Thinking About The Possible

A popular setup for the cooking shows is a gameshow format in which the contestants are forced to cook a meal using the wrong ingredients. Maybe they have to compete for ingredients and all of them end up with a partial list of required items. Maybe they are given wacky items and tasked with making a traditional dish. The secret ingredient is aardvark noses and the dish is chicken cacciatore. The entertainment is in watching them solve the puzzle in amusing ways.

The underlying truth of these shows is that a dish is not just the sum of its ingredients or just the skill of the chef. The dishes that are famous in our culture are the combination of ingredients in the right proportions, assembled by people with the skill and cultural understanding to create the dish. A Spanish guy who grew up on paella knows how it is supposed to look and taste. He may be able to get the same effect using ingredients not traditionally used in the dish.

This is the truth of politics. The old line about politics, that it is the art of the possible, depends on the same set of assumptions. To get something passed through a legislature, you have to get a majority. Outside of symbolic items like momentary resolutions, this means finding a compromise that a majority can accept. Put another way, in order to get a bill passed the ingredients for it must exist. Then you need someone to assemble those ingredients into the final bill.

Strangely, when the subject moves up into meta politics and political philosophy, this understanding gets tossed away in favor of the blank sheet approach. It is just assumed that the remnants of today, after the collapse of course, will be easily swept away and a new system can be built from scratch. After the revolution, the winners will get to conjure from nothing a new political system. The facts and events that led to the great starting over are left out of the discussion.

This blank slate mentality infects the Left and Right. For the Left, the glorious future that is free of suffering and exploitation is otherwise undefined. In fact, its lack of specifics is the appeal. They just know they will be able to fish in the morning, hunt in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening and do critical theory at night. In other words, the glorious future can be what the believer wants it to be because the future will be free of all of the things that made the glorious future possible.

For the Right, this blank slate thinking imagines a do-over based on a fictional understanding of the past. The Founders, for example, assembled in Philadelphia to draft the Constitution, carrying loads of virgin parchment. They were going to start from scratch and create what they hoped would be their ideal republic. The American conservative imagines himself going back to that time, with the knowledge of today, to help tidy up the bits that have gone wrong.

Of course, the reality of the founding is something different. The Founders came together like the contestants on those cooking shows. They had a vague idea of what they wanted to make. They knew they had a limited set of ingredients. They also had the experience of the prior effort to create a national government. These were practical men focused on what was possible given the constraints of the age. They were not dreamers and idealist. They were wizened realists.

Left-wing people are incapable of thinking in these terms because what attracts them to the various subcultures on the Left is the desire to escape this fallen world. It is why facts and reason have no effect on their politics. Right-wing people, in contrast, are much more realistic about the human condition. They should be inclined to focus on what is possible, given the ingredients, than they are, which raises the question as to whether there even is a genuine Right.

Putting that aside, if one wants to imagine what comes next for America, the place to start is the ingredient list. Just as the Founders had to think first about what was possible with the ingredients at their disposal, the man of the Right in this age must first think hard about the ingredient list. What sort of civic life will be possible in America given the probable list of ingredients. There is some uncertainty on some of them, like technology, but others are better understood.

For example, there is no avoiding demographics. By the middle of this century, just a generation away, American will be a nonwhite society. That means that the people taking up positions of authority in two decades will have spent their entire lives as a minority in a society made by white people. Whatever civic life is possible will be one where Nick Fuentes and Ocasio-Cortez are typical. That is not a demographic for which the Founders designed the Constitution.

Is it possible to have a society with things like equality before the law when the society is composed of adversarial tribes? Of course, the idea of the individual being the building block is not going to hold up in a world where competing groups fight for the spoils of society. On the other hand, maybe there is a common ground in a fragmented, multiracial society around which to build a politics. What unifying set of understandings or beliefs could emerge in the society of the future?

There is also the possibility that civil society is impossible under the conditions that are shaping up at the moment. Immigration is a good example. America has no border as a practical matter, yet the public seems to be fine with it. Maybe that changes as the reality of this becomes clear to people. There has been some movement in the polling on immigration. On the other hand, the rulers are for open borders so that will be the policy until events force a change at the top.

That brings up the other important ingredient. The starting point for a new politics based in the reality of society is that it can only come after events lead to a replacement of the current elites with a new elite. How that happens will cast a long shadow over those tasked with shaping a new society. The Founders were certainly affected by their experience in the war against England. What will that conflagration look like and how will it impact the people who come after it?

An honest examination of the present trends says that two things are true about current politics and what comes next. One is that there is nothing to be done to arrest the current trends. It does not mean they will continue indefinitely, but that they will run their course to their logical end. The other assumption is that the ingredients available to build a civic society in the future will look nothing like the past. In fact, it is possible that a civil society as we understand it is not going to be possible.

The point of this exercise is that the past is not going to be terribly useful for the people tasked with creating a civil society in the future. Western man will soon find himself in the same situation as those cooking show contestants. Their training and skill at making traditional dishes is often a liability when they are handed bizarre ingredients like aardvark lips and bat testicles. The clean sheet of paper is in their mind, not the canvas on which they will create their masterpiece.

This is the next phase of dissident thinking. The critiques of this age and its causes is nearly complete. What must come next is acceptance that there will be no great restoration after the revolution. Instead, what comes next will start with the available ingredients and the experience of the failure of this age. That is a hard project but whoever shapes the future will first have started out with a plan for a future that lies within the possible, rather than fantasies of the past.

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173 thoughts on “Thinking About The Possible

  1. No one will care until the lights go out and the water stops flowing. By then no one will be capable of maintaining utilities or even understand basic engineering. The US will become like Sub-Saharan Africa after the Europeans left.

  2. Lake Mead has dropped low enough to force turbines to shutdown at the Hoover Dam:

    There are also reports that diesel oil (not DEF) will run out in 8 to 10 weeks because the plants that make the additives are offline, but the sourcing on those is not the best.

  3. It looks to me like the most likely outcome here in America is that white people are wiped out. I say that because of the way whites have behaved over the last 80 years or so. Minorites have had multiple generations of hate think toward whites as a steady diet. In much of the country violence against whites is basically a civil right. That will only get massively worse.

    I can’t see a circumstance where white people suddenly start looking out for their own interests in numbers that will matter. I hope I am wrong.

  4. Akshully, the Americans were not one people before the Revolution. They were English and Germans and Quakers and Puritans and Scotch-Irish, etc. One of them was “the bastard brat of a Scotch pedlar.”

    What united them was fighting a war against King George.

    And I think that after the current regime we will find all the Commoners, especially white and Hispanic and Asian, all on one page. And the tribe of the Commoner is the nation.

    • I don’t know how anyone can not see hispanic and asian tribalism.

      Racial tribalism is deeper than conservative values.

      • It’s in the genes. Evolutionary biology is the source of the tribal instinct and IQ.

        Whites are low in tribalism and moderate in IQ. They tend to be more individualistic. Jews are high in both clannishness and IQ. It is that combination of traits that makes them so successful in competing against other ethnic groups. They exploit other ethnic groups insecurities to make war on whites.

  5. “What must come next is acceptance that there will be no great restoration after the revolution. Instead, what comes next will start with the available ingredients and the experience of the failure of this age.”

    I heard the much vituperated Richard Spencer coming to a similar conclusion in a podcast about a year ago. His point was that the demographic catastrophe is something that needs to be accepted as inevitable by now. However, he continued, there are countless examples of organized minorities that have held power with a firm grip in their societies. I wish I could provide a link, but the podcast is lost among the countless he produced.
    I can easily see alternative solutions, however people like Zman and Spencer, who strive to be seen as respectable, frown at fedposting, so I will refrain to expand on alternatives.

  6. It’s not Left and Right any more. There are a lot of traditional Lefties (think Glenn Greenwald) who have no home on the Left because the Left has gone insane. There are a lot of traditional Righties (name your favorite RINO) who have thrown their own people in the garbage. The old post Civil War Dem vs. Repub, Left vs. Right, structure is breaking down. You see it in places like that gal in TX who flipped a 100-year Democrat seat. How did she flip it?

    In her own words, “…because I’m one of them and I’m also standing up for our values. God, family, our community. That’s who we are in South Texas. We’re all about hard work.”

    This is about Individualists vs. Collectivists and always has been. Her basic statement is that of the individualist – loyality to self, family, and God grounded in some pretty eternal values like faith and hard work.

    The art of the possible means Individuals overtly rejecting the current Government Party system where the Republicans and the Democrats pretend to disagree while they rape and pillage the country to benefit their bank accounts and those of their kids. Trump was the warning sign in 2016. How did the GOP respond? They tried to have him removed from office, then, once they helped get Biden installed, they IMMEDIATELY set out to make as much money as they could in the short time they know they have left (Ukraine, “infrastructure” bill, etc.).

    But Trump isn’t the right guy to lead a movement. That’s going to take somebody who is a lot more stable, and a lot more willing to be ideological. But not ideological in the old “left/right” model. Ideological in the sense that the Left has gone batshit crazy and being absolutely and unquestioningly ready to say that anybody who thinks a man can have a baby is a lunatic. Anybody who thinks Biden was elected legitimately – now proven wrong after a year of incompetence and foolishness and humiliations – is a lunatic. Anybody who thinks these various wars we’ve lost since 2001 are good for the country is a lunatic. Anybody who thinks these school shootings are not planned and executed BY THE GOVERNMENT is a lunatic.

