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The show will go on hiatus for a week, so this is a two hour program to make up for the loss of an hour next week. Since we are officially in summer, something I wanted to do, but have not found a way to do it, is plug some books from our side that people may find useful on the summer holiday at the beach. I do not do many book reviews, but I get a lot of requests for them, along with book suggestions.

For the fictionally inclined, three books by two authors from our side have been recommended to me. Karl Dahl’s Faction is a crime novel released last year and another episode is coming out soon. Spencer J. Quinn, who turns up in the comments here and writes for Counter-Currents has sent me two of his books. One is White Like You and the other is Charity’s Blade.

Old friend Joseph Cotto has a book out about the history of Florida. This focuses on the French settlements and what happened to them. It is a bit of forgotten history that there was a French settlement in Florida. It is fair to say that the history of the state and of the country would be much different if the French had done a better job managing their colonies in the New World. Counter-Currents has reviewed it here.

While on the topic of friends of the show, I did a review of Paul Gottfried’s latest book for American Greatness a few months back. Given that the Left is now promising another summer of rage, some may be inclined to study up on the history. Antifascism: The Course of a Crusade is a short read about the surprisingly long history of anti-fascism in the West. It is a good companion to his book on fascism.

Finally, I recently read Kevin MacDonald’s book Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition and I have to say it is an odd book. I was planning to do a review, so I did a close reading, taking lots of notes, but even after thinking about it for a while I am still not sure what to make of it. I did not hate it, but I did find it a bit frustrating because of how it is organized. It could just be a matter of taste.

In case anyone is interested, I am currently re-reading Burnham’s The Managerial Revolution for my own book project. My copy comes with the essay by George Orwell titled, Second Thoughts on James Burnham. The essay is a critique of Burnham’s often ridiculous claims during the war and the failure of his theory from a socialist perspective, which itself is an interesting reminder of Orwell’s own limitations.

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127 thoughts on “A Discourse On Reform

    • Indeed. However, I doubt this will work. Why? Because an essential aspect of the other side in these type protests is *violence* or the implied threat of violence based upon previous incidents. Violent protests is Leftist thing, not a White thing—not these days anyway. Long gone is the era of an incident like this prompting the White segment of town to riot and burn down the Black section of town.

      Such would not be a bad thing if (White) restraint was reciprocated and the law was truly impartial in its application, but as we see it’s not. No good can come of this imbalance and favoritism. But I concede it’s a start in the right direction.

  1. does this end up being like the scopes monkey trial where the left basically ends up trying to go into blue jurisdictions in red states, intentionally try and do abortions, and basically spit in there face.

    The idea is that you have prosecutors who won’t prosecute and if you get a very pro-choice jury, and/or a judge paid off to acquit in a bench trial – you basically have an area that is a no-go zone. Despite being in a Trump state, Travis County went for Biden by a 45 point margin.

    So if you try and bankrupt jurisdictions that way – would it sort of end the abortion issue?

  2. Wow. The nastiest, most hateful, vile responses to the Roe v. Wade SCOTUS decision has been from the females of a certain ethnic (((group))). Ugly *itches inside and out.

  3. As a result or Roe, a certain number of people (who, let’s face it, were scheduled to be removed anyway) will now be voluntarily decamping some of our heartland states.

    If this is a good thing, riddle me why waging politics and metapolitics at the state level through the GOP is a bad thing?

    • One of the consequences of abortion, is that politics is generally inherited. So many of the people who would never have allowed this were never born. Whoops. Lol.

      I am concerned about the surplus niglet problem. But we can’t live with blacks anyway, so the long term solution to that is a one way ticket to Liberia. Lincoln supposedly wanted that to happen after the war.

      • You guys with your “ship them off” thing. It takes 4 cops to get a black man to the ground. And another fat white mom cop to wrangle the cuffs on him. How you think you gonna get em all on ships? They got guns too. What? You gonna paint the ships up like a KFC? Tell them they goin to Chicken Island where the trees are drumsticks and the hot springs spout barbeque sauce?

        • Easy: We’ll just manufacture more cyborg mecha-gendarmerie using patented Amazon/Google a.i. thinkfluencing firmwares— very cool — to subdue these larger BIPOC citizens disrespecting the social contract (pending trial and avatar representation at the Metaverse Courthouse). This doesn’t conflict with my libertarian ideology at all!

        • You don’t need to get them all onto ships. Hell, where can 50M folks resettle anywhere in this world? We need simply to burn off the particularly violent ones. I’m for banishment/expulsion. Bleed off 1-2% each year and watch the problems decline.

    • How bad will these riots about abortion get? Remember Mayor Daley, mayor Rizo? No more. As long as its left wing violence, police do nothing to stop it.

      The spring is getting wound tigher & tighter, encouraged by Hollywood Kooks, the media, and our pols. Is this the spark?

      I have a bad feeling about this as things are devolving even faster than I imagined. Inflation, fuel and food shortages, lawlessness spreading. What happens when truckers won’t or can’t deliver their produce?

      If you don’t already have a bug out plan, get one!

