The New Creed

This is the Fourth of July weekend, the high point of the summer and theoretically the most America holiday of the year. Thanksgiving is probably the most American holiday, but the usual suspects have been gnawing away at it. July 4th is expressly a holiday for celebrating what it means to be American. It is the one day of the year when normal people are allowed to be nationalistic and patriotic. You are even allowed to say nice things about the white people who founded the country.

It is hard to know, but it seems that patriotism is on the wane. The days of retail shops decorating themselves with red, white and blue colors are gone. They no longer run sales around the holiday. The media seems to be ignoring the holiday this year, despite the fact their cult controls the formal government. Back in the Obama years they took this time to tell us that the strange man with the Muslim name was actually Abraham Lincoln reincarnated. This year it is silence.

Back in the Bush years, white people were super-patriotic. The crusade against Islam was the main reason. After the end of the Cold War, white people were desperate for an enemy and the usual suspects were happy to oblige. That may have been when patriotism started to decline. By the end of the Bush years many people thought their civic nationalism had been exploited for illicit purposes. The last twenty years have largely confirmed those suspicions.

Of course, patriotism has always been a white thing. Black people are the least patriotic for obvious reasons. The origin story of black people is probably enough to prevent great loyalty to the country. There is no getting around the fact that blacks were brought here against their will. Even though Africans in America live like kings relative to Africans in Africa, the resentment is part of black identity. Therefore, the decline in patriotism is all about white people.

The steady decline in white patriotism can also be rooted in the antiwhite pogroms that have become a feature of America. Every ad maker complies with the edict to erase all white faces from their ads. The exception is the race mixing ads and when they use a white man as an object of ridicule. Movies and television shows have not gone quite so far, but the antiwhite messaging is still there. Of course, politics is drenched in antiwhite rhetoric from the Left with conservatives nodding along.

It is a weird thing to see the regime demanding everyone accept high food and fuel prices as the price to pay for democracy. The implication is that paying the price for bad policy decisions is our patriotic duty. White people can be forgiven for thinking this is just a joke at our expense. The regime is laughing at us. Why would white people make any sacrifices to a regime that calls us evil? Why would anyone be loyal to a system that has produced this corrupt regime?

According to a recent poll, most people think the government is corrupt and a quarter are open to an armed revolt. Interestingly, the reason for this is in the text of that Guardian story. “This deadly attack on the US Capitol stemmed from the false, partisan, pro-Donald Trump belief that Joe Biden did not win the 2020 election. Rioters attempted to thwart certification of the election, in an effort to keep Trump in office.” This degree of lying naturally makes people want to revolt.

This raises the question as to whether patriotism is possible in this age. Back in the Bush years the media was biased against “conservatives” so naturally “conservatives” were patriotic as a way to oppose the liberal media. There seemed to be a line between the media and the political class, even if the media favored one side. Now only a simpleton thinks the media is anything but the voice of the ruling class. As a result, we are constantly reminded of their corruption.

If it is no longer possible for a rational person to feel any loyalty to the nation, then what will hold the country together? In the book After Nationalism: Being American in an Age of Division, Samuel Goldman looks for a new way to unify the nation. Here is a good summary from Chronicles. Goldman describes the three prior unifying identities as the covenant, the crucible and the creed. These were the large frameworks in which patriotic loyalty was cultivated.

There is plenty to dispute in that description, but what the Chronicles review makes clear is that there is no obvious fourth option. The only way to arrive at something close to a civil society again is by first removing the people in charge of the political and cultural institutions. The crazies currently in charge are not going to be talked out of their positions and they are not going to sacrifice themselves for the common good, so that means physically removing them from power.

This is why the regime is so desperate to break up anything that looks like self-organizing by normal people. They understand better than most Americans that the only thing preventing a revolt is confusion in the masses. It is why they remain haunted by the January 6th events. Their determination to put Trump in jail is viewed by them as a matter of self-preservation. It is why the bigots have been enlisted to start attacking Christians who question the regime.

The fact is, the system holds together only if the majority population has no sense of identity at all. Patriotism focuses too much attention on the institutions and the people running them, so that cannot be allowed. Regional, religious or racial identity, at least among the majority population, is dangerous, so it is forbidden. The nature of minority rule is that it must make sure the majority never agrees on anything. Division is now the new creed of the American empire.

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263 thoughts on “The New Creed

  1. Was away for the weekend, apologies if this has been pointed out already, but the LA Times bombing you mentioned in Taki was in 1910, not the year before the Wall Street bombing.

  2. “Regional, religious or racial identity, at least among the majority population, is dangerous, so it is forbidden.”

    That’s the meaning of the slogan diversity is strength. In 1984 ignorance is strength meant that if the people of Oceana were ignorant of the party’s true intention of total control, the party will be stronger. In our case, if the American people lack any regional, religious or racial identity, the party will be stronger.

  3. I’m not totally convinced that blaks were brought here against their will in all circumstances.

    Surely, the safety and living standard of American black life was broadcast back in motherafrica.

    Some might have let themselves get caught. It’s possible Anyhow.

    Happy white Independence Day, and white heritage month, crackuhz!

    • slavery deniers? maybe david irving could do a book on it.

      “that’s not cotton they’re picking, it’s popcorn for movie night”

  4. I like to make contrarian meals on propagandistic holidays. While I can get pretty consistent dirty looks from the cashier buying fried chicken and grape soda on MLK day, I don’t think she was able to piece together my anti-patriotic purchase of beef roast, cabbage, beets, mushrooms, and sour cream. Of course this is the first year I have to do borscht after years of more summer appropriate 4th of July kebabs.

    • Ploppy: I can make a mean borscht, but I do it for New Year’s Eve (Christmas is standing rib roast). I mix a recipe from a few Russian friends here and a Hungarian friend when we were abroad. No sour cream necessary (no one I knew when in Russia used any in their borscht – it’s a Juice thing I believe).

      • I like to do cheap roasts in the slow cooker, and the leftover meat and gravy ends up as chili, borscht, or barley stew.

        • Ploppy: The slow cooker is definitely your friend for preparing soups and stews. I use beef short ribs (bought on sale 50% off, of course) for my borscht. And carrots, cabbage, beets, some potatoes, and tomato sauce. The color becomes that beguiling purplish red when you get the balance between the beets and the tomato sauce just right.

      • There’s already so much shitty beer in the world I can’t understand why they needed to add one more.

  5. I gotta disagree with a lot of the commenters here.

    I fly the American flag with pride and celebrate the 4th of July.

    Because the flag represent my country, the country that my family and ancesptrs have built and lived in for centuries.

    The flag and holiday do not represent the current illegitimate regime.
    They also, didn’t represent the pervious constitutional regime. Both the flag and the holiday predate the writing of the US constitution by more than a decade.

    And anyway, the current regime has little use for either as they are reminders that we existed before it gained power and we will still be here when they are gone.

      • DD – What is best in life KvH?

        KvH-It is best to despair, embrace the futility of your existence and inevitable death and annihilation of all you hold dear

        DD – No thanks (((KvH))) [remembers to ignore him in the future]

        • i have heard of “cargo cults” but could there be a new genus, “cargo grillers”?

    • My wife. A piano teacher. One of her long term students, a elderly fellow. Been a student for many years but still plays poorly. He likes to play music that fits the season. This morning, patriotic songs. Made me sad. The America he imagines, like Dino’s, doesn’t exist anymore. I didn’t have the heart to tell him. “Nice job, sport!”

    • There’s always been a fashionable strain of disdain for patriotism in general. Typically it’s been relative to something else of the era, like Vietnam, war for oil in the ’90s, or the GWOT in recent decades. I’m guessing most commenters here, particularly the Gen-X’ers and throw in a healthy dose of virtue signaling, are responding like that.

    • I’m with you brother, I got alot of dead people in the dirt who put it on the line for God, flag and country. Never give up, never give in.

      • Those rich f***s! This whole f***ing thing… I did not watch my buddies die face down in the muck so that this f***ing strumpet

        • 1 day you are going to understand how wrong you are my disrespectful commentator. Hell comes in an instant, laying waste to hopes and plans.

    • “The flag and holiday do not represent the current illegitimate regime.” But the flag literally does represent the current regime. The only time I’d fly it is in my backyard. Say on the 4th of July. Where I could explain to my imaginary cookout buddies, as you did, what it means to me personally. But to fly it publically in front of your house, without context, will likely be interpreted as you still believing and being willing to die for this filthy nation and government as THINGS CURRENTLY STAND.

      I do get you. Hopefully, people driving by will, at best, think you still have hope.

      It was sad when I took my flag down and put it away years ago. Plus it’s such a fine-looking flag. Hands down the best national flag of them all. Vivid, bold, alive. So American. An alien could come down, not knowing a thing about Earth and he’d go, “Yep, that’s an American flag.”

      (Of course, I say American in the mythical way I saw it as a young man and boy.)

  6. OT: have noticed many countries are starting to prohibit export of foodstuffs. looks like a world wide food shortage is brewing up, thanks to potatus and his crew. wonder if all the food subsidies to the 3rd world will be continued? know what will happen if they don’t…

    • karl von hungus: AINO’s government and the massive corporate farms will happily sell anything harvested here overseas. Same as they are selling LNG for record profits to countries impacted by the ridiculous embargo on Russian energy – driving up the price here while simultaneously limiting quantity on stock. They are not keeping any surplus for unexpectedly cold weather – they’ve allotted ‘x’ amount for domestic needs and the rest is already under sales contract.

      Same with food – just as Britain sold food while the Irish peasants were starving. Due to shortage and costs of fertilizer, plus massive drought and now locust plagues, our historic ‘buffer’ of high yield fertile land is being heavily eroded. Harvests are predicted to be at historic lows. Everything on the shelves now was put in the pipeline months ago. In 6 months time, what’s not being grown/harvested now is what will be available for purchase.

      Even given that most ‘murricans could stand to lose weight – myself definitely included – they will happily see White people go without here to virtue send food to brown people elsewhere.

      • Just wait the Eu has declared Nitrogen to be a pollutant (despite it being 80% of the atmosphere).

        So farms with lots of livestock (nitrogen from animal waste) will have to close (and they gave themselves the right to force purchase farms that did not comply),

        This is forecast to close at least 30% of livestock farms in Holland in the next 5 years and Germany.

        So the 2 main chemical cycles for life on earth (the nitrogen cycle and co2) are now considered pollutants in order for them to crush energy and meat production.

        Still think its random emergent behavior?

        • trumpton: The signs are all there for anyone to see. Even discounting the most extreme interpretation of events – I, too, read about Holland and all their farmers blocking roads. Climate policy to ban farms passed in 2021 and now they’re implementing it. Wonder if the Dutch farmers will be any more successful than the Canadian truckers.

