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Something I did not cover in the show is the fate of the most popular president in human history, who has come down with Covid. This is interesting for all sorts of reasons, not the least of which is that Biden used to angrily lecture us that only unvaccinated people could get Covid. It seems like a long time ago, but he was the leader of the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” chorus.

On a personal note, I was one of the few people pointing out that this mRNA technology had never worked very well in livestock. The boost in immunity was short-lived and tended to have a much higher rate of negative reactions. In livestock, the latter can be counted as a cost of doing business, but we do not do that sort of math for humans when it comes to vaccines.

Now, that does not mean the vaccine was all bad. For someone like Biden who is very old and frail, the risks are worth it. Even with the very mild variants kicking around, Covid is still a killer of the very weak. The same applies to the flu. If you are over seventy, getting a flu shot is a risk worth taking. For everyone else, unless you have a special medical condition, the vaccine was never a good idea.

Putting that aside, you see the problem we have by the near total silence from the Republican party on this issue. They could be using this to hammer Biden, but they were onboard with the vaccine mandates too. The same is true of the conservatives, who forgot all about their principles during the panic. All of these people believe the same things, they just disagree over the presentation.

The greatest boondoggle in human history will be flushed down the memory hole because no one in the managerial class will speak out against it. Most have already forgotten the whole thing. Those who know got the message a long time ago and they keep quiet to keep their position. It is like how everyone knows the reality of crime, but no one ever talks about it in public.

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  • Indian Polling Company
  • The Census
  • Racists!
  • Gay Republicans
  • Tom Nichols
  • PA Senate Race
  • Black Masters

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248 thoughts on “News Roundup

  1. Reading the ominous “Black Masters” in the show notes, and then discovering it referred to a segment on Blake Masters, really cracked me up.

    Does that make Autocorrect an enemy, or based?

  2. There have been many comments regarding the Jab on this thread.

    Does anyone one know accurately if there has been a biological license issued for any of the Vaxes?

  3. TOTAL SIDE NOTE: I’m done with Drudge. So sick of the Monkeypox sh t. It’s almost like it affects him personally and he has skin in the game on that.

  4. Z, I’m interested in the mRNA “vaccine” use in livestock. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I’ve read quite in depth on Covid-19 topics for going on three years now. I’ll admit I’ve only a few times searched the easy databases (e.g. PubMed) for articles. Tonight I did a few quick searches and can find no articles about veterinary mRNA vaccines being in use.Veterinary products require FDA approval, too. If I recall, while many types of coronavirus vaccines exist(ed) of whatever vaccine technology and whether for animal or human, prior to Covid-19 NONE had been authorized, much less approved for human use. There were a scant few for animals, but NOT mRNA and for some other type of disease.

    It’s very probable that I’ve overlooked a source. If you can provide it, I’d be grateful.

    I was under the impression that mRNA had scarcely ever been tested in humans (I’ll admit, I did not look for animal studies) and, similar to what you report for animals, one of the chronic defects was limited duration of action AND that subsequent doses produced less response from the body.

    Much of my “knowledge” comes from the Whitney Webb articles about Moderna you can find here:

    Especially relevant to the mRNA vaccines foisted upon the world for not even two years is simply how many safeguards were disregarded. It’s hard to exaggerate how many corners they cut. The more you research them, the more appalling the overall picture is.

    • If you are looking for something to keep you up at night, look up mRNA and recent evidence of reverse transcription having unknown and unanticipated side-effects that can be passed on to offspring via uncontrolled DNA encoding. This effect has been called the Russian Roulette of gene modification. Most people get a slightly positive outcome, but a few others just get dead. Young, fit athletes in a lot of pro sports have been keeling over with uncommon regularity since the introduction of mRNA vaccines.

    • maybe zman meant animal studies. a site i read (TheEthicalSceptic) mentioned there have been multiple attempts to make a human-safe mRNA “vaccine”, with animal studies associated with them. the latter always ended with the test animals becoming very sick and often dying.

      • You have to go to scholarly databases (e.g. Pubmed or Google scholar). Not much collated on main search engines as the studies are new and thus behind pay walls. Of course, google scholar is open and has plenty.

    • I’ll tell you what’s appalling, these mindfucked sheep doubling down on boosters, getting sick with the coof, thanking the holy vaxx for their “protection”, and with that confidence, they go for broke and inject their 5 and under kids, being grateful now that the “science” has approved child sacrifice…..the road goes on forever and the party never ends…..

      This is not hyperbole!

  5. the greatist boondoggle in human history is a LONG way from over . My sons coworkers husband, 29 years old , healthy, no history just dide of “unknown sudden cardiac event.” left 3 small daughters. my nieces 58 yr old karate instructor, 4 deg. black belt just failed to awaken from a nap this week . seen the birth rates in Germany and Taiwan lately?

    • “The greatest genocide” in human history is a long way from over.

      There, I fixed it for ya.

      Do you think it will take over a billion “unexpected” deaths before people wake up?
      Apparently the target number is 6.5 Billion.

  6. You mentioned the media all along have said Russia was running out of ammo and soldiers. From today’s FT: “MI6 chief says Russia ‘about to run out of steam’ in Ukraine.”

  7. I think Falcone is onto something when he says that COVID is an outlet for anxious whites (liberals & boomers) who don’t understand the world that they’re living in. There’s a big disconnect between their ideology (which they base their entire existence on) and what’s happening in reality. Alot of them are going increasingly insane and fighting things that don’t exist. This applies to the useless do gooder idiots, not the cynical elites.

    It can apply to many problems. For instance, there’s a large number of “youths” who drive noisy vehicles – some luxury, some ricers. They drive these vehicles very recklessly and aggressively which is scaring GoodWhites while driving. Instead of blaming our immigration policy (young men of color seem to love this style of driving), they blame white guy Freedom Convoy “assholes” driving large, loud pickup trucks – who actually don’t exist, at least in the city.

    Or they’ll just make glib meaningless statements like “what’s wrong with the world” or “people are assholes”. Anything to paper over anything resembling pattern recognition. It could be anybody!

    Anyways the Diversity Dam on the liberal white areas has broken and they’re getting flooded too. They really hate the 3rd world shit hole they’ve created, probably more than right wingers do (I personally like the aggressive 3rd world driving habits). They just aren’t able to make sense of it (yet).

    • B125: “Anything to paper over anything resembling pattern recognition.”

      Pattern Recognition is the ne plus ultra of Empiricism.

      But Good Whites are addicted to the Muh Feelz of narrative-driven pseudo-deductivism.

      It’s a neuropsychiatric deficit of Inner Hajnalians which the Frankfurt School plays like a fiddle.

      From high above, on a rooftop.

      A fiddler.

      On the roof.

    • I am a boomer. I have been trying to spread the word on immigration and offshoring manufacturing for about 35 years. When I pointed out to my peers that we were destroying the younger generations, they looked at me like I had two heads. There were not enough of us to make a difference.

      I just had COVID a month ago. It was a bad case and I waited longer than I should have to mitigate it because it seemed like a bad chest cold at first. After about 10 days I was laboring to breath. Anyway Ivermectin cured it in about 3 days. No need for anyone to have the vax.

    • I had that exact ricer conversation happen with a boomer the other day. I was complaining about people driving on the freeway like street racers, speculating it must be the generation that grew up watching Fast and Furious movies (which were aimed at “urban” youths), now being “urban” adults with disposable income to spend on plastic Hondas with spoilers and fancy rims. The boomer was convinced it was spoiled white kids doing it with their parents’ money, probably thinking back to dinosaur times when little white boomerlings believed having a car was the most important thing in the world.

  8. Shortly before the 2020 election you may recall Kamala telling people she would never take a vaccine if Trump had anything to do with it. Then in mid December 2020 there is a video of Biden getting the jab and urging everyone to do the same. I had my doubts about the effectiveness and safety of a vaccine so quickly developed and those incidents convinced me this was and still is about politics. They did a complete U turn in about six weeks.

    Politicians know if they can keep the public scared and confused they can then do almost any damn thing they want. Covid has provided fear and confusion. Add to that the sinking economy they tell us is doing just fine and a withered husk in the White House and the cackling veep they say are the most popular ever, it’s a wonder many of us are not completely insane or terminally depressed.

    • Rowdy Moody: “I had my doubts about the effectiveness and safety of a vaccine so quickly developed…”

      Always trust your Instincts.

