Ideological Capture

Image that you are a management type and you get hired into the third tier of management at a good sized firm. The top tier is the executive staff like the CFO and CEO who control the overall direction of the firm. The second tier is the policy making tier, like vice presidents and regional directors. They take the vision of the top tier and turn into company policy. The tier into which you have been hired is tasked with implementing and enforcing these company policies.

Further, let us assume you are an enthusiastic follower of a management style that is called “management by committee.” You think the best way to run any organization is through committees that debate amongst themselves and then create reports that some other committee turns into directives. Your new job is in a company that is still in growth mode, so they are not burdened with management philosophy. The third tier is just supposed to get the job done.

Soon into your new job you find other fans of the MBC school and you form a clique within the company. None of your bosses are MBC types, but they are not hostile to your ideas, just as long as the job gets done. One of the ideas you talk them into is having managers in the third tier incorporated into the hiring process. Candidates for management jobs will sit before a committee of middle managers who will then pass on their assessment to the people making the hire.

You are a committee guy so you make sure to be on this committee and you get your buddies in the committee subculture on the committee as well. This is exactly the sort of innovation you have been seeking. The “promise” of this new step is that people hired in will fit the general culture. As a practical matter, it means the committee will select for people who like committees. It does not take long before adherence to the management by committee philosophy is a selection criterion.

Since there is a decent amount of turnover in the middle and lower management ranks, it does not take too long before most managers are committee men. This new selection process, controlled by committee men, selects for committee men or the type who could be groomed into committee men. A big part of the management by committee philosophy is grooming normal people into the committee lifestyle. Being a committee man is a de facto requirement for employment.

The second tier of management has far less turnover than the third and fourth tier, as these are important posts that pay exceptionally well. By their very nature there are few of these jobs in any company, so there is not a lot of circulation, but from time to time a spot does open in this layer. Ideally, the executive layer selects from the third tier of managers to fill these roles. Presumably, these are people who know company culture and have been vetted through trial and error.

Because you and your fellow committee men have been selecting for committee men in the ranks of management, the options for the executive staff when it comes time to fill a vice president slot is all committee men. The management by walking around guy who ran the West Coast division retires and there is no one like him to bump up into his position, because that type does not exist on the bench. That means hiring from outside or elevating a committee man into the second tier.

The executive staff of the company is now faced with a crisis. While they were busy with setting the general direction of the company, they have been infested with a new management style that now limits their range of motion. If they want to change the company culture, say reduce the number of meetings and standing committees, it means making wholesale changes in the ranks. Alternatively, it means finding a way to make this new management paradigm work.

Now, if instead of starting point being a middle manager from a management cult it is a homosexual priest, a climate change crank or a neoconservative. The homosexual priest gets into the ranks and starts to agitate for his people and before long you have a lot of homosexual priests. This is how climate change cranks have infested the ranks of energy and environment to the point where they control these areas in the managerial class, publicly and privately.

The neocons are front and center at the moment and they are the most obvious example of this process. Over time they have infiltrated every nook and cranny of the foreign policy establishment. When the Democrat president takes over for a Republican, the neocons who infest Republican ranks move out to think tanks, while the neocons who infest Democratic ranks take their positions in government. When the parties swap again, the neocons swap again.

If like the executive management of the hypothetical company, you are the new president with a rational vision for foreign policy, you will be faced with the problem of finding anyone who is not neocons. Everyone with any experience in the State Department, foreign service or national security is going to be a member of the bizarre cult that has taken over these fields. Before you could do anything, it means a revolution within these areas of government.

Something similar is happening with energy. Putting together a rational energy policy is impossible because everyone in that sector is now committed to the “green agenda” which embraces irrational energy policies. Notice that the response to the war in Ukraine is a series of policies that harm normal people in the West by furthering the agenda of the environmental movement. The war in Ukraine has given license to the people making war on climate change.

This is why elections are now meaningless. So meaningless, in fact, that they will slowly go away entirely. The ruler of Italy, for example, was not elected. He was installed by Brussels, which is not elected either. The response to Russia is being crafted in Brussels, not the capitals of Europe. Closer to home, elections are now just an orgy of absurd corruption like ballot harvesting, mail in voting and so on. Why try to convince people when you can just make up the results?

The collapse of elections is just a reflection of reality. You can vote yourself bloody, but the people holding office are faced with the same dilemma as the executive managers in the above example. They must fill their staff from the pool of true believers that exist in the Washington policy establishment. They are set upon by true believers from think tanks and lobbying firms, who actually write the legislation. They are swimmers trying to change the direction of the ocean.

What we are witnessing is ideological capture. This is where a small, but committed group can wield majority power, as long as the majority is divided into smaller groups or not bound by an alternative ideology. The homosexuals could infiltrate the priesthood because the Church was not explicitly anti-homosexual. The normal priest worried about the issue would be outnumbered by the pink mafia and have no internal structure on which to rely for support in the fight.

The priest problem is good example of how you cannot solve the problem of ideological capture with rules or systems. The Church had rules against raping altar boys and fornication, but that did not deter the homosexual priests. Instead, they organized to take over the system in order to get around these prohibitions. It turns out that rules and principles are no match for a dedicated minority that has no respect for the spirit behind those rules and principles.

This is the problem faced all over the managerial class. Any reform attempt must start with the removal of the infestation. In the case of foreign policy, it means a decapitation of the neocon establishment, both in government and outside government. You would have to fire everyone, remove their security clearances and maybe put a few in jail to publicly discredit the cult. Given the scale involved, that may not be possible, even if a president was committed to it.

The same process would have to happen with the climate cranks who have infested energy and environment. The regulatory state is now stocked with people who think their lawnmower is out to get them. The same holds for the Department of Justice and the FBI, as we saw in the Trump years. The managerial class has been captured by what should be described as a cult. Across the system, members of this bizarre new religion now wield power and control policy.

This is the truth of ideological capture. Once the infection sets in, the rules are slowly turned to the favor of the ideologues. Therefore, any effort to use the rules to disinfect the system ends up profiting the ideologues. The people vote for George Bush and they get Lyndon Johnson. They vote for Barak Obama and they get a different version of Lyndon Johnson. They vote for Trump and they get Nixon. The outputs no longer reflect inputs, because the rules no longer matter.

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161 thoughts on “Ideological Capture

  1. I am loathe to bring this up, but Ted Beale has been making the same point about SJW infiltration of our institutions for quite a while, and Ann Barnhardt has been doing the same regarding the homosexual takeover of the Roman Catholic Church. I am glad that Our Esteemed Host and Dear Leader Mr. Z posted an essay on this topic to give it wider dissemination. Both Mr. Beale and Miss Barnhardt have their own ideological blinders (Mr. Beale with his constant anti-“Boomer” agitation and Miss Barnhardt her strict adherence to the “One True Church” agenda), but they both serve to make known the outlines of the problem. It has always been the case that a small but ideologically driven and militant minority can take over any institution it becomes a part of. The lesson to be learned is never, ever let one of them into your institution, although it is frequently difficult to weed them out because, like all ideologues, they mask their true intentions until they find an opportunity to assert control. It has been said truly that constant vigilance is the price to be paid for a free society and that is true in all things. Once laxity asserts itself, the rules of engagement proclaimed by, among others, Conquest and Hoffer will inevitably apply and any organization will become infested with its opponents to its ultimate demise.

    • “the rules of engagement”

      I’m familiar with the term, but is there a specific concept I should be aware of? Is there a book or article you can refer me to? Thanks.

  2. Another important factor chipping away at oil companies from the outside in are activist investment funds. It’s the organized version of the Activist Investors who gain one seat on the company’s board of directors and from that perch, begin the process of infiltration and agitation. Exxon is just one example of a big corporation who was targeted and ended up making considerable costly concessions playing the “climate worship” game. On a nationwide scale, it’s a huge burden of bullshit.

