The New Right And Old Enemies

From a dissident perspective, the squabbles between the professional conservatives and their critics in what they are calling the New Right is like see something of a proof of dissident critiques of conservatism. Many of the charges levelled at the professional conservatives are borrowed, without attribution, from dissidents. The main charge, that conservatives have conserved nothing, was a mainstay of dissident discussion before Trump arrived to discredit the conservative establishment.

The term “New Right” itself is borrowed from the old alt-right. Back in 2016 when the alt-right was morphing into old school white nationalism, those not interested in going in that direction were labeled the alt-light. Guys like Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobic started calling their thing the New Right as a way to add legitimacy to their activity on social media. Sohrab Ahmari appropriated the term and uses it to describe those criticizing institutional conservatism.

Putting that aside, the back and forth between various groups is useful in understanding what happened with American conservatism. If there is going to be some new force that rises up to challenge the status quo, it will need to avoid the errors made by conservatives in the last century. The debate also provides an avenue for understanding the much larger trends that have led to this point. Ideas matter and it is the ebb and flow of ideas that animates history.

This post in the Claremont publication American Mind by Michael Anton is a good example of how ideas shape actions. Anton is responding to this post by someone calling himself Michael Watson. Those old enough to recall the purging of the paleocons by the National Review crowd will recognize the pattern. Instead of addressing the criticism coming from their right, the conservatives accuse the critics of being anti-Semitic and thus disqualified from the debate.

For his part, Anton responds in the predictable way. He endorses the central claim that any criticism of certain people is off limits, thus his job is to prove that his ideas do not fall into that bucket. The paleos went down this road back in the 1980’s when they insisted that criticizing Israel and Israeli influence in American foreign policy was not an attack on Jews. The neocons were undeterred and paid off enough conservatives, primarily Bill Buckley, to make the charge stick.

For those interested, Bill Buckley produced a special edition of National Review to condemn the paleos. He then turned it into a book. No doubt that American Enterprise, Heritage and other conservative money machines bought skids of the book as a reward for his efforts. Here is a transcript of Buchanan being interviewed on PBS about the charges levelled against him. Thirty years on and we see the same tricks being used by institutional conservatism to guard their right.

Interestingly, Anton makes no mention of the fact that Watson is a member of the neoconservatism cult. He is the associate director of the Center for the Future of Liberal Society at the Hudson Institute. For those interested in the deep state theory of everything, their wiki page is a cornucopia of material. For those interested in anti-Semitism, it reads like something from Kevin MacDonald. It is a good example of how relentless pursuit of group interest can easily look like conspiracy.

Anton has his reasons for avoiding the elephant in the room, but the elephant is at the heart of the debate. Neoconservatism has never made any sense as a subset of Anglo-Conservatism, as its primary focus is international. Conservatism is the elevation of the near over the far, the local over the distant. The singular focus of neoconservatism is the ancient enemies of the Jewish people, both near and far. Given the lack of anti-Semites locally, it is obsessed with distant enemies from the past.

The temptation is to hang all of this on the Jews, but the fact is neoconservatism has become a weird subculture that revolves around the concept of Israel. Many of the biggest neocons are not Jewish. Watson is obviously not Jewish. Bill Buckley was obviously not Jewish. Large swaths of the Evangelical subculture are obsessed with supporting Israel at the expense of everything. Since the Cold War, this subculture has driven conservative politics, right into oblivion.

For this reason, it is easy to see why many on the so-called New Right are loath to take on the neocons. They have a lot of money and they lack a soul. They will say the nastiest things about anyone who crosses them. Taking on a well-heeled collection of sociopaths with institutional power is dangerous. The trouble is, there is no air for a “new right” until the Right is purged of this pestilence. Neoconservatism has to be read out of politics in general, not just right-wing politics.

There are plenty of easy targets in the neocon space. Thirty years ago, neoconservatism was run by smart and clever men. Today it is populated with cranks and crazies who are easy to mock. More important, their schemes have resulted in an evolving economic and political disaster. Pinning the economic war against Russia on the neocons is easy money. The New Right would be wise to borrow a trick from Saul Alinsky and make the neocons own the Ukraine disaster.

Of course, this comes to the other elephant in the room. Conservatism is a business and the neocons have a near lock on the flow of money. They control the billion-dollar think tank racket. They control access to big donors. The reason that First Things continues to publish a nut job like George Weigel is money. His war mongering lunacy and bigotry is out of step with the site, but institutional conservatism likes him so he is tolerated in order to avoid offending the money men.

The golden rule says that the man with the gold makes the rules and that is the problem that any alternative to institutional conservatism faces. Either it accepts poverty as the price for political commitment or it builds a parallel funding mechanism. Whether or not the New Right understands this is unclear. The only way to achieve the latter is to take Alinsky’s advice and focus on the problem, personalize it and then polarize it, forcing people to pick sides, thus neutralizing it.

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122 thoughts on “The New Right And Old Enemies

  1. Kunstler is a must read today.
    His choice of resting place is perfect.

    “Worse is better,” V. Lenin used to explain to his Bolshevik cohorts in their vicious pursuit of power. And is there any question now that this is the same operational formula of the shadowy crew behind “Joe Biden” in its mission to turn the American Republic into a branch-office of the Schwabenklausian trans-human techno-tyranny?

    “Joe B” is doing his part to personally make things worse by taking Paxlovid, the Pfizer wonder drug that wondrously amps up Covid-19 symptoms and extends the course of the illness — as recently admitted by that other eminent, double-boosted Covid-19 sufferer, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the sage of US public health. If White House doctors follow the CDC’s treatment protocol they’ll soon put “JB” on remdesivir. Naturally, it kills him. State funeral… boo hoo… “46” is entombed under the Wilmington Amtrak station….

  2. Well if the neocons are successful we may not need to worry about our political struggles much longer. It looks like they now want to challenge China, go to war with Russia and go to war with Iran at the same time. There is no way that the U.S. prevails in any of those wars conventionally with our current military. If it goes nuclear no one wins.

    Their Syria project was part of the plan to attack Iran. The neocons envisioned using Syria as a staging area but the Russians intervened. They have still not given up on that though. Incidentally if you liked the wars in Iraq (another war we fought for the jews) and Afghanistan, then you will love a war with Iran alone. Can someone say “Lost Legions”.

    Now I know many find it hard to blame jews. However while all neocons are not jews they certainly make up the biggest portion. The others are just lapdogs for the jews. See Sean Hannitty and any DC politician. The national IQ of the state of Israel is about the same as the Netherlands. The difference is we don’t subsidize the Netherlands with billions of dollars per year as well as military freebies we pass to them like candy. The Trump administration famously gave them an entire squadron of F-35s which he took from active duty U.S. Air Force Units.

    China was recently added as the jews were planning to pivot to China. However Xi has made it clear that they are not interested in them or their banks. All that work for at least 20 years of passing the Chinese U.S. military secrets and no return on investment. So sad.

    So for whatever reason we will go to war for the neocons/jews. Note that Benjamin Netanyahu said that there was no difference between the diaspora and the jews who live in Israel so to refer to Israel I can just say “jews”.

    As an added bonus, the elites in Israel and their U.S. lapdogs want to destroy the economies of the U.S. and Europe at the same time.

    • Well if the neocons are successful we may not need to worry about our political struggles much longer. It looks like they now want to challenge China, go to war with Russia and go to war with Iran at the same time.


      Reminiscent of the megalomania of a certain cat fancier 80 odd years ago. They should have heeded the warning: “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”

    • “Now I know many find it hard to blame jews.”

