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In America, what is called the political Left operates within a few modes of thought tied to seminal events on the Left. One if the civil right era, another is the Watergate era and the other is interwar Europe. All events are framed by this period. If they do not fit these models then they are usually ignored. Of course, their framing of these periods is cartoonish and absurd. It is all easy to understand heroes and villains, who are stripped of moral ambiguity and nuance.

What passes for the Right has always been an echo of the Left, so they have evolved similar framings. It took a while but the 1980’s is one of their primary frameworks for talking about current events. They are always looking for the next Reagan, Thatcher or Bill Buckley among the current mediocrities. Their answer to almost every issue is a slogan from the high water point of conservatism. Modern conservatism is a cargo cult where current members ape the members of the past.

Like their friends on the Left, the Right also has an obsession for the interwar period in Europe, but with a different emphasis. While the Left checks under their bed every night to make sure Hitler is not waiting for them, the Right is always sure Neville Chamberlain is lurking somewhere, ready to give away the Sudetenland. Like the Left, their understanding of that time is cartoonish and absurd. All the players are exaggerated heroes or villains with crude moral choices.

This can be traced to the Reagan years. His innovation in the Cold War was to call the Russians the “evil empire.” This may be the first example of a politician convincing adults by using a reference to a children’s show. Everyone dealing with an affluent white female liberal (AWFL), who quotes Harry Potter all the time, can thank Ronald Reagan for that bit of cultural innovation. Ever since, the right has sorted the world into extreme villains and themselves as the heroes.

Of course, the most extreme villain is Hitler. Reagan stopped short of calling Gorbachev the new Hitler, but that generation knew their history. Those that followed have thrown around the Hitler language as recklessly as the Left. Saddam Hussein was Hitler and his party was “islamo-fascist.” In fact, every Muslim with a complaint about bombs dropping on his head was called an “islamo-fascist” by conservatives. Even the Taliban got this label from conservatives.

In this framing, every Hitler needs a Chamberlain and Churchill. In conservative framing, Chamberlain is not a man who wished to avoid another horrible European war, but a foolish sissy unwilling to face reality. Churchill is not a reckless warmonger known for his alcoholism and lack of judgment, but a heroic visionary who could spot Old Scratch coming before anyone. Of course, every conservative sees a bit of Churchill in himself, so he is always ready for another war.

We see this with the undeclared war on Russia. Putin is Hitler, despite the Russian role in defeating the real Hitler. The Russians are the Nazis invading Poland, even though the guys on the other side are extreme Hitler enthusiasts. Biden has to be Chamberlain, even though he barely knows where he is most of the time and it is his administration that launched the war against Russia. His failure to take it to the nuclear level is proof that he is too soft on the new Hitler.

You see this deranged mental state in this American Conservative post about a warmonger convention held in DC. Those who point out the massive failure of thirty years of pointless wars of choice is now called a neo-isolationist. Note how not supporting aggressive imperial wars of domination is isolationism. Note also that the people who say this love quoting the Founders, except the part where Washington warned about entangling alliances.

Part of this framing is the lack of scruples by modern conservatives. The warmonger events are sponsored by the war machine and they pay well. Sites like National Review are now wholly dependent on money from Big Tech and the Military Industrial Complex, so they are happy to sell endless war, foreign and domestic. Conservatism is now just the public relations arm of the security state. It is why they never expose themselves to pushback on these issues.

That aside, it still leaves the obsession with Hitler. In the middle of the last century, the men who actually fought real Nazis rarely mentioned Hitler. The occasional joke about the old enemies was as much as they did. Their children and now their grandchildren, who grew up insulated from all of life’s troubles, are obsessed with events that happened almost a century ago in another country. The war on Russia reveals that this derangement is getting worse.

The answer may simply be that the so-called conservatives are just boys and girls playing a role, wearing costumes too large for them. Like children in their parent’s clothes, modern political actors are midgets compared to the men who created the roles they are now asked to play. To make up for the fact that they are fleas on the society they inherited, they exaggerate their role in it. A similar phenomenon drives the Left, which also operates like a cargo cult.

Another factor is cultural inertia. The Global American Empire was born in the Second World War and its evolution was in the context of its shadow. The Cold War was driven by the energy of the war against fascism. The energy from the initial creation of the empire was channeled into the Cold War. The residual energy that now gets channeled into endless wars of choice is just cultural inertia. It is the old rationale for existence looking for a place to go in post-Cold War age.

Regardless, the only way forward for America and the West is to finally close the books on the 20th century. That will require a lot of funerals and retirement parties, but Father Time is undefeated in this regard. Once the people defined by the endless fights over old ideas like nationalism, fascism and communism are gone, then the new fights over civilizationalism can begin. The question is whether the actuarial tables can do their magic before it is too late.

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218 thoughts on “Turn The Page

  1. It is fascinating to scroll through all of the comments and realize that one important key fact is missing. All of the men about which various posters are complaining are mere mortals. They are flesh and blood, just like anyone else. While they may be in possession of wealth and influence, such trivial things are of no moment to the one who has the will to act.

    This is not a suggestion of any rash action against the well-being of any other person. This is a challenge to be the one to act and to lead…instead of just posting one’s discontent.

  2. Great article but it was Jefferson, not Washington who used the words “entangling alliances”. Of course this just bolsters your point because Jefferson was consciously referencing Washington’s warning about permanent alliances. So the neocons ignore both Washington. And Jefferson

    From the web:
    Washington advised against “permanent alliances,” whereas Jefferson, in his inaugural address on 4 March 1801, declared his devotion to “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.” It is a pet phrase of isolationists warning against foreign commitments.

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  4. don’t know if you guys have noticed , but the war has taken all the attention away from the train wreck of supply chain issues . Work in a factory, and we can’t get anything . my relatives in farm country say between the price of seed, fuel and supplies and the unviability of fertilizer and herbicide, we will all be going on a real diet later this year . also , our electric utility told us we would “probably” not be affected by possible “rolling blackouts ” this summer because we are under industrial customer contact. good luck guys

    • Chaos & mayhem, societal & economic collapse are necessary in order achieve the reboot and live a happy subservient life under our global Marxist overlords.

      • Yes, but things don’t always go as planned. Especially when you are an elite, living in a self-created bubble. Just ask Louis XVI or Czar Nicholas. Still waiting for the promised “Global Communism” and the “Thousand Year Reich”. The “Great Reset” might end up with a very different meaning than the global elite intend it to.

  5. “Note how not supporting aggressive imperial wars of domination is isolationism. Note also that the people who say this love quoting the Founders, except the part where Washington warned about entangling alliances.”

    Note also you never see polling that risks an accurate result about things such as sending 54 billion, pre-skimmed domestically, to Ukraine (to also skim, in part), to murder White people on both sides. Graft and genocide may satisfy the salons of D.C. but they likely don’t poll very well.

    As you pointed out yesterday, the big question is why the MIC and other monstrosities even bother funding the controlled opposition any longer since the Left also is awash in blood and the related cash. To keep the cucks bought, maybe?

    • Probably to keep the people thinking that they still have some means to politically address the issue. It’s like Coke and Pepsi claiming to be alternatives to each other, when in reality they are both just selling you bubble, brown, sugar-water. To the limited intellect, a false choice is often acceptable, whereas no choice would be too hard an impact of reality.

  6. The UniParty arrangement you cite has been most accurately called, “The Warfare/Welfare State”, by Ron Paul and other libertarians. It rightly calls it so, because it calls out the grift that underlies both projects. It also, for those with the context, is meant to call out the entity that is responsible for enabling both grifts – The Federal Reserve. The pre-2008 will never be anti-war because their welfare toy, (empty moral posturing via legalized theft and/or direct grifting where the wealth redistribution handouts are almost all interecepted before it hits the homes and mouths of the poor), depends on it, and Conservative Inc. gets the war chest largesse. The UniParty is rallied around/united in support of its great enabler – the Central Bank.

    We will know the dissidents are serious when we start making very serious noise about throwing their ring of power in the fires of Mt. Doom and dissolving its charter. That single move, done in an orderly way, would put an end to most of the political fights needed to fix this unfixable system. It would not be some grand party at the end. But, it would call us to be and do what we say we want to be and do. Namely, men of valor who are creators and builders and who are unafraid of the responsibility that freedom requires. It would call us to meet our forefathers and build a project grounded in fiscal and economic reality.

    The imperialist project began when the Constitution was being written. It gained momentum and support through figures like Admiral Mahan and was really birthed in the Progressive Era when the UniParty arose – and not coincidentally soon after the Central Bank was born.

    In a separate thread I did some research on Yarvin after your last post. That guy has no plan. He is a buffoon and we would be wise to do a serious job of discrediting his stupid ideas. There are so many holes in them it won’t be hard to do. I’ll address at another time.

    The entire Progressive project is in late stage collapse. That will create opportunities to build the new civilization. Our challenge is to organize and take the first seats at the table before Davos and its troupes of infiltrator clowns do. As the outsiders looking in, that is a tall order.

  7. Throughout the 2015 GOP Primary I often joked that people like Rubio sounded like they had read the book “How to Sound Like Ronald Reagan and be Liked.” The problem has been around a long time.

    In 2016, Trump captured the cultural zeitgeist by hammering on immigration and pointless wars. Assuming we ever have a real election again, the 2024 winner will be the person who captures the anger of the public over what is being done to them and whose campaign targets GOP reps and Senators in the Official Government Party.

    In 2015, I felt that the person who had the clearest anti immigration stance would win. In 2024, it’s going to be the person with the strongest anti-government stance. Democrats think they’ll be able to use 1/6 against Republicans. I think 1/6 will be the discriminator – proof that you’re the real deal.

    The Judge in the Sussman case – Russia hoax – is married to Lisa Page’s lawyer. The candidate who talks about that incest in the Government, and who is willing to stand up and call b.s. on Ukraine, Covid, Fauci, vaccines, inflation, Somalia, etc as symbols of an incompetent government that needs to be gutted down to the rafters and studs, has the best shot.

    Operation: Decapitation. Run on the principle that every appointed bureaucrat gets fired, gut the Government, and secure the borders.

    “They’ll spend $40B to defend a corrupt Central European regime – but the won’t lift a finger to defend Americas borders.”

    Make them choke on it.