    • “a huge burden of bullshit”

      Great line. Applies to so much in one’s own life as well. Any burden is one thing. But when it’s all for naught…bullshit…what a waste.

      For instance, math, geometry, algebra. Schools pushed it hard. Certain parents pushed it extremely hard. Colleges required courses in the stuff. Basic math should be taught up to say, junior high. After that math should be optional. I wasn’t good at it. Was treated harshly because of it. Hatred of it turned to fear. Then to clinical horrific phobia. I finally got away from the dreaded maths when I dropped out of college. Indeed, what a “huge burden of bullshit.” Goodbye math you sadistic monster.

  3. It’s actually jewlogical capture, where truth is strictly verboten. Pretending to not see Evil will only expand and compound it.

    • How do you account for the whites who hate whites or the selfish or greedy whites who just want to succeed in whatever system they find themselves?

      • You don’t. The OP said we’re all like captured asteroids circling a black hole.

  4. Ford’s CEO is talking about cutting the advertising budget for EVs. He talks it up as a great thing because the new EVs supposedly “sell themselves,” but I can’t read it as anything other than a frank admission that he no longer sees the people buying cars as his customers. He thinks the enviro-wackos in government are his real customers, and thinks he’ll make money as long as he keeps them happy.

    • WRT EVs, I do in fact think the government is going to be a key buyer, especially with any EV trucks. I don’t think the typical contractor or guy who needs a truck will ever be satisfied with an electric truck, just not feasible presently, all the hype of the great torque notwithstanding. Most guys after a hard day of work don’t want to have to deal with plugging in a truck and may not even have a charger situation available if they live in an apartment. So that means always having to go out of your way to charge the thing. Contrast that with filling up with gas once a week which takes fifteen minutes and allows you stretch your legs and people watch. Far far better scenario.

      Yet municipal departments and water and power and so forth will love to set up an array of chargers on their property and have a guy go around plugging them all in as part of the routine daily maintenance program.

      Not that you were speaking to this issue in the way I have approached it, but I do see the government being a major customer. And that Ford and others will tailor their marketing and outreach to the government. Much as they tailor much of their outreach to car rental companies.

      What’s funny is that every single stupid thing the government comes up with in term of lightbulbs and green energy and LEEDS certification and solar and wheelchair ramps and one sign for all bathrooms, when they contract out for construction they have a checklist for all this crap so they become the primary customer for all of their own nonsense. We pay for it of course, but a new government building is their shining example of what they envision for the world, and these buildings are utterly ridiculous when you actually see all of their dreams in action. The juxtaposition of the dream on the one hand and in the abstract, and Laquisha interacting with the dream in the real world on the other is for me always a source of amusement. I just get a kick out of seeing utopian ideals meeting the reality of the human condition.

    • Have you seen the joke that is the F-150 Lightning?

      I’m ashamed I share an alma mater with the program lead, who they are pushing everywhere as some kind of STEM heroine.

  5. The West is doomed. At its core it’s simple.
    The men of Europe created societies where the average yeoman saw himself as sovereign and the rulers as tolerated/appointed/elected administrators tolerated to the degree to which they behave themselves. We live in countries heir to this view.
    The self selected barons of Davos see themselves as feudal Lords accountable to no-one.
    It is no accident that it is the White middle class targeted across all facets of society, they are the sole obstacles to the New Serfdom.

    • Democracy is ridiculous but equally ridiculous are the people who rise up in it to achieve political power. I mean they get there by bamboozling stupid people, meaning on a deep level their minds all have to think alike and are two sides of the same coin. Being led by people who have a deep grasp of the mental and emotional and psychological workings of average and stupid people, coupled with a personality type that enjoys exploiting them, is not a recipe for success, hence our current predicament and why so many people in the upper echelons think like common whores. In fact I’d say most women in politics are just that. They’re just selling themselves in one way or another. And then you get the men who gravitate to those types, and you soon have a very big mess on your hands.

  6. Operation: Decapitation has a path to success. Yesterday, Janet Yellen chose to claim she got inflation wrong (incompetence) rather than admit that the Treasury/Fed’s actions have maliciously caused the current inflationary spiral. The military was incompetent in Afghanistan, and their gaying-up the ranks is an obvious delusion that normal people understand to be willfully crazy. $5 gas, despite being deliberate, can also be cast as incompetent. The FBI “didn’t know” who Sussman worked for? Mueller spent $40M and never once figured out Clinton started the Russia hoax? (Both are lies, but:incompetence). Thousands dead on the southern border and your local community rapidly deteriorating from “diversity”? Malicious attacks easily cast as Incompetence. People only claim 2020’s election was legitimate out of a mix of desperate need for it to be so and ideological loyalty. Everyone knows it was a fraud.

    That’s how you start collecting heads and putting them on pikes. But you have to run on it, and you have to have people around you who are experts at sniffing out the rats.

    The advantage Desantis has is a loyal and committed group of staff in FL.

    Part of Operation:Decapitation is bring in a whole new culture to replace the one you just purged. Their job is to continue the purge down into the lower ranks. And that loyal group of missionaries sent to destroy the #resistance have to had those MFers in the Federal government with the power of 1,000 suns.


  7. Great thought-provoking column today, and great thought-provoking comments by Z’s esteemed readers. Thank you all!

  8. “The homosexuals could infiltrate the priesthood because the Church was not explicitly anti-homosexual.”

    Really? News to me, and I suspect a lot of other people.

    I guess you’re using Conquest’s Law (any organization not explicitly conservative will become Leftist) and reverse engineering the Church.

    As usual, the truth is more interesting. The Church was full of homosexuals because it was “explicitly anti-homosexual”. It’s called “hiding in plain sight.”

    The Church of say, the 1940s, in the movie Going My Way, was not “explicitly anti-homosexual” in the sense that they weren’t talking about such nasty things in public, but that was certainly the Official Line in the confessional etc. Yet no one sniggered about gay priests, you’d be thought a nutjob. No one questioned or told jokes about Fr. Flannery at Boys Town. In fact, Hollywood specialized in pro-Catholic films like those.
    What the homosexual cabal DID, however, was make sure the Church did not change ANY teaching on sexuality. And before folks start screaming about gay priests etc., I’m talking about the difference btw. say Presbyterians and the Church, as detailed in that immortal Monty Python clip.

    So it’s the homosexual mafia that keeps the Church in the Middle Ages.

    Recently, Steve Bannon was going to found a “gladiator school” (cue: “So, Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?”) to train Nick Fuentes style youth, with a bunch of “conservative” cardinals, but they baled on him when they found out he was also doing a documentary on the homosexual mafia at the Vatican.

    I discuss all this in my review of Frédéric Martel’s In the Closet of the Vatican: Power, Homosexuality, Hypocrisy :

    • Are you serious? This is the same church that was vehemently anti-usury, and, through the years, became the largest banker of the western world. If you need reference, Michael Hoffmans’ “Usury: The Sin That Was and Now is Not” is an excellent reference. And he is a Catholic.

  9. Cults can be dispossessed by using randomly selected general population members, and if unusual skill is needed then IQ tests can be used. Institutions that offer credentials signifying competence in specialist skills can be corrupted, but it’s a lot harder to slip past the “greater generalist”.

    The problem is, the governments do not represent the general population. In fact, they do not represent professional politicians who are reptilian psychopaths who don’t represent the population either. The deep state only cares about itself, and it is made this way because the capital cities do not reflect national demographics, beliefs, economics, etc. They are isolated. When average citizens or “greater generalists” cannot advance into the civil service, cults rule.

    The fall of monarchy, the rule of those born into power, and the rise of republics, the rule of those hungry for power, was a relatively minor change compared to our current 3 body problem, the Mexican standoff between citizens, politicians, and deep state employees. And it is a recent problem, dating to the mid 20th century subdivision and television revolution when normal people left the cities behind and the freaks who remained gradually took over.

