Barbarians At The Ballot Box

For the longest time, the debate over immigration has been about how both sides can agree on open borders while appearing to disagree. The Left made the spurious claim that America was the result of immigration. If immigration declines, then the country will decline. The Right made the claim that immigrants were natural conservatives and the only way for the Right to compete in the future was to load up on those super-duper conservative immigrants via open borders.

Outside of this immigration two-step, race realist would point out that immigrants tend to support the government party for practical reasons. In the West, the government party is always a few clicks to the left of the people and several giant leaps to the left of its heritage population. In America it means seventy percent of immigrants will vote for the Democrats, regardless of their policies. The cultural inclinations of the immigrants will have no impact on their political activity.

There has always been a cynically pragmatic thread to the immigration debate centered on the crude reality of politics. The Democrats supported open borders because it brought them extra voters to exploit. Their call for more immigration parallels their ballot stuffing measures. Republicans want more immigration because their donors want cheap labor. The “cheap labor lobby” theory relies on the antiquated claim that the business lobby still wears monocles and top hats.

It is starting to look like these claims make sense, but only within the context of a good economy, stable demographics and a pacified white population. In the post-Cold War America, the Democrat-Republican two-step on immigration made a lot of sense for both sides of the dance. Similarly, the observations of the race realists and cynics played out in every election. All of sudden, none of this is making any sense because the logic in which it worked is falling to pieces.

The first bit of logic that is breaking is the economy. When the white middle-class is doing well, they want their government to be generous. The government becomes an extension of their moral sensibility. When the middle-class feels stress, this swings around the other way. Now that the white middle-class is hitting retirement, that swing is looking quite dramatic. There is not going to be a lot of sympathy from a group living on savings when the stock market has lost twenty percent.

There is also another aspect to the changing economy. Airline pilots and engineers are not floating over the Rio Grande. The sort of people coming over the border are not bringing anything of value. There is no shortage of unskilled labor. The real labor crisis in America is in competency. The real struggle for business is in finding people who can do skilled work and will want to do it well. Rather quickly, immigration is no longer an exploitable asset for the open borders lobby.

Another problem for the open borders people is the collapse in institutional trust that accelerated in the last half dozen years. Trump was a warning that the people were losing faith in their institutions. The response by the institutions was to prove the people were correct in their suspicions. Anything the two parties try to sell is assumed to be part of some conspiracy to harm the country. The reaction to the latest gun grabbing by both parties is a perfect example of this new normal.

One other bit of the old structure that has started to crumble. The ruling elite of America, sensing the “browning of America’ have embraced leucophobia. This is a bigotry toward all things white, driven by a fear of being white or acting white. The defining feature of the popular culture the last decade has been a snarling, aggressive war against white people, especially white men. This pogrom was institutionalized in the late Trump years as part of the color revolution against him.

This is turning out to be a poison pill for the antiwhites with regards to the Spanish speaking immigrant population. It is turning out that the conservatives were sort of right about migrants being naturally conservative. They were simply wrong about what they naturally want to conserve. The Hispanic vote does not want to be lumped in with the freak show the Left has assembled and they are not down with the leucophobia that has become a standard feature of American life.

The polling over the last year that has suggested a shift in Hispanic voting is now turning up at the ballot box. Surprisingly, the only Republican to get that this has nothing to do with boiler plate conservatism and everything to do with ruling class degeneracy is Marco Rubio. It turns out that Hispanics are more revolted than white people by the sight of a man in a dress. They are willing to vote Republican because anything is better than a crossdresser.

There is a similar dynamic going on with the color wheel. Hispanics have a much more intimate relationship with blacks in America. They tend to live near them, often taking over their neighborhoods. Hispanics are extremely race realist. The effort to lump them in with blacks, as part of the rainbow coalition is offensive to them. Democrat efforts to make them a stripe on their flag is turning this block into a collection of extremely race realist Archie Bunkers.

Politically this is creating an amusing dynamic. One side is demanding the Hispanics get in the back of the bus with the other BIPOC’s while the other side is screaming at them about the evils of racism. Hispanics are about to learn what white people have been learning the last ten years. That is, they have no voice in politics. Forty percent of the population is white-wing and no one in either party speaks for them. Hispanics are about to join the politically disposed.

None of this should be viewed as good news. The Republicans winning a landslide in the fall elections will only make things worse. Whenever the people vote the wrong way, the ruling elite forces the Republican party to punish them. Then there is the prospect of the government being run by Biden, McConnel and McCarthy. The long simmering Irish question will finally burst into the open. That and having three morons, one with dementia, running things can only lead to disaster.

All that aside, there is a late Roman empire feel to this. The ruling elite, in an effort to conceal their weakness, chooses to settle barbarian tribes rather than fight to keep them at bay. Rather than create a constituency for the ruling elite it just adds to the number not represented in the ruling elite. At some point, the newly settled barbarians and their new neighbors decide that the new group of barbarians are a better play and they throw open the gates.

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213 thoughts on “Barbarians At The Ballot Box

  1. Z, it’s worse than even you realize as far as skill in the labor market. An often used line of yours is that “pilots and engineers aren’t floating over the Rio Grande.” Very true. However, it’s seen starkly in the construction industry as well. There’s a hierarchy in the trades, which is roughly correlated to IQ. As people like David Cole have mentioned, you see plenty of Hispanics putting up drywall. In addition, from my experience, you also see them roofing, painting, siding, concrete/masonry, and doing granite (especially the Brazilians in my area). Next tier up, you see a handful in carpentry and tiling, but not a ton, and the work is often mediocre. Then there are zero in plumbing and electrical. The average age of plumbers and electricians is well over 50, just like the white population.

    On top of IQ, there’s the fact that the trades have been cast by the cloud people as low class degrading work. A friend’s son is making $40k/year as a bar manager and is aimless in life at 25. When his father pushes the trades on him, he replies that he “doesn’t want to settle.” This is someone that never made it through college. In my area, an electrician or plumber can easily make double what he’s making. However, the money is less important than the fact that it’s a dirt people job.

    • On Long Island, New York, the everyday cops make ~150k after 10 years besides O/T. Union plumbers and electricians will make 200k by the time they are 40 if you are good and there are lots of O/T opportunities and serious benefits. In California, there are at least 90 senior lifeguards who make over 200k each year (from Nov to March, they play cards and paint the lifeguard stands.) The top “Lifeguard Captain” made 510,283 last year with O/T and benefits.

    • Aside from the condensension about “dirt people” work (working class people work) maybe he just doesn’t want to work with or for Hispanics and Mexicans.

      I love motion pictures. I wanted to work in the industry but soon discovered that I didn’t want to work with or for Jews. In addition to being unprincipled, they are weird, just weird.

      • Believe me, it’s not that. And like I said, I’ve yet to meet a Hispanic electrician or plumber.

        • “Believe me, it’s not that. And like I said, I’ve yet to meet a Hispanic electrician or plumber.”

          I live in SoCal. I’ve met them for you.

    • plumbers/pipefitters and electricians make 100K to 200K depending on how much overtime they do .

  2. My oh My.
    “The Republicans winning a landslide in the fall elections will only make things worse.
    Well today this place is a normie place. I find it amazing that anyone can even utter those words, knowing the well-documented antics of voting fraud from the last election.

    And this election will be no different. Despite the horrendous things happening to the honky middle class right now, you can be sure of one thing: The Democratic Party will win big this coming November, and the controlled opposition part will scream in discontent at anyone who questions the sanctity of American elections.

    Nothing is going to change, and The Empire is in its final days if not hours.

    Here is what I think could be easily happen:
    The U.S. Government will stir up a another hornet’s nest in Europe, and it will be in the form of Lithuania, Poland, and Romania expanding the Russo-Ukrainian war. The conflict will involve Kaliningrad and Belarus will likewise get involved. NATO will also jump into the pigpen as well

    NATO forces will get utterly destroyed by the Slavs, and the U.S. will initiate a first nuclear strike. Shortly thereafter many large American cities will go up in smoke.

    Thereafter, the Flyover Country People will have the task to try to save what is left, and it won’t be in the form of the United States. No one will be in the mood of taking any more orders from any survivors of That Irradiated Swamp. That will be the End of The Empire, and the white folk left won’t be in a very good mood. Anyone who shouldn’t be here will probably not want to stay anymore. Regional differences will lead to small distinctive countries.

    It is sad but when you look at what is going on today, should it really be any kind of surprise?

    • That doesn’t sound all that bad. Sort of mad max for a while.
      But if the ruskies really want revenge they’d nuke flyover & leave the blue areas alone.

