An Angry Return

One of the strange things about the mass media age is that you stop noticing the awfulness after a while. Lots of people have taken a break from watching sportsball, for example, and then found they could not go back. When they tried to watch a game or show related to the game, they suddenly found it intolerably stupid. The same thing happens with the infotainment side. Once you take a break from it, the stupidity jumps off the screen when you return to it.

The last week of June and most of this week I have been tackling some changes in my daily routine. As a result, I have been unplugged from the new cycle. Normally, I check a dozen main sites every morning. Every Sunday there is a news show behind the green door. I also try to catch the opening of Tucker most nights. The last two weeks I have done little of that due to time constraints. That and change can be tiring so when I had some free time I just relaxed.

This week I wanted to do a casual show so that means going through the news items and commenting upon them. My goodness. The short time away was enough to break the spell it seems. The ridiculousness of the people on these mass media platforms takes over the screen. The over the top language, the exaggeration and the paranoia is intolerably ridiculous. Going through the various news sites my myötähäpeä was pegged at eleven the entire time.

A while back I did a Taki post on the macaroni men. This was a fad in the 18th century in which men would dress like clowns in public. The only thing is their absurd costumes were not intended to be funny. These were serious people and their ridiculous outfits were proof of their seriousness. The same thing exists now. Instead of silly hats, the Cloud People don silly ideas. They decorate themselves with overwrought opinions about small things made up to be important.

Of course, the absurdity of it all reflects the absurdity of the people behind it and to a great degree the target audience. The mass media is created by flakes and weirdos for people who want to be like them. The days of a newspaper seeking to inform the readers about the events of the day are long gone. Cable chat shows are just the modern freak show and animal act. Out mass media is an essential part of a ridiculous system run by ridiculous people.

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203 thoughts on “An Angry Return

  1. What is interesting that the FT, “People Magazine for Davos,” has hit out at military spending arguing that it imperils the Green Agenda, and gives too much power to White men who might want a real say in things.

    Putin must look over longingly at Europe, and figure he could run things. Its hard to inspire soldiers with an extra bug ration if they fight harder, and the promise that Africans will have the free pick of their women.

  2. Riddle me this dear contributors;

    While watching the Science Channel, several commentators called “Science Communicators”, we’re giving their views on the topic at hand, including, but not limited to,”that’s strange”, and “you have to wonder what that is”.

    Can anyone tell me what a “Science Communicator” is, and what the qualifications are?

    • They’re all acolytes for the non-binary diety known as “Gaia”. That’s not sarcasm, they sound like modern day shamans or channelers. I guess they see themselves continuing in the same tradition as Carl Sagan and deGrasse Tyson where they try to bring light to the masses, but they’re just a professionalized form of the “i wuv scienze” crowd.

  3. This is something I tell friends and family all the time. We’ve been cable-free for several years now. Watching cable “news” is like watching Caesar Flickerman, the host of “The Hunger Games”. They’re all so incredibly fake! I tell people to “turn it off for a few weeks, and then put it back on briefly. You’ll never see it the same way again because you’ll realize how transparently fake it all is.”

    The other oddity is commercial TV. Since we only use commercial-free streaming – I’m down to a total of $5.99/mo from my old cableTV package of $150/mo – commercials are just bizarre. I’m glad to see my wife more openly mocking the red headed girl with a black dad, white mom, and Asian brother. But that only came up because the internet was down during a bad storm, so we turned on the antenna to catch the weather report.

    Mostly, we exercise and go outside and play. Or read or watch a movie. We watched the original Star Wars recently. The galaxy is saved by a band of white people flying cool spaceships.

    As I tell my kids, the America I grew up in doesn’t even remotely resemble yours. Ours was better. They watch shows like “Stranger Things” and realize how much we’ve lost as a country.

    • What is not scripted on television?

      Words, casting, camerawork, sound, lighting each have their role to play to get those eyeballs. Credibility and intellectual honesty do not matter, just eyeballs. Sell the advertisers a target audience and craft a show around that.

      It would be fascinating to get some Project Veritas-like exposition of how television shows and commercials are really conceived and produced. There are too many coincidences for anything to be accidental.

      • Why? Nothing regarding production methods of commercial visual entertainment is a closely guarded secret. Like you said, it’s all scripted, for a start, or if not then highly guided for preferred effect (reality TV I gather follows this format). All a Veritas deep dive would reveal is the extent to which people buy into the illusion of entertainment. Imagine if Veritas did a dive into the WWF; “Project Veritas reveals shocking truth of how rednecks like fake drama.” Bum bum buuuuuuuum.

      • “Network” is a very, very, very inferior ripoff of “Putney Swope,” a movie by Robert Downey Sr about what TV would be if it were made by and for black people.

        The scene of the black militants negotiating with the network is almost word-for-word plagiarism.

        • Whatever Hemid. You’re a Zappa fan. So I take your opinion with about 15 billion grains of salt.

  4. You forgot to mention the biggest piece of evidence that con inc’s “big tent” proclamations are fraudulent…the fact that they kicked out paleocons and populists in the 1990s. Big tent means including everyone to the left of the neocons, and no one to the right.

  5. Watching the European energy crunch is a chucklefest. It is a cult. One of my kids works managing a global LNG/FSRU fleet. With a limitless number of spec cargoes that can easily divert, most of the tanker capacity—and all the FSRU capacity it tied up on fixed delivery/regassification contracts. Particularly the FSRUs (Floating Storage Regassification Units) basically a massive tanker that remains anchored, delivers regassified product directly into distribution systems and is resupplied via standard tanker. A shoreside regas project is complex and has a long build time. The Germans have been “talking” about increasing capacity, but only the Poles have completed a high capacity facility. Twelve new tankers went into the S. Korean order books a few weeks ago—but since highly technical builds, those won’t start coming off the ways for a couple of years. So if “Master Blaster” Putin keeps howling “embargo”, they are pretty much fucked. We;ve got our own problems with domestic gas supply since transmission pipelines keep getting nixed. The irony is the peak demand in New England (given pipeline insufficiency through NY) has traditionally been met by Russian spot cargoes delivered to the two delivery buoys off Boston. Ooops.

      • txs for the correction. I wondered.

        One piece always missing, of course, in the LNG to Europe fantasy is just what it would do to prices in the US.

        But the same dipshits who don’t mind Resident Biden being bribed to sell oil to China, won’t mind paying double to heat their homes, will they?

        • I drove coast to coast recently and had the misfortune of purchasing alot of diesel. The cheapest diesel I found was in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The closer to the coast you get, the more expensive.

          My theory is that all fuel on the coasts is getting exported overseas.

    • SamlAdams: Thanks for the informative comment. Most people have no idea the cost and complexity of turning natural gas into LNG, shipping it elsewhere, and then turning it back into gas for land-based transportation. Nor what percent of product is lost each time this occurs. Nor the lead time to build delivery points. Nor that all of this must be sourced overseas because of AINO’s deindustrialization. Epitome of Clownworld.

      • LNG will never in a thousand years compete with pipelines. It’s like a hand pump well competing with running water. European independence from Russian gas is a fraud and a farce.

        What shocks me most about this entire situation is the depth of GAE c -cksucking the Europeans have done for nothing. Absolutely nothing! Even if Russia was going to roll into the Baltics we would never protect them. The only way this can happen, in my opinion, is that so many million Europeans are utterly brainwashed into the eco-cult (being post Christian they need a religion) that they’re willing to wear coats inside their hovels in the Winter. Since all of Europe appears to be a college dormitory, only full of olds, I say, okay Euros, enjoy your cold Winter. You sure live at latitudes where this thinking is unwise, but experience is necessary and a dear teacher.

