European Zionism

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One of the queer things about American politics is that you can be enthusiastically in support of Israel, even though Israel advocates an ideology that is expressly banned in American politics. The Israelis are ethno-nationalists. The official policy of the state of Israel is blood and soil nationalism. Ben Shapiro once advocated for the “removal” of non-Jews from Israel and he faced no backlash. In fact, this position boosted his standing on the American Right.

In contrast, if you say that America should not let everyone in who shows up at the border, you are called a white nationalist. The mainstream media celebrates the “great replacement” but if you question the decency of the great replacement, you are condemned as some sort of monster. If you notice anything about demographics, you could have a mob at your door. What is celebrated with regards to Israel is the most heinous crime you can commit in America.

There are lots of people who recognize the contradiction, but the fact remains, most white people in America are fine with it. As long as they can celebrate Israel there is no price they refuse to pay. For most white people in America, loving Israel brings a sense of peace in a troubled world. The reason, of course, is it is an acceptable outlet for ethnocentric impulses. Israel does not exist as a real place for Americans. She is an abstraction, an allowable team to support for cultural reasons.

A stark example is the contrast between Greg Johnson, the author of The White Nationalist Manifesto and Yoram Hazony, the author of the Virtue of Nationalism, two books on the exact same subject. Both books make the exact same claims about people and human organization. Both argue for nations to organized around the interests of a dominant ethnic group. Both authors demand a homeland for their people that is only for their people.

Greg Johnson has been made into a pariah, suffering in a form of internal exile, while Yoram Hazony gets to run big expensive conferences funded by Western oligarchs and attended by famous people. The difference, of course, is Hazony is a famous outspoken Zionist from Israel and his efforts are on behalf of the Jewish state. Johnson is a white nationalist who advocates for white people. The typical white person in America does not find this contradiction troubling in the least.

This contradiction has been obvious for a long time and it has been pointed out by various groups when it suits them. The Left used to criticize Israel for being a fascist or apartheid state. That is not as popular today, but it does come up from time to time, an issue Hazony addresses in his writings. On the Right, patriots have often pointed out that they simply want policies acceptable in Israel, like immigration control, to be applied to the United States. The contradiction persists, however.

It has been popular with certain types to blame this contradiction on some sort of conspiracy, but events in Europe suggest it is something else. The war in Ukraine has suddenly brought nationalists, who have been marginalized for generations, in league with internationalists, in opposition to Russia. Nationalists across Europe are now blindly in support of Ukraine and in opposition to Russia. Most of them repeat the agit-prop that comes from Washington.

The insanity on display cannot be overstated. Nationalists will claim with a straight face that they oppose Russia because it is an aggressive empire. Yet, they are throwing in with the Global American Empire, which is promising to erase the last vestiges of European culture and replace it with consumerism. Nationalists may as well put corporate logos on themselves. Perhaps add their own color to the rainbow flag that is the symbol of Americanism around the world now.

It is a bizarre spectacle. For decades, European nationalists had nothing much to say about Russia, other than some observations of the fact that she had not been homogenized into generic American culture. The Visegrád nations have also come in for admiration from nationalists for resisting the cultural decline. Otherwise, nationalists have not had much to say about the East. Now, they are obsessed with Russia and swear they have always been at war with Eurasia.

The most bizarre example of this is Finland. The tiny country tucked away in the northeast of Europe has long been a neutral player in European politics. This was how she maintained herself as an independent country. Finnish nationalism was built on a nuanced understanding of her neighbors, especially Russia. Today, Finnish nationalism is nothing more than unthinking hatred of Russia. They repeat Washington talking points and sound like unhinged neocons in support of empire.

What is happening in Europe is opposition to Russia is now an acceptable outlet for the natural ethnic pride of Europeans. The West is underwriting literal Nazis in Ukraine, but that is acceptable because they oppose Russia. Nationalists now feel they can come out of the shadows, as long as they too hate Russia. In fact, many nationalists have signed on to fight in Ukraine. Every day there are reports of foreign mercenaries being killed or captured in the Donbas.

Just as being a Zionist is an acceptable outlet for nationalist impulses in America, being anti-Russian is an acceptable outlet for nationalism in Europe. The nationalists have even picked up on the idiotic claim that Russia is a multi-racial empire, which is a staggeringly ignorant argument. It is one thing for provincial clodhoppers in America to say such a thing, but Europeans should know better. Their emotional need to be a part of something, however, has overrode their intellects.

That is another interesting piece to this. In America, most white people are as ignorant of Israel as they are everything else about the world. Americans are famously provincial, so the Zionist-White Nationalist parallels are not obvious. Ukraine is in the backyard of European nationalists. Many are anti-Semites. Despite this, they fully support a puppet regime of Washington run by a Jewish comedian, doing the bidding of the neoconservative cabal that runs American foreign policy.

What is happening in Europe is what we have seen in America. The nativism and national pride of the heritage population is being channeled into activism on behalf of the Global America Empire. In America, this energy goes to support Israel, while in Europe it will be channeled into hatred of Russians. It is no surprise that Yoram Hazony is trying to attach himself to this new anti-Russian sentiment in Europe. Look for his next conference in your country this summer.

The usual suspects, of course, will claim that this is the work of the usual suspects, but there is another example of this that says otherwise. In the Covid panic, many in the HBD community, who had been living in the shadows of the biological sciences, jumped on the Covid madness with the zeal of a lunatic. People who spent careers criticizing media claims about biology suddenly accepted everything the media had to say about the Covid pandemic, no matter how ridiculous.

The driver in the HBD-to-Covidian lane was the fact that smart people who had been excluded from polite society suddenly sensed an opening. Instinctively they sensed they could join the conversation, as this was their wheelhouse. They tackled the issue with all the enthusiasm they could muster. Inevitably they signed onto the most draconian measures by people who say sex is a social construct and demand you announce your pronouns when entering a room.

Of course, this never provided a lane back to respectability for them, which should be a lesson for both Christian Zionists and European Nationalists. The morality of the Global American Empire is the morality of the Western managerial elite. That morality is entirely situational, based on partisan concerns. Today, certain nationalists are acceptable because they serve present needs, but tomorrow their supporters will be thrown in dungeons, because it serves the elites.

In the end we are left with two parallel phenomena. The contradiction of American Zionism serves the interest of empire. It was Christian Zionist who supported the wars in the Middle East. Now European nationalism is being retarded to oppose Russia on behalf of the empire, which explicitly rejects European nationalism. In the former case, a distant enemy is used to conceal the enemy at home. In Europe, a local enemy is used to conceal the enemy across the sea.

Finally, and most importantly, a kernel of truth lies at the heart of the deception. In the case of American Zionism, the truth is that people naturally want to be organized around their racial and ethnic identity. In the case of this new European Zionism, the kernel of truth is that people naturally resist empire. In the former, the truth is channeled away from questioning the logic of empire. In the latter, the truth is channeled away from opposing the empire. In both cases, it is seeds cast among stones.

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176 thoughts on “European Zionism

  1. Somebody seems to have pretty non-existent knowledge of history of Finnish nationalism. Whole thing started against Russian power at 1800’s, and kicked to higher gear at latter part of that century and againts forced russification policies. And after indepence and civil war against Russian backed commies, it got to the highest point before WW2. After WW2 and “finlandisation” it was marginalised, but always against Russians/Soviets, untill end of Soviet Union. After that we had some more pressing issues, like multiculturalism, immigration and so on. Russia issue was on backburner. Georgia invasion, and 2014 Ukraine invasion caused some stirring of good old Russia hatred just to be swamped by 2015 “refugee” invasion. Current happenings alighted old fire again. This country has had war with Russia once or twice per century since start 1000’s AD. Everybody here knows and remembers that. Next one is somewhat overdue.

    • Thanks for the long view. Before, my knowledge didn’t go farther back than the Winter War.

      Having said this, forces as sinister as they are cunning may be exploiting the Finnish mindset in the current situation. And they certainly don’t have the good of the Finnish nation in mind.

  2. Still, you gotta admit, to see the coming of the One World- the Perfected World, under YHWH’s dominion, as his possessed minions strove for and prophesied- it is a mighty thing to see, and we are the ones to see it.

  3. I don’t really think it is a contradiction. Most white people see Jewish people as an Other, a different furry breed and perhaps more primal and with their own wants and desires, and so they extend respect to them when they don’t push back against Zionism. If Yoda wants to live among other Yodas, then great.

    If it changes it changes, but until whites actually want to live among their own to the complete exclusion of others, then there won’t be a hunger for separation. And it has to be said that white is not really a meaningful term. It is definitely not concrete. So how can people organize around an amorphous concept?

    Which is why I think “white nationalism” is asking too much of people. On one hand it asks them to ignore the confusion and contradictions inherent in the concept, and on the other it gives them nothing solid to work with. That’s not right. You can’t tell people to follow something that makes little sense to them and push it on them while never telling them what it really means and then, as Greg Johnson is wont to do, badger them for failing to grasp the concept. Greg Johnson has simply taken it upon himself to sell an impossible product and one no one really understands, and he is a salesman with a narrow appeal on top of it. Like they say, KISS; keep it simple stupid. But there is nothing simple about “white” as a concept, hence why it will never sell to the masses.

    Jewish people don’t have those issues, and deep down white people get that and so see them as being different or different enough and with their own wants and needs.

    White people will organize around something like ethnicity or religious sect because those are concrete and meaningful.

    My 2 cents

    • White is no more complex than any other concept; you know it when you see it.

