The Sussman Trial

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When Americans think of government corruption, it is government officials getting the public’s money confused with their own money. Maybe a politician takes bribes to do the bidding of someone with interests before the government. It can also be a civil servant taking bribes to do someone a favor. Alternatively, it can be the government insiders colluding with outside players so that the insiders make money from a government contract or a government program.

While those are examples of corruption, the problem goes beyond people in government stealing from the public. In the general sense, corruption is an indifference to the rules that supposedly govern society. The corrupt do not see the rules as limits on their behavior, but as obstacles to overcome in pursuit of their goals. They have no respect for or allegiance to the spirit of the law. More important, they have no respect for the morality that lies behind the law.

This contempt for the spirit of the law is on display in the ongoing trial of Clinton lawyer Michael Sussman. He is charged with lying to the FBI about his relationship with the Clinton campaign. He brought the phony Russian collusion hoax material to the FBI claiming he got it as part of his work on cyber security. According to the FBI, he said he was not representing anyone with regards to the issue. In truth he was working for the Clinton campaign on exactly this issue.

Charging someone with lying to the government is usually a way to leverage a lawyer or public official into cooperation. The charge itself is relatively minor, but it has serious career consequences, so it is a good tool to use on a lawyer. In this case, it appears the prosecutor is using it as a way to build a larger narrative to explain how the biggest hoax in American history was perpetrated on the public. This trial provides the general plot structure for the rest of the story that will come later.

That plot structure is this. Sussman was running a group of dirty tricks people for the Clinton campaign back in 2016. Using a lawyer for this provides them with some confidentiality in the event things go wrong. Sussman hired a group called Fusion GPS and some other freelance operators to manufacture dirt on Trump. They would then feed this to reporters on their payroll. Franklin Foer is someone they used to put these fake stories into the mainstream media.

The way this fraud worked is Sussman went to the FBI with fake documents alleging a secret channel between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign. As a partner in a connected Washington law firm, he gets priority access to senior officials in the FBI and the Department of Justice. Meanwhile, others are planting the story with their people in the media with the claim the FBI is already looking into it. The media hacks then call the FBI for comment and add that to the story.

There is nothing new here. Political actors have been using friends in the media since the dawn of the printing press. The reason we have the Sally Hemmings fable is that opponents of Jefferson slandered him in the media of the time with the claim that he was having sex with his slaves. In this age, when all of the mass media is in the pocket of the uniparty, the fake news is mostly about promoting the aims of the party and distracting people from that which is bad for the party.

An interesting wrinkle in this case is that Sussman got the fake documentation for the Trump-Russia link from one of the goons on his dirty tricks squad. That trickster was a person named Rodney Joffe, who was some sort of IT consultant. He was the guy who allegedly created the fake documentation. He was also an FBI informant, according to the various filings in the case. This raises an obvious question about who actually concocted the Russian collusion hoax.

That may be the point of this trial and the long running Durham investigation, which promises to continue for many years. By pinning the scandal on Sussman, they can also pin the scandal on Hillary Clinton. That serves the interests of the uniparty by making sure she does not run again on 2024. More important, it paints the FBI as the innocent party, hoodwinked by those dastardly Clinton people. Sussman has been paid to take the fall, which is why he is not cooperating.

That may seem a bit Machiavellian, until you remember that the senior staff of the FBI were engaged in wholesale spying on the Trump campaign. There is no question that two dozen or so characters involved in the Spygate scandal defrauded the courts and violated their oath of office. One guy was charged in that for doctoring an e-mail that was used to defraud the court. Otherwise, the rest have sailed off into lives of comfort, having done their part for the cause.

Then you have the Mueller investigation. This was engineered by people in the Department of Justice and the FBI who knew at the time that the claims about Russian collusion were manufactured by the Clinton campaign. That is something else that has come out in the Sussman trial. The FBI knew the documents provided were fake and they knew the source of them. Since the source was a confidential FBI informant, it is possible that the real source was the FBI all along.

All of this sounds like the grubby political intrigue that has distinguished the Clinton era of politics, but it also highlights the depravity of the political system. Across the upper reaches of the political system is a deep contempt for the rules. The claims made about Nixon fifty years ago have now become the culture of Washington. The charge against Nixon was that he corrupted the institutions for personal gain. Today the institutions corrupt anyone unfortunate enough to have contact with them.

Corruption has consequences. Once a ruling class stops respecting its own rules, the rest of society soon follows. For example, it was the Russophobia created by the Clinton dirty tricks campaign that opened the door for the neocons. Five years of demonizing Putin and Russia to attack Trump made it easy for the usual reptiles to launch this pointless war against Russia. Every time you buy gas or food, you can thank Hillary Clinton for the sticker shock.

Another example to consider is the media. One of the things revealed in the trial thus far is the degree of collusion between members of the elite press and the people running the dirty tricks campaign. Fusion GPS was founded by journalists. None of the “reporters” who participated in this hoax have been punished. Many of them have been given awards for their “reporting” on the story. The media is every bit as mobbed up as the people on the political class.

One final note on the Sussman trial. The judge in the case is connected to the FBI gangsters exposed during Spygate. He also used to pal around with Sussman when they were learning how to be crooks together. The jury has several Clinton donors, to make sure the jury remains impartial. For those old enough to remember, the trial now has this level of objectivity and probity. Anyone thinking Sussman gets convicted should calibrate their expectations accordingly.

The lack of public interest in this case is due, in part, to the media organs of the party being told to ignore it. The bigger reason is that the staggering level of corruption in the ruling class has been normalized. People are no longer shocked or offended by the lying from Washington. It is the rare times when someone speaks honestly that grabs the attention of the public. The Sussman trial confirms the obvious. America is a kleptocracy run by a thoroughly corrupt ruling elite.

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184 thoughts on “The Sussman Trial

  1. this is the worst time in history to be trying to sell ‘Z’ merch in the united states. instantly people are going to associate it with the russian SMO.

    also i think some kinda pithy expression of yours would work better on mugs and hats than just branding. ideally something funny, properly ‘oriented’ and not overly-caustic.

  2. Everyone knows who prints the money. then steals the money. Everyone knows who turned this country to shit. Everyone knows who is fuckin them over, poisoning them, killin their kids. Bought and paid for politicians, media, education, healthcare. We’re ruled by whores and traitors whose strings are pulled by Termites. Everyone knows or will soon find out.

  3. The time has come for the tree of liberty to be watered.
    Sabotage, 4GW, 3-man cells, etc.
    With all the guns in private hands, Americans have the best chance of succeeding in this type of endeavor. But whether it gets done, is another issue altogether.

    • He turns 99 on Friday. A lot of them have the Methuselah gene:

      Norman Lloyd
      Kirk Douglas
      Summer redstone
      Carl Reiner
      Norman Lear
      Mitch Miller
      Irving berlin

    • They will be told to shut about Kissinger/Ukraine, and obey the order, soon enough.

      Oh, yeah: MONKEYPOX!!!!!

      • Flashback 1989 – JR Wirth sits in his classroom. Lib teacher tells everyone that “you too can get AIDS. Everyone will know someone who dies from it.”

        Don’t know why I had that flashback….hmmmm.

    • The cloud people are as corrupt as any other set through out history.
      As a dirt person I feel less & less compelled to obey, particularly regarding infringement of constitutional rights. Anger at what has been done isn’t enough.
      Nothing will change until the plebs are cold and very hungry. It’s beginning to look like that might be sooner than later.
      We are working furiously to move our family aside and practicing Alabama boy scout knots.

    • Some curious pieces in the captured press lately:

      (1) HSBC banker calls into question some of the “climate change” claims and other ESG dubious stuff. I don’t think this was at Davos, but it’s only slightly less startlng than if, say, Bill Gates stood up and said that he was having second thoughts about getting rich off vaccines and manipulating the press and international health organizations for purposes other than public health, and that all his buddies in on the scam should stand down and restore some integrity to the whole system.