    Politics only ever helps the freaks. Putting people against politicians degrades both of them, and the deep state comes out ahead every time. Civil service reform can only happen when the deep state is faced with a migration from the subdivisions back to the cities, and a restoration of a normal population hiring pool for government careers. Once you have normalcy, then you can experiment with meritocracy, but anyone who tries to do the latter first at this point is a grifter.

  10. An interesting development taking place is the first signs of division between the Cloud People and their POC subjects. Note that I’m not advocating for CivNat ideology just pointing out some observations.

    It started with the COVID-19 scam. The division started when the horrified Boomers and screeching soccer mom factions shut down the economy over the flu. Unsurprisingly, blacks, Indians, and Latinos didn’t care. They went along with the mandates but none of them stopped their regular activities. The vaccine passport failed in the US largely because of blacks and their extreme criminality. I remember the first day that NYC put in their vaccine passport, people at multiple restaurants got beaten up because blacks were just keeping it real.

    The mayor of Brampton, Ontario (80%+ Indian) said that city by-law would not be enforcing any of the city’s own Covid mandates! The large Indian networks provided an abundance of fake vaccine passports as well as 0 restrictions with the right connections.

    Next up is the Russia scam. Turns out that nobody outside of a small group of hysterical people, some with long standing grudges, cares about Ukraine’s borders or Russia’s war activities. Muslims are mostly in favour of Russia, and upset at the Western response to the Ukraine invasion vs. the Palestine invasion. Asian countries don’t care at all and are happily buying Russian oil at a discount.

    I suspect that the Green scam will be the next division, immigrants didn’t come to the West to eat crickets and heat their homes with unicorn farts.

    The fiercely ideological but incompetent leftist ruling class are alien to the coloured masses that they now rule over. They can whip their own White suckers into line but Africans just don’t care and never will. It seems that diversity will be a big problem for them as we enter hard times. Increasing numbers of people are completely tuning out everything that comes from upper management.

    • I don’t know if I agree. When I go out, I always see blacks wearing masks. They’re always the ones doing it.

      • The craziest part around here is that blacks did not start to wear masks until masking requirements were dropped. Typing that, it makes a certain sense.

      • i think black jab rates are relatively low. but yeah, i see nigs wearing masks here in FL.

      • Only ones I see wearing masks in SW Florida are snow turds from NY, NJ and OH. Blacks are statistically irrelevant.

    • Word is that Spain is doing a serious, federal-level crackdown on 2200, including the CEO, at a pharmaceutical company who all got forged jab credentials.

  11. Never underestimate the moral black hole that is the average human being. People who go to the Church uhh Chr-eye-sst on Sunday morning, love Nascar, see the place going full BLM and full Pride month…and still shuffle their fat a sses into the stadium to watch cars go around in circles. The human capacity for belonging…to anything…precludes the immediate walking out of jobs, churches, sports organizations, etc. It takes a lot of rot, and even then a lot of them just sit there like the brain dead, drooling, MAGA memes they are. These morally rotted out organizations exploit that…along with politicians who talk about “our democracy.”

  12. “Something similar is happening with energy. Putting together a rational energy policy is impossible because everyone in that sector is now committed to the “green agenda” which embraces irrational energy policies. Notice that the response to the war in Ukraine is a series of policies that harm normal people in the West by furthering the agenda of the environmental movement. The war in Ukraine has given license to the people making war on climate change.”

    There seems to be some light for the first time in my memory on this issue between the Clouds not involved in Green Grift and their handmaidens in the Managerial Elite. Even Green Grifters like Musk seem to have a problem with the abrupt shift away from actual energy (no doubt due to demand destruction contra to what people thought would happen).

    Even in a post-democratic autocracy such as ours, there are factions that matter more than others. I’ll go out on a limb and predict a reversion to normal fossil fuel usage sometime around August if that Musk faction grows louder.

    • Musk is a first class, top-shelf con-artist. It was never about the environment with him. It was about unlocking billions in subsidies and living a lifestyle at the pinnacle of affluence. He always knows the score. Teslas are more energy intensive than a jacked up diesel truck. Musk was using a suicide cult for affluence, but would be ruined if they actually commit suicide.

      • Yep. Musk and Co. realize the Green ambulants they produce with government money and peddle require even the upper middle class missionaries they target to have a $100k in discretionary spending freely available. Musk is not alone, and my money is on the Clouds pushing the Managerial Elite off the current path.

      • Musk holds a BS in Physics.

        He knows full well the claims around so-called green energy are bunk.

        • So do most of his customers, believe it or not. It’s not about actually doing anything for the environment, it’s about making the right noises, and being seen as you make them.

        • Try going to the physics dept in any University and ask the staff and students about global warming/green energy and replacing hydrocarbons.

          What would you wager the split would be for such people on the issues?

          • Oh, I’m sure things are much different now than the early 90s when Elon did his degree.

            I mean, you should see the crap they put in my alumni mags and emails these days.

      • Musk’s genius is for recognizing opportunities.
        Unlike the grifters he’s not responsible for the policies, he merely uses them.
        He does us all a favor because he exposes the idiocy of those policies,

    • A lot of the “green” energy companies are just subsidiaries of Big Oil. It’s a “heads we win, tails you lose” scam on the cognitively impaired. Apart from that, there’s no way they can meet their energy goals in the time-frame they’re proposing. The capacity in terms of building the infrastructure (including metals and rare earth minerals) wouldn’t exist even if they turned the planet into one giant strip mine, and that’s not very green.

    • “I’ll go out on a limb and predict a reversion to normal fossil fuel usage sometime around August if that Musk faction grows louder.”

      The energy crash will only continue until the plutocrats buy up the resources and facilities at fire-sale prices. This is a consolidation & financialization of the energy industry, not the end of energy.

      Except for deplorables, of course.

  13. They will always defend the status quo. There is no short term pain with the status quo and everyone in power is benefiting from the status quo and will not benefit and in fact will be harmed by changing the status quo. They will hang on as long as possible before rapidly changing when the status quo is no longer tenable.

    During the Carter administration, the U.S. Department of Education was created. Reagan promised to end this new monstrosity. Ending it would have caused pain and the people who supported the dept would be writing op-eds and appearing on the TV programs of the day blaming all of the failures of public education on the mean old republicans shutting down the department and the mid-terms are coming. With elections every 2 years, there’s always an election coming.

    Like all government programs, the costs are very diffuse and the benefits very concentrated. The beneficiaries fight like dogs to protect their grift while the opponents just can’t get as riled up about it as the beneficiaries can. The opponents are saying “we’ll lower your taxes 1/4 of 1%” and the beneficiaries are screaming “won’t you think of the children” and “our economy!”

    • The DOE was just another jobs program for loyal functionaries. It was only signed into law in ’79 and decades later has only precipitous educational decline to show for itself. But unlike the numerous Immigration Reform and Border Security bills that have passed since IRCA in ’86, the DOE gets funded. Funny how that works. (Are we up to 10 Amnesties now? I’ve lost count.)

  14. Spectacular. Well done.

    But – the current state of the west is no mere infestation, Z. All three top layers of gubbimint are compromised. The cults are weaponized and more than capable of defending themselves. A mere revolution will be stomped on and ground out the way it was on Jan. 6. The queers still control the church, the climate commies control the gubbimint, and the guys with funny hats and big noses seem to preside over it all, through all three of the top management levels. No, a mere revolution won’t do it at all.

    It’s Hitler time.

    Consider: When You-Know-Who came to power, Germany was in the exact same boat we are now. The pervert class was actively encouraged and protected by the judiciary. So certain judges had to ‘disappear’. Funny how everyone regards this as a historical tragedy, but nobody can names of the judges that disappeared, or anything good that they did.

    Books were burned – and the authors of those books were from the pervert class, or the socialist cults, or the stuff by the guys with funny hats and big noses. That little fact escapes the modern narrative, conveniently enough.

