Bad Choices

Note: I was once again interviewed by a recovering libertarian. This time it was Peter Quinones and you can find it here and here.

Word from Britain is that Boris Johnson has agreed to step down as Prime Minister as soon as his party finds a replacement. His party will have an election to pick his replacement in October. According to the news, the main reason he is resigning is that his party worries that his personal scandals will drag them down in the polls and risk their majority in Parliament. This is one of those stock answers that the news supplies when no one wants to use the right answer.

The right answer is that the plutocrats who control British politics never liked Johnson and they seized this chance to get rid of him. In many ways, Johnson is like Donald Trump in that he represented the unhappiness of the Tory voters, even though he never really sympathized with them. Trump rode popular discontent into the White House but was obsessed with gaining elite approval. Johnson rode a populist wave into power, but never seemed to understand any of it.

There are, of course, lots of different opinions on the two men, but the one thing everyone agrees upon is the best people hated them. The reason the best people hated them is they appeared to side with the rabble against their betters, which is the one unforgivable sin in this age. Just about any degenerate act can be forgiven, but if you go against the family, you will never be forgiven. Like Trump, Johnson never seemed to understand this for some reason.

Another parallel to Trump is that the British ruling elite now faces the same trouble as the American elite in that a replacement is not obvious. In 2020 the selectors in Washington settled on a bumbling old simpleton because the other options were terrifyingly incompetent. No matter how angry you may be at the orange dirt monster, the thought of Elizabeth Warren in charge is a bridge too far. Bernie Sanders was literally their next best option.

For the Brits, the options are only slightly less ridiculous and that is only because the Brits tend to like the ridiculous. According to the European press, the favorite to replace Johnson is a Hindu bugman named Rishi Sunak. His great accomplishment in life was marrying the daughter of a Hindu billionaire while at Stanford. His other big accomplishment was wrecking the British economy as Chancellor of the Excheque during the Covid panic. You cannot make this up.

The other option for the selectors is Jeremy Hunt, who is something like the British version of Mitt Romney. He is a blend of oleaginous mendacity and obsequious rumpswabbery that would make him an ideal Republican. He represents the fink-on-the-voters wing of the Tory Party. He also looks like a character from a Mr. Bean sketch that gives him something Rishi Sunak lacks, which is some connection to the country over which he wants to rule.

The third likely option is Liz Truss. She should be a favorite as she is in many ways the most representative of the modern political class. Truss is noisy, self-aggrandizing and as dumb as a goldfish. As Foreign Secretary she encouraged Brits to volunteer to be killed in the Ukraine. She confused the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea while making bizarre threats against the Russians, while in Moscow. The woman is the poster child for the modern professional woman in the managerial class.

Interestingly, two other options, both considered longshots at this point, are Sajid Javid, from Pakistan, and Nadhim Zahawi, from Iraq. That makes three of the top contenders who are clearly not British. Further, they represent the party that claims to represent the traditional British nation. One could argue that the traditional British nation is a polyglot mishmash of people from the empire, but it is unlikely that most Tory voters think of Mumbai or Lahore when they are feeling sentimental.

This is the problem of empire. For an empire to work, the people at the top must eventually reduce their own people to the same level as the conquered. Initially force and grandeur is enough to keep the subjects in line but over time that no longer works so the imperial leadership must incorporate the conquered. This means granting them the same status as their own people, which can only be done by reducing their own people in terms of their place in the empire.

This is why the Tories and the Republicans have come to be the great champions of diversity and multiculturalism. They are the conservatives, but in the imperial sense, not the national sense. They are defending the empire, which means they defend the system that raises up the various people absorbed into the empire at the expense of the core population of the empire. This is why Tories and Republicans are sure their opponents are the real racists.

The final parallel to the Trump phenomenon here is that Johnson will end up being an unheeded warning because the people who could hear it lack the ability to respond to it with anything but anger. Trump was a sign of disgust by the white population of the country toward the political class. Similarly, Brexit and the dynamics that it unleashed, leading to Johnson becoming PM, was a warning shot. The British people were unhappy with their political class.

The trouble is, there is no answer for this. Like America, the British political system is controlled by people who hold the core population in contempt. Even if they could get past that, their options within the political system are terrible. The system has become a weird carny act, selecting for increasingly ridiculous people. Replacing a gasbag like Trump with a dementia patient was not an upgrade. Replacing Johnson with a simpleton like Liz Truss will not make life better.

What Johnson and Trump will come to represent was the dead end for a political system that evolved to its logical conclusion. When politics became theater, the stage was soon filled with carny acts, rather than serious people. In easy times, picking between the bearded lady and the sword swallower was fine, but in difficult times, these are not acceptable choices. That is where the British elites find themselves now, left with nothing but bad choices among terrible actors.

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  1. “He is a blend of oleaginous mendacity and obsequious rumpswabbery that would make him an ideal Republican.”

    I have no clue who the writer is, but he (doesn’t write like a she, sorry) has fxkcing talent.
    To who/whatever: Be careful not to get too popular, or the mid and nit wits who compose TPTB may arrest your for stealing brain cells or whatever the neo-felony of the day happens to be.

  2. This article gives far too much credit to Johnson. I’m British and I would have swapped him for Trump in a heartbeat.

  3. Z-Man:

    Thanks for that interview with Pete! I remember commenting on how it would be so cool to hear him interview you in the comments a few weeks back. Well, to finally listen to it is really one of those upshot bonuses that sometimes fall from they sky in life. Like seeing you won the big poweball after you just got done being diagnosed by your doctor of a terminal state.

    Yes, I exaggerate, but that interview was one of the highlights of my week. I look forward to more!

  4. Long day, but I just finished the Zman podcast with Quinones. It needs to be said.

    Two rational realists discuss current affairs and the commentary is excellent, entertaining, and thought-provoking. And then what? We agree we’re in a bad place and its getting worse, but then what? Yes, the probability of nuclear war is still trivially low, and we’ve muddled-through forever, so rocky road ahead, but predictions are almost always wrong, so why get into a snitch unnecessarily? The answer to what to do now is VOTE HARDER if you’re ConInc., pour on the CRAZY and cheat if you’re Leftist, stay on the couch if you’re Joe Normie, make an extra buck pretending to persuade the masses if you’re internet sensation, or bury your head in the sand if you’re actually part of the masses.

    No, not good enough. If you have enough intelligence to analyze the problem, it is dereliction of duty to just stop there and bask in the limelight. The 2×4 of hardship is coming sooner than most people think, and when it arrives, people will be looking for actual solutions, not an endless litany of explanations. And it’s always better to have a plan for action before you need it rather than freelance at nut cutting time.

    • Unreal. Where to start? Yes, here: the Army was segregated during World War II. How is this rather unlikely pairing explained? And Burgess Meredith?! Again, bizarre.

      Yes, the poz has deep roots and the Yankee spread it abroad rather early. Romanians once held Gypsies as slaves and released them around the time of the American Civil War. The reason: UNCLE TOM’S CABIN.

  5. I’ve read several liberal publication previews of Bojo’s possible replacements and all they mention is whatever past scandals the candidate has had. Taking that as the top choices are well to the left of the already liberal and Dionysian former Tory leader.

    • LineIn. Jack Daniel’s Thursday? Damn. Hah. I’m not saying anyone’s right or wrong on the race thing. Just on the sliding scale, I’ve always seen you as very far-right on race. As white defenders, perhaps you and others like you are strategically correct to be so tough that way. Perhaps not. For me, I don’t have the temperament to be as tough.

    • How many groid hoods have you lived in you got dammed moroon?

      I’ve had some pico de gallo that brought enough thunder to my member to make John Holmes blush!

  6. It seems like all the new True Conservative Republicans running for election are black, doesn’t it?

    • That’s because they can’t be racist if they’re black. Wait…..who am I kidding. Conservative blacks are the most racist White Supremacists on the planet.

  7. I’d take issue with Empires working Z-man. For an Empire to function it must have enough resources: men, food, money, and whatever technology of the time to project power at home and in its imperial possessions. Janan Ganesh of the FT had a whistling past the graveyard opinion piece on how America “despite its divisions” can be a declining Rome for centuries. He is a fool of course, Rome fell slowly in the West as they depended upon simple manpower and hand-tool engineering, there was “enough” of literate Romans to fill the legions for a few hundred years. But enlisting Germans, Franks, Visigoths into the Legions obviously did not work and after they were conquered the illiterate barbarians were unable to keep the aqueducts and grain mills and great estates going.

    The American Empire consisted of: a massive post-War industrial base untouched, a massive skilled White workforce, a massive ability to project military power nearly anywhere on the planet AND SUPPLY IT completely. With Whites being a minority under age 18 and barely one in their thirties, this advantage is now gone with the industrial power to China for cheap financial gains. Collapse will be rapid as now Carrier Battle Groups are obsolete, the Chinese and Russians have hypersonic missiles and we do not, nor defenses against them, nor the ability to maintain such Carrier groups against peer adversaries (not illiterate goat herders who even they we could not defeat) much less replace inevitable losses with new ones.

