The Righteous Cause

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Clausewitz famously wrote that “War is nothing but a continuation of politics with the admixture of other means.” Like all overused expressions, this one is always used to end analysis rather than open it. The true meaning of the expression is much deeper than the simple comparison between two related activities. War and politics have much in common so the comparison should be used to take what is known about one and use it to understand something about the other.

You see this in the case of abortion. For fifty years religious and social activists in America have organized to overturn the Supreme Court decision that invented a right to abortion in the Constitution. From the perspective of most religious people, life begins at conception, so the court has institutionalized murder as a right. Others saw the issue as an assault on the logic of society. The Orwellian invention of new rights was simply laying the groundwork for arbitrary rule.

Within the pro-life movement, therefore, there was always this double helix around which the movement organized itself. One strand was the moral arguments about human life and the other strand was the rational arguments about the constitution and the structure of America politics. In the end, the court yielded to those rational arguments, but that could not have happened without the energy of the moral arguments that kept the movement going for over fifty years.

In war, men will die for their cause. They will not die for a paycheck or the promise of war booty after the battle. They will die for a cause because they are motivated by a sense of righteousness in the cause. When an army believes it is fighting for what is right, it is willing to do whatever is necessary to win. An army fighting with a bayonet at its back or because it is paid to fight is risk adverse. It will do only that which is advantageous to it because that is what reason dictates.

This is something people have known since forever. The ancients observed that men would fight like lions in defense of their own lands but became quite conservative when they crossed into the enemy’s lands. The reason militaries try to build bonds of brotherhood within units is they know men will fight for their brothers, even sacrificing themselves if necessary. In other words, a man will die for two brothers of eight cousins, but that is the limit of his sacrifice.

Therein lies the reason the pro-life cause was able to sustain itself for two generations fighting to overturn Roe. For the people in that movement, the logic of abortion is not what motivated them. In fact, most never bothered to think much about the legal and political logic of the issue. They simply focused on the morality of it. Abortion is murder and a society that institutionalizes murder is immoral. They felt a moral duty to commit their lives to end this immoral practice.

It is important to note that the only two issues the Right has had any success in America are guns and abortion. The gun people had the advantage of the second amendment but they never relied upon it. Only a few gun cases have made it to the courts and they have only nibbled around the issue. Instead, the gun people launched a crusade against the gun grabbers in every state and locality. Their task has always been to anathematize gun grabbing and the gun grabbers.

The lesson here for those engaging in politics is that like war, politics is about morality, not facts and reason. The soldier fights for his love of country, often expressed as love of his brothers in arms. He fights for a cause bigger than himself. In politics, the winners are those who frame the issue in moral terms, seizing the moral high ground and demanding opponents justify their actions in the face of morality. The losers are those who settle for facts and reason.

This is why the American Left has won every battle against the so-called conservatives over the last century. The Left makes moral claims while the co-called conservatives force opposition into rational claims. The exception has been the two issues where professional conservatism has had little role, abortion and guns. It is important to note that professional conservatism has opposed the NRA over the years and they opposed Trump, who promised to fill the court with pro-life judges.

It is why conservatives oppose the term “antiwhite.” They know that this is a morally charged term that offers no opportunity for them to negotiate away the interests of the people they claim to represent. It makes a clear moral distinction between us and them, which is the enemy of the sorts of people working in conservatism. The same is true of the word “groomer” which is not only factually accurate, but it also lays bear the moral implications of the sexual revolution.

In the end, the lesson of the abortion movement for dissidents is that the way to defeat the moral framework of the Left is with an alternative moral framework. You cannot defeat moral arguments with facts and reason. People will sacrifice for a just cause, but not for a logical explanation. It turns out that Ben Shapiro’s line about facts not caring about your feelings is just another trick to prevent a moral people from standing on their morals to oppose the moral framework of the Left.

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253 thoughts on “The Righteous Cause

  1. “It is important to note that the only two issues the Right has had any success in America are guns and abortion.”

    Three issues: don’t fuck with the homeschoolers.

  2. “You cannot defeat moral arguments with facts and reason. People will sacrifice for a just cause, but not for a logical explanation.”

    Vox Day called that years ago when he explained that you cannot use dialectic (facts and reason) on rhetorical (persuasion) thinkers. Rhetorical thinkers literally cannot understand a dialectic argument, as their brain doesn’t work that way.

          • So insulting someone with the same goals is your Schlick? All those pretty words you string together and you can’t see that infighting is counterproductive?

        • “All those pretty words you string together and you can’t see that infighting is counterproductive?”

          Such earnest concern! Such agonized worry! My, what sage you must be!

          Tell us, how did Vox ‘Insufferably Pompous While High On The Scent of His Own Flatulence’ Day respond to the gospel you are preaching here?

          I’d go read your sermons for myself but I can’t bear exposure to the unifying, not-at-all-divisive blasts of ‘mid wit’ and ‘sexual hierarchy’ nonsense that gushes from his site like effluvia from a firehose another time. Your crusade must be fascinating to see over there, though!

          Please ask Vox to come and give his testimony regarding the transformative power of your Unification Homilies, we implore you!

  3. Everyone’s thinking with their emotions on this. The abortion issue is one person’s feelings against another person’s feelings. The ‘morality’ of it is concocted and chimerical. If you can’t see that, if you’re blinding by religion, then you’re not fit to judge. This discussion proves to me that nobody, absolutely nobody – left, right, or dissident – is fit to rule.

    Except apparently me.

    • Explain to me how our system of do’s and dont’s isn’t turned on it’s head when we allow the killing off of babies in the womb? How can anyone then say murder is bad? Or stealing? Or torching cities?

      If an unborn baby’s life means nothing, then everything means nothing. There is absolutely zero logic backing up our entire system of laws. Everything falls apart, and it has.

      So whether you look at it from a moral or religious point of view, it doesn’t matter, as a purely pragmatic matter it has been disastrous for law and order. It is part of the same program that has been used to break up families and community and all the other destructions to our culture. It is used to pit men against women. It is used to get people fighting each other. It I used as a means of divide and conquer iow,

      Why hand our enemies this weapon? Even if you don’t believe in God I would think you can see how it has been turned into a powerful weapon and would want that weapon destroyed simply as a means of survival of restoring a robustness to our people.

    • And the votes are coming in as predicted. Alright, what is my unique perspective on this and why can no one else around here see it?

      You can’t see it relates to the environment and I am clearly the only one around here who is pro-environment (and on that account currently anti-human).

      It’s a matter of instinctive population control (and, by the way, it’s also exactly the same instinct that causes everyone on this forum, including me, to believe that immigration should be limited.) I’m the one being consistent here.

      Look, the abortion issue is one person’s feelings against another person’s feelings. It should not correlate to left and right – it should not be a political issue at all but politics has made it one. It should be like the choice between margarine and butter, or whether you’re a BigEndian or a LittleEndian. With abortion, each side has staked a position and everyone has gone running towards their flag.

      Moreover, their respective positions are illogical. Can anyone explain to me why the right is anti-abortion when in all other things they are hard-headed and pro-individual-freedom and elitists who presumably ought to be against populating society with unwanted offspring of reckless people? Can anyone explain why the left is pro-abortion when in all other things they are bleeding-heart and collectivist and presumably ought to be against anything that impedes reproduction?

      My bigger, apolitical perspective, is that abortion has become acceptable to humanity because humans instinctively know when the population becomes too dense. Humans are too successful by any biological measure. They are running rampant and wreaking havoc – to quote David Attenborough they are like locusts. Nature, we can be sure, will have created certain means to keep populations in check for its own good – one of which is that it becomes acceptable to weed out unwanted fetuses. Another is that birthrates drop in affluent societies.

      In that light, regardless of how squeamish we are about the biology or assumed-morality of it, abortion is a natural mechanism and cannot be argued with while such control is necessary.

      • How is it about feelings when you are killing something that only wants to live? It’s basic nature. Do you have any concept of how nature works? Have you ever tended a garden? Nurtured a seed into a plant. Ever see grass puncture concrete? Ever raised a puppy? Could you somehow will that puppy to stop growing and will out of him his desire to continue and grow? Good luck if he doesn’t bite your dick off.

        You seem completely oblivious to the actual world around you. Yours is just a shallow understanding of life and quite boring and superficial as a result. Not to mention you still haven’t figured out that the world doesn’t revolve around you.

      • I agree lets start with you. If another human has no right to life based on anything but feelings then neither do you.

      • I might support aborting entire ethnic groups of people, or IQs below 100, but not if it includes a single one of mine.

  4. It’s good the Right sticks it to the Left about abortion. If Lefty was capable of policing itself and not allowing late-term abortions, then I’d say let’s everyone just keep quiet about it being legal. But like with everything, give Lefty an inch and they take a mile. And are viciously righteous about it to boot. So screw them.

    Personally, I gave up finding the right answer on it about 20 years ago. Same with dropping the 2 bombs on Japan, killing and making sick-for-life some 160,000 people.

    I get the various arguments for and against. On the bomb, my gut, or rather my soul says: No way to justify snuffing out that many people just like that. Should have tried to convince the Japs harder about what’s in store for them. Beyond what we told them, they’re HAD to be a more ways to convince them to surrender. Seems to me now more than ever that Mean America just likes testing out its weapons.

    On abortion, I’d say no abortion into 3rd trimester. Give her six months to make a decision. That’s plenty of time. After that you’re having the baby. Give it up for adoption if you like, but you’re having that kid. And any serious birth defect, mental or physical, abortion OK at any time. When I was in my 20s and 30s human lives were more precious. I don’t think Life is so precious anymore.

    I’ve no kids, but it’s easy to see that motherhood and fatherhood are extremely difficult. Harder than many people are equipped to handle. You get a lot of messed-up adults and kids from making/guilting people into having unwanted babies. “Social ills” I think is the term.

  5. I’m late posting this but this is the point I’d like to add to the conversation:

    You might notice that the strongest passions among the “normie right”, the neutered version of the right that is mainstream American conservatism, is centered around innocence and children. Killing unborn babies is monstrous, and the pro-life movement is the one moral crusade that “Red America” has been allowed to indulge in emotionally.

    The other place that they’ve been allowed to channel their moral passions is the child transgender and grooming nonsense. This stuff is deeply unpopular even among many moderate liberals. Again, when innocent children’s lives are corrupted by the politics of twisted adults, it incites a lot of moralistic energy.

