers. Make it their label, they are trapped and have to wear it. It’s a golden opportunity to capture the emotional sub-rational mind of the average person and inspire visceral revulsion and righteous anger. The enemy is the party of baby-killers and pedophile groomers. It’s both profoundly true and profoundly potent in its potential. Do not scruple to use this verbal weapon due to any personal thoughts about abortion’s effectiveness as a eugenic tool. Think of how useful the nazi label has been for the enemy in radicalizing opposition to conservative political efforts and scaring off normal people who would otherwise likely have been inclined to support them openly. To the average person what lengths would not be justified in opposing baby-killers and pedophile groomers?

    • You don’t hang around suburban white women much, do you?

      This is THE issue for them. It’s not even about the actual act of an abortion to them. It’s about women’s freedom in their minds. It’s every mean, overbearing male character in every book, movie and TV show that they’ve watch over their entire lives rolled into one.

      The women won’t care about you calling them baby-killer. In fact, it will make them even more devoted to their cause. You’re “mansplaining” to them if you bring up anything about abortion. For suburban women, the “right” to an abortion is nothing less than preventing the subjugation of women – all women.

      Are they insane to think this? Yes. Doesn’t matter, it’s how they view the world.

      • Yes it is, and that’s why it’s long past time to bring them to heel. “No, Eve, put the fruit down and resume your rightful place in Creation.” If this SCOTUS brouhaha is the touch paper that begins the Great Bitch Slapping, so much the better.

        • It’s not even about bringing them to heel. All whites have to do is exclude whites who disagree with us from our community.

          For too long, the Karens have been able to enjoy the world that conservative, pro-white whites create while trashing on it. Exclude them from our world and they’ll crumble.

          • “For too long, the Karens have been able to enjoy the world that conservative, pro-white whites create while trashing on it.”

            This, a thousand times …Trying to save this pesthole of a civilization is so 2016. They had their chance at reform. Now it is time for the decent to accelerate its immolation. It IS going to happen anyway, so in the spirit of “the sooner we hit bottom, the higher the bottom will be”, let’s get it on.

      • I disagree for a couple reasons. In the first place, women on average are more susceptible to moral pressure from perceived group consensus, they are guided by emotional pressures and a far greater need for social acceptance. They do care about being called baby-killers, the more hysterically they react to label the more you know how deep it strikes them. Establish what is socially acceptable and they are the first to conform. Second, as we have seen and discussed, voting does not matter and will not be how our side wins anything so even if it were true that suburban white women were steadfastly intellectually committed to killing babies and grooming kindergartners for pedophiles dressed up as demons it is irrelevant to the question of how to impose our will on society.

        • I agree that women are extremely susceptible to moral pressure. It’s just that most suburban women get their moral marching orders from the MSM.

          I also agree that voting won’t matter.

          Separating ourselves in the only hope. Create an alternative community with our values is a start, but it has to be enforced. Exclusion is our greatest weapon. If a women wants to live in the abortion right community, that’s fine, but she doesn’t get to interact with our community.

          The same should be true with all of our values and our ethnicity. Karen shouldn’t get to enjoy the nice world that we create and then go against its values and people.

      • i disagree. from what i read a lot of karens deeply regret killing their inconvenient babies, even if they won’t admit it to their friends. it’s kind of instinctual…

      • Get ready for another giant litmus test, as every major Corporation has to publicly pledge its undying devotion to the sacrament of unrestricted abortion in every state of the union, as states get ready to pass laws that address local sensibilities, whatever they might be.

        It’s so tiresome. I’ll get a deluge of corporate email double speak for months.

      • As I have commented before, most women don’t care about right or wrong or truth or lies. They just want to know what the “rules” are. That makes their life less overwhelming in that they will try to interject themselves into everything possible in an overbearing manner unless they have imposed limits. They want the “rules” to simplify their lives and to be able to hector others into following them. Now, if women are raised right as girls, they can be valuable to society because they don’t question the fundamental nature of the rules and can be a constant source of stability. If not raised correctly, well….., look at the way they are now.