    The Romans needed only guys with shields, short swords, who could form disciplined battle groups and use hand tools to build roads and such. We need ever more complex naval systems and air systems along with massive and complex logistics. If we can’t get baby formula here in the US how can we supply an expeditionary force to Taiwan? Without a nation mostly of Whites who generate wealth and skilled labor, and no major welfare costs for blacks etc. no Empire is possible against any peer competitor.

    • Between 1942 and 1945 the United States launched 151 aircraft carriers from multiple shipyards.

      Right now, it takes 9 years to build one, and it can only be done in one shipyard.

    • Your last paragraph sums up things quite nicely. Concise and to the point.

    • Blah blah blah. Don’t notice the jews.

      Why can’t you guys see the indrection?

  8. “Oleaginous”, what a splendid, woody sort of word. Mitt on the other hand, dreadfully tinny.

    • I rather liked “Rumpswabbery”. I didn’t even look it up. I just like the sound of it.

    • I first became acquainted with that word via Taki, when he described the time he met David Frum.

  9. Zman on The Pete Quinones Show. At 43:00.

    Z: “You say to someone: Having a man in a dress standing in front of school children. That’s immoral, that is *wrong*. And it shouldn’t be tolerated. And I guarantee you, no matter how Leftwing they are, they’ll have nothing to say. They’ll just walk out of the room. Because they have no answer for it.”

    This seems like wishful thinking. If it were so, the Right would never have lost control, and would still be firmly IN control. Contrary to the above quote, in the fog of the last 70 years we’ve lost the moral high ground and Prog definitely IS equipped with answers.

    Excepting that the Prog strawman in the above quote isn’t a total wimp or simply scared shitless of Zman, he will have stayed in the room and answered Z with 4 fundamental Western Prog moralities.

    1. Who are you to say what’s moral? (Relativism. Anti-Authoritism. Anti-Fascist. Muddy the waters.)

    2. Like all of us, children are on a conscious and subconscious journey to find their true selves. And they can’t do that if we hide and vilify all the wonderful options available to them. (Individualism. Choice. Self expression. Freedom.)

    3. Why is it wrong? Cost / Benefit. Show me the damage. (Bentham. Singer.)

    4. Patriarchal bullying. Suppression of self causes the real damage.
    (Therapy culture. Personal experience. Hollywood framing. David vs. Goliath)

    • Easy Answers to your questions:
      1: What are you some kind of perv?
      2: Get fucked you groomer!
      3 : Do you know what they do to chomos in prison?
      4: I’ve got your patriarchy hanging!

      Never cede to their reasoning. It’s that simple. There was a time when men in drag were not acceptable in polite public society, and never were they acceptable to be around children. It’s up to all of us to bring that time back. Who’s worse, the fool or one who argues with one?

      • @WeHateEveryone. Those cowboy responses work around fairly normal people of the Left or Right. Especially if you have a good bit of manly charisma about you. But in a serious discussion with educated Leftists you can’t just blow them off with cool thunder.

        We’ve all had such arguments since grade school. You say some Prog agenda is wrong. You’re immediately hit with, “Why’s it wrong?” This is the modern West. You’ve got to have reasons. You’ve got to
        articulate exactly how and why it hurts anyone.

        That’s not easy to do. Especially on subjects that are seen as freeing, and relieving shame & pain to so many people. Such as gay marriage. Or anything touching on inclusion.

        You end up having to say, “OK. You know what? I’m just traditional.” Or, “Whatever. I’m allowed my prejudices.”

        In any sane part of the world that perspective has much worth and meaning. But here in the framework since the 60’s, it’s pretty much admitting defeat and defective character.

        • Another comment as a framing attempt to portray destructive parasites as a moral position that requires a response defined in the framework they set up and the dismissal of such as defective or prejudice.

          This is your repeated pattern.

        • I’ll frownvote you and tell you why:

          When I was in grade school and high school, my peers and I never had this problem. If you were a creep, you got the toilet swirlie and/or the locker stuff. If you were a 20+ year old creep still trying to score girls in our HS class, we’d gang up and beat the shit of you. This was not long ago.

          You’re argument seems to try and make a sympathetic case, and frankly is one of meek & mild soy cuck compliance. Why are you trying to excuse their arguments, or even offer them for consideration? These are the same turds that have no qualms with subjecting your bodily autonomy to an experimental jab. These people have no idea or understanding the cog-dis of claiming bodily autonomy to kill a helpless human in the womb, yet feel the full force of the state should be subjected upon you for refusing to take an experimental gene therapy jab. These are the same slime that still mask. These people are filth!

          At the end of the day, might makes right! Grow a pair and tell them to take it where the sun don’t shine!

    • Wow. Frip, that listing of technique is worth a professional study. I’ve wanted for the longest time for political types to tell us their marketing techniques, that is, what to watch for. Stellar job, man.

      Also, 5 stars to 3g for “diversity refugees”!

    • And that is only a twenty year old platform. Yikes.

      A lot of our nukes won’t work. We suffer from 3 big issues, tritium decay , parts decay and I am told the loss of some classified substance called sea foam. All of these suffer from lack of spares, lack of parts and very possibility no ability or knowledge base to make them.

      The risk is we may decide to use them or lose them.

      As to your f-15 question. A lot of stuff hasn’t been replaced since the Afghan debacle and the erosion of GW2 .

      We can still hit very hard but not for very long at all and it doesn’t help that the engineers are mostly old white guys and retired.

      We could lose an attrition war against Russia

      • Don’t forget all the stuff we have and will continue to dump into Ukraine!

        Oh, I know all about the engineering retirements. As a middle-aged white guy engineer I’ve seen quite a few in person.

        Don’t forget the retiring engineering technicians either. Those are the, “glue,” guys with years, sometimes decades of encyclopedic tribal knowledge on these programs and systems.

  10. Our political class does indeed feature an unwholesome number of sword swallowers.

  11. I like the tie-in with how the declining imperiums give the colonists a seat at the table. Julius Caesar rankled a lot of feathers when he expanded the Senate and brought in a bunch of Gaul tribesman to get the votes he needed. There must have been other reasons like making it easier to consolidate his territorial gains. I lack knowledge of whether this practice was validated by Augustus and carried forward as standard practice in the imperial regime.

    In any case, Rome by that time already had a problem of citizens long displaced by Senatorial plantations on public lands, operating at scale with slave labor. Why didn’t Caesar bring these citizens and more legionaires into the Senate and make them magistrates in the north? Were they not of sufficient quality to govern? Anybody have any good sources that have pondered and tried to answer these questions?

    Here is a thought that just came. Wouldn’t it be something if someday the Great Replacers needed saving at our hands? What would you do? Right now, I have to say that I would leave them for dead.

    • I read a story about White South Africans supporting the system that is steadily genociding them by working technical jobs for around $30 an hour. I guess the choice is to work these jobs or live in the growing White slums. The discrimination against White South African immigration by the Western nation is yet another crime our leaders need to answer for.

      • Yep. I can’t help wonder what goes through these White SA’s heads? The promise to be the “last to be eaten” does not appeal to me. On the other hand, we’ve seen such “coping” behavior in many forms in the past. Human nature I guess.

        • Unless they go to Russia, there isn’t much of anywhere to go.

          Also well off White life in SA is pretty nice , safe and segregated enough to keep it the same.

      • The Western Power Structure is comprised of anti-white racists. AWR is their credo. I’d be shocked if they weren’t harming white South Africans by every waking moment.

    • Isn’t it fair to say that the Romans had this problem all the way back to dealing with the Etruscan elites they themselves had displaced? The Civic Wars didn’t even settle the question, as you point out. It was a foundational problem for Rome, just like slavery was for us.

      • Interesting point CW. I definitely have an assumption that it wasn’t until Gaul that Rome encountered a vastly different people. I wonder if the differences between Rome and the Etruscans were not that great – Rome being more martial and masculine and the Etruscans more inventive and feminine. Perhaps just the iron age logistics of intra-peninsular governance vs. the trans-alpine logistics that caused complications plus cultural factors that made things different in terms of what had to be negotiated within the conquered territories. I don’t know. Perhaps Caesar was just looking for votes ala today’s DNC.

        That Caesar not only conquered Gaul, but consolidated the gains and held them even while fighting a Civil War is a remarkable achievement. Perhaps that had something to do with the Senatorial expansion – not unlike our ruling class that sells us out to foreign interests as part of some imperial bargain. He gets his votes and they don’t revolt, while they get to be Senators and reap those benefits. Would love an expert opinion on this. Perhaps a Z-Man podcast exploring the topic. Perhaps something to be learned and applied here.

