An Empire Of Lies

An informal metric for measuring the stability of a society is the distance between reality and the official truth of the ruling regime. The more lies the regime tells, the less stable it and the society over which it rules. Official lies are a good proxy for the degree of authoritarianism within the regime. The degree of authoritarianism is a good proxy for the level of official insecurity. The more thuggish the regime the less support it enjoys, thus the more it needs to lie to the people.

At the extreme end of this metric is a place like North Korea. The regime is deeply paranoid about everything. The Kim family does not trust anyone in the ruling class and no one in the ruling class trusts anyone, especially Kim. The one thing everyone agrees upon is they cannot trust the people. This is why they get images of the tubby Kim in heroic poses or stories of him making ten holes in one playing golf. The regime feels it needs to present him as a god to intimidate the people.

On the other end of the spectrum, you get a place like Switzerland that barely has a government relative to the rest of Europe. Many Swiss residents do not know who is currently holding the position of president. It is a rotating position currently held by someone calling herself Simonetta Sommaruga. The Swiss government has no need to turn her into a rock star or make while claims about her. The official truth of Switzerland is easy for everyone to see, so they have no need to lie.

Obviously, it is an informal metric that is subjective. An extreme case like North Korea is easy to use, but where would France or Germany fall on the scale? They are closer to Switzerland than Ukraine or the United States, but not so close that anyone in France would say they believe their government. In fact, that is the story of the West since the end of the Cold War. Every Western nation has moved down the scale of honesty toward the North Korean pole over the last three decades.

Lying has consequences. One lie begets another lie which then requires more elaborate lying to cover up the previous lies. This lowers trust in the state, but it also lowers trust in institutions and eventually lowers social trust. Step one is the lies erode faith in the ruling class of the country. Step two is people lose faith in the institutions for not having punished the liars. The final step is the people who wake up to the official lies lose trust in those who keep falling for the lies.

You see this with the school shootings. Generations of lying about the nature of crime and the role of guns in these school shooting, have made it impossible to have a civil conversation about the issue. The bodies were not even cold after the latest school shooting and the usual suspects were out in public telling the all to familiar lies about the causes of these crimes. The only thing that comes from this is normal people grow to hate these liars a little more than they did yesterday.

How many people watched President Biden speak about the Texas shooting? The answer, if it was possible to get an honest one, was close to zero. Joe Biden has been a promiscuous liar for generations. Now he is an incontinent zombie barely able to read his script. That script is written by the same collection of sociopaths than have infected politics since the Clintons blew into town. Even the sociopaths have lost interest in the production of these ridiculous theaters of mendacity.

Tragic outliers like a deranged lunatic going on a rampage are just part of the human condition, but can something be done to limit it? It feels like this stuff happens more often now, but who can know? The even bigger question is why are these obviously deranged people ignored by the people around them? The Buffalo shooter was ignored by everyone, despite the obvious signs. The liars fill the space with lies about the subject so that getting a straight answer is impossible.

Of course, the reason the liars exist is they keep people off balance. Official lying has been outsourced in what may be the most cyclical public-private partnership in human history, so that the rulers can just nod along with the symphony of lies. Biden’s script writers just go to one of the websites of the many organizations who exist to produce official nonsense and jot down a few of their lines. The mass media, of course, then blasts this and their own lies to the public.

One of the underrated aspects of Orwell’s Animal Farm is how the pigs used deception to create doubt among the animals. It reached the point where the animals could not trust their own memory. The other day, the Washington Post claimed George Floyd was shot by police. How long before school children are taught that he was hanged by the Proud Boys? More important, how many people will tire of correcting the record and this lie becomes official truth?

The official lies are not just about keeping the public confused. It also serves to keep the managerial class huddled together. On the topic of official lies, the classic Vaclav Havel essay, “The Power of the Powerless” comes to mind. Amazingly, the people who shower the public with disinformation, the official lies, claim to be fighting against disinformation, often citing Havel’s essay. The lying is an important part of their identity as a besieged group defending “our democracy.”

In the final years of the Soviet Union, the general public no longer believed anything said by their government. The people in government were every bit as cynical about the official truths, but they were paid to lie so they lied. What held it together is both sides were sure the other side believed the lies, at least enough of them that the rest dared not question the lies. The collapsed came when everyone realized that no one believed what they were forced to say or forced to hear.

Havel opened his famous essay with this line. “A specter is haunting Eastern Europe: the specter of what in the West is called dissent.” He then explained, “It was born at a time when this system, for a thousand reasons, can no longer base itself on the unadulterated, brutal, and arbitrary application of power, eliminating all expressions of nonconformity.” That was almost fifty years ago in a world that is largely forgotten by modern people, yet terribly familiar to us now.

The final sentence of that opening paragraph is, “What is more, the system has become so ossified politically that there is practically no way for such nonconformity to be implemented within its official structures.” One paragraph from a dissident operating in an alien system from the past captures the current moment in America. A decade later that system collapsed. That is what the sea of lies from our rulers tells us about what lies ahead. A regime built on lies always ends in collapse.

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181 thoughts on “An Empire Of Lies

  1. Wow…an article on countries, rulers, and liars, but not one mention of Trump, the lyingest sumbitch that ever held office. Pretty transparent, this take of yours.

    • Trump told us everything we wanted to hear, and did none of it. Just like Hitler told the German people what they wanted to hear, but worked for the European Royalty and oligarchs, German military industrial complex, and the Vatican. He lead the German people and nation to the saluter house.

  2. Now it’s the right losing trust. ‘20 was ‘00, 1/6 was 9/11, Ukraine is Iraq. Lefty is even as dickish and determined as I remember righty being before ‘04 or so. The rhyming is too bizarre. Makes it hard to not conclude conspiracy or scripting. Of course, things were more real back then. Today it’s all kind of LARPy. Then again, I think lefty tends to be more LARPy. Now if righty is serious about bringing it down (I’m seeing it even on normie sites, hearing it creep into barroom talk), it might actually happen. Could ultimately be as gay as the Bush stuff, in fact, if normie gets on board I’d expect it to be, but still actual. Actual and gay lol. But better than nothing. We’ll see.

    • You need to wake up about Switzerland. The so-called great democracy is no more. Neutrality is gone. Government buildings wave Ukranian flags… the alleged ‘direct democracy’ is nothing of the sort. You vote on an issue – usually a meaningless one…Bern then has all the power it wants to simply ignore it if it wants…or water it down. It’s gotten so bad, small Cantonal votes have entire populations showing up outside, in the street to make sure the vote is properly counted. Cantons voting to seceded to other Cantons are ignored, delayed. Stop hyping Switzerland up…its nonsense (and NO, the population isn’t armed either…that’s, yet, another myth. No one has personal firearms here,,,and the few army servers that do have weapons that have the stopping power of a .22, if that.)

      • Very true. I live here and have learnt painfully over the last two years that direct democracy can be very tyrannical. Last November, 60% of Swiss voters voted to take away the rights and liberties of the other 40% and give Federal government unlimited police powers till 2032. The supposedly sensible Swiss have also voted in recent years to let two men pretend they are married and to enshrine cyclists’ rights in the Constitution. As the Founding Fathers said, democracy and republicanism only works with a moral people. The Swiss are modern and immoral.

  3. What all these shooters have in common is they all use social media.

    Is SOCMED toxic to some?

    Also, as with the Loughner kid, I want to know all about this shooter’s parents. He didn’t sprout in a field like a fall mushroom. Let’s get the ‘rents biographies muis pronto.

    The Loughners groomed their kid to hate Conservative Tucson’ers. What did this one’s role models impart to him?

    If Sarah Palin’s campaign logo triggered Loughner’s mass shooting, then the parents of this latest shooter must shoulder some of the blame for his repugnant actions.

    • Dumping smartphones, social media, and video games on everyone certainly hasn’t helped. Reading the guy’s manifesto, it’s a mess. Tripe written by some midwit sperg.