          Recognizing reality and facing it is not being a nihilist or defeatist. No one is saying “Do nothing.” It’s determining what you need to do for your family first, then your extended community (if you are fortunate enough to have one in AINO) and the longer term interests of White people, in the face of harsh reality. Too many on the right are as blinded by their own visions as those on the left.

      • Bill Gates just succeeded in his action to buy 2,700 acres of farmland in North Dakota (Sundance CTH) His total now around 270,000. Wonder what he’s doing …… ?

        • If you had mrna engineered plants and you wanted to make sure you polluted the normal seed stock via cross pollination around the country what would you do?

      • the food going to 3rd world countries isn’t sold, it is given away. now maybe the maniacs in charge will keep up the madness, but making people here go without food is guaranteed to bring down the temple.

        • Like forcing masks, house imprisonment, mass firings for refusing to be injected, and a vex that is killing and sterilizing brought the house down?

          Its going to need Sri Lanka level of collapse to get people to stop listening to the hypnotoad.

      • There are a few places that seem to me to get the Russian strategy in Ukraine about right: freeing the two Republics, destroying their military capability and wiping out the Nazi bloc as consistently explaoned by Putin; The Duran is one such site and they simultaneously mock the responses of the West, especially Europe as doing nothing to harm Russia, indeed it’s stronger now than in mid Feb, What the responses are doing are creating a now inevitable famine, destroying the industrial middle class: Germany’s Mittelstand most obviously. The buffoon Johnson is looting the Scottish and Welsh Health Service and Education budgets to fund Zelenski, and with the destruction of the currencies; Euro first, USD shortly after, fueling stagflation that will impoverish 80% of 750 million people. The latest nonsense of pre-empting China’s aggression by arming Taiwan now is explicable only if the true goal is the social and economic destruction of the West: Primed for a Great Reset.
        The people who get the military strategy are largely missing the much greater economic and political strategy: Serfdom.

        • I find it interesting that even on places like the Duran they constantly reach the obvious implication that it is intentional, yet can’t get overt the wall to accept the evidence, so they keep falling back to the magic thinking incompetence argument.

          Every single institution is somehow able to exert a complete domination, produce years of complex local and multi-national interlocking legislative panopticon prison laws and single unswerving direction over decades internally and still be so incompetent they can’t see the effects they are creating.

          I am not sure if its just a hangover from media conditioning or misdirection that people can’t quite internalize that the political class are installed puppets, the entire western edifice is a centralized and controlled empire of lies and hell bent for decades on the destruction of western society to create a new self-imposed iron curtain of impoverishment, white annihilation and degeneracy as a means to social remaking in order to remove whites as a dominant force in the world.

          • Thanks

            And this is mindless filler just because the comments system is fucked up.

  7. “This is why the regime is so desperate to break up anything that looks like self-organizing by normal people. They understand better than most Americans that the only thing preventing a revolt is confusion in the masses. It is why they remain haunted by the January 6th events.”

    Absolutely true. If the 90% who refuse to turn on their brains, did, there wouldn’t be enough lampposts in the country. The Globohomo regime is our worst enemy. Ever.

  8. “In the book After Nationalism: Being American in an Age of Division, Samuel Goldman…”

    Seriously, with a name like “Goldman,” why do you even bother?

    One of Z Man’s most effective metaphors is fetching the stick. For example, a liberal calls a conservative a racist and the conservative fetches the stick by loudly proclaiming that he is not racist.

    Reading anything by a guy named “Goldman” is just chasing the stick. Almost certainly, he is trying to disarm you and even taking note of his work is just chasing the stick. Don’t you ever learn? Why must we continue to pretend?

    • The mid-century Germans dismissing Einstein as “Jewish Science” didn’t magically stop physics from working, and quite severely so upon the Japanese.

      • No disagreement from me my friend, but my point still stands. Physics is not social distortion.

  9. Celebrating the birthday of America in 2022 would be like celebrating the birthday of an aunt that died in 1997. I suppose you could. But don’t say “Aunt Helen is 106 today.” You say “Aunt Helen, had she lived, and not had that massive stroke when hearing about the President inserting a cigar into the vagina of his intern, would have been 106 today. How time flies.” We can celebrate a country that passed away years ago. Going through the motions. A dead country, with a dead culture full of dead people who don’t know it.

    • I was always confused about Monica Lewinsky. Was she cute or not? One picture says, Yes; another, No. Could never figure it out.

          • Nah no chubby chaser here. My wife is 5’6” and 115 lbs. That’s why I said cute – I could never tell if she was fat or not or just kind of round face. The humidor comment was hilarious btw

        • To truly appreciate how vile Clinton was, think about the last time someone passed you a joint but they put the moist part of their lips on it and now it’s wet and how gross that was.

      • She was slightly above average – 6 to 6.5. So she looked good or bad d depending on the specifics of the photo shot – make up, clothes, lighting and angle. Just like most people.

      • Bill Clittin’ took what he could get. She was a looker during her Weight Watchers era.

      • “I was always confused about Monica Lewinsky. Was she cute or not? One picture says, Yes; another, No. Could never figure it out.” This is why Newton created the numerical scale of female beauty. So we don’t have to pull our hair out deciding if a girl is hot or not. According to the calculation Lewinsky earns a 7. (6 if we factor in gravitational pull).

  10. Oh for F’s sake.
    Didn’t anybody see the movie?

    That’s right, h8ers.
    Get with the program.

    “Independence Day”.
    A Shoe and a black guy save Murica and the whorl!

  11. I just overheard that an unserved arrest warrant was “discovered” in the Emmitt Till kerfuffle.

    (I would have said Shenanigans, but that only applies to election felonies).

    The family wants “justice” to be served on the 80ish year old white female it’s alleged to be for.

    One only hopes the powers that be overplays their hand and pushes more normies to our side of the divide by pursuing prosecution.

    • We’re all John Demjanjuks in our own country… The pogroms will continue, mercilessly, even on centenarians.

    • Yes, likely “discovered” by some Lawfare-wageing Tribal, the same bunch still baying on the trail of 100-year old purported Nazi camp guards. What a surprise that would be.

      But turn it around; when it comes to the Lavon Affair, the fatal attack on the USS Liberty, the horrendously damaging spying of Jonathan Pollard, or the technology transfers to China, we are supposed to let bygones be bygones.

  12. To deep to find it, but “Koonteenth” went ahead and made my day!

    That’s a solid hit, that one sinks the battleship- LOL

  13. It is your duty to support Ukraine no matter what the cost. The Ukrainians directly paid Biden, how much did you send him?

    Are you trying to turn the American President into a liar?

  14. Canada Day is today. We are allowed to celebrate this year (last year was cancelled due to COVID-19 and the discovery of supposed unmarked Indian graves).

    However, the whole downtown area of the capital, the usual celebration spot is shut down since a couple thousand Freedom Convoy protestors are coming back. Immense police presence.

    Everywhere else the hordes of foreigners will wear red shirts and wave a flag around. There will be some fireworks. The more vibrant crowds around the country will start shooting fireworks at each other and on city buses, and stabbing each other once the sun sets (this happened on the last long weekend).

    A few boomers living in 1980, and some moron younger whites will be celebrating too, feeling genuinely proud of their countries track record of tolerance and diversity.

    I don’t feel anything for Canada Day though. Wearing a black t shirt and black sunglasses today. Not to make any statement, I just don’t care about the current nation of “Canada”.

    • I’ll forever be pissed off that Neil Young is Canadian. Technically Canadian. In the battle of the great bands arguments, English vs. American, we could really use Neil Young on our side to help the point tally.

      There really must be something in the water (blood?) over there. England is the size of one of our medium-sized states, yet they produced the top 3 rock bands of all time. Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin. Granted the U.S. has more bands in the top 50 or 100. But yeah, as with anything it’s all about the top three spots. And somehow that little island owns all three.

      Canada has Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and Aldo freakin Nova.

        • I’d always thought The Bee-Gees had some affiliation with England, but thought of them as Aussie. After reading Wiki today, I’d say the case for them being an English band is rather solid.

          The BeeGees were born in England. Around 1945. Played in little singing / skiffle groups. Moved to Australia in their early teens 1958. Stayed about 10 years. Had a few local hits. Moved back to England in 1967. And had their greatest success from then on.

          I’ve never noticed what kind of accent they speak in. I do consider them in the top 10 of all groups. Masters of 2 styles, vocal then disco. A zillion hits in both styles. The musical genius behind the songs was Robin Gibb. The one who looked like a frail woman.

          • I’d say The Bee Gees were pretty mediocre until Saturday Night Fever. That movie and album really put them on the map.

      • Look at the era these bands came from: poverty. The post WW2 impoverished status of England led to the conditions to make these bands great. It seems to me, outside natural talent, there are two requisites to be a great rocker: rough childhood and putting in the time. Even someone like Paul McCartney (the greatest rock melodicist of all time – you don’t have to say he is the best rocker, but he wrote the best rock melodies), who had a decent financial status as a youth (relative to the times), grew up surrounded by tough, poor kids. He also lost his mom around 14. That led, by necessity, to work your butt off to get good and play as much and as often to make a living. All those great rockers were hungry, literally and metaphorically, in a way more spoiled kids cannot be.
        That unique characteristic of England at that time is the reason why all these incredible bands came out of England en masse. Sure, Canada and US could produce the occasional great out of individual circumstances, but the country of England was ripe for making groups like these.
        Of course, it is important to remember that this would only be possible with the shift to rock via the blues and other genres that Elvis and then The Beatles codified. The simpler musical vocabulary meant that these poor kids, without formal training, could produce music that was pop worthy, as opposed to the complexity required for the Big Band and Jazz eras a generation before. Time and circumstances.
        Plus, John, George, Paul, and Ringo were frickin’ geniuses. Those were incredible role models for musicians at the time. Sorry, I know this post is generally on movements, but The Beatles are just something special!

    • This is good, from now on I will wear black on any holiday the regime wants me to celebrate.

      • And that means pretty much all of them except for Christmas and mebbe Groundhog Day.

  15. “There is plenty to dispute in that description, but what the Chronicles review makes clear is that there is no obvious fourth option.”

    No, the fourth option is Russia World. Remember “Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity”? Treason to America is loyalty to Whiteness. White folks need to disengage from Clown World and ally ourselves with the Zone B as The Saker calls it; aka the world outside the AngloZionist Empire, which is Zone A (or “the world” in Zone A speak, as in “The world has isolated Russia”)

    “This is why the regime is so desperate to break up anything that looks like self-organizing by normal people.”

    And that is why the regime is so desperate to break up Russia: the peons might get uppity ideas.

      • I was not aware of the Irish having a marked preference for wearing little hats. Maybe I am missing something?

