A Joyous Return

Distraction is a primary tool of politics, used most often by politicians who are in trouble with their voters for some reason. Boris Johnson is in trouble for partying like a rock star during the Covid lockdowns, so he never shuts up about Ukraine. This has the added benefit of providing an excuse for inflation, shortage and energy costs. If he can get everyone to pretend that Ukraine is more important than feeding their kids or paying their light bill, maybe they forget about the partying too.

Joe Biden is trying the same act with guns. Unlike Boris Johnson, Biden has many more problems to hide via distraction. Eighteen months into his tenure and just about everything has gone wrong. Biden is about as popular as rectal cancer. The reason is incompetnace. This is compounded by the fact that Biden is a vegetable, barely able to function most of the time. Even when lucid, he reminds people why no serious person ever thought Biden was anything but a clown.

His handlers are hoping they can have him stand over the corpses of dead children, pointing the finger at white people and his troubles will go away. This is what passes for clever politics in a world disconnected from reality. Everyone is onto this stunt and no one is fooled by it. Instead, people rush off to the gun shop and pick up something, just in case this time things are different. Gun grabbers have sold more guns and gun company stocks than John Browning.

The gun issue is particularly bad for Biden because it reminds people of his reputation for being an outlandish liar. Most people know the facts on guns. When the gun grabbers start in on their nonsense about “military-style rifles”, “weapons of war” and “gun show loopholes”, everyone knows they are lying. For Biden, it brings to mind all of his other whoppers. Instead of distracting from the administration’s problems, the gun issue refocuses the mind on the source of the problems.

It will be interesting to see what the summer brings. The administration seems to be poleaxed by the economic troubles. They try to avoid mentioning it. Ukraine was supposed to be the main topic, but that is now joining gas prices, food shortages and inflation on the list of forbidden topics. They will need something to distract people, so we will just have to wait and see. Who knows? Maybe they produce something inventive to keep people busy over the summer.

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  • White Nationalism Update (Link)
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167 thoughts on “A Joyous Return

  1. Hmmmm… “something inventive” you say…
    Which am I most likely to receive a U.S. patent for?

    A) Ammunition Vending Machine
    B) Ivermectin Vending Machine
    C) Those Little Airline Whiskey Bottles Vending Machine
    D) Dollars to Rubles Vending Machine

  2. Anytime I read or hear about some “climate change” bulls***, I get an almost uncontrollable urge to light a wood burning fire (even in the middle of summer) or fire up a charcoal bbq…

  3. As the summer approaches, and the impact of rising prices for food and fuel start to bite into Middle American budgets, normie anxiety will accelerate and continue toward a breaking point. Grousing will become more prevalent and worried expressions on people’s faces will be seen everywhere. The pressure is building, and adding to that pressure will be a malaise of defeatism because it appears that no one is doing anything about it. Waiting for November is stupid-on-steroids if the house is on fire today. So everyone is walking on eggshells and waiting for the match to drop.

    But things change slowly until they change very fast. That is the reality we live in. There is a lot of pent up emotion and frustration waiting for an opportunity to explode. And something will trigger it (likely trivial and completely unexpected) and then it will spread like wildfire. That will be the beginning of the collapse. You don’t want to be in a big city when it happens, or at the very least, get out quickly when it starts.

    And here is an anecdote to reinforce this point. Everyone knows that I love to bash Bongino for his naivete. Although he is a good man, he routinely preaches non-violence as a mantra. Which will get you killed right quick if facing down a roving gang at your doorstep with just your dick in your hand. Well, this week that changed. On his podcast this week, Bongino publicly notified his audience that if you show up at his doorstep with intent to do harm to him or his family, he will kill you without hesitation or remorse. This affirmation was quite bold and definitive, and very much in conflict with his non-violence crusade. IOW, if Bongino is now getting antsy, methinks the tide is turning and normie may be siding his ass toward the edge of the couch in case he might actually have to stand and roll up his sleeves.

    • The logical conclusion to draw from Bongino’s statement is that there are an increasing number of credible threats of violence against his wife and two minor daughters. He has to decide if he is a man or not.

      • I’ve never doubted Bongino’s manhood, courage, or willingness to defend his family. My problem is with his rhetoric. We’re on the verge of an explicit tyranny here in the US and he’s still telling everyone to stand down. Kinda like what that Police Chief in Uvalde did in commanding his officers to stand down at the elementary school massacre. I’ve said previously that the light bulb will go off in Bongino’s head when he, his wife, and two daughters are third in line at the gas chamber door and his youngest looks up at him and asks . . . daddy, what’s that smell?

  4. “They will need something to distract people, so we will just have to wait and see. Who knows? Maybe they produce something inventive to keep people busy over the summer.”

    Zelensky in the next 60-90 days is going to…

    A) Flee to Tel Aviv/London with his Israeli/British passport with all his loot collected as bribes and blame Russia for threatening to try him as a war criminal…

    B) Get shot in the head by his own Ukrainian military forces and Western media blames Russia…

    C) Get shot in the head by British or American special forces now protecting him and Western media blames Russia…

    D) Scream at Biden that his BMW SUV can’t hold all the suitcases stuffed with cash and then die from a U.S. bioweapon and Western media blames Russia.

    • RoboFascist, Zelensky can’t get an Israeli passport. Converts don’t qualify even if they are 100% genetically Jewish.

      • Zelensky: Ukraine will be like Israel, not demilitarized like Switzerland after war

        Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukraine will not be demilitarized like Switzerland, but a “big Israel.”

        As a Zionist mutant slob… Zelensky has a bigger ‘Israeli’ passport than you think.

  5. Well, well, Peter Navarro was today arrested, and placed in handcuffs and leg irons by Merrick Garland’s Stasi force. The “insurrection” narrative just got ramped up, big time.


    Navarro blew off the subpoena from the January 6 committee, and was talking about support of a move to impeach Skidmark Joe. Too much for the Bolsheviks, this getting the story flipped. Roger Stone was just the start, so it would appear.

    And not only the narrative has gotten ramped up, but also the concrete installation of a police state. Let the show trials begin.