      • I think almost nobody really cares. Very few young people are having sex if you believe the reporting on it. Birth rates are way, way down. The women screeching the most are 500 lb blue haired lesbian landwhales outraged that if they lived in Mississippi instead of California they would not be able to abort their imaginary baby they will never have.

        Everyone else is struggling to make ends meet which puts paid to screeching about the mental illness of weirdos. The women screaming look really off putting. They can’t pull of the dominance displays of black dudes burning and looting. They just look unhinged and weird. Anger does not look good on women.

        Already on Saturday the decision is not even the top story any more.

        • “I think almost nobody really cares.” No reason to care till you knock her up. Then you’ll REALLY care. It will be all you think about 24/7.

          • Again, its not 1975 anymore. Most people are more into their phones than the opposite sex around them. And if you believe the stats its seems like every other girl is a lesbian or considering transgender surgery.

            Just the simple fact of an aging population makes abortion a non-issue. Women age 50 are not getting pregnant. And its a baby momma world now. Single motherhood is the desired outcome, not a stigma.

            Lesbian blue haired land whales make very poor street soldiers. So there’s that.

  4. Regarding shipping the 20% of troublesome White people off to Africa. I think a lot of them would feel much more at home in Israel.

      • I’m stunned! Jews moving left? Impossible.

        That’s all the sarcasm I can muster on a Sat. morning.

  5. Those charitable foundations have done far more harm than a bunch of entitled brats running around with more money than sense probably would have. As soon as their founders die, they start being taken over by the left. The Ford Foundation, for example, would give Henry Ford a stroke if he could see what it was doing today. These large charitable foundations fund and staff a significant portion of the degeneracy in the country.

  6. Zman mentions ten year limit for government service, maybe 15 years for FBI, CIA, places where you want some tenure.

    Really I can’t see why we need either the FBI or the CIA at all. We made it for half to 3/4 of the nation’s history without them. US Marshalls and Secret Service handled the federal government’s very limited law enforcement needs.

    • Heh, the CIA, DARPA, the NSA, FBI, the DIA, DHS…95% of the intelligence services, TBO.

  7. Regardless, I’ve never seen Downton Abbey before. Watching it juxtaposed with American commercials is proving to be nearly a psychedelic experience.

    • A young black woman learning heart surgery and watching Marc Antony argue in the Roman Senate, as she is certain to do with the Metaverse!


      This brave new world will never happen if we let those evil racists destroy her health freedom and medical choice!
      May Ruth defend her!

  8. Make the horsewhipping (or worse) of editors, reporters and politicians who knowingly lie or libel great again. I mean, it’d be non-stop hilarity until the dirtbags finally got a clue.

  9. So, the idea is that if anyone gives a substantial amount to say, the VDare Foundation, or the Counter-Currents Foundation, or the Chronicles Foundation, their name AND ADDRESS will be posted to the internet. What could go wrong? I’m sure that wouldn’t lead to 1. a substantial decline in contributions to conservative causes or 2. firebombing by antifa.

    After tonight, I’m sure the Supreme Court justices will approve of this idea.

    • James, forgive me for some personal questions but do you use your real name? If so, how badly has this messed up your life? I know that you’ve been around for a decade at least.

      I’m asking as guy who pays $20/month, deleteme.com, to have my personal information scrubbed from the internet.

      • LineIn: I just ordered that book you suggested below, Charity’s Blade. Other far right fiction I bought in the last few years on suggestions from people Zblog: The Brigade by Covington. 600+ pages. The Rope. And, I forget title, but cover is red with profile of man and woman shooting rifles. I’m only a few pages in on each book. If you have any other suggestions let me know.

        Also bought Archeofuturism: European Visions of the Post-Catastrophic Age. By Guillaume Faye. French Catholic Right intellectual. I’ve read some interviews with him and he’s pretty good. I don’t think he’s much concerned with race however. Well about as concerned as a mildly far right guy would be.

        BTW, I’m surprised you pay 20 bucks a month to keep your online presence scrubbed. In my opinion the feds can monitor anyone they want. Then they can just pass your name on to Antifa etc. But you may be doing it for reasons I don’t know. Just saying.

  10. The communications section, they already do it, they just do it selectively. As I understand it, this is the theory under which Assange has been charged. He received stolen military documents and then published them.

    Also, a lot of people don’t know this, but the DMV in many states now sell your information. They require you by law to give them all your information and then sell that information to the highest bidder. There isn’t any way to opt out of it either. If someone gets a hold of that information and uses it to take a credit card out in your name, too bad. Or some Indian phone scammer (who they could stop easily if they wanted to) uses that information to misrepresent themselves to you on the phone and you fall for it, tough shit.

    That is the problem. Everything is a racket. You cannot rule these people into compliance. They found a way around the old rules and they will find a way around the new rules. Evil people do not look at the rules as rules, they look at them as obstacles to be circumvented.

    • Much like attraction can’t be negotiated, integrity can’t be legislated.