      • Specifically talking about Loughner, BTW. I was visiting family in Tombstone when that went down.

  4. There’s nothing like driving around the Battlefield of Cognitive Warfare in a hearse or ambulance watching all the thirsty people drink holographic water and be satisfied.

    Lies now come in the flavors of it is horrific that Ramos killed children at a school in Texas but it is okay and morally justified when Zelensky uses artillery to do the same thing in the Eastern Ukraine for 8 years running.

    • At Davos they were talking about hallucinogenics? Did anyone catch what they intend to do with hallucinogenics? In the French Revolution May 5, 1789 – Nov 9, 1799 hallucinogenics were introduced by giving – starving French people – molded baked rye bread. Things got really interesting after the hallucinogenics. By the way I read LSD was created by the Nazi’s in WWII, and they said Bayer – I.G. Farben holds the patent on LSD. Is that true?

  5. The idea of a bulletin board format for commentary is the way to go. In my humble opinion of course. When it comes to the truth. Trust no one. Acquiesce to the truth and only to the truth. If it can be discerned that is.

  6. Fiat money is another subtle lie that becomes visible usually at various sizes of wheelbarrows or Madoff funerals.

    In the currency of lies… I wonder if Zelensky has already converted his accumulated bribes of Pounds, USDs and Euros into New Israeli Shekels for when he tries to get out of Dodge.

    If only I bought Rubles at 120 to the USD.

    • RF-

      Only the big boys like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan were allowed to buy the ruble at the recent bottom.

      You can bet they also snatched up every Gazprom share they could get their grubby paws on.

    • I tried at various brokers 130 but no one would allow it for my own protection.

  7. We, humans, are advancing, some say.
    Towards what?
    If we don’t know the destination how can we assess the progression?
    Are we moving forward, backwards, or simply going nowhere faster than we were yesterday?

    There’s no freedom, only Acceptance & Denial (and the journey back & forth between the two.)

    The Universe is a Heart, quiet & monotonous at The Center/Core (Acceptance’s abode), wild/exciting and dangerous at the throbbing Periphery/Frontier (the land of Denial.)
    We are prisoners of the Heart and of the everlasting peregrination between The Center & The Periphery.

    [We all do the same: we try to maximize pleasure and minimize pain.
    We can’t escape Sameness.
    We all have different strategies on how to achieve it, we all try to do it differently.
    We can’t escape Difference.
    Pleasure & Pain, Good & Evil, Symbiosis & Parasitism, Cause & Effect: The Dualistic Engine.
    We can’t escape it – we can’t rig it – we can’t destroy it – we can’t understand why it exists.

    There’s no freedom, only the everlasting peregrination between The Core & The Periphery. The Center assuages us with its quietness, weary us with its monotony: we leave, frontier bound. We love The Frontier for its excitement, hate it for its perils, so we leave, centresick (homesick for Acceptance.)]

    Some will understand these words, while others will be infuriated by them; that’s OK, because while I’m returning to The Center, longing for Acceptance, others are leaving for The Periphery, summoned by Denial; our expectations are wildly different, we can never meet on common ground. That’s how it’s supposed to be: for the Whole to hold, the Parts must be out of sync. [Do you know how a structure responds to an increased amplitude when the frequency of its oscillations matches its natural frequency of vibration? That’s right, it collapses (Yep, the walls of Jericho, the 1940 Tacoma Narrows Bridge and the London Millennium Bridge cases comes to mind.)]

    A better future?
    Fully embrace The Now regardless of any reasonable doubt.

    • Ted Kazinski ain’t got nothin on you ,brother. You might want to dial it down 2 notches to , you know, earthling level, so we know what the fuck you’re sayin.

      • You called that one. Infuriated? about leaving the center – why would anyone be infuriated?

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    • Mr. House, that’s Zman worthy, I’d like to see his take.

      “Failure is their superpower.”

      “Many of the people now in charge are incompetent fools. But it doesn’t matter.

      The more they fail, the more power is given to the institutions to deal with the consequences of institutional failure.”

      “They will gain immense power, as they will be in charge of rationing”

      “The people who have captured these institutions are more interested in power than making these institutions functional and productive.”

  9. Given what I’ve read about the shooter, I now know what happened. The boxing and shooting clubs he likely would have been involved with at his High School probably haven’t existed for 40 years because of Title 9 and Insurance issues….

    Also, they would have been de-funded anyway, as our copious tax dollars go to more important things, like arming child soldiers in Ukraine.

    Feminists, Child Safety Advocates, Jewish lawyers, all had a hidden hand in this. Coupled with the social implosion, awash in drugs, none of this is remotely shocking.

    • The Salvadoran Tranny shooter with no firearms training allegedly killed 21 people with no wounded…Totally fake.. the thousands of ghetto shootings every month leave close to 90% wounded…I rest my case..

      • It’s a principle of any planning for combat, post-engagement, to expect more wounded that dead. LOL if anyone believes that whackjob had no prior training. 21 KIA and no wounded present implies systematic engagement and follow up. In other words, whackjob tranny went in, shot soft targets and followed up with execution of surviving victims. Black bangers are NOTORIOUS for slinging lead with complete disregard to trigger discipline. Most of the people they hit aren’t even the intended victim. Rudimentary firearms training can do wonders for shooting effectiveness

      • Most ghetto shootings are with underpowered handguns (25 acp, 22lr etc) bc you can hide one of those and get away to sling crack another day. A 223 has roughly two orders of magnitude greater at the muzzle power.
        And the armalite platform is literally designed to be easily used by incompetent and unwilling conscripts in ‘Nam, so “untrained” is kinda a goofy objection.

  10. You forgot the final sentence.

    And the inevitable collapse is the cure.

    It has to get worse before it can get better. And when the collapse happens, the weak among us will react with whining, wailing, street protests, riots, and mayhem of every sort. Which is a necessary feature of the beginning of the cure. LEOs obey their paycheck and will be marshaled to quell the crazy that erupts in every big city. Into this fog of chaos and distraction, the antibodies may effectively emerge. The rest is simple biology.

  11. Lawrence : Certainly it hurts.
    Sirhan Sirhan : What’s the trick then?
    T.E. Lawrence : The trick, Sirhan Sirhan, is not minding that it hurts.

  12. “A regime built on lies always ends in collapse.” True, but we have a ways to go for that. Alexander Solzhenitsyn in “Live not by Lies” describes living in a society further along the path to a leftist utopia that we are. He notes that lies and violence go together.
    “For violence has nothing to cover itself with but lies, and lies can only persist through violence.”
    History shows that when the leftist lies get more outrageous and violently clash with reality – violence will be required to achieve their dystopian vision.
    The good news – polls indicated that a large percentage of Americans realize this country is on the wrong path. The bad news – that’s a long way from getting on the right path.

    • We are seeing how the Russians deal with the West’s lies..
      War.. Extreme violence. The West does not know how to deal with it.

        • Don’t think they would since they most likely don’t consider themselves the lying party. At least I don’t.

  13. “… many organizations who exist to produce official nonsense…”

    It’s now all so boring. As to the current “mass” shooting, our zombie-in-chief states that after the assault weapons ban was lifted, “mass” shootings increased three times the rate. What he doesn’t tell you is that the “official” counting of a “mass” shooting was changed to call/include any shooting “involving 4 or more injuries or death” as a mass shooting. So immediately half the gang banger shootings (think Chicago) were now lumped into the category of the present day (infrequent and rare) school shooting. However, the term “assault weapon” is still persistently used when in reality, the overwhelming number of these (new) mass shouting incidents involve handguns—who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    Lies, lies, and more lies. Lies of commission, omission, duplicity, obfuscation, etc. It’s all so boring, or should I rather say depressing. As stated in Z-man’s excellent essay, lies prevent us getting at the truth, and without truth no solution—or even amelioration—to the problem of firearm misuse is possible. We are in a death match, the innocent pay the price while we spar.