    • Awful. The United States is in the process of de facto surrendering to Putin, so expect the police state appatus to kick into high gear. Even on anyodyne sites like this one, be cautious. We are dealing with monsters who only understand one thing.

    • This is their magic solution to the election crisis. “Experts” (Experts!) will certify that “insurrectionists” coupled with Russians have “tainted” the elections, and so will “certify” the “real” winners etc. The Ministry of Truth will be out there seizing bank accounts, property, etc. en masse just like Canada eh? Already the US General heading Cyber Command testified before Congress that A. The US is conducting cyber warfare against Russia in support of Ukraine, and B. “Russians” are meddling in the upcoming elections.

      This is the pattern: cite authority by “Experts!” and rule by executive order, often in secret by never letting a crisis go to waste. There is simply no way the various groups that pushed Biden upon us will give up any power ever.

  6. When there’s a new ‘outrage’ (real or woke) almost daily, eventually everyone stops paying attention. I’m continually amazed at how much people just let slide by them, like water. When I went to the dentist the other day gas was still the Memorial Day price of $4.14 a gallon. When I came out about an hour later, the price at the exact same station had gone up to $4.45. And now it’s generally $4.69 at all the big-name stations (local Walmart still $4.43). People just shrug their shoulders at this as though it’s an everyday occurrence – which, of course, it is now in AINO.
    Everyone loves to predict a breaking point, but I really don’t know that anything will rouse the normalcy bias folks from their lethargy. They still enroll their White children in public schools without taking even a gander at their prescribed books, they still take on thousands in debt to send the average Joe to a ‘good skoo,’ they still donate millions to ensure the poor orphaned chirren of Messican illegals (killed by another Messican illegal) have a guaranteed true-blue ‘murrican dream future. Yeah, they grumble online a bit, but just wait until they vote the bums out. That’ll show ’em.

    • that’s why i don’t give two shits for any of them. let the progs feast on their flesh, and their children. they are surplus to requirements…

    • Hence the anxiety from your Betters. Even reckless threats of nuclear war just got a shrug, and in some cases agreement.

    • This society wants to commit suicide. It’s a waste of energy trying to stop it.

      • The wants are implanted in them, irrespective as to the fact it seems almost impossible to undo the imperatives for those reverting to automata.

        Its amazing how one can subvert a large section of an entire species to intentional self-destruction by using social primate signaling techniques and linguistic programming to invert the natural impulses.

        • Just produce the illusion that everybody’s doing it, except the bad, uncool nazis.

          Not unnatural at all, but it’s amazing how the will to belong is stronger than the will to live for so many. It’s as if there are two kinds of people who might as well be different breeds.

          • Perhaps that is one of those junctures where speciation becomes manifest. The genetics have drifted sufficiently far apart that one sees a phase shift. Culture being downstream from genetics, this should be evident.

          • I used to think some people never make it past adolescence, but this is getting so crazy I’m starting to wonder. Maybe something like domesticated animals and how they’d revert in the wild in a couple of generations, or die. The herd is real, and we’re just the ones who resist domestication.

          • @Paintersforms

            The closest explanatory I have come across is Julian Jayne’s Bicameral mind. Its not perfect but as a hypothesis it holds a lot of predictive power to what we see around us. The NPC term is the gamer equivalent of the same idea.

            Essentially a large number of people have reverted to/grow up as a bronze age pre-conscious bicameral human due to schooling/electronic media which is preventing the development of an integrated consciousness, and receive their commanding thoughts externally from electronic media, as early people did from hallucinated voices from statues/hand idols.

            They are truly automata, are not conscious, are impervious to the real world experience or information outside the authority pathways and will follow without deviation the commanding voices as does a schizophrenic.

            It also postulates its strongly genetic.

      • RoboFascist 1st: My (somewhat limited) sympathy. C’mon brother, – Cali was lost long ago. And I’m not gloating, because Texas is going the same way, which is why we bought property elsewhere.

        • I own quite a bit of land in the Kiamichi Mountains of Southeastern Oklahoma (where most negroes would fear to tread). This is hard-core redneck country. I am noticing a lot of Texas license plates these days and a local realtor told me 90% of recent land purchases are by Texans.

          I’m okay with it if these Texans are traditional oldtime Texans. If they are the outsider liberals that have infested Texas the last 30 years or so, they are gonna be in for a rude awenking if they run their mouths too much.

          As a local sheriff once told me, “there’s lots a dead bodies in them forested mountains and ain’t nobody lookin for em.”

          • Mis(ter)Anthrope-

            Both my parents were from Oklahoma out of the 1930s. I’d hate to think 3-4 generations here in CA did all this for nothing.
            Some of us have enough Cherokee in us yet to still survive all kinds of insane world.

          • By the time you notice it will be too late. The first thing thy do is target the authority institutions and start adding salami rules to erode you and bolster their control.

        • 3g4me-
          Thanks for the sniffles for the California plight… some of my friends have “Gone to Texas” over the years and some of us that remain are going to watch ongoing leftist suicide up close… yet not at our expense. There is grace in staying out of the stupid blender even in CA.

          The real hallelujah is that I don’t live in L.A or San Franshithole.

          • RoboFascist 1st:

            Cherokee Nation in Norheastern Oklahoma is beautiful country. It is in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains and has lots of great fishing and hunting.

            The cost of living is low and the people are easy to get along with if you mind your manners and stay out of their business.

            If things get bad enough in California, you can always return to your parent’s homeland in Cherokee country and enjoy a pretty good laid back lifestyle.

    • I would have to agree. People are so much more stupid than I ever gave them credit for. I realized sometime ago that I hate them for their stupidity almost as much as I hate the actual Bolshviks.

      • Don’t forget cowardice 🙂 Stupid and brave has a shot at making it, but stupid and cowardly? Forget it.

  7. I generally don’t like the apple polishing, but this was a very funny episode. I belly laughed twice or thrice.

    • I started watching the video and then stopped. I thought, this has to be a joke.
      I then went back to it and, what do ya know, it was.