      Your Instincts are the genetic memory of millions upon millions of years of your ancestors’ sacrifices which went into the making of you.

      Your foes [in this great darwinian struggle of competing genomes] want you dead.

      Your ancestors want you to live.

      Always trust your Instincts.


      Z: “The greatest boondoggle in human history will be flushed down the memory hole… Most have already forgotten the whole thing.”

      At the heart of proper Empiricism – the observation of True Facts about reality as it ackshually exists – is the solemn duty to REMEMBER the observations which you have observed.

      “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

      – George Santayana

    • Rowdy;

      The Vax STILL hasn’t been given a biological license.

      I’m gonna wait till the field testing is done.

      • Sure it was near a year ago. Comiranty. Surely that is a first In pharma history, full FDA approval of an expensive approval for new treatment and it doesn’t even go on the market. 😁

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  10. So I just finished the podcast, and I really don’t want to be a downer, but it needs to be said.

    I live my life outside the MSM bubble for the same reason that I don’t swim in cesspools; bathing in filth is bad for your health. So listening to current news stories via the backdoor of today’s podcast was not good experience for me. I unwillingly felt despair and anger at the tsunami of insanity that has become epidemic in our current governance. How can we possibly climb out of this gaping volcano crater of feces? And perhaps that is the point of the news business. To sow despair among the masses and induce them to give up preemptively because the shit landslide appears endless.

    A small suggestion. When doing a Black Pill show on the news, please throw in a few nuggets of remedy to help ease the pain and rebuild some optimism.

    • Tom, you’ve restated Dalrymple. “The purpose of propaganda is not to convince the masses so much as to demoralized those that know better.” (paraphrased) You’ve stated what has been my major problem of late. Today for example, news of Biden’s condition—immediately followed by a comment from Fauci stating that those not fully vaxxed need to get so immediately as shown by Biden’s remarkable progress. The “news” is toxic.

    • i listened to the entire show, and i didn’t take away anything like what you did. maybe you are longing for a solution, hoping for change, where as i am just taking it a day at a time, and accept the current situation as beyond mine (or anyone’s) control. isn’t biden getting covid a small source of happiness for you? don’t you genuinely believe TPTB will go down in flames due to their malfeasance and incompetence? just think what chances a person with a 90 IQ has, or a normie tethered to his grill.

      • TomA is a disturbed sadomasochist. He gets off on being disturbed by the world and wants us to be just as disturbed and depressed as himself. The tipoff that the animus is perversely sexual is how often and imaginatively he talks of poop. Again today: “How can we possibly climb out of this gaping volcano crater of feces? The shit landslide appears endless.” God help him if the landslide ends. He won’t know what to do with himself.

        • No, I’m not a sadomasochist. Nor sexually perverse. I tell it like it is, and I couldn’t care less what you think of my personality. And hard truths are often unpopular. Nevertheless, here is a White Pill for you. There is a roll for cowards and idiots in the coming remedy. These are the pretenders that will keep the Stasi busy by being so easily entrapped in their endless schemes to round up the evil white supremacists. You can make it easier for them to identify you by getting another tattoo.

  11. It’s hard to see how these Elite/clowns plan to run a system with absolutely no feedback loop. The botched Covid response has to be the greatest, costliest error in US history since the Civil War.
    Everything they touch turns to crap (Iraq, Afghanistan, Covid, Ukraine, etc) but they march forward into the future completely convinced they are doing a great job and doing God’s work. As I’ve said before, only Thermodynamic collapse will stop this crazy train.

      • When my old man was a kid, that sort of thing literally destroyed his family’s barn, and it traumatizes him to this day. Any one of us who doesn’t croak within the next ten years will have our own story of where we were when the proverbial barn caught on fire.

        • Just think Chet.

          The ones left standing will be saying,”I almost took the Jab!”

          Who would have thought that such a simple act of disobedience would literally save ones life.

    • You might reconsider your supposition of “error.” How do you know that? How can everything be getting worse by error, mostly just in western counties. On the other hand…

      Israel is vacuuming up technology from all over the western world even as we implode, via spies tech, sharing agreements etc. Getting rich rich rich. All of those failures such as Afghanistan & Covid & Ukraine are money laundering, wealth transference.

      Does not the bible tell the Jews to go out and take other people stuff, so aren’t they doing what purports to be god’s work. Lloyd Blankfein claimed that Goldman Sachs was doing god’s work; the bible says god says that the jews are to charge others interest.

        • The Covid and the vaxx are many things, perhaps it’s like a personal computer: it can be employed for many purposes and each entity can hitch their wagon to the star.

          Pfizer has been having record profits from the shot. They have known that the vaxx is more harm than good, but they still push it. Pfizer has been fined in the past for deceptive practices so this just what they do. The vaxx seems to lower immunity by half-ish so there will be steady business. It’s playing havoc with women’s reproductive results, and young people’s cardiovascularity.

          It’s introduced a passport and censorship regime and trained a lot of people to follow that.

          It’s been a break from Climate hoaxx, and it’s paved the way for a new higher level of hoaxx. The climate emergency with emergency powers. Perhaps next will be a climate lock-down.

          Color based medicine: whites were end-of-lined for monoclonal antibodies and treatments. Whites were blamed for others bad health. The lockdown was a spring compressed and released into the summer of floyd.

          Pie are round; cornbread are square.

          • you kind of missed the point of my comment. probably intentional so i will let it lie…

        • Yes, you are right. I jumped the tracks to a non sequitur, though not intentional so. But I going to re-answer just because it bugs me to have jumped the tracks.

          The answer to the question of massive vaxx rates is deceit, trickery, coercion, more trickery.

          Right out of the gates, the model predicted millions of Americans dying, then it was two weeks to flatten the curve, then wear a mask. then if you get the vaxx you don’t need the mask and won’t get covid, then a booster and still wear the mask.

          All the while the TV is blasting inflated death rates.

          Workers were told vaxx or loose job. Ditto college students forced to drop out. People denied medial treatment.

          The efficacy of the vaxx was inflated, then need was inflated, and the negative effects dismissed by the lying media. Doctors tricked or coerced into going along to keep the license.

          There a range of people who got it, but here’s a couple of categories. There is the well meaning person who is civic minded and did it because it seemed like the right thing to do. And there’s a kind of a contrarian anti-patriarch type who did the opposite of the muh-freedom type people who rejected the vaxx.

          • @Compsci

            The Article at the link is a very good summary of recent Covid events, I’d agree at or close to 100 percent of it as a summary of events. The article would useful to explain things to everyday people, if everyday people were open to explanation.

            The author lays a lot of blame upon Americans’ weakness. I’d agree, but that’s not altogether fair. As someone who has tried to explain recent events, it is disheartening that people won’t even consider information. And yet…

            There are psych researchers in government and universities who study and devise means to hoodwink and steer people into paths that are not good for the people. The mental quality of Americans is being attenuated deliberately to enable the predators. They openly express their aim to destroy us. And they are destroying our people via pervasive coordinated psychological warfare.

          • Disruptor. Agree 100%. Short attention span and poor knowledge base/skills. Let’s also not leave out technological inventions like cell phone, and social media like Twitter.

            Higher level knowledge/thinking depends on having an attention span longer than a goldfish. Hell, these days I find myself taking an amazingly long time to get into reading any lengthy tome—rather than just sending/reading brief comments in forms like this. In short, I have “trained” myself to be an informational “goldfish”.

            I’d never have complete my degree work with such a mindset as we commonly find today.

      • Israel was scammed on the efficacy of the vax too. Not that the leading usual suspects here in the west aren’t leading the way in many areas that are detrimental to white people the people of Israel fall for the same narratives as the rest of us.

        • exactly. so they are not part of some super secret cabal that is making them wealthy. they are even more fucked than us, because their vaxx rates are higher, especially among children. their super genius IQs failed them when it counted most…

          • The top drawers ones are getting wealthier from it. The masses are useful adjuncts.

            Is there information coming out of there with respect to ill effects rates from the vaxx? On a par with other countries?

          • There are the big jevvs, and then there are the little jevvs. Big distinction, and one that became quite evident during the attendant unpleasantness of WW II. Big ones skated, little ones didn’t. To the big ones, the little ones are their hoi polloi, sometimes worth consideration, but at other times merely a buffer, and a manipulable mass, maybe one step up from non-jevvs, but it is situational. Psychopaths are gonna psychopath, and any feigned “community” cannot be relied upon.