      • don’t kid yourself, that is a horrific nightmare scenario . more awful than you could imagine

        • A dead Empire and the vaporization of most of its urban communist supporters will mark the end of our problems they’ve created over the last 70 years.
          Problems that The Normies were perfectly happy with, and did nothing to stop.

          There’s a price to pay after 70 years of inaction, and at least the survivors can build back what has been purposely destroyed. There’s no pretty way out of this situation. Nothing will get better until The Empire is gone.

  3. On the Irish Question, my book The End of an Era: Mad Men and the Ordeal of Civility (Counter-Currents, 2015) includes a look at how the Jewish creators of the series use the Irish as crypsis for Jews; in the show, Jews are outsiders, tolerated only as occasional clients (with much pearl clutching and soul searching among the WASP ad execs) while the Old Guard fears being swallowed up by the giant conglomerate of McCann Erickson. Yes, the Irish/Swedish mafia on Madison Avenue. One disgruntled former employee says “I didn’t fit in, I’m not Catholic and I read books.”

  4. Despite my handle, the “Irish Question” means nothing to me. And that’s my point. Anyone born after 1960 has no interest in “the problem with the Irish” (except one nut who comments at the Occidental Observer about nothing but the “age old Jew-Irish conspiracy.”) I suppose JFK’s election was sorta like Obama’s, indicating some kind of truce. Back in 1960 there were still supposedly educated people like Norman Vincent Peale who joined America First type groups to” alert Americans to the danger of a Catholic president.” (Back in 2016 the media dug this up to smear Trump when they found out he had attended Peale’s church in NYC, like Obama and Rev. Wright, if anyone remembers).

    The point, though, is that rather than changing America, America changed the Irish; the “nativists” like Bill the Butcher were right to fear the Irish as a fifth column under the thumb of the Catholic Church (in addition to being competition for cheap labor and votes). But as it turned out, the Irish in America became good Protestants, believing in separating Church and State and private belief, something Pope Pius condemned as a “heresy” called “Americanism.” By the 60s if not earlier “Irish Americans” were indistinguishable from heritage Americans, most notably on such supposedly “Catholic” issues as birth control and abortion. Much the same thing happened in Ireland as well, which now has a gay Hindu prime minister.

    The only relevance this has today is people like E. Michael Jones or Nick Fuentes or that guy at Claremont who essential argue (although it’s hard to call it that) that the solution to our problems is to reverse all this and bring back Real Catholicism, essentially bringing back the “good old days” of imposing direct Papal rule over the USA (presumably, after replacing Pope Francis with whoever is doing the Archbishop Lefevre thing nowadays). Good luck with all that.

  5. So, “Si se puede” is becoming “No, no pueden”. And Bakersfield, crucible from which McCarthy emerged, will remain a shithole of Mexifornia. Amusing? Indeed, it’s so droll that I practically die laughing. The “Browning” of the Golden State is a metaphor of decline impervious to the self-determination of Mexicans as to whether they are white-adjacent or merely part of the lumpenBIPOC. Simply put, they are guest workers (los esclavos de fruta) who overstayed their welcome and have stunk up the house. The stench and filth are so ingrained that removal or remediation are probably impossible.

    • “Simply put, they are guest workers (los esclavos de fruta) who overstayed their welcome and have stunk up the house. The stench and filth are so ingrained…”

      Man you really hate Mexicans.

  6. Diversity was never a strength. Diversity could be papered over in a strong, wealthy economy in a county with a mostly homogenous population and strong national identity.

    Now that the idiotic leaders have crashed the economy as well as the culture, I expect diversity to become what it has been at every other time in history, which is a hindrance, and a vector for conflict.

    It seems way too soon to be jumping on the Civnat Hispanics are natural conservatives bandwagon. When California goes red let me know. When going red actually means conserving something let me know.

    As an aside, it’s funny how it’s turning out. They wanted Drumpf out so badly that they blew their cover and frauded the election, only to put in a dementia patient into a cratering economy with unpopular Covid restrictions and a sanctions war. If they were smart they would have let Drumpf stumble around a second term, keep the media machine blaring against him and then run a Newsome (hot guy who gives girls the tingles) and win a landslide in 2024. Key word, if they were smart, which they obviously aren’t.

    • They were afraid, POTUS Trump would get some balls and clean house in the second term. They did not want to risk this. And this was a unanimous decision by the Dems AND the GOP. The fraud would never have succeeded without heavy lifting from GOP in the swing states.

      • It’s all extremely strange. From our perspective we could see by the midterms that Trump wasn’t going to reform anything, yet the establishment must have genuinely seen him as some kind of threat for them to carry on the way they did. On the other hand, it’s been a year and a half and they’re still wailing about Jan 6 and babbling “our democracy” like demented parrots, so it’s hard to separate their genuine attitude from the semitic histrionic display.

        • He has multiple grandchildren whom he loves very much. I am convinced credible and legitimate threats on their life would be effective (and were used) to keep him in line.

          The secret service would likely carry out the executions. He was truly alone.

        • Lol: SHD- semitic histrionic disorder. The most underdiagnosed mental disorder in Congress.

          • If I were on the bad guys’ side this would be my first tool of choice. There’s nothing emotional in this statement. Threatening his grandchildren is the correct tactical play. I don’t understand why you don’t See this.

        • They didn’t see Trump as a threat but, what was so much worse in their eyes, as an insult. Which he was, and so he had to go.

  7. Cactus Ed put it this way back in the 80s: “The conservatives love their cheap labor; the liberals love their cheap cause.”

    (“Immigration and Liberal Taboos”)

  8. “ Hispanics are about to learn what white people have been learning the last ten years. That is, they have no voice in politics. ”

    Hispanics need only watch TV commercials. It is amazing to me that Hispanics at 22-25% of the “official” population are featured in commercials at a rate significantly less than Blacks. Worshiping at the alter of Blackness has to be almost as painful for such as it is for Whites.

    • Compsci, Hispanics have entire parallel networks to cater to them on Radio and TV. It used to be just Univision and Telemundo. Now every news/sports outlet has a parallel Spanish language double. There are even pay cable clones of HBO and such in Spanish. That’s why you don’t see that many Latinos on the English language stations.

      • Oh, your comment takes me back decades to when I first moved to coastal California. In my car, I would scan the AM radio dial and well over half the stations were in spanish.

        Invasion. Usurpation. Overthrow.

        Why can’t other whites see this?

      • Blacks have the same thing. ESPN and McDonald’s just for example, have separate Hutu-catering entities. Universities have seperate Hutu dorms and graduation ceremonies. The negroes get this PLUS mainstream adulation. No other minority gets this. Not even close.

        • nobody’s adulating them..

          The irritation watching these faces who don’t belong in insurance commercials, nature commercials, etc is universal among all races and creeds.

          They maybe omnipresent, but they are definitely not getting adulation.

          • TV viewing is in the tank anyway.

            I’ve seen shows on mainstream channels with recognizable and well known franchises with viewership lower than a moderate YouTube channel.

            The arch example here was Batwoman .

            Ignoring the wokie mic wokie woke writing it had as many viewers and say Clownfish TV has subscribers and while not exact , Clownfish is two people school teachers I think complaining about Disney . Very niche.

            I don’t know what the girft is , virtue signalling , or if its just inertia but people still plow money into TV.

            It makes little sense since its audience is aging out and lots of people record shows and fast forward through commercials anyway.

            Worse a Youtube channel with say 20 million subscribers and 10% regular viewers which is as big as the sizable shows gets about 100K . It not nothing but its not much either/

            Its pretty obvious markets have nothing to do with any of this and if I had to hazard a guess its probably political glad handing .

          • They’re dam’ sure getting it from the people in power. And that’s likely enough to convince the room temperature-IQ primitives that they are indeed the crowning glory of the human race. What’s more, even those who don’t worship them often pretend that they do. The negroes never had it so good. They’d better enjoy it while it lasts…

        • It’s not the same, though. Any English speaker can watch BET/Fox/CNN or whatever. It’s the catering to immigrant groups who prefer their home-country language and culture while also preferring to live outside the home country and expecting to be catered to. I think that’s what gets people riled up. You know, printing ballots in multiple languages even though English proficiency is necessary for citizenship.

          • But at least with Spanish speakers there’s an economic reason for catering to them–if you want to be sure of reaching them, you speak to them in their native tongue. There is no reason whatsoever to treat blacks, the very lowest and most destructive segment of society, as though they are gods. There is no economic reason, that is. There is an ideological one, however–the desire to punish whites. And that riles me up far beyond ESPN Deportes.

    • The primary reason for this maniacal negrophilia is that negroes are the anti-whites in every respect. Messkins and Orientals comport themselves too much like whitey. They aren’t Other enough for a people who despise whites and seek to punish them at every turn.

