The show this week is the season finale, so to speak. No show next week as it is a long weekend in the United States. I need a little break to catch up on some other items, so this is a good time for that. This week I empty out the mailbag and address the complaints that have come in since the last time. The title for the show reflects the fact that the show has no theme. It is just a grab bag of topics that have accumulated since the last mailbag show back in the winter.

Something I did not notice while compiling the show was that I have not received any Covid questions or comments in a while. For a long time it was close to a daily occurrence, then it settled into the same pattern as other topics. Looking back, the last Covid e-mail was back in in the winter. That means the topic has pretty much fallen out of the news cycle now. There are efforts to revive the franchise but rebooting Covid is going to be a tough sell, even to people on the Left.

Next up for a starring role on the big stage is the election. You can see the shift already, as we head into the unofficial start of summer. Ukraine is starting to slide down the page for the New York Times and the Washington Post. This is no doubt this is coming at the direction of the party, who may be figuring out that it is a loser issue. The big spending bill that just passed signals the end of the line for the Ukraine story in Washington as events on the ground turn negative for them.

I have to say, this may be a hilarious election season from a dissident perspective, as it is nothing but bad news for the uniparty. The GOP has managed to stock their ticket with zombies from party central, but those zombies will have no choice but to say mean things about Washington while campaigning. Of course, Trump will be out there on the campaign trail and you know he will be slinging mud at McConnell. It means nothing, but it should make for good theater.

The real action is on the other side. I fear I may blow a funny fuse watching the inner party explain how inflation, gas shortages and a declining stock market are the fault of white supremacists invading Ukraine. Even better will be watching Jean-Pierre, the black lesbian Biden spokesbot read these lines from her script. I though Shark Eyes Psaki was peak ridiculous in that job, but then they managed to find another gear and give us someone dumber that old Jen.

It is going to be a rough period economically and a lot of our people will suffer as a result, so we need to avoid being callous. We also have to avoid getting sucked into the madness we see in convectional politics. The best way to do that is to enjoy the absurdity of it and the ridiculousness of the people. If I were to make a banner for the Dissident Right convention, it would feature the band playing on the deck of the Titanic as it went under. That is our best approach to the current crisis.

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This Week’s Show


  • Opening Ceremonies
  • The Ideal Society
  • Abortion
  • The Economic Crisis
  • The Fuentes Drama
  • Voting
  • Rootin’ For Pootin’
  • You’ve Changed Man

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161 thoughts on “Jibber-Jabber

  1. Some light humor for a Sunday morning.

    So, the UkraNazis have now been “evacuated” in Asovstal and lots of foreign “advisors” are being revealed from many NATO countries. We know the French are particularly miffed because Macron has called Putin several times demanding a prisoner exchange, so what were the French advisors contributing to the cause . . . esprit de surrender, of course.

    • any link on that would be appreciated 🙂

      ukraine morale is collapsing en masse now.

    • The Duran and Alex reported it was only Azov neo Nazis. No foreign advisors captured.

  2. I never watched Fuentes much. I recently watched a Fuentes video for the first time in about 8 months. I’ve never noticed what he’s describing. Don’t know if true. But he’s a funny guy sometimes.

    “Bitchute. Fuentes. The Biden Engineered Baby Formula Shortage.”

    Starts at 6:20.

    “women were born with baby formula. it’s called breat milk. and they’re full of it. they’re full of nothing else… women are not having sex and getting married young. they’re going around and they’re being put on pills that make them fat and ugly and gay. their diet is so full of shit. women eat like, trash. women eat like pigs. you know how with pigs they just fill up the trough with slop? that’s how women eat. women will go out and they’ll eat anything. they’ll eat out of a garbage can. i imagine. the stuff that any american eats…but particularly women…you can’t feed that to a baby. women will go out and eat hot chitos and taco bell. so it’s mouth, to boob, straight into the baby’s guts.”

    Next time I go to the fair I’m gonna be mindful of the garbage cans and who’s hanging around them.

    • I watched some more. Man, is he often this funny? Normies think we have a free press. I’m imagining him having his own show on Fox and him saying this stuff. Makes it even funnier to think of the ensuing Lib outrage on a daily basis.

      “People say I hate women. I don’t. I just want them to resume their normal place in the world. You were made to have kids. I didn’t make you. God made you. And that’s what God made you to do darlin’. I mean this in the nicest way. Calm down. Time to get out of the workforce. Put the spreadsheet down. Put the calendar down. GET IN THE BEDROOM! ‘Cause it’s time to have some kids. Women are the only ones who can do it. They’ve got the egg. They’ve got the womb. They’ve got the breasts. They’ve got the brain that can talk to babies all day. They’ve got the baby brain.”

      • I went to Fuentes’ website so I can watch his stuff. I can’t seem to find his videos anywhere else. But when I tried to “check out”, I got a message saying something like, “Your payment method is not accepted in your state.” Are they assuming I’m drunk and trying to protect my credit card from myself? Or is it because I listed California as my state and CA has banned Californians from his “hate” site? Seriously, I didn’t even get to choose a method of payment. I emailed his Help department. Maybe it’s just a glitch. If anyone knows where one can watch his videos please let me know. Also, what’s the best site to watch D-right creators / podcasts / videos? Bitchute? Spreaker? Thanks.

        • Frip, Fuentes videos are on cozy.tv. No payment required. Besides cozy.tv you can find d-right content on odysee, bitchute, and gab.tv, such as Red Ice, Mark Collett, Devon Stack (Blackpilled), Guide to Kulchur (Frodi), White Rabbit Radio (Tim Murdock), Keith Woods, Vincent James (Red Elephants), Bianca Fights the Zombies, and more….

  3. “Is there anything left to be said about immigration, or race?”

    Nope, not a thing. That ship sailed decades ago. The fact that so many white people live in the delusion, well, there is nothing we can do about that.

    Until the persecution begins to sting them at the local level, they are attacked, their kids attacked or their grandkids killed, their homes burned, their cars carjacked, they will not change.

    And even then, so many of them are brainwashed beyond reform, the fact that their grandkid was killed by a minority will be turned into White Supremacy. What changes in majority white places where violence has begun to rule? Nothing. Seattle 60% white, Portland 78% white, SF 75% white if you include Asians and look at those hell holes, populated and run by whites. Think the few white people in Chicago, Baltimore, New York will ever rise up? Nope.

    Where does that leave us? To be honest, I don’t know. Move off to a small white majority town in Missouri? Montana? Live out the rest of our lives relatively unmolested and let the rest of them go to hell.

    That is more and more the only option a white person is going to have in the new paradigm. I now start any plans with a demographic search first, including travel. I guess the good news is the internet has made this exponentially much easier.

    The nation is lost. The sooner those of us who care realize that the sooner we can move on.

