End Phase Phenomena

A cause that has any hope of surviving past the novelty phase will demand from its followers a sacrifice to show commitment. Criminal organizations are the simplest and easiest examples of this phenomenon. A street gang will require all of the members to get a tattoo, for example, to show their commitment. More mature criminal organizations will require new members to commit crimes in front of other members to prove their willingness to sacrifice for the gang.

In more sophisticated movements, the adherents will perform rituals or make symbolic sacrifices to show their commitment to the cause. It has not been unusual for cultural movements to adopt a style of dress. The macaroni style, for example, was an extreme expression of commitment to a cultural and social class. In this age, the sexual subcultures often embrace clothing styles like the “lesbian kit” to set themselves apart and show commitment to the subculture.

Whether it is getting the gang symbols tattooed on your face, wearing an unofficial uniform or committing yourself to a way of life, every cause requires something from the members as a payment. This sacrifice is not only a signal to the other members, showing their shared commitment to the cause, it is also a form of advertising to potential members of the cause. More important, it adds a sense of value to membership in the cause. The members feel committed.

The people displaying their pronouns in their e-mail signature and social media profile are signaling their commitment by sacrificing some portion of their dignity. There is a noticeable discomfort in these people then they say “I go by they/them” because they know what they are doing is foolish. It is as ridiculous as wearing a flowerpot on their head, but that is the point of the ritual. They are making a fool of themselves in public as a way to show their commitment to this cause.

The same thing is at play when white people take to the stage and begin hectoring their fellow white people about racism. It is patently absurd for a white person to stand up and condemn their ancestors for being white or for the crime of having created a culture that is now called white supremacy. Some of what drives this is mental illness, for sure, and some is the “my fellow white people” act. Much of it, however, is the need for the adherent to show their faith by committing an act of lunacy.

For example, look at this post from a gym teacher about the racists power structures at the local swimming hole. His profile makes clear that he is a fully enculturated bug man, but as a white male, he is at the bottom of the woke subculture. His post about how the man is conspiring to keep black people from swimming is a sacrifice of whatever dignity he retains as a man. The point is not to change minds, but to show others in the subculture that he is fully committed to the cause.

A key part of the cult ritual is the irrationality of it. The systemic racism claims are just modern magic. There is no rational or empirical argument behind these claims, but that is what makes them appealing. You just have to accept them on faith. That is the sole appeal of the trans business. One has to strip themselves of all sense of self in order to claim that humans are assigned sex at birth. The ridiculousness of the claim does not allow for even a shred of dignity.

This is why we are being flooded with a wave of public testimonies about how the trans community is ignored in some way. In this post, we learn that the guitar makers have ignored transgenders and women. The fact that the sex of the performer has no bearing on the instrument or that there is no such thing as transgender is central to the sense of sacrifice the writer feels when posting this. In another age, he would have been writing about elves and sprites with the same conviction.

Part of this self-degrading ritual within the identity subculture is the attention these humiliation rituals gain the adherent. It is why we have gone from publicly tolerating homosexuals to take your child to a drag show events. Each step has been more bizarre and degrading than the next. Post-Marx culturalism has been a weird race to the sea that has finally led to mothers offering up their children to predators. The believers seek the ultimate sacrifice they can make to the cause.

How much the shot callers on what we now call the Left understand the forces they are manipulating is hard to know. It is not particularly clear that the trend setters in this cult understand the intellectual history behind their movement. They have simply embraced the primary modes of thought and let nature take its course. Robin DiAngelo could simply be a fame seeking huckster who landed on the right cause at the right time to make money from a movement desperate for a purpose.

Despite this cult’s efforts to tart up their thing with jargon from the sciences, what drives it is a need to vanish into a cause. The appeal to the adherent is the need to sluff off the identity of the adherent and take on the identity of the group. Self-loathing has always been at the heart of mass movements. Christianity explicitly embraced this reality with the concept of sin. To be a Christian is to not only accept the teachings of the particular sect, but to accept and embrace your sinfulness.

These modern identity cults are less sophisticated, feeding on a population desperate for immediate gratification and lacking the intellectual capacity for high culture organizational structures like mainstream Christianity. This is why the rituals are so primitive and crude. The barrier for entry is low, so the people flooding into this scene tend to reflect that standard. It is also no surprise that they have arrived at the cusp of child sacrifice. Spilling innocent blood appeals to the savage mind.

Counterintuitively, these spasms of ritualized self-degradation may be a positive sign that the culture is finally ready to free itself. For generations, American culture has been locked into cultural norms so ingrained in the land that the present culture has not been able to evolve to fit the times. The energy of each generation is channeled into civic nationalism, which is throwing seeds among the stones. American culture has been a zombie shuffling along with no real purpose.

Oswald Spengler used the term pseudomorphosis to describe “an older alien Culture lies so massively over the land that a young Culture, born in this land, cannot get its breath and fails not only to achieve pure and specific expression-forms, but even to develop fully its own self-consciousness.” This is most obvious in the obsession with the Founders you see on the Right. All of the energy of youth for building something new is channeled into ideas from men who wore powdered wigs.

What left-wing identity politics is signaling is the old culture finally losing its grip on the present, which is why these maladapted mutants can easily organize in public and attack the symbols of the old culture. The subculture is not a replacement for the old culture or a genuine culture in itself. Instead, it is a cancer on the old culture, slowly eating away at its organs. Coinciding with it is the swelling hatred by the young culture ready to break free from the old body.

There is the other part of Spengler’s concept. At some point, after enough pseudomorphs have been created, the next flowering of cultural energy is fueled by a hatred for the old forms. In the present age, it is those asking how useful is that old civic nationalism rooted on the culture of the Founders when it has led to suburban mothers sacrificing their children to groomers? Perhaps it is now time to shed the old forms and think about creating a new model appropriate to this age.

Of course, everything comes to an end. The current spasms of degeneracy could simply be the death throws of a dying West. What comes next may not be a new West, but a return to the barbarism that has been the standard for humanity. What gets left behind is a reminder that a people once thrived and reached for the heavens. Like all prior civilizations, this one will end in rubble. What will remain is the high achievements along with the mystery as to why it failed.

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230 thoughts on “End Phase Phenomena

  1. Genius, because accurate. Obvious to all non-bugmen and non-Moloch-mothers. But clarity in detail for anyone with eyes and even the vaguest compass of humanity.

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  2. Z – have you discussed the whole getting people to stop working from home thing? My dad is about 18 months away from retiring and is working hard on getting everyone to start coming back to the office. He wants to sort of do it piecemeal with it being 3, 4, and then 5 days. He thinks a recession occurring will allow them to finally force them to all come back to the office.

  3. The pronouns (he/him, they/them, was/were) remind me of a digital version of the practice that Hindu sects partake in when they smear colored paints on their forehead to signal their virtue and affiliation.

    You can pick a color. A nice he/him for a more formal yet still casually respected red dot or a rambunctious xe/ze for a particularly devout practitioner of an exotic local village god with a lilac vertical forehead marking to make you stand out and show you are intense.

    Quite an interesting amount of esoteric information conveyed with a simple two words and a slash.

  4. A couple spelling corrections:

    slough, not sluff

    throes, not throws

    Otherwise nice incisive piece

  5. On the subject of “… conspiring to keep black people from swimming…” at least we have the Ann Coulter weekly Wednesday column to clarify for us the racist drivel from the New York Times.

    It is the megaphone of endless anti-Christ shitty world that has caused cognitive dissonance beyond repair. Like the rest of moral and rational America… Derek Chauvin may be a political prisoner but he is still the hero.

    Clearly Biden*Slob*Co goes down as the greatest cultural and political embarrassment in the history of the United States. But that does not justify a return of Trumpstein the Democracy Coward. That is something our culture does not need and we can do better than allowing the MSM to piss on everyone again.

    • That’s why the J6 melodrama.
      They found a way to keep saying “Trumpstein!”


      After the Purge, scrawled graffiti everywhere defiantly whispering, “Trump Lives!”

    • “Biden*Slob*Co”…to be fair…he ain’t even here…cognitively.

      But this ‘modern identity cult’ as the Z calls it…does have a high priest/ess/it(?) in the form of ….’jobozo’.

  6. Regarding that gym teacher, it’s amazing to me how uniform in appearance the bugmen are. That feminine round face with a receding hairline, every last one of them.

  7. Z-man. the words you are looking for are “flight from White” and even Sailer who coined it understands what is going on. This is a phenomena of mostly Upper Class desperate to stay upper class and understanding well the racial caste system. Being gay, lesbian, tranny etc. is a way to escape White identity and stay part of the ruling class. Beneath blacks who are the highest caste, sacred holy racial redeemers of the original sin of Whiteness. But above genetically evil and hereditary blood guilt Whites. And at some point even Sailer understands this, the call will come out from the Regime to “cut down all the White trees.” Which the Upper Class people announcing their pronouns understand.

    Flight from White. Everyone who can is doing it. Call it Protective Coloration or camouflage. A drag queen is not ‘White’

    Per “Paul Kersey” from SBDL, this really is BRA, black run america. Part of this is path dependency, the Civil Rights Movement, part of it is the very real superior nature in this environment, of blacks vs. Whites. I.E. low iq, aggresiveness, high criminal activity, etc. all make for the ideal man for Upper Class White women dominating the mid-tier and upwards of corporate management. Think of all those Upper Class White women on the Disney “lets gay things up more” zoom call.