  12. The biggest issue in this era is that life is too expensive to live. The cult of safety, which has been diligently at work for over 100 years has reached maximum power. All of society is locking up and everyone is too afraid to live. The vaccine issue is just another of a broad sweep of history. In a more livable country, over 50 years ago, you could down five or six martinis at the bar, get behind the wheel of your two ton Eldorado, and drive home. Maybe if the cop saw you swerving he would drive you home. The height of civilization. Today it’s the end of the world and you’re a bad, immoral person who belongs in jail. Same for refusing a dud of a vaccine.

    • Thirty-two years ago people could still smoke on airplanes. Soon alcohol will be banned on flights. Conversely, unprotected gay anal sex in the plane’s bathrooms probably is ignored if not outright encouraged.

      Bodily autonomy required abortion on demand. Bodily autonomy is disregarded if Big Pharma has a vaccine to hustle.

      So some unsafe things are not permitted and others are allowed.

      Some freedoms are greater than other freedoms.

      Many people chose to make this their world and they richly deserve to live in it. The rest of us are hostages for the time being.

      • Why confine the sodomy to the bathroom? I’m sure most of the male flight attendants I’ve encountered would be comfortable with it happening in the galley.

    • Another classic example of the safety-uber-alles imperative is bicycle riding. When I grew up in the 70s and 80s, kids were jumping ramps, riding on walls, bunny hopping, popping wheelies, racing BMX, biking clear across town and back, and without a care in the world. And if you wiped out, you just straightened up the handlebars and kept on riding. Hell, even the girls showed some guts on their bikes.

      Flash foward to the present.

      A few years ago I dusted off my old mountain bike and went cruising through my middle class nabe. Without even thinking about it, I rode with no hands. It was as natural as could be because that’s what all the guys did when I was growing up. Well, I happened to ride past a few kiddos. One of the girls, with eyes as big as silver dollars, pointed at me. A little boy shouted out, “Wow! Cool trick!” I couldn’t believe it, but I suppose it shouldn’t have surprised me.

      And look at the “men” on bikes today. As they tool around their utterly safe and secure residential neighborhoods, they’re behelmeted and padded up as if they’re about to scale the south face of Nanga Parbat. Pathetic. Verily, men without chests.

      • Bingo. In the early 80’s it was common in our neighborhood to make a ramp out of a board and a couple cinder blocks and then jump your bike over 2 or 3 friends lying at its base.

          • Me too. I even a wrote a tribute song. Here goes:

            Well I was watchin’ tv and they said Evel Knievel would be jumping some cars on this old Hog.
            And so I told my dad, and then I called my dog, and we waited for Evel to come on.

            They call him Evel, but I think he’s good. Some people think he shouldn’t go a jumpin’, but I think he should.

            Well he came jammin’ down that race track, he was goin’ like 109.
            And then he hit that ramp so hard and fast, that he began to fly.

            They call him Evel, but I’m pretty sure he’s good. Mom thinks he shouldn’t go a jumpin’, but I think he should.

            When he was in the air I felt sorta funny, but good at the same time. And when he landed his bike got kinda squirrelly, but he stayed on just fine.

            They call him Evel, but I think he’s good. Mom thinks I shouldn’t go a jumpin’, but I think I should.

            (guitar outro)

            Now that I read the words written down, it doesn’t look like much. But I was born in ’65, and as an American kid I knew that man was literally the coolest human who ever walked the face of the earth. He even became a devout Christian a couple of years before he died. I can’t wait to meet him some day.

      • In my time mountain biking in the wilderness, the issue is there is an elite class that still does all the daredevil stuff, but the average joes are just getting fatter and dumber. It’s why skills in sports continuously increase while everyone gets more out of shape.

        The spread between people of this country is widening in way far more than just money.

      • “When I grew up in the 70s and 80s, kids were jumping ramps, riding on walls, bunny hopping, popping wheelies, racing BMX, biking clear across town and back, and without a care in the world. And if you wiped out, you just straightened up the handlebars and kept on riding. Hell, even the girls showed some guts on their bikes.”

        I remember this well! Funny how something so ordinary when you’re living it becomes a cherished memory when you’re too old to do it. It makes you appreciate all of those past moments even more! That’s why I always push my kids limits. Last summer my son and I were walking around a dam where I grew up. This dam was constructed in the late 1800’s-early 1900’s and unlike modern structures it is 200 feet high and made of hand carved stone, making it a climbers dream. I brought my son to the spot where in HS we all climbed to the top and let him go about sixty feet up, just to show him he could do it.
        He came back down with a big grin on his face and he said, “I couldn’t believe the view from there!” I told him that the view from the top was even better, but at that height, you have to be hyper-aware of your surroundings. Not only did my two younger ones want to give it a go, but a few of my sons friends parents said, “You let him do what?!” he told them, “I didn’t fall and my dad was spotting me the whole time.” (Believe it or not, going up is fairly simple, if you watch where you’re going. Coming back down is the hard part.) I told them that that was nothing, that back in the day my buddy Erik and this other guy Junior climbed to the top on one side and then climbed across the face clear to the other side. And they got the bragging rights because at the time they made the traverse, they were both blitzed out of their minds!
        When I look back on it all, I sometimes picture God face-palming as he watched us. Great times!

    • when i was a kid it was jungle gyms and asphalt. one of my favorite games was running between other kids on the swings; time the wrong and you got a pair of shoes in the face. you haven’t lived until you misjudge the weight bearing capacity of a tree branch (at 30+’) and it gives way, introducing you to a practical exercise in gravity.

      • Playgrounds are an interesting barometer of the nanny state, which I hadn’t thought of. Two other rides that are unheard of in American parks now ( at least in my area) are seesaws and merry go rounds. “Too dangerous” now.

      • Go to any modern “playground” and examine the equipment. I remember in those bad old days of the 50’s, metal slides, steel bench and chain swings, and “monkey” bars—all built over asphalt.

        Today, you see none of those things. Sterile plastic, no sharp edges anywhere, all built over sand. A mother’s wet dream, a boy’s introduction to feminization.

          • Heaven forbid a cat would use it for a litterbox.

            It’s OK for homeless to camp and shit on the street some places. In fact, in the 9th US Court of Appeals District, it’s a civil right.

            Wrap your head around that for a moment: Guess which is a greater risk to public health?

      • Ah, the joys and horrors of tree branches. Me and one of my little buddies had a favorite tree. We’d climb way up in it and chew tobacco–usually Red Man–until we got dizzy. Well, one day I got a little too high (so to speak), and ventured out onto a skinny side branch that, unbeknownst to me, was also rotted and dead. So much for little Kozelskii! I went flying out into space and landed flat on my back. Good times.

    • It’s funny how you note that the cult of safety began about 100 years ago. Right around the time of the 19th amendment…hmmmm

      • Part of the cult was in the “taming” of the American frontier and the pacification in general of the populous—a trend started waaay before. Before such nonsense took hold, women were of a different stock and they knew that they depended upon men—real men—for safety and survival. They raised their boys to be such men.

        Now they depend on the government for safety and sustenance and raise their fatherless boys to be their “girl friends”. And so it goes.

    • Drinking significantly and driving is something irresponsible high time preference negroes and obese mestizos do.

      Please dont lump particular forms of degeneracy into a right wing political program because you’re personally fond of them. This is a different flavor of DUDE WEED lolbertarianism and how we get counter currents right wing enforced buggery platform.

        • You should see what the cops ignore at the hordes driving away from a Jimmy Buffet concert (If there’s a greater SWPL band out there, I don’t need to hear it).

        • Sure, White people do this (DUI) as well, but it’s
          the normative aspect we are discussing. Here it is heavily Hispanic—particularly wrt “felony” DUI (.15 or above, or 2nd conviction, or DUI on suspended license).

          When I first got my license, presumed DUI was .15, now thanks to MADD, it’s .08. When the reports come out on the latest sobriety check point the overwhelming number of drivers arrested are greater than .15. The social drinkers skate by.

          Nonetheless, some poor bastards always get caught at the .08 level. Probably for telling the officer they only had a “couple of beers”. Keeps the lawyers in business. Jose and company simply get their Court appointed attorney, then borrow their cousins car to keep on driving.