        • SecState, DOJ, and Treasury are all Jewish, and the DNI is half-WASP half-Jewish, but I think that’s it. The only full-blooded White Protestant appears to be Jennifer Granholm (DOE), who was born in Canada. A quarter of Kamala Harris and Deb Haaland’s non-Indian side are also White Protestant. With these exceptions, the entire cabinet is either white ethnic or non-white, which makes sense if you consider the Democrat voter base. Compare with the Democrat congressional leadership (Italian and Jewish, though I think Steny Hoyer is a Prot) and the three Democratic SCOTUS justices (Jew, PR, Black replacing a Jew, although she’s married to a WASP if that’s any consolation).

          The only Jew in the Trump cabinet was Mnuchin at Treasury, although Stephen Miller and Javanka were advisors, and it was mostly white Protestants plus a few Catholics and Ben Carson as the token Black. GOP congressional leadership is either white Protestant or white Catholics. The GOP SCOTUS justices are 4 White Catholics, a Black Catholic, and a White lapsed Catholic who goes to Episcopal services with his wife sometimes.

          So its Jew/liberal or non-practicing Catholic/non-white Dems vs. White Protestant/conservative Catholic GOP, with the occasional exception to the rule of thumb. The Jewish influence on the right is almost entirely a matter of donors, intellectuals, advisors who don’t run for office like Stephen Miller, and media figures.

          • But that “unseen hand” works quite well, don’t you think? And that hand is given a substantial head start among the white protestants with the considerable focus on Old Testament worship historically prsent, particularly among the Puritans. Fertile ground for hasbara of the rankest kind.

      • Typical Irishness to get revenge on the Anglos by flooding Ireland with Africans.

        That’ll show ’em, Paddy!
        Take that, Limey!

        • And flooding their own country as well…
          “ England, get out of Ireland”.
          Well, they did.
          Enjoy the new vibrancy, boyo.

    • Omeara: On account of your comment I just ordered “The Essential Saker”. I found his website, but lots of guest posts. Is there another place where he himself posts more? I’m not familiar with him but Paul Craig Roberts had good things to say about him.

      • The Saker, as do most of us, has his axes to grind, but thise axes sharpen up very well, yielding a keen edge. I like that he comes from a Russian Orthodox, white Russian lineage, and a definitely non-communist background.

      • Don’t know if you will read this, Frip, but the Saker posted an apologia for his not posting for the past few weeks, apparently for reasons of health. He hopes to be back at strength by the end of July. This partially explains the high proportion of guest posts, but he does permit a number of others to post at his site. His apologia contains a list of some of those recent trends and news items he has found to be compelling.
        Worth a visit now and then.

      • You might find The Duran worth a listen to on the topic of Ukraine and especially just how fucking stupid the filth that passes for politicians are. You can join for free to get content $50 a year to comment.

  16. But I think that a kind of ordinary middle-class commoner nationalism has been trying to form at least since the presidency of Richard Nixon. Each time the educated ruling class tries to smash it: they dumped Nixon, they waved a magic Iran Contra at Reagan and managed to dump Trump in 2020.

    I just think that every time our rulers think they have eliminated the middle-class menace it comes back stronger.

  17. re: the Unherd link on “Christian Nationalism”— that site was started by a young-Tory doofus named Tim Montgomerie; I guess the cultural American equivalent would be someone like Ben Domenech? The comparison can be overdone but Anglo political strife often predicts our American problems. The UK Conservative toffs similar to our Republicans hate their base and thus only get into power from bouts of the opposition screwing up royally. The descendants of religiously fervent people kicked out of Blighty were strung along by the GOP business class for a few decades before pulling the trigger in 2016. Reagan was a fake religious guy and W. Bush was the farcical sequel to it. It was a highly functional coalition for a while, obviously it was not ordained.

    I have read about a strain among Britcons, that they are openly antipathetic to American religiosity and rednecks while being somewhat less fanciful on racial and imperialism matters (which would make sense, traditionally and ideologically consistently). Grillers have exhibited a really strange notion about the “classless society” and trusting benevolent corporations. I’m not saying one localization is better than the other, I don’t know. My coarse reference point for it is this video-game-style scene in the first “Kingsman” movie of the Flashman/James Bond protagonist mowing down the folks in a Kentucky evangelical church setting (if memory serves). I’m interested why American patriotism is so easily hijacked compared to other John-Bull-type lands and I wouldn’t downplay the “alloparenting” female elephant in the room.

  18. “Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious”
    -Oscar Wilde
    There was some quasi patriotism-whipping up on the onset of the Ukrainian war, but so infantile it didn’t take of. In fact, the dissidents seemed to sadistically wish that anti-Russian crusaders get killed on the battlefield.

    “It is hard to know, but it seems that patriotism is on the wane. The days of retail shops decorating themselves with red, white and blue colors are gone. They no longer run sales around the holiday. The media seems to be ignoring the holiday this year, despite the fact their cult controls the formal government. ”
    Here the US embassy celebrates openly. I guess colonies have an exemption. Ofc “pride month” is a national celebration as well.

  19. Still waiting for the “July 4th picnic is cheaper this year” ad. What, no ad ???

    • Hey, at least covid restrictions have been lifted and now they are allowing us to celebrate the fourth. Ironically not many of want to but then those of who feel this way didn’t give a toss about restrictions.

    • Well, if they wanted the picnic to be cheaper, bug burgers would have had to be on the menu. Sadly, due to “supply chain disruptions”, there is no infrastructure in place to provide those no doubt scrumptious viands this year, so mums the word about the picnic budget. Next year in Jerusalem, eh?

  20. We’ve left the era of “America the Country” and entered the era of “America the Brand”.

    And like most great brands, it has tremendous staying power. The MBAs call this “brand equity”. You can reduce the quality, shrink the contents of the product, but the product still flies off the shelf. Your wife will buy it even after you’ve told her the product isn’t the same anymore.

    Go to Europe or Japan or Latin America. Kids there wear American T-shirts with writing on it they cannot even understand half the time. The power of the American brand is global.

    Now the people here know that this is all a fugazy. But a big part of the dissident project is figuring out the “rebranding” strategy. What’s the unifying belief? What’s the Product? And what’s the message? In this respect, the Goldman book points to an important issue, one that goes back to Aristotle and Ibn Khaldun and speaks to the unifying energy of any society.

    • I am not so sure. You can see in any 80’s video on YT the comments about how it was much better then, and how much people would love to go back. Journey videos in particular bring this out. Even a movie like “Vision Quest” (see the video on YT for Journey’s “Only the Young” for a sense of it) brings the rebuke that within living memory White people were not objects of hate but the center and soul of the country.

      Its an emotional rebuke — once we were the heroes, now we are the villains, and the new heroes inspire zero loyalty. And as long as these movies exist in DVDs and such, people will know what they lost. And want it back.

      No one is going to fight and die for the Colors of Benetton.

    • More like America: the economic union. And a forced economic union at that. And it’s not even national: we’re tied to global capital!

      I think it’s time to rename the DHS to the Department of Global Capital Security.

  21. Division, of course, is a fait accompli when the country–such that it is–is already Balkanized along demographic lines. And this is one reason why the Power Structure has been flooding America/AINO with non-whites. Turning whites into a minority works to demoralize and disempower us, and when we feel weak, we are less likely to idenity, unify and organize.

    This demarche should boomerang, though. Even though most won’t admit, the large majority of whites don’t want to be a minority. We don’t like going out in public and seeing no familiar faces. We don’t enjoy being assaulted by strange cultures and customs. We don’t, in other words, want to be suffocated by diversity.

    As a result, whites are destined to huddle together and rally. What we do at that point remains to be seen. However, make no mistake–the Power Structure, through its paranoia and its anti-white racism, has conjured the very entity it sought to suppress. I only hope I live long enough to see us mop the floor with the villains.

    • Great point. But we could end up like the Scottish Clans, fighting with each other while we get rolled………I don’t think Destiny is so clear here.

    • more than causing whites to huddle up, importing all these 3rd worlders is diluting the TPTB’s ability to run the country, creating sanctuary areas. the Romans imported barbarians, who repaid the gesture by taking over the entire country.

      • karl von hungus: And the English, after barely beginning to climb out of the trough they descended into after the Romans left, invited in the Danes and they took over. Killed a bunch of the men and mated with a bunch of the women, and we ended up with the Englishmen who ruled the world for a time. But such a serendipitous synthesis is rare, indeed.

        • In addition, don’t leave out nor underestimate the profound change and undermining brought by the Norman invasion of 1066/Battle of Hastings.

          “Long term readers may know that – like JRR Tolkien – I have a pretty strong loathing of The Normans and their conquest of Anglo Saxon England (and, then Britain)! The motivations of the Norman Conquest, and the new ruling class, were a very horrible mixture of sheer exploitation, vindictiveness and a pridefulness that went so deep as to regard their subject native Saxons as lower beings – of lower value than animals (especially horses!). 

          Nearly all of the the monarchs for about three hundred years regarded England as just a playground for their obsession with hunting, and the people as a kind of vermin to be kept crushed (under “the yoke” – only partly necessary for growing a bit of food, and providing henchmen for their favourite sport of inter-Norman war.

          The Normans were very talented at fighting and building; and were more intelligent than the Saxon masses – especially after they had killed or exiled nearly-all the Saxon ruling class and priests. 

          The (Norman) British Empire has, since 2020, been transformed into the current global totalitarian System. Now; everybody is under The Norman Yoke+…   
          So, the Normans are still with us and still the same as ever – still lineally (genetically) present at high levels among the ruling class; still behaving like the snake-eyed, soulless, demon-loving psychopaths They are; and still crushing the majority whom They loathe.”–Bruce Charlton
          This weekend I shall have moments of rest on my shaded deck seeking the renewal of the red rocks of southern Utah, knowing the rock column across from my home recedes into rock history of the late Triassic >200 MYO (study rocks to understand real climate change not the peddled crap). Hmm..another civilisational collapse cycle. Shall wave bye-bye to the 4th of July. Me and some others are starting to make room for the time of separation. Can’t swim across the pool without letting go of the side you still cling to.
          Good to see lots of familiar names here at the Z Ranch. (No…not the bunny ranch across the border in Nevada) Thank you Z. Best to you all. Saddle up. No fear!

          • The Normans were no different from other elites in Europe or the world then or now.

            Bruce has no way of knowing the intelligence of the Normans or Saxons of that time. Normans kept Anglo-Saxon government because it was better than theirs. They were extremely pragmatic.

            The Scandinavians, Belgians, Russians and Spanish have a much worse record of governance-especially looking at the last 100 years.

          • The Normans were also extremely lucky in their timing, since Harold had dismissed his southern forces two weeks before the landing and had defeated Norwegian invaders three days before the landing, thus handing the Normans an unopposed landing, three days’s rest, and time to raid for supplies before Harold’s forces were able to march south from their victory over the Norwegian invaders.

            For some reason, Harold did not march the entirety of his forces south. The forces he had were entirely composed of infantry. Maintaining the Saxon lines in the face of Norman cavalry and feigned retreats was a problem.