    Thus the key takeaway is that the way to destroy Flight From White is to destroy corporations. If they no longer exists then those women don’t take up excess space and actually have to work for a living, dramatically decreasing Flight from White and hence the goal to camouflage ones kids as non-White by making them gay or trannie. Corporations are also the major pusher of BRA and the emerging caste system. Just think of how much better every ordinary White person’s life would be if Disney, Nike, Apple, Google, Exxon, Wal-Mart, GM, Ford, Stellantis, Fox, Time-Warner, and GE no longer existed.

    Our morality reflects that of the need of the people inside corporations. Destroy the corporations you destroy the morality.

      • Z Man, you’ve always struck me as materialist and reductionist, and I say that as someone who inclines that way as well. You’re an “everything follows from biology and evolution” sort of guy. as far as I can tell. How is that not reductionist and materialist?

        I just want to differentiate between “reductionist” and “simplemindedly focusing on the wrong things.” You can be reductionist and wrong if you focus on the wrong elements or overlook complexity. But that is not a refutation of reductionism.

        • I think that you need to look up the definition of the word “materialist.”

        • Dear God! We have a monist in the comments! Okay, I get your point, but I was using the word materialism in the monetary sense. Steve reduced everything down to the base motives of individuals and those motives are almost always money. For the record, I do not think humans, individually or collectively, are slaves to their biology. I think of biology as a framework, within which you can have a range of cultural expressions.

      • That’s why I can’t read Sailer anymore. Every once in awhile I pop in and it’s always the same routine. For Sailer, the other side is motivated by almost entirely by monetary gain.

        It’s why his counter arguments are based not on morality, but on why the other side would be materially better off by not being so hard on white people. He boils down every anti-white push by the Left to being about the organizers getting easy jobs or some form of payment.

        Naturally, there’s some truth in that, but the Left’s motivations are about a lot more than money. Sailer can’t see that.

        Every once in awhile, I (stupidly) dick around with him in the comments by pointing out that there’s a simple answer to why the Left is doing something that would seemingly harm themselves:

        Because they hate you and want your people destroyed.

        That’s their primary motivation. Picking up a few dollars along the way is just a bonus.

        • To be fair, Sailer’s materialist-cynical bent isn’t just limited to the money motive, he also works in other Darwinian competition analyses (Sailer’s Law of Female Journalism springs to mind).

          Just as libertarians can occasionally make useful points about bureaucratic morality, a jaundiced, antagonistic, dare I say kvetchy type of criticism of religious morality (the counter-Marx idea that people pursue higher motives than money/class) is a discordant tune that you’d think the religious would be curious if not necessarily eager to hear. Some of the time.

          As John McWhorter and many others have written — Jim Goad called it “Passover Syndrome” — antiracism is clearly the dominant supra-religion of this era.

    • Love you Whiskey, and glad to have you on our team, but you’ve been rehashing the same post now for, what, fifteen years? At least you’re consistent.

      • I protest, I must disagree.

        “destroy corporations” is practical and original, as is the rest of an exemplary Whiskey.

        Corporations, like federal bureaucratic agencies, are a legal fiction. Zman called for do-able ideas on reorganization, the simplicity and effect of this angle of attack has me standing up to salute.

      • Whiskey’s directive is to deflect the blame to anyone, women, black people, except his alleged tribesmen. (Does anyone really believe that blacks or women run our country? Please…)

        I do enjoy his posts and I remember 10+ years ago reading his “Whiskey’s Blog” when I was a Buchanan conservative.

        • Yeah, Whiskey’s unwillingness to admit that a certain group is, in fact, the highest caste destroys his credibility. And his assertions that women and blacks run anything are laughable.

          (I assume that he’s a member of the tribe and doing what they instinctually do, which is protect the tribe, even if it means looking ridiculous to anyone who knows the scene.)

          It’s too bad since he occasionally makes good points – again, occasionally.

    • Corporations are difficult to understand. The larger ones (Nike, GM, etc.) are institutions just like any other and therefore subject to capture. Following the GAE seems to be a path of least resistance – there is really no downside as boycotts from the right never seem to affect them (only smaller ones might get bitten by go woke go broke) but pissing off the LBGTlmfao or BLM crowd can get you in big heap trouble from the controllers of culture. Not to mention a visit from regulatory agencies if they are so inclined.

      At this point, the objectors to LBGTBLM cause less trouble than the freaks, so just put up that rainbow banner and wait for July 1st.

      But doing away with them just seems like form over substance. Wealth will still be concentrated in the few (as always), and they will do as they please

    • “Beneath blacks who are the highest caste”

      Whiskey, you sometimes make lucid points, but you’re unwillingness to acknowledge who runs the show and which ethnic group is the highest caste just destroys your credibility.

      It’s unfortunate.

  8. >mothers offering up their children to predators.

    It is Good versus Evil. Everything else is a detail.

    And in this equation the mothers are not the evil ones. They do not know what they are doing. They are doing what they believe to be good.

    Just like the woman-haters in this thing do not know what they are doing either, which is collaborating with the Enemy.

    You may not need religion but most men and all women do, and the religion of the West is Christianity.

    There’s simply no way around this. And there is no time to come up with something else, even if we could.

    This is where Spengler becomes a costly indulgence. This is where the big brains become a hindrance to what we are trying to do. If you can read and understand Spengler, then your abilities are too valuable to be pissing them away on Spengler, who was too weak to fight.

    This is where we cynics and agnostics and atheists and pagans need to just go quietly about the real work, which is leading Christian believers against the Enemy.

    If we cannot rally men and women who still believe in Good and Evil against the predators and child sacrificers that are right in front of their noses, then we are the weak and stupid ones in this equation.

    • “And in this equation the mothers are not the evil ones. They do not know what they are doing. They are doing what they believe to be good.”

      Do you really believe this? I don’t. It is like abortion. Women know they are doing wrong, but, if the rules say its OK, they will pretend. And as a result, they will be on psychotropic drugs to dull the reality that they are really murderers.

      • Mollie Tibbits. The parents said not to blame illegals. ‘Nuf said. (I hope that I remembered her name correctly lol)

        • If our government enforced the laws that are already on the books, Mollie’s killer would still be south of the border and her parents would still be able to pick up the phone and call her, go out to lunch with her, spend Christmas with her, maybe enjoy spending time with their now never to be born grandchildren. I seem to remember it being more important for her parents to accept aid a comfort from local Hispanic community and sing kumbaya than to take up the cause of illegal immigration to assure that something like this didn’t happen to another American family.

    • Vegetius: On the one hand you decry the “woman-haters in this thing,” (presumably the dissident right) and on the other you claim these mothers are themselves victims and know not what they do. Cannot have it both ways. Reality says although women are generally weak and easily led, as adults (and particularly mothers) they still have agency and responsibility. Actions have consequences.

      • This is a, sigh, material priority of people in the religion business. They can’t be honest about women’s nature, because they still need a lot of those as joiners (caveat Islam which, if not “right” about women at least advances an alternative point of view).

        Complaints about men’s nature comprises roughly 99% of media/corporate output these days. It’s been discussed. So, I guess put me with the anti-libetarian/Whiskeyites who won’t be crying when the Max Headroom rogue-government megacompanies mostly crash out in the next 2 years under Pres. Harris. What we have is actually a terrible system with Batman gadgets (and the frightening thing is I think the libertariautists actually prefer this outcome).

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  10. Spengler was writing of an agrarian world with a relatively stable world population of about one billion or less – the maximum broadly set by food production capabilities. Therefore, there was a Malthusian, kind-of cyclical, quality to its civilizations.

    The effects of the industrial revolution – beginning in England and spreading its benefits everywhere else – was to enable the population of the world to increase several-fold and rapidly – and the Malthusian cycles were broken (for a while)

    Up to 1804 – world population does not exceed one billion; 123 years later (1927) doubles to two billion; 48 years later (1975) doubles again to four billion; c.50 years later (2025) doubles again to eight billion.

    It seems reasonable to infer that the extra 6-7 billion people added since 1804 are a result of the Industrial Revolution – and the increased productivity that brought.

    Or, 6-7 billion people’s lives *depend* on the continued Industrial Revolution. Subtract the Industrial Revolution and you subtract 6-7 billion people. So, if the globalized world economic system of production, distribution, and trade collapses (and is actively destroyed, as now), in the way past civilizations collapsed – and returns to a pre-industrial organization – presumably some billions will die, pretty quickly; and that will have further consequences.

    However, given what the world rulers want for ‘the masses’ (especially in The West), System-collapse and giga-death may be spiritually preferable to the alternative.

    • Malthus’s ideas aren’t dead. The industrial revolution just increased the carrying capacity. But there is still a capacity. The capacity is alleviated through war, mass starvation and disease. The irony of 100 years of feeding Africans will mean a bigger body count in the end.

      • What do you get when you feed 5,000 starving Africans?

        50,000 starving Africans.

        • Ostei: Just imagine a world without the 1960s Green Revolution. Far fewer Africans and Indians here, there, and everywhere. Imagine . . . (and f**k John Lennon, wherever he is).

  11. Nobody has a solution.

    As bad as it is, “Christian Nationalists” have the most functional solution. In the long run it would amount to a country which is basically a Brazil. This is crappy but Brazil is a semi functioning country. The surface level national unity, common language & religion, and macho culture seems to hold the diverse nation together. The lack of focus on equity allows people to somewhat self segregate.

    Obviously the ruling class solution is even worse. They want to make everyone hate whitey while lowering everyone’s living standards and turning your children trans. The end result will be Rwanda/Yugoslavia.

    However I don’t believe they will be able to hold on much longer, especially with the wholesale importation of various demographic groups. At some point other ethnicities will be tired of voting for a white person and start putting their own people in office. The situation may improve on a day to day basis once white liberal elites are “replaced” by POCs (Asians).