    I feel that it is important that the American Right incorporate the protection of children into as many of our arguments as we can. Even with demographic issues, we must appeal to the instincts of caring adults, their desire to give children the best future we can provide. If, for instance, more white mothers understood the consequences of “the great replacement”, they’d want to protect their children from a future where their children are hated and disenfranchised.

    • Funny how we have to “incorporate the protection of children into as many of our arguments as we can”.

      That should be a biological and evolutionary self evident truth.

      Adults are supposed to protect and defend children.

      The fact that it is even a question shows just how lost we are.

      • Do it for the children? Yeah that’s been around for a while now. And the Left has it covered. Don’tcha know? Studies …and a zillion personal stories show, that everything our elders told us about raising kids…actually damages them. Encourage your son to join the cheerleading squad. Otherwise he’s in for a lifetime of pain.

  6. An absolutely correct observation Z. Nothing will cause you as much guilt later in life . the catholic church has a special program to help deal wit the guilt of abortion that absolutely plagues them decades after it happened .

  7. A hot take:

    1) Life begins at conception. It is LIFE.

    2) It is definitely a HUMAN LIFE by the 6th week or so when there is a heartbeat and brain activity.

    3) In a decent and sane society, abortion should ONLY occur in events of rape or serious birth defects. And it should happen sooner rather than later in the pregnancy.

    4) At this critical inflection point of total insanity and civil war, I don’t know that I care if Leftists get abortions. To paraphrase Napolean, don’t stop an enemy if they are destroying themselves. We’re too far gone to try to save them; we’re lucky if they don’t sink us all.

    • Re: 4)

      I can understand a traditional/conservative woman deciding that, barring rape or medical necessity, she will never consider getting an abortion. What I can’t understand is a conservative woman thinking that it’s wise to force motherhood on the sort of woman who is gung-ho about infanticide. Furthermore, I really don’t understand nominally Christian people who would bridle at having unwanted moral norms imposed on them turning right around and attempting to impose unwanted moral norms on others.

      • If you believe the unborn is a human life, then imposing the “moral norm” of no abortion on the mother is the same as imposing that the mother not murder someone on the street.

        The point is that there is another party/person here besides the mother with rights unto.

        Our terrible society has trivialized (and pornified) sex that it’s not understood that sex is a deeply important and profound physical/psycological/spiritual act in which the purpose is to CREATE LIFE.

        Abortion is a hideous and tragic thing, and it’s even more hideous and tragic when sluts carelessly get knocked-up and treat it some get our of jail free card; or worse CELEBRATE it as a passage to gaiahood or something. It is the killing and/or preventing of life, no matter how you slice it.

        It should only be a regretful final option in event or rape or birth defects which would make life not worth living. It is not something to celebrate or be happy about, as these demonic freaks are!

      • “it’s wise to force motherhood” Blocking abortion does not “force” motherhood. There are a myriad of options that have nothing to do with abortion to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. And, there are options after childbirth in terms of adoption.

        “I really don’t understand nominally Christian people who would bridle at having unwanted moral norms imposed on them”.

        You have moral norms imposed on you all the time. One of them is called “murder” which is straight up out of the Bible “thou shalt not kill”.

        Your issue is that you know it’s killing…you just don’t care…and you want that power for yourself.

        And my favorite Leftist Copout “barring rape or medical necessity”. The thing we all understand that you fail to see is how blindingly obvious it is that you would use this ‘exception’ to advance abortions by calling all sex ‘rape’ and there will be no shortage of Leftist doctors willing to kill for money on the pretext that it was ‘medically necessary’.

        You’re making our point for us. You know it’s wrong, but you want your little murder carve out.

    • All I know is this, when my son first came In being, at that moment of conception, I could feel it. Like a silent signal through the air, he let me know. I am sure most parents can report the same.

      Life begins at conception. Why this was ever an argument baffles me.

      Now granted, we can decide how to treat it, can compromise on when and at what point an abortion makes sense to us as a culture, but that it is a form of murder should have never been removed from the conversation. The gravity of what we were advocating should never have been diluted to the extent that it has. And we as adults have to live with these decisions and how they affect society and our own family and ourselves. Morally speaking, say in the case of rape, my opinion was always that a life of pain and agony it would cause the mom outweighed the baby’s claim to existence — up to certain point in the baby’s development. But these are rare circumstances, but the gravity of the situation and the seriousness of it should never have been removed from the conversation, if for no other reason then to give the baby some kind of recognition and respect and for ourselves collective forgiveness for what we’ve done.

    • Hot take: most non whites will become your enemy, white man. History is written by the winners. Do you want to please God or do you want to win?

      • Allowing abortion has allowed our culture to unravel into the current immoral hell. It has hurt blacks more because they, if you ask me, need a much tighter leash to keep them on the straight and narrow. No abortion and I seriously doubt the black community would be as messed up as it is. I know it sounds counterintuitive, that limiting the birthrate of blacks would be good for whites, but that clearly has not happened. Our situation has gotten worse, and meanwhile the lack of a clear moral position wrt life has allowed the legal system to collapse upon itself because it has no moral foundation or compass and just becomes a weapon for the rich and connected. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that our rights and individual liberties have greatly contracted if not gone away during the time of RvW. It opened a Pandora’s box from hell. We should be glad it’s gone. Dealing with blacks and our own liberties and rights as whites will improve now that we have a moral leg to stand on. You watch.

        I know that the decision to overturn RvW was not about morality but about constitutionality, but still, it sends a very clear message to the normal person. Abortion = bad.

        I am very thankful for the court doing this, regardless of why they did it. I think my life will improve because of it.

        • Abortion has, on balance, helped our people, given our recent circumstances. God doesn’t care, as far as I can discern

          • Even if God was out if the equation, i think abortion has fueled the hookup culture, which robs women of husbands. Abortion also denigrates a woman’s perspective on babies. They call them “crotch goblins” and hellraisers because they dont get to bang bad boys anymore. Abortion has been postured as some amazing victory for women that they must take advantage of by dedicating their lives to travel and office work, instead of families Just my opinion.

  8. So we had the “ok boomer” meme going for some time

    Looking forward to twisting it to “ok groomer” and throwing right back into the faces of LGBTQ millennials he he

    Ok groomer

  9. Conservatives have failed to stop abortion for decades because they refuse to tell a woman No. They’ll go after the clinics and abortionists but they’ve NEVER blamed the women for seeking or getting abortions. Never. No laws, no shaming, only freebies like adoption and maternity care.

    Now they’re celebrating Big Brother giving them permission to ban abortion. But it’s just an election play. The November election is coming up and the Biden Regime is expected to lose catastrophically. With this one act, they’ve mobilized their voting base like nothing else could.

    A lot of that “November election” is done ahead of time via mail-in voting so now is the time for the power plays to come out. This play might work well enough that Biden cancels the elections outright because of civil unrest.

    The central problem of telling women No will remain. Skanky might have to visit another state to buy an abortion but when she comes back, she won’t be arrested for infanticide. Bet.

    • So many “Nos” the right failed to tell woman.

      No, you can’t be a slut with low-lives and be spared of the consequences or be “celebrated” as a single mom.

      No, you can’t get welfare for your bastards.

      No, you can’t have kids and career.

      No, you shouldn’t have a career or waste your life in school.

      No, you’re not as fertile (or pretty) at 35 as you are at 22.

      No, you cannot nag or psychologically harass your husband without expecting a physical consequence.

      No, you can’t have equal women’s sports leagues because they’re boring and make no money.

      • No, you can’t stud your face with hideous metallic acne and go out in public.

        That one would be at the top of my list.

    • I bet we could reduce the number of women seeking abortion if men were punished with death for impregnating a woman to whom they were not married. It’s funny how so many want to say the problem is that women aren’t told no, as if like the Virgin Mary, they are impregnated by mysterious, indiscernible means. In reality, an unwanted pregnancy is the result of two people, one of which is a man, not wanting to be responsible for their actions.

      • I don’t see anybody suggesting capital punishment for unmarried women who get pregnant. What we’re suggesting is that celebrating and subsidiging this behavior is detrimental to society and should cease.

      • Yes, a man who carelessly knocks up a woman is no great shakes and men should be taught to be responsible. But a woman has more culpability in this transaction in general.

        Women are the sexually/reproductively more valuable and they choose. Men compete/perform, and women choose. Eggs expensive; sperm cheap.

      • “I bet we could reduce the number of women seeking abortion if men were punished with death for impregnating a woman to whom they were not married.”

        That is EXACTLY the conservative mindset. “We want women to stop doing this. How can we punish men in order to accomplish it?”

        How about we ALSO criminalize women for getting pregnant out of wedlock? How about prison sentences for abortion tourists? If a man crosses state lines to kill a baby, his life is OVER, but if a woman does it then the taxpayer reimburses her.

        We have enough laws against men. Bracelets for Barbie or don’t bother.

    • This issue is not going to drive “their base” to vote. Abortion is actually getting pretty rare these days. You basically have the screamers and the shriekers out there, but they don’t have the ability to sustain this. I would wager that most of the upset women are a) white and b) over 60 years old.

      And it matters not that the regime is expected to lose in a wave election this fall. First of all, your assumption is that elections are legitimate and cannot be rigged. That’s why you lost in 2020 and why they held onto the House and tied in the Senate. In 2022, they’ve had 2 years to prepare for the mid-term fraud. Second, if the GOP wins, they’ll mainly rubber-stamp most of Biden’s policies. There will be a few sacrificial lambs who “retire” and don’t return in the administration. But most of the anti-white, anti-American, anti-sanity, aspects of the regime will remain in place.

      The fact that Roe got tossed is an aberration brought on by the Trump Disruption. The GOP hated Trump and worked to have him removed BECAUSE OF EXACTLY THIS. The GOP has zero interest in advancing the goals of its voters. Do you think it was an accident that John Roberts turned out to be a backstabbing traitor to the Republic?

      He was put there to stop us.

      In fact, I would wager that the other justices who ditched Roe were believed by the GOP to be solidly in the Sanda Day O’Connor mold. And frankly, they’ve mostly been a huge disappointment from the election fraud to allowing the COVID fraud to continue for far too long.

      Anyway, a bunch of shrieking septuagenarians is not going to swing the tide of voter anger at the Biden Regime, and they will very likely make things worse for Democrats. Why?

      Because they’ve stopped pretending that they don’t know abortion is murder.