          Was once on a jury for such a case. Jose was getting off work and stopped off at the closest “Stop and Rob” for a *32* pack of beer. He must have lived a long way from the store, because when pulled over, he had finished half the beers. Jose however was a good citizen (?) he did not toss the empties onto the roadway, he tossed them onto the back seat. Cop’s took pictures of this for the jury’s amusement.

          Jose’s entire defense was that he didn’t speak English. So in addition to the Public Defender, the County had to pay a translator. Most amusing was Jose’s inability to explain that if he didn’t speak English how he communicated to the police where he was coming from, who’s car he was driving, where he lived, and why he had no license (revoked for prior DUI). All this was in the written report.

          Anyway, we (jury) gave Jose a better defense than his Public Attorney did in deliberations. But alas we could not find the slightest excuse for his actions and found him guilty. We took so long that the Judge and Public Defender asked us to remain in the court to quiz us on “what the hell were you thinking”. 😉

          Well, the judge didn’t say that, but that’s what he meant in so many words—they were concerned as to why we took so long. Basically, we stated that given the circumstances and the length of the trial and the facts presented that we feared he was going to go into State prison for several years.

          The Judge held his temper and thanked us and left, but he should have drilled us a new one for deliberating on sentence/law rather than facts. The Public Defender hung around and admitted, he thought Jose would getting 4 years!

          Bottom line was that—short of jury nullification, Jose got a better hearing/defense from this “racist” White jury than he got from his attorney. It’s a “White” thang—you know!

  13. Yes, the Republicans failed terribly on the vaccine issue. Starting when orange blob came out with his “operation warp speed” which combined three stages of a clinical trial into one stage, meaning a joke and a potential risk to life. Then he began peddling these things like Trump steaks or Trump University. The Democrats inherited a situation that they could exploit to the maximum and did. Just like everything else. I refused the vaccine, not because I thought it was dangerous but just because of the trashy sci-fi reference. I then took it because I was being shut out of my favorite restaurants and health club. Land of the free my a$$.

    • Yeah, at the time I took my shots as well—about 3 hours on the computer with photoshop and I was good to go. 😉

    • So you identified it as a “potential risk to life” but then did it anyway so you could get into your “favorite restaurants”?

        • well, good luck. this seems to be one of the few places jabbed and unjabbed get along (for the most part) 😛

          • that’s tough. must eat at you pretty much every day. fingers crossed and pass the tequila 😛

          • In all seriousness, that’s what I did nearly 20 years ago. The day drinking within a matter of months introduced me to AA, of which I’ve been a happy customer for mos of that time.

            “I’m the same asshole I’ve always been, but now there’s less dents in my car.”
            — Robin Williams, on the benefits of going dry. 🙂

        • JR

          Well, at least you won’t die from Covid.

          You got that going for you.

          Which is nice…

  14. Not to sound like a monster, because many basically normal and ok people got the jab. . .

    But perhaps the best thing that could happen for goodness and truth is a massive elimination of the all the hopeless human waste and brainwashed.

    I don’t say that happily; but I don’t see any way to defeat the entrenched evil except for evil to be hoisted upon it’s own vaccine petard.

      • It was a good movie, but it was still another hollywood effort to delegitimize good people’s true concerns about the race and culture catastrophes in the country.

        To be clear, I’m not rooting for anyone to die. I have no control over anything and see it in a more philosophical and religious sense. It would be God’s wrath visited upon the evil and liars by their own evil and lies.

        I assure you, lots of leftists ARE rooting for unvaccinated/conservative/bigot/transphobes to die for simply be unvaxxed, silent about systemic racism, and trying desperately to mind their own damn business.

    • Rootin’ for it?
      Hell, I’m recommending the vaxx widely and frequently. I’m the goddam Booster Evangelist.

      Shaneequa, my sister, have you heard the Good News?

      Karen, you and Bob are the smartest people I know. Good on you! Keeping those cute kids safe!

      • Woopsie! I meant Karen and D’shaun. I always make a point of praising coalminers my top priority as Mr. Nice Guy.

    • I hear ya, but consider those who’d not consider the shot but were forced due to job considerations to get “inoculated”. My immediate family, son/daughter, had to consider whether to risk impoverishment or health. When you have family, you make these type of decisions again one’s personal interest. You risk it for others.

      My decision to ignore shots was made at little risk than to myself. However, just a few years ago, before retirement, I would have been dismissed from employment at the university. Would I have taken the vexinne? Who knows.

      • I understand that people were coerced, but I mean this with all sincerity. . .those with eyes to see the lies upon lies should’ve said HELL NO to this poison regardless of being fired or anything else.

        Nothing is worth your health. . .or your soul.

        • The data did not become widely known for several months after start of inoculation rollout. The shots were allocated to certain prioritized risk groups. Here, medical worker were first in line and were required to get the jab almost immediately. I, myself, caught Covid *before* my age group became eligible.

          Once I had first bout of Covid, two things happened: The disease came and went with most no symptoms—I had to be yelled at to get tested; The understanding I had from my early education was that inoculation brings immunity from triggering your *own* innate immunity as the disease would do if you caught it in the wild. Therefore I declined unnecessary vaccination.

          I was fortunate in having these occurrences, others were not and I can’t condemn them.

          • Fake email, you must be psychic. I—and most others—are not. If not psychic, perhaps you’d care to enlighten us on just how you “knew” this was a lie from the “get go”? Inquiring minds want to know.

          • Not here in most (public) institutions. Those folk were given a deadline and terminated. In some cases predicted staffing shortages reversed a poorly and hasty made decision. That I admit. However, now we hear of attempts to rehire and hold harmless those folks who refused and were terminated. I wish them well and support such actions—but again, they could not have at the time predicted that the Covid vaccine fiasco would fall apart so quickly and thoroughly as to give them any hope of their jobs back.

      • Uh, if you’re dead, that pretty much guarantees your families impoverishment.

        • Sure, if death is 100% certain—but it ain’t, and never was. What was almost 100% certain was you impending impoverishment from job loss.

    • that’s a pretty narrow interpretation of the situation. the reason this is such a monstrous event, because it is the equivalent of parents “tricking” their children into harming themselves. your comment, to my mind, is another kind of evil.

  15. Z – I think your tv troubles are the result of RF interference from the equipment the feds who are monitoring you are using.


  16. “Winter of death,” LOL. Take your “vaccine.”

    Problem is they really went apeshit on this vaxx stuff. New York made it a fucking felony to lie about your COVID vaxx status. They were mandating vaxx cards to get into sports venues and restaurants.

    They will literally arrest you or fire you from your job for not taking it, even if it is totally ineffective or worse, if it kills you.

  17. “Now, that does not mean the vaccine was all bad.”

    Au contraire, mon ami — the vaccine is all bad. As for the Repub leadership, not only is it craven and spineless but probably too stupid to understand basic statistics.

    I don’t think it should even be called a vaccine.

    • And the proof that the vaxx is all bad, is that they’re now pushing it on under-5 children for whom the risk of Covid-death is nil. Now, after we have hard data that proves it’s life-changing toxic. And the falsification of military medical databases, the persecution of dissident doctors, the invention of “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” and so on.

      The fact that government refuses to either be honest about the vaxx’s drawbacks or allow people to decide for themselves whether to use it, says everything about its intentions regarding our continued existence.

      A government-funded not-cure for a government-funded bioweapon. One gets the idea that our government just doesn’t like people. Which is consistent with its trying to ignite a completely unnecessary hot war across the entirety of Eurasia.

      • Aw cripes.
        Another Election Denier, too, I’ll bet.

        Hey! The election was safe and effective!

      • There’s an interesting tinfoil hat theory that shows up on Zerohedge comments about the jabs being good.

        The theory claims the jabs are meant to alter humans to protect them against the Earth’s weakening magnetic field.

        Otherwise, the weakening magnetic field would supposedly affect people’s brains and turn them into crazed zombies.

        I should probably quit reading so many Zerohedge comments.

  18. It will likely be a long time before the true horror of the COVID vaccination genocide is revealed. And yes, part of that will be the revelation that mRNA vaccine variants have many seriously debilitating side-effects including the destruction of ancestral immune flexibility. But even worse is that the imposition of mask mandates will be revealed to have been more harmful that most people realize. It is now known that wearing the same mask for hours on end (and for most people, months on end) causes vast colonies of bacteria to grow on both the inside and outside of the mask. Some of this bacteria is from within, but the heat and moisture of breathing also creates the perfect incubator for foreign bacteria to grow on the mask also. As such, wearing the mask is like rubbing shit in an open wound because the government told you to. Will the insanity never end? No, not until we make it go away (the old fashion way).

