Trotsky’s Revenge

One of the interesting revelations in Tucker Carlson’s book, Ship of Fools, is that Bill Kristol said privately what he denied publicly about the Iraq war. That is, the war was about Israel and not American security. Saddam was never a threat to American interests in the region but taking him out was good for Israel. The neocons have always denied this, usually claiming it is anti-Semitic to suggest it, but every time they get caught in a lie they squeal “anti-Semitism” so this is not new.

The thing is though, a schemer like Kristol could have been lying to Carlson, hoping he stepped on the same landmines as Pat Buchanan. Carlson was always a war skeptic and a natural conservative, so Bill Kristol would have seen him as a threat. The main play of the second generation neocons has always been the Hitler card. They look for some way to accuse their opponents of being anti-Semites, so that the focus shifts from the neocon schemers and onto the accusers.

Putting that aside, subsequent events suggest that the crusade against Islam launched in the Bush years was never about Israel. The real target for the neocons was the ancient enemy in the east, Russia. Neoconservatism, after all, was born out of a hatred for Russia during the Cold War. The cover story was that these radicals had turned on communism, but in reality, they were reacting to what was happening on the Left with regards to relations with the Soviet Union.

Soon after the fall of the Cold War, the neocons running foreign policy under the first George Bush engineered the first Gulf War. They did this by baiting Saddam Hussein into invading Kuwait. The American ambassador to Iraq at the time was April Glaspie, who met with Saddam before he launched his invasion. It is clear from the notes that he was not committed to war. It is also clear that Glaspie gave him the impression that America was not committed to defending Kuwait.

Why would the neocons want a war with Iraq? It seems like a lifetime ago, but Iraq was a longtime client of the Soviet Union. Once the Soviet Union fell, the Russians were in no condition to help her allies as in the past. This made it a perfect time to take this piece of the board. Given the behavior of the neocons in Ukraine over the last decade, it is not a stretch to think they baited Saddam into war. After all, they have been trying to bait Russian into invading Ukraine.

If we look at the crusade against Islam as a proxy war against Russia, the last thirty years of foreign policy adventures makes more sense. The second war with Iraq was about finishing the job and preparing for the planned attack on Iran, which so happens to be a Russia ally. The creation of ISIS as a weapon against Syria, another ally of Russia, now also makes sense. The occupation of Afghanistan never made sense as a response to 9/11, but it did make a nice forward operating base.

Long forgotten in all of this is how the neocons pushed the Clinton administration into bombing Serbia during the Balkan war. The Balkans have always been a mess, so there was never a reason for America to take sides. This should have been a European matter, worked out in endless meetings, like everything else in Europe. Instead, the neocons pushed for an aggressive stance toward Serbia, which so happens to be a longtime Russian ally. There is a pattern here.

Fast forward to the present and the pattern is clear. The neocons started the Russo-Georgian war by trying to bring Georgia into NATO. Give or take, Georgia is about 3,000 miles from the North Atlantic, thus making her an odd fit for a military alliance based in the North Atlantic. That was never the point, of course. The point was to pick away at the borders with the ancient enemy. NATO expansion has never been about defense, but always about offense.

In more recent times, the neocons have tried to color revolution Belarus, they have stirred up trouble in Kazakhstan and they are probably involved in the tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Then there is the Ukraine situation. Half of Washington has been taking bribes from Ukrainian oligarchs, which has concealed the fact that the neocons have been plotting trouble there for over a decade. The same people behind the color revolution in the Obama years are in charge now.

The point of all of this has been to weaken Russia by nibbling away at her border, forcing her to commit resources to all of these different conflicts. At some point, the current government becomes too weak to defend itself. Maybe with some outside help, the government falls. This opens the door for regime change and the long dreamed of break up of Russia. This is not idle speculation. A few years ago, the Rand Corporation provide the playbook for those interested.

The old line about the neocons being Trotskyites was mostly a way to point out that they were not conservatives in the traditional sense. Many were communist in the middle of the last century. Their “conversion” was never about the things that had long defined conservatism, but rather the temporary needs of the moment. They cared more about beating Russia in the Cold War than anything else. They simply embraced the rest of the conservative program as a means to an end.

One of the underappreciated aspects of the last five years is the exit of the neocons from Buckley conservatism. They have their own publications and regularly attack their old friends on the Right. Of course, they were outlandishly opposed to trump and the pro-American sentiments he embodied. Their primary complain was that he was soft on Russia and Russian allies. This transformation suggest the paleocons were right about the neocon conversion being less than genuine.

There may have been more to the Trotsky line. In radical politics, it was long held that the Bolshevik revolution was hijacked by Stalin. The Trotsky wing never forgave the Russians for allowing the revolution to turn into Tsarism. This fueled the deep hatred for Russia among Trotskyites of a certain persuasion. The neoconservative persuasion was driven by this animus in the Cold War. After the Cold War, it has driven by the berserk obsession for Russia by the second wave of neocons.

What America, and by extension the West, has been experiencing over the last thirty years is Trotsky’s revenge. Resentment at the failure of his faction in the revolution was probably the second to last thing that went through his head. His followers, however, have had it in the forefront of their minds. The current generation of neocons, lacking the intelligence to understand any of this, are simply left with a seething hatred of Russia that has driven America foreign policy for a generation.

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192 thoughts on “Trotsky’s Revenge

  1. Really? It’s about resentful partisans of a century old revolution? Not Eastern Jews hating Russians?

  2. “Resentment at the failure of his faction in the revolution was probably the second to last thing that went through his head.”

    I’m dying! LOL. Penultimate.

  3. I think keeping Saddam was clearly the better option for Israel, judging by how they immediately started funding ISIS after he was strung up.

    The 2003 Iraq war mostly empowered Iran and Syria’s Assad, so: Complete flop by that Zio-metric.

    The neo’s are such stupid goldbrickers that I’d expect them to undermine the Old Country eventually. You have people like the Feith brothers and Richard Perle. You don’t want these cats as your allies and managers. Without the American university credentialing scam we’d probably never have heard of any of them.

    • That was the weird thing with both Gulf Wars as, at least as the story went, the Israeli governments at the time weren’t too keen on their Jewish betters within GAE shaking up the mideast snow globe. Bibi was able to parlay their fumbling in to a short term success, long term though, with a now weakened and bankrupt GAE and surrounded by unstable, hungry enemies, it ain’t looking too good.

    • Hey, Perle got among other things a villa in Provence (Les Baux) for his efforts, and Wolfowitz ‘ golden parachute after he beclowned himself at the World Bank was said to be massive. If this is failure, what must success look like?

  4. The only thing I can add to Z’s tour de force is that after the Soviet Union had its unexpected (why do we pay the CIA?) demise there were a LOT of cloud people in the State Department and elsewhere who had devoted their careers to being “Russia Experts”. You didn’t expect all those very important people to just fade away now did you?

    • My father worked his entire career for the US department of defense. After the Rooskies went under, his group spend some time dismantling no longer needed solid fuel ICBM’s. Most of his time was bickering with and firing surplus staff pretending to do something. He took early retirement.

    • When a carpenter’s only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a protruding nail.

  5. What happened to the people that were in the antiwar movement 50 years ago? Did they all end up becoming neoliberals?

    • Well, a lot of them probably wound up as adherents to the Kult of Kovid. Not me, bro, I am entirely too ornery for Covid.

      Now observing my poor wife going through her 2nd bout, the first one back in January 2020, and the second one after having to take a knee to pressure via her employer to vax, and then boost, going on right now.

      And me, almost 70 and with asthma, hangin’ tough and unvaxxed. Supplementing with zinc, vitamin C, B complex vitamins, vitamin D3, and eating apples for the quercetin that helps with uptake of the zinc into the cells, all propping up my aging immune system. So far, so good…

      • My wife and I have been doing the quercetin, zinc, vit. D and C thing for about a year now, and haven’t even had a cold. So far I’m a believer.

        • Likewise for the last 2 years, and probably naturally immune to begin with, but C, D3, and zinc are good all the time…

        • And should you feel the need these guys can get you
          What you need.
          I hear that
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  6. I always find these posts thought provoking. I am out of my depth in these matters but have an interest.
    1. Was the ’88 – ?? Middle East meddling in some way related to the Greater Israel project? (assuming that is a real thing)
    2. Suppose the neo-cons get Russian regime change. Is it plausible that they can install a vassal, their vassal specifically, and have that be a durable and viable long term arrangement?
    3. What and whom are their allies in this project? Who are their patrons and to whom do they pay patronage? Have Normal American’s completely abdicated their own agency and desire to run the show for their own benefit? Is the top military brass not made of people who were once dirt people?