        Slavery was also a foundational problem for Rome. It displaced citizens and devalued citizenship. At least the Founders outlawed slavery’s expansion into the Ohio Territories at the outset. Could you imagine where things would be today if they hadn’t done that? A flip side of imagining where things would be if Lincoln had not been assassinated and had been able to carry forward with his larger plans.

        • Rome had extensive experience dealing with Gauls, since like the 5th century bC IIRC, with Brennus sacking the city. Gauls also occupied northern Italy (cisalpine Gaul), and the hinterland of current southern France. The latter became a Roman province a century before Cesar (that’s why is called Provence; on its coast there weren’t Gauls but instead Greek colonies like Massalia), the former at the times of the Punic wars.
          I don’t think the Gauls were more folkloric (from a Roman/Hellenistic point of view) than say hill people like Celtiberians, Illyrians or Numidians.

          Still if you like this topic, I will add that Etruscans had a darker side to them than the one you describe: from what I recall their religion was pretty grim. And they lived in a warlike society fragmented in city-states (Rome was one of these, briefly) with an expansionary outlook. They managed to stop the Greeks from founding colonies in the fertile region around Naples, which they occupied for themselves, and also barred them access to pretty much the whole western coast of Italy.

          Mommsen monumental work the History of Rome describes them very starkly.

        • PLux

          If you’re talking about Lincoln’s idea to send the slaves back to their country of origin, yes; I can imagine it.

  12. Sort of OT or maybe not, continuing some thoughts from yesterday after sleeping on it. Please let excuse the sketching.

    Nation and state must’ve been thought of as separate under private government, e.g., monarchy. Was public life a thing, or was that the result of the re-introduction of democracy, republicanism, etc.?

    I would think the nation can survive a political system, yet I see a lot of hand-wringing over its failure. That’s public life. Living and dying by it.

    Quigley influences me, admittedly. His introduction of Germany, tracing it back to the destruction of tribal life followed soon after by the destruction of the Roman imperium the Germans wanted to join is interesting. He says the tribe and the imperium were both totalitarian, and their appeal to the Germans was coziness, as he puts it. What could be worse than having to decide?

    So then, is public life totalitarian? The growth of government and its displacement of religion and local autonomy are good evidence it is. Is democracy a clever dodge of having to decide? And is it fit for an individualistic people?

    The founders understood this and tried to limit the democratic impulse. Why didn’t they do away with it? Maybe because of the relative equality of Americans back then.

    I think maybe ‘public’ and ‘democracy’ go with the people. Sounds obvious, but it’s taken for granted today, not examined. They rise and fall together. Maybe The People (if unchecked I’d add) is a great beast.

    Just throwing it out there.

    • Interesting. At the time of the founding, each state was the result of a territory that was settled in a high concentration by people from the same land of origin. I think they understood this and intended to allow the people of the states to determine their level of governance as they saw fit at the state level.

      They never intended for voting to be consequential in the citizenry’s lives at least relative to family, enterprise, spiritual practice/religion, leisure, non-governmental institutions (lodges; churches; civic orgs … …)

      I think they 19th century waves of immigration and settlement obliterated that understanding of the world as did the rise of the industrial metropolis. The 19th century metro area political machine has been instituted at the national level by the Democratic party. A glimpse at our future if mass immigration is not stopped are the cities abandoned by the settler populations and run by the Democratic party for the last 100+ years.

      • Yeah I’m not sure how it fits together, or even if it’s valid. New line of inquiry, kind of puzzling over public life. But there’s definitely something about the rediscovery of popular government.

        Just remembering Socrates submitting to death because Athens made him and had the right to kill him. That’s some seriously totalitarian thinking, right? In a democracy!

        • The argument of Socrates was twofold however. Athens raised and educated him, but also always allowed him to freely leave with all his possessions if he wanted. Socrates choose not to. Thereby defacto accepting his fate and the power of the State to enforce it—even if he disagreed with the State’s decision. Call it a social “contract” of sorts.

          Even on the day of his execution his pupils exhorted Socrates to flee as so many others before him had. That Socrates did not flee was his final lesson/example to posterity wrt a citizen’s duty to the State.

          • Athens is all, Rome is all, the tribe is all. Socrates was saying Athens is more important than his life, to the point that he would give his life for it in spite of injustice. Or at least that’s how I took it.

            Today we hear totalitarianism, and we think of the iron fist, but really it’s identifying with a group instead of oneself, or somewhere in between, or something else completely.

            I had to read Capitalism and Schizophrenia in college. It claimed to be about conquering the inner fascist, which it defined as the desire to be lead iirc. But it seemed to me it was about fracturing the self so completely that no identity or loyalty could form, least of all group identity and loyalty.

            Reading Quigley’s synopsis of the German soul reminded me of that. Both books were written when the Third Reich still loomed in people’s minds.

            I’m reminded of Falcone’s comment from a while back that there’s some anti-Northern European thing about, or something N.Euro people aren’t resistant to.

            Lots of threads, potential connections, potential contradictions, at any rate.

          • “Today we hear totalitarianism, and we think of the iron fist, but really it’s identifying with a group instead of oneself, or somewhere in between, or something else completely.”

            Unclear language there. The something else I was thinking of is religion, or along those lines. Some kind of group a person can get lost in.

      • “I think they 19th century waves of immigration and settlement obliterated that understanding of the world.”

        Demographics are destiny. It could be that simple.

      • in 1790 the US was ~80% British and ~98% Protestant. With a higher literacy rate then either England or France. The immigration that happened pre-screening (i.e., the opening of places like Ellis Island in 1892) was a mixed bag. Personally, I view the pioneer immigrants who went out and settled the frontier with the same regard as I do my colonial ancestors. It was the dumping of the unskilled, impoverished, illiterate populations that brought slums, corruption, ethnic strife, and organized crime where it had not previously existed.

  13. Looks like the Limeys don’t have enough Hutus so they have to settle for Sand Hutus, instead. I suppose that’s a slightly better option; the Sand Hutus are just as rapey but slightly less murderous, excepting the odd car-bomb. Additionally, their “music” and food aren’t quite as dreadful, and their women slightly more attractive.

    More seriously, the parallels Z notes between the UKINO and AINO–which could doubtless be extrapolated to Iceland, Portugal, Estonia and Greece–demonstrate that the intellectual poison that destroyed America has been flowing through the arteries of the entire West, Eastern Europe and Russia largely excepted. It all began with French postmodernism ca. 1950-65, its adoption by American academia immediately thereafter, and then its exportation to the rest of the Western nations. The GAE isn’t merely a commercial empire; it is an empire of postmodern perversity and diversity, and the UK is one of its provinces.

    • While largely true about Russia/East Europe, they also have been infested with a lesser degree of Poz. Parents in Poland and Hungary are alarmed by it, and the Russian government has taken counter-measures. All of them had some form of lockdown, masking and vaccinations, which are also degenerate forms of PoMo.

      • True. And the encroachment of this fetid ideology is, I believe, one reason Russia went to war in Ukraine. Russia could not allow Ukraine to become a proton star beaming pomo decadence into Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe.

      • Jack: And demographics is affecting the countries in the east of Europe in different ways. Although the Hungarians have improved native birth rates, they have been welcoming a lot of west Europeans seeking a haven from the multikulti mess they helped make of their own nations. These diversity refugees have learned nothing.

        Poland wants to impress the west that it’s a full member in good standing. It’s sent thousands of its own to England and elsewhere to work and imbibe woke poison. And it’s importing its very own Filipinos for domestic positions – its very own magic dirt Poles.

        • Given Poles make up such a large percentage of EU and British guest workers, importation of Filipinos seems rather…odd. Thanks. I was unaware of that.

    • All I can think of is “what the hell happened?” All these clowns can come up with is a retard and 3 foreigners? It’s times like this when I feel overwhelmed by the black-pill.

      Brits have punched WAY above their weight for centuries in creating Western Civilization. Now they are being reduced to a foreign ruled serf-class? Makes you feel hopeless for the future.

  14. When 3 of the 5 top prospects to replace Boris “Funky Hair” Johnson are wogs, you see the reality of diversity to a country. While Whites are still over 80% in
    England (2 sites I visited said 87% in 2021), the potential of a non-White PM are 60%, using Z’s choices. This is similar to the percentage of blacks in the US that are now shown in ads and commercials. 13 to 14% of the population are now shown as representing the majority of the population, if you go by product placement. For those that believe in diversity, you would think that placement in media would correlate with their percentage of the population. 10% of the population, 10% placement in any corporate venture. But, so called diversity proponents don’t really want diversity. They want a brown or grey populace, incapable of creating anything of value. A population that needs to be controlled by their betters. By providing high status to wogs or blacks, you are subliminally saying to parents and their daughters, “Well, I guess its OK to reproduce with Rajnish or Shitavius. We’re all the same on the inside!” However, this destroys any diversity that the influencers say they want.

    And your statement:
    “There are, of course, lots of different opinions on the two men, but the one thing everyone agrees upon is the best people hated them.”