    • Not only that, but the Moron Mask causes oxygen deprivation and sheds particulates that are inhaled into the lungs. Over time–and we’re now talking years–there is buildup in the lungs. I don’t know what the long-term results of piecemeal inhalation of a mask will be, but I imagine they will not be good.

    • I thought they figured out how masks were perfect for growing bacterial colonies back in the Spanish Flu days.

      Beyond that masks are horrific for childhood development because they hide the lower half of the face. Kids need to see that to develop their nonverbal and verbal communications skills in a healthy way.

      Hiding the lower half of the face also impedes adult communication because we know how important nonverbal cues are when communicating.

      • “Hiding the lower half of the face also impedes adult communication because we know how important nonverbal cues are when communicating.”

        This should be common knowledge just from social media. A large part of its emotional coarseness is the total lack of facial and body-language cues that humans have relied upon to augment communication for millennia.

        On the upside, that’s also what makes social media more honest. Not that an honest human is a pretty picture.

  19. the kosher kock gobblers at instacuck are still pushing the “Russia is losing!” horseshit. what’s really sad is all the civnat boomers in the comments agreeing with it. brain dead goobers, they deserve the diabetes and vaxx events their bad judgement has brought them…

    • Suck Jew kock and hate Russia, it’s the new American thing and pastime

      Sally Mae and jethro and Laquisha and Jorge are all doing it. Every barrio and every country town to every backyard bbq and in every city, one thing unites all of us as Americans. We suck jew kock and we hate Russia.

      • This comment so perfectly captures the essence of our dilemma that I laughed and cried with equal passion. We have become a country of insane degenerate suicidal sheep.

      • I’m not too sure about Jorge. The Messkins seem to be refreshingly resistant to much of the madness that defines our times.

          • It is indeed important to the Power Structure that they brainwash the Messkins and get them onboard with the anti-white agenda. I don’t think they’re making much headway, though. Perhaps just the opposite.

        • @Ostei:

          I have long believed that the key to a draw (victory is now impossible) is to redpill Jorge and Juanita on the JQ. This is not a NAHALT thing, but dealing with the hand we were dealt. Use Hispanics as weapons against them as they used blacks as weapons against us. In fact, many Hispanics already are there, some due to exposure to the Tribe, and others due to their traditional Spanish Catholicism.

          • Regardless of the specifics vis-a-vis the Finkels, it cannot be a bad thing to have AINO’s largest minority–and a more intelligent one than the Hutus–on our side. When TSHTF–and it will–I’d rather Jose be in our foxhole than theirs.

            As an aside, I’ve noticed that, in my neck of the woods anyway, Messkin girls are far less likely to disfigure themselves with tatts and piercing than are white girls. Now they generally don’t have the high baseline of general beauty that white girls do, but they seem to prize and cultivate what beauty they have more than white girls do. This probably also indicates that they are mentally healthier. Messkin guys are lucky in this regard.

          • That’s because the attractive Messican girls are high caste in Mexico. No need to leave.

      • The mindless government and media worship is also getting infuriating.

        When did worshipping the state become our national pastime?

        Why are people so eager to deny their lived experiences to gobble up lies from deceitful idiots paid millions to do so?

    • I wandered back out there the other day and it was like conservative Twitter: only the most retarded takes to make a bad point.

    • The same stories that report “Russia is losing!!” also state that the US is going to train Ukrainians how to fly F-15’s (1 year minimum training time) and Germans are gifting Leopard Tanks (3-6 months training)

      Meanwhile Zelenzky is firing his generals and intelligence types, presumably for selling NATO arms to the Russians. Undoubtedly saving 10% for a kickback to the big guy (in this case, Z).

      It’s bizzaro world in Western media right now.

      • Well, if the analysis by the folks watching US military heavy lift aircraft traffic is correct, the regime appears to be positioning men and material in Eastern Europe as well as Syria and Israel.

        That would seem to imply that the regime is going to openly engage Russia and Iran, probably between Labor Day and the midterms.

        • I expect that the regime will get its penis scented fanny spanked. Ivan is not playing around. Ivan sees this as existential, and he is correct. The rulers of the GAE want him dead and his children reprogrammed and enslaved. Ivan has made it crystal clear (to the point of getting Nigel Farage’s panties in a wad) that nukes are on the table.

          It will be interesting to see the Russian appreciation of actual power distributions manifest in their precision guided missile strikes in GAE territory. Deep strikes on natural gas storage and transformers are par for the course for winning the kinetic struggle. However, striking at power rather than the fake-democracy authority that fronts for it by hitting nests of senior bankster and corporate propaganda media leadership might initiate a flood of power back into voter-accountable institutions. How else is one going to fashion a post-war peace with people whose primary personality trait is being agreement incapable?

    • Saw a comment yesterday re: hispanics going Republican to the effect that blue-collar white conservatives admire, date, and make babies with hispanics because of their incredible work ethics, we’re becoming one, etc. I wonder, was it a bot or just a pervert?

      • Meh. I live in an area with a large Messkin population. Now whites and Messkins get along well, to the point where we socialize with one another regularly. But I see very little actual miscegenation. Messkins and whites tend to marry their own.

        • There is miscegenation here with Hispanics, but that doesn’t seem to produce the abomination of White with Black. That’s about all I can say. I don’t pay attention to it. Relations are—if not cordial—acceptable/livable. They have their side of town, we ours. The basic problem is that they’ve taken over the political aspect and are running the town down. They simply are incompetent living in a capitalistic society. The business skill level/understanding is about that of running a taco stand. MX food here is good and plentiful however. 😉

          • that’s one way to look at it. another way is that they are superb at keeping their costs low, and their profits hidden from the govt tax man 🙂

          • yeah, streetlights, sidewalks, water treatment/sewage treatment plants/public infrastructure investments don’t seem to be high on the list of Messkin priorities, quote-Uvalde-

      • When they do mix, the kids are usually quite good looking, same with Amerindians.

        Some combinations work quite well. Poor mulattos, they are a frickin’ horror. Erectus Africanus is just too damn far a stretch. No Neanderthal leavening.

        Nah. Messicans not a real problem. Real problems, we got, so let not the perfect be the enemy of the good.

      • Used to listen to Owen Benjamin and he had a line, What’s in your browsing history, do you watch a lot of porn? It made me think of that.

  20. That was a breezy, fun podcast after several good but heavy columns this weeks. Thanks.

    As for Marjorie Taylor Green, while you generally are right, she is to be commended for stating publicly that military service is a waste of one’s life. Recruitment collapse indicates that the former backbone of the military, Southern and Midwestern Whites, have realized military service would debase themselves and dishonor the memories of their family members who did join. Still, it is noteworthy to have a sitting member of Congress, and a Republican at that, acknowledge the military is now a steaming pile of excrement and to be avoided at all costs. Uncle Lloyd and the Fabulous Mark Milley truly are the poster boys of the pathetic state of the Empire’s janissaries.

    On a related note and speaking of leftist neocons who identify as Republican, I read a NYT column by Israel-Firster Bret Stephens today that made me laugh quite a bit. Stephens wrote he was wrong to have claimed all Trump voters were evil back in 2016, although they would be evil if they voted for him again. The bottom line was Stephens wants these not-evil unless they vote for Trump again folks to line up and support Nikki Haley and to send their sons to die for Israel and profits. Pretty ballsy there. Still, and it matters little now that the United States is a dead nation walking, the Bush/Romney Republican Party we all know and hate died first, and that’s a thing of beauty.

  21. Everyone I know who has supposedly come down with the coof have also been vaxxed to the max. The whole thing has pretty much been a freaking joke.

    • Queen Lizzy got the Covid and was fine, if it can’t kill a 98 year old woman then what the hell are the branch Covidians worried about, joke of a virus

    • Same here. My coworkers currently catching COVID are all fully “vaccinated” with all their boosters.

      Nobody in my family has gotten it since last year when they got, at most, the first two jabs or none at all.

      Those who DID get covid were all jabbed as well.