      Joggers are violent and dangerous. Nothing more. Nothing less. Engage with them at your peril.

  8. “Advocates for so-called “equity based” grading practices, which seek to raise the grade point averages of black students and lower scores of higher-achieving Asian, white and Hispanic ones, say new grading criteria are necessary to further school districts’ mission of DEIJ, or “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice.””

    I’m sure it will lower scores for Asian, White and Hispanic students, because no parent who has any care for their child’s education would ever send their kid their. Thus, only the worst White, Black and Asian kids will stay in the school.

    • There’s something horribly wrong about parents not caring about sexual deviants teaching children in school, but they suddenly care about grading for some reason. The truth is that grade inflation and cheating is so prevalent in ghetto schools that honest grading can only hurt good students who make honest mistakes every once in a while.

    • The OPRF grading scheme simply cops to the fact that blacks are inferior intellectually to whites.
      What other reason can there be?
      Glad they have caught up to the rest of the folks living in the real world.

      • Oak Park, IL is full of barking mad, virtue signaling ultra-leftist Karens and Kens that over the years has:

        – Gone in on requiring Proof of COVID vaccination
        (This was rescinded in March of 2022)

        – Cancelled their 4th of July celebration last year

        – Is fully on-board with reparations and White Guilt

        – Citizens of the town actually vandalized the mayor’s house when the Village Board voted down defunding the police

        And elects mouthy, scolding Karens to their Village Board

        The brain trust in the town have already started ruining their school system, so why not go all the way?

        All of this is documented at the excellent Wirepoints site which tracks the decline of Ill-annoy in general. Here are the search results for Oak Park: https://wirepoints.org/?s=Oak+Park

        Check out that they’re madly backtracking this now that they’ve gotten caught. Of course, they show a history of leftist meddling and screwing around with schools so I believe this story is true.

        Interestingly enough for all their virtue signaling the Karens and Kens make DAMNED SURE nobody from Austin, right next door to Oak Park, come into their town. Guess what demographic makes up nearly 78% of Austin?

    • Spingerah: The lolbertarians already tried that about 20 years ago . . . (or was their goal New Hampshire? Can’t recall). Obviously it didn’t work. More Massholes just moved over and New Yawk Juice like Bernie. Now Vermont has its share of Messicans and Bantus and is reaping the rewards.
      Move to some place that doesn’t get mentioned in the news as “White.” There are various small towns and rural enclaves in numerous states whose overall demographic numbers might not be great, but there are distinct color zones within said states.

      • The “free state” cults that move into tiny states are almost always fronts for drugs and human trafficking. There ought to be a minimum population for states to keep those people out because it’s too easy for them to win a senator or two.

      • The Free State Project targeted New Hampshire. You could say that it was nominally successful, although their latest cause celebre is changing the zoning laws to allow for “affordable housing”. So likely it’ll just end up as Massachusetts with low taxes.

        It might be fun to start a “White State Project”, also targeting New Hampshire, to encourage White Nationalists to move to New Hampshire and buy that affordable housing.

        I expect there might even be some local sympathy for the project. Libertarians, whether they like it or not, are almost exclusively white, and about half of the libertarians I know went alt-right around 2016. I expect that’s just as true for New Hampshire.

      • Hi 3g
        I don’t know much about anything east of the Missouri River, essentially the northeast.
        I’ve seen the Atlantic from. The air & waded in morrocco.
        We are in the American redoubt but even that is being infested by wealthy Californians.
        The town I was born in now has rainbow flags every where. (Northern Idaho) nowhere to run. There are even filth in Alaska.
        Where there is one more follow.
        Even if it is a Greg Johnson type. I don’t deny being a typical white guy,
        I am a stereo type, just rather be around other like minded

        • Spingehra: You’re right, unfortunately – the blight has spread its tentacles almost everywhere. Which is why – to return, yet again, to one of my hobby horse issues – is why men need to get control of their wives.
          Undesirable people need to be made to feel unwelcome. No neighborly visits, no children’s play dates, no invitations to get togethers. White people need to relearn the art of social exclusion. This can be done without any legal ramifications and can lead to solid results. Minnesota nice may be a stereotype, but Whites everywhere are far too welcoming – particularly of other Whites who claim to be refugees from the sh&tholes they helped create.

  9. Today’s podcast got me thinking about deadweight in society and if anyone has actually tried to assess the magnitude of this cohort in an accurate fashion. Try googling “deadweight in society” and you get everything but “worthless parasitic humanoid skating by on the productivity of others.” My guess is that no one will conduct research in this area because the biggest subset of deadweight is probably located within academia. And my fear is that they are now in the majority and that is no trivial thing. So I’ve been strategizing and modeling on how to deal with this issue, but they don’t stampede easily and mostly just get in the way. Any insights or suggestions would be appreciated.

    • When the parasites’ demand for resources outstrips the hosts’ capacity to provide them, the system accelerates toward collapse. We are now reaping the whirlwind sowed with the institutional parasitism inaugurated by the Great Society movement and exported by the GAE. TPTB thought they were ensuring peace at home and proxy wars abroad against the Red menace. Their hubris is the proximate cause of our inevitable fall. But the strong, resilient few will adapt, survive and emerge to inherit the aftermath. Be one of those few or, at least, favor their ilk with your resources rather than the doomed.

      • TPTB thought they were ensuring peace at home and proxy wars abroad against the Red menace.

        They were. It’s the central problem of democracy: Why would you care what happens 40 or even 4 years down the road when the election or the no-show board appointment and all attendant spoils are now? You can’t win with an owner mentality when you’re playing against slum-trash renters.

    • “…the biggest subset of deadweight is probably located within academia.”

      TomA, we are not “dead weight!” Here’s a story about the last time I explained this with an outsider.

      We (wife and I) once went to a corporate dinner, big pharma. Sitting across from us was an associate up the chain (female) who was making conversation with the wife. She decided that the husband (me) should be included, so she asked, as is typical in these things, to identify myself as to my position up the socioeconomic status chain, i.e., “What do you do?”