    I read the Irving Kristol article from ’03. Thanks for the link. It is a very interesting read. It seems to say:
    1. We are using tax cuts to bribe the American electorate and businesses to support our project – unsustainable deficits be damned or at least solution TBD
    2. The US military is without rival in any configuration of rivals we can think of. Let’s use that military power. For what end they do not say. How do you get away with saying let’s use this thermo-nuclear military juggernaut without any argument other than, “just because we can.” ??? That is astounding. Sounds like you propose it is all to topple Russia’s regime. I go back to the question of the vassal. Another comedian?

    For what purpose they do not say. In a big irony typical of the neo-cons they say if you don’t use the military yourself the world will choose to use it for you. This is hardcore gaslighting given they are the ones who came in and commandeered the use of the US military. Cheney and Rumsfeld and those guys were the accomplices starting with PNAC. Is this just a giant grift to keep the US/Israel defense contract hog at an overflowing trough?

    It also strikes me as a brazen admission that they are infiltrators and usurpers. Another piece of language they use is to say that they are seeking a major transformation of Conservativism in America. Where have we heard that language of a radical transformation of America? ’08 hit and Occupy Wall St. became Wokester Inc and Barack The Deceiver became the champion of radical transformation. The roaches just scuttled over to the DNC. How do we get them to scuttle again and then catch them out in the open? Is that even possible?

    In any case, Kristol spoke out loud the weakness. This project is based upon unsustainable debt. That was the first step into un-reality. The departure into fantasy-land started with the departure into helicopter drops as an option and now we are in the fantasy land of the rites and catechisms of The Cult of Woke.

    That is the weakness and the dislocations from it are the opportunities. How do we get someone inside to turn on them? Who are their allies and patrons and what makes them turn? I would be interested to know. Be strong. Always be getting stronger – mentally, physically and in the heirarchy of the world, and be ready for the opportunities that will be presented when they find you. For they will.

    • Thats an interesting thought: the neocons are private equity pirates who spotted an asset-rich entity (US MIL), did a hostile takeover, spun off the income producing assets (bioresearch in Ukraine, “rebuilding infrastructure” in Afghanistan, MIC contracts), then saddled the tattered remnants with the underwater assets (F35 anyone?) and debt and rammed it into bankruptcy (WW3).
      The financialization of the military: literally nothing can escape these financial bankster vultures’ claws.

  7. @Zman you must have seen George W Bush say the “The result is the absence of checks and balances in Russia and the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq.”

    Bush admitted the truth about Iraq after all this time. The spawn of Satan Liz Cheney and her horrible father that the media now LOVES all of a sudden. Bill Kristol too, the author of the Iraq War strategy.

  8. What doesn’t make sense is why supposed crypto-Trotskyites (neocons) would support the Stalinist USSR all the way into the 1970s, only to pull a volte face after all those years. If they really were Trotskyites holding a grudge, they wouldn’t have functioned as mainline communists for four-plus decades.

    The more plausible explanation for why the neocons have declared war against Russia is that, like all supposed conservatives, they have lurched leftward as a part of the Power Structure, and like all good anti-white Leftists, despise Russia because it is unapologetically, even proudly, white.

    • You could be right, Mr. Kozelskii. The Trotskyists I was closely acquainted with (or Trotskyites–l can’t remember the approved term–it’s a period of my life I tried to forget) were big on “tactical” moves, making alliances with this group or that when it suited their agenda. At the same time, they considered themselves and their motives to be the purest of the pure.

      I don’t know if this filtered down to their Neocon descendants or not. I do believe their anti-whiteness certainly did.

    • It’s kosher theatre. No different than republican vs. democrat. A scripted, rigged , mindfuck on the goyim. Steal the last sheckel. Poison em, rob em, bankrupt em, starve em…just like 1917 Russia, oy veh, the fuckin irony.

    • Except Ukraine is the side with neo-Nazis and Russia has no problem with its Eurasian subjects serving alongside Slavs in its ranks.

  9. For the Russians, the attack on Serbia was the big game changer. It was basically “okay…we get it now.” And they weren’t wrong. I always thought at least half of the Balkan conflict was the Clintons, at the time, attempting to deflect from the Lewinsky news. If I recall correctly. a lot of Serbian civilians joined hands across a medieval bridge as it was important to them. We bombed it anyway of course. For some reason it stuck with me. My eyes were already opening in my 20’s as to our foreign policy. We have no problem obliterating other countries cultures and past. Serves us right that ours is being obliterated from the inside.

    • In a reply to Felix below, I mentioned that one of the saddest images in recent history was Russian tanks speeding into Serbia–to do nothing. It was a turning point for them when their ancient ally/protectorate was bombed criminally. I had forgotten the bridge incident, which was a blatant American war crime.

      Also as you may recall, the Chinese embassy in Belgrade was bombed, and at the time the USA claimed it was an accident. Compelling evidence surfaced in the last six or seven years that it was a deliberate act.

      • Sailer has a recent column about General Wesley Clark telling a British general to shoot at Russian troops. The general, Michael Jackson replies that he won’t start world war 3 for him. The tank commander, future singer James Blunt respected his general’s order to stand down.

  10. There will be a country, the size of a continent, that breaks up after the failure and weakening of its government and economy, not to mention the years long attacks on its borders. A Star Wars bar scene of country where everyone is an alien to everyone. Hint. It won’t be Russia.

    • You don’t think when we get the feds off our backs that we don’t go back to freedom of association? The moment it happens people will in all likelihood start going their own ways, except probably the blacks who will be tagging along with whites, or trying to. I doubt Mexicans, for example, will want to be hanging around me when there is no money in it for them, write large and vice versa.

      Losing our government isn’t 100% bad and won’t mean the end of our lives. There can be some good in it. Perhaps a lot of good. Not saying I am looking forward to major war, but it is going to happen because it has to because this situation we are in cannot hold. One side has to win and achieve dominance. That is just the way it is. The bigger problem I see is how we get Americans not to side with Russia when Russia represents something better than globohomo and how this doesn’t spark an internal civil war, a de facto religious war between the godless and the faithful.

      Maybe I am wrong I don’t know, but I just can’t see the status quo holding for years and years. There has to be a resolution, the music can’t just keep playing discordant tones without coming to a conclusion.

      • Only the Blacks are existential, Hispanics and others can be dealt with. Right now I’m sitting in the dealership having the car looked after. Majority staff is Hispanic. They live on their side of town, we on the other—but we’re not at each other’s throats, nor is the staff inept. YMMV

        • That’s why as much as I get sick of California and long sometimes to be back in Florida or somewhere in the south, the fact remains that California is only like 6% black versus the south and Florida where it sometimes becomes astronomically high. Yes, when it comes down to it, the Mexicans are far preferable to the blacks. Not saying they don’t have their own problems, but if I had to choose. And that is probably also why, a hidden secret or maybe not too hidden, that the west coast will dominate economically because it has Mexican labor whereas the east and south have blacks to deal with, but even that is changing. And like you say, and very important, the Mexicans have their part of town, and we have ours, and there aren’t problems when we have to intermingle for daily work and business.

          • And of course, it helps that a lot of Mexicans actually consider themselves to be White. It doesn’t serve anyone’s narrative, so it’s been flushed down the memory hole, but, in the early years of WWII, Mexico actually had a pretty large pro-Fascist movement, taking their cue from Franco’s Spain. It was large enough that both the US and Mexican governments were concerned, and had Germany won at Stalingrad, it might have turned into something. Mexico as a nation has gone back and forth between emphasizing its Indian heritage, and its Spanish influence. After WWII, and especially after the 1960’s, Indian won out, for obvious reasons, but there was, and is, nothing inevitable about this. If it comes down to a bugalu, surprising numbers of Mexis will be on our side.

        • Spot on. I live in a city that is about 1/3 Hispanic. There is very little racial tension between whites and Hispanics. We get along quite well. The Messkins are not brilliant people, generally speaking, but they are pretty hard working and competent. And, as a general rule, they don’t chimp out, and are not sadistic.