      • If it were that simple then whites wouldn’t organize themselves in other ways, wouldn’t default to more meaningful and concrete things like class or ethnicity or religion. There is too much variation among European people for such a broad and fuzzy concept to take root and work. An organization like the Marine Corp has to beat people down to bring them back up into what it means to be a Marine. It requires physical and social and mental schemes and punishments to get it to work, and that is just being a Marine killing machine.

        If it could work, if it were achievable, it would already be here I think. But maybe I am wrong, but at least someone should explain how they plan on getting whites to organize around being white when so much else stands in the way and makes more sense and comes far more naturally.

        My idea is that the only way it could ever work is to be something like a confederation of smaller ethnic or religious or class sub-groups. Bring them all together fighting for a shared cause, like the gangs in the movie the Warriors. It would take essentially a war effort to ever get it work imo. And then holding it together is yet another thing entirely.

        • Beginning with the Roman Empire and continuing well into the 20th century, there was a very real white identity. It was refracted through empire or Christendom, but there was still a genuine sense of us in opposition to them, even when we were fighting among ourselves. And even Leftists implicitly acknowledge as much when they rail against Eurocentrism, for instance.

          What shattered white identity was the war against whiteness that began in earnest in the second half of the 60s. If that war ever ceases, if whites are no longer made to feel like monsters merely for preferring their own people, culture, customs, languages and history to others, then white identity will return because it is natural. The problem is that the war will not end until we manage to disentangle ourselves from those who are waging it. Not an easy thing to do, but a necessary one if Western civilization is to survive.

          • Who here sees himself as “white” first and foremost? I don’t know anybody who does. White is way out there as anything that people would naturally or elect to see themselves as. Even among people who call themselves “white” in the socio-political sense, there are divisions and rifts among those groups such that white becomes just a word.

            Western Civilization wasn’t built by whites. It was built by competition among European tribes. Yes, blacks or Asians may see us all as one big white group, but that is NOT how we see ourselves. Why let them, outsiders, define us? Fuck them.

            The problem is we have too many races around us and get distracted from doing what we do best. Which means competing and fighting and trying to outdo other people of European descent. We don’t need an ethnostate, a political entity, we need a land, a continent free from others where we can divide it up how we see fit and get back to living. And white ethnostate is a contradiction in terms. White is NOT an ethnicity. It is at best a term of taxonomy and is in a way dehumanizing.

    • Whiteness is a newish concept because everyone was white in white countries. It never arose as there was no other. The fish having no concept of water type thing.

      You don’t need a word to describe whites in Europe separate from Europeans as they are all white.

      So they split on their ethnic/regional boundaries. English, French etc with some other groupings.

      Much as I am sure there is no yellow people concept in Asia. Everyone is Asian. Or a black concept in Africa pre European/Arab intervention.

      Its only a concept when suddenly there are lots of blacks and browns that exert existential pressure on the original populations, then its a reality.

      As demographics start to collide at scale it seems to me a wider identity will arise in opposition that is also self-defining solely due to the massive migration numbers.

      • Its only a concept when suddenly there are lots of blacks and browns that exert existential pressure on the original populations, then its a reality.

        The existential pressure has been, and continues to be, exerted by the Euro-whites on the genuine original populations. The Eskimos never invaded Spain. The Australian “aborigines” didn’t send galleons to Portugal. The Bantus couldn’t have invaded France. No, the Euros were the existential threat to others and remain so in many ways.

        What’s happening now is the revenge of the colonized, at least in a small way. The Euros think that the globalization game is more or less over except for their own self-interested version. The colonized look at differently. They know that deals made when they were technologically inferior didn’t usually work out in their favor. While conditions may have improved for them, they remained social and economic inferiors to their one-time masters. Often educated in the language of their colonizers, they traveled to the “home” countries, became further educated, and then returned to the colonies to make use of what they had learned or simply stayed in place, reaping the benefits of socialism and market economies. It’s too late to do anything about this.

        • You appear to be stuck in a juvenile University mindset of Euro bad and the noble savage nonsense.

          That there is some revenge being played on whites for industrializing the world.

          The population of the original countries were tiny and trapped in the malthusian limit prior to European uplift and 6 billion people are now alive that would not be without this.

          All the areas colonized in a population sense (America,Austalia) had not the means to expel the Euros and lost. The larger population areas (India,Africa) were temporary admin but without mass migration and the Euros never stayed in numbers but generally uplifted each country they left behind (as evidenced by population changes). The Bantu population explosion since the 1920s is this writ large.

          Tens of millions of migrants being invited in to industrialized nations against the interests of the inhabitants by traitors to their own nation is entirely without precedent and fits neither of these and will obliterate Industrial society and all the benefits you currently enjoy. The self negation as some form of moral standpoint is retarded.

          Unlike the earlier examples Whites have the capacity to change this if they want but refuse to so far.
          Things can change.

          • Millions lived in the Western Hemisphere before the arrival of Europeans carrying along their infectious diseases and firearms. Their great agronomists developed food crops that the scurvy-ridden Europeans had never seen, potatoes and maize, for instance, that are now the staff of life for the entire world.

        • We dominated the eskimos and the blacks and the Indians because we could, because our creativity and intelligence and inventiveness allowed us to travel far and wide. Our great assets are both a blessing and a curse in a way because we weaken ourselves when we engage and compete with other races who are not our natural competitors. Even among the gifted students, as an example, there is no real feeling of accomplishment when a brilliant white guy beats or outscores a brilliant Asian. It leaves one feeling hollow and unfulfilled, and the spirit slowly begins dying. Which is why multiculturalism is a form of death and decay in ways physical, spiritual, mental.

          And if the blacks or Eskimos COULD travel far and wide they would have done the same thing to us. That is just a fact of life. Look at how they fight almost themselves. Life is just one big pissing contest no matter the race.

          • What’s with the “we”? Were you a seaman on the Santa Maria or one of Cortez’s men in Mexico? If the modern equivalent of Pizzaro’s troops lived in your neighborhood you wouldn’t allow the children out of the house. The average 16th century soldier of fortune would be considered an incorrigible monster today and look at you as a hopeless loser.

      • Whiteness is not an enduring reality but a manifestation of racial conflict. If white becomes the “thing” in our lives it only means we are stuck living amongst other races where they have a say in defining who we are. I don’t like that. And I don’t want it. The only solution is putting a great distance between the races, as God intended. We are not going to get that with a white ethnostate where blacks and Asians are camped out just beyond our borders if not living along the gates. And we do not better ourselves in endless squabbles and skirmishes and distractions caused by living proximate to other races. All that does is sap us of energy that could be better put in competing against ourselves, which is how we came to dominance in the first place. We didn’t get here by punching down to the competition or fighting with other races for a piece of the pie. That shit is for losers. We are not losers. And we need to start acting like it. And that means white people coming to the realization that there is no future in living proximate to other races. How things go from there will be what it is, but until there is a great physical distance between us and them we are just dying a slow death because all they do is suck us dry and force us to waste our precious time and resources. A white ethnostate is a half measure at best as well as an admission of failure if you ask me. And it will never do us any good over the long term.

        Like they say in real estate, Distance, Distance, Distance. or something like that

    • I am middle-aged and have never observed white solidarity anywhere despite growing up in 1980s Southern California which was in reality wall-to-wall MOR-Protestant white (don’t believe the TV movie version, it was probably more gentilic than Alabama or Iowa are today). Because most middle-class middle-intellect English-speaking whites are easily impressed by capitalism of the Bed Bath Beyond flavor and naturally center their lives around acquisition of catalog products, the way to distinguish themselves for mammal status-seeking purposes is not to focus on religion or Kiwanis or scouting/camping organizations but to ape European high-end fashions. The luxury message coming over from Euroland during the Clinton years was *entirely* denigration of YT, with a sophisticated accent or whatever. The vague idea was that ethnonationalism caused Bosnian war crimes, etc. so we should be all more like Captain Planet and United Colors of Benetton which is transparently obvious as crass commercialism now, but it easily fooled the whites on the make back in the 90s. Thus I laugh at the idea that suburban America recently had the preconditions for the Internet’s indicated policy of looking out for own. The Pacific NW may be different considering they have stayed extremely white while performing feats of ostentatiously ludicrously liberal activism (almost as if these two tribal agendas can work with each other).

      Though the Denver, CO area of Gorsuch’s old stomping grounds may be the textbook example of this sociologic change since the early 90s, enacted by ignorant cosmopolitanism of the college brochure style.

      • My wife’s family is from Oregon, and there are countless rifts and divisions among the whites up there.

        I mean we HAD a white ethnostate, we had the USA and look what happened? It was 90% white for years and everyone got into fights over things like ethnicity or religion or class.

        It stands to reason that the reason whites became what we are, the leaders creatively and culturally and so on is because of these internal competitions. Being white MEANS to be of European descent and to want to fight and compete against and challenge others of European descent because deep down that is who we see as our worthy adversaries. That is probably the only meaning where “white” makes any sense. There is no true gratification in beating an Asian or a black, and if there is then that person has lost the essence of being white, a tarnished and corrupted soul.

        How is anyone ever going to square that circle? Which is why white nationalism as the end of the day is just another -ism, a modernistic utopian promise and another denial of basic reality a la communism or socialism or all the other isms.