      (2) Here’s another head scratcher about the dubious vaccines. A little background is in order. Daily Mail is “officially” (per Wikipedia) a right wing tabloid, often given to sensationalist and perhaps deceptive articles on such topics as medicine. I’d say that is a fair characterization. Nevertheless, this is the largest circulation daily in the UK. It is reportedly a mouthpiece for MI6, which is certainly plausible given its (say) Ukraine coverage, which seems “mainstream.” Even so, I find it odd that what is obviously a legacy paper, even one with a rightist flavour, would publish such an article. While I don’t read the Mail daily, this the first article to my memory casting any doubt at all upon the Covid-19 vaccines, which as we all know, are perfectly safe and highly effective. 😀

    • The Clintons.
      Sociopaths. That knack for lying so shamelessly.
      Justice in America. How much time has either one of them spent in jail?

      • What kind of jail? Bill and Hillary being married to each other has been its own special kind of hell. She has been reported for years as being an alcoholic and Bill was a slave to Jeffery Epstein. On the other hand neither one of them drove an Olds 88 off Dike Bridge and had to swim for it.

  4. I think the most general and widely-applicable definition of corruption – whether a person, or an institution – is related to motivation rather than methods.

    Corruption is when a person or institution is motivated by something other-than their proper function.

    So a scientist is corrupt when he is motivated by salary and career status, instead of the truth. A lawyer is corrupt when motivated by wealth rather than justice. A national politician is corrupt when motivated by globalism rather than the best interests of his country. An artist if he pursues fame instead of beauty. An economist if he argues to rationalize prior political policy, rather than describe the economic consequences.

    And, of course, any organization is corrupt who is motivated primarily by leftist ideology instead of pursuing the supposed function of that organization – whether that function be medicine, entertainment, preserving the environment, providing transport/ power/ food – or pursuing some kind of ‘charitable’ goal.

    In other words, convergence just-is corruption; and we live in a fundamentally corrupt word that is rooted in a Global Big Lie; because the leadership class of All nations and major corporations and organizations are bottom-line-motivated by “whatever happens to be the current totalitarian-bureaucratic-media Big Thing” – and to that end will always sacrifice “whatever we are *supposed* to be doing.”

    Exactly *how* the corruption is implemented (by whatever combination of bribery and blackmail) is secondary to the wrong-motivation.

    • Several good observations there.

      The only criticism I offer that I think you over-simplify people’s motives. We are complex creatures and very rarely, if ever, will a sole drive (instinct, motivation, call it as you like) be operating at a single time. Why can’t the average attorney be motivated by both greed and the desire to service justice, which more realistically he might qualify as “providing the best legal representation I can to my client”? It’s even more likely he has additional instincts active, perhaps as mundane as the desire to get home and eat dinner with his family after a long day in court. Furthermore, as outside observers we might not like it, but fact is an ethical attorney tries to do his best to defend his client, and that includes even if he knows his client is a worthless scoundrel guilty of awful crimes. Anything else would be to compromise the attorney-client relationship.

      I identify most with your scientist example. Although I’m not in the field, two years of reading Covid-19 porn (e.g. RFK Jr.’s Fauci book) has opened my eyes to what a horribly corrupt set of institutions is Medicine, from the NIH/FDA, to the CDC, to Big Pharma, even to research labs and the medical profession, etc. Not just salary and career, but political power and perhaps even darker forces (e.g coercion or outright death threats, some perhaps carried out) pushed “truth” out the door, replacing it with the constant gaslighting we’ve seen about the pandemic or the vaxxes, favoring profitable new (and largely untested and ineffective, and in some cases dangerous) products and, allegedly, demeaning or even prohibiting alternative treatments. If some of the more pessimistic observers are correct (and I give them credence) a small group of powerful people made decisions that personally profited them or their cronies to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, at a cost in lives already measured in the high hundreds of thousands, with a future toll potentially well into the millions due to harm of poorly-tested emergency approved mRNA vaxxes and other drugs.

      Sorry I got off on a tangent there. Returning to my original comment, it’s just to keep in mind that man is motivated by powerful instincts, conscious or unconscious and (I argue) largely out of our conscious control. Even when a man appears to be acting out of pure altruism or other noble motive with no apparent personal benefit, it is his instincts that guide his behavior.

  5. The problem isn’t just that government is corrupt. It’s that there’s more of it than ever. As a percentage of the economy, this is a deeply socialist country, especially by historical standards. If we actually pid for all of it, taxation would be well into European levels and even more, and will be in the not too distant future when the bond market fails.
    The government of the late 19th Century was arguably much more corrupt, but it was a tiny fraction of the economy. One could live day to day, and not even think about it. Today, even in “red states” you can’t help running into it.

    The blob has always been there, it’s just much, much bigger now, by several fold. That’s why it’s hard to find a bigger lie on the right than “muh small government.” The diabetic Medicare recipients who mutter that as they drive to Walmart to buy more white tube socks and Cheetos are bigger hypocrites than any ghetto Shanequa, who knows big government and wants even more. As far as “good government?” No such thing.

    • JR Wirth: Well said. Shanequa is an easy and loathsome target, but as you note she knows where the gibs come from and makes no pretenses about it (and believe she deserves it all). The diabetic Medicare recipient will puff out his obese chest and proclaim about ‘his’ social security and ‘his’ disability. It seems every other comment on YT prep channels is from someone who is ‘elderly’ and/or ‘disabled.’ And they all get social security and food stamps and are spending those funds on preparing for their cats, while complaining about a shortage of portable oxygen tanks.

      • Yes! Don’t get me started on SSDI. When did every a hole on earth get a “back injury?” Maybe lose some tonnage. Maybe work on your core. Is there a vet who isn’t “disabled” these days? Clearly a lot of them slipped in the Green Zone cafeteria while in line at Pizza Hut. Hypocrites.

        • Yes, complete scam, eating a huge percentage of the dot mil budget. Who knew all that PT was worse than smoking.
          Future claim.. complications from “botched” transition surgery. 100% disability..

      • Great comment, 3g4me. And none of us is truly innocent. For example: sure, the greedy megalomaniacs who run our corporations were very happy to ship all our manufacturing out to China and save oodles in salaries; but we were more than happy to buy cheap Chinese crap too.

  6. Welp, American history has been one big Christian revival, which in turn, was probably an attempt to regain what was lost after breaking from Rome. At this point we’ve been too far estranged and it seems to have ended where they all end, Babylon.

    Just my morning musings.

    • I’m no Biblical prophecy scholar (nor have I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express lately), but Rev 17 refers to the great whore of Babylon described in v. 4 thus: : “the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication”.
      I always heard this would be some revival of ancient Rome, or Babylon – but not much of a stretch of the imagination to envision some LGB…trans…non binary…zher sitting proudly on the throne at 1600 Pa. Avenue, USA.

    • Reminds me of Billy Bob Thortons’s character’s father’s line from Monsters Ball.

    • You should know better than to believe the manufactured history promoted by the MSM, court historians, professional liars, or blacks.

        • Well, I guess if Mel Brooks coined “We bez Egyptians”, “We waz Kangz”, Black Inventions Myths, CRT, “systemic racism”, or never ending victimhood, it would be. Not that blacks coined them, either. They just repeat them ad nauseam to try and explain away 10,000 years of failure.

    • The way I heard it, the only thing that can definitely be said is that her children were fathered by a Jefferson man. Maybe Thomas, maybe not. Heard that a few years ago, but all the same.

      • Yes, his brother was apparently infamous for his escapades with slaves. So, the genetic tracers could just as well be from him.

        That being said, I have heard it maintained that Sally Hemmings was herself a by-blow of intercourse between a slave and a male from Mrs. Jefferson’s family, and thus was clearly related to her. Hemmings may have come to the household of Thomas J. through his marriage, and after the death of his wife – apparently a devastating blow to him – the resemblance to his dear wife may have led him to console himself in some measure with Sally.