          You can reverse everything I said about Hispanics when it comes to the nuggras. Whenever Messkins move in next door or across the street, whites don’t automatically contemplate selling their house. When Hutus do the same, you immediately start pricing real estate.

          • I only have one quibble with the thread above, and it’s the boomer tier line “those Muxican arrre hard workin.’ Generally, as a rule…no-they-re-f ing-not. Sure they show up and work, unlike the gringo teenage stoner or the n word, and some do really work hard. But don’t confuse showing up and doing your job with “hard work.” The Muxicans win by default because no one else has shown up on the playing field in the manuel labor category. For instance, I constantly have to remind my housekeeper to get the baseboards. My relative on the east coast, with a Polish housekeeper never has to remind her to do that. They get on their hands and knees to do it right. Just like in their foreign policy.

            Of course, I would never even let a black into my house or give one my gate code. That’s a given. The place would be looted in no time. The west coast does have a distinct advantage in having fewer of them.

            By the way, the Muxicans are laughing at you when they leave your house. I’ve caught them before. I know what they’re saying. I don’t tell them.

        • For me, the main evidence the Latin folks are preferable is how the cholos went right after any Antifas and BLMs that tried to start mischief in their hoods during the 2020 insurrection.

      • Since African-Americans can only exist as obligate parasites, what you’d likely see is mass migration to the states that still persist in shitlibbery should the federal welfare programs cease.

      • “Maybe I am wrong I don’t know, but I just can’t see the status quo holding for years and years.”

        My biggest fear regarding this is that it will just continue like this. More and more freedoms will be stripped and whites will be openly attacked and physically harmed even more than they are now. Companies are openly denying white males employment now.

        What is the tipping point that gets people to finally say enough is enough? What is the type of event that could finally lead to a conflict of sorts? These are questions that I find myself pondering over their answers and I come up empty every time.

        • My sense of things is that whites don’t feel they are truly against the wall. It also takes two to tango, where big companies may not be hiring white guys but then white guys don’t need them and will go off and do their own thing or work for a small business and do just fine. It may be also some way for corporations to act like they aren’t the ones being rejected by talented white guys, that they are doing the rejecting. Not so sure.

          But I do think that if we do go to war, say by being dragged into it by a Boris Johnson or by the hapless Poles, but however it happens there will be conscription in America. They are going to need lots of fodder. So we will see how it goes from there. That might be the spark.

          • Great point. Any straight white guy who is willing to go to war for this clown country is straight up crazy.

          • Spent 30+ yrs in or running organizations in that machine. Honestly, there are not anymore enough of the required type males to field a force capable of successfully addressing large scale conflict.

            I think the US military now has three primary functions:

            1. Work program for excess prole population;

            2. Force to stand front and center in international / global operations & conflicts as part of the grand kabuki theatre (gives the impression we folks are still involved and the old structure still lives);

            3. Proving ground and manpower source for the real land power employed by the ruling class.

            Where do all those highly experienced Tip of the Spear guys go when they finally grab that govt retirement? How about the older SpecOps people? They don’t generally run the local Dollar General ….

          • Unless it is a ground war on US shores, I doubt significant numbers of US stooges will be needed. We will send $$$, weapons and tech, some advisors, and use local schlepps. Perhaps some token troops. I am not even sure how many white cis males of draft age are left in the US.

        • Couple this with the dramatic lowering of testerone, and the “retirement” of males to the background of their culture, and a worrisome picture begins to form up. Is this failure of manliness a driver of this massive disaster, or a result of it? I can’t figure it out.

          All I know is that in this very remote area of Old Dominion I’ve been forced to inhabit once again these past seven months, the males here generally lean to an older, manly ethic, at least in their personal activities and beliefs. They hunt and fish. Few look to be top soy consumers; many are consumed in more physical, working class occupations — farming, logging, agricultural support, small business etc. Most still have the antennae on the roof of their pickups from (dog-augmented) hunting season.

          Local landowner of vast forest tracts told me last yr many of these guys who look like derelicts have $5K suppressed rifles with night optics they use to hunt coyotes across the county at night (he would know; much of the land is his).

          But as soon as I cross the “no-pickup line” heading into metro Richmond, the pickups disappear, higher end foreign cars begin to predominate, and the guys all look more anemic, and effeminate.

          When I lived in Indian Territory for a couple of yrs recently, I saw that much (more) of the male population still hewed to the older ethic … still does.

          So, it seems that the “guys” are really just opting out. Good for them; bad for out nation.

          • @Tired Citizen

            “… white guy … war…clown country …”
            I think we WANT to be loyal. It takes a lot to make us disloyal. We have been taken advantage of, and speaking for myself the America that exists right now, is a thing that needs to die.

            “Good for them; bad for out nation.”

            I suggest ‘country’ would be a better word there. ‘Nation’ is people. ‘Country’ is the bundled political/economic/social system in which may live many nations.

            I think “Good for them, good for THEIR nation, and bad for the country. No sympathy for the country, which doesn’t deserve them.

          • The exact same dynamic exists in Oklahoma. Rural white Okies are a rough bunch. The wealthy suburbs around Oklahoma City and Tulsa are a different story. You might as well be in a different country.

            There are also a lot of tough whites boys in the neighborhoods of Oklahoma City and Tulsa that aren’t wealthy. And there are a lot more of those than wealthy areas.

          • @ Horace

            I paused over that country-nation divide myself in writing that. I agree with your assessment. Then problem is, that the “country” has as a primary mission set the eradication of certain subordinate “nations” …. those that do not lend a cool, ethnic flavor too the neighborhoods our administrative, elite, political and ruling classes love to frequent.

    • Yep, the forecast by Armstrong’s AI remains after the 2032 elections…But at this point, I’m wondering if the USA can last that long…

  11. I lived with some Trotskyists back in the early-80’s in a university city. Anti-whiteness, shutting down opponents’ speech, consciousness-raising/struggle-sessions and promotion of books like Howard Zinn’s monstrosity were their regular tactics–much of what we see today with the Woke. At least one of these former roommates got embedded in influential educational positions, and he advanced much higher than those of us who escaped this cult-like group.

    The destructive events of The Year of George Floyd and afterwards didn’t surprise me in the slightest degree.

    • Those who can’t do…teach. What else were they going to do? Either teach or join a foreign policy think tank.

    • I know

      So much of what we are living is that the Lib Arts students are winning the fight against the business and STEM majors. It is almost like a campus turf war and feud. Seems like the business school boys have already surrendered and gone woke. Everyone always laughed at the Lib Arts crazies, never took them seriously, but they are taking them seriously now, and I hope it is not too late. Let’s see what the STEM boys can cook up. Right ow they are the last bulwark, but they don’t seem to even know they are in a fight.

      • I fear STEM is also lost. The push for equality—really equity—seems to be lowering the standards even in technical fields. You would think 2+2 would always equal 4, but you’d be mistaken.

        • Exactly right. I’m a programmer and it is nearly impossible to hire good developers. The the pool is even smaller because we need x number of blacks and y number of alphabet people. Of course, reality sets in because quality candidates falling into those groups are unicorns.

          Also, your inbox is now polluted with ridiculous emails from the female diversity officer telling you that you’re pure evil and the reason why low IQs of the criminal race aren’t succeeding.

        • I believe the ongoing decay in STEM is what will ultimately implode the digital surveillance panopticon they dream about.

          They don’t seem to realize they need orders of magnitude more qualified engineers and energy to run the panopticon, not less.

        • Yes, it’s pretty bad in STEM, with women and minorities being sent to grad schools where they can’t really comprehend the advanced material..Advising them to “learn to code” is futile, because they aren’t smart enough, but can grift their way into University or corporate jobs…

      • Going woke is a business decision, just as becoming “ESG certified” to get unlocked from large equity investors. What this comes down to is government that’s 40% of the economy directly, altogether and another who knows how much indirectly. What we’re living through is not a woke revolution but the long, hundred year march of Marxism itself which has taken over the entire country under other brand names. Liberal arts students didn’t win, government won. I don’t want to hear a peep out of Republicans about “taking back the country.”