    • The GAE won’t leave you alone no matter where you move too. As long as there’s a white community, they’ll seek to drop “refugees” there to break them. A white American enclave in America might be one of the few options. The Germans figured that as well.

      • Porto Algre does look quite nice.

        Bolsonaro is a based leader, but he has legions of globalist lunatics lining up against him.

      • The GAE will oppress Whites until it is unable or incapable. I am as Blackpilled as anyone but already we see the remants of the nation fragmenting and sorting. Whether it wins or loses its proxy war with Russia, the GAE will follow up with a full-on attack on Whites, which will accelerate this dissolution. The Empire is both evil and stupid and the latter is what will take it out. Whites probably never will wake up to the core demographics issue, but hunger and poverty will increase hostility to Muh ‘Merica.

        Move to an area where Mau-Mauing can be fatal to the Mau-Mauers and their White communist handlers. It is more rational than fleeing.

  4. America First is dying. Z talked about the importance of keeping weridos and freaks out of the movement and apparently nick didn’t listen.

    Instead he invited noted revenge porn convict and felon Ethan Ralph to be his attack dog. A lunatic widely hated online and brought tons of negative attention. Now hes threatening to revenge porn extort Patrick Casey and threatened to expose an ex friend by reporting him to college as a white nationalist.

    Actually in light of Jaden and Dickerson leaving and the threats from nick the movement is increasingly seems like a blackmail operation.

    I fail to see how the optics of AF are an improvement over the clowns in the alt right.

    • I agree with Z’s closing segment. To summarize: “The world has changed in the last 10 years. The fall will come before renewal is even possible. So how much will it matter now, and how much more can a guy write about the *crucial* Dissident subjects…immigration, race, etc. Broadening the reach of the Dissident message is what’s most important at this point.”

      Yeah. About a 2 or 3 years ago I started skipping articles on all the stuff we already know. Maybe it was around the time it became apparent that the Trump thing was just the false hope we always sensed it was.

      So, good on serious D-Right writers like Z who are touching on different topics and angles. I’ll read them. Also realizing that the world is going to hell and life is short, I’ve started to read books in my library again. Damned me to hell if I read another race & I.Q article without ever having read Macbeth.

    • i have no opinion on fuentes or AF, so the following is presented without any agenda. a gossip site i read (CDAN) had an item about fuentes being gay. which connects more than a few dots, if true. he might not have had a free hand in who was “allowed into” the movement.

      • Strictly* from a productivity and mental fitness perspective, it’s best not to familiarize yourself with the infighting of the popular personalities on our side. As guys we know that soap operas and reality shows are beneath us. But we’ve had girlfriends “make” us watch them. You suffer through the first few shows. Then the characters and stories start sucking you in. We’re human, so our weak side is susceptible to gossip, intrigue, and rooting for turmoil and shame to rain down on the “villains”. “I hope that bitch gets what’s coming to her.” “I heard he’s a faggot.”

        *I understand that the policing of our side through personal public attack by the main combatants as well as by commenters is necessary. It’s always been that way with any group. Ugly but inevitable. Some choose to get involved. Some don’t.

  5. Finally listened to the show. On Fuentes, I think I speak for a large part of the “hater” contingent when I say that although he has some good qualities—rare good qualities, even—he’s definitely the kind of “weirdo” who should be kicked out of everything. The last thing he did that caught my notice is *hire Ethan Ralph.*

    But if you like him, you like him. We all have some dipshit friends.

  6. Nice show today, Z. Just take it easy on us golfers – not that bad a diversion. Have a great MD weekend yourself.

  7. This is entirely OT; I just noticed that the reverse on the 2022 quarter features Maya Angelou sweeping her arms out and generating rays of sunlight, reminiscent of Mao posters in the Cultural Revolution. Washington faces the right now, ending the pattern established in 1932.

  8. I’ve been rooting for Putin for years now, unapologetically. He’s not good on everything but anyone who’s willing to throw the worst vulture capitalists in the gulag (or at least deport them) would have my vote, if I could vote for him. He’s also not the kind to tolerate the grooming of schoolchildren for tranny self-mutilation. The possibility that he brings down the twin evils of the EU and NATO are an unexpected bonus.

    • there are no Russians attending the current WEF DAVOS meeting going on now. there are 20 us congressmen , with some for both parities .

    • I believe Putin had little choice in the matter: the Maidan (actually Nuland-Soros) Coup; Kiev’s refusal to reconcile with the Russian-speaking Donbas; years of shellings and sniping of that tormented
      region; Zelensky’s refusal to honor his promise to seek detente with Moscow; and to top it all off, Zelensky’s implied threat to enter NATO. True, NATO seems more of a soririty than a mjtary alliance, but its openly Russophobic stance was too much for Putin and Lavrov. I can only feel empathy for the Ukies, whose aspirations for true nationhood have been thwarted by the corrupt political casino in Kiev and who will depend on whether or not Moscowl decides to impose a Carthagenian Peace.

      • Sorry for the typos, guys; this is embarrassing. I’ m going to send posts and replies from my laptop in the future. That otherwise useful phone of mine has a hair trigger, and apparently, I don’t possess Spellcheck, which has rescued me from many potential blunders.

        • On balance, spellcheckers may not be worth it. The few misspellings that may slip by are generally easily identified as such and mentally corrected for by the reader. But with spellchecker, entire words are just flat out replaced, often muddying the meaning. I turned mine off a long time ago; I will hazard a few fat thumb mishaps when I don’t proofread thoroughly, and this seems an acceptable tradeoff vs. word substitutions to me.
          YMMV, however.

      • The Ukraine is not Zelensky’s country and Ukranians are not his people. He’ll spill oceans of their blood for the interests of his people, for more mansions on Miami, or even just for fun. You can be sure he hates Ukranians as much as his cousins in America hate Americans.

        It’s impossible to understand the situation without this central fact in mind.

    • Russia continues grinding forward in Ukraine. They’ve now seized Mariupal though it was a case of destroying the village in order to save it. They can now unite their forces in Crimea and the west of Ukraine. The takeaway from this for me is that Russia keeps going in spite of huge amounts of “aid” flowing to the enemy from all across the rich states of Global Homostan (i.e. USA and EU). Hopefully states like India, the African nations, and Latin America are watching Russia slog through against its well funded and armed enemies and taking notes.

      Of course soulless whores and sellouts don’t fight well no matter how many guns you give them. That would be a good thing to note as well if anyone in Washington or Brussels cared. They don’t of course, and have virtually infinite amounts of our money to send to those whores and sellouts.

      I also wonder if the Russians will turn out to have a joker up their sleeve in this regard. Russia can’t pay the mercenaries, Nazis, and thrill seekers as much as the West but it can use its military dominance to make deals with them – i.e. stop fucking with us and hand over some of those shiny Western weapons and we won’t kill you. Refuse the offer and we’ll make a special effort to annihilate you.