            And yet, the Normans still barely managed to eke out a win, securing victory only after Harold’s death collapsed A-S leadership.

            “William the Conqueror?”

            More like, “William the Lucky.”

          • As a relative neophyte here, I recall your contributions from when I first was led to this blog. Good to read your words again, Shield Maiden, a worthy member of the latter day fyrd, but now masterless, like ronin. King Harald Godwinson fell in battle, defending his people, and now, as then, we face dissolution.

            It is a time to move on. First, independence in spirit, and then, hopefully, independence from the dead hand of the past and the demonic lusts of those who would belittle us, and try to place a yoke around our necks. Fix your eye on a new pole star.

          • Charlton Heston was in a decent movie about Normans in England: The War Lord, c 1966 or so

          • IIRC the English we’re winning at Hastings until their infantry broke ranks to pursue the Normans following a failed charge. In doing so their formation open up and was easy pickings when the Normans wheeled back around.

            That tactical situation happened with relative frequency from ~300 – 1500. A horse army was checked by a dense infantry pike line, feigned retreat and the turned back on the pursuing infantry when their ranks were opened and they were physically tired by pursuit.

    • Scored free tickets to a Cubs game in Chicago yesterday.

      Stadium full of grillers…BUT…saw only four Covidians the whole night: fatty with her soy-boyfriend, negro (one of eight in total who wasn’t on the field) and one pathetic old lady.

      There is hope.

  22. Here is my parting shot for the 4th of July weekend.

    Joe Biden or Vladimyr Putin? Who would you follow into battle if your life depended on it?

    How far we have fallen.

    • There would be more hookers and blow following Biden lol. But you made your point… I’m too old for that anyway..

    • I looked up “rhetorical question.” The Biden/Putin question was the example provided.

  23. I don’t feel patriotic in the least with our country putting George Floyd murals and rainbow flags up at every one of our embassies, imprisoning Jan. 6 “insurrectionists” (should’ve been hit with trespassing charges and maybe fines) without trials in DC dungeons, attacking goat herders with drones and fighting a cowardly proxy war with Russia using Ukrainians as cannon fodder. I used to love my country and hate the federal government, but even the state government here is worthless after being usurped by Yankee and foreign invaders in the state’s big metro area. Democracy is 50+1= tyranny.

    The way forward is a breakup or better than that, a federal government with minimal power that allows the states to go their own ways. The Roe v. Wade and West Virginia EPA verdicts at the U.S. Supreme Court are a good first step there.

    • Two homes in the county where I live changed ownership over the past few months. The new owners promptly displayed the rainbow fag flags. My family and I have been trying to think of a counter flag (is there one?) to display. Tom Petty was mentioned in a comment recently. Each time I drive past the homes with the rainbow flags, I think “don’t come around here no more.”
      June was the month of pride. Is July gluttony? The mannequins are now fat. America is celebrating everything evil and disgusting.

      • Melissa: Don’t fly a counter flag or anything overt that can be photographed or recorded. DO try to strongly but subtly isolate them. If they have children, don’t let yours play with them. And if your friends allow such, demonstrate disapproval. Nothing obvious needs to be said, just strong disapproval or social shaming. Don’t act neighborly. Don’t invite them to join any neighborhood association, official or casual. And if someone else does, again – disassociate from them. Don’t respond to them if they approach you – just walk past. You can always say you didn’t notice them if called on it – or challenge the accuser by asking if it’s mandatory to acknowledge every greeting.

        Social isolation and shaming will work – but it needs to be a joint effort. If you are already isolated in the neighborhood – which may be likely if you already had neighbors willing to sell to a pride couple without warning the neighborhood – you may have to consider moving yourself, or at least certainly going grey.

        • 3ge4me:
          Fortunately, they don’t have kids. The couples who bought the homes are just “proud” to display their membership in the cult.
          It’s too bad because this is occurring in a deep red state/county.

          • The encounters (known anyway) I’ve had with these type of folk were made back in my university days. On the job, I could do nothing but work with them and keep my mouth shut.

            What I noticed was that no meeting, no class discussion, no group interaction of any sort could pass with them in attendance where they did not make comment as to how they were *gay*. Example, “Hi, my name is ‘so and so’. Not to be confused with ‘so and so’ in the English department, I’m gay!”

            This outspokenness was acutely noticeable precisely because it was a “non sequitur” to the point at hand in any conversation/discussion we were making at the time. They’d wait for any moment and simply interject such “pointless” information. And of course, the social dynamics of gay relations was never left unknown. One might announce, for example, that “My husband and I (male/male) were there the other day…”. Stuff like that.

            It was almost like a compulsion. Perhaps to normalize their aberration among an audience, or perhaps to “test the waters” and sniff out “normies”, but it never failed. Nor did I fall for the bait and comment wrt their gayness one way or the other. I did notice others in meetings were fairly responsive (positively) to such signaling.

            Damn, I’m happy to be out of that environment.

          • Of course they chose to live among you. They are entirely too cowardly to live with the consequences of what they have doubtless wrought in whatever blue tick hellhole they helped destroy and have subsequently left behind.

      • June is NPC month, July is NPC month, August is NPC current thing month…..

        You get the idea.

      • While recently shopping on-line for yoga shorts I was assaulted by several hambeasts in midriffs and cellulite squashing spandex modeling this type of clothing. Because these creatures love to exercise apparently.

        I doubt anyone is celebrating this newest gaslighting ploy labeled as the ‘body positivity’ movement. The only thing positive about it is the ‘plus-sized models’ likelihood of developing metabolic syndrome. Pushing this as acceptable is Stone Cold Evil.

        • Sports Illustrated was ahead of the curve–so to speak–on this issue (again, so to speak). Their once glorious Swimsuit Issue featuring a bevy of bikini-clad babes, was consciously polluted by sundry water buffaloes and hippopotami. And, I’m quite sure, hideous vibrants made their appearances, too. I imagine the horrifying trannies will be in the next issue, if they aren’t there already.

          Incidentally, if you’d like a second opinion on your yoga shorts, just give me a holler. That field is one of my especialities, and my services are sought far and wide. (-;

      • “My family and I have been trying to think of a counter flag (is there one?) to display”

        I fly two flags, and I rotate Betsy Ross/Bennington/48 star on top and Gadsden/Fort Moultrie/Ireland below. 48 stars just because it’s pre-1959. Ireland but not Prussia, just…because.

        I want to fly the third National flag on Confederate Memorial Day but I’m just a grilling Boomer in deep New England so I haven’t worked up the courage yet.

        Lots of NOVA battle flags around, though.

    • How strange it is that the judiciary has remained fundamentally outside of the Power Structure. Oh, sure, nutso anti-white decisions still come down, and with Biden placing trained chimps on the Supreme Court, its days of independence are probably numbered. In the meantime, however, the judiciary is the only major component of society, outside of small business, where sanity may still occasionally be glimpsed. As such, it may be the only remaining impediment to a truly totalitarian state.

  24. For years I loathed the classic expressions of patriotism that amounted to expressions of blind fealty: stand at the national anthem before ballgames; “support our troops” platitudes; USA! chants; US flag in front of the house and misc bald eagle and stars and stripes mugs, shirts, window stickers … … More than that I loathed the airport – the ultimate Fascist Cathedral. I loathed the sheep who willingly smiled and debased themselves there. I especially loathed those who paid for the express line and loathed even more myself and the rest of the sheep who did not protest that we now had a two sets of rules and procedures national security state. I always said silent curses to the IQ of 55 DHS employees and the US and Israeli government that instituted this ritual humiliation in every pass through that fascist cattle chute called the security line.

    I loathed the symbols and expression because the War On Terror was such an obvious abuse of patriotism and violation of the government’s duty to the citizenry. Hindsight has more than proven my intuition and foresight correct. Afterward, I made it onto Obama’s, “White Ron Paul Supporters are domestic terrorists”, list and was detained, harassed and gleefully stripped of my constitutional rights in the Bush/Cheney “Free Speech Zones”, every time returning to my country through the US customs Passport Control. After Trump was elected, I stopped being detained and harassed at US customs. I do miss telling the vets who man these detention centers, “I thought you were fighting for my freedom.” I will find out soon enough if I’ve returned to the domestic enemies list under the ??? regime.

    Simultaneous with my naughty listing, a new and far worse set of humiliations, rites and catechisms creeped in. The straight white man was now the root of all evil. They needed less of him and more diversity, if he was wanted at all. Work was no longer about competence and achievement and never say Merit near HR. Then St. George had his Holy Overdose and in the bowels of Big Tech things went absolutely bonkers. Covid came and something that has never happened in our planet’s history occurred: the totalitarian despots actually tried to implement a system where they owned your body. You will be vaccinated to protect the already vaccinated. You will become the state’s cattle. You will be Albert Bourlas’ pin cushion. I can’t stand that creep with his, “choking on a hairball sopped in Schwab’s c*m”, accent.

    Gentleman. Things have gone far beyond sideways. I bought a flag and put it up in front of my house in 2020. That flag doesn’t stand for imperial wars, domestic surveillance, incompetent liars, usurpers, anti-white racists, global empire, interventionist nation building, expropriation through “monetary policy” … … It stands for:

    My Right To:
    Bodily Sovereignty
    Freedom of Association
    Bear Arms and Defend Myself and My Family
    Due Process

    It stands against:
    Anti-White Racism and White Male Replacement
    Traitors And Dual Citizen Disloyalty
    The Flags, Rites, Catechisms and project that is the new State Religion of Degeneracy called Woke
    An Illegitimate Legal Regime

    I give the flag its meaning, in the absence of any better symbol. The regime has given me the opening to define its meaning. They abandoned it and our nation – toppling and removing its statues; raising new foreign flags; coddling and backing rioters and openly hostile and treasonous groups; condemning our history; condemning our legal institutions; condemning the very people who built the greatest nation in human history by taming and settling a wild continent. It is clear that they hate America and want to replace it – Build Back Better. It is clear that they hate Americans – The Great Replacement. In so doing, they have declared themselves illegitimate and forfeited their claim and use of our nation’s symbols. When they fly the flag, it is now a farce. They know it and we know it.

    This year I have bought and hoisted the, “No Quarter”, flag to fly alongside Old Glory. I don’t know what flag we will adopt in the future. But for now, my raised flags stand in the breech as a message to all of my neighbors and their BLM/Pride/Hate’s-Home-Is-Here yard signs and symbols. It flies and says: “I am not going anywhere! I assert my sovereignty. I assert my moral, intellectual and cultural superiority over you cowering cry babies. I stand my ground against all who want to destroy me, my country, my progeny and my fellow countrymen. You may be formidable but I don’t fear you as much as I fear resignation and defeat.”