        If only the Euros had chosen a more robust religion, rather than this sad, eco-one. One in which the triumph of the will was celebrated along with strength and nationalism.

    • And if you start a war with Russia they won’t bomb any of your LNG terminals.
      The Poles are the most stupid people on on the planet.
      1. Do everything you can to bait the bear.
      2. Bet your economic future on them doing nothing.

      Not on my to do list any time soon.

  6. Love it when you bring up the macaroni men. I honestly believe if William Buckley lived during that period, he would fit right in with those fancy lads.

  7. Z

    I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet but I consider your aside to livestream the wine following the demise of NR to be a promise. 🙂

  8. hmmm, someone decided to vote with bullets in nippon. wonder if that got the attention of clownworld central, here? it should have…

    • I wouldn’t be shocked if the assassination came straight out of Clown World Central. Abe is hostile to China and, despite a certain blogger stating the contrary, not on board with globalism (he literally laughed when a “journalist” asked him about accepting refugees).

      • From what I have been able to gather so far the assassin was motivated by personal revenge. His family joined some cult that Abe was a prominent member of and were financially ruined. None of the news stories I’ve read discuss details of the cult at all which is very strange. Incredibly lazy? No time to elaborate on the developing lie? I haven’t cared enough to dig in

    • That and the Donetsk’s government lifted the moratorium on capital punishment. So those three captured mercenaries might soon be executed. And all the others they capture. Wonder if they will make it public?

      Globohomo is going to freak out if their merc’s start getting executed for the whole world to see. How Trudeau responds should be pretty entertaining. I can see him going hysterical. What about all the womyns in the EU governments?

      • while fucking around in somebody else’s war is generally not a good idea, at least work out legal status with your employer. No citizenship and local passport, no shoot.

        • One thing I would not want to have to deal with if I was a mercenary would be having to deal with Russian women whose kids I had killed.

          I would beg for public execution

          Imagine the men? Those strong beasts over there. They are going to start ripping heads off. These mercenaries better be glad the people didn’t get a hold of them.

          • They will save a few for show trials in Moscow, which will be translated simultaneously in flawless English. The best part will be watching Clown World try to block any reportage or reproductions and labeling everything that slips through its net as disinformation, misinformation, evilmation, whatever. It makes you hope there were in fact IC contractors or outright agents in the hole with the Nazis.

            My bet is the first trials kick off around next Orthodox Easter. It will be must-see but can’t mostly see-TV.

          • anyone over there deserves every bad thing that comes their way. there is no doubt the executions will be public and gruesome. anyone still messing around over there, now, is a retard.

  9. It’s really interesting to look back wrt sportsball. I was a huge sports fan growing up, especially hockey. I would watch all the games, feel euphoria when they won, despair when they lost. I had superstitions that I followed to help my team win. I would get filled with righteous anger when a bad penalty was called. I would get butterflies in my stomach. I hated the other teams.

    Today, I just don’t care. I tune in to watch a couple games a year out of boredom. It’s a grotesque spectacle, middle aged white guys acting like buffoons cheering their team. Even worse in the NFL/NBA/soccer where most of the players hate white people. The teams hate white people and promote twerking and LGBT. The commercials are anti white.

    But it just seems pointless. I feel about as excited about pro sports as I do if I walk past a baseball diamond at a local park and see a game going. It’s just a bunch of guys playing sports and has no impact on my life.

    Like the economy, supply chain, and patriotism, sportsball fandom isn’t something that you just turn on and off. Once it’s off it’s permanently off and your old sports fan self seems different and immature compared to your new self.

    • If you actually play hockey, basketball, football, baseball etc then you are fine. If you go watch or coach a little league team that your child is playing in then you are admirable (unless you are one of those obsessed sports parents).

      But aside from those exceptions, passively watching other people play a game for any significant length of time just earns my contempt these days.

      • When a boy becomes a man, he sets aside his childish pasttimes such as sports, pop music, and watching TV. Lots of 50+ year old boys around.

        • My local rugby team gives some based, local individuals (sometimes even my dad) some time on a Saturday afternoon to get together, sink cans and catch up. The excellent combination of reasonable opinon as well as the tut-tutting of bogan idiocy – occasionally we even watch the team. It is what spectator sport was meant to be. We now see a vehicle for selling bog standard life insurance and race-mixing hardware store commercials.

    • Sports all has been co-opted as part of the social engineering experiment, and it probably always was at least in America. I don’t know about Canada.

      It was a pretty big deal for me and my peers when we got the first black coaches in sports. Started happening in late 70s early 80s. Before that black guys were never head coaches. I remember being ticked off that I would have to start taking orders from a black guy. And that was a normal feeling back then. It ruined everything and might have been, if I could go back, one of the reasons I stopped playing football and went over to tennis. I had been playing football since I could walk. But that ruined it for me. Of course it became the norm for the younger guys coming up, but for me and my era it was a big stinker.

        • Lol

          No worries

          I’m having a good day so it’s all cheers over here.

          Getting texts from my son who is in Mexico and loving it. On the beach. Beers are a dollar. Fish straight from the sea to the table.

          Oh man……

        • That’s okay. I offered an upvote to counter your accidental downvote.

  10. “Out mass media is an essential part of a ridiculous system run by ridiculous people.”
    The scary thing is this system is the one that controls and runs our lives, until the day it dies and us perhaps as well

    I like to compare the decline of the United States to that of the former Soviet Union.
    It is said that it took a horrible, completely avoidable accident known as the Chernobyl Disaster to set the stage for the eventual collapse and death of the Soviet System. At least it was what I call a “serious” problem to do them in.

    We could have a famine or nuclear war with Russia that would end America as we know it. However, in light of the silliness that passes off as life in 2022 America, I figure that it will be an unforeseen political event that will set us into motion to the final dissolution. I keep reading and hearing about rumors that just prior to the 2022 Elections, Biden et al. will make big changes to our electorate, namely in cooking up a scheme allowing the illegals to vote in our elections. It wouldn’t surprise me if they attempt to pull off something patently illegal, then tell us to get over it, using the force of their government to back their fiats. Nothing would surprise me at this point right now, and all it will take is one action to push us over the event horizon. We shall soon see I suppose.

    • the 2022 elections will turn out exactly as the people programming the Dominion machines want them too. avoid normie politics , it’s no different than sportsball.

      • I agree “voting” today is a total joke and I refuse to participate. Considering that They can do what they want with voting machines, do not underestimate their stupidity to mess up that they control. You know the collapse is near when they don’t even care to put out a proper narrative that keeps the normies under control.

    • America is done

      Our only hope is Europe.

      And if Europe starts expelling their own darkies, don’t be surprised if America goes berserk and starts calling them enemies of the west, ironic as it would be.

      But that might be the way things are heading. Especially when food becomes scarce and Germans and Italians and Spaniards have to start sacrificing their own stomachs for migrants and darkies. America I feel is too far gone to ever get back to normal. I don’t like saying it but deep down I believe it.

      • That downvote is the readers here that simply don’t want to face demographics reality. The best you are going to get is a loose separation and people being smart enough to gather into huwhyte states. But demographics IS destiny and we are a Mutt Nation. Getting more dysgenic and more brown every year. Downvote that myopic boomers…

        • “America” is a hazy term, a variety of various imaginations.

          Ships of Line basting away, seam busting breasts, giant burgers searing, Big Block V8 lake pipes roar.

    • They already pulled off something patently illegal in 2020 and got away with it. What makes you think 2022 will set in motion what 2020 didn’t? What will precipitate change is the loss of reserve currency status for the dollar and/or the loss of the petrodollar, which turns the printing machine off, and will make Argentine levels of inflation look like the good times.