        I get the sentiments for wanting a white ethnostate, where everyone is happy, but at some point it has to be accepted that it goes against our natures and will just be lots of fighting amongst ourselves because we are a quarrelous people. What we need is to be free of the other races so we don’t waste our energy and time in competing with people we don’t see as worth the time. It is literally killing us. We are dying from this lack of gratifying and edifying competition.

        • “White ethnostate” is a term used probably only by US white nationalists and has no intrinsic meaning. “White” itself is mostly an American idea. You can have a Finnish ethnostate, a Norwegian ethnostate, a Serbian ethnostate. Just being white isn’t enough — you need more genetic proximity and roots in inter-marriage and culture and language and history. This doesn’t hold in the USA and never did. Historically different groups of white migrated to the USA at different times — the English, the Germans, the Irish, the Scandinavians, the Italians, Poles, and Greeks. Not that much to unite them. And just having fairer skin than blacks, Asians, and Latinos doesn’t do the trick. As you indicate, if non-whites weren’t around, the whites would be fighting among themselves — the English would be burning down the houses of the Germans (as they did in the US Midwest in the 1850s) or they would be discriminating against the Irish, or claiming that Italians weren’t even white (a court case in the 1920s was about whether Italians were white).

          • Exactly. “White” doesn’t scratch the itch. It is impossible for a complex human being to see himself as something as vague as “white”

            Now I get it that other races see us as white because that is the most basic thing they see about us. Like a description for a criminal on the run, Male/female and race help to greatly narrow things down, but this is pragmatic stuff, things for the cops to make their jobs easier. But then trying to organize a society around these tools for the cops and these broad brush strokes is at odds with the complexity of people.

            It also seems to me to create friction by giving the person observing someone more importance than the person being observed. Favors the object over the subject. The fact that I say he is white is more important than how he sees himself, it is constantly outward looking and diminishes the importance of internal feeling, which is why I say it is somewhat dehumanizing to conceptualize people in such broad terms. Or it is at least naive to think that such broad terms can ever come close to capturing the essence of a person. We are instead always being watched, observed, figuring out where we should place this or that person and how he should be racially categorized. Talk about being nothing more than a lab specimen. How is that any way to live? It’s not and why it can never work. But the white nationalists all think like this because they have to. They are always pigeonholing people. And what kind of person does that? Is that kind of person who has a good grasp of humanity and human complexity? Moreover, would you want that kind of intellectually and spiritually limited person running your society? Maybe give him a prison to run, but not much else.

          • After reading this article, as an American who grew up in Brooklyn, NY, being white isn’t enough to use as a rallying point. When you had very clearly defined European ethnic groups in the USA of old, you could easily rally around your ethnic group. Most whites today are like myself – of multiple ethnic group. This also brings up a point that E. Michael Jones always talks about concerning identity. His idea is that the main identities were religious: Protestant, Catholic and Jewish. First of all Jones is a very traditional Catholic and I can see him taking this position. This position was far truer for my parents than for myself (at present) because they too identified strongly more with their religion than with their respective ethnic groups. For that generation, who went through WW II, being too ethnically identified could be interpreted as being un-American. You were a lot safer with identifying with your religion. So here I am, an older male with a few European ethnicities and a very loosey-goosey relationship with the Catholic Church. So I guess I don’t have an option other than a strong sympathy for my fellow whites – even though some are as foreign to me as many of the foreigners streaming into America.

  4. What’s really different about Russia than Western Europe? In my opinion, nearly all European societies have a cultural autism of some kind, most prevalent in places like Germany and Scandinavia. If Russians had this it was obliterated over decades, culminating with Yeltsin.

    If you were a Russian, especially in the 80’s and 90’s, and couldn’t think on your feet and improvise, given the broken state of the economy with it’s scarcity and rife corruption all around, you were practically starving. The famous story about the store with only left shoes was a good example. Buy out all the left shoes, trade half of them for the right shoes when the government factory comes around to producing them. Improvisation and chess like anticipation of future actions were needed to live from day to day.

    Europeans, Americans, Canadians, etc. can’t think that way, because our societies always, for the most part, worked. This has created a social inertia of “systems men” (and women) who genuinely believe that their systems are almost magical, and beyond reproach, when in fact, the systems are highly manipulated by the ruling class, which doesn’t operate by the system’s rules at all. In fact they brazenly day trade on the floor of Congress.

    A perfect example of this, from the top of my head, is how the average British person reveres the NHS. The NHS could kill half that country and it will still be revered. They drag the queen in there to get a vaccination, but does she use that place? She’s down at the private, King Edward hospital, probably, until recently, down the hall from wealthy Russian patients. Russians laugh at systems people and their denseness. because the Western world has never been mugged by reality. The mugging will happen.

    What needs to happen is the loss of faith in these systems themselves and for the plebes to realize that they’re being used. That can only happen through years of pain and hard suffering…and death.

    • > The NHS could kill half that country and it will still be revered.

      It’s funny because it’s true. There’s actually a strong correlation between Doctor’s strikes and drops in overall mortality. The longer they strike, the more mortality goes down. While it’s true there’s plenty of lifesaving emergency care that saves lives, it’s also a fact medical mistakes and frivolous operations and medications kill off a multitude of people a year.

      It’s always been that way too. The medical industry has always had good propagandists. Also, the people saved by medical intervention can still talk. Not so much the ones killed though.

      • The fact is that most people “recover” from minor illness—despite the care—or lack of care—from a doctor. Then there are acute problems that doctors handle fairly well, like a broken leg. People love their nationalized health insurance because they associate these “good” outcomes with the medical profession and assume they are getting their money/taxes worth. Yes, the British and Canadians love their national health care, and of course their national governments love to point out how bad it is in the US for those few citizens that remain skeptical of these programs.

        I like my doctor here in the US as well, heck he is paid by me yearly—not through insurance. However, recent Covid experience has soured me on the concierge experience. I’ve had to spend much time and effort learning *his* trade in order to navigate successfully through the scamdemic. If he had his way, I’d have gotten a series of vaccinations for Covid to my ever lasting detriment. My only respite is the thought that now he sits and wonders about his series of jabs and when those will come back to haunt him. 🙁

        • Went to an office recently where the nurses all had their face diapers on their chin and quickly put them back on when they realized a patient walked in. Then the receptionist had the gall to be a mask nazi to me when I checked in.

          On a general level, I learned a set of buzzwords and mannerisms that worked about 95% of the time to avoid mask and vax nonsense, but in healthcare settings they were fanatical and unbending to your face while not giving a care in the world when nobody was looking.

          • A few months ago I went to medical offices where the Coward Cloth was mandatory. After having to wear the blasted thing a good half hour, they took my blood pressure. It was very high. I told the nurse that the mask was the probable reason for the high reading. In her mercy, she allowed me to remove it, and took my blood pressure five minutes later. Systolic dropped 15 points, diastolic 10. This is what oxygen starvation and aggravation will do for your cardiovascular system.

          • It’s the tone in their voice that gets me, that pitch perfect cunty frequency with which they say “Sir I need you to put your mask over your nose”.

        • it’s worse than you think. you have to worry about them giving you the jab without consent. “oops, that wasn’t a tetanus shot, we mixed up”. and before covid they were/are prescribing statins, which they know are ineffective (against cholesterol) and toxic.

      • For the first time that I can recall, I now see a sign for ‘opioid antidote kits’ at my pharmacy in soviet canuckistan.

    • Doesn’t the Davos gang *want* people to lose faith in the existing systems so they can have the masses beg them for a solution that will take the form of their planned digital panopticon and CBDCs?

      • Davos is just a ski trip for those who went to college together and already agree on everything. You’re living in the world they want. They don’t want any changes whatsoever, except for more “ESG Spending” on their corrupt little non-profits and grant recipient friends.

    • From the patient’s point of view the NHS isn’t really “national” as you will fall into one of a couple of dozen geographic entities which can vary wildly in quality of care. Of course mass immigration is really stressing the system as it is w/ Medicare in the US.

  5. Ukraine is in the backyard of European nationalists. Many are anti-Semites.

    Almost all of organized European nationalism is kosher-right: it’s about hating Mohammadans rather than the people who opened the gates or even the Russians, get that religious civil war going. Both Norway and Sweden have several well-funded, well-organized “nationalist” websites but they’d never in a million years compare Israel’s immigration policy to Scandinavia’s.

    Half of the columns on these sites are about Mohammadan crime, designed to rile the animals with and their main selling point is comment fields where people get to go full badmouth on Moslems but are deleted if they talk about Israel or Jewish complicity in mass immigration. You can’t even get them to debate circumcision. All of Scandinavia’s “nationalist” parties, the Sweden Democrats, the Danish People’s Party and the Norwegian Progress Party, are as kosher as a Hollywood fundraiser, gate keepers.

    In Britain you have the odious Nigel Farage who wants to send home east Europeans and import Nigerians and Pakistanis instead because muh Commonwealth – except Farage has no intention of ever meddling in actual politics, his job is to stir the pot. You have Tommy Robinsonstein and Anne Marie Waters, you have some ogrefaced dyke who loves Israel, you have Douglas Murray who loves Israel and Katie Hopkins who loves Israel and I could go on. The only right-wing types in Britain who don’t love Israel and who isn’t full-on Nazi larper, are Mark Collett and Nick Griffin – and I’m not even sure about the latter.

    In France Jean-Marie le Pen was yeeted from his own party because he called Israel “a shitty little country in the Middle East” and the Holocaust “a footnote in WWII history.” Alternativ für Deutschland is a bagel outfit and so on.

    I’m struggling to recall even one outfit that’s anti-Semite, although I’m sure they’re out there somewhere.