    Sure, TPTB hate those that have betrayed their racial kinsmen. They know, like the Communists, that they are useful idiots and can be disposed of when no longer useful or when there is a better prospect. But, I don’t think Johnson ever did anything without their approval. If he had, he would be under indictment or dead. There are just too many negatives attached to him now. While TPTB know that elections are useless to the masses, they still need to make it appear that the “choice” belongs to the peasants. When they do that, the sheep will wear ribbons and Union Jack symbols to celebrate their freedom of “choice”. That way, they will never question the process itself. It will always be, “Well, we just don’t have the right people in office.” Plus, by constantly changing the people in office, they introduce an instability into the normies’ world view, and hence, produce insecurity in the masses.

  15. This is a good analysis of UK politics by Zman, and a good summary of Boris Johnson’s downfall, and his likely replacement in the Tory Party. They are not just “bad choices” – that’s an understatement. They all support open borders at home, and war with Russia.

    The Labour Party is worse however. They are even more “woke” and degenerate. They are equally tools of the globalists. Party Leader Keir Starmer hates the working class, hates Russia, loves the globalists, and loves LGBTQ perverts.. The Labour Party should change its name to the Bugger Party (with a British accent, it sounds nearly the same.)

  16. It does feel as though we’ve reached the end of the Hapsburg line. Everywhere. At once. For Britain, wonder how a coming fall season of energy poverty and hunger is going to play out. Certainly the imported colonial pets will riot over anything anyway. If the natives come out to join, it’s game on. Maybe this is just a longer than normal flight of stairs with a landing to catch the West. But feels creepily more accelerational than anything I recall, including the ennui of the late 70s. Here we’re eating the last of the seed corn—not only drawing down the SPR, but apparently selling it overseas. “Hey did I remind you I’m queer, black and a menstruator” had no answer for that question yesterday. Just weird.

  17. The English who created this country (New England, Pennsylvania, Virginia) created a system that allowed the children and grandchildren of various foreign groups a seat at the table IF their parents/ grandparents played ball.

    That is what is so pathetic about the blacks in America who have had generations to get ahead. It is infuriating with the elite Hindus/ Chinese/ Africans who fly over and take jobs in medicine/ engineering / computer science.

    I don’t want to live in Mexico Norte, but the Mexicans at least took the original American bargain: they worked the hard/ hot/ loud jobs.

    What is pathetic is the Covidians screaming about racisims, global warming, our sacred democracy and Russia ARE overwhelmingly the white descendants of our (Yankee) founding fathers.

    • “Our Yankee founding father’s?!?! Gtfo. The roundhead yankee puritan has been the mortal enemy of my people for a millenia, and have tried to genocide my people half a dozen times in modern history. Their ongoing attempt to start a thermonuclear Ww3 to do a kamikaze wipeout of my people’s nation is just the latest iteration of the same old, same old. Next time there will be no peace until the last puritan’s bullet riddled corpse flops into the ditch.
      Who is “we,” kemosabe?

      • Historical side note: one of the justifications for allowing civil divorce was prevention of violence. If you made two people who hate each other remain husband and wife, one would end up killing the other. Time for a national divorce, folks.

      • Hey Mr. Rebel, I’m no Yankee’s fan. But the Yankee/Puritans, along with the mid-Atlantic and Southern states (against their will post-Civil War) DID make this country.

        The only reason the US is a global military power is because the pacified great great grandchildren of the Confederacy act as the pointy end of the spear.

  18. Jeremy Corbyn is a old commie but the abuse and character destruction by he suffered in the hands of the British press (including leftists trash like BBC. Guardian and New Statesman) was quite revealing of the British elite.

    UK and especially the London is a Jewish playground as much as NYC or Washignton, it will be interesting to see how the Anglosphere holds together by the next decades when the demographics change.

  19. “…a blend of oleaginous mendacity and obsequious rumpswabbery.”

    Poetry. Pure poetry.

  20. I looked up the profile of Jeremy Hunt and he is married to a Chinese woman. Dominic Raab (another contender) is married to a Brazilian woman. Another rising star in the Tory Party is apparently a woman named Suella Braverman. This is the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom!

    If I were a middle class conservative in the UK, at this point I would sell my house and just move the family to someplace like Italy or Greece. You can work remotely, have a decent climate and still get by as most people now speak English. The UK simply has nothing going for it at this point.

    • I fantasize about Russia taking the whole West Coast of the Black sea, continuing onward South to finally become a sane protectorate of Greece. Finally, I will be able to visit and have extended stays on well-governed and sane warm-weather coast.

    • I just checked. His wife looks like she could be Mediterranean. She doesn’t look like a typical Brazilian.

  21. The UK Elites wanted Boris to scuttle Brexit. He made his reputation within the Tory party on Brexit and clearly has an international/global, as opposed to European, view of the UK’s future. We can assume he refused. It would appear the “European” faction has prevailed.

    The comparison to Trump is awkward I think. Johnson is the product of the British elite – he’s an Etonian and went to Oxford. He was a journalist and bon vivant; he knows all the right people. Trump was always a “bridge and tunnel” new-money outsider. I think these are two pretty different situations.

    But Zman nails it on the succession problem in the US and the UK. The systems are producing mid/dimwits (Kamala) and sycophants (Sunak), many of whom are foreigners. I would be willing to bet that there will be a new referendum on Brexit next year, no matter who wins the election in October. The Globo project marches on…

    • Indeed.

      The whole Johnson thing being a UK populist is a complete media invention to get him in place.

      He, like his father, and his associates are big on the globalist project. In a universe far away perhaps people will look at actions rather than words and spin to judge what is going on.

    • I think “Brexit,” like “Trump” was really about mass immigration/open borders. People don’t want to see their kids have a lower standard of living where they’re actively discriminated against in jobs and education in favor of migrants whose own countries are anything but “diverse.”

        • TBH, I think it’s much longer than that. The Brits are seeing “migrants” at Calais. Someone has given the order to ignore the “first safe country” rule for refugees and asylees to send them where they’ll get the most benefits.

  22. As an American only casually knowledgeable of British politics, I have to ask, what happened to Nigel Farage? Though he probably on our side of the divide, it seemed he was at least at the river bank looking over. Plus, every time I saw him speak or debate he came across as incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable. Did he get unpersoned for bad think? or was there some scandal I don’t know about?

      • Oh no he’s not

        The big problem with British politics is the fact that Farage could never get elected to Parliament, the system is perfect for keeping both the Labour and Tory parties alive

        • For those that are not British. They live’s first sentence is a joke about the widow twankey character in pantomime in the UK.

          The audience traditionally shout “Oh no he’s not”.

        • An over the top bumbling comedy character that acts as a fool who often speaks to and encourages the audience in direct engagement, rather than the other actors, played as a slightly hysterical and ridiculous old woman by an older male actor in drag.

          • If the puzzling but endearing (to actual Americans) British affinity for comedic drag has survived the Western sacralization of trannies, count me as both shocked and happy.

    • I get the sense that truly dangerous (to elites) politicians are weeded out when they get too close to true power. (As they are here).

      Enoch Powel comes to mind.

    • Farage is not on our side, he’s an enemy agent sent in to keep real nationalists away from the ballot, steal the oxygen of the British National Party and corral the dissatisfied British nationalists into a single-issue party to make sure they were no threat to the Westminster establishment.

      The plan was that Farage should lose the Brexit referendum so the EU-issue could be put to bed for the next thirty years, Britain could go all in on the pro-Brussels revolution and Farage could sail off to a sinecure job in Goldman Sachs.

      Plus, every time I saw him speak or debate he came across as incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable.

      He is funny, clever and good in a debate, but he was never a serious politician: number one rule in politics is never to be caught on camera with alcohol in your hand and number two, never be caught with a cigarette. Farage flaunted both rules and he never tried to build a serious party on his voter base, but ran UKIP like his personal press agency, staffing it with cronies, incompetents and Tory infiltrators.

      On the night of what was supposed to be the triumph of his life, he abandoned ship and immediately started pissing into UKIP, doing everything he could to destroy the party, to make up for winning the referendum – he even started a competing party to steal their voters.

      Farage is pro Islam and pro mass immigration, only Farage wants to import Nigerians and Pakistanis instead of Poles because muh Commonwealth.

        • And I think he also has French residence rights or something like that? He was a major force behind Brexit.

          • To be fair, is wife is a Kraut.

            He was a major force behind Brexit.

            Brexit happened IN SPITE of Farage.

          • So they sidelined him because Brexit passed, yes? He failed his mission.

            That’s my take, yes. So instead of a GS job, he got to work for some rinky-dink, fake-right radio station.