  9. Does anyone here see certain us states as sort of an American analogue to Ukraine? Georgia and Virginia seem like the two best examples. Even though she’s from Georgia and she did lose, Abrams does seem to be the American equivalent of a “Western puppet”.

    Also, the things that allowed youngkin to get elected was the behavior of the colonial power centers in the state like the lcps scandal

    • Ohio strikes me as very ukraine like. lots of corruption, lots of decay.

    • Southern states have been colonized since 1865. The problem is not some increase in the Magical Negro population but the influx of White communists. Whites moving to the South now, though are more based than the average Normie for obvious reasons.

      So, yes, Virginia and Georgia are quite like the Ukraine in that they are puppet states. Both have become horrible places like SoCal is now. Ironically, the Whites fleeing SoCal for Virginia and Georgia are helping to claw them back for the Based slightly but my guess is both are permanently lost and will be places of constant tumult.

  10. Z, I know what you mean when you say you’re looking forward to a summer of hilarious and absurd news and narratives. However, is it just me or has that news rapidly deteriorated in the past month or so? I mean, the WSJ had an op-ed by a neocon nut job the other day about “How we can win a nuclear war with Russia.” The collapse seems to be accelerating, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they take out a number of people with them on the titanic.

    • Stupidity increases exponentially within an organization when a stupid person gets in power. Stupid people don’t like to hire people who might make them feel stupid. Eventually you reach the stupidity singularity.

      • The “singularity” you speak of ends in ICBMs. These fuckers don’t care. They are like infants pushing buttons and rotating wheels on a Fisher-Price toy.

        • Yes. The reality of what nuclear war would and very well may wrought is beyond their kin. We are dealing with wholesale psychopaths here.

      • Without a doubt, but I still find it extremely useful to read as a dissident. You need to know what your enemy is pushing and the direction they’re heading. Not to mention the laughs. If you really want to know what the heart of clown world is thinking, I highly recommend The Atlantic. I mean, these people don’t live in reality whatsoever. Fascinating really.

        • During my brief infatuation with Alex Berenson, whiny Jew and onetime NYT reporter lately banished from Twitter, he hit an apt turn of phrase in his book “Pandemia.”

          Speaking of the breathless media coverage of the “pandemic” in early 2020: “By then, The Atlantic was distinguishing itself as the most hysterical elite media outlet of all — no small feat.” (p. 157) 😀

          I wholeheartedly agree, Atlantic is nothing but pure propaganda and drivel since I don’t know when. I’ve kept bookmarked one of their more ludicrous articles by the infamous Tarnishes Easily Coates 🙂


  11. Zman:

    I’d love to hear your own unique take on PRICE CONTROLS.

    They don’t work, obviously. But this seems to be the direction our ruling class is going to go this summer as prices continue to rise.

    “Get the greedy Kulaks! … uh, I mean, greedy corporations!”

  12. Sort of gimmicky and done before elsewhere, but “Z reads his hate mail” might be a light and amusing episode sometime.

    • This idea has some real potential. Does z get the occasional unhinged leftist hate mail? How about normies that wander in and argue about “muh constitution” and “all men are created equal.” I’m deeply interested now.

  13. They want to do and largely are doing to electricity what they did to manufacturing. They are designing an electric grid that requires perfection. They want to do away with nuclear or coal or even natural gas “base load” and replace it all with the unreliable and intermittent “renewables,” and make up for the intermittent nature of “renewables” with batteries. I read California has mandated the closing of the last of their nuclear plants either by law or regulation. I think they are scheduled to be closed by August 2025. In the winter of 2021, there was the Texas grid meltdown. They want to bring this to the whole country.

    At the same time they are doing all this, they are trying to push the country to use electric vehicles. 5 plus MWH per car per year. I think at least 2 states have passed laws outlawing the sales of new ICE vehicles by like 2030.

    • How can you do a reset without a unset? Cause as much unsettlement as you can everywhere.

      “Stop! Make them stop! Anything! I want my normal back!”

      Then the reset. But first chaos & collapse.

    • They are not very smart, and are selected by a ruthless culling of anyone with brains and ambition. The older set methodically eliminates those who might pose a threat to their low ability and low intellect with base cunning but strategic stupidity.

      You can see this in Ukraine. Already emotional tirades are common in the press to kick Turkey out of NATO for blocking so far Sweden and Finland from joining. Well, what then? Turkey lets Russian naval forces into the Black Sea that’s what. People think canceling someone on Twitter actually matters when scaled up to non Western leaders of non Western nations.

    • Even perfection won’t cut it…Renewable energy is mostly interruptible and requires fossil fuel backup at all times or the network will go down…It’s also grossly inadequate in quantity, which means rolling blackouts everywhere…Don’t buy an electric car..

      • My current short-term plan is home and land purchase in a Red State and set it up with solar panels and a big generator. Longer term for a vehicle I want to get something old and rugged, perhaps that can run on vege-diesel, maybe even build some kind of kit car. Something with either no electronics or something like an Arduino for a brain.

        I still can’t decide on WHERE though. I had ruled out FL because of the Hispanic influx but I’m very impressed with Gov. Desantis in swatting away the Covidians. I do wonder what would happen if he became President and the new Gov didn’t stay the course.

        • As a Florida resident, I’ve said it many times before: In late 2018, we came within a fraction of a percent of electing as Governor a Democrat Negro, gay, methamphetamine user. I’m unaware if that man had any other “credentials,” but apparently was a mayor for a while. 🙂

          • I know, that’s why I’m also looking at TN again too. For me it’s also a bit of laziness and familiarity. I lived in FL for a long time and feel comfortable there. Your almost Governor reminds me of Marion Barry, the crack smoking, hooker banging mayor of DC back in the 90s. The FL real estate websites all say that the state is in one of its periodic housing bubbles. I don’t really want to buy at the top of the market. TN looks just about as expensive though. I might just have to accept that too many people want out of places like this and into more sane conservative areas.

  14. Meanwhile, Congress just passed a blasphemy bill, 420-1.

    Tom Massie was the lone no vote.

    • Well, I knew when even something like Siri on the iPhone was installed as the morality police that nothing interesting would ever be coming out of the mainstream., whether on the political end of the spectrum or from the creative and tech end.

      You would think you could just joke around with Siri and tell her dirty jokes or whatever but no. She scolds you like a Karen. Imagine that. Even their AI is a Karen. So what does that say in general for the future of tech ? Or culture?

      • Hehe, yeah. My Android won’t let me text the word “bitch”, which makes it really hard to describe anything having to do with women – The, uh… female humanoid with purple hair and a tramp-stamp saying “supaslut” was twerking at schoolkids down at the train station…”

        Actually, I see an opportunity here. The Silly Valley Girls are handicapping themselves through this stuff. One early AI experiment at Google, I think, became notable for its racism and misogyny. Well, they just told it to look at the data and it did. There’s a market for “based-AI” that caters to people who actually NEED to get things right without reference to ideology. Perhaps the soon-to-be-thriving private “security” industry as law and order breaks down more.

