The Road To Revolution

Note: My Taki post is on the same topic as today’s post. Sunday Thoughts is on a short break for the holiday, but I did post this about our spoiled rulers.

For the longest time, Americans were told that class did not exist because in America anyone could grow up to be president. While theoretically true, everyone understood that this was never to be taken literally. It simply meant that if you worked hard and made the right choices, you could maximize your potential. A person born poor could become rich is they had the talent for it.

This has been true, at least as far as economics. Many of our rich people started out as modest men. Through good fortune and tenacity, they made billions. Even today you can go far if you know how to work the system. Ibram X. Kendi has made himself very rich working the race hustle. Robin DiAngelo got rich in the same hustle. Even these sorts of mediocrities found riches by working the right angles.

This economic egalitarianism has fooled people into thinking the same rules apply to the management of society. America is a democracy where the people pick their leaders and guide public policy. The fact this is not true and never had been true is something with which Americans have always struggled, but good times made it is easy to conceal, because the system seemed to be working.

Things have not been working for a couple of years now. In fact, the sense that things are going wrong has probably been with us since the Bush years. While the economic numbers given to us by the government painted a rosy picture, people were starting to question things when the Iraq War went bad. The sense that things were heading in the wrong direction grew during the Obama years.

The election of Donald Trump was confirmation that a significant share of the voting public was worried about the direction of things. He was a blow against the Deep State that was secretly rigging things in favor of certain elites. The response from Washington seemed to confirm that shadowy actors are putting their thumbs on the scale, eighty million of them perhaps, to alter outcomes in their favor.

The concept of the Deep State is another form of escapism. Instead of questioning the system itself, blame goes to invisible players who corrupt the system. Even the most unhappy people want to believe the system can work. Those shadowy players use this to pit one group of Americans against another. “It is the Left!” for some, “It is white supremacy” for others.

A recent poll claimed that most people think the government is completely corrupt and barely half trust election results. On the other hand, the overwhelming majority of Americans say they are proud to be an American. In fact, well over half say they are very or extremely proud. The fact that the poll headline suggests the opposite of the results could explain the apparent conflict in these polls.

People are starting to figure out that they are ruled by aliens and they have no peaceful way to alter this reality. The two parties are just two sock puppets operated by the people who are in charge. In the fall, one sock puppet will “win” the election, but they will just do all the same things the other party was doing. It will be done in the name of bipartisanship, which is when you are supposed to clap.

This is where that gap between the two polls creates trouble. The various campaigns waged by the ruling class over the last few years were intended to destroy pride in being an American, especially among a certain group. Instead, it has evolved a sense that the people in charge are alien and hostile. They have corrupted the people’s system for their benefit at the expense of the people.

In other words, the managerial elite wanted people to become more docile and dependent on the people running things. In order for that to happen the people needed to lose trust in themselves as “Americans”, whatever that means, and increase their trust in the experts running the system. What those two polls suggest is the exact opposite of what the managerial elite needs to happen.

Things will get interesting in the coming months as inflation, recession and supply chain problems eat into the economic wellbeing of the public. Again, people can and will tolerate just about anything if they have a good economy. Juvenal mocked this about the Romans and many do the same about Americans, but this practicality is the thing that makes civilized life possible.

People get political when forced into it. Bad times force people to look around and update their judgement about society. Those drag queen story hours piss off politically inclined people in good times. In bad times, they infuriate everyone else. In good times, a president who struggles to remember his own name and soils himself in public makes for some good jokes. In bad times it stops being funny.

None of this is to suggest that there is a revolution brewing. Right now, inflation is tolerable and gas prices are worrisome for most people. Revolution is a process that starts with a tiny minority realizing that the system is beyond reform. If they are right, this awareness slowly grows among the politically inclined, changing their rhetoric and how they engage with the public at large.

This is what happened when the colonies revolted 250 years ago. A sense of separation between the rulers and the people crept in like the fog. Some people never lost their connection to the king. Others lost it at the first sign of trouble. Most were in the middle somewhere, eventually coming around to the fact that they no longer had a natural bond to the people who claimed to rule over them.

The first rebellion in the colonies was close to a century before the big rebellion that led to independence. In 1676, Nathaniel Bacon led an army of 1,000 Virginia colonists against the governor William Berkeley. They suspected the governor was in league with the Indian tribes, which made him reluctant to go after the tribes that were massacring settlers on the frontier. That should sound familiar.

The fact is, there were many revolts, rebellions and insurrections prior to the war for independence, all of which stemmed from the same problem. The people in charge were not safeguarding the interests of the people. Often, they ignored their duty for personal gain. In time, the general population was in revolt spiritually, if not physically taking up arms. The result was inevitable.

This is where we are in America. Every day, more people have that revolution in the mind where they realize that it is the system that created these loathsome creatures who inhabit positions of authority. The system was not captured by them. The solution is to throw the whole thing into the ocean and start fresh. Perhaps in time January 6th will be Culpepper’s Rebellion or the War of the Regulation.

The American revolution was not a singular event. It was the culmination of a process that began generations earlier. The same is true of all revolutions. The events that made this day possible happened over a long period of time. Present day America is somewhere on the timeline, maybe closer to the end than most realize, but still not quite at the revolting stage. Time will tell.

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154 thoughts on “The Road To Revolution

  1. Revolution is elite on elite violence. What the Western and Westernized world is going through in demographic terms is more like the fall of Rome or the bronze age collapse, a sea change among the peasants rather than aristocracy.

  2. Re: “The concept of the Deep State is another form of escapism. Instead of questioning the system itself, blame goes to invisible players who corrupt the system.”

    That’s utter nonsense. If anything, Z Man, it is your understanding of the idea of the “deep state” and what it means which is flawed. “Deep State” is simply a means by which to refer to an organization within an organization, or in this instance, a government within a government. Another term for it would be “shadow government.”

    Bureaucracies of all kinds – including those in government – have informal networks which exist within them, to a greater or lesser extent. This can be as simple and harmless as a group of employees exchanging gossip and rumors by the water cooler or in the break room all the way to things as serious as the plotting of coups and the like, and anything in between.

    It isn’t the existence of the deep-state, per se, which is alarming – but the fact that an elite hostile to the United States has seized control of the U.S. government via its control of the deep state.

    Properly-used, the term is entirely legitimate when used by a historian or political scientist. And to a certain extent, specifics can be generated about the deep state: Who is in it, which organizations are run by it, its goals and so forth. Of course, no two people will define it precisely in the same manner, but that’s the nature of the scholarship surrounding the issue.

    • Yeah, that one bugged me, too. The term “deep state”, in as far as its usage witb most people, has been always rather consistent to a specific thing that only means that thing. It’s been remarkably resilient to compromise or corruption. It’s not like “the elite” where it’s so nebulous as to he meaningless, or “da joos” where the antisemites usually have to paw and scratch around if they can’t blame George Soros (if they can even be assed enough not to talk around the subject or talk in memes).

  3. I don’t think it helps to draw conclusions from history anymore. Everything has changed. The masses are the new elite, the new masters. Every individual’s voice can now be heard. Votes are old-hat; their representation is now global, in person, on a video screen. Movements like LGBwhatever have swept up suddenly and wrested the agenda completely from the politicians. The old elites are reduced to trying to stay relevant as they haemorrhage power.

    What I’m saying is that I do not see how the solution to immigration, for example, can come from the top-down. It’s a sociological not a political issue. Which is exactly why everyone is flailing around with no idea how to fix it. It won’t work to shock the ‘elites’ into fixing it because it’s not the 19th century – the elites don’t have that kind of power over the people any more, they just have lots of money that makes them look elite.

    The gatekeepers of the media have more power, but they are ordinary people who are bubbling up from below – and they may not even be part of the system, such as the Chinese owners of Tik-Tok. Even when the government owns the media, as with the BBC, the wrong people cannot be wrested from control because of the new forces of society. Government is now like herding cats, because the cat is out of the bag, and is largely female.

  4. Superb post from Z. This outlook is far more realistic than the idea that we are soon going to have a revolution or secede.

    What might make this revolution happen sooner rather than later is the rulers so openly hate normal white people and seek to destroy the Middle and working classes. The idea of being poorer tomorrow than today seems to have a strong appeal to young white women. I imagine even they will not be as enthused once there are breadlines. But who knows?