    • Alas, I fear the person who would venture into that territory would be Epsteined or Arkansided.

      It’s a nice thought though.

      Frankly I’m surprised that, even with all of his faults, Orange Man is still above ground.

      • Add Durham and Musk to that surprise list.

        There are a couple other names that should be there, but they slip my increasingly fuzzy mind right now.

      • Trump is still “above ground” as he was able to intersperse his private security detail within his Secret Service protection detail. The government types protested against that, but was overruled by Trump himself.
        Trump has more “on the ball” than many people realize.

        • Don’t forget that, during Trump’s first campaign, he advocated friendship with Russia. But the Russiagate pressure got to him, and he cucked. It was Trump, not Obama, who started giving heavy weapons to Ukraine, setting in motion the trainwreck we are facing today. I do not agree that Trump was “on the ball.” Trump learned nothing while in office.

      • In this environment, the iconoclast, or at least their anti-establishment actions, must appear out of nowhere as with Trump and Elon. Otherwise the regime will snuff them out before they get a chance to act. The Regime has already started the “dirty tricks” campaign against Desantis, since they have identified him as an emerging threat. However, this has always seemed to be the case. Heroes of the Civil War – Lincoln and Grant, where almost unknown 5 years before the war. New circumstances bring about new leaders.

  8. let’s talk about Payton Gendrons
    I don’t know he was part of planning a false flag to undermine/suppress white
    but shooting random black instead legitimate target such as Larry Fink
    The incident will turn out backfired on white people who supposed to be he care

    he is no good to anyone but small hats, hell they already started another propaganda that white replacement is false

    • this is obviously not going to happen as he probably lives in a gated community and he either rides in a limo or has his car in a garage – but I can imagine someone going to fink’s neighborhood and hitting his car with a sledgehammer saying:

  9. Speaking of war. Our ruling elite may be corrupt, senile, and full of shrieking she-men and soyboys, but they have realized something that the White majority hasn’t (yet?). They realize they are at war with us. They also realize that since 2016 they have had “the initiative”. Initiative in military terms means that while you may not be the stronger side, you mostly get to decide where and when to fight the battles. Initiative, in fact, can outweigh huge disadvantages in numbers and firepower.

    The way I now view our politics since 2016 is as a series of battles provoked by a now united ruling elite against everyone else. The military-industrial complex, the Establishment Left and Right, the “agencies”, have all had their differences but they seem united now in a strategy that first of all relies on maintaining the initiative. This is the real root of the crisis-of-the-week media cycle. We began in 2016 with a rather low intensity mobilization against Orange Hitler. Then we had 2 years of Sturm und Drang hysteria over Covid, then that ended as suddenly as a freak hailstorm, shortly replaced by Ukraine’s heroic struggle to fend off the Commie-Nazis.

    Just in the last couple weeks they’ve opened up a carny act off to the left of the main clown show in the form of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court leaks. Those who have been genuinely concerned that the 180 year-olds in charge of foreign policy may have blundered into humanity’s last war might take heart. If there’s anyone sane left in the ruling elite they will see to it that abortion-abortion-abortion replaces Ukraine-Ukraine-Ukraine as the Most Important Thing in the Universe. The ridiculous bloated “aid” bills to the Ukie oligarchs will be killed, the media will finally start to notice all the actual Nazis we’re supporting over there and Zelensky will be told to wrap up his stand-up act, take his money, and flee the nightclub.

    This is what it’s going to be though from now until we get rid of this bunch of parasites. They will keep their precious initiative any way they can. We’ve seen their willingness to march all of us to the brink of WWIII to do it. This is THE question for dissidents – how do WE get the initiative? So far we’ve batted away this series of attempted strikes but to win any fight you need to start throwing and landing punches.

  10. Reagan was wrong to call Soviet communism evil? Lots of the Cold War was for sure bogus for benefit of the military-industrial complex, but I wouldn’t dare disagree with Solzhenitsyn appraisal of his country after the revolution.

    And it was the Soviets and the Left that were calling Reagan a fascist or Hitler or racist or anti-gay, etc. The truth of the matter is this: the pro-Reagan people of the time (ie: normal white people) WANT their leader and country to be racist, anti-gay and all the rest. All those evil code words mean this: being in the interest of normal white people. Remember people, the Deep State tried to assassinate Reagan. If you think Hinkley was just some Jodie Foster fan, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

    What needs to be understood that these terms like “racist”, “fascist”, “phobic”, “Hitler” ARE NOT REAL. They are political slurs of the Left meant to unperson.

    For the page to be turned on the 20th Century, a key paradigm shift would be to make the masses understand that the CURRENT (let alone the past) atrocities of the Left are “Hitler” times 100. Atrocites such as: forced diversity/invasion, welfare dysgenics, pornography, feminism, homo-trannyism, fake pandemics, poison vaccines, engineered race riots, brutal censorship, war mongering, and plenty more.

      • To get their man into the Oval Office?

        They had managed to manipulate Reagan into picking GHWB after having floated the preposterous Reagan / Ford Co-Presidency idea at the GOP convention in Detroit. They would not have floated a Reagan / Buchannan Co-Presidency nor a Reagan / Paul Co-Presidency or a Reagan / Schlafly Co-Presidency.

        They knew that they could count on GHWB to do their bidding.

        They knew that GHWB had proven his usefulness to them.

        They knew that their consiglieres had counseled a rub out of Reagan.

        They knew that senior members of the Anglo-Zionosphere were on board.

        They knew that their disjecta membra stationed everywhere from Saigon to Stockholm preferred that one of their own be POTUS.

        They could count on Prescott’s spawn to do the right thing.

        They did not know if Ronnie would do the right thing.

        They were not sure whether Ronnie was the man to inspire the young John Brennans and James Clappers.

        Well, post-assassination attempt, they found out they could count on him.

        • GHWB was certainly aware of the uses that had been made of Prescott Bush: What he had done, how richly he had been rewarded and how securely the families fortunes had been established.
          He was certainly fully aware of how the game was played.

      • Drama constant agitation, Mindfuck, kind of like now, without the kosher technology.

      • Agree. Sheesh, just look at who staffed his administration. His VP a former CIA Director. Wineberger: lifetime military/Federal/Defense Contractor/Harvard Graduate. I’m too lazy to look up the rest.

        Regan was an interesting President. He had persona. He got tax reform passed. But he was bought and paid for the day he took office, if not before, just one more Deep State puppet in a very long line.

  11. ||| “Once the people defined by the endless fights over old ideas like nationalism, fascism and communism are gone, then the new fights over civilizationalism can begin. The question is whether the actuarial tables can do their magic before it is too late.” |||

    Speaking of tables and statistics, the rate of illegitimacy within the White race stands at over 40% now. Iceland sits at the summit with the rate of 70% followed by France which recorded 62% births out of wedlock in 2020.

    This sketches a devastating picture for the future.

    Where will these children end up?

    Won’t they be recruited by the gangster elite to perpetuate their hold over the West for another generation or two?

    Won’t these fatherless youngsters be siring another battalion of social mischief makers?

    Whence will come discipline and order?

    • The statistics you cite do not tell the whole story, or at least do not address the issue you imply—fatherlessness. A birth out of wedlock is not Ipso facto a fatherless child. To evaluate that, we’d need follow up surveys on how many of the out of wedlock births entail no future relationship to the biological father for the child. For example, we’d want to know what percentage of the out-of-wedlock mothers who later on marry the biological father, or another male, or how many of the “fatherless” children have no strong male influence available—such as a grandfather or uncle.

      Of course, these “ameliorating” statistics will vary by race. This is not a recommendation to have children prior to marriage

      • Too, as someone shared here just yesterday about his tactical divorce, there are often penalties to getting (or staying) wed, and conversely, benefits to being unmarried. Obviously, the pros and cons will vary by nation and differing laws.

        Now, I’m not claiming that marriage is always good or bad. Nor am I exploring its religious meaning. Strictly in practical terms, however, I think far too many “moral” people think that just because a man and woman get married, that it somehow creates a magical bond and solves (or prevents) all manner of real world issues. I submit that marriage is, in fact, just a piece of paper (granted with varying rights and responsibilities, varying by locale). Just because a couple are married doesn’t by some miracle make the job appear, the mother be a good one, the father be a hard worker and good provider, the family unit stable, or anything else.

        “But married people are more stable by many measures!” You may argue. Very likely. But consdier this possibility: Isn’t it more likely that people who actually marry are a self-selecting group, those more likely for successful outcomes (what I say above, notwithstanding)? To think that merely getting wed will improve any randomly selected couple is merely magical thinking, as ludicrous as the Egalitarian Educator who’s sure that giving some dullard a high school or university diploma irrespective of whether he’s earned it will somehow confer him the same abilities as average or superior students who had potential and actually put in the studies.

        Please down vote as you see fit!

        • There is no need to down vote a well reasoned comment as yours are almost always to my recollection.

          What we (I) see in modern “couples” is a growing tendency to cohabitate without the legal binding of marriage. And of course, the “one night stand” has replaced the “good night kiss” in all too many dates.

          This of course—even in the midst of abortion on demand—adds to the statistic of out of wedlock births as often marriage is not considered a necessity to “bind/secure” the relationship.

          I’m not particularly convinced of the wisdom of this, but it is what it is. Thankfully, we do see many couples remain couples for the sake of the children conceived, or if they separate, the fathers attempt to remain involved.

          I was a pack leader in the Boy Scouts that my son was in until he made Eagle Scout. Nothing was sadder than the *single* mothers who enrolled (dragged) their sons into the pack in search of a father figure and male companionship/bonding for their sons. They realized too late they should have secured the relationship before punching out a baby. I hope we made a difference, but a couple of hours a week and a few weekend outings can never substitute for a live at home father.

          I hate the “Feminazi’s” as Rush called them, they ruined many a boy’s life.

  12. Chamberlain’s strategy of delaying war as much as possible makes perfect sense in the context of nuclear weapons development, but the masses didn’t know this at the time. What is most interesting is that Chamberlain’s strategy was vindicated as at minimum respectable, if not ideal, within a decade but his reputation as a coward as remained frozen ever since.