        • If you really think about what the dearth of language does, then you can see it is brilliant mind control. Without words there are no thoughts, and for most youth today, these words don’t exist. Case and point: when is the last time you used the term “PMS”? No young folk even knows this term; I am willing to wager that most here haven’t used it in a decade – and 15 years ago it was commonplace (I am doing my part to keep it alive – just told my wife to knock it off a couple weeks ago when she was clearly PMSing).
          The point – In making technology the main means through which we communicate, the tech companies only allow us certain terms to communicate. With time, the anathematic terms are lost – and so are we.

  15. I stopped by my normie neighbor’s house for a beer the other day, and he wasted no time in giving his opinion about the regime’s reaction to the Buffalo shooting versus their nonreaction to the Waukesha Massacre. “It’s clear they hate white people,” he said, shaking his head. You have to wonder how Dindus can regard themselves as oppressed or targets of the ruling class, rather than pets and lapdogs. Emmett Till was killed more than half a century ago and everyone knows his name. Cannon Hinnant was killed less than two years ago and even most white people on our side of the divide would squint and tilt their heads if you mentioned his name.

    One green shoot/white pill regarding our unavoidable minority status (we’re already there in certain age cohorts): whites who’ve never been a minority anywhere will not only notice their whiteness and the whiteness of those around them, they’ll feel relief at seeing other white faces and won’t even be able to deny it. Those of us who’ve been white and in a minority before know how it feels, how the tension of the day immediately ceases and something like joy settles in your bones when you’re around your kinsmen again. It will become easier to speak about our collective interests (it already is getting easier, hence the regime’s rollout against the “Great Replacement” theory, as they know it’s penetrated even the normiesphere). Even if whites are ghettoized, it will be much more similar to the old European idea of the ghetto than the American degradation of the concept. We won’t be shooting each other over sneakers. There will be genuine cultural exchange and efflorescence, explicitly ethnocentric education, cuisine, religion, like you see in Chinatown or used to see in Little Italy. Being under threat and targeted makes it impossible to pretend your race isn’t your uniform in a war. Imagine being at an Amren conference all the time (“among the living” as Taylor likes to say). Some black jazzman (I forget his name) claimed that he could walk from one side of New Orleans to another without seeing a white face, and this was at the height of segregation. I’m going to make it my goal to try something similar, although those faces I’m avoiding will all be nonwhite.

    • The larger problem is is that we can’t have Christian morality as long as we have blacks among us, and that is something no one has been able to reconcile. You can’t have a violent breed and treat him as your equal and at the same time treat murder as the gravest of sins and crimes. Like you can’t have a dog as your equal and then treat licking one’s balls as the gravest of crimes. That is a less serious analogy but it makes the point.

      So what do we do? Seems like the path of least resistance has come about and we just let blacks do their thing and in turn we have had to reduce the penalties and the mental conception of the evilness of murder. We have been forced to normalize or mainstream it.

    • The dude you are referring to was Jelly Roll Morton. Interesting guy. There was some black playwright that tried to portray him as a some Uncle Tom (“Jelly’s Last Jam”) when nothing could be further from the truth. But like Louis Armstrong, whose painfully typed out autobiography is worth reading (no oostwriter for Pops) the Library of Congress Records of Morton talking about turn of the century New Orleans, re-issued in the early 2000s by Rhino Records, is worth a listen.

      Morton both liked and disliked that situation. He makes numerous comments about often the low situation of many of the black men in deeply Segregated New Orleans in the late 1890s and early 1900s. I.E. back then the threat of inter black violence was always high.

      • At this stage of the game, I suspect that if the US or an EU power intervened in South Africa they would fear losing White* troops to defecting to the enemy or “going local.” 🙂

        *”We had to keep a few; nobody else knows how to work the equipment.”

    • Jared Taylor interviewed a Afrikaner who essentially said that the South Africa situation is creating an implicit white solidarity and are creating a multitude of workarounds to thrive against the incompetent government.

      Interestingly, he said they will probably have more freedom than western Europe soon, since the government is too inept to enact dystopian policies.

      • Do you have a link to this? It sounds very interesting.

        It also lines up with my thinking that it’s just if they load the MIC with AA hires.

        Go right ahead. You think the F-35 was bad? Just wait…

          • What is to be shocked about? The current rulers of that country are incompetent idiots. The only thing that could change things is an outside entity like the rulers of USA or Europe stepping in to help enforce the rulers’ iron fist. But this will not happen with all of the other conflicts the GAE is dealing with around the world. South Africa is gonna be way too low on the priority list.

          • Thanks, that interview was very good.

            I thought there were many good points, including how the SA government is paralyzed by incompetence and how whites are finding a way to develop parallel structures.

            It’s inspiring to hear how white South Africans can make do while being outnumbered 11 to 1.

          • I think the sheer numbers make optimism a fool’s game. It is interesting to note the various South Africans who left. And never looked back. Certainly the small scale replication of this in Detroit, in Philly, Baltimore, NYC, Atlanta and New Orleans suggests otherwise. As one person noted, quantity has a quality all its own.

            You see the same dynamic in Mexico. Guillermo del Toro, the director (Shape of Water, Hellboy) had his father kidnapped and parts cut off. James Cameron gave him a loan (he was not liquid enough to have the cash ready) and helped him with a consultant to handle the payoff. Now none of his family lives in Mexico but he certainly sings the praises of that nation. [Mexico has never been able to solve its violence issue]

      • The government too weak to provide services is also probably one too weak to provide protection, or worse would use the White minority as a scapegoat for its incompetence. Root is the Afrikaner being interviewed by Taylor. Taylor, polite to a fault, tried to bring Root around several times, but Root seemed hopelessly lost in optimism.

        Standing knee deep in horseshit, Root was the boy looking for the pony. However, how does one remain optimistic when the Black population outnumbers you 8 or 10 to 1? And when the prior government repeatedly made genocidel threats against the White population.

        • The number of South African normies who dream of playing for the Springboks, and send their kids to colleges in Parle is not small. Once this facade is gone, there will be plenty of man-power AND firepower on the good side…simply as a matter of survival

    • Yeah but the reality is Joey, that feeling of kinship is always short lived. I know what you mean tho. But invariably once you break the ice you revert back to how you would have seen that person in the before times when everyone was white. It is like a reflex. If you were among your friends at the time and this same guy walks up, you are going to judge him fairly critically, just eye him up and down.

      And I don’t want to go about beating a dead horse, I made this point ad Infinitum before, but white people need to be around other white people all the time. We can’t have too many other races in our midst or else’s the natural hierarchy or whatever it is, the natural likes and dislikes are corrupted and distorted so a guy we might not naturally like we are forced to because he is the only other white guy around. Make sense? I remember a friend of mine telling me, you should like this guy, he’s Italian. I said why, if I was in Italy I would think he’s an ass but now that he is the only other Italian at the party I am supposed to like him? That kind of thing.