        • Quite true.

          I’d argue that both white men and women have failed. White men allowed the usual suspects to define the rules of our culture and society. White women followed those rules.

          Until we create our own communities with our own rules and enforce those rules via exclusion, we’re going to have a very rough time with our women. However, if we do that, they’ll fall in line in a heartbeat.

      • Neither statistics nor life experience bear this out. Some of you just hand around extremely garbage people or can’t distinguish reality from television.

    • It won’t happen. This was leaked months early to pressure a Justice or two to reconsider. That, or pack the court before November.

      This dirty tricks move has Obama stink all over it.

      SCOTUS is a ridiculous “institution” anyway, and needs to go. Let them beclown themselves in a mud fight.

    • tashtego: Control of the Narrative requires control of the Megaphone (which primarily consists of mainstream media). The pro-abortion crowd dominates the Megaphone. Smearing people as “baby-killers” would only work if the anti-abortion crowd had much more influence over the Megaphone. The asinine “Nazi” smear would have no cachet whatsoever without control of the Megaphone (not sure that it has much cachet these days even WITH control of the Megaphone).

      Citizen of a Silly Country: While this admittedly is personal and anecdotal, my experience of suburban white women is that most of them oppose abortion. Then again, I live in Northern Kentucky, a very conservative area. I don’t doubt that there are suburban white women who perfectly fit what you’ve described. I merely wish to point out that the group is not monolithic.

      • I live in Northern Virginia outside of DC. I’m basically a spy behind enemy lines. It does, however, give me a very good view of their minds.

        The women in these parts would lose their shit if Roe gets overturned. The fact that Maryland and probably Virginia would allow abortions wouldn’t mean a thing to them because it’s not really about abortion to them.

        • Outside of DC? Holy smokes! I imagine that most suburban whites in that area are batshit loons (yourself excepted, of course).

    • i was going to comment that italy wasn’t expansionist, that germany (in its fascist phase) was sui generis due to mustache man.

      • Italy conquered Ethiopia and Albania prior to the war and occupied Greece. Several more countries were invaded and absorbed by Mussolini during the war.

        • they didn’t conquer shit. they fukked up every military op they were involved in. and they only got into it with those shitty countries because uncle H pushed them too.

  28. I’m going to take issue with one of the premises in today’s post, namely that liberal democracy destroyed Ukraine because of an altruistic desire to enhance its people’s lives via the indoctrination of liberal ideology (expansionism). That may be the bullshit facade that Western politicians use as a smokescreen to camouflage their real motivation, but it belies a more sinister reality that underlies all Progressive actions.

    Ukraine is rich in natural resources that can be exploited by outsiders in overt acts of theft. Furthermore, Ukrainian politicians are easy to bribe which makes the exploitation process simplistic and efficient. Many Western politicians (most particularly the Biden Crime Family) have been raping Ukraine blind for over a decade now and don’t want to give up the grift. They are so committed to this bloodsucking that they will fight via remote control until the death of the last Ukrainian. There is no nobility in US/NATO actions in Ukraine. It is criminal rape of a poor backward nation motivated by the cruel greed of oligarchs operating out of the US and Europe.

    At some point, the disease cells must be expurgated or we all go down with the ship.

    • I agree with this criticism although for somewhat different reasons. While it is obvious a primary objective is economic and to steal Ukrainian resources, this is not the animating goal.

      We are witnessing what I call “Woke imperialism.” This is self-explanatory to a degree, but if not, think of this as a crusade to expand transgenderism and similar psychosis to the world. It is every bit as evil and dangerous as communism, if not more so, and even more unhinged. The fascists and to an extent even the communists apprehended this Western sickness and wanted to stop it.

      We are very close to nuclear war because Karen feels uncomfortable chemically and physically castrating her so if Karens in Moscow and Kiev and Beijing cannot do the same. All deranged ideologies end in fire and death.