    • Indeed.

      I am unsure why this is trotted out over and over when all the evidence is in fact 180 degrees in the opposite direction.

      I am unsure what the term even means, other than people who notice things.

      I was watching a farming documentary and there is a whole section on training animals to the electric fence while young, and then you can corral the adult animals with a single electric wire when they are older.

      • Your last paragraph is a perfect description of the concept of, “learned helplessness.”

    • I see the vaxx push much like I see the circumcision push some years ago, and the beef hotdog push even more recently as just a small but telling and not a trivial example. These are cultural norms of one group being pushed on an outside group. When was it decided that pork hotdogs are bad? But it happened. Good luck trying to find them in most stores. Good luck finding white people who don’t now shun pork hotdogs like they’d catch a deadly disease from them. Good luck finding that white doctor who doesn’t swear by circumcision, and now doesn’t swear that a mere flu shot concoction is now a vaccination.

      People are just gullible. And Jewish people exploit it and profit from it — time and time and time again. Now if we had intelligent and caring leaders who understand and more importantly respect human weakness such as gullibility, and could protect against it, then we would be far better off. But everyone who matters has thrown his lot in with the rug traders.

      So if you stop and think about it, from their standpoint, it is reasonable for them to assume and internalize that they are the chosen ones or the superior ones when pretty much every white person defers to and readily accepts and adapts to their cultural norms. That is what supremacy means; at root it means being above and hence superior to, while subordinate means being under, and from their vantage they are superior because they are on top and we are on the bottom. They’re the bosses, we’re the workers.

      The only way out of this is to start openly questioning this arrangement. But until it happens en masse they will continue having good reason to think of themselves as the chosen ones. All the evidence they need is all right in front of them.

      • it is reasonable for them to assume and internalize that they are the chosen ones or the superior ones when pretty much every white person defers to and readily accepts and adapts to their cultural norms.

        Still, it’s not white people taking Jewish names or asking their plastic surgeon to give them a proud, Semitic beak. They want to be us, we don’t want to be them.

        • Fair point, but we DO want to be like them in terms of making money and we HAVE adapted to their cultural norms of conspicuous consumption. We HAVE in massive numbers gone to school to learn finance and so forth to work in banking and real estate, etc. We HAVE become a people of traders and middlemen. Those are not widespread Christian European things by any stretch. White women have given up on making babies because Jewish people convinced them it was for their best. And look at how every day is another day of a white person performing their interpretation of the chutzpah — the whole “double down” when caught in a lie is now a permanent feature of white society. As is the lack of shame is being dishonest.

          So yeah, no one wants a hook nose, but that is merely a superficial thing. And that doesn’t really mean anything in terms of the power dynamics. A slave can think she is prettier than the master. Isn’t that the whole gist of Cinderella? And I am not 100% convinced that a Jewish person gets a nose job only to look white but has also ulterior motives of being able to blend in so as better to scheme. The true core of white people, especially in America, has become deeply Judaized.

          We need to confront it and deal with it. Like I say, the Jewish question is like a turn circle in the road we WILL have to cross at some point. If people want to take the slow roads and scenic route to get there or go barreling through it radio blaring, ether way there is no getting around it. It has to be decided whether they are permitted in our society or not. This is the same dilemma every white society has had to deal with and wrestle with. We are not going to be spared the toil.

      • What is this war on pork hot dogs of which you speak? I live in Texas where beef is king, and pork hot dogs are as common as dirt. In fact, I think I have some in the ice box right now.

        • The only pork links I can ever find are kielbasa or Italian sausages. I can’t find pork hot dogs at the major grocers, and this is both in CA and FL. Beef hotdogs gross me out. It’s ridiculous on its face that a link is made of cow and not pig, and who puts ketchup on a hot dog? he he. Clint Eastwood reference.

          But count your blessings that you live in Texas where pork dogs are still the king !!! I envy you.

  6. You would think the European nationalists and the White conservatives of the US would understand by this point that everything they read or see in the media is propaganda. Every single mainstream English language media outlet without exception are openly supporting Ukraine. I would imagine it’s the same across Western Europe. Yet, they fall for it almost every time. They must have forgotten the images of reporters reporting on “mostly peaceful protests” for “racial justice” with burning buildings in the background.

    • Its much like the analysis in these sort of pieces.

      90% of people have the opinions given to them. If new opinions are given to them then this is their new opinion. Covid and Ukraine have demonstrated this over and over to anyone who cares to notice.

      Writing a whole piece about the media conditioning as if its an opinion arrived at is like a piece analyzing why my dog eats the brand of dog food I give him. Does he prefer the old dog food, is it the biscuit content, or the jelly?

      He eats because I give it to him, and if I change the brand, he eats that.

      Its no more complicated than that.

      • And therein lies a huge part of the problem. The vast majority of Western lumpenhumanity have neither the stomach nor the ability for critical thinking.

        • But the HBD folks do have the nerve to oppose the mindless narrative, because they are right and know it.
          I don’t know any who became Branch Covidians…Who is Z-man talking about, inquiring minds want to know…..

          • pyrrhus: Sailer at Unz; Greg Johnson at Counter Currents. Various alt-lite people.
            And, to the best of my knowledge, neither Sailer nor Johnson has backed down nor apologized for being catastrophically wrong. It’s yet another case of ‘forgive and forget’ until the next time the football is pulled away. And their readers generally fall in line with it.

        • Let’s be fair. They’re rarely presented with information that would initiate a Big Think. How much coverage did it get when the ADL was caught and convicted of spying on US citizens for a foreign gov’t back in the 90’s? Or the Pollard affair? Or the spy ring that was rounded up after 9-11, held for a few weeks, then deported? No. It’s the relentless Orwellian refrain of “Greatest Ally” that shapes their opinion.

    • > Every single mainstream English language media outlet without exception are openly supporting Ukraine.

      The reporting of the mass Azov surrender in Mariupol being described as “completing operations” or “successful evacuation” was Baghdad Bob tier.

      • Zelensky is now doing briefings where he updates the public on the evacuation and claims that it is being done by his government. Even Baghdad Bob did not go that far.

        • it’s beyond pathological! we will need to invent new words to describe what the media is doing with the Azotol surrender. does this kind of obvious lying actually achieve anything, or are they just past caring anymore? it’s like the entire GAE leadership is inside biden’s brain, like a version of Tron.

        • Interestingly, Scott Ritter of UN weapons inspector fame (said Sadam didn’t have them) gave an interview where he adjusted his thoughts on Ukraine.

          He’s said for weeks that Russia can’t lose in Ukraine.

          Now he says that the sheer quantity of NATO delivered weapons, and the baffling failure of Russia to attack arms shipments in west Ukraine may change all that.

          His best guess now is that Russia is just going to wreck Ukraine then leave. But for massive western meddling, this would’ve been a difficult, but winnable war for Russia.

      • It’s a cliché now, but Ukraine really did replace Covid as the Current Thing TPTB want everyone riled up about (rather than inflation, shortages, the border, etc.)

        • RoBG: Half of the Ukraine partisans have already shifted per instructions from the borg. They’ve ditched their flag tokens for pink ribbons once again – you know, abortion is the most important issue evaah. Just give the NPCs their marching orders and they’ll proceed lockstep.

          I actually understand the NPCs better than those who think that talking to or arguing with them is of any utility. Or those that still call them ‘friends.’ Suppose I just have a much narrower definition of what a real friend is.

    • The primary significance of the uniformity of opinion on Ukraine, not just in the media, but even with entities such as eBay, by gawd, is not so much the propaganda, but the uniformity itself. When every single entity espouses identical views, this is not coincidence, it is collusion. We are dealing with a unitary Power Structure, not independent entities modeling pluralism.

      • Well, you have to remember that all of the corporations’ executives and marketing types are all reading/watching the English language press. So the only thing they really know about the conflict is what the propagandists in the press tells them. You know, war crimes, dead bodies in the street and targeting schools and apartment complexes.

        • Its turtles all the way down it seems.

          Why does the media have a uniform view?

          Why do politicians have a uniform view?

          Where does it originate?

          • Farfetched though it may sound, it all starts with postmodern theorists. They instigated an intellectual paradigm shift that controls the master narrative to this very day.

        • I don’t really buy that – that these guys can’t somehow surf the net or twitter for ten minutes and not realize it’s all propaganda. Or else I and everyone else here are simply super geniuses.

          I think it is simply that power is ridiculously concentrated and everyone involved knows they get their knees capped if they step out of line.

          • They want to be lied to. Remember the screaming on Twitter that Musk might end the censorship? That wasn’t the bigwigs screaming… that was the ordinary users.

            I don’t fully understand why, but the hive dwellers fear the outside world. They want to be told what to think and do. They WANT a barcode on their forehead and a social credit score on their smartphone. They want to belong. They don’t want to think and be responsible.

        • You have to want to read against the grain. And when you’re already predisposed to believe the antiwhite agitprop, you simply lap it up like honey. You can’t rape the willing, and you can’t delude the fellow traveler.

      • I forget the exact numbers, but something like six conglomerates control 90% of the media. Who never saw fit to mention–bringing it back to Ukraine–that Zelensky silenced all media outlets except his official one. And that he lied about Snake Island, terrorism at nuclear power plants (Chernobyl and Zaporizhzhia) and lied about the destruction of the Babi Yar memorial. Given the stakes, in a sane world every utterance out of his mouth should have a big “*citation needed” attached.