      I mean I know the world is t perfect, but I have been a minority for too long to know how it all ends. Just because a few white guys are the only ones around, once the doors are closed and it is just two guys together where white has nothing to do with it then you get the same problems you always get. You are either going to like or dislike each other on your own terms.

      The only solution if we are to reach our destiny and fullness in life is to put a great distance between us and other races so this way we can sort it all out amongst ourselves and not be forced to like each other because we need safety and comfort in numbers, but that is essentially what you get with five white guys in. a prison of non whites. We are living in a de facto prison right now. And it is going to destroy us.

    • Cannon Hinnant;

      The 5 year old who had his head blown off for riding his bike on a Joggers lawn.

      You’ll never get wall to wall coverage on an event like that. Messes with the narrative.

      • What gets coverage is less the act, than the reaction. In this I give the Blacks credit—they chimp out and the media and pol’s take notice. Whites on the other hand do not react this way. They most always remain peaceful and lawful. I don’t know what happened. Somewhere we lost it around the Civil Rights era. Prior to that an incident like even a Black whistling at a White caused riots and lynchings.

        I’m not calling for lynchings and violence, but is it too much for Whites to even mass together and protest such racist violence against their own kind? Yeah, there will be arrests and punishment ala the Jan 6 demonstrations, but this current pacifist behavior is only encouraging more racial violence—against Whites.

  16. for anyone here with HBO+ i strongly recommend the show Veep. it is pants pissingly funny. and miracle des miracles, it is not woke and is actually apolitical! kind of the antithesis of West Wing. for the white glove set, this isn’t for you, lots of potty language. and Julia Louis-Dreyfus is smokin’ hot in this show, a total smoke show…

    • Uh, HELLO don’t you know no one here has cable?

      I mean it’s not rocket science.

      Ha ha I’m just fucking with ya 😜

      • We have (basic) cable because à la carte broadband was more expensive than the least expensive package. We tried the satellite thing but it didn’t work for us.

    • hbo seems to be run by white hating specials. I try not to give money to people that hate me. The dreyfuss chick is 56 years old

      • Every major institution in AINO is controlled by AWRs.

        If a chick is a babe, she’s a babe, regardless of her age.

    • It’s a pretty funny show. The storylines seem like they could be written by ZMan, after he’s had four or five rounds of Guinness®.

  17. Man, it sucks we can’t talk about race and IQ anymore

    But seriously, I love the idea of a message board type format. I hope it can come together.

  18. I though Shark Eyes Psaki was peak ridiculous in that job, but then they managed to find another gear and give us someone dumber that old Jen.

    They’re mocking us. Like when Caligula made his horse consul.

    • I expect to see a rapper appointed to the Supreme Court within the next 15 years if AINO survives that long. And I am not joking.

      • If we had JustIce Cube instead of Kagan or Sotomayor or even Roberts, American life would be saner and better.

    • To Psaki’s defense, imagine if you were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars and global prestige to sell crap sandwiches. Try to sell it without sounding like a kooky psychopath.

      • Therein lies the problem. It pays too well. That money corrupts the soul. We have an entire class of parasites who live like kings and queens. All they do all day long is impose costs on society. They produce nothing and they tear down every way they can. They are the worst parasites any society has ever had. All or most of their money is ill-gotten. The agents of the state get their money from taxes. But even the “private” is scamy. Like has anyone ever chosen to buy CNN ala carte? They set up the packages so that it’s just cheaper to get the 40 channels including CNN and MSNBC than to order the 5 channels you actually want. So your money just gets shoveled over to the people who hate you.

        • Those parasites are probably smarter that us—they know the grift is up and are looting a dying country. We, on the other hand, are trying to keep this shitshow on the tracts. 🙁

          • I don’t know about you, but I’m doing what little I can to accelerate the cataclysm.

        • Far from expert here (and don’t have cable) but the feature you describe is (I think) set by law. For some reason, the cable company is NOT allowed to sell the channels a la carte. One aspect of this scam is that (say) CNN can claim it has 50 million viewers or whatever. No, what they have (almost as good from their perspective) is they get guaranteed income of 50 million potential viewers. The consumer can choose from a few different packages, but he cannot customize them. The only true a la carte are the pay per view programs.

          I solved the problem by saying “no” to everything 🙂

    • The presentation of intersectionality-as-resume is interesting though.

      Whereas they used to introduce themselves as “PHD from xyz, Awarded the XXX Prize for YYY”, creator of “Widget Z”…

      Now it’s: “I’m amazing because I’m black, lesbian, and an immigrant.”

    • Psaki was much more mellow once. Here in 2014 she looks as your typical American carrier girl:

      Then Russian trolls at RT started to mock her publicly (“psaknut” or to psaki: to say something stupid with a pretense of knowledge)

      so she had to get tougher and meaner, and now she looks like she’s going to rip someone’s dick off at any time during the press rlease.

  19. Well, since today’s podcast is cornucopia, that guess that opens the door to random comments.

    Why wait for the fog?

    First some applicable history. In the US Revolutionary War, British soldiers typically wore bright red waistcoats, marched in orderly files, and aligned in neat transverse rows on the firing line. The “dishonorable” colonists took maximum advantage of this stupidity by hiding and sniping, and the result was non trivial. In the Vietnam War, US soldiers soon learned that smoking at night was a bad idea because the lit cherry at the end of the cigarette made targeting quite easy for Vietcong snipers.

    Fast forward to the present. Parading around out in the open with a target on your back is both a stupid and suicidal way to fight back against the Borg. The Fifth Gen warrior is the nobody that nobody ever notices, that moves about easily and skillfully within the fog of chaos when most LEOs are up to their eyeballs in crowd control and head bashing. Tactically smarter, not harder.

    • If what you are saying about the rev war is true why did the colonists need the massive intervention of the French and Spanish empires?

      • Because the “dumb British in lines vs crafty Americans in the woods” is a myth, full stop.

        The Continental Army got the shit kicked out of it on almost every battlefield it fought on until they learned how to fight exactly as the British and Hessians, as organized, disciplined units, with muskets and bayonets. Friedrich Wilhelm August Heinrich Ferdinand von Steuben did a lot of the teaching.

        • But I think he is just trying to make a point.

          It may be myth that the Brit’s were dumb and easily outfoxed but that is the idea he is working with b/c that is the popular conception.

          But I guess we can let him explain, but that is how I read it

        • You are correct that, by the end of the war, the colonists were using battle tactics similar to the British Army. But several of the earliest battles were as described above and the British suffered high loses. As a result, they changed their tactics and avoided wooded areas in both movement and engagement, thus forcing the action into open field warfare.