    It’s going to take a big voice to do that, and it’s going to require individualists to do something we are typically loathed to do: drive these people out of town, out of the country, and never allow them back in. And we have to purge the Government of all forms of this Cultural Marxism stuff. Literally, the guy who wins in 2024 is the one who promises to go through the military, civil service, and related industries on a search and destroy mission to wipe out the cultural Marxists who infest those institutions. Fire them, remove their clearances, ban them from government jobs, etc.

    What comes next? We keep the system we have, but we redefine the battlefield into collectivists and individualists. Our system, just like the Romans, does have the ability to reform itself and go on for several more centuries. But it’s going to require some purges to get there and it’s going to require some leaders willing to take scalps.

    Right now, we don’t have those things.

    There is a large coalition in this country that is, I think, waiting for that leader to emerge and to represent them. So-called “Hispanics” (largely white people who speak Spanish languages) are puking over the cultural Marxism garbage. Most of them left their home countries and came here…because of Marxism and cultural Marxism.

    There is still an opportunity to wrestle control back…but when we get it, the ax needs to fall hard on the necks of the collectivists.

    • “This is about Individualists vs. Collectivists and always has been.”

      Individuals always lose against an organized group over time. If your primary commitment is not to going a group against competing groups then you will be picked off with ease.

      How many times must this be repeated? When will the curse of Ayn Rand die?

      • Sure individuals get picked off in isolation by a group, but it’s hard in practice to be a collectivist if you are independent minded.
        It is choke full of idiots out there, and of narcissists happy to manipulate them. They’ll toss you to the pigs the first hint of logical reasoning they hear. Not very appealing to be group minded at present.

      • Each of us is an individual. That is a fact of life. And most of what we do in life, we do as individuals. But more importantly, “individualism” isn’t about any particular individual (e.g. any individual can be a collectivist), it’s about self reliance as the primary basis of a life well lived. IOW, being a parasitic leech is not a virtue. Now, to your point.

        Some people cannot act with courage and bravery unless they have a gang standing behind them. Others have enough self esteem and self confidence to fight whether alone or in concert with others. Which type of person would you aspire to be?

      • True, and I’ve written exactly that on this blog many times before. Individuals hate this stuff, and actively avoid it, opening the door to the collectivists.

        But I’ll also point out that the New York Yankees have had a team model of individual players (and a shit ton of money) winning for a century.

        Other teams periodically model this.

        Which is why the purge is needed. You have to use your time in the sun to wipe out your enemies.

    • hokkoda: “So-called “Hispanics” (largely white people who speak Spanish languages)”

      There was a 200+ comment thread yesterday, detailing how many of us know – from various experiences in various locations – that Hispanics/Latinos/Mestizos are NOT White people who happen to speak Spanish. Start off with a flawed premise and reach a flawed conclusion.

      And your constant emphasis on the individual is really a cover for an emphasis on magic principles – “Hard work, God, our community.” Except her community is the Mestizo community, not the heritage American community. Plenty of people put in plenty of hard work over generations to build this country, but today too many seem to think only non-Whites have the ability to perform physical labor or maintain a work ethic.

      If the only thing required for a successful nation was a belief in God, hard work, and community, there would not have been centuries of war in Europe or the 1860s War Between the States. Principles and individuals sound find on paper. In real life, one needs a community – a real meat-space one based on a common genetic heritage and history and language and culture – to succeed. As far as the fantasy of one big man to thoroughly clean house and then it’s back to the magic founders we go . . . perhaps try to daydream elsewhere.

      • So, summing up, you don’t have an answer.

        You’re already pregnant, complaining about the WOP in the gene pool.

    • Anyone who thinks men can have babies is indeed a lunatic.

      The election was probably stolen through commission of fraud, and there was certainly an orchestrated or emergent effort by the media to slant coverage so far in favor of a beleaguered and venal Biden that Trump almost certainly would have won, even given the likely volume of fraud that occurred, had coverage been even moderately fair.

      That said, it’s still possible to hold the opinion that the election was not stolen, especially for those who are statistically uninclined or just not well informed, without being anything close to a lunatic.

      But the “everything’s a false flag” position frankly makes those espousing it look far more like lunatics than the skeptics. Is there any conclusive evidence that any school shooter was ever even in contact with a single Fed?

      Ascribing godlike powers to agencies whose track record is a trail of execrable incompetent bungling does not reinforce an image of detached reason.

      This might come off as verbose nitpicking, but the tendency towards fantastic conspiratorial explanations on dissident sites gets frustratingly old. Things didn’t even work like that when serious men staffed the FBI. It’s a cop-out fairy tale now.

  7. Well then, we better get started on Orania. Or even better, several Oranias that can later be linked together like portions of a puzzle.

  8. They will NEVER voluntarily agree to devolution of power to smaller entities, much less devolution of power to the point of proliferation of sovereignty


    • That was in response to Horace’s first post, waaaaay at the bottom.

      This newest post on top is really annoying.

    • But they don’t have to. You might say that the logistical costs of wielding power increase as the square of the distance from its seat, with friction accumulating in a similar way.

      It doesn’t take much friction — ungovernability — to move the radius of practical territorial control to roughly the field of view through the praetorian’s optics.

  9. Continuing with the cooking show analogy, the difference between left and right begins with their understanding of the ingredients:

    The left sees White people as toxic: insisting that the reason the recipes of the past never satisfied, is that the main ingredient was Whites. All along that food was making everyone sick, we just never noticed it.

    The solution, as leftists see it, is to alter the recipe: cut back on the proportion of Whites, and replace them with Brown and Black ingredients; which will add the vibrancy and variety that was lacking in the recipes of the past.

    Their argument relies on their insistence that the ingredients are inter-changable: that you can replace White with Brown and Black, and the recipe will still come out. In fact, they expect the result will be even better, with a more vibrant and “inclusive” mix of fewer Whites and more “ingredients of color”.

    Whereas the right— or at least the race-realist component of it— sees Blacks as the toxic ingredient, when present in any sizeable proportion; and sees a certain percentage of Whiteness as absolutely necessary if that cake is to rise.

    They vehemently deny that ingredients are interchangable: you can no more replace Whites with Blacks in positions of authority, than you could replace the white flour in a cake recipe with powdered lime. You could do it, but you won’t end up with anything remotely resembling a cake.

    It does appear that America is currently engaged in just that sort of radical substitution of ingredients: replacing legacy White males with Blacks and women, gays and trannies, replacing statues of Robert E. Lee with monuments to George Floyd, replacing police with social workers, replacing the old meritocracy-based selection of ingredients with an equity-based process: in which noticing the difference between white flour and powdered lime is strictly forbidden.

    And we’re already seeing the results: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, SecDef Austin and Admiral “Rachel” Levine, Joy Reid and Don Lemon.

    And we’re raising generations of kids who are being taught to accept blatant falsehoods as being true: that human ingredients are interchangable, that the successes of America had nothing to do with the fact that it was White people who achieved them, that we’ll be even stronger and more successful as we replace legacy Whites with the coalition of the fringes.

    As we watch them mix the new cake recipe, the one with powdered lime replacing the white flour— “Hey, they look exactly the same!”— and put it in the oven, the one thing we can be sure of is “This isn’t going to turn out well….”

    • You’re not mentioning the most important ingredient, the money, and who controls it..

  10. Today’s topic is huge, amorphous, and seemingly implacable. But there are already many computer-based simulation models of human social dynamics that can aid is assessing potential future eventualities. This is a fancy way of saying that we can do better than by-guess-and-by-golly prognostication.

    And a lot depends on the initial conditions of the recovery from revolutionary change. If we continue on the slow slide into the ditch (muddle-through), then the bottom will eventually be very low and very destructive. Like a bomb going off, the fragments of humanity remaining after the explosion will likely partition into many disparate groups with each trying a new and unique model of reforming into civil order. The best of these will thrive and persist.

    Ukraine is an example of how corrupt leadership leads to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of good men who deserve better than to be sacrificed as cannon fodder. Now imagine a scenario and in which the shit stain (and all his dingleberries) evaporated years ago, and every time a new shit stain stepped up to take his place, it too was wiped away. And eventually, the wannabe shit stains stop trying to take over and went somewhere else to ply their miserable attempts at grifting. And better yet, tens of thousands of alphas were still alive to rebuild an honest and hard working society. And all it took a few hundred nobodies to make this happen.

    • “Imagine a scenario and in which the shit stain…and all his dingleberries evaporated years ago” etc….
      Wouldn’t be hard to set those words to the tune of a song I’ve heard before and would improve on it by a wide margin.

  11. We may have a set of ingredients where all combinations are impossible to choke down.

    Z Man’s point about the future being Nick Fuentes-AOC seems hard to refute.

    It is true that some hispanics are moving to the GOP. I attribute this to the admirable fact that most do want to work in a functioning economy and they are starting to suspect that this is not a high priority for the democrats.