        But the genetics can neither prove nor disprove either hypothesis, so the point is probably moot. Ideological motives, of course, are not satisfied by this, and press on toward their goals, regardless. Leftists, after all…

    • Wikipedia?
      Really now.

      The fact that many slave owners had sex with slaves does not mean JD did.

      • Opps.
        TJ, not JD. I meant Thomas Jefferson, but Jefferson Davis popped out.

    • Wow! I hit a nerve there. OK, I actually read a bit deeper in the lengthy Wiki. Yes, I’m aware of its leftist bias. But that doesn’t mean everything they publish is a lie. Allow me to amend my previous statement as follows:

      It is not conclusively proven that Thomas Jefferson fathered children by Sally Hemmings, but it certainly is possible, perhaps even probable.

      Opinion: Is it really such a horrible scandal, a big deal two centuries later, that a wealthy Virginia planter who was one of our greatest Presidents fucked some of his Negresses? I’d say not. We can be forgiven for feeling uncomfortable when confronted by (possibly true) unpleasant facts in the past.
      But that is a common failing and one of the first lessons in history class is “Don’t judge past civilizations by today’s moral standards.” In the standards of his time, he or whichever relative did the siring (assuming it happened like that) may not have even been breaking any law. “Immoral” is harder to qualify; decide that as you wish. Massa cutting a slice of jelly roll for his own self is as old as civilization.

      I stand by my earlier claim: virtually all Afro-Americans have ~20% or so European ancestry, most of that several generations past, sex acts between slave and white slave owner or other whites on the plantation. The low-IQ white trash woman on welfare, delighted to find a man who will actually been seen with her (sometimes even marrying) even it it be a black man (“He gets good drugs, and he doesn’t make me do anything my step dad didn’t do.”) is a lesser factor having appeared on the scene relatively recently.

      Really, this is a perfect instance of making a mountain out of a mole hill, whether it be Layabout daring to question the morality of a beloved (at least by conservatives) early President, or by a foaming-at-the-mouth Leftist aghast at what was undoubted a common practice back in the era of slavery.

      • What of the girl’s ambition.
        This is why prima nocta was a celebrated tradition, not the wicked oppression portrayed by feminists and Puritans.

        A roll with the lord meant that though she would never be of lineage or advancement, her children might be.

        Likewise, Field nigga’s child might have a shot at House nigga. Or even, someday, to Pass.

        • “This is why prima nocta was a celebrated tradition, not the wicked oppression portrayed by feminists and Puritans.”

          Sometimes I wonder if cetain people have ever met an actual human women. This is the generous interpretation, as it can be improved. Stop watching porn and meet decent women in real life.

          Less generous is that some of you have left your women so wildly unsatisfied that youre absolutely sure that they all lust uncontrollably to cuck their men as some absolute universal principle.

          Sorry to break this to you, but maybe its just YOU. And Whiskey, of course.

    • Wikipedia is no source at all… however any white guy who has tried internet dating can tell you that black women absolutely begging for white male attention is quite real. Shaniqua will sleep with any and every fella in the hood with a running pontiac grand am. You think a white man with an enormous estate and a whole pack of subservient darkies could get their attention?

      Realistically Jefferson or any other colonial elite had to beat their constant advances off with a stick. Literally, perhaps. Wikipedia or no wikipedia eugenic hypergamy happens. It’s the whole “slavemaster rape” narrarive that’s obviously made up, since when have white men needed to *rape* black women?

      Sure some minority of planter class males gave in, along with a greater number or underclass whites who were refused by white women as the low status incels of their day. It wouldnt appear that most of the 25% in black americans was from handsome brilliant aristocrats.

    • you know what would be a funny movie, set in pre-civil war south, where this plantation owner only has hot female slaves (and grows this funny kind of tobacco). his wife is kind of curious about the setup, but has her own Mandingo to keep her company.

  7. (((Sussman))), (((Foer))), (((Joffe))). Totally a coincidence. After all, they’re a whopping two percent of the population.

    • Vizzini, thanks for reminding me of the Soviet political joke:

      -Rabinowitz, are you the Party’s member?
      -No, I’m it’s brain

      • Ah yes, our resident Nina Jankowitz has chimed in. Just to let you know she’s always watching.

    • As the man said, “every bit as mobbed up”.

      That is, (((the Mob))).
      You could even say liberal democracy is (((Mob rule))).

      Now hold on, Zman! I just erased a long rumination. Call me an anti-semite if you will, but it’s really just a comparison of social operating systems.

      These Aryan-led wavecrests may be plateau evolution, stagger-steps, in the choppy seas of older breeder-brain tribal instincts.

      Now, I love ’em. I like the way they talk, their humor, their self-depreciation, their gentleness and compassion, their focus, intensity, and braininess..

      Theirs is a thoroughly feminine culture and outlook.
      They don’t fight, they tell stories and use guile. They operate as a group, loathing the shiksa because they want to be the shiksa.

      • Recall who the Bible portrays as the patriarch of The Tribe: Jacob. The swindler. The supplanter. The effeminate houseboy who stayed in the tent with his momma and learned to cook while his father Isaac’s favorite, Esau was out hunting. I am a Bible literalist, so believe that The Lord, for whatever His reasons, indeed selected Jacob to succeed Isaac, but I intend to ask Him, oh so politely, why He did that when I get the chance.

  8. This entire essay is a black pill. I have no problem with black pills. They serve to enforce the separation between reality and “the narrative”. But, the truth is:

    1. If anyone gets convicted, it will be a pawn like Sussman. No one in the Clinton Family or the FBI.
    2. If anyone gets convicted, it will be a slap on the wrist and they will have easy money income for the rest of their life.
    3. This “scandal” will only be remembered by a handful of individuals and some honest journalists and historians, if there is such a thing anymore.
    4. The Empire of Lies will careen to the next crisis.

    I’ll say it again: If the Posterity is going to end their slavery it will only be because of high-profile necktie parties or lead poisoning cases.

    • It seems to me the purpose of the trial is a manufactured acquittal, so they can claim exoneration from all the corruption, removing the taint from the FBI/Clinton dirty actors, and placing it back on Trump and half the country.

    • The best that can be hoped for is that it gives a final dent to any hope that b*tch Clinton has of being Potus. As Z points out, it’s her “own” side who is using this to stitch her up because they hate her too. We must take our consolations where we can as the West sinks into oblivion, and knowing that a power-crazed psychopath like HRC will be denied her lifetime goal counts as such.

  9. All true, and yes, MSM will not touch this story with a 10″ pole. So what to do?

    Most normal people simply get more cynical, tune out government and media as much as they are able, and go on with their lives while harboring a repressed guilty conscience about not being able to do anything about it. The DoGooders in society squawk like canaries-in-the-coal-mine hoping to educate/persuade enough voters into electing better political leaders, but that is really just venting. Nothing changes. The Sussman Trial is about letting off steam (quelling civic anger), not punishing the guilty as a means of stemming future corruption.

    The cancer in DC is serious business. and like cancer in the body, if you don’t take it seriously, it will eventually kill you. How does a doctor fight cancer in the body? The two main remedies are surgery to remove the tumor and chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells systemically. Choose wisely.

    • I’m thinking the only solution now is radiation therapy. I’m thinking about 50 to 100 megatons applied to the DC metro area and northern VA should do the trick. Would probably want Z-man to relocate away from Lagos first though.

          • An apposite term, one new to me. Quite tongue in cheek, yet entirely accurate by the laws of nuclear physics.

          • Hotter than the Sun.

            For those with an Inquiring mind.

            “Ethan Siegel joins Scott to discuss the science behind the temperature of thermonuclear explosions. Scott is putting together a new book that argues for the abolition of nuclear weapons called Hotter Than The Sun. He wanted to talk with an expert who can actually explain how the bombs are able to reach temperatures that far exceed the center of the Sun. Siegel wrote an article on that exact topic a few years ago, so he’s the perfect person to answer that question. At the end, they also talk about some of the things to avoid if you find yourself in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion. “

      • A little canned sunshine applied to Davos would rid the world of many problems.