      Is there any punishment more humiliating and destructive than forcing white people to kiss the feet of the stupidest, most violent, ugliest and most dysfunctional people on the planet? We are being beaten over the head with a club called Shaq’Slay’vion.

      • I find them insufferable beyond measure. Of all of the issues facing our country today, I despise the ferals more than anything else. They have zero redeeming qualities and I’ve watched them get ushered to the front of the line all my life while simultaneously destroying most things I once enjoyed. To say I despise them is more than an understatement.

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  10. “When the white middle-class is doing well, they want their government to be generous. The government becomes an extension of their moral sensibility.”

    I don’t think this has ever been true, much less now. I’m sure that while there have been some outliers that valued altruism over common sense, most of the White “middle-class” intrinsically understands that the government can only be generous with the money the “middle-class” has had extorted from them. “Middle-class” was always more generous than they needed to be, but they wanted private charity to take care of the safety net, not a government that will create more of what they pretend they are trying to eliminate. For the last three generations, White people have been raised to believe that only the government is capable of taking care of the problems the government is creating. As the SHTF, more people will see the problem for what it is and probably swing back more toward, “Screw them! I’m taking care of my own people in my own neighborhoods, not some transgender POC pedophile!”

    • “Screw them! I’m taking care of my own people in my own neighborhoods, not some transgender POC pedophile!”

      We’ve been waiting for this uprising since the civil war. I hope that you’re right but have been disappointed many times. I fear that whites are the only race whose survival instinct has been bred out.

      Nothing would make me happier than your prediction coming true.

      • Seeing all the videos of beaming white parents that pimped their children out at all kinds of deviant exploitation events doesn’t give me much hope.

        • In reality there aren’t that many. Some Leftists sure but the media gaslights the population into thinking its normal.

          Even griller central, the History Channel promotes drag queens and degeneracy. Easy to ignore but its still happening.

          • Eloi-

            It appears most of our people are just fine with The Camp of the Saints outcome.

      • All it takes is a few days of no food without the guarantee that they’ll have some tomorrow. Or, next week. Hunger is definitely a wake-up call. Plus, although you and I have never really seen America lose a war (not the peace. They always have deliberately lost that), the next decade is going to be an eye opener for the normies.

    • Anonymous White Male: I think the view of generosity as an extension of moral sensibility is a very accurate female depiction, and with women ascendant as reality begins to reassert itself domestically and internationally, there will be some hard lessons learned. Providing free food, housing, and education to all the sainted POX may make them feel good inside, but when xir transgender spawn gets killed by the unamused POX, not so much. Same when Herschel can’t get into Harvard because Rajeesh took his spot.

      Historically, both tribal hunter gatherers and even growing farming societies did not have the luxury – the material excess – to provide for those members who couldn’t ensure even a nominal return. Elders weren’t put into nursing homes, but when the family faced a choice between feeding bed-ridden grandma or the kids who worked the fields, it wasn’t really any contest. When the baker’s blind kid couldn’t work or hunt or perform any worthwhile labor, he certainly wouldn’t find a mate or reproduce. Same for anyone with a physical or mental deformity – or even a severe allergy. Survival was too precarious to waste resources with no chance of return.

      This realistic view of biological human survival is anathema to most women and to most modern Christians. Those who say they’d die before denying food to anyone in need who knocks at their door . . . probably will. Oh, I’m not expecting roving bands of starving anytime soon, but the Gods of the Copybook Headings may be staging a comeback. It won’t be all at once, and it may well be blunted by AINO’s residual prosperity, but there are harder times coming and lots of sensibilities – moral and otherwise – are going to take quite a battering.

      • Forgot to add my standard tl;dr: Whether or not White people draw the correct conclusion about the way forward as some of the harder aspects of reality reassert themselves remains to be seen. It will obviously entail putting both White women and POX in their correct and subservient or removed place. I’m with Line on this – I genuinely don’t know if a sufficient number of Whites have what it takes any more. Hope Tom A’s right that the collapse is the cure – either way, perhaps we’ll all find out.

        • ” I genuinely don’t know if a sufficient number of Whites have what it takes any more….”

          Why did you think this happened? I am asking in earnest.

          • You didn’t ask me you but I’ll give my perspective anyway: the people who control the narrative from all directions in Western Civilization understand our Achilles heal very well. We have a propensity for altruism, probably developed from our need to cooperate for survival in harsh environments, and they have maneuvered themselves into a position to viciously exploit that characteristic to its pathological endpoint. Women are more susceptible than men; men didn’t see the threat of giving women free reign, and the rest is the tragic history of the last 100 years.

        • It will be ugly. Have little doubt. Rivers of blood, Enoch ugly. I’m actually a bit nervous. Not really.

    • I think Z is referring to the liberal wing of the middle class. A perfect example of this was the Obama era debate about nationalized healthcare being a basic human right. I recall debating many middle class liberals about this. I would ask what the limiting principle was. Should car insurance be a human right? What about cosmetic surgery and boner pills? What about becoming the world’s free healthcare provider via open borders? Should we nationalize food production and distribution to eliminate hunger? The response was always, “but…but…healthcare is a human right.” Let’s see what those same libs believe when their Medicare premiums skyrocket.

      • The comeuppance will be a double whammy. Your premiums will skyrocket AND you will have to wait in an endless line – behind imports that paid nothing into the system.

        • This already happens now. Go to any ER. It’s loaded with illegals who can’t read or white the language. They also have no money. Meanwhile, you get a clipboard, a pen and the very first question asked is “how are you going to pay today, sir?”.

          • “It’s loaded with illegals who can’t read or white the language.”

            Traffic court, same. They get a court-appointed translator, have no licenses nor insurance. Nor registration. They get pushed ahead, treated with kid gloves.

            We get glowered at by the acting bailiff, usually some fat white cop, or local shyster as acting DA. Followed by ca-ching.

          • Heh. I have had that colorful ER experience where they scanned my med insurance card before i went through the metal detector, and the polar opposite (bonus pun there).
            You live in the wrong area. Get Out While You Can.

        • “… you will have to wait in an endless line…”

          One quibble—wrt health care there most often is no “endless line”. If you get my drift. 🙁

    • “Screw them! I’m taking care of my own people in my own neighborhoods, not some transgender POC pedophile!”

      As I’ve posted previously, I’ve reached that point—not just with government picking my pocket, but with local charities as well. It has become a racket and I refuse to play that game anymore. For example, Franklin Graham (Billy’s son) has a great charity/concept for helping folks get back into their homes after a natural disaster such as hurricane. However, he uses all funds indiscriminately. A dollar given to him is just as likely to be spent in South America as in the US. All these “Christian” charities today seem the same.

      No more. I’d rather buy Z-man coffee.

      • Internet personalities will end up disappointing you as well. They all eventually develop megalomania and forget to maintain the facade of humility towards their audience. Remember Molyneux’s rant over getting “only” a $5 donation.

      • I just assume every major charity is part of the anti-white Power Structure and refuse to contribute accordingly. And my suspicion and skepticism are now such that I no longer kick in a buck at my local grocery store when the cashier solicits a donation for this or that benevolent cause. This is a symptom of the low-trust society AINO became.

        • Ostei: When you know that whatever natural charitable instinct you have is being used against your and your people, you wise up. I stopped giving any charity – which I knew would go to alien usurpers – years ago. I literally trash used/usable items first.

          And yet even I got ‘taken’ – albeit in a small way – about a month ago. Was returning the cart at Aldis to get my quarter back when a black woman approached me. I firmly said no (if you’re too cheap/lazy to put in a quarter for temporary use of a cart, to get the coin back when you’re done, then go away). She held out what I thought was a quarter, so I then acceded and gave her the cart. Turns out it was a Canadian quarter. I’ve kept in in my car cup holder, next to an AINO quarter, to remind myself to never let down my guard, even in the smallest way.

          • It’s little daily affronts such as that which should generate the most racism. But I see very little evidence that they do. The Leftist mind-juju is strong.

    • This is the sex difference in voting. Women tend to believe, opportunistically, that the government can be like a mega-household with enlightened tyrannical mothering of 330 million* people. Men tend to remember their own households growing up as occasionally quite dysfunctional for this same cause.

      *(Am aware of and inclined toward the argument by some demographers that this figure is off by a tenth)

  11. Didn’t get to read the Taki post until now. Good stuff. Obviously I would agree with idea that Americans should see ourselves as a separate people leading a different civilization. That was the idea in the beginning, certainly more natural than being involved in a civilization across a vast ocean. How did we lose our way?

    (I say ‘we’ because this is not America imo.)