    • It’s a complex story. First, it wasn’t just Chamberlain who wanted “peace in our time” — it was a sizable chunk of the British ruling elite. If you watch Ishiguro’s fictional “Remains of the Day” you’ll get a realistic picture. Too many Brits and too many French had vivid memories of the horrors of WW1. People like Daladier had actually fought in the trenches. The fat, stupid, and bellicose Churchill, who never fought a day in his life, was the precursor to today’s chickenhawks.

      Hitler himself had no particular designs on the British empire. He just wanted lebensraum for the German people — at the expense of the Slavs. His heart was never in warring with English people, whom he considered “too much like ourselves.”

      The problem for Britain was the treaty it had with Poland. When Germany invaded Poland, Britain was forced to declare war. How reluctant it was can be gauged by the fact that for nine months nothing occurred (the “sitzkrieg”).

      • Churchill never fought a day in his life? You might want to do a little reading on that.

      • “The problem for Britain was the treaty it had with Poland”

        The treaty was not a problem. The treaty had a purpose. It was achieved.

      • The toothbrush mustache man had a plan to recreate the Roman Empire on an industrial scale with industrial slave labor. He made no bones about not just Lebesraum to the east but the need/requirement to do the same to the Celtic and Gallic and Latin peoples. Anyone who has read his book can see his explicit calls for such. And the man was a committed ideologue.

        War with him was inevitable, merely the time and place for the choosing. In that Buchanon was and is flat dead wrong. Indeed every sensible adult who considered the case after the war: Ike, De Gaulle, Adenauer all came to this conclusion in their memoirs.

  13. So, “neo-isolationist” is supposed to be an insult? ‘Pon me word! That’s a label I’d own in a New York minute.

    If I live long enough to see the birth of Whiteland, I sincerely hope that it will be as isolationist as possible. The more concourse a nation has with other nations and peoples, the more likely it is to become contaminated and embroiled with them. This, in turn, tends toward demographic pollution domestically, and war abroad. To the extent that a nation is autarkic, it is a happy nation.

    • And most European nationalists — Golden Dawn, BNP, French National Front, Jobbik — would agree with you. That’s why they’ve all been against the wars and invasions in the Middle East. They see it as a win for the transnational elites while they, the common people, have to pay the price in refugees settling in their countries.

  14. I fully agree that we need to “close the books” on the 20th Century, and look at WWII in a much broader perspective than is usually done now.
    Strangely enough, even though the war was fresh and painful in so many memories, that once seemed to be much more commonly done and encouraged up until the 1970’s, with a variety of opinions allowed in the mainstream such as those of AJP Taylor, and with popular TV media such as the excellent “The World at War.” Soon after that, WWII became all-Holocaust-all-the-time.

    I believe that, roughly 20 years ago or so, an opinion poll of British WWII veterans showed that they overwhelmingly rejected the values of the Current Year, and that they had most definitely not fought on behalf of such values. That’s not to say that the results of the war didn’t ultimately contribute to our current mess.

    Since history at least “rhymes” rather than repeats, I think it’s still useful to find several 20th-Century figures worthy of emulation and who offer us good examples for today. I’d pick Robert Taft, Calvin Coolidge and Teddy Roosevelt, among others. And of course Enoch Powell.

  15. As often, a great essay with diverse topics. I’ll only add some troubling questions, none of them necessarily easily answered:

    Why did the USA enter WW II? What critical national interests did we have, to take one side or the other?

    Were the Nazis really that bad? Yes, sure they were. Yet Stalin’s Soviet Union, even prior to the war, already had established a track record, even if they took great pains to hide it from the West, of levels of barbarity against their own subjects at least equaling, and perhaps exceeding, anything the Nazis did later.

    Exercise for contemplation: If forced to choose one side or the other, isn’t it possible that the Nazis were more in alignment with the values of America as a whole, which is most assuredly NOT to claim those who control(led) our government? I’m not saying they represented American values, far from it; yet isn’t it possible that Germany’s interests matched America’s more than the Soviets’ did?

    And finally: why have hundreds of thousands of American lives been sacrificed in that war, and many before and since, all to little apparent true national interests?

    Who really controlled our government then? Who controls it now? And finally, is that control truly in the long-term interests of the nation?

    These are the types of questions you NEVER hear discussed in a class room. In fact to merely ask them, much less to investigate them, will evoke all sorts of odd opposition.

      • W. B., there is a fair bit of speculation that his death was no accident, and that he was silenced by those who made the deal with Stalin. He was ready and willing to drive his tanks to Moscow.

        • “Target Patton” by Robert Wilcox is a great place to get acquainted with the evidence and theories regarding how and why he died. Does not seem to have been a garden-variety car wreck.

    • There was a severe economic downturn in 1938. The New Deal was failing. FDR was at that point a popular dictator who needed to deflect to international issues. He chose the Soviet side because it was a way easier sell to the American people, as we would be in alignment with Britain. Also, his cabinet had several full blown communists, whitewashed by history. The real reason for they hysteria against McCarthyism later on. McCarthy actually did find important communists in D.C. and beyond and it would have harmed the newly deified reputation of FDR. I see nothing that says FDR was a communist himself. I do believe however, that his full vision for the country was far to the left, with 80% tax rates on just about everyone and a centrally controlled semi-planned economy, similar to 1970’s Sweden. This attitude was and still is perfectly natural for someone born into old money, has no idea how money is really made, and considers the entire topic of “making a profit” to be disgusting.

      • All true, but also something brought to my attention recently was the puritanical desire for war. A good illustration of this was the Song of Freedom in the movie Holiday Inn (it’s on Youtube for those interested), and in cruising old ad/propaganda archives on the web the same FDR “New World Order brought to you by the Puritans in the U.S.” spiel turns up time and again.

        • This is one of those interesting ideas that get glossed over but should be explored more. XX century was hijacked by the progressive-Puritan religion and we still have to pay for it. The justification for the Ukraine war is rooted in a crusade mindset.

          This religion was more akin to the communist secular religion and so they played along as convenient opposites.

          We have to replace them with a new thing that we have to acknowledge as a religion from the beginning as we cannot extract religion from the human mind. But this has to be a religion closer to reality as much as we can make it. And reality has nasty opinions on equality. We have also have to make it explicit that the human family is the core of society and have to make explicit that freedom of association trumps multiculturalism.

          And if we have to admit freeriders they have to acknowledge that power belong to those that are capable of maintaining civilization. If other-Americans were smart they would prefer that the old anglo-german regime be in charge of things. They built the Empire State in one year and multicultural/BigFed-US struggles to build an escalator and thinks criminals should be catered to at the expense of decent people.

          • I would suggest that the “hijacking” by the Puritan/Progressive axis actually began with the agit prop preceeding, and then culminating in the War of Northern Aggression. The Republic, in any meaningful form, died at that time to be replaced with a “nation” held together with martial law, and no political voice for the former States of the CSA.

            Crusading Puritanism continued at full throttle with the coup against Hawaii, and even more definitively with the Spanish-American War, and the subsequent suppression of the Filipino freedom fighters. The voyage of the Great White Fleet was not lost on the world, either.

      • This is not true. In 1940, the Daughters of the American Revolution funded and distributed Woody Guthrie’s record imploring “American boys” to disown “Roosevelt’s War” for small hats against toothbrush mustache man. By August 1939 the two mustache men signed the Molotov Ribbentrop Pact. In the US the Communist Party was solidly against any act against either mustache man until June 1941.

        When for some reason they changed their minds.

        What prompted the signing of the pact was Stalin’s conclusion that after the Munich Conference the West would not fight, and that he had to make peace with the other mustache man or fight alone. Note: Germany and Russia had cooperated extensively both during the Weimar Republic and after 1933 in military affairs.

    • “Why did the USA enter WW II? What critical national interests did we have, to take one side or the other?”

      Presumably you’re talking about the European war rather than the Pacific war.

      The answer is actually rather simple: There were no critical national American interests in Europe. We entered for ideological and imperial reasons.

      FDR had been a member of the Wilson administration; he was a Wilsonian liberal internationalist and an American imperialist who wanted to finish Wilson’s mission to “make the world safe for democracy.”

      After World War I, the Republicans sought to repudiate Wilsonianism by refusing to ratify the Treaty of Versailles and by a “return to normalcy,” by which they meant a return to the Monroe Doctrine.

      The country returned to solid Republican rule during the 1920s, but the Depression hit while Hoover was in office. Democrats were able to successfully blame Republicans, and the nation gave FDR and his New Dealers a blank check to do literally whatever they wanted.

      One of the things they wanted was to get involved in the European war after 1939 so they could finish the plan for liberal internationalism Wilson had begun in 1917. But public sentiment remained solidly against involvement in another foreign war until Pearl Harbor.

      Stupidly, Hitler declared war on the U.S. a few days later, giving FDR the opportunity he had been waiting for to send troops to
      Europe. It’s interesting to note that while a U.S. territory was attacked in the Pacific by Japan, and Germany never did and never could attack us from across the Atlantic, FDR immediately pursued a “Europe first” strategy and the first ground troops the U.S. deployed in the conflict were against Germans and Vichy French in Africa.

      Involvement in the conflict gave the Democrats the opportunity to implement “League of Nations 2.0” as the United Nations, and to establish a “democratic” Global American Empire by permanently garrisoning troops in the defeated Axis countries and by fighting North Korea and Red China under the guise of the “UN” only five years later.

      • But he wasn’t sold on war until we began economically floundering in the depression within the depression. His speech on the Grand Coulee Dam opening was practically mocking Europe for creating a war machine while were busy stringing power lines everywhere. The problem with FDR was that unless you worked for Bechtel or other massive conglomerates you were screwed. Much like today. The small business owner was being strangled by DC idiots. WW2 was a nice distraction where he was able to gamble the country’s future and win.

      • The toothbrush mustache man had many plans for the “America Bomber” and of course the V2 rocket would eventually be turned into the ICBM. By the same guy who used to work for the toothbrush mustache man and got us the lead in both ICBMs and the space race.

        It had been the policy of the US since the McKinley Administration to prevent any one nation from dominating Europe. The Atlantic at that point being a highway not a barrier. Indeed the Kaiser had three different plans to invade the US in/around New York City, before WWI. These plans were well known, not carried out as the fleet and supply ships were lacking. [The Kaiser wanted most of the Caribbean, and viewed American forces as weak and easily beaten]. As was extensive German meddling in Mexico which was filled with German advisors during the Revolution and Civil War.