    • TomA: Was just watching videos of people shooting feral hogs. Tremendously satisfying.

      • Isn’t shooting feral hogs the official state sport of Texas?

        Might come in handy someday, mebbe.

        • I forgot to mention how much damage them pesky critters do.

          Hogs! I meant the feral hogs. Jeez, people.

          • I use a pulsar apex thermal weapon scope for night hunting coyotes.
            As we don’t have hogs in our area.
            Considering getting a second unit as two is one and one is none. The capability is a game changer

      • The best videos are the ones of shooting hogs out of helo’s with machine guns. I’d pay for that, and double if they have mini guns.

  10. “The bigger reason is that the staggering level of corruption in the ruling class has been normalized.”


    To be honest, I skimmed the main details of your essay, because the salient point was this, at the beginning:

    “They have no respect for or allegiance to the spirit of the law. More important, they have no respect for the morality that lies behind the law.”

    And the rest I couldn’t really stomach. I found myself wanting to read on, but in the end I wasn’t interested in the details. This is a direct consequence of the first quote at the start of my comment; it’s not your writing or some such.

    In the end I am no longer surprised by the immeasurable corruption; although, this is really only corruption by my standards, there are plenty of people who would think “That’s not too bad!” or “He was defending Democracy!”. It’s all so tiresome, I’m surprised (yet encouraged) that you muster the effort to compile such analyses – it’s Devilry after Evil after Pride after Hubris &c.

    But back to the quote atop. I do indeed believe that those in The System are in fact absolutely capable of any spiritual thinking and/or reasoning. An understanding of the spirit of the law requires a strong spiritual link to one’s ancestors (i.e. what is it they meant? What were they saying?), and also, I think, as sense of Divine Purpose. That is to say, a belief in God.

    Mind you, if Sussman is the Entity I think he is, perhaps he is after all channeling the wont of said Entitie’s desires over the last couple of millennia… the destruction of Christendom and The West. In that case he’s doing the bidding of his ancestor’s spiritual will to quite a successful degree.

    • But they DO have a strong spiritual connection to their ancestors. It’s just that it so happens to be the synagogue of Satan. Remember when “spirit cooking” came up a few years back? It’s not like these people are hiding their demon worship.

    • Sigh. I despair.

      Two, not One.
      If we must put a face on it to grasp it, there is a Creator not of this small world, and a ruler of this world only.

      We feel the pull of both. Let us not conflate the two. Monotheism was the deceit.

      Not their fault.
      Not our fault.
      Rather, an ecology in action.


      Why? Technically, because the receiver in the White brain was retuned to hear the upper reaches by our exposure to the aurora borealis.** Heaven is a reality we can hear, and perceive. It’s originally a White concept. The others conceived only of the earthly, as being stuck here was their reality.

      That neural reciever in the nonwhites, including the semitics, hears the decomposition runnels, the muck at the bottom of the river. Theirs is an endless recycling within the greenhouse walls. Those runnels and tunnels are plasma loops in the earthbound magnetic field. It is all they can hear.

      Both Heaven and the billion Hells are a virtual reality, an immaterial storage medium of memory, just as DNA is experience stored in the medium of flesh.

      The hindbrain, the “breeder’s brain”, hears the hot passions of feeding and f**king, of social emotion, fed by those runnels. The frontal neocortex is deaf to that pounding roar, freeing white capacity to ask the How and the Why.

      People can feel the force of Life, the five-fingered Hand* of Creation, the mighty maw feeding this paper-thin biosphere, but they also hear the runnels of infectious memories of the agonies, of the ocean of hot pain that shouts at, scars, and warps us flesh and soul.

      The frequency spectrum of such souls remain within the ionosphere barrier, rebounding off it as animal souls do. (Truly broken souls shatter, feeding the growing detritus of pain, what we call the true Hell.)

      Two. Two Gods, not One.

      The cosmic Creator, Life, and then, the earthbound Lord of Hell, Death, the prince of darkness that would rule this world. As a black mold would someday come to rule any house built by our hand.

      Let us not blame the Good- that is how we perceive its touch, how it feels to us- blame the Good, for our predicament. It is limited to the materials at hand, which was all even eternal effort could acheive.
      Thus, infinitely precious.

      *gravity’s pull, electromagnetism’s push, weak nuclear binding, strong nuclear release, and time’s dilation, the medium in which these forces swim. They are embedded in the fabric, to imagine a Source is like asking for the sourcepoint of gravity, or heat, or Time.

      **the Denisovian asians were also similarly exposed to the aurora, but they, like the rest, are too susceptible to hearing the underworld. Their culture is likewise marked by cruelty, fatality, social rigidity, hunger for crowds, and passions so hot they frequently committ suicide. They have no God, being a combination that couldn’t open the hair-fine aperture of the gates, the breakthrough of the ionosphere chrysalis to the seeding layer of the Heaven above.

      • I fancy myself one of the more left-field wits here, but I think I shall have to pass the torch to Alzaebo. 😀

        • Ha! I took the temerity to peep.
          No love. Thanks, Layabout.

          tldr: Never, ever, ever demand that I worship the Juice God.
          And, “we gotta stop sinnin’!” is ridiculous.

          • Two is a more explanatory number. Manichaean. Christ and Satan, co equal powers. Good and evil. Heaven and Hell. Protons and electrons. Sparta was once ruled by two kings.

            Why be stuck on one?

  11. OT: looks like the pretend experts over at pjmedia are starting to back away from their laughably wrong ukraine “analysis”. pentagon also seems to be backing towards the door. if i were zelensky i would be heading for a conference, any conference, outside of ukraine – now.

    • As with Covid, I expect more than a few people to get amnesia regarding their position on Ukraine. That amnesia will be starting quite soon.

      • Years ago I’d welcome a volte-face such as this. Nowadays, it is just to be expected, and nothing good will come of it.

        Anyway Z, where have you been? Don’t you understand that Monkey Pox has a four hundred billion percent mortality rate?

        I await the stats from Mr. Sailer…

        • Yes. The incredibly dangerous behavior on display here is still unique, but it time we will become accustomed to such reckless, suicidal actions because they will increase. The one bright spot was the hilarious tableaux of Uncle Loyd and the MIC meeting with Raytheon, Boeing, and like mass murderers to discuss what they could produce for fun and profit. That wasn’t even hidden.

        • Way back in the before times, Bill Buckley would say that you know everything about a persons politics based on the opinion of Israel and abortion. Something similar has happened recently with Covid and Ukraine. Those initial reactions reveal much about people. In both cases, the willingness to accept mainstream narratives revealed many to be less skeptical and critical than they let on.

          • ” Something similar has happened recently with Covid and Ukraine.”

            That’s a brilliant point. I’ve belabored the point too much, but I lost a very close friend when he drifted into hysterical, feminized Covidianism. No contact since, but there is absolutely no doubt in my mind he has a Zelensky shrine and is fully onboard the Russia Evil Train. This is a person who has brilliant analytical skills in his field but, good Lord, he’s a child otherwise.

          • Today a great shortcut to a man’s politics is how he pronounces Kiev or if they use that ridiculous “CE and BCE”
            It’s word magic.

          • “…the willingness to accept mainstream narratives revealed many to be less skeptical and critical than they let on.”

            You really are too kind in your use of adjectives. “Ignorant” at best, “stupid” at worse is my go to for describing such people. There is simply no excuse for being so wrong—except that of a weak intellect. Problem is, as always, they vote.

            Covid behavior I forgave for about the first 6 months. Ukraine, after Covid fiasco is unforgivable.

        • Unfortunately Steve Sailer died from deadly acute long covid back in 2020.

          His death, like millions of other innocent but racist grandmas, was the fault of all you stupid americans that wouldn’t look at enough graphs and get vaccinated.