      • Solid comment. Especially the insight that RvW being overturned was the *opposite* of what the GOP saw as going according to plan. Love the man or hate him, the Trump Disruption was/is a consequential moment in history that revealed many ugly truths about the operations of the country.

    • Friar Lawrence said it best in Romeo and Juliet. ‘Women may fall when there is no strength in men.’

  10. Zman, just read your Taki post. Well done. Love the “who versus how” in which, of course, brings to the right mind “who>whom.” Also kudos on the ending. Alien rulers naturally prefer other aliens to heritage Americans. How many Whites still consider themselves as such, or even retain sufficient intellect to understand the difference between them and their principled neighbor Sandeep, remains an open question. But of course, those who consider little Bennie a champion of muh magic constitution, rather than of his own people, are the usual idiots.

    • Seconded. The money line from Z’s Taki column:

      “The real impact of Dobbs is in reminding the white remnant that what matters is who decides, not how they decide. ”

      I cannot think of a clearer expression of this basic truth.

    • It seems like this would be demonstrable across the world, although in some nations the drop would be spread out over a few months because of the slower uptake of the vaccines.

      I’m not arguing that he’s incorrect – my gut feeling is that he’s right over the target – but if this can be shown to have occurred in other countries, particularly East Asian countries where the vax rollout was sudden and comprehensive, then it’s an open and shut case.

      • Wasn’t the injection in Australia and NZ similarly rapid? I’d be very interested in seeing how their fertility numbers have fared.

        • There is a lot more going on that the vax.

          I mean it could be a side effect or it could be you know and no one wants to bring kids into what they see will be very bad times.

          A 10% decline would fit the psychological effects of the quarantine and the economy as well.

          Nowhere is untouched by this madness after all .

    • This is why I suspect the elites allowed conservatives a win on this one. The issue hardly matters anymore from a practical standpoint.

      All the cuckservatives who used to be crushed by the attack of “what have conservatives ever conserved?” have an answer: Overturning Roe!

      All the conservatives who had their doubts about the Republican party find their hearts filled with a renewed sense of loyalty to the GOP.

      • I think the controllers also wanted to get their base fired up and distract them from all the economic and foreign policy problems that are happening.

        I’m not sure if the controllers really want CW2. Maybe only a certain faction want that whereas another faction understands a split US is really going to put the crimp in their international war agenda.

    • It matters insofar as it sets a tone for what is and what is not legally sanctioned behavior and hopefully in time it will flow through the society at large and restore the dignity and sanctity of life among the future generations. We can be glad we are finally moving out of this hideous chapter of American life.

      On a larger point, my feelings and position on morality are well known. If this helps to tell people that murder is bad, that humans are precious at all ages and stages of development, it will be a positive for the culture. Because until blacks and white LIbs learn this lesson we cannot have a moral culture, and it is a waste of time for anyone with a sense of morality to coexist in a culture inundated with murderous trash for whom life is as cheap as a pair of tennis shoes. I would hope now that some people start getting the word out that black criminal behavior, for example, is not going to fly in America and they need to either shape up or ship out. If any one group needs a stern moral lecture and strong sense of morality bred forcefully and relentlessly into them it is them.

      • Falcone: All you write applies to people. I question – in all seriousness and all morality – whether blacks qualify on all metrics. They are a distantly related subspecies to Whites, but I truly don’t know that I consider them fully human.

        • 3g4me,

          I have no idea what they are or what I am. Yes, we belong to the same taxonomical table in a textbook, and we can breed with each other, but outside of that what they are in relation to me is what it is and isn’t ever going to change. I know that being around them can feel like our energies are at war with each other, that our “vibes” are fighting, and they get nervous which in turn may make me antsy. And I know they are prone to violence, so it’s best to avoid them. I know,life doesn’t have the same inherent value to them as it does to me. I know that classical music leaves them unmoved or perhaps saps them of their nervous energy. I know they eat foods that make me stomach turn.

          Etc etc

          So all I know is they are different enough from me that if we are the same species then it’s largely irrelevant because as a practical everyday matter our bodies, energies, tastes, etc are repellant to each other, we are alien to each other, such that taxonomy is insufficient as a basis to explain the two groups.

          But that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe that RvW hasn’t been bad for both sides. I think it has harmed them too. And since we have to live among them it has been doubly bad for us: RvW is essentially a license to kill or an excuse to say life is cheap, that how can anyone say life matters when babies don’t? So go ahead, rape, kill, destroy, whitey don’t care. And if he says he does he’s lying because look at how he has no problem killing babies, black, white, yellow. He don’t care.

          You can see how this thinking could permeate their culture and ways of thinking. And they have a very good point. So we squandered whatever moral authority we had and were exposed as moral frauds, and all hell broke loose.

          So regardless of what blacks are in terms of the mile view of humanity, I don’t really care, I just want a return to a semblance of normalcy, and I think this may in fact be a step in that direction.

    • Yep. And male fertility is plummeting. The German fertility rate dropped by 10% over the last few years. Wonder why?

      • Maybe it’s a natural response because we are waiting too long to have babies, if we do at all, so the parts of our bodies that relate to reproduction fall into something like a state of dormancy, or perhaps perpetual dormancy. I mean I think I know my body pretty well, and I can see that if I don’t use the equipment God gave me that my testicles might just say, ok, we quit, no sense in doing all this work for nothing. Take a holiday. Then it’s a permanent vacation.

        It may also be due to women and the hormones and whatever they give to a man during intercourse, that if she is spending eight hours in the gym building up her testosterone, pretty sure that is going to have some rebound effect on the man’s reproductive system.

        In summary, modern life and ample reproduction are incompatible. Life has shown we can’t have both. Perhaps the Amish are a case in point. And I am sure all the crap in the water and in our foods isn’t helping. Porn certainly isn’t. As an aside, a friend was asking me, a successfully wedded man and father, how to get a woman, as he was getting into his late 30s at the time. I said stop masturbating. And it worked. Women can sense it in a man when he’s got his juices are properly flowing.

  11. You mean that politics is downstream from culture. And culture, according to John C. Wright is downstream from religion. And religion, I say, is downstream from the meaning of “life, the universe, everything.”

  12. The same is true of the word “groomer” which is not only factually accurate, but it also lays bear the moral implications of the sexual revolution.

    The implications of the matter of which you write is a denial of the agency of females, something not only feminists should oppose but humans in general. Even a three-year old girl has enough agency to tie her parents and siblings in knots, they are hardly defenseless. The fact is that the real criminals in this sorry state of affairs are the parents of the “groomed”, who failed in their child’s upbringing and produced what amounts to prostitutes. Of course in the bizarre contemporary culture childhood extends to the first gray hairs and females who assert their agency are classified somehow as victims. Many of these victims, despite being portrayed as child-like innocents, make up a significant portion of the over 200,000 females incarcerated in the US.

  13. Ironically, Z-man has never written anything more useful than this highly rational, logically argued piece. The article is lapidary, and it should be required reading for any member of the DR.

    • Z-man’s missive is a variation on the claim that “you can not dissuade someone from an opinion formed by emotion with facts and reason”. This has been posted here before.

      Another good example aside from gun and abortion rights is what we are seeing at the local school board level around the country with the concern about CRT and the implicit “grooming” of school children as young as 5yo by transsexual teachers. These meetings are fraught with emotional outbursts and few—if any—reasoned (as in facts) arguments. And they are effective in the main. School boards here are being replaced via election and recall.

      As mentioned here just yesterday, “in your face activism” is needed for true change. Problem is that such behavior is Leftist in nature as their activists have no real lives. Normal people have a hard time to keep such activity up and still lead productive lives.

      • Normal people will become unemployable if they object. Shortly before I left my last gig, my employers hired a tranny to a high position. This is a Mormon company. In their defense, they were probably terrified of lawsuits if they didn’t hire this thing.

        If I would have said on the Zoom call, “This is disgusting bullshit!” I would have lost my job and become unemployable. So I bit my tongue.

        Control of the media is everything. Unfortunately, control of the media is fascism, which most of you reject.

        • Why is it Fascism?

          If you do not control the media, then someone else does, and as you point out those that control the media control society.

          The idea that regulating the media is wrong comes from those controlling the media for the last 80 years.

          Don’t listen to the Hypnotoad telling you its wrong to restrict the Hypnotoad.

  14. A regulatory change making “morning after” pills available over the counter like 30+ other western countries fixes all this.

    That’s not the point though. Abortions, the latter the better, really are a sacrament to many people.

    Not to mention a political base centered around funding and organizing (Planned Parenthood, anyone).

    To the left, it hasn’t been about birth control or babies for decades. To the right, it really was about life and death.

    • I doubt this will happen in the US because trafficking infant parts is a multibillion dollar industry.

  15. The most powerful argument in support of gun rights is the right to self defense. Someone is home invaded by a thug, they have the right to protect themselves. When a liberal denies this, they only have one leg to stand on. “Call the police.” At that point you say, “yes, call the police so they can draw a chalk line around my body and call the coroner.” Then they have to argue that society “isn’t that dangerous, and not worth the needles gun crimes.” At best you would have to be in some Icelandic fishing village to make this argument, not some U.S. metro area or even rural town infested with drugs.

      • And once they get there, they’ll arrest YOU for for doing what they can’t or won’t.

    • Old truism: a city man is moving his family in his horse drawn wagon from Arkansas to Texas in the 1800’s. Before he gets into Texas, he stops at a general store for supplies. He asks the owner if he will need a gun in Texas. Purveyor replies “well, you may and you may not, but if you do, you’re gonna need it in a hurry.”

  16. It also doesn’t hurt to have an army of full time lobbyists working on your cause. But, I also agree with the moral cause rationale. After all, these lobbies would not really exist if not for the moral crusade behind them.

  17. ” The ancients observed that men would fight like lions in defense of their own lands but became quite conservative when they crossed into the enemy’s lands. ”

    I’ve been mulling over the fact that my dog follows this rule. When we are out walking he will always try to drag me over to any other dog we come across so he can establish himself as top dog. We often walk past a couple of yards with dogs running loose within the bounds of their wireless fence collars and my dog is content to leave them unaccosted in their own domain.
    If only the Neocons had the sense my Pointer has.