      Stop being disingenuous. Many find it hard to buy completely into the cult of antisemitism; which is apparently required if one is to truly “understand” the JQ. These buttmunches attach themselves to a movement like ticks on a dog’s ass and always bog things down with their obsession. The irony is these groups usually prove the least resilient to subversion by their stated “enemy”.

    • On a per capital basis the national debt of Israel is about 1/3 rd that of the US. As a percentage of GDP, about half.
      The filth in DC drive the US deeper into debt to pay them.

  3. They might not be jewish. but jewmoney [THEY PRINT IT] is burning up in their pockets and heading for the Caymans. Traitors, the whole lot. Traitors to their country, their people, their own families. Good luck living with that on your mind and soul as you become an old fuck. Hell awaits.

    • More like parasites or rats fleeing a sinking ship. Can’t call something a traitor that was always doing whatever it could to subvert you.

  4. But the fiasco in the ‘Kraine does not belong to the neocons, Z. That one is squarely on the shitlibs. At this point, classical neoconnery is kept alive largely by geriatric Boomers that still believe the shite they read in the mass media.

    The dissidents are starting to drag things the way they need to go. Keep up the good work guys!

  5. “ Ideas matter and it is the ebb and flow of ideas that animates history..”
    Not really, but its good for animating the masses. Money is a stronger motive as you then remind us.

    The Neocons don’t just back the Nazis in Ukraine- they created them.
    Lets call them Nose-Nazis.

  6. “Many of the biggest neocons are not Jewish.”

    This is the objection that prevents people from seeing the effects of the jewish people on whites.

    These non-jewish neocons are either incentivized (you wrote “paid off enough conservatives”), have been misled by their vision of Christianity, or have had their morality hijacked by the media.

    Of course, whites will always have selfish scoundrels among us, but that is not our main problem.

    • LineInTheSand: “These non-jewish neocons are either incentivized (you wrote “paid off enough conservatives”), have been misled by their vision of Christianity, or have had their morality hijacked by the media.”

      A fourth possibility is that the non-jewish neocons were very fastidiously & painstakingly SELECTED to play precisely the roles which they are playing in this jew-staged drama, precisely because the non-jewish neocons had the personality types which the jews knew how to mold & control & guide & activate & energize & deploy in furtherance of jewish objectives.

      I hate to keep beating a dead horse, but I implore the Dissident Right to walk away from narratival/pseudo-deductivistic nonsense and embrace psychological/empirical methods instead.

      Even if you don’t care about the Truth [which is where the psychological/empirical methods will take you], your instincts really ought to shame you when you come to discover that all of your narratives and pseudo-deductivisms were already written for you decades [and in some cases centuries] ago, by THE JEWS THEMSELVES.

      PS: Amongst other things, embracing empirical methods will teach you a thing or two about self-selected statistics, and how to spot them in the real world, and then how to become suspicious of the psychological state [i.e. the MOTIVATIONS] of the bad actors which are smothering you with self-selected statistics.

    • Many Christians ( most especially Evangelicals and vaguely Protestant) identify the modern secular Israel with the Israel of the Bible ( itself an aggressive state).
      While the contemporary Catholic Church officially got on the “ we worship the same God…my pal the Rabbi” bandwagon many lay ( and clerical) Catholics still have enough ethnicity to be at best lukewarm.

    • Jewish people are a white ethnic group. “Jewish people and whites” is like saying “Dutch people and whites” or “Castilians and whites”. The same people that were claiming there was this profound racial division between certain whites and Jews ethnically cleansed millions of Slavs on the same basis. In the US, WASPs enforced soft discrimination against both Jews and Catholic and Orthodox white people from Southern/Eastern Europe.

  7. The regression-to-the-mean angle is important to understand why ground has shifted under the neo’s feet. They began to teeter when other fellow-traveler on the right (this would include myself during 00s and early 10s) realized their worldwide war plan was actually not “thinking outside the box” but merely a more sentimental, matzoh-textured version of 30s Italian futurism. I think there is a lot of personality overlap between Ayn Rand cultists and what Steve Sailer dubbed invade/invite coalition, even though these two would fiercely oppose each other on technical foreign policy questions. I used to think ideology had actual force independent of other conditions and didn’t realize how often personality precedes politics. McCain had an historically obnoxious persona and so he signed up for the worst neo ideas. Now, sometimes a real s.o.b. can still do the right thing or may even be uniquely qualified for doing it, so I am not proposing a Kantian principle here, just saying this is something to evaluate among the factors. Dan Crenshaw the Ukrainian superpatriot and part-time Wall Street sharp is another absolutely loathsome personality. It’s also true that the Crenshaws of the world “see” — ha ha — their own bad genes expressed within a bad environment, and it’s important to criticize the environment and the system more than any one annoying political thespian. You will always have predators whether they are of the Bezos stripe or the DEI variety. Making political determinations by sizing up moral worth of the pro/con stooges for the topic always makes the worst policy; gun control is an example that comes to mind, not a lot of practical consideration and argument from the gun controllers who are driven by the id and their class hatred of deer-hunter guys, while the anti-controllers have a weird sentimental idea of urban gangsters being little platoons of liberty.

    • Pallycon: “I used to think ideology had actual force independent of other conditions and didn’t realize how often personality precedes politics. McCain had an historically obnoxious persona and so he signed up for the worst neo ideas. Now, sometimes a real s.o.b. can still do the right thing or may even be uniquely qualified for doing it, so I am not proposing a Kantian principle here, just saying this is something to evaluate among the factors.”

      Concentrate on Psychology [“personality”, as you call it], and Empiricism [observed facts about reality as it actually exists].

      Psychology & Empiricism will lead you to Truth.

      Narratives & Pseudo-Deductivism will leave you mired in the darkness of lies, blind to the reality of your situation.

      [PRO-TIP: Susceptibility to narratives is arguably the greatest weakness of certain Inner Hajnalian personality types, ergo our enemies throw enormous amounts of time & money & energy into creating narratival psychological warfare campaigns designed to leverage, to their own advantage, precisely that very susceptibility in so many Inner Hajnalians.]

  8. You know, by this point I doubt that anyone in the various subsets of “respectable conservatism” is even ABLE to shed the shackles of neoconservatism. It is like having a useless appendage that you’ve lived with your entire life, but have grown so accustomed to that you take it for granted. I think many of them simply couldn’t criticize our Israeli foreign policy or question the disproportion of influence of various PACs and so forth, even if they wanted to. It is too deeply ingrained, so much so that it has become a reflexive thing, like when the Dr taps your knee with the rubber mallet.

  9. “The temptation is to hang all of this on the Jews, but the fact is neoconservatism has become a weird subculture that revolves around the concept of Israel. Many of the biggest neocons are not Jewish. Watson is obviously not Jewish. Bill Buckley was obviously not Jewish. Large swaths of the Evangelical subculture are obsessed with supporting Israel at the expense of everything”

    You don’t have to be Jewish to be Jewish. (When did Christians ever care about, you know., logic and stuff?)

    The key fact about Christianity — which explains both its success and its intellectual incoherence — is that originally there were about half a dozen or more “Christian” sects. What became the Catholic (i.e. universal) Church, headquartered in Rome, rather than Jerusalem, triumphed by incorporating all these into one basket (except the Ebionites, whose gospel of poverty was not welcomed by the clerics). They did this, in those simple, illiterate, pre-MSWord days, by simply pasting together fragments of everyone’s scriptures into one big incoherent mess.