      I replied that “I work at the University”. She persisted. “What do you do?” I replied, “I’m in the Computer Science department.” She said, “Yes, but what do you do?”

      Now I admit to being somewhat perplexed as I can’t recall any previous conversations with anyone that probing so I was caught short as to an immediate layman’s response. How does one explain the grift in a brief sentence or two? After some thought on the matter I replied—with all the seriousness I could muster, “I think great thoughts!”

      She responded, “How interesting” and (gratefully) ignored me for the rest of the evening—probably having (rightfully) discerned I did nothing of importance enough to merit further discussion. 😉

      • It sounds to me like you are perfectly situated to conduct a study of the estimated size of the deadweight fraction in the US population. As a side note regarding your dinner conversation, I began my career working for one of the largest corporations on the planet (at that time), and I can personally attest that nearly all of middle management in such corporations is premium deadweight.

      • It would have been interesting if you would have said,”I read books and think great thoughts”.

        I wonder if she would have gotten the reference.

      • “Back where I come from, we have universities, seats of great learning, where men go to become great thinkers. And when they come out, they think deep thoughts and with no more brains than you have. But they have one thing you haven’t got: a diploma.” — The Wizard of Oz, 1939

    • “My guess is that no one will conduct research in this area because the biggest subset of deadweight is probably located within academia.”

      I’m actually waiting for school shootings that involve teachers killing each other.

      • Probably this killing would be of perceived “deviationists” from the Current Thing. Sounds legit for Continual Revolutionists, wouldn’t you say?

        • Money, race and lust still interrupt the “revolution”. Just ask Bill Clinton.

      • Engaging in a mass shooting is way more effort than your typical professor can be bothered with. They don’t actually *do* things.

  10. The problem with the Outrage of the Week is that they always have to keep upping the ante. People do get freakout fatigue. I know lots of folks who still think covid was real, that it was gonna kill granny, and all that. They didn’t stop believing in any of it; they just got too tired of all the constantly changing “guidance” to care. You can even do a kind of social archaeology on them — you can take their covid views, and plot them against the ever-moving Media goalposts, to pinpoint the exact moment the freakout fatigue set in and they stopped caring.

    And upping the ante is extremely dangerous, for obvious reasons, but also because all that social anxiety has to discharge somehow. Covid was a big discharge of social anxiety from the Trump years, but after two years of Biden society is way more tense than ever it was under Bad Orange Man. And yet they keep on ratcheting. That discharge could end up being a Ceausescu moment.

    • “That discharge could end up being a Ceausescu moment.”

      We can only hope… 🙂

    • In other words, we will soon arrive at the “good and hard” phase of Mencken’s understanding of democracy. Totally Legit Joe is committed to giving the people what they want. (Brawndo™, it’s what plants crave!)

        • From several accounts, Biden’s “toilet” is his pants. The man is the perfect face of this retarded, dying, corrupt Banana Empire.

  11. “I got a complaint about the last show that the intro was too long.”

    Well, now that you mention it Z-Man, I have to confess that your podcasts always come across as if they were ENTIRELY intro. Due to your manner of speaking, you never seem to actually talk about what you’re talking about. It’s all intro, all preparation, all leading up to something, and then the hour is over.

    Also, you have a curious habit of writing thousands and thousands of paragraphs that are all exactly the same size. You’re like the Hercule Poirot of paragraph writing.

    • But he does NOT write sentences of 95 words!
      Paragraphs all the same size. Zout alors, stop the presses.

    • Intelligent Dasein: Please return to your habitual haunt at Unz/Sailer and leave us in peace. We’ve been muddling along just fine without your brilliant insights.

    • Z-man has discussed his “style” of writing in the past. Has a “formula” which structures his essays into pieces (paragraphs)—each of a limited size for expressing a single thought, without much drift or digression. Keeps his postings, short and understandable to a typical audience. Nothing wrong with that. Podcasts are more extemporaneous and flow of thought. Another format so to speak for a different type of expression. Nothing wrong with that either.

      • You are addressing your (reasonable, and explanatory) comment to a professional “Besserwisser”, as the Germans have it. It will make no difference.

        • You are probably correct, bu there are often others who read and “may” be willing to understand. But I will take notice of the sage advice posted to not “feed the trolls”.

  12. My favorite empty lefty phrase is how someone or something is going to “change the world”
    I always point that nuking a city is indeed, “changing the world.”

    From the first linked article:
    “Wray had been absorbing grim news of planetary destruction for years as a biology student-turned science communicator. ”

    This is unintentionally hilarious. When the going gets tough, change your major.

    • Just as the meaning of diverse has been changed to non-white, so the meaning of change has been changed to improve. Ontological outrages such as this happen when a single ideology has absolute hegemony over the institutions of knowledge and information.

      • This abuse of language is one of their primary weapons. It’s shocking sometimes just how wide a gap there is between what is said in public debates and what people think the words mean.

        “White Supremacy” and “White Supremacist” are two fine examples. People think they know what these words mean. But they don’t mean what they think they mean in the public debate context. People think of David Duke as a “White Supremacist,” but that is the classic definition. The New-Speak definition is like a cop. He is upholding “white supremacy” when he enforces the law (even if xi xirself is African American). Hell, the law itself is a form of “White Supremacy” in New Speak.

        In public debate, “White Supremacy” actually means things like “if you hear a bump in the night and call the cops, you expect the cops will show up and address the issue and protect you” This is an often cited example of white supremacy in action.

        • White supremacy is basically coterminous with civilization. Blacks, by and large, cannot behave in a civilized manner and they cannot measure up to the standards of civilization. Rather than turn the spotlight on blacks and their inferiority, the West has chosen to condemn civilization as “white supremacist” and therefore fit only for destruction.

          We cannot have both blacks and civilization. We have chosen blacks.

          • Technically, Blacks (the Negroid races) can have civilization. Chose from any of the following:

            Early Bronze Age
            Late Bronze Age
            Early Iron Age (optimistic?)

          • I don’t even understand the term as a negative. Yeah and…?