          Since then all his posts have been written by a chatbot programmed to compare golf courses and hypothesize coincidentally hebraic multi generational downtown real estate plays.

          His storied career of repeatedly knowing one chapter of Charles Murray’s most famous book has come to a sad end.

    • Zelensky is a dead man walking. His Western pimps will put the bullet into him, too, although they will with some success pin it on Putin and manipulate pop culture and propaganda in such a way as to present Zelensky as the Second Coming.

      • He and his troupe already have British passports, so they will be fine, unless the Russians think otherwise. Zelensky may want to invest in an ice machine at his new pad.

        The Ukrainian army is nearing collapse in the Donbas. Reports suggest a week or two more fighting. That will be a huge blow to the narrative. We could see a coup attempt in June.

        • Yeah, he should avoid ice picks.

          As to the British passports, I think Epstein, Gaddafi, Diem, and Allende all had second passports, too.

        • Figured Ukraine was beginning to have a rough time when the Twitter news feed became suspiciously silent about that part of the world.

          Today is an implicit acknowledgement in the news feed that Ukraine is getting rocked hard.

          What a complete waste of life, huddling with your buddies in a trench moments before getting your torso blown off by artillery. No honor, no glory, just a dead clump of meat.

          • The shame is that the Ukrainian people strike me as rather nice and I don’t see much difference between them and the Russians. Their leadership are another story—about as criminal as ours.

            Now the once improving lives of the people is set back to Communist era standards, or possibly WWII and the leadership who got them there will undoubtedly go free.

            This is wrong.

        • Likely. But even if they take the Donbas and other parts of the east, the Russians will have to deal with a well-equipped, trained Ukrainian army in the west.

          Russia had three big military goals: 1) liberate the Donbas and set up a land bridge to Crimea; 2) denazification and 3) a demilitarized, neutral Ukraine.

          Looks like they will achieve 1 and 2, but lose bigly on 3.

          • The United States had a primary goal of divorcing Europe from Russia. That’s been accomplished, hence the tragic reports of the pending Ukrainian loss. The secondary goal of peddling weapons along with pocketing the MIC grift might keep things going a bit longer.

          • disagree. ukraine (what’s left of it) will need russia to keep poland from taking a big bite of territory, once the GAE bugs out. also, all the money and weapons from the west will dry up very quickly once the ukes lose.

          • Jack,

            In the short to medium term, the US looks like a big winner from this war and Europe the big loser.

            The Americans stopped the economic integration of Europe and Russia, and gets to sell Europe nat gas and weapons to boot. Europe is back to being firmly under the thumb of the Americans.

            Europe loses cheap energy from Russia, which will hurt their industry and living standards. Europe loses Russia as export market, at least for a time, which again will hurt GDP and living standards.

            The Europeans are now way more dependent on the US. They need our military. They need our energy. And they need our market.

            The Europeans are idiots to go along with all of this.

            In the long run, it’s possible that the Americans come out a loser. If the world figures out a way to do business in other currencies, that would be a huge blow to the US. But we’ll have to see how that plays out.

          • Karl,

            You might very well be right. It’s possible that the Russians secure the territory won and then just let the Ukrainian army slowly degrade. The big question is whether the US and Europe will continue to pour money into the Ukraine once things settle down.

          • I am not so sure there is well-equipped and trained army in the West. Getting a good estimate on the Ukrainian army is impossible, but everyone seems to agree that their best trained and equipped are now being obliterated in the Donbas. That leaves the forces in the south, which will be next on the list for the Russians.

            My guess on the next phase is that the Russians shift to taking Nikolaev and Odessa this summer. At the same time, they continue to take out the rails system, communications systems and energy system in the West. Reconstituting an army in the West will be very difficult under those conditions.

            I also suspect the Europeans will cry uncle by summer and demand Kiev take the deal on the table, which will be everything the Russians want from Ukraine. Throwing good money after bad makes no sense when you are facing food and energy shortages plus whatever civil unrest that brings.

          • Z,

            You could be correct. It’s hard to know what’s happening with the Ukrainian military in the west. But we’re pouring money into that army. The $40 billion package plus whatever we’ve sent already is damn near the entire Russian military budget. If that can’t build a decent army, I’m not sure what can.

            But the Ukraine is an insanely corrupt place, so who knows what’s going to happen to all that money and equipment. In addition, the Americans would have to continue pouring money into Ukraine year after year.

            In my extremely unexpert opinion, I think that Nikolaev and Odessa are key. If Russia can take them, Ukraine becomes a landlock country whose only path to the sea is through now Russian ports. Also, the eastern Ukraine has a good amount of the country’s natural resources.

            Basically, if Russia can take the east and south, Ukraine becomes a very poor, landlocked country. Over time, such a country will not be much of a threat – unless the west pumps money into it forever.

            I also agree that the Europeans are running out of time. Higher energy and food costs are wearing on them and will only get worse in the fall. The short- and long-term costs to the Europeans will become more and more apparent over time. And all for a country that they couldn’t care less about.

            Once the Donbas falls, things will get interesting. Will the Russians press toward Odessa? Will the Europeans start to crack? Will the American and European economies hold up?

          • I will not be surprised if a year from now, a rump Ukraine is led by a pro-Russian government, because the West simply abandoned the project. There is only one thing worse than being an enemy of Washington and that is being an ally.

          • Z: I will not be surprised if a year from now, a rump Ukraine is led by a pro-Russian government, because the West simply abandoned the project.

            Is there another country available to the West that is as cooperative and ready made for money-laundering, human-trafficking, and bioweapon research as the Ukraine? Seems to me even a rump Ukraine would still be useful to Globohomo’s schemes.

          • Z,

            I’m with the others on this one. US intelligence agencies will fight tooth and nail to keep a pro-US government in Ukraine. That country is perfect for money-laundering and poking the Russians.

            But we’ll see. It’s not like our intelligence agencies are all powerful.

          • I don’t think they care what happens to the rump of Ukraine as long as they have their demilitarised, de-nazified buffer zone in the Donbass. And by the time it comes to rebuilding the Ukie military in the west of the country, their suppliers will be dealing with other far greater problems. Like how to stop themselves losing their head because they deliberately destroyed the supply, food and energy chains

        • > We could see a coup attempt in June.

          I doubt the CIA would ever let the Ukrainians gain control of their own country.

        • “He and his troupe already have British passports”

          There’s that “British” Empire again. The one that supposedly disappeared almost 80 years ago. Up to the old tricks!

          • We do the same—except they are called resident visa’s, which will turn into citizenship in 5 year. 10’s of thousands in Afghanistan alone.

        • “Zelensky may want to invest in an ice machine at his new pad.”

          If I had to make a guess, it would be that Putin is having some lovely handcrafted atoms being prepared for Zelensky, chock full of old-world artisanal organic neutrons and spicy fresh protons, the kind of gourmet atoms where you really feel the burn of those alpha particles after they’ve been injected into you.

        • It will be Poland taking over Western Ukraine to recapture some of the old Polish empire.

          Ukraine has already given all Poles Ukranian nationality an the ability to run for office in Ukraine. As they only control the western half it seems obvious this is the plan in Europe.

          Hungary’s state of emergency is a big pointer to prepare for this.

          • I think Hungary fears either a color revolution to get them on the same page as Germany, or outright NATO invasion to do the same thing. They voted out of someone else’s war, seeing the very real manpower limits on Russia makes them far less a threat to replay 1956, while getting involved in the war means poverty for a nation without much margin.

            The EU has been trying to get rid of Orban and multiculturalize Hungary for over a decade.

      • Zelensky is irrelevant. Soros at Davos gave the order, “defeat Putin or end Western Civilization.” The Davos crowd wants the Apocalypse it seems, hence their funding of gain of function with bat viruses and worse, and the desire for global nuclear war (Soros also declared “war” on Xi/China so Biden’s “gaffe” on defending Taiwan was not much of one). They like Gates and Hillary all have bolt-holes in New Zealand and view us as existential threats to the planet justifying the Apocalypse. Nuclear or biological.