  14. Vote.

    Dem or GOPe. Doesn’t matter.*

    *Added because just saying “vote” is too short to post.

    • Was in reply to Gotterdamn way down at the bottom of this thread on how to hasten the collapse.

  15. “The final step is that the people is those who wake up to the official lies come to lose trust in those who keep falling for them.”

    Your escalation in loss of trust is spot on, from the elites, to the institutions, and finally to the sheep. I’ve certainly noticed myself being at the final stage. I live in clown world Massachusetts, so I see covidians still masked walking around outside regularly. My wife has commented that When I see them, I can’t hide my contempt. How could I trust someone blindly holding onto such a clear lie? Same goes for those that mention white privilege in my presence.

  16. Zman – So what’s the next step after those who see through the lies begin to despise those who continue to believe them? Because I’m way, way beyond that.

    No, I’m not putting things aside for my Han and subcon “neighbors.” I’ve yet to see a poor, elderly White here whose groceries I could help pay for (I tried volunteering in my church for that years ago, and got assigned a Haitian immigrant). If I could have gotten away with swerving off the road and hitting the budding White karens who protested for BLM in the wake of St. Floyd, I would gladly have done so. I do smile at White mothers with young children, if that counts in my favor.

    I have zero interest in whatever the cloud people are doing or even saying – I know whatever it is will be inimical to me and mine. I regret a White child was among those killed in Uvalde – but given she was probably one of a handful of Whites in the school, what might her future have been anyhow? And why ought I focus on an insane mestizo (reportedly ‘bullied for being poor’ and yet able to spend $5k on guns and ammo), of whatever magic paper status, when the WHO is working feverishly to gin up a new health crisis? And Biden’s handlers have already signed us up as subsidiary partners.

    The lies serve not merely to pacify the populace or mislead the gullible; they serve to constantly focus attention on the opposite of what’s truly important. My mind is my own and I choose not to grant my attention to whatever the latest circus is. It’s all lies, it’s all perverse, it’s all evil, and I want it all destroyed.

    • Though her mind is not for rent
      Don’t put her down as arrogant
      Her reserve, a quiet defense
      Riding out the day’s events

        • I am little Geddy Lee, and I do what I want! I read the book; Tom Sawyer floated down a river on a raft with a black guy.

    • Great post, 3g4me.
      The fact that your children are having children offers a glimmer of hope for the future.

    • You’re a bit of sicko. And quite capitalizing “white”. It’s obnoxious. You might “be beyond that”, but indulging in racial revenge fantasies is hardly constructive. You have any family? At all? Doesn’t matter if you don’t like them. Get in contact with them. Minimize the smartphone time as much as possible. Hell, minimize screen time of all time as much as possible. Get a hobby. Get a better diet. Drink some more water. Get off your ass and exercise. Just find something to ground yourself in besides the antiwhite hate porn you’re addicted to.

      • Templar, your memory or reading comprehension fail you. 3g’s “poasting career” here makes your criticism look incompetent.

    • Maybe “cash only” for firearms would be a reasonable start.

      Not a fan of waiting periods. But “cash only” seems like a reasonable barrier for the nut jobs.

  17. Thank you for an excellent essay. Today the only error I can find is the typo “Wets” where you surely meant “West.” The former is technically a word, but of very little utility since Prohibition. 🧐

    Rather than ignite a firestorm by pontificating upon the sexual habits of early Presidents today, may I share a tidbit from (I think) Solzhenitsyn? In one of his books, he notes that in Stalin’s USSR, not only was propaganda the only programming in the media, but at times private citizens were required to listen to the insipid speeches on their radio, under penalty of prison if they were found to NOT be listening. That may seem extreme, and indeed it was, but this was in a time when children were regularly sent to Gulag for crimes as dire as stealing a potato from the field. Or you could be imprisoned or shot just because. 🙁

    As bad as our lying media is, I suppose we should be thankful, as it could be much, much worse. Hopefully we will avoid that nadir.

    • Getting shot for stealing a potato happens when the economic consequences of leftism finally sink in and the regime has to insist that if it weren’t for children stealing potatoes the society would be flush with prosperity under their economic ideology.

      Right now you see the government claiming that gas prices are the fault of gas stations gouging, it’s not a big leap before the state is seizing the gas distribution system, rationing it, and then once people start siphoning each others’ tanks constantly because no one can get by with one quart weekly fuel ration…well clearly that’s counter-revolutionary subversion that can only be dealt with in the harshest manner possible to protect our democracy.

    • USSR: “Private citizens were required to listen to the insipid speeches on their radio, under penalty of prison if they were found to NOT be listening.”

      USA: White employees are forced to listen to and repeat anti-white propaganda or risk financial ruin. White schoolchildren are forced to listen to propaganda that degrades their race and culture. White parents who object to this are treated as criminals by regime enforcers.

      USSR: “Children were regularly sent to Gulag for crimes as dire as stealing a potato from the field.”

      USA: White children are accused of hate crimes and risk having have their lives ruined for posting signs that say, “It’s Okay to be White.” White cops can be imprisoned for life for helping to restrain a violent black criminal who’s ingested a lethal dose of an illegal substance. Young white drivers can receive consecutive life sentences for panicking behind the wheel and when a mob of violent anarchists surround and attack his car.

      Meanwhile, feral blacks can get away with almost anything, up to and including murder.

      In the USA, not only are we attacked by our own government, we’re also attacked by their pets, and we face criminal prosecution if we defend ourselves — even as we’re being forcibly replaced in the countries founded by our ancestors.

      All this to say, I hear what you’re saying, but do we really have it that much better?

    • I’ve heard they still do spot checks to enforce proper radio listening habits in North Korea.

  18. “A regime built on lies always ends in collapse”.

    Not always. Sometimes its just replaced by another regime built on lies.

  19. As I followed yesterday’s shooting, one thing I do, the way a good Amerikan-Soviet citizen would, is skip most of the story and go straight to the comments. Especially those on the right, as we all know the uniform comments from the left. Just look at AOCs Twitter if you want to know that.

    I was expecting all of the comments like “here we go, get ready for the gun grabbing.” But a huge number of them involved all kinds of wild conspiracies. “This kid was clearly brainwashed by MK Ultra.” – Because of course closed down sex clubs of the coastal elite randomly pick people in places like Cowpie, TX to brainwash into being human time bombs. Or, of course, the Lee Harvey Oswald type stuff, “The kid wasn’t even there, they needed a body count and did this purposely.”

    When so many people have wild ideas like this, it’s because they totally and completely lack any political power. They know they’re being lied to, and no one gives them the time of day. They know they can’t move the needle. You see a lot of this in the Arab world. Meet an Arab, even a well dressed one, and when the conversation goes long enough, you’ll hear some wild conspiracies. It’s what the African-Americans call “disempowerment.” Only, the real disempowerment is on the right. Particularly the millions of whites that are being replaced and falling out of the middle class.

    In essence, so many conspiracies circulating on the right is a direct consequence of a Republican Party that’s a fake opposition that’s lied so long to its base about fighting the good fight. In a way, the conspiracy theory is a positive sign of a mind that has stopped listening to (insert talking head) and is feeling its way through a dark room to reality.

    As a dissident, the room is perfectly illuminated with a thousand watt grow bulb. These people, however, have been blindfolded for decades.

    • “As a dissident, the room is perfectly illuminated with a thousand watt grow bulb.“

      I have to second that. Not that the 1000 watt lightbulb illuminates as much *truth* for me, but it really does bring to notice bulls**t. That and a fairly good memory and long life. It all seems deja vu these days.

    • ” In a way, the conspiracy theory is a positive sign of a mind that has stopped listening to (insert talking head) and is feeling its way through a dark room to reality.”

      It is a very positive sign since it indicates a total loss of trust and faith in a failed and depraved system. These types take too long to get to the logical endpoint, of course, but it is good to see them arrive. They have stopped listening to talking heads beyond the propaganda organs, too.