      • I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard some variant of “Yeah, I got covid… again. But thank goodness for those boosters, or it would’ve been so much worse!”

        Normies really are a lost cause.

        • Ugh, that’s an improvement over what I’ve gotten where someone is vaxxed, gets sick and then blames the unvaxxed for them getting covid. I just stare at them hoping that something clicks in their brain and yet…nothing.

          • Hahahaha, yeah, that’s the ultimate. Tell them the vaccinated routinely spread it to the vaccinated, and it never registers.

          • There’s a reason CDC stopped tracking and reporting the coof numbers on cruise ships, which continue to insist all passengers must be jabbed.

          • That’s like saying they got AIDS because I didn’t have it.

            Their lifestyle choices are a wonder. They want me to join in on their bathouse orgy.

            Nope. I’m going to call boosters, “barebacking.”

        • The argument that the vaxx lessens the symptoms is nothing more than ass-covering for a treatment that does no good whatsoever, and probably does significant harm.

        • Not just a lost cause, but incapable of understanding a logical argument from a fallacy.

      • For most (unvaxxed) it’s no problem. But it can still be a nuisance*. I got my first case in mid-June. It was quite mild, a headache few days, sinus infection and low-grade fever for about a week. I do have a lingering “Post Covid cough” (even into Week 6, can’t be sure but it’s likely nasal drip. How many coughs stop completely, or nearly so, when you are in bed? ) Today I visited lung doc for routine check up. Best news was that the black dot from 2021 is no larger. He also informed me the post-Covid cough can last 8 weeks.

        *As much as I enjoy laying about, I had to self-isolate at the request of my (volunteer) work site for several days. Even a lazy ass can get at loose ends. I did put a few more hours into preparing my taxes…

    • Same thing in my circle. Everyone getting the coof this summer has been injected multiple times. And some of them are getting their asses kicked.

  22. I don’t know. My dad got the Vaxx and his testicle blew up

    My wife got a case of the shingles — but she’s only 55

  23. Looks like Novavax has finally gotten the nod for their version. Should I get it? It’s either that or a negative Covid test so I can see my favorite band in Boston in the fall. (Porcupine Tree.)

      • Yep. My daughter used a fake vax card to travel throughout the Schengen Zone in May. It’s pretty easily pulled off.

        • Get one from someone and photoshop it then print it out on the same type of card paper

          Think obama’s fake birth certificate

          They are very easy to fake. It’s not like it’s a $100 bill with a magnetic strip in it

          • Yep, it can be done. Aside from the aspect of ridiculous insecure ID, the card can not be checked or validated. As a government ID of sort, I’ve never seen a worse example of security features, there are none.

      • Unfortunately states like NY already have an electronic database that official jab sites are tied into.

        The legislature made it a felony to fake jab cards and status.

        A pair of nurses on Long Island managed to generate 3k+ state database entries before they were caught.

        I’m sure the state is hunting down the people with cards that had their dose sent to the circular file.

        Meanwhile, our wonderful governor is basically telling her supporters to go to her opponent’s events and intimidate people.

    • Any chance your favorite band is playing in an area that supports bodily sovereignty?

      Or is this one of those situations where the artists have decided to make medical decisions for their fans?

      I raise these points because there are still many questions surrounding the Novavax product.

      • Boosters are the new tattoo

        You can’t just stop at one

        In fact I’m opening a tattoo parlor that offers boosters and what I’m hoping to do if I can get the license is to put my booster liquids into my ink so I can tattoo onto people with their booster shot . I’m going to partner with the Walgreens next door.

        • Heh. Copied and pasted your comment to my wife. She had to get vexxed and boosted at peril of her job if she did not comply. She works at an Ivy, and got the Coof back in early 2020, but we didn’t recognize this until later. Then they pretty much made every employee get vexxed, and then boosted. Bad reaction with the 2nd vexx, worse with the booster, and then got the coof again. After that, with a little gentle commentary from me, she has sworn off, with extreme prejudice, from any further vexxing or boosting. Thought she might appreciate your comment.

          P.S.: I did not forbid her from the vexx or the booster, as she was operating under serious pressure from the shitlibs, that if ignored, could have done some damage to us. As Jason Bourne said, “Look what they can make us do”. Roger that. I remain unvexxed, and partly because I want to be here for her, as well as my stepson and daughter in law, both vexxed under pressure, without my own health (nearly 70, asthmatic) being undermined by the vexx. I, retired, and thus largely immune to employer pressure, am unscathed, but also strongly support my immune system’s strength. Best I can think to do for all concerned. A little compassion is in order for those under coercion; remember, some day it might be your turn, or the turn of someone you love to face coerced choices.

      • I read that a guy in Germany was caught by authorities getting 50+ boosters, the paperwork (receipts) he sold to other Germans who refuse to get the shot. Not verified, but seems a good story.

    • I admire the patience of dissidents of who can still regularly interact with the system (no gay). At this point every whiff of ClownWorld makes me ill; I didn’t used to be that way.

      • I generally no longer even get angry watching the television and its “news.” It just makes me laugh, as does anything else emanating from the Banana Empire. They are fools and failures, but damn they have their comedy routines down pat.

    • Maniac: I feel like this must be what was really meant by Fear of a Blank Planet.

      A quick search doesn’t reveal Steven Wilson said anything horribly stupid about the coof, so at least we have that. Hope you somehow get to enjoy the show.

  24. There doesn’t seem to be much of an effort or even speculation on how many positive tests for Covid are actually false positives. There must be some. So when a person tests positive and doesn’t die or even need hospitalization they become a survivor and are proud of that fact, pointing it out to others.
    So a positive or negative test result are both good things, although a negative is only temporary.

    • It’s just a cold, but yes I had it and my sense is or was that there was something artificial about it

      It didn’t “taste” natural. There was something computer chippy about it, electronic. Hard to explain

      There is some monkey business going on

      • It’s an engineered virus. The only question is who developed it. The circumstantial evidence seems to be pointing to the US of A,

        • Agreed. I originally thought all these mechanisms simply were in place to impose grotesque civil liberty violations once there was a pandemic, but now it is obvious the United States in coordination with China both developed and released the virus.

          By the way, something is going on in China right now with the lock downs of tens of millions of people, and the United States propaganda organs are curiously disinterested.

          • Across the country, the Chinese have stopped paying mortgages in their $55 trillion real estate Ponzi market and the banks are starting to feel it.

            That puts the CCP’s promise of prosperity at risk, which puts the CCP’s continued existence at risk from an an angry populace.

            The CCP will probably try to crack down or possibly flip to moving on Taiwan.

        • I think it was a joint fuck up between USA and China

          But probably more the former because actions speak loudly, and Fauci sure acted guilty and seemed to be covering up his tracks the whole time.

          • I have moved from fuck up to deliberate release . There are several reasons, but the United States antagonizing the Ukraine war to escalate food and fuel prices looms large among them. There is a coordinated effort to limit human movement and consumption and both Covid and the Ukraine war were developed to do both. Let me add that if I saw someone write this even two or three years ago I would have dismissed them as a kook.

          • Fauci can’t help it that he looks like a crook as he is one. He’s in the thick of all this — maybe had a hand in the design of this virus (if indeed it has an objective existence and is not just a particularly malignant form of flu). Fauci bears an uncanny resemblance to the crooked archbishop in “Godfather 3”:


    • And then there are all the “true” positives that only show up because someone keeps getting tested until they finally get a positive.

      I hear a LOT of stories like that going around my friends’ offices. “Long covid” and “ghost covid” are the new fibromyalgia, or “chronic fatigue syndrome,” or whatever it is that allows Karen to piss and moan and day drink while camped out on Twitter and Facebook five hours a day instead of working or taking care of kids. So every time they get a sniffle, they keep running to the doctor and getting covid tests until one finally comes back positive.

      Of people I know of personally, the current champ is five. As in, she went and got five negative tests before finally scoring a positive.

      • If t first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. Ultimately you will get a positive.

      • This is why—against criticism here of this group—I went for private blood work earlier this year after second bout with Covid. I no longer trust the County health dept.

        The upshot was positive antigen and antibodies for Omicron. The symptoms were as nationally broadcast. It was not pleasant (who likes being sick), but it was not near fatal or debilitating and was treatable at home with over the counter cold remedies. Four “bad” days. About a week total. Oddly enough, it was similar to the type of infections I got when a teenager in HS.