    CivNats and Republicans are just out to lunch, old geezers who live at the country club surrounded by people from the 1960s.

    People talk about balkanization but I don’t really see how that helps long term. It will just create new smaller nations and set the clock back to 1980 and repeat all over again. Unless democracy is totally dispatched with and a moustache man iron ruler takes control of the new Nations, they will just vote in Republican cucks and be overrun in 50 years.

    • Yeah, my bet for the future of the USA is some South American-style country.

      Crappy, high crime, low trust, corrupt, but semi-functioning. If you live in a nice neighborhood, you’ll be alright. Lots of private security, private schools, private everything. Corrupt POC politicians who tow the line of their white backers.

      Very small middle class. Working class lives suck.

      You’ll still have the diversity stuff, but it’ll be a business by that point. Keep a small number of blacks in easy jobs and nobody raises a stink about anything.

      • What you describe is basically what we already have. The future is now, mi compadre.

      • The United States of Cape Town.

        Sounds like I should start an electric security fence business.

        • And maybe a auxiliary line in retrofitting flame throwers along the sides of vehicles to discourage stong arm robberies and carjackings at stop lights. Another innovation from the RSA, so it would complement your other line. Maybe you could sponsor some experienced installers from the RSA, and do a solid for some Afrikaaners. Guaranteed race realists.

      • I’m more worried about Canada and England to be honest.

        Canada and England are importing people from totally alien civilizations. Not only in terms of their distance to European Christian society but also in their historical grievances against the West.

        Not only do they hate each other they also hate us and are fish out of water in our societies. Whether it leads to disastrous Egyptian/Indian style slums, or tyrannical communism like China remains to be seen. We’re importing all the problems from the whole world.

        Either way Canada, UK, and most of Western Europe are becoming places where no white person would ever want to live. The USA is becoming a crappier Latin country.

        Given the accelerating global birth rate decline in the 3rd world and Asia the rate of change in western nations may slow down and we’re left with whatever populations we imported from 1980-2030. It’s unlikely that the USA would get similar demographics of UK/Canada even if it tried now. It’s Latinification has been more or less solidified.

        • Yeah, it’s amazing to me that the UK and/or Canada could end up worse off than the US. We had such a head start. You guys really made up some ground.

          For the most part, we imported Hispanics and, to a much lesser degree, Asians. Stupid, but South America here we come.

          The UK has imported Indians, Pakis, Arabs and, increasingly, Africans. That’s not a stable situation.

          Not as sure about Canada. I know that you guys brought in a lot of Chinese and Indians. Not sure about the Muslims and Africans. But even Chinese and Indians are enough. Whites will become their servants.

          • Canada is “all of the above”. Indian immigrants alone are now 3x Chinese immigrants per year. The joke used to be that we were becoming China but now we’re becoming India.

            Germany, France, and Sweden are all bound for some nasty futures.

            They all tried to outdo the USA to show how tolerant they are, lol.

      • Tucker had a segment last night about an exodus of “Californians” moving to Mexico. I don’t know if it’s virtually all Cal Mexicans moving back, or if it’s a lot of Whites moving there, but the point is that California has become such a sh*t-hole, Mexico looks better.

    • What does “semi-functioning” country mean? MX is also a semi-functional country—is it not? What does Brazil donate to the rest of the world wrt technological innovation?

      Hell, the last Olympics, they could not even operate the swimming pools they had foreign firms build and competitors refused to compete in them in fear for their health. They had to hire people to clean up their harbor of filth and *dead bodies* so competition could be held there.

      It was so bad that the Olympic Committee had to pledge to pay more attention in the future as to who is awarded the Olympic Games—that is to say “semi-functioning” societies need not apply.

      Here’s what I think “semi-functioning” means—the country of Brazil is a wannabe 1st world country, saddled with a majority third world population. They have the ability to be dangerous as has been shown with Brazil’s contribution of “killer bees” to the Northern hemisphere (as well as a few diseases that I’m too lazy to look up), but nothing of import comparable to the West.

  12. ” It is also no surprise that they have arrived at the cusp of child sacrifice. ”

    Really, what else could come after 5 year olds are granted the legal “right” to “consent” to sexual contact with a 50 year old man? How big of a leap is it from child sex abuse to appeasing a volcano god with child sacrifice?

    • We’re already mutilating their sex organs and manipulating their hormones before their frontal cortex is fully developed or even before puberty. I’d say we’re pretty much at the child sacrifice in a volcano step. Same ice cream, different flavor.

        • I appreciate the message of this video but the woman presenter has most of the affectations of speech and body language that are common to crazy liberal white women. I wouldn’t put much trust in her.

          She has crazy eyes and the intolerable smugness that is a predictor for much worse traits.

          • LineInTheSand, you are correct, but in this case a must support her points in numerous other videos I’ve seen. Whatever she’s selling it’s congruent to my general perceptions. But I too had to get used to her presentation mannerisms.

            Perhaps she is a former—now reformed—snarky Leftist? She does after all advertise herself as “New York Nadia”. Having been born in NYC, I have pretty tough skin wrt these types.

            One of my best complements I often receive is, “You don’t sound like you’re from NYC”. 😉

        • Wow, powerful and terrifying video.

          Anyone remember the ending to the 80s horror movie “sleepaway camp”?

          That is the monstrous ending that comes at the end of the rainbow of all this trans stuff.

          God, how far this poor country has fallen.

          • WARNING: for those of you who haven’t see the ending DON’T watch it on YouTube.

            It may fuck you up. Live your life without this horrible little nugget.

    • I’ve been saying for ten years that the normalization of pedophilia is their next major goal after homo marriage. I admit that I didn’t see the tranny promotion coming, but my point still stands.

      My prophesy is that someone like Oprah will have someone like Elton John on her show and the nation will be introduced to his 14 male lover. They adult man and the boy will talk about how much they love each other and Oprah and the females in the audience will all cry about how beautiful it is and how brave they are. If you object, they will scream at you, “How dare you judge these two people who love each other?!”

      Strangely enough, the forbidden exception to all this pederasty will be religious white men who want to take young brides. Somehow, that will still be creepy, predatory and unacceptable.

      You religious guys think the motivation for all this is demonic. While I respect your view, I just don’t see the world that way. My explanation is that the tribe who controls our country is genetically much more sexually perverse than we whites are and they are making our culture more comfortable for themselves.

      • “You religious guys think the motivation for all this is demonic. While I respect your view, I just don’t see the world that way.”

        I’m very sympathetic to this view. I am a recovering atheist after all. But if it walks like a demon and talks like a demon, as far as I’m concerned, it’s a goddamned demon and should be treated as such. It’s like when you’re battling Satanists. It doesn’t matter if Satan is real or not. The Satanists think so and that’s good enough.

        If anti-Satanism or anti-Demonism or antipedoism is antisemitic, oh well.

        • Thanks for the thoughtful reply. While I have no access to the world of the elites, I doubt that many of them think of themselves as explicitly satanic or demonic. Rather, they think of themselves as pursuing a vision of individual freedom. My translation for that phrase is “license for j3wish nature.”

          I’m not saying that only the chosen respond to this vision. Just like they were able to enlist many non-whites and minorities in their civil rights attack, they are able to enlist many white sexual deviants to their cause of, what strikes normal whites as, sexual degeneracy.

          My challenge to the religious is that the chosen and their allies could create a world of unrestricted sexual abandon and it would probably function just fine. There’s nothing “evil” or “demonical” here. It just strikes normal white men as disgusting and unacceptable. We have different and incompatible human natures.

          • the chosen and their allies could create a world of unrestricted sexual abandon and it would probably function just fine

            Such worlds almost always seem to be part of late stage civilization/society before collapse, from Rome to Weimar. Could just be a symptom of good times making soft men. Or demons.

      • It’s certainly demonic, but it’s also part of the great cycle of civilizational rise and fall. I have the misfortune to work amongst whole swathes of deranged leftists and for them, transgenderism, sexual perversion and paedophilia are all immense liberations, a kind of Renaissance with body fluids. They have no idea that, as is perfectly obvious to anyone with a passing knowledge of history, these abominations are just the usual fare of civilizations in terminal decline.

  13. The gym teacher, Dirk Smith (he/homo) previously wrote an article encouraging synchronized swimming for men at the Olympics. 😆

  14. ” 64% of African American children do not know how to swim (compared to 40% of Caucasian children).

    79% of children in families that earn less than $50,000 a year do not know how to swim.

    76% of parents report that their children would be more interested in taking up swimming if they saw a talented swimmer that looked like them.”

    Notice that subtle shift from 64% of AA children can’t swim to 79% if children whose parents earn 50k or less can’t swim. There’s a lot of White people caught up in that 79%

    Why do they need swimmers who “look like them” (of the same race) to find swimming interesting? This is a retarded lie. Golf didn’t suddenly become a black sport when Tiger Woods was golfing. Would blacks stop playing basketball if the NBA suddenly folded?

  15. I think the best question to ask is, what part of the old culture isn’t dying? What will remain? In the U.S. I think you can say that power distance relationships and organizational flatness will continue. A lot of people long for a Pinochet, but he existed in a particular culture and time. A powerful dictator would not have the runway to take off here. Yet, the present, is disintegrating, along with “muh democracy.” I predict that the only alternative is fragmentation on a Yugoslavian level. The smaller you make a country the more “muh democracy” kind of works. Countries like Denmark, despite their craziness like not being able to turn right on a red signal, will do pretty good. I’m not saying that we’ll have a thousand Denmarks here (more like 10 Denmarks and 990 Nicaraguas) but three or four countries would be about right. The alternative is a Dictator in charge of a giant blob. We don’t even have generals in the stable that can pull that off. We have no Pinochets, only Milleys who paint their toenails.