  18. Facts and logic are powerful tools between intellectuals and close friends of high IQ. The last two days however has made it clear to me that only moral grandstanding, ridicule, and shaming are effective on most people. Several liberal women I know are going insane shaming men on social media. They’ve actually convinced themselves that we are the immoral ones for thinking chopping up babies is wrong. They’ll add in we hate living children because we don’t support the expansion of endless welfare. I usually reply with data, at which point I’m called a piece of shit for not supporting a woman’s right to do what she wants with her body. I mention the vaccine mandates clearly contradicting this belief, to no avail. At the end of the day, we need to call them babykillers and groomers if we want to make real progress. Part of this is because women and liberal men both score high in openness and agreeableness while scoring low in conscientiousness. In other words, these are the people typically removed from the gene pool in a normal society.

    • I believe that you’re right. That is, if we must engage this Evil, then we must simply call it by it’s real name: Evil. No facts. No reason.

      Of course, not wasting time on these people is probably even more important. We know that the lines have been drawn, I am more judgmental and willing to cut ties or leave someone hanging if I detect any Wokeness or the like, than ever before.

      Evil is upping it’s game, and it is masquerading as Good because it knows it can fool some of us. But when we discern Evil, that’s when we start our fight for Good.

      Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy.

    • You have failed to grasp that most people can only deal in rhetoric. Your “facts and evidence and data” are heard as “blah blah blah, I’m a fascist..blah blah blah.” They are completely incapable of taking in information and formulating an opinion with it. They respond only to propaganda, preferably in the form of a short slogan like “woman’s right to chose” That is why pictures of a coat hanger are so effective. It doesn’t even matter that nobody has metal coat hangers anymore. People have been subjected to propaganda on TV, radio, film and public schooling for so long they are incapable of thinking.

      • Vox Day, for all his other issues, has been on point for quite a while about bringing the rhetorical fire.

    • “Part of this is because women and liberal men both score high in openness and agreeableness while scoring low in conscientiousness.”

      Kinda like a sociopath.

    • Conservacucks spent decades saying “democrats are the real racists” or “Republican Lincoln freed the slaves ya know” but these shitlibs did not land on their back foot until people started calling them antiwhite and started doing early life checks. Then the mask fully comes off. So it is with the Moloch worshippers, the baby killers, and the groomers. The leftists know who they are and what they are doing, which is why they recoil at this and only this.

  19. > It is important to note that the only two issues the Right has had any success in America are guns and abortion.

    Would argue homeschooling would be an even stronger success story. It went from illegal in most states to unrestricted in many and extremely lax in most. The reason for success is a lot of what Z said, relentless moral argumentation backed up by tangible benefits.

    Their political strategies are also very effective, engaging in ruthless lawfare on even the slightest infringement on homeschooling whether on the state or local level. And while the population of homeschoolers is still small, their fanaticism brings terror into the heart of your average politician, to the point they don’t want to touch the issue with a ten foot pole.

    Like we should have learned from the left, a small radical contingent with good strategy will beat the “silent majority” every time.

    • I would add that the biggest reason for the success of homeschooling has been the positive results. Almost every homeschooled kid you meet is better educated and better at interpersonal relationships than the average–contrary to claims of the opposition.

      I usually offer the examples from my own extended family. I have a cousin who (with his remarkable wife) homeschools their three children. The oldest, a 13-year old boy, is building a plane with his father (a commercial airline pilot and former Navy aviator). The younger daughters are equally smart and talented. Their academic and social achievements are far above and beyond their peers.

      • God bless them.

        Great to hear stories of successful home schooling, but, as mentioned, it seems that success is really the norm.

        My wife and I are having backbiters and the like casting aspersions on our intent to homeschool our sons. The classic is: they might not be ‘normal’. Or, when learning of our focus on Greek Orthodoxy as a key element to the children’s cultural education: don’t turn it into a cult!

        Goodness me.

          • With weakminded foes such as that, I’m confident OF will do just fine. Not that he couldn’t handle himself against an army of Copernicuses, of course…

        • If “they might not be normal” means they know what a woman is, the backbiters have a point.

          • How is that even a thing that does not result in a beating?

            I mean really, its the most intentionally insane right of obedience to deny your own family, your birth, your bodies biology, the entire animal kingdom and every waking moment of your entire life.

        • Matters are cultually distinct on your side of the pond. No one around me bats an eye when told that so-and-so’s children are being home schooled. It’s one issue where normie-cons get it. Now, that wasn’t the case all that long ago, so here’s hoping that you can affect that same cultural change in Albion.

        • The only case where turning out “weird” from homeschooling would be an issue is with an only child. I didn’t have any siblings and going to school was an adjustment just learning to deal with the idea that other people can be antagonistic, a lesson I’d hate to have to learn as a teenager or even worse as an adult.

          Having local homeschooling groups where the parents take turns and give the kids some socialization with each other would solve that issue.

      • Outdoorspro: Disagree. Not that there aren’t positive real-life examples of home schooling – that is a definite fact – but that that’s what persuades so many. I still routinely hear the claim that home-schooled kids are weird or asocial spergs. Doesn’t matter if you have facts and reason on your side – most people’s positions are a function of social pressure and media lies, and an army of opposing facts won’t move them.

        • Opponents of homeschooling like to claim that the kids “are weird or asocial spergs”, but the evidence does not support that claim. It doesn’t really matter much what most people think.

        • Fortunately, most of the women in my family work minimally and raise lots of great kids. Never known such a consistent group of great, moral women. Pretty sure they can all cook. The men tend to be the hands-on type that can work hard and fix things. Basically, the type of families I think most of us would like to see a lot more of.

      • The world does not need any more “smart and talented” women working in cubes or women who can fix their own car. It needs smart and talented women raising children. Let us hope he is raising them to value that and not to be a childless wage slave. The real question is “can they cook?”

      • Took three teenage homeschoolers and my 15 year old to the range yesterday.
        I have never had so many firearms, shooters, targets & magazines swapped in/ out with zero change in my blood pressure.
        There is hope for the future.

      • I daresay homeschooled kids are better and smarter than their goverment-indoctrinated peers, not primarily because the quality of the education is better, but because they are the progeny of superior parents.

      • I think an even bigger reason for HS is the insanity that goes on in too many public schools. Jeez, even private schools are getting in on the tranny act in our area. As for HS kids being higher achievers, well, we HS’d our 4 and they are just good, average kids doing regular jobs. But what I really care about is that they are moral kids who believe in God and they have avoided 14+ years of public school indoctrination.

      • I’d say school is only helpful/beneficial for the top 10-20% of students who are “fast bloomers” in terms of looks and applying themselves.

        The vast majority undergo HARM by being anonymous nobodies in an impersonal environment of strangers; let alone those that are bullied.

        And how in the hell are most adolescent boys supposed to really concentrate and learn in co-ed (and sexualized) environments?

        Boys should be taught skills and not sit in boring ass classrooms looking at some old bitty.

    • Unless I’ve misunderstood, AZ this year has gone to funding follows the child wrt public education. This means that charter schools and what not are paid for.

  20. From the Taki piece. This is gold:

    “For professional conservatives, Dobbs is like seeing Big Foot riding a unicorn. They are questioning their sanity.”

    Controlled opposition gotta control opposition. Conservative Inc counts on keeping the left’s morals as de facto while asking people for money every election to never change the status quo.

    Leftie inc uses Conservative Inc to scare the believers into donate blue, giving to BLM and PP, knowing things will go their way at the end. They work as a Cartel.

    Dobbs is definitely a political Tsunami, Trump’s legacy is Big Foot riding a Unicorn, a sight to see!

    • It never ceases to amaze me when they pull the old “Mitch McConnel is a far right fascist” routine to get the money out of lefty’s pocket. They actually managed to paint old Mitt Romney as a far right extremist back when he ran for president.

    • Kunstler is very good at throwing cold water on the techno-futurists, but I think he misses the mark on other things like women. For instance, he ends the article with:

      “Out of all that suffering will eventually come a new respect for human life and reconstructed relations between men and women, with all the abstruse ambiguities, pretensions, and nebulosities about sex put aside for some future age of decadence”

      If his future comes to pass, this is not going to be worked out. What will happen is women will go back to being the property of men, first their father’s, then their husband’s. If there is any surviving record of the 20th and 21st century, they will marvel at how the men of the era could not see the necessity of the pimp-hand.

    • Agreed, Bile. JHK is looking more and more prescient. However, I’m slightly less optimistic about his cosy, arts and crafts version of the new future. I think it will more be like a mix of Escape from New York City and Night of the Living Dead

  21. You can disagree with the religiosity of the following statement, but bear with me. the Bible points out that murder brings a “curse” upon the land. Abortion is murder. You can argue about what a “curse” actually is, but America today is “cursed”.

    Me, I’m waiting for the next shoe to drop. The abortion ruling and the New York gun case have reversed course for TPTB. I can’t help but wonder what’s up.

    • Considering that the RvW supporters went from “pro-choice” to pro-abortion within two generations suggests to me that America is cursed. Not even the Laconians (Spartans) who practiced eugenicide did so with the amount of bloodthirsty glee the pro-abortion people have.

  22. Funny how the same crowd who were all in favor of mandatory vaccines have a newfound appreciation for bodily autonomy.

      • As has been pointed out before, the pejorative hypocrite to the liberal is no longer freighted with its damning indictment of yore. No, today’s elites are possessed of an infinitely malleable set of mores that even Mr. Fantastic, Reed Richards would be envious of.

        Their badge of honor as it were.

      • Norm MacDonald cured me of ever using that word again, when discussing the Cosby case. As he astutely pointed out, the worst part was the raping, then the drugging, and then maybe the scheming. Much farther down the list was hypocrisy. The more time one spends fretting about the hypocrisy of his enemies, the more leisurely their victories.

        God bless the ol’ chunk of coal.

        • Yeah, the charge of hypocrisy seems to never grow old with Conservatives. I suspect it’s because hypocrisy, or lack thereof, is a Conservative value—but it ain’t a Leftist value, so why bring it up. Use it yourself.

          Don’t let your virtues be used against you. Leave them at the door, handle business, then pick them up when you leave. As 3g4me is fond of saying (I paraphrase here) your virtues are for your people, no others.

    • Hilariously, pro-abortion rallies pushing a woman’s sacred right to bodily autonomy require a vaccine passport to enter….

      • The compartmentalization of the various mind worms implanted by the media means that there is no contradiction for them for these 2 facts.

        The many worms exist independently and concurrently and switch control depending on the situation. There is no person with a unified mind to talk to.