    • The cost of information and people crossing the Atlantic dropped to such an extent that all but the poorest citizens could afford to keep tabs on and travel to Europe. Meddling with the affairs of another continent is fairly easy when getting to that continent is cheap. As fossil fuels become scarcer and more expensive, foreign meddling will decrease.

      • Now that I think about it, mass immigration was an obvious factor. Guess I take it for granted these days.

    • Well, it is hard not to have a connection to European civilizations seeing as how our own is based largely upon it – from Roman Republic, Greek Democracy, English Common law, etc. These things did not just spring sui generis from Jefferson’s head.

      • The wellsprings of Western civilization, including what was America, are Anglo-Germanic, Greco-Roman, and Judeo-Christian (yes, I know, I know). Poor whites in Eastern Kentucky are bound to the people of Moscow by these indissoluble historical verities.

      • I get what you’re saying, yet if I visited Scotland, where my family came from, I’d have no doubt I was in a foreign country, to say nothing of Israel, Rome, or ancient Greece.

        Not to be a smart ass, but if we don’t narrow the distinctions, the family tree of Western Civ is larger than most of us would be comfortable with. Given the identity crisis that’s caused, I’m in favor of some discrimination, whatever the merits.

        Idk, I’m an American of colonial stock through both parents. From the Revolution to the Monroe Doctrine, the idea was to separate and become distinct, and for perhaps no better reason than patrimony, those ideas have always been with me. I also think that’s why I have the idea of American adolescence. The project got interrupted. Arrested development, let’s say.

  12. Dear Z,
    I’m genuinely interested on your opinion on Irish people. I am one but I don’t have any axe to grind. I’ve heard you make a few funny remarks on the MGTOW podcast about drunken Irish pols and the Hibernian question. Our country has aped the Anglophone world over the last 50 years in particular and our national broadcasters are wall to wall poz, while also having a reflexive anti English tendency in certain parts of the country. From my own perspective, we certainly aren’t as sober and industrious as the Swiss or the Germans, but we’re not as maladaptive as the Vibrants in your own corner of the U.S.A. and are capable of functioning reasonably well. You’ve been to Ireland previously so I’d like to get your opinion if you have the time

    • The Irish are very well adapted to the island in which they evolved, as are the English and Scottish for their particular environments. The advent of civilization and long distance mobility has created many melting pots around the globe where the process has been relatively peaceful. Unfortunately, more often than not, this mingling has been forced and often accompanied by displacement and even genocide. That is the root of most incompatibility, not anything indigenous to the underlying people. It so happens that the most malleable peoples tend to be quickly adaptive and hence tend to get a better reputation. But everyone “fits” somewhere ancient. No matter, you still have to play the hand you’ve been dealt in life, regardless of your genetics, which you did not get to choose.

  13. “Then there is the prospect of the government be run by Biden, McConnell and McCarthy. The long simmering Irish question will finally burst into the open. That and having three morons, one with dementia running things can only lead to disaster.”

    I don’t know about the Irish thing. But the mention of those idiots, among others is a good segue into the discarded idea of term limits. In the new, revitalized government (whatever that is) which arises from the ashes, serious limits on length of service and even being able to serve must be imposed. Dirtbags can’t be allowed to make a career out of politics, period – and at all levels. Once you’ve done your time, you are finished forever – including the local pta…

    Oh, and your not going into the lobbying business (assuming it even exists in the new order) or working at the equivalent of cnn (which won’t exist) either. You get a real freaking job or starve.

    • So the people who benefit hugely are going to vote to limit their own embezzlement and personal control fantasies even in a new government?

      • There probably aren’t any easy answers, but limits of some sort absolutely have to be put into place. It’s obvious that the current form of government does not work in our polyglot society – there are way too many who don’t give a s*** about the overall well being of the country or its rightful citizens. Speaking of which, that’s another significant problem that must be dealt with – the present makeup of society.

      • I have considered for years that there should be lotteries for the House and reinstate the old way of letting the States pick their Senators. You say of the lottery, “What, you mean any idiot has a chance?” Yes. As they do now. It will require limiting suffrage to male property owners, preferably with family. It will require a sense of duty and morality, more like it was at the beginning. Until it became obvious it was a profitable enterprise. With only two years in office, Billy Bob can only screw up so much. Plus, you still have the option of impeachment or recall if he is too obvious in his incompetence or corruption.

        • Wasn’t this done in ancient Athens?

          I believe govt positions were mostly filled by lottery.

        • You’d still need some kind of intelligence test and only select from one standard deviation above average, about 1/3 of the population. Otherwise you get the Biden problem where his handlers quickly take over and are calling the shots while pacifying him with pudding cups.

    • “The long simmering Irish question…”

      Do not agree. These men are seen more as crypto chewbaccas than “Irish”.

    • I think term limits merely transfers the power from the individual politician to the machine who will then decide who gets to replace the term-limited pol. We kinda have that already but it would be more pronounced.

      Like Z has rightly stated many times before, a corrupt people will find a way to get around any scheme to further their corruption. Our problems are in parts spiritual and moral more than anything. Why I think Putin calling us the Empire of Lies is resonating with many disaffected westerners who completely agree with him.

      And I think this comes down to a religious question, do we put God before country or country before God? In this sense, God is truth and being honest and country is man and his corruptibility. People have to make a choice, I know for me personally, this was something of an epiphany from a few months ago that God is eternal truth and goodness and that I cannot help but feel these are far more important to me than country. Especially a country that is full of liars and deceivers.

      Yet this also raises some very serious other questions. Blacks and criminality, for example. How can anyone claim to profess faith in God, or in eternal truth and goodness, and then see blacks killing each other with wild abandon and not conclude that they are not merely misguided but anti-God? How can a believer live among these people? I don’t see how it works tbh.

      Moral of the story, is you can’t be a true Christian and believer in God in this country. The entire apparatus is designed and built to defy everything that God supposedly represents. But that’s the choice, either God or country. Can’t have both.

    • There was a talented drummer who once wrote these lyrics about the Western elites,

      If we choose to let you decide
      You still have no choice.

      Something like that, anyway.

      • You mean the late, great Neil Peart of Rush. I think the lyric was ‘if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice’.

        From the song Free Will.

    • Term limits to control bad actors is like the gold standard. It can be a useful temporary backup measure to keep the occasional rogue actor from doing too much harm. But if that is your whole plan, it will fail bc a ruling elite corrupt enough to constantly need such limits is corrupt enough to subvert those limits. Fix the problem, which is the nature and character of the ruling class, rather than trying to treat the symptoms.

  14. The ruling elite has decided that black is where it’s at. You see it in TV shows, commercials, music, all of the BLM/George Floyd virtue-signaling, and the multinational corporations. It’s ubiquitous.

    Why are they invested more heavily in black than in Hispanic? The black population is 13 percent and is smaller and not growing as fast as the Hispanic population.

    It seems like it’s a mistake they’ve made. Blackety-black isn’t appealing to Hispanics. Asians also don’t like it. The only people I’ve ever seen take a knee in worship of blacks are White people.

    • That’s a good question. I think maybe it’s because there is the perception that blacks were persecuted more, so whites must grovel to them more, maybe?

      I am a race realist too, and reject victim politics out of hand.

      • Blacks are a solid core of violent reaction to even the slightest *perceived* hint of discrimination. This has been going on since the civil rights era. (You may remember that it was shortly *after* that Civil Rights legislation was passed that we had the absolute worse Black urban riots for several years!)

        Black “worship” has now become inculcated in an increasingly emasculated White population. What we see today is nothing more that the Dark Ages’ “Danegeld” and it will/is failing as it did for those paying such in earlier times.

    • Our ruling elite have always used blacks as a hammer to beat us with. Further, the tribe has always been fascinated by blacks and this goes back to ragtime music, jazz, and early rock n roll. The vulgar sexuality of blacks is exciting to them and resonates with them.

      Since empathetic whites can easily be shamed by the failures of blacks, blacks are the ideal weapon with which to browbeat our more emotional kinsmen.

      • So true. I once played in a fantasy baseball league with a bunch of Jewish lawyers I worked with at the time. The worship of black athletic ability by klutzy intellectuals was amusing. They could quote every Jackie Robinson statistic but couldn’t compete in a female softball league.

      • Yes, and that really began with Reconstruction. The Republicans, God bless them, can be considered the forefathers of Black Lives Matter in the way they weaponized the freed slaves against ex-Confederate soldiers. Down to importing wokety-woke teachers from New England.

        So it’s always amusing when Republican operatives boast about all the wonderful things they did during Reconstruction.

    • I’ve maintained since the Floyd riots that it’s a setup, and I’m sticking to it. Anyone who thinks corporate/media/political ‘allies’ are anything but snakes in the grass is out of his mind.