      As an aside, but it is tangentially related, did anyone notice how quickly they dropped “how much are you willing to sacrifice?” as a rhetorical question in relation to the Ukraine War? It is a pretty good bet that went over like a lead balloon.

    • The “wild idea” that an unhinged 18yo Tranny with no training couldn’t possibly kill 21 people, with no wounded, is self evidently true…The event as described simply cannot be true…

      • If this was a put-up, the shooter wouldn’t be a Hispanic tranny, he would be a knuckle-dragging whi supremiss in a grease-stained MAGA cap.

        • Nonsense, the FBI is an equal opportunity employer when it comes to setting up patsies for their events – just ask the muhammadens. Besides, they can count on the press to fake it til they make it.

          • Uh huh. I suppose the Feebs hired that pack o’ Sand Hutus to fly those planes into the WTC. –cue Twilight Zone music–

      • Shooting a bunch of elementary school students at close range with an AR and getting a lot of kills is plausible

        Such weapons are easy to use, hit hard and the targets are sitting ducks.

        Plus said nutter may have fired hundreds of rounds for those hits

        Its probably real.

  20. Since I accepted that everything on TV news is a lie, I do not believe the narrative of the current MK Ultra “mass shooters”. They got real sloppy in Texas.

    Supposedly in Texas it’s about impossible to get through a school door, much less get past the lobby to enter the halls. Then I see pictures of the “shooter” in a dress. It was a chick with a dick, not exactly the mass shooter kind. If you doubt me then here it is:

    Then I heard Joe Biden yakking last night about guns.

    I have no doubt there will be many more, and they will not rest until lots of guns are outlawed. The final race has started, for they know they must get rid of repeating arms as quickly possible before the collapse. They know they are screwed and are very afraid. We are in the final years if not months before the Soviet Imperial Collapse of the United States.

    Yesterday I posted a comment questioning if America would end like the Soviet Union, or go out in an orgy of violence.

    When they do this at this point to outlaw most guns, which THEY WILL DO NOW, I have no doubt now that America will go down in an orgy of violence. I got my questioned answered real quick!

    • Actually, Dem’s like guns too. Don’t look for more than some cosmetic changes through Presidential Order, and perhaps nothing—especially after midterms.

    • In the day yesterday, I heard “handgun” in the reporting. I noted it mentally as being out of pattern. By dark it had changed to a “long gun.” Columbine had a tranny angle too.

      If one subscribes to the repub/demo thing, then they have a short window to get legislation through before Jan 2023.

      It does seems that when there is a demo president, the gun incident/reporting increases since that would be the prescribed time to get a presidential signature.

    • Doubtful. Diverse societies lower social capital and the last who knows how many killings including ones under a Democrat administration and of White kids got very little traction.

  21. “A regime built on lies always ends in collapse”.
    God speed the day.

  22. America’s electronic media has driven its people mad. There is no return from madness.

    • The US was built on lies from day one.

      It was doomed from the start and would have died no matter what.

  23. In regards to the school shootings, I would love to see the medical records opened. I am willing to wager that all mass shooters (of the none Chiraq varietal) are doped up to the eyeballs on SSRIs. I wonder who lobbied to keep medical records private? Of course, this will never happen. Biden called out the powerful “gun lobby” in his speech; none seem to care about the pharmaceutical lobby that keeps the salient data hidden. Outrageous. Same with teen suicide. I realize someone can counter that, They were on SSRIs for a reason. Yeah, but maybe those pills put extra stress on a building that was already not up to code.

    • The kid who shot up the black church is a good example of this. One would think that giving powerful psychoactive drugs to young people would be a concern on its own. The growing aberrant behavior of young people should at least bring the topic into the discussion, but that is not possible.

      • not just young people. look at all the incidents in NYC of subway pushers. you can bet similar acts are going on all over but not being reported. look at the nutless wonder that attacked Dave Chapelle; another mentally ill tranny. and he isn’t even going to be charged with a felony.

      • “On Killing: The Psychological cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society” by Lt. Dave Grossman discusses how WWII US soldiers almost never fired their rifles directly at the enemy because their innate resistance to killing.

        It then discussed how modern training techniques broke through social conditioning to achieve a 90% success rate at getting soldiers to kill at short range with their weapons.

        The key is practicing with realistic, man shaped targets, not big circle bullseyes.

        If you don’t think that modern, hyper realistic video games aren’t doing a bang-up job preparing young men to kill en masse, you’re not paying attention.

        • ProZNoV: Can’t find the link but I know I read elsewhere (perhaps even here in earlier comment thread?) that Grossman’s claims have been solidly disproven.

          • Yeah, we did that here probably a year ago or longer. Grossman relied on falsified WWII data from S.L.A. Marshall to produce a deeply flawed thesis.

          • I’m not willing to die on this hill: stuff like this gets debunked all the time.

            But simulators are fantastic tools to train men for high stress situations when the higher brain functions shut down. Aircraft simulators, police shoot/no shoot simulators, even your basic old style 1980’s driving simulators do wonders for conditioning.

            Video games are in the same vein; anyone with half a heart who’s hunted large game knows the first kill isn’t easy. Realistic video games offer a potent mix of propaganda (kill the hun!, kill the communist!, kill the drug lord!) and a feeling of “been there, done that”.

            They used to be regulated. Then again, so did pornography. Cat is definitely out of the bag though.

        • There is maybe much to what you say. And it’s not the first time I’ve heard the charge, even 10, 20 years ago there was a school shooting by, I think, a 14-year-old who had a high kill rate. And it’s on this 2nd topic I want to comment. Clearly Buffalo and the recent Texas massacre were quite different targets but had in common deranged 18-year-old males with rifles. Of these two, if the TX school was typical, most classrooms have only one door. Almost shooting fish in a barrel. Even so, the very high number of kills vs. wounded seems unusual. He must have had multiple magazines and shot away at his leisure. This is all based on conjecture, as I have no info other than a few headlines. If one thing can be said in favor of Blacks, it’s that when they get shooty, their aim tends to be rather poor.

          It’s worth reinforcing the entirely correct notion that the media blows these mass shooting entirely out of proportion. Yes, they are shocking, grisly events. Crazy white boy murders innocent blacks! Gets views, but does it accurately reflect reality? Of course not. What the media serves rarely does. If you look into homicide statistics, you will find that while males and youth figure prominently as killers, it is overwhelmingly a Black (~75% of total) thing. Rifles and mass murders are an even smaller share yet. In round numbers, about 60% of gun deaths are suicides, and of the remaining 40%, about 80% of that is young black and brown males shooting each other.

          Of course the above will never appear in the media, beyond perhaps the unfortunate curse of urban violence. No, the messaging is all about the need to take away the guns from Whites, who were and remain a tiny minority of firearm-wielding killers.

          • “Even so, the very high number of kills vs. wounded seems unusual…”

            Depends. Perhaps the videos—if any—will help. Last video I saw of a mass shooting in the Middle East—ISIS I think—showed a shooter with GoCam walking through the injured and dead, looking for more victims down aways, while finishing off the downed people when stepping over them. This is a combat technique used for obvious reasons.

        • There is no reason to practice with any other target than a man sized one.

          There are those people who like to “target shoot” with sport/hunting rifles. They load their own ammo and build very accurate firearms. I admit to a tremendous appreciation/admiration when they pull a rifle out of a safe with its specially loaded ammo and shoot 6 inch plates at 500 yards. Damn, I’m jealous.

          However, that’s not what the 2nd is about, nor I. You can easily take any military pattern rifle and punch holes in a man sized target at 300 yards and that all that’s needed—“one minute of ‘bad guy’”.

          As said here repeatedly, more important is to learn to work together as a team, shoot and scoot, and keep in shape. Yesterday I saw a walker in the neighborhood humping a large backpack. Gonna stop next time and talk to him. He may be a “friend”.