            Its very bizarre that a normal self-identity promotion in the countries which are white is even discussed in these terms.

            It seems to have come into being as an accepted negative without ever having any definition simply through serious toned repetition in the media in surrounding negative sentences.

    • The left has excelled at changing the world. Unfortunately, the changes they’ve made are rooted in alogical feelings, acid-trip social theories and pure existential rottenness. Like x-rays fired out of a high-powered cathode, the resulting changes are entropic rather than homeostatic.

      And non-homeostatic change is just another word for cancer.

  13. “…the designer is out of prison…”

    Seriously? What’s the story behind that? Come on. Be a serial killer or a Ukranian double agent.

  14. Given what a mess the country is in, the only options I see for the rulers are:
    1. Let Trump win and reinvigorate both the Republicans and the Democrats. We will get a replay of 2016 with as little getting accomplished as them. At least Trump may steer us around WW3 though

    2. Election fraud was so successful in 2020 they may do it again. Problem with this is Republicans are a little wiser about that but probably not enough to stop it

    3. There has been talk of Harris not ratifying the election if Trump wins and the House refusing to seat new Republicans because Trump and the Republicans supported insurrection.

    I think number 3 is the most interesting. Our rulers have grown sick of having to maintain a good standard of living for the middle class and want to sink it like they did the working class. Climate change, Covid, and Russia Man Bad have all been excuses to do just that as well as get rid of pesky freedoms that crimp the rulers’ style.

    Will the rulers also get sick of having to maintain the pretense of a two party system rooted in the constitution? They will save a lot of money and aggregation is they just use blatant theft or refuse to let the other side play even if it is only fake opposition

    • Option 3 sounds like the best DR one for us. Imagine this waking up the remaining Boomers from their “work harder, vote harder, pray harder” Civnat mindset.

      • How I would love for Harris and the other Cloud Cowards to see what a real insurrection looks like.

    • If I thought Item 3 actually would happen, I would go vote for Trump. It would end most illusions although some deadenders would still think they could just vote harder.

  15. “Should mere citizens be allowed to own cannons, tanks, and F-16s?!”, they ask indignantly.

    Welp, if it’s to protect ourselves from a hostile government, HELL YES

    A tactical suitcase nuke would’ve done wonders for Guy Fawlkes, and it would do wonders for us too.

  16. Biden’s job is to be the focus of peoples’ outrage and anger so that the Obama regime can continue deconstructing the country. Everyone pretends it is otherwise, just like they pretended the election was legitimate and Covid was a death sentence unless you wore a face diaper.

    Every ounce of this garbage is giving them cover for massive ballot box stuffing operations which were successfully deployed in 2020. The purpose of the polls is to help them model how many ballots they will need and where. They’ll probably have to accept “defeat” to the GOP, but they’ll try to avoid a veto-proof majority knowing that the GOP hates us as much as they do.

    The thing about the school shootings is that you hear more and more people starting to say out loud that it seems like these murders are planned and carried out by the government through mentally ill people. The Muzzies are notorious for using retarded and insane people to carry out suicide bombings in shopping markets.

    Naturally we get called “conspiracy theorists” for awhile, until evidence emerges of Hillary Clinton fabricating the Russia hoax, the FBI actively participating in it, and 2000 Mules stuffing mail in ballot boxes…

    • The Left is getting everything it wants via the southern border. Anything else either is noise or gravy. Given the demographics already was cast prior to open borders, this obviously is a prelude to outright physical displacement.

  17. I took classes to get my concealed carry permit in Florida two years ago. Both in my class and in the government office full of other gun license applicants I saw one other person who looked like a Trump voter. Almost everyone I met was a youthful urban minority. If I was a politician gun confiscation would be two words never to come out of my mouth.

    • The summer of police and National Guard units literally kneeling in front of BLM rioters as whole city blocks burned in the background hard-setan image into the brain of even the most delicate lefty that the government is not there to protect YOU.

      As did the year of “mask up and huddle in place”…except when you’re gathering by the tens of thousands to “protest racism”, because getting Democrats elected is more important than public health.

      Rejoice, because those two events set the gun-grabbers agenda back for at least a generation.

    • Your mileage may vary. I took my concealed carry class in upstate New York a few years ago and your MAGA types resided on the left of the political spectrum.

  18. ” They will need something to distract people, so we will just have to wait and see.”

    Well, whatever The Literal Meathead is talking about is what they’re going to pull off.
    Guns see to be the main topic of the day. They’re not going to shut up about that, especially if there is a never ending list of mass shootings which I predict will magically appear. There will be many changes in the shootout story, no pictures or videos proving their narrative, and even a few more video interviews with 2 “daddies” who happen to have the same daughter.

    Something big is going to happen that will give Joe Blow his excuse to declare a National State of Emergency. The whole edifice is in collapse, and why not speed up the process so they can take over nixing the writ of habeas corpus?

    Mass shootouts won’t be the deciding factor, so whatever it is will be big and it will happen soon. Gun bans will just be issue #2 for them, when they add a national gun ban on top of their takeover.

    We are living in dangerous times, and I fear we’re soon going to find out what most can never imagine. Soon in America there will be one day they will tell you that you really never did have any rights. All pretense will be over, and the monsters behind the curtain will emerge. Things will be so bad they will not care who sees them for whom they really are.

    • I completely agree with you with everything except your last point. They will tell us we have rights – but that these rights have to be balanced against “The Common Good.” The Common Good of course being whatever perverse desire of theirs that they want to inflict upon the populace.

      • I believe they will do you one better and go full Orwell, telling us oppression is really freedom and poverty is equality.

      • That’s how the Canadian Charter of Rights work. We have rights but they can be amended given “reasonable circumstances”.

        We have the right to travel freely but because COVID is a “reasonable circumstance” we actually don’t have the right to travel anywhere. Basically you have no rights if the government decides you don’t.

        Never negotiate an inch with them because this is what you’ll get.

        • During the Republic, it was the Roman Plebeians who had to pressure the Patricians (oligarchs) to codify the laws, rather than enforcing them arbitrarily. Without this step, there was no way to seek redress for wrongs, as there was way to contest the legality of Patrician overreach.