        The biggest problem—and I freely admit this—was fear! Yes, for all my bluster in this group, I could not help thinking this might be the *one* that gets me. I never had such a fear in my life with illness. Maybe I’m getting at that point with age, but I rather think it’s the incessant, toxic environment that surrounds us these days. For that, I will never forgive the government and their henchmen, the MSM.

        • do you have a treatment kit at hand? Ivermectin et als? that’s what i have. first sign of symptoms, i hit the go button. but i know how you feel, it is media programming and hard to counter.

          • I have an agreement with doctor for prescription of Ivermectin upon request, but I’m rethinking and will stockpile. Until then it’s daily zinc and quercetin sup’s—as well as everything else.

            Here, the legislature passed a new law barring the probation of therapeutics such as Ivermectin. However, since these are necessary initial/immediate treatment, there is a time factor involved. The time to find them is not when you feel ill.

    • There used to be some discussion about the false positive rate from the PCR output diagnostic based on the number of PCR cycles applied to the test sample. My fuzzy memory recalls that above 25 or 30 cycles you were guaranteed a positive.

      I haven’t seen similar discussion since the PCR was devalued and testing mostly moved to the antigen type.

    • The false positives are very high. I think Briggs did a back of the envelop look at the numbers using publicly available data on false positives. These types of tests are supposed to have very high false positives. The reason for that is to err on the side of caution. You would rather have a false positive for a serious disease than a false negative for obvious reasons. Presumably, you test for serious disease, not trivial ones.

      • there are tests for antibodies, after the fact, to see if you *were* infected. these are accurate *if* you haven’t been vaxxed.

        • The curious lack of antibodies testing prior to the vaccine is when I became convinced the “pandemic” was a psyop. The odds someone has not had it at this point are nil.

          • something like 80+% of the population was/is immune to it, due to cross-immunization with other SARS strains.

    • I got sick in February I think it was, fought it for a week then went to an urgent care and tested positive. Antibiotics and cough suppressant knocked it out pretty fast. I didn’t have any of the normal symptoms like no taste and the like though.

      After I got over it, I talked to a fully vaxxed tennis buddy, fully vaxxed college professor and liberal. We don’t talk politics. He had been sick about the same time with the same exact symptoms and tested negative.

      The tests were useless and I’m sure there were a lot fewer actual cases than the fear-mongers believed. From the get-go it was sold as the new plague with bodies in the street and all that stuff. They know better and lied.

      • I got 2x shot in spring 2021 just so I could attend live music. I’ve wondered since if I sold my health for rock ‘n’ roll. In any case a hard no for boosters.

        I had a weird illness in March, intermittent fever that once spiked to 102, night sweats, no respiratory symptoms. Tested negative repeatedly. Then in May I got it for real. Three days of a very mild cold, low fever first day. Tested positive for over a week. I’m convinced my case was so mild because I got my Vit D up to the high normal range.

        Then just two weeks ago I got a mild cold with congestion, one nostril at a time, that lasted a week. Tested negative. This was all after being sickness-free for over two years.

        With three illnesses this year I do wonder if I tweaked my immune system with the shots.

    • I’ve moved somewhat closer to the “deliberate release” camp myself. From the outset, I held with the Wuhan lab being the most likely source., and accidental. But the more one studies the preparations, legal and corporate, that were in place even in late 2019, or even earlier, it gives pause. RFK Jr. gives this some coverage in his Fauci book. “Event 201” is not some tinfoil hat fantasy — it was a real simulation in great detail of a pandemic; authentic down to even the general type of virus, and with some of the same participants who would play star roles in the real pandemic just a few months later.

      That powerful people were pre-positioned to profit handsomely as well as assume emergency powers, is beyond all dispute. There is too much of a paper trail.

      All that would be needed was a virus…That part, I suspect, is much murkier.

  25. Just wondering…have ever checked the roof for aliens when that happened? I’ve seen ‘Signs’, man!

  26. “The risks were worth it…” No, they weren’t as Alex Berenson has shown with plain statistics…Any benefit from the vax is small and limited, and Omicron actually seems to target the vaxxed (as was shown in the animal trials in 2012), and the vaxxed even have higher death rates,,,,,
    Bu I highly doubt that Biden actually got those jabs…

    • Biden got the vaccine, these people are true believers. Fauci took two rounds of Paxolvid when he had it. Even Pfizer says that was worthless, but “The Science” must think he knows better than they do.

      • There is a great meme with those images of creepy Biden sniffing little girls and women reading “What if he loses his sense of smell?”

        • His version of the “long covid” symptom that makes food taste like sewage will make little girls smell nineteen.

      • I suspect a better interpretation of Biden, Fauci and any other public official taking all of the high cost, newly patented treatments that are copies of the inexpensive, effective treatments is that this is the fusion of NASCAR and politics.

        It is just an advertisement for the aimed at Bourlas’ Pin Cushions. Your leaders take it and so should you because it is effective and “free.”

        Who would have thought that the Progressives In The Clouds would love NASCAR if you took away the cars and put designer labels on preening politicians.

      • Paxlovid is worthless for the “vaxxed”. For the unvaxxed, it is useful (data to date). Of course, overwhelming majority of people have had some form of vax. So for those, you are wasting you money. Paxlovid uselessness is one of those negative effects of vaccination. There are many more.

        • Paxlovid is at best marginally useful for the unvaxxed.

          Aside: I’m aware that it’s not supposed to be as effective for the vaxxed, but that seems counter-intuitive to me. The drugs (two, actually) is supposed to inhibit viral replication. What that has to do with presumed existing immunity, I cannot fathom.

          I was offered it and declined simply because it was EUA, Pfizer, and I did not meet the standard of high risk for hospitalization. Later I looked up a study probably this one:

          [The following is from memory, so I may be slightly off…]

          While the claimed reduction is hospitalization (around 80%), they are playing the same game they did with the “vaccines”: relative risk reduction. But in absolute numbers? Not nearly as impressive.

          If you look at the absolute numbers, you will find that yes, for the drug group, there were just a few less hospitalizations, and no deaths. But what’s the worst case? Simple, just look at the control group: hospitalizations 6.5%, deaths 0.67%. Remember, the participants in the trial were selected for being high-risk.

          For healthy people (like I apparently am), I would consider this a fool’s bet. In fact, Pfizer recently cancelled a study on healthy subjects because the improvement was marginal.

          It should be to no one’s surprise that even though the government pays the entire $500 cost, demand is not exactly high for the drug.

          Also, as with the “vaccines,” there is no, ZERO consideration of possible toxic side effects. The fact that one is required to have proof of kidney and liver function before taking this medication should be a tip-off that it’s (likely) a toxic product. In fact, there are even modified prescribing instructions for those with reduced kidney function.

          Frankly, I’m pissed at the doctor that prescribed this for me.

          I wouldn’t give this stuff to my dog.

          • Paxlovid works by stopping/delaying/slowing virus multiplication for the period of allowable use (5 days). This is thought to give your immune system a chance to rev up and fight the disease. For the vax’d, you are screwed because your immune system is screwed. It ain’t reving up.

            I’ve not seen the studies which might indicate the healthy non-vax’d do not need rev up time and do as well with or without Paxlovid treatment—that might be the case. It is logical.

            The above is my understanding of the treatment. And of course, nothing denies we have better/cheaper therapeutics available—like Ivermectin.

    • “But I highly doubt that Biden actually got those jabs…”

      Yep, I agree. These scumbags are not suicidal. I’m not even convinced Covid exists or that the virus has been isolated. I just don’t trust the “scientists” who have been pushing the official narrative.

  27. I hope the corrupt scumbag dies slowly & very painfully, IDGAF if the cackler will be installed at least then it will rob shrillery of being the first Wyman prez burn it all down.
    The best fix is ten thousand lee harvy ozwalds.

    • Not wishing I’ll on anybody, but Biden passing from Covid might be the most important thing he could do in his Presidency—if it put the Covid vaccine to rest as a treatment.

  28. There is an idea out there among the cagier politicos that “perception is reality”. I dunno if I agree with it…but I wonder if this Jan. 6 nonsense isn’t so much an attempt to convince us – but themselves? AOC is a moron – but with the J6 narrative, she becomes a brave leader that survived a vicious insurrection.