    One such group was the Jewish Christians, under “the Pillars” (James, John, Peter) who taught that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah and the Jewish laws werer still valid. To accommodate them, the Jewish scriptures became attached as the “Old Contract.” By contrast, Marcion’s followers rejected the Jewish religion, and taught that Jesus was the Son of an Unknown God, The Father, who would rescue us from the Jewish JHVH and his cruel laws; a Savior, not a Messiah. (Jesus says “No man has seen God,” which tosses the OT into the trashcan).

    As a result, Christianity has a big vein of Jewishness in it, and Christians are largely LARPing as Jews. The Catholic Church kept this within bounds, but with Protestantism and the printing press, people began actually reading the book, and some of them noticed the Jewish parts and decided “real” Christians had to honor Jews as God’s first love (“Remember your first love.” — Revelation 2:4).

    Thus anyone claiming to be Christian should be regarded with the greatest suspicion, as they are uniquely susceptible to the Jews and their lies, and at best (or worst) think that they are themselves the Real Jews. Even the Catholic Church has been Protestantized and whimpers about “our Elder Sister.”

    • Luther wrote a great book that argued against this. This is a 20th Century phenomenon. Judaism was seen as a fallen branch from the tree until mostly the aftermath of WW2. It goes to show that religion is NOT upstream from institutional control after all. It’s quite downstream. Heck, even downstream from Fox News.

    • A lot of this has to do with Dispensationalist theology, an arcane method of Biblical interpretation that is hugely influential in American evangelical churches

  10. It’s a lot easier to grapple with if you acknowledge that WASPs have been in steep decline since WWII. Why has everything gone crazy since then? Because the people who ran things are no longer in control. Broach the JQ or not; it’s not necessary.

    • Yes it does you coward, so if WASPS aren’t in control, then who is? What tribe do they belong to? Why are they 2% of the population, but they are the head of EVERY law enforcement agency in the federal government? Why can’t you engage with reality?

      • If my car has a bad wheel bearing, it’s useful to know what caused it to go bad, but knowing the cause doesn’t fix it.

        Sometimes you just replace the bearing and don’t obsess over the why, because you’ve got to get to work.

      • This is a typical of the type of response we see from those who are JQ-obsessed:

        1) Start out with some sort of invective/name-calling (“coward”)

        2) Then some sort of ridiculous factually-incorrect claim designed to deflect the thread to a debate about Jews (“they control every law enforcement agency”) rather than the topic at hand

        3) Total obliviousness to group membership of any people involved in positions of power other than Jews (for example, Biden is Catholic, Pelosi is Catholic, AOC is Catholic, 66.7% of the Supreme Court is Catholic, James Comey was Catholic, Christopher Wray is Catholic or Episcopal, the head of the Secret Service is Catholic, etc. (but somehow Catholics a group are not defamed due to the actions of these people…but if they were Jews, Jews as an entire group would be criticized.)

        One wonders if this is a psyop being conducted by Jews to make it hard to differentiate between those engaged in valid criticism on the one hand, and those who are just irrationally-triggered by Jews on the other.

  11. “The temptation is to hang all of this on the Jews, but the fact is neoconservatism has become a weird subculture that revolves around the concept of Israel. Many of the biggest neocons are not Jewish.”

    You are certainly correct. However, it is also correct to say that if there were no Jews in America from 1890 on, NONE of this would be happening. The dyscivilizational goyim like WF Buckley did not come to their views in a vacuum. The goyish neocons are Janissaries with pens and keyboards. They were entrained in an engineered preference cascade with social and financial pressures and inducements. They are the result of a process that would not have happened if we had an ethnostate or federation of ethnostates.

    • Have to agree. I appreciate that Z is not hanging all of today’s troubles on the little hats…that kind of thinking can make you go batty…but those same hats are centrally involved in all that’s become clown world. If the diaspora had stayed in Europe or Palestine, then we would certainly be living in a much different world.

      • “I appreciate that Z is not hanging all of today’s troubles on the little hats…”

        I strongly agree with this. Consider a thought experiment where all little hats in America upped and went to the country that wants them all to come. There is no question that the vast majority of our problems would remain. However, they would become more solvable. The excesses of oligarchy are always a problem for any civilization and ours has successfully dealt with it in the past when we had a European ruling class. Diversity makes normal routine hard problems impossible.

        Civilizations are ecosystems and the small hats are ecosystem modulators par excellence, with thousands of years of cultural tradition in interstitial existence in other peoples civilizations that long predates the destruction of Judea by the Romans. Biology is upstream of culture which is upstream of politics, and the hats are agents of change both biological (open borders) and cultural (destruction of traditional European family).

        I think that the root of the problem isn’t the hats, but diversity itself. One example is that although the hats may have a huge head start on the Brahmins in the race to loot America, the latter are catching up very quickly and I expect that they will be far worse for us in the long run. That may be getting pancreatic cancer when one already has final stage lung cancer.

        Sufficiently shared mores (customs, practices) are necessary because law is a tool of governance that extends from them. Too much difference among the mores of people ruled by a government ensures that no one set of laws can rule them well. Hence,

        Horace’s Rules for Federal Stability
        1. Every constituent nation or tribe in the federation must have its own physical space with local self-rule sufficient for maintenance and perpetuation of their own group and its distinct genome and culture. No tribe or nation within can be allowed to be rootless, untied to the land and without local means of civilizational subsistence. This forces the self-interest of a national (ethnic) or tribal ruling class to be good stewards over the federation-constituent area over they rule.

        2. Every constituent nation or tribe in the federation must be an ethnicity of the same race. Culture is downstream of biology, and too much biological variation invariably yields civilizationally unstable levels of cultural variation. The British and French, for example, often don’t get along, but the they get along FAR better with each other than either of them have gotten along with any non-European nations.

        3. Every constituent nation or tribe in the federation must be a denomination of the same religion. Religion is a component of culture and too much variation is unstable. Catholics and Protestants have often not gotten along, but they get along FAR better with each other than with Islam.

    • “They were entrained in an engineered preference cascade with social and financial pressures and inducements.”

      Oh OK, so maybe you can explain why the Amish aren’t afflicted by all the social issues the country around them is roiled in.

      • The Amish are afflicted, just not as much. However, I’m talking about engineered preference cascades within elite networks. The proles invariably do what they are told or endure what they must. It doesn’t matter what we proles think unless elites really, really screw up, because we aren’t thinking at all until we have no other choice.

        • Just not as much, in fact so little it is undetectable. Their elite seem to have no problem staying the course, even with all the same temptations, just a few miles away. So this society of Amish don’t seem to have any bad actors to induce these “engineered preference cascades” you seem to think are inevitable. China has maintained a continuous civilization course for thousands of years, gee whiz whats the common factor here, hmm hmm it’s almost like any group that doesn’t have small hat rats seems to do just fine.

  12. The shining star of the Hudson Institute is the formerly corpulent monster, Mike Pompeo. If you want to install a Dr. Strangelove in the Whitehouse, who’ll surely turn the entire country into a blob of melted glass and radioactive hell-scape, go for Pompeo. He wants the job so badly he stopped stuffing his face with free Capital Grille dinners from defense lobbyists just to fit well into an empty suit. That’s bad. He would literally kill for the job. I can see it in his dead, volcano demon possessed eyes.

    • It sounds as though you have also recently read the horrific, “Three Lighthouses,” address Pompeo gave to the Hudson Institute.

      I agree he’s a dark horse to look out for on the Republican side of the 2024 elections, particularly if the neocon gang realizes what he’s about.

  13. Even if Buckley wasn’t Jewish, you can bet that his puppet-masters were. Whether by bribery or blackmail, they seem to hold nearly all of the puppet strings on both sides of the great divide.