      To be clear, I do not disagree greed and old-time imperialism for fun and profit are cynically manipulating the sick folks in the West, but the latter is more important than the former in what is happening.

    • I did not say or imply that “liberal democracy destroyed Ukraine because of an altruistic desire to enhance its people’s lives via the indoctrination of liberal ideology”. Liberal democracy seeks to conquer the east. Ukraine is just a pawn on the board.

      • Sorry for misapplying this premise to your post. I have a bad habit of abusing myself by listening to Bongino on occasion and he persists in arguing that the USA are the Good Guys in the Ukraine conflict because of its promotion of liberal ideals across the globe. Ditto for the Carlsons and Hannitys of the media world. It’s the same old canard about how “you have to bomb the village in order to save it” that justifies US foreign policy arrogance ad infinitum. In that same vein, may God save DC.

    • well i think the altruistic facade of liberal democracy is just the “sheepskin”. the people who subscribe to this doctrine are demonstrably monsters in every way, even to each other.

    • I thought the Bidens were mostly stealing American money in Ukraine, not actual Ukrainian money.

      • American money is Ukrainian money. And I refuse to send our kids to die in the Ukraine to maintain the Biden grift. Let them screw GM or Ford like real Democrats.

      • “I thought the Bidens were mostly stealing American money in Ukraine, not actual Ukrainian money.”

        We don’t know what we don’t know, but what we do know is how the Bidens (as stand-ins for all the American crime families operating there)
        ripped off everybody in the Ukraine through their monthly natgas bills from Burisma.

        They just used some transparently criminal accounting shenanigans to add a few bucks a month to the monthly natgas bills of *all* Burisma customers–millions of people. The amount ripped off from each Burisma customer was small, so nobody questioned it, but the number of customers was in the millions *EVERY MONTH.*

        Then they laundered the dirty money through a bank in Latvia.

        There’s a video out there from the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office of video testimony of the man in Latvia who handled the laundering. And detailed explanations from two attorneys in the Prosecutor’s Office about how the monthly gas bills were padded and how the money was laundered through a bank in Latvia. (It was the same bank for everything.)

        • Oh, yeah, and the lawyers from the Prosecutor’s Office name names.

    • “Ukraine is rich in natural resources that can be exploited by outsiders in overt acts of theft.”


      That’s also why Russia is in their crosshairs.

      The Biden (and other crime families–Pelosi, Romney, Schumer) also use the Ukraine and Latvia for convenient and easy money laundering.

  29. “Liberal democracy is a revolt against nature, specifically the natural limits of the human animal.”
    The guiding principle of clueless Americans everywhere, the most fervent of these true believers are Conservative Republicans. “We’re all the same!” is spewed from the commenters of Gab, Truth, Breitbart, Fox, ZH and everywhere in between. You bump into these left-wing radicals calling themselves ‘patriots’ everywhere.

    So long as people across the political spectrum believe in the lie above they will fall for every radical idea that the left can cook up, from perverts in the ladies room to groomers in the classroom. There is no defense or freedom for our people until that nonsensical idea is destroyed.

    • The, “Ah don’ see cullah!” crowd.

      They’d better start.

      • White women are on board with “choice”, but if you are looking at who is having abortions, it is almost entirely diversity Americans (or mulatto bastards).

        Revealed preferences indicate that white people do not murder their children.

        As Heartiste (PBUH) once wrote, look at what women DO, not what they say.
        (with my apologies to the nice lady who opines on this comment board).

        • Unfortunately, there are a lot of white women that have been so propagandized that they are just fine gestating and raising the Kalergians of the future.

          • low class plebe whoores do, but then they will fuck a pig for a DQ coupon.

          • Kvh-

            The supermarket I usually shop at is in the midst of inner suburbs inhabited by younger middle class people.

            There is a high school and two small private liberal arts colleges within a 3 mile radius.