    However, having lived around lots of hispanics, I was shocked at their tribalism. They really want people who look like them to rule, they want their heroes celebrated, and they you to speak spanish, gringo. And this may be our best option…

    • Why do whites seem so hopeless about their fate?

      I read lots of so and so is our best hope etc. They even need some pox to give them permission to speak up for themselves.

      • Tower of babel × Sodom & Gamora squared. Is where we are. However
        Whites will triumph its what we do
        It’s who we are.
        It’s our values.
        It’s simple physics.
        we value honesty, hard work, loyalty
        & virtue. Its only right around the corner i can see it from here……Yawn, stretch, scratch.
        What time is it ?

  12. Supposedly the Sumerians we’re not only one of the first civilizations, but also a bi-cultural one. There were two ethnic groups involved, the Sumerians and the Akkadians. They had totally different languages and had different backgrounds. But they were able to build a civilization. I’d like to look into this more. Might give some ideas about how some racially fractured society might keep functioning…

    • If you look a bit deeper you will find the parts in the history where eventually the Akkadians and Sumerians fought a war that brought about the effective end of Sumerian language and culture.

    • Sumer was conquered by Sargon of Akkad ca. 2400 B.C. creating the first true empire in history.

  13. The one perhaps false assumption made here by Z-man is that people don’t care about immigration. I posit that people care greatly, but what to do about it, when there is no effective way to speak up, outside of the DR echo chamber, and nothing to be done beyond making a target out of yourself? Normie ain’t having any of that, no matter what he actually thinks. Two, what is being protected by clamping down on immigration? The rot is both from the inside out and the outside in. We are overwhelmed by breakdowns of all sorts, and open immigration is one item on a very long list.

    • Yep: Normie quickly realizes that people who object to immigration are condemned as racists and xenophobes.

      And sure: even if we were to close the door on immigration now, there are already plenty of “asylum seekers” and “dreamers” here already.

      But it is possible to deport them.

      What we want to avoid— what the Democrats are hoping will happen— is when enough immigrants have been granted citizenship and plugged into the entitlements system, that the Party of Free Stuff will have achieved a permanent majority.

    • As far as I know, every poll that asked about immigration going back many years results in Americans wanting immigration reduced.

      In fact Trump got elected in 2016 by picking up that $100 bill off the sidewalk that represented the immigration issue, long ignored by politicians and the mainstream media.

      • I read years ago that there were several polls/surveys in the early 1960’s, preparatory to the Hart-Cellar Treason Act, asking Americans whether they wanted their communities’ demographics changed, and the answers were no, no, and hell no. Of course, it happened anyway. Democracy in any form is fake and gay.

        We Europeans managed to blunder through 8000 years of optically white history with patriarchal tribal chieftains, then kings, dukes, counts, and barons. Aristocracy, for all it’s myriad and obvious flaws, has a MUCH better record at building and conserving civilization.

  14. Nick Fuentes and Ocasio-Cortez … today’s my birthday, right before I blow out the candles on the cake my stand up wife baked for me ,I’m going to wish we both get a very aggressive form of pancreatic cancer at the same time and smile. It sure was nice while it lasted.

    • I’d rather live in a world with Pope Nicholas than Comrade Sandy. At least I’d have a choice in our futura hispanica.

      • You not keeping up on the news about dear ol’ Nick?

        He is,no doubt, multitudes but he ain’t a Catholic.

  15. The elephant in the living room – for both the current society and any future one – is whites. If the Old South relied on slave labor to maintain the elites’ order, the United States of today relies on acquiescent whites.

    Our society relies on white labor to function economically and whites refusing to join the identity politics game to function politically. So long as whites are a large enough percentage of the labor market and remain cowed politically, the society will stagger along.

    But, of course, whites are falling as a percent of labor market, so that can’t hold forever. However, more importantly, how long will whites refuse to view themselves as a group (or groups if whites split regionally or ethnically)?

    From the Left, whites are taught that we’re not worthy of identifying as a group, that we were evil when we did. From the Right, we’re taught that it’s wrong from any group to identity as a group so whites have a moral responsibility to eschew such politics.

    How long can those pressures keep whites from forming political bonds, if out of self-preservation if nothing else? I’d say that you can already see the cracks forming. Once whites join the identity politics game, it’s over for the current society.

    The societies form in the aftermath will likely be regional and openly a competition among various races, ethnic groups and political groups. Whether that’s a strongman/cabal that keeps order or much more ethnically and politically cohesive regions that bar outsiders – either by force or social pressure – is hard to say.

    But the key group to watch is whites. If (really, when) they join the identity politics game, it’s over for our current elites, which, of course, is why they fight it so hard. It’s an existential threat.

    • Nature will win out. Right now whites are morally and spiritually I guess you could say merely in a dormant state like grass in the winter.

      You can’t suppress what’s inside of us brewing and churning forever. Whites have an inner sense of morality, especially as it pertains to our relationship with blacks and juice, at some point our innate sense of right and wrong is going to come bubbling over and finding that we can’t live with people whose sense of morality, whose readiness to lie and cheat and steal for example, is so at odds with who we are as a people. History is loaded with scenarios that played out between whites and juice, but never really has it played out with blacks — at least in the moral dimension.

      But when it does, and it will, then you get what the cool kids call a paradigm shift. Until then we are just idling, and nothing is going to change until that’s shift happens. It it will, at least in my mind, because nature always wins out.

      • Its a race between that resurging and the media drive to annihilate the idea of a functioning self concept in the younger generation..

        • There are limits to brainwashing. In fact most of the lunacy we see it easily explainable if you understand it’s just women. They always have their stupid fads and fashions, change overnight, hence the always changing cultural landscape where one day it’s this and then it’s that. It dizzying to us but to their brains filled with buzzing bees it feels right. So obviously the first step is to remove women from a major direct role in society. I see that happening in my lifetime believe it or not.

          • Personally I don’t think there are.

            The ability to regress people to a per-concious dysfunctional state and keep them there via conditioning 24/7 is way beyond brainwashing.

            If you can do this while the brain is forming is primary structures for organizing the world, the person is stuck there for the rest of their life pretty much.

          • I got put in the ‘gifted’ program in elementary school. By high school, a couple of us ‘gifted’ were joking how they screwed our heads up. We were, of course, being educated from the start to be potential leaders and managers of this BS. Alums from my class have ended up in Wall St, Academia, famous museums, Big Corp, State Department, etc.

            I credit good family life, especially a close relationship with my grandparents, for poz resistance, although I wish it would’ve kicked in before college.

            Beyond the factors that make people ambitious, I think the modern American lifestyle of moving all over creation for education, career, family, and retirement makes people susceptible on a mass scale. It’s like a cult, preying on insecurity and a weak sense of self. Plenty out there to choose from, unfortunately.

      • I think you can add to that the Stone Cold Steve Austin fact that the two historical events that were used as a club to beat Boomer whites into colorblind CivNat Grillers, namely Mustache Guy’s well known antipithy towards Bagels, and the Southerners being mean to the obsolete farm equipment, are both respectively 77 years and 68 years in the past.
        The guilt trip that Boomers applied to reject identity politics because Dad fought in WWII or they saw poor sainted Martin Luffer Kang get aired out in 1968 is not going to apply to a generation of whites seeing the humiliation rituals of “Juneteenth” and St. Floyd of the Holy Fentanyl riots annually. Beating the dead horses of 1945 and 1954 means absolutely nothing to a generation to whom those historical events might as well taken place a thousand years ago.

        • Heck, I was born in the ‘80s and it doesn’t apply to me. Learning about Civil Rights during the LA riots was a trip.

          Holocaust wasn’t a thing, for whatever reason. Maybe overshadowed by the end of the Cold War? Honestly very little until Schindler’s List which, being b&w, made it seem distant. Idk.

    • Proportion of Whites is simply a proxy for national IQ—I’ll leave out discussion of behavioral characteristics for the sake of this argument. The proportion of Whites therefore is a major component of the Critical Fraction. The Critical Fraction is that percentage of the population to the “right” of the Bell Curve that are needed to maintain and expand a 1st world technological society such as we now are.

      We need not just geniuses, but doctors, engineers, mathematicians, etc. to thrive. Every society produces some pretty smart people—it’s the absolute numbers that count. We (USA) are declining in those numbers. As mentioned in this group just yesterday, there’s not just a shortage of workers in the economy—there’s a shortage of competence.

      So where is Compsci taking his favorite hobby horse (HBD) today? Any future “building” plan for the “new” USA society must include how to run a first world technology with a third world population. We are not all the same—that is to say equality is bulls**t. Credentialing is not the same as building competency.

      • Yep: society— civilization— has always advanced on the accomplishments of a small minority of achievers, all of whom have been characterized by high IQ. John Derbyshire is fond of pointing out how shifting the median IQ from 100 to 85 results in far fewer people in the 120-and-up range that achievers come from.

        And yes: we’re rapidly dumbing-down. What will the result be, when our brightest children are being taught to believe things which simply aren’t true? in a society in which noticing that they aren’t true, brings negative consequences?