    • Blacks are more violent and act as the enforcement arm for the left. Need some burning, some looting, riots? You know who to call. Antifa mostly for the riots & burning, blacks for the looting. Every big American city has its no go zones, unless you’re not white, but even then…risky.

      • “Need some burning, some looting, riots? You know who to call.”

        That’s why I half-jokingly tell people that if you want the politicians and policy-makers to listen to them, they have to hire blacks for rioting, burning and looting. Remember the anti-war protests in 2003? They came to nothing because they were peaceful. Contrast those protests with what happened after St. George of Floyd (peace be upon him) was martyred.

        • Arshad

          He wasn’t “martyred”

          He suit-cased a lethal dose of fentanyl up his ass.

          That’s not being martyred, that’s being a garden variety chimp.

          • I believe Arshad knows this. He (and I also) talk within in the accepted vernacular of the “narrative”. Past postings of Arshad show him to be fairly savvy with the bulls**t of the narrative.

          • I know what you’re saying. But “martyred” was not meant in a literal sense, as is clear from my saying “St. George of Floyd.”

    • Blacks have been granted an unearned starring role in our society. Being given free reign, the ensuing mayhem and violence, is causing yet another major wave of White flight from urban areas to the hinterlands. The rapid population growth in the exurbs is very destabilizing for local communities with many current residents suddenly priced out of housing and forced to leave. Of course, Uncle Sam will be relocating inner city blacks, illegals, and foreign refugees into the new boomtown. Wash, rense,repeat.

    • The biggest black blackity black group is the 20% of white progressives, but they have not been the trendsetters here. I try not to harp on fellow whites too much as they are not the only cause, but it is impossible to ignore their disproportionate “contribution” to this mental illness. They are the ultimate (((“guilty” white))) person. Instead of being 20% of their group, they’re more like 80% of their group.

      Hispanics are our biggest threat because there are just so many of them. AFAIK, black fertility is just as bad as White fertility. Hispanics (Mestizos) are the biggest minority group and they still have a pretty high fertility rate.

      • Wasn’t there a recent US TFR breakdown by ethnic group that clearly showed the US is basically on track to become Mexico Norte?

        • It would be wrong to assume illegal crossers at the Southern border are all, or even majority, MX. MX dumped its unwanted years ago. What we are seeing are OTM—Other Than Mexican—at the Southern border. OTM is actually an official ICE designation for these people.

          • Of course not. Not since NAFTA. Even under MPP (Trump’s Remain in Mexico plan) Mexicans were exempt, as were extra-continentals. That’s why people from all over the planet (except the northern triangle) have been waved in like by a third-base coach since it went into place.

    • Wolf Barney: While they won’t take a knee to blacks, plenty of Orientals and subcons will happily join in on hating wypipo as a way to get social cred with the elites and to compensate for their own social, physical, or intellectual inadequacies. They’re fairly happy to join the ride as long as they benefit. As the bennies to being subsidiary members of the generic POX start to wane with harder times, so will their enthusiasm for their role.

      That still will not make them genuine or trustworthy White allies.

      • Indians of the subcontinental variety (especially females, aka pajeetas) are the most extreme and shrill in this regard.

    • > Why are they invested more heavily in black than in Hispanic? The black population is 13 percent and is smaller and not growing as fast as the Hispanic population.

      It’s because that messaging isn’t directed at you, and it’s not about building a large, diverse coalition to win elections. It’s about manipulating impressionable young white women to have sex with black men.

    • They gravitate toward blacks because both they and blacks have a very low threshold of morality, as a friend’s father used to say about the Juice. They are simply birds of a feather and they flock together.

      But goes to show where the priorities are for the ruling elite that they think it is righteous of them to throw in their lot with the most criminal-minded of the population. What does that say about them that they take the side of the criminal classes and not the decent law abiding everyday white Americans?

      Speaks volumes.

    • “The ruling elite has decided that black is where it’s at. You see it in TV shows, commercials, music, all of the BLM/George Floyd virtue-signaling, and the multinational corporations. It’s ubiquitous.

      “Why are they invested more heavily in black than in Hispanic?”

      The reason probably is that whatever blacks go for — rap, bling, “hos”, drugs — is profoundly anti-culture. Whatever you may think of Mexicans, South Americans, Asians, they have a culture. It may be different from European culture, but it is a culture. The ruling elite is against *any* notion of culture. They want anti-culture, which is congruent with their aims. Anti-culture has no history, no evolutionary progress, no socially gluing agent. Anti-culture is loud, blaring, and devoid of any real meaning. It is the CNN “news”, it is the Jerry Springer show, it is the latest wrestling show. It reminds me that I really should re-read Mathew Arnold’s “Culture and Anarchy.”

    • Blacks have very unambiguously declared themselves as mortal enemies to whites, so when the government mandates a new black holiday or companies make all the couples in their ads black male on white female miscegenation, it’s an obvious thumb in the eye to the dirt people the elites despise. They’re daring you to say something about it because they know you’re afraid to get fired or investigated.

    • Its even annoying Boomers which may be the point. I have one of those my black bestie , MLK anti racism Boomer friends and even she is fed up with it and sounding kind of Dissident Right.

      This doesn’t matters in the big scheme the Boomers only matter for a short time now but if older less mentally flexible old people are fed up. young people are more so.

      Do to social pressure, young people will never express it but many are quite racist caveat Latino/White racism isn’t a big thing. Its class there not race and Indios are no go at least in California

      Think Mexico

      Also FWIW the Black and Latino populations are both below replacement (1.9 and 1.8) its only immigration and demographic momentum that contribute to growth. Its bad enough California is noting it will soon enough be a retirement state in demography

    • Hispanics have their own TV channels. Don’t need the others. Very little blackity-black on Telemundo.

    • It’s because blacks can be counted upon to unleash violence at very slight provocation.
      We are reminded of this reality every day when they commit violence at no provocation at all.

  15. The other shoe hasn’t dropped in California where they have critical mass. In five years this state will be run by some Mayan pig like Alex Padilla who’ll want a bribe to move a pencil on his desk. These aren’t Archie Bunkers. They have a blue collar culture for sure. That’s where it ends. Are they infinitely better than nearly all porch-monkeys? Of course. That’s why Georgia will be Nigeria by 2040. Also, I’ve never seen so many gay hispanics as over the past five years. The Spanish version of the Disney Channel really did a number on their kids while they were out there breaking their backs to install fence posts. Don’t expect the next wave of them to be even socially conservative.

    The good news is they won’t give a flying F word about eco sh it. They want cheap gas and cheap utilities. Like nearly any pre-eco-brainwashed white person before 1991. They’ll tear down this whole dirty hippie edifice that thinks windmills are the solution.

    • Yeah, and instead of The Beach Boys you’ll have The Playa Niños! Doesn’t have the same ring, but whatever.

      • Have you been to the beach in CA? A totally ruined experience. You’re better off going to Hawaii. Some fat Mexican slug dry humping his fat, rolly polly Latina underneath him, with blaring Norteno music that they think the whole beach should hear. The beach as an experience was ruined long ago.

        • Reminds me of our local lake. A very pleasant place, bring the kids after work.

          Then, one day the local Mestizo people of our strength pull up. They boil out of a couple of vehicles, hooting. Strip to their underwear, leap into the lake just outside the fence separating the town park (paid) part with the sand beach.

          As they holler, splashing around, more show up. No one does anything. I say to Mrs. Me: “That’s the end of the lake.” We do not sign up the next season.

          That is over 10 years ago. Now English is a second language in my town, they change oil in the supermarket parking lot. We are so much stronger now.

      • Mexifornia chicas? Buenas vibraciones?
        You’re right – not the same ring

    • They are already running stories about how the grid can’t keep up with climate change and how we should expect brown-outs or rolling blackouts. But all these damned windmills shut down in heat waves because the wind goes down. We’ve been pouring billions of Dollars into the grid in solar and wind and it’s worse now than it was 10 years ago. At the same time, we’re plugging in millions of 30kwh car batteries into the grid to be charged. If the blackouts come, they’re going to demand more of the same, more wind farms, more solar panels and ever more EVs. It’s madness.

      • The Germans, Dutch and other countries are moving to restart their coal-fired plants because they are starting to feel the twin disasters of renewables and Russian sanctions.

        I almost wish they wouldn’t, because I think this could enable the Green lunatics to skate through the current mess and cling to power so they can do more damage in the future.

          • 3g4me-

            That’s a really good start!

            However, if my drawing skills were on form, I’d add a diesel semi delivering coal to the power plant, a diesel-electric locomotive moving coal from the mine to a depot, a giant diesel dump truck hauling coal out of the mine, and an enormous ditch witch strip mining the coal.