    And speaking of them… then, just as it is now… they did very, very well for themselves while everyone else starved and scrounged to survive. Funny how we remember the unfairness of that… but can’t explain how it was that they did very well for themselves while no one else did. But history must be correct; Old Nasty magically made everyone hate Jews with clever lies and half truths, and the Jews were decimated for no real reason at all.

    Now think of this as you think about that: would you mind if certain derelict Supreme Court and lesser Justices were removed and made to disappear? Would you mind it terribly if someone went through your elementary school’s library, and torched the stuff written by pedos and trannies to sexualize children? Would it break your heart if the jews of the NYT that publish anti-american and anti-white articles were to run into a baseball bat?

    The next civil war, when it comes, not if – is going to end much differently than the last one. So it will go for the next global conflict too.

    • No tribe member has ever done anything wrong ever in the history of the world. If you say otherwise, you have obviously succumbed to that strangest of maladies called antisemitism. Leo Frank dindu nuffin. He couldn’t have. He’s a tribe member and by definition, a good man.

      How evil do you have to be to defend a man who raped and murdered a 13yo child?

    • The problem is this time round electronic media completely dominates 90% of people’s thoughts. I was going to say minds, but they do not actually have one in the manner of people from earlier generations.

      I doubt there is more than 10% who are actually able to turn around and reject a pushed mind worm, no matter how much it destroys themselves or their family.

      Unlike the earlier example you cite, where a print was the primary control vector. Print just can’t exert the same minute by minute attitude control, hence the ability to turn society around at that time.

      • “The problem is this time round electronic media completely dominates 90% of people’s thoughts. I was going to say minds, but they do not actually have one in the manner of people from earlier generations.”

        No doubt true, but is it permanent? That’s not rhetorical, either, because whether humanity is cognizable as humanity depends on if that ten percent of holdouts disappears or grows. In my darker moments disappearance seems far the more likely, but that’s based on nothing more than observation and a bleak outlook. The only hesitation to fully become despondent is the Regime seems uncertain if this Stalinist wet dream is the endpoint.

  15. Once again, yes to all of this. But enough elaboration of the problem. How do we get to solution?

    Putin spent two decades trying the get the West to address the NATO/Nazi problem in Ukraine via peaceful negotiation, but the Cloud People would have none of it. This made war inevitable, but Putin is fighting with real weapons and solidiers rather than the LARPing version being pursued by the US/EU. This means that a lot a tangential white guys are now dying needlessly because real war means real dead. And it will go on until the sane within Ukraine rise up and wipe away the shit stain in Kiev and his associated dingleberries.

    This is an important lesson that we all must learn. The homegrown shit stains and dingleberries in the West must be fully wiped away before the war to annihilate white guys gets manufactured. There is no LARPing version of toilet paper warfare. Only a real body count. And the only question is . . . whose bodies.

    • By my calculations it would only require killing a pitiful small number of people. 15-20K would get this ship turned around. (satire)

    • The media is the first set of dingleberries that need to be pulled, and enough of them in a short period of time that they become afraid to report their lies. Everything active the right has done in the last few years has always been met with months of the media squealing about “right-wing violence”. Now look at muslims. If some French or British reporter says anything nasty about the religion of peace, it isn’t long before some deranged migrant is dancing around in the street waving the reporter’s severed head around. And thus the media in Europe is oddly quiet about their little problem.

      • The problem with the “media” now is that it is a kind of biotechnology, which has been completely converged into the meatsacks.

        The old meat refuses to believe that the “news” has any agenda beyond reporting the facts.

        The younger meat shuns the news entirely, in favor of a monolithic network of narrative generators that demand 24/7 participation – and are intractable from the portfolio of conveniences and services upon which they are addicted like crack babies. And ultimately that monolith is now the keeper of their social status. To reject that is to become a Freejack. A nonperson. (Buy my shirt).

        The blue hairs will take positions ordained by that shriveled shrew on NPR or the wooden hairdo on NBC but the rest now don’t even know how they come to know facts or hold positions so there is no impetus for debate.

        The NYt/NPR hive mind may stamp the wax as official but the media is now a living thing embedded in the hindbrains of the people.

        To crush the media may have only required a “They Live” level of blowing up a satellite link, but now it requires weaning three generations off of the alternate reality that defines most of their lives as social animals.

        It is possible, but it’s a lot more personal and up close than piking some Manhattan media whores. It’s about sons and daughters and wives and severing family bonds that refuse to leave the borg. That is the front line, sadly. But that is where we are at in the cycle.

        • Exactly. This is the control nexus. Everything is downstream from this.

          How to address it?

          A complete block on phones for data seems a start, but I can’t see how one changes the underlying without a large enforced collapse in modern communication.

        • Already severed.
          Tried to talk sense to the ones I thought possibly could see the writing on the wall, a few did but fewer still are willing to act in self preservation. Most seem to be lemmings.

          Still a lot to do yet.
          Scrambling to beat hell
          Nothing I’d like better than to be wrong at this point.

      • Speaking of, from the New York Post today:

        “Norah O’Donnell’s salary slashed by more than half at ‘CBS Evening News’”

        It isn’t an ethnostate, and what is or could be, but that’s quite satisfying.

        • Her salary goes from 8 figures a year to 7 figures a year, probably. and she is white, likely Irish catholic. Highly expendable. Try doing this with a POC

  16. This is a convincing, and, I believe, accurate description of what has happened to government. To a certain extent, the same is true of academia, where, at least in the social sciences and humanities, various shades of postmodernism dominate every field.

    Of course, the primary weaknesses that allowed ideological capture of both academia and government were naivete and inattention. Normal people in positions of power in both sectors simply did not pay attention to what the cultists actually believed, and to the extent that they did, misunderstood their nature and assumed they were fundamentally no different from previous versions of heterodoxy–chiefly Marxists. And, because the normies managed to deal with the Marxists reasonably well, they just assumed they could do the same with the Pomos.

    This was lethal naivete. The Pomos (or climate loons/neocons/heauxmeaux clergy) had no intention of playing by the old rules. They did not believe in pluralism and reasoned debate. In fact, they didn’t even believe in reason! The prime objective of the Pomos was a complete conquest of academia, and the use of this beachhead to mint new Pomo agents who would sally forth into the Western world to destroy it. But, by the time the normies realized the true nature of the Pomos, it was too late. They had attained majority status and were hiring other Pomos to replace the retiring normies. As a result, by the first decade of this century, academia had been converted into an anti-white colossus whose sole mission was to incinerate Western civilization. That is where we we are today. And the only solution is, in turn, to burn academia down to the slab. Internal reform is quite impossible.

    • “..the only solution is, in turn, to burn academia down to the slab.”

      If that is the only solution then there is no solution. Our dear leader is about to write a check and forgive student debt. Local School districts will be denied federal money unless they comply.

      The anti-education, pro indoctrination library/education/media complex is as entrenched as the anti-America pro-war military/industrial complex.

      • True enough. I don’t really think this is possible. And that is why I advocate for separation rather than revolution or the creation of parallel institutions.

      • After it all comes crashing down, that fatal level of trust won’t be seen again for a very long time. Centuries, perhaps.

        • Interesting thought wrt “trust” as in high level trust society. The common belief is that such has a basis in biology, as well as culture. If there is a genetic component, the return will be assured and must be fought against, or directed more appropriately. More institutions for future undermining?

          • Compsci, The dilemma for west.civ. then is how intragal to complex and high civilization is “high trust” ? It was the norm in the anglosphere and Europe all of my younger life. So the question is is it necessary, or just a remnant of genetic material left over from the ice age. The correct answer could be very important and I’m not sure we really know.

      • Have there been other high trust societies besides whites?

        I assume that Japan and China either have, or have had, such societies.

