Electric Crazy Land

No one can know what the robot historians will call this age, but a fairly good guess is they will call it the age of outrage. Everything is driven by outrage. Either it is mentally unstable people outraged over the normal operation of the world or it the mentally unstable trying to get attention by outraging normal people. Outrage is the fuel that drives public discourse and politics in this age.

Outrage is like crystal meth for some people. Once they get a hit, they can think of nothing else but the next hit. Before long they are in one of the many intensely on-line subcultures, getting outraged with the other addicts. They cultivate their own outrage and share outrage with others. Who they are is entirely defined within the outrage culture of their new lifestyle. They are outrage junkies.

Sites like the Daily Beast and Huffington Post started out as legitimate new media sites catering to a broad audience. It feels like a million years ago, but both sites used to employ normal people. Until Arianna Huffington decided to rip off her contributors and run off with the cash, the HuffPo covered a broad range of topics. Now these sites simply peddle outrage to the addicts.

Just like other drug problems, the GrifterCons use the plague of outrage to separate normal people from their money. The Conservative Industrial Complex exists to tell normal people about the latest outrages. Instead of showing video of addicts on the streets, it is video of abortion protestors and Antifa rioters. If you send them money, they promise to do something about it. They never do anything about it.

At some point normal people get tired of being outraged by the outrageous behavior of these outrage addicts. You see it with the abortion stuff. The chunky protestors showed up to outrage the onlookers only to find very few people looking on. Outrage fatigue is a real thing and you can be sure that the outrage addicts are outraged by it. Like meth addicts, the outrage addicts always have a reason to get high.

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  • Concern Trolls (Link)
  • Girl Trouble (Link)
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150 thoughts on “Electric Crazy Land

  1. I got a kick out of Z laughing during the podcast. As I get older I find myself cracking myself up more and more. The kids hate it.

  2. Tough times make men and women alike relearn what’s essential.

    No participation awards.
    No brownie points.
    The recipe for a healthy society.
    (Keeping in mind, however, that even healthy societies decay*, become sick, and disappear, leaving but a handful of mostly misunderstood – by future sentient beings – artifacts.)

    * Mainly because the leaders grow soft, careless or simply lose the drive to weed out all those who suck.

  3. Bulwark writer. Shay Khatiri.

    Zman: “It’ll be interesting to see what these writers, like this guy Chaka Khan…”


    At 17:00

    • Chaka Khan, lemme love you, lemme rock you, Chaka Khan/
      Lemme love you, thass all I wanna do/
      Chaka Khan, lemme love you, lemme rock you, Chaka Khan/
      Lemme love you cause I feel for you, feel for you.

      We might be shocked at what’s on Z’s play list.

  4. Living in Ohio, Vance has been AWOL and Ryan is running solid, non-Democrat, ads. That being said, I have to figure the GOP is starving Vance for cash and other support.

  5. There were James Bowman essays a decade ago applying this analysis to “mainstream media”, e.g. “Outrage Against the Machine,” New Criterion, 2/28/2013 is the one I searched again now (“Opinion has become a drug on the market”). This media model works because there’s a sucker born every minute. I think the NPC meme is a hopeful sign of outrage eclipse because surely there have been NPCs for centuries avant la lettre. OTOH all predictions of “People will imminently tire of clickbait” have so far been faulty. De-evolution may be getting faster but it is still generational.

  6. If our intelligence agencies are saying Russians are losing lots of troops, that suggests that in reality the war is somehow causing