    • This is far preferable to the Brazil model. Support secession everywhere and at all times, except for when doing so harms the overall interest of the white race.

      • When the time comes when talk of secession becomes part of the public discourse, decession (expelling foreign or dyscivilizational parts of the country) needs to be considered as well. California and Hawaii shouldn’t be given the choice whether to stay or go. They should be booted out, after being given the strengthening gift of ALL of our diversity.

        • What if the South insisted that it hadn’t actually seceded from the United States but had merely expelled Yankee heretics? What if it had retained the name “U.S.A” and said, “sorry about the confusion, but we’ll figure something out.” These are minor semantic differences perhaps, but how would today’s history books have grappled with the inverted moral calculus?

        • There are already strong undercurrents amongst the left and right in favor of secession. There was that poll a few months back that showed a lot (can remember if it was a majority or plurality) of the left in the pacific north west supported secession, same went of right leaning people in the south. The cloud people won’t allow this to reach or be pushed in any real way in state media, but I do believe the grounds are fertile.

        • it’s not that simple with california. you need/want coastal access and the deep water ports. also a huge amount of food is produced there (you can get three crops a year).

          • Cali can probably be written off in regards to agriculture given that, for some reason, they use massive amounts of farm land to grow water-intensive non-native crops (pecans and rice, most notably). Switching to less water-intensive crops before their reservoirs empty too much, while possible, is pretty unlikely.

        • Horace – I’d rather expel all leftard Californians (better yet, all leftards) to Hawaii. Kick them out of the union and eliminate all air and sea contact. There they’ll be, in the middle of the pacific – thousands of miles from anywhere. It’d be bad for the land of aloha, but some sacrifices must be made.

          • I’ve already visited Hawaii and wasn’t planning on going back anyway. Too far. Let the libtards have it. I’ll just go to Cabo or something instead.

    • Agree – democracy does not scale up. Even in ancient Athens, it seemed to go off the rails and that was what, around 300k souls? A small city/large town now.

      If/when it comes, the way I see it, it will be from disintegration of the federal government – just falling apart, rather than someone or group taking over the feds.

    • Not so sure, JR. I live in the oldest democracy on the planet, Switzerland. And it’s not just “representative” democracy but direct democracy where every major decision goes to a referendum. That sounds great in theory, and until recently, it was so in practice. However, as the FFs in the 1770s predicted, democracy is only as good as the people who make use of it. Direct democracy can very quickly seem like tyranny when the majority of even a sober people like the Swiss are corrupted by PC and Wokeness. In the last two years the Swiss have voted to allow same-sex “marriages”, to add insane cyclists’ rights to the constitution and to give the Federal government amazingly authoritarian emergency pandemic powers till 2032 at least. In other words, a small nation with direct democracy has put my basic human rights on notice because I and 40% of other Swiss people, refuse the jab or more lockdowns.

  16. “Self-loathing has always been at the heart of mass movements. Christianity explicitly embraced this reality with the concept of sin. To be a Christian is to not only accept the teachings of the particular sect, but to accept and embrace your sinfulness.”

    Point of order: No, the Bible does NOT tell you to ‘accept and embrace your sinfulness’. Have you even read that thing? The Bible tells the Christian to ACKNOWLEDGE AND REPENT his sins. Methinks you’re trolling, Z… for SHAME! 😉

    If we want to be technically and intellectually correct, it is the modern faggotry and progressivism that teach that you embrace and even flaunt your sin.

    • What is the difference? You cannot truly acknowledge your sinful nature until you accept and embrace it as a fundamental part of who you are as a human being. That does not mean you celebrate your sinfulness. That is why I did not write “celebrate your sinfulness.”

      The fact is, Christianity channeled our natural self-loathing, which like all human traits manifests along a scale, into something useful for society and the believer. The Church did not suppress the flagellants because they were bored. They recognized that as a destructive form of expressing self-loathing. Today, the flagellants are running riot.

      • Nonsense. The Bible does not tell you to embrace sin. Period. It tells you to REJECT sinful behaviours. Maybe I am just picking the fly chit out of the pepper with definitions, but to me, embracing a sin and acknowledging it are two very different things. When you embrace something, you do so because you love and approve of it.

        Now that I think of it – so it goes for “self-loathing”. People that hate themselves cannot love others as a general rule. Self loathing and low self esteem usually expresses itself with erratic behaviour and fashions, selfish rages, disgusting tattoos and face piercings, contentious, erratic and rebellious behaviour in social groups, etc. The bible admonishes christians to rebuke and correct such behaviour patterns, not to embrace them.

        Or at least, that is the message I got from it. But whadda I know? To me at least, the Bible is not saying what you say it does.

        • A fundamental characteristic of Christianity identity is getting its members to constantly grovel before God, asking forgiveness.

          That is where the self loathing comes in.

          I think it was a poor choice of words to use “embracing your sinfulness”, but I got Z’s point.

          • Wording could have been better, but I did not mistake the meaning.

            We all come short…, man is fallen…, despite good intentions, we are all sinners as that is the nature of man.

            Nothing above keeps me awake at night. I accept it, recognize (hopefully) when I fail (sin), correct and move on. That’s one of the reasons I’ve never been able to put myself in the shoes of those Z-man describes in his commentary today. I simply don’t hate myself.

          • Again. Nonsense. The bible tells you to honour yourself and your Maker with Godly conduct. The intent is to raise you, not to humiliate you.

            Good lord, you people! Have any of you read that thing? Much less studied it? Maybe you should… your entire history and civilization are predicated on it.

            Words and definitions are important.

          • Maybe “engage with your sinfulness” or “confess to your sinfulness” would be better.

          • It must be tied to some social instinct in humans to make restitution. If you’re guilty of something you need to express contrition to be received back into the group. So cults and religions create a false guilt (original sin/thetans/whiteness) for the adherents to confess and be absolved so they feel in good standing with the group.

          • “Grovel”? I suppose you could look at it that way, but that is not necessarily accurate. Worship is simply recognizing the reality (should you accept it) that God is the creator, not you, and is therefore due a certain level of respect and thanks, unless of course you hate creation including yourself.

            Men haver certainly groveled at the feet of far lesser beings for moving an oblong ball up and down a field covered in plastic.

        • Isn’t that the message of Christ? We embrace our inherent sinfulness in order to embrace the true nature of our humanity, which comes from God. You cannot love your Creator without loving his creation.

          • Now I KNOW you are trolling. You black Jews are all the same!!!

            I deserved that, sorry for preaching at you guys. But… if you have the time… get that bible out and re-read it. A good source for the abbreviated Cliff notes is The Bible Project on OyTube.

          • Again, embrace seems an odd word choice – you embrace loved ones, opportunities, etc. – things that you tend to have an affinity for or want in your life. “Recognize” seems a better word- like recognizing your mistakes – with the intent and hope to correct or improve it.

            The whole point of Adam/Eve and Original Sin is that sinfulness is NOT our true nature – it is a fall from our true nature.

          • There is plenty to debate here, but logic says man’s propensity to sin is part of his nature. Catholic teaching said that the original sin was washed away in baptism, but the propensity to sin remains. IIRC, Luther and Calvin said sin persist after baptism because the desire is the sin. Regardless, it is our nature so man’s sinfulness is his natural state. There is no route to salvation with excepting this reality.

            Phrase it as you like, but my essential point remains. Christianity channeled a natural self-loathing into a structure that provided for a healthy and productive expression. One could accept one’s loathsomeness and seek salvation through a structure that was good for society as a whole.

          • No, that is not “the message of Christ.” That is not even anywhere close to being the message of Christ. What you’re talking about is a modern, Western, vaguely socialistic notion which might be classified as poorly understood and sentimentalized monism. It has nothing to do with any religion, and still less to do with Christianity. It is, in the first place, a category mistake to apply these concepts to religion at all; and in the second place it is an historical mistake to apply them to early Christianity, in the 1st century world of which they would have been incomprehensible and utterly unthinkable; and in the third place, it is blasphemous to attribute such milquetoast platitudes to the Lord and Redeemer of the universe. The fact that you would say any of this only further proves that you know nothing about either Christianity or Oswald Spengler, which was my specific contention from before. (Ironically, if you had actually understood Spengler, he would have disabused you of your completely asinine view of Christianity, despite being something of an irreligious curmudgeon himself.)

            The “message of Christ” is that He is the bread come down from heaven, and that you must eat His flesh and drink His blood in order to inherit eternal life. He didn’t go around encouraging people to “engage with their sinfulness” or whatever other bullcrap you’re trying to suggest. The universality of sinfulness was a fact that went without saying in the Pagan and Hebrew understanding. Jesus offered Himself as the atonement for the sins of the world.

            Your bit of infant iconography below is a pathetic (but completely characteristic) response coming from someone like you. When I make perfectly factual claims that you do not know what you’re talking about when it comes to Christianity or Spengler (claims which have been legitimated by others in this thread, by the way), and you respond with a picture of a wailing child, this describes only what you yourself are doing, not anything that I have done. The only thing missing is for the child to have his fingers in his ears and a caption saying “La la la, I can’t hear you!”

            You are far too bereft of any understanding metaphysics to have anything useful to say about the disastrous state of Western civilization. You are yourself a symptom of that state, a blind guide leading the blind.