      • My gut says that Brandon’s upcoming trip to Saudi is only going to convince them to pull the plug on the petrodollar as soon as possible.

        • Agree. Blinken brags that he discusses anal sex in every meeting with the Saudis. If Brandon starts incoherently touting the wonders of teaching anal sex to little boys, China is going to look mighty sane in comparison. All the Chinese want to trade and buy real estate.

          To make matters worse, the petrodollar was tired to the US defending Saudi Arabia and Brandon went against that. The American Empire has proven it is not a reliable partner and requires vassal states to always show adherence to the new narrative, in this case jihad against Russia and Russians.

    • There’s now a chance that a SCOTUS ruling will trigger a left-led effort for a constitutional convention or attempted secession, eg of the Left Coast. If they file the divorce papers, chances of an actual split are pretty good.

      • Yes I have heard Machiavellian liberals talking about hijacking the right’s attempted constitutional convention and deliberately causing a runaway convention that rewrites the whole constitution.

        Back in the Obama years there was a big push among conservatives to call for a CC with regards to passing some kind of balanced budget amendment

        They only need 6 more states to call for CC

        Part of me hopes they succeed, I’m fed up with the constitutional idolatry as If it’s some kind of holy book.

  11. The drive to ban disinformation and impose widespread censorship is more out of fear than lunacy and stupidity, although the latter two are at play. A confident society does not fear speech or ideas, and Clown World has just enough awareness to be insecure.

    The Soviet Empire, it is claimed, collapsed in part due to the new and hard to censor media we now call the ‘Net. Those who want to impose a hellscape and/or their view of utopia are fully aware that happened. I saw some political figure quoted as referring to the ADL as a “hate group,” which obviously it is. The Associated Press followed the group by defining the ADL as an ethnic lobby and refuting the politico quoted. In years past, the quote would have been omitted but the AP seemed aware it was out there and needed to be rebutted.

    I see two green shoots. First, the move to localize and regionalize is more important than most dissidents will give it credit. In fact, the West Virginia case you referenced will accelerate the decentralization. You are right to say it is by far the most momentous decision the USSC will deliver.

    Next up, and this is of equal if not greater weight, propaganda is rebutted swiftly now and censorship is hard to impose. Yes, the drive to ban speech is in full gear, and the Empire has more tools to do so than the USSR did, but the outlets are too numerous, too accessible.

    The Left always is in panic, but this time it is justified.

    • the left is death incarnate; everything they touch turns to shit and dies. always. AINO is like the rigor mortis stage for the corpse of America. what comes next is the real decay.

      TomA bangs on (and on, and on…) about “diseased cells” when the real situation involves dying cells. the body can die while individual cells survive – for a time. Gen-X are the last Americans, the last cells alive from America.

      • Correction. It’s “disease cells” not “diseased cells.” The difference is non trivial. The former are the agents that cause the latter. And they are far fewer in number.

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  13. One small correction in the Podcast…

    Highland Park, IL is a heavily Jewish, very wealthy, liberal suburb, where Biden received ~80% of the vote in 2020.

    When I first heard about the shooting, I figured the FBI found someone they could call an anti-Semite and encouraged them. It would help push their gun control agenda with normies who love both July 4th and those poor, persecuted little hats and donate to Mike Huckabee grifts.

    • “I figured the FBI found someone they could call an anti-Semite and encouraged them.”

      I’ve heard that before. I often wonder exactly how that’s accomplished. Like with the Buffalo shooting. So the thinking is: FBI infiltrates an unstable white guy’s peer group (either in real life or online) and says stuff like, “Man, nothins gonna change unless guys like us take real action. Got me? I’m talkin’ REAL action. I’m lookin at you Steven. You talk a big game but none of us ever seen you shoot more than a tree stump. You always talkin’ bout how dark that Walmart’s got in the last coupla years. Well maybe someone should do something about that.”

      • I figure they keep a bunch of prospects simmering all the time. When necessary, turn up the heat and one or two of them will boil over.

  14. As our host has described in today’s podcast, hardship is coming and will likely hit Europe in a big way later this year as winter approaches. The sane in Germany are buying wood stoves, which tells what they think about the prospect of voting their way out of the mess they’re in. Ditto in the US, but here, Normie desperately needs to believe in the Bongino mantra of VOTE HARDER because fatness, and then hold to the naive belief that it will fill his gas tank after Nov 8th.

    But the 2×4 will eventually arrive at forehead, and reality will require more than just whining with fanatical erudition. So we need a plan. And it should nuts & bolts and baby steps. Cosmic idealism won’t cut it going forward into the fog. Stay tuned.

    • The Dutch situation is an interesting one. Some genius decided putting 1/3 of farms out of the business was a great idea. And mind you these are the most productive in the world and about the “greenest” relative to productive capacity. Now apparently a memo leaks that one use for the dormant farmland is to house all the new diverse pets they’ve imported. I’ll assume they’ll figure out how to crush them eventually, but the people got a taste of how quickly the supermarkets went empty. They’ve managed to get the media here to virtually ignore the story, but that may not hold for long.

      • The Netherlands is, in essence, a vast river delta composed of humic fertile soils sitting on an enormous flat plain fed by numerous water sources. The only significant challenge is flooding, which they control via very sophisticated flood control structures and pumps. It’s an ideal agricultural environment that feeds a huge part of Europe. The disease cells attempting to destroy this productivity are spawned by urban centers whose parasites elect idiots because they outnumber the rural sane cohort. This is a suicide cult democracy.

        • Rebel

          My way of saying that is;

          If you give a man nothing to lose, he’ll act like he has nothing to lose.

      • “They’ve managed to get the media here to virtually ignore the story”

        That’s the part that really has captured my attention even though this particular story is a VERY important moment. The NPC’s in places like Brooklyn and Georgetown would totally freak out if they realized the lattes don’t magically appear at the coffee houses. Have to keep those loyal piggies placated just a bit longer, apparently.

  15. What Z so accurately–and exasperatedly–describes is just one segment of the aptly named Insane Clown World. The “culture,” if one can still call it that, is equally looney and vapid. If you’ve got an IQ over 90 and any taste whatsover, it is simply insufferable.

    But the idiocy and madness of the media and “culture” are obvious for all with eyes to see. Recently, however, it has dawned on me just how maddening even the general behavior of the public is. Driving, for instance, has become an infuriating experience because of the utter stupidity–doubtless handsomely abetted by sail foams–of fellow drivers. The concept of the four-way stop sign, for instance, is beyond them. What’s more, even stopping at intersections in residential nabes is now apparently considered optional.

    Another node of anger is grocery shopping. Not only is there, almost inevitably, some stooge parked right in front of the one item you need, he also apparently requires 10 minutes to figure out which brand of antacid or which red bell pepper he wants to buy. This usually occurs when you’re in the helluva hurry.

    I have to think that lifespans will shortly begin dropping as people stroke out at early ages because of the idiocy of their fellow “Americans.”

    • Definitely share the aggravation of driving. Seems most people treat driving as a distraction as they really want to be on their sail foams. How often have I had to blow my horn at some dumbshit sitting at a green light because they aren’t looking up. And then if I don’t make it through before it turns red because of said dumbshit…well let’s just say I understand some road rage.

      • Probably a good idea I don’t pack heat. I’m assuming the same for you.

        • I don’t get angry enough to cause bodily harm. It’s just inconsideration on their part. Their world exists in their wireless device.
          The dichotomy is that while we are more connected than ever via modern communication technology we are also more personally insulated than I’ve ever seen.