        On the other hand, if you try to catch a bus in Chinatown in San Fran, you may be trampled by the Chinese, young and old. They do not seem to have the ability to create or maintain an orderly line. That seems pretty low trust to me but maybe they behave differently in their home countries.

        • Heh, the wife and I stopped going to onsens in recent years because Chinese tourists crapping up everything. They’re assholes. Not all of them, but I get why the Japanese, or hell, most others, carry the stereotypes they do.

          • In broad terms, the Japanese have a high trust society, while the Chinese are quite the opposite. Sure, the Han may take an inordinate amount of pride in themselves racially, but on a personal level they’ll screw each other over without a second thought.

    • The only weakness in the “Long march through the institutions” scenario is that these ideologues – be they perverts, neo-cons or eco fascists – are increasingly cut off from reality as experienced by most people on the ground. That leaves them open to making catastrophically stupid errors that end with their heads on poles. We are seeing something of this now where the green crazies are deliberately destroying the fuel supply chains and energy grid. Most people are pathetic sheep, but even sheep will rebel when they have to spend winter freezing in their cellars.

  17. What was most shocking about that Disney video that Rufo published where they admit to their sexuality indoctrination initiatives is that every single person in that meeting has their own personal sign language person. Not a person in that meeting was deaf but they all had to show that they were looking out for someone out there somewhere who might know somebody who might know somebody who might be deaf. Some executive somewhere approved all of those hires. Of course they probably don’t know anybody deaf because when you have a person who is truly disabled you treat them with dignity and don’t emphasize that aspect of them. Not these satanists! Nope. Every last indigent and person they can make pretend into being an indigent is just a prop in their theater of the insane.

    It’s like going to a restaurant and being asked if you have any food allergies. That became a thing in what, 2015? This MBC CULTure doesn’t even need to go out of its way to look for and hire for its own kind any more. They are everywhere.

    What was that old Tool song – Aenima? “I’m praying for tidal waves. I wanna see the ground give way. Mom’s coming round again. Mom’s coming ’round to put it back the way it ought to be. Learn to swim! Learn to swim! Learn to swim!”

    We live through degeneracy – top to bottom degeneracy.

    I recently saw something from Amazon that they have a commitment to hiring people with disabilities. They are bragging to go beyond the government mandates and have 7% of their total workforce be a disabled person. Of course, that means expanding the definition of being disabled and incentivizing more people to become disabled … The downward spiral is never ending because the people driving this are truly crazy. They were born to, “change the world”, and by Ba’al they are going to do it.

    This Civilization of the Sad Sack can’t collapse soon enough.

    • that’s just because Bezos wants to see the cripples dying on the warehouse floor, as they try and keep up with their schedule.

    • Redefining reality, in this case what constitutes a handicapped person, is the most powerful weapon these people have.

      • True, but that also makes for opportunity. Imagine someone seeking employment on the basis of their disability of transgenderism. What’s HR to do? To take it a step further, the SSI system could be collapsed if enough folks claimed disability, and it were to be approved, on the basis of inability to work due to racism or homophobia.

    • Read an article about the Russian “Satan” missiles. Only need three to wipe out the entire east coast, three more for the west coast. If I had Vlads ear I’d ask him to start on the west first, hell I’d even suggest what to hit. Those missiles should be called Archangels

      • “ …carrying warheads with 50 times the obliteration power of the Hiroshima bomb.”

        More FUD from ignorant “reporters”. The missile is not the “warhead”. The (a?) warhead is touted as 50x’s Hiroshima’s 20 kiloton warhead, or 1000 kilotons (1 megaton). Hell, that’s small and common in today’s Arsenal.

        Perhaps they mean Czar Bomba 50MT nukes? If they can put a half dozen of those on a Satan, then maybe.

        • With any smarts it’d be 4 or 5 miles off the coasts. a hundred fathoms deep.
          Boston, most of Cnntict, New York City. Long Island, Jersey, Philly, Delaware Baltimore Washington etc etc all washed clean.

          Similar on the left coast.

          • Nope, not a chance. More FUD. Even a “minor” earthquake contains more energy than our largest strategic nuke. It’s called physics. In all our underground testing, we never created any dangerous events. There is no reason—except FUD—to conclude tsunamis of such proportions as to sweep away whole cities.

            Yeah, the energy in a ground explosion coupled with radiation and potential fires is bad news on a city center, but you speculation is just that.

        • Whoever wrote that is just another media idiot who’s clueless about modern nuclear weapons. The Sarmat can carry 10-20 MIRV warheads or multiple hypersonic glide vehicles. The nuclear yields of each warhead are not public, but if we assume a relatively modest 500 kilotons-1 megaton each, then a single Sarmat carries the destructive power of 500-1250 Little Boys that hit Hiroshima, and can be aimed at 20 different targets while circumventing the globe in any direction to reach its targets.

          The original Tsar Bomba was actually designed to a carry a 100 megaton yield (6250 times larger than Little Boy), but they tested it with 50 because the test pilots wouldn’t have been able to survive a 100 megaton blast.

          • Yields for each general class of warhead are public, but the explosive lensing techniques used to implement a nuclear explosion are highly classified.

            More broadly speaking, nuclear deterrence moved away from single, high-yield warheads to more modular sub-orbital deployed MIRVs containing numerous lower-yield warheads. Kind of nifty because you can sprinkle less kilo-tonnage over a wider area and do much more efficient damage.

            Duh, right? Well, nuclear lensing allows for adjustable yields. One MIRV can deploy lower-yield warheads 1-3 to a seaside portion of a city for harbor denial, warheads 4-6 can be adjusted higher to ride on in to bust up the city center.

    • “Some say the end is near.
      Some say we’ll see Armageddon soon.
      Certainly hope we will.
      I sure could use a vacation from this bullshit three-ring circus sideshow of freaks.”

      Maynard was ahead of his time.

      • Yes. He and Chris Cornell were the last of anything resembling art that the culture has produced that became reasonably popular. Too bad he is so hard up for relevance he started covering Lennon’s Imagine, and doing anti-Trump, amateur stuff. Don’t care about anti-Trump, but it was clearly pandering and bandwagon jumping. Sadly even hope to see Maynard down in Arizona Bay.

  18. This is why companies, big and small, go bankrupt. Bankruptcy is the natural resolution to a business that put another agenda in place of serving the customer, whatever that was. The church, of all denominations, is in free fall because the customer (congregations) aren’t being served, they leave with their feet. The agenda exclusively serves the ideology of the inside click. With government, it’s not that simple. Government is force. You would literally have to leave the country, and find one that accepts you to escape. You can get out of your pew, give the finger to the Episcopal priest with rainbow vestment, walk out the door, cut off your checks, and never come back. Do the same with the government, blow off your taxes, etc., and you get a gun in your face.

    That’s why so many governments end with the committee members being murdered by the conscripted customers, and rightfully so in many cases. Imagine walking out of church, and the door gets bolted shut in front of you. It would only be a matter of time before you’re throwing things, and possibly beating the priest to death with a candle holder.

    • I agree with most of your post, JR. However, when was the last time a corporation went bankrupt because of fealty to ideology rather than customer? I don’t think it has ever happened. “Go woke, go broke” is the wishful thinking of the Griller. The reason this is the case is because all corporations share the same anti-white ideology. There is no point in penalizing Nike by giving your business to Adidas because the latter hates whitey as much as the former. Consequently, nobody does it, and corporations are free to pursue their anti-white agenda to the hilt.

      • Using Procter and Gamble as an example, I’ve boycotted them for a long time due to their ads, which were among the first to be “woke.” I would rather shave with a kitchen knife. However, I’m a tiny minority who boycotts. Most people don’t care. At all. If anything they find the woke stuff humorous. For every person like me who boycotts there are probably two or three who love the ads. But 99% don’t care at all. They’re unthinking slugs. So the company loses 30 million dollars on this. They spend that on sky boxes. The customers themselves are the moral cesspools.