            The makeup of the young couples I see shopping at this market on any given night do not support your contention.

        • > Revealed preferences indicate that white people do not murder their children.

          This isn’t true at all. As with the obesity, bastardization, drug use, crime, and faggotry statistics, the fact that whites do these things less than other races does not mean that they are not alarmingly-high and growing. Stop comparing whites to other races and instead look at where we are now compared to whites just a few generations ago. The increased degeneracy is clearly a threat to our posterity, regardless of whether others are more or less degenerate at the moment.

    • This is the result of the utter capitulation of the cuckservatives in education, media and culture. They have been bombarded with human equality every single day of their lives. Propaganda and brainwashing works. Democracy itself is based on the equality lie.

  30. “Fascism was a revolt against modernity. Communism was a revolt against the past. Liberal democracy is a revolt against nature, specifically the natural limits of the human animal.”

    This would work well on a coffee mug.

    • Just part of the last sentence. ” Liberal democracy is a revolt against nature” The whole quote is a bit too long for a coffee mug, but the quote here in my comment is perfect. Great idea.
      It makes the perfect Z-Man mug.

      • Abreviate further, thusly:

        Fascism – Revolt against Modernity
        Communism – Revolt against the Past
        Liberal Democracy – Revolt against Nature

        Aphorisms eliminate wordiness, while delivering the punch.

  31. In the last paragraph ZMan states: “It is a big topic that deserves a deeper analysis”. Probably true, but in the preceding paragraphs there is as insightful and succinct explanation as I can recall reading regarding the nature and tendencies of liberal democracy, fascism, and communism.

    Long time since reading Fukuyama’s claim about liberal democracy and the end of history, but seemed to me it was his observation – and a positive one at that. However, in light of current events and the maniacs currently at the liberal democracy control panel – perhaps a better interpretation is that of a warning.

    • Food for thought, from Allan Bloom’s thoughts on Fukuyama in a 1989 edition of The National Interest: “To conclude, liberalism has won, but it may be decisively unsatisfactory. Communism was a mad extension of liberal rationalism, and everyone has seen that it neither works nor is desirable. And, although fascism was defeated on the battlefield, its dark possibilities were not seen through to the end. If an alternative is sought there is nowhere else to seek it. I would suggest that fascism has a future, if not the future. Much that Fukuyama says points in that direction. The facts do too. The African and Near Eastern nations, which for some reason do not succeed easily at modernity, have temptations to find meaning and self-assertion in varieties of obscurantism. The European nations, which can find no rational ground for the exclusion of countless potential immigrants from their homelands, look back to their national myths. And the American Left has enthusiastically embraced the fascist arguments against modernity and Eurocentrism — understood as rationalism.”

      • “The African and Near Eastern nations, which for some reason do not succeed easily at modernity…”

        It’s called HBD science, specifically that which posits IQ deficit. Modernity as we find in 1st world, high tech countries is not for them.

    • “In the last paragraph ZMan states: “It is a big topic that deserves a deeper analysis”. Probably true, but in the preceding paragraphs there is as insightful and succinct explanation as I can recall reading regarding the nature and tendencies of liberal democracy, fascism, and communism.”

      And nobody would read a deeper and more detailed analysis anyway. Nobody would be *able* to.

      Do the coffee mug!

  32. Reminds me of the classic Futurama quote: “I say the whole world must learn of our peaceful ways – By force!”

    Liberal Democracies get their moral hegemony by taking well-known words and deconstructing them to mean something generations ago would not even fathom. People living in the 1800’s would look at you with horror if you said access to smut was a fundamental human freedom, regardless of your personal moral preferences on the matter. They would also be confused that our libertine society would allow that in the name of freedom, but then turn around and talk about how hate speech was not protected speech.

    At a certain point, the words become an incoherent mess to the extent that they can’t point to anything in reality they actually relate to, and the ruling class are reciting what are essentially Lewis Carroll nonsense poems to each other.