  11. In a correspondence from the Labor Notes convention in Chicago for his Compact site, Sohrab Ahmari goes out of his way to poormouth Burnham’s MR theory. I think in paraphrase the idea is that college professors (non-tenured) and HR drones aren’t really “managers,” they’re exploited labor the same as chicken-pluckers and janitors — who are actually better off than the baristas; this is what he seems to be saying — but out of all these groups the white-collar proles are under a unique false consciousness and ought to be pitied for that.

    I’m not sure I buy into either extent of the argument. The non-work occupying the days of these people in corporate America, which includes academia, certainly makes everyone else’s life other than lawyers’ worse/more expensive, but the barista jobs wouldn’t exist without them. If you pretend the service economy is actually socially useful labor institution (Sohrab position) it may be less snobby than the David Graeber BS jobs idea but being less snobby doesn’t make it true, necessarily.

    • I looked up the post. Whenever I read Sohrab Ahmari, Dinesh D’Souza comes to mind. Similar vibe. Regardless. Burnham got plenty wrong, as does everyone, but feeble minds like that of Sohrab Ahmari tend to confuse the man with the message.

  12. The bad / broken contract has become a huge problem in international relations. The Russians are about done destroying the Ukrainian Army because the Ukraine and U.S. refused to honor the Minsk agreements.
    Lithuania is trying to start WWIII – by violating the terms of the treaty they signed with the Russian Federation.
    It’s understandable why the Russians no longer believe anything Western diplomats say and are resorting to force.

    • The only agreements maintained are those that you can enforce your side of the deal. Russia is now enforcing its own Minsk agreement.

      Otherwise, as GWB opined, its just a goddam piece of paper.

      Look at how many international so called laws are just thrown out of the window when it suits. The EU does not even have the ability to levy sanctions in its charter, yet here we are, stealing property, using international bodies like sock puppets, the list goes on. Shows what a sham the whole edifice is.

      The reality is force, force and nothing but force.

      • Thank you. Yes, very interesting, indeed.

        The question arises; what the fuck are they doing with all of the money they get year after year? Does no one think about the possibility of, and the brute force necessities of continental-scale warfare in the West anymore? Assuredly, the Russians do, and it shows. They have been embroiled in a few of those sort of throwdowns, and the implications of such a scale and intensity of conflict is never far from their minds. All that the US has had to think on for a long time is expeditionary forces in combat, challenging but not the same as the close-proximity grapelling of major combined arms combat forces dukeing it out across a wide front.

        • It seems likely the massive amount of money is on the 9 for me 1 for you rule.

          They probably produce 1 real weapon for each ten billed and accounted for, with the rest pocketed along the way at various points.

          • Yeah, you are likely correct. My question was kind of rhetorical, as the ROI on allocations to the DoD has come to be pretty widely known. F-35, anyone? The poor thing was strangled with ever changing demands for different configurations, some of which were grossly incompatible with the original design concept, these in aggregate leading to the disaster it in the end has become. No consequences are, of course, ever forthcoming for those parties responsible; rather, they are rolling in lucre, and living in expectation of promotions (before they leave the military, and join some “defense” contractor’s board [Vide SoD Austin].

  13. Speaking of the Palin case, it was pretty funny watching Savannah Guthrie interviewing Amber Heard. (Recall how horribly the junkyard dog Guthrie treated that Covington kid – and recall also his ultimate victory against WaPo?)

    In AH’s case, SG had no choice but to appear skeptical of AH because the jury made it clear not only that AH lied with malice, but it was also revealed the ACLU had egged AH on with their staff lawyers carefully crafting her “editorial” about Depp (without mentioning him by name). Standard fare for ACLU in prosecuting their culture war against “the patriarchy”. In fact, the ACLU came out of this looking like the scum it is, although it went thoroughly unremarked on by all media.

    So there was SG, fuming that AH had BLOWN it and done a “disservice” against the MeToo pile-ons. Like Jussie and Althea, AH had failed in her self-appointed role as victim culture warrior and had damaged the “cause”. SG was visibly pissed and doing her part to discourage AH from continuing to act out on her mental illness while appearing to be a “trusted journalist”.

  14. Not only do the TOS change at random without the courts first approving them, but pretty much ALL of them now require relinquishing your rights to go to court and instead go to an arbitrators picked by them and on their payroll. And it is EVEN worse than that. A lot of products now come in a sealed plastic bag that says if you open the bag, you agree to arbitration, again one they pick and pay for.

    The court allegedly derives its legitimacy by being a neutral representative of the people. Now we have a situation where the courts exist to serve the wealthy because we cannot even access the courts. Arbitration is HORRIBLE. You have no rights. They are not bound by either the written law or precedent and it is close to impossible to appeal. All the retarded ancaps think arbitration is the key to anarchist law. A king would be better.

    This is one of the things I saw coming a long time ago. Back in the 80s is when this started, specifically with software. By the early 90s 100% of paid software and even most free software was an agreement that the software can do nothing and might even destroy your computer and you hold them not liable even if if the computer was destroyed by negligence or even on purpose.

    What I got wrong when seeing this coming was that people just wouldn’t care. I thought they would care. I thought this computer stuff was only like it was because the general public weren’t really involved. I did not think for a second that the general public would just accept these terms. But they do and they don’t complain.