        • I went to see if P&G had a Mideast presence, but I couldn’t find it. Most multinational corp’s curate their “Pride month” messaging regionally. It’s so cynical. Particularly among luxury car manufacturers.

      • Once they get to a certain size, they are almost impervious to the go woke/go broke. Also, when everyone is doing the woke, it is hard to make them go broke. P&G too woke for you? Great, buy Unilever, another woke company. Or boycott both and save a bunch of money because you won’t be buying anything. Amazon, Target, Walmart? same thing. What oil company is woke-free? Do you like your rainbow in a swoosh or three stripes?

        The Church is a bit different, in that at its core, it doesn’t matter about the numbers for its true purpose. It started with 12, it can go back to 12 and still be the Church. In fact, if its wokeness leads to brokeness it would be a good thing, a self-purge. Sure, it would lose a lot of worldly influence and power, but it would still be, and be more pure once the riff-raff is no longer attracted to it and leaves.

  19. From the South China Morning Post:
    “The signal that we are sending is that we’re not going to tolerate the illicit activities of the Quds Force, of other Iranian proxies, terrorist groups that receive Iranian support,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said of Wednesday’s action.

    It happens that the Quds Force is a unit of the Iranian military, not a proxy. The US State Department assumes the authority to call the military units of other countries “terrorist groups”. But the more interesting aspect is State Department spokesman Ned Price. He’s an openly gay, Georgetown/Harvard grad who resigned from his position at the CIA in protest of the election of Donald Trump. This individual is a perfect example of the ideologues being pointed out in this posting.

  20. There’s evidence to suggest the Catholic priesthood is becoming much more conservative again. Austin Ruse sites the studies of seminarians in his book Under Siege; highly recommended.

    • The liberal priest bubble is a phenomenon of the Boomer generation. When the Boomers were young, being a homosexual was still not respectable, so many went into the priesthood because it was a way to stay respectably not married forever. There, they tried remaking the church in their image. But now that being openly homosexual is celebrated, few see the need to sign up for living within the limitations of priestly life, and it’s reverted to being something that men only do because they feel a deep calling to it – i.e., for the right reasons.

      The shadow of the Boomers is long and hard to escape, both in the church and in politics, but once we do, the liberal priest bubble will pop and the church will slowly begin to heal from it.

      • So even here the Boomers take some crap. Homosexuality was not respectable with them and the bi product of it is we get gay priests and that’s on them?

        The Church will definitely not heal from this generations exit just look at the younger generations involvement and hard and soft atheisim attitudes they have.

      • Yes, I have thought a lot about that. We, the real Catholics, are appalled to see how a bunch of f*gs, globalists and progressive people have taken over the Church. If you want to know more read “Infiltration” by Taylor Marshall and “The undermining of the Catholic Church” by Mary Ball Martínez.

        Once the fake Catholics are in charge, there is no mechanism to expunge this plague from the Church because the Catholic Church is a hierarchical structure, by design.

        So, in search of a solution, many real Catholics speak about “the biological solution”; meaning that new generations of priests are more conservative so, when the Boomers die, these new priests will take over, going from bottom to top, the way the progressive took over.

        I was a believer of the biological solution idea, but now I am not that sure. You don’t need a majority of progressive priests to preserve the progressive Church establishment. You only need 1% of progressive priests and the Bishops will choose these priests to be the new Bishops that will succeed them. As long as you have a progressive establishment and enough progressive priests to fill the ranks, the progressive establishment can perpetuate itself.

        In a higher level, this is what Francis is doing. Appointing new progressive cardinals. Now the “College of Cardinals” is filled with progressive Bishops who will make sure that the new Pope is also progressive. I am bracing for impact.

        In order for the conservative priests to repeat the strategy of the progressive priests to take over the Church going from bottom to top, these conservative priests should pretend that they are progressive so they are appointed by progressive Bishops as the new Bishops while secretly plotting with other conservative priests . Then, when conservative priests are the majority of the Bishops, they will be able to take back the Church from the Progressive Church to the True faith.

        But conservative people are not this way. True Catholics are not this way. They are not scoundrels. The Catholic faith forbids you to lie so you cannot organize a program of infiltration of the establishment, the way the progressive priests have done for a century.

        By the way, this problem is not limited to the Catholic Church or other Christian churches. It is a problem of every managerial organization, as Z has explained very well. This is why the second Conquest law of politics says: “Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.”. I would say that it is worse than that. The law should be stated as follows: “Any organization sooner or later becomes left-wing”. Our time has shown that right-wing organizations (such as Christian Churches, the Army, etc.) also become left-wing.

        As far as I know, nobody knows a way back from this process. Nobody knows how to convert a left-wing organization back into a right-wing organization. We know that this happens in the collapse of civilizations: such as the collapse of the Roman Empire or the Abbasid Empire. But I don’t know any other form. I am interested in any idea that could work.

        In the case of the Church, it is really disheartening but all the prophecies agreed that the priests and the Bishops would become corrupt and that the corruption of the Church would start from the top. It has been called “The Great Tribulation” for centuries.

        Besides a supernatural intervention (God normally works through people but this is not a normal situation), it is difficult to know what can be done but I am completely interested in ideas about a possible solution.

        • You’ve captured the heart and root of the problem:

          Lying works, for managerial ‘true believers’. That is, those whose secret career is advancing themselves and their fellow travelers.

          The shell doesn’t matter to the parasite, only his people- expanding his tribe- does. Thus, he elevates himself.

          (And no, I’m not pointing out the Tribe, but speaking only in a general sense. As a black fire captain complained about Atlanta city council, “if you ain’t family, you ain’t in.”)

        • This is the question we all struggle with. Being true to our faith is the best most of us can hope to do. We are largely powerless to set right what has become so corrupt. Instead, perhaps, our lives can contribute to a better world like the proverbial mustard seed, each small contribution combing to a larger whole, setting the stage for revitalization after the whole rotten edifice has fallen of its own accord.

        • A reexamination of the emergence of the Christian church and the problem of the Sanhedrin as a corrupt murderous committee will illustrate closing down such a corruption and the destruction of such a problem people.

          Nicodemus used the phrase “…we know…” as a declaration/indicator of the reality of these people and what they were all about.

          Closing out the Old Covenant and establishing the New Covenant exclusively through Jesus Christ (the Son of God) also required a ‘bill of divorcement’ (which is what the Revelation of Jesus Christ is largely all about) giving advance warning (like the Parable of the Wicked Husbandmen) as to the destruction of ancient Israel, anti-Christ Judaism, the Temple and the daily sacrifice in AD 70.

          This was a supernatural event of judgment and wrath that was seen again recently in the European Holocaust. Just because you haven’t seen it for awhile… doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

          There is moral gravity.

          There is ultimately moral fascism as a dictate through nature from Almighty God through supernatural forces.

          The solution is found in John chapter 3 in the interview the Son of God gives to Nicodemus.

          It causes a return to reality and then knowing what to look for in the developments of the unfortunate exercise of the wrath of God. The ungodly never see it coming. They can’t.

          • That European Holocaust you mention — a story one has heard a lot about in the past decades. It’s a truly compelling narrative.

          • Another way of stating it is…
            I’m not a Holocaust denier since I know the wrath of God when I see it.

        • Like in the secular world, the mechanism of reform has been destroyed and taken over by the enemies of the Church. The seminaries are overrun with progressive atheists masquerading as priests. Where would the new blood come from as the boomers retire? The seminaries.

          This is the problem. The engine of destruction is outside of the Church proper. Everyone looks at the Church and says “Oh, God, we need new blood, we need reform….” and nobody seems to think “where will this new blood and reform come from?”

    • the question is what kind of person do you want going into the priesthood? I’ve always thought that the type of person you want is someone like Robin Williams’ character in “Good Will Hunting”.