    The regime has declared itself illegitimate. It has abandoned its own people and its heritage. Who would have ever thought I would fly an American flag. Who would have ever thought that they would have outed themselves as vicious traitors, and turned the American flag into a symbol of rebellion, defiance and opposition to a foreign, despotic occupying regime and the cultists that back it. Someday there may be another symbol, but for now, it’s what I’ve got.

    • So what not a different Red White and Blue flag this year? I think Russia uses those colors. Maybe just to piss people off? I quite flying the US flag last year. It stands for gay marriage, trannys, corporate rule, and antiwhite racism.

      • I get you Mr. C.

        I think our biggest problem is the infantilization of the entire culture. I think petty acts of defiance are in the past for whoever wants to inherit the future. We need to lead by example, and be serious. I think there is a hunger for men to act the part. Most people are natural followers, and despite the evidence to the contrary in today’s clown show, dignity, strength and wisdom will command respect and attract a following.

        I am all for trategic and meaningful acts of subversion. The best thing I have seen in this arena is in the media with Project Veritas. To my point, that is an adult operation and so it is very effective.

        Have a great holiday weekend!

    • I looked up “No Quarter” flag;

      Thanks for the info

      Looking to add it to my 3 that fly now

  25. What would we do with these people? Moldbug says they need to be honorably retired and paid pensions. This is absolutely impossible, especially if they wil be replaced. He uses Nazi Germany as an example. All Nazi government workers were allowed to stay on and transition to the new government or retire with pension if they were at retirement age.

    Even if these people didn’t hate us, there are far too many of them to keep paying after the empire fell. Pre-pandemic we were spending over 8 trillion dollars (all levels, not just federal). We have millions of people working for the state and millions more who only work because of the state. We have 700,000 cops alone. I don’t know if that number even includes all state employees with arresting powers. Another 1.4 million in the military. Pretty much all of DC and much of the surrounding area live off the federal government. Will not be able to afford to even keep them in a prison plus generate a new but smaller class of “elite” and their servants (cops and the like). We already employ 400,000 prison guards.

    • The bureaucracy gets its power because we are in a 2 party democracy with a constant overturn of elected officials. Only the b-crats (and the judges, who have lifetime appointments) can plan policy with long-term goals in mind. The politicians have to look to the next election and create modest goals that can be accomplished in a 2-4 year timeframe (Obama’s big accomplishment was getting a health care law originally proposed by the Heritage Foundation passed, and then seeing it partially struck down by SCOTUS; Trump did a tax cut and some executive orders limiting immigration his successor immediately repealed).

      However, if we became a de facto one-party state where one party is guaranteed to be in power year-in-year-out (like Japan under the LDP, Singapore under the PAP, Russia under United Russia, or Mexico under the PRI), then b-crats and judges will be neutered and the political wing of the the ruling party will determine policy. There is no “cathedral” in one-party states, there’s just the party. This wouldn’t make much of a difference because if this party is the Democrats because the Dems and b-crats are have basically the same views.

      However, if somehow the GOP could get that level of power, then the politicos in the GOP could neuter the b-crats and make significant reforms to the country. This seems very unlikely however. Trump or DeSantis winning the election in 2024 by a nose and then retiring large swaths of the bureaucracy and military probably would run into major issues.

      • Everyone is making noise saying the SCOTUS just did that by limiting the policy=law powers of the EPA (I assume it was EPA, climate change stuff). Presumably this will apply to other agencies. The “war on drugs” is entirely in the hands of one of these agencies (DEA) who gets to make policy, aka law, even criminal law by putting substances into C1 status..

        Really, I don’t buy the “politicians have to think about the next election” excuse for the total failure (from our point of view) of them to pass good legislation. They always manage to pass what the rulers want. Trump couldn’t get shit on the wall, but the GOP had no problem passing tax breaks for the rich.

        The Democrats are just as bad from the progressive point of view. All the woke stuff is really just crumbs to the progressives. They ain’t getting universal health care or really anything the progs want.

        • The Democrats are just as bad from the progressive point of view.

          Progressives get LBGTQ celebrations, CRT, AA, Trans military, who knows how many gives, walk on bail (if even arrested), feted by media, corporate conglomerates and government – but not UNIVERSAL health care.

          The right gets deplatformed, bank accounts frozen/stolen, jailed for complaining, not hired b/c of race, history removed, constantly bashed in media and government. Yeah, the progs got it just as bad as we do.

          I’d take a few of those “crumbs” any day.

    • I agree. Moldbug is proposing to pay them with printed money. Most in the admin state, are probably too stupid to see his trick. I suspect he is not leveling that the plan would be to pay them with printed money and then institute a new currency that would render that payment useless. The problem is how to sock it to them without socking it to us. I feel like his plan is lame from that standpoint. The winning regime will have to buy the people of the country into it. The wise one knows the olive branch and payment needs to be extended to us not to them.

      I think there is another problem. This regime declared war on us and our history. There has to be consequences. Who will accept any new regime as legitimate that pardons the people who openly demonizes and touts replacing us and is actually doing it? There will have to be consequences, and they will have to be severe. You can’t give more money to a class of people who parasitically bankrupted our nation. They’ve got enough.

      Moldbug/Yarvin is a simpleton in his knowledge and reading of history. It is a good idea to find a way to peacefully transition without a giant revenge campaign. He mentions Giulius Caesar’s peaceful overtures and forgiveness, but he neglects to mention that Antony and Octavian were ruthless in dealing with the patricians in the civil war that followed Caesar’s assassination.

      Yarvin has a lot of gaps in his history. Worst of all, I’ve yet to hear any explicit, and coherent plan. We’ll be run like a company which is really a monarchy sounds no different than Republican rhetoric from the 80s and 90s. Remember the, “privatization”, that was nothing more than adding a new layer of parasites getting government funding?

      The other thing about Yarvin is that he has the charisma of a bed bug. In addition to the substantive problems with his history and his lack of a proposed vision, listening to him stutter and umm his way through his proposal is downright painful. Caesar started out as a bad orator and spent a couple of years improving his skills. I suppose Yarvin could do that, but nobody is ever going to follow him. I wouldn’t. He’s no Giulius Caesar. But then, nobody raised in this vortex of cuck is remotely close to his level. Theil is going to need to find a charismatic man if he is the one who will be the kingmaker. Perhaps that is a good path for someone in this camp to explore.

      • Yarvin is a bullshitter, he sees the problem, we all do. But his solution is BS, never going to happen. A communist government is more lightly outcome than a monarchy

        A complete waste of time, ignore (((him)))

      • I want to add to my point about a pardon free regime change in terms of a requirement of consequences. A great specific example is Mayorkas. This guy has to made an example of. He has spent his entire life working the demographic replacement of our citizenry.

        This isn’t Biden’s project – it is his project which is why whoever handed Biden his appointment list to sign in 1/2021, made Mayorkas DHS head.

        This guy can’t just walk with a fat pension. He is a traitor who is actively and willfully disregarding our laws and implementing an illegal alien dispersal and settlement project. He has to pay not because of anger and revenge. He has to pay because a message needs to be sent to the thousands just like him whose names we may or may not know. A message needs to be sent that betraying the people has consequences.

        Happy Independence Day!

        P.S. If don’t own it, Juneteenth will. Out!

    • The hell with being allowed to honorably retire, let alone with a pension. A lot worse than that has to happen one way or another.

      • But that’s what the Jan 6th brouhaha is, instituting an ongoing purge.

        Not of us. That’s already in full swing. The regime is sending a message, consolidating its power over the only class that can expose or actively oppose it.

        We’ve achieved our Permanent Revolutionary Committee. Mexico’s PRI one-party rule, unopposed for 70 years, has come here.

    • Most all the workers you describe are on a defined benefit pension plan. They’ll get retirement—after a 5 year investment period and appropriate age—anyway. You simply offer them a buyout based on length of service. Same thing done in private industry when a company goes belly up. No one is guaranteed a fixed pension, really. Even I as a retired university (State) pensioner get $$$ as long as there is money to be gotten. One needs to read the fine print. 😉

  26. “Their determination to put Trump in jail is viewed by them as a matter of self-preservation.”

    In 2016 I was shocked when Trump was elected. Believing, as I do, that one of the things TPTB would never let slip away is the election of the President, I wondered how it was going to play out. I’ll admit, I sort of felt he might have actually slipped through the cracks and TPTB had misread something. I wasn’t so much a fan of Trump, but I viewed him as being opposed by people I knew were either traitors or mentally damaged. I watched him avoid impeachment and gave more credence to his small “victories” than they really warranted. But, his constant selection of swamp creatures over 4 years, his promotion of the vax, and his blowing off standing up about obvious and documentable election fraud, convinced me that he was never really against TPTB. He was just a stalking horse, part of the dialectic. He is the Emanuel Goldstein for the left they can scream about in their 2 minute hate. He is the beloved Big Brother for some of the right. He has avoided all forms of prosecution for 6 years and this latest joke just keeps him in the public eye. He is just opening up a political franchise for his sons, so they can continue the Trump “legacy” and rake in plenty of shekels.

    • The “Moscow bank” he is beholden to is Resorts International, a Rothschild holding.

      Like Chelsea Clinton and one of Joe Biden’s daughters, Ivanka is a Solomon’s concubine, a royal hostage.

  27. There should be a worldwide Day of Ridicule for our leaders in both government and media. With an emphasis on warmongers. When I was a kid the night before Halloween was Devil’s Night. That’s when kids would take revenge on mean girls, bad neighbors, and a-hole teachers. By egging their houses. Smashing their pumpkins. Teepeeing their trees with toilet paper. And if drunk running over their mailboxes. It could be a reverse 4th of July. Maybe on July 3rd.

    Or better yet, have October’s Devils’ Night turn political. The tradition would be to egg or tomato any media person or politician seen on the street that day. Pigs would be the holiday symbol. Mean capitalist-looking pigs like Orwell created and Pink Floyd floated above the crowd in their concerts. Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs”, and other metal anti-war songs would be the holiday songs pumping from cars all day and night.

    Instead of inflated black cats from Walmart on lawns. People would place military-like coffins draped in American flag in their yard. But no, that’s too edifyingly romantic. We’ve had enough of that Memorial Day crap.

    Instead of witches and black cats…bloody pigs. Or people could place mannequins in their yards and disfigure them with blood and guts and arms blown off. Or families could ghoul themselves up as maimed servicemen and lay on their lawns like dead soldiers. Or squirm around like near-dead soldiers writhing in pain looking for their severed limbs.

    Now in darkness, world stops turning
    Ashes where their bodies burning
    No more war pigs have the power
    Hand of God has struck the hour
    Day of judgement, God is calling
    On their knees, the war pigs crawling
    Begging mercy for their sins
    Satan laughing, spreads his wings

  28. My patriotism was diagnosed as terminal during the scroatbomba years and gave up the ghost during Trump. The final nail was the bogus election and I ditched the flag. As long as this dirtbag government remains in place, it won’t see the light of day.