        Just as Russia/Putin will not tolerate nuclear missiles and NATO airbases in Ukraine, so too would the US not tolerate a hostile Germany controlling Europe. Germany was considered by Ike among others in his memoir Crusade in Europe to be the more dangerous power as it had greater resources and a more well trained and equipped military than Japan.

      • America was defacto at war with Germany before Pearl Harbor. FDR had the US Navy attacking German UBoats in the Atlantic in late summer. The German declaration, invaluable to FDR as a domestic propaganda tool was merely a recognition of a reality concealed from US citizens.

  16. This latest provocation over the weekend of Sweden, and particularly Finland, chomping at the bit to enter NATO just makes me think these people truly are disconnected from a reality that could bear any consequences.

    I cannot figure out if its the ‘play acting’ Z points out here or the fact that the US & NATO have been throwing their weight around with no consequences for decades. But whatever it is, its clear they are doing everything in their power to push Russia’s back against the wall. Once you position them in a place of ‘you against the world’ what is to stop them from just playing their role to the hilt?

    If you corner a dangerous animal it tends to lash out with everything it has because it makes the rational determination that “I’m going to die anyways, may as well go down swinging”. Now scale that logic up to a country with 6000+ nuclear warheads and the sane person is simply baffled by the current and new set of provocations being rolled out.

    Do they think they can survive a large scale nuclear exchange? Do they think this is a movie set and like the Avengers & Harry Potter they will always win the day? Are they so use to steamrolling over everyone they are simply that myopic and arrogant to think no one will strike back? I am truly puzzled by the brinksmanship but at the end of the day, it troubles me greatly.

    I have a very ominous feeling about this Finland thing in particular because you’ve hemmed this country in now on every side with NATO states right up against their borders. I can imagine some future time with a bunch of the people still left sitting around a campfire cooking rats that they caught for dinner.

    “Grandpa, tell us again what started the Final War?”
    “Well, not much of anything really, a lot of stupid old people were put in charge of an unserious country and became bored so they decided to provoke a still serious country for no reason.”
    “So that’s the reason we eat rats and dodge radiation zones?”
    “Yes, it was the last and ultimate case of ‘F-cked Around and Found Out’. Now eat your rat before it gets cold.”

    • ll the women politicians have grown up in a world where the prohibition on violence against them is so strong that you can goad whoever you want and scream in their face for your whole life and never get smacked in the face.

      Any pushback and you get run to the authorities to apply force on your behalf as the victim.

      Its not any different on the world stage. Biology is biology.

    • Sweden is getting taken over by Muslims, the very fabric of its society rent asunder by the invasion of these savages – and it’s worried about white guys in Russia. Try to figger that one out.

      Although having said that, I must admit I was quite upset with Vlad for sending Muslim Chechens shouting “Allahu Akbar” into Ukraine, if that news report is to be believed.

    • “Are they so use to steamrolling over everyone they are simply that myopic and arrogant to think no one will strike back?”

      Quite a Catch-22: on the the one hand, I’d LOVE to see someone strike our arrogant and evil regime a death blow. On the other, I’d prefer not to be nuked.

    • ” these people truly are disconnected from a reality that could bear any consequence”

      Spot on. We have seen it in more minor forms, albeit some dangerous like BLM and Antifa. These are infants who believe everything is emotive and nothing can harm them or deprive them of Netflix and primo coffee. It almost–almost–would be worth it to watch these types deal with disease and famine, but that’s just as bad as they are in the sense of detachment from reality.

  17. I didn’t get far into that article when I reached the, ahem, money quote. “We are currently only spending 4% of GDP on defense…” There you go, it’s all about the dollars. They might have a better chance of selling that snake oil if that wasn’t their starting place.

    Then we had all the business of numbers of ships in the navy and such. My question is, to do what with? Which of course is never really answered. More of a “build them and it will be great” sort of thing. That’s where all of this falls apart. No one ever articulates what exactly our policies should be, just that we need to be ready to go to war at all times. Well, if history shows us anything a large standing military always gets used even when it might not be necessary. In my experience when you do things because you can, not because you need to, you’re headed to a bad end.

  18. Fiddlesticks.

    Sometimes the labels fit. Saddam was called an Islamo-fascist because he was gearing up to make war on the entire middle east and was just fine with genocide and ethnic cleansing. He attacked his neighbours (and our allies) – and that might have had something to do with all the bombs that fell on his head. Those mutts are not nice guys that would be our friends if only we were nice to them. War is as much a part of their nature as theft and vandalism is for blacks.

    And let us have some clarity about the Endless War: the profit is not in the bombs themselves (although many of the Cloud People profit from it) – the real money is in the reconstruction afterward – where the grift potential expands by an order of magnitude.

    Finally, Churchill WAS a drunk. But he was as smart as you, and was famous for cutting his naysayers to ribbons when they crossed him. He saw the growing threat of Germany when no one else did and unlike our leaders today, he had an enviable service record.

    Labels are problematic but the Dissdents use them too: ‘grillers’, ‘normies’, ‘neoliberals’ etc etc. They are better described as file names.

    We are about to repeat history too. Remember all the bad things Hitler did? He scapegoated the Jews! We are scapegoating the Russians as we speak. Mostly at the behest of powerful Jews in gov’t who mysteriously seem to be retaining their wealth and positions while others are losing theirs.

    Hitler threw out judges that were deemed enemies of the state and the people. Your last supreme court judge was an affirmative action nogger that needs a biologist to tell the difference between men and women. Others that have over-ruled the last POTUS on taking serious action on The Wall.

    Hitler burned books. Hmmmm what kind of books did he burn? Matt Bracken over on Blab was on about how the rainbow brigade want to indoctrinate your pre-schoolers with gay colouring books and readers that extoll anal sex, faggotry and pedophilia.

    Hitler scapegoated the Jews. Hmmmmm. Were his Jews doing as well during hard economic times as ours seem to be doing? As asked before… how was it that the Jews were doing so well for themselves when everyone else was starving?

    Hitler took over the free press!!!! Hmmmmm. Every other day, we see the (((journalists))) of the NYT promoting hatred of whites. I wonder what is going to happen with that if it keeps up?

    Say what you want – there IS a repeating pattern here, it is as old as mankind himself and some of the small things are obviously going to change… but the metrics are much the same. There is nothing new under the sun.

    • The Germans at that time were not relentless propagandized to their own destruction for 50 years by electronic media.

      • Hogwash. In the day of the Weimar Republic, the Germans were entirely responsible for WW1, and thanks to their vanity and arrogance they had to be made to pay! So…20 years?

        Add that to the 75 years since WW2…they’ve been gaslit for a long, long time. For all that Germany is only a few steps ahead of us in the race to cut their own throats…

        • I think you misunderstood me.

          I was simply pointing out that the German people had not had 50 years of anti-german TV in the 1930s, as it did not exist. So they actually decided to make a change in response to the situation.

          Unlike the post war west, which is unlikely to repeat the same pattern as the self-hatred and nihilism prevents any similar thing happening no matter that the situation is very similar.

    • [Saddam] attacked his neighbours (and our allies)

      Do tell. Do you speak of the “ally” that tried to sink one of our naval vessels, or the ally whose nationals manned the 9/11 planes?

      • … or the ‘ally’ that was carrying out extensive and tediously thorough surveillance on all of the 9/11 hijackers and neglected to pass that information along to American intelligence? Although to be fair, perhaps they did and it got stovepiped and vanished by our own. I’d like to think that was a crazy notion, but it is crystal clear that the evil rats running our empire would in a New York second ignore a warning that resulted in thousands of dead as long as it also resulted in a profitable permanent war.

        • I am speaking of Kuwait, but if you are referring to Saudi Arabia… again, let us have clarity. If you want to say that Al Quieda speaks for the Saudis… that would be like me saying that BLM and Antifa speaks for the dissidents.

          The Saudis are not your friends… but, as moslems go… they aren’t your enemy either.

          • very late response …. sorry, i should simply be more explicit.

            I was referring to Israelis. It was Israeli intelligence who had a MASSIVE operation spanning continents surveilling the eventual hijackers. One has to give credit to Israeli intelligence: the hijackers were going to hit someone, and the Israelis made sure that it was not going to be them.

    • During the Iran-Iraq war the US directly armed Iraq and indirectly armed Iran (which was under embargo) via Israel in the entirely illegal enterprise known as “Iran-Contra” where the US sold arms to Iran via Israel and used the proceeds to arm insurgencies in Central America. Hasn’t that worked out well? /S

      • I have a sneaking suspicion that all that heavy metal going to the’Kraine is going to come back and bite us the same way…

    • You have been listening to Mark Levin too much in calling Saddam an “Islamofascist”. Next you will say we can’t just cut and run and we have to fight them over there instead of over here.

      SH invaded Iran and we applauded. We gave him arms and intel and the ability to make chemical weapons. He invaded Kuwait over a territorial dispute involving oil. Our ambassador , April Glasbie , explicitly told him that the US had interest in his squabble with Kuwait. I feel like I am reading a comment from NRO

  19. “Regardless, the only way forward for America and the West is to finally close the books on the 20th century.” – It’s usually wars that do that. Look at how the books were closed on the 19th Century. It’s couldn’t get more ugly. Feckless European blue-bloods from another time altogether. Deep down, perhaps they wrecked the place because they knew their time was up soon anyway.

    Fast forward to today. The United States and its leadership may as well be wearing powdered wigs in a vastly different and new era. The new era will be born, whether it’s good or bad, and we are destined to be mostly a pot smoking, can’t get its sh t together backwater in that era. The Axis of power and money in the new world will be in Eat Asia, and even Russia will be sort of in the Canada role to those countries, which isn’t a bad gig. We’ll be lucky to get any foreign investment of any extent for years, a mirror image of places like Argentina or Brazil.

    • I’ve been living in rural Argentina for 18 years now and believe me, you coud do far, far worse and in many ways those in the USA already do drawn from what info and anecdotes I glean from there from far, far away.

      • Dissidents would be mad if they wouldnt trade the US for the demographics of Argentina, whatever its problems.

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  21. “Once the people defined by the endless fights over old ideas like nationalism, fascism and communism are gone, then the new fights over civilizationalism can begin.”