    This started a long time ago, one of the most agregious examples when the Department of War became Department of Defense after WWII, and we proceeded to get ourselves involved in clearly aggressive foreign entanglements.

  33. The United States has made war on every major nation (and lots of minor ones) on earth except for two: France and Brazil. Republican governments always evolve into empiricisms, which we have done. You can see where the centrifugal force of our ruling elite is headed. My guess is that it has finally met its match in modern Russia, which possesses the kind of modern weaponry that can sink our aircraft carriers, the symbol of projected American power worldwide. All it will take is the destruction of one of these behemoths before you see our naval officers in a revolt against the insanity of the Ruling Class.

  34. Outstanding essay today z.

    However, with news that the Supreme Court will likely over turn Roe v Wade, I’m sure most here are anxiously awaiting the left’s shrieking hysterics that are about to unfold. Things are about to get lit.

    • You didn’t think that the Dems were going to let the 2022 elections be about the economy, inflation and immigration, did you? The GOP is stupid enough to let them make it all about abortion.

      • The fact the doc got leaked so the judges could get intimidated into backing down shows where we are as a nation. If the GOP was smart, which they aren’t, they would deflect everything by saying the Left wants to threaten justices.

        Of course, the rabid left would nod and agree, but it would absolutely demolish any moral high ground they had.

        • It’s not a coincidence that the leaker is a fake-american. It was a Pajeet that leaked it. Bringing a little India to America.

          • @3g4me
            Amit Jain is their name. I saw it on VP this morning and I googled the name which brought a bunch of stories about it.

      • MikeCLT: Spot on. Perfect distraction, perfectly designed to attract the blue hairs, the saggy-boobed old womyn, and all the super-smart college girls (of whatever putative ideological persuasion). The evangelicals and conservatards will eat this up and their brainless, monomaniacal focus will be front and center with the media.

      • Well, it’s interesting, I’m not sure how to look at it as a dissident. Your thought crossed my mind. This will energize the left and create a demon that will radicalize the hive into their shenanigans in November. Just look at the leak itself. Some member of the hive working as a clerk for one of the justices clearly unethically leaked it to the press. This shows how hive members see higher morality as serving their cause rather than following rules of a system. This will always be the case, and the conservatives can’t understand this.

        HOWEVER, there’s another way to look at it. For years, conservatives have finked on their Christian voter that have consistently voted in representatives based on this issue. Con inc has waved this like a red handkerchief in front of a bull. Finally, they have given their voters what they want, which could certainly revitalize the Christian base. As unlikely as it may seem, maybe the right is growing a set of balls. Time will tell.

        • In states controlled by the Republican party they are going to have to follow through and vote significant abortion restrictions, if not outright bans into law. It will be interesting to see how many fink in the face of pressure from globohomo.

      • The Roe v Wade play really is a political masterstroke by the Left, even if it is a few months early.

        They’ve managed to direct attention away from all their failures and get their base fired up all with one simple leak.

        The Right gets very little from this. Heck, overturning RvW is going to remove purpose and funding from orgs committed to fighting that specific issue.

        At best, some of the RvW energy and funds could be redirected into pushing back on gun control, but that is not guaranteed.

        It’s too bad we can’t corral all the Left scriptwriters into writing for pro wrestling. That way they could still practice their craft without destroying Western society.

      • Thinking about it in terms of elections is shortsighted. Having a right to abortion enshrined by the Courts is the sign of an unhealthy society. Especially in a country with a TFR way below replacement level. Probably the worst thing the ruling does is give normies hope the system can be salvaged and reformed.

      • Sorry, but this is loserthink. The only reason to have power, the only reason to seek it in the first place, is so that you can enact the policies that you support. Otherwise, it’s just a pointless waste of time. The last thing the GOP needs is another occasion where they gain power and then refuse to wield it because they’re afraid of the next election, or of what the New York Times will say about them, or of the wrath of blue checkmarks on Twitter. The next election is pointless if we just elect a bunch of cowards who won’t do anything that we want them to do – more “vote harder for the uniparty” with the consolation that you can enjoy a nice National Review cruise with David French and Jonah Goldberg. We’ve been stuck in that rut for 30 years, and it’s gotten us nowhere. Time to start being bold – to stop being terrified of power and to start using it.