      • I agree re the uniformity itself. Many of us here noticed this straight away, that when each and every node of globohomo (all its institutions, territories, etc.) are in immediate and completely unified lockstep, we know great evil underlies it. Even without know the details, we know with 100% certainty there is an underlying evil.

        I also agree the foundational wellspring of evil underneath this (and most everything else) is postmodernism.

  7. I can say lots of things about what I’ve read in this article.

    I think all I need to say is if they are dual citizenship politicians or any politician for that matter, who like to be photographed at the Wailing Wall “Praying” while they wear a yamaka, that is all I need to know. They are all traitors owned by someone who probably hates your guts.

    The same goes for the churches who stand behind Israel no matter how vile they are. Those churches are fake and are also owned by someone behind the curtains.

    Of course in service of our Government there’s a whole host of The Name-Changers. People who take a surname like “Garfinkle” and turn it into “Garland”.
    Supposedly a people known as the Khazarians were notorious for changing their names and assuming a fake identification. History says they were wiped out a thousand years ago, but others assert they went underground and later amassed great power.

    It makes wonder, doesn’t it?

    • When I was researching the origin of dual citizenship (Afroyim v. Rusk ’67; which, btw, had been decided differently just a few months before) I discovered that the US doesn’t track such things. And if upon becoming a citizen, swearing your loyalty, surrendering your former passport, all you have to do is toddle off to your former country’s consulate and they’ll issue you a new one.

    • The moment a self-professed Christian like GW or Trump puts on the beanie they cease being a true Christian. It is a form of betrayal of the God you say you believe in. And the Js know it, they know it is a form of public humiliation and betrayal and why it is so important b/c it is an affirmation of who is truly in charge.

  8. “The nationalists have even picked up on the idiotic claim that Russia is a multi-racial empire, which is a staggeringly ignorant argument.”

    How is this a staggeringly ignorant argument? You have Slavs, Scandinavians, TurkoFinnish representation, Mongolian, people with Polish ancestry, Chechnyans, Khazarian input, etc. Some are separate, most have been mingled.

    • You are forgetting the word “empire” in there, which is the noun, rather than the adjective. Russia is not an empire. Eurasia is multiethnic, but so is the EU. So in the United States. Hell, so is Great Britain. Even Canada is multiethnic.

        • I think it is more the empire part that is ignorant. which is funny because it is a clear case of projection.

        • I dunno, if your people roll across land far beyond their original area, by force and on purpose, I’d say that’s an empire. The Rus are not native to Kamchatka, say. Just as the Anglo-Canadians are not native to Vancouver. Semantics maybe but I think you can safely call Russia an empire. And yes I’m calling Canada an empire too. What else is it?

          • By that standard, perhaps 75% of all nation-states are empires. To me, the term empire connotes some sort of active conquering spirit. The GAE has that in spades; Russia does not.

          • I think Empire means you subjugate another state or territory and subsume it into your orbit

            For Canada to be an Empire it would have to take over another place. America easily meets that definition. Russia might to an extent given its hold over countries like Georgia and perhaps even Serbia. Although it seems Russia prefers the term Federation.

    • Regardless, the overwhelming bulk of Russian citizens are ethnically Russian. It’s not like AINO where a demographic slurry is the rule.

      • Ostei: Modern Russia is overwhelmingly Russian. Tsarist Russia was an empire – conquering other peoples and lands and assimilating them, to various degrees. The Soviets continued the pattern. Whether one calls modern Russia a generally homogeneous country or the root of a heterogeneous empire is a basic category difference, not mere semantics.

  9. One qualification about Israel’s immigration policy: Israel supports aliyah, which is basically the right of all Jews to immigrate to Israel. In this case, Jewishness is conceived religiously rather than ethnically. Hence, Ethiopian “Jews” have been welcomed with open arms to Israel. And, predictably enough, they have proved to be terrible social pests (think Somalis in Minnesota). The key point is that Israel can rebut the racism charge because its immigration policy is based upon religion rather than race, and the former doesn’t even really act as a proxy for the latter. White nationalism, OTOH, can put up no such defense.

    One other, rather unrelated note–while it’s certainly true that the GAE seeks to submerge European national identities in consumerism, it also seeks to dilute the white population terminally through the importation of non-whites. And this immigration policy is driven, IMO, less by the economic imperative of cheap labor than by hatred of the white race. It’s important to recognize what is the horse here, and what is the cart.

      • Israel considered this policy. So far as I know, they never actually implemented it.

        • The implementation is sort of irrelevant to some extent.

          Its more that the Israeli govt obviously had in mind a concept of genetic Jewishness, and that is was far enough along to be able to define it.

          • Oh, I have no doubt there are many powerful Israelis who would love to confine alijah to ethnic Jews. (If I were Israeli, that is how I would feel.) But I think the Israeli government understands the backlash it would face if it did so. Consequently, Hutu Jews are still being allowed in.

    • I’m opting for a racial division/interpretation rather than a religious division—but the two are confounded. Religion is just a skin suit, especially given the various doctrinal divisions between Orthodox, Conservative, and Reformed.

      Over the millennia, Jews stuck together in tight communities—whether forced or voluntary is beside the point. Those Jews not able to tolerate the culture of this tight nit community were “boil off” and assimilated into the larger ethnic of people of the host country.

      Jewishness in the strict sense is determined through maternal lineage validated to the grandmother. Just saying you are a Jew is not enough (albeit, you’d not know given their government’s immigration policies of the past). Somalis and Ethiopians claiming to be a “lost tribe” are greatly debated since their practices are so damn different. They are discriminated against as well.

      Finally, Cochran and Harpending’s work on Ashkenazi intelligence outlines the foundation for a race based people. Race vs religion may be a distinction without a difference.

    • ‘Hence, Ethiopian “Jews” have been welcomed with open arms to Israel.’

      Never. They were taken in with the utmost reluctance and given the shittiest jobs around. Then some attempt was made to boot their asses out. Don’t kid yourself: to Jews, Jewishness is very ethnic. The hope had always been that Ashkenazi Jews would move in large numbers to Israel. Some did. Many did not. I remember Golda Meir complaining bitterly in the 1960s that enough Ashkenazi were not moving to Israel. Even the Mizrahim (Arab Jews) are treated as second-class. Israel is a stratified society — Ashkenazi on top, then maybe Mizrahim, then maybe Palestinians with Israeli citizenship.

  10. I’ll throw this out there. Two dynamics at work:

    1. Most people have a price. Comfort and delusion. Smooth sailing as long as it can be paid.

    2. The guy who shot up the grocery store was a sign because he’s supposedly a sad lefty. Lefty is unstable, so xi lets uncomfortable ideas go to xirs head, gets triggered, and starts killing people. Righty is a pussy, so he lets Lefty lead him around, vainly trying to be the reasonable one. Talking the spirit of the thing.

    Idk, off the top of my head. Here comes reality, and few are equipped to deal with it. Looks bad all around.

    • That guy who shot up that grocery doesn’t have a gentile name. And when i try to find out if he is indeed what I think he is, you can’t find anything except “white supremacist”

      • Lol I hadn’t considered that angle, admittedly. In any case, if Lefty is coming around on replacement theory, it’ll get very interesting, white supremacy won’t get thrown around as much because good people aren’t bad people, and I won’t take as much heat for my views on demographics. My opinion aside.

        And yes, I know that probably sounds a little crazy, but I’m getting a sense of it.

      • It’s a French name, not pronounced correctly by Tucker for one example, he says Gendrawn (hard G). It’s more like zhan-druh (barely noticeable n sound at the end)

  11. “People who spent careers criticizing media claims about biology suddenly accepted everything the media had to say about the Covid pandemic, no matter how ridiculous.”

    Good description of Richard Spencer.

    • I’m not even sure what Spencer actually believes.

      He and his band of twitter buddies seem to have become hardcore leftists merely out of spite for Spencer being rejected as a leader of the right.

      • Lots of such cases. Greg Johnson called me a “right wing crank” for noticing that if the vax didn’t work there was no reason you should take it, and if it did, there was no reason I should.

        Never mind the baby language, but that’s an interesting choice of ad hominem.

        • I took a lot of guff doe not throwing in with the panic over Covid. Greg called me a “republican dad concerned more about my stocks than public health.” The nationalist are now giving me grief for not backing Ukraine. Same phenomenon, different topic.

          • Yes, I remember you and he had a contretemps on the issue.

            It is worrying because those statistics were dead simple to read, and the term “died with Covid” was pretty much a vicarious admission of guilt, the journalists admitting that the government was fiddling the numbers.

            The Ukraine-thing is a bit more complicated because there’s a lot of ideological baggage involved, but Covid was a straight-up science thing. Not hard to get right if you bothered to try.

          • I’m also a nationalist (and also a secessionist), but first and foremost, I’m a white nationalist. Functionally, what this means is I put the future of the white race above particular instances of nationalism, such as the Ukrainian. Hence, Russia’s success in Ukraine is better for whites than would be a Ukrainian victory. For that reason, in this instance, nationalism per se just has to lump it.

          • I always interpreted your Covid scamdemic cautions as proof of your mettle. Critical thinking ability that is, which is why you have the following you have.

            Emotional, irrational, fearful types are common. Grifters appeal to such folk and when the next populist “issue” takes font and center, grifters leap onto it.

            Don’t tell me what I want to hear, tell me what need to hear. Many thanks.

          • “… Covid was a straight-up science thing. Not hard to get right if you bothered to try.”