    • The life of most Americans is so vapid, banal and meaningless that the most exciting part of their day is the passage over the highway in their steel and plastic moving cocoons. There they have the ability to intimidate total strangers without consequences, listen to whatever they wish on the radio and be momentarily free of workmates, children and spouses. Speeding through stop signs and red lights is an exciting free facsimile of an amusement park ride.
      If their trip should end at a workplace or business they can achieve the daily American goal of parking as close as possible to the front door of their destination. In spite of the fact that even cripples need physical exercise, handicapped parking spots are reserved for those issued cripple certificates so they can at least have the psychic reward of parking close to the front door of the gym.
      While the highways appear to be some kind of dystopian battle ground, most drivers seem to get to their destination unscathed. That would seem to indicate that literally all traffic laws should be erased since nobody pays any attention to them anyway.

      • I sympathize with cripples. Really, I do. However, is it absolutely necessary for Home Depot–along with every other corporation–to reserve 50 parking spots for them? That’s overkill, and forgive me if I smell the sickly sweet stench of virtue signaling here.

        • Ostei: Particularly because it’s usually their able-bodied (well, in relative terms) relative or friend who is actually using the car and its special handicapped tag. I see it daily.

          Then you add in specially marked spots for “expectant mothers,” local police, and people picking up delivery orders. Add in drivers from all over the world driving every which way up and down the parking lot, and others walking sloooowly while they peck on their sailfoams, and it’s like a game of musical chairs. Hate it.

          • I strongly suspect the term “handicapped” has been defined radically down from what it once meant, which was burdened by a disability that seriously degraded one’s quality of life. I imagine nowadays anybody who’s had Lexapro prescribed for them or who sprained a pinkie in the last 20 years qualifies for a bloody handicapped tag. And I’m sure the federal handicapped bureaucracy has been behind the movement that has dramatically enlarged its fiefdom.

        • There was a bit of future-proofing with all of those unused handicap spots. So here they had all of this prime real estate but no bodies to fill them. A void is created. Hmmm? Gears start turning….

          I know! Give more people the handicap placards !

          You can be fat or have some silly ailment a doctor vouches for and voila, you get a placard.

          They pretty much give them away now. How often do we see perfectly able people with the placard hanging from their rear view?

          It was a system just waiting to be gamed. A big fat juicy target.

          • People used to be ashamed to be thought handicapped, just as they were ashamed to be considered a victim. My, oh my, how the worm has turned.

      • One thing I genuinely enjoy is parking in a normal spot with my blind crippled mother and then wheeling her in past the obese boomers that have handicapped parking tags because their knee hurts a bit when they waddle.

        I don’t say anything, just give them that little look so they have to reflect on what filth they truly are.

    • The people who really annoy me at the grocery store are the ones who park themselves in front of the steak cooler.

      Invariably, they proceed to their ritual of eyeballing, feeling up, and even sniffing every gd packaged steak on display.

      This also seems to happen with ground beef as well.

      • Agreed. Now having said that, I’m pretty particular about my steaks, and will spend some time judging them. However, if I sense I’m in somebody’s way, I’ll clear out, let them grab their meat–so to speak–and once they’re done, resume my inspection. The vast majority of shoppers, on the other hand, are oblivious to those around them, or they just don’t give a dam’.

      • What’s really crappy are the Asians at Costco. Their lousy driving skills also find expression in their shopping cart pushing.

        These people just don’t see or feel or whatever the people immediately around them. They are oblivious. It must be something about their nature. But they routinely run their carts into my heels from behind, and don’t even care. Even when one day it hurt and I turned around and shoved their cart with my hurt foot, and they just took it in stride and ignored me and kept moving along.

        FWIW, Why I don’t really care that black people are tormenting them. Blacks are like one’s raw emotions, his primitive self, and they are reacting to Asians violently because they can sense something is just not right and so they react in the only way they know how, through violence. Probably why no white people seem to care when blacks push Asians into moving subway trains.

        • Alzeabo. True how Asians in Costo shop how they drive. Mainly middle-aged or older Chinese women. You and I are both in SoCal. It’s the same at the Indian casinos here. You have to alter your path for them because it’s like they don’t see you. Next time I should just keep walking straight and let them feel what it’s like to be blindsided by 230 pounds of high-density Saxon muscle.

          Someone should do a stufy on why their so clueless about their surroundings. It’s not the narrow eyes either. Their eyes are plenty big enough. I wonder if their heads are just “in the clouds”.

          (kidding about the muscle.)

          • Frip: They see you just fine. It’s a matter of face/status. They will force you to move out of their way by ignoring you, thus you lose status and respect. We spent 2 years in Asia. I learned to stand my ground and make them go around me.

            You always seem to depict non-Whites as lacking agency, rather than deliberately acting in certain ways towards Whites. Very little in life is as simple as it appears on the surface, particularly regarding any multicultural interaction.

          • Ha! Chinese-Canadian comedian:

            “Of course you can see red light, with you big gwailo eyes!!”

        • If they start shoving smallhats, they’ll move up the IQ ladder a few notches.

    • Into my 20s I used to love “bombing around” or “cruising.” Now I can’t stand driving and avoid it if at all possible. Honestly not a day goes by where I don’t encounter 3-5 egregious mishaps on the road. And I don’t even commute to the city for work anymore. The quality of driving has definitely dropped a considerable degree over just the last decade. If I had to guess I’d say its a combination of phones, pharmaceuticals, overcrowding, the general decay of social-etiquette.

      Women of all ages especially are horrible, though men can be just as bad. But women will so often will cut you off, drive aggressively and then if you beep the horn or return the favor they go ballistic. How dare you not allow them to treat you like shit! Don’t you know the world revolves around them!?

      • I now avoid the local SWPL supermarkets like the plague because I’ve had far too many parking lot close calls with the typical patrons.

        • On the rare occasions where I’ve shopped at Whole Paycheck, I’ve found the staff to be very courteous and helpful. The customers, OTOH, are a confederacy of mental imbalance, It was bitterly amusing to be stuck behind Gwyneth and Lilith–or, alternatively, Muffet and Hildegard–after they waddled to the counter with nano-quantities of 37 articles of fresh, artisanal, cage-free, holistic, wholistic, family-farm certified, organic produce. All this, for two people whose per capita cholesterol count is arguably similar to my FICO score (which, FWIW, is pretty high). Nowadays, I spend as little time as I can in Berkeley-on-the-Lake, IL, and mostly keep to the city’s outskirts and shop there.

      • Also gotta say, the Health and Safety engineering and gizmo-gadgetry of modern cars contributes to the poor driving, has a definite Harrison Bergeron effect. Took one of my 20+ year old marquee cars in for a mandatory safety recall: the loaner they gave me felt like the Mr Garrison Thing Machine. Does your $50,000 sh!tbox microsuv really need to require a rectal temperature reading to go out of park? Does the shifter have to be from the Adam & Eve – For Her Pleasure line?

        • “Gizmo’s” are part and parcel of the end point of innovative design and function. Everything starts out as novel and unique according to the new “niche” being filled, then when that niche becomes crowded and just about everything useful has been thought of and added to the product, the sales people must come up with ways to differentiate “their” product offering from the others in order to maintain/increase sales.