    • I’m not sure I will chase that squirrel. If the court overturns Roe, nothing of any import changes.

      • not for most of us but it will animate the crazies. Might just be it’s intention.

      • Of course you won’t. You’re not a retard. But a good portion of the GOP and Conservative Inc. will.

      • As a practical matter I agree. However, the left’s reaction will be massive. Womyn with pink pussy hats and hands maid tape costumes protesting throughout the country, hysterical crying and wailing on tv and in congress, endless moralizing and lecturing on every single channel of tv. They’re going to turn the dial up to 11.

    • and that will deflate their covid and ukraine efforts. in the end, all three efforts will fall short. the cabal shot their wad with covid, the normies are still in covid refractory period and are nowhere near ready for another go-round. this is what thrashing looks like…

      • They are wearing themselves out. They might think they know what exhaustion is, but they don’t. I, on the other hand, have been doing more IRL laughing out loud at events than I have in the last 10 years. Evil and stupidity are, at least in part, entertaining. The only battle that truly matters is the last one.

    • “Things are about to get lit.”

      Which is why my reaction to this news (?) is one of suspicion.

      I just can’t banish the thought that somebody needs a *gigantic* distraction for *everybody* for some reason or other, and what could be better than this for such a purpose?

    • The only interesting thing is either the Deep State or a disgruntled justice or clerk broke precedent and leaked the opinion to promote violence against the court. Overturning Roe changes basically nothing.

      Anything that makes places such as New York and California hostile to the central government and wanting to separate from it (and, as stated above, this won’t) is a good thing. Anything that pits the system against the judiciarly is a good thing. This leak does that.

  35. By definition everything American is now fascism. We have a few gargantuan corporations working hand in hand with a Government we can’t see to control every narrative to the point it’s safe to say everything told by the official organs is a flat out lie.

    This Deep State system run by our Cloud People are also very expansionist. You either do it our way or we will destabilize and destroy your country. How many times has America done this to a nation since 1945?

    And now we have hit the wall against a country whose policy is to burn the world if they’re going to be destroyed. None of this will end well for us, but at least Washington D.C. will become crispy critters with a few shadows burnt into any surviving slabs of concrete.

    • while i do not wish for nuclear war, it will remove 90+% of the evil people from this country.

      • I wouldn’t get misty-eyed if, say, San Francisco wound up on the receiving end. The country could use a good enema.

  36. To steal a page from the Commies’ book, both fascism and communism had a detailed analysis of the economic “base” that undergirded the cultural and ideological “superstructure.” Liberal democracy conspicuously lacks this analysis… but it doesn’t lack an economic base, and if there’s hope, it lies there — all the murderous silliness of liberal democracy can only exist with effectively limitless, cost-less energy, which in turn relies on the petrodollar.

    The Clowns in the Swamp are all-in on MMT. They don’t think big depressions are possible anymore. If they’re right, the GAE can continue blustering and threatening and fighting to the last Ukrainian / Taiwanese. If they’re wrong…

    • Hope to avoid nuclear disaster lies in two places. One is the Europeans revolting against economic hardship forcing their leaders to break with Washington on Ukraine. The other is Russia not wanting global war.

      • When does Russia turn off the oil and gas to Europe? That would bring things to a head.

        • The shutdown already seems to be happening in a piecemeal way as some countries are refusing gas for rubles.

          You also see a lot of countries trying to buy re-exported gas, which is effectively massively increased demand for a limited supply. This will price some former customers out.

          No help is forthcoming from North Africa, which lacks the capacity and the desire to assist Europe. That makes perfect sense due to their long running historical grievances and the reality Europe is well on its way to becoming northern North Africa.