    Further, if we continue down this insane path, juneteenth will become the “real” independence day and kwanza the “real” Christmas. As for Thanksgiving, it’ll be honored with fried chicken, black eyed peas and carved watermelon, ie., jack ‘o napes.

    • That seems to be where “Juneteemph” is heading. Since it’s considered a state holiday here in the peoples republic of NY, we were permitted off that day, if we so chose to.
      A black female in another department at work took it upon herself to begin casually asking everyone in her dept what they were doing for the day. One guy in her dept (Who is a crusty old veteran and who most people there are afraid of, although I don’t know why.) when asked this told said black female, “I’m coming in to work and getting OT for my trouble.” she of course was offended and asked him if he knew the significance of the day, to which he replied, “Don’t know, don’t care. Like I said, I get OT out of it and that’s all I care about.”
      From what I was told, she didn’t say another word to him and quietly walked away. Most of these people are a house of cards, blow on them hard enough and they collapse.

      • Like I said below, Juneteenth celebrates Texas being the last Confederate holdout. Lone Star pride.

      • It celebrates Black ignorance. Kentucky? and one of the New England States didn’t outlaw slavery for another couple of months.

        I like pointing out that there had been no slavery in England since 1240* and that importing that institution from Africa was a bad idea. Give it back to it’s true owners.

        Date may not be entirely accurate but they never know and are too idle to check.

  29. “The crazies currently in charge are not going to be talked out of their positions and they are not going to sacrifice themselves for the common good, so that means physically removing them from power.”

    Man, when 1/4 of everyone is thinking like this, it opens up space to speak the words.

  30. If you don’t pay the electric bill, your power eventually gets shut off. Are tptb too dense to understand that, or are they going broke?

    Maybe overestimating, but I think Americans would suffer for the right reasons. Look at covid compliance, thinking it was saving lives. Even that, though, involved money.

    Building your society on economic relations is building on sand. This thing, whatever it is, was never a nation. Was there a nation before it? Hard to say. What can you trust?

    I trust my instincts. Call them culture, blood— whatever they are. But they’re there, and they tell me, Yes, you have an identity, but it’s been submerged.

    For that reason alone, I’ll be firing up the grill, saluting the flag, enjoying fireworks, and praying for a return this weekend.

    • What can I say, I have a contrarian streak. The America bashing is getting to me. Most directed towards AINO/globohomo/empire for sure, and they deserve it, but after a point I start taking it a little personally. Not because I identify with them but because I want America to stop being identified with them.

      In time it won’t be. The Eurasian saviors are cooking up their own brand of globalism, and they’ll be the object of hatred. As Bluebeard notes below, divide and conquer is the name of the game, and there are only so many ways to reduce people to economic units. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  31. 25% ready for armed revolt is good news. The imbalance of power is too great to overcome in all political and economic areas to overcome, and a civil war is likely our only option for survival. Despite the failure of Trump and the emboldening of our enemies, there have been many positive developments since 2015.

    -The red tribe/blue tribe bifurcation is almost complete. Red Tribe has broken free of blue media and established their own healthy, thriving media.
    -There have also been limited successes with establishing Red payment processors. Rittenhouse and the Trucker convoy were successfully funded despite heavy-handed attempts to shut them down.
    -The convoy and Jan 6 showed that the Red tribe has become organized and angry enough to riot, and also taught them that unarmed rioting on enemy territory doesn’t work.
    -The economy has finally crapped out is likely to get much worse. Many people used to say that Americans were too comfortable to revolt. Now the price of meat has doubled in a year, with only 8% inflation.
    -A series of hoaxes and frauds has destroyed Red Tribe’s remaining trust in institutions, and also interest in maintaining those institutions.
    -Military failures in Afghanistan and the Ukraine show the weakness of the US military. Everyone sees the incompetence of the leaders, the wokeness, deteriorating readiness, and slackening recruitment.
    -After the election hoax, the Red Tribe felt demoralized, but the recent string of victories, including the almost unthinkable Dobbs win, has raised spirits and energy levels. Ultimate victory seems possible and many Red Tribe members are starting to fantasize of future previously unthinkable victories.

    I see three remaining obstacles to civil war.
    -Other than social/news media, the Red Tribe has not set up alternative institutions. There is no major Red Tribe bank, hollywood, netflix, web hosting, etc. This is an astounding and perplexing failure.
    -The secret police. A feature of the panopticon is not just that they can always be watching, it’s that you must also assume they’re watching when they aren’t. This is enormously chilling, even for de jure “legal” activity. I can’t think of any way that this could change.
    -There is no leadership, especially leadership we could really count on to take us through hard times. This is possibly the work of the secret police. It is exacerbated by our lack of alternative institutions, which have the secondary role of developing leadership skills in their managers.

    • 78: Just whom do you consider to be part of your ‘red tribe’? If you are referring to conservatards, their “healthy, thriving media” is CTH, or Breitbart. If you are referring to the dissident right, many of whom have been banned from the aforementioned sites for mentioning the unreality of race. Yes – we have our ‘own’ media, but always at risk of cancellation.

      Your red payment processors were hacked and were, indeed, shut down. It is unclear to me just how much of the donated money ever made to the Canadian truckers, and how much of that went to the actual working drivers rather than the organizers. Many of those who participated are still being legally persecuted and are Canada’s equivalent of the Jan 6 protesters in AINO.

      Most conservatards still maintain full faith in the institutions you claim they have abandoned. They still wave around the constitution, fly their flags, and insist a constitutional convention will set everything aright once again. Military recruitment is down – that is definitely a positive – but conservatards still reflexively parrot “Thank you for your service” to anyone who claims any military service in any capacity, anywhere, any time. Long live the empire!

      What you term the “Dobbs win” may have been a moral good, but will have decidedly mixed social repercussions. And to consider a decision by a court that just swore in a dreadlocked sh&*oon as a member to be some signal of societal vigor and hope for “ultimate victory” (whatever that means to you) is absurd.

      I question every one of your declarations and assumptions. It’s unclear who you consider to be part of the simplistic dual split in AINO and what you consider a real victory to actually be. Yes, the economy is tanking. Will that get people uncomfortable enough to actually consider doing something? Will they be able to organize or will they be ratted out by their law abiding neighbors or woke children, and picked off one by one? The only certain thing about the future is that it is going to be much worse, in the short term.

      • “Red Tribe” is not a term I invented, and I think that the meaning of the term is obvious to most people. Playing lumper/splitter word games is not productive.

        • 78: I don’t play word games; I respect the true meaning of words too much for that, along with most of the regular commenters here as well. The fact that you use the term ‘splitter’ as a weapon indicates to me you are probably part of the “they shall not divide us” crowd. I’ll pass.

          • There is no pejorative to the term “splitter” in the context I was using it. “Lumpers and splitters are opposing factions in any discipline that has to place individual examples into rigorously defined categories.”

            The Blue Tribe/Red Tribe terms have been in common use since at least 2014. 78’s personal definition of who is Red Tribe is irrelevant. You might as well ask me who I consider white.

            I’m curious what the reason is for your off-the-bat hostility and assumption of bad faith. Just in the mood for an argument today? That’s fine, I get it.

          • @78 a large segment of the dissident right are apocalypse mongers.

            They reflexively attack any positive talk or plans to action. They also seem oblivious that the despair they revel and push is a huge part of the woke left’s successes. Ultimately, id say they’re motivated by the same nihilism as the radical left.

  32. Celebrate your independence this year by being forced to get a Vaxx!

    Limited time only.

  33. Here in my small Southern town the fireworks show includes that garbage “patriotic” music from Tony Keith and Lee Greenwood. I grit my teeth and try to keep from swearing out loud.

    • I went to one in the early Bush years and whoever picked the music for it was so oblivious the first song they played was Fortunate Son. I couldn’t help but laugh. I wonder if the national display in Washington will still feature the symphony playing the 1812 Overture this year. Will Tchaikovsky be banned along with all other things Russian?

      • Most people don’t pay too much attention to song lyrics, Reagan used Born in the USA to help with winning in 84

        CCR, really great band

    • That Toby Keith song, “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue” doesn’t quite hold up anymore, not after watching the disastrous conclusion of the Empire’s Afghan Expedition, does it?

      • I really like Toby Keith, but his over-the-top patriotism in this day and age just doesn’t wear well. As a matter of fact, I think he actually wrote a sort of anti-patriotism song in either ‘20 or ‘21 and tied it to covid or the lockdowns or some such, but I could be wrong.

        • These days the US is strongly resembling Keith’s song, “As Good As I Once Was.”

    • Carl B.: If you can avoid alienating anyone you consider critical, then just don’t go. By your own words, there’s nothing worth celebrating in the AINO of today and faux piety towards the mythic America of yesterday is enough to make anyone swear.

    • Oh God, that Greenwood song makes my skin crawl! To me, it’s a coping drug taken by those who cannot face the reality of our current situation here in the former USA.
      If Greenwood wanted to really make a statement, he would do the following at his next show; he’d walk up to the mic and say the following, “I know you were expecting me to sing this particular song, but seeing as how there is no more freedom in the country – unless you fall into one of the protected classes celebrated by the ruling class – henceforth, I refuse to sing this song again until basic liberty and rights have been restored to the population, especially Heritage Americans.”
      Then maybe, maybe you might have something.

      • Not to mention that Greenwood jumped on the “blame the NRA” lefty bandwagon after Uvalde and pulled out of his performance for them. I’m all set with Greenwood.

  34. I have a simple formulation.*

    I love Heritage Americans and Heritage America.

    I hate and look forward to the destruction of the United States.

    *As far as America and Americans. I am a Southerner so not really one of them although my roots are in them and their people. I live in occupied land and will live to see it liberated and my children and grandchildren a free people.

    • I have fully embraced the use of Heritage in place of patriot.

      While I still use patriot, it is in the context of my heritage and not that of the FUSA skinsuit.

      To serve my people and to celebrate and propagate the heritage of my people is patriotic because my nation IS my people.

      In the war on our people, the power of using ‘heritage’ is far better than that of patriot, for I have found it has much greater depth and meaning and thus stirs into those depths in the slumbering hearts of our people when they hear it.

      Patriotism, OTOH, is like voting in that it is merely a matter of the proper paperwork – and even then, the ridiculousness of this is laid bare if one dares to ask for such paperwork which is of course now raciss.

      The street shitters that run the local gas station can hang flags and banners and be patriotic to the passers-by. But only Heritage Americans can ponder their own roots and that of our nation and feel the inextricable bonds of those same roots in the soil underfoot.

      And in being reminded to call upon their heritage they should also feel that which has been lost and what must be preserved – and be stirred by that, which is far better than to be stirred by some platitudes of patriotism while the smell of curry and fabuloso singes the demographic reality of decades of paperwork patriotism.