          Had a good friend who was product manager for MS Office Suite. He was familiar with the process in the Office Suite software. MS continued to Guild the Lily in order that “new” releases would come out every quarter or two and therefore sales would remain high. Of course, the everyday basic functions used by 99.99% of the users did not improve, nor were added “functionality” necessary nor desired. When I say “nor desired”, that’s exactly what I mean. Changes in the look and feel were especially egregious as such required retraining of office staff to do exactly the same things they were doing before the product was “improved”. 🙁

      • I’m considered to be a weirdo because I’m one of the few “Kosciuszko Park” residents who doesn’t own a car. But I manage. Transit can be spotty at times, and “owl service” is non-existent. (that’s OK with me; nothing good happens after midnight, dontcha know). I drove professionally with the USPS during my long career, and if need be, I can rent a car or take a taxi (not Uber or Lyft) if Romance calls. Which is seldom, since Urban women have become ghastly Harpies and condescending c***s toward us Outskirts Proletarians, among others, not realizing–or caring–that us middling classes were the glacis of civility in our hourglass-shaped cities–OVERlords and underCLASS, with not much between them. At any rate, if I need to find me a wo-man, I’ll rent a car and light out for the territory–or the exurbs, as the case may be. From my “skybox” along a major boulevard (a dubious privilege), I am privy to bad drivers of all sorts–not just Oriental or Subcontinental ones. Some of the drivers use the street as a drag strip, hoping to be the first one to the next traffic light–usually red. Some of the loudest cars are serious sports vehicles–Cobra GTs, Corvettes and the live. But the most obnoxious are the 20-year-old Honda Civics driven by migrants who seek to emulate That Porsche 911 Sound. Yeah, pathetic. Then there are the (Rice) Rocketeers who also aspire to be first to the red light if it kills them–which it does, in some cases. Which is why Dennis Hopper’s disintegrating motorcycle will remain a fond fantasy.

    • And the vulgarity of our new culture is horrible too. None of the tranny stuff would be even possible without the vulgarity of the new culture.

      You’re right in that it’s death by a thousand small cuts whether it’s driving or just trying to interact with 80 IQ morons everywhere.

      • Yes, perversion and vulgarity go hand in hand, or finger in anus, as the case may be. When standards of public decency are destroyed, and all manner of lewdness is permissible and visible, it only follows that deviant sexuality will be normalized. That’s an excellent point, Tars.

    • The actuarial tables used by the SSA’s “Trustee’s Report”- don’t laugh, that’s what they call themselves.

      Usefully include access to the previous 15 years of data,
      It’s interesting to see that the 2022 report, for the first time uses the same data as the previous year- 2019, the 2020 actuarial numbers obviously have to be fucked around with to comply with the Year of Death by Covid. In two years if they have the 2022 data, we should see them dropping like flies due to the clot shot. That’s the number to be looking at not traffic deaths.

    • he also apparently requires 10 minutes to figure out which brand of antacid or which red bell pepper he wants to buy.

      Maybe they are looking for a product without seed oils. That can take a while.

    • it’s usually old people who camp out in front of stuff at the supermarket, so i just step in front of them and box them out while i look things over. they don’t say shit. and i am 65+ so i can get away with it 😛

  16. I knew the watermelon weasels running Eurostan would walk back their positions on coal and natural gas in a pathetic attempt to cling to power.

    What filth.

    • How they turn on a dime when it’s a case of them saving their hides

      Yep, such filth.

      But good for us. Now we know that THEY know it’s all b.s.

      I know hypocrisy is something that has become normalized in the west, but I still think that being hypocritical matters to white people. And that seeing politicians being hypocrites is just that little bit of extra evidence that begins tipping the scales in their understanding of the issue.

      I have more faith in Europeans reaching a critical mass on the absurdity of the climate change issue. Not enough intelligent whites in America to get us to that point. We are counting on Europe it seems, especially with a counter influence from Russia being so physically proximate that alternative viewpoints have a better chance to take root.

      • They know they are hypocrites. They know that we know they are hypocrites. But they don’t care. They rub their hypocrisy in our faces. They have utter contempt for us and it’s probably well founded contempt. We deserve their contempt. Right now they are probably looking at each other in shock saying “Wow, they won’t even fight when we start openly grooming their children! What a bunch of contemptible worms”

        • I see a lot of things in the fact that people are having kids later and later in their years.

          I think it would be way harder to try grooming the child of a 25 year old man then it would be a 50 year old man. But I could be wrong. But I know my dad was fresh out of the marines when I was a kid and he was fiery as hell. If anyone had even hinted at something like grooming me, he would probably have literally gone into the classroom and banged their head on the chalkboard until they dropped. I know when I was a young man and had my first child at 19, that if anyone touched my boy in a weird way, the fists would come out, no questions asked. Would not have even gotten to the thinking stage, it would be pure animal instinct.

          Food for thought at least.

          • I had my son at 46. I watched the people who were in his life a damn site more closely than I would have done 20 years earlier.

          • Both you and Bilejones are both right in your own ways. A young man is more fiery and an older man is probably looking for it more after being exposed for a lifetime to all the sick, evil people. I know today I am way more suspicious of that sort of thing.

            Any grown man who wants access to other peoples’ kids is suspicious to me. Any man without a son volunteering to be involved with boys sports or something just has to be viewed with scrutiny. He may just be a good man doing his part in the community, but he also might be a pervert. I just didn’t think this way when I was younger.

      • There is a gradient here. The poorer the country, the less they can afford to fall for this lunacy. It’s not a straight line graph however, as at the extreme end of the economic spectrum, the third worlders sense a chance to get a hand out from the first worlders, so they’ll happily sign onto climate accords and such.

        In the case of Europe, they seem rich, but are fairly restricted in their standard of living as compared to the US. For example, Germany has created a new word for those being bankrupted by increased electrical/gas/diesel bills. So I expect Europe to be more sensitive to such increases than the US—at first.

  17. “The mass media is created by flakes and weirdos for people who want to be like them.”

    You make a generalization that is true at the talking head level, but is not true of the creators of the process. The mass media has evolved over the last 2000 years. What we see now is quite effective and reflects the technology. While there are several polls that indicate that those sampled do not trust the media, enough people still believe that the media is trying to inform us and the “truth” eventually seeps through the cracks. The mass media has a certain percentage of watchers that believe it to be true. It has a certain percentage of watchers that believe it is biased and even deliberate misinformation, but still watch. Very few people have completely disengaged. And those that try to seek alternative points of view and information are deliberately deceived by the sources that pretend to be opposing the mass media but serve the purpose of just muddying the waters. None of us on this site know the real truth. None of us has power or access to power, i.e., true information. All we can do is use common sense and develop our bullshit detectors.

    • “All we can do is use common sense and develop our bullshit detectors.”

      So true. But the sad aspect of this truth is that such development requires experience and some intellect. I’ve come to the realization that only a small minority of the White population can reach this goal—and an even lessor percentage of minorities.

      Perhaps in the past, in a simpler time and society, there were more people to reach such a level of what we might term, Critical Thinking. Today, in a complex technological society such as we have, it seems out of reach for most.

    • Even Gutenberg’s press, unveiled in about 1450, didn’t usher in what we would call “mass media”. Newspapers didn’t appear until 1605 in Germany but their circulation was limited to a small minority of the literate for many years. What is considered mass media has only been in existence for a little over 200 years.

      • Well, it depends on how you define “mass”, doesn’t it? The Greeks and Romans had people in the “public squares” delivering TPTB’s narrative to the masses. Who told 2 friends, who told 2 friends, and so on. Today’s technology just makes it instantaneous around the entire world.

    • On my more optimistic days, I like to think that those who buy into msm narratives do so not because they truly believe them, but because they fear the consequences of admitting the truth. The 2020 election sham is a perfect example – better to bury their head in willful ignorance than concede elections (and our “democracy”) are a joke.

  18. Gave up basketball after being a giant Celtics fan in the 80s. Totally unwatchable now. Took a break from football and baseball 2 years ago and now rarely peak at it. They messed with rules in annoying ways, the announcers are insufferable, and the commercials are offensive.
    As a former rugby player, I used to love it when international rugby showed up on TV. Even that has been sissified terribly.