          History rhymes today, except the oligarchs have figured out a method of enshrining their power behind a stew of weasel words, enforced by a judicial system that’s now part of their club.

    • You never had any rights. What you think were your rights were a set of values held by the Virginia planter elite of the 1780s. The Second Amendment exists because it suited elites like George Washinton, who was wealthy, educated, politically powerful, and spent his entire adult life as a surveyor and soldier in the colonial wilderness with a pistol on his hip and a musket in his scabbard. People who believed in the same “rights” that Washington believed in were “dealt with” by 1865 the same way the Feds dealt with Vicki Weaver.

      Today’s elites are Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Pete Buttigieg. They don’t give a damn about guns or due process or free speech, all they care about is anal, abortion, Israel and affirmative action. Those are your “rights” today.

  19. A jogger will inevitably go for a cops gun during a traffic stop and we will get St. Floyd Two: Summer of Thug. Its not that its a good play, sequels are terrible generally, but this is not a very original, creative bunch.

    • Cops are scared to death of arresting minorities.

      Nobody cares if a pale face (White, Asian, light-skinned Latino) gets murdered by police.

      Unpopular opinion: most people who die in police custody, no matter what the race, pretty much bring it on themselves. The Miranda rights trope to KEEP SILENT has been beat into the US population for generations now in all mass media entertainment.

      Not getting killed by cops is trivially easy. Not getting screwed by the District Attorney is more problematic.

      • Black criminals die in police custody for the same reason they get shot at funerals: They’re surrounded by people like themselves.

      • Modest correction: cops are scared to death to arrest Hutus. Everybody else gets the stun gun and the Billy club just for the hell of it.

      • Lots of anecdotal evidence out there that police departments are struggling to source supplies like uniforms, ammo, vehicle spare parts, new applicants, etc.

    • My advice to white cops is: First, quit. Second, if you don’t want to quit, never pull over a minority for a traffic stop, and certainly do not use force on a minority resisting arrest. Just let them go.

      • DLS: Only the first part applies – quit. If they don’t arrest the vibrant then they’ll ramp up the harassment of Whites to keep their numbers in sync. Besides, there are enough normie cars with pride stickers on the back already – we don’t need the cop cars to add to the insult.

  20. Regarding the voices segment, what’s really irritating is there are people who, through a tragedy of genetics or trauma, do deal with voices saying far worse things than “skip your exam”. These people have to make a stark choice between mind-numbing benzos or finding a coping mechanism to work in general society. If they are not able, they are separated from society for their own good and societies.

    The people on these sites usually are poster people for the “Stop stigma” campaigns, that completely ignore how dangerous and devastating these conditions are. There are reasons we had mental asylums.

    Jerks like that woman who fake it for sympathy give a completely upside down view of these conditions. It’s nasty, dangerous, and needs to be taken seriously by adults.

    • I’ve heard from a person who works with those kinds of people those awareness campaigns do more harm than good. People with an actual problem are drowned out by the social retards looking for attention. Kind of like stupid women who falsely cry rape to “raise awareness” so that women “should be believed” and so many times it dissuades legit victims of violent rape from reporting.

    • I used to have a quip when folk asked me why I didn’t attend an event or meeting they were expecting me to be. I’d respond, “I was going to go, but then the voices in my head said to stay home and clean my guns”

      I no longer use that retort. 😉

    • Have you ever noticed that in nearly all cases when a well-meaning person says you should not judge X because of Y, or many equivalent preaching against stimgas or stereotypes, it overlooks one crucial aspect:

      Stereotypes are generally true. Stigmas exist for a reason. People are shunned because they are at best a burden, at worst a threat, to healthy people.

      None of the above is very “Christian.” And, I’ll admit many of the marginalized are there through no fault of their own (e.g. mental illness). But that doesn’t change the fact that they are dead weight on the rope.

      It’s great when a Samaritan can truly aid the man in the ditch. But in the real world, there is a never-ending supply of hapless victims awaiting rescue. Every so often, just for variety, is a decoy set up to rob and kill the unwary do-gooder. 🙁

      • One of the best comments I’ve seen.

        There is something in the water today. The comments are unusually excellent. (They’re typically good).

  21. At this point the only thing that’ll bail this administration out is another tidy false flag attack that we cannot ignore.

    After the Urvalde shooting peters out, I’m thinking they’ll resort to a small nuke in one of the Dem’s failed cities like Chicago or Detroit. It can be blamed on ‘Russia’ or ‘MAGA supremiscists’ or whoever.

    Another bioweapon release is likely, too. But they’ve played that card already so I expect they’ll choose a Hail Mary nuclear play this time. They can cash in on the Reconstruction Projects and real estate deals later, too.

    There are too many reputations at stake in their project’s success now. There is too much money invested, and for most, there simply is no going back.

    Forward, Comrades!

    • “At this point the only thing that’ll bail this administration out is another tidy false flag attack that we cannot ignore.”

      I keep thinking “Boy, we haven’t heard from the adherents of the Religion of Peace lately, have we?” The problem is: Say you blow up a train or a bus. That means you’re in a Blue Zone and citizens of the target area would want to prevent a “backlash” and lay themselves prostrate and beg forgiveness. The rest of the country would think “Serves you right for living there”.

      The nuke idea crossed my mind too.

      I suspect they’ll go with the Old Favorites and we’ll have another round of “Mostly Peaceful” demonstrations. 🙄

      • They need to go huge on any false flag to even begin to get a rally around the flag effect.

        People are far more cynical in 2022 than 2001.

    • Not sure if you’re doing your best Jonathan Swift, or if you’re serious. That is an index of how bad it’s gotten.

  22. Gallows Humour Dept:


    “With temperatures of around 20C in London today, standing for hours in the heat and full military uniform, took its toll on the guards.”

    THREE soldiers collapsed in 68 degree F “heat”? Young military men, with all the routine health screening and training that entails, further filtered for the exceptional privilege of serving in a ceremonial guard for the Queen?