          • Well … how do you define self loathing, Z? I hear the Dissidents all the time: “Work out! Lift weights! Pay off debt!!! Learn new skills!!!” To me, that is the same thing as a pastor encouraging his followers to be faithful, godly and charitable. To me, the Bible encourages nothing more than healthy constructive self criticism, and healthy self improvement.

            I think that if you asked both a Christian and a dissident what the seven deadly sins are, and what the heavenly virtues are… they would largely agree.

            I dont think either the Christian or the dissidents would see self loathing as a useable virtue.

            Not trying to be a dink or start a fight; but I don’t think you are interpreting what you see in Christianity correctly. It is easy to get confused in these days where sinners are actively told by fake churches that they don’t have to loathe their sin. The Catholic Church is tearing itself to shreds with this as we speak. The flagelllates are long gone as far as I know, and are similarly not the best example of genuine modern Christianity.

          • @Glen

            People don’t work out because the feel they have excessive strength, but because they feel deficient. Likewise, he who wishes to save his life will lose it, but he who wishes to lose his life will save it. The paradox of personal growth is that it only happens when you feel insufficient. Chesterton has an essay that explains this more fully called, IIRC, the Methuselahite.

          • Again … definition and words matter. ‘Self loathing’ and ‘feeling deficient’ are two different things. The bible is not about making you grovel or chaining you up; it’s about setting you free. It’s like working out and being fit… you have to put something in to get something out.

    • To add color, our host probably meant “embrace” in the Catholic sense in which humans are all born with original sin. Not embrace = celebrate.

      “Pride” (sloth? envy? wrath?) “Celebrations” are not being held at churches which follow Christ. They may be at Historically Christian Churches (HCC’s), but Jesus left those temples a long time ago.

    • To accept your human nature, Glen.
      To accept that you can only do your best, that God will not ask for more than you can pay- “Teklos, (‘the debt is paid’)” were Christ’s final words on the Cross, that the greatest sacrifice has already been borne.

      Today’s, frankly, is jaw-droppingly good, none can match the Z for original thought.

      I say this because my old uber-Boomer friend and mentor called; it was a bit painful, like trying to go back and read PJ Media. (We had cut off because I was in the throes of my newly-discovered anti-semitism, the greatest of blasphemies to his generation.)

      New ideas literally bounce off of their heads. Nothing out of bounds can get through as they repeat Cold War tropes. The future indeed only advances one funeral at a time.

    • I take Matthew 6 as definitive. Worship discretely, pray and live simply, don’t worry, don’t make a big show of it. Very workmanlike.

      Look at the order of the Lord’s Prayer: God’s will be done; sustenance; ask and give forgiveness of debts/sins; deliverance from evil. Seems a good ordering of priorities to me, but that could just be my reading.

      • Paintersforms: Excellent comment. I’m no biblical expert, but too many Christians today seem to overthink things and yet simultaneously oversimply things to fit within Clown World culture. No, God was probably neither punishing you nor choosing to elevate your holier-than-thou nature by having you bear a severely handicapped child or by giving you the messed up hormones and mind of the confused sexual degenerate. He set the biological process in motion but in the real (and broken) world, sometimes things simply go wrong. This doesn’t mean God “made you this way” or that you are somehow uniquely ‘blessed’ by a disability. Just deal with it.

        Could He intervene and fix things every time? Sure. Could He choose to burden someone this way? Again, sure. But as one pastor noted to me, look at what Jesus did. He didn’t curse or burden anyone with disease or disability; He HEALED. Why attribute every human sin or mental/physical failing to some mystical sense of “God’s will”?

        As you note, it doesn’t need to be dreadfully complex or require a deep study of hermeneutics. If you believe, then accept that God made you and honor Him (this does not equate to groveling) as your creator. Be thankful for the world He created for one’s sustenance and use as a good steward. Try to avoid sin and wrongdoing and try to forgive others for their failings where you can, but don’t tolerate or justify evil.

  17. The guitar guy’s complaint is only about signature guitars. The one quibble he has about guitars in general is that a particular woman guitarist had a guitar made for her with a flatter neck that was easier in her hands. That’s it. That’s his whole case.

    Since signture guitars are made for guitarists who have a name, the writer’s complaint is that systemic whatever has prevented the emergence of women and trans guitar celebs. There are two ways to fix that. Male celeb guitarists can identity as women, trans or genfluid and, going forward, can have new signature guitars made for them. And there can be set asides for signature guitars (and black swimmers) mandated by the authorities.

    Most of my friends, primarily in their fifties and sixties, have awakend from their gender slumbers and are now happy heeshees. And you know what they tell me? They’ve come to this enlightened mindset “all by themselves.”

    • Lita Ford has a signature line of guitars. But nobody plays good metal anymore, male or female, so there’s no talent pool.

    • Hahaha! Like women, they don’t actually want to solve “the problem” they’ve plucked out of a hat, they just want to talk about it.

      • More precisely, they want to bitch about it. They just love to bitch endlessly about whatever.

        What percentage of signature guitars should be made for “non-binary” guitarists? Are there any famous “non-binary” guitarists out there? Why does anyone, myself included even know what the hell a non-binary is to begin with?

        • Signature guitars are made for prominent artists. Now we will get signature guitars for shitty musicians just for being “non binary”.

          Just like what we’ve done with blacks, all of life’s spoils will be given to you simply for being a victim identity.

          Look what has happened with the chimps…. Despite being violent, low IQ, low impulse control demons, we’ve put them up on pedestals and worship them. There’s even murals of St. Floyd, a man who spent his life abusing drugs, committing violent crime and stealing.

          There is zero hope for America. It will continue to die more every day. Life is going to get much harder for us whites. My wife and I will most likely leave the country when we retire (if we ever can). This is an unrecognizable place now and I despise it. My American flags are now more apt to be used to wipe my ass than be put on display in the front yard. We figure if we have to live in a third world shithole, we may as well live where our money will go further and the locals don’t hate us as much as our home country does.

          • St Floyd;

            The only individual canonized for suitcasing a lethal dose of fentanyl up his ass.

    • Or one could take up woodwork and learn how to make a guitar. No one is stopping anyone starting a company making guitars for wymin.

      But wait, that is solving the problem with no opportunity to complain about the victimihood.

      • Precisely. Problem solving in itself is problematic as it removes a topic for discussion at the next “pity party”, which as Alzaebo astutely points out is attended mostly by women.

        I find this quite often in my life with wife and daughter. One is always waking on egg shells in such discussions as the outline of a “plan of attack” to solve said “problems” is most frequently met with hostility—but there’s only so much one can take listening to such blather.

        Yes, I know it’s a male thing to think all problems have a solution—they don’t—but that’s not the issue. The issue is whether one attempts a solution or simply virtue signals concern.

    • Imbroglio

      Most of your friends are now HeeShees?

      Dear lord, what’s in your water?

  18. I’m thinking of a Retro-Amish gang tat and have the following candidates-

    A) Horse and buggy
    B) Satellite dish with a line through it
    C) Bauernhof Hitkommando
    D) Ned Ludd driving a Tesla

  19. The point about being on the cusp of child sacrifice is an accurate and sobering one. If maiming your children–physically and psychologically–and exposing them to predation by deviant adults isn’t slouching toward Moloch, I don’t know what is. Impossible as it was to conceive 25 years ago, I can now see the day when children–and perhaps white adults, as well–are ritually slaughtered as some form of reparation and propitiation. This is no longer Insane Clown World, it is Insane Demon World.

    PS–There is a much better term than the clunky post-Marx culturalist; it is postmodernist.

    • Agreed. Even normies and moderate neoliberals are beginning to complain that the world is upside down and dearly needs a high pressure colonic with a fire hose.

      I think I may actually contradict our esteemed blog host. For the most part there is no cost or sacrifice at all to the neoliberal gods. Consider: all I have to do to show my piety is put my pronouns on my work email. All I have to do is keep my mouth shut and look attentive when Corporate brings in the bloated obese she-boon to lecture on critical race theory and sensitivity. Maybe I have to take a knee with the rest of the team or wear a gay pride logo on my jersey. Doesn’t the Japanese Yakuza demand you cut off a finger before becoming a member?

      Hell’s bells – consider the women at Drag Queen Story Hour: they will offer up their children to Moloch but not themselves. All sacrifice is, according to some shrinks and psychologists – is the guilty paying for their sins with the blood of innocents, and they are too narcissistic to even see the irony in it.

      There was an incident on Blab the other day when some fellas actually went down and confronted the women involved with Pedo Story Time at the local library and challenged them. It bears mentioning that the women involved were vacuous, clueless and soulless. You could tell by looking at them, that they will be horrible mothers with or without the predation of the queers and pedos. I think it is a safe bet that none of our dissident women are like that at all.

      • “Doesn’t the Japanese Yakuza demand you cut off a finger before becoming a member?”

        Nah, I’ve always heard the Yakuza cut off the left pinkie as punishment for members screwing up badly. Side note though, I watched a TV interview with a retired Tokyo vice detective who spent most of his career dealing with the Yakuza and he said they don’t even do that anymore.

      • Anyone noticed that no Drag Queens are going to Muslim schools? I don’t hold with Islam as a religion but I respect how Muslims stick up for themselves. They don’t take any crap about sexual perversion or transgenderism. Conservatives could learn a lot from them. In the meantime, let’s keep negotiating with the enemy and reaching across the aisle!

  20. I’m starting to think that maybe the talliban aren’t so wrong.
    “Parents” (white idiotic women) that submit their offspring to insanity should be thrown from tall buildings along with the demon possesed.
    The western world jumped the shark

    • Besides harboring the Islam equivalent to an Antifa twerp (bin Laden), I’m not really sure what was evet so bad about them. Not being edgy, they fit in to their world perfectly.