          • I though average combat engagement was around 100 yards in ww1, 50 yards in ww2, 25 yards in nam, and 75 yards in Iraq. And most cop and ccw “engagements” are 20 feet or less.
            Yes, teamwork and communication are much, much harder to get proficient in, nevermind finding those already so possessed.

        • Why wouldn’t video games have a training and conditioning effect?

          There are fancy ones called, “flight simulators,” that are used for those purposes by air forces and airlines.

          • The difference between the flight simulators used by airlines/air force and typical video game is the former mimic the controls of the aircraft and even the sensation of flying, whereas your typical video game does not do the same wrt shooting, so probably less of a “training” effect. But it probably does have some conditioning effect of dehumanizing your irl victims.

          • I wouldn’t assert it is training, but it is definitely conditioning the mind and no doubt encouraging more and more vivid and destructive fantasies. Shooters are encouraged by games. Tinder would not exist without porn. Chelsea Clinton would not exist without liquor. The twerp Prince Harry would not exist without James Hewitt. You cannot argue with my logic – infallible.

          • Two points; 1. I have it on good authority that a reaper putting hellfires into Muhamid’s technical in Fallujah is like MS Flight with a killer video card.
            2. EVERY 0300 plays CoD. It cant be a coincidence.

        • Grossman was probably full of rubbish. If there was any reluctance in shooting which is questionable it was because the bulk of the US was German and we didn’t like shooting at folks like us.

          We dropped that army down in say Africa and we had a good reason to fight, you could see the body piles from Low Earth Orbit

    • A lot of Leftoids are feeling disappointed that the Texas perpetrator wasn’t White.

      • Also appears to be a tranny from media conditioning.

        Gonna be tricky

        When I see these kids I just think there goes another poor bastard ruined by the evil molochites..

        • Maybe the tranny thing is fake. At this point who knows what is true. Odds of SSRIs are high.

    • All I can tell you is I saw three suicides in the Fire/EMS business. Two were under-22s who recently started on SSRIs. Third was a train (don’t recommend) and have no idea what the deal was. Just a PITA scraping up the pieces.

      • I figured that had to be the issue since it was the grandparents raising him

        Of course discussing and fixing broken families isn’t good politics and would reduce government power which is anathema to the political class.

    • Medical privacy went out the window with the jab mandates, so we should be seeing medication info on the shooter any day now. /s

  24. I forget who made the observation that the two erstwhile superpowers [then the GAE and the USSR] were always in a state of retrograde, such that the U.S. was slowly creeping back towards authoritarianism while the USSR inched away from dictatorship towards more ‘freedom.’ Kipling seems to have had it wrong, as indeed the twain will eventually meet in a soft-core Leviathan state where you will own nothing and be happy of it. Or, at least you will be told you are happy. After all, retrograde motion is illusory.
    As the scales drop from our eyes, the last thing we see is the mouth of the beast closing on us.

  25. The latest issue of Chronicles had a good article on mental illness and homeless crime. It out from behind the paywall right now on their website.

    The question it leaves unanswered is, even if we were able to bring back some sort of asylum system for these people, who on earth would we get to work there? This is work most people wouldn’t want to do at any pay.

    • Who would be diagnosed as mentally ill in this day and age?

      Every mental illness is a cause to attack society via normalization of dysfunction.

    • The real question is where would we get the money to operate such a system? The old system closed before costs started ballooning out of control for institutions. The army of lawyers and progressives will be constantly monitoring these asylums looking for lawsuits.

      You would think the utter failure of closing the asylums would have given the progressives some pause. All these people just ended up in prisons and jails or became homeless ruining everyone’s quality of life, including the loonies. A few that can handle it live on handouts like food-stamps, subsidized housing and disability and maybe supplemented by a part time job. But I’m guessing these people were unlikely to have been in the institutions in the old days anyway.

      As for staffing, I don’t think that would be a problem. We have an army of social workers and other people who would be more than happy to work in these places.

      • Numerous cities have been building free housing for the homeless, which at initial construction is nicer than a lot of their housing stock for the city’s working class. No doubt it is ruined within days of the occupants taking possession. Construction costs are astronomical, and in a situation like this no doubt get padded even more.

        • No doubt. The sums of money blown on “homelessness” is staggering, especially given that it accomplishes nothing. LA blew like 10s of billions of dollars!! It appears to be mostly a scam anyway, where the bureaucrats (the above mentioned social workers et al) just treat it like a personal bank account.

        • Cogent words. The core problem is not room and board: a normal person could survive in a tent in many climates and remain healthy, not to say with all the comforts of our accustomed lifestyle. No matter the accommodation, it presupposes a person have a certain minimum of competence with the choices and activities of daily living. Alas, a large fraction, perhaps the majority, of our homeless population lacks even that. Even if provided with free food and housing these people will screw it up somehow. Damage or destroy the facilities. Or not even stay in them. No, these people require custodial care, which is expensive.

          • Excellent points Ben. They are screw-ups who will screw up anything you give them. Most are either severely mentally ill or hopelessly addicted to drugs/alcohol or both. Despite all of the bitching, most like being on the streets. The problem with these people is not money. If you gave them enough to rent an apartment, they would blow it on drugs and other stupid stuff.

            There are, though, a whole other class of homeless who are typically referred to as “near homeless” These are people with genuine money problems. They have no permanent address. They sleep in a car or flopping with friends/family on a sofa here and there. Unfortunately, the number of these people is probably going to explode in the next couple of years.

        • Homelessness is not an economic issue for most of those homeless. It is a mental health issue, complicated/exasperated by drug addiction. Nothing more.

          You don’t need to build them housing, you need to lock them up in an environment where they can be controlled. This was the case until the 70’s when psychoactive pharmaceuticals became the rage and touted as the answer to mental asylums. Of course, politicians loved this new, progressive solution as mental institutions were costly. And here we are.

          Prisons and court systems and law enforcement are also costly, so we are scaling back on those. Seems we are living in a giant social experiment these days, and you thought the “Truman Show” was just a Jim Carry movie.

        • In California we house the homeless give them beer and weed and ask little for them to program other than “don’t use hard drugs or commit felonies” only like 3% of people entering the program comply/

          Homeless people want to be live that way.

    • Dealing with the clinically insane is simply an awful problem. Letting them run loose, as is obvious at this point in time, makes having a peaceful orderly society impossible. However, to answer your question, the type of people who are willing to work in asylums are either the criminally negligent or the sociopathically abusive. The whole reason we shut asylums down in the first place was because the insane interred there were subject to abusive experimental treatments, rape and/or negligence. Part of me thinks the most merciful thing would be to euthanize the untreatable to spare them from predation, and part of me finds that a repulsive surrender that normalizes evil. The point is, the world is such an imperfect place that there simply is not a good solution.

      • euthanize them en masse. no one will miss them. they aren’t human any longer.

      • “The whole reason we shut asylums down in the first place was because the insane interred there were subject to abusive experimental treatments,…”

        This is only partially correct. Bad treatment was “a” reason, but the confluence of psychotropic drugs, budget considerations, “new age” thinking, and the like proved irresistible.

        We are no better now than when asylums and commitment were the norm. We have allowed the problem to take care of itself on the street, similarly “out of view”. However, interview any emergency room worker in a large city—especially the inner city—and they’ll tell you horror stories of the degradation these street people undergo before they die miserably and often alone.

        I have seen photo’s of “bums” having their shoes cut off in the ER, only to reveal a skeletonize foot. You want to argue about cruel mental institutions?

      • Nonsense. Capital punishment is a perfectly moral solution to criminal deterrence that is unamenable to other interventions. There is no moral or Constitutional bar to applying it to crimes other than special-circumstance murder. It was regularly applied to over 100 felony crimes, including aggravated theft, under the common law of England. It is only the squeamish sensibilities of Leftist do-gooders since the mid-20th century that has restricted its application to practically a miniscule fraction of offenders. Intractable mental illness that destroys the common good of society is no defense to the necessary medicine of judicial execution.