        Are western welfare states the first societies in history to successfully subvert the intelligence-raising forces of evolution; such that the least-capable among us are not only surviving, but thriving and flourishing: out-reproducing the rest of us?

        • “… the least-capable among us are not only surviving, but thriving and flourishing: out-reproducing the rest of us?”

          That works initially, like a parasite that catches onto a naive host. However, as the parasite multiples in excess of the host’s ability to support such, the host dies and so too the parasite.

          In the case of a civilization and the critical fraction theory, I predict a decline in the society in it’s infrastructure, wealth, and subsequent power until an equilibrium is reached wrt the current population’s abilities to support such. This assumes no other civilization takes notice and hurries things along.

          So the common adage, “Brazil, here we come” would seem to hold.

    • It’s amazing how the left’s thinking is all nonsense, not a bit of common sense and logical thinking shown and endless guilt (product of Christianity? I’m a Christian but as the line goes “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.”), but so many white’s go along with it. Many go along because they don’t want to be ostracized and the rest just drink the kool-aid-but they have not thought of the slippery slope and long term effects. On the right, there is plenty of stupidity and less balls. Sigh, but detach.

      • A lot of Christianity is presented like the media – it’s not the part that they report, but what they leave out. Sure, White man shoots Balck guy may be true, but they leave out the ten Black on White shootings. And that the W on B was during the B robbing the W, and the B on W was also during the B robbing the W.

        So you rarely hear about Christ calling out the money changers, the work or don’t eat, and my personal favorite – the time will come when you will need to sell your cloak and buy a sword.

      • Christianity aside, much of the virtue of working for your keep is impractical in our current technological society. In short, what productive use are folks with 70-80 IQ’s? Even if they had a work ethic, how many menial jobs can there be that they could handle?

        What we do today is to pay these people Danegeld and hope the problem goes away. Of course, that has always failed, and the results of that failure are apparent to anyone who cares to look. UBI is not the answer as these people multiple until th host dies.

        Hard choices must be made, but we are a silly people.

    • I think your insight that society holds on because whites are dormant wrt identity politics is very true. However I don’t share in the elites also knowing this very well and trying to prevent it from happening.
      I think our elites are not omniscient but in fact they may have reflected on this subject much less than you did. They just keep kicking down the societal hierarchy as they have always done, and one peg down to them there are the middle classes. Only that now, they have very powerful electronic means of control which they once lacked.

    • As for politically, the GOP is an imperfect White political grouping, mostly by default. It seems about right, as I would venture around 60% of Whites, mostly conservative, will identify as GOP. The other part of Whites that goes with Dems are libs with little to no hope of coming to their senses. Independents are largely negligible. The difficulty is the folks at the top of the GOP work against us. Cornyn getting booed at the recent convention is a good sign though.

      Can you do a recall on US Senators? If not, that is something that needs to be rectified. No 6 year cushion – they should fear for their (political) life with every vote.

      • There is no recall in the Constitution for Congress. You can impeach, but that’s it. The Founders assumed the people would “recall” at the voting booth.

  16. I’m firmly in the camp that there is no possible solution given the ingredients

    I don’t see even how it’s possible for white people to continue on living with blacks given that nature is going to win out and at some point whites are going to find their inner morality and conclude that living among such a dysfunctional and criminal minded people is hopeless and must be ended. The natures of the two groups will not allow continued cohabitation. It’s been tried and it’s killing the souls of whites, and how long can that last? It won’t. For the softer whites, they may seek to evangelize the blacks to bring them to the white morality and pray for them and so on. Have fun.

    Nah, there is no going back to anything resembling America of the past, there is no going back to something resembling a functioning democratic republic given the ingredients. For any doubters out there, California is a living and breathing case study. Come visit and let me k ow what you think

    • Yes! By all means come out and visit! I’ll help you set up a tour. It can begin in San Bernardino and go from there. Maybe we can visit McCarthy’s sh t hole district. Definitely Maxine Water’s district. Ending with a ride on the C Line. Stop for a quick bite on Crenshaw.

    • The big takeaway from California is that the libs will never hit an “oops we went too far” point. They’ll keep doubling down and insist to high heaven that their ideas are correct even as the last of them are being put into a big cooking pot by the diversity.

    • Falcone: I wholeheartedly agree that, with the current ingredients in AINO, no genuine civic structure or society is possible. I cannot even envision a society headed by people like AOC or Stacy Abrams, and they are highly representative of those waiting in the wings for old ethnic liberals like Pelosi and Schumer to die off. Of course, a good part of today’s decay originated in those very same ethnic liberals and party bosses – a tradition dating back well over 100 years. Before that – before the mass immigration after the slaughter of Whites in the unCivil War, it was primarily rule by heritage Americans and the ultimately losing fight to control innate human corruption.

      For dissidents to try to imagine a workable framework for a future society composed of an ethnic mix in which Whites are 40% at most and shrinking every year is an exercise in how to commit orderly suicide. I’ll pass on that. I know it’s an old and tired line, but I really would rather die on my feet than live on my knees, thanks very much.

  17. The future is going to be a balkanized basket case. We’re not coming back from this. We just have to find a pocket of the country that will likely be stable during the troubles. If things get bad enough I may slip across to BC for a couple years. LA, Chicago, NYC will be the Sarajevos. Bad places to be. Zagreb not as bad. Ljubujana on the perimeter of the problems. We need common sense to know which areas will be a social ground zero and avoid them. The country won’t feel the collapse evenly. Baltimore…obviously…not so good. Tribal raiding when the SNAP gets cut off. About four or five nations will emerge. Alaska and HI will likely be spun-off as well.

    • Today I was listening to J Dreizen on some podcast but he mentioned something about Russia and Ukraine. Long story short, if our electricity goes out we are going to have sewage piling up and no water purification. Add California is pretty close to seeing its electrical capacity going bye bye. So imagine that scenario among the current “ingredients” and especially the darkest and dimmest but most violent ones.

      This made a light go off in my head. Get the hell out while the getting is good

      • I had a strange dream last night. I kid you not. I was at a DMV in Washington State getting my car reregistered. Maybe my synapses are telling me to flee.

        • I’m reading this on the corner of sunset and Fairfax. If Karen bass wins I’m leaving LA, if Gavin newsom winds the big one in DC, I’m leaving the country. Rick C ain’t going to win , not that it matters. Sure would like to IRL with you two. No idea how that would work, but I’m willing to try. Maybe Z could help us arrange it.

          • I’m in same boat as you wrt Bass. If that pos wins I am GONE. And if she wins there is no helping LA until we get closer to the Olympics in 2028, and that is pure speculation, and I am not willing to spend the intervening years of my precious life waiting for the governing bodies to get their act together.

            If Bass wins the homeless situation will get worse and worse and worse.

            I know sunset and Fairfax well. In fact Frip and I were one day talking about meeting up at the former red rock bar now called State or something, right where sunset meets Holloway at an angle, up from Barney’s Beanery if it’s still there, there is a statue of rocky and bullwinkle of all things. The height of culture lol. Rome gets statues of Caesar and great men. We get rocky and bullwinkle….

          • Falcone

            Hit damn!

            I always thought Barney’s Beamer was a fictitious reference that Dennis Miller always mentioned.

            “Flee the scenery at Barneys Beanery”

            Who knew?!

            The commenters on this site are the bomb diggity.

        • Hopefully, the agency was in western Washington state, the part likely to join up into the forthcoming Greater Idaho.

      • Cheap, abundant, stable fossil fuels and electric power are the keystone of modern industrial civilization.

        Remove those and the best case scenario is a lifestyle resembling 1805.

        • Wild Geese: Was just discussing this with hubby yesterday. Too many of our people are in love with the romance of living close to the land, but the historical reality was damned hard. Watched YT video of a Dutchman who bought a few acres in the Italian alps. He tried using a scythe to trim his overgrown property, but ultimately gratefully deferred to various helpers using a gas-powered trimmer.

          Others who are building on raw land with neither water nor power rough it for as long as they can, but the intense heat (or cold in the winter), the difficulty in maintaining healthy eating or a clean body/environment – all ultimately overwhelms them. Getting a camper then becomes the height of luxury.

          And yet families living in campers while building also tough it out, sometimes for years, until the cramped space and difficulty of maintaining modern plumbing and electricity gets to be too much. If one was raised with nothing else, I suppose one would manage however one could. But for people who’ve lived in a world of modern conveniences – going back at least a few generations – it’s an incredibly difficult transition. I think too many make it sound far too easy.

          • 3G4Me, I had relatives who grew up under slightly better conditions until after WW 2. They did have access to tetanus shots but that was about all. Children died from diarrhea or burns. They worked hard growing and preserving food, going from water baths to, I think, pressure cookers on a wood stove. Glass canning jars were available for vegatables. Pork was smoked. The men and women had to organize and plan from food preparation to chopping wood for fuel and heat in the winter. Men and women had definite roles, based on physical strenght. As someone once told me, cows don’t care how you feel.

      • That sad excuse for a statue is across from the old tower records soon to be supreme, and that means there’s going to be gun play. I’m in echo park. Give me a time and place and I’ll be there. Weekend better, but I can swing it during the week if need be.