  21. “Perhaps it is now time to shed the old forms and think about creating a new model appropriate to this age.”

    The problem with this is that human nature does not change. The absurdity of Marxism or any other movement to “shed old forms and create a new model” are built upon the idea of the “perfectibility” of mankind. But Marxism was never about “perfectibility”. It was about destroying anyone that stood in its way. I have a very simple view of the world. I am only concerned with what “works”. Reality, if you will. Every political imposition of the last 200 years is not about what works because it never does. If everyone were concerned with what “works”, the “missteps”, like the Federal Reserve, war on demand, immigration “reform”, civil rights, etc., would be halted immediately. They are not. They are continued in perpetuity. Why? Another simple concept: there is good and there is evil. Stability and chaos. One side supports chaos. They cannot build, only destroy. Until those that seek reality and what “works” weed out those that support chaos, with prejudice, things will continue to get worse. How much worse? I don’t think those that oppose chaos can comprehend the level to which we will descend.

    • It really is as simple as those 5 words in your opening sentence: ..”human nature does not change.”

      And so it goes

      • Please see Springhra, just above. How far does the apple fall from the tree?

        The Mulatto Otherkin, once they are grown, will need to become their own tribe, as they have nowhere to go.

        Perhaps they will be as alien as Those who seek to replace us. Original Sin was the crime of marrying into and adopting the greater culture of the Aryans dominating the MidEast; the otherkin zealots of that time called themselves the noble purebloods, rather than the lowly habiru they were (Babylonian for “refugees”, a slur), thus we have the chronicles of the long culture war between the Hebrew “purebloods” and the Israelite “halfbreeds”, still being fought in Jesus’ time.

        • (…and continuing on into the Crusader era, and yet still into our own time. Contrary to popular stereotype, the different factions still contend, as they do in every other racial grouping.)

    • “They cannot build, only destroy. Until those that seek reality and what “works” weed out those that support chaos, with prejudice, things will continue to get worse.”

      Amen. We are the builders. Reality is acknowledged and then built upon. The builder accepts reality and uses ingenuity to build great things. What makes them great? Their beauty, utility and durability to reflect and withstand reality. What does the builder do before he builds? He clears the area that will be built upon and removes all hazards that may jeopardize the safety of the builders and the creation.

      We can’t build until we clear the area of the hazards and the destroyers. So we all write on these blogs. But until we organize and form an agreed upon cohesive vision to execute it is just the wind blowing across the desert. What are the organizations and structures that will launch Operation Colonic and then Operation Metanoia?

  22. “Self-loathing has always been at the heart of mass movements. Christianity explicitly embraced this reality with the concept of sin.”
    The concept of sin is not an exercise in self-loathing, but the encapsulated truth of human nature.

    • “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;”
      Romans 3: 23

    • Yes. It is NOT the point of Christianity that we aren’t good enough. It’s that we don’t have to be good enough. Loyalty to Father is rewarded with salvation, not as a quid-pro-quo but as a relief from the burden of performance.

      You wouldn’t call a rebel accepting amnesty to be self-loathing. Neither is the human condition shameful. God Himself was not ashamed to live as a man… and most of Christ’s life was spent as a nobody tradesman in Podunk.

    • In my very first comment on the paleolithic Z-blog, I noted that the word Sin originally was the city goddess of New Babylon, as Uncle Sam is the face of America. To follow her ways, to dwell in her house, was to abandon Judean rule.

      Of course nobody could figure out what I was talking about. What I see the Zman getting at here, is to point out the root of morality: that is, identity.

      As Compsci said about Arminius, without our people, we are nothing.

      The Cold War culture revolution severed our ability to see our people as a separate people, and the Otherkin moral madness is the frantic search for a lost identity.

      Even the young are being offered on the altar, if only we might lure back the gods who have abandoned us.
      The Imposter stands ready, as is his plan, to accept.

    • That quote is rather odd. For example, if the Dirt People are to defend themselves and then assert themselves to the point where they can establish and determine their future as a civilization, they will have to organize into a mass movement. I don’t think that would be an act of self loathing. Rather, I think it would be an act of self love.

      There are aspects of Christianity that don’t sit well with me. I think Doug Casey called it a Sad Sack religion – sanctifying poverty; turning the other cheek; sanctifying charity … It is Sad Sack especially in comparison to the virtues of Rome. Christ was killed because he went into the synagogue and called out the priest class of Judaea as corrupt scoundrels. He was not that meek – at least not as a youth. The idea that the vengeful God kept punishing man and then finally sending his son to walk the earth to understand the difficulty of being human and remaining good has merits. God through the son could be empathetic. God to Man and Man to God became a less tyrannical arrangement with the son as intermediary. Animal sacrifice was no longer necessary. Redemption and forgiveness replaced vengeance. Moreover, man does not have to carry the burden of his wrongs alone. He can be redeemed and thus be free to continue striving for greatness on earth – repentant but not hiding in shame; loved and understood by his creator. I think there is some merit to that. That said, I lean toward exploring the more Pagan pantheons to fill the God sized hole. That hole is real, and the victors will be the ones who fill it with intentionality that fits what is needed at the moment without compromising virtue and integrity. Without the latter, there is no victory.

      The Religion of The GAE does rely on self degradation which is a self reinforcing shame spiral. Think of how hollow a person, if they even have a person inside, performs these rites and catechisms. Be they basement dwelling tik-tokers to high level executives and politicians, we aren’t dealing with people who have a lot of fortitude they can summon. We should be emboldened by this.

      I’ve taken intelligent stands in the corporate struggle session and in the midst of gaggles of feminists … You can speak a truth in a certain manner, both in terms of the chosen words and the unapologetic strength behind them, that makes the cultist crumble. For behind the moralizing monster is a paper thin and transparent immorality that is mostly pure evil and a profound ignorance. A couple of smart questions and they just crumble into the nothingness that they are. In person they really are not much. That is why they need to be on line or scurry around in HR amongst themselves like cockroaches. That is to be expected given that one of the holiest of temples they have created for themselves are the Crybaby Center and the Abbey of St. Safe Space.

      I ramble, but in this comment are things to be understood, explored and internalized.

  23. As I’ve written before, we’re a society running on momentum. Non-whites, the usual suspects and some whites have no connection to the people, institutions and morality that built what was the United States; indeed, they hate those people, institutions and, especially, the civic nationalism morality. However, they can’t offer up an alternative.

    The remaining civic nationalist whites still look to the old ideas and institutions, but the CivNats can’t hold them against the hate whitey tide. The CivNats bet everything on non-whites, the usual suspects and white women embracing their color-blind, merit-based ideology. Like all blank slate-based plans, it failed.

    So, we find ourselves in limbo. The old ideology is dying, but there’s no functioning system/morality to replace it. As a result, everyone sort of clings to old institutions and systems, even as they slowly destroy and despise them.

    Eventually, the institutions will degrade enough to where they no longer function, and that’s when things get interesting.

    • I have friends who despise ClownWorld, but are invested in Q-World, following all of the talk about Durham’s investigation, and something called “devolution” which means the “White Hats” are working behind the scenes to arrest Hillary, Biden, maybe some of the traitorous Republicans as well.

      They believe that once these events happen, along with the GOP regaining power, all will be well. When I bring up changing demographics and the attack on Whites, I’m told that “we can’t divide people,” and we have to stay united to fight evil.

      There are many popular podcast peddling this stuff. X22 Report, Jordan Sather (Destroying the Illusion), Mel K, Charlie Ward are a few of them. They call themselves “truthers.” To me, it all comes off as telling people what they want to hear.

      • “They call themselves “truthers.” To me, it all comes off as telling people what they want to hear.”

        You remember the movie gladiator? Where after he kills the corrupt emperor who murdered his own father and the others adopted father he gives .gov back to the “people” of Rome? That is the world most people live in, right until the world smacks them in the face.

        “it wasn’t supposed to be this way!”

      • They aren’t “divided”, they’re united in the genocide of Whites.

        (Sock puppets on Blab have the same MO: “They’re dividing us to gain power!!” Okay, “who” is doing this “dividing”? What do they intend to do with this “power” that they aren’t doing already?)

      • I sometimes go to Greatawakening.win to gawp in wonder at the insanity of the Q folks. Of course, I’ve long been banned for saying that none of Q’s predictions have come true and that it was probably either a CIA Psyops or a couple of jokers in their mother’s basement. The sad people have wasted 3/4 years waiting for A Man on a White Horse to come and save them. As for the Q messages themselves, they are mix of fortune cookie level inane slogans dressed up in fake military code. Trust the Plan!

      • Thanks Mr. House, excellent blog that cleared the fog hiding the deception. I’ve never been able to figure out whether they were Evil or Stupid; turns out they are just Crafty.

  24. “In the present age, it is those asking how useful is that old civic nationalism rooted on the culture of the Founders when it has led to suburban mothers sacrificing their children to groomers?”

    As Anton Chigurh said, If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?

    • One of the obvious rules “that brought us to this” was the first amendment. Allowing the seditious and subversive to express themselves was a terrible mistake and one that they are not making now that they, the seditious and subversive, hold the whip hand. We have inadvertently conducted yet another centuries long experiment in social alchemy which solidly confirm previous results and should inform the laws made to organize whatever will replace our failed social order. A White Christian reconquest of North America would be wise to put more effort into defining what ideas are subversive or otherwise harmful to society at large and what the appropriate punishments for transgressions are.