    Bernie tried to put a positive spin on breadlines in Cuba because they are egalitarian. Obviously the Castros stand in line like anyone else.

  5. Was away for the weekend, apologies if this has been pointed out already, but the LA Times bombing you mentioned in Taki was in 1910, not the year before the Wall Street bombing.

  6. Please celebrate today in typical American fashion:

    By drinking copious amounts of beer while handling live explosives!

  7. JR’s Rules of Government:

    1). All government is oligarchy in various forms.
    2). All oligarchies consider themselves the source of a nation’s success.
    3). All oligarchies consider failure to be an external event, unrelated to their governance.
    4). A failing oligarchy will take increasingly large gambles to consciously and subconsciously create a successful outcome that they can point to as a self justification of their control.
    6.) This leads to an event horizon. A terrible, ill-conceived gamble so awful that destroys the oligarchy, and it is replaced with a new oligarchy. The worse the destruction, the more complete the replacement.
    7.). At some point over thousands of years, each point was made by some philosopher, as there has been no original thought in centuries. So nothing here is original thought.

    Covid response, Ukraine War, etc., all failed gambles. What gamble will come in the next few years that destroys them? My guess, either MMT or war, or a combination of both. Should Pompeo become the next President, it’ll be war for sure. He’ll be, by far the biggest monster running on both sides of the aisle. And that’s saying something because it’ll be wall-to-wall ghouls.

    • Pretty much, although here “2). All oligarchies consider themselves the source of a nation’s success” I would submit the oligarchs largely are indifferent to a nation’s success or lack thereof as long as it doesn’t impact them directly. I don’t consider the Robber Barons as outright oligarchs for this reason, because they did feel the nation’s success and theirs were intertwined.

      Good comment.

    • TPTB are certainly trying to create an event horizon (or cross the Rubicon, if you’re classically inclined), in which case there’s no going back and society’s fate is sealed. I don’t believe they’re/we’re there yet; the horizon is tantalizingly close, and the river is more like the Amur or Amazon rather than that stream in Northern Italy. So I believe their implosion can still happen. If nothing else, Trump’s term in office revealed to me the loathsome Beltway Junta that seems motivated by School Days of Yore (“we shouldn’t have let him out of that locker.”) to seek payback and power at all costs over a hated citizenry numbering in the scores of millions. Well, hatred runs both ways…

    • I have to think the leading candidate for the proverbial straw is old Formosa. There’s a smooth-brained infrared meme that Chinese just love ducats so much as to be above Putinian “national glory” maneuvers and would never upset the apple cart. That may be wishcasting, I feel it is more Panglossian, but is a dumb take either way. As Z had said in a different, abortion-themed context: those who fight for money only fight to the point of diminishing marginal returns; those who don’t, fight until they win. The guy who retorts with economic rationales would be saying 95 years ago Adolf Headbanger won’t take over Europe because Germany needs to sell them VWs. Most expert explanations for everything tend to be some daft variation of this green-eyeshade analysis. Disclaimer: Not trying to make alarmist comparisons of Make All China One Again extremism (aka “ultra-MACOA”) with Volkswagen’s market-share initiative of 1939-45.

  8. Z quote below from a few weeks ago, on willful deceit of journalists and various talking heads. The paragraph is really on the mark. Because 1st. As an American you grow up trusting people rather than distrusting them. 2nd. If you grew up in the 70s and 80s, the deceit wasn’t as brazen or as tolerated.

    I trusted John Chancellor and Irving R. Levine. My dad would yell at them, so I knew not to fully trust them. But still thought they can’t be all THAT bad. And they weren’t.

    But the generations that took their place certainly are. They’ve been groomed for psychopathy. Up until about 8 years ago part of me still thought journalists reluctantly parroted BS. Reluctantly, because wanting to be a journalist supposedly goes with the desire to seek and broadcast the truth.

    Reluctantly, like you used to think of priests. They became priests to seek and render goodness. So it was kinda only by proximal circumstance and reluctantly that they touched kids inappropriately. But now as we know about journalists and many priests, they are criminally minded from the get-go, and seek jobs where they can put their evil to use.

    There’s the thinking that journalists and talking heads are still as we assume, “paid to lie”. I.e. reluctant liars. “They gotta mortgage to pay after all.” “I heard he loves golfing.” But that’s changed. It’s a dramatic change and it’s happed relatively recently. No more caring if he golfs. Lizards don’t golf.

    Zman: “Their job is to sell the official lies and they take that job seriously. At all levels of what is called journalism, you will find people who lie with enthusiasm. The selection pressure is all in favor of people who enjoy lying to the public. They like the scheming and the deception. Like all sociopaths, they are shameless about it. Shame requires a soul. As Solzhenitsyn put it, “We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying.”

    • Yeah, yeah, yeah. And the Javelin missile systems were supposed to make the tank obsolete. The Ukes throw them away the same way fwenchmen drop their rifles.

      We will see I suppose.

      • To be fair, it’s kind of a shitty deal to be a Javeline operator. They’re a PITA to use in an urban setting and mark your position like a Roman candle in open to sem-open areas.

  9. The American Revolution was kicked off when England, suffering lots of debts from the Seven Years War, did two things: A. radically increased taxes, and B. centralized administration away from the New England and Virginia elites to Royal Governors. At the same time the defeat of the French removed that threat from the Colonists.

    We are seeing some inklings of that now. Neither Musk nor Bezos will have their business nor space empires on Green Energy or Wokeness. The looming big defeat in Ukraine of most of their forces and the inability of Western nations to match Russian industrial military production is perhaps another. No revolution succeeds without some portion of elites supporting it. Perhaps this time the “Revolt of the Admirals” will be bigger in scope (the previous one was the Navy’s upheaval over Truman’s desire to draw them down to nothing in favor of the Air Force and Army). Neither Space X nor Blue Origin can run on wokeness, Shaniqua, Chen (who will send all the tech data to China) and imaginary green energy. I’ve never seen an all electric fighter jet either.

    • So what you’re saying is a bunch of colored ladies aren’t gonna be calculating launch coordinates?

  10. “The concept of the Deep State is another form of escapism. Instead of questioning the system itself, blame goes to invisible players who corrupt the system. ”

    As with “abduction.” you are once again giving words a definition to suit your argument. The Deep State is not a group of “invisible players” (unless you don’t want to look). Nor, as Republicans like to believe, is it the pencil pushers and paper shufflers of the DC bureaucracy. The Deep State, as revealed in Turkey as a result of the “Susurluk car crash incident,” is composed of elected officials, law enforcement (including the military), organized crime, and celebrities. .Each of these elements is quite visible (especially the first and last).

    • My personal perspective on the Deep State is that it is primarily composed of the unelected Uniparty bureaucrats, functionaries, MIC flotsam, and think tank plankton that have been gorging at the government trough in Jonestown, DC for 10, 20, 30, or even 40+ years.

      Their basic goal is eternal gorging at the trough, while constantly looking to add new helpings of slop to the trough.

      It is relatively anonymous compared to elected officials, but it is all too real.

      • 1. John Brennan.
        2. James Clapper.
        3. James Comey.
        4. Janet Yellen.
        5. Jerome Powell.
        6. Christopher Wray.

        That’s just starters with government/ex-government. We could then move to the MIC, then to finance.

        O’Meara is right on this one.

        • I left out “media,” and that is important because propaganda is a vital tool.

          It likely is a matter of semantics, and while that usually it is not in this case. “Deep State” is an abbreviated description of the unelected bureaucracy and substructure that serves the oligarchy. People tolerated it until the oligarchy became estranged from the rest of the population.

          “Deep State” as a description has a hit of conspiracism, which may not be helpful, but it is accurate.

          While the Pasha and, say, the Bill Gates types are in slightly different roles, those who empower them weren’t all that different outside of the technologies.

          • “It likely is a matter of semantics, and while that usually it is not in this case. “Deep State” is an abbreviated description of the unelected bureaucracy and substructure that serves the oligarchy.”

            Gawd. In English and abbreviated, dismissal as “semantics” usually is a dodge but not in this case.

      • I think Z is correct with regards to naming members of the deep state. I think we will never know who pulls the strings, and that the people listed here are Potemkin Players.