            Felix…and yet a well known scientist, Greg Cochran, who both Z-man and I followed, got it all wrong. Fear makes anyone stupid.

          • To this day I fond that remarkable. He called me a bad name when I correctly pointed out to him that the models were garbage. He banned me from his site. Cochran is the ultimate contrarian, yet he got sucked into the Covid stuff and never really broke free from it.

          • But what if you didn’t buy in to the Covid panic BUT you also have sympathy for Ukraine? The song is right; one is the loneliest number.

          • I think most people have sympathy for Ukraine. What is happening there is terrible. It is possible to understand and respect the Russian motives and think that the Ukrainian people are being victimized. I suppose it is even possible to side with GAE and feel sympathy for Ukraine.

          • All these phenomena, whether Euro-nationalists falling for the anti-Russian propaganda, American Evangelicals backing Israel while cucking along with the anti-White agenda, or HBD people joining the Covid Cult, have a root cause. People are too ready to forget the truth George Carlin expressed years ago – “There’s a Club, and you ain’t in it.”

            The truth is worse than just this though. Your membership is the Club is accepted or rejected when you’re born, with a few exceptions. No amount of ass-kissing, ideological toadying, or virtue signalling as an adult will get them to dig up your application for membership when you were a day old. In fact they find all of that a way of amusing themselves and humiliating the outsiders further.

            No such Club, even if it calls itself something overtly ideological like “The Communist Party” is about ideology. It is about people, the people in the club, their parents, their children, etc… The ideology is for women, dupes and toadies. The Club needs them to defend it and do the menial work.

            The proper attitude to the Club is overt and murderous hatred along with an effort to form your own Club to replace the decrepit one in power. They extend the same favor to us after all.

          • Yeah, but in my close—but small—circle of friends, I alone remain unvaxxed. I’m a bit too old to be losing any remaining—need someone to attend funeral. 🙁

          • For the past two years, I made the opposite argument. Anyone who got everything else wrong should be ignored on the vax.

  12. Most nationalists in Europe a pariahs (Except in Hungary). They do not support Ukraine. Finnish nationalism doesn’t even exist.

    • As to Christian Zionism is says a lot about branding.
      Get a piece of real estate in the Middle East and brand it Israel then get a bunch of salesmen like Scofield, John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell…. and then throw in a dufus President in George Bush Jr.
      Finally populate the foreign policy institutions with neocons and walla!!
      Christianity in America turns into a lobby arm for AIPAC.

      It’s a disaster!!

  13. Nice piece.

    A sad fact that has become too painfully apparent for me to ignore: most White people are dopes. White progressives have bought into a transparently anti-White ideology. For the most part, White conservatives aren’t much better. They bend over backwards to demonstrate how “antiracist” they are. It is weak and contemptible. I find it increasingly difficult to continue believing that my own race is worthy of my concern or commitment. Too many sheep. Too many Pavlovian dogs. To hell with them.

    • Evidence:

      “Dr. Oz” wins Republican Senate primary. America died along with “conservatism.”

      • Re: Dr Oz:

        Conservatives get the politicians that work against them because the conservative voters deserve them.

        At some point in the future Dr. Oz will be the key vote in the Senate that does tremendous damage and those crap weasels on Freerepublic will wail and gnash their teeth.

        They will say they were “betrayed”. That will be incorrect, all the evidence of Dr. Oz’s character was readily available, they just didn’t care because the orange clown endorsed him.

          • Because lots of awkward questions about dual nationals in govt would ensue.

            Not that it matters anymore in the west it seems.

        • People’s memories are Goldfish-like. Oz was one of the first to jump off the shelf therapeutics for Covid treatment and was ultimately vindicated when all around him were touting non-therapeutic prevention.

          Does that “home run” make up for a lifetime of promoting quackery remedies? Of course not, but who remembers yesterday, much less 10 years ago and his brush with Fed regulars and questions about his interests in health products he recommended.

    • Regrettably, I have to agree with you. Forty percent of whites generate hatred (Leftists), and another forty percent are worthy only of contempt (conservatives). That leaves perhaps twenty percent upon which to pin one’s hopes. That twenty percent will have to combine negroid self-obsession with Jewish cleverness if the white race is to survive.

  14. I will quote some excerpts from that old commie Frederic Jameson. I disagree with his conclusions and some inferences, but his description of the experience of most people perfectly gels with the way all these conflicting views are held. If you want to really make this work, just change “capitalism” to GAE or managerial class – and it works :

    the weakening of historicity. Jameson sees our “historical deafness” ( as one of the symptoms of our age, which includes “a series of spasmodic and intermittent, but desperate, attempts at recuperation. For postmodernists, there is no outside of ideology or textuality; indeed, postmodern theory questions any claim to “truth” outside of culture; Jameson sees this situation as itself a symptom of the age, which in turn plays right into the hands of capitalism: “postmodernism is not the cultural dominant of a wholly new social order…, but only the reflex and the concomitant of yet another systemic modification of capitalism itself”

    Jameson calls instead for the return of history; hence, his mantra: “always historicize!” Jameson pinpoints a weakening of history “both in our relationship to public History and in the new forms of our private temporality, whose ‘schizophrenic’ structure will determine new types of syntax or syntagmatic relationships in the more temporal arts” (Postmodernism 6). As Jameson explains, the schizophrenic suffers from a “breakdown of the signifying chain” in his/her use of language until “the schizophrenic is reduced to an experience of pure material signifiers, or, in other words, a series of pure and unrelated presents in time”

    Again – I know many will flame me for quoting the enemy. However, his points on the way people use basic, material (physical – everything is a meme/ simulacrum – and the meme is the truth) to signify in a perpetual, schizophrenic present is excellent. But what makes it better is the recognition that it is the symptom of the age and system is what is too often missed by conservatives. The system itself has caused it, and no attempt to point out “Facts” or “logic” will alter the system, for the behavior of the people defends the very system that has made them stupid, glassy eyed, cattle like Eloi. That is why I always say if you want changes, do not expect a protest (anyone remember downvoting me for saying the Biden laptop would lead to squat?!) to work – that itself reinforces the slogan based temporality of the world. Or who can forget the trucker protest?! Swipe – already forgotten, and it had no effect.
    The system is what made us this way, and any change needs to be to the system. That’s why I suggest making local connections to form independent, as much as possible, systems.

  15. I might quibble with two statements:

    “Finnish nationalism is nothing more than unthinking hatred of Russia.”
    Hatred of Russia is common among the non-Russians in countries that were under the Soviets. And you don’t have to think too hard to hate the Russians, given the history. They are under yet another terrible choice, as they were in the late 1930s: the GAE or an aggressive Russia. Gun to their head (literally), they choose Brussels and the GAE. I don’t blame them necessarily. I hate the GAE but I’d rather be assaulted by queers and feminists than Russian conscripts. And I think a Finnish nationalist would have a deeper ideology than just hatred of Russians.

    “The nationalists have even picked up on the idiotic claim that Russia is a multi-racial empire, which is a staggeringly ignorant argument.”
    But it is! The Russian ethnic group may be dominant, especially in the west, but go east of the Urals and south of the Caucasus and you see a lot more diversity. Russia would also be happy to swallow up the Stans if given the chance, and the Stans are full of hapas and Tatars. And don’t get me started on the Baltics.

    • Finnish nationalist *had* a deeper ideology. Now they are all onboard with the GAE. I know. I just had a long back and forth with a group of them.

      • Well that is disappointing. I was thinking about what you wrote about Irish nationalism, which just devolved into a hatred of the English. And now look at them. I just hope Estonian nationalism isn’t in a similar way.

        • I fear all the small counties near Russia will be flying the rainbow flag, just to own the Reds.

    • Finland prefers the GAE to Russia because, while familiar with the latter, it is ignorant of the former. To know the GAE is to detest it above all other things.

      • The Chinese dissident guy on Gab made an argument that Ukraine, and by extension GAE, was preferable to Russia since Russia was a party to the defense of horrible regimes, such as the one that he finds himself living under. For him, toppling Putin with some Russian Zelenski would do what conspiracy theorists in the west predict: put a ton of pressure on the Chinese regime.

        I don’t really agree with his argument (for many obvious reasons), but at least it had merit: that a Russian defeat could possibly “clear the board” of truly dreadful eastern totalitarianism in favor of still unpleasant but ultimately wussy western totalitarianism via schoolmarms.

        • If Beijing becomes a hybrid of Detroit and San Francisco, that Gab guy will begin speaking out of the other side of his ass.

  16. I swear, this (former) country – actually its leadership – has been obsessively “righteously” slaughtering people, regardless of color, around the world for decades – Koreans/Vietnamese, Iraqis/Afghans, now Ukrainians/Russians – next up the Chinese. Our leaders/string pullers are always right, always willing to kill for some supposed higher ideal and moral plane. The rest of the world needs to band together, rise up and give DC the collective finger or worse. One can always dream.

  17. “The usual suspects, of course, will claim that this is the work of the usual suspects”

    I mean, if you (broadly speaking) control the media, you do in many ways control the mental architecture in which the majority of people think. It’s not as simple as all that, but it’s also not wrong. The whole scenario you painted above regarding nationalism, contradictions in nationalism, irrational biases and unexamined pre suppositions etc. It’s hard to ignore who benefits from every falsehood. It’s also not shocking that these same people also happen to be at the forefront of the illusion peddling business.

    I understand that they are by no means alone in this. But all the groups involved in leading the late American empire do seem to have common traits. If they aren’t progs, gays or feminists, there’s a lot of judeo and not a whole lot of Christian to be found anywhere.