        • I always found the refusal to execute violent murderers and rapists on the grounds of mental incapacity completely baffling. Shouldnt it be the opposite? If they are too insane to understand killing and raping are wrong, and demonstrate that they are capable and will commit those crimes, isnt the only reasonable, rational solution to execute them to protect society?

  26. Caught Biden’s “statement”. It was exactly the stumbling, mumbling mess I’d expect from an Alzheimers patient just off being transported through a dozen time zones. Still not sure what he said.

    • The question I have is – why give ammo to the other side? He could have said something like:

      “My hope is that one day in the not so distant future – we won’t have as many senseless tragedies like this. However we get there, this is something we all can agree on. What happened today is not about a political party or an ideology but about 18 people. Let’s not make this about anything but them.”

      • Because the left wing would go berserk. At this point he’s declared PTA moms as terrorists—not figuratively, literally.

        • Because the “Left” has no soul, or compassion, nor those virtues we cherish. Power and ideology is everything, people nothing. To give those morning even a slight respite from politics is to perhaps cede just a bit of momentum in the “cause”. These people are sociopaths. Listen and learn, they are setting the “rules of engagement” in this struggle.

          Don’t let your virtues be used against you. Leave them at the door, pick them up on your way out for use with your people.

  27. Obama still is lying about Trayvon, saying three months ago his death, “was the start of America looking inward and in fits and starts coming to terms with what has always been our original sin.”
    Of course, Trayvon was trying to murder Zimmerman, who defended himself, as clearly came out in the trial that acquitted him.
    Obama’s video was put up by the Toilet Paper of Record, the NYT:

    • In 30 or 40 more years, Saint Trayvon’s name will be said with the same reverence Emit Till’s is spoken with today backed by the same lies. I think that is the point with the blatant lies told in the media. It is to create a record that people in the future will have access to and little other sources to conflict the narrative.

      This is why I do not believe a single word about the so-called “civil rights era.” It’s the same thing only we’re those future people. All of the people who could correct the record of what happened are dead or are extremely old. So the only real accessible record we have is what was printed in newspapers and transferred to microfilm and sent out to the nation’s libraries and schools and then into electronic archives. Nobody is going to go through the personal diaries of the actors (if they even exist and were donated as a record) old court transcripts and police reports and other official documentation sitting in some dusty warehouse, if it exists at all.

      • On YouTube a few years ago I saw a contemporary (with the events) news documentary about the Emmett Till court case.

        The great hurdle to a successful prosecution was that the jury pool disbelieved it was Till’s body that was found. His mother had famously let it be displayed for the press to photograph, and Southerners didn’t think any mother would so grotesquely defile her son’s memory.

        To locals the case *was* about Southern attitudes: the rightness of women (offended shopkeeper, Till’s mother) vs. the wrongness of men (Till himself, vigilantes), country vs. city. They didn’t provide reporters with any racial material, aside from looking stereotypically poor and white—so the documentary narration used them as *scenery*, ugly apparitions in the racist miasma of the South.

        It was a lot like films about JFK, where the ominous threat before his assassination is right-wing “Dallas,” not the communist politician-shooter who lives there (or whoever).

      • My dad (a son of the Deep South) got involved in the “movement” in the early sixties for idealistic reasons (he’d gone to Yale after serving as a medic in Italy during WW2)! He used to tell me that by 1968 is was all a huge scam and he never spoke or it without disdain.

    • Jack Boniface: Among the many abominations and perversions of our language, turning nogger slavery into White America’s “original sin” is one that sets my teeth on edge. I’m not sure who started it – I know it was featured by Condoleeza Rice, queen among neocons.

      • Yeah, and subsequently trumpeted by every GOPer – primarily because they can claim that the Republican Party under the leadership of the prophet Lincoln, “redeemed” the nation from from its sin of “democratic plantations.” If there is an “original sin,” it’s stupidity of Duhmericans regarding the War of Northern Conquest. There is no “moving forward” unless and until there is a “truth and reconciliation” commission on the causes and consequences of the conflict. Sometimes I can’t but think that the viciousness with which the Uniparty attacks Confederate memorials and memory is derived from a guilty conscience, and a tacit admission that the South was completely in the right. One can argue about the morality of slavery until one’s blue in the face, but “freedom” did not improve the lot of the blacks; it merely lowered the Southern whites to the same level of bare subsistance. And compared to the life of a Northern factory worker, “enslavement” on an antebellum plantation was the Garden of Eden.

      • Slavery wasn’t the original sin but it doomed us none the less. Cheap labor and diversity rolled into one.

        That combo is an endgame

  28. Every Western nation has moved down the scale of honesty toward the North Korean pole over the last three decades.

    Coincidentally concurrent with the rise of the internet and alternative news sources. TBH, I don’t think they lied less, I think they’re just got caught less.

    • “I don’t think they lied less, I think they’re just got caught less.”

      I disagree, i think they’ve been caught more…… and nothing happens.

      • Yes, I fucked up that last clause: they got away with more lies back before the internet.

        One example from Denmark is called The Discordant Melody by policy wonks: our official policy on nuclear weapon, from somewhere in the late fifties up to the eighties, was that Denmark would not accept nuclear weapons on Danish territory. This was pertinent to Greenland where the US has a base – Thule Airbase – and to when US warships passed through Danish waters going to the Baltic.

        Every government knew there were nuclear weapons on Thule Airbase, but in public they vehemently denied any such suggestion. Tens of thousands of public servants, diplomats, military personnel and journalists knew what was going on but the larger public was successfully kept in the dark, even after a B-52 accidentally dropped a thermonuclear bomb off the coast of Greenland.

        • Felix: My late father-in-law passed through Thule back in 1957 with the 82nd airborne, as part of the first US army parachute exercise in the Arctic Circle. From photos and videos, weather looked rather brisk.

          • I figure they didn’t locate the base in Thule for the climate, but in my experience the weather in the Arctic isn’t too bad, just cold. I’ve never been to Greenland but I spent almost a year on a salmon boat north of the polar circle. Maybe I was just lucky but I never saw such beautiful sailing weather – much nicer than further south in the Atlantic. Though somewhat dark in the winter, of course.

    • I think they lied less. The end of the Cold War was an inflection point in America. The Clintons blew into town and political discourse collapsed soon after. Watch a public affairs show from 1985 and then the same show from 1995 and it is two different universes.

      All governments lie and every society has pretty lies. This greases the wheels of society. The lying has a purpose beyond the interests of the person telling the lie. When you tell the wife she looks like she did when you met her, you are not doing that for selfish reasons. It is part of making the marriage work. The same holds in human society.

      Much of the lying today is purely driven by self-interest, but much of it also just for sport. I have joked that Hillary Clinton is the sort of person who orders a turkey club for lunch and when the waiter brings the sandwich, she swears she ordered tuna. The reason is she just likes lying.

      • I’d agree that the Clintons were the pivot point. They were pure, unadulterated schemers – and everyone knew it. Their inner circle was the same way. Carville, Begala, Dick Morris, etc., they were all open about their motives.

        Clinton brought in the idea of the continuous campaign and saying whatever was required to stay popular. He was a liar and everyone knew it. It was a game with him. He was also pretty open about wanting to profit off of being president.

        You could argue that Johnson had the same vibe, but the Clintons changed the presidency and the whole culture of Washington.

      • I think they lied less.

        The thing is, we’ll never know because back in the Paper Age, memoryholed stories stayed memoryholed.

        • That is why I think they lied less. It was so much more difficult to lie effectively. For starters, the lie needed much more time to gain circulation. Then there was the threat of nuclear annihilation. Social trust was vitally important to the project of avoiding extinction. The need for America to be strong both culturally and economically was a front brain concern for the ruling class.

          The end of the Cold War unleashed forces society was no longer built to counter. American society and the ruling class had become dependent upon the restraining force of the Cold War. When that was removed, we were easy prey to the sociopathic elements. People forget just how repulsed old Washington was by the new politics of the Clintons, but they had no way to deal with these new vulgarians who could not be shamed.