      • For a portrait of a Deep State, how about the three cofounders of the Center for Global Development think tank, which had a participating role in the recent G7 summit? Bios from wikipedia:

        Nancy Birdsall served for three years as Senior Associate and Director of the Economic Reform Project at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Her work at Carnegie focused on issues of globalization and inequality, as well as the reform of the international financial institutions. During 1993 to 1998, she oversaw a $30 billion public and private loan portfolio at the Inter-American Development Bank, the largest of the regional development banks. Before joining the Inter-American Development Bank, Birdsall spent 14 years in research, policy, and management positions at the World Bank.

        C. Fred Bergsten was a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations from 1967 to 1968. In 1969 he became assistant for international economic affairs to Henry Kissinger at the National Security Council where he coordinated US foreign economic policy until 1971. From 1972 to 1976 he was a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

        Edward W. Scott worked for the United States government for seventeen years. Scott served under seven Attorneys General, reaching the position of Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Administration in the Office of Management and Finance in the Department of Justice. He also served three Secretaries of Transportation.

        After leaving government service, Scott entered the technology industry, working for Computer Consoles Inc., Pyramid Technology and Sun Microsystems where he co-founded Sun Federal, which provided outsourcing services to the U.S. government.

        In 2002, Scott co-founded the advocacy organization DATA together with Bill Gates and George Soros. DATA has now joined forces with the ONE Campaign, which Bono co-founded.

        That’s what our Deep State looks like. Collections of sociopaths united by shadowy financial organizations to seize and wield government power on behalf of their benefactors.

        I’ll add one more name, to show how it works. One of the speakers at the G7 summit was Gyude Moore, a former minister of public works in Liberia. A curious background, until you consider: In 2007, Scott established and funded the Scott Family Liberia Fellows program, which provides a cadre of trained economists and development specialists that work directly for the cabinet secretaries of various Liberian ministries to assist the President of Liberia.

        Boom, Deep State.

  11. I see there has just been another mass shooting in Highland Park, chimpcongo – 6 dead/24 wounded. Perp described as White man. Cue the “we have to do something about guns” screeching to ramp up again. Of course nothing said about the other 70 odd shot w/7 dead over the previous three days…

    • Perpetrator not in custody?

      The whereabouts of Lon Horiuchi are unknown.

      And it wouldn’t surprise me.

  12. Zman: Off topic, but just read Gregory Hood’s column over at Unz. I used to read him regularly but the last few years I felt his formerly incisive writing had been heavily (and in my opinion) negatively muted – almost muzzled – by his connection with Jared Taylor’s Amren.

    Today’s post might have been written by you – including all dissident right standard language, acronyms, and the conclusion there is no way to fix or resolve anything other than through conflict, destruction, and other not-so-great things. I don’t expect you to answer me directly, but wonder if you two have been talking or he’s been reading here.

    • Thanks for the link, 3g.

      When Uncle Lloyd indulged in his typical black anti-White racism and ordered a “stand down” to root out “extremists,” like many I was outraged. Now, looking at the catastrophic and possibly fatal blow it has delivered to the Evil Empire’s janissaries, I’m glad he was such a nasty, despicable anti-White monster. Military families had warned their children and grandchildren about service to evil, but Uncle Lloyd likely did far better work to dissuade them. I recently learned Uncle Lloyd, the consummate negro grifter, still receives a check from Raytheon! It is simultaneously appalling and hilarious. No doubt Milley also is on the private as well as the public dole.

      The wicked state of Israel probably has noticed its sacrificial goys are down to nothing, and the betrayed Ukrainians likely have started to realize what a truly horrible “friend” the Empire is and how they have been exploited. The latter, as would be expected, started to make overtures to China long ago and likely will continue in that direction. I have found no word on how much the NBC Ukraine war-whoring fest raised last night, and that probably indicates not as much as was thought. Shanika and LeBron and Maria and Pablo aren’t going to fork over any dough “for” White folks, so if Chad and Becky didn’t, the appalling spectacle may have been a bust.

      I don’t think this is off topic at all. The death spiral of the Imperial military is a direct result of a segment of Whites’ revolution of the mind. That it would start with the military, the normal bastion of patriotism, makes perfect sense.

    • Thanks for that. I too thought he’d lost the laser thing that I’d admired. I’ll try again.

  13. Part of the problem is the that the US and, really, the world never recovered from the Great Financial Crisis. Since 2007, we’ve been in what one person called the Silent Depression.

    GDP growth broke off of a nearly 100-year trendline and can’t seem to get back on the track. GDP per capita growth over the past 15 years has been slower than any period in our history, worse than the Great Depression and the Long Depression of 1873 to 1896 – by far.

    Other metrics tell the same story. Industrial production is basically at the same level today as 2007. Fifteen years and zero increase in industrial production. Worker participation is much lower now than 2007.

    There’s a reason people are getting mad. Granted, we’re a much richer country now with far more govt support for the poor, which is why you don’t see people living on the streets like in the 1930s. But the fact is that something broke in the GFC and the world economy is sputtering at best. Covid made that situation worse, and now, we’re about to go into another recession.

    I doubt that this recession will cause the system to really break down, but it’s obvious that the system isn’t running right. The debt built up by govts to keep the economy moving the past 15 years can’t be repeated over the next 15 years. This means that if the Eurodollar system doesn’t fix itself, things are going to get a lot worse at some point over the next decade or so.

    You can already see the cracks in Japan and Europe, but my guess is that the Federal Reserve and Congress have more “get out of jai” free card to keep the system going a bit longer. But after that, it will be the center of the system – the US – that will falter and that’s when things get interesting.

    • hmmm, if the GAE breaks all the (other) major economies, or better yet, gets them involved in a massive war, that would leave AINO as last man standing; i.e. it’s a way to push the collapse off onto other countries. you don’t have to outrun the bear, you only have to outrun the other campers…

      • For the life of me, I can’t understand why Germany is following the US lead on Ukraine. Exchanging cheap Russian energy for expensive US and other countries energy directly lower your standard of living and make your industries far less competitive, which will also lower workers standard of living.

        It’s madness.

      • Holy crap. Germany’s trade balance just went negative for first time since 1952.

        You guys are committing economic suicide for this stupid war.

      • Sorry it was Germany’s first trade deficit since 1991, but that was caused be reunification with East Germany. This is the first deficit due to general economic conditions since 1952.

        At some point inflation and energy prices will come down, but the loss of cheap Russian energy will remain. Germany will permanently lose some of its competitiveness forever.


          • Madness for the Germans. Makes total sense for our rulers. Stopping the growing economic ties between Germany and Russia was a top goal of the neocons.

          • I would say the Germans have as much influence on the decisions as the population in the US does on its own politicians,

    • “Granted, we’re a much richer country now with far more govt support for the poor, which is why you don’t see people living on the streets like in the 1930s.”

      You mustn’t have been to California lately.

      • Any left coast city or town, & rapidly moving inland.
        The Taki piece nails it as well.
        As I prerpair to spend the day on the beach with my innocent grandchildren. My teeth grind.

    • The GAE may be richer on paper than it was in 2007, but how much of that wealth is real assets versus sheer printing?

      Strangling the availability of cheap, abundant, stable sources of energy and failing to develop new ones is literally the dumbest possible move the GAE could make at this juncture.

      I wish them luck running an aluminum smelter with solar power.

  14. Over at CTH, the Sundance theory is the “build back better” green energy revolution purposely being at the bottom of our current and exacerbating woes – while the rest of the world remains committed to producing things utilizing fossil fuels.

    And this is what I don’t get. Sure, TPTB/elite or whoever can apparently shove windmills, solar panels and bug burgers down our’s and Europe’s throats, doing nothing but destroying our economies and societies – but to what end? If the rest of the world simply says FO and die, what are the supposed “elite” going to do about it? Their green energy plan isn’t going to save the planet, just F their own people and ultimately themselves as well.

    They’ll just be ruling (they hope) over a burgeoning group of s***holes. The seeming insanity and rigid obtuseness of their actions recently is something to behold. I agree with TomA that in our accelerated world things will probably start getting real much more quickly than most expect or even half realize. Happy 4th – I guess.

    • So the goal is to f the west.

      That is it.

      There is no other motivation for the death cult.

      People just can’t seem to understand arsonists.

    • To piggyback on usNthem

      And maybe it has been elaborated on here.