  23. Conservative, Inc. always regarded the pro-life segment of their voting base with disdain, as beasts of burden to drag their chariot where they wanted to go, but never to be actually listened to. That was at the core of their oh-so-clever “socially liberal, but fiscally conservative” tap dance; a way of signalling that money and materialism were what really counted, and all the talk about abortion was just a necessary carrot to keep the animals in line.

    • “Socially liberal, but fiscally conservative” is an oxymoron. It could never exist in reality, even if sincerely pursued.

      How do you have any kind of fiscal discipline or restraint in an immoral society? Instead you get demon-possessed thieves looting the public treasury when they’re not too busy grooming kids.

    • Can you blame them? Most of us smelly, abortion hating conservatives don’t even know how to knot a bow tie. Shameful!

  24. Let’s go deeper.

    In politics, we pretend to “fight” over ideas and even moral principles. When the Conservatives “fight” and lose, they bend over, smile, and admonish everyone to VOTE HARDER because the carrot is now a nanometer closer. When the Progressives lose, they get to riot, burn, and run amok under the protective shield of the media and LEOs, who have their back should any Nazis show up.

    But what would life be like if the castrated Conservative or the insane Leftist had to go a few rounds with Mike Tyson whenever they entered the political ring? What if the price of pitching a fit was a Tyson upper cut to the chin or round-house left hook to the ear? What if taking to the streets meant leaving a few bodies in your wake as you retreated while dragging the half-dead behind you?

    Whining is only cathartic when you don’t have any skin in the game. In a sane world, the price of a tantrum should be a spanking at minimum, and perhaps a black eye or leaving a few ounces of flesh on the floor. Maybe the Karens wouldn’t get so worked up over the right to murder babies if they had to push their way past Mike Tyson on the way to the riot.

    • Notice that after Rittenhouse brought some Big Iron justice, the rioters became a lot less motivated. There’s a reason they tried to take down anyone who defended their community.

      • Correct. What always amazed me was how those idiots thought they could attack a person (Rittenhouse) armed with a semi-auto rifle. No fear.

        This mindset can only come from a life experience of Leftist ascendency and no consequences for behavior. We need to strive to change this mindset by whatever future activities we (DR) undertake. That doesn’t necessarily mean violence, only accountability for unlawful actions.

    • TomA: All I could think of was how useful a massive horsewhip would be as I scrolled past pictures of shrieking harpies.

  25. “… the gun people launched a crusade against the gun grabbers in every state and locality. Their task has always been to anathematize gun grabbing and the gun grabbers.”
    100% true. It was the gun grabbers themselves who convinced me to buy my first firearm. Shrieking Karen’s and scolding yentals from the suburb next door passing blatantly unconstitutional restrictions was finally enough to get me off the couch and turn off the grill.

    • Only reason I bought an AR-15 was all the anti-gun people saying/telling me I shouldn’t have one.

      Made by Wyndham Weaponry it’s a nice one but the overall design is a disaster ergonomically; still prefer all my World War II Milsurps ;<)

    • Hence my bumper sticker:

      Liberals with babies, if they ain’t killing them they’re fukking them

    • Jack: Ironic that one might be able to get away with a bumper sticker saying that. But turn it around and you’re a notsee (Pro-gun, pro-baby, pro-White).

  26. Excellent insight!

    Entirely in line with the discovery by psychologists that we humans generally tend to act first— based on our instant moral intuition about a situation— and only later, enlist reason to provide a plausible rationale purporting to explain why we did what we did. A ‘reason’ for our action which often turns out to be bogus.

    And what distinguishes moral belief from other forms of knowledge?

    A: Morality can be seen as ‘knowledge reinforced by emotion’; knowledge which is not simply ‘dry’ knowing, but which contains an emotional component.

    > And it is emotions which provide us with an impetus to action. The presence of emotion is what separates mere knowledge— ‘This is how it is’— from knowledge which demands action: ‘This is how it is, and must do something about it!’

    So yes: situations and issues which we see as morally-compelling are those we that feel passionate about, and are more likely to defend.

    • In that sense, morality is akin to religion: both are beliefs characterized by significant emotional investment on the part of the believer, in the belief being both true, and compelling.

      I have no emotional investment in my belief that ‘the moon is 250,000 miles from the Earth’; if that turns out to be false, it has no effect on the rest of my life. The fact means nothing to me either way.

      By contrast, I’m emotionally-invested in my belief that ‘the right to defend oneself is a basic human right’: I experience that belief as being more than mere knowledge, and feel compelled to defend it, in a way I don’t feel compelled to defend my other beliefs.

      • One of those beliefs have an immediate impact on your personal well being. Assuming the distance to the moon reflects a constant and any change in the measurement is due to previous error rather than a true change in its prior distance, it has no impact.

        So obviously yes, the right to self defense carries more emotional investment. That does not make it any less rational.

        • Nothing is more rational than the desire/urge/instinct to preserve your life.

          It’s an urge we share with every other living creature.

  27. The main problem with the Dissident Right in regards to having a moral and rational core to fight and win battles is that the Dissident Right has no fraternity within the group, and subsequently no moral standard to rally around aside from opposing the opposition.

    Take the Russians for example. The Russian knows who he is, a child of an ethnos at least a millenium old. His ancestors shed their blood in defense of Rus, He holds both the cultural and moral ethos of Mother Russia. The Holy Orthodox Faith gives him the framework with which to view the world. He speaks the language of his people and his ancestors. The Russian may not be enthusiastic about going on imperial conquests, but when Mother Russia’s existence is threatened by the French, Germans, and Americans, he is willing to endure deprivations and suffering you Americans couldn’t even dream of in your worse nightmares.

    The only thing binding the Dissident right other than being outcasts of society is the autistic focus on eugenic materialism, which neither yield the means to fight nor a reason to fight. What is the White language? Where is the White homeland? What is the White worldview? What is the White religion ? If you can’t answer these questions without stealing the achievements of other cultures such as the English, French, German, Greek, Russian, etc., mayhap that the answer.

    The Dissident Right if they ever want to be more than a group of bitter internet commentators need to find out who is their fellow man to sacrifice, or just remain in obscurity as the world passes you by.

    • This is why Christendom was such a great idea. It’s also why America will have to break up into smaller groups who know how to answer your question.

      • Yeah, Stepho is usually a dick whose arguments are just rants against his hillbilly neighbors, but he makes some good points here. I’ve made similar points myself, particularly about the DR and Christianity. I’m not religious, but even I can see that the DR needs the level of commitment and cooperation that, right now, I only see with white Christians.

    • Stephanos Xytegenios: Such a promising start, only to devolve into your standard anti-White American sperging. Yes, the Russians have a common language, history, and culture. But you ignore the historic divisions and contentions – Russia was not born out of rainbow farts and unicorns. Like all other nations, it was born out of conflict between some men of principle and some men of greed and some men of courage. In other words, like all other White nations.

      England, or France, or Germany had those same contentious histories, along with their own common languages and culture. To lump them in with modern AINO is a category error (one of many similar errors in logic you continue to make). America, in contrast, is a nation of ‘mutts’ – particularly in its modern form (yes, there were Germans around in the beginning, but the founders and majority population of the colonies were primarily White Englishmen). Discounting the post 1965 mass colonization, a certain subversive religious group, and the sub-Saharans, Americans are often a mix of different European ethnicities. They were all White and all Christian.

      Here you again try to divide Europeans and Americans by history and ethnicity, when, of course, what they share in common is their White biological genotype, their cultural inheritance from Greece and Rome, and their history of conflict and competition within the White man’s innate curiosity and spirit of adventure and exploration. And, for what it’s worth, while Russia has its own deservedly celebrated history, neither its people nor its culture have their roots in Greece and Rome (another of your blatant category errors).

      White men can and do share interests and historical roots even within the divisions of modern ethnic nations with different languages (which still share the same historical roots and numerous modern cognates). Once again, something that is not true of Russian, however rich the language which I spent a number of years studying and speaking.

      The White religion was, of course, Christianity. Yes, in various and ever-further splintering divisions and conflicts, but still a shared faith and – equally important – morality. To reduce all the shared roots and over-arching historical similarities among Western nations is yet another logical fallacy. We don’t need to be identical automatons to share a common belief in our people’s rights and existence.

      You once again seek to dismiss the dissident right, or third position, as a group of merely disaffected individuals with no common interests or goals. And as far as an “autistic focus” goes, consider your own obsession with casting aspersions on and seeking to sow division amongst other Whites, Mr. sperg pot-meets-kettle.

      You claim a Greek internet handle but your fallacious arguments were previously and thoroughly exposed, by Citizen of a Silly Country, as standard Hasbara. Whatever and whoever you are, it is no friend or champion of the White race, nor anyone here.

      • Russia, has no roots in Greece and Rome!? So, I am just hallucinating the imperial eagle that Russia takes for her standard? I am hallucinating Russian Orthodoxy which was the state religion of the Roman Empire? I am hallicanting the Cyrillic alphabet that Russia uses which comes from the Greek Orthodox missionaries St. Cyril and Methodius? I’d suggest studying the history of Eastern Europe better before you get the urge to give us your hot takes on matters you know nothing about.

      • I’d question whether at this point Christianity represents a “shared morality”.

        It seems to me that Christians are separated by the same issues other people are.

        ‘Progressive’ Christians and denominations have fully bought into all the dogmas of wokeness, even though doing so means ignoring large sections of the Bible. While Christians who take the Bible seriously still hold to traditional beliefs.

      • All I here is a bunch of sophistic nonsense from a eugenic materialist. Come up with a better script and try not to be so damn ignorant in regards to cultures and history.

    • If a white person doesn’t know “who their fellow man to sacrifice is”, there is one metaphysical certainty.

      Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Persians;

      They know Whitey when they see him.

      It’s really not that hard to figure out who ones “people” are. It takes effort/time and a desire to be with and help your people.

      Whites are the only group I can think of who have this blind spot. Who have fallen for the brainwashing of multiculturalism so profoundly.

      The good news is, is the time is coming when we will sort ourselves right quick.

    • Surprisingly fair points given your history.

      That said, you are forgetting a few things. First, for most of our history, American whites didn’t consider themselves to be one people. Sure, each of the different white tribes would call themselves “American” but they understand that they were really a Southerner or New Englander or a Texan, etc. Think of Bavarians. Are they German or Bavarian. Well, kind of both.