          • I think Germany or in for a rude awakening in just three months or so when they find some pretext to roll back the sanctions (probably some version of “The Russian people have suffered enough for the actions of their tyrant”: – Woke’s gotta virtue-sig. And Russia doesn’t increase supplies. I think they’ve turned down a dead-end one-way street, and we’ll see the de-industrialization of Europe over the next two years. The rest of the world will observe that there’s a price to be paid for being Uncle Sam’s economic shock troops.

  16. In the Mississippi delta we are importing Boer farmhands , at a higher wage, to drive tractors on soybean farms, displacing blacks. We use Mexicans on labor intensive farming like sweep potatoes. And they wear short shorts…

    • Boer farmhands? How? I have a distant cousin who moved out of SA right after apartheid fell. His younger sister (who wasn’t even born yet.) is still there and cannot get an exit visa. Despite the fact that the govt there has openly declared that at some point they will try to exterminate what remains of the native white population. The UN has said that she does not qualify for refugee status and given the “we hate whitey” attitude of the current regime, she can’t get in here either.

  17. “The polling over the last year that has suggested a shift in Hispanic voting is now turning up at the ballot box.”

    I’m curious about commenters’ thoughts on a political partnership of conservative whites and hispanics against our rulers. This idea is definitely rising in our circles. People were talking about it at the VDare castle bash.

    I confess that I dislike this idea but I realize that I am not good at short term tactical thinking in politics. I lived in costal California and the obvious tribalism of the hispanics there strongly inclines me to oppose such a partnership but it may be the best option in our set of bad options.

    • And your instincts would be right. You really have to be overwhelmed by them to understand the downside. If you think the Italians ruined New Jersey politics, that ain’t nothin’.

    • I think we should go in the opposite direction and allow our Latino friends to manage the obsolete farm equipment as they have been doing.

    • It would be the ultimate “own goal” by the Dems if hispanics end up in the Repub camp. Unfortunately, to accomplish this the Repubs would have to adopt most the of the Left’s economics, which just puts us back where we started. As The Who once sung, meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    • Your best bet is to align with Cuban-Americans, who are much more European in blood and the most conservative of all the Hispanic groups.

  18. No one can stop the RINO wave coming this Fall, and Joe Normie will ejaculate on hearing that the Rs have regained the House and Senate. All the stupid people (and they are legion) will expect immediate results and a return to 1950s peace & prosperity. There will be a few faux show inquisitions conducted in the House, and lots of made-for-tv BS that enables cathartic venting and pontification. Yes, McConnell and McCarthy will start backstabbing their base with impunity, but no legislation will be passed because spending more money will just bring on the hangman sooner. As the economy declines into recession/depression, desperate people will begin doing desperate things in ever growing numbers. LEOs will be unmotivated and overwhelmed, and perform like they did in Ulvade. It will become Wild West time in the big urban centers. The CRAZY will eventually impact the Cloud People where it hurts. And that will be the first glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Tom,

      While I think you’re mostly right, I disagree with the last part. Well, not entirely. I just don’t think it will happen that fast. I think our rulers still have the privileges of protection that we don’t have. It won’t start to hurt until one of them is shot in a car jacking, or stabbed in a shopping mall or something like that. I hope I’m wrong. I want this shit show to burn down like the rest of you. I’ve had enough of feral blacks, men in dresses and purple haired shit libs.

      • “It won’t start to hurt until one of them is shot in a car jacking, or stabbed in a shopping mall or something like that.”

        The Brazilian elite have been dealing with that stuff for decades. They just pile on more barriers and protection between them and the favela people.

  19. Zman: The future is a collapse of our degenerate overlords, our corrupt institutions and an assumption by new barbarians.

    Me: And we get to have machine pistols too right?

  20. My only quibble is the line- “This pogrom was institutionalized in the late Trump years as part of the color revolution against him.” – This sentence should have been re-written to say – Trump, an astounding moron, and not married to any political belief other than himself, allowed a color revolution to take root within his own administration, under his nose, with his own whorish, no-talent daughter at conference tables attempting to appease it.”

    • Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Particularly the words about the Converso.

    • The fact as of this writing three people on this site “downvoted” this entirely accurate comment shows you how far there is to go.

    • On my more generous days, I think he at first was sincere about trying to make things better, but was just in over his head. Naively thought he could do something or would have actual power.

      Other days, I have to wonder if he was in on it.

  21. The sign over the door of Mexican cantinas prohibits the entrance of minors, men in uniform and homosexuals.

    • The Troubles, I think he means. An internecine conflict between otherwise ethnically similar people.

        • All forms of diversity are toxic especially and including religious.

          Race is first but everything matters , religion, way of life, all of it.

          You can get by with a dead bang maximum of 10% diverse with separation , 5% otherwise . More than that leads to instability.

    • Dang. I thought it was whether Pollacks were more intelligent.

      First Polish pilot:
      “My god! We almost crashed! That was the shortest landing strip I’ve ever seen!”

      Second Polish pilot:
      “Yeah, but look how wide it is!”

  22. Considered as a group as opposed to individuals, the new immigrants will never be considered Americans due to their refusal to assimilate like the old European immigrants did. And they don’t really seem to care. Hispanics are happy to live with 8 others or with their large family in a rental. They don’t have big goals nor the discipline to achieve them even if they did. The Indians, Muslims, and Koreans may assimilate a bit but still prefer their own. The black community will never really change much except eventually get lower on the scale than the hispanics. It is a disgrace that white America has allowed this.

    • “due to their refusal to assimilate”

      Is there anything to assimilate into? I’m reminded of Wilmot Robertson’s book, “The Dispossessed Majority”, which most people here have probably read. There’s no national culture and the possibility of one got stripped away a long time ago. I’m also reminded of the film, “Born in East LA.” The lead character says that you get to the USA, buy a Toyota, and start making payments on it. A Mexican girl listening in on the conversation sarcastically asks, “Is this all it takes to become an American?”

      • Arshad Ali: that book turns 50 this year. There is a good column about it at AmRen a few days ago. I always considered the beginning of our decline at circa 1972, and your other comment about the wages peaking in ’71 reinforces that assumption.

        • The decline probably began with the Immigration Act of 1965, whch opened the flood gates. Though I think there was also some immigration legislation in the 1950s that was pernicious in its own way.

    • Le Comte: Assimilation was always a fallacy. There may be a few outward iterations (wearing jeans, eating pizza, or Asians with blond hair) but inwardly and genetically, it’s just not possible, Culture is transmitted initially via the family – and the non-European immigrants learn from their parents and grandparents, all of whom immigrate and live together. Even a confident White America cannot turn people with centuries of alien genetics, history, and culture into White Christian Europeans.

      And the famed ‘assimilation’ of the Ellis Island immigrants has been sketchy, at best. Varies based on original nationality, class, where they settled, and individual family dynamics. As JR Wirth noted, the Italians in Jersey – or AINO’s various Chinatowns.

      • To AA and 3g4me: My grandparents came from France, Switzerland, Germany and Ireland and worked hard and became good Americans with whatever that culture is-maybe hard to define, but you know it when you see it. America since the 60’s made it easy for immigrants to do whatever they pleased and that was tragic.

        • Le Comte: As I noted, the degree and pace of assimilation, which is only really possible with other White European Christians and takes generations even then, varies tremendously. My half-Italian ancestry husband has numerous distant east-coast relatives who never left their ethnic enclaves. But he grew up as an army brat, moving often, and his mother neither knew Italian nor practiced any particular Italian cultural traditions.

  23. “There is no shortage of unskilled labor. The real labor crisis in America is in competency. The real struggle for business is in finding people who can do skilled work and will want to do it well.”

    Amen. Although it is getting increasingly difficult to find lower skill labor who is willing to show up consistently for more than a few weeks. Since Covid this has started to bleed over into more moderate level skill positions as well. I have had a couple of conversations with local elites about this problem and they at least acknowledge it is real. Their proposed solution was to talk to the public schools about things they could do to improve work ethic and reliability. Given the circumstances, I couldn’t laugh in their faces as a matter of decorum. I am not expecting elites to offer any worthwhile solutions to this problem.

    • Barnard

      The real labor crisis in America is competency.

      Just an observation here, but recently our home had a power issue. Long story short, the two crews that were sent out over a holiday weekend were all white.

      Two sets of three. And not one was over the age of 30. It gave me a sense of hope for the future. I asked one of them how old he was and he said 23. And he was the crew leader. Those guys had their shit together and diagnosed and fixed the problem.

      For those interested, they related that all of the power companies are short staffed and will hire and train anybody!