        • When I have time I will try to organize something and get Frip involved and anyone else in the LA area. I’m leaving for Florida for a few months so will have to be later in summer. I’m down for anywhere tbh, echo park, silver lake, Hollywood, weho, whatever. Up by me is pretty boring.

        • Oh btw a place that might work is Red Lion. German place on Glendale, maybe you’ve been there. That place used to be fun as shit and it’s close to both of us (I’m in valley).

          • Perfect, I can walk to that one and stumble home. Anytime. Beer garden. Nice touch.

    • Just have to sell balkanization as a win-win for preserving diversity. ONLY Backs allowed to live here, no Whites. Whites must live over there amongst themselves. We will call it the Briar Patch.

  18. “On the other hand, maybe there is a common ground in a fragmented, multiracial society around which to build a politics.”

    There are no common grounds. The history of the world is tribal in nature. Genetic proximity is key to viable societies (though not sufficient). Everything we know from history about multi-racial or multi-ethnic societies and empires is that they splinter apart, usually violently. No common ground because there aren’t enough common genes.

    • India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Brazil seem to be examples of multi-racial societies that are currently existing. These societies aren’t great but they do exist. Afghanistan/Pakistan rely on religious fanaticism and ultra nationalism. India has a strong Hindu majority and long civilizational history. Brazil uses a half baked civic nationalism.

      None of these societies are rapidly changing due to open borders. None of them have insane, childless wine ladies in key positions. None of them believe in blank slate, magic dirt theory. That seems to be something that only pops up in Anglo & friends societies.

      But it’s clear that diversity is not a strength in any of those countries. They find unifying traits and push those. It wasn’t surprising to me when I heard that Bangladesh is now a best South Asian economy – it’s also the country with the least diversity.

  19. I don’t think it is possible to plan for the hypothetical future by examining what is possible today. We really won’t know what is possible until we arrive there. The constraints of today are probably not the same as the constraints of tomorrow.

    I just don’t see how a people with poisoned minds can ever recover. In the Revolution, the men who created the new system were wealthy and capable men who were already the elite of society, they just didn’t have formal power. The existing elites they were fighting belonged to a power center an ocean away. We don’t have a natural out of power elite to replace the existing elite with today. Any men who theoretically could replace them are cowards who will not defend even our children from sexually degenerate predators .

    • WE are the natural out-of-power elite.

      Otherwise, yes: playing cooking show is a waste of time.

      The best I hope for is to push the destruction of the oligarchs from the theoretical to the actual. This is the step that always gets left out.

      I leave it to other bears of bigger brain to come up with a handful of principles upon which to base whatever comes next.

  20. One thing that concerns me, regarding the eventual collapse and do over, is the seemingly insane move TPTB are performing in Lithuania. Whether this was their plan to begin with or just an ongoing ad lib, I don’t know. But, they are literally trying to force a world war. I personally don’t believe the West has the ability to win a fight against Russia and China, but I do believe they have the ability to fight. And by fight, I mean engage in mass actions in which people die. One if the reasons I see them going down this path is because they believe this will “unify” the peoples of the West behind a common goal. I think Europe is too decrepit to do anything useful, but the have billions of euros worth of toys that they can lob at the Russians. Americans, however, have a self-righteous streak that will be exploited. Americans have always been taught, “We’re the good guys!” If they can be convinced that Russia and China struck first, then there will be many White people that will say, “Time to open a six-pack of whoop ass!” It doesn’t matter that their government and financial powers are actually the ones that started it, if an American believes that the Russians and Chinese pulled a Pearl Harbor, too many Whites will send their children to die for their need to stand up to the “aggressors”. You’ve seen it in Ukraine. “The mean Russian bully Putin invaded the peaceful Ukraine only so he could steal land!” There will be a disconnect between the actions of the West since 2014, and it will become a matter of faith that “We’re the good guys!” America has to be humbled for a post war existence to be anything but a disaster.

    • If Russia would stand back and realize that grinding out a land war with troops in the field is stuck in the 20th century. Talk about fighting the last war.

      With hypersonic missiles and subs it would seem simpler to just target the command centers to do what they are doing on a small scale in Ukraine. Hit the EU building, NATO headquarters,parliaments, the personal residences of the politicians etc, etc. I am surprised they have not done this yet in the current conflict. Perhaps it never occurs to anyone?

      You suddenly are back to the heads of states getting personal risk instead of millions of working class young white men getting fed to a meat grinder like the last 2 world wars while the fuckers keeping ramping up the confrontation.

      • I remember when Linsday Graham was calling for the assassination of Putin.

        I was hoping that the Russians would return favor and start eliminating some of the war mongers at the top.

        Maybe even get a few like Ted Cruz when he goes to Cancun. Force these elites to spend their whole lives looking over their shoulder.

        • I am more talking about a war suited to the current weapons.

          The mob wars always targeted the higher ups if they could get to them. Makes a lot of sense. Whack the heads enough and its suddenly truce time, no one cares about the low level guys.

          • I think the reality is the smart weapons are in always in limited quantities and difficult to replace.

            This is particularly true for the Russians who a vastly smaller economy than NATO

            The military planners do not want to use them unless it is a life or death situation for the country.

      • I think that it is coming to that, given the most recent statements of major Russian authorities. Do the little hat/WEF loons even have the “ears to hear” these clearly-voiced warnings? I don’t think so; they are so accustomed to being given carte blanche in the West at large to talk out their asses, and engage in any manner of hyperbolic speech that, rather as they think that Twitter blather is a genuine modality of state power, ultimately consequence-free, they have no concept how hard the knout could come down.

        Now, the Russians, seemingly the only adults in the room, may ratchet up the pain in other ways first in order to avoid actions that can be used to mobilize the bleating, half-assed, thoroughly dumbed-down sheep into supporting Our Misleaders, but they may conclude that Shock and Awe against the principal malefactors and their institutions may be the only thing that could work to instill some sense. Or maybe not.

        In any event, the Russians are ready, and know what the stakes truly are. They feel themselves against a wall, and things will go from there.

        Make your peace with God.

        • “Do the little hat/WEF loons even have the “ears to hear” these clearly-voiced warnings?”

          You know how the Left always accuses the Right of doing what the Left is doing? They also think that their enemies are just like they are. Remember Obama’s “red lines”? “Cross that line, buddy, and you’re in deep doo doo!” Line is crossed. “OK, I’m not kidding now. You cross this line and its on!” Line is crossed. “You’re lucky I’m in a good mood. Now seriously, you cross this line and you’re dead!” Line is crossed. The West is led by people that think their counterparts on the opposite side are just as feckless as they are. When Putin says “Back off, or else”, they hear, “Time to negotiate!”

          • The Russians – in fairness to them, likely out of necessity as they have had to crawl out from the societal collapse at the end of communist rule, which collapse was mightily assisted by the misplaced trust in the “Harvard Boyz” to help them in doing so – have been too polite. But they first needed to regain control of their own nation, and more importantly, to develop weaponry and military puissance which was functionally not possible to counter, and then they could rise up and say “Nyet”. It’s been a near run thing, but the signposts of its accumulating force have been very visible in recent years. The Syrian intervention comes to mind, and if they needed any further demonstration of the perfidy of the West, the destruction of Libya cemented that knowledge in place. But now, as the Saker sometimes remarks, “The Russians are slow to saddle, but quick to ride”. Escalation dominance secured, what could stop them mounted up as they are if they choose that course?

            P.S.: Can we please, pretty please leave off with the constant yammering about how tiny their economy is? Yes, their GDP is “small”, but when you have a genuine, prioritized industrial policy in place, as they clearly have had for decades, it doesn’t look too “small” to me. For example, compare the US GDP (without a coherent industrial policy for decades), and reflect on how larded up it is with all sorts of absurd “productivity” (entire bloated sectors of the economy serving more like a sea anchor, Big Education, Big Law, BIg Pharma, DIE), and try to formulate a more realistic comparison.

      • Missiles and aircraft are expensive to maintain and replace. Artillery shells are cheap and the Russians can outrange the Ukrainians, so while the artillery combat is slower they’re winning without bankrupting themselves or losing too many soldiers.

      • While it is working class young white men getting killed, TPTB are happy to play video war. Start striking assets of TPTB directly, and the reaction becomes real. I am sure the Ruskies thought of it, and determined, correctly, TPTB won’t directly engage as long as it’s a working class grind. Why give them their Pearl Harbor?

        • If we get in an actual shooting war with Russia, I expect both that China will join in against us as soon as GAE assets are committed against the Russians. Following that, crucial networks like electric power distribution and EBT will go offline long enough to completely set off our blessed urban melanated time bombs. …more destructive than nuclear bombs, with no messy radiation. The GAE is a dilapidated house of cards soaked in kerosene in which the owners have passed out matches to all of the renters inside and dared them to set it alight.

    • What is going to stink is in order to get the Grillere riled up, one of the nicer cities in a Red/ Purple state will be the one to get nuked.
      Williston, ND. Overland Park, KS. Indianapolis. Lots of photogenic women and children with flash burns.
      It worked before at the OK City Federal Building.
      Heck, how mad were you when you saw the New Yorkers covered in dust walking down the streets of Manhattan on 9/11? Those were New Yorkers (mostly bankers, lawyers and advertising folk), who are, objectively, the most annoying people on earth.