    One difference between the dying generation and the current ones is that the oldies had a past to compare the current one with. The youngest generation, which is just coming of age, has been in flux for their entire lives. There is nothing with which to compare the delusional world that gets offended due to improper pronouns. Orwell talked about words and their deliberate destruction or redefinition. He didn’t say as much concerning the constant war involving the destruction and redefinition of reality.

  22. I was someone who was pretty liberal growing up and to some extent still is – but I think a lot of lefties felt the same way I did in 2008-2009.

    You had all these political victories from roughly 1955-1975. Then you had Ronald Reagan come in and wreck it all and you spent 40 days in the desert. Then Obama comes in and takes us out of the desert and was a fulfillment/completion of a prophecy.

    The tea party movement and the 2010 elections was pretty traumatic for me. It makes me wonder if blm and other great awokening things are simply a lashing out in response to the 2010-2016 elections.

    • I cannot associate with anyone who voted for the Bat-Eared Bolshevik. Even as awful as McCain and Romney were/are. Some sins are unforgivable.

      • Wait….Krusty was SERIOUS?? I thought his tongue was so far in cheek it was coming outta his ear.
        That or a pathetic attempt at trolling.

    • “ Then Obama comes in and takes us out of the desert and was a fulfillment/completion of a prophecy.”

      That is funny. I am old enough to remember a nearly same expectation from liberals of Bill Clinton in the first few months after his election.

      Interestingly there was never the same savior role projected onto Biden. The start of his presidency had a distinctly darker feel. It had had more of an anticipation for vengeance than salvation.

      • The vibe I got from Bidenbots was “We are rid of Trump! Now what?!?”

        Disorientation, which fits perfectly.

        • They and their children may soon be staving but their Twitter feed has been spared mean Tweets so all is right with the World.

      • “Interestingly there was never the same savior role projected onto Biden.”

        It was not for lack of wanting to. If they could have they would have. But projecting the messianic aura on that senile old coot was a bridge too far.. So the emphasis was merely on getting rid of Trump. And had anyone had the temerity to ask what Biden’s platform was, the acerbic response would have been, “Can’t you see we have to focus on getting rid of Trump? Once we get Biden elected we’ll talk about the issues.”

        Even the people who voted for that husk of a crooked political stooge must have know they were voting for a senile old coot and the only way of justifying it was to claim that Trump had to be removed at any cost.

      • There are quite a few early still shots with Biden’s head framed with a halo created by framing the shot with circular logos behind him.

        They do this all the time now in the US and the EU after they started with Obama.

    • So the prophecy was that someday a black man would come and make the health care system worse?

    • So basically, you have learned nothing, and forgotten nothing. Still laboring in the vineyards of Satan, ignoring the consequences, but always on the lookout to work some pointlessly evil vengence, rather like Iago, on those who didn’t willingly accept those accumulating, and accelerating consequences. Dude, this is disappointing.

      While I am still on the books as a Democrat (camouflage), I have not been a “practicing” Democrat for at least 20 years. I moved on as the evidence of not only their incompetence or wrongheadedness mounted, but also of their active malice toward white gentiles, and the tradition and perpetuation of Western civilization in general, became inescapably clear.

      • Well I kind of think the left needs to seriously reconsider things. Like the party used to be more willing to appeal to regular Americans.

        Like the dems really wants to win texas but they seem to forget that people like Lloyd bentsen and Lyndon Johnson were elected as senators there.

        • I remember when the left was anti-war and referred to #40 as Ronnie Ray-gun. Fast forward to President Nobel Peace Prize who proceeds to open up more fronts on the “war on terror” and whose administration singlehandedly destabilized Syria and Libya. Libya to the point where slave markets are back!

          • which was a bad idea. Aside from the obvious assimilation issues and overpopulation, it’s not even helping the left. The country was whiter 30-40 years ago and the dems had a lot more downballot power, paradoxically.

    • Obama and woke would never have happened without Dubya. Gore would’ve been a mediocre president, and the Dems would’ve been agitated left in the meantime, but without the Disaster That Was, it would still roughly be the Clinton party.

      OTOH the country would still be circling the drain, but I think there’d be less anger about it on both sides.

      • The anger is a feature, not a bug. It is necessary for the changes our masters need to perpetuate their power.

        • Yes, but it’s also an opportunity.

          Obviously not referring to you, AWM, but one thing that bugs me about the right is how there are people preaching turn the other cheek or coming together, and people who try to shunt that anger into voting or running harder— none of which will bear good fruit imo. Playing the game only makes you weaker.

          Whatever happened to getting angry and imposing your will? Not lashing out violently and stupidly, but putting your foot down, and having your way. Everybody knows deep down that should happen, has to happen, even the people who stand to lose. I’d guess its why they’re looting and ruining so intently at the moment. It blows my mind.

    • “The tea party movement and the 2010 elections was pretty traumatic for me. It makes me wonder if blm and other great awokening things are simply a lashing out in response to the 2010-2016 elections.”

      Oh, you poor baby! I know those 65 year old ladies were scary for you. And we can’t have BLM or Antifa take responsibility for the billions of dollars in damages they did. They “lashed out” in response to the horror. Totally justified!

      • What I’m saying is that 2010 was traumatic for me at the time. I think the disappointment of the Obama years led to things like occupy and later the blm/woke movement. Trump becoming president was sort of an accelerant.

        The blm/woke/tranny movements have a juvenile sense of make believe to them. If only we just abolished police, prisons, borders, gender etc everything would be coming up rainbows. I wonder how long it is before they say that gravity is a social construct. It’s at that point where you end up in Xhosa/Jonestown territory.

  23. OT, yet a recall of Z-Man’s discussion on the dearth of seriousness…when one watches a Zelensky selfie video, he feels exactly like just another YouTube/Twitch “””influencer”””. He might as well be saying e-celeb shit like: “We be spreading only good vibes here in this community” and”Make sure to smash those like and subscribe buttons” and even “If we reach our goal on $$$-funding/imported arms, I’ll do a vid of a zany prank on those dastardly Ruskies”

    But Zelensky’s allegedly the Churchill of our times…

    • That $40 billion stretch goal worked out great for him and his cronies.

      Its the MIC GoFundMe.

    • What is the deal with Zelensky always wearing casual clothes?

      I keep seeing videos of him were he is meeting foreign dignitaries all dressed up and Zelensky has his street clothes on. It reminds me of when politicians are on the campaign trail and they have to smile and shake hands with some common schlub.

      • Wasp-

        The olive drab and tan stuff Zelensky wears are supposed to look like military fatigues.

        This is to promote the perception that he is taking a break from killing Russians with his bare hands on the front lines.

      • To see some of his previous work on Gab, just be grateful that he has clothes on at all.

    • The, “we want to save our boys,” line about the Azovstal fighters is pure Hollywood.

  24. Actuarial tables may be undefeated, but the generation of leaders not quite ready to surrender to father time’s undefeated military are no better than the octogenarians and in many ways are actually worse.

    It could be that Father Time’s army is going to defeat the empire itself in the upcoming battle, rather than just her feckless leaders.

    Well, at least the surrender documents will be signed by diverse women of color.

  25. “…waiting for the actuarial tables to work their magic.”

    Maybe. I’m a 70-something boomer and I’m still fuming over the idiocy of people like Earl Warren, Everett Dirkson, and LBJ. Those bastards are dead, but their policies live on generation after generation.

    • Henry Kissinger is still around. He was old when I was a kid. I’m starting to think there is something to this adrenochrome business.

      • 😀 Yes I can identify with that. Kissinger is 99 years old. My parents (both long dead) married the year Elizabeth’s reign began (1952). She is “only” 96. It’s amazing how long some folks live.

    • “I’m still fuming over the idiocy of people like Earl Warren, Everett Dirkson, and LBJ”

      “Greatest Generation,” LOL

      • The Greatest Generation has much to answer for. The 1965 immigration act, for starters.

        • The “Hart-Celler Act.” Both Hart and Celler were the first generation children of immigrants. As were many who voted for it. It had less to do with any “generation” as it did w/ the reality that immigrants support immigration, preferably with specific cutouts for their co-ethnics.

          • It has to do with a successful attempt to dilute the American population, and it happened on the Greatest Generation’s watch.

  26. I’d say that Father Time is doing his job. Young people don’t have the emotional baggage with Hitler. He’s just another historical figure, like Washington or Caesar, that they read about in school.

    Even the holy Holocaust story is losing its punch, if for no other reason than many young people aren’t white and simply don’t care what some white people did to each other a hundred years ago. Despite the fixation on fascists, young people have no real idea what it means. To them, fascists equals “mean people.”

    The boogeymen of the 20th century don’t mean much to people born in the 21st century, especially if those boogeymen are a different race. Young people of all races have been taught that whites of past – all whites – were evil, so why focus on Hitler. Of course, he was evil. He’s white. But Churchill was white too, so he was also an evil colonialist. American whites who fought was evil racists keeping down black people.

    In the minds of young people, if they think about these people and times (which they almost never do), it’s all a blur of evil white people. The usual suspects are going to have a harder and harder time using the events of the 20th century to mess with the minds of whites, much less non-whites.

    • When you’re no good no matter what you do, you have the opportunity to choose to not let others dictate your behavior. I hope they do that. I hope they abandon education, reputation, expectation, ideology, etc., and forge their own way.

      This world hates you. It can’t stand the thought that you’ll go on without it. It wants you to die with it. Be free of it.

      • Some young whites are following the path that you mention. But there’s another interesting group who are going the traditional route but are aware of the situation.

        They’re not sure what to do. They could have a decent life in the system but they’d have to take a lot of shit over the years. OTOH, going another route – an unknown route – is dangerous.

        It’ll be interesting to see what they choose.

    • Yes, exactly.

      The other secret is that you know who is seen more sympathetically by Indians & Arabs than Churchill. Firstly because he promised to liberate all British colonies, secondly because of the Israel issue (largely caused by Churchill as well).

      In the minds of libs this is impossible because you know who was the Most Racist of all time and POCs would never support the Most Racist.

      I don’t necessarily think the crumbling of 20th century narratives is a bad thing even if it’s brought on by demographic changes rather than ideological ones.

    • Alas, accidental or willful ignorance of the past will not preclude a new generation from repeating those mistakes. In fact, I suspect it increases the risk. As some wise man said: “The only thing we learn from history is that we fail to learn from history.” Maybe the Millennials will be the first generation to achieve the dream of peace, love and universal brotherhood. I wish them the best, but humanity’s track record suggests a rather different outcome.