    • I think it was Heartiste on Blab that said it, but I could be wrong. Whoever it was, he said that if you must put the ‘judeo’ suffix on everything – at least do it right.

      It’s ‘Judeo Marxism’. ‘Judeohomosexuality’, ‘Judeoliberalism’.
      But… whatever. With all the lunacy, all the double standards, all the fake and gay politics and the people that vote for it. We really need a cull.

      I wonder what planet I am on sometimes.

      • You’re using “Judeo” as a prefix rather than as a suffix. Sorry to be a grammar Nazi.

        A certain (((tribe))) obviously has a ridiculous amount of power and influence compared to their actual proportion of the populace. Nothing wrong with noticing or pointing that out. I think Z likes to counter-signal “anti-Semites” (a cringy term, quite frankly) because of how insane some people go with the JQ. He doesn’t want the idiotic Nazi Larpers taking over his comments section. Hard to blame him for that.

        • No that’s fine – haven’t had my morning coffee yet…


          But it is a fascinating concept. Try it, next time you are talking to a shitlib in everyday conversation if the topic comes up. They will vapour lock and sit there wondering if they are triggered or not…

          • Most shitlibs and conservatives alike will have no idea what you’re talking about if you mention the influence of a certain (((tribe))). Blindness regarding such matters is nearly universal. How else could Zionism fare so well despite usually representing a bald-faced double standard?

          • Glenfilthie, wkathman,

            To paraphrase Voltaire, to find out who rules you, you need merely reflect upon those whom you may not criticize.

            But, as an indication of their power, that most can no longer even entertain such a reflection, is the full measure of the ensorcellment. We are constrained to swim in an ocean of linguistic, conceptual, and historical falsification, all of which is crafted to deny us any ability to penetrate the sedulously maintained illusions and false consciousness.

  18. Points are all well taken except “white” ethnicity and nationalism, in America, are eery bit as much of a feel good, ersatz identity as “gender is a social construct.” “White” is defined wholly in opposotion to “non white.” And what did so-called “European nationalism” get Europe but a series of Hundred Years Wars stretching back to the Fall of Rome.

    As to Zionism, when America is 80% non-white and whites are looking to establish a self-protective homeland of a few square miles up around Coeur d’Alene, “White Zionism” will be a desperate rallying cry. As to Russia, non-multi-racial-ethnic Russia consists of a narrow corridor betwen St. Petersburg and Moscow.

    • “White” is defined wholly in opposition to “non white.”

      This is true only in the sense that all things are defined to some degree by what they are not. An apple is an apple because it has qualities not present in other fruits. If all the other fruit goes away, an apple remains an apple. The same is true of white people, which has always meant European Christians. Sure, if all other races suddenly leave the planet, people will eventually stop using the term white, just as they would stop saying apple if it is the only fruit, but this is a logical fallacy.

  19. The Cloud People want white guys to slaughter white guys and kill off as many alphas as possible because alphas are the real threat to their continued dominance of the Dirt People. Consequently, they use their control of various media platforms to indoctrinate the sheeple into various mindsets that serve this purpose. That is why many Europeans have been duped into a spasm of hatred toward Putin and his ilk. A lot of white guys in Europe need an outlet for their anger at the status quo (read continuing Third World invasion) and will jump at any opportunity to go fight “someone.”

    Yes, the Russians are killing many Ukie Nazis, but there are also tens of thousands of good men dying, and needlessly. Instead, had a few good men in Ukraine wiped away the shit stain earlier this year, all of the subsequent death and destruction could have been avoided. That is the lesson we must take away.

    • I agree with you in principle, Tom. The problem is that in nearly all cases, that shit stain has a sizeable force of men as protectors, either drafted or worse, volunteers, who will defend him to the death.

      That seems to be true in most times and most places, which, sadly, is why as someone just noted, Europe has had a long history of “hudnred years wars” which is at bottom white men killing each other for God, King and Country (their own local flavors of those, of course.) The lesson may be largey extend to the whole human family.

      I regret to say I have no solutions on offer. I am just a pessimist recounting some of the unhappy lessons of world history. Unless you are one who believes that (say) French vs. German, or Russian vs. Ukraine, are really two distinct races, then the majority of wars, at least in “our” history of the past several centuries, have been White European against same. 🙁

      While I’m no Bible thumper, it’s worth noting that the first reported instance of homicide therein in one brother murdering another.

    • “…there are also tens of thousands of good men dying,…”

      More male order brides available for GAE incel’s?

  20. Russia annexing southern Ukraine and declaring the rest a union state like Belarus would be a significant defeat for the GAE managerial class. And those people are the enemy of the American people.

    Simple as.

    • This, along with insanity and the detachment from reality, is why D.C. has put us and the world at risk of nuclear annihilation. The internal unraveling of the United States would spread immediately to the rest of the Empire if it lost. My guess is the plan is to defeat Russia and then return home to conduct a more outright campaign of genocide against the White majority. I think Putin underestimated how batshit insane and frankly demonic GAE leaders are.

      • Bring it on. I would rather go with a bang* than a whimper.

        *Likely, several reports of 5.56 hollow point 😈

      • GAE put a guy who thinks he’s a woman in charge of a large portion of their healthcare system. If he underestimated the “crazy” that’s on him.

  21. People respond to propaganda. We know who controls the media and pop culture, which helps move Christian Zionism into the mainstream. Support for Israel seems to be diminishing, though, as non-Whites flirt with being a majority, and some elements of the majority become disenchanted with Our Greatest Ally. The anti-Israeli position remains an outlier although the trend is in its direction despite its complete control of the media.

    The unhinged, non-stop propaganda against Russia, often if not usually from the same ethnics, probably is without precedent. People point out that the content was as bad and deceptive in the run-up to World War I, but Fleet Street, which Wilson permitted to set up shop in America, had nowhere near the reach of today’s digital/electronic propaganda. Would the public had responded to the British bilge in the same way if the Kaiser had nukes? Probably not as people then were not as stupid and insane.

    Information wars can be lost, and the prospect of Europeans and Americans and Canadians shivering this winter with empty bellies might do the trick. Dissidents should be neutral about Russia but highly critical of the Empire’s warmongering and, yes, evil agitation for war. It not only is right strategically, it is the right thing to do. My guess is we will see if Gellman-Amnesia can overcome personal deprivation. I am uncertain on that point, to be frank.

    • “non-stop propaganda against Russia”

      Which is no different then the covid propaganda, which is no different then the anti trump propaganda. Somebody has to be passing the memo around for all these people to be on the same page. We’ve have six years of never ending propaganda since obummer left the white house. What do they feel so threatened by? I honestly see nothing different in America except for what the crazies are spewing and a declining living standard then it was when i was younger. The wheels are coming off the fake economic bus, those who have risen high in stature in the fake economy do not want to lose what they’ve gained. Even though they didn’t earn it, .gov gave it to them as they took over ever larger portions of the economy and kept their corrupt friends from Harvard in business when they should have gone under and their assets sold to those who didn’t speculate in the fake economy. Think of .gov as a crazy significant other, they only go thru your phone when your sleeping and spy on your emails when they think they’re losing you. And the more they lose you the more they lash out and act even crazier. Perhaps they’re scared they’re losing us, so they pretend they never needed us? They lost me in 08, how many more have fallen off the wagon since then? By the popularity of Trump i’d say quite a few.

      • That reminds me! For those with too much time (and bandwidth) on their hands, one view orline or download the (alleged) infamous Hunter Biden laptop dump of emails from

        I have at least a passing interest in these. I recommend you download a copy since the web site is of unknown lifespan due to various political pressures 😎 At ~ 900 MB it’s a large file, but no issue for modern PCs. You’ll need an email client to read them. I use SysTools EML Viewer (freeware). There are well over 100,000 emails so browsing them may take a while.

      • Corporations run the country. This was proven when the supreme court ruled they can donate unlimited amounts of money to political campaigns. Or when after telling us for all those years about the free market, they suddenly about faced and bailed themselves out via .gov when the awful decisions they’d made caught up to them. They aren’t to big to fail, but in the current environment they’re too big to exist. They are a “person” except for the fact that when they kill people they don’t go to jail or face execution. They just pay a small fine (compared to the profits they made in the crime) and continue on. Above i stated that someone has to passing around a memo for all these people to be on the same page, how many companies control the media? The great reset is their attempt to define your future. They know the system is bust and they’re trying to get in front of it with a new message. You won’t own anything in the future, we’ll rent it to you as long as you’re a good boy or girl. They are the true enemy of the people and the sooner we can get behind that and unite against them the better.

        • “Corporations run the country.”

          And who rules the corporations? Follow the money.

          • I view .gov as the king and the corporations under it as the dukes and landed gentry underneath it. If .gov goes down, they go down with it.

      • I think these started with coordination but have taken on a life on their own. The seamless transitions from one crisis real or perceived to the next crisis real or perceived, ESPECIALLY when the previous prediction of imminent doom fails, is a feature and not a bug of the contemporary mind. And, by God, this time they actually may get the doom. My guess is they really don’t believe and cannot perceive there will be an end to their life but the emptiness of it requires them to live in a constant state of fear to fill the void.

        Yes, the Managerial Elite initially apprehended they had lost us and needed permanent crisis to keep us, which is a common feature of totalitarianism, but the Managerial Class started to believe its own propaganda, which makes it particularly dangerous when we look at similar historical instances of this.