    What are the odds that there is some hidden factor they dare not mention? The largest circulation daily in the UK would not run such an article if it were not an attempt to downplay a very embarrassing, impossible to hide, problem. Is this due to mRNA “vaccine” side effects? If it is, then we are in for a world of trouble.

    • What are the odds that there is some hidden factor they dare not mention?
      Ans: Zero.

      The largest circulation daily in the UK would not run such an article if…
      Ans: They need to have filler between thong pics and attempts to ‘humanize’ the Saxe Coburg grifters by exploiting their offspring via photos of them acting like human children.

    • I’m thinking—from prior experience—that it might not be heat, per se. Sometimes nervous posturing, as in standing at attention, causes a failure to breath correctly, contributing to the fainting. I’ve seen it at weddings with groomsmen and bridesmaids.

      • “If you lock your knees while standing at attention, you will pass out!” – Sgt Major Kendrick

    • “We are not now that strength which in old days moved earth and heaven…”

    • When I was in the military, I heard of isolated cases, yes. But in Basic and a few times in permanent party (e.g. brigade change of command ceremony, many hundreds of service members), I neither saw nor heard of no such incidents.

      Your explanations do not convince me. There is something going on there. Hand-picked military who must have drilled for such duty and three fall out? Normal? No way.

  23. “Ukraine was supposed to be the main topic, but that is now joining gas prices, food shortages and inflation on the list of forbidden topics.”

    The USA is looking more and more like a failed state and probably most Americans can sense this at some level. Biden is just another manifestation of this. Caligula’s horse would be more competent. As you described him last year, he’s the death mask of the dying regime. Or as you described him elsewhere, he’s the Konstantin Chernenko of the USSA. Now I know what it must have felt like to be a Russian in 1990.

    • “The USA is looking more and more like a failed state and probably most Americans can sense this at some level.”

      Yes, yes I certainly have the God-given senses to “sense” it every time, in a suburb of a major shitlibopolis, my vehicles are rattled to pieces by potholes. And when I weave around massive craters, while keeping an eye out for our local, glorious strength behind the wheels of their out of state plated cars, crossing the center line as they stare bovinely ahead.

    • We are falling apart up here in Canada too. Our head NDP leader – Jagmeet The Pajeet – literally gets swarmed and mobbed by angry voters everywhere he goes and the cops have to rescue him and take him away before they tear him to shreds. Turdo needs that gun ban because at the rate he’s going, somebody is going to shoot him… and the little cack sucker will deserve it too.

      Would it be such a bad thing if our countries balkanized? I dunno about you Yanks, but I haven’t got a jot of patriotism left in me today. If Canada is defined by Morontario and Queerbec – I could part the road between us and sleep well at night. That country doesn’t work, and I want to be part of one that does….

      • Canada’s on the same path to hell as the USA. Which makes sense as it’s a thrall to the USA economically and culturally. It’s a sovereign state only in name. When Trump ordered the illegal abduction of Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou, Justin Castro complied with alacrity (his real father Fidel must have turned in his grave).

        • Most western nations are in a headlong race into the abyss. AINO seems to be in the lead right now, but 15 years ago the UK, the Netherlands and Sweden were ahead by a furlong. Now New Zealand and Australia, once far back of the pack, are coming up fast around the outside. There could be a photo-finish at the point of oblivion.

          • You not familiar with France?
            France always seems to be ignored but it’s probably the most broken. 70% of its army had to be deployed across its country on foot patrols for over 18 months. Operation Sentinelle is still ongoing.

            Most social metrics have the US as the worst country in the OECD.

      • Police got called again in Calgary the other day after a large mob formed outside the hotel Turd was staying at. I can’t say for sure that anything will happen but every time a mob forms the potential for something to happen increases.

        People are tired of the bullshit coming from the federal level WRT to vaccine mandates and now handguns.

    • The USA IS a failed state. Outside of the domestic Matrix, even in the UK, people clearly see it, including those not that better off. I have friends in SOUTH AFRICA who are afraid to come here now.

      Repeat: SOUTH AFRICA.

      The exception may be Canada, because if anything it is worse, no small feat.

        • I’d bet the South African state media constantly portrays a highly distorted perspective on the US to distract from local problems.

  24. “His handlers are hoping they can have him stand over the corpses of dead children, pointing the finger at white people and his troubles will go away. This is what passes for clever politics in a world disconnected from reality. Everyone is onto this stunt and no one is fooled by it.”

    I beg to differ:



    • No one is fooled by nay of this. The gun grabbers are lying, they know they are lying and they know we know they are lying, but they keep lying because the script calls for it.

      • It does not matter. He who controls the megaphone and the electric fence controls the cattle.

        Canada will have this in place without meaningful pushback.

        The only way this tried and tested ratchet fails will require a large portion of society to reject the legitimacy of existing govt by force. That seems a long way off.

        • Agree w trumpton on this one. Simply because people have become so assimilated and repeat what they’re told. The “gun show loophole” is 100% truth to believers. They don’t dare to question this or any other talking point.

          I think people in general are pessimistic, but the majority think the country will just keep plugging along with little to no change – and they’re okay with it.

        • Don’t know about anywhere else, and I don’t give a damn about anywhere else, but no Southern man is willingly giving up his firearms.

          • The end goal is the voluntary “abandonment” of firearms by making them too costly/dangerous to use or even possess.

            You won’t give up your firearms, I won’t either, but what about your children—or grandchildren? Imagine a series of laws so draconian that you can’t openly use your firearms, nor buy parts or ammo (including components for reloading).

            In short, your firearm is a useless liability. You’ll never have that range day with the grandchildren’s first “22”. The culture—proper culture at least—is not passed on. Hell, even today we see stories of widows dragging their husbands firearm “collection” to the local sheriff for “proper” disposal.

            On the brighter side, it is a truism that the Lefties *always* over reach—and if past predicts future—will attempt outright confiscation rather than wait the generations needed to destroy the “gun”culture.