      They also said the first 4 months cull the herd. I’m guessing climbing up and down poles in the heat separates the men from everybody else.(The new guys don’t get to use the cherry pickers. That’s how they find the real workers).

      Fear not. Find/make your tribes. And buy extra popcorn.

      • That is great you found those guys. It is not the norm anymore outside very small pockets of the country. Economic downscale whites have been declining to the work ethic and attitude of blacks for a couple of decades now. We have a growing group of mostly young adults who are essentially unemployable under current conditions. No one has a solution for what to do about it that our society will accept.

      • We all know that the strong, brave women will be able to scramble up and down the poles better than any man.

          • First: Giant hairpick celebrating Juneteenth, Reverend Dr. George Floyd Day

            Next: Giant stripper pole celebrating couples on TV

        • It is believed that women are better natural climbers than men, and this due to them sleeping in trees for protection during our hunter-gatherer days.

    • Public schools, the largest socialist enterprise in the US, do what all socialist institutions do, they fail at their task and should be abolished in their entirety. After spending at least 13 years in the longest and most expensive initiation ceremony in world history, they ostensibly produce good citizens and workers. It is to laugh. If business needs qualified employees let them find their candidates on suburban playgrounds and educate them for the needed tasks at their own expense.

    • It’s a matter of feeling invested in your employers business and being valued for your contributions to the success of that business, so, no…

      • It is hard to feel valued by an employer when after years of service they threaten to fire you unless you inject some experimental substance into your body to “protect” you from a virus that has a 99.7. % survival rate. They expect people just to forget that never happened and pick up where they left off in February 2020.

        • Hell, there were episodes at my firm where they fired people who wouldn’t comply with the face diaper mandates.

          And they wonder why people would rather sit home, tend bar, or try to start their own pressure washing business.

        • GloboBank hates me and the feeling is mutual. Frankly, it is kind of liberating.
          Makes not putting that extra effort in extra easy.

    • Back in the day, about half of my department’s faculty were foreign born. Many still on H1B VISA’s. That’s how scarce competent folks were in the field. An no, we paid/negotiated high wages and were a tenure track department.

  24. Politically this is creating an amusing dynamic. One side is demanding the Hispanics get in the back of the bus with the other BIPOC’s.

    That’s the issue that soured Gandhi on the Empire too. Gandhi was all for segregation, but he was offended that he should rub shoulders with the kaffir when he was riding the train or having his hair cut.

  25. “The sort of people coming over the border are not bringing anything of value. There is no shortage of unskilled labor. The real labor crisis in America is in competency. The real struggle for business is in finding people who can do skilled work and will want to do it well.”

    Agree with the overall tenor of your post but a few quick points. First, the people swimming across the Rio Grande (or crossing the desert into Arizona) have to bring something (unless they intend to make a career of robbing and pillaging). There remains a market for unskilled labor, with no questions asked. And it’s at rates that white lumpenproles are not interested in — they can’t keep body and soul together on the starvation wages (often in insalubrious conditions such as picking tomatoes in 95 degree heat for 12 hours).

    This allows me to segue to the next point: What’s on offer is so poor that even Mexicans are increasingly not interested. I think there’s been a net efflux to Mexico for several years. The new invaders into the USA are coming not so much from Mexico as Central and South America, South Asia, and Africa. What they intend to do in the USA I have no idea. They will not be docile Mexican workers.

    Another point is that while it’s true that the real crisis is in skilled labor, the issue boils down to remuneration as it does for unskilled labor. Business does not want to pay for skilled labor, or train people for skilled jobs. Hence the explosion in H1B and L1 visas (mostly for South Asians).

    • A sad current issue is that the young really aren’t willing to do unskilled, hard labor, even for high wages. The farmers in my hometown are lamenting having trouble finding kids from the community to do farm work regardless of what they pay, with the aded incentive that they pay largely under the table.

      It’s a mix of laziness and many perverse incentives, since colleges don’t care if you got up every morning at 3:30 to milk cows for a few hours, but they do care about volunteering at a non-profit where you stand around and hand out bags for a couple of hours. One of my cousins just got a doctorate and never worked a paying job in his life.

      The solution, of course, isn’t more immigrants, but giving hard, manual labor the esteem (and pay) it deserves, especially in building character in the young.

      • “even for high wages”

        The wages aren’t high. Peak US wages arguably occurred in 1971, when the federal minimum wage for non-farm workers was $1.60 an hour. Multiply that by 30 (using the real inflation rate, rather than the bogus official one), and you get $48. You will find willing, enthusiastic, and disciplined workers at that wage rate.

        There has been a long-term and concerted campaign to drive down real wages in the USA. It has been multi-pronged: bring women into the workplace, automate where possible, transfer jobs from the unionized north to the un-unionized south, transfer skilled jobs out of the country altogether, encourage immigration, legal and illegal. The result has been a hollowed-out middle class. The term itself has become a joke, used only by cynical politicians. Again, it’s like the late Roman empire.

        • I take issue with labor unions. My first summer out of high school I trained with an electrician and did all the grunt work. I knew I would have to as I was more than willing to pay my dues to learn and learn I did. By the time the summer was over with, I learned a great deal about what you need to know around your home with some commercial work thrown it (In fact the only thing I didn’t learn was how to bring a service in off the street and hook it up to the house.)
          but all the while two of my uncles kept badgering me to join the union because they would send me to school.
          I eventually got in the local and what a friggen shock compared to the private sector! They did send me to school (Which was kind of useless due to the fact that they teach you electrical theory and the engineers have it all figured out by the time you are handed the blueprints.) but other than that, most of the people I worked with would never have lasted at my first job. What with all the breaks, bullshit sessions and “waiting on the delivery guy”, my first boss would have sent them packing.
          With the exception of one incident, anytime I showed any initiative, I got the speech from the senior guys because I was “making them look bad.” and of course whenever it was contract time, they always wanted to be paid more, for doing less.
          No thank you. I understand why unions were needed a hundred years ago, but now most of them are nothing more than extortion operations.

          • Unions are like any tool: when you need that tool, they’re fantastic. When you don’t need that tool, they’re useless. Thus, once they achieve their main goals — they become self-perpetuating grift machines.

        • The unskilled crossing the border illegally for the most part do two things: They compete for unskilled jobs by lowering the wages or being paid under the table. And they supplement such via social welfare programs—public and private.

          The old saw that their children will rise above that is not always true as well, at least via social program (welfare) use. I’ve saw such an analysis from United Way of CA a couple of decades ago. Of course, UW was trying to get more funds from the legislature at the time.

      • Hard labor? They never told me about that in my private high school, all they said was college, college, college… so I went to the Marines.

      • “The solution, of course, isn’t more immigrants, but giving hard, manual labor the esteem (and pay) it deserves, especially in building character in the young.”

        This is only possible in a more homogeneous culture. Hard work is resented when those who put in the work don’t have any ethnic relationship to those who profit off it.

    • Can confirm your point about them coming from farther south. When we had a widespread hail storm a few years ago, the roofing crews were from Guatemala. I heard rumors most of them were making between $12-15 an hour. I wonder how many filed a tax return.

    • And it’s at rates that white lumpenproles are not interested in — they can’t keep body and soul together on the starvation wages

      But it’s not starvation wages if you’re from Nigeria or the Philippines. They can – theoretically – flip burgers for 5 years and save enough to buy a home back in the pueblo. If you offered the same kind of real economic incentives to Americans, you’d be beating them off with a stick.

      • Yes, that’s correct. The migrants might be living six or ten to a room, eating rice and beans, and saving every dime they can. The American dream 2.0. But native-born Americans are unwilling to live as serf labor.

        I saw the same phenomenon in Norway, which has much higher wages than the USA: Lithuanians and Latvians were living six and eight to a room, and being paid less than half of the legal minimum wage. Norway has two job markets — one for migrants, one for Norwegians. And probably to a large extent the same is true in the USA.

        • The American dream 2.0. But native-born Americans are unwilling to live as serf labor.

          Because he doesn’t get paid as much as the immigrant in real economic terms. He can’t buy a house if he works around the clock for five years, living out of his mommy’s basement.

          We have east Europeans in Denmark too, depressing the wages by trading on the difference in PPP between Denmark and Romania. This happens with the blessings of unions and politicians alike, and contrary to what you might think, there’s no minimum wage in Denmark.

          • D’accord. Completely. For the last 18 years the East Europeans have become the new ni88ers of Europe. I remember having a conversation with my Norwegian landlord (a little outside Oslo). He said that for a Norwegian to take home a 100 kroner, he had to earn 200 kroner (because of high taxes) and my landlord had to earn 400 kroner to pay him 200 kroner. Much easier to just pay him 100 kroner off the books. The small parallel economy in Norway that operates on cash and no records. Much of migrant labor is off the books.