  21. Just yesterday my HR lady said to me that we should ban the corporate regional manager from our building until he gets a Covid test.
    The background to this is the regional manager showed up with the sniffles and she asked him if he had gotten a Covid test and he said no.

    These are the same kind of people negotiating with Russia, a nuclear power.
    That should give us a lot of comfort.

    • If we avoid being nuked, it will once again prove that the Good Lord looks out for damn fools and drunks.

      • I think it was the Shoshone at the Nevada Test Site that already got the worst of it.

      • You’re paraphrasing a quote attributed to Otto von Bismarck:

        “God has a special providence for fools, drunkards, and the United States of America.”

        • Interesting. Didn’t know he coined that one. Didn’t really matter cuz it was so common.

    • You should have cracked off a comment about her not needing to worry because of her latest booster shot. “If you have had five shots, why would you worry about Covid?”

      • Sadly, logic never works with what constitutes a moral question to the anointed. She would simply respond that it is immoral to subject others to the risk.

        The interesting thing is that their morality has an intersectional hierarchy. Potentially infected migrants get a free pass, e.g.

        • That’s why I loudly affirm and recommend to them that they should get every vaccination and booster as soon as possible.

          They have my whole-hearted support in this. Their damaged kids, family, and friends too. This is war.

          • Albert Bourla, Pfizer: “By 2023, we will have reduced world population by 50%.”

            You go, girl!

    • I still can’t go into my cube farm at GloboBank because HR and “The Science” deems me unclean.
      Oh, how I miss the open floor plan and the 2 hour a day commute.

      • I’m rooting for the clot shots.
        And Vladimir.
        I’ll just have to do something else with all that ammo.

  22. Great column! It’s the end-stage of the Long March Through the Institutions, captured by its own internal logic.

    • When your strategy is to occupy and subvert, subversion is baked into the cake.

  23. “Rules and principles are no match for a dedicated minority that has not (sic) respect for the spirit behind those rules and principles.”

    That’s always been the case. For the management analogy to work, it would require infiltration and sabotage or, on the other hand, personal opportunism .

    It would be an odd third tier manager at an energy company who’d promote policies that undermine the company. On the other hand, someone who’s anti-energy might take a job at an energy company to pad their resume for a jump up the ladder at a company opposed to the energy industry. Or it could be that time served in the energy industry makes them attractive to an NGO or government bureau whose mission is to regulate the energy industry to the point, possibly, of shutting it down.

    Ideological creep requires a confluence of personal agendas by those who share similar outlooks, orientations, temperments, personal interests and those intangibles that define social cohesion. Which seems to be what we have. If I see a little Veritas shield on your desk, I might go, “Hm, what class?” You might go, “’72.” I might go, “Rained like hell at the Yale game.” And you might go, “It poured.”

    Worth any number of committee meetings aimed at manufacturing consensus.

  24. A bit tangential, I realize, but something to think about after The Reckoning: It seems that the only real way to avoid this kind of thing is by having a cellular structure. Big business units don’t work, because The Management is by its nature divorced from the day-to-day operation, which is how these weasels sneak in.

    (I remember my one tangential involvement with the hiring process. It was one of those management fads where they were supposed to ask the phone monkeys for our input. I didn’t say anything in the meeting, but afterwards I went to my boss — who was also a friend outside of work — and said “I dunno why, but that guy you’re thinking about hiring seems like a snake to me. I’d be careful.” He said he thought the same thing, but his hands were tied, because it was a fad and the management didn’t actually care what we thought. They hired the guy, and yep, he was a snake. You can almost always tell).

    Keep it small, to where the manager has direct hands-on daily contact with the rank-and-file. And, of course, he’ll have to have the discretion to not hire a guy based on his gut feeling, so that’s out under the current dispensation… but come the Reckoning, it’s worth thinking about.

    • A good start would be imposing a Carthaginian peace on the Ivy League, where all the current Bolsheviks have ties.

      Harvard delenda est!

    • > Keep it small, to where the manager has direct hands-on daily contact with the rank-and-file.

      A good rule of thumb is to force every level to have at least a passable knowledge of it’s company’s core competency. If it’s ironworks, the CEO should have a decent knowledge of the metallurgy involved. If it’s software, executives should have at least basic programming competence. They don’t have to be the best, but snakes tend to only be good at being snakes, so it’s a good weedout.

      • Western business schools have long taught the idea that MBA holders are fungible resources who can move among industries at will.

        The Detroit automakers implemented this idea at various points. It didn’t go well for them.

        • They’re exactly like the old Russian Apparat, which was just commie-speak for the old Russian word intelligentsia. Basically experts without portfolio — they can do anything, anywhere, so long as they have the proper philosophical orientation, comrade. Maybe read a book or two about the subject, if they’ve got the time, but it’s not really necessary. Who needs to have hands-on engineering experience when you’ve read your Alexander Herzen?

          • Dr. Elena Ceausescu, M.D., PhD*, looks up and says, “it works until it doesn’t, comrade.”

            *She probably didn’t read a book because of her rumored illiteracy; in that system and ours, even these barest minimal qualifications are required only below a certain station. A prime contemporary example is Kamala Harris. Dr. Jill Biden, EdD, PhD, is an example of someone who probably had to go through the motions of reading one or two books.

          • @Jack Dobson,

            I spent many years in academia. I know lots of Education PhDs. You are giving them way, way too much credit. I really do believe shit like “Gender Studies” and “African-American Studies” is more challenging than “Education.” No matter how low you think the bar is, lower it. A lot.

          • @Severian:

            Oh, I trust you. Prior to Biden, I had lowered the bar for a State puppet to sentience.

            Silly me.

        • Boeing used to be able to make planes that didn’t fall out of the sky when it was run by engineers,

  25. Welcome America to your anti-Christ culture!

    Do I care who or what Almighty God raises up to destroy it?


  26. I’ve always wondered if it’s the personality type that drives the “ideology” or the other way around. Not just in Hoffer’s sense of True Believers, or the Kremlinologist who declared that Lenin and Stalin didn’t become revolutionaries because they were Marxists, but became Marxists because they were revolutionaries.

    I guess what I’m trying to get at is: There’s a kind of person who can not just endure meetings, but actually likes them. Communists, obviously, are this way to a man — the history of Communism as a phenomenon is just so damn boring, because it’s nothing but acronyms of little tiny splinter groups having meetings, meetings, endless meetings. Even Stalin at the height of his power, when he could’ve had the entire Politburo shot with a wave of his hand, 99% of the time got his way by simply grinding down the opposition with his cast-iron bladder and leather ass. His work ethic was legendary, even then — 16 hours or more at his desk, every single day of the year.

    If I’m ever in charge of hiring, I’m only going to hire guys who shudder at the very thought of a meeting… and I’m going to do a Clockwork Orange on all the meeting-lovers currently in the ranks. The ideology doesn’t even matter.

    • The introduction of women into the workplace facilitated the takeover by committee-types. Women seem to naturally prefer committee-based approaches to work and problem-solving. (Not all women, of course, just a preponderance).

      • Problem-solving?
        Women don’t ever want to actually solve problems, they just want to talk about them.

        • Old joke: What’s the difference between how men and women argue? Men pick one subject, they don’t bring up anything more than 6 months old, and they try to reach a resolution.

    • I think it was Thomas Sowell who said a manager’s effectiveness is inversely related to his love of meetings. In my experience, those who love meetings are very clever people who can quickly learn the issues at hand, debate the nuances, and read where the decision makers want to go. They then steer their analysis toward that direction, impressing everyone with their intellect, and giving the decision makers support for the conclusions they wanted in the first place. But, put these people in charge of a division, with accountability for results, and they fail every time. They don’t know the company’s product with any depth, have no creative ability and cannot manage people. They are the Indiana Jones of the company. They replace his physical swashbuckling with talking, but are ultimately irrelevant to the story.