    • I was never a big fan of the NBA, but the Jordan era killed it for me entirely. Special rules for manufactured stars made the NBA into figure skating. I suspect the games are rigged. I will listen to baseball on occasion. Football is not a long commercial for the new religion with some bits of game tucked in here and there.

      • There was an NBA ref who admitted to betting on games he was going to work, then made calls to support his bets.

        So, at a micro-level we know there was rigging.

        I think the guy’s name was Tim Donaghy or something like that.

        • The worst rigging I ever witnessed was, of all things, a Girls’ Basketball State Championship game. If people will cheat with stakes like that, it should be assumed all these pro sports have their fingers on the scale a little.

          There are a few exceptions, like wrestling, golf, etc. unless the athletes are paid to take the fall, but anything with contact and any sort of rules that is ambiguous out of necessity is subject to the rule of thumb.

      • Your instincts are correct z. The NBA is more akin to pro wrestling. If you’re ever looking for a really entertaining read, go grab Tim Donneghy’s book, Personal Foul. Donneghy was the referee that got caught working with the mob and betting on games. Did jail time for it too. He actually goes into pretty good detail. It became very obvious that there were other refs involved, like his buddy Scott Foster. However, the NBA swept it under the rug and said it was a single “rogue ref.” Not to mention Scott Foster is well known to get called in extend playoff series for the league so they can get more money.

        Anyway, I still do enjoy hockey from time to time. Yes, the league has parroted many of the elite’s woke nonsense. However, the league is almost exclusively white, and my experience with hockey players has been that it’s a pretty conservative group of guys.

      • Most of the normies that I know that still watch football prerecord it and then fast-forward though the commercials during playback. This allows them to go outside on Sundays and then view the game in the evening in about a third of the time otherwise. Another option is Redzone which jams all the ongoing game highlights into one mishmash without commercials, but its frenetic and you can’t follow any particular game in toto. The real diehards have multiple screens with one on Redzone and one showing the feature game of interest with the sound off. And yes, rugby is the best sport on the planet.

      • Twice in the 80’s the Lakers lost to the Rockets in the semi-finals – spoiling a Celtics-Lakers finals with big ratings. The league “fixed” things after that. The Superbowl was only NFL game I watched last season and it sure smelled of “fix” in the 2nd half.

        And yes – the Jordan era was the end for me too. Could only watch him travel so many times before I lost interest.

        • The league realized that Jordan was a hugely marketable commodity they could turn into a goldmine.

          They were only going to let the Pistons, Pacers, and Knicks beat on him for so long.

          Then, NBA juice farmer Gary Bettman was installed as NHL commissioner and installed the same two-tiered system of rules to protect the star players.

          It was also clear that the NHL refs began receiving, “the call,” to ensure many games, or even entire playoff series produced the league’s desired result.

          • He left an ambivalent legacy after he quit Chicago. The Rare Air aesthetic, the Greatest Player Ever legend wore off quickly and the tales of jerkoffish behavior quickly filled the vacuum.

        • I have to admit that the NFL playoffs piqued my interest somewhat, though you wonder how a team whose O-line allows nine sacks in a playoff game, featured a turnstile for a left guard (you know who you are, #67), and earned the sobriquet of Seven Blocks of Silly Putty could narrowly lose The Big Game. I gave up sportsball in stages: (1) living vicariously through Chicago or New York sports teams is just too painful. (2) NFL Free agency has undermined the attachment that fans had to their teams. (3) Not unrelated, the micromanagement of the players by coaches and coordinators has done away with the need for the “reading skill” duels between QBs and MLBs. Both sides now attack, the difference between offense and defense being the side that snaps the ball. (4) the “impact player,” the scatback or pass-rusher sent in on 3rd-down situations, has been replaced by entire squads of specialty idiots. The running tandems of the pro set era have been long supplanted by the “featured back.” The fullback has pretty much disappeared (being a backfield battering ram is hazardous, as Darrell Johnston and Howard Griffith can attest). So we have LBs who can pass rush but not tackle, LBs who can tackle but not intercept, and “featured backs” who can run and catch but not pass block. And, last but not least, (5) Wokeness, of which nothing more need be said. As a diversion, out of curiosity, I watch CFL games ( Argosnauts is my favorite team nickname) and when I’m forced to watch the NFL at ye local pub, I direct my attention to my favorite unit–the offensive line.

    • It is up to us to replace passive sportsball watching with what it replaced. Real fraternity with real men doing real activities – helping with construction and maintenance projects; acts of service and charity to the truly deserving – prioritizing white men; hunting, fishing, camping …

      Those activities should be intentional. The outcome must be: stronger bonds with other men of quality; a creation that other men can see and appreciate (repaired car; sculpture; song; woodwork; book; invention; a more educated and more healthily masculine group of younger men with role models, support and confidence; neighbors and associates in whose eyes we have the highest standing …)

      It is time to shun passive sports watching with the ginned up hype, vanity, the disgusting acts of taunting and nose-rubbing, multiple sets of rules – one for the stars one for the , non enforcement of the basic rules …)

      Let’s aim high and launch ourselves to demonstrated greatness.

      • I almost get teary eyed watching public television specials showing groups of men and older boys restoring steam locomotives or repairing WW2 bombers, the serious pleasure and male bonhomie they take in their tasks is almost palpable, watching them use slide rules, schematics, fabricating parts on their own. Its so enjoyable watching guys make stuff..

          • I used to be obsessed with warbirds as a kid. I’ve been fortunate enough to see an early Spitfire mk.2 (Battle of Britain era) at an airshow but I’ve never seen an authentic early Messerschmitt 109.

            In the town I grew up in, a doctor owned a P-51 Mustang and would take it out for joyrides every so often in the summer. I can still hear the beautiful sound of that engine while I was out with friends, and I’d stop whatever I was doing and scan the skies til I saw that gorgeous plane!

          • Pickle Rick: A couple of years back we attended a Christmas party at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison, Tx. Incredible collection of aircraft (WWI, WWII, Korea, etc.) and armored vehicles. My husband knew every one by sight and far more detail about each than was on the museum placards.

          • Rick

            Thank you for the recommendation. I’m still coming down from the high of watching the transformation.

            Truly breathtaking.

          • that was pretty good. make a good book-end with the 60’s movie “Battle of Britain”.

            Spitfires are pretty, but I always favored the Stuka 🙂

        • My dad’s entourage and I would go to Oshkosh during summer weekends, staying at dormitories on the UW-O campus. I’m not into general aviation, but the Warbirds and the classic private planes were a delight. Among the former, the Grumman TBM Avenger, the F4U Corsair, and the T-28s stood out. At least one Corsair was in the colors of the French Navy, and among the T-28s there was one in the colors of the Armee de L’ Air–both types were employed in Algeria; THEIR ’28s were known as Fennecs (desert foxes (!)) rather than, er, Trojans. Among the latter, the Spartan Executive and the Beech Staggerwing stood out. Ah, memories.

  19. tell me that our media (including social media) aren’t a version of Videodrome?!

    • Yep

      Electronic billboard of government propaganda is all that tv is now, probably always was, not arguing in that, but the realization that it is a propaganda billboard is something that is new to me having had that “epiphany” just the other day.

  20. I gave up sportsball a decade ago. Recently I joined a gym which constantly play sports commentary, always including at least one chirping female. It’s impossible to tolerate. I am not keeping the membership.

    • I gibe up with soccer (99% black mens and retarder tatoos wiggers), but I still enjoy cycling.

      • Gib up watching, but you don’t have to gib up playing. Still, it’s one of the few remaining team sports where Whites are keeping pace.