          • Much of migrant labor is off the books.


            It’s a difference in morale. To the pious Mohammadan, the infidel, pro-homosexual welfare state is an enemy treasury and it’s virtuous to plunder it and a sin to pay taxes.

          • The same thing has happened with the Poles in the UK.

            Many British seem to detest the Poles quite a bit.

      • “Skilled” labor. But without them pulling down wages, US coders earning $120,000 a year (and barely able to make ends meet in cities like San Francisco and NYC) would be earning $200,000 a year.

        • Yes, they are skilled and yes, they are depressing tech wages.

          However, $120k in NYC or SF is a junior/intermediate salary. There are also plenty of tech jobs away from those cities, including remote. They pay 6 figures as well.

  26. Hispanics are higher crime, but still strongly prefer order, as messy as those neighborhoods still tend to be. They also tend to consider government forces as outsiders and not part of their civic identity, sort of how they deal with cartels who essentially own swaths of territory in Mexico.

    A Republican party with balls would start a ruthless ad campaign of blacks attacking Asians and Hispanics, and they would not be deprived of examples. While the NYT recently dug up a white on Asian attack from 40 years ago, they could easily have “attack of the week” quality snippets in easy supply. It doesn’t even have to be explicit, just put a tough on crime stance and let the videos speak for themselves.

    Turning the scapegoating of societal ills towards black crime after the relentless propaganda barrage against whites would work, simply because it’s true. It also allows boomer whites to pretend this is about the interests of minority populations that we get tough.

    Of course, then the black vote would go from 11% to 9%, and we can’t have that.

  27. there is a dynamic going on between hispanics and blacks that Zman didn’t touch on. hispanics are actively killing blacks that live next to them; and this is how they “take over” (what were) black neighborhoods. the nigs are too dumb to figure it out, but their support of anti-white politics is going to result in them being exterminated as a group, in North America.

    i think it is helpful to distinguish between cultural conservatism, and political conservatism. hispanics might vote for gibs and whomever will provide them, but they are very patriarchal culturally. so all these white libs are constructing a new society that is extremely antagonistic to their beliefs and goals.

    • “their support of anti-white politics is going to result in them being exterminated as a group, in North America”

      Blacks? Physically exterminated? How many are the hispanics killing? More than the number of blacks killed other blacks?

      • good point. with state funded abortion, internecine killings, and hispanic predation, the overall black population has to be dropping.

        • I have been wondering how accurate are the population numbers. In general – from demographic composition, to local population numbers to world population – a lot of it seems to be estimates and often not too accurate. Are there any indications that black population is declining? Doesn’t seem that way to me. Except for American TV and advertising, where blacks are clear majority.

    • “hispanics might vote for gibs …”

      Hispanics might be ‘natural conservatives’ but it is THEIR civilization, THEIR culture that they are interested in conserving. Those starting to vote Republican are voting AGAINST white leftist degeneracy and dysfunction which they see as a threat. They are not voting FOR establishment Republicans and they certainly aren’t voting for the historic American people.

      The Roman poet Horace wrote about open borders into Italia during the transition of his country from republic to empire “They change their skies not their souls, those who cross the sea.” Hispanics have not changed a whit. Some have revised their threat assessment and decided that at the present time the white left is the greater enemy. If the oligarchy somehow managed to put the white left crazy back into the box, Hispanics would instantaneously flip back to refocus on dispossessing us. I don’t think most establishment Republicans are smart enough to understand this, even if they weren’t being paid to not understand it.

      • This seems to be the case. There is also the fact that Hispanic is a thing that exists in the minds of our rulers, but not in the real world. Mexicans do not like Central Americans. They are not all that fond of people from southern Mexico. Cubans despise Puerto Ricans and Dominicans. There is a ranking in this cohort that follows the color wheel. I think what we may be seeing is the Euro-Hispanic making the transition to white much in the same way Italians and even the Irish finally identified as white. The Indio and Caribbean population will be left behind.

        • Very true. The term ‘Hispanic” is moronic. Argentinians and Chileans like to feel they’re of European stock. They look down on Bolivians and Paraguayans. Usually the ruling elite in most (not all) Central and South American countries has a large Caucasian DNA. The further you go down the socio-economic ladder the darker the skin.

          • Argentina even feels like Southern Europe. Chile not so much, but it’s still a nice place.

          • Agentina is the only foreign country where I have heard Italian spoken by non-Italian tourists.
            Heck, the old timers were playing scopa (an Italian card game) in the public parks of Buenos Aires.

          • Argentinians *are* European, or at least a very large admixture. Way back when in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, the then “El Presidente” of Argentina decided to replace the indigenous population with European immigration. He did and it worked.

            By the early 20th century, Argentina had a GDP second only to the US! I often tell this story to folks who scoffed at population (White) replacement theory. It’s no theory when it’s been tested and shown to occur. That why so damn many NAZI’s fled there after WWII—they could blend in.

          • They like to fell they are of Euro stock because, at least in B.A. and environs, they mostly are.

            Problem though is they are very much like Continental Euros, even being mocked as the French of S.A. – they seem to be basket cases when it comes to governing and have huge swings, giving in to the latest Euro-progressive fads. It’s either feast or famine and more often famine.

        • > in the same way Italians and even the Irish finally identified as white

          This is where it all went wrong.

        • @compsci:

          ‘Argentinians *are* European, or at least a very large admixture. Way back when in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, the then “El Presidente” of Argentina decided to replace the indigenous population with European immigration. He did and it worked.

          ‘By the early 20th century, Argentina had a GDP second only to the US!’

          I think about 20% of Argentinians have pure European ancestry (if memory serves). The rest are a mix (to varying extents, of course). The European ancestry is mostly Italian. But there are pure German enclaves in the hinterlands. There was a discussion of this some years back on one of the nationalist forums, which is why I have some of the facts and figures under my belt. Plus two extended visits to the country around 17 years ago, when it became clear to me that t wasn’t much European — Chile to my mind has a more European flavor. Some people claim Argentina is 98% white — but that is complete baloney and very far from the truth.

          Before WW1 I think Argentina had twice the per capita GDP of Italy or Spain. It was one of the first countries to have an underground railway system (the Subte, in Buenos Aires). It attracted immigrants from Southern Europe. But after WW1 it all came unstuck, for reasons largely outside the country’s control. Decades of stagnation, punctuated periodically by bouts of hyper-inflation.

          Anyway, the country has given us tango dancing.

          • Arshad: Excellent comment. I was going to chime in but waited for someone else to do so first. As you note, prior to WWII and after Argentina’s conscious “Europeanization” program, it was a prosperous country with a significant White upper class. It had a higher GDP and standard of living than many native Europeans enjoyed at the time.

            That has changed quite significantly in the past few decades, with large numbers of Indio immigrants from elsewhere in South America, and even a significant colony of Haitians. Add in classic economic mismanagement and the place is a basket case coasting on its older reputation. Another sad example of “change the people, change the culture and country.”

      • Horace: Very well said. I’ve often used that brilliant original Horace quote since I read it at – well, that obnoxious super genius guy’s website (i.e. don’t equate the messenger with the message; sometimes he really is right ).

      • Yes. Latinos’ loyalty to the Democrats is dependent on the flow of gibs. Looted from our wallets into Latino wallets.

        As long as the Dems were able to keep that flow coming, they had the Latino vote in the bag. Now that the Dems have fucked the economy, whitey has nothing left to loot, thus Latinos have no more reason to vote Dem.

  28. The Chamber of Commerce Conservatives don’t care about cheap labor – they already have Mexico and China for that. They care about more consumers. And they don’t care if the new consumers are engineers, landscapers, or on welfare – as long as they buy phones and tacos and all the other crap their companies sell.

    • mexicans don’t go to taco bell for lunch. and they don’t buy auto insurance. so the CoC is bringing in people who displace their old customers in the economy, without becoming new customers. typical fuck up by the political class; everything they do turns to shit.

    • But those consumers can be in China and Mexico too. In fact, it is cheaper to sell there.

  29. “Barbarians” is what my Uruguayan friend, of German/Italian extract, would mutter as we drove by illegal immigrants lining up on the road side to be picked up as laborers.

    • Barbarians don’t line up for labor jobs. They smash and grab jewelry stores and clean out Walmarts. Barbarians can be seen on weekends in big democommie cities shooting peach other and bystanders.

      • Me thinks you, sir, have it wrong from my friend’s perspective. His Barbarians loiter, drink Corona, work on their cars in super market parking lots, bring in hookers on weekends, and other activities that might not meet your whitewashed version.

        You might be speaking about other Barbarians. Combine them and what do you get?


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