          • That is why I think they lied less. It was so much more difficult to lie effectively. For starters, the lie needed much more time to gain circulation.

            Good point. Now they can lie thirty times an hour.

          • I always think of Tet as the inflection point. When Cronkite declared the Vietnam War unwinnable and people went along with it, The Media decided that they weren’t just going to “help” the news, they were going to BE the news. And then they “got” Nixon (that’s how they saw it) by doing something flagrantly illegal, and that’s all she wrote.

            There were still some of the old guard left, however — guys who were politically liberal personally but still had professional integrity. You could see the changing of the guard with the Elian Gonzalez thing — the old guard certainly tried to help their boy Bill by obfuscating and downplaying, but a very obvious black eye for the Clintons was still front page news. On the other hand, the new guard saw this as a perfect chance to suck up to the Regime — the Elian Gonzales “story” was an audition. Hence the weird, schizo coverage.

      • do you think mass immigration contributed to the “need” to lie, politically?

      • If you couldn’t understand that trickle down economics wasn’t a bunch of BS then i don’t know what to think. Regan wasn’t the saint the media paints him to be, ramping up debt and so forth and letting wall street loose. I point the fall beginning with him, even before the Clintons. The Clintons just didn’t have any shame is all.

        The best way to “redistribute wealth” is to foster small business, it gives people skin in the game and teaches responsibility. Just my opinion.

        “If you feed the horse enough oats, some will pass through to the road for the sparrows.” That was famous in the 1890’s and we know who great things were for the common man back then. Its essentially the same as trickle down, just a bit more honest. 😉

        • Depends what you mean by “trickle down”. If primarily the tax cuts of the Reagan era, then he was right on. The government revenue grew extensively, but so did the spending by Congress. In the end, we were no better than before, but the economy was jump started and the Clinton era had surpluses—which again were spent by Congress. But I agree, the stage was set for oligarch creation from the high tech boom. We’ve not gotten out of that situation yet. That last glimmer of hope under Trump for the working class has been destroyed under the Biden “prosperity”.

      • The weird thing is that the Clintons were supposed to help political discourse. Being a straight white male from Arkansas who supported the death penalty and would throw a bone to the right (welfare reform and doma) was supposed to bridge the political to divide.

        I kind of of feel the 13 or 14 year period between the 94 elections and the rise of Obama was kind of an interregnum between the old postwar era of politics and the current hyperpolarized and hyperpoliticized world

      • Quantitatively, yes. Qualitatively probably not. They just saved the lying for really big things, like Mustache Man and the glories of communism.

    • Agreed. Back in the day, unless you were local, how would you know if you were being lied to? Now we know about some of the lies, and they were all about certain Crime Families sending our kids to die in foreign entanglements that the founders explicitly warned against.

  29. Once you get to a certain state, the lies aren’t created to convince, but to muddy the waters so much a counter-narrative is impossible to form. The media saturation can only focus on one or two shiny objects at a time, it makes it impossible to discuss long-term and more pertinent topics that could upset the managerial class.

    Try getting a discussion of immigration in the two years of the Covid circus, or federal corruption when everyone is wearing a Ukraine pin. It’s a real-time drama with a bunch of lousy actors reciting a stupid script, and both of the two channels you are allowed to watch just have a different flavor.

    • This is the real power of modern media. It is not their ability to convince people of nonsense. It is their ability to keep people from focusing on the truth. It is the power to ignore.

      • Yep. They set the agenda of public attention.

        If no one talks about an issue, it doesn’t exist.

        • You mean like the US occupying part of Syria?

          Or NATO member Turkey starting an invasion in the next couple of weeks of the same country?

          Not seen many Syrian flags in my part of the world, or supermarket collections for the poor bastards.

          100% of people I mentioned it to have no clue, shrug their shoulders then start on about Ukraine again.

          If its not been placed into them by the media, then I agree it literally does not exist and for them can’t possibly be a thing.

      • “It is the power to ignore.” It is also the power to mock and ridicule. The government comedians have always been able to make normal opinions look uncool, even with the lamest of jokes. And the effectiveness of yelling racism never seems to die. They have been playing this tired game for decades, but most normies and civnats will crawl across broken glass to prove they aren’t racist.

  30. Speaking of North Korea, I see no evidence that Dear Leader and the rest of the ruling class hate the population they rule as do the leaders in the White West. That doesn’t mean that they are obsessed with the general welfare but they also don’t seem to want to replace their populace with a lower IQ and more violent one either.

    Granted North Korea is no paradise but most of what is written about it is lies just like everything that is written about american by the propaganda arm of the American Empire.

    Felix Abt has written two books about his long-term experience as a capitalist in North Korea that I recommend. He found the place is dramatically different than how portrayed in the Western press

  31. Social media also allows lies to quickly fool good people, last night on Gab and other social media phony pictures of a transvestite were passed as authentic pictures of the shooter mixed in with actual real pictures of the shooter.
    And it only takes a minute for those false pictures to go worldwide.
    I don’t like transvestites and I am sure many here share that feeling so it’s natural for us on this side of the great divide to fall for the bait.
    It’s a chaotic mess anywhere we look for accurate information and it makes me want to just move to the mountains somewhere and shut everyone and everything out.

    • I just assumed those pics were real. In clown world, crossdressing Mexican mass murder seems like the logical next step.

    • In the movie We Need To Talk About Kevin, (spoiler alert) the psycho teen who slaughters his classmates with bow and arrows is played by a nonbinary actor.

  32. I think you’re giving the Europeans a little too much credit regarding where to place them on the polarities. Especially the Deutschbags. In Austria right now there’s a kid looking at five years for making pro-white rap songs, in one of which (“Dear Donald”) he accuses Trump of abandoning his base and closes with the line, “I used to laugh at David Duke.” It’s clever and caustic, but that the rulers are so quick to overreact means we’re probably closer to outright confrontation between the ruled and rulers than we think, unless they go full North Korea on the populous, which they might. I could see them freeing the Jan 6 Gentiles into a field and firing mortars at them “until not even a hair remains,” as Dear Leader once requested of traitors. Pelosi could watch it remotely and down pints of rum raisin while watching those badwhites dematerialize. Every media story that omits Biden soiling himself and stumbling over his words is basically a “Ten Hole in Ones for Dear Leader” moment. Alas, I think this ends in even more tears than the Fall of Hungary or the Soviet Union. Those rulers were, as you mentioned, just exhausted liars. Our liars believe not just their own lies, but grow more zealous and energized the more they’re exposed and challenged. Sure, they lose quickly in a standup fight (assuming they don’t just flee the country), but they may have already done enough damage to result in things like mass hunger and complete infrastructure collapse once the effects of their Faucian Bargain catch up with the cause. “Conspiracy theorists” claim the monkey pox outbreak looks a hell of a lot like a simulation that cretininous plutocrat Bill Gates ran last year. Eventually something is going to escape one of Nuland’s “research labs” to thin the herd of Kissinger’s “useless eaters.” They have the moral-religious justification to kill us all, already worked out, i.e. unless humanity’s carbon footprint is reduced, the Anthropocene epoch will lead to the total destruction of the Earth. Jim Kunstler says he’s making friends with the Amish in his neck of the woods in Upstate, New York. Not a bad idea…

    • ” Every media story that omits Biden soiling himself and stumbling over his words is basically a “Ten Hole in Ones for Dear Leader” moment.”

      That’s a brilliant line. But/for the expanse of land and people, the United States government tomorrow probably would elect to do as you wrote, kill its people en masse. It really cannot do so, at least yet, so the lies have to accelerate for power to be maintained. It is a fool’s errand to speculate as to how this ends, but the Empire of Lies is increasingly isolated and exposed. I’ve come to the conclusion it could be toppled rather quickly but people do not have an appetite to do so, at least yet, and probably never will go to that extreme. The unraveling likely will continue until there is a de facto dissolution, to hazard a guess, but again that’s a fools’ errand.