        Now Lloyd Austin has confirmed the State Dept tweet saying anti-Ship missiles to Ukraine are happening, Denmark is sending them where basically the US will have to use them as Ukraine’s military is basically just infantry at this point. The goal (per the FT Weekend trial balloon article) is to sink the Russian Black Sea Fleet and destroy Sevastopol. To allow Ukraine’s grain exports as Davos is uneasy about that in the Third World. Russia has four diesel-electric subs in the Black Sea, so those will require air assets (they must surface sometime) to take out as well. The FT concluded it would be doable but risk open nuclear war with Russia . Germany has pushed for a Russian oil boycott just bypassing unanimous requirements (while Poland gripes at Norwegian price gouging for oil and gas) that is going to shut down their industry in a fit of virtue signaling. Hungary has declared martial law btw. They seem to fear NATO invasion or a color revolution as much as anything else. It would not shock me.

        Russian weakness against NATO Missiles, weak signals discipline, and lack of any response to NATO’s actions have encouraged this as has misleading reporting on the valiant triumphant Ukranians seizing victory everywhere. True Russia can and will grind down via artillery the Ukranian defenders in the East, but their fleet is a sitting duck against NATO missiles as is their air transport, and general staff. This weakness invites aggression and delusional thinking that Russian doctrine of tactical nuclear weapons use in case of catastrophic defeat is no longer operational. Even Kissinger noticed this delusion. The danger of fighting against weak opponents for so long … it invites tunnel vision and lack of awareness.

        [Bill Gates has been revealed as the main funder of the organizations demanding advertisers withdraw from Twitter if Musk buys it. So he remains busy.]

        TLDR, just in case a nation CAN do something does not mean it should.

        • Add to that the famine scenario this coming fall, the same thing that led to the locust horde of the Arab Spring.

          85 Ukrainian grain ships, feeding many poor, overburgeoned countries, can’t get out of port- because Ukraine itself has mined its own harbors.

    • Not sure how relevant he is, but Kissinger is calling for the Ukrainians to give up territory to end the war. The NYT said something similar last week.

      Looks like some faction of Deep State wants this conflict to end. The question is which faction? Maybe the political side wants it to end to get food and energy costs down. Could be the military which is concerned about the war growing and the draining of their supplies to the Ukrainians? Could the intelligence agencies.

      I have no idea, but something is going on.

      • This is just the cutting edge of the narrative shift. Just a guess, too, but the sanctions didn’t work out as intended (although, again, they may have but it doesn’t appear so on the surface).

        • The sanctions worked out exactly as wanted. Americas suffer and “The Chosen” got richer.

          • I don’t discount that at all, Hoagie, but the dollar’s stability and security have taken quite a hit. Just like when Trudeau seized truckers’ deposit accounts and there was a run on the Canadian banks. foreign governments no longer view the dollar as necessarily safe. Regardless, the United States got what it wanted: a divorce between Russia and Europe, especially Germany.

      • Public interest is waning. In the first few weeks, it was really exciting to follow Ukraine. It could not have been scripted better: plucky rebels against an evil empire and an evil emperor. There were tank battles, fire fights, drone strikes, artillery barrages, weeping refugees, atrocities, and everything else that makes for quality entertainment. There was also the possibility of WWIII and nuclear annihilation, meaning everyone had skin in the game. I really have to hand it to the propaganda engineers of GAE.

        After a while, the war settled into a slow steady crawl with gains and losses by both sides. It could take a while to resolve this thing. (Or not) Only the military industrial complex is excited for a long, bloody protracted fight. Wars cost a lot of money, and the economic effects of sanctions are already being felt in the GAE. Worse, the general public has started to tune out of the war and has begun to focus on issues closer to home, like feeding their infant children. GAE’s propaganda organs need to increase their focus of the war if it is to remain relevant, and there just isn’t enough bandwidth to support the war and maintain the current narrative in the midst of the other crises.

        Finally, there is a real possibility that something might break somewhere without any margin. I feel like the narrative engineers have been running at full capacity since COVID (maybe since Trump) and are running out of margin. They need a rest, hence the push for a Ministry of Truth to clamp down on unapproved thought.

      • The elites got what they wanted. They were able to hype the war to the point of generating billions and billions in “aid” to Ukraine. Cash, weapons for the black market, “medicine” — everything they want has either been delivered or authorized for delivery. Now they need to protect the Zelenskyyyyyy regime so they still have a functioning money-laundering operation to process all this loot and plunder.

    • Trouble is, the idiot lunatic ideologues in Sodom DC think that Taiwan is a great off-ramp from their abject Ukraine failure.

      Biden’s comment about going all in on Taiwan was no mistake.

    • karl: Read this morning that 99 year old Henry Kissinger himself, at Davos, advised Zelensky to cede territory to Russia and prepare to reach a settlement.

    • I used to like PJM and American Thinker. However, they are still thinking inside the box: America is still exceptional and one more good election result should sort things out. They don’t realize that we are in completely unknown territory.

  12. Thus we witness the ending act of the American Empire. The Beautiful Government People make no effort to hide their corruption, they hate the common people, and purposely make policy to make our lives hell. Nothing changes except more vile examples of this come out with each passing day.

    I figure there will be some event that will set into motion The Final Collapse. It will be either like the end of Soviet Imperial Communism, or there will be an orgy of violence in The Mother of All Purges. One thing for sure, the end of the Dollar as the world reserve currency would take it all down, but it could be a disastrous war.

    The only question is, what sort of lead-up events would result in a solution that makes the Bolshevik Revolution appear tame in comparison? I figure our Government will do something that makes the people absolutely hate them. I suppose we shall see which way it goes, and probably soon.

    • ” It will be either like the end of Soviet Imperial Communism, or there will be an orgy of violence in The Mother of All Purges. ”

      Compare and contrast how the Soviets gracefully left Afghanistan with the United States’ frenzied, blood-drenched abandonment. That should give some clue as to how an end would go down.

      • America is armed to the teeth and the spring has been winding tighter for a long time now. Hell, even the high school wimp that got shoved into his locker by Biff the Bully, is now sporting an AR pistol with laser sights. This is the spoils of the videogaming epidemic. Don’t be in a city when the shooting starts. It will become a melee pit of random and errant bullet rain.

        • Eh. I was getting bored anyway. What do you want to say after this is over? “I was tucked away in a safe hamlet in north Alabama and barely noticed the nation spinning apart.” Or, “I melted the barrel on my 300 blackout and waded through the dozens of deceased orcs to seize the last available grape drink at 7-11; and that was just Day 3.”

    • I am going with all of the above, and likely even more reasons not contemplated to launch us into the Terminal Boogaloo.for the GAE. The Lithium Bomb of clusterfucks, heretofore only theoretical, yet soon to be demonstrated as a reality.

    • Managing to shut down the petrochemical industry in the West would probably do it.

      The first petrochemical was discovered in 1835.

      Are any of us prepared to live an 1835-era lifestyle?

    • my guess is widespread price controls and rationing, coupled with martial law in major cities.

      • karl: If the shortages are as severe as predicted, I agree. I’ve been predicting this fall/winter and next spring. Various YT channels are predicting a supply crisis in 10 weeks, which seems awfully early to me. Fwiw, still plenty of full shelves in the DFW area, and gas even dropped ten cents the past few days. How much of this depends on the Houston port, I don’t know. I do know other parts of the country are experiencing much more severe economic consequences.

        • that is my experience with my part of florida; no shortages of anything yet. store shelves pretty well stocked. i don’t have a need for baby formula so i can’t comment on that particular item. seems like it is complex manufactured items (including apparently furniture) that are in shortest supply, especially cars. i recently had my car serviced, and the dealership sent me a text a few days later offering to buy it! not because there is anything special about my car, this must be something they do for every service customer.