      The term anti-white is useful, but the truth is that American whites are a variety of peoples – both ethnically and culturally.

      There likely will never be “white” nationalism in America just as European nationalism will never be a thing. We’re too diverse a group.

      The second thing that you need to remember is that for most of our history American whites were the people of this land. We didn’t have to identify as white or Southern or New Englanders. We just were the people and the culture was ours. Outside of blacks, we didn’t have to identity ourselves because there was no other group. It was just us.

      Stupidly, we let a certain tribe to trick us into believing that American (or Southern or New Englander, etc.) wasn’t based on blood and history but civic ideals. As a result, we allowed our lands to be invaded.

      We’re just waking up to what has happened. We are looking around and realizing that “American” doesn’t mean anything anymore. But it will take American whites of all varieties time to digest the fact that we are no longer in charge, that we have to go back to our roots and find a new definition of who we are a people.

      So, you’re right. But cut us some slack. We’re like a guy who finds out that his wife was cheating on him for years and spending all his money. It’s going to take him a bit to understand what happened and how to move forward.

      • When we “Whites” were a majority of the nation’s population, we knew that Greeks were somewhat different than Italians, who were different than Germans, etc. I grew up in NYC. Hell, my childhood neighborhood “turned” Greek. We had all the neighborhoods you could imagine. We got along reasonably well despite minor cultural differences.

        But the above ethnic/cultural differences were (in hindsight) minor as compared to the major racial breakdowns by *continent*. In other words, we (NYC Whites) were acutely aware that Chinese, Negros, and Puerto Ricans were a different beast. The ethnic neighborhoods for these people *were* different and in the case of Negro’s and PR’s, “no-go” zones for Whites. Still that way today.

        So our “Greek” commenter continues to challenge the very concept of a “White” race by pointing out the inconsequential—that of minor differences in White ethnies. That’s his problem, not mine—nor do I think it’s a problem for most of us here.

        • Compsci: Note also that while I point out that Russia’s people and culture don’t have roots in Greece and Rome (factually and genetically true: Mongols, steppe people, Kievan Rus history, etc.), he counters by claiming Russian Orthodox was the official religion of the Roman Empire. And while the Cyrillic alphabet did, indeed, come from Cyril and Methodius – who both the Greeks and the East Europeans claim as their own – that written form does not equate to Russian being a romance or germanic root language.

          As far as my knowing nothing about Eastern Europe or Russia, well, it is to laugh.

    • Who was a Soviet and what was he fighting for? How is America, submerged under empire, all that different from the Russia of 30 or 40 years ago? How is DR all that different from Russian dissidents of that time?

      • The problem with the original Russian Dissidents is that they ended up drinking in foreign countries as the Soviets outlasted them.

        I can easily see the same thing happening in the west, but after 70 years the west will not have a similar population as to when exile started, unlike Russia which remained Russian even under Soviet government.

        • I think the good news is we’re closer to 1991 than we think. Only so much more damage to be done, then it’s a matter of a nation’s will to live, which is really all it ever comes down to.

    • You start in the assumption that the DR wants fraternity, wants to have political impact. You seem in part aware of the fact that many on the DR prefer their obscurity and being seen as outsiders and then on the other condemning them for being as they are.

      You are holding them to standards that are yours alone. Like getting mad a kid who wants to play football when you always dreamed he’d be a basketball player.

      Iow don’t confuse your interests and passions for everyone else’s

  28. “In the end, the lesson of the abortion movement for dissidents is that the way to defeat the moral framework of the Left is with an alternative moral framework.”

    “Two houses, each alike in dignity, in fair Verona where we lay our scene.”

    The war now gets waged in the majority of states that will legislatively enshrine Roe v. Wade. In light of the “men are our oppressors” meme that’s being revived here in off-the-charts country, and not just by furious cis-women, the feminists of yore had no self-doubt that they were speaking for all women, de-womanizing women who didn’t adopt their narrative. Likewise the “pro choice” causers who de-person their opponents. The other side simply doesn’t exist as actual people. Their cause is self-inflation to the point of having become cosmic.

  29. Apropos of the point on fighting for a paycheck only goes so far, the great John Cale, in a song entitled “Mercenaries,” once sang, “They [mercs] have nothing more to keep them in a battle except a meagre wage, which is just enough to make them want to kill for you, but never enough to make them die for you.” Hehe

  30. You make some excellent and profound points today.

    “The lesson here for those engaging in politics is that like war, politics is about morality, not facts and reason. ”

    This is very true, and another virtue in fighting for a cause is tenacity, which as you point out the pro-life movement demonstrated.

    ” The exception has been the two issues where professional conservatism has had little role, abortion and guns. It is important to note that professional conservatism has opposed the NRA over the years and they opposed Trump, who promised to fill the court with pro-life judges.”

    I’ve about decided the losses are indeed intentional and not solely due to cowardice, stupidity, and virtue signaling. The Dobbs case really has exposed Conservatism, Inc. as the meaningless fraud it is, and some of its scribes and pundits have been forced into contortions to explain how Never Trump had no impact on what happened, and in extreme cases, claimed Trump was irrelevant. Kevin Williamson’s typically graceless column in National Review is a prime example. He dismissed Trump as an “opportunist,” which raises the question, “so what?” Trump, who his conservative detractors claimed would appoint his leftwing sister to the high court, accomplished more in four years that Conservatism, Inc. did in more than 40. Geez, it almost is like their heart wasn’t in it.

    Like gun rights advocates realized long ago, distance from conservatism is the key to winning.

    “It is why conservatives oppose the term “antiwhite.” They know that this is a morally charged term that offers no opportunity for them to negotiate away the interests of the people they claim to represent. It makes a clear moral distinction between us and them, which is the enemy of the sorts of people working in conservatism. The same is true of the word “groomer” which is not only factually accurate, but it also lays bear the moral implications of the sexual revolution.”

    Conservatism, Inc. is anti-White and pro-Groomer. To return to National Review, it has been revealed as a gay bath house, published pro-tranny articles until recently, and only denounces White opposition politics. So, yes, “anti-White” and “groomer” are terms to use more and more frequently because they are both true and moral.

    “It turns out that Ben Shapiro’s line about facts not caring about your feelings is just another trick to prevent a moral people from standing on their morals to oppose the moral framework of the Left.”

    Absolutely true, and, again, the point is to assure defeat but Conservatism, Inc. is a dead letter now so good luck with that.

    • One hopes that Whites find the moral strength to band together to defend themselves from Anti-Whites.

      Will they? Will they stop grilling long enough to have the tenacity of the antiabortion and pro gun cohorts, in order to defend each other from extinction?

      Well done Z. I don’t know if it was intentional, but today’s post clarifies the need for Whites commitment to a moral cause.

      The cause of White Survival.

      • Not really. Look at CivNat stuff like CTH. 2 articles on the poor brown people being oppressed by the real racists and a picture that is entirely anti-white agitprop pretending to be anti-liberal.

        They can’t even see their own gullets are full to the brim with the anti-white poison they have choked down over the years.

        • Oh yeah, boy did I ever notice that when I read the posts, and way more when I dove into the comments. With precious few exceptions there was not a whit of race realism to be found. CTH is the home of “Jesus loves the little children of the world” sentimentality, and for all of the often (selectively…) perceptive posts, this deficiency, failing to perceive the vehemence of the tribalism being deployed through multi-culturalism against us whites, strongly conditions my willingness to consider CTH as useful. They are CivNats to the bone in a world where this framework has become the chief danger.

    • What is the fate of the Williamson, Shapiro and the like if and when the changes are made? If we win will we be merciful or vengeful? If the Left wins will they be up against the wall with us?

      They seem to be setting themselves up to suffer the fate of traitors either way. This almost makes it palatable if we lose.

      • After the revolution, Shapiro will be set adrift on Kevin Williamson. The tides will decide their fate.

          • Be quiet you. This’ll be fun to watch. Shapiro would get flung off as soon as Williamson stepped aboard; I gather he’s a a big boy.

  31. To be fair to the Left, the OGs of their movement understood the concept of “useful idiots” very well. And –crucially — they knew that useful idiots can be found on both sides, and mobilized with the same basic “argument.”

    The Left has pretended to Fucking Love Science ™ from the very beginning. No one was more sexually aroused by Reason than Hegel, who got it from the French Revolutionaries. Young Hegel saw Young Napoleon the way Young Napoleon saw himself — as the avatar and culmination of the Revolution, which of course was Reason Incarnate (so much so that they attempted to replace Catholic churches with Temples of Reason). All Karl Marx had to do was replace the word Reason, which had gotten such a bad rap back in the days (and Marx was born just three years after Waterloo) with “Science.”

    According to Marx (via Hegel and reaching all the way back to the Stoics), the Universe just IS Reason, which is revealed in History, which is not only A science, but the Science, capital-S. This allows all the Left’s useful idiots to dress up their disgusting envy and puerile power fantasies as the product of dispassionate, reasoned analysis (the shorthand for this is: “the right side of History”).

    But even more importantly, it gives the anti-Marxists a bone to fetch., because of course the Universe is not Reason, History is not a Science, and so forth… and even if it were, the people who claim to Fucking Love Science can’t count their own tits and come up with the same number twice. So the “Right” (for rhetorical convenience) has spent 200+ years explaining things like basic math to people who not only can’t grok it, but never cared in the first place.

    It’s genius, really. The only problem is, while “conservatives” are still stupid enough to keep falling for it, the Left has grown way too “smart” for their own good — they’ve so over-intellectualized everything that they’ll tell you for a fact that there’s no such thing as a fact, despite the fact that they can’t tell you what a “woman” is because they’re not biologists. They “outsmarted” themselves, so while they weren’t looking, that big dumb dummy Clarence Thomas pantsed them.

    (Exit question: How much of the Dobbs ruling was simply Clarence Thomas’s long-delayed revenge on Joe Biden for the “high tech lynching”? Most everyone forgot about that, huh? But Thomas has a long, long memory, and revenge is a dish best served cold).

    • In response to your exit question, I don’t think his confirmation hearing impacted Thomas’s thoughts on this case at all. This is consistent with his judicial philosophy. I am sure he enjoyed it very much though.

      • Agreed but no doubt there was an element of revenge, however inadvertent, in overturning Roe on Biden’s watch.