    • Meetings are a byproduct of “make work” (bulls**t) jobs. That is to say they are fill-in for nothing better to do. Academia is full of these people who must fill-in their time and look “productive”. Yeah, there are faculty included as well, but not in the numbers of staff (IMO). I confess to such “appointments” on committees myself. They are unavoidable, since assigned by the Chair.

      I told this story once before, but in fits here too. I once got my calendar mixed up and attended a meeting of a committee I was not even a member of. Since any number of the attendees knew me, I sat down and joined in. Can’t remember the specific topic, some new technology adoption, probably—but definitely not a departmental committee. A campus-wide thing. I even added a few comments along the way.

      End of meeting, the chairman went down his list of committee members to plan future meetings, but could not find my name on the list. We (he) then discovered I had simply shown up and sat down. I had a sheepish grin I’m certain, but when I confessed, he wasn’t even upset. He replied, “You want to be on this committee? I declined.

    • When I ran meetings at a megabank the purpose was to announce decisions and shoot down nay-Sayers.
      The first couple were a bit long but after that they were satisfactorily brisk.
      The purpose was simple and two fold.
      No-one could claim they didn’t know, no-one could claim they didn’t have an opportunity to be heard,

  27. This morning, the conservative talk radio blow-hard out of the imperial capital brought up the 2nd amendment. One of his major arguments was to state that gun ownership among African American women has “gone up 20%!”
    Yet another opportunity to ingratiate themselves with the ideologues on the left.
    These people must wake up each morning and go to sleep each night scheming and dreaming of ways they can fink on core supporters; white America.

    • It’s considered tacky for whites to explicitly argue for their own interests, so they have to root for foreign people with proxy values to their own.

      Israel – Ethnostate
      Hispanics – Family Values (ha!)
      Blacks – Opportunity for all.
      Ukraine – Civil War/Red Dawn fantasies

      • So true! While white conservatives are the salt of the earth people who make a community possible and prosper, they are so craven and pathetic at this point in time.

        They would rather die than argue explicitly for their own interests.

        I love them but I hate them.

    • “For years, the military has hindered my plans! They’ve put every kind of obstacle in my way! What I should have done… was liquidate all the high-ranking officers, as Stalin did!”

      The Ghost of Mustache Man approves.

      • My suspicion was that Stalin was paranoid of a military coup, more than anything. It cost the USSR greatly in WWII since the military did not have a tradition of an NCO cadre to “train” the newly minted officer ranks. How high a purge? Not sure, nor am I an authority, but Solzhenitsyn was a very “junior” officer and he was purged at that time (IIRC).

    • You’re right about the need for Stalin-style purges. The day that I finally become supreme ruler of this country (heh), I’ll unleash a Terror that will make the French revolutionaries look like amateurs.

  28. All ideologues have one thing in common- They want you to HAVE TO FOLLOW THEIR RULES OR PAY THE PRICE. The problem with most people is no one has the balls to say NO before the Cult of The Whatever takes over an organization.

    These ideologues at heart are all scammers, for they make sure more of their kind is hired below them so their own personal dollop of cream rises to the top of the turd bowl, and that there are often heavy tangible monetary costs for those who don’t obey their dictates.

    Everything these people do ultimately comes down to us having to pay the costs, and whoever they work for collects the ill gained loot. Again, The Man behind the Curtain gets rich, but I supposed around here that is just another fiction.

    • Saying “ladies and gentlemen” over a public PA system has become an act of defiance.

      The Power of the Powerless. Resist where you can. Vaclav Havel would approve.

      • “Saying “ladies and gentlemen” over a public PA system has become an act of defiance.”

        Funny you should mention that. This past Sunday The Lovely 🥰 Mrs. and I attended the Indianapolis 500. For years since the 1940s the traditional command given to the field after the singing of “Back Home Again in Indiana” was “Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!” When women started showing up in the starting field it was amended to “Lady (or Ladies) and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!” Every other track in the series uses the more generic “Drivers, Start Your Engines!”. Gentlemen has always been reserved for the Indy 500.

        Until about the last three or four races and now it’s the dull, generic “Drivers, Start Your Engines!” like every other track. Because why respect tradition or be different? 😒

    • “These ideologues at heart are all scammers.”

      Ideology is more important that benefitting from a personal scam. This is why the conservative slogan about companies, “Go woke, go broke,” is mostly false.

      You misunderstand our enemies if you believe their greatest motivation is personal gain. Our enemies are committed to a religion vision.

      • The ideology and the scam are intertwined. Ever notice how well the ideologies financially serve the ideologues? They always seem to be the ones who benefit the most.

        • Right. Ideology and self-interest is the same thing. It’s not hypocrisy. It’s the fact that people have an uncanny ability to deceive themselves. They see themselves as altruistic while following the most selfish course of action’.

  29. This process also explains how Jews come to infest the upper management hierarchy of a company like Disney.

    • I’m not so sure if it was ideological capture, rather ethno-capture. Disney was a known anti-Semite and was in control of one of the great American media companies. Jews just infiltrated the company and did their thing.

  30. Another aspect of management by committee is that it’s impossible to get anyone fired for incompetence without ruthlessly purging the entire group. The consensus model allows no single person to have to take responsibility unless they were a fall guy and not “being a team player”.

    Since it’s far riskier for management to take out an entire section of managers, they simply look the other way in failure after failure after failure. You’re also going to have the most limp-wristed, passive leadership imaginable with only the most sanitized, CYA decisions. Nothing bold will ever come out of it. There might be bold words, but no bold actions.

    An small example in my company is the Covid committee deciding policy in the office. Since Covid rates when up in our county something stupidly low like 10%, they decided to reinstate the mask policy, even though literally 90% of our workforce has not come back to the office yet. There’s something like 6 people in an office designed for 150, yet they decided they needed to keep everyone safe.

    • I bet your Cv committee spends most of their time sitting around wondering why no one is in a hurry to return to the office.

      I am also tired of all the corporate big talk about accountability and responsibility when there is none to be found at any organizational level these days.

      • I move to ban all ads that tell me about the morality of the company. “At Acme Chemical, we are dedicated to making sure our family can reach their goals…” Every ad these days brings to mind the Emerson line, “The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons.”

        • If you have to name your car dealership “Honest John’s Motors”, it’s obvious you’re a crook. 😏

          • You won’t get a lemon at Toyota of orange. Real commercial, been on the airwaves in SoCal for decades.

          • Or something along the lines of “only losers and winners can wing on about moral.”

    • For those who want to boldly resist bureaucracy, the OSS (precursor to the CIA) issued the “Simple Sabotage Field Manual” during WWII.

      Now declassified, the relevant portion is “based on universal opportunities to make faulty decisions, to adopt a non-cooperative attitude, and induce others to follow suit.”

      Some examples:

      1. Make speeches. At great length

      2. Insist on doing everything “through channels”. Email is especially good at this today.

      3. Haggle over precise wording of communications.

      4. Advocate “caution”. Be “reasonable”.

      5. Refer all matters to committees, for “further study and consideration”. Make the committees as large as possible.

      And so on, and so forth. One could argue the default state of many ossified businesses, and especially academia at all levels, already behave like this.

      Do more of it. Resist where you can. Power of the powerless. Vaclav Havel would approve.

      • Someone posted a list of the opposite of this a while back in gab. Basic idea was, do the opposite of what was published by the OSS to ensure your organization runs well.

      • The OSS, much like its future mutation, the CIA, was disproportionately funded for all its purported wartime effectiveness. Being made up of mostly lawyers and overeducated paper pushers too good to serve in the actual military, they wrote some surprisingly practical doctrine on covert warfare.

      • Riffing on your points a bit, a brief review of the organizational techniques used by the Turkish Gülen movement may hold some interesting lessons for dissidents.

  31. this is the virus model i action. ideological capture eventually leads to the collapse of the captured system, because ideologues do not care about keeping the system healthy. and that’s how they are flushed out and lose power; the infested system is replaced.


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