    The courts could, if they wanted to, slap this all down. You can appeal an arbitration, they just throw it out. But they could not only overturn the horrible arbitration rulings, they could, if they wanted to, slap HUGE fines and rule arbitration contracts of adhesion are illegal. But they don’t want it. They don’t want to have hearings about Billybob’s FB account being terminated or Stripe cutting him out of the financial system. They don’t want any of it. They are paid and incentivized to look the other way and they do. And they have near full immunity. The courts exist to serve the wealthy, not us. The only time we can really get into court is the criminal court.

    We need to get rid of 90% of the lawyers in America. The reason you have to sign a 30 page contract to rent a car is lawyers. A significant portion of that 30 pages is due to frivolous lawsuits. By having to warn you about everything, they make the contract so long that it is impossible to read it standing at a counter in Budget’s local office.

  15. Joseph Cotto is like Charles Columbe if you removed 20 IQ points and made him a fedora-tipping atheist instead of a traditionalist Catholic. Columbe’s neo-monarchist schtick is a little silly but at least its backed up by religious principles. Why would a socially liberal atheist put his fake title of nobility he got from some African chieftain on his book? If Jesus mythicism is true and its morally licit to kill 3 month old babies (Cotto has given favorable interviews to Richard Carrier and Peter Singer), who gives a shit if you’re a baron? No idea why Gottfried puts up with him.

  16. Excellent work, Z. Well thought out and reasonable … which will only make it anathema in our current age, given current demographics.

    Not to fedpoast… but we are going to have to deport millions of vibrants, and kill tens of thousands of their allies, enablers, and cohorts in crime to make any of it happen. All of your beefs are features to the usual suspects. I think you’ll see America break first if any serious attempts at reforms were made.

    With the digital age, a lot of the problems go away simply by using the ‘off’ button… or being seriously selective about what kind of content you consume. I turned my nose up at bookface and twatter ages ago and would heartily recommend all dissidents to do the same. Blab is the way to go!!!

    Don’t work too hard, Z … and try to have some fun.

    • “Not to fedpoast… but we are going to have to deport millions of vibrants, and kill tens of thousands of their allies, enablers, and cohorts in crime to make any of it happen. All of your beefs are features to the usual suspects. I think you’ll see America break first if any serious attempts at reforms were made.”

      ^^^ this. It is the only way, unfortunately.

  17. I recommend “Charity’s Blade”. It takes place in a future where there is a break-away white ethnostate in the USA. As you would expect, the US government unleashes Dresden-like barbarity. The book displays the harshness of the future likely ahead of us.

    The protagonist is a young woman pursuing a harrowing goal, which sets it apart from other books in this genre.

    Other topics that the book explores: the relationship between Christians and non-Christians, an independent state for the sexually deviant, and whether to accept the repentance of liberals and white race traitors.

  18. For all the criticism of the desire to reform, it’s easy to overlook how much of what is evil and ailing our society was reform done by the other side.

    But the reason reform is easy for the other side and near impossible for us is because the other side completely controls the mass culture and education and media. The politics is the last stage of reform. Gay marriage didn’t just pop out of the supreme court one day out of the blue. There was 30 years of propaganda and desensitization preceding that evil ruling.

    Until there are witty and funny “friendly” racists on TV and writing in the newspaper and mainstream websites and the like who make “racism” mainstream, race realism will forever be a spergy internet thing. Same with most of our views.

    • Speaking of gay marriage, I can’t wait to see the White House lit up tonight with “LIFE” (or something similar) to celebrate the latest ruling from our sacred democracy’s highest court.

      Because, if you don’t respect supreme court rulings, you are a racyist. Or something.

      • It will be lit up in bright red, to celebrate baby bloodshed.

        9 months after the first anti-abortion law is passed and goes into effect, no matter how slight the restriction is, prepare yourself for an onslaught of propaganda about teenage moms killing their baby and flushing them down a toilet because they had no choice and orphanages and bunch of other propaganda blaming the mean old Republicans who hate women.

        The leftists are always trying to pass new laws to help fix the problems caused by the last progressive program. A big thing with abortion was all of the unwed mothers caused directly by the “sexual liberation” of women.

  19. There is no shortage of good ideas, nor people promoting those ideas in endless venues. There is, however, a critical shortage of discussion about serious methodologies for implementing those ideas. But first, what are the unserious methodologies that are known to not work. The obvious No. 1 is VOTE HARDER. This bane of our existence will persist as long as the Comfort First Imperative is alive and well. No. 2 is the related notion that we can talk (or persuade) our way out of the mess we’re in. This is the canary-in-the-coal-mine canard that eventually a critical mass of people will “wake up” and then . . . do what? Vote harder? No. 3 is pray for a political messiah to arrive via an immaculate election and save us from our civic sins. Yeah, that didn’t work out so well 2 millennia ago or even in 2020.

    So what does have a good chance of reforming a broken system of governance. Well, there is the solution that Putin is implementing in Ukraine right now to rid that country of Nazi corruptocrats. The local variant of this would be a second Revolutionary War or something like the French Revolution. Very bloody, but it gets the job done. How about something more humane with far fewer terminalities? When an organism gets an infection, the body reacts by ridding itself of the disease cells that are causing the illness. This methodology has been employed successfully for about a billion years.