    • Buckley might not have been echoey, but a golden shekels to your wooden nickle says that his rent boys were.

    • Buckley was Catholic — but I suppose we don’t have to do any sort of looking into what other disreputable figures were Catholic.

      “Even if Buckley wasn’t Jewish, you can bet that his puppet-masters were.”

      “A common criticism…is best expressed as, ‘Why are all things I don’t like full of Jews?’ I call this Magic Jew Theory. The anti-Semite is forever playing ‘Where’s Shlomo?’ in an effort to pin his sorrows on the Jews. They root around until they find a Jew, shout ‘Eureka!’ and then proceed to explain how it is all the fault of the Jews. When Kevin McDonald speaks of Jewish influence, he uses the same language Progressives use when describing structural racism. It’s a form of the post hoc fallacy.” -The Z Man, 2018

  14. “Large swaths of the Evangelical subculture are obsessed with supporting Israel at the expense of everything.” – Christianity, after losing the culture and the heart of the people, has gone down many blind alleys. The dumbest of the Christians, the really stupid, have gone down this particular alley where they exist as spiritual galley slaves to Judaism.

    Some of the most vicious arguments I’ve been in involve this topic. And they always blurt out in the end “Israel is a democracy! The only one in the region!” Sorry, “muh democracy” doesn’t even work on me even for this country. Maybe the reason all of this has happened was when, circa 1900 or so, we began worshiping the great democracy idol. From them on, a thousand hooked noses led us in all kinds of different directions, from pornographers to blowing up the world for a postage stamp of a country that they stole in the aftermath of a large war.

    • I have had same discussions with some of my conservative Christian friends. Not all evangelicals are wrapped up in the Scofield Bible nonsense but a significant number are, I was once one of them.
      A piece of real estate with the name Israel in the Middle East blinds them to all the other references in the New Testament that the true Israel of God is the church.
      It’s much like progressivism in its blindness.
      Christian Zionism and the Scofield Bible has caused untold damage to true conservatism in the United States.

    • JR-

      I’ve had similar experiences with the Israel-first crowd.

      Even the merest hint of a question regarding their patriotism makes them go apoplectic.

      • Yes! I’ve noticed it’s not a software issue it’s a firmware issue. Those damn chosen people got into the very firmware of Christianity. People go nuts when multiple layers of their belief system are ripped away at once. Just wait until they start WW3, it’ll happen one way or another.

        • Back in the pre-internet days shysters like Falwell and Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker were more than happy to run the con for their handlers. Falwell got a private jet out of it.

    • Substitute USA for Russia in Weigel’s screed and you then have something based in reality.

    • That article filed under the “smart guys can write dumb things for a paycheck.”

      TLDR: Another 71 year old white guy with double chins calling for a war with Russia to save Ukraine “democracy”.

    • When the opening run on sentence conflicts with reality,(who knew coups were part of, you know, real democracy’s?), I tend to pass.

      Who the hell do these authors think their audience is?

    • So did the Russian kill 500,000 Ukrainian kids in their “blunt force war of stupid” Ohhhh ohhhh, wait no, that was the US during the first Desert Storm, and that was a price “we” were willing to pay, according to Madeline Albright. Wow, look at that, another jew in a position of power that managed it badly, gee wilikers it’s almost like there is a pattern here, or something.

      • But not from her, or their, perspective. When it is some identified Ancient Enemy, they wish them all death; nevermind the temporizing bullshit about hard choices with big price tags that, surpise, suprise, are worth – them – paying.

  15. Anton (publius decius mus) was one of those early guys I read along with VDH, among others, that helped lead me to this side of the great divide – the Flight 93 Election essay was prominent. Now his writings are way too civnat to really pay much attention to – too many topics are verboten or can only be nibbled at around the edges – it’s too bad, but such is the nature of polite conservatism. We need a practical and no nonsense version that gives no quarter and takes no prisoners.

  16. For quite some time I was a member of a large conservative group with monthly attendance running several hundred, peaking up to a thousand for big ticket speakers, such as James O’Keeffe,Joe Arpaio. For the reason that the well informed would suspect, the leadership would select a disproportional number of Pamela Geller types. There was a Zionists of American table, and others of that ilk. There was a decided ra ra israel, and we need to go get the Islamics, Iran Russia, etc; big military go blow’em up over there.

    The attendees were goodish well-meaning people swimming in an aquarium of Jewish water. The leaders were intentful, and actively promoting their agenda. The attendees were just numb-nuts.

    I’ve also been a part of groups that were more catering to other things that attract a more progressive clientele. There you will find more jews keeping the agenda on track, like importing refuges from bombed areas, attacking white people for bombing areas, etc. They keep the progressive away from Palestine issues. The generic attendees mostly just want to do the activity, but end up as elephants being guided by a jewish elephant boys who cajole them into protesting and such.

    An attentive observant person will notice that there are jews actively engaged in groups. They are out there actively in the real world doing their job for the team. It’s a team effort, and a team payoff. They have to keep the gentiles from talking about things. Look how much of the government resources they control and how much flows into their groups agenda, and how they skim and or just get all money. They get that loot from their active participation.

    Whitey just slopp’n along, unconcerned. Jew is jewing relentlessly. Jews show-up everywhere, with an agenda.

    One really needs to have the vigilant awareness of a warrior, because
    We are in a war.

    • I can’t help but admire how effectively the small-hats pursue their group interests. It simply astounds me how far above their weight class they punch.

      Meanwhile, Whitey’s problem is that he does not function as any kind of coherent, consistent unit. That’s a big reason why the small-hats, despite being severely outnumbered, run circles around Whitey.

      • It has been my experience that White people just don’t cooperate with each other in pursuit of their common interests, even among immediate family members. White people are completely defenseless in their own nations against the tribal and clannish groups that have arrived relatively recently.

      • Whites are not tribal. This has a long story. From the universalism of Christianity vs the tribalism of Judaism. Then the Middle Ages brought us the demise of tribes, courtesy of the ban of marriage between cousins and feudalism. Then the Reform and Enlightenment constructed an individualistic worldview, which was put into practice in the capitalism of the Industrial Revolution.

        But the medieval Catholic Church (as the medieval Islam, which is also universalist) had mechanisms to protect society from tribalism. Jews and Muslims (in Islamic countries this was Jews and Christians) were separated. Different peoples need different laws. The better way is for each people to have its own country. But, if this is not possible, the next best way is people from other cultures having their own neighborhoods and set of laws.

        All this changed because some people with little brains and big pride started babbling about liberty and equality in the cafes of Paris. Since the Enlightenment philosophy was the official propaganda of the bourgeois revolutions, it ended up becoming the official religion of the State.

        Hence, it was impossible to keep the Jews in the ghetto. They were free! They were equal! This unleashed a tribal people over a non-tribal people. They help each other. We are proud of individualism. I have mine, go get yours. You see how well this has worked

        • I spoke with a Pakistani recently. He said that Indians and Pakistanis will pool their resources, even if they are unrelated and buy shares in gas stations/ convenience stores. They keep reinvesting their money a get larger and larger shares of each subsequent store until the eventually have enough to buy their own stores outright which they often lease to a new up and coming Indian/Pakistani to operate. The guy is a multimillionaire so I can’t dispute the validity of this business model. It is a type of mutual aid society that Whites just don’t engage in.

          • The Vietnamese coming to America did the same. 2,3,4 families buy a house, then via refinancing they would cash out to buy more houses.
            They had a thing called a hui (hoo ee). A group of people would throw money into the pot, the one who bid the highest interest rate would get to borrow the pot to expand a business, down payment, etc.