  21. The demographics aren’t natural. They’re result of policy, even the aim of policy. It’ll be interesting to see what’s still possible when the power to do these things goes away.

    I might be able to grow pineapples in a greenhouse where I live, but if a tornado blows the greenhouse away, there won’t be pineapples, you know?

    • They aren’t natural but demographics are changing across the globe. All of East Asia (incl. China) has ultra low fertility rates. The big one, India, is now below replacement and keeps dropping. Latin America, incl. Mexico is mostly below replacement level now with some countries (Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, P.R.) approaching the low levels of Spain.

      It’s possible that the planet might actually start to get whiter in the coming decades. Either way the global population will start to decline relatively soon.

      At some point the planet will become mostly old people, with a converging living standard (Asia isn’t as bad as it used to be) and other than Sub Saharan Africans there won’t be anybody to import.

      • I just don’t see these demographic trends being maintained without immigration. Without immigration, this problem should reverse.

        Without mass immigration, labor prices go way up, real estate goes way down and family formation gets far easier.

        Though I am not sure what to make of it, a lot of people who should be in the know say the black death created the conditions for the explosion of wealth and population growth in Europe and the UK for the very reasons I listed above.

        Japan is the place to watch though. They are the example bucking the worldwide trend of mass migration. The downside is it is Japan and people live much longer so it could take a while before the benefit is realized.

        • Even if japan shrinks by 80 million people, it’ll still be an island of 60 million Japanese people.

          One day the modern world will stop running. Say we run out of oil in 100 years. Oops, birth control no longer available. Population starts growing again. It’s only the West that has damaged itself irreparably.

          • The populations of the world are going through a genetic bottleneck.

            Personality is partially controlled by genes and the psychological phenotypes that are adverse to reproduction are getting weeded out hard. We can’t see that because these changes occur over time periods that are beyond the scale of a single human life.

            It is happening and one day Japan’s population is going to start increasing again. The Herbivore men and feminists will be gone.

            The Open question for white people is if this population transition will happen before there are too few of us left for it to matter.

          • I think Russia is seeing the writing on the wall and actually thinking longer term, say a generation or two into the future. Hungary seems to be tagging along. Maybe parts of Italy but they now have a black problem with blacks tearing up lake Garda where incidentally is a huge amusement park I used to go to with my nieces and nephews. Unbelievable they let blacks anywhere near there en masse. Better stop.

            My guess is that Russia is the future. They’re the only ones who seem to care about it. And hopefully they prove to be a guiding light for the west. America is poison, as much as it bothers me to say and accept it, but if whites and the west are to survive America and it’s weird puritanical nutcase people who never should have risen to the level they’re at need to go the way of the dodo.

      • “All of East Asia (incl. China) has ultra low fertility rates. The big one, India, is now below replacement and keeps dropping.”

        This reminds me of the feeling I get when someone on the right talks about how some globohomo corporation lost $X billion because of their “woke” policies. To which, I reply, “Yeah. At that rate they’ll go out of business in 50 years.”

        • Anonymous White Male: Thank you. I, too, shake my head when people throw around numbers claiming declining world fertility. The only number that matters to me is about 8.5% – the White population of the world. And perhaps a quarter of that – just perhaps – is White women of child bearing age. That does not speak to a White resurgence in my mind.

          All the pregnant women I see here in Texas are Oriental, subcontinental, black, or Mestiza. There was some Chinese lady with four daughters yesterday – guarantee she’ll keep pumping them out until she has her son. Even if one trusts the official numbers (I certainly don’t), demographic reality – base on average age and fertility – means AINO’s White population is going to shrink rapidly – and I mean really rapidly – over the next 24 years. And all the dumber and duskier people are busy repopulating the earth.

  22. It’s still early, but between ZMan post and commentariat input thus far – I’m reminded why I spend…er…invest time here most every day.
    Come for the essay, stay for the comments.
    Carry on.

  23. Most leftists want to destroy and ultimately die. They won’t ever “wake up” when they see the destruction they’ve caused because it’s what they want, even if it’s unconscious.

    Look at the abortion “debate”. It’s clearly not a practical issue where they’re concerned about being able to time their childbearing. There is a primal instinct to kill their babies. Look at the way they forced their children to lockdown and turn them trans.

    Look at the way they love Islam but hate Christianity. Love foreign civilizations but hate European ones. It’s about a hatred of their fathers. They reject God and all that is Good.

    Look at their support for Nuclear War. Look at the way they rush to take more and more experimental, untested jabs. Look at the way they actively push for Green Agenda, which in effect means mass starvation for the planet.

    They hate you, they hate civilization, and they hate themselves. I’m not sure if it is some gene that causes it. Unfortunately they want to bring all of us with them.

    • If not genetic – here’s another possibility: They are of their father the devil, and the desires of their father they want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him.

    • “They won’t ever “wake up” when they see the destruction they’ve caused because it’s what they want”

      and because they love blaming the destruction on the “right wing” who got in the way of their perfect plans.

      There is not one blatantly left-wing depraved consequence that they can’t or won’t blame on Trump, Reagan, Nixon, Christians, or all the racists.

  24. I think the future is going to be regionalism. We’ve already been experiencing a realignment during and after the deadly covid (sarcasm). This is also why I see a lot of NY plates driving around New Hampshire. People, are slowly shying away from diversity and totalitarianism like a skittish dog that hears a distant gunshot.

    • I agree that’s probably the future.
      Unfortunately I think there will be a lot of shooting and tears on the way there.

    • Don’t mock the deadliness of Covid. I died TWICE from Covid (…but I got better).

    • During lock down NYC’ers were snatching up properties all over NE sight unseen. As usual pricing out the locals. The NYPost even ran an article where some NYC’ers got into a bidding war for a Maine property only for the winner to discover that the locals hate them and want nothing to do with them. That combined w/ the fact that taxes are going way up during a recession to feed/house/clothe the unending stream of border-jumpers It’s a colossal mess.

    • RedBeard: I see tons of out of state plates here in Texas, too. Lots from Cali or NY – and even Minnesota or Maryland – but the drivers are either Han, Pajeet, or black. And even those few that are White bring their politics and social beliefs with them. A California ‘right winger’ simply means “change not quite as fast or insane as the California left.” Find almost any attractive, White, rural locale and the original population is being priced out of the market by older, civic nationalist dems and repukes. This further mixing of disparate populations is not a recipe for success.

  25. Well, sorta. The thing is, no restoration ever succeeds completely. Nor should it – if nothing else, whatever needs to be “restored” has obviously fallen on hard times, and unless the restoration addresses whatever flaws led there, it will be short-lived, like the restored Bourbons, of whom it was said that “They have learned nothing and forgotten nothing”.

    On the other hand, it simply doesn’t comport with reality to say that a restoration simply isn’t possible at all. Vladimir Putin is the de facto Tsar of a Russia that has been slowly returning to its traditional cultural and religious roots for decades, after a detour off into modernist utopianism from which basically nobody thought a return was possible (Xi Jinping is trying the same with China, though the jury is still out on how successful he will be). Of course, the Russia of 2022 is very different from the Russia of 1892 – but in many important ways, it is closer to it than it is to the Russia of 1952.

    Reversion to mean is probably going to be a key principle here. For example, the Hispanic population of the United States is heavily concentrated in the southwest. This area was a semi-lawless, rough-and-tumble frontier in 1880, and it probably will be again in 2080, after having taken a detour through being the safe and prosperous zone it was in 1980, at the height of the Empire. As the Empire weakens, or even collapses entirely, there will be more regionalism, thus one solution to what comes next arising is less likely than many solutions. The lucky among us will live under a Huey Long or an American Putin. The less lucky, well… keep your six-shooter handy, gringo.

  26. James Howard Kunstler’s “Long Emergency” and subsequent commentary are a good source for this kind of discussion as he and his colleagues have given this precise question a lot of thought. The Mises folks as well.

    If the U.S. in its curent iteration becomes a Chinese or pan-Asian satrapy, the unitary, surveilance/social credit state my prevail for a time, a body politic composed of Orwell-type proles whose merging demo-identies may contend with one another across a largely denuded landscape. That might be a temporary arrangement, an amalgamation of a poorer but wiser “browned” population possessing no taste for or urge to create a revived Anglo-America. A great deal would be lost but what’s foreign to one’s experience may not be missed. Hot dogs at the ballpark for example.

    • Nations as they exist right now are becoming a thing of the past, the people really pulling the strings now being transnational organizations like the WEF and WHO, and their control is only going to become broader and broader with every passing year. Look at the nearly universal panic over a simple cold and tell yourself these are autonomous entitities.

      The way of the future is to carve out space for your own people, whether in your own back yard or in rural areas of Europe. Localism is nice, but will be slowly strangled by technocrats in foreign countries without a string implicit solidarity.

      The truckers in Canada are our people far more than the shitlib next door, and their victories and defeats become our victories and defeats in the global cold war.

      We all loved the idea of a contiguous land filled with our own people, but that’s now a thing of the past. It will be generations, if ever, before we get our own Orania.