      • The IQ fetishists on the Right played a role, insisting not just that this or that Lib Arts idea was wrong or crazy, but that Lib Arts AS SUCH is of no value: just a bunch of losers too dumb to study physics. After decades of shaming high IQ White teens into STEM or nothing, they now discover, gosh, the Lib Arts have been taken over by our enemies. I guess that’s what happens when you steer all your own people elsewhere. And they’re also discovering that Lib Arts DO matter: as Hermann Hesse predicted (in the Glass Bead Game), if Liberal (i.e., free inquiry) Arts no longer value Truth, soon those bridges start collapsing (2+2 is White Supremacy, AA, etc.)

        IQ Fetishists are like Neocons or Libertarians, posing as “conservatives” but only a token opposition to the Left, rejecting traditional conservative values (I support my people because they are my people, not because they have a high IQ, in which case it might be better to replace them with High IQ immigrants, right? They’re “more American” than those low IQ natives)

      • Don’t know that the business boys surrendered so much as don’t care as long as they can make a buck. So far, the “go woke” has not led to the “go broke” for most.

    • Just out of curiosity, how do you know they were Trotskyites as opposed to some other group of Leftist deviants? Did they have Trotsky tee-shirts? Posters of Trotsky–instead of Farrah Fawcett–laying back over the hood of a Corvette?

      Not unfriendly questions. I genuinely want to know.

      • Oh, they freely admitted to being Trotskyists, and talked about it with me frequently, even though I wasn’t much further left at the time than being a classical liberal. It was very safe for them to do this openly in such a university environment, ca. 1983. A couple of them belonged to the Socialist Workers Party, which as I recall was one of the bigger Trotskyist parties of the time. It became too deviationist, if that’s the right word, so one of my roommates left it for a purer sect–I mean party–whose name I don’t recall. He’s the one who rose in the ranks of the educational establishment. He was active in the Fourth International–a big international Trotskyist organization of the time.

        They had buddies in the social sciences faculty who weren’t quite as outspoken but who sympathized.

        And yes, I do recall at least one Lenin poster in the house, plus Isaac Deutscher biographies of Trotsky, collected works of Trotsky and Lenin, etc. It was constant in their conversation. I got our of there fearful that a revolution was imminent. I was only off by a few decades. Well, I guess the revolution really was pretty much in progress since 1968 at the latest.. And one of these roommates had been a notorious campus radical in the 60’s as a college student.

        • Also, I think it was a badge of honor to them to openly admit their allegiance to Trotsky, Marx, etc. I guess it was a way of setting themselves apart from the benighted, which included the real working class of course, but they would find ways around that little problem of worker conservatism and patriotism. Like with the Jesuits, they had answers for everything.

          • Well, if proletariat conservatism was your problem, them Gramsci was your man. He figured out that revolution was not coming from the masses, so the intelligentsia needed to get busy marching through the institutions so the revolution could be led from the managerial classes. Buttegieg’s father was a leading scholar of Gramsci, and whattya know, sonny boy winds up as head of the Department of Transportation where he is well positioned to exacerbate supply chain problems.

  12. Z Man writes, “The occupation of Afghanistan never made sense as a response to 9/11, but it did make a nice forward operating base [for attacking Russia].”

    This explanation is compelling but it’s hard to dismiss another explanation for the occupation, which is, if the USA must protect Israel at all costs, then Afghanistan is a lot closer to Israel than the USA or Western Europe as a “nice forward operating base.”

    That’s fine. The occupation of Afghanistan can have multiple motivations. Both explanations assume that the USA is a golem serving the interests of a foreign people.

    • Afghanistan produces most of the world’s opium. Like 90% of it.

      With the help of US Gov and the installation of billions in modern irrigation infrastructure, Afghanistan managed to go from 74,000 hectares in 2002 (2001 was an off year due to personal US delivery of “lethal aid”) to 330,000 hectares in 2016.

      Given the 3 letter US agencies who’ve been up to their necks picking winners and losers (Hint: the US citizen always the loser), it’s pretty obvious that opium production was another piece of “What the heck are we doing in Afghanistan anyway?” puzzle.

      Afghanistan: Come for the opium trade, stay for the pederasty.

      • Does opium mean anything in a world of Fentinal? I ask because just today, the report came out declaring my border city to be the hub of entry for this synthetic opioid. The local Congressman discussing (he’s a good guy, really) used basic economics to describe the direness of the situation: “Currently a day’s “high” costs $12, last year it sold for $120”!

        • Thought much the same, but they wouldn’t keep growing it if they couldn’t sell it. Peak opium production in Afghanistan when the place was full of US NGOs and soldiers.

          Now, it’s in slow decline. I’d imagine the introduction of mass produced, pharmaceutical grade fentanyl has much to do with it.

          Fentanyl might be just too addictive and too cheap; kills the addict far too fast. Very surprised there’s not more of a focus on stopping it.

          Then again, follow the money.

    • Afghanistan also has a long border with Iran, likely Israel’s primary obsession, so a good place to stir shit against Iran. Also, Afghanistan borders Balochistan province in Pakistan, which is not only the locus of anti-Pakistani agitation by the Balochi separatists, but also the locus of anti-Iranian agitation by the Balochi separatists (sunni muslims) whose kinsman live also across the border in Iran. So many pots to stir, so little time.

  13. “The point of all of this has been to weaken Russia by nibbling away at her border, forcing her to commit resources to all of these different conflicts.”

    A great plan, but it appears weakness is appearing more in the USA.

    • The difference is that the USA’s weakness is largely self-inflicted.

  14. Remember that back in the sixties, The Socialist Workers Party (the Trots) were opposed by Progressive Labor (the Maoists) and the two never reconciled. Gus Hall, an updated William Jennings Bryan, may have been the last of the old line CPUSA.

    If the complement to our anti-Russian foreign policy is the willingness of the foreign policy establishment to render the USA a CCCP satrap, maybe the neocon Trots have been upstaged by the the neolib Maoists. Either way, te Bushes, Rockefellers and WASPs of the CFA weren’t about to let a bunch of (((Straussians))) into the club.

    So maybe the “War in Ukraine” will take a different tack if the CCCP tells DC to put on the brakes, the deal being regime change in Russia to everyone’s satisfaction, the Belt and Road Initiative looking east to include Japan, the Koreas and the US. And who knows but Putin, apparently more sane and sensible than his opponents, may yet design to have the last laugh.

    Meanwhile, who’d’ve imagined America crying, in such short order, “Jen Psaki, where are you now that we need you?!”

    • I think the war in Ukraine because Vietnam. We will pour money and weapons into the West hoping they can claw back the east, but simply exhaust ourselves in the effort. A year from now, Ukraine will be a rump state, cut off from the sea and wholly dependent on the EU to feed itself.

    • From what I understand, China and Japan have deep hatreds going back and forth. If even 1/2 of what I have read about the rape of Nanjing or the medical experiments on Chinese during the war are true, cooperation will be extremely difficult. Also with the Koreans and the Japanese. No love lost there either.

      • There is a reason Japan, despite being on a demographic glide path to oblivion, allows almost no immigration, and trade with China and Korea is limited and stilted: China and Korea remember, and Japan knows they remember.

        • Please. The Chinese will sell their crap to anyone; both culture and produced goods. The Japanese exist on an isolated chain of islands and evolved over a few thousand years to thrive there. As such, a more insular attitude that only comes from being in such existence with one another developed that precluded foreigners. These conditions go waaaaay back prior to WW2, again, over a few millennia.

      • It’s more hatred of Japan by Chinese and Koreans, towards Japan. Japan was the aggressor. The Japanese don’t hate Korea or China…but as far as I know, they may feel superior to them, in the way the English felt superior to the squabbling Continentals. In true Asian fashion though, all hatreds end at the trade deal.

        Regarding Nanjing…I see a parallel there with the Holocaust. The Nanjing Massacre was a fringe issue up until Mao died, and not well-known in China. Only when Deng and his successors came on board did Nanjing get attention. More and more attention. Now it’s used as a cudgel to keep the Japanese eternally guilty (sound familiar?). I’m not saying the Nanjing Massacre didn’t happen, but it’s been played up.

        What the Japs did to the Chinese in Manchuria was monstrous, though.

        • Oh, the Japanese don’t like Koreans. Nobody in Asia general really does. The South Koreans are seen as buck-toothed hillbillies that come from a stinky, backward country that just attained civilization not too long ago. The North seems to get more respect by virtue of all the missile flinging they do, representing an actual threat. The Chinese only recognize the Koreans exist because the Americans force them to, otherwise they’d just be just another backwater peoples.