        It is really not all that different from the Mayan priests using cannibal rituals initially to hide crop failures and then coming to believe cannibalism always had been a good thing and foundational part of their lives. Propaganda works, even on those who employ it initially to deceive and manipulate others.

        I have come to believe there is no way to stop this cycle and the only proper response is to let it end in spectacular failure. The current problem is a nuclear war would eliminate the ability to wait it out.

      • The agitprop is merely the religious liturgy of the GAE and its true believers.

      • “Which is no different then the covid propaganda, which is no different then the anti trump propaganda. Somebody has to be passing the memo around for all these people to be on the same page.”

        I think you are seriously over-estimating the average intelligence of the political and media class. Everyone needs to understand two very fundamental aspects of that class: first, their motivations are not remotely the same as normal peoples motivations; second, they are just not that smart.

        Normal people are motivated by the need to put food on the table and a roof over their heads; to raise their kids and help start them on a good path. All else is secondary. The political/media class is driven more by their ideologies and desires to be seen and noticed. The TV people really just want to be on TV. It gives their lives meaning. Same with the “influencers”. Without it, they have nothing, they are nothing.

        Not being very smart, they have to communicate with each other through simple means. One obvious method is virtue signaling. This communicates at a distance, “I’m one of you.” The other is by repeating each other’s words, thus establishing clear membership in the hive.

        A mistake that various movements associated with normal people make is thinking we can some how relate (and therefore persuade) to an entire class who might as well be another species.

        • I know this won’t be popular with some but just view the US gov as a women. It really explains alot of their reactions to things. As much as “the science” wants to convince us their aren’t any differences and everybody can do the same things, personal life exp. has taught me the exact opposite.

    • For one ruling ethos to be overturned, another needs its place. Christendom yielded to a bastardized, heretic version of its original tenets. Until either Christianity gets its wings again or a well-thought-out alternative appears, the ghastly heretical vision will prevail.

      • “For one ruling ethos to be overturned, another needs its place.”

        Indeed and i would argue the only reason Christendom came into being was the failing of the Roman Empire. Something will appear soon, it won’t be MAGA, but something will fill the gap. Nature abhors a vacuum.

        “It is really not all that different from the Mayan priests using cannibal rituals initially to hide crop failures and then coming to believe cannibalism always had been a good thing and foundational part of their lives. Propaganda works, even on those who employ it initially to deceive and manipulate others.”

        An excellent analogy.

      • I attempted to reply to you earlier but it didn’t appear. Anyways i agree, and believe that Christendom only gained the relevance that it did because the Roman Empire was failing and something needed to replace it because what it was telling people was not true. Nature abhors a vacuum so something will replace the current ethos, but the jury is still out on that.

        I think the Mayan comparison is a great one and if you have any reading suggestions on the topic i would like to hear them.

        • It is my understanding that Rome finally adopted the sad sackery of Christianity as official religion as a means to keep the Eastern and Western portions of the empire united. At one point, Roman virtue and valor were the dominant and uniting values, then poverty, “charity”, and meakness served. Now it is Rugged Individualism and creators and builders, with “as a ” parasites and losers.

          The culture goes from aspiration to valor to desperation for victimhood. Now the best thing we can do is preserve the virtues in the ideal and embody them as valor by cultivating masculine behavior. Be the most skilled; be the most genteel but capable of lethality; be the most attractive to women; be the best father and/or head of the family (immediate and extended); be inserted into the system and ready for the opportunities that economic collapse will present.

          • the, “as a” had html characters unescaped.

            I meant to say, “Now it is Rugged Individualism and creators and builders supplanted by, ‘as a (insert-victim-identity)’ sad sacks and losers.

        • I actually do not have a recommendation other than a book published in the Seventies by anthropologist Marvin Harris, KINGS AND CANNIBALS, which focused in part on the Aztecs who came after the Maya (the book could not be published today although it is factually solid and Harris’ theories were widely accepted back then). While not about either the earlier Mayans or propaganda, it does make a compelling argument that the Aztec priest class convinced others cannibalism–by them exclusively, due to the meat shortage that earlier caused the Maya to do basically the same–was a ritual to please the gods.

          As mentioned, the priestly class used this as a pretext to have access to meat and because the slaves taken could not be fed and made fot a ready meal. Over time the priests came to believe their own drivel. It wasn’t propaganda per se but acted as such however unintentionally.

          Sound familiar?

          That book is a mind-blowing in many other ways and covers other cultures, and got me to thinking originally about propaganda and manipulation and diet as ritual. Highly recommended although it is not directly about the Maya and propaganda. Maybe someone else has a recommendation about the former.

  22. Just saw this tweet about Ukrainian wiggers winning Eurovision

    “Considering how many mainstream journalists & politicians that like tweets like this, it looks like they are “allowing” us to feel pride about being European all of a sudden …but the price for our new found European identity is that we MUST want to go die in a war with Russia.”

  23. It’s news to me that European nationalists are supporting Ukraine. Maybe it’s true. But people like Orban and Le Pen have sympathy for Putin and Russia. Generally European nationalists are adamantly opposed to the US empire and the projects it backs, as well as Zionist neo-con influence (whose imprint in the Ukraine imbroglio can be seen, even if Israel itself is more ambivalent).

    On a side note, ethno-nationalism is not confined to Israel. One can see it in Japan, in China, in Russia, in Turkey. Turkish ethno-nationalism shares one thing in common with Zionism — both came to the fore in the post-WW1 ruins of the Ottoman Empire. In other respects Zionism has more in common with Nazism — both of which have roots in the 19th century volkisch movements which led to Pan-Aryanism and Pan-Slavism.

    The difference between Zionism and the other ethno-nationalisms perhaps is that the Zionists are not afraid to trumpet their ethno-nationalism. Others don’t advertise it but keep it low-key.

    • Orban is an exception and Le Pen is not and never has been a nationalist. The only European leader who can plausibly called a nationalist is Orban. the rest are zombies from the managerial elite.

  24. The condign punishment for the Ukrainians, when the dust settles, will be the forced acceptance of their quota of African refugees and drag queen story hour from their GAE/EU overlords. You cannot fix stupid.

    Today’s Europe is the product of the forced dissolution of empires: Habsburg, Ottoman, Soviet, German, etc. Tomorrow’s Europe will be united by force under the GAE rainbow flag. Drag queens will succeed where Napoleon and the Wehrmacht failed. Africans will piss on the graves and burn the churches of the UKR guys dumb enough to fight in this war.

    • You cannot fix stupid, but you can cross the street when you see it coming..

  25. and what is the common thread in both of these cases? normies. they are innately gullible, eager and needy to the bone. allowing them to vote or have any say in society and culture is always fatal.

  26. “It is one thing for provincial clodhoppers in America to say such a thing, but Europeans should know better.”

    Thought exactly the same thing when the George Floyd spin cycle was immediately picked up with vigor all over Europe. Marches, cameras, screaming antifa….Europe is a complete and total appendage of GAE.

    All of this “divide and conquer” is so tiresome. Get the plebs hating each other, and GAE can rob them blind, have them die in pointless wars, mutilate their own children…anything except address the puppet masters.

    Divide and conquer works.

    • who was divided from whom, in the floyd (or any other instance)? i would say that these manufactured events are used as a binding technique; a call to the hive.

      • Actually, I was thinking it divided whites, particularly as half my neighborhood couldn’t get their BLM flags/posters up fast enough during riot season.

        The progression has been:
        1. Rainbow flag.
        2. “In this House We Believe” yard signs
        3. BLM flags and yard signs
        4. Transgender flags
        5. Ukraine flags

        Always the same houses, always the same people. I’m not a fan of any of these people; no life beyond the latest fad cause. Men with no chests.

        • Conservatives with dogs should made a point of making sure they stop at the front yards with these signs, get a movement going.

        • I’m with you. I can’t stand those signs. I won’t repeat here what I wish for on the people who have those signs up.

    • Why can’t Europeans realize that Blacks are hyper violent gypsies? I get that prejudices don’t make sense from the outside but c’mon.

    • The spin cycles are the periodic reformations of the GAE religion on a much shorter timeline than anything that has come before.

  27. The irresolvable problem for white nationalists is that America, from the very beginning has been a pirate’s bay – welcoming all who come along and work for the common goal. Getting rich for most, and religious zealotry for a powerful minority.

    Organizing society and government for the benefit of and along ethnic grounds is a fundamental change from the pirate’s bay model.

    • What you say is literally true. In Colonial America, piracy was big business. In North Carolina’s Outer Banks, before it was built up, my family used to vacation. Ocracoke Island was famous as the haunt of Blackbeard. He was on good terms with the local authorities, so the citizens had to beg Virginia to send someone to rid them of the pirate. And so VA’s Governor sent Lt. Maynard and others south and in late 1718 Maynard rid the coast of their famous buccaneer.

      Into modern times, the USA was a sort of modern-day pirate’s den, at least in the sense of being a tax haven for foreigners. This has been scaled back in recent years, at least the privacy aspect, I think. But for all our faults, the US remains one of the better places in the world to stash one’s cash.

  28. The nationalists have even picked up on the idiotic claim that Russia is a multi-racial empire,…

    Russia always has been a multi-national, not multi-racial empire.

    • I’m not a Duganist, but he is correct in that Eurasian sensibility is different from Western sensibility. The various tribes of Eurasia have a fraternal relationship with one another. In the West, it has always been confrontational. As a result, the concept of “nation” is different in the East than in the West.


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