      This goes to the point Z made: no one really is tuned into what Biden or other federal figureheads say at this point, and the lies are just assumed to the extent anyone bothers to pay attention. This is not a country that should be flirting with war because, frankly, no one supports it very much, if they bother to care at all.

  33. Switzerland is my favorite country. Oh, what a curse that I wasn’t born Swiss!

    • There’s a great line, “God made Switzerland to show that a republic could work. He made America to warn everyone else.”

      If you have to make policy, asking “does this make us more like the Swiss government?” Is a good question.

        • Exactly. Like most things, it only works with a homogeneous population. This made me recall a discussion I had with my late father. He was an inner-city school teacher who ran the district’s testing program for advanced/remedial placement of students. I asked him how we could make schooling more effective for inner-city kids. He was liberal but honest, so he replied, “First start with smarter students.”

          • Excellent observation of you late father.

            Here’s a great reference: “Bad Students, Not Bad Schools”, Robert Weissberg.

            You can find copies of this in PDF on the web, or order from Amazon. Excellent book. Lengthy and absolutely ref’d like a Dissertation.

            There is much discussion of past and current government programs attempting to bring subpar students (aka minorities) up to national norms and the failure thereof. Also, there is some well deserved acknowledgement of the teacher’s difficult/impossible role in educating what is in essence the uneducable.

            A long read, but a great reference when you bump into these bleeding hearts that give you the old line of more money, better schools, or better teachers will close “the gap”. It won’t and there is nothing new to be tried—except perhaps what I persistently now see—which is to lower the standards in coursework.

        • Funny thing is the Swiss are not homogenous. At least relative to other European countries. The stinky rude French inhabit the western bit, the punctilious Germans inhabit the north, the quarrelsome Italians inhabit the south, and there’s some weird people called the Romansch who inhabit the east. And of course you’ve got Albanians sprinkled about.

          The country is a nationalist’s dream, a libertarian’s dream, and a diversity fanatic’s dream all at once!

          • Switzerland has worked because it has stayed out of wars, stayed neutral, therefore not destroyed its capital and has been rich. People always get along when they are doing well economically.

            Unfortunately, it has recently renounced both its financial neutrality ( FATCA ) and it’s political neutrality, now picking sides against Russia, so it appears the wonderfully stable and prosperous Switzerland is now doomed to decline.

    • Solzhenitsyn once said Switzerland is the freest country. However, despite all their referenda, they still are being overrun.

  34. “A regime built on lies always ends in collapse.”

    The chubby kid who makes 10 holes in one at golf is smiling at you.

  35. Did the managerial class in the USSR love the lies and were they proud to believe them? My guess is no but I don’t know.

    Most of the West’s feminized managerial class loves the lies and is eager to embrace them. That seems like it will help the system stumble along for a greater time than if the managerial class was more resistant to living in a country based on lies.

    Another thing that will help the ruling carry on no matter how much they lie is a sizable percentage of the country is now from countries where people just expect their leaders to lie. Given life is better still in the US than in their home countries, the lying doesn’t bother them as much as it does traditional white Americans. In fact the lying plays to their advantage because they have cultures that view gaming the system as a good move of it helps their families.

    These changes bring a new set of problems though to the system that can undermine it in other ways

    • > Most of the West’s feminized managerial class loves the lies and is eager to embrace them. That seems like it will help the system stumble along for a greater time than if the managerial class was more resistant to living in a country based on lies.

      Some of the elites in the U.S., specifically people like Musk, Thiel, and even Bezos, are testing the waters in creating a counter-elite, I think mostly because they either have grandiose plans for humanity that incompetence has stymied, or they’re just sick of dealing with their crap.

      The burgeoning counter elite still will not have us in their best interests, but it’s better than the open contempt we get now

    • Bingo!

      The big difference between the current West and the old East is that the managerial class – and a decent percentage of whites – believe the lies. Indeed, the lies are their identity.

      I highly doubt much of the ruling class in the old East believed their lies. They just said them out of habit and to stay in power. They were likely much more realistic their our ruling class.

      In the US, you have three general groups.

      1. Non-whites who don’t believe the lies but play along because it’s good for them and they can stick to whitey.

      2. Bad whites who don’t believe the lies but have no power to fight back

      3. Good whites who believe the lies

      Non-whites and Good whites are teaming up against Bad whites because it works for both, but it’s an unstable alliance.

      • Agree with your points but I would add a 4th category of blacks. Hispanic males are not as enamored of violent blacks as are many White women. That is causing a split between the Good Whites/tribe and Hispanics.

        Asians, especially Chinese, view blacks as inferior and don’t like being physically abused by them or having their kids being at a disadvantage in getting into the right universities because everything is being dumbed down for blacks. So it will be interesting to see if this eventually causes a split between the Good Whites/tribe and the Asians

        • Agree that lumping non-whites together is a bit messy. That said, they do all vote the same way, generally, so they act as a group politically, but, yes, they are very different socially.

          Hispanics seem the most apathetic about the whole hate whitey propaganda. They’re generally just big government people, so if the govt throws in some hate whitey stuff, they just go along, but without much enthusiasm.

          To my surprise, Asians and South Asians have jumped right into the hate whitey agenda, at least as the elite level. Naturally, they’re not on board when the equality thing hurts their group, but they seem just fine sticking to whites.

          The issues that you bring up will stay beneath the surface so long as there’s still meat on the bone of Bad whites to share. Once that’s gone, those other groups will turn on each other.

          And the first group that they’ll jettison is blacks.

          • Not too surprising about Asians because they know Whitey is their closest rival, and (((whitey))) is still a bit off-limits for now. Asians probably figure they can take care of the rest once Whitey is subdued.

        • My Comment: There will be a split among Orientals themselves. There’s a significant subgroup of Asians who have joined the managerial elite – married its (((fellows))), trashed the heartland plebes, etc. Generally the Wendy Deng dragon lady type (carefully hidden in the demure Asian woman fiction so beloved of certain White men). Or the twinkies who marry heritage Americans and claim to be super patriots.

          Then there are the strivers who haven’t yet made it, the tiger mothers determined to get number one son through Yale. They’re the ones bringing law suits against preferential treatment for blacks and suffering black crime.

          Frankly, none of them are my people or my problem, and I don’t consider any of them White allies

  36. “A regime built on lies always ends in collapse.”

    Is there a way to help move this process along? I’m getting too old and too impatient.

  37. collapse followed by disassociation. i think the collapse of the CCCP (and its satellite states) is instructive in that it didn’t result in a dystopian Mad Max style after. things were definitely grim over there, for a few years, but not a mass die off. and for the most part the resulting systems of governance were better than what came before. when AINO collapses in the next couple of years, I look forward to participating in a golden era of personal liberty.

    • I’m not sure I’d be that optimistic. Even if DC fell tomorrow, the left still enjoy the support of most major cities, a number of key states, woke capital, the academy, the military and even the major churches.

      Unfortunately, this puts them in an excellent position to decide what comes next after the current government collapses. Likely they’d have a new government formed while the right was still busy infighting, one even less friendly to our interests than the current one.

      There are factions from all over the political spectrum that seem to be convinced if Washington falls, power will drop into their hands like an overripe fruit. That will make for interesting times when it finally happens. Bad as it is, it’s not clear to me that the collapse of the current government would be to our advantage, at least currently. We aren’t the only ones waiting for an opportunity, nor are we the best positioned to take advantage of it when it happens.

      • This exactly. I always say this to other like minded people. The left has already won. They control all institutions and all of the cities.

        I fear a hot conflict on the horizon, but how that would play out is difficult to figure out. There are no clearly defined geographical boundaries between the woke and non. How will anyone know who is who?

        I think it really has to come down to some sort of Balkanization. The hardship that will cause will be lengthy and very arduous. None of us will live to see it if it ever happens. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Right up until normie can’t feed his family and watch Disney+ nothing will change.


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