        • Well his wife is German, his first wife was Irish. Farage was always very clear that he liked Europe but wanted out of the EU

          On the night of the vote it looked like the remain side had won, thats why Farage turned on UKIP, it was always a strange collection of people from the fringe

          The remain side could have won the vote if the just cut back on immigration a little, they only needed a tiny % of voters to switch sides, their revenge is to increase African and muslim immigration

          For the UK to make any progress the Tory party must die

          • it was always a strange collection of people from the fringe

            Yes, that’s how Farage built it.

            UKIP’s win came as a shock to the establishment, defying polls and pundits alike – it makes no sense that Farage should turn his back on them (i.e. do everything in his power to destroy them) when they won against all odds.

          • Even their logo is bad: yellow and purple, just about the most atrocious color combination you could think of.

            Farage wasn’t even trying; like with Trump, the voters won the battle, not the general.

  23. Europe will likely become a bellwether indicator of collapse later this year, as they enter the winter season with too few energy resources to both heat homes and fuel industries. Reawakening coal fired power plants will mitigated this to some extent, but petrol/diesel prices will severely limit the travel that propels its economies. And, as revealed by the Dutch farmers rebellion, food will be similarly expensive and short in supply. The price of fertilizer has already quadrupled and both Ukraine and the Netherlands will now be producing a fraction of last year’s output. All of this, plus the Rona Second Wave, should provide the necessary tipping point. And if Russia decides to impose tit-for-tat sanctions, it could be an ugly collapse.

    How will the EU countries respond to economic collapse? Yes, they will try to vote their way out of the mess they’re in. It will fail, as the new leaders will be worse than the current clowns. The newly-arrived African and Mideastern immigrants will start the ball rolling with violent riots, soon to be joined by the hooligans and harpies, and finally a return of the Yellow Vests. The whole of Europe will become a boiling pot, waiting for WW3 to start and quell the chaos. Clashes with Jackboots will litter the streets with the dead and maimed. This will be our fate too if we follow the same path. The lamp post beckons.

    • My marker is when another “nation” of the GAE sends troops, probably under the auspices of NATO, to suppress a citizen uprising that threatens an Empire-friendly government. Think Gdansk shipyards on steroids. Brussels is next door to Holland. Just sayin’.

    • Food shortages will effect Africa, to the point where you will see hungry masses migrating to Europe. Leadership will not have the guts to do what needs to be done, which will end with a brown swarm descending on these countries.

      Another alternative is Russia stockpiles grain and refuses to trade, causing open war with Russia for food. Of course, America will get involved to.

      But enough with the whitepills today.

    • At any rate, less of the good stuff and more of the bad will be accepted as the new normal.
      Our expectations are being adjusted downwards.

  24. An outstanding essay here Zman. The description of Mitt Romney is so penetrating, I may have to steal it and send it throughout the US. Thank you.

  25. In the managerial classes, the qualities they think are leadership qualities in reality are anything but useful in high stress environments. They tend to focus on qualities like agreeability, openness, empathy, etc.

    While this sounds nice, once you get in a boardroom with these guys it becomes an exercise in patience as they have to diplomatically shoot down every terrible idea, worry about hurting Stacy’s feelings, and try to get everyone on board with the best course of action.

    Truth is, at high ranks it’s almost required for you to be somewhat of a jackass at times, and the fact some lousy people equate being a leader with bullying people around doesn’t remove the fact that you need to be a hard person at times when survival is on the line.

    The amiable dunce moves up the ladder because he doesn’t ruffle feathers, people like working with him because they know he won’t call them out on their gross incompetence, and they can stay comfortable in the status quo as the dunce doesn’t have the intelligence to go against the consensus, no matter how ruinous.

    • Is what you’re describing— the increasing prevalence of “qualities like agreeability, openness, empathy, etc.”, worrying about hurting peoples’ feelings, “trying to get everyone on board”, taking pains to not ruffle anyone’s feathers— just another way of describing the ongoing feminization of our institutions, and denigration of traditional masculinity?

      Because IIRC, all those traits are more characteristic of women than of men.

      While the leadership characteristics traditionally ascribed to men— the need to be harsh at times, to make hard decisions, to call-out incompetence— are now derided as “toxic masculinity”.

  26. “…. the British version of Mitt Romney…. a blend of oleaginous mendacity and obsequious rumpswabbery… ”

    Just the other day I was looking at a picture of Romney, and thinking what a smug, self-satisfied prick he is.

    Mark Twain couldn’t have said it better!

  27. Despite the outrageous and provoking comments made towards Putin by the UK ruling class, Putin is still standing. The UK government has collapsed for the 3rd time in 6 years and the clown Johnson will be replaced by a short, ugly Indian.

    I always thought Boris was an ok guy personally, but way out of his league. The UK might have been one of the least tyrannical on COVID. He said a few good things on immigration but of course every year the UK had record immigration numbers. He did deliver Brexit.

    The next leader will surely be worse, either way. It probably will have very little impact on the direction of the country regardless of who wins. Goes to show you the intelligence of the average “Conservative” – imagine voting for a party that was full of foreign aliens that hate your country and thinking it makes you patriotic and right wing.

    • > Despite the outrageous and provoking comments made towards Putin by the UK ruling class, Putin is still standing. The UK government has collapsed for the 3rd time in 6 years and the clown Johnson will be replaced by a short, ugly Indian.

      There was a certain person with a mustache who took advantage of such political instability in constant elections to gain power. If this goes on long enough the Brits will beg for a strongman. Problem is, he probably won’t be right wing.

  28. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » Bad Choices

  29. Britain only became diversified after the Empire was dissolved. The gates were opened in 1948, with the British Nationality Act, where Empire subjects were granted equal rights to British citizens in an attempt to forestall independence movements.

    Enoch Powell argued eloquently and passionately against the act in one of his first speeches on the parliament floor: already then, he saw where it would lead.

    • And a Powell-anecdote:

      Powell was a man of almost limitless talent, but he was patently unable to drive a motor vehicle. He complained that military trucks would go about on their own way as soon as you removed your hands from the steering wheel for just a few moments. He once managed to crash his car three times on a road trip from London to Scotland.

      Sometimes in the early sixties, Britain introduced driving licenses and Powell failed spectacularly. When ask why, he said it was due to the “shameful cowardice” on part of the gentleman from the Office of Transport.

      • Powell was a true genius teaching himself greek by age 6 or 7.
        It is funny about super high IQ types and operating motor vehicles or other machinery. Probably way too analytical to be of use where common sense and general situational awareness are much needed.

        • He enlisted in 1939 as a private (when was the youngest professor in the British Empire), helped plan the Battle of El Alamein working in the intelligence corp, and finished as a Brigadier in 45 can’t have been all that lacking in common sense and situational awareness.

      • Great story. The legendary, phenomenally prolific mathematician Paul Erdös also couod not drive or do other simple tasks like make coffee or toast bread.

    • Not exactly. The British began importing colonial elites to be educated before the war. They hoped they would take up colonial positions and many of them did. Most of the post colonial leaders were trained by the British education system. But you are right that it was after the empire when the open borders started. In the fullness of time, we may mark the open borders period as the end of the American empire.

      • True, but my point was that diversification does not inevitably follow from having an empire.

        Just like today, letting the coolies into the living room was a political decision, and countries like Sweden, who never had an empire, are just as hard hit as Britain or France.

        • De-colonization never happened. The west replaced it with a “normative empire” of how the rest of the world ought to be. Human rights, asylum conventions and the UN is a central part of this normative empire. In the optics of the normative empire the rights of people in Somalia or Eritrea is a western problem. Can´t they make a society based on the rules of the empire then the west have to take them in. If they were truly decolonized,- we wouldn’t care about them.

          • True. But also a financial empire. Some of us call it “neocolonialism.” The real difference has been that the British and French colonies became absorbed into the US empire. As you say, colonialism never vanished. It just assumed a new form. It goes by different euphemisms — “new world order”, “rules-based order”, etc. Baloney. Same old, same old.

      • Yes, you are right. In the Indian subcontinent leaders such as Gandhi, Nehru, and Jinnah all received some sort of education or legal training in Britain. This pattern continues to this day — ex-PMs of Pakistan such as Imran Khan and Benazir were both schooled at Oxford. The difference is that today more of the elite youngsters are sent to ranking US universities. It’s part of the imperial structure to co-opt local elites. Probably in ancient times local elites were sending their children to Rome for education.

        However, being local elites, the youngsters would return to their countries whee they had it made. The pattern of immigration in postwar Britain was the shortage of manpower (as in Germany). Immigrants were needed to work in Britain’s decrepit and outmoded factories (and British industrialists were unwilling to invest in automation the way their German, Japanese and US counterparts were). And so immigration went hand-in-hand with Britain’s increasingly decrepit industrial structure. Which you can see once you go outside London to cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, and Bradford.