  13. there are consequences to having such a corrupt government, and we are seeing them now. the rules are what give structure to a society, that allow efficient operation of the economy. it isn’t going to be too much longer before individual states are stronger than fedguv, and stop sending the latter “their cut”. multi-nationals will also go the way of the dinosaurs as they depend on fedguv for their existence (as well as cheap reliable transportation).

    in general, large countries will be dis-associating all over the world, as the expertise to keep together is lost. the only thing you can build with mud people is huts…

    • Yep. I have to laugh at the idiots in Main Stream Conservatopia who still think we can turn this around if “we” win in November. As if sh*ts like Romney, McConnell, Graham and McCarthy care about the state of the nation. The only hope is secession. The only question is whether it will be mostly peaceful or very violent.

  14. “America is a kleptocracy run by a thoroughly corrupt elite.” Exactly. Wake me when someone of significant note is perp walked to the nearest REAL prison…

    • Remember the heyday of Qanon when the prison at Gitmo was supposedly being expanded, including medical facilities, to accommodate a soon to arrive influx of elderly Deep State inmates. It was a nice fantasy while it lasted.

      • Remember when HRC was arrested? The Q tards are still out there, wasting more of their time and energy. Q was either a brilliant DS psyops or a couple of dweebs in a basement.

        • “Q was either a brilliant DS psyops or a couple of dweebs in a basement.”

          Why not both?

  15. You pretty much nailed it. The show trial primarily serves two purposes:

    1. To exculpate the totally corrupted FBI/DOJ, although even Normie realizes at this point those outfits are worse and trashier than organized crime; and
    2. To take out and tarnish Hillary Clinton and her family permanently. This has likely been done to placate the Regime’s Step-‘N-Fetchit in the person of Barack Obama.

    The whole exercise is silly. Many if not most people, even the most retarded cucks, no longer harbor illusions about the FBI and DOJ. Hell, increasingly this distrust applies to Muh Military.

    The American public has accepted a corrupt, Third World-style political and judicial system. As long as the junta can deliver the bacon, they don’t care. When it cannot deliver the bacon, the localization and dissolution will accelerate (or worse, although I’m skeptical there). People in D.C. may be so detached they do not apprehend this reality, but, warranted or not, you catch flashes of fear here and there. Use of the Military Production Act to deliver baby formula, for example, is at least an attempt to assuage outrage that formula is being provided to illegal aliens and denied to citizens.

    Finally, an observation: if Putin or a Latin American dictator had engaged in the same misconduct as the political and judicial systems did in the failed coup attempt, the State Department would condemn it. That may or may not apply to Xi since he has bribed so many key Washington figures.

    The irony of that last point is off the charts.

    • > Use of the Military Production Act to deliver baby formula, for example, is at least an attempt to assuage outrage that formula is being provided to illegal aliens and denied to citizens.

      The insane part is the FDA bans European formula, though it’s objectively far better for most than the American sludge we give our kids. Just lifting the restrictions would solve the shortage overnight without a dramatic and ultimately useless airlift.

      It’s another aspect of Theatre Kid government, where the focus is not on fundamental items like rule of law, transparency, and dispensing justice to corrupt agents who break trust, but the protect their own lingering doubts of their own legitimacy, and trying to get the public to buy it.

      • In one of life’s little ironies the EU did some good things with their food regs by banning dozens of toxic fillers and preservatives that are A-OK in the US.

        I figure that’s because they don’t have the same Big Ag lobbies for industrial farming, corn, sugar, etc. that we have in the US.

      • Chet Rollins: I spent quite a bit, when my daughter-in-law had extreme difficulty nursing, to buy European goats’ milk formula for our grandson. No corn syrup or soy or all the other sludge found in American formula. I don’t know if it was technically ‘illegal’ or not, but it was easily ordered and obtained if one had the $ to pay for it.

        The benefit of mobilizing the heroic government and military to airlift formula was the excuse to activate the Defense Production Act. Thus all anticipated future shortages and the sheeple crying out to the government for help will be met similarly – with price controls, rationing, preferential distribution, anti-hoarder and profiteer campaigns, and grateful peons.

        • I had not considered that particular angle, 3g, but it likely was part of the equation. Sharp take. But let’s take this a step further. Eventually, and maybe this summer, vital stocks (including 40’s and Kools) will not be available on store shelves. It will not be a matter of cost but straight up unavailability. Shaniqua and Tyrone will not be happy, and the military cannot procure what is not available. That will be the pretext for martial law although it only will be applied to Chad and Karen. Shaniqua and Tyrone due to equity will be allowed to roam and forage.

    • Jack nails it here. The FBI now only has time to investigate white guys who have given any offense to blacks, race hoaxes, bank robbers (because banks run the country) and conservative politicians. Everything else slides. The Jalisco cartel and the Zetas could take over San Antonio before eliciting the slightest comment from the Biden Administration.

      Institutional decay is obviously accelerating. We have become numb to it. In just the last 3 years, we have had unprecedented crookery, profiteering, censorship and gaslighting.

      Jack correctly observes that the ruling junta must provide formula though or risk the Diem/Allende treatment.

      • Captain Willard says:

        “Everything else slides.”

        I had exactly this feeling, when, at the weekend I watched the 2009 film From Paris, With Love.

        John Travolta plays some sort of special ops agent who initially starts shooting up drug dens in Paris and killing a large number of them. It is then made known to us that this is a means to the end: prevention of a suspected terror attack on beloved European politicians.

        I caught this exact sentiment running through my mind, in that, wiping out drug cartels and gangs (many of whom are ethnic undesirables – so a two for one) would actually be a brilliant public service. But in the end, the government sent in their boys to protect their own: more WEF types at some fake and gay conference.

        “Everything else slides.”

        Too right, mate.

      • Captain Willard in that vein Major League Baseball suspended Yankees third baseman Josh Donaldson for one game Monday after he was accused of making a racist remark toward White Sox infielder Tim Anderson. Benches cleared after Donaldson called Anderson “Jackie,” a reference to Jackie Robinson, who broke MLB’s color barrier.
        This calls for another FBI clown car investigation.
        A strange land this is.

      • Captain Willard: “The Jalisco cartel and the Zetas could take over San Antonio before eliciting the slightest comment from the Biden Administration.”

        Surely they did so long ago, via their local compatriots.

      • I agree with 3g4me, that the FDA-sponsored formula shortage was an act of manufacturing demand- an “excuse to activate the Defense Production Act.”

        I’m just now listening to that epic nitwit, Judge Jeanine Pirro on Fox, moans how we have to “harden the schools.”
        For the chirruns. Not a word about armed citizens.

    • What I find interesting about this charade is the Clinton angle. No one ever comes out and denounces Clinton or Clintonism, which would be the easy play. “We have to close the books on that era of political blood sport blah blah blah” would be the easiest way to marginalize the Clintons and their cronies. Instead we get this roundabout way of setting up Hillary as the Dr. Evil in this conspiracy to tarnish our beloved FBI.

      What this says is the semi-permanent elite are desperate to save the reputation of the FBI and DOJ, but avoid offending the Clinton crime family.

      • The semi-permanent elite will not offend the Clinton crime family–it is quite dangerous–but they ARE taking out the hook. The Sussman Trial is telling the Clintons to quietly exit the stage so the FBI/DOJ can be salvaged, which is impossible but hope springs eternal.

        Closely related: I’ve never really disentangled why, but the Epstein Affair plays into all of this and its exposure terrified the Regime. I’ve thought through several obvious scenarios, almost all involving blackmail, but they come up short every time.

        • I found it amazing that Prince Andrew has been thoroughly trashed publically for his part in the Epstein affair but not a peep is uttered about Bill Clinton’s involvement. I am no fan of the British royal family but at one time Andrew was second in line for the throne of a 1000 year old dynasty. Who is Bill Clinton, a scoundrel of questionable lineage from Arkansas, in comparison to that? Who or what has been protecting the Clinton’s all these years?