      What is the endgame to “reducing” world population? Why screw things up? If the population goes from 7 billion to half a billion, how in the world does that affect/improve the lives of the people trying for that result.

      The reality is Klaudia and Bill will never come into contact, or be affected by me or my people. There is no reason for it.

      What we do, or don’t do, has no real effect on their lives.

      I’m reminded of old comic books where the super villain wants to “destroy the world”!

      To what end?

      • I don’t see much population reduction measures being targeted outside white countries

          • Who cares, that only happens if we are all dead or in starvation mode.

            So population control for the 3rd world is to kill the 1st?

            Hardly a direct measure.

          • well, it will have a negative effect on world population, which was the point being discussed.

      • Bartleby: You’re thinking rationally again. Since you are normal, you merely want to be left alone to live your life to the best of your natural ability. Other people have more grandiose goals. They not only enjoy bossing others around; they feel they have a moral duty to do so because of their self-conceived superior vision or intellect or ability. They can see and understand things you could not possibly understand, so they will take you in hand. And if you’re superfluous to their plans, or in any way a hindrance to them, you will be removed. For some of them, it’s nothing personal – merely in the name of efficiency and the greater good. For others, it is quite personal – they hate you and they want you dead.

    • Delilah Option

      Explains much of recent Biden activity.
      Samson cuts off his own hair.
      Hilarity ensues.

      Borders opened.
      Communities ruined.
      Inflation soars.
      Crime rampant.
      DA and Court decline prosecution.
      Schools ruined.
      People Die.
      Thanks Dems.

    • These are people that are f**ing the West for decades or centuries now and they get wealthier and wealthier and more and more powerful.

      They cannot conceive a different world. Could you conceive a world where the sky is green?

      They really think they are saving the planet and Western civilization. If the proles suffer, you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs. They think they will rule no matter what happens. Of course, they like bossing people around and see themselves in a grandiose role, as the ones who are going to take humankind to the next step of evolution. They are selfish but they rationalize this selfishness with their utopian vision.

      This is why China and Russia get on their nerves. They thought they were the only game in town and they were going to submit China and Russia and lord the entire humanity. Now they see that parts of the world are escaping from their control. This contradicts their utopian vision and cannot bear it, the same way a transgender cannot bear being called “a man”. It breaks their entire worldview.

      • Imnobody00

        Getting wealthier and wealthier, and, believing they are saving the planet are two different things.

        First, at some point, it doesn’t natter if Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos has the largest amount of cash. The point of cash is doing something with it, and I’m pretty sure there’s nothing they can’t do.

        Second, there has to be at least a few people in their inner circle that knows that the climate hysteria is just that.

        Climates change and go through cycles all the time. There’s not much that us puny humans can do to really alter events,(short of a nuclear exchange).

        Refer to an earlier comment I posted earlier.

        And I agree with 3g4me

        I just want to be left alone. Unfortunately, President Davis had the same sentiment, and we see how that turned out.

  15. “Revolution?” You say? I was at my rural Southern county’s dump the other day and this pudgy young White man with a full beard came rolling in driving his $70,000 diesel 4×4 truck with the lift kit and the giant tires. The truck’s rear window was plastered with the typical deer antler stickers, Punisher stickers, etc., etc.

    While he was throwing out his trash we were treated to God-awful Rap blaring out of his truck with “lyrics” ( in between the ” motherf*****s”, “bitches,” and ” hoes”) ranting about “White privilege,” and de-funding/killing police.

    What insanity created this? I see it everywhere even here in the “conservative” South. You gonna lead a revolution with this? You’re going to build an ethnostate with this?

    There’s a “revolution” going on right now all right only its real name is collapse . The naggers are killing dozens every weekend in American urban shitholes with little or no consequence. They and their worthless White Zoomers can riot, burn, and kill with State protection. And the strongest White boys become “Wiggers” and share their women with the naggers. The rest of the White boys are simply eunuchs, queer, or addicts. No revolution only collapse, anarchy, then who knows what await.

    Sorry for the Black Pill but i see no way freedom much less the White race escapes extinction. Happy “Independence” Day.

    • I have heard the same rap music blaring from from lifted 4×4 pickups in my area of the rural Rocky Mountain west. In my day you would have heard Hank Williams Jr. blasting from these trucks. Black “culture” is now the default in America.

      • Whatever is pushed through the media is the culture. If you change it that is what people emulate. Its not complicated.

        People have the culture space filled by that which is chosen for them and force fed to them.

    • Carl B: Which is why media control is a must. It all comes down to who has that control and how they exercise it. It must be White men removing the poison and steering the tastes and inclinations of White people. And it will require some equivalent of the biblical 40 years in the desert to get the general population accustomed to the normal (music, art, architecture, fashion, etc.) rather than the perverted.

        • Bartleby: Depends on who, what, when, and where. Today, for dissidents, absolutely we need to ignore the media messaging. It is designed to beguile you, confuse you, make you feel isolated and as though you’re an oddity.

          In a White ethnostate, if what people see and hear (tv, movies, music, etc.) is controlled in a positive way, they won’t need to ignore (and any incipient leftists who attempt to subvert it need to be banished). I seriously doubt White people would come up with something like ‘twerking’ on their own, or other sub-saharan degeneracies, if their access to such filth was totally cut off.

    • What insanity created this?

      It’s an expression of male insecurity, most of which stems from being raised by a single mom and/or a passive dad. Alternatively, this behavior is common in young men that work soft jobs, so they’re overcompensating. Kind of like how the owner of a construction business has a truck that is nicer and pricier than his employees, but no longer has the muscle memory to work a power tool. He’s making his status explicit because it’s not obvious.

    • Yeah. Even Nick Fuentes and AFPAC were using that degenerate music as their sound track. A white nationalist soundtrack of digital samples based on an, “art” from from the Bronx. Agreed. Whitey can’t seem to hi-seff together.

      My favorite commentary on, “hip-hop”, was in The Sopranos when Christopher wanted to be a music producer. One of the family, said something like, “Rap!?!? You can’t rap!” Christopher says, “Sure I can. It’s easy. My b***h my hoe my hoe my b***h.” Pure genius.

      You would think Fuentes would get some Pantera together, but probably doesn’t know who that is. Even better, find someone who is writing some excellent music today. It’s a black pill day as the gravity of the drain seems to be pulling everything down in circles

  16. A lot of the former Roman provinces never had to fight for their independence. Like Britain, eventually Rome couldn’t effectively project its power that far. And then it was gone, and life went on.

    As many guns and bullets and federal troops as the IRS has at its disposal, it’s not nearly enough.

    Despite what Congressman Swalwell thinks, nukes, missiles and drones are pretty poor at obtaining tax compliance.

    The army is nearly 25% short on its recruiting goals. Turns out aggressive young men don’t want to kow-tow to Captain Becky and Trans Sgt. Vaginisha.

    Time is coming again when the revenuers head up old Rocky Top and never come down.

  17. The only bipartisanship that the Dems are interested in is the Repubs doing exactly what the Dems want. I’m getting the impression that the Dems are starting to think that they are now strong enough that they can do without the Repubs entirely. A few Repubs are beginning to twig that there’s nothing but oblivion for them in bipartisanship.

    • i definitely get that impression, but see the gop as becoming even more craven and transparent in their treachery. unfortunately both parties seem to have decided gop voters can be played endlessly without consequences; evidence so far is they are correct.

        • He should be the subject of a recall campaign rather than be allowed to ride out his term. The fact that one has not emerged yet speaks volumes about where we are at.

  18. Oh, I don’t know about you, Z, but I find this stage pretty revolting.

  19. Thanks for another incisive essay. Taught me some history I didn’t know.

    It’s always been true, to some extent, that a person with talent, skills and probably, a good deal of luck, could advance in the world. He might not become a member of the 1%, but if one’s parents were share-croppers and one advanced to owning a small farm and raising a family, that was progress in relative terms. Of course, in eve the freest societies, such success could not be guaranteed for all, nor even the majority. Even the days when a person with a grade school education could make enough to at least support himself, but sometimes also fund a lower middle-class existence, by working at the factory, are long gone. Such affluence and opportunity are very much the exception, not the rule, in world history and even in the modern world.
    Working against that would be the rigidity of the culture a person lived in. In many time and places, a society has caste systems, forms of servitude, and other hierarchy that all but stifles social mobility. Buddha’s teachings of equality aside, no Chandala ever married into a Brahmin family. Stories of the commoner who rose to nobility or royalty (e.g. Old Testament) should be considered didactic not historical accounts. Sure, it probably happened once or twice in history, but very much the exception, not the rule. Oliver Cromwell ruled England for a time, but that did not make him a member of nobility or a royal house.