  20. Z-man, while I agree that social media sites are a general pox on society, your reasoning about rights is simply wrong. Even if we take it for granted that a social site must get it’s user’s permission to collect and sell data, pics etc. every single time, it would be extremely easy to work around this by creating, say, a use contract where using the site requires ongoing permission from the user for the host to collect and sell their data. In fact, it already does this.

    However, the real problem with your argument is that ignores the very simple reality that the type of person who wants to share the minutiae of his life with the world is very pointedly not desiring privacy. The fundamental problem with social media isn’t so much that the sites collect and sell data, but that they enable and encourage narcissistic behavior in citizens. Your complaint about social media is akin to complaining that the problem with a whorehouse is the nudity, not the moral degeneracy.

    • We have other laws covering this. For example, you can sell your labor in perpetuity. Banning the use of your personal data is not a big change in legal theory.

      I don’t care that some people want to spill their secrets on-line. A duty of society is to police those who cannot manage themselves and guard their interests. It is why we ban teenagers from doing porn.

      • I don’t care either that people want to spill their secrets online, but it seems to me it’s just simpler to say that social media sites are toxic to society and reward sociopaths, so they should be shut down. Requiring sites to get per-instance permission from users for selling their data instead of being permitted to get perpetual consent just seems like an esoteric way of saying, let’s shut down these sites. Society would certainly be better without them.

      • Europe has this covered already, at least partially.

        Facebook and Google get huge fines on a regular basis when they get caught stealing data from users.

        (so maybe it doesn’t “work”, but at least there’s a bee sting)

  21. I hope no one minds I throw in my own book recommendations: The Politics of Guilt and Pity by Rushdoony.
    The White Horse Night, about King Alfred laying a smack down on the Vikings and creating England.
    And finally, How The Irish Saved Civilization by Thomas Cahill.
    When Profecy Fails (Festinfger, Riecken, Schachter) is a good lesson on how lefty thinks but it’s a little dragged out.

    • Interesting opinion from Thomas. He clearly wants to see challenges to Griswold, Lawrence and Obergefell. The latter is probably the easiest to get in front of the court. I doubt there is a state that wants to ban sodomy or the sale of rubbers.

      • One of the decisions by, I believe, Thomas a while back took a snipe at the modern administrative state’s questionable constitutionality. While not as politically hot as the ones there, muzzling the Deep State would rock the foundations of the country to the core.

        • There is a case winding through the system that challenges the EPA authority to write regulations. I have talked about it in the past, but some people think this may be a chance to for the court to limit the ability of Congress to transfer law making to the administrative state.

          • Now that would be a massive decision. It would stop modern govt in its current form almost entirely.

            Congress having to legislate all rules directly is a great reset indeed.

            What about all the existing admin “laws” brought into existence then?

            Do they get rolled back as well?

          • What we need is a case where the regulatory entity concept is challenged wrt its internal appeals process.

            Right now, we have regulatory entities that regulate and control appeals to their rulings—in other words, they control our Constitutional concept of “due process”, not an independent court system.

            Heretofore, the SCOTUS has only allowed external court review after all such internal appeals within a regulatory agency have been exhausted and then only in limited and specific instances.

            For example, one way the EPA handles “violations” is to issue a cease and desist order, then to fine you say $100k per day the violation goes on. You of course have 30 days or so to file an appeal, however the fine continues to mount during that time and the time the appeal is considered—internally—by the regulatory agency. So a small land owner might be looking at a cumulative fine exceeding the entire worth of his land. This is simply extortion, and only the largest corporations can successfully fight such.

          • That would be the biggie:

            Nothing is enforceable unless specifically voted on by Congress.

            A few minor changes gets things moving in the right direction.

            All Laws have to be read in their entirety before all members of the Congress, and in any separate session when it is discussed or voted upon. A quorum shall be two thirds of the body.
            No-one who was not in attendance for all readings can vote.
            All laws sunset in 10 years.

            We can keep the bastards so busy trying to keep the half ten commandments current that they won’t have time to celebrate Sodomite Summer and jigaboo June.

      • The right to wear a rubber device on one’s John Thomas is the foundation of Protestantism, as explained here by the Monty Python troupe. Thomas and before him Scalia were unable to make the leap out of the Middle Ages and the principle of alien episcopal supremacy. Simple as that.


    • “The Centers for Disease control report that there were 629,898 abortions in the United States in 2019”

      And the same people who cheered that on didn’t want a single person to die from covid? Maybe because they’re all old and in the range that kills people with covid? That’s if you believe the numbers reported by .gov which i don’t. You have to wonder, are they trying to start a fight? Kinda like burning down your own building for insurance money when you mismanaged your business so bad?

      Get ready for another summer of mostly peaceful riots up until the midterms are over.

      • The Covidians, generally speaking, don’t believe unborn infants are human beings.

        • Even infants up and at’em out of the womb up to a year old (some radicals even argue way older) are considered acceptable fodder.