    • As for young people, Citizen, I don’t know which is worse – the emotional baggage of Hitler or the emotional baggage of pronouns.

    • The “holohoax” is indeed the “fraud of the twentieth century” and can easily be debunked utilizing logistical and engineering principles. The Germans are good engineers but still cannot defy the laws of physics.
      An energy poor country ships jews by rail to camps only to kill them in non-existent “gas chambers”, also claiming to be able to to cremate thousands of bodies per day. None of these claims are possible. Add to that using “bug spray” (Zyklon B) as an execution agent is laughable. The purported “gas chambers” do not have gas tight doors, ventilation systems or explosion=proof light fixtures–all serious errors that would have killed the operators. From “electric floors” and “masturbation machines”, to “soap, “shrunken heads” and other absurdities, this whole “holohoax” business cannot stand honest scrutiny on its face. This is why some countries have passed laws declaring “holocaustianity” to be a state religion in which no dissent or honest investigation into this event is permitted. Let’s not forget that “world jewry” declared WAR on Germany in 1933. Yes, 1933.
      Anne Frank was a part of a black market and smuggling operation when members of her operation were arrested and sent to camps. She died of typhus. Her father survived after being treated in a camp hospital. What is a hospital doing in a “death camp?” Her “diary” was partially written with a ball-point pen, not invented till the 1950s. Time travel anyone?
      It is long overdue for the holohoax industry to be recognized for what it is…a massive criminal hoax.
      Zionists collaborated with the German government to make life uncomfortable for jews as a way had to be made to “encourage” them to emigrate to Palestine. It was zionist leaders who proposed that jews wear the yellow “star of david”. In fact, there are commemorative coins that were issued celebrating the agreements btween zionists and the German government.

  27. Great post.
    Devon Stack recently compared republicans to toddlers in car seats, thrashing about while trying to break free. They’ll never be able to do so and have zero control. All the while, mom and dad (the left) are driving the car wherever they decide to go knowing the toddler in the back will never be able to escape.

    • Not a bad comparison, especially as the more you struggle, the tighter the belt tension becomes.

      So when does the right finally realize that you can just press the button and the seat belt releases?

      • I think at some point mommy and daddy just get out and leave the windows rolled up on a sunny day.

      • Melissa, clue me in on how to find Devon Stack. I love his stuff but can’t find him on the internet. Help! Thank you.

    • “ compared republicans to toddlers in car seats”

      Yes. Listening to a conservative state his principles is like listening to a 4-year old say he wants to be a cowboy when he grows up.

      He may sincerely believe it, but one can never take anything they say seriously.

    • This is a great framing analogy. I was raised a free range kid: no seat belts, let alone car seats; left to my own wits and imagination with a bicycle and the admonition to be home by dinner. Every kid today is cocooned in a smothering blanket of regulations and prophylactic, safety-at-all cost egalitarianism. I am amazed that any of them still have the sense to chafe at their bonds and struggle to be free. The liberal campaign to immanentize the eschaton by removing the concept of failure from human consciousness has instead resulted in a pitiable failure to thrive, consigning future generations to a permanent childhood crippled by a weak grasp of reality. Perhaps the greatest thing we as dissidents can do is take every opportunity to break young people free from this maladaptive conditioning. Recall another Reagan-era shill, Sally Struthers: “Won’t you save the children?” Right question; wrong execution.

      • Jordan Peterson took a giant step toward this goal today, pointing out that fat women adorning the cover of SI are not fun to look at. May I take it a step further and point out also that no out one wants to look at a 70-year-old woman in a bathing suit, a la Elon Musk’s mother. It’s all of a piece with the ugly architecture they are forcing on us. Beauty reminds the toddlers on the left that there are various natural hierarchies, the summit of which they will never see. Thus Sports Castrated.

        • Speaking as a relatively young and quite healthy person dont really get the implied disdain for the elderly here. Being old is not an analogous condition to being morbidly obese. One is a result of mental problems and poor character and the other is vaguely correlated to the opposite.

          Being old isnt ugly and the cultural message that everyone needs to look like teenagers is drawn from the same toilet as everything else.

          Admittedly haven’t seen the particular pictures in question, if shes parading around in a bikini or whatever, that’s trashy whatever the age and she deserves to be dragged not just as whorish but ridiculous.

  28. History shows that wars end when one side (or both/all, a la the 30 Years’ War) is exhausted or broke. That’s it. So I think this will drag on until autumn, or famine, whichever comes first.

    Meanwhile, the spectacle of the hippie generation of politicians and the “Squad” types openly mocking mothers worried about baby formula shortages while sending weapons and $40B (the entire food stamp/afdc/wic program is only $90B!) to Ukraine is the perfect finale to the generational farce of American politics. Born in free love and free speech, the gerontocracy has become a fascist death cult – censorship, vaccines and abortion are its sacraments.

  29. Of course the irony about the Hitler obsession is that Hitler was a direct but unanticipated consequence of the United States abandoning the Monroe Doctrine and meddling in the European war of 1914, and then trying to dictate democratic imperialism at Versailles.

    Germany became democratic, just as Professor Wilson demanded, and when Germans voted for a nationalist party in democratic elections to defend against the Bolshevik threat, we allied ourselves with the very undemocratic Soviet Union and sent the army back to kill them again.

    Brilliant, eh?

    Republican morons who see every foreign policy event as another Chamberlain-at-Munich are too stupid to understand that they have basically been duped into becoming Wilsonian imperialists pursuing the fantasy of global liberal democracy… whereas Chamberlain was intelligent enough to know that Versailles was a sham and that he was not going to get another 750,000 British kids killed for Czechoslovakia.

    When the blind leadeth the blind… well, you know the rest.

    • Not quite. The United States Congress refused to ratify the Treaty of Versailles.

      • Just think of how different our politics were and could’ve been were it not for Evil Moustache. DR has been the correct name imo since ‘48 or so. Similarly for the Left, even.

        • I’ve maintained that Mustache Guy and the fallout from his disastrous 12 years has done far more harm to the Right than anything else in the last century. He poisoned the well.

          Turns out having a mentally ill former street bum running a technologically advanced military power isn’t a recipe for success.

        • The same people would have found a different enemy and a different avenue for attack. Theyve been at war in all places and in all ways with christendom since they murdered its founder, every other cause is only a tactic

    • Thank you to you, AntiDem and the ZMan for setting the record straight on Chamberlain.

      Since I knew a bit of history, one of the many threads that came together to pull me away from the Neocons several years ago was my disgust with their relentless attacks on Chamberlain, a decent man in a horrible predicament, who understood the dangers Britain faced.

  30. Good article.
    While we remember Hitler we don’t remember another man who is quoted below except to tear his statues down with the approval many times of conservative Inc.
    The words of Robert E Lee about the future our republic have proven to be true.

    The consolidation of the states into one vast empire, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of ruin which has overwhelmed all that preceded it.
    Robert E. Lee

      • He’s my favorite punching bag because he would’ve been my rep if I was alive then, but all you have to do is look at the famous portrait of Thaddeus Stevens and realize he chose that facial expression. That’s how he wanted the world to see him lol.

  31. One of the fundamental reasons why DC warmongers remain rabid promoters of endless war is because they have never had a rifle bullet whiz past their head or an artillery shell explode a few meters away. If that were to change, and the real carnage and sacrifice of war were to arrive on their doorstep, then perhaps that experience of reality would curtain their zeal for more bloodshed. Or not, because it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

    Are we then locked into a death spiral leading into WW3 and a nuclear holocaust? I often advocate waiting for the fog of chaos before remedy may commence. This is because, whereas Jackboots will let Antifa riot at will, they will also not hesitate to gun down patriotic citizens like mad dogs if given an inkling of opportunity. Dying bravely is not better than winning successfully from the shadows.

    And so, as in the 1770s, the day may soon arrive where it becomes necessary to take back the country from a covert tyranny masquerading as a democratic republic. As demonstrated in Ukraine, the Cloud People want this initial conflict to pit white guys against white guys in an orgy of mutual slaughter that eliminates alphas. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the alphas said no to that and remained in the shadows waiting for the fog.

    • Ron Paul had a way of bringing to heel those who sneered the term “isolationist” at him. He schooled them on the difference between isolationism and non-interventionism. As usual, he left them gaping in their idiocy, just like when he would try to explain the dangers of fractional reserve banking and fiat money to the MBAs on CNBC and got nothing but vacant stares.

      • Reality checks are important.

        For those who have not yet seen the documentary “2,000 Mules”, it proves to a high degree of certainty that the 2000 Presidential Election was stolen and Biden was selected, not elected. And it wasn’t an emergent behavior phenomenon as Z has speculated, but rather a well funded, planned, organized, staffed, and executed master operation. And none of that could have happened or remained in the dark without the tacit cooperation of the senior Rs and the Stasi.

        My point being, we’re not fighting against incompetent bozos. This is a serious tyranny and needs to be taken seriously.

    • Couldn’t agree more, TomA. The impression I get from our current “leadership”, must be similar to the spectators at Bull Run. If you like dystopian YA fiction for a comparison, imagine the capitol spectators from Hunger Games. They’re enjoying the events and maybe larping at being tough guys themselves.

      You really have to imagine Pelosi, Schumer, Harris, et al, getting a few drinks in and enjoying the grand spectacle.

      Then, to make myself feel a little bit better, I then like to imagine what the Ceaușescus felt when they finally realized the gig was up for good. It always gives me hope.

  32. “Putin is Hitler, despite the Russian role in defeating the real Hitler. The Russians are the Nazis invading Poland, even though the guys on the other side are extreme Hitler enthusiasts.”

    To be Faiiiiiiiiiiiir, Z, the Rooskies took half of Poland as payment for keeping quiet as The Most Evil Man Ever kicked off WW2.

    In June of 1941, the Germans took the rest of it.

    • The role of Poland gets overlooked, but Polish lunacy played a major role in setting off war in Europe. We are seeing it against with regards to Ukraine. The Poles are agitating to send troops to Ukraine and get NATO involved directly in the war. The PQ is ignored at our peril.