  35. I check all the correct boxes for someone who should be very patriotic: Southern, White, veteran, etc. Yet for some reason, this year I don’t think I even want to put the flag out on the 4th. Just not feeling it, you know?

    • They’re morphing it into a gay holiday.

      Your instincts are good if you aren’t feeling it anymore. It’s not a holiday for you or me anymore.

      • Friend at an airline showed me a union update about their pilots picketing, contract negotiations, day to day stuff, etc. Their union’s sole purpose is contact negotiation and enforcement.

        But there’s a whole section on the 1969 Stonewall Riots in NYC for ??? Reasons.

        Robert Conquest’s 3 laws of politics proven right again. Everything has to be fake and gay now.

        Nothing is faker or gayer than the US of A. Fly a rainbow flag non-ironically on July 4, because it’s more authentic than any
        E pluribus unum nostalgia.

      • One of the main goals of Alphabeti month and Juneteenth is to degrade and eventually destroy Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and the 4th of July as well as co-opt and pervert the traditional meaning of the summer solstice.

        • Wild Geese: While scanning comments at conservatard/maga Gayway pundit, found something worth a smile: Koonteenth.

        • “the traditional meaning of the summer solstice.”

          June brides and white children

          Who will lamb with next year’s spring, our people locked in harmony with nature’s cycle

    • “Daddy was a veteran, a Southern Democrat, you oughtta get a rich man to vote like that”, from Song of the South by Alabama…

    • I put up my US flag every day through both the Obama and Trump terms. Frankly, didn’t care for either of them, but I loved my country and wanted to share that love with my sons.

      Flag came down after the January 6 protestors went home and Biden was installed. It is not going back up

      Mr. Falcone writes succinctly below, “how do you celebrate freedom when you are living in a tyranny?”

  36. We have small kids, I have struggled with how I am going to instill a love and respect in them for the historic American nation, while making sure they understand they owe the current government no respect or loyalty whatsoever. I want to understand what has been lost.

    • In 2025 Trump will be POTUS, Stephen Miller and Kris Kobach will have major White House roles, the GOP will have somewhere between 55-60 Senators, and pressure from the increasingly nationalist House Republicans will lead to something like the RAISE Act becoming law. Take the whitepill.

      • So more RINOs appointed. More platinum plans, a massive amnesty and maybe another vex/ventilator rollout.

        sounds something to look forward to.

        Maybe this time he won’t set his own supporters up for jail on the way out.

      • As I pointed out in the comments of one of those GOTCHA! videos of Pelosi elbowing the young girl, the problem isn’t Nancy’s Gordie Howe impersonation, the problem is the swearing in of a Mexican-born Congressman.

        “But she’s GOP!” was a standard reply.

        • KGB: Someone commented the other day, re the responses to Zman’s explication of the myth of the magic market, that commenters even here still had a looong way to go. I find that true almost daily. New people show up and the long-time commenters get the standard pushback by maga/conservatard/take back our country/don’t divide us people. And even regulars fall into old patterns of thinking on various issues

          I realize facing reality is a real black pill, but I see no point in sugar coating what I see and read every day. That doesn’t mean giving up hope or doing what one can, tangibly – however small – for one’s people. It does mean not mindlessly repeating or upvoting sentimental comments or standard boosterism. I don’t fall for that from either side, and try to point it out to others. No, I won’t win any popularity contests, but I’ve never sought to. I will not comply – certainly not with blind optimism.

          • The reality is that we are a nation filled with many ethnicities. While deporting it down to one ethnicity is possible, it is highly improbable, so much so that it is a practical impossibility.

            It is also true that there are some ethnicities that can work together and some that can’t (true for both sides). There is a better chance of forming alliances, be they temporary or long term, that can further the interests of most, if not all ethnicities within the coalition. We see this on the left in spades.

            There is a time and place for division, and a time and place for alliances. One of the frustrating things for me, at least, is the absolute blindness on the right to this reality even after repeatedly experiencing the sledgehammer of the left forged through its alliances.

          • A truly profound statement, c matt.

            Them’s the new rules, they ain’t gonna change, so how to best adapt? Thanks.

            Because, adapt and innovate is what white people DO.

            Not for nothing are we the world’s explorers.

          • On further thought, we bemoan the end of the frontier that forged us.

            But what was the frontier? Hardship and danger in the unknown.

            What we have now is a different frontier. Unknown, because these condtions have never existed at such scale before.

            Remember: all the others can only emulate us. They follow our lead, wherever we land.

            This strange new kingdom is ours for the taking, if we but burn the ships.

        • People vote the ethnicity of their representatives except whites, who jizz themselves pretending aliens share some nebulous founding vision that makes it ok to vote in aliens to run your polity.


  37. the root cause of America’s demise is the decline in quality of the white population. until that is addressed, things will continue on the path they are on…

    • Bingo! I accept my own failure in this regard as well. The unthinking Whites I come in contact with are the most depressing for me. Whether wrt the “jab” or the current “war” in the Ukraine, or the “corruption” of the electoral process, nothing seems to get through or bother them.

      Either I’m paranoid to a pathological degree, or their reality is limited to the equivalent of hallucination. It seems all is lost.

      • Not hallucinations. Not mind worms. An older language, much older than speech.

        Like Tom A’s panicky professor, their thinking has flipped from the creative neutrality of the neocortex to the emo-charged hindbrain.

        You’re hearing the hoots and calls of loyalty, of affinity, to monkeys in their tree. We are rich and fine! We are well fed! Our monkeys are the best monkeys!

        Dry “facts” don’t matter to the social hindbrain. It is position that matters. As one convict made clear to me, “you sweatin’ me, punk?”

        The problem is the hindbrain, running on deep instinct, is deucedly fast. It doesn’t waste time chewing its cud.

        Once triggered, it takes dominance; so hard to ‘talk’ it back, to bring the cascade of word associations back to neutral consideration.

      • who knows why some people – who should know better – keep on playing a bad hand, long after it’s clear that it is bad. but they do, and it is truly sad.

  38. There’s a laday a few doors down with the iconic “We believe in this house” lawn sign that diligently updates her decorations with whatever secular holiday is the current thing. On Juneteenth she had her BLM decorations out, for the rest of pride month she had diligently updated the flag to the newest intersectional type that looks like someone vomited a paint kit. Her car is also diligently decorated with the latest bumper stickers and slogans.

    If partriotism means love of country, she’s the most patriotic woman in our neighborhood.

    Other people try to wave American flags, shoot fireworks, and other passe items, but their patriotism might as well be to Narnia than a real country. They are starting to get the same reaction as people who post stale memes from ages ago.

    • All the people who regularly fly the flag in my neightborhood are just bugmen. Amazon and fedex deliveries everyday and driving a block to Walgreens. Never even seen one go for a walk or bike ride.
      I’ll bet inside they have the full cable package.

    • I noticed on the boob tube they were tasked with bridging pride month and its celebrations with the 4th of July as if trying to fashion it into one patriotic continuum. We beat the Brit’s then and we beat the bigots now. Yay! Time to celebrate.

      So 4th of July is now an LGBTQ holiday

      They’re probably the only ones who will be celebrating it

    • “Other people try to wave American flags, shoot fireworks, and other passe items, but their patriotism might as well be to Narnia than a real country.”

      It is, for more and more of those types, a big “fuck you” to the Regime.

    • I lost track of what all the different colors of the flag represent. Why don’t the freaks just fly a Jackson Pollock painting instead? Seems to me that should cover every possible type of degeneracy.

      • I never realized until you posted that JP was struggling all those years to create a rainbow flag instead of just selling multi colored canvasses to money launderers.


    • I have three “American Flags”. My father is a Vietnam combat vet suffering through Parkinson’s disease due to being doused with tons of agent Orange. I was a very patriotic man in my 30s. Now? I more apt to use the flag as a butt wipe than display it. This country is a foreign land. I do not recognize it and I have no love for it. The “America” I once knew is long gone and she is never coming back. I’ve accepted that now. Yes, I’ve grown to be hate-filled and I’ve had enough of the feral negros destroying everything in their path. The little brown men I now see everywhere with their dirty clothes and slovenly look. It’s all so tiresome. The Fourth of July is just another day off work for me now. For me, it’s all about patiently waiting for the day I have to defend my loved ones. I am both fearful of and looking forward to that day. Any “country” that tears down the statues of serious men to erect statues of low IQ, criminal negros is no country I feel any love towards. I will enjoy my day off and that’s it.

      On a side note, my band plays a country club Fourth of July party every year. The club is 99% white, wealthy conservatives. A few members of my band are lefties. They always insist that I play the star spangled banner, Jimi Hendrix style. I literally have to force myself to do it. It just doesn’t do anything for me anymore. Sad indeed.

  39. I know lol

    It’s like an historical holiday from a time that was eons ago. I think the cavemen celebrated the 4th of July. But I can’t remember. Been so long since we read about in school.

  40. Correct. But you can only divide and conquer so much – after a certain point people become so divided and fractious that a war of unification has to be fought.

    Best of luck on the battlefield fellas. May their body counts be high.

  41. Patriotism is a function of an individual’s birthplace, the home of his ancestors. The French are French patriots, the Turks are Turk patriots and so on. For any one individual it’s an accident of birth, there’s no other reason except that governments encourage the idea. That’s why treason is a crime.

    Unlike Americans, most of the rest of the world’s population realizes that the guys minding the store are crooks and thieves so their patriotism is focused far in the past. To some extent this is true of the Yankees as well but they are so naive as to regard the goofy outcomes of the so-called democratic process as making their patriotism legitimate. That does seem to be a fading phenomenon.

    • I disagree that patriotism is a function of an individuals birthplace.

      I know people from Greece who while proud to be Greek are American patriots. Same with some Korean folks I know and even a Russian.

      Patriotism is a result of love for ones country regardless of where he was born. Sadly, so many Americans hate patriotism like they hate God. I call them leftists.

      • No. They may love America, but that is not patriotic. One can only be patriotic for his own *patria*, the land of his father.

      • Hoagie: They may claim to love their version of “America,” but it’s not the heritage nation the holiday claims to celebrate, and the heritage people who founded said country would regard it as absurd to call them fellow Americans.

        Pride in their ethnic or racial heritage is not an inherently bad thing – but only when resident in their own heritage nations. In AINO, it means further dissolution of what historic America purportedly stood for and meant, and further disenfranchisement of its heritage people.

        • yes. Hyphen American patriotism does not exist. Americans have long been huffing the grateful rejoices of various invaders making good on the American Dream of economic success while their own posterity is replaced, co-opted, and hypothecated into oblivion. (The Chamber of Commerce Approves this message)

          Being thankful – and even grateful, for a nation that has opened its borders and bounty and goodwill to outsiders is a nice thing to demonstrate, but it is too often conflated by Heritage Americans with the duty and reverence for the People which made that all possible. Very different things.