          • I think a lot of that is because Japan has an incredibly rich culture with several unique institutions seen nowhere else.

            Contrast that with South Korea which has kimchi, Samsung (Sony v2.0), and Kpop. Kpop only exists due to heavy Korean-American influence and some European influence.

            I don’t think South Korean culture stacks up well against China either.

          • Heh, yeah, true. I just got through reading the Wiki on K-pop. Kind of fascinating the mish-mash it went through to get to where it is. I don’t care for it, but it has been fairly popular here in Japan for the last 20-odd years. Nah, more an enka man, which I did know had its roots somewhat in Korean folk music. Look it up sometime. The vibes can be hauntingly transmissive despite the linguistic difference.

  15. Russia isn’t our ancient enemy, but someone else’s. They hate Russians more than Hitler. The Third Reich lasted twelve years, the Pale of Settlement one hundred twenty years. Even though Stalin rescued them by defeating Hitler, they still hate him for getting rid of their boy Trotsky. After 1948, Communism wasn’t their religion anymore, and the Russia hatred became amplified.

    • This is how it always happens. You invite them in, they ingratiate themselves with the rulers, they get hired into positions of authority, and then they get a hand at steering the ship.

      So they are going to get America into a war that might just end the country, we will be stuck here putting away the dead bodies while they have jetted off to somewhere else, the resentments grow and fester for decades, and voila. You got yourself a nice bottle of industrial strength Jew hatred.

      Never changes. But I have to wonder if they are running out of people who will let them in. When you lose america you are pretty much fucked. And now they have lost Israel north in the Ukraine, so not looking good. I foresee many a door being slammed shut on their faces.

  16. In the particular case of Bill Kristol, I have wondered if pressure from his wife and possibly some of their kids, to stay in the good graces of their social circle has been a subtle force in pushing him back to the left. She made a donation to Ralph Northam in 2017 when he was running against Ed Gillespie, one of the ultimate GOP establishment stooges. The kind of people they associate with in the Beltway, were fine with having Republican friends pre-Trump, but then it became a bridge too far.

    It would be a reasonable, straight forward explanation, fitting with Kristol’s intellect and character.

    • I would have to see a picture of his wife first before being able to form an opinion as to how she might be influencing him.

      But it is early and I don’t want to get sick to my stomach.

      • Pretty low to go after a dude’s wife. That said, she’s not physically hideous. “Matronly Jewish”. Definitely not beautiful, but I’ve seen far worse.

        • Yes, by all means. Let’s abide by the Queensbury rules even as they destroy our culture and turn our kids into trannies.

          The high road — it’s littered with the corpses of our people. I, for one, am tired of taking it. They sure as heck don’t.

          • Concur. I sometimes ask such people, “Do you want to be proper or do you want to win?”

  17. Largely on the money, but a few corrections based on some personal knowledge, and not as detailed as I will be some day.

    1. The Neocons did engineer Gulf War I but in a different way than you set forth. The United States had sided with Iraq during the Iraq-Iran War. Iran initially had great success sinking Iraqi oil tankers in the Gulf. The United States in response reflagged Kuwaiti tankers to transport Iraqi oil. Sink one of those babies and you were at war with the Empire, so Iran backed off. Money from the sale of the transported oil was deposited in foreign banks and supposedly earmarked for Iraq. This is where the Neocons came in. That money was pilfered by You-Know-Who, and the United States told Saddam privately, through Glaspie, he was greenlighted to attack Kuwait if it did not reconcile its balance of accounts. Kuwait refused because it did not owe that money, and Iraq did what it thought it had a free hand to do. So the Neocons got a two-fer: staggering sums of stolen cash, and a reason to go to war with Iraq after it had weakened Iran.

    2. The Balkan Wars were fought to make Saudi Arabia happy through protecting their Muslim brothers and sisters in the Balkans. Of course, a certain other Middle Eastern country also wanted to make the Saudis happy and manipulated its US puppet to kill a bunch of Slavs. As a side note, the United State’s closest ally and most vicious dictator in that war, Croatia’s Tudman, killed far more Muslims and Serbs than those two groups combined ever managed to kill. Germany also was a bad actor in the war and used its intelligence to conduct a genocide via its Croatian pal Tudman. Also, the United States’ carving out of the still largely unrecognized “Kosovo” was far less justified and far more outrageous than what Putin is doing in the Ukraine.

    There are many nations that want the United States erased from the planet, and they have just cause to want to do so. Between the Slavs and Muslims, it is hard to identify which group has the best case.

    • I am noticing that “Anglo-Saxon” is the pejorative that many Russians use when describing America and the west. Apparently that term means something to them though it doesn’t really register with me or I assume with most Americans. But the larger point is that, yes, they have a built in and increasing animus to a foe whom they’ve identified racially and ethnically. It is an actual thing, a real person. So when the gloves come off I bet England will be first. England will be THEIR proxy for getting at America, much as Ukraine is out proxy now at getting at them. I can imagine Russians are foaming at the mouth ready to sink their fangs into to some nice British or Anglo-Saxon flesh.

      • The French also will use Anglo-Saxon as a pejorative. Usually it is in the context of economics. There is an historical analysis that says America is just the British Empire relocated to the New World, much like the capital of Rome moved to Ravenna or even Constantinople.

        • I 100% agree with that analysis. After breaking away and working to be a distinct nation, the US suddenly fell in love with the UK, fought in its European wars, took up Zionism and the Middle East, etc. Even Americans thinking an English accent somehow confers intelligence and sophistication, ridiculously, royal family gossip for the ladies. Just happened for no reason at all I’m sure.

        • Further, somebody mentioned yesterday about the pirate ethos in America. Absolutely. That was and is the British Empire imo. Just a bunch of colonies that exist to make money for the homeland.

          • Yep, why I say we are a glorified colonial outpost or fort that we tried to make into a real civilization. In many ways it succeeded, but when your roots are as a colonial outpost there is only so much you can do, at least in a few hundred years.

            But as it goes, Sloppy Joe sauce can think it’s genuine pasta sauce, but it never will be anything but Sloppy Joe sauce when you get down to it. Chili, on the other hand, has some potential.

          • Money for the Crown, or the banking houses, or the corporations, I should say. Nothing against those countries, just the bastards who run them and us.

          • The English pirates/privateers learnt their trade serving with the French,primarily from Brittany. The British took the silver the Spanish were pirating from south America. The idea that the British empire was particularly extractive is just European sour grapes.Napoleon revived the idea of the evil English but surrendered twice to the English because they were the only ones he could trust not to slaughter him.

            It’s interesting how when it comes to the British or more specifically English all of you adopt the blood libels the Left use against white people in general. The hatred and dishonesty is why I feel no racial solidarity and enjoy reading your inane whining regarding your jaunty extirpation.

            Don’t blame the English for the degeneracy of the US or its hatred of white people. The US since its inception has been anti-white hence the identity based on abstract nouns eg liberty rather than ethnic identity.You people have more in common with the French and their godawful revolutionary republic.

            The three European countries which have started more wars in Europe and killed far more Europeans than anyone else are France ,Germany(Prussia) and Russia.

      • The British and Russians obviously were allies against Napoleon and the Kaiser, but for most of the last six hundred years have been at each other’s throats. The UK’s hatred of Russia almost is pathological. Russian opponents of the Tsars and communists, and now Putin, have tended to live in exile and plot from London, for example. You may be right about Britain being Russia’s first target when the gloves come off.

        • Yes, the long Great Game comes to mind, wherein the British feared that the Russians would sweep down from Central Asia and take India from them led to much conflict. There was also the Crimean War, rathen an off shoot of the Great Game where Muslim Ottomans, Catholic French, and Protestant British united to try and drive the Orthodox Russians from access to the Black Sea, and hence the Mediterranean Sea. Also, recall that the Russian Empire had established a foothold in Alaska, hemming in British Canada to a substantial degree, until it was sold to the US, a lesser of two evils to the British, no doubt.
          Britain, Canada, the US, Australia, and New Zealand constitute an Anglophone continuum, and one largely hostile to Russia, and thus a widespread dispersal of the Anglo-Saxons, erstwhile antagonists to Russia.

          • Britain does not have a pathological hatred for Russia.

            Britain has been an ally of Russia more times than its been an enemy.

            Your knowledge of history is somewhat flawed.