    • How much of the Dobbs ruling was simply Clarence Thomas’s long-delayed revenge on Joe Biden for the “high tech lynching”? Most everyone forgot about that, huh? But Thomas has a long, long memory, and revenge is a dish best served cold

      I think he is savoring this time, but he has been solidly right-wing his entire career. I do think he is rallying Alito, Kavanaugh, Barrett and Gorsuch to push forward with a remaking of the law. Even Roberts is siding with Thomas on key issues.

      • “Even Roberts is siding with Thomas on key issues.”

        Usually when Roberts is certain the Left will prevail in opinions like Oberfell and Bostock, and even then sometimes writing concurrences to assuage the Left and his wife’s social life.

      • Also, to take it back a step, he’s a constitutionalist. You know, one of those crazy SoBs who believe that Scotus is there solely to deliberate on how issues and events relate to the US constitution.

        • “Scotus is there solely to deliberate on how issues and events relate to the US constitution.”

          Well that’s a function nowhere mentioned in the Constitution which created a Supreme Court to adjudicate disputes between the several States .

    • Nice post. I don’t know if most people know about just how wacky the French Revolution was. For those interested, check out the Cult of Reason and Cult of Supreme Being. This stuff made America – it is why we have all those personifications of things such as science and liberty. Check out the US dollar educational series if you want to see how much these ideas influenced the US. Also, they are the most beautiful money we ever printed.

      • Eloi, the Jacobins are the perfect historical equivalent of today’s Dems: obsessed with ideological insanities as Thermidor edges ever closer.

    • “(Exit question: How much of the Dobbs ruling was simply Clarence Thomas’s long-delayed revenge on Joe Biden for the “high tech lynching”? Most everyone forgot about that, huh? But Thomas has a long, long memory, and revenge is a dish best served cold).”

      No doubt revenge against Biden played a great/leading role, but Thomas also put the shiv into the faux Right members of the court, which is all of them save Alito, really, even though “conservatives” were in the majority. To wit, he forced Roberts’ concurrence, which boils down to “I/we really didn’t want to do this, please be nice to my wife.” Take note that in the unhinged Oberfell decision, Thomas, Alito and the late Scalia were the only justices to call bullshit on a phony, judicially created “right.” Roberts dissented on purely technical grounds and would have been in the majority if the cuck Kennedy had not “switched” sides. In the even more deranged Bostock decision, in which the reputedly conservative Gorsuch admitted he was making a law out of whole cloth that Congress did not intend, Title VII was extended to gays and TRANNIES.

      “Your honor, my client will show he has standing to sue under Title VII by fellating me in open court and then showing his throbbing member to the court.”

      Insane. For my money, Bostock is the most radical decision ever rendered, blowing, no pun intended, even Oberfell and Roe out of the room.

      Thomas knows the score. The “conservatives” are only “conservative” when corporate interests are at stake. The Conservatism, Inc., justices from time to time will join in a dissent against the madness only if they are certain the Left will prevail. They would have made excellent GOP senators. The reason the Conservatism, Inc. justices were in the majority solely this time was to keep Conservatism, Inc. from looking like the fraud it is (too late). Thomas forced Roberts to admit as much. Thomas has signaled that when the cucks are joined by people who actually believe in the dead letter we know as the Constitution, Oberfell and Bostock and other ridiculous decisions will fall immediately. The Left knows this, and our Fort Sumpter moment draws near.

    • Severian and Eloi, can you recommend a book on the Temples of Reason? I’ve always been fascinated by that historical event.

      One of my best friends believes that if we’d all become atheists then the answers to all moral questions would become self-evident, which is, of course, foolishness on stilts. In the absence of an undisputed supernatural law giver then all moral questions reduce to “what do you prefer to put on your pizza?” It’s all personal preference. (Aristotle’s ethics are the only way to manage this problem and they’re not very satisfying.)

    • Severian, I believe the “conservative”, such as it is, side of the court hit bottom upon the court’s refusal to address vote harvesting. There were solid reports of shouting the likes of which had never before been heard by court serfs standing outside guilded doors. That was Thomas and Alioto.

      In my imagination they suddenly accepted that their part in this entire play was futile and went to war–with the “conservatives”, that is to say the cucks. They became ferocious, and perhaps dismissive, of pandering. What did they have to lose? Absolutely nothing.

      No surprise Roberts can’t be brought around. Incredibly weak man. But I am suprised that they could bring Barrett to the war.

    • Late to the party, but I’m posting a link to Thomas’ high-tech lynching monologue because it is an outstanding use of rhetoric in the modern era:

      This makes me wish that we lived in the timeline where SCOTUS heard the election fraud cases and Thomas wrote the opinion decertifying Biden’s attempted installation.

  32. Unsurprisingly, no riots, no looting, no burning. “Small but fierce” protests happened.

    Middle & upper class white women should have had more children if they wanted to keep having abortions. The average age of a white women is now probably 60. Old women wear pussy hats but don’t riot.

    Most POCs don’t really care either way especially those with low paternal investment on average.

    I think the best part of this will be the lawfare from the GOP to keep liberals out. Abortion bans (and maybe contraceptive bans) and open carry might help keep Idaho and other states red for a little bit longer.

    • The fact is, abortion is not a top-10 issue. As a sacrament, it was always a middle-class white woman thing. Most of them are far too old to care about abortion or birth control. The young feminist women are now too tired from a day in the cubicle and a night life of antidepressants and the occasional hookup.

      • Hindsight and experience are also powerful de-motivators too. The wanks over at Blab are getting laughing cramps at the “purple faced rage heads” that are all melting down on TikTok.

        But for every one of those, I’ll bet there’s 10 or even 20 quiet, lonely little old ladies who keep to themselves with their regrets and they suffer in silence. They pished their child bearing years away in those cubicles and realized the emotional cost way to late in life.

        Congratulations America, on getting some reason snd morality back into your leadership.

        • Glen: There are definitely more than a few lonely little old ladies, but among them is an ever-increasing group of shrill harpies insisting that remaining single and childless was the best thing they ever could have done. Avoiding, of course, the fact that they either spurned the men who expressed any interest, or that there were no such men at all. Men of any common sense were warned away by those women’s behavior, or appearance, or both. Most of those women are no loss to the gene pool.

          • One is reminded of Stevie Nicks recently coming out and saying that if not for the abortion of her baby with Don Henley, it could have been the end of Fleetwood Mac. Of course the best years of Fleetwood Mac had already come and gone by then.

      • I also have to wonder if there’s been a decline in female fertility across the West.

        We know that the poisoned food, air, and water in the West have had major negative impacts on male reproductive health.

        It’s hard to imagine these conditions have somehow improved female reproductive health.

        • Wait till the vex kicks in.

          The German live birth rate seemingly dropped off 13% in FQ 2022 compared to previous 3 years (including during the faux-rona) – so it looks like there is more of that to come.

          Germany is also only about 65% stabbed as well so it will be interesting to see the numbers from other western countries.

      • zman: Those of us who’ve always found women mentally unstable and emotionally incontinent perceive this latest outburst as just more of the same. Elsewhere, I characterized the abortion ‘debate’ as self-proclaimed baby killers and thank-God-she’s-a-single-mother churchians. I stand by this characterization. Not to say there weren’t a few legitimate and moral actors, but they were far outnumbered by the shrieking zealots for both causes. Any moral nuance in a seriously complex social issue disappeared long ago.

        Gee, given my disdain for the other members of my sex, perhaps I ought to adopt a more nuanced pronoun? Nah, I’ll just continue to despise them all.

        • I don’t despise women for exhibiting more irrationality on average than men but it is a fact that should be recognized. Rationality is great for some things but not the female role in human procreation for the last million years or so. It was always a very dangerous gamble that a purely rational mind would choose to avoid. It’s safe to say we would not be here were women ruled by reason to an equal degree as men.

          • That is a sage and essential understanding of humans.

            Even women worship reason in their dreams. Unfortunately reason is easily the process more likely than any other to arrive at the product of ego. Karl Marx is only one example among millions. All the great thinkers approached reason Proust’s way–

            Our intellect is not the most subtle, the most powerful, the most appropriate instrument for revealing truth. It is life that, little by little, example by example, permits us to see that what is most important to our heart, or to our mind, is learned not by reasoning but through other agencies. Then it is that intellect, observing their supremacy, abdicates its control to them upon reasoned grounds and agrees to become their collaborator.

      • The ranting raging hysteria of leftist women following the overturning of Roe really is astonishing; especially considering the fact that most are too old for the availability or lack-of-availability of abortion to personally affect them. And the fact that the scenarios they’re claiming to fear— “Women dying from back-alley abortions because legal abortion has been outlawed!”— won’t be happening anytime in their lifetimes. Abortion hasn’t been “outlawed”, merely returned to the States; and the chances of CA and NY outlawing abortion are virtually nil.

        Are their lives so sterile and meaningless that conjuring up this false outrage is the only way they can feel alive?

        • The real Bill: Outrage du jour is the left’s lifeblood. And women, especially, are prone to and revel in histrionics.

          • Additionally, there is a religious element and Woke is like Islam: once the flag is planted and the place enters Dars Al-Islam, the flag must fly there forever. Much like Spain is viewed by Muslims today, the states that do not have abortion on demand will be seen as apostate and evil by Camp Woke.*

            *I actually support abortion for non-Whites for the eugenic effect, to be clear, but there is sheer joy in watching the leftwing outrage.

          • Compsci: Note also that while I point out that Russia’s people and culture don’t have roots in Greece and Rome (factually and genetically true: Mongols, steppe people, Kievan Rus history, etc.), he counters by claiming Russian Orthodox was the official religion of the Roman Empire. And while the Cyrillic alphabet did, indeed, come from Cyril and Methodius – who both the Greeks and the East Europeans claim as their own – that written form does not equate to Russian being a romance or germanic root language.

            As far as my knowing nothing about Eastern Europe or Russia, well, it is to laugh.

          • 1. Don’t know how my response to Compsci, from much further above regarding Stephanos, ended up down here.

            2. Melissa: As I’m sure you and your dad know/knew, the root of histrionic is from the Greek word for womb or uterus, hystera. (Sorry to be an English nerd, but I love the richness of our language).

        • Yes, it is quite ironic that there is so much outrage in states where there is no chance of abortion being restricted. But these pro-abortion people — it’s not just women — want to impose their values on the rest of the nation. They’re not willing to let California be California and Alabama be Alabama.