          • Screwtape: Excellent explanation of an important distinction in meaning and intent. You’re a wise man. Hope life is treating you better of late, Sir.

      • Hoagie is correct—from his perspective of advanced age. I, like him, remember the “old” days growing up in multi-ethnic
        NYC. The White ethnies—Greece, Italy, Irish, etc. celebrated the 4th with zeal. The flags flew and the bands played. Yeah, there were Irish, Italian, Greek flags flown *behind* the multiple USA Stars and Stripes, but there was never the slightest doubt these people were Americans and proud of such designation.

        That *was* the concept of a melting pot and it worked—at least until the Leftists ascended and destroyed it. As they say, “you don’t know what you’ve lost til it’s gone”—but don’t kill Hoagie, the messenger. He serves a purpose here to remind us.

    • No, normal countries understand that they are a people and that the country is only valid because it represents the abstract version of themselves. They don’t need to flee to the past, they just don’t follow the institutional line about the “new patriotism”. They are not nearly as conflicted about the current thing because it does not counter the physical reality of the people as nation.

      The US is not a people so Americans have invested their patriotism into abstract forms like the flag, or Liberty etc which becomes a problem when the institutions and people who interpret the meaning of these abstract symbols deicde they represent a different narrative.

    • Go deeper.

      The root of patriotism (or similar group fealty) is evolutionary fitness. If your ancestors evolved in a particular environment, then you are descended from a people that are well adapted to that particular environment. Adaption is a fancy way of saying that your odds of survival are maximized if you stay in that environment, which ultimately means defending it as you would your own life. Therefore, the modern notion of patriotism is just a hardwired bias toward the environment of your ancestors.

  42. Goldman describes the three prior unifying identities as the covenant, the crucible and the creed. There is plenty to dispute in that description, but what the Chronicles review makes clear is that there is no obvious fourth option.

    Goldmansteinberg forgot to mention race.

    • Goldbergsilverstein wanted to add unlimited financial and military support to Israel as a unifying identity but did not have the balls.

    • The point of the statement was that there is no obvious fourth option TO UNIFY THE COUNTRY. 40% of the country is non-white off the bat. At least half of the white population sees the idea of white identity as evil. White conservatives often have religious or regional identities that are stronger than any generic white identity. This makes white identity has a non-starter as something that can unify the country. Again, that’s the point of the comment. White identity could at best used as the basis for a factional movement within a multi-racial society, like black nationalism or other kinds of identity politics. This point is obvious and is often repeated by white nationalists themselves.

      You people have no critical reading skills and think if it rains on a day you were planning on going for a picnic there’s some vast Jewish conspiracy behind it.

      • The point of the statement was that there is no obvious fourth option TO UNIFY THE COUNTRY. 40% of the country is non-white off the bat.

        Fair enough, but the solution is still racial: get rid of the non-whites and the country will unify. “Covenant, crucible and creed” are Mickey Mouse-words, vague abstractions like “liberty, equality and brotherhood.” Race, on the other hand, is extremely tangible and concrete, making it much easier to politick on.

        Rolling back the demography does not require cattle wagons or wooden doors, it just requires economic incentives: they came to America because of the money, they can be bribed to go back. They have no birthright to the land, America is European by the right of conquest.

        It’d take decades, maybe a century, but it is by no means inevitable that we should go into that good night, gently or otherwise. It is only within the last ten years that a non-insignificant number of white people have woken up to the fact that we are in a race war and whites will be the largest ethnic group in America for the next 100 years at least.

          • I don’t see why not. We hold all the aces, we’re just reluctant to play them.

        • I am reasonably sure the recent mass importation drive across Europe was intended as a mechanism to prevent societies re-organzining themselves after they collapsed the industrial base.

          Europe has pulled itself out of many issues, and I think they decided if you pollute the societies there is a huge impediment to pulling together internally.

  43. Connecting dots.

    Economic hardship begets desperation, which begets whining first and then action second when whining fails. For most, this progression will be street protests evolving into riots and mayhem in the cities. In suburban and rural areas, men will unite in militias and talk seriously of armed action. DC and local authorities will respond by unleashing LEOs, NGs, and Jackboots. As in Ukraine, white guys will start killing white guys in large numbers. Cloud People will smile at the deaths of competent alphas on both sides.

    That is one potential scenario. It leaves a lot of dead bodies in its wake.

    Or perhaps, the disease cells choose to leave when provided with a little motivation. Motivation borne of nobody in particular, unnoticed in the fog, unexpected, and impromptu. Smarter, not harder.

    • well maybe some of those white people need killing. not every sperm is precious, contra Monty Python.

  44. Canada’s the same. And today is our national holiday, so I can observe first-hand how dead the appeal of patriotism is here in the capital. I think what holds us together now is just some sort of “Pay me” attitude. It’s like being stuck in a job you hate just for the paycheque. The Mall of America has become America the Mall. People are here just for the goodies, such as they are.

    • and that is the fatal flaw in the GAE plan; they cannot provide enough goodies. people here for the gibs are well versed in rioting to get what you want. they won’t allow the GAE to rule onfce the gibs run out.

    • Waving the flag, singing the anthem and shooting fireworks on July 4th is not in itself nationalism or patriotism, but an expression thereof. You wave the flag BECAUSE you are a patriot, not to conjure up patriotism.

      Denmark has virtually none of such ado yet nationalist parties poll around 25% – no need for pageantry when you’re living in a white ethnostate where patriotism is taken for granted. The only people who celebrate Constitution Day are politicians – old politicians at that; the young ones are 100% globalist creatures.

      • Nationalist politicians (as opposed to parties – we have none) would poll about 60% here in the GAE if things were honest, but the GOPe and Dem tax drop it to 30%.

        The coordinated effort against any nationalist candidate by the entire establishment makes it nigh impossible. It still amazes me that Trump (tepid nationalist as he is) pulled off 2016. Maybe it was just a perfect storm not to be repeated (drawing Hildebeast as an opponent was a stroke of luck).

        • c matt: I think a civic nationalist candidate might get 60%. A genuine nationalist/natalist candidate would be lucky to get 25%.

          • A genuine nationalist/natalist candidate would be lucky to get 25%.

            That seems to be the roof in Europe at the moment, although in parliaments with anywhere from 6-12 parties, that would usually qualify for government seats.

            The problem is that the nationalist parties are being subverted as soon as they get within striking range of real power. Then you’re back to square one after having spent twenty years voting them up and the immigrants keep coming meanwhile.

            That’s also why a third party is no use: they’ll buy them just as cheaply as they bought the Republicrats.

        • It still amazes me that Trump (tepid nationalist as he is) pulled off 2016.

          And it terrifies the globalists; they’re not afraid of Trump himself – they invented him – they’re scared of the rapturous response he got by even breathing in the direction of a racial dog whistle.

          • Yep, which is why I’d be tempted to vote again if he runs. What have I got to lose?

    • The country is a shopping mall with the infrastructure of Haiti, in the tundra.

      A decorated soldier ruckwalked from Vancouver to Ottawa some 3,000 miles or so to protest the mandates, and you could not see a single non-white in the crowd cheering him on and walking with him to the tomb of the unknown soldier.

      Yesterday for the official Canada day festivities, concerts, fireworks and the rest, one is navigating through a mish mash of people, some dressed in red and waving the maple leaf, and English and French are barely heard. A tower of Babel on the ground.

  45. For our elites, patriotism is just a tool in their grift, to be used to fool the marks. That their fraud will destroy the very nation that supports them is the least of their concerns.

    Happily, Nemesis, the Goddess of Retribution, waits, impatiently, to punish the hubris of the proud and foolish

  46. ‘Regional, religious or racial identity, at least among the majority population, is dangerous, so it is forbidden.’

    No reason for white people to feel patriotic (in the sense of fealty to the state) when the state so clearly works against their interests and impoverishes and enfeebles them. An American acquaintance of mine once opined that the US state held together as long as there was prosperity. When that prosperity is a fading memory and the state squeezes its people to maintain the facade of empire for a privileged few, then patriotism goes out the window.

    For me the situation is reminiscent of the late 19th and early 20th century Ottoman Empire: the rot and decline was palpable. The glory days of Suleiman the Magnificent were a distant memory. The question was what would take its place. And that turned out to be ethno-nationalist Turkey. Likewise for the USA: it will splinter into smaller states, some (all?) of which will be along ethno-nationalist lines. This is something white people can surreptitiously plan for.

    • Whites will be lucky to get the reasonably benign treatment that religious/ethnic minorities got under the Ottoman millet system when we become the minority here in the future.

    • This was a prediction from Russian Kremlin analysts a decade or so ago—that the USA would fracture into ethnically defined regions. I didn’t see where that was off the mark as a valid analysis, just the timing is difficult to pinpoint.

  47. I was thinking that how can anyone be celebrating independence from the distant past when in the current we are living under tyranny. Might as well should be celebrating Zeus, that’s how irrelevant this holiday has become.

    • hahaha i swear i was just thinking that an offering to Zeus makes as much sense as celebrating the 4th!

      • Well, we (wife and I) *are* “celebrating” the 4th in a manner of sorts.

        We are invited over to a good friend’s home in the neighborhood and our/their children are coming into town and will be there as well. I could care less about the TV theatrics and fireworks on the Capital mall—here we have them (fireworks) on the golf course if that’s your thing. The grandchildren will surely be impressed. Let them, it’s their time to believe. The realities of life will engulf them soon enough.

        One should never miss any excuse to connect with good friends and family. I will drink too much and eat crappy food. In short, indulge. And tomorrow regret it all, I’m certain.

        If the right people are there, I will discuss some modifications to my “assault weapon” to compensate for my deteriorating eye sight. The wives will of course, ignore the men and do what they do best, connect with the grandchildren. Newest one, 6 mo. She has *red* hair—but no one else has. 😉

        With the men, I will discuss my latest acquisition, a Rhodesian Ridgeback—a 2 yo “rescue” which defied the local animal shelter’s ability to place as people here only to know how to handle pit-bulls and Chihuahuas. That’s an Hispanic thing—field dogs, not so much. Hell at my age, I might not have another hunting animal in me as well.

        So indeed, celebrate the 4th of July, but as discussed here, celibate the important things, not the illusionary—even if those around you do. Use any excuse to (re)connect, times are a changing as the say. Tomorrow is never a given.

        Happy 4th of July!

        • i hope you have a great day! i really like Ridgebacks; seem very capable.

    • “The only way to arrive at something close to a civil society again is by first removing the people in charge of the political and cultural institutions”

      Mrs. Noname and her friends are all fired up to “vote harder” this fall. My 12 year old asked her what was new with that Lin Wood fellow she used to talk about.

    • It’s worst than irrelevant. Its insulting.

      “Come on and celebrate your “Freedom” you stupid proles” is the message I get.

      I am uninspired to do anything except to reach for a weapon.


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