        • Kind of odd since a century ago the king, kaiser, and tsar were cousins, or maybe not.

          Wouldn’t it be fitting if family squabbling undid the West at the height of its power and glory?

      • If it weren’t for the Arabs, London would’ve been owned by Russian oligarchs by now.

        • “Russian” (((oligarchs))) are really the same people as “American” (((oligarchs)))

      • Thats just what i think when i look at the power structure here in the us. Look at all those anglo-saxons

    • Thanks for those “inside baseball” accounts. Very clarifying.

      Also provides some insight into Saddam’s firing off Scuds at “Our Greatest Ally of All Time”, too, if (((they))) had stolen a fuck ton of money from Iraq. And parenthetically, this prior conduct comports with the current seizures of Russia’s foreign reserves under the influence of the GAE; but while Iraq was not positioned to retaliate, Russia, through their countersanctions, export restrictions, and “rubles only” policies, is capable of delivering some pain to their tormenters.

      • You are quite welcome. The primary difference between stealing Iraq’s money and Russia’s is the former was done surreptitiously. Things have gotten so bad now the United States does not hide its theft, although the seizing of Russian money probably will tank the dollar in the long run because it is now correctly seen as an unsafe shelter.

    • Have to agree with several posters below: calling Iraq a Soviet client by 1990 is off the mark; Saddam didn’t ask Moscow for permission to invade Iraq, he asked Washington. Already in the mid-eighties Reagan had sent some neocon creep to make nice with Saddam, he even took him off the terror list.

      The Kosovo War is perhaps the most important war in the post-Soviet era: with one stroke Messrs. Clinton, Blair and Schröder simultaneously ripped up the UN and NATO charters, opening the way for the PNAC program of a the New World Order.

      The UN charter was rendered defunct when the US attacked Serbia without a Security Council resolution* and the NATO charter because Serbia hadn’t attacked any NATO country, the war was a unilateral NATO aggression.

      On a personal note, the Kosovo War was when I stopped voting. I had voted for the only explicitly pacifist party in the Danish parliament that wasn’t owned by Moscow and lo and behold: my guy – Niels Helveg Petersen – became Secretary of State and wasted no time getting Denmark involved in its first aggressive war since I don’t even know when. The Great Northern War?

      In all fairness to Mr. Petersen, he later – long out of office – gave one of those meandering fluff interviews on the radio, and suddenly the reporter asks him about the UN resolution. He hems and haws but in the end his basic decency and honesty gets the better of him and he confesses: there was no resolution.

      Not a small admission, considering that waging aggressive war was considered the most serious crime at the Nuremberg Trials, since it leads to all the other war crimes.

      *Technically, the First Gulf War didn’t have an SC resolution either -China abstained – but virtually every country in the world joined the party so nobody cared it was illegal.

      • That was supposed to have been a top level comment, but it fits nicely under Jack’s post.

      • “The Kosovo War is perhaps the most important war in the post-Soviet era: with one stroke Messrs. Clinton, Blair and Schröder simultaneously ripped up the UN and NATO charters, opening the way for the PNAC program of a the New World Order.”

        All true, but I would suggest the Balkan Wars are more important because it signaled to Russia there could be no peace with the West. One of the most pathetic images imaginable was that of the Russian tanks rolling into the territory of their historic ally Serbia–and doing nothing. It was that moment that paved the way for Putin to replace the feckless Yeltsin, who himself became disillusioned with his United States patron over that outrageous war.

        • One of the most pathetic images imaginable was that of the Russian tanks rolling into the territory of their historic ally Serbia–and doing nothing.

          Yes. I had forgotten that.

      • Everything you said. Wasn’t it also the last war before broadband, when most people still got their information from the MSM?

    • “Also, the United States’ carving out of the still largely unrecognized “Kosovo” was far less justified and far more outrageous than what Putin is doing in the Ukraine.”

      And 25 years later we still have US troops in Kosovo, and the Christian segment of the population still hates us

  18. Given the unmistakable fact that Russia has a huge nuclear inventory, you’d think our ruling class would tread carefully before putting their backs against the wall.

    Theodore A. Postol (PHD from MIT) worked in the Pentagon for years on missile defense, including Star Wars. In a recent interview he stated that the entire concept of a Star Wars missile defense is ridiculous, will never work, and does nothing except spur our adversaries to build more and deadlier weapons.

    He’s also afraid that there are plenty in the Pentagon and our ruling class who truly believe that we have some sort of workable “shield”, and that we can win a nuclear exchange with Russia or China. He’s no Republican lackey, but he described Obama’s people as “illiterate. Illiterate..and I say that to be unkind” about ABM technology.

    Presumably, these are the same people advising the current President.

    It’s insane. But this push to directly engage the Russians in a major war is based on a very false premise, that we can somehow “win” because nukes aren’t a viable weapon to use against the US.

    • I think it is worse: TPTB in Clown World think (a) Russia never would nuke the United States and (b) if that is wrong, the United States and importantly they would survive it. Such magical and delusional thinking is very, very dangerous.

      • I think what they would do in lieu of destroying America would be to destroy England. That would be like killing america’s birth mother. And it would be psychologically devastating. And America wouldn’t be able to contain herself and would go rushing out on a revenge mission over there to fight where Russia would have the upper hand, and next thing you got are a million dead American soldiers.

        This is going to be nasty blood feud, I think. If it gets to that.

        • “…destroying America would be to destroy England. That would be like killing america’s birth mother.”

          I like the English as much as the next guy, but if they are attacked, that is their problem. More than enough Americans were killed in the 20th century fighting for Britain.

          Of course, it would be a different story if the United States government sent forces to attack the UK… I might be convinced to send over some quid to fight the forces of Globopedohomo.

          • If I had to wager, I bet England drags us into a war with Russia.

            They are already busy antagonizing the hell out of them. And it won’t be hard to motivate the Russians; just put a picture of Boris Johnson on the wall and train the boys to go sic him, and they will do it gladly. If there is any face you just want to punch, it’s Johnson’s. He is probably the absolute worst man that can be running England right now while simultaneously poking the bear.

            I know we say we don’t want to save the hides of the Brits again, but it will be a full court press in the media, and in the end I just can’t see Americans turning their backs when merry old England is lying in a pile of smoldering ruins or devastated by a nuke-induced tidal wave and all the images of little English boys and girls crying over there in some Dickensian horror show. “Where’s mum, where’s my mum.”

            I don’t see Americans not getting emotionally overcome by all of it were it to happen.

          • in the end I just can’t see Americans turning their backs when merry old England is lying in a pile of smoldering ruins

            You say that like “Americans” would have a say in the matter. What say did Americans have in sending $40 B to Ukraine?

          • “I like the English as much as the next guy” LMAO.

            WW2: you weere fighting for the French. Britain was not occupied.Majority of troops ,planes and naval craft on D-day were British imperial forces.

            Keep watching those Hollywood war movies.

      • The simple fact of nuclear war is, regardless of who wins, everybody loses.

        • But that won’t stop it, or won’t stop a few of them being used. From purely tactical perspective, there are a lot of people out there, and you need to get rid of them because they are with the enemy, and conventional weapons don’t live up to the job. A nuke eliminates a good million at a pop. And then we see who cries uncle first.

          • Nukes will kill directly—obviously—but more so Indirectly. Interrupt food and utilities to the big cities and you’d lose half the population in 90 days or so. But I wonder if that is the existential problem we talk of.

        • Doesn’t matter if it is survivable or not factually. What matters is whether the decision makers believe they can personally survive it, and the costs to everyone else are worth the gains to them.

    • Thomas Carlyle (I think) once said something along the lines of “No one generation can be allowed to play ducks and drakes with the fate of a nation.”

      Our “elites” have no sense of responsibility or stewardship. None.

    • “In a recent interview he stated that the entire concept of a Star Wars missile defense is ridiculous, will never work, and does nothing except spur our adversaries to build more and deadlier weapons.”

      An interesting point. We must remind ourselves that most Pride-Filled engineering/science schemes are mostly marketing; in fact, many verge on fantasy itself. But it is very easy to deceive, confuse (innocently or otherwise) a superior into believing this stuff.

      Science is extremely hard. Engineering is also extremely hard. Working out and maintaining efficient systems at scale is extremely hard. I am reminded of constant tropes about AI and Machine Learning, mostly, it’s well overhyped.