    No doubt a lot of her ridiculous lies are intended for us… but I think that girl has to lie to herself a lot too. Else the view in the mirror in the morning would be too much to take…

    • Perception is reality to a certain extent. That’s why billions are spent on advertising. But it is not all of reality, and like a movie, reality can be suspended for a period and in certain conditions, but not forever.

      • Thank you for saying cogently in three sentences what I would need 1000 words and yet another rambling discourse of Plato’s cave to say, and probably not as clearly. 😀

  29. Fully acknowledging I was wrong about covid, I wonder if the really will be able to memory hole it.

    I thought two weeks really would stop the spread — “the spread” being Karen-induced panic, and I figured it would stop in about two weeks, because by that point it would dawn on Karen that she’s stuck home with her kids and is thus missing out on all the wonderful self-actualization she used to experience at Starbucks and the nail salon. I didn’t realize that Starbucks and the nail salon are poor substitutes for Facebook and Twitter, and having her kids home means she can self-actualize forever by dramatizing her “covid story” on social media.

    Given that, I’m pretty sure Karen is going to cling to covid ’til death do us part. And since Karen is the primary driver of “the news,” especially at the local level, I don’t see how they can memory hole it. Especially as the local “news” people are the farm teams for the big sites, so they’re incentivized to be as hysterical as possible about everything….

    • The hardest part is realizing that with most people you just have to tolerate their beliefs wrt Covid. Like nodding your head when kids ask about Santa Claus. No sense in arguing.

      This is not how I saw my life going but is what it is. A good chunk of my time on this planet will be spent hearing about Covid. And dealing with people scared of it. I don’t think there is an escape from this one.

      • It is a good marker for who to trust and who to avoid whenever possible. I’ve written this previously, but I have separated myself from my best fried of 40 years because he went off the rails over Covid. I’ve run it through my mind a lot and the signs really never were there it would happen, either.

        Covid is the most important thing to happen in our lifetimes. Maybe the Silents still around could claim that about World War II.

        • i lost a friend of similar duration, because he went off the rails about Trump – and i am not even a trump supporter. he just wanted someone to rant at, and i wouldn’t play along. what’s weird is he never ever exhibited any political interest one way or the other, before Trump.

          • Covidianism and Trump Derangement align almost perfectly on a Venn Diagram. People like that are to be avoided, and in the near future it will be dangerous just to have them around you. Those New Jersey neighbors dropping dimes on houses they thought were hosting parties is the future.

        • Not to get too deep, but I think Covid may serve a function in allowing boomers and others to release their anxieties that are probably rooted in something else.

          For example, the world is going to shit and whites are being marginalized and brown people are invading. There is no denying it. We acknowledge it openly here. But if you’re a boomer civnat type and you can’t come to grips with just how awful things are, you can’t openly say or think anything racist, then maybe Covid is your vehicle. You can pour all of your anxieties into it, all your confusion, frustrations.

          I think this is part of it. It’s a way for people to deal with a rapidly changing world they never thought would happen and can’t deal with head on

          • You are onto something here, Falcone, but I post this with a caveat: the only actual resistance to Covidianism came from a fringe of the Boomers. But, yeah, they are channeling anxiety about other problems, without doubt.

          • In the Financial Capital of the Cloudanian Empire, I think it has presented the moralizers, (which is most of them), with the opportunity to, “save the world”, “make an impact”, or now, “be impactful”, “make a difference”, “do my part”, “be on the right side of history”, “keep everyone safe from harm.” I think that is true of the Tech, Film and Political capitals as well.

            Out and about one sees this. It isn’t unprecedented for an Empire to collapse in bankruptcy and moral decay. What is unprecedented are the scale of the bankruptcy and worse, that the class that a civilization most needs to be informed and clear headed decision makers, (bankers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, politicians), have checked out of reality. They may be some of the most ignorant, morally confused and vacuous people in the history of the world.

            Thank God the mask is a reliable signifier of who can be relied upon to think for themself, and who should be denied a seat at the table when the day arrives to re-allot seating.

            Hey Johnny! Pose for your graduation picture! Doesn’t his blue surgeon’s mask look so good in his cap and gown!? What a wonderful boy who does everything he can to get us all to Zero Covid. Okay. Let’s all get a booster before we go out to dinner!

          • “Mass Formation Psychosis” is
            1) Create a sense of general anxiety / foreboding, that is not attributed to a specific cause.
            2) Isolate people so that they loose their support network, can’t compare notes or talk it out.
            3) Supply a specific cause, ie Covid, that people will latch on to as an explanation.

        • I had something similar happen. Pre-covid, this is a guy I’d try to find if TSHTF, so that we could stand together. Post-covid, and I realize he’d dime me to the Thought Police in a heartbeat.

          When I say I’m thankful for covid, I’m not kidding. You learn a lot about who’s really got their head on straight.

          • Absolutely. I had the same experience, and looking back there were no signs my best friend of forty-plus years would make a good Stasi agent. Check out the neighbors in New Jersey who reported to the police those they thought had too many people at their houses. That’s the future, and is in no way different from what happened in East Germany.

            Covid has proved to be the ultimate dividing line. There is a minority who had their eyes opened by it to the constant lying, but just a minority.

          • We may not escape authority but there are ways to deal profitably with them — sometimes at least. In that dystopian future New Jersey, it’s quite likely you would know one of the police socially and/or pay an unofficial fee for your party, or make a similar off-the-books arrangement. Of course, that won’t work if they are actively seeking “enemies of the people” to haul off to concentration camps. I was envisioning more a Latin American type government.

            Yes, I know, that’s now how America is supposed to work, but the problem is that that America may no longer be available.

      • At least the normals have mostly stopped opening conversations with each other to brag about their jab brand and booster status like teenage girls.

    • Yeah the masking-vaxing will die very, very hard. Covid was a force that gave people meaning.

    • The child tranny social contagion started when these crazy women were sent home to screw up their kids 24/7.

      The real “long covid” will be a wave of eunuch serial killers.

  30. boondoggles that cost the taxpayers money are one thing, but covid is quite a different thing. and they are going hard after babies and kids. but normie is very uneasy about the vaxx now; less than 2% of kids have been sacrificed to Baal. so many people at all levels of society have been harmed and killed – and TPTB knew it was happening from day#1 – that sweeping it under the carpet isn’t viable. and all the economic pain is just going to inflame the masses desire for payback. IMO this is real French revolution level societal pressure…

    • It’s purely a religious rite at this point, the Vaxx

      I’m not joining their cult or their religion. That simple.

    • ” less than 2% of kids have been sacrificed to Baal”

      That is a real tell. Also, less than 40 percent of those originally vaccinated got boosters, or at least that was the official number until the CDC just stopped reporting the numbers.

      The only people who got boosters after the original vaccination proved to be an utter failure are deeply disturbed. Those who took only the initial vaccination were just the gullible.

      I agree that if people start dropping like flies over the next year or two, it will make the French Revolution look like a child’s birthday party.

      • By some (“apparently”) sound methods, estimates of those killed (not just maimed) by the mRNA shots already number in the hundreds of thousands. I did a “back of the envelope” estimate using just FL data from 2020 and 2021. I subtracted 2020 from 2021 and then “nationalized” that figure and came up with about 250,000 or roughly 7% of annual deaths nationwide. Of course, there’s a lot of assumptions in that figure (all cause deaths) but that, in my opinion, gives an upper bound on vax deaths. In most reports I’ve read, and my own studies of FL, generally more people died in 2021 than in 2020, and they’re not dying as much from Covid-19. Of course, none of this PROVES the excess deaths are from the vaxx, but neither does it disprove it.

        I suspect we are already looking at the biggest medical disaster in world history, and it’s only in the first inning.

        • Excess deaths are up all over the Western world, but less in some of the more enlightened nations—like Sweden.

          In the US, the numbers are huge. Even CDC (IIRC) has used a figure of 13% (removing Covid)—that’s over a running average of years pre-Covid. Undoubtedly, vexxination deaths must be teased out, but for certain there are those and then an amazing amount from simple societal disruption—deaths from despair, as they say.

          That has been a posted concern of mine since lockdowns announced 3/2020. This “pandemic’s” greatest deadly effect was less from the disease than from attempts to fight it. The “cure” being now shown to be infinitely worse than the “disease”.

    • I do hope that you are correct in this assessment, Karl. But it’ll need to get worse before there is any chance that the fever can break.

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