        • Your kind was not strictly needed in Britain, neither for industrial labor nor for reconstruction after the war. The real reason behind the importation was to drive the local workers’ wages down. War casualties had not been so severe to hamper the job market.
          Local manpower was enough to fill the gaps, but being so much in request would naturally have led to a rise in salaries. The “Windrush generation” duly prevented such a rise.
          Not to mention that, with respect to the aftermath of war, in the preceding years there was a much greater need of industrial output because of the war effort, ie ships, submarines, tanks, airplanes, munitions small arms cannons etc had all to be built an assembled frantically. British workers, augmented with women and imports from beyond the pond, were enough to sustain the war effort up until its victorious conclusion.

          So, in essence, there was no need to transplant foreign workers to Britain: the alleged lack of manpower for the reconstruction was a forged justification. Nowadays same story, different lie: instead of for the reconstruction, we are told third worlders are needed because of the demographic collapse, and because the locals are too spoiled to accept “humble” jobs. I’d say were the salaries not so “humble” either, gaps in the job market would be filled rather quickly.

          And this, of course, shows what a hoax mass immigration is, purely from the economic point of view. Not even touching on the Great Replacement aspect of it, not even going there.

          • “So, in essence, there was no need to transplant foreign workers to Britain: the alleged lack of manpower for the reconstruction was a forged justification.”

            As far as I know, no justification was ever made. The issue was what constituted Britain. When it was an empire, there were no constraints on travel: an Indian or Jamaican could come to the British Isles and take up residence and work if he wanted to. This persisted even after India and other colonies became independent. No need for an argument to be put forward.

            The argument that there should be constraints started to emerge, I think, during the fifties and sxties but it was Powell’s 1969 “Rivers of Blood” speech that galvanised the political class into passing the 1971 Immigration and Nationality Act.

          • It’s easy to believe there were no public debates as the immigrants began to teem over British soil. Mass-Media available at the time were radio and newspapers. No chance to spark an immigration debate without talk shows, just accept the fait accompli, that was the policy.
            The “Reconstruction” rationale however was adopted as soon as these people began to get noticeable.

            On the other end of the bargain, just after the war, Afro-Caribbeans were lured by agents to embark for Britain with the promise of jobs over there yes, due to the reconstruction. That’s how the Wind rush phenomenon began. With time, it degenerated into mass immigration. Incidentally, the shipping companies ferrying these immigrants to Britain in the late 1940s were J-owned.

            It also makes little sense to note that British subjects could theoretically travel and reside all around the Empire before WW2. Practically, considering of mass exodus of people for economic reasons was beyond practicality, unthinkable. Exceptions were starkly marked, i.e. immigration to America (and even that was curtailed in the Twenties) or to established European settlements in the colonies, like the British settlement in South Africa or the French one in Algeria.
            Colonies of foreign merchants and sailors in centers of trade (Indians in Zanzibar for instance) had always existed but numerically had always been insignificant, but even their scant presence led to problems .

      • Interesting side note: the Imperial Japanese emulated the British program of training locals to take colonial positions in service of the Emperor. Talented locals from the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and so forth were taken to Japan and immersed in the language, culture and propaganda.

        And in a triple axel, the Japanese-trained colonial officer wannabes often were absorbed into the American intelligence agencies and State Department post-war, showing the United States has been an empire a long time and once was a smart one. I knew one of these guys, interesting and brilliant fellow.

        • Was that gentleman you knew a former kenpeitai officer? There was a mission similar to Operation Paperclip in Europe to hoover up as many subject matter experts as possible in relevant areas of interest, particularly bio-/chem- warfare and the former imperial Japanese secret services. There was the requisite number of key people sacrificed to the war crime tribunals, of course. but there were many, many protected by the US, even when being chased around by a key ally like the British (Masanobu Tsuji had kind of a colorful story). A lot of that stuff is still technically classified, too. I mean, on the US side the CIA often just hasn’t received a FOIA request for a specific document, so no reason to declassify something. But the Japanese actively and quietly kept their surviving records classified throughout the Cold War. Not merely untranslated, but also kept locked. Hell, still are classified.

          • “Was that gentleman you knew a former kenpeitai officer?”

            He was too young to be an auxiliary in the kepeitai. The Imperial Japanese would locate exceptionally bright young men in conquered territories and islands and transport them to Honshu for indoctrination and immersion in their culture, sort of like the janissaries of the Turks (I think the program even had been modeled to some degree on that although the purpose was civil rather than military). They were convinced they would win and would need loyal locals to keep the populations pacified.

            The guy I knew ended up at State because, in addition to being very bright, spoke fluent Japanese and understood the culture.

      • it’s my understanding the tories started bringing in jamaicans in the 50’s as a counter to labor having leverage in a tight employment environment.

        • Not that it matters in some sense, but the first immigrants from Jamaica were in 1948 under Atlee’s Labour government (which lasted until 1951)..

        • Even Powell encouraged Jamaican migration as minister of health — but with the proviso that they return as nurses and doctors to their homeland. Britain needed doctors and nurses at that time.

          • You want doctors and nurses? Pay for it. Its not complicated

            A programme to select and find talented youngsters and get them into medicine .

            I’ll give Powell a little slack though as the UK at that time had genuine labour shortage do to wartime losses. Its one of the very rare occasions in which such an excuse is possibly true.

        • The Tories hated the native working class much like our Republicans hate ours

          They’d rather destroy the UK than pay good wages.

  30. Media propaganda reports were that financial ministers were pushing back against Johnson’s plans to “decarbonize” the United Kingdom by 2035. My guess, therefore, is Johnson was resisting privately what he was publicly praising, and I’m not being sarcastic.

    What we are seeing is Cloud Governance becoming more overt and in our faces. Trump? Use our political whores to oust him. Boris, who didn’t scuttle Brexit? Use our propaganda whores to oust him. The West or what passes for it is ruled by alien peoples who have more in common with one another than with the masses who share space with them. It is the vision of Lenin and Trotsky writ large but implemented by totalitarian capitalists. Macron probably is next if he mediates peace in the Ukraine, and he knows it.

    As for outright murdering the people who share space with them, the Clouds are getting ready. I don’t think any Dutch farmers have been slaughtered yet but their land is valuable and the Clouds want it. If we get a total news blackout there, the killing will begin. Poor White folks in the D.C. gulags say “hi” as do bankrupted Canadian truckers.

    Westerners will have to rise up and kill the Clouds en masse to stop their genocide. So far they have shown no such inclination, but the moment is young.

    • Jack

      Life is still too good for Grillers. Gas may be 5 bucks a gallon, but you can still get it. Food is pricey, but still abundant.

      I agree with your assessment, but things have to get much worse, in my opinion, for the camels back to break.

        • It depends on how severe. Once the middle class guy who has paid his taxes all his life, followed the law, and been beaten down by “feral negro advancement” can’t put food on the table for his kids then the shooting starts. Back even the most rational men into a corner of desperation and you’ll start to see the signs of irrationality.

          • There’res still a lot of runway. You can “get by'” find workarounds, dont pay your credit cards in full, tap savings, etc to stretch the budget. Maybe all you rich boomers are too far removed from when you had to first pull on your own bootstraps. But those are temporary measures that stop working after a couple seasons of no reprieve. Not even there yet.
            Then, Trumpton is right, normie will not revolt; but normie never revolts (the world’s history is full of slaves and peasants, not free citizenry). But they will nod and look the other way, like the Irish population in the 20’s, for those who dare for more than serfdom.

          • You’d lose your bet Trumpston

            The Netherlands is already in a defacto low intensity civil war and Manhattan had a restaurant destroyed for no reason.

            It won’t be Y/T at first , the restaurant wasn’t but people snapping Left Right and Center is getting to be an everyday occurrence.

            If the fireworks I saw this year , Kiev level boom are any indication a lot of people are irate

            However what is lacking for a more general uprising is motivation . I think the recent repeal of Roe V Wade may have empowered that. Not on the Left though . On the Religious Right

            Why not get it all and enforce Christian morals on the a lot of the country?

            As Good Ol Rebel noted its only a few people who do all the work but so long as people stay out of way , that doesn’t matter.

            Our side especially around here, older White guys from a decent country suffers from a stability bias and the a kind of paralysis /learned helplessness. Passivism in NrX terms

            That can be unlearned and wars are fought by younger people anyway . They might surprise you once motivated

    • I’m still trying to wrap my head around how they plan to rid the industrialized world of internal combustion engines. Simply that, I can’t get it. I just can’t fathom how, given the general failure of the other green shit tried in the past (I guess solar panels had some success), or blatantly a scam something like windmills became, how something so drastic like ridding gas and diesel driven vehicles can possibly work.

    • Governments are overleveraged, in debt, and broke. Their partner financial institutions have trillions in exposure.

      They need assets.
      Number one is land, then all the resources of that land.

      Plus, we gotta put all these immigrants simewhere- and by golly, we’ll make a fortune doing it!

      “Sustainable” means sustaining elite power.