    • The good: many Leftists will experience myocardial infarction or apoplexy and spin into early graves.

      The bad: more negroes.

      • America owes a huge debt of gratitude to Myers Anderson (Clarence Thomas’ grandfather.)

        Raised the boy right.

        • Again with the belief that we can civilize most blacks if they only had strict fathers…

          I admire Thomas, but he is an outlier of an outlier and to see him as representative of anything is to misunderstand biological reality. If you let him in, you will end up letting most of them in because almost all non-whites feel oppressed when they see few other blacks and demand more like them.

          • That is true. We need to consider the “typical” representative of any race in generalizations. On the other hand, Thomas and any number of others of whatever minority must be considered and addressed because most Whites are imbued with this fallacy, i.e., IKAGO.

            The problem of IKAGO will never go away until we do. However, I will give credit to all these “exceptions to the norm”. I have no problem learning from them and crediting them—and freely admit that in the past, most of those I’ve met have been better men than I.

          • Thomas is literally the extreme right endpoint of the distribution along with Sowell.

          • Howard, I said that Thomas is an outlier of an outlier and what I meant was:

            He is an extremely intelligent black man, which is like a hen’s tooth, and then he is attracted to conservative values.

            An outlier of an outlier. My friends, Thomas got struck by lightning twice. Understand this when you admire him.

          • Line In The Sand,

            Thank you for the response and clarification.

            It is clear to me that, on the distribution of those folks, Thomas stands alone by quite a margin.

      • Nah, the groids will continue to get them from the usual suspects, who will unironically crow about the fact that they love their colored pets so much they’re willing to kill them off in utero.

        • With the Anarchist Skillshare seminar events, home abortion is one the skills they share.

          Roe may become superfluous. This is the Left-wing version of midwives, perhaps clitoridectomies for girls will become another popular DIY.

          Or traveling mastectomiers, bringing their little black bag to your house. Like barefoot doctors, kinda.

          • Figures anarchists wouldn’t know how a condom works nor what to do with one. Sarcasm aside, what, do they do simulated demonstrations with these “skillshares”? A pair of women showing everyone the safest way to sterilize and deploy a straightened wire coat hanger up the uterus? The next presentation they have diagrams of the proper place to punch a woman to induce miscarriage?

            I’m just being blunt, this sort of thing sounds LARPy as hell. If you’ve actually been to one, am I off the mark?

    • I am not sure what the fuss is for this decision in a real sense as to its effects.

      Surely it just delegates back to the states?

      So California, NY etc etc is going to have no change at all and those that want it in the other states I am sure will be federally funded for a short travel appointment.

      Seems more a decision about Federal over-reach, rather than any particular subject.

      • The fuss is over the fact that the “Supremes” removed their imprimature from an item of Leftist holy writ. The highest court in the land–for what that’s worth–said the Left and the feminist harridans have been wrong all these decades. This means cities must burn and people must die.

        • ah ok.

          So its more like the flag flying assertion of ownership of the ground space like all the NPC spin offs do, rather than any actual practice change.

          I can see that, as the NPCs seem obsessed with pissing on what they consider their territory like a dog and making sure its in everyone’s faces.

          • Yes, the unstated part always was this imposed a Prog imperative on all of the Banana Empire’s subjects. Abortion was just a side issue, and, frankly, it has a lot of good dysgenic effects on the Parasites of Color.

            The real action will be with Obergfell, which judicially imposed gay marriage here. There were some shaky and tenuous grounds for Roe but absolutely none for Obergfell. That was totally pulled out of the ass, no pun intended, and the sometimes spoken purpose was to raise the flag of
            Globohomo over the entirety of Clown World. It falls, and Kavanaugh indicated he hopes it does not, and the shooting starts.

        • I see that (((Merrick Garland))) was stomping his feet because this decision was an attack on the concept of stare decisis. Will anyone ask him if he’s ready to suspend enforcement of Brown v. Board?

      • About the same fuss as the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 had in a real sense. It is a symbolic stepping stone to a hardening of hearts and a prelude to 1860, Clown World Version.

        • I suspect the Clown World version of 1860 is more or less de facto separation over time as pronouncements and dictates from the Imperial Capitol get ignored more and more often. If some Prog hive, and I’m looking at California, decides to leave first, even officially, it even could be relatively bloodless. I actually would go to vote again for Trump in ’24 if I thought two things would happen: (a) the election would be fair, acknowledged and allowed, and (b) some of the Blue Hive states would split. My guess is the ’20 election was stolen precisely because this is what TPTB thought would happen, too.

      • The Dogma of the left is that everything is open for discussion/revision/amendment until they get what exactly they want and then it is cast in stone.

      • “So California, NY etc etc is going to have no change at all and those that want it in the other states I am sure will be federally funded for a short travel appointment.”

        Trumpton, exactly! Abortion will never be more than a bus ticket away.

        I’ll bet anyone here that a year from now, at *least* half the States have reasonable—but limited—abortion available. And for unreasonable, third trimester murder, there will always be NY and CA.