    An often overlooked feature of this is that hereditary, or strict social, hierarchies also work the opposite way. Or to be more precise, they don’t work very well. It should be obvious that in any society, the 1%, the elite, the nobility, are a tiny fraction of the population. Being better or superior is usually measured by riches or power, not necessarily by innate ability. Societies whose rulers were strictly hereditary, whether ancient Rome or Europe well into modern times, suffer all the disadvantages of a vanishingly small pool of candidates. Arranged marriages and the tendency to inbreed didn’t help matters.

    Anything resembling meritocracy, too is very much the exception in world history. In some ancient Greek states if a local ruler noted a peon of unusual talent, he would likely be killed; the serf was seen as a threat or at the least a future competitor. The Soviets had no problem sending some of their best and brightest to the firing squad or a Gulag. For all their claimed intellectual sophistication, apparently they didn’t understand that sending a physicist, a physician or a philosopher to hoe cabbages or work in a mine was not an optimal use of scarce resources.

    Increasingly much of the West’s so-called “Elite” is selected based upon who they know, not what they know. For all its other advantages, this problem remains even in more open societies like the USA. It’s extremely rare that the scion of a successful politician, tycoon or other figure of unusual achievement comes anywhere near equaling the accomplishments of his ancestor. Examples are sparse, but consider George H. W. Bush compared to his father or grandfather. Yes, there sometimes are “dynasties,” but they’re more likely corporate (e.g. the Rothschilds) rather than a political family.
    A far more likely outcome is a Chelsea Clinton. Sure, she went to the finest schools, has a trust fund that would last many lifetimes. She has connections. She has an easy job somewhere if she wants one. But she’ll never amount to anything special, nor equal either of her parents in fame or power. Muck like a pop singer or sports hero lending his name to sell a product, that’s about the best use that can be made of a Chelsea. Indeed, save a few cases, one would be hard-pressed to find even a 2nd generation of rich/famous/powerful parents that actually accomplished anything that wasn’t completely bought and paid for by Mommy and Daddy.

    The same principles whether regression to the mean or the whims of Lady Luck, affect everyone, rich or poor, smart or dumb, genius or fool.

    • Modern society idolizes human mobility, but human mobility is only good in small doses.

      Of course the Middle Ages were poorer than our time: the technology was primitive so it could not produce so much wealth (low productivity). But was the social system inferior to ours? I doubt it. Our social system requires wasting lots of money only to continue. The medieval system was very efficient and worked very well with very little money.

      In every society, there were paths for the capable to get to the top. The Middle Ages were not an exception. Becket ended up as a minister of the King and, then, archbishop of Canterbury. Competent people did not usually get the status associated to the nobility or royalty, but they lived very good lives and they could have lots of power behind the scenes.

      We only know the lives of the people who were close to kings, but it is obvious that there were people that were close to nobles, knights, lords or mayors. You could also be a monk or priest and devote yourself to teaching, study or scheming. So if you were capable, you had opportunities.

      There were different ways to deal with a royal family that had become decadent. They were usually ministers that had the real power in those kinds of decadent families. The war between princes selected the most competent king (in war, but war is leading people). If things got bad, a new dynasty was founded. This way, the Carolingians replaced the Merovingians, having been the hereditary ministers of the Merovingians before.

      The same way, noble families being decadent were dealt the same way. How do you deal with our decadent elite now? They are really incompetent but there is no way to improve them, short of collapse of the society.

      The system worked with noble families being a proxy for intelligent and competence people, because of being selected this way, marrying each other and inheriting the intelligence and competence of their parents. (Intelligence is hereditary and Bill and Hilary are not especially intelligent).

      In fact, Gregory Clark shows in “the Son also Rises” and “For Whom the Bell Curve Tolls” that human mobility depends on genetics and hence it is the same in democratic or communist societies than in medieval societies.

      So what is the difference with now? In the Middle Ages, the capable people could have a good life. The dumb people lived a normal life (it was the normal life of his time when technology was primitive and productivity low). So this was the same.

      The difference are the midwits. Midwits could not climb this hierarchy and had to work themselves. Today midwits think they are entitled to a good white collar job, because they feel superior to the “peasants”, only because they have gone to college and learned nothing useful (Full disclaimer: I have a PhD, a Bachelor’s and two masters so I am not speaking out of envy). They get this job squeezing the “peasants” with taxes. Peter Turchin calls it “overproduction of elites” (but he means “overproduction of candidates to elite”)

      This had very good consequences. There was not this obsession with status that we have in the modern world. If somebody saw somebody having better life than him, he could say: “Of course, he is a lord and I am not”. Today he says: “We are equal and he has more. So he has taken this from me”. This is an engine producing ressentiment, envy, high taxes and dispossession of the “peasants” to fund a parasitical army of midwits.

      • “(Intelligence is hereditary and Bill and Hilary are not especially intelligent)”

        Yes, but that doesn’t exclude those with a lucky toss of the genetic dice. No fan of Bill and Hilary, but I doubt one can call them intellectual mediocrities nor imply they were at best midwits, albeit both were abject sociopaths with a will to power that is abhorrent.

        Here’s Bill’s education: “Clinton was born and raised in Arkansas and attended Georgetown University. He received a Rhodes Scholarship to study at University College, Oxford, and he later graduated from Yale Law School.”

        This was late 60’s and early 70’s before a lot of the AA and woke stuff took hold. I’d have to say both these folk were bright people (Bill and Hillary met at Yale Law, which is one of the Ivy league top ten Law schools.)

        • Compsci, you seem to be precluding the possibility that the Psychological Testing & Selection Industrial Complex was not already fully functioning in the 1960s – that there were not already men in oxford cloth shirts and bow ties whose job it was to identify & select the most “promising” students, and move those students into Rhodes Scholarships and Ivy League law degrees.

          There seems to be a rather strong samizdat consensus which holds that Bill Clinton was working for the CIA during his Rhodes, and that Stanley Armour Dunham & Madelyn Payne Dunham were moving all over the country in the employ of the CIA and/or the DIA.

          Many of the Samizdats whom I follow don’t even trust Ron DeSantis for that very reason – how did he compromise his soul in order to get the slot at Harvard Law?

          PS: I have no earthly idea who the he11 was Creepy Tater Joe’s Godfather in the Deep State; I only know that somebody was guiding his career – his IQ is way too low to have experienced the success he’s had in this life [I’m old enough to remember Creepy Tater Joe plagiarizing Neil Kinnock, way the heck back in 1987].

          If I had to guess, I’d say that Creepy Tater Joe’s handler was likely both a jesuit and a paedophile [which is practically redundant to say], but, beyond that, who knows?

          [William Donovan died in 1959, but it’s possible that Donovan had placed enough young jesuits in the CIA that one of them grew up to be Creepy Tater Joe’s handler, circa the early 1970s.]

        • No doubt some grooming involved to get them in the right places. Bill C I will agree was intelligent and a sociopath. Hildebeast not dumb, not that intelligent either. But just as sociopath and far more ruthless.

  20. Things change slowly until they change very fast, and our modern world is hyper-accelerated in terms of significant change. For example, worldwide connectivity via the internet, ubiquitous smart phone addiction, social media mass indoctrination, and prolonged affluence via money printing have changed the human animal in ways not possible at any other time in history. And all of this in the span of two generations. Stability is much more precarious now than in other eras of similar societal dysfunction. We have become a decadent people and those chickens are coming home to roost.

    There will be another pandemic soon because the man-made mRNA vaccine has fundamentally destroyed our ancestral immune robustness, and it will be much worse. Two years of lost productivity were papered over with $6 trillion in new fiat spending, but you can’t play that card again without triggering hyper-inflation. There is no magic button to push that will defer the collapse again. The chaos is coming, be in a safe place to survive the initial CRAZY, then use the fog and be the remedy.