      “He’s also afraid that there are plenty in the Pentagon and our ruling class who truly believe that we have some sort of workable “shield”, and that we can win a nuclear exchange with Russia or China.”

      In every technology job I’ve had, middle to senior management has had no idea how the things we made or maintained worked. They did not know what we had. Sometimes they’d tell clients we had something we didn’t… only to then tell them we were lacking something we had. Your man’s statement rings true to this corporate tech lackey.

    • Our rulers have the ultimate missile defense: it’s not THEIR country that Russia would be nuking in retaliation.

      Does Mutual Assured Destruction work on pirates?

  19. Okay, so our neoconservative big dogs are mainly of The Name Changer Persuasion.
    Most of them are scions of people who got out of Russia in the 1920’s, so who were they?

    First, they were followers of Trotsky, and second they were Communists who were financially supported by “bankers et al.” here.

    And yet many refuse to talk about what Churches they of course didn’t go to.

    These people in their existence hide who they really are, but of course they’re owned by other Name Changers who are the ones who hide behind the curtains. But I suppose that’s what we’re told is another conspiracy theory.

    The funny thing is, here lately, so many conspiracy theories are eventually proven true.

  20. “It seems like a lifetime ago, but Iraq was a longtime client of the Soviet Union. Once the Soviet Union fell, the Russians were in no condition to help her allies as in the past.”

    During the Iraq-Iran war of the 1980s (started by Saddam), the US was feeding both satellite and signals intelligence to Iraq. When the Iraqis mistakenly shot down two US fighter aircraft, the USA said no problem, these things happen. Iraq was seen as a bulwark against the Iran of the Mullahs. This didn’t cease with the end of the Iran-Iraq war. Iraq had had good relations with the USSR prior to Saddam (i.e., when Hasan al-Bakr was in power) but it was never a client state like, say, Cuba.

    I also doubt that the USA baited Iraq into invading Kuwait. The USA simply didn’t have a clear policy towards Iraq at the time, what with the general chaos and confusion engendered by the collapse of the Soviet Union. Saddam had some prior animosity towards Kuwait — claims of slant drilling and complaints that the Kuwaitis were not helping him financially plus some gratuitous personal insults from the Kuwaitis. Anyway, Saddam invaded first and thought later. Bush, Sr. didn’t have any clear idea about what to do. Thatcher (among others, probably) goaded him into taking a firmer stance. Bush, Sr. still got approval from the UN before proceeding to give Saddam an ultimatum (some famous Democrat senator whose name escapes me — ah, Daniel Moynihan — urged him to get such approval because, he argued, this is what would grant legitimacy in the post-Soviet era).

    In brief, it’s tempting to see a grand overarching conspiracy but I doubt it was there. On the other hand, I do see a grand overarching conspiracy in 2003 and all that ensued subsequently.

    • The deeply ironic thing is that in the aftermath of 9/11, and Ll through 2002, Saddam was sitting next to his phone waiting for the US to call. He thought that after Islamic terrorists had attacked America we could all work together against religious fanatics like it was the Iran-Iraq war again.

      Bush and Cheney were plotting to kill him.

    • I would not use the word conspiracy, which is why I did not use the word in the post. The thing to understand is emergent behavior is often unknown to the people in a system or community. I do not think Bill Kristol wakes up and lights a candle at his Trotsky shrine. He has his son-in-law for that.

    • “I also doubt that the USA baited Iraq into invading Kuwait. ”

      I can tell you as a fact it did. See my comment above.

    • Saddam was either goaded into invading Kuwait or told that there would be no interference from the USA. April Glaspie’s comments are well documented and she spoke out afterwards against the idea that she had gone rogue. It was official government policy. Then came the babies tossed out of incubators. This was told to congress by a daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the USA. A woman who had not been to Kuwait in years and who was posing as a Kuwaiti refugee. Total fabrication.

      Other things along the way such as Saddam prepared to pull out and then we began Desert Shield which essentially made his swift pullout impossible from a face saving viewpoint. It is clear that he never intended to go beyond Kuwait anyway.

      This was the time when Pat Buchanan used the term “amen corner” for all of the neocon war hawks. It got him into hot water and labeled as an anti-special.

      Before this war I was a typical normie conservative and believed in all US military missions but after PG1 I could never look at things the same.

      • ” … or told that there would be no interference from the USA. April Glaspie’s comments are well documented and she spoke out afterwards against the idea that she had gone rogue.”

        Yes, that’s correct. Just goes to show you can’t take the word of any US diplomat of official. Incorrigible and shameless liars, the lot.

        Glaspie of course would not have said what she said to Saddam without the go-ahead from Bush, Sr. Then after Saddam did go into Kuwait, the abrupt volte-face from the USA.

      • “It is clear that he never intended to go beyond Kuwait anyway.”

        Again correct. But the US doctored some satellite images to show massed Iraqi troops near the border of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to persuade the Saudis to allow their land used to be used as a staging ground for the assault on Iraqi forces. In this the US was helped by previous crazy talk from Saddam about invading Saudi Arabia, uttered years prior.

  21. Bravo. Excellent piece. And there’s the added frisson of Russia under Putin returning to the “Orthodoxy/Autocracy/Nationality” scheme of Pobednostev, which defines Russia as a specifically Orthodox civilization that was not corrupted by the “enlightenment.” The Russians are a people with a Christian past who define themselves by it, and that is completely unacceptable to the GAE/Trotskyites.

    Russia is lucky that it has this past, with its symbols. to recover. America (outside of possibly the South) quite simply does not.

    • Funny when you think of it that when the Soviet Union dissolved, the successor Russia adopted the pre-revolutionary tricolor flag and double-headed eagle complete with the Romanov shield, imperial crown, scepter and all.
      They do however trot out the Hammer and Sickle on Victory Day.

  22. None of this would be happening if our ancestors had been smart enough to restrict immigration to only European Christians.

    • (((Trotskyites))).
      See I fixed it for you.
      You might do a search on “Stalin’s J$ws” and see who was who on that Christian murdregime regieme..

      • Yeah, in case someone new here. Neocon= damned perfidious Jews. No offense to the regular Jews.

        • There are more paleo-Jews than neocon Jews. There are more Judeo-Christian neocons than Jewish neocons at this point. The thing with the neocons is they are extraordinarily ruthless and focused, while the paleos have always been too nice and too honest. Whatever it was, neoconservatism is not an end-times cult focused on the final conflagration with the eternal enemy.

          • Basically, we should have kept the Benjamin Disraeli jews we inherited from England and kept out the shetle jews from the Pale of settlement.

          • What is a Judeo Christian. Is that like a Judeo-Muslim?

            I thought the only bible oriented Jews were the Karaites, and all modern jews follow the Talmud?

          • Also its helpful to remember the two standard physiognomies generally correlate with behavior patterns. The troll morphology is chiefly concerned with wealth and satiating gluttonous desires, Harvey Weinstein being a classic example. The goblin morphology like Ben Shapiro is the real problem, since they tend to be driven by accumulated feelings of spite and possess a greater degree of cunning and +2 Dexterity.

  23. Neocons, like all such interest groups, ascended to positions of supreme influence in DC via the tried-and-true protocol of purchasing politicians via campaign cash, covert bribery, and sexual blackmail. And these techniques are highly successful because the Stasi only uses its muscle against Dirt People while letting all the DC insiders slide on every crime imaginable (as example, see Hunter Biden). IOW, there are no Checks & Balances anymore, only Congressional show hearings which amount to little more than a magician’s act and head-faking. Joe Normie loves to be entertained by these antics too and thinks he is making a difference every time he watches Carlson on TV. It used to shaman Limbaugh, but he died.

    So the beat goes on. More antics, more war, more grift, more entertaining carnie barkers, more plate spinning, more societal degeneracy, and now more inflation. The spring winds tighter and Europe will likely crash within a year, then the fun begins. DC is banking on a new slate of RINOs being selected in November as the tonic for Dirt People anger. Turnover and more fake committee hearings are to become the crack cocaine of the next vote-harder epidemic.

    Came to town yesterday for a doc appointment and rode my bike through downtown Big City. New vagrant camps everywhere, hundreds if not thousands of destitute people living in old autos and campers on the street. Never heard a word of English spoken for over two miles on one stretch. Methinks the crash is coming here too.