          • I often wonder if the more creative, engineering types of our population will develop new means of personal self-defense in the light of diminishing gun rights. We didn’t get flying cars but perhaps we’ll get force fields and other sci-fi fantasies (said half-facetiously) as our rights are more and more stripped away. For every sword there is a shield…

          • This is true. While the South these days is stuffed with Normies, gun grabbing is a no go zone there. Remarkably, it sets off more folks than CRT or transgenderism. Z is right here: this is just lame ass kabuki and the Next Thing will come in a day or two.

          • They don’t need you to give them up. They will simply make them illegal to have, but let you keep them hidden away. The government doesn’t care about your guns as long as they’re hidden in the attic or buried in your back yard rusting away.

            The “gotcha moment” comes when you have to blow away a couple of jogger home invaders. Then you get hit with 5 or 6 federal gun charges and disappear into the prison system for life.

        • My understanding is that when Canada banned “assault weapons”, the weapon surrender to the government rate was under 5%.

          The handgun thing isn’t confiscation. It’s just a huge grandfather clause.

          Not happy with it, of course. Slippery slope and all that. But it could be much worse.

          Besides, what’s the point of having weapons if you don’t Have the will to .

      • They’re not lying when they say they want to ban guns, they’re lying when they say it will reduce crime and “keep us safe.” Gun bans are intended to keep the GOVERNMENT safe.

        WE know they’re lying, but there’s a lot of Fudds and Karens out there who lap the lies right up.

        A lot.

        • NY state is even worse because they are moving to ban body armor.

          The thugs want us to be the softest possible targets.

          • The black market in guns, ammo, and body armor will flourish. And probably it will come to be professionally run by the cartels. And then, just as in Mexico, enforcement will come ro be seen by the police as suicide.

            An enviable situation? Hardly, but this may be the shape of things to come.

    • Firearms aren’t going away, and there are already more firearms than citizens in the US currently, plus more rounds of ammunition than was expended in WW2. Faux legislation is just harassment and virtue-signaling to the Prog base, who sleep better at night thinking that it’s actually disarming their neighbors and keeping them safe from future retribution. But the real reality is that this legislation just drives more firearm purchases by people getting more antsy about a potential collapse. County sheriffs know that sending out deputies to gun grab just results in dead deputies, and big city PDs would have to send out SWAT teams 24/7 to attempt confiscation without taking lots of casualties. Make no mistake, the Cloud People would love to use this technique to accomplish white guys killing white guys, but there are better ways to dissuade gun grabbing than needless killing. Quench your anger and anxiety by building a 3D printer in your garage. The zero receiver is easier than you think. Do something tangible.

  25. “Biden is about as popular as rectal cancer. The reason is incompetnace.”

    I think you meant “incontinence”. Anyway, funny how we now seem to be on a rotating news cycle of war, disease, racisms, and mass shootings. I don’t know what else could grab eyeballs. An Impeachment? Economics is boring. I don’t see the energy/food prices whipping the media-consuming public into a social-media frenzy. Plus that blows back on the current administration. Riots or rebellion might be viewed as anti-Biden and therefore a right-wing rebellion, and those are not allowed. So I think we’re in for a rotating cast of Current Things like Marvel movie releases and hopefully more and more people will start ignoring them. Like Marvel movie releases.

  26. The next distraction will probably occur in Ukraine, some massive false flag. I wouldn’t put it past these clowns to damage a nuclear reactor or sink a ship full of orphans, blame it on Russia, and hope everyone rallies behind them. People get even more crazy when they’re backed into a corner.

      • It’s almost as if he’s manic depressive. One day excoriating the military and raving about MX, the next, right on wrt our current culture and political crisis.

  27. Biden’s latest is a hoot.
    Sanctions against Russian oil are the solution to the high price of oil.
    Because of the European sanctions, Russia will have to sell elsewhere at lower prices and the US will be able to scoop up Russian oil cheap.

    So says Joe.

    No word yet on what the Europeans think of this.

    • European govts don’t think they follow instructions otherwise those NGO and public money spigots are going get turned off for them personally.

      No more limos, private jets and Davos hob nobbing, its back to shitty local council and riding around with the plebs if you don’t do what you are told.

      • Also, I wonder how much armtwisting comes into play. Don’t you think the services are keeping dossiers on everyone halfway important in European politics, and then up, collecting and documenting dirt on them in every single European country?

        And because all European actors know it, those few who are not voluntarily totally onboard with the woke-left agenda to begin with, or who are not simply thieves without a conscience, meekly go along anyway, anticipating consequences if they don’t.

      • In only about 4 months, it is going to start getting cold again in the Northern Hemisphere. I wonder what Western Europe is planning to use for heating next season? In the meantime, there are other needs for the oil and gas that has gone missing. Industrial shutdowns? Power stations?

        Virtue signalling makes one feel wonderful; I’ve even done it myself a few times in my life. But I wonder if the Progressives of Europe have really thought this one through.

        • Yes they have.

          The lack of heating is intentional, as is no transport, no food etc. Its the great reset change here and now, and the deaths of millions of people is a price the parasites are more than happy to pay for a ride on the corporate jet and an invite to drinks with the controlling faction.

          Look at Ukraine and the massive arms supplies. The EU leaders are happy to waste thousands of men’s lives just to have a few minutes attention in the news.

  28. They’re standing around with their fingers crossed hoping like hell a white cop kills a black kid in LA and the Summer Riots can begin.

    • I don’t think it will work a second time in guilting normal whites. Too many are starting to wake up. Looks at the comments for this normie take getting completely wrecked. Twitter isn’t real life, but it can be a bellwether.


      Conservative pundits are finding their usual talking points are not working, or making the argument so poorly they are subtly supporting our viewpoints.

      • And this Jesse Kelly clown is what passes for edgy and woke in the Twitter cesspool, sort of like Kurt Schlichter. Never daring to step beyond the blank slate egalitarian barriers, but always posing as tough-minded and courageously blunt.

      • A favorite:
        “Refusing to acknowledge the obvious in favor of previous, successful communist propaganda is peak American Conservatism.”

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