      • “mRNA will weed out the normies nicely. plus a bunch of TPTB.”

        The true PTB didn’t get the vax. The lower levels got the saline injection placebos.

        • That is a common myth. Like many good “conspiracy theories,” however, it seems to have many weaknesses. Not the least would be the sheer number of conspirators involved, would greatly increase the chance of discovery.

          Major point: a lot of the elite are legally exempt from any vax mandates. So if they lied, how would we know?

          In the meantime, as evidence to the contrary, I submit you recent news of Dr. Fauci’s condition, or last October with California Governor Newsom. These are hardly lower level pawns, and by all reports (or implication in Newsom’s case) they took the jabs and/or suffer side effects. You can find many more examples of famous people who may have suffered same.

          • If you can prove they took the vax, please do. But, no one can, can they? And Newsome and Fauci are lower level players. They are the cardboard cutouts to put in front of the cameras.

          • Like the lockdown conspiracy theory, and the forced masking conspiracy theory, and the massive overinflation of death numbers conspiracy theory, and the suppression of actual treatment conspiracy theory, and the emergency use for an approach that had never made it past Phase 1 conspiracy theory, and the vex passport conspiracy theory, and the massive side effects cover up conspiracy theory,

          • Don’t forget, ” the 193 (or was it 194?) governments that all lined up to respond to a bad cold in exactly the same fashion,” conspiracy theory!

        • i agree some TPTB didn’t get the vaxx, but plenty of them are dropping now. and did they really tell their entire extended families about the risk? seeing congressmen and senators getting strokes and heart attacks. doesn’t matter because all the lower levels of the pyramid (military and police etc) did get vaxxed, and thus will not be to inclined to protect TPTB. asi have said before, they don’t like to share the goodies…

          • “i agree some TPTB didn’t get the vaxx, but plenty of them are dropping now.”

            We would have to define TPTB. To me, it is the ones making the decisions. The decisions to create vaccines that will not work as advertised but create a few more trillions for TPTB. Or, even worse, the decision to create a “vaccine” advertised to “prevent” a flu-like virus from destroying the world (the sky is falling, the sky is falling), but is, in fact, designed to cull a few billion people from the planet. If one, or both of those is true, why would someone that knew these intentions actually get the vaccine? Especially since there are already more effective alternatives, if you travel in the right circles. And can you name some of TPTB that are dropping now? Again, Senators and Congressmen don’t count, since they are merely the frontmen to siphon off the wealth of the planet, not TPTB.

        • Anonymous White Male: Agreed. Witness the congressman’s daughter (Gwen Casten) who “died suddenly in her sleep” at age 17. We have no way of knowing who took the same vax as the proles and who got saline and who got something else – the hierarchy is not merely based on public position. Those who believe Rob Goldstein of Black Rock got the same ‘jab’ as Gwen strike me as a bit too credulous.

    • Brother in law got the vax for work, with his logic being in his stint in the military they already injected him with worse stuff. Got bedridden sick with the coof a couple months after getting the vax. Not a happy camper.

      Don’t think it will be apocalyptic, but a good chance the, long-term, the vax will supress the immune system of people by a decent percentage where the healthy are still mostly okay but people on the edge will start crushing our health care system.

      Fertility will be a different story. Very healthy women will have slightly less fertility, while women already having trouble ill now find it impossible. We’re already seeing strange drops in fertility in some Western countries.

      • I too tend to dismiss the apocalyptic. But even that said, we still likely face dramatic health issues now and for many years.

        The fertility drops are rather dramatic, per some accounts I read. The mRNA jabs are largely worthless; have you noticed how many times Officialdom has “revised” their official message? First the shot will give immunity, no wait, it’ll protect against severe disease, um, no sorry, well the first two wear off quickly, so please get a booster, OK?

        Fauci, the official cheerleader of all Covid-19 propaganda if there is one, is reportedly already jabbed four times, and on his second course of Paxlovid.

        More ominously, the excess deaths in many places is up dramatically. Here in Florida more died in 2021 than 2020 and the biggest jumps were in middle ages, not the elderly. By some (suppressed) reports, incidence of cancers, heart issues, etc. is way up even in healthy populations (e.g. the DMED scandal of Jan./Feb.

        Most ominous of all, in my opinion, is the continuing push to jab any and all with mRNA and even deploy new ones, despite the abundant “safety signals” (indications of injury and death) that to all appearances, are studiously ignored and denied by Pharma, its alleged regulators, the media, nearly everyone.

        Most of us here probably are dissident and mostly distrustful of institutions. But are you really aware of the extent of the corruption, the lies, the cover-ups, that exist around these topics (and others)? It’s really no exaggeration to say that, in the case of the Covid-19 meds, the entire system, from Pharma, to FDA/CDC/other regulators, politicians, major media, is totally bought and paid for.

        Consider this recent example: The government has no problem shuttering a baby formula factory for some health violation that may have caused a handful of injuries or deaths. Yet here we are, about a year and a half into a worldwide deployment of a product (mRNA) in the billions of doses, that was never adequately tested, is demonstrably ineffective and probably quite dangerous, and officialdom doesn’t want to discuss it, or outright denies that problems exist. Now we’re injecting it into babies.

        That, and what it implies, may turn out to be far deadlier than the mere deaths and injuries from the mRNA jabs.

        • it’s incredible to me they are recommending young children get these jabs. sadly many parents will do this…

          • karl von hungus: What they’re injecting in babies and toddlers is criminal – just as those parents who take their little ones to drag queen story hour or pride parades are criminal. But then one gets into proposed ‘licensing’ of parents and that is a different ball of wax. Social pressure and religious mores used to keep the worst in line, but no more.

          • The approval for children is all about getting immunity from all lawsuits, which happens when a drug is placed on the childhood vaccine recommendation list. The gullible parents that actually follow through is just a bonus.

          • @DLS

            I disagree. its about injecting children to damage them.

            Don’t look for other sliding answers.

          • @Trumpton

            It’s likely all of the above, plus eliminating the unvaxxed control group, so the increasing side-effects can be passed off as natural. We already see attempts to explain away myocarditis, bell’s palsy and strokes in the young as illnesses that has always occurred. They will soon start increasing the pre-covid counts of these rare afflictions to flatten the curve.

        • The RONA second wave is going to start killing off a lot of children in large numbers, and when that happens, Normies are going to be looking for someone to blame. The MSM is going to run with a preplanned campaign of blaming the unvaxxed, but that won’t fly except with diehard Leftists. More likely, the anger will spread quickly and widely via internet testimonials and a few RINOs running to the podium to blame both Trump and Biden for the genocide. This could be the match that ignites the inferno.

        • “More ominously, the excess deaths in many places is up dramatically. ”

          Yes, excess deaths are up pretty much all over and especially where lots of Covid restrictions were implemented. Of course the reasons are multi-factored and will be argued over for years to come. You’ve mentioned just a couple of them.

          However, outside of basic conspiracy theories, has one considered that we as a people/nation are simply getting stupider? Yes, I’m talking IQ decline–as in “Critical Fraction Theory”.

          Ben you’ve mentioned many things related to mRNA vaccine, but could a large part also be that the research (corrupted as we know it to be) is simply being performed by folks not at a sufficiently high level of intellect to understand what they don’t know and therefore not looking for many of the currently discovered adverse reactions?

          Vaccine aside, there are any number of other indications of the CFT taking effect. For example, the Florida condo collapse!

          Multiple inspections by different “certified” inspectors–both State and private–failed to take action on gross structural defects seen and documented for years before the collapse. No one it seems had the knowledge to imagine the ramifications of what they were looking at. And of course this was 40 years after the original design and construction company set the faulty piers in place–because they did *not* understand the dynamics of the ground they were building upon.

          Anyway, I could go on, but the point is this: Why spin multiple conspiracy theories of one failure after another when they might mostly be all assumed under a theory of an intellectually decaying society.

  21. I started to suspect. back in May, that you were closing off all other avenues and that today would be Revolution Day.

  22. Not to rain on a nascent revolutionalry parade but those who emerge as leaders of the ruling class aren’t stupid and likely foresee this possibility.Means of suppression may be at hand that weren’t avaialbe to Lord North and the Brits who were more intersted in India anyway. Eaqually likely may be the long, slow impoverishment of a demographically divided people and the withdrawal of ruling class governance with its replacement by chaos, local warlords and small scale village economies.