          But my essential point was that it’s stupid to make yourself an easy target. More so today because of the advent of electronics and drones. Ask anyone in uniform today and they will tell you that if you can be targeted, you can be killed.

        • The Swamp Fox and the Overmountain Boys would disagree. But then they weren’t Yankees.

          • Marion in the Lowcountry and the Southerners that laid Patrick Ferguson in his grave on Kings Mountain fought other Americans, Loyalists, who knew backcountry fighting just as well as the Rebels. The only “British” officer at Kings Mountain was Ferguson himself, who was himself a practicioner of light infantry tactics. Tarleton’s British Legion in the South, Butler’s Rangers in the North, the regular British light infantry and the Hessian Jagers were all fully as good in the woods as any Rebel American. General Daniel Morgan didn’t win at Saratoga or Cowpens (the battlefield at Cowpens being a literal cow pasture) by fighting in the woods, but by using riflemen and regular Continental infantry in line formation, in European style.
            All of the major battles in the war were fought not in old growth forest out in literal Indian Country like Braddock on the Monongahela in 1755, but in settled farmland and towns. Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Charleston, Yorktown, Trenton, Camden, Brandywine-all were fought on land that had been settled for a hundred years or more.

          • Pickle Rick, your knowledge of Revolutionary War battle history is impressive and educational, and I salute you for that. Nevertheless, we are not going to beat the Borg using 18th Century British Army tactics.

    • Check out today’s “thermals”. Newer model scopes can even detect body heat during daytime in the sun. Today everyone is a “human” cigarette! 😉 Cost is minimal (last model I used 6 weeks ago was $500), no restrictions on purchase, glass is good, and the weight in line with traditional optics. Even if not placed on a rifle, hand held for field use is a good addition “for the man that has everything”.

  20. “Even better will be watching Jean-Pierre, the black lesbian Biden spokesbot read these lines from her script.”

    Speaking of Jean-Pierre, prepare to learn more about Voodoo than you ever wanted to know. I’ve noticed now the occasional story about Voodoo in the mainstream press now that we have large numbers of Haitians in the country.

    She’s gonna pull out a gris-gris of Donald Trump and stuff pins into it.

    • Imagine the sick sh-t she did with her dolls as a kid

      He’s probably had a big black doll whipping the shit out of a blonde Barbie

    • Bitch was 21 minutes late for her press thing today and that is apparently unprecedented. Maybe she’s attemping to introduce Black Standard Time to whitpippo.

  21. Shark-Eyes Psaki
    Jumanji Brown-Jackson
    Frizzy-Hair Jean-Pierre
    Cirrhosi Pelosi

    These nicknames just write themselves!

  22. Regarding whether Z has changed, I’d weigh in that (IMHO) he’s simply not going for cheap applause. He’s also being realistic and looking to the future.

    Anyone can get a ton of upvotes by talking about how the Jews run things or immigration should be stopped or blacks are genetically not designed for modern civilization. And all those things are true.

    But the fact that these things are true reminds me of when an American general complained to his North Vietnamese counter-part during the peace negotiations, “You know, you never beat us on the battlefield.” To which the North Vietnamese general replied, “That may be so, but it is also irrelevant.”

    Complaining about these things doesn’t help the cause or change the facts on the ground. It’s also not enlightening. Any reader of Z knows these things.

    Yes, there are newbies who need to learn this, but by the time most people get to Z, they’re already pretty far down the path. Also, it’s not like Z doesn’t leave a lot of hints for them.

    The harder questions and discussions are about how we deal with the situation. Jews aren’t going to be driven out of power anytime soon – though I’d argue that their grip is weakening. Immigration isn’t going to be stopped through the political process. That will take a serious economic disaster, which will happen on its own time. Blacks will be what blacks are. If Joe Normie can’t see that, well, fuck him, he’s an idiot.

    Part of how we deal with the situation is trying to find people like us IRL and forming social groups. We’re not safe enough yet to form political groups. The best that we can do is have social groups that help out the local area.

    We can also support groups and movements that push against the current orthodoxy. I don’t agree with what Fuentes has said on several things, but there’s no doubt that he move the ball forward. That’s enough.

    To his credit, Z isn’t falling into a rut (I’m looking at you Steve Sailer) or forming his own little mini-cult (Vox Day). He’s trying to navigate the situation.

    That praise aside, I don’t always agree with Z. Like many of you, I find his views on nationalism/ethno-nationalism to be muddled. (He seems to take the extreme view of ethno-nationalism – a society that’s 100% a certain ethnicity – as the literal goal as opposed to a loadstar that shows us the right direction.)

    But the fact that we disagree shows that Z and this community are doing something different than many other communities.

    • He HAS changed, man! He’s grifting on shirts and ball caps!!! He sold out to the (((Textile EstablishMINT)))!

      Cornelius Rye on Blab was right about him all along!!!

      • I’m just pissed that the letter “Z” is now associated with the Russians.

        A t-shirt with just the letter Z or the letter Z in a circle would have been perfect. Now, everyone would think that I’m a fan of Putin, which isn’t a terrible thing but not the truth.

    • I have a hard time critiquing this guy. I disagree with him all the time too but he always has ammo for his argument. He’s actually changed my mind on some things as well.

      For me the worst thing about the Dissident movement are all the bloody red pills. If you can take all those and still be upbeat and positive and retain a sense of humour in these days and times…You are doing very well.

    • The benefits of being part of a community has been around for a very long time (including for most higher order species, not just Homo sapiens), so that should be conventional base wisdom, not espoused as some newfangled revolutionary strategy. We can’t just stay on the sidelines, the disease cells must go, and that won’t happen without affirmative effort and intelligent focus in the case of societal organisms.

    • I was thinking this the other day. But more about myself that I have read and said everything about blacks, immigration, the usuals, etc and wouldn’t it be nice and refreshing to get into some material that doesn’t feel like it is from 2010 and just being endlessly rehashed over and over like clothes tumbling in the dryer. All that stuff reached it’s heyday maybe in 2010 or thereabouts and has become ossified.

      Why I hope Z can put together a message board type format where people can start their own topics, etc. That could be fun. And maybe generate some interesting discussions you are only going to find here

    • “If Joe Normie can’t see that, well, fuck him, he’s an idiot.”

      Your entire post was well worth reading. I think the line that I highlighted above was your most significant. So many normies seem absolutely determined to NOT learn the hardest lessons of this increasingly wayward era. We can’t worry about saving such folks. Trying to do will almost always prove a waste of time and energy. We definitely need to locate like-minded people in the real world. Your suggestion that we form social, rather than political, groups is very wise. Keep things informal. Don’t adopt symbols or slogans. Focus mainly on the wellbeing of those in the group, as opposed to whether or not each member is perfectly ideologically pure (once a group reaches a certain number, perfect ideological purity will be unrealistic). We need to start forming “communities” instead of political units.

      Great comment!