            There’s has been a lot we could have done, still much we could. Like people buying a bigger size chunk of land. There is a lot of advantages in having several people in a business, such as a being able to get time off here and there while keeping the business open.

      • “It simply astounds me how far above their weight class they punch.”

        Jews are extroverted pushy people. Northern Europeans are naturally taciturn. It’s a terrible combination.

  17. Limbaugh gave the Israel support/worship a shot in the arm. I never heard anyone discussing it prior to his show becoming popular. I don’t think Buckley reached as many people as Limbaugh. I actually laughed first time I saw Buckley on television crossing his legs like a woman and acting like a little fancy lad.

    • …And that stupid head-back gesture he made when he was considering something. Total twit.

  18. “Many of the biggest neocons are not Jewish. Watson is obviously not Jewish. Bill Buckley was obviously not Jewish.”

    Heh. I bet they wished they were, though.

    Perhaps if one obsesses in a positive way over Israel, one could be said to be a Joo in Spirit?

    Simply put, these fractures reveal to me, as if any more evidence was needed, that no serious political entity will arise to help us. It is simply not doable. This is why forming In Real Life connections with neighbours and productive people seems to be one very sensible thing that Dissidents can in fact do. For secular Dissidents, it is perhaps the most important thing.

    Nobody in the Upper Crust/The Cloud/The Hive gives two hoots now about the hollowing out and gutting of society. It is one fantastical solution to an overhyped ‘problem’ after another. Yet, despite having young sons, I’m strangely optimistic. From a cultural perspective, however, for the Western World I see no escape. What comes next is any fellows guess, but – materially at least – things are going to be tight.

    Spiritually, of course, we’ve been doomed for a long, long time.

    It’s all so tiresome. May the Lord have mercy on Dissident Souls.

      • Heh.

        I’ll say this: one highly likely scenario is that skilled white men are needed for, well, everything. The material suffering seems to me to be just beginning. I hope (but doubt) it will lead to a spiritual awakening. Societies infrastructure continues to decline.

        But, in the practical realm, a lad who can fix indoor plumbing, weld, do mathematics, farm or whatever is going to have a high chance of coming out on top of whatever comes next.

        Of course, if you’re standing atop a pile of shit, it’s still a pile of shit, so there’s some pessimism for you, Osteii!


  19. Since we’re on the topic of that-which-may-not-be-spoken, the one thing that all flavors of conservatism have in common is that they all hue to the notion that we can talk our way out of the mess we’re in. And that is the biggest lie of all. No, we are not going to “talk” our way out of the mess we’re in. Not face-to-face. Not in the written word. Not on the floor of any legislative body. That is simply not how reality works. At some point, you can no longer kick the can down the road and pretend that persuasion is anything other than delaying the inevitable. It will soon be time to shut up and go pick up a club. And it has always been thus.

  20. During my political sojourn it was the Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell and Mises oriented writers that spent a lot of time and energy denouncing and discrediting Buckley and the Neoconservatives. Perhaps there is material there to be learned from and used.

    I agree that the most powerful tool we have are the egregious foreign policy failures that the Neocons have championed and profited from. Ukraine is fresh and it clearly illustrates that the neo-conservative project is a comprehensive failure – it promotes military and diplomatic failure and worst of all brings economic disaster to our shores and to the world. Afghanistan is fresh and has a 20 year history of egregious grifting and stupidity. We know about Iraq. Libya and Syria are the catalysts for the most recent mass immigration, anti-native population resettlement program. All of our worst ills can and must be directly pinned on the neocons.

    One more word on Afghanistan, we need media not to bury the real lesson and blame the failed pullout on Biden for political points. That helped the neocons hide in the shadows. The entire misadventure was a failure and those responsible can’t be allowed to hide behind their tools and puppets. Shine direct sunlight on them and then rip them out root and stem!

    Here is where invoking the Founders legitimizes our case. Washington and the rest clearly stated the case for non-interventionist policy. This is where Claremont’s deification and mythologizing of Lincoln makes them a strange bedfellow. But, for now, our enemy’s enemy is our friend.

    To a thorough and devastating repudiation, expulsion and exiling of the neocons from the body politic. It must be done.

    I want to add that in addition to a ruthless discrediting campaign to accomplish the above we champion the positive agenda which Americans want and which the neocons oppose in the shadows.

    1. Build the G**!!!#n wall!
    2. Man the wall and every port with day and night watchmen and enlist the young technologists building drones inspired by protecting our border to contribute. (Bring them into the government payroll and use their talents to end the invasion at our borders. Side benefit, w start using the government to pay our allies.)
    3. America’s strength is its economic strength:
    – De-financialize and re-industrialize the economy
    – We no longer pay Americans not to work.
    – Foreign military intervention has bankrupted and weakened our nation in measurable and enumerable ways to the benefit of other nations. As such, all such nations are considered adversaries and their benefactors operating in our institutions will be considered traitors and tried and punished for acts of treason. No more entangling alliances and usury by foreign powers.
    – Our young lions are great warriors. They serve only to protect American life and property and to defend our liberties at home. No more imperial foreign misadventures.

    Force them to oppose this logical and sensible position. It is time to attack and expose their weakness – that they oppose America and their project is treason and subterfuge!

    • Ron Paul was a one-man wrecking crew on the Neocons

      FNC went all out on discrediting him during the prez debates. I will never forget, it was that butt-kisser Carl Cameron who tried to humiliate him

      • The inner parties have “selected” their preferred candidates for the longest time. It’s what’s behind every on-the-fly primary “rule change” so that when a Ron Paul or a Tulsi Gabbard gets traction they can be stopped dead in their tracks.

  21. One other comment. We must understand how the world actually is and adapt to it. Take the last 100 years of history and study it, learn from it.

    There really was only one guy who named names and we all saw how that turned out.

    The proper method is to divide and conquer, embrace those you can and deal with the rest in another fashion. This confuses the situation.

    And this is also the fair method because there are just wonderful people from every stripe, and one shouldn’t be a rabid hater of any group. It’s just not a good look.

    Just look at the media today. Folks, Trump literally has a Jewish daughter and Jewish grandchildren and they called the guy the next Hitler. It will never end. And if you go too hard on the JQ you are literally stepping in right to the costume the powers that be have fitted for you.

    Study Stalin, study Putin, study Orban, study Trump. FFS, even the most rabid of Democrats aren’t retarded enough to ignore the tune. Embrace some, find other ways to destroy others.

    The neocons are the perfect, PERFECT enemy to destroy. They are just neoconservatives/neoliberals/in reality trotskyites. They were always commies. No joke, they check all the boxes. Their very name has CONSERVATIVE in it — so left leaning folks start frothing in hate. Their mirror image in the Dem party has LIBERAL in it, so the training kicks in same way for right leaning folks. And Trotskyites/commies 90% of people hate, it just works. Understand the brainwashing, and work it.

    The normies are just not ready to hear what the actual truth is and if you happen to start discussing it, it will be noticed by certain people who will destroy you and no one will listen any way except for 4chan and that doesn’t really get us anywhere, now does it??

    Stalin was a genius at this divide and conquer strategy. Until finally his “guys” figured out that he was going to complete the process, so to speak, which would include them as well, and thus Stalin had to go…

    • With this post you live up to your name prescient11.

      I suspect there are many normie Js who can and have done the math on the rock and the hard place that their elites and their radicals have put them between.

      Their long term safety and stability have been compromised by their own people like: the neocons and the international megalopolis dwelling, zero-sum, financialization class that have driven our nation to ruin; some of the most vociferous voices and proponents of anti-white racism and the Great Replacement.