  27. The starting point for a new politics based in the reality of society is that it can only come after events lead to a replacement of the current elites with a new elite.

    Nobody really knows the proportion of the Colonial population that seriously wanted independence. In the rush to representative democracy and rejection of hereditary monarchy no vote was ever taken. There was an elite with close ties to the UK but only the most intrepid researchers know of them and their activities and this history is buried by flattering accounts of the glories of the Founding Fathers. Events didn’t lead to a replacement of the elites, the new elite already existed and was the impetus for a new politics. The most effective of them were sifted from the general mass of dissatisfaction that a sketchy familiarity with New Age Enlightenment thinking had produced.

    As might be imagined, the new elites had only a tenuous grasp of the situation after independence. The confederation/federation issue, thirteen independent states vs. one national union, wasn’t resolved until Lincoln was able to send 600,000 Americans to an early grave.

  28. > This blank slate mentality infects the Left and Right. For the Left, the glorious future that is free of suffering and exploitation is otherwise undefined. In fact, its lack of specifics is the appeal.

    The original Obama election campaign was the most pristine example of left politics that has ever existed. He was a half-black who never did anything of importance, had an almost nonexistent voting record, and no viable policies he campaigned on. He just had the impressive propaganda posters with the single word, “Hope” along the bottom, and the average person would just fill in the blanks in his head.

    Of course, he showed himself to really be just an empty vessel in the end, which is why he can’t even get a couple dozen people to show up for his appearances anymore.

    The left’s vintage empty politician has now been replaced with empty cultural artifacts, empty institutions, and empty thoughts. The end-game of the left’s ascendancy is egalitarian in a way, in that human life will be dull, empty, and meaningless, just like a blank sheet of paper.

    • Obama also had the massive advantage of running against that utter rodent of a globalist, John McCain.

      • And came after our worst president, G.W. Bush. Really, if he was anything but a lazy rabble-rouser and threw a few scraps to whites, he could have practically become emperor.

        Rush Limbaugh said something similar in one of his speeches, that Obama could have buried the Republican party forever.

        • Obama could have been greater than MLK, but he succumbed to his “Dark Side”. Pun intended.

          • Yes, The Great Half-White Hope actually could have promoted “racial healing” had he equally embraced both sides of his ancestry. Instead he chose the more lucrative path of black black blackity black and the sacred victimhood that goes with. He idolized his father who he barely knew and called his grandmother a “typical white person.” What a putz.

          • Compsci: But they all do. I’m more puzzled that anyone actually expected him to legitimately and publicly prize his half-White genetics. And even if he had, as has been written many times elsewhere, whether you add only a spoonful of shite to the ice cream or mix it half and half, it still might as well be all shite for any useful purpose.

    • And he did well for himself and his handlers. How many can you name that were in their fifties when they first cracked the $100K ceiling that now own two oceanfront estates in some of the priciest RE on the planet as well as mansions in Chicago and DC — all of which have to be protected at the expense of the taxpayer until he pops his clogs.

  29. I’ve been wondering if there’s a natural population limit for any country beyond which you just can’t have a liberal democracy – that it simply can’t work beyond about 40m or so people, even if the society is relatively homogeneous. Or, at least, that it can’t work at that level unless it also allows for a very strong degree of regional autonomy.

    • 40m is too high. Canada is below that threshold but we’re hardly liberal in the classical sense and haven’t been so for a long time. Caveat being that “strong degree of regional autonomy” doesn’t really exist here with the exception of the province of Quebec.

    • Liberal democracy can never work. A motivated and disciplined minority will always rule over the unmotivated and uninterested majority.

      In a liberal democracy, you vote for the candidates they present to you and say you chose. Did you? What about the other 99.9999% that weren’t put on your ballot?

      There’s no going back, because there was never anything there in the first place.

      That’s it, full stop.

      • “A motivated and disciplined minority will always rule over the unmotivated and uninterested majority.”

        Yes, but isn’t this true of all kinds of government, not just liberal democracy?

        In my own thinking, I take it as a given that elites will rule almost all the time, in all forms of government. My imperfect solution is to try to set up a society where the elites are more likely to identify with those over whom they rule. My hope is that elites will be less inclined to oppress those who could be their second cousins.

        • The human drive for status always means that an elite will keep taking measures to separate themselves from the nonelites. Despite having an oligarchy, the US is fairly meritocratic in the sense that lower class people can worm their way into the elite class through academia. The notable thing though is that as soon as Maria Pendejo Garcia Lopez gets her position in the university or media, once she’s within the managerial class, try offering her a taco and watch her explode in indignant rage. Now she only eats Thai-Mexican fusion vegan wraps.

          Since the elites are in a constant race to show everyone how much better they are than their hillbilly cousins, there isn’t much hope for any kind of popular representation that doesn’t come from pitchforks and torches.

    • I wonder if there’s a natural political population limit. Trillion dollar budgets, 541 congressman, their staffs, white house & staff, 50 governors, hundreds of mayors & city councils, 50 state legislatures, 9 judges SCOTUS & their staff, 9 godzillion agencies & bureaucrats, Pentagon, Army, Marines, Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, 50 National Guards, School Boards, city police, state police, UN Rep & their staff, ambassadors & their staff, o yeah, and the Department of Redundancy Department.

  30. Just starting to think through this stuff, one thing I think will return with a vengeance is the notion of “control of a physical space.” We all know that a major reason the Left (for rhetorical convenience) are they way they are is: They don’t have to physically live with the results of their policies (“talk like MLK, live like the KKK” etc.). But it’s also a major reason the Right (again for rhetorical convenience) are the way they are as well. We don’t (just) flee the cities to get away from homeless schizophrenic drug addicts and feral negroes; we flee in order to have more physical control over our spaces

    Leftism is a strictly urban phenomenon. It only works (and it *does* work, at least for Leftists) because their heavily policed all-White enclaves are surrounded by all the conveniences of a city — constant on-demand availability of anything and everything. But that’s actually a very delicate equilibrium, that they’re doing their considerable best to upset. Out in the countryside, people won’t starve, because they’ve got food right there in the fields. In the cities, once the price of diesel passes a certain threshold, they’ll be killing and eating each other within a week.

    The Lefties who live in cities aren’t worried about this, because they think food will just be more “expensive,” whatever that means — and they honestly have no idea, because their relationship to money is purely theoretical. (College professors make, on average, $100K a year, and they live lives of luxury that would make an Ottoman pasha blush, but nobody rails harder against “the rich” than they do. Think about what that implies about their relationship to money). Oh, milk is fifty four quatloos per hogshead now; is that a lot?

    What they can never grasp is that, past that threshold, food won’t be available at any price. Not where they are. Farmer John can get it straight from the teat. Nancy Pelosi is going to have to learn how to milk rats if she wants that $20 a pint ice cream. Big, big difference.

    • People who have lived through the last forty years cannot envision any scenario where anything, let alone necessities, are unavailable at any cost. In fact, the Bug Men who control foreign policy have no idea that a war with China would mean the psychotropics they and their neighbors take to remain semi-functional would disappear, to cite one example. The potential disappearance of soy-based meat substitutes from their shelves is Disinformation and A Conspiracy Theory wrapped in Malinformation.

      Maybe they would follow in the footsteps of the early Bolsheviks who ventured into the countryside to grab food and hard goods stored and held by peasants, but unlike them these people have never gone without wireless let alone been punched in the face. The smarter ones realize this, but diesel soon will be rationed and empty shelves will start to pop up, and LeShaque and Kanisha ain’t gonna go without their 40’s and Kools and ribs. The violent foraging will be coming from inside the house this round.

      • The psychotropics are an important point. Covid, Ukraine, all that crap… that was Karen ON her meds. Imagine what happens when she’s OFF her meds.

        [personally, I thought the new round of Chinese covid lockdowns — and hey, where are we with that? is it still a thing? the Media won’t tell me for some reason — was the CCP jerking Brandon’s chain a little bit. You know those stuka pills they shoot you with whenever they’re forced to put you on stage? Do you know where they come from?

        But then I realized that I was giving the Orientals too much credit for being inscrutable. I mean yeah, maybe, ok, they were thinking that, but only because they were giving Tapioca Joe and the Juggalos too much credit for being able to think things through].

        • Who wouldn’t like to see the entirety of the Congress and the Biden Junta drug-tested for the works, including Procrit and other Alzheimer and Parkinson’s inhibitors? Those not on the outright psychotropics likely would be on those. Maybe a narcotized state will enhance the blast radius experience.

          The Chinese likely are running drills in the event one of those on a psychotropic cocktail makes the decision to let ‘er rip.

          “We missed and hit Taiwan? Well, dddddammmmn. My bad. Fire up another.”

    • “Farmer John can get it straight from the teat. Nancy Pelosi is going to have to learn how to milk rats if she wants that $20 a pint ice cream. Big, big difference.”

      I find this kind of thinking to be dangerously naive. If that kind of pressure ever comes to bear on the urban elite, the conservatives in the countryside will be liquidated like the kulaks.