      • Nietzsche might have been said to be a dissident about most everything. In one of his most important books (Beyond Good and Evil), he is seen at his most provocative right at the beginning (I, 1).

        “That this Sphinx teaches us at last to ask questions ourselves?…The problem of the value of truth presented itself before us—or was it we who presented ourselves before the problem? Which of us is the Oedipus here? Which the Sphinx? It would seem to be a rendezvous of questions and notes of interrogation. And could it be believed that it at last seems to us as if the problem had never been propounded before, as if we were the first to discern it, get a sight of it, and RISK RAISING it? For there is risk in raising it, perhaps there is no greater risk.”

        Nietzsche had the glaring fault of rarely, if ever, explaining his many obscure comments, much less providing footnotes. Fortunately, the above could be deciphered. I was able to arrive at an interpretation that satisfies me, and believe it or not, will tie in, at least kind of, with Wkathman and other’s comments.

        I had to refresh my knowledge of the story of Oedipus. Relevant to this passage, suffice to say that Oedipus never knew his real father and mother (he was fated to do evil to both). As a grown man, he eventually wanders to Thebes. The Sphinx, a fantastic monster, was plaguing the city. No one could enter without answering her riddles; most fail and are devoured. But Oedipus answers her riddles and the monster kills herself. Oedipus had already (unawares) slain his father and soon (also unknowingly) marries his mother, fulfilling Cassandra’s baleful prophecy.

        As such, my insight is that Nietzsche is saying that by daring to ask questions, to probe into the nature of things, the inquirer may stumble upon ugly facts that he will later regret. In so many words, exactly the red pill, blue pill choice as offered in “The Matrix.”

        In this book and others, he offers many glimpses into the flaws of human knowledge. If he’s even half-right (and I think he’s more than that) you would be dismayed to learn what rickety foundations much of our cherished world rests upon. Many people do, in fact, prefer “untruth,” and such biases may even be necessary for man’s survival.


    • I suspect there’s a certain balancing act that needs to be performed. Too much self-censoring for the sake of optics and you risk ending up like normie conservatives where they forgot what their long term goals were and think they’ve won just because orange man is making empty speeches.

      On the other side, every time I’ve seen sometime try to make a genuine commitment to free speech online the end result is comments/threads that look like someone with Tourette’s syndrome and a thesaurus with a bookmark at the n-word. Half of it is probably just libs and feds trying to make us look bad, but even without them you’ll still have the spergs or even just guys who only recently figured out 13/50 and are still excited about it.

      Balance is perhaps allowing race-y stuff only if the poster can maintain his point couched in clever euphemism.

      • I had to look up “13/50.” I’m certainly aware of the issue, just it being a “new to me” term. I for one, would dispute that Blacks commit “only” 50% of serious crime. I know from recent statistical analysis I did only own, for example, that Blacks commit about 75% of all killings in the USA. The exact multiples vary by crime category, but it’s pretty consistent that Blacks offend at roughly 6 times that of non-Blacks. So actually that “13/50” rule is a happy-face lie. Blacks commit by far, the lion’s share of violent crime in America, even in absolute numbers. Hardly a laudable accomplishment for a race that is about 1/6 of the total population.

      • Funny you mention censoring. I just wrote a fairly lengthy commentary on the “13/50” term (I had to look it up) and I made some comments on the Black crime rate. Nothing controversial that doesn’t appear here regularly. Here, let me repeat the gist again and see if it vanishes a 2nd time:

        Blacks commit about 75% of all killings in the USA. For all serious crimes, they commit (and are convicted) at about 6x the rates for non-blacks. Therefore, the term “13/50” is way too optimistic. It is probably closer to “13/75”.

        Yet that comment has vanished without a trace. No, belay that, it was up for a while and then vanished.

        What the fuck, Zman? What odd censorship is going on here? Is this your screwy software or what?

        I’m a paying customer here. I can take my business elsewhere if I’m not wanted anymore. Just give me the word and I’ll pack up my Nietzsche library and be on my way 🙂

    • yes, I don’t agree with him on a lot too. He rarely takes into account the spiritual, he believes the absurdity of evolution, and is a bit too heavy on the race thing.

      But, the volume of content!

  23. I’ve been hearing about all the savings possible with Just-In-Time inventory savings since I went to business school in the early 90s. Even then, some us were pushing back on the risk it entails. Quickly learned that greedy idiots don’t care about risks. Over and over I’ve seen lean companies burn through all those “savings” when something went wrong.
    I think maybe covid and the current supply chain problems might have killed JIT for a while.

    • Looking at the origins of JIT, it appears that it was partially incentivized by governments who passed tax codes that penalized businesses for holding any significant level of inventory.

      • Yes, the wisdom of millenia has to be beaten out of the society; if the government disincentivizes, or even pummels providential behaviors out of the society, that’s what you will get. Of course, all bolsheviks implicitly understand that such pernicious providential thinking may have the effect of lessening their grip over even the minutiae of the proles’ lives, and their aim is the fostering of abject, childlike dependence, so this thinking and these behaviors must be extirpated. A mass of mendicant supplicants, with downcast eyes, digging the toes of their shoes in the dirt under their masters’ scornful gaze, gladdens the cold, dead hearts of the bolsheviks. Jeffersonian yeomanry need not apply.

  24. Just so on the disappearance of Kovid Kraziness. During the month of May I’ve seen even most of my most craven coworkers ditch the Coward Cloth. I had almost forgotten what they look like. And in that connexion, I am reminded of an arriere-pensee for why the wore them for so long.

    • That exquisite vocabulary!

      I give. I surrender. I abase myself, prostrate before such erudition.

      Doffing ‘is cap and smelling of cod, the humble dockworker asks, “er, wot ezzakly is an arriere-pensee, guv’nah?”

  25. “It is going to be a rough period economically and a lot of our people will suffer as a result, so we need to avoid being callous. We also have to avoid getting sucked into the madness we see in convectional politics. The best way to do that is to enjoy the absurdity of it and the ridiculousness of the people. If I were to make a banner for the Dissident Right convention, it would feature the band playing on the deck of the Titanic as it went under. That is our best approach to the current crisis.”

    This was a bit of a receiving comment that I needed to hear. I haven’t listened to the show yet, but it’s been hard to not let the state of things affect one’s mental well-being. This little snippet helped remind me that these things, and the people in charge, are not worth letting damage my life or my family.

    I look forward to another excellent podcast along with great commentary from the folks in the comments.

  26. Z Man:
    Keep changing it up in your essays, I really enjoyed yesterdays essay titled Trotsky’s Revenge it changed my thinking on our foreign policy and what has happened to us in the world since the Cold War.
    Keep writing what’s on your mind.

  27. I am rootin for posting. I hate Globohomo Inc with the heat of 1000 suns. If Putin can kick them out of the Kraine I am all for it.