      • you don’t think there is a military faction that will step in should the cabal decide to go “all in”?

        • I think the military faction is even more insane than the rest of the Swamp. Think about what it must take to have survived all the purges of the Obama / Trump years. What’s the psychological profile of the average general at the Pentagon these days? Should the GAE actually have to fight, they’ll make Stalin’s post-Purge Red Army look like the Sardaukar. They know it, too, which is why they’ll be faster on The Button than anybody.

          • I very much agree with this.

            Commentators like Scott Ritter and Martyanov insist there is a bloc of professional realists remaining in the Pentagon that will prevent the worst excesses.

            I would ask them to present their evidence supporting said claim, because I haven’t seen or heard anything indicating this perspective is correct.

      • I’d lay money on the “Europeans” named Mohammed revolting because of economic hardship long before Hans und Franz do, since they have been gelded long ago.

  37. Well after total success in cleaning up Afghanistan and regime change in Syria why not move on to the quick work of asserting total dominance over Russia and China.
    What are they going to do, destroy our economy or nuke us?

    A new manifest destiny baby!

    • That’s the plan according to at least one analyst. Prepare for GAE to mutate into full blown Leviathan:


      His analysis seems reasonable. (I have no idea how close his estimate of Russian capabilities are to the truth.) His analysis assumes that there isn’t a nuclear holocaust or a global financial crisis. I would add that GAE needs to avoid a revolution and civil war as well. This seems manageable with somewhat competent leadership pulling the levers of power. The face of leadership can, of course, be a dementia patient or a literal dumb whore.

      • “His analysis seems reasonable.”

        I demur.

        His analysis depends, like all the others, on his secret knowledge of Putin’s thoughts and expectations:

        “Events did not go as planned.”


      • His take is disappointingly close to CNN’s and the ISW neocon hive.

        Russia is performing far above his estimates and the Western wunderwaffen are not as good as advertised.

        He also fails to understand the collective West produces next to nothing any more, energy or goods.

        He fails to realize that the sanctions on Russia have done and will do far more damage to the West.

        Europe in particular is going to turn into an economic backwater, or even a black hole that drags the Atlantic bloc under the waves.

        On the flipside the Russian ruble is higher versus the dollar than pre-invasion. Russia is raking in dough from increased commodity prices. They have so much cash on hand they’re not quite sure what to do with it.

        The real X-factor is Xi’s total commitment to zero covid, which may undo China and the US. This is also how we know Xi is insane, because anyone that believes they can eliminate a cold virus has permanently detached from reality.

        He fails to understand the green junk is one giant scam that only creates market inefficiencies that lead to looting opportunities.

        He seems to think attempting to maintain dollar hegemony via CDBCs backed by economic and military force is a good idea.

        Finally, he actually seems to believe Biden is in charge, which is simply an L-O-L take at this point.

        This guy had some good covid takes…but his take here is pretty banal, and hews far too close to the MSM agitprop for my taste.

        • “Europe in particular is going to turn into an economic backwater, or even a black hole that drags the Atlantic bloc under the waves.”

          Yes, and I wonder what their millions (I think it’s 50 million continent-wide) of “Maghrebins” and other assorted jihadists will do when European gov’ts are obliged to just tell the truth: No more welfare payments and no more pensions for anybody. Will the jihadists stay or go?

          “The real X-factor is Xi’s total commitment to zero covid, which may undo China and the US. This is also how we know Xi is insane, because anyone that believes they can eliminate a cold virus has permanently detached from reality.”

          This is just baffling. The only think I can think of so far is that his government knows that things are reaching the point at which they cannot feed China’s population, so he is just letting as many as will take themselves off of his hands by starving or jumping from a high-rise apartment building do so.

          I don’t know. It’s just baffling.

          • There is very little likelihood that the lockdowns in China have anything to do with Covid (apart from the marketing).

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