      The normie Js are coming around to the implications of this. Some of them have power and resources. The people who they should be most furious at are their power center elites. Why stand in the way of that by proving their deceivers correct? Worst of all, as prescient11 so presciently points out, a harsh, rigid, isolating stance really turns away and turns off our own people’s normies who are very large in number.

      The ruling class and radicals comprised of our people have behaved very badly too. If we have the integrity to own that we gain standing, which is the most important thing that we need. Why not enlist the sane and solid ice people who want the same things we want:

      1. An orderly society with a vibrant middle class and mobility through demonstrated ability and achievement by deed not by credential.
      2. No large group hangers on extorting and expropriating in perpetuity and en masse via legal privileges, false history and pity wrung from crocodile tears.
      3. Sanity and stability
      4. A civilization committed to valor and virtue and its expression via law, order and excellence as demonstrated by its people’s individual and collective achievements.
      5. A banquet of consequences for all who promote the hatred and destruction of our civilization and the people who build and maintain it.
      6. A secure border and a stringent immigration limitation policy that benefits the productive inhabitants and citizens by preserving that which makes everyone desire to come here.

      You said this way better than I did p11, but I post in support of your comment’s primary point. At Rome’s zenith they didn’t enlist potential allies into their enemy’s army by declaring them enemies. In fact, being poor at Cavalry, they enlisted the best of their enemy’s people as formidable allies to serve as their most potent and effective Cavalry.

  22. Total control of the propaganda organs and both major political parties is how the neoconservatives have avoided being thrown out of the country thus far. Lost war after lost war, dead young American after dead young American, trillions sent to Israel or to fight for it, all these receive no scrutiny because Tribesmen censor and suppress. It is why outlets and movements they cannot control terrify them.

    Ukraine should be their Waterloo, and it appears the old tricks and deceptions are not as effective as they once were. Public support for that needless bloodbath is waning and is somewhat reminiscent of Russian sentiment toward the Great War on the eve of the Bolshevik Revolution. Those attitudes would align even more closely if the United States were formally involved. The only Americans not apathetic or hostile to the war are Normie liberals and conservatives, and their numbers are dropping.

    Russian natural gas has started to flow back to Europe so the American propagandists are going into overdrive. Time and facts are not on the Neocons’ side, but the damage they have wrought has been enormous.

  23. As always, it comes down to building parallel systems/communities. The tribe knows this is they’re biggest threat, which is why they’re ruthless at destroying any attempt to publicly build such alternatives.

    (And here is where I perhaps disagree with our host. Sure, there are plenty of non-Jew neocons, but the real power – money, control of the media, blackmail, etc. – is firmly held by the tribe. The non-Jews are at best modern eunuchs, playing a role similar to eunuchs in Persia.)

    Fortunately, the emergence of other groups – Indians, in particular – who are immune from the “racist” charge and have a natural ethnocentrism is showing cracks in the tribe’s control. These other groups are creating political and community organizations, which include fundraising.

    Ironically, it may be non-whites who allow whites (or white subgroups) to feel emboldened enough to organize.

    There’s also the fact that the tribe is simply awful at running the show. Jewish political and cultural influence started gaining serious ground around 50 years ago (yeah, I know, it’s longer than that but I’m talking more public control) and near total control (at least in the areas they cared about such as foreign policy and culture) around 20 years ago.

    In that time, they’ve managed to drive the country into the ground. All the money and media control won’t help if the people don’t have jobs, don’t feel safe and don’t believe that their children have a future.

    • As always, it comes down to building parallel systems/communities. The tribe knows this is they’re biggest threat, which is why they’re ruthless at destroying any attempt to publicly build such alternatives.

      I do not think it is tribalism. I think it is Marxism. I have made this point before, but it bears repeating. Marx and Marxist theory have had a huge impact on managerial class thought. Even those on the so-called Right tend to think along Marxist lines. After all, libertarianism accepts the basic claim that human relations are material relations. Get the material relations right and everything solves itself.

      Starting in the twentieth century, left-wing thought shifted from economics to elite theory. The whole point of seizing the institutions was in response to the failure of creating an alternative elite outside of capitalism. By seizing the means of cultural production from the bourgeois, the Left essentially installs itself as the new elite, without having to go through the painful development phase and then overthrowing the old elites.

      As a result, they lie awake at night terrified that their children and now grandchildren will poison their food.

      • I’d say it’s both. If you read the history of the advertising wars around the turn of the 20th century in New York newspapers, I don’t know how anyone could make the claim that it wasn’t tribalism first.

        I mean, there is a certain 3 letter organization whose founding concerned the defense of a special guy who was part of the tribal club, who was a child rapist and murderer and tried to pin the crimes on an innocent black guy.

        And this organization is now one of the most powerful in the Western world. The most powerful members of the group spared no expense in his defense, in both the media and in court, and even bribed the governor to commute his death sentence.

        Whether it’s a gang, an ethnic group, a political party, or a nation, there is tremendous and raw POWER that comes from so many individuals acting towards similar ends. And it doesn’t have to be secret orders from on high. It’s just what is good for them is good for me and good for the group as compared to the OUTSIDER.

        This is 100% natural and healthy. We have just forgotten that completely. And we are where we are now. This is why medieval Europe had very strict rules about protecting its PEOPLE from subjugation and exploitation from foreigners.

      • But Marxism = tribalism

        It is tribalism dressed up as a political idea, no?

        In origin at least

      • Genetics leads to culture, culture leads to some type of social organization. The tribe is the best at taking adaptive strategies of others and using them for their own advancement. Marxism was a perfect vehicle for them.

      • I do not think it is tribalism. I think it is Marxism.

        They are not in the same category. Tribal communities are not held together by economic structures, but by blood, soil and nursery rhymes.

        That said, dismissing ideas because Marxists also entertained them, allows Marxists to limit your scope of thought and action. Dialectic materialism, for instance, may not be an adequate explanation for social dynamics, but it’s one hell of an analytical tool.

      • I tend to agree with the other responses. Yes, the tribe worked to seize the commanding heights of our culture to install a new elite, an elite over which they controlled access.

        And, yes, this elite were heavily influenced by Marxism. Many of the cultural changes they have foisted upon our society were not based on tribalism but sincere beliefs.

        However, as a group and, certainly, among the tribe members holding the power of access to the elite, they never let their Marxist beliefs harm their tribe’s ability to maintain control or any policy that they felt helped their people, either in the US or abroad. In essence, when a conflict arises, tribe trumps Marxist beliefs, at least for the people who count.

        They are members of the tribe first and Marxists second. The fundamental question they ask isn’t anything about Marxist theory, it’s the question they’ve asked for millennia: Is it good for the Jews?

        This all said, I don’t want to get hung up on the tribe for several reasons. First, my people are in our dire situation because of what we did, not because the tribe magically tricked us. Sure, the tribe certainly push us along, but it was our choices that got us where we are.

        Thankfully, because it’s our fault that we’re in the position we find ourselves, this also means that we can get ourselves out of that position. If we just do what we need to do, we’ll be fine. Our future in our hands, not some other group.

        Second, Jews themselves are running into their own problems. They’re not the force that they once were. Half of them marry non-Jews, and I can say from personal experience those half- and one-quarter Jews just aren’t as tribal or intense as their full-blooded cousins. In addition, even the full members of the tribe aren’t as sharp as grandpa.

        Finally, other groups are pushing in on the tribe’s access to the elite. We’ll see how successful those other groups are, but the mere fact that they’re trying shows that the tribe doesn’t have the same iron grip on access as they once did.