  24. Jews hate Russia because the Tsar was conspicuously Christian and never let them worm their way into positions of power in his Empire. They’ve never let Russia off the hook for “Fiddler on the Roof” stuff that happened back in centuries long past. Yes, they finally got their dream when the Tsar and his family got Tikkun Olamed, and this turned them briefly pro-Soviet. But the further things got from the Revolution, the more the anti-Russianism was on again – all the more so after communism fell entirely (Unforgivable!), and we ended up with a new, conspicuously Christian tsar-in-all-but-name.

    Rich Jews purchased American foreign policy long ago, and have used the country boys of places like Idaho and Kentucky as their personal Janissaries ever since. This will end only when the Global American Empire falls. Which is why I say: “Evil Empires: One Down, One To Go”.

    • When you said it that way I realized how much I love America the country and loathe America the empire.

      • I think we are all in that position

        It’s just a crying shame that we love this place so much but then have a Godless freak show running it and making us hate an essential part of it

        Oh well, we shall see. But if a tactical nuke or what have you falls on DC I won’t be saddened or shell shocked but popping the cork on a bottle of bubbly in celebration.

    • Yes, the Russian aristocracy was not wrong about Hofjuden, the palace jews. We are learning this to our sorrow here. President Washington, in his letter to the jews of Rhode Island (if I recall correctly) extended them welcome, but on the condition that they would behave as members of these United States, and not as a self-dealing alien entity. Well, they ultimately slipped the leash, and here we are.

      (I suspect that this conditional approval was partly extended because that community was heavily involved in the Triangle Trade, importing fresh slaves into the South until the Constitutionally-mandated clock ran out on that practice. Bad mistake on both counts.)

  25. i always wonder why the russians just don’t exterminate pests like soros, and the neo-cons. seems easier than dealing with their mischief militarily. they have lots of muslim partners that can act as cut outs; get them to do the wet work (like that saudi journalist that got chopped up for his trouble).

    • Perhaps from their perspective, Soros and the neocons serve the purpose of weakening their adversaries in the West. Playing the long game, one must balance things. Also, the grotesque cultural degeneracy of the West helps Russia’s leaders draw their people together in defense of Mother Russia, so our scummy elites and their practices assist, with little effort needed, to highlight the depravity intended for them.

  26. Trotsky -as the Commander of the Red Army – should have rightly executed Stalin for the failure to follow his orders during the Polish war. Stalin’s refusal to bypass Lvov left Tukhachevskii’s flank exposed. Had Stalin followed orders, Pilsudski could never have rolled the left flank, even if they were intercepting the Russian communications.

  27. It is difficult to know what the intent of US foreign policy for each of the various interventions of the past few decades – but the outcome has pretty uniformly been a significant increase in violence, corruption and chaos.

    There is also an unreported consequence of massively reducing the Christian populations in the Middle East, South Asia and Africa (reduced by killing, ‘ethnic cleansing’, exile… from talking to someone on the ground in the Middle East it seems that hundreds of thousand of Christians disappeared in the ‘Arab Spring’ era, but nobody knows (or is telling) exactly what happened to them.

    In other words; the theme of US foreign interventions seems to be less about pursing any positive agenda; and a lot about wrecking whatever there is of any source of rival order and capability – and wrecking is of course Much easier than building.

    Wrecking any opposition is also vital since the West is rapidly wrecking its own capability – across the board and by multiple means. So they need to ensure that everybody else is being ruined *even more* rapidly than the Anglosphere and EU.

    As for the observable anti-Christian consequences across the globe, that is a natural consequence of the identity of the demonic Beings who stand behind and sustain the direction of Western policy across nations and generations – and despite the endless selfishness, short-termism and infighting among the Establishment leadership; which would otherwise sabotage all plans.

    • One of my coworkers was from Iraq, and she stated her entire home town was wiped out a couple years after Iraq War II. Saddam was a vicious guy, but he did protect religious minorities reasonably well. The power vacuum led to far worse strong-men.

      • I hear the same thing from Christians from Syria with respect to Assad. Basically, he is the only thing keeping them from getting annihilated.

  28. The Color Revolution model, alongside a compliant national media, has been an incredibly effective combination that feeds on the old American mythology of a people yearning to be freed from the yoke of an oppressive government. This only works though, when people are not wised up to the mechanisms going on behind the scenes.

    The Jan. 6 narrative of federal infiltration is devastating not so much just because it gives the Jan. 6 defendants a much better case, but because it lays bare the MO of our government both here and abroad for the last couple of decades. Any sort of foreign color Revolution will increasingly be seen with cynicism by citizens, which is why they are hitting so hard on the disinformation narrative. They eventually want to make talk of their Color Revolutions illegal.

    It also puts the sights on NGO’s who are increasingly the real power brokers, and away from their puppets in Government. The classic example was in Canada, when a representative explicitly stated her concerns that every politician was a WEF shill, and got her mic cut for her trouble.

    • I think that was Australia.

      But honestly at this point just throw a dart at a map of the west and you will hit a nest of these shills dominating every govt.

      • It was in Canada too. He is a rep for the cons in Oshawa, Ontario I believe. His name escapes me at the mo

    • Since you kind of get to make up your own rules, it might fall more under the definition of idolatry. But I like your comment cause it is thought provoking. I mean it is a substitution, it’s a kind of materialism, but it ignores the real God, but it doesn’t claim a god, but it worships things like a god. Very interesting.

    • I was thinking about this just the other day while driving. I will do my best to explain, and the idea is still somewhat inchoate and being formed

      It came to me that a good chunk of a person’s life is in some way religious be it how he spends his time physically at a church or in some ways connected to a religious group or how he ponders what God might be in those thoughtful private moments. Be it public or private, religion and God are inescapable features of a person’s life.

      I sometimes like to say, when defining myself, that I am one quarter wolf, one quarter hawk, one quarter dolphin, and one quarter bear. Because I see traits of myself in all of those animals and it’s just fun to goof around with women talking like this, but there is enough truth in it where I can convince them I mean it, and they can kind of see the point and make sense of it. They get it.

      The point being, religion and God are at least a good one quarter of who we are. You take away the bear in me, you take away a part of me, you cut it out like lopping off an appendage. You take away the wolf in me, you kill my spirit. You take away my dolphin, you take away the part of me that likes to smile and be happy and splash in the water

      Ok, so now we have a society of people who are not whole because they cannot involve God, an essential part of themselves, in their public and political lives. Imagine that. How can politics ever mean anything when it is all about people who have had pieces of them removed. It is like if you want to be in politics and take part in the American system, you have to cut an arm off or gouge out your heart or carve out your frontal lobe. That is the price of admission.

      Moral of the story, denying any semblance of God in our politics will result in a freak show of the walking dead

      • “I am one quarter wolf, one quarter hawk, one quarter dolphin, and one quarter bear”. mescaline is a helluva drug.

    • If morality doesn’t come from a god then it comes from a government. And if it comes from a government… then you have a chance to be the head of that government, putting yourself above morality.

      Therefore, socialists simultaneously worship government as God and try to usurp the government in order to become God.

    • To his credit, Carlson now readily admits he was wrong in supporting the Iraq War. He has become more candid in distinguishing between conflicts in America’s defensive interest vs conflicts in the Empire’s offensive interest.

      At the time of the Gulf War (the prototype for so many future adventures), antiwar Libertarians were the only people vocally active and writing against the war and reporting on the gap between DC’s claims and Iraq’s actions. (Now referred to “paleo Libertarians” since the new wave of bleeding heart libertarians took over the tent.) Democrat politicians generally didn’t give a damn – certainly not enough to make a stink. Why? They understood that Empire was good for their lifestyle.

      To Bernie’s credit, he was the only Senator to vote against the Gulf War. It was well past midnight when the Senate formalized their declaration of war, several hours after the bombs were already dropping. (This too became a precedent.)

      Conservatives were reflexively supportive (publicly, anyway) about both wars, and all of the NATO shenanigans in-between, with Bush and John McCain out front. Trump was the first “republican” to go on record against all the Bush Wars and this one goofy outsider guy, single-handedly, definitively moved the Overton window away from centrist kneejerk war hawkery for (unspoken) Empire.

    • “Resentment at the failure of his faction in the revolution was probably the second to last thing that went through his head.”

      Z, can I axe you a question about the last thing? 😏

    • the thing is, Trotsky thought Stalin’s boy was his barber, and his real last words were “just a little off the top”

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