    • ESPN3 used to stream the big tennis tournaments without requiring a subscription for some reason. You just got a couple cameras, no commentary, and no commercials, but this was so superior to the standard stream with bells and whistles, commentary, dozens of cameras, and commercials between games. You really felt there without being sucked out by extraneous items that didn’t matter.

      If they just had ESPN basic with no analysts, no commentary, and no commercials, just the games, I would gladly shell out some money. As it is now, no thanks.

  21. Great rant. You need to look into the goings on in the Netherlands. They have come up with some nitrogen(?) regulations that will put half the farms outa business. The farmers are pissed and are shutting down key transit nodes with their tractors. Store shelfs are already empty. The commissars are shitting themselves. It’s a media blackout on it so you have to dig it out. I’ve actually found TikTok to be a good source. Sign of the Times. Lolz. Also, I’ve gone down the Whitney webb, Maria farmer, Epstein rabbit hole. It’s foul. I highly recommend. The FBI must be razed and the earth salted. For vacation, I would suggest a Canadian fly-in fishing trip. Took my kid on one and his personality completely changed being cut off and all. 20 yrs is too long.

    • document have come out showing the govt wants to grab the farmland to build ghettos for immigrants.

      • This datum strongly supports the notion that globalist grand strategy has always had as its primary objective the creation of a global neoserfdom, not any nebulous notion of ‘saving the planet’. 70% of the Earth’s population lives in countries which are now outside of their control (meaning that globalists CANNOT reduce global greenhouse gas emissions) and the other 30% are starting to slip away. It was always insane to think that the Chinese, Russians, or Indians were going to submit to culling and deindustrialization or that globalists ever had the power to force it.

        If they were serious about lowering emissions then they would quit feeding population GROWTH in the low IQ 3rd world (with our tax money), stop destabilizing 3rd world countries creating refugees, and stop importing them into the West. The problems planetary civilization has are not going to be solved by 70 IQ Africans and 80 IQ south Asians.

        However, when the globalists accept that they are not going to rule a planetary neoserfdom, and they may have already, we can be sure that they will do their best to implement regional neoserfdom on European lands.

    • As I could know, azote is necessary to enrich the earth.

      And OF COURSE, disgusting néocommunist knows as “green” are against agriculture.

      • If that account is true, good. The hired hands who oppress and harm their brothers and sisters need to feel fear.

    • Whitney Webb has emerged as the finest deep dive journalist of the past five years. And she’s done that while having a couple of kids.
      I Love the girl.

  22. tatoos are the new macaroni.

    I can’t find something more ugly than tatoos, except facial piercing, maybe. It disgust me physically.

    I can’t understand how this fashion had come popular since 2005/2010. But it coincide very well with the faster decay of western world.

    • Some ink on males is okay. If a man was in the circus, the military, prison or a criminal gang then it is fine. Ink on a woman is revolting. I saw a young girl the other day, in her early 20’s, she was painted up like a circus freak. She was a pretty girl, but the ink made he ugly.

      • when I grew up the only people who had any (really modest small ones) tattoos were men in the merchant marine (usually “mother” or “death before dishonor” or a cross and anchor) and Hell’s Angels biker whores. Piercings were unknown until the late 1980’s and were supposed to be an expression of freedom and individuality but because herd people etc..also tattoos look really funny when you get old..and wrinkly.

        • speaking of wrinkly tattoos, plenty of 45+ y..’s are getting new ink, and it looks ridiculous. and disgusting.

      • My read on tattoos is that many/most people that get them are mentally weak or ill—yet, I’m not against them per se. My grandfather, a sailor, had a tattoo of a mermaid on his left arm. Another good friend, a Marine, had a “tribal” tattoo around his upper arm. This type of stuff was/is common. It only signified their past life phases.

        However, it often seems once a person joins the tattoo “club”, they can’t stop. These folk are of two types: one gets reasonable and unique and well done tattoos—but inevitable over does such and the “art” loses effect; the other does the cheapest, crudest tattoos, garishly placed—and keeps doing such mutilation. Both wind up clownish and bizarre. Yet, like persons with body dysforia who get repeated plastic surgery, they can’t help themselves.

        I know a few such tattooed folk, even family, but they would never be trusted by me. As said, I consider them mentally ill.

        • yes! it really seems to become a compulsion, something done in response to boredom.

      • Adolf Loos made the same argument about tattoos in his essay, “Ornament and Crime.”

        Sadly, he uses that argument to support his idea that buildings should also be free of non-functional ornamentation.

        One thing led to another, and the modernists seized on his essay and used it to develop the souless, inhuman architecture and interior spaces that surround us today.

      • I run across now older women in the financial business that must have thought this was a good idea when young. Now they often have to construct their entire wardrobe scheme around minimizing or hiding, since most are simply not a good look. And they know it.

      • The precursor to tats on women was skin-tight Lycra leggings. One Thursday afternoon in 2005 the word went out from Those in the Know that these were the New Must Haves. By Sunday every woman in America had two pairs, and wore them no matter how inappropriate.
        They are the best example I know of how important it is for women to be part of the Group, even greater than, the knowledge at 300lbs, that they are looking ridiculous.
        I’ve said this in a room with 6-7 women in on a couple of occasions and other than a whiney “they’re so comfy” there was no response.

        Tat’s was the next one along.

    • I was at a friend’s house in the mid 90’s. He had cable, so MTV was on. Real World III. One of the characters, Puck, dyed a swatch of his hair blue. It was portrayed as scandalous, but super edgy and cool. That’s the first instance of mainstreaming body mod I remember. Reality TV, so this was a ‘real’ person doing it. All iirc.

      • These days, you’d wonder if that Puck character and mates were put up to it, or received some payoff.
        When you think that Hollywood et al can’t get any lower, they outdo themselves.

    • Here in SoCal guys take tattoos as seriously as they do cars. And it’s not seen as some new thing. Especially if you’re Hispanic. It’s nearly family tradition. There are about as many tattoo parlors as Chinese foot massage places. That is, one in every plaza. The level of expertise is remarkable. The artistry, true art. And everyone here will observe your tats like a cold-eyed art critic.

      Many men have their arms tattooed. From their fingers up to their clavicles. “Sleeve tat”. And 8 out of 10 times it looks great. Especially on the gym-bros. It’s not roses and navy anchors anymore. The aesthetic is abstract and aggressive. Their arms look like the barrels of a high-tech, futuristic machine gun.

      Guys out here are in top shape. Again, I think it’s a SoCal thing. I came from Northern Ohio. In Cleveland, everyone’s more comfortable with each other if everyone’s a bit pudgy. Same in the South. In the Toledo gyms most people go to get in shape. In California they go to stay in shape.

      In SoCal form is important. The body is taken seriously. It’s nearly a matter of morality. If you aren’t in shape enough to have the confidence to drive over to an LA club and walk up to the hottest woman there, then you’re a loser. You have failed yourself and failed life. Fat is unacceptable. Out here if you’re under 55 you better be hitting the gym. And never skip leg day either.

      Tats on girls are risky. One that works is a whispy, lacy, hand tat. Can look elegant and sexy. Kinda creeps out from the shirt cuff like a vine or serpent

      • Thanks for the detailed account of all the hot muscular dudes with sexy tattoos, Frip.

        You definitely add to the gaiety of this blog.

        • these tatted up freaks look to be incredibly stupid and compensating for being fat and ugly. If you look at the individual tats, you’re left thinking “what the hell were you thinking?” A lot of them are just random.

          • Random, yes. It almost seems like a tattoo “artist” paid them to act as a human canvas to “practice” on.

    • My unwavering view wrt tattoos:

      If you are pretty, you don’t need one; if you are ugly, it won’t help.