        The rabble is being fed disinformation on the entire ruling of SCOTUS. I have yet to hear any MSM report that does not state that abortion rights “have been removed”. Not a single one I’ve heard has explained it is now for the individual States to tailor such laws for their populations. One even said that NY State was going to valiantly “ignore” SCOTUS and continue to support a women’s right to a safe abortion.

        Further, the so called Constitutional “experts” talk about how terrible a decision this was because SCOTUS removed a Constitutional “right” from the people as it was *unprecedented *—ignoring the fact there is no mention of abortion in the Constitution, nor mentioning the overturning of the Constitutional right of association via Brown vs The Board of Education (ending segregation).

    • Wished I’d patented the LGBTQ+A! flag. Imagine an LGBTQ+ flag (sorry), only with a fetus on it.

      I’d be making a killing in my neighborhood. BLM to rainbow to Ukraine to LGBTQ+ and now LGBTQ+A!!. $$$$


      In all seriousness: The left went ape when Trump won; his administration had no lasting effect. SCOTUS just crossed a line into affecting real laws.

      THE LEFT IS GOING TO GO BESERK. Court packing at the very least; SCOTUS members are going to get more protection than the President for at least a decade.

      • Let them pack the Court. As a budding accelerationist, it would be a wake up call for Joe Normie. SCOTUS will turn back Left eventually anyway. Their decision here and other potential future decisions will go backward eventually. SCOTUS—and the court system in general—have been politicized long ago. Folks just don’t realize it.

    • As a dissident, I’m happy about anything that spits in the face of the left’s monolith culture. Furthermore, it will bring about even more riots and unrest at a time where inflation is high and deep recession is drawing near. With that being said, as someone that doesn’t identify as Christian, I’m not fully on board with the conservative push to ban abortion. Third trimester abortions are abhorrent to me (which polls show the majority agrees with). However, I think abortions should be available early specifically in cases where there are health issues in the fetus. For example, Down syndrome is easily detectable early. I believe I should have the right to abort upon finding out the fetus has DS. My wife and I have agreed on this principle. Is it moral to bring someone into the world that will always be a burden on the parents and/or the state? Not to mention the time and resources taken away from healthy siblings. I could harken back to the Spartan practice, which is debated as to whether it actually happened or not. However, you don’t have to go back that far. Modern Europe, especially Nordic countries like Iceland, have almost no kids with DS because this is such common practice.

      • I honesty don’t give a S($% about abortion, if stupid people want to kill their progeny that is fine with me. Its a dog whistle though. Look at 2020, the man the entire country got worked up over and rioted over was a piece of shit based on what we know, didn’t mean he should have died, but it wasn’t like he was mother theresa. Expect chaos this summer. We hold up the worst of society as paragons of virtue and shit on the actual good. Didn’t the bible mention something like that in one of the books? Perhaps it was revelations

      • It all depends on when you wish to grant “personhood” to fetus or embryo. Simple as that. That is the argument.

        Singer would give you 30 days or so after birth. This was the way of Ancient Rome and Sparta. My State says “after the 15th week”. Catholics would say conception. Conception would entail the outlawing of the morning after pill or a typical IUD—if you were honest.

        You seem to say we should not grant personhood to the disabled/defective for the good of society, while oddly enough choosing one of the least disabling defects we have. Note that soon we will be able to “score” an embryo as to its “perfection”, such as height, physicality, looks, and IQ. That will be another interesting argument I’m sure. Why stop at a genetic defect, when you can improve the genetic complexion overall?

        • Why stop at a genetic defect, when you can improve the genetic complexion overall?

          Yes. The day they find a cheap way to dial in hair- and eye color, is nine months before the day that racism will disappear from the face of the planet.

          • Felix: Most black models or actresses are already generally ‘blackish.’ Oh, they love to promote really dark Africans like Lupita Nyongo, but almost every black beauty contestant or actress has had a nose job, routinely wears subcontinental hair, and makes religious use of skin lightening cream. Add in photographic filters, the ubiquitous use of real and fake tans by White actresses/models, and you’d be hard pressed to notice a significant skin color. Remember, we’re merely all shades along a spectrum, part of the human rainbow, so race isn’t real.

          • “ The day they find a cheap way to dial in hair- and eye color, is nine months before the day that racism will disappear from the face of the planet.”

            If I take you literally, then no it won’t as skin/hair/eye color are meaningless markers for racial differences. Things like IQ and violent proclivities are what are meaningful. They need to be addressed as well.

            But I believe you were being a bit facetious, Felix.

          • But I believe you were being a bit facetious, Felix.

            Tongue in cheek, but aiming for the point that (almost) everybody would want to be white if they could just press a button and poof! Sooner or later, you can not only dial in skin color but also stuff like IQ, impulse control and time preference.

          • 3G
            Same with Asians: anime features almost exclusively white kids, most of them even have blue, green or purple eyes.

        • Compsci, I do respect many of your posts, but, you’re way off base on one comment here. Down syndrome is one of the least disabling defects we have? Surely you jest. The vast majority of of those with DS will never live on their own, and are a very heavy burden on the parents. I have a relative with a DS child and have seen it first hand. I used the example because it is rather severe, easily detectable early, and is commonly selected against in the modern world in places like Iceland.