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we’re past Peak Jew. Doesn’t mean that they’re not still incredibly powerful, but their best days are over – at least for a long time, maybe forever.

        Regardless, it doesn’t matter one way or the other. They won’t determine our future. We will.

        • Pure genius. This is the voice of greatness. The first to pull themselves out of the morass of victimhood and blame will rule the world.

          We are the heirs to Alexander; Caesar; Octavian; Clovis; Charlemagne; Rollo; Egbert; Alfred; Edward; Washington – real kings of real places whose people built the aqueducts, road systems that survive millenia; institutions; philosophy; cathedrals; sonnets; symphonies; machinery; marble; sculptures; jets and rockets.

          Our future is in our hands. Enough of the blaming and grumbling and whining. CoSC you have nailed it. For you and for this, I sign up and stand shoulder to shoulder. Let us sing the Evocatio and chant Mars Exulti! Mars Exulti! Mars Exulti!

          Our path forward is the path of aspiration and we can and we will forge our destiny. To Excellence!

          • Alfred – The Great – Of Wessex. Brings a tear to my eye when I think of him and his history/legend.

            There’s a lovely statue of him in England’s former capital, Winchester.

            If my wife and I have a fourth child, and it’s a boy (again), then I may have to consider this name.

        • “the tribe certainly push us along, but it was our choices that got us where we are”

          This one hundred times. We see all kind of people attacking the once-great Christian civilization. They seem imcompatible: radical Muslims, with Joos, with LGBTQ.

          When a corpse corrupts, you find all kind of incompatible organisms: worms, bacteria, hyenas, virus. The problem is ours.

          All biological or non-biological structure needs 2 things

          1) Functionality. Each part must fulfill its function. The feet cannot be the heart

          2) Hierarchy. Some parts direct and some obey. The brain directs and the muscles obey.

          3) Distinguishing the good from evil. Distinguishing the native from the foreign. A body must distinguish between one of its cells and a bacteria.

          The Enlightenment religion tried to de-Christianize Europe. This was a daunting task. So they favored freedom (the opposite from functionality) and equality (the opposite from hierarchy and distinguishing). This destroys any culture. So this destroyed the Christian society but the new masters inherited a non-functional official religion, the religion of freedom and equality. We could resist while we paid lip service to these concepts. But when liberty and equality started penetrating the society, it was a suicide. No structure can survive with liberty and equality. Not a cell, not a car, not a body, not even a solid. Liberty and equality are entropy and the second law of thermodynamics says that you cannot extract useful work from entropy.

          Why don’t you allow illegal immigrants/drag queen story hours/etc? This is freedom! This is equality! You cannot protect from evil, foreign elements or decomposition

      • Wrong. Marxism wants to organize and mobilize the workers to kill the middle/upper classes and redistribute their property to the Inner Party Marxist organizers. Then the workers that were used as mob muscle are discarded to starve along with everyone else who isn’t part of the Inner Party.

        Our current “elites” want no part of white workers. Don’t want their help or even their tacit support. In fact our elites would be horrified if white workers began to support them. It would mean they were on the wrong side of history.

        No, this isn’t Marxism. This is a complete demolition of Western Civilization, by deleting and rewriting our entire history to show that anything significant or positive was actually done by a dark skinned person. And ultimately, by replacing the people who created Western Civ with barbarian savages.

      • If your primary objective is creating an elite (what sort of elite?) rather than theorizing and perhaps fomenting violent class revolution, then you are nothing more than a common striver, not a Marxist in any meaningful sense.

        Now it is clearly true that New Leftists, beginning in the second half of the 60s, sought to take over the institutions of culture and information, and that they succeeded totally. However, they did this because they desired to destroy white civilization, not because they were motivated by Marx or the sublunary objective of attaining power for its own sake.

    • “In that time, they’ve managed to drive the country into the ground.”

      They cannot help it, My Dear… Pharisees yesterday, Pharisees today, Pharisees tomorrow.

  24. I just scanned The Bulwark for the first time in a long time. The headlines are so removed from reality you would think it was published by a bunch of people in group therapy in an insane asylum. Bill Kristol wants to give the Democrats advice on defending and reforming “our democracy.” Some lawyer named Chris Truax has a column claiming Democrats should run on “Republicans want to take away your birth control.” They are also publishing lunatics like Cathy Young and Mona Charen. The Democrats have no interest in what these people have to say. The only connection neocons have left is to politicians in the Republican party. We need to purge those people to drive the neocons out of public life.

    • easy, just kill the GOP. all it takes is to get normies to look up from their grills and grunt a little.

    • “Cathy Young”. Just using that name is hilarious. It’s like “Jon Stewart”… In one of Trump’s best power level tweets he called out Stewart for using his fake name and told him to be proud of his heritage. Just hilarious.

      Interesting tidbit of historical fact, as Napoleon began to mend fences with the Catholic church and come back to the fold, around this time he BANNED certain groups of people from using fake names or (I think this is correct) having different last names for husband and wife.

      The latter would be yugely helpful in identifying who is who among the deep, or as Z would put it, the managerial state.

      The whole Peter Strzok insanity is Exhibit A to how useful such a law would be. Take the husband’s last name, take the wife’s last name, but BOTH of you scumbags need to share ONE last name so we can tell who is who. First step of peeling back the onion…

      Nuland and Kagan is another such example. MAKE THESE AHOLES OWN THE SAME LAST NAME!!! Normies don’t have time to do all the research, LOL. If I was emperor, first law I would pass.

      • Yes, incredibly gross. Katherine is a good Greek name, it means ‘pure’- the opposite of the insane neocon ‘Cathy’ ‘Young’ who yearns to shed the blood of the Russians in revenge for how her forebears were kept from selling liquor at interest from their shtetl.

    • “The headlines are so removed from reality you would think it was published by a bunch of people in group therapy in an insane asylum.”

      Barnard; indeed.

      Here in the UK, we had a couple of hot days (perhaps up to 39 degrees Celsius), and the papers were full of it. They correctly (I think) referred to it as “The Hottest Day on Record”, which then became “The Hottest Day Ever”… reliable meteorological records started in the UK sometime in the mid-to-late 1800s. Lord have mercy!

      I even heard a government minister declare a “Heatwave Emergency”! Yes! And why? Because we have some wildfires and, I think, some sixty houses here in the Isles were in danger or were burnt down… Sixty! In a nation of 70 million people! That sure is one hell of an Emergency.

      Fantastical Solutions to Overhyped Problems.

      It’s even permeated into official government letters and documents (well, of course! It probably originated from them): I had a letter from my local council telling us why they were not taking any action in our matter… there was a Climate Emergency! That’s right, the council had declared a Climate Emergency!

      The real emergency seems to be Purposive Evil in Government Institutions.

  25. The “old disputes” and establishment money flows are a lagging, not leading, indicator of where conservative/dissident thought is headed.

    This is all interesting insider stuff, but for most people, these are “People’s Judean Front” versus “People’s Front of Judea” arguments. These petty disputes won’t have any bearing on the future of the DR or conservatism etc. As we have discussed before, and you can look it up, Guns and Ammo has 4x the circulation of National Review. Nobody cares about Ramesh Ponnuru or whomever…..

    The real issue is how to reach young people in America and get them involved in dissident politics. If it is to be done, it’s going to be done via the Internet. Think tanks and dusty old magazines won’t be relevant. Rush Limbaugh had more impact on American conservatism than all the think tanks and magazines combined.

    Regarding the Neocons, the Army’s inability to recruit is the best leading indicator of the long-run verdict on their policy and actions.