  23. Our mass shooters are typically not inspired by media fame or infamy. The majority are simply troubled young men that are failed liberal social experiments. Most grow up in homes with single mothers that aren’t much interested in their kids. Raised by women, they have no male role models to emulate or learn from. Long story short – they aren’t raised right. We need to face this one head on as we did with the groomers. The left can’t win that one because it is obviously true that they want to prey on children for their sexual kinks. It looks bad, it sounds bad, and they are the ones getting the bucket of shite in the face for it.

    We need to do that with this issue. “Jeez, Leftie – why didn’t you raise your kid right? If you’d done your job as a parent, none of this would have happened -” My advice now is stock up on high capacity weapons. NEVER register them. And not to fed-poast… but be prepared to use them on the people that would try and grab them. The Left is going off the deep end and guns are going to be a big part of restoring their sanity before this is over.

    • Dear Lord, a downvote for this post?

      Even the painfully obvious is shunned.

      • Probably that 2nd paragraph. I upvoted, but, you know. 1st paragraph pure brilliant veritas.

        • Painter,

          Yes, the first paragraph is excellent.

          But the second paragraph is, as I related, a self evident truth.

          If one isn’t even half assed preparing for shit to go sideways, well, then, they’re not paying attention.

          • Yeah, it’s sad I think twice before upvoting. A little disappointed in myself for that. Things that shouldn’t have to be said except that you’re not supposed to say them.

  24. If there was ever a smoking gun for how much our rulers hate us, it’s the gas can spout. 100% positive it was done out of spite to punish those evil gas users.

    • Funny but I know the girl whose dad invented the first spout they started using in California. The rubber accordion one. Needless to say, she had a fortune. She was really a high school friend of my friend but I got to meet her a few times. Lucky little b-tch.

    • Last time I had to get one I went right to the hardware store to get the after-market conversion kit back to an eighties gas can.

    • Chet: Gas cans/gas storage is a real problem (particularly in 100+ degree temps). I’ve read and seen a lot of angst about the ‘safety’ govt-mandated gas can spout. I bought what was supposed to be a NATO can with a bottom that has bulged. The very best reviews and comments I’ve seen recommend the plastic VP racing fuel jugs – both for storage and ease of pouring.

  25. The ridiculous media and other infotainment are totally playing to the covidiots among other psychos. We took a long flight the other day (9 hours), and while the large majority were maskless, I noted several who never took them off, other than to eat. I can’t stand to have one on five minutes.

    These people have to have some psychological imbalance – getting high on their own nasty fumes – and no doubt vaxxed and boosted to the max. Something is seriously wrong.

    • You would have thought Fauci getting a mild case after four shots and then getting sicker after he took Pfizer drug for treatment would have broken the remaining cult members. This religion became so important to them nothing will convince them to drop it. There are far more true believers among the elites than I realized. Fauci went back for a second round of the Pfizer drug, which even Pfizer doesn’t recommend. These people are insane, it isn’t a fever which is going to break.

      • With the elites, it’s personal to them

        This dawned on me when schumer’s daughter, first I’d ever heard about her, but she’s a lesbian and was getting married to her lady friend, and Chuck schumer was beaming with pride.

        Then you see an article like the one yesterday talking about how so many boys of celebrities are being treated and dressing as girls.

        I think we overlook or don’t quite grasp that all of this sexual stuff that seems very weird and bizarre to us is rather quite normal among the elites. It’s personal to them, why they fight for it so hard. And probably why they hate us so much because we’re so different from them at the psycho-sexual level. We’re different creatures entirely.

        • Falcone

          “They hate us so much because we are so different from them.


          They hate us because we are normal and well adjusted, while their family members are degenerate weirdos.

        • Schumer’s genes dying with his lesbian daughter is something to celebrate. This is what keeps me going, that these people’s dysfunction is literally killing their kind.

          • Former Speaker John Boners’ Rasta son in law is karma at its finest.

      • At this point, the only thing to do is laugh at the masked lunatics who persist. Spotted a woman the other day in a mask which read “I’m vaccinated!”

      • Proof is the degenerate freak collection of family and friends at the Murdoch wedding in the UK last week. The bride was especially hideous.

        But hey, they’re rich and powerful – and you’re not.

  26. Z: “Of course, the absurdity of it all reflects the absurdity of the people behind it…”

    When the president issues an executive order to empty the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, so as to hold down domestic gasoline prices at the pump, but instead the system decides to divert the petroleum away from the domestic market and instead to sell the petroleum to the Chinese, and when it’s discovered that the president’s son owns a substantial share in the Chinese corporation which is moving the petroleum out of the United States and into China, and when you realize that the president’s son is in an incestuous licentious/lascivious relationship with his own niece [the president’s granddaughter], and, when furthermore, you learn that the president’s son’s favorite form of licentious/lascivious misbehavior is getting down on all fours and being pegged by strapon-wielding hookers [paid for by the Secret Service, so as to keep the mafia pimps from killing the president’s shiftless son for non-payment], then, nope, we ain’t in Kansas anymore, Toto.

    • He isn’t making a strong case for white nationalism is he? That is probably the point. What a disgrace! Of all the great men, known and unknown who explored, conquered and built civilization on this continent and this nation, and this is who they choose to mock us with.

      There will be a reckoning. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not next year. But there will be a reckoning.

      • The big new story this morning is that the Trump tariffs on Chinese imports actually ignited a renaissance in Amurrikun manufacturing:

        But, of course, that just means the President [aka “The Big Guy”] is gonna promptly remove the tariffs so that his shiftless incestuous dildo-fixated son’s chicom export-import house can skim off ten points for The Big Guy.

        Klowns gonna klown.

        And taters gonna tate.

        • Tariffs, rising wages (if you’re willing to work), and industrialization vs. free trade, cheap labor, and collapse.

          Sorry, couldn’t help noticing. Still, the strong dollar is a mighty headwind.

      • “He isn’t making a strong case for white nationalism is he? ”

        He’s making a pretty good case for re-opening the question we English ask from time-to-time: “Are the Irish White?”

        • if you just look at their behaviour, it seems “no, they are not white”. but as much as i hate it, i can’t help acknowledging they do look white. it helps to focus on the females, and block out the males as much as possible.

    • The media has done a great job in getting people to not make the connection between Hunter’s problems and the parenting of his father, our president.

      Hard to explain, but no one in any media has even broached the subject. Even on the far right. No one is saying that what do you expect of Biden being such a terrible president, look at the job he did as a father. No one is going there. Not yet at least.

      • it’s going to be lit when they do go there, because ole joe committed incest with his own daughter (and who knows who else in that degenerate family). tobacco road has nothing on the bidens; even Faulkner would blanche at their goings on.

  27. concening Ownen Benjamin (not that anyone is asking). As mentioned here by Z, I have an increasingly hard time consuming the broad spectrum of media that I once actually enjoyed. Owen is edgy in a way that I had to ask my (like-minded) brother if any normie could watch or listen to him, we agreed that this was unlikely, there’s simply too many forbidden topics and taboos. Mixed in with the outright comedy is the accurate criticism of certain things and groups of people.
    “in the land of lies, speaking the truth is an act of treason” and Owen speaks much truth while providing laughs that are absent in what we are instructed is modern (and safe) comedy. Owen, perhaps jokingly, claims to be the most banned person on the internet and I’m sure he’s in the running but I’ll still give that award to Mcinnes…at least within this category of infotainment.

    • Russkie Dude

      Your post prompted me to look up Owen Benjamin in Wiki.

      Not exactly a source for a positive description.

      I read the “Views” section, and what do ya know, it’s almost completely factually accurate.

      Juice control the media?! Who knew?!

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