  31. I just read that there have been about a dozen women murdered this year in London, all of whom are foreign born, almost all non-white. One woman was an immigrant from Poland who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. Her head was partially decapitated. Her murderer was obviously an African. Description of the murders resemble stories out of Mogadishu: stabbings, machetes, decapitations. The surnames of the murderers (and victims) are names like Akpomedaye. In America, we know them by their first names: Kwame and Marquis.
    If there were any justice in the world, the jackass Boris Johnson would relocate to one of the more vibrant areas of London to live in the filth he helped to create and exacerbate.

    • “If there were any justice in the world, the jackass Boris Johnson would relocate to one of the more vibrant areas of London to live in the filth he helped to create and exacerbate.”

      I have a liberal brother who has nothing but good to say about Blacks. Whenever I mention an example of Black criminality, he replies that “the Blacks I know aren’t like that.”

      It’s become my fervent hope that he encounters some who are.

      • the thing is, the blacks he knows likely are “that way” but are in circumstances where their bread is getting buttered without them having to do much work. i.e. they aren’t chimping out in front of him.

        • Exactly. And make no mistake, behind closed doors, their conversations involve topics revolving around all of the things they hate about wypipo.

        • No, the Blacks he knows are all elderly church-going folks, many of whom I’ve met.

          They’re honest, law-abiding, patriotic— one Fourth of July when I happened to be attending church with him, the preacher— an Army vet— broke into singing ‘God Bless America’ as part of his sermon.

          They’re just not at all representative of the majority of Blacks.

          • Don’t fall for it. One thing I had to learn the hard way… Even “based” blacks, who seem like good people will always be black first. When push really comes to shove, their “blackness” trumps all.

  32. Britain has become a completely inconsequential nation. It is literally “Airstrip One.” Much of British politics revolves around camouflaging British decline and the irrelevance of the country on the international stage. That decline probably started in the second half of the 19th century but picked up steam in the 20th. After WW2 the loss of the colonies, the Suez Crisis, and the sterling crises underlined British decline. In my exceedingly humble opinion, the person to compare to Trump is not this clown Johnson but rather Margaret Thatcher, who came into office with the promise to reverse the decline. The war with Argentina in 1982 was meant to demonstrate that Britain was still a great power. The so-called “special relationship” with the USA was meant to demonstrate Britain’s relevance on the world stage as a sidekick to the US hegemon. But none of it worked. Under Thatcher, and arguably because of her monetarist policies, what was left of Britain’s industrial capacity wilted away.

      • Yep. It just looks so pathetic. And the Brits get nothing from the Americans in return for their obsequious and servile behavior. That’s what the “special relationship” amounts to.

        I remember that about 30 years ago Paul Kennedy was being interviewed on British television. Kennedy had made a big splash at the time on both sides of the Atlantic with his book, “The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers.” The interviewer asked him what Britain’s role in the world should be. He replied, “We don’t ask what Portugal’s role in the world should be; why then do we ask about Britain’s?” Then the interviewer asked him about Britain’s “special relationship” with the US. Kennedy replied by saying that the USA had a special relationship with Japan, with Germany, and so on, and that Britain was eighth or ninth on the list. The Brits have had a hard time psychologically dealing with their reduced station in life. I suppose that explains James Bond.

  33. “Initially force and grandeur is enough to keep the subjects in line but over time that no longer works so the imperial leadership must incorporate the conquered.”

    It definitely can’t work when your main pastime and highest virtue is proving how much you hate yourselves and your ancestors, which our rulers are good at in America, but they’re great at in Europe, especially in England. Even Germans with a bad case of the “Schuldskomplex” look askance at the endless English handwringing about empire.

    There’s a deep truth at the core of Orwell’s “Shooting An Elephant,” that encapsulates wonderfully how these people destroyed themselves (granted, with some outside help). The territorial policeman in Burma is called by the locals to shoot a stampeding elephant. All of the British subject Indians hate the white man, but they go to him to kill the elephant, because they recognize he is strong and a killer. You can hold a superior position, enforce the dominant culture, being hated, but you cannot do it trying to become the friend of someone who hates you. Then all you get is contempt, which is much more dangerous than hatred. White men used to understand they were white men, that there was no level of appeasement or apology that could change the condition of being hated, feared, and frankly envied. Wanting to be “down” is so cringe-inducing to watch, to see Chuck Schumer dancing in Central Park, watch Bill De Blasio showing off a gold chain the rapper Slick Rick gave him.

    You can coexist with people who hate you, but not if you’re constantly trying to redress their grievance at your own expense. We could have saved ourselves a few generations of heartache and waste if we had just faced up to it, had more white men instead of boys.

    • I do think that a lot of what’s driving the blatantly anti-White “anti-racism” is envy and resentment at White accomplishment. During my three years working at a homeless shelter I saw firsthand the surprising (to me) and paradoxical truth that helping people in need often results in the ones being helped resenting the ones helping them.

      Aside from prowess in sports, “people of color” have contributed almost nothing to the rise of civilization. Deep down inside they know that, and hate us for it.

      • Yep, they know deep down, they are outmatched. This is why there can be no “coexistence”—as in living side by side in a diversity paradise. Separation is the only proven way to stop this insanity. Paradoxically the end result of diversity madness will be basically the same as separation—except one side will eliminate the other.

        • Yep. Even the abolitionists who wanted to free the slaves were planning to repatriate them; either back to Africa or some other locale outside the US.

          NONE of them imagined Blacks and Whites living together in the same society.

          Here’s Tom and Abe on race-mixing. Damned if they weren’t right:

          “I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will for ever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be a position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.”

          — Abraham Lincoln,
          18 September, 1858, in his debate with Stephan Douglas

          “Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them.”
          — Thomas Jefferson

      • Brings to mind the recent stonetoss: we gave them the wheel, all they could do with it was invent necklacing. The frog and the scorpion repeats.

        • While Europeans were building the Parthenon and Notre Dame Cathedral, Africans were living in one-story mud huts.

          While the Greeks were setting the foundation for science and government and philosophy, Africans didn’t even have a written language.

          There’s no Black African equivalent of Epicurus or Democritus or Aristotle or DaVinci or Shakespeare or Newton or Mozart or Einstein or Musk.

          There’s a reason Africa never developed a civilization, and to this day is the ghetto of the planet.

    • I know a lot of people who think that segregation, had it been maintained, would have solved a lot of the problem. On the contrary, I don’t believe it would have. Inevitably, the black communities would be no better off because innate behaviors and biology. The envy and resentment from those communities would eventually lead to them attacking the white communities so we would only end up in the same place. The only solution was to ship them all back to Africa after the civil war. Every last one of them. If we removed all of the ferals from our society, the crime rate drops to virtually zero, the tax burden lessens significantly and we’re all a lot happier. Needless to say, none of this matters because that ship sailed over a century ago (pun intended).

  34. i wonder if people who have given up voting are behind the great resignation (lack of workers). and the lack of soldiers. can this rotten system be brought down this way; by starving it of competence and motivation? maybe this is what modern revolution looks like. already the airline industry is collapsing due to covid actions, why not fedgov too?

    • “Good morning, this is your Captain Kwame Ojigaboo welcoming you aboard today’s flight to Atlanta.”

      Me to the Middle Eastern-looking: flight attendant “I’m getting the eff off this thing. Now.”

        • Living it now in the UK as the national health Service relies on foreign docs and nurses to keep it going. Had several scary encounters with staff who can barely speak English in an accent so thick I cannot understand it.

        • I got an East European lady last time.Not pleasant. Soviet style Dentistry which was pretty decent on a technical level.

    • Based on anecdotes from others and personal experiences, much of the great resignation has been stupid and selfish people without much forward thinking put into it. Marginal employees who simply stop showing up without notice and things like that. There was also a number of older workers who quit thinking they would retire early. I wonder how many of them have had the stock market shake up that plan.

      • the people you describe are at the very bottom of the economy, and easily replaceable. there has always been plenty of churn there. the great resignation involves engineers, pilots, etc.

        • The dearth of such people works to the advantage of the Greenies. Less need for fossil fuels if there is no one capable of flying an airplane, is there? Similarly with any and all energy-consumptive (albeit life-saving) technologies. Foolishness, but ideological loons cannot be reasoned with, vide Elizabeth Warren and ilk.

        • KvH-

          Adding to your point, in the past week, totally out of the blue, I’ve received three unsolicited contacts from corporate recruiters, one for one of the space launch companies, and the other two for marquee MIC programs requiring the highest levels of clearance.

          I’ve never seen anything like this in 20 years.

          My resume certainly doesn’t align closely with any of the roles that were sent.

          • the MIC must really be hurting for staff; they usually don’t go looking outside their own little world. wonder if they have lost significant numbers due to vaxx mandates?

        • Younger people didn’t get into those trades.

          Even here in California, the actual competent people are a older Whites and few very smart immigrants /non Whites working well below their education level

          Anyone who could quit did basically , a fair few died of old age and yes COVID and related.

          We still technically have engineers but we lack capable people. I know a company name redacted in LA that now has no skilled engineers only a few newbies they trained and recently hired . They have like 5 and need over a hundred.