          I generally agree with you that it is a question on when you consider the fetus a person. As someone with kids, the third trimester is definitely a person. However, before that, yeah I think it’s murkier and there should be exemptions for defects in the fetus. Aborting a healthy fetus carrier more moral weight to it for me. As forever Templar puts well below, exemptions outline things that are not normal or out of the ordinary. Exemptions can be carved out, but the law should address the majority or scenarios.

          • No, I don’t jest. You assume way too much mental impairment from an anecdotal experience. Many—if not most—have much milder symptoms than you assume. With certain halfway house type help, they live fairly independent lives. They also have a pretty good behavioral pattern, but I grant such outcome is unpredictable.

            In any event, Down syndrome is becoming very rare—thanks to genetic counseling and resulting abortion. Over 80% and still declining last I saw.

            In any event, the aspect of a “genetic exception” is a slippery slope and fraught with pitfalls, such as “what is an acceptable genetic exception”, “who decides”.

            We’d be better off fighting it out and deciding—as we are now doing State by State—when to grant the fetus “personhood”, then after that point, abortion is for “life of the mother” only.

        • 3g4me
          “Remember, we’re merely all shades along a spectrum, part of the human rainbow, so race isn’t real.”
          Race isn’t real right up til you need a bone marrow transplant.

          As usual the shit-libs have got it exactly backward. As you note skin color is a trivial distinction, as you get closer to the core of the being: the very core of the bones and the genesis of life itself: Stem Cells, so we find that in matching donors the first screening is by that mythical thing called race.
          Funny dat.

      • What you’re referring to in terms of acceptable times to abort are what are known as “exceptions”. Most non-woke Americans I would doubt have real issue with dropping a fetus that will clearly be screwed for life. Rape victims (real ones, that actually report it, do the rape kit, etc) and incest victims get the same treatment.

        Exceptions. Not normal. Can’t press that point enough.

    • Vundervoll!

      Time to effectuate Lebensborn 2.0: you grab the tranquilizer gun, I’ll get the turkey baster!

    • I believe that the elites control our society to a great degree. The media, the government, the academy.

      If I am correct then what are we to make of the overturning of Roe? Does this indicate that the elites don’t have absolute control? Or are they granting conservatives this victory to keep them from entirely disengaging from the government?

      Don’t tell me that the Supremes consulted the Constitution and deductive logic to reach their conclusion (although it is true that the crafting of Roe was one of the most unconstitutional rulings in our history).

  22. There are no victories or defeats – only transfers of energy.
    Since humans have been endowed with large memory units (the brain) – well, a fair amount of them, anyway – they also have been “doomed” with the sense of gradation. That’s why small transfers of energy are usually seen as innocuous or outright ignored (at our own peril), while large ones are treated as defeats/victories, depending on how one is suited to deal with such energy transfers.
    The more one feels passionate about things – either by loving or hating it – the more one is unsuited to deal with those things. Harboring passions (from Church Latin passiō suffering) means fostering a skewed vision. Detachment is possible, yet it is being increasingly neglected – why? Because detachment is hard, it requires discipline, and humans are meant to loathe discipline, as the modern age clearly shows.

    • “The special trait making me an Anarch is that I live in a world which I ultimately do not take seriously. This increases my freedom; I serve as a temporary volunteer.”

      “In order to free oneself from the forces of darkness, the heart must one kept under control.”

      Ernst Jünger

      • Eumeswil is still one of the oddest books in terms of narrative structure I’ve ever read.

  23. If the SCOTUS says, “Nyet!” to Roe on this particular Friday afternoon, then what burns this weekend?

    1) Less burns than did for Fentanyl Floyd

    2) About the same burns as did for Fentanyl Floyd

    3) Even moar burns than did for Fentanyl Floyd

    • I’ll say less burns, I mean, have you seen the price of gasoline lately? Gonna put a crimp in the number of Molotov Cocktails being mixed and tossed.

    • AWFLs (Affluent White Female Liberals) and Karens are middle aged cat women.

      They’re not going to burn down anything.

      • You assume that the protestors are those with a dog in the fight. There is a cadre of anarchists out there that simply do this for a lark. Expect them to infiltrate any large enough crowd and start the violence.

        • Very true. I was browsing Reddit to see the Millennial leftist response to this and somehow there are people in Canada and Australia planning protests in their own countries over this. When all you have is a hammer, I guess the whole world becomes a nail.

      • Sure, it’s the AWFLs who are responsible.

        Most women have almost no ability to think independently, yet you blame them? Who is programming them?

        If our media went National Socialist tomorrow then most of these women would be Nazis within a year.

        • I think this applies, albeit to a lesser extent, event to male NPC’s. Women were the bulk of Covidians but many also were men, for example.

    • Fewer. The Hutus don’t give a 40-dawg about abortion. Some of them might, however, sense an opportunity to liberate some gibs.

    • Fewer, mainly because the only demographic that really takes RvW to heart are AWFLs, mainly in the Boomer/early Xer age range with some hangers on in the younger generations.

      These people will shriek a lot, but they don’t have the fortitude for real street action.

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