          • Clinton was read into the Deep State when he went to Georgetown, landed a Rhodes scholarship, and then did his JD at Yale.

            He was then selected governor of Arkansas because they figured he would be reliable in permitting and protecting Deep State shenanigans in Mena during the 80s.

            He did that job so well the Deep State selected him to be president as a thank you.

          • It ain’t a “1000 year old dynasty”.

            The name Saxe-Coburg-Gotha came into the British Royal Family in 1840 with the marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert, son of Ernst, Duke of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha. Queen Victoria herself was the last monarch of the House of Hanover.

            The House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha as a British dynasty was short-lived. It encompassed the reign of King Edward VII, who reigned for nine years at the beginning of the modern age in the early years of the twentieth century, and the first seven years of his son, King George V, who replaced the German-sounding title with that of Windsor in 1917during the First World War. The name Saxe-Coburg-Gotha survived in other European monarchies, including the current Belgian Royal Family and the former monarchies of Portugal and Bulgaria.

          • Adding to Geese’s, Hillary was the intern who brought down Nixon. It was she who unveiled the tapes, and the infamous “missing 18 minutes.”

        • I believe it is the Mossad angle. So many “playahs” became ensnared in the net, that exposure of this foreign intelligence penetration/blackmail racket is unthinkable; permitting this to happen in any meaningful way would invoke a form of the “Samson Option”, leaving a trail of bodies of the compromised “elites” in its wake.

          • I have considered the Mossad angle and it is viable. If it is correct, I would suggest the complicity of United States intelligence services in a foreign government op to blackmail its (and closely allied) citizens–who have the juice to do something retaliatory–probably is the primary cause of concern.

            As an aside, you seldom come across any independent analysis of the Epstein situation. I grok the state-controlled propaganda organs avoiding it, but if there has been independent inquiry, I am unaware.

        • My background on Le Affaire Epstein is rather sketchy, gleaned from some Unz articles. It is at least on a par with my background on the Sally Hemmings — Jefferson allegations, so take with a certain grain of salt. 🙂

          His curious beginnings, being of no special talent, to being very wealthy with no clear source, suggests hidden sources of funding.

          His 2008 conviction in Florida, and the (at the time even) curious reluctance of the Feds to file any charges. Amazingly, Wikipedia even mentions the Acosta comment: “Acosta later said he offered a lenient plea deal because he was told that Epstein “belonged to intelligence”, was “above his pay grade” and to “leave it alone” . The lenient treatment provoked an uproar even back then.

          It’s worth mentioning that in 2019, after Epstein’s “suicide,” Acosta, then Trump Sec. of Labor, resigned.

          Even his Wikipedia bio mentions business and IDF connections in Israel (2015). Unsurprisingly, a search of the web page for the string “Mossad” comes up empty 😀 Given his sketchy background, however, I think we could safely assume…

          The simplest (?) explanation was that Epstein was a (I assume) Mossad property. None of this requires much mental heavy lifting. His known associations with the Maxwells might allow British intelligence links. If you go by the assumption that the Deep State is actually supra-national (even if two or more factions exist), then it’d be closer to say that Epstein was likely in the control of U.S., British and almost certainly Israeli intelligence. To what ends? The easiest speculation is, obviously, to obtain compromising photos or other evidence of present or potential future influential people, which would then be used for blackmail, extortion or other means to obtain illegal favor that would benefit Deep State Allies.

          • Maxwell was as British as you are.When “Robert Maxwell” lived in Poland he had a Polish name.

            There isn’t an easy relationship between the UK and Israel. Israel carries out ops in the US all the time regardless of US sensibilities. Don’t assume if Israel is doing something then the US and the UK intel agencies are involved

    • You have way too much confidence in the masses. The elite could be sacrificing babies to a volcano god and the masses will go along with it.

      If they riot for lack of food, it’s just the animal instinct coming to the fore and not political in the slightest. It would be exactly the same as when some of the fellas loot local Target when BLM is “mostly peacefully” rioting. It’s not politically motivated looting, it’s just good old fashioned “free shit” looting.

      Another problem with the masses is too many of them think this is all the Democrat’s fault and that a “red wave” will fix it. To the extent they think about politics, it is partisan terms and based on vote harder next time. It never occurs to them that the entire system is corrupt beyond reform and there is effectively only the uniparty.

  16. “Once a ruling class stops respecting its own rules, the rest of society soon follows.”

    Cynicism and narcissism follow. This is why opportunists aren’t necessarily hypocrites though they may look and sound like hypocrites.

    Some folks go, “It’s all a sham. Nothing we can do about it. So let’s go along to get along. Some go, “Can’t deal with it,” and look the other way. Some, as in the case of BLM or covid, with their lawn signs and masks, virute signal in the hope of setting themselves apart from sinners and thus sneaking into heaven on the sly. Some throw fits (Roe v Wade protesters who won’t personally be affected.) Some simply turn off and devote themselves to their passions, interests and working in their Panglossian gardens.

    At the deep end, narrative reality replaces fact based reality, and the natives on Easter Island chop down their last tree to make their last idol to the gods, and those who come after wonder, “Why’d they do that?”

    • We should be sensitive to the fact that no one genuinely right wing has proposed any clear workable plan to soft land the crash, much less recover control. There are factions of smart people with sketches of plans that they can’t possible begin to implement, and other factions with sketches of different plans thay they can’t possibly begin to implement… and for the most part they are infighting and backstabbing one another, and that’s BEFORE the actual powerful institutions both even stirring to crush them both.

      There is no plan, there are only complaints and to a lesser extent – hopes for miracles of various types. That includes everyone here and I don’t even mean that as an attack.

      There’s a miracle or everyone and everything is headed for disaster on an unimaginable scale.

  17. As a fan, I have to disagree the pee pee dossier affair and coverup constitutes the greatest hoax in US history. That honor belongs to WWII, then Covid, the 2020 general election, and the six million. The pee pee flows down from those events.

    • Generally agree, however I would rank the (probable) hoaxes from biggest to smaller in terms of the enduring impact (e.g. political power accrued, total deaths) as follows:

      1. Holocaust/Six Million — led to enormous gains of political and other influence in many nations. A case could be made for the “Jewish Conspiracy” over a longer time frame, but surely the period from Nazi Germany forward has been an unparalleled achievement for them, in known history.

      2. WW II — similar, Jewish influence to sway nations to profit allied business (banking, industry); perhaps creation of Israel the nation. Taken by itself, this one is likely by far the costliest in terms of lives lost.

      (Clearly, some overlap with 1 and 2).

      3. Covid-19: Even using official death tolls, this one likely takes a distant second place in lost lives, under the general rubric of captured governments, regulatory bodies, corporations and other deep state actors who put profit and power ahead of human lives or public health. To clarify, I’m not counting deaths due to the “wild” virus, but due to withheld or suppressed medical treatment and the probable deaths caused by the high profit margin, zero liability, untested and high toxicity vaccines and other countermeasures.

      4. Actually, the 2020 election and the fraudulent Trump op pretty much pale in comparison to the above, in my opinion.

  18. Today’s column on the fake Russia-Trump collusion hoax is interesting, but it misses the fact that no scandal really sticks in the public imagination without someone with a really goofy name being involved. H. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy, Fawn Hall, John Poindexter, Jeff Gilooly, and Joey Buttafucco are good examples of people with weird names who really made their scandals pop for the average joe. Without someone with a funny and memorable name, a scandal has much more trouble sticking.

    Juanita Broaddrick would have had a much easier time of things if, for example, she had been named Juanita Burpfarter. Bill Clinton would have been in REAL trouble then. It’s unfortunate but true.

    • Does anyone have a normal name anymore though? Last time I met a Bob Smith he was in a casket.

    • The names are one of their favorite ways of signaling to/messing with us.

      Larry Fink?

      C’mon man!


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