    I think Rod Dreher, who appears to lack the courage or, at least, the inclination to pursue his convictions, was onto something with the Ben Op.

    • The Benedict option is not on the table. They will crush any pockets that go against The Message. There’s a line between resisting and gaining power and actions that are going to put a big bullseye on your organization to be crushed, and dissidents are going to have to figure out that line.

      • The Benedict Option always reminded me of the line from The Architect in the Matrix:

        “There are levels of survival we are prepared to accept.”

        Honestly, I think the BO is not only possible, but inevitable. But it won’t be pleasant; I doubt even Rod Dreher wouldn’t be willing to compromise…A enjoy the benefits of loyalty to the oligarchy.

        (He seems sincere, but he’s run from Protestantism, to Catholicism, to Orthodox. Now he’s divorced. He’s not the sort who’ll commit to a faith, warts and all. The perfect bugman.)

    • those means of suppression have been undermined along with the wider economy. nothing lasts forever so by definition AINO will fall. maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day, but it will fall. if TPTB continue undermining their own position their fall will be a lot sooner than if they were remotely competent. their blindness to how the world really works is a huge impediment to sustained power.

      • Reminds me of the Roman siege of Jerusalem ca 70 AD. The Israelites dug a tunnel under the outer wall and did a surprise attack on the Romans destroying a lot of the Roman siege equipment. Of course, that tunnel undermined the integrity of the outer wall foundation causing it to collapse

  23. When I lived in China, and I was younger and certainly not on this side of the great divide, I was curious why the Chinese people accepted their rotten government or at least seemed carefree about it. They all lived in what was, to my eyes, a dreary urban ghetto of apartment dwellers. They thought they were well-off and lived in a great rising civilization, but there were areas of north St. Louis that looked nicer. Furthermore they were bombarded by media propaganda and were constantly on-guard from everyday hucksters and schemers. I wondered why the people didn’t get fed up and revolt. A new 1912. Gordon Chang certainly was on the edge of his seat. As were the Bush types who sincerely believed the liberal democracy was a gift from God and not some Anglo obsession.

    Well the answer was two reasons: most Chinese over 40 had suffered some extreme hardship. Almost all were born in poverty. Now they had all the noodle bowls they could afford, plus nifty consumer products. Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Beijing were gleaming. They could go abroad. Exposure to the great materialism of the West did not make them ashamed of the CCP. In fact many of them didn’t even associate Mao with CCP evils, any more than blacks associate Democrats with Jim Crow.

    It really is all about the stomach and comfort, with a touch of hopefulness. The Chinese are on the way up, and the West is on the way down. And I wonder how Americans would react to real discomfort. I don’t think there’s ever been a people as well-off and well-fed as Americans in world history. Now we are looking at privation.

    • The GAE recently challenged the Russian Federation to a suffering contest.

      Is there any doubt as to the outcome?

    • Very interesting analysis. China was always the great exception when correlating the IQs of countries/races to their prosperity and technological advancement. I had always assumed the Chinese IQ bell curve was very wide but relatively flat, and mixed with docility and outsized respect for authority, kept the country from thriving. I still don’t really understand it.

    • The body count of the “Great Leap Forward” is staggering, though. Mass famine, political torture and execution would make the lives you describe look attractive by comparison.

  24. The fact that every American President has been within 6 degrees genetically of the British Royals should also tell us something..but these days our alien rulers are usually hidden behind the WH puppet…

    • Not many Anglo descended whites are more than about 4 degrees.
      I bet Barry the Kenyan meets your metric.

    • Only 7 US presidents out of 45 had brown eyes. And one of those (Obama) is not a real data point for obvious reasons. Of the other 38, almost all had blue eyes, with a few having hazel. But less than 20% of Americans have blue eyes, though this was obviously higher before we merged with Mexico.

  25. Two men, Jose Zendejas and Benito Madrigal, got busted a couple weeks back at a routine traffic stop with one-hundred and fifty thousand fentanyl pills. The two were released—via court order—on their own recognizance with a date to appear a couple weeks later. Typically people get these “summons” when they get caught stealing a refrigerator during a riot in a blue city. But these kids had enough dope to literally kill a small town.

    Part of it might be that the Chinese have very long memories, and are getting back at us for David Sassoon and Warren Delano subsidizing opium production in China, but it’s also obviously a psyop meant to destroy morale, a literal depressant, and the most dangerous synthetic out there.

    I went to the grocery store the other day and there was a tiny undersized Fourth of July display out front. Just a couple of ratty pennant flags made in China, and some tinny speakers playing that greasy faux folksy countrypolitan music I hate. Lee Greenwood talking about how them towelheads blew up the towers and made Lady Liberty cry. Nobody’s falling for it anymore, and even if they did, only something like one in five kids is able to pass the Army physical fitness test. Add in the ASVAB intelligence battery and it’s down to something like one in ten. A recent West Point study showed that, because our food is basically poison, most kids don’t even have the bone density to do do physical activity. They’re putting these recruits on Ensure in basic training. I’m sure Putin and Xi Jinping are shaking in their boots just thinking about the Metamucil Brigade coming over the horizon to kick their butts.

    • …because our food is basically poison, most kids don’t even have the bone density to do do physical activity.

      Going off on a tangent here, but I don’t think it’s the food. European regulations are much tighter than in the US, yet we suffer the same lifestyle diseases you do. The problem with feeble youngsters is that they’re sat before the screen all day, not that they eat shit; a human can survive almost indefinitely on potatoes and a few rashers of bacon a week.

      (Best thing about America is beef fed on hormones and antibiotics, making it juicy and tender. Try ordering a steak next time you visit Europe.)

      • The West has moved from a doing culture to a talking culture. You see this with the war on Russia. The West is issuing one tongue lashing after another, while the Russians keep doing what is in their interests. For generations we have raised our young to treasure words over deeds. Words do not burn calories, build muscle or acquaint one with their limitations. The Zoomers are a generations of cocky, frail string beans as a result.

        • For generations we have raised our young to treasure words over deeds.

          Concurrent with the de-industrialization of America, where the idea is to make money by symbol analyses rather than producing goods.

          • I have been called a bean counter, paper pusher, office dweller, number cruncher, etc., but have never heard the term “symbol analyses” before. I love it! I have a healthy level of self-deprecating realism about the lack of physicality of my profession, so from now on when anyone asks what I do, I will reply that I am a symbol analyst.

          • In my early days at social gatherings, most always distasteful to me, I used get folks who professed interest/admiration that I was with the University. Eventually they’d press me as to what, specifically, I did. I’d respond that I designed “small tactical nuclear weapons”. Worked like a charm.

      • I think in Europe the health crisis is mitigated at least by the fact that people have to walk more, if only down to the local Straßenbahnstelle. Also, they’re not as crazy about their portions, making every meal into a competitive eating contest (“death by chocolate”/ “eat the whole thing and it’s free”). The last time I had European beef I was still in the Army (and wasn’t able to give blood for a couple of years because of some mad cow/hoof and mouth outbreak around that time). I saw some fatties especially in England, but I think that’s just the English breakfast, the bangers and beans rather than just the pints of lager. The Irish and Germans drink like high school janitors on lunchbreak and are nowhere near as roly-poly. Granted, my evidence is anecdotal, but anecdotal evidence is underrated. It comes from your eyes, after all, which is a hell of a lot better than many a study.

        • Bangers and beans is the healthy version of the English breakfast. I visited some of Mrs. Krull’s family in England back in the nineties, they ate toast with Nutella for breakfast and for their kid’s lunch box, they packed a big slice of pound cake, a bag of chips and a pint of some hideous British soft drink.

          Their son was ten and already clocked in at 120 pounds – Mrs. Krull, scandalized, broached the issue with his mom and was told he was on the slim side, compared to his class mates.

          Pre-school kids will happily gobble down oatmeal porridge for breakfast (at 25 cents a serving), unless you teach them otherwise.

          • My 6’4″ 150 lb son was remarking the other day how good it was to have discovered a 2,000 calorie lunch from Chipotle for only $12.

          • Carbs, carbs, carbs are pushed massively in the UK on the TV and in supermarkets to the plebs. Same as the US where the food pyramid is intended to harm people.