      • While we are at it, was never too fond of the supremacy clause either. Lots of mischief in that one.

  25. It is a good thing that I haven’t let my membership lapse in the Society of Book Burners. I’m taking my copy of Future Shock to the next meeting.

  26. This would be a great time for a Catholic revival, as in France in the early 19th Century. The traditionalist movement has the basics and the energy. Perhaps when Bergoglio is gone.

    • I don’t think that this will, or even can, happen, at least not with a prospect of success. Far too many of us pilgrims consider the edifice of institutions implicit to such a revanchist religious revival to be a dead letter. This edifice, upon which such a revival would be premised to be grounded, is viewed as a religious “stare decisis” if you will; i.e., a slow encrustation of past follies which must serve as a strait jacket for all who follow. It is a sort of “civic nationalism” a priori assumed to be relevant to the situation in which we find ourselves as a people, meritorious in the aspiration, but doomed to fail by the mistaken perception that the structures and institutions devised for a bygone society can still serve as a template. Too much water has passed under the bridge, and too much has irretrievably been lost for this to be the case; our circumstances are no longer as they were.

      • I mean, in fairness to Pete, that might be a legit question. Between the Lutheran, episcopalian, etc scandals and official policies, its hard to keep track of which church has the most gay stuff. Used to be, “preacher diddled a 12 year old boy” meant Catholic. Now, it could be any denomination!

    • Sorry, but as someone who often travels in France for work, I see no sigh whatsoever of any “traditionalist” revival. Most Frenchie wouldn’t even know what the expression meant. There is certainly an Islamic Revival, but I’m not sure if that counts.

  27. Many years ago – Solomon built an high place for Chemosh, the abomination of Moab, and for Molech, the abomination of the children of Ammon.

    In the current day – the savage mind cult seems intent to recreate.

    The thing that has been, is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is nothing new under the sun.

  28. Not sure what to make of today’s post. Had to read it twice.

    Yes, we have lots of crazies in our society. This is nothing new. The percentage goes up with prolonged affluence. We also notice them more in a world of cell phones and social media, plus the news business is highly competitive now and MSM frequently highlights freak shows to gain audience. No different than the traveling carny shows of days past.

    And none of this is going away until the environment changes. When people go 3 days without a meal, adding a nose ring to compliment their eyebrow piercing becomes a low priority. So, rather than lament the CRAZY or poke fun at them for sport, most of us just ignore them and steer clear.

    Here is a bit of ancient wisdom. If you really feel the need to push back, don’t do it the way that Patriot group in Coer d’Alene did. The Stasi loves it when the “bad guys” can be lured into a trap and led by the nose into deceptively manufactured criminal activity. This just makes the Stasi look good by promoting easy busts and “proving” to the world that white supremacy is a real thing. And never forget that this was “honorable” white guys that organized this entrapment and paid serious money to the CI ringleaders that orchestrated the whole thing.

    • “Not sure what to make of today’s post. Had to read it twice.”

      Well, what I learned from today’s post is that the Z-Man does not understand Christianity, does not understand Spengler, does not understand religion or mass movements, and that he is a surface-level thinker with a knack for fantastical combinations, a classic Pareto Type-I residue.

        • ID sticks around to amuse himself. Note that he never specifically corrects that which he deems intellectual error on Z-man’s part. He simply leaves snarky remarks and move on.

          This is the hallmark of a pseudo-intellectual troll.

      • Well I find the Zman’s couple of observations on the nature of Christianity in the post true. In fact Christianity is both self-loathing (you are automatically a sinner for just being born in this world), and leading to high-brow societal constructs that cannot be grasped from within the sundry current woke cults frame.
        I think he has struck a rich vein with this Veblen-influenced analysis of the status symbol, virtue signaling nature of woke posturing.
        Hope to read more of such intuitions such as the macaroni parallel, which is at once obscure and fitting, hence anything but superficial.

        • The concept of original sin is a bit peculiar, I admit. But to equate that with official promotion of “self-loathing” seems a reach.

          As far as sin goes, who is not a sinner? As I noted before, I have a great many sins to consider in my past, but I’ve never reacted with the type of self-loathing—and behavioral conversion—as described by Z-man.

          In my world of “normal”, but fallen, acquaintances I fail to discern any self-loathers as Z-man describes. Am I just fortunate, or just unobservant?

          • What you are, is a relic from a storied past. Given enough time, even a common vase, the lone survivor amongst thousands made, becomes an irreplaceable treasure.

            Who knows?
            Perhaps it will be you as the last whitehair, telling impossible stories to scoffing young men in loincloths.

          • I also think very few self-flagellate at the thought of being born in sin without any alternatives.
            Still, if only conceptually, we can concede to the Zman that admitting to an ancestral guilt we are not responsible for is a bit diminishing of our moral status and thus self-loathing. Hence his reasoning that “Self-loathing has always been at the heart of mass movements” flows seamlessly enough.
            Depends if you can accept the meaning of self-loathing to include the mere cerebral acceptance that there is an original sin which you can just shrug about without any practical consequence. If on the one hand you fully intend “self-loathing” as the condition of tormenting oneself in anguish, then clearly you’ll object to the citation from today’s post above.

        • Guess it depends on your brand of Christianity. The concept of Original Sin is a little deeper than “born this way.” Christianity is not really self-loathing – (1) because it teaches O.S. is endemic to all of humanity (2) Christianity sees itself as the only way out, and (3) if self-loathing, only in the sense that we were made for so much more.

          But I took his mention as a surface scratch to make a point, and not a doctoral thesis.

          Of course current “Christianity” does suffer from an inferiority complex through a lot of humble bragging (which is the worst kind of pride), but that is more a reflection on the bulk of current adherents than the actual Faith.

          • The notion of Original Sin arises from the truth that no man can completely shed the desire to compete with God, and that this is the basis of every last one of our moral transgressions. It’s not intended to be an indictment of any of us; its teaching is only to bring awareness to the nature of our relationship with the Creator.

          • I think in the context of this post, the Zman intended the original sin as ‘self-loathing’ in the sense of ‘self-handicapping’, as in the Yakuza mademan having to chop one of his fingers off to show his loyalty, or as in the v.i.p. going to Epstein’s island having to compromise himself with a minor on camera to be part of the club.
            You have got to offer a sacrifice of sorts to be part of a group of initiates. In the case of Christianity moral purity gets sacrificed, i.e. humiliate yourself with the admission of being a sinner no matter what. So that would be choice (3) of the ones you offer, with choice (1) to make the admission easier as I believe once upon a time they cared a lot more about one’s own moral stature.

    • You can only steer clear of the crazies if they let you. Being a “gray man” no longer works. “Gay” man, yes; “Gray” man, no. If you don’t believe me, ask Mrs Kavanaugh how steering clear is working out. These SoBs won’t be stopped until they are.

  29. “His profile makes clear that he is a fully enculturated bug man”

    I didn’t need to read his profile to know he is a bug man. He is writing on a homosexual fitness site.

      • No regular reader would believe that Z-Man spends his time browsing sweaty gay dudes, which is why the above post is obviously a joke.

        The joke was funny, so I gave it a thumbs-up — for the joke, not for the literal sentiment. Interesting to see a 50/50 split. Either half the people didn’t get the joke, or half the people (me included) mistakenly perceived it as a joke when Trumpton was serious.

        Funny how the internet works.

    • “homosexual fitness”. Oxymoron of the week. Homosexual activity should have a whole DSM-IV to itself.

  30. Speaking of mutants, the latest issue of my grad school alumni mag has a two-page spread showcasing the glorious weaves and neon hair coloring of the fat, greasy mutants found on campus, tucked in between the endless articles about vibrant state of Xirl Science.

      • I’m so old that I remember when the phrase “on the rag” meant that your girlfriend was acting bitchy because she was having her period.

        • An interesting point you bring up, Tom. This saying and sooo many others I too remember and I too used them so frequently in my youth.

          Now, after having lived through almost 3 generations of societal change in mores—read “Liberal indoctrination”—I don’t even think of them and never use them in any conversation, even among friends.

          It’s not that I don’t think they are descriptive, or vulgar, or even insulting. It’s that I now recognize/accept that I have been “trained” to not even think in those terms by the general cultural change I’ve lived through. It’s humbling to think how easily even I have inculcated such “norms”. 🙁

    • Wild Geese: Unless it genuinely helps you in your career to be known as an alum of school ‘x,’ have them remove your name from their mailing list – for endless fundme appeals as well as the alum rag. I had this done for both undergrad and grad school after finding myself yet again enraged by the celebratory decay in each issue. For all I know they’ve removed my name from their list of alums altogether – ask me if I care.

  31. The return to barbarism will largely (say 2/3) be laid at the feet of the left for fomenting and fueling our descent to degeneracy – and the right will bear the remainder of the responsibility for allowing it to happen by never fighting back with any intensity.

    The utterly failed attempt to empower and raise up the black race over the past 60 odd years is another good example of the cult mentality. At some point, the futility will be openly acknowledged and recognized, so we can hopefully move on. But the continuing absurdity and ridiculousness of the effort seems to know no bounds. The cult is all in and apparently has no intention of giving up – the promised land is out there somewhere just waiting to be found.

    • Look on the bright side: Given their track record, conservatives are not going to conserve much of the new barbarism.

    • Along with the rot that prosperity brings about in advanced societies, the resultant progressive intellectual class that accelerates our decline is the most effective.

      Finally getting around to reading the last of C.S. Lewis’ , That Hideous Strength. Written in 1945 it tells the story of an organization that is formed in the university setting who’s grand purpose is the total control and makeover of world. Progressivism laid bare in exactly how they view mankind and given the power, money and control over the media how they will implement their designs for the ultimate betterment.