      • Funny how they never mention that Poland was ruled by a bona fide military junta, even less democratic than Nazi Germany.

      • Was it really lunacy, though? The Poles actually fought a war against the Soviet Union in 1920 to keep the Bolsheviks out. If Pilsudski hadn’t scored an 11th-hour victory at the Battle of Warsaw in 1920, the Red Army would have walked right into a Germany disarmed by Versailles.

        One can also argue that Poland wouldn’t even have existed in 1920 if it had not been for the lunacy of Wilson at Versailles.

        • Those things may all be true, but I reiterate the (isolationist) questions: What concern did the USA have in such a regional war? It is unfortunate that countries and people go to war with all the evil that entails. But again, was it really advisable to intervene? If so, why that conflict, and not any of a dozen others that (for whatever reasons) we did not step up for?

          The above are surely purely questions of conjecture, speculating how things might have turned out differently. But to ask such questions should be entirely relevant in the present time.

      • Poland was poking the Germans hard before the war. They were openly going after the ethnic Germans living in Poland, forcing many to flee to Germany after losing everything.

        (I mentioned that once to a Jewish lady who said that she had relatives who were forced to flee Germany in the 1930s. Let’s say that she was not amused.)

      • True, just pointing out the Georgian Mustache Man had as “flexible” political beliefs as the Austrian Mustache Man. Since we helped “Uncle Joe” whup Der Germans with our tanks, airplanes, trucks, radios, and food, we Americans tend to “gloss over” who he was friendly with before June 22nd, 1941.

        As for the Poles, they’re about as paranoid as the Russians with regards to invasion. When you bounce between Russian or German occupation (and other folks in your history) you want as much distance between yourself and your old enemies.

        I’ve always joked the Poles can absolutely NOT have nuclear weapons: Moscow and Berlin would be smoking craters in the Earth five minutes after the installation of the missiles was completed.

      • And directly addressing the possibility that the Poles might get directly involved in Ukraine, and the dangers that this would pose, is a recent article from Col. (Ret.) Douglas Macgregor:


        Yes, the Poles did defeat the invading Bolshevik army commanded by Trotsky in the 1920s, but just barely, as xman notes. But beating off the ill-organized commie rabble may have given the Poles an unwarranted sense of power that came back to haunt them a few years later. As Citizen of a Silly Country noted, the Poles were contemporaneously giving the ethnic Germans trapped in the revised borders of the Treaty of Versailles a very, very bad time. This was a major irritant to Germany, yet still largely toothless until the revanchist contingent in their military, in more open coordination with the Nazis after Hitler attained power, and in cooperation with the Soviets, who gave them facilities for weapons development, as well as access to raw materials to rapidly reconstitute the military, laid plans for revenge. The Soviets, also with their own grudge against Poland, jointly schemed with the Nazi government to cut them down to size.

        Today, the Poles may be safe from the direction of Germany, but should they intervene in non-NATO Ukraine, will have a hard time justifying why they should get NATO Article 5 support should the Russians attack them there in Ukraine after having warned them, in no uncertain terms, that this would likely be a consequence of a Polish incursion.

        • It would probably be ignored but Dennninger posted the relevant parts of the NATO charter a couple weeks back and in no uncertain terms Article 5 is NOT applicable if a member has in any way been badgering the attacker.

      • Clearly the solution to the PQ is to deny them LED light bulbs. The incandescent bulbs burn out faster so the population would then be totally diverted towards the task of screwing in light bulbs, which I am told requires a team effort with Poles.

  33. Great column.

    It’s as if WWII is the only history they learn at the WEF youth leadership training. It’s never about “this reminds me of Oliver Cromwell sacking Ireland” or “Catherine of Aragon’s slaughter of the Huguenots” or “Genghis Khan’s siege of Nishapur” or, God forbid, “the Holodomor”.

    Everything reminds them of “something we saw in Germany in the thirties”. If it wasn’t so annoying, I’d find it funny: Hitler is riding their brain like a pony.

    His innovation in the Cold War was to call the Russians the “evil empire.” This may be the first example of a politician convincing adults by using a reference to a children’s show

    Completely normal war rhetoric, rather restrained by Churchillian standards.

    • That is because everyone’s view of history is driven by the relentless 70 year campaign in hollywood against Germany.

      Real history is irrelevant.

      Its no different than the Harry Potter analogy. Constant childish, emotive driven manipulation that sets the majority view without them even realizing it. Always been the same.

    • Catherine of Aragon…

      That’d be Catherine de Medici, before any of you history types wake up.

      • Thanks! Set off my Catholic bells!

        What children’s show coined “evil empire”?

          • Of course. Despite the fact I did see that when I was a child I forgot it was essentially a children’s movie. Here in the days of full grown adults obsession over marvel, Harry Potter and theme parks the lines have gotten kind of blurred

    • “Hitler is riding their brain like a pony.”

      Thanks for the laugh this morning.

  34. You’ve written on this before. But all this is wrapped in “Cargo Cult” behavior. Dumb down education, make life easy, remove most moral guidance and people break out the old rituals to give their life meaning. I grew up in a family full of WWII vets, never recall mention of “fighting Hitler”. On the Japanese front, while how they went post-London treaty and started invading their neighbors is a long story, Pearl Harbor is a pretty clear case of F—k Around and Find Out with economic embargoes. A fairly straightforward case of gambling on a “thunder run” (poorly executed) on PH since the rundown of Japanese oil supplies post embargo was easily calculable.

    • > Dumb down education, make life easy, remove most moral guidance and people break out the old rituals to give their life meaning.

      At my sister’s high school graduation, she had “Dr.” Libtard give a commencement speech (his doctorate was in Education, of course). He essentially told everyone graduating they were all small town hicks who were going to have to realize the diversity of the outside world and challenge their preconceptions. The smugness is what really got me, as he grew up near our town and really thought his ten years in academia made him enlightened.

      My old man just shook his head and said “He’s acting like they’ve never seen a black guy before.”

      To this day, if I ever met that man on the street, I would spit on his face.

      • I travel in “cloud people” land and the type you describe are some the worst. They “escape” that and spend the rest of their lives shitting on where they came from. My family (for the last 200 years) is what you’d classify as “Appalachian belt”. My dad grew up in a town so small they had to pay seven man football in high school. Only reason he and his brother went to college was because they spent sporky time in Korea killing ChiComs. But, though very successful after, he never crapped on people “below” his economic station. It was a good lesson. And I can spot the “crappers” a mile away..

        • This reminds me quite a bit of online dating in the Portland area back in the before times. Every single freaking 20-something woman in Portland had moved there from the midwest, and her profile was just endlessly blathering about how wonderful it was living in an enlightened place away from those evil hicks, with such ahh-mAAAzing culture. Said culture consisting of the fact that the Portland food cart scene makes getting diarrhea much more convenient than anywhere else.

      • I was in a travel queue in Europe and a middle-aged woman from Iceland was in our group. It was one of those times where you stand around waiting for the system to unclog, so you make small talk. This goofy Icelandic woman decided to tell us how diversity has kept the peace in Europe. I started laughing as it was so absurd. Nice Viking lady was not happy with me.

        I’ve said it a million times. These people live diversity in the abstract and from a great distance, but they choose to live as white nationalists. I do not care how they choose to live and I am not all that vexed by the hypocrisy. It is the smug condescension that gets me.

          • “In their mating and migratory habits, liberals are indistinguishable from members of the Ku Klux Klan.” – Joe Sobran

        • Diversity has kept the peace? My word. The mentality would be ghoulishly fascinating if the consequences weren’t so dire.

          • Actually, that is true in at least one case. “Divide and rule” is an age-old tradition of authoritarian government. If you are a minority colonial or other power, few things will facilitate your rule better than a populace of two (ideally more) factions who hate each other more than they do the ruling elite. A despot’s worst nightmare is a united opposition from the peons.

          • Don’t you recall in the 70’s when all those raging ABBA fans in Sweden were detonating bombs, torching police cars, and stabbing old ladies to death with kitchen knives in their local IKEA store.

        • The old observation about the difference between north and south certainly applies, a southerner does not mind blacks living nearby, if they are not socially equal, and a northerner does not mind blacks as social equals if they do not live close…

        • It’s funny that someone embedded in the utopian monoculture of Iceland could think that. She lives like a White Supremacist’s dream.

          • @Vizzini
            Iceland is Sweden on steroids. It’s like Vermont: 98% white, and they send a Bernie Sanders to the Senate.

            What’s weirder is that the Icelanders are immensely proud of their heritage. Sometimes in the nineties, they invited a gene tech company to map out the entire Icelandic genome, so most of them are able to trace their ancestors back to the settlement, often to specific persons in the sagas.


          • Like they’re flaming, frothing-at-the-mouth libruls who adore primitive tribespeople almost as much as they adore themselves.

            Iceland don’t have many enrichers yet because frankly, Iceland is barren, damp, cold and utterly devoid of civilization; not even asylum tourists want to live there.

        • “These people live diversity in the abstract and from a great distance, but they choose to live as white nationalists.”

          You’re describing the typical white liberal, who lives in abstractions untethered from race reality.

          “Diversity has kept the peace” is such a nonsensical statement it’s difficult to know where to start attacking it.

        • That describes my half shit-lib small town in Ohio to a tee. It’s become a bolt hole for people fleeing the implications of what they say they believe.

        • Pity the poor Icelanders. They are so “diverse,” they have to use a smartphone app to ensure they’re not putting the moves on a first cousin. Talk about a failure to grasp reality. Of course Zman laughed. What else can you do when confronted with the absurd?

          • They are so “diverse,” they have to use a smartphone app to ensure they’re not putting the moves on a first cousin.

            They don’t need an app for that, they have their family sorted out down to the last great-grandniece.

            And Icelanders are no more absurd than, say, Californians – much less so, in fact. The girl Z-Man met, might as well have been American.

    • I grew up in a family full of WWII vets, never recall mention of “fighting Hitler”.

      Never met a combat vet who talked war with civvies. During the Algerian war, my grandfather was in a cavalry recon platoon. The only time he ever mentioned the war (in my presence) was when he advised me never to ride a mare to war lest you be raped by the horse behind you.