          • Ultimately that is it with them. I actually did not appreciate how much their religious fervor drove their position on this one. They are old, dried up hags howling at the moon because people in Missouri don’t share their lust for the sacrament of abortion. You cannot share a polity with these people.

  33. The terms “antiWhite” and groomers are a gift as they are the only real weapons we have.

    How far would qlacks be without the R word? or Homophobe.

    If any of us on our side squander this, and don’t use these words, groomer and antiwhitte every fargin’ day, shame on them.

    good essay

    • Hi-Ya: Agreed. Another solid essay, but I expect nothing less from our distinguished host (despite his usual disdain for homonyms – i.e. bear vs bare). But the simple and apposite label “anti-White pro groomer” is a gift I intend to use.

  34. So what’s the moral gut punch equivalent for the dissident right to pro life movement?

      • I can’t tell if that is some veiled slam of me.

        If so, its way off the mark.

        And doesn’t actually answer the questions.

        Pro Life is succinct statement of the morality and intent of the anti-abortion movement.

        What’s the equivalent statement for the dissident right?

        • I call it a good start to a good question. I’ll be using “anti-White, pro groomer”, and looking for more.

          Got anything in mind yourself, DinoDoxy? This could be quite fun! Let’s run into battle laughing.

          • Family first maybe.

            Lately I’ve been telling lefties that “saving the world is beyond my ability, I’m just hoping to save my family”. Shuts em right up – they don’t have a programmed response to that.

  35. One of the myriad problems with the left is, they’ll never accept a morality other than their own. So when a win such as Roe comes our way, any forceful opposition, such as burning, looting, murderous threats and other mayhem need to be put down with righteousness and determination – not unlike dealing with a rabid dog – it has to be done. However, since leftards control virtually all the levers of power (though the gears are beginning to slip), it may be a while before that righteous force is applied.

  36. For the hundredth time.

    Republicans and trad cons always lose to the left because they are liberals themselves. Today’s tradcon is yesterdays’ progressive.

  37. Both this post and today’s Taki post delivered solid, connecting jabs to Ben Shapiro.

    It will be interesting to see how he reacts, if at all.

    Nicely done Zman.

    • Vince: I never read or even think about little Bennie unless some consevatard mentions him as a hero. He, himself, would never admit to reading someone so beyond the pale (or of such superior intellect) as Zman. What might be interesting would be the various mental gymnastics Bennie’s conservatard fanbois use to justify his various outed lies and deception.

  38. The perplexing thing is that abortion laws are much more anti-life in Christian American than in heathen Europe, where the cut-off point for free abortion is 12-15 weeks. If Europeans knew about third-term abortion, they’d freak the fuck out.

    • I had wondered whether Euros were aware of the barbarism of abortion laws here. From what I gather, routine procedures such as full-birth abortion would attract the attention of law enforcement basically anywhere on Earth other than the United States, North Korea and maybe China. While I reject the premise, Leftists routinely cite Europe as an exemplar of how things should be, except when they don’t, like in the case of abortion.

      It has been stunning to watch Macron and company criticize Dobbs and be completely unaware of what is at issue here.

      • I see Europeans criticizing Dobbs as evidence that the GAE is real and is an empire. The criticism is the provincial elites showing their fealty to the clique that controls the imperial center.

        The actual issue doesn’t matter – as demonstrated by their ignorance of the specifics. Were the zeitgeist in DC different on the issue – the exact same Europeans elites would be celebrating the justice of Dobbs.

        What matters is their genuflection to the ruling faction. It’s a demonstration of their loyalty and subservience to that faction.

        • That is a great point and I had not thought of it in that way. Yes, this is just kissing the ring one more time around.

          Macron, to his barren old lady at night: “you mean to the point of birth?”

      • I had wondered whether Euros were aware of the barbarism of abortion laws here.

        I don’t think so. Most people don’t think about abortion either way, not even the feminists. Euros think you’re weird for caring so much.

      • Europeans grasp, correctly imo, the relationship between a barbaric abortion policy and a society full of murderous scum

        I don’t see how you can treat the unborn like disposable litter and not have it have severe psychological effects on people in general

        Nothing else makes sense within the law if it’s okay to kill babies. Nothing can hold together if that is the law. And society can’t hold together if that is the law and common practice. It’s like a license to kill, and we have seen the effects.

      • Jack, we here in Europe are very aware of the US abortion situation. However, abortion is not such a big deal here for the simple reason that kids are not a big deal either: we don’t have them! I’ve got 4 and every thinks I’m a f*cking freak!

    • After I saw his condemnation of the Roe overturn, I read Macron was trying to make France’s abortions laws more like the United States. I didn’t see any polling on how likely that was to happen though.

      • Justin Trudeau was all over Twitter condemning the decision as well. After trying to force vax us for 2 years his squeals about “bodily autonomy” ring hollow.

    • Felix: Due to various historical events, while you still have your share of socially-disruptive anti-White members of a certain ethnicity, there are far more in America. And they are also far more deeply entrenched in America’s policy-shaping powers (politics, law, media, education).

      And yes, by whatever metric, third-term abortion is an abomination and utterly indefensible.

    • Europeans aren’t as neurotic or ideological as Americans. It cuts both ways though, so they end up with center left, atheist, moderately apolitical societies.

      I always thought the American characterization from both the left and right of Europe being super “progressive” was wrong. I did not get the sense that they were self hating or as crazy as the progs (not all of them, anyways). In fact they seemed pretty closed off to outsiders, especially in non-English speaking nations.

      Anyways, right wing, left wing, doesn’t matter in the face of the globalist agenda. The old arrangement only works in a homogenous European society made up of Europeans.

      Europe is getting swamped by migrants just like USA, Canada, AUS, and NZ. Canada holds the distinction as the one whose people actually went above and beyond to embrace their own civilization end, though.

    • More proof that Christianity reflects what’s already in the Whites, not the other way around.

  39. “Just win, baby” as Al Davis said. Winning (for pro-lifers and especially second amendment types) involves a weird contrast of tunnel vision (focusing on one issue) and good peripheral vision that lets you keep situational awareness, just in case you have to make changes on the fly; like squad sized elements in trench warfare or football players, sometimes you have to give yourself and your friends the orders, because you’ll die waiting for the orders to come from the general or the coach.

    Second amendment types would not vote Republican all the way down. If it’s a democrat like Collin Peterson who has an “A” from the NRA versus a fink from a think tank, the 2 A types call the audible and ignore the white noise from the think tanks. Likewise, the pro-lifers (notice they don’t call themselves “antiabortion”) saw Trump, warts and all, and decided to vote for him instead of some eunuch from central casting. Walter Russell Meade predicted Trump would win when all his cohorts didn’t, citing the example of Edwin D. Edwards, who gambled and caroused but also had success in Louisiana forever (despite being a democrat). They polled some holy rollers coming out of church about Edwin, asking about his sinning, and they just shrugged. “Edwin isn’t perfect and he doesn’t try to hide his faults.” I heard a woman say something similar about Trump and why she was voting for him, even after the Billy Bush tape surfaced. “He’s a pig but they all are, only he owns it.”

    Still, the big problem for the uniparty remains the economy. It’s the one area where the numbers and the morality are one in the same. If you’re living under a bridge, and the guys getting $400,000 a year to start war tell you to just put a blue and yellow flag on your tent to show support for Ukraine, neither the math nor the morality add up.

    • My own take was a little different.

      People would tell me that Trump was an asshole.
      I’d reply, “sure but he’s our (my) asshole”.

      It’s quite amazing that traditional Republican pols have completely lost an appreciation for loyalty. That was actually one of the things the criticized about Trump – that he expected loyalty. They never got that he was loyal to the people that voted for him. The professional Republican pols almost consider betraying the people that vote for them a point of pride. Trump never did.

      • Trump was loyal to the people that voted for him?


        It seems to me that those were the people he betrayed most of all: those of us who were expecting him to actually do (or at least *try* to do) what he’d pledged to do during his campaign: build the wall, drain the DC swamp, bring home the troops, etc.

        • He failed at a lot of things. Failure is not the same as betrayal. It’s childish to equate the two.

          Trump is a man, not Jesus. And our globohomo enemies are very powerful.

          • He certainly didn’t fail when it came it pardoning black rappers and Israeli con-artists. Imagine using your final moments as President to reward the very people who publicly mocked you and made music videos about executing your supporters. Betrayal might be underselling it.

        • Here we go again—“The Wall”. Tell me one thing he could have done, that he did not do, to build the wall? He refurbished the 400+ miles of the old wall and added 450+ miles of new wall before being booted out of office. Those are the facts. What are not the facts is that he did *nothing*.

  40. In war, men will die for their cause. They will not die for a paycheck or the promise of war booty after the battle

    Men join for the cause but they die for their comrades.

    • I think that’s what really scared them about January 6th. Trump had no desire to literally command his followers to overturn the election, but those people showed the first genuinely organic loyalty for a politician most of us have ever seen in our lifetimes. The loyalty was misplaced, but it was still instructive. You had people willing to scale walls (when the cops weren’t literally waving them in) after driving across the country, for free, for Trump, while those inside the Capitol who were being paid well enough (including retirement benefits) weren’t willing to even guard Pelosi’s paperweights and her fridgeful of beer, even though they had guns and the people coming toward them had nothing.

      • Yeah, the FBI was involved, so much of Jan 6 was staged, exaggerated, or even made up, but yes, our elites did get a sneak peak of what could happen if the people — even for a moment — get tired of the tyranny and decide to act. It frightened them to their very core.

      • Claus Von Stauffenberg and numerous highly placed German military officers with intricate plans surrounding “Operation Valkyrie”, leading to the immediate execution of 200 officers – that was a coup.

        John Foster Dulles and his CIA overthrowing Mohammed Mossadegh and installing a puppet Shah to steal oil from the British and Iranians — that was a coup.

        CIA instigating mass murder in Jakarta to install anti-communists in Indonesia —that was a coup.

        A bunch of morons taking selfies in a building that was open for business as usual 5 hours later – not a coup.

        • How the F were they morons? I really, really like the comment, but please, people, let’s cool it with conditioned kicking our own in the balls at the slightest opportunity.

          I don’t give a sh**- those lads in jail are OUR lads.

  41. i genuinely wonder how much of an overlap there is (if any) between the people who are out fighting against abortion – and gun grabbing – and the sportsball consuming normies?


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