      I haven’t got to the downfall of all this but can surmise where it is going. Hell, I’m living it. Probably an added dark spiritual/sci-fi twist to boot. Please don’t ruin it for me.

      • Reading Perelandra right now, working my way up to it.

        I tried reading it about 15 years ago and found the message too heavy-handed and unrealistic. Joke’s on me.

    • Barbarian was the term used by Greeks to describe all non-Greek speakers. It has come to mean people whose culture is more “primitive” than others and is typically used by those that consider their culture more “advanced” than the barbarians. In fact, the argument could be made that a change from a barbaric culture to a more technological one is a case of degeneracy in itself. It’s likely that the primitive Amish, for instance, regard their neighbors “the English” as degenerates.
      First-world moderns, heavily engaged in contemplating the daily adventures of the Kardashians, silly but dangerous elected officials, and the latest editions of unnecessary consumer products make barbarians look like sensible souls. The ordinary barbarians don’t build massive homes to shelter their shrinking families. They don’t spend billions a year on lawn care. Sadly, however their addiction to electronic heroin, the almighty television, is dragging them from barbarism to insanity.

    • “At some point, the futility will be openly acknowledged and recognized, so we can hopefully move on.” I’m not as optimistic. The more apparent it becomes that African failures are biological, the more the left doubles down on systemic racism as the cause. It is just too hard to admit some races are more successful. Even most on the Right cannot cross this bridge because they fear intellectual inferiority might imply moral/spiritual inferiority.

      • DLS: As you note, correlation is not causation. However, I would posit that the true bridge too far (which I long ago crossed) is simply accepting intellectual and spiritual and physical differences as all manifestations of differing subspecies: i.e. any form of racial egalitarianism is a basic category error. That is what they truly fear.

        • And “category error” leads to false—as in impossible—expectations. Hence the basis for much of our conflict among the races today.

        • That’s a good way to put it. The denial of the category error takes an unbelievable amount of delusion, when you are a Google search away from an IQ-by-country map. A good question to ask a race egalitarian is, which of the roughly 50 countries in Africa is not a third world hellhole? Oh yeah, the one founded by whites. How can the other 40+ countries be victims of systemic racism when they are 100% black? Africa has a great climate for agriculture, prime access to trading routes and loads of natural resources. What is holding them back? I never get a response.

          I understand how bad it must be to wear your category error on your skin. But denial of reality is never a good thing. Nor would it be good to live in the abject poverty of countries populated with all citizens of your same category.

  32. It’s middle and upper-class White women who are offering their children up to this degeneracy. You never see Black, Hispanic, Asian, poor White female, or White fathers with their kids at drag shows.

    • It is all white children. This cult of child sacrifice. And it is in the hands of their white parents. If they don’t kill them in the womb they sacrifice their innocence in childhood. So demonic.

    • Mostly work with young men in their late 20’s and early 30’s: average earning per year $200-$250k.

      None of them have kids. None of them WANT kids. Most common reason “Kids are too expensive, I can’t afford to have them.”

      Women drive this choice of course. But both men and women already sacrifice their children by never having them in the first place, indulging first and foremost in the hedonic treadmill.

      The modern world is wealthy, but it has no connections to the past or the future generations. Mass elf-inflicted sterility spells doom for whatever future generations manage to get here.

      • They would want any kid that they have to land on the cloud, which yes, has become prohibitively expensive even for that salary class. White families set their kids up for failure by making sure that they respect The System and their place in it above all else.

      • I’m surprised the birth rate is as high as it is, my former high school / college mates have produced almost 0 children (to be fair, myself included).

        If it makes you feel any better, the POC have the same birth rate of 0 as the white people.

      • There’s still on option for the men to wait until their 40s and find a twenty-something to bear children. Not so much for women.

    • Mammon over honor and morality. Men can be cowards, women can be as crazy as they want to be.

    • Friar Lawrence from Romeo and Juliet: ‘Women may fall, when there’s no strength in men.’

  33. It is also no surprise that they have arrived at the cusp of child sacrifice. Spilling innocent blood appeals to the savage mind.
    Abortion enthusiasts have “savage minds”? What, indeed, is a “savage mind”? In the case of the abortion enthusiasts their mentality contains a rejection of one of the most important features of the savage mind, reproduction, something pointed out by Spengler. The decaying culture of which they are a part rejects normal motherhood for a symbolic place in the political, governmental, economic, social maze. Motherhood is an expensive inconvenience and responsibility that requires Similac and interrupted sleep. Savage minds look at it much differently.
    Jonathon Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” wasn’t a satire on the savage mind but instead an indictment of the line of thinking current in the most civilized society of his era.

  34. When some people at my work (a large defense contractor) started putting their pronouns on their emails, I realized that when the cultural rot reaches a heavily STEM-oriented organization, we’re in trouble as a civilization.

    The people in charge encourage this not because they’re leading it, but because they’re swept along with the waves of madness. They must ride the crest or drown.

    As long as there is food in the grocery stores and electricity, this madness will be allowed to continue. But remove those things and it becomes a survival issue, those degenerates will likely be banished and left to die outside civilization. That’d be a good thing. These degenerates need to either be treated in a psychiatric facility or culled.

    I’d guess that we’re seeing the final spasms of Western Civilization. The degeneracy is just breathtaking in its disgustingness. Either aborting children or grooming the ones that survive into sodomy is beyond monstrous.

    • I find the ongoing child abuse monstrous because it’s a sort of slow-motion human sacrifice and resurrection as a zombie.

      I mean, why just chop someone’s heart out like an Aztec when you can drag the sacrifice out over months or even years?

      • But Geese, it will make the crops grow. Gaia will turn green again, just a few thousand more should do it.

    • They can still die outside.

      If anyone does stuff like pronouns or flags or the “current thing”, just cut them out. Cut them out of your social life, your home, your work projects, your family. 3g4me makes this point repeatedly.

      The lack of social stigma and toleration of evil is enabling this. Social ostracism for NPCs can work both ways if people would just realize it.

      You get less of what you punish.

    • I lost a private teaching contract at a big local school a while back. My crime? One of my students asked me what I thought about the new teacher, a man who dressed as a woman. I told him that he shouldn’t be dressed like that around young children. Of course, it got back to Mom, who told the school, and I was hauled before the head and his controllers (HR). I refused to apologise and repeated my point. That ended my contact with that particular school. The job title of this sexual pervert was….”Wellness Counselor” and he worked in the primary section. I’ve since heard that many of the parents are angry about this guy being there, but of course, none of these good Christians has bothered to complain because their little kiddos won’t get their certificates and go to Uni. Such is our modern world.

  35. The initiation rites used as examples in the opening paragraphs…
    I believe that was Epstein’s role with the elite. To become “made” in the elite, you took a plane ride to his island and did unspeakable things to a minor while being recorded. Then all the doors of power and wealth were opened for you, as long as you did as instructed. It explains the behavior of many who took the ride, especially John Roberts.

    • Yep. Same with Hollywood. Think, what did Tom Hanks have to do to become so revered? It really boggles the mind what a profound degenerate he must be

      • A few actors or insiders have pulled back the curtain and revealed what it takes to make it high up in that degenerate business. Lots of homo action for one to go along with the decades old tradition of sluttery. Brad being passed around like a boy toy is a common mention.

      • Yup.

        Hanks’ first major TV credit was Bosom Buddies, a show written entirely around crossdressing.

        His first major film credit was Mazes & Monsters, a film centered on his character’s psychotic break from reality.

        Obviously these are totally normal and family friendly themes. Nothing to see here folks!

          • Why is Mel Gibson suspect? He has been ostracized by Hollywood when he was of leading character caliber, only a handful of actors at his level, plus he has proven to be a competent director which requires a certain amount of acquired culture and creativity.
            So he has lost an awful lot in calling them out.

          • Majorian,

            I can’t reply to you but because he made it in the first. Repentance is always possible till the last breath and it is clear that he is fighting demons and I hope he wins

  36. If it’s any consolation, some of the brighter college kids I saw hit the depths of cynicism about the pronoun thing right from the beginning. Just as “I have a learning disability” no longer means anything other than “I’m not going to do the homework, so just mark down an ‘incomplete’ for my class grade now,” so insisting on bizarre plural pronouns means one of two things: Either the obvious one (“don’t call on me in class, because I’m mentally ill and will start raving about the saucer people”) or the slightly less obvious one (“don’t call on me, because I didn’t do the homework”) — the cynical kids know it’s impossible to mangle grammar sufficiently to have any kind of meaningful back-and-forth with them while using the “proper” pronouns, so no professor will do it.

    Very Soviet, the new generation of college kids — gen Z or Zoomers or whatever stupid shit we’re calling them now. Very late-stage Soviet. If you really want to get weirded out, go down to the nearest campus — you’ll see a bunch of 19 kids with the bodies of 19 year olds, but the facial expressions of 50 year old streetwalkers.

    • This sounds a bit like the Chinese youth who have begun moving on from laying flat to bai lan, which translates as, “let it rot.”

  37. The loss of masculinity possibly keeps us from either rescuing the current system or creating a new one.
    If we had men within our elites and our population, a few hangings and jailing along with reforms that stick could possibly save this current system.
    And if we had enough men thinking and writing and acting towards a new system we would possibly be further down that path.
    We seem to be stuck in a quickly deteriorating system but we don’t know what to do because we are not starving yet.
    Maybe we have to get to the starving and collapse stages before the masculine men that are left among us start thinking in larger numbers about something new?


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