    • The increasingly hysterical GAE response to Ukraine really makes me wonder if it really is the Heart of Globalist Darkness.

      I mean, the totally broke G7 just committed to throwing another $20 billion at Ukraine and a Uke spokesdroid said, “Ukraine protects the free world!”

      C’mon man!

      • Hmm, the blackmailer speaks?

        Yeah, keep throwing money at Our Little Thing, ‘cuz chilluns, have we ever got the dirt on you mooks…

        • Blackmail really?

          What possible information could be used as blackmail?

          The entire legal system and the media is entirely these demons. There is no vector to blackmail anyone,

          Lots of stuff has come out and the response is “Fuck you, what are you going to do about it?”

      • Wild Geese: Read a very interesting essay at Unz yesterday by Thomas Dalton about the heavy Juice presence in all aspects of Ukraine. Estimated to be anywhere from 0.12 to perhaps 1% of the population, but almost all the political ‘leaders’ for the past 20 years, as well as most of the oligarchs, are members. Utterly inconsistent with probability laws, of course.

        Part of this can be explained by Soviet history. I would need to check my old college and grad school books to confirm, but believe a significant portion of Ukraine authorities/administrators were Juice throughout the Soviet era as well as at the time of the USSR split up. Just as elsewhere, they were well positioned to take control of companies and assets.

        Point being, long and convoluted history there might help explain why they’re going all in on this thing. Domestically it doesn’t seem to have a lot of legs (cat ladies out in force re abortion, usual BLM summer festivities will be more in the news) but internationally it’s still fairly front and center. Regular White people are beginning to be more concerned about rising food and fuel prices (those that aren’t busy scheduling cruises, of course), but city dwellers and Juice media remain fixated.

  28. Convectional politics? Does that have something to do with cooking? The QAnon crowd would assert that politics is absolutely related to cooking — “spirit cooking.” Sounds about right.

    Anyway, haven’t listened to this podcast yet. I’m sure it’s another good one. Peace.

  29. Smooth? like Obama? I don’t know know about that. Smooth doesn’t do much for me. As far as the brochure, the two ‘men’ you mentioned are on the cover of that brochure. I’m sorry he had his little feelings hurt. I’m having a hard time understanding your take on AF. Maybe those kids are potential tee- shirt , book, paywall customers ? I get that, everyone has to eat. Most of the stuff you say and write is very helpful. Putting that aside 🙂 , AF is very strange.

    • The first rule of right wing infighting club is that you always talk about right wing infighting club. The second rule of right wing infighting club is that YOU ALWAYS TALK ABOUT RIGHT WING INFIGHTING CLUB. And if its your firsr day in the right wing, you have to infight.

  30. You may not be getting covid questions anymore but get ready for monkey pox questions!!!

    Which could end up being a vaccine injury and not the newest bioweapon. Those pustules were listed on the side effects that Pfizer wanted to keep buried for 75 years. Only thing we know for sure, it’s not nature at work

    • They’re saying that the spread of the Monkey-flu is being propogated by gay men. Shocker.

      Oh well – if you’re promiscuous, you get what you get.

    • it is looking like they are worried about smallpox!? and the monkeypox jabs are a cover for this.

      • Remember where the only viable remaining smallpox samples were stored – CDC Atlanta and the Vector Institute in Koltsovo, Russia.

      • And if you want to go the nonwhite depopulation route, ask the Amerindians about smallpox.

        Two continents.
        90% population loss.

        Now think the teeming hordes of the Sh*thole (Southern) Hemisphere and their state of hygiene.

        • Waittaminute. I just cut heard the Z talking population growth. (He hadn’t finished his point, will listen.)

          Zman, overpopulation in the explosion of the Southern Tier is 90% of the big problems.

    • Funny how history (perhaps) is repeating or at least echoing — it was gay sex and that strange new disease AIDS, that started the rise to empire building for an NIH bureaucrat of no particular note named Dr. Anthony Fauci.

  31. <em(meritocracy is a farce)

    Stupid behavior: any act resulting in a net loss* to both the individual committing it and to the group(s) said individual belongs to.

    Stupid person: any human being consistently engaging in stupid behavior most of his/hers waking hours.

    * Short to medium-term losses. In the long run both stupid and smart will be gone.

    Fighting against stupidity is like trying to empty an ocean using a bucket.
    What differentiates the effective leader? A large enough bucket, and the strength to handle it. Over time, the bucket cracks, the leader loses strength. If one’s smart, he knows there’s nothing he can do; if not, there’s nothing he won’t do.
    (Corollary #1) Wisdom = to remain still, cool & collected; unwise to be frantic.

    Leave stupid to their own devices, don’t try to change them, much less to educate them. Don’t fear for them: they will fare fine, they won’t go extinct, because smart people mostly breed stupid people, and stupid people occasionally breed smart ones.
    The error occurs when smart people, out of love for their children (or for their lovers), connive to propel their stupid children (or stupid lovers) to the upper echelons of the hierarchies.
    (Corollary #2) Love is a bummer (love corrupts.)

    Democracy is not a guarantor of prosperity, capitalism is, and in case you forgot, companies – specially the successful ones – are mainly autocracies and oligarchies, not democracies.
    Is this a defense of capitalism?
    Capitalism is despicable: it turns human beings into cost/benefit units. A sane human being can’t be pro-capitalism any more than he can be pro-democracy or pro-communism.
    Capitalism is despicable – but if thou, dear reader, have the lack of discernment to assess this, please remember: the proud sons & daughters of capitalism – the big corporations, the too big to fail/fall companies – are between the largest supporters and financial backers of such execrable absurdities as BLM, LGBTQuackery and abortion advocacy.

    Christianity is at the root of all egalitarian nonsense, including wokesterism.
    Revivalists of all sorts are nothing than clueless fools because they believe that applying smartphone philosophy** to their favorite ‘ism’ will bring about a future filled with a better, brighter whataboutism.

    Nothing short of a new religion, and a strong theocracy based upon it, will do.

    ** Smartphone philosophy: keep the head down, replicate what you are told.

    • Please forgive me for being blunt, but this post is an odd stream-of-conscience rant seemingly without any focus or purpose. Venting I suppose. Hope you feel better.

      • As he said, you get what you pay for.
        By the way, nice passive aggressive post.

        • Sorry, I thought you were responding to Z’s podcast.
          A thousand pardons sir.

      • I took one quick look at the orthography of that post and knew it was unhinged gibberish. This is surprisingly easy to do, and it saves one a great deal of potentially wasted time.

      • I think it reads best as slam poetry. I might go up on stage tonight at the local coffee & books and read it aloud.

        • Show up an do that in a brown leisure suite and an afro/sideburns. hehehe

  32. North Attleboro Massachusetts salutes Z for surrounding the Donbass and closing the cauldron.

    (Cue the parade of elephants from the Terror Lake episode of the Simpsons; Alensky will be played by Sideshow Bob).

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