      • They would talk mostly among each other at family gatherings. And children have good hearing. And my one grandad who spent the war in the North Atlantic, had a fondness for Ballentyne Ale after work and liked me (didn’t like many other people) and after about the third or fourth was pretty open. I was also educated as a historian, so from an early age was always good at assembling disparate bits of information. Served me well in the due diligence business.

        • To be fair, my granddad was in a penal unit; the black sheep of the family, he had gone AWOL during a leave, and was scheduled to a date with Madame Guillotine before the sentence was commuted to penal duty.

          So maybe there’s a good reason he never talked about the war.

    • Had two Uncles in WWII. One in the Pacific Theater and the other in Europe. Both served in the Meat Grinder and lived.
      They hardly ever mentioned the people they fought against. Instead they warned about the system they fought for.

      • “Smedley Butler” syndrome. I remember when my dad (Korea) “broke” on Vietnam. Used to watch the news w/him each evening. Watching Huntley\Brinkley one night and just starts cursing at the TV. Think it was around Tet. I don’t recall exactly what said. But he later apologized just saying what a waste it was. And he’d seen a stalemate up close. Mind you he was pretty gung ho and only a year or so before was arguing with maternal uncle who lived w/us while in school about how shameful it was that he got a shrink to declare him “crazy” to try and avoid the draft.

      • had a n uncle die in combat in Korea . it was enough to keep many of my cousins away from the recruiters office .

    • Lately I have been wondering about the Pearl Harbor comparisons w/ the new Slav Saga. I don’t think this analogy works the way the Ukrainiacs think it does; or rather, it cuts both way.

      EU/NATO was supporting a bad civil war in the now-broken-away republics — surely as bad as any sectarian violence anywhere else in Europe, possibly as bad as the pointless destruction in Syria and other Middle East basket case lands — so it is, well, unrealistic to think Russia was going to let it keep going until their guys lost. Yet EU/NATO either did not foresee this, or they did and they simply wanted our current war outcome.

      The blockade in 1940 (which I had thought was in Indonesia, not the Philippines) surely had no realistic outcome aside from Japan lashing out. But those FDR brain trust guys weren’t “woke,” so… they wanted the war, right?

  35. The slander against Neville Chamberlain ignores the fact that when he signed his treaty with Hitler, the British military was in absolutely no condition to fight the Nazis. If they’d tried, they would have lost, and lost decisively. Chamberlain figured that at best, Hitler might keep his word long-term. But at worst, the treaty would buy the British a couple of precious years to rebuild their forces, which Chamberlain did as aggressively as he could. The gigantic battleship King George V was Chamberlain ‘s baby, as was the Spitfire. Both would prove invaluable to stopping Britain from being invaded from across the English Channel a couple of years later.

    But the Chamberlain as coward story plays into the blood libel that “the world stood by and did nothing” while Hitler terrorized a certain ethno-religious group, and that libel is the basis for the collective guilt of all whites, not just Germans, in what happened.

    • I learn more on this site in any given day than during an entire semester in the diploma mill. Thanks for this enlightening post.

  36. The old joke in boxing is that Father Time is undefeated, but drew with Bernard Hopkins. Hopkins, for those who don’t follow boxing, was twice the oldest man to win a world title of note. Of course, in his last fight he got knocked out of the ring and landed on his head, but the answer to your question of whether the actuarial tables can do their work before it’s too late is probably “No.” I don’t want to go too deep into the JQ (and there are a lot of other elements here), but they live forever and grow progressively crazier the older they get (Kissinger has the longevity of Abe Vigoda and the soul of Jeffrey Dahmer). Nuts like Bill Kristol and media ghouls like Rob Reiner will also be around for a couple more decades, I fear. And they’re still way overrepresented in the foreign policy establishment, which is playing a game of nuclear brinkmanship with unstable females like Nuland on the one side, and very serious, very pissed men on the other.

    Fed posting aside, something besides Mother Nature has to stop them. Whether that’s isolationists like Rand Paul or mothers rioting over baby formula or a deistic God temporarily disobeying the rules he set in order to reach down with his hand and crush them like the old Monty Python foot, I don’t know. But it’s looking like that happens or we’re doomed. One thing’s for certain: shooting up dindus in a grocery store definitely ain’t gonna get it done.

    Anyone with eyes can see the misery at home caused by the neglect/hatred of Americans by their rulers. Look at this video and know that either there are only going to be more and more places that look like this the longer this crap goes on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-6TaN-9LnU&t=346s

    Jung was right about the collective unconscious, and the more the people in charge neglect and scapegoat their own population, the more people internalize this hatred with self-harm, like addiction.

    • Kissinger and Soros are big WTFs. Kissinger wasn’t young when I was born and I’m old.

      • There is a reason so much fetal stem cell material is required from the abortion complex and we seem to be run by 80 year olds.

        Its interesting how women have been mind controlled to willingly sacrifice their babies for the old age treatments of the connected.

        Those extra treatments available in the club are sure attractive to the ever expanding club.

        As you get older who is going to give that up?

        • WEF stooge Leana Wen made bank trafficking baby parts when she led Planned Parenthood.

        • There was a case recently (like the Gosnell horror case) in which young Hispanic-American girls were being invited to parties by other girls who would then get them drunk and let boys take advantage of them. The girls were then threatened (by cartel members, operating on this side of the border) to remain pregnant for a few months, then get abortions, for which they would be paid a nominal fee. The fetuses (extracted by a doctor in Juarez) were then sold to a Chinese cosmetics firm. Apparently the unborn tissue has a rejuvenating effect on the faces of rich old ladies. Naturally, this case didn’t get ANY traction in America, even among pro-lifers. There was too much unmitigated evil, and it was all counter-narrative. Hispanic and Chinese human tissue traffickers harvesting fetal tissues so Pelosi-like monsters can hide a couple of their wrinkles.

          The good thing about evil, though, is that, once faced with it, you are forced to choose and can no longer remain complacent.

          • Most people when faced with evil choose to believe it’s not really there; or even really evil. Their mind can’t comprehend the existence of such horror so their mind doesn’t allow it.

            ““The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.” -J Edgar Hoover

        • A while ago I was reading an old translation of pseudo-appolodorus and he had a section on Medea renewing Jason’s father and others to youth by replacing their blood with new young blood.

          This is the sort of “ritual” knowledge knocking around in certain circles since the bronze age it seems.

          • Funny thing about blood transfusions, if you get enough, or just the right ones, you’ll develop antibodies which can kill you, and will never go away. Until finally, you’ve developed enough antibodies that you can no longer receive blood cells, no matter how badly you need them.

            Now, you could get phenotypically matched blood and drag this out longer, but that requires a lot more infrastructure. Not undoable in a clandestine setting, but difficult.

          • @Outdoorspro

            I always wondered why the whole media thing about cloning vanished in the early 90s after the massive stories about the sheep etc.

            No antibodies to yourself.

            Wonder what those biolabs around the world are up to?

    • Just imagine something other than sneakers hanging from those wires and we’d probably be on the right track.

      • Power and telephone wires are engineered to withstand the load of winter icing, a flock of roosting birds, or high winds. But a man’s weight might be too much. I’d recommend a stout tree limb or perhaps the mast of a convenient street lamp. 🙂

    • Why a vid about the nice neighborhoods? Lawsy, that must be the cleanest, safest hood in Philly, or it’s a film from 1950.

      I call and raise you six.
      Roosevelt Blvd and Rising Sun to 2nd St. And it’s just a regular place where regular folks live.

  37. > Churchill is not a reckless warmonger known for his alcoholism and lack of judgment, but a heroic visionary who could spot Old Scratch coming before anyone.

    It shows the effectiveness of the propaganda machine that a man so despised he was thrown out of office right after the war is now considered the gold standard for national leadership.

    If you want a good example of modern spin, check out this article talking about Churchill’s well documented advocacy of gassing cities:


    • If you’ve dealt in complex litigation with “white shoe” forms the contract lawyer v litigator is a good analogy. Normally you deal with the “contract guys”, suave, cultured, went to great schools. When things go wrong, they call down to the “litigation specialists” that are usually kept in cages on a different floor. Whole different creature if you’ve seen them in action. Chamberlain was an old urbane partner on the oak paneled floor. Churchill, was let out of his cage to do the ripping and tearing, then put back in once the job was done.

      • The Left used to do the same with their animals. The public face was a jocular fellow like Tip O’Neil, while pit bulls like Schumer were locked in cages out back.

    • Or read David Irving’s biography on the man – that is where all modern Churchill critics get their ammunition. I’m afraid we’re still waiting for volume three, but the two first can be downloaded for free on Irving’s website. (As can his opus magnum, Hitler’s War.)

    • I would say public opinion on Churchill after the war was mixed, if not slightly positive since the British were seen as the victors again, even though they couldn’t have come close to accomplishing it on their own. The British of that generation were still raised to believe they were the greatest country in the world, and Churchill allowed some of them to still believe it. There is a video on Youtube of Churchill’s funeral procession set to “I vow to Thee My Country.” There are enormous crowds lining the streets to pay their respects, it includes men who are obviously veterans of both wars. That he was hated in his time has become a bit of a myth on the DR.

    • There are a couple of YouTube videos of modern people who tried to keep up with Churchill’s daily drinking routine (and that doesn’t even include the amphetamines and barbiturates that his doctors were prescribing him). Basically, none of them could manage it, and you come away wondering how Churchill could remain functional at all.


      • That recalls one of my favorite scenes from “Game of Thrones,” save those that don’t involve nudity 😀

        Tyrian Lannister (“The Imp”) is scolding his page for not being able to keep up with the drinking: “It’s not easy being drunk all the time. If it were easy, everyone would do it.” 🙂

  38. You wrote “quotes Harry Potter”, and my eyes saw “VOTES Harry Potter.”

    Same difference.

    An entire generation of leaders about to come to power who’ve never read any of the Classics of Western Civilization, and know only poorly written stock board characters from a children’s book.

    Have the feelzzz, wave the wand, hope really hard, and good wins. Yay!

  39. As you indicate, all these babbling and incoherent voices are bought and paid for by the military-industrial complex. That’s probably all there is to it. And this MIC has become something like the egregores or golems of the kind that (supposedly) were created and used in the Middle Ages — something artificially created that has developed a life and dynamic of its own.

    • A large part of the MIC’s purpose is to provide a paid distraction for lots of intelligent men to service their family’s debt rather than noticing what is really happening in the West.

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