    • While I will concede that we need to make our own path, learning from past error is vital to the project.

    • Not just the internet,

      Getting the youth involved will not be done through arguments, but making the right the poster child of energy and vitality. You don’t even have to worry about getting a majority, just a good number of young people not completely destroyed by obesity and mind-altering drugs, and encouraging small acts that poke the eye of the ruiling class. Stuff like laughing at people who demand you put on a mask, call a dude a woman, simp for damaged women, etc.

      It doesn’t even have to be overtly political, just a general idea of rebellion against the geriatric scolds who want to suck the energy out of you. In other words, make the GAE uncool, the same they did against the right in the 90’s.

    • The difference is Ramesh can call up half the Republicans in the Senate and they will take the call and slobber all over him. Having access to power is more important than having a wide audience.

    • the youth are involved and they don’t like the old “games” at all. our hebrew brothers are not held in high regard by the youth; they are in for a rough ride. if you want to reach them, write (or fund) a politically ‘active’ video game.

      • I can envision a WW II version where you can choose which side you want, and the Axis soldiers are studs with cool uniforms and the Allied ones are all trannies, gays and butch women.

        • To be fair, in my gaming heyday, when the first Command & Conquer: Red Alert came out, I was always the Ivans.

          Bigger tanks. More impressive. Incredible how, even back then, Westwood Studios captured the ‘Fake and Ghey’ potential of the US and British Forces.

          In Red Alert 2, one could even choose Libya, and have as his special weapon an army of suicide trucks.

  26. One of the most effective online dissident campaigns is the resurrection of Carl Schmitt’s ideas. He’s incredibly useful in that he was excellent at creating pithy slogans than encapsulated his ideas for your average joe, and was an incredibly rigorous thinker you could really sink your teeth into for the more intellectual types.

    So of course NR tries to get ahead of this by waving their fingers like moralizing shrews and tell you that’s not allowed.

    If someone accuses an organization of being on the level of Carl Schmitt, the only reasonable answer isn’t a long piece, but a simple “Thank you.”

    • Indeed. Of course, his Nazi affiliation dooms the ability to discuss him in polite salons.

      The Coof-19 policy insanity was real-time proof of his critique of liberal democracy and his insistence that the Sovereign is always present, acting when necessary in a “crisis”.

    • The “soft power” control of prole-White’s views on race is failing so it’s almost all “hard power”. Cloud-White conservatives cannot cross that bridge because to admit that they don’t care about the views of Jews or blacks (or, oof, gays) in regards to a policy is to admit that there is no universal conservatism (which there is not) and that is not something that they can accept, yet.

  27. I always thought that if we put a (J) after every name in papers and on tv and in media, like is done for politicians with (D) or (R), it would be very revealing and informative. If people are made aware of the fact that a J is saying this or that or promoting this or that, they would begin to see the light.

    But that won’t probably ever happen, in the MSM, but it should perhaps become a mainstay on the DR websites and so forth. It would create a lot of buzz and interest. It would develop a life of its own, but most important it would begin connecting the dots for a lot of people and possibly cause the Js to moderate themselves. I know in high school that the Js were kept in line by making jokes about them so the good number of Js in the school tried to assimilate because they didn’t like being stereotyped. Many of them couldn’t change their spots, but at least it brought on some balance in relations. But things will never improve if everyone keeps living in fear and has this stupid idea that saying anything bad about them is some kind of sin.

      • Yes the ((())) serves that purpose, but a J after their name just strikes me as being pretty funny. Especially in a video presentation where you can just hear the laughtrack after someone like Schiff or Nadler is shown being a fool on video and the host just rolls his eyes when the (D) after their name is replaced with (J).

        I dont know maybe I’m wrong, but the ((())) seems something done with animus. Or it has taken on a bit of a hateful vibe. I think the (J) thing could be done with a little bit of affection and would make a deeper impression.

        On a related note, a friend of mine worked for Fox Sports West and I suggested to him way to get people to start watching NFL again in big numbers would be to allow them to pick which camera angle they see. They already have 8 camera angles or whatever, so let the viewer decide which one he wants to see for every play. This was some years ago, but I think he did bring the idea to the management. Technically it would be quite easy to do.

        The tech would allow the feed to come in, from all 8 cameras, a computer at home stores everything so there would be a little bit of a lag between input and output, and then you play only the camera you want. With a running play, you get to choose camera from behind to see the running back busting through the line — like you are in his shoes. Or whatever you want.

        What am I getting at? A podcaster could do the same with all the news, say from CNN or FNC. Whenever they show Schiff on the floor talking b.s., for example, the D gets replaced. Or Nulled in congress. Or Blinken at the podium. And this is done essentially in real time. It would bring a whole new light to things. And it would be pretty funny. And pretty soon the cat is out of the bag and they can’t hide.

    • Related, and it shows how effective this approach can be. Some Alt-Right dude, before Twitter stopped all forms of dissent against the State, tweeted a pic with all the CNN on-air talent and placed Stars of David on those with that ethnicity. The outcry and shrieks were proof positive this technique has merit due to the exposure it brings. Most of us, and most people, do not use Twitter, but for those who do it eye-opening.

      The poster probably got the Ricky Vaughn treatment if it were not in fact him, but that was a “wow” moment more due to the reaction than the substance.

    • > I know in high school that the Js were kept in line by making jokes about them so the good number of Js in the school tried to assimilate because they didn’t like being stereotyped.

      This only worked because they lacked institutional control at the high school you were at. Now — as adults with connections — they will not try to “moderate themselves”, but will most likely cry out while disconnecting you completely from the insurance and banking system, like they did to Torba.

    • That sounds good, as far as it goes. But I think you should add another wrinkle. Use a similar technique for the J-toys, and add this; for every one of these J-toys, in parentheses, like this – (RaG), Righteous among the Gentiles, to denote biddable morons for the Tribe – and in this way reveal their agents of influence/day-to-day allies. Turn the opprobrium around and highlight them, making them accountable in all of the big and little ways in which they act against us, their ostensible people. Tie a clanging can to their damn tails, and alert our people to the fact that not only do they have a side, but that this is totally legitimate; skulking traitors need not apply.

    • What you are looking for was called the “coincidence detector”, and it was briefly in existence as an app which identified (((them))) using a library of names and appending the triple parentheses.

      Banned almost immediately, of course.

    • Left-wing Jews are assimilated. You don’t assimilate to upper-middle to upper-class Blue state society by becoming an Evangelical gun-owner. Rich white people from the Coasts all think and act the same, and are all intermarried with one another, whether they be Jewish, Protestant, or Catholic. Mainline Protestantism, reform Judaism, and liberal Catholicism are basically the same religion, to boot. The last generation to include left-wing ethnocentric Jews was the boomers. The Jews that don’t assimilate (Modern Orthodox) already wear yarmulkes in public to their white-collar jobs (which I always found very noticeable and jarring), have dietary restrictions that make them stick out, can’t work on Friday nights or Saturdays even if they are in I-banking or BigLaw where this would be standard, and have family formation patterns that are bizarre to urban liberals, like marrying relatively young and having more than 2 children. Putting a big J next to their name seems to be a waste of time, its not like they are trying to hide the fact they in an ethnoreligious minority.

  28. I don’t think much has changed since Whittaker Chamber’s remark that he felt he left the winning side for the losing side when he joined the Right.

    You’re right that the IQ level has dropped for neo-cons but not heir influence. We still get retarded wimps like Max Boot scolding us from all the media. Where’s Pat Buchanan? Probably feeding his goldfish.

    Sorry, bad week for me. I know , pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will

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