          They may get good someday maybe but good luck getting anything complex done.

      • Maybe people are reevaluating whether they want give the best years of their lives to a system that has proven to be unbelievably corrupt and abusive.

      • Hard to say. Most retirees and near-retirees aren’t generally invested in stocks, but rather CDs and bonds. Most wealth managers generally recommend starting in stocks and finishing in bonds, so I’d guess that most retirees aren’t particularly affected by the stock market. You also have those who will be pensioned, and neither the stock not bond market is specifically relevant to them.

        • I have talked to a couple of different investment advisors about what their clients are actually doing as retirement nears or starts, not the boilerplate recommendations. Most retirees stay over 60% invested in stocks as they start retirement, some much higher than that. Bonds have also done poorly so that hasn’t been a safe haven. The philosophy is that the market will recover and then some by the time they need the money. We will see if they are right. Most recent retirees didn’t factor double digit inflation into their retirement plan.

          • As long as the house is paid off and medical is covered, old people can get by on very little.

            What’s getting wrecked is the Gen Y/Millennial inheritance and the consumerism treadmill.

  35. Given it seems anyone from anywhere can become “British” and rule over the dying island, why not select a ringer from outside the country, as if you are looking for a new CEO.

    The obvious candidate would be Putin.

    He controls the world, controls inflation, selects the US presidential candidates, fixes elections and can add and remove taxes on goods at will in countries that are not Russia.

    What’s not to like.

    • Putin seems to like Russians, who are White, so that’s a non-starter. Ibrahim Kendi, on the other hand…

  36. Liz Truss. I listened to a podcast with a couple Russian guys and their opinion of Liz Truss and Jen Psaki was that they were both very stupid but they were made representatives of Western governments to fool the Russians into thinking that all of the leadership was stupid. I got to admit I was gobsmacked. It was from a podcast right after the war started. I don’t know if they still think that.

    All of the western governments seem to have sold out their people to join the elite cult of child sacrifice and sodomy. What’s going on in the Netherlands is unbelievable. The police are using live rounds on farmers. The police in all western nations are the enemy of free men

    • The rise of stupid people in organizations is something worth studying. In my youth a company I was working at was bought by a new company. My old boss, a smart and ornery guy, was fired and replaced by an amiable dunce. It took me a while to realize that the guy was quite stupid. I was young and just assumed I was missing something. Nope. The guy was a dangerous idiot. Quickly, all of us learned to work around him to get our work done. Sure enough, the idiot got promoted.

      The thing is, his peers knew he was a moron too. Over time we all heard the jokes from other people about this guy. In unguarded moments, you would hear a big shot make a crack about this guy being an idiot. He was a nice enough person, but hardly the life of the party or anything like that. He was quite dull in addition to being a moron. Yet he thrived.

      In my work career, I have seen this many times. There is something about managerialism that has a blind spot for this type. Joe Biden was know for decades to be an amiable dunce. Now he is president. Liz Truss, who is a well known simpleton, will probably end up as PM because, well, who knows?

      • Have a look at Ben Wallace Z, the buffoon who gave away military secrets whilst on a prank call …

        • Given he is polling as the front runner in the leadership challenge I think you can judge the retard level of the parliament.

          He makes Biden look on the ball. Expect more Ukraine.

      • Stupid people are no threat to management, and management likes to watch the competent workers pretzel-ing themselves trying to get the jobs done. If every one of you had confronted upper management and said you weren’t going to do anything until this dunce gets fired you might have been able to get him removed but then upper management would have you marked as potential troublemakers…

      • Having been around several decades, it seems to me that the people in high positions of government are dumber than ever. Granted, we didn’t have the Internet 50 years ago to make the evidence of such follies quite as accessible, but my impression, having paid attention at least somewhat closely to politics on both sides of the Atlantic, is that many more mature adults really were in charge (with some exceptions, certainly) up until around the 90’s. Since then, the Ivy-League-credentialed have shown themselves to be awfully clueless, as well as viciously malevolent.

        An interesting essay touching on this from a British perspective….

        • For a suitable vertigo break I recommend Youtube 1975, Peter Shore, topic: “Fear, fear, fear.”

      • Remember Z:

        “First-rate people hire first-rate people; second-rate people hire third-rate people.”

        If you ain’t top dog, you don’t want an underling who’s smarter and more capable than you showing you up.

        Your original boss probably went up through the ranks, had to prove himself, knew about the processes (heck, he might have designed or implemented a few), and could speak from experience and/or authority.

        Don’t want that clashing with senior management.

        You and Sev have pointed out the “meritocracy” picks for people that can answer the test questions, color in the lines, attend the right schools, perform the correct extracurriculars, and increasingly, be born the right skin pallor or have the correct internal plumbing.

        And that’s great. If you’re never thrown a curveball, that is, asked a question that’s not on the test. You see it in the tech world when you interview people with multi letter certifications on their resume. Ask them canned technical questions they can progress for a while. Ask them to apply that knowledge (flowchart a process, right some code, etc.) and some people just freeze up. You see that with the VP. Think for myself? Speak extemporaneously?!? Flop sweat 😓, word salad mumbo-jumbo, odd cackling.

        Yer boy that replaced your boss filled in the right answers on the SAT, and he wouldn’t show up his boss. The problem was you asked him questions that weren’t on the test.

    • Stupid leaders are a feature and not a bug. Biden is in place because he is moron with advanced dementia. The most outrageous parts of the Cloud agenda can be implemented and then Biden will be sacrificed. Cloud Rule is open now.

      The stupidity, though, is trickling up. I’ve considered the Clouds insane for some time, but they are showing flashes of idiocy. The Ukraine war was provoked, for example, because the Clouds were moronic enough to believe China would either sit it out or join with them against Putin.

      Liz Truss is where she is and may be going because she’s an obedient and stupid hunting dog.

        • Point taken (I’ve had and trained bird dogs, so, yeah). Make that “stupid and obedient dancing bears.”

          • Bears at least can turn on their handler, the amiable dunce won’t. They may be stupid but most of them have an uncanny sense of self preservation and promotion. And bird dogs are far from stupid.

          • I’d use ‘dogs’.
            When you say “sic ’em, Killer!”, they don’t ask for pronouns.

      • Did they really believe that the sanctions against Russia would bankrupt the Russian economy and force Putin to resign?

        Did they really believe the Taliban wouldn’t immediately take power in Afghanistan?

        Do they really think that “diversity and inclusion”— letting in gays, trannies, and angry women of color— would make our military stronger?

        Did they truly not recognize Biden’s cognitive issues, and Harris’s inability to formulate a coherent thought, prior to nominating them?

        Are they truly that clueless and inept?

        Or is something else going on?

        Are they deliberately trying to destroy our credibility as a nation and the institutions that once made us strong?

        Who IS making decisions for Biden?

        • These are the right questions and I honestly don’t know the answer. It could be 4D chess, and it could be clusterfuckery. I can’t see how one thing would be done differently if the goal were to undermine individual national governments and replace them with a hyper-feudalism. Then again, retardation.

          I have to take note the Establishment Republican cave on guns also happened at an opportune moment, too.

          • Right. I knew people who kept insisting that Trump was playing 4D chess, until it became impossible to continue believing it.

            And it’s a classic ploy: create a problem, then rush in to fix it.

            And the way they handled Covid— did they really imagine that shutting down the economy would have no negative repercussions?— raises the same question: Are they truly that stupid?

            Who made the decisions that resulted in men like Austin and Milley and “Rachel” Levine ascending to the top ranks of our military? Can they possibly be imagining that it’s an improvement?

            And are Putin and Xi wondering the same thing: “Can these clowns really be serious?”

          • @the real Bill

            “And are Putin and Xi wondering the same thing: “Can these clowns really be serious?”

            It is very dangerous in that either may think the United States might engage in a nuclear first strike. I don’t think it will happen because the Ruling Class actually would have skin in the game if that were to happen, but they are insane.

            There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever in my mind that both Putin and Xi have been prepared to let the nuke birds fly since February, and the morons in charge here have given them no reason to back off.

          • @Jack Dobson

            The nuclear war threat at this point is really more that because the Ruskies see our leaders as stupid and crazy, any sort of false alarm could result in a launch. During the Cold War, both sides could rely on the opposing leadership at least being sane and self-interested.

          • Jack Dobson,

            “It is very dangerous in that either may think the United States might engage in a nuclear first strike. I don’t think it will happen because the Ruling Class actually would have skin in the game if that were to happen, but they are insane.
            There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever in my mind that both Putin and Xi have been prepared to let the nuke birds fly since February, and the morons in charge here have given them no reason to back off.”


            And from what I understand, both Russia and China possess supersonic multi-warhead missiles that we have no way to defend against.

            They must know that….

            At what point are they going to look at the nitwits “leading” America, and decide to take the risk…?

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