            Combine with lots of prepared ready meals full of crap as the majority of parents both work its fat city all round.

            I remember a visit by a northern lady to a rich part of west London and she constantly commented on how slim all the women were compared to home.

          • The Basic American Diet is good for agribusiness and chemicals companies, but not very good for humans. I am not opposed to chemistry, but our foods are riddled with things about which we know very little, at least with regards to the long term effects. A little bit of something in a trial is not the same as a daily dose for thirty years.

          • @Bilejones
            And that’s the problem, IMO, not the GMO or the chemicals or the car culture: American portion sizes are monstrous.

            Walking (and biking) is good for your heart but it burns almost no calories.

          • @Zman
            Obesity aside, if chemicals and GMOs were the problem, we’d see a different epidemic pattern of lifestyle diseases in Europe than we do in America.

            Are those chemically good for you? Probably not, but I drink cellular poison on a weekly basis, so I don’t think a few micrograms of industrial chemicals make that big of a difference. We are designed to digest almost anything and survive.

            Fast food, overall, is much better than it’s reputation. Sure, it’s heavy on fat and sugar but fat and sugar are not unhealthy in themselves, on the contrary.

            Also, I hate the narcissistic diet fads and the homoerotic body worship our guys are indulging in. Only women and faggots diet; if you’re fat, eat less, if you’re out of shape, 3×10 minutes of brisk walk every day will see you right as rain.

            The revolution will not be a body building contest.

        • Almost forgot: as an alternate to Nutella-sandwiches for breakfast, they’d sometimes have a bag of frozen French fries heated in the oven.

        • I also visited some of Mrs. Krull’s family in Spain. Very few obese people there, but Mrs. Krull noted on how their meals were extremely meat-heavy.

          Her relative explained that Spain had been a poor country until recently and that meat was a symbol of wealth: you’re raised on a borderline vegetarian diet and when suddenly meat is back on the menu, boys, you tuck into the chorizo like it’s Christmas every day.

          • From grocery store observation, I would say soft drinks/gatorade and chips (american, not British) are the major culprits. The buggies are crammed full of the drinks. Who can drink that many? But all the purchasers are huge. Also, Mexican food. I lost about 25 pounds when I gave up all chips and Mexican. Not sure about Europe. Seems like they might focus more on coffee and booze.

          • Good point, although that’s only part of the explanation. Only 7% of Swedes smoke, but they have (almost) half the obesity rates of the US.

            Sweden, incidentally, is also a car culture, if not as radical as in the US.

      • Felix: We had grass-fed Australian beef when we lived overseas, and were underwhelmed. Overfat and riddled with hormones American beef may be, but it is still a tasty source of protein (along with our generally lousy tasting and over-processed dairy, the other bugaboo of the “Modern Food is Poison” crowd). The kids who can’t pass the fitness tests likely ate very little beef (Hormones! Antibiotics! Cruelty to Animals!) in favor of the occasional fruit or vegetable accompanied by a heavy serving of ‘organic’ grains. Nothing to build muscle or height or brainpower.

        • I can give a pro “grass-fed” (dairy/meat) argument: Vitamin K: It’s a product of fermentation that occurs in the guts of ruminants and plays a role in calcium metabolism i.e., keeps it where it should be (bones) and out of where it shouldn’t be (arteries.) If anyone is supplementing D3, they should look into K2 along with it.

        • Yes. I have nothing against artisanal food, but industrial agriculture is what feeds people; the less space taken up by bulk agriculture, the better for the planet, it’s that simple.

          “Organic” is an outright scam: it’s not healthier and it doesn’t taste better and takes up 20-30% more acreage – acreage that are ultimately replaced with chopped down rainforest. When I tell this to Greenpeacers, they say “yes, but we need to eat less meat.”

          That’s when I sat down and designed a gibbet that’d hold the Greenpeacer on his knees, legs wide apart and with a thirty yard lane in front, so you can get a good run-up when you kick him in the balls.

        • Australian beef that was exported in the Eighties through the Nineties was horrible but not due to the diet of the cattle. Basically, beef was killed, flash frozen and butchered after the fact for export. Internally, Australian beef was excellent then and fed the same diet (mostly). Like most Western countries, Australia now doesn’t give a damn about its own people and now exports its quality beef.

          Grass-fed beef is or at least can be excellent but given the lean quality of the meat has to be cooked quite differently (generally faster for something like grilled steak, more slowly for roasts). I do agree grain-fed beef tends to be tastier with less effort, and also agree the processed feed and hormones and medication given to cattle tend to be far overrated as health concerns.

    • There was wailing and gnashing of teeth when the two mules were released on their own recognizance.

      Those two were better off in custody.

      Magic 8 ball says they’re in an acid filled barrel by now.

    • I’d add that the feminization of our society has left for too many young men without the ability to handle themselves in a fight. I have to constantly, quietly, take my young son aside and explain to him that contrary to his Mom’s strong declarations, there are actually times when violence IS the answer.

      His Mom and I are both adamant that we will never tolerate him being a bully to others. However, where we differ is in how to deal with other bullies. To his credit, he is a hockey goalie and is learning the importance of backing up his teammates/friends.

    • In basic and later advanced training at age 20 in the Army, I only ever passed one physical fitness test and it definitely was not for lack of trying. I actually had to get a waiver (push-ups) or would have been discharged. I’m grateful to the Army because this was a major (good) turning point in my life, taught me useful skills etc.

      That was 40 years ago. It’s my understanding that the physical standards were raised later, but perhaps now they are loosening them again?

      Upper body strength apparently wasn’t my “thing.” Oh, did I mention that I caught two (or three) cases of pneumonia in my first six months? I’ve never had that before or since. On the whole, I’ve enjoyed quite good health in my life. But if 1982 taught me anything, it’s that being an athlete was apparently not in the cards.

  26. The American Revolution was also facilitated because a lot of the groundwork for revolution was done. By the time things got hot, the settlers had:

    1. A powerful propaganda network
    2. A new elite ready to take power
    3. Organizational capabilities
    4. Some sympathetic allies

    Given this, and the general lack of will on the British side, they had a lot more going for them than us in our current situation.

    Our enemies have far less competence than the Brits, but complete fanaticism. OF course, the contempt the ruling class has for us is far and away worse than the Brits, who largely just wanted some tax revenue for general upkeep.

    This is why the Alphabet Agencies spend so much time in honeypot organizations, to the extent the right needs to acquire the strategies with movements like the trucker protest. They lost at the end because they went explicitly against power as opposed to just gumming up the system in plausibly deniable ways. The pilots who got “sick” in unison, bringing the airlines to their knees was far more effective.

    The revolution will occur not by guns and open revolution this time, but a critical mass of people embracing their inner wrecker to the point nothing works for the ruling class can’t get power to their facilities while the middle and working class sit in comfort..

      • “The colonial response to the tea tax in 1767 resulted in a precipitous decline in consumption, from 900,000 pounds in 1769 to just 237,000 in 1772.
        With warehouses overflowing with unsold tea, the company negotiated with Parliament for the right to sell tea directly to the colonies, which was granted in the Regulating Act of 1773. Instead of gaining a new market for the East India Company, the act produced more opposition. After the Revolution, the East India Company had little direct contact with America.”
        The opposite is true.

    • Like most revolutions propaganda was/is critical to fomenting discontent and disdain for the current system and for people to secede, at least spiritually, from the current zeitgeist. That’s where America is today and why the government is desperate to control free speech on major tech platforms.

      A growing unarmed insurgency is currently being waged against a communist coup that occurred in American politics decades ago and communist infiltration takeover of all major institutions.

    • Chet Rollins: Excellent and perceptive comment. I fully concur that the airline pilots’ strategy was superior to the truckers’ – complete plausible deniability of complicity or coordination, but the end result demonstrated both the pilots’ absolute unique utility and the powers’-that-be utter helplessness in response.

      I suppose that, until they get Rajeesh and Quinisha up to speed on their flight training, they could hold guns to various heads and demand White pilots fly, but I don’t think we’re there yet.

      • I think it would be a hoot if, every time there’s a BLM riot, the cops all came down with MonkeyPox.

    • Correct – that is where the Truckers went wrong. Rather than a convoy, all they needed to do was a “staycation”. Or simply refuse to deliver to certain areas.

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