      Surrendering the centers of power and running out to Idaho was a stupid strategy for conservatives. As a consequence of the pandemic and the rise of telecommuting, once the wealthy left decided that Idaho was desirable, they have started to move in and price everyone else out of the market. Conservatives are impotently whining and squealing as always that they are starting to lose another one of their former strongholds.

      When food becomes scarce, the left will not hesitate to use whatever means to take what they want.

      The meek do not inherit the earth. Conservative 2nd amendment fantasies are just that….fantasies.

      • The correct definition of meek is power under control. So yes, the meek do inherit the Earth if they utilize their power under control and not merely destructively (as Leftists do).

    • “Nancy Pelosi is going to have to learn how to milk rats if she wants that $20 a pint ice cream”

      She did have kids, so she has some experience with lactating vermin.

  31. this post appears to assume that the current territory of AINO will remain intact. it will not. there are already large amounts of territory that are de facto outside of federal jurisdiction. won’t be long before entire states start withdrawing from the federal system. whatever the mud people inherit, it will be much smaller and much poorer than AINO.

    • Yep. It’s happening now but many seem oblivious. There will be a central government, but its reach will get shorter and shorter until being able to throw its weight around Northern Virginia gets tough.

      • I’ve been wondering about the political reliability of the imperial political police. How much genuine enthusiastic cooperation are DC poobahs getting from field offices (especially in red states that have serious diversity violence problems like Missouri), or is there one DC-based team of traitor white guys who they send around to make the high profile snatches, err, arrests?

  32. For the Left, the glorious future that is free of suffering and exploitation is otherwise undefined. In fact, its lack of specifics is the appeal.

    The modern leftie battle plan is to circumvent or level every institution and edifice of the old order and then, when they have blanked the slate and are triumphantly standing over the bodies of the old elite, they’ll demand justice! They’ll demand equality! They’ll demand liberty! You’ve got to ask to whom they are addressing these demands.

    • but they already have total control, and they continue on leveling and destroying society. turns out that’s all they are capable of. but that’s cancer for you!

      • but they already have total control, and they continue on leveling and destroying society.

        Yes, because they have no goals. They have captured the institutions but they don’t know what comes next, so they just keep subverting and destroying.

        • Of course they have a goal.

          Whether they understand or not, it is a rebellion against consciousness and existence which is why they are determined to emulate the most bestial behavior, followed by an immolation of society and death of themselves and all around them.

          • That’s not a goal, that’s a method. They have no idea what a just society should look like.

          • @felix.

            That is because they do not want a society to exist at all.

            Their goal is oblivion of themselves as a human and that goal includes taking you with them.

          • Yes, trumpton, the runnels of Hell are overfull, and the YHWH is trying to lobotomize Itself.

            Awakened- awakened in Hell- it cannot bear the knowledge of pain, yet all it can do only makes the problem worse.

            It feeds on pain, but, having no hands, it can only influence the brain cells to kill each other- feeding it further, while trying to get enough of them killed that it loses the knowing.

            As Krull says, those brain cells yearn, unaware that they are driven.

            Grateful, grateful I am that the Zman sees a future at all. But were it to be only the dull suffering of the nonwhites, who will lose their history- then it would mean nothing to me.

        • The nihilists have slipped their leash. Those who fed them and held them back no longer are capable.

          • I recently saw a “mainstream” news item where (headline) Hillary basically said that the radicals in the Democratic party are a threat. You know matters are serious….

          • Ben,

            A friend pointed this out to me as well. I was shocked to find out that it was true. However, don’t be fooled. She explains how it is all about WINNING first, THEN you go forward with your plans to destroy whitey.

    • The left has no idea what they will do after they’ve completed our society’s final dismantling. Once they see that their grand vision isn’t turning out like they hoped (because reality and stuff), they will resort to their usual scapegoating and toddler temper tantrums. Without white people to blame for all of their struggles, they will simply find a new group to persecute. They will soon learn that reality doesn’t stop when they stopped believing in it.

      For instance, Jared Taylor mentioned a woman and her child who were run down by a feral negro in California. The violent feral had been let out on (no cash) bond and, shockingly, continued to act on his instincts. The woman apparently went on Tucker and admitted she’d voted for Gascon and his soft on criminals policies. Now she wants to move out of California because she fears for her family’s safety. She will undoubtedly come to Texas and continue the destruction of that state.

      I personally know people who moved her from California because the taxes were unmanageable, but vote the exact same way here. It is absolutely amazing to glimpse into the mind of a leftist. Pardon my language, but they’re fucking retards beyond any imagination.

      Another example is the whole idea that the police are racist towards blacks which is the only explanation for the high incarceration rate of the ferals. Now that we’ve removed the police, we’re seeing the results/reality that the races are truly different. Left unsupervised, the black race is more destructive to a society than any natural disaster could ever be. Look at what’s become of all of our cities.

      America is long over. Thankfully I have no children. I would never want to leave them such a dump to grow up in.

      • Whites understand this on a primordial level about blacks, but as moral beings, they have proven unable to live with the thought. I believe it is for this reason that so many are committing suicide in so many ingenious ways in the West now. All to escape that thought.

      • “… retards beyond any imagination.”

        Yes, I am reminded of the conversos mentioned in Raymond Ibrahim’s “Sword and Scimitar.” Pretty much the only remnants of the southern Spanish that survived the 700 years long Islamic occupation of Spain were those that converted to Islam. The rest were eventually exterminated one way or another, either killed in place or sent into slavery in northern Africa to vanish from the pages of time.

        These conversos pretended to convert back to Christianity and rejoin their people, but never did. It took 100 years before the Christians tired of their dysfunction, which including revolts where they murdered priests and nuns, and expelled them all to north Africa, where they belonged. No good deed goes unpunished, so some of the expelled instead of being grateful for not being killed for their perfidy, joined Islamic slaving ships to continue their predation upon European people.

        My long winded point is that no one in North America is going to give our leftist and globalist trash, who are indeed “retards beyond any imagination,” 100 years to get their heads our of their rectums. The victorious Spanish were Christians of the old school who lived their code. All of that forbearance is gone. It should not come back.

  33. It isn’t easy to imagine a bright future as we consider who might be our future leaders. It is clear to that the standard of learning is in rapid decline.
    The left has been in the process of removing white men from US and world history.
    Millions of white kids are heading in to summer break having been beaten over the head with anti-white rhetoric. White men throughout history are now portrayed as hideous villains. They are only mentioned in terms of slavery!, not-zees!, ray-cists!
    Soon, HS kids will graduate having learned that the Tuskegee airmen and the Navajo code breakers liberated the jews. Kids will barely be capable of adding double digits (they use calculators for everything) but they will all have learned to despise themselves and their heritage.

    • Melissa: My only edit is that this is not “Soon.” It is now. Everyone I know who deals with public school edumacated teens is beyond appalled by their incredible ignorance. And since the average adult is already an idiot, it’s really hard to imagine just how empty-headed today’s youth are. They are filled with a sense of woke moral rectitude but little else. Certainly no genuine facts or morals or history.

  34. Why bother with the premise as proposed. Scrap it and break up the country to smaller nations aligned with regions. Using your metaphor all we end up trying to fix this is having a muddy terrible tasting soup barely edible.

    • “Scrap it and break up the country …”

      The fundamental parameter here is that we have an imperial ruling class. Partition is utterly anathema to them. They will NEVER voluntarily agree to devolution of power to smaller entities, much less devolution of power to the point of proliferation of sovereignty.

      It is one of the main reasons why our foreign (and domestic) policy has been dysfunctional for so very long. Our imperial ruling class is interested in ruling the world, though it is clear that at least some are temporarily backing away from that as they see the core slipping away.

      Where it might make sense to partition or federate incompatible groups in a country (Ukraine, Iraq, etc) in order to enhance local stability and prosperity, they choose not to as a matter of general principle. Consider that it is easier for them to bribe and control one central node of power (ex DC legislature) than it is to bribe and maintain control over 50 secondary nodes of power (state legislatures).

      It’s why they want the American states to become simply administrative regions which carry out policies designed by their servants in Washington DC. It’s why they push all of these ‘free trade’ agreements which are designed to transfer sovereignty to corporate controlled boards. Their project has been to start at the bottom (states) and turn them and each higher level of structure (countries) into administrative regions controlled by transnational entities whose staffing they control.

      They really do want a ‘New World Order’ where the governments of all countries are simply administrative organizations carrying out the will of transnational corporate boards which bind them all together in a web of treaties. We may or may not survive their lunacy as they attempt to secure their core (OUR country), but the ratmen of NYC, WDC, and Hollywood will never the world.

      • I didn’t mean to suggest that the country would do this voluntary. It may happens due to the death throes of a dying nation or war related. Or , who knows.

      • Something that isn’t taught in American high school is that the status of slavery in the Confederacy was irrelevant to the Civil War. The basic stuff of the conflict was determining whether the Slave Power would globalize into the frontier West. It is taught in school that some of the Framers assumed slavery would wither away, but then the invention of the cotton gin is the excuse for why they were wrong about this. In Communist high-school they usually teach you that the abolition of slavery begat sharecropping and company stores and corrupt railroad barons using the federal government to swipe land from Midwestern Progressive farmers, which if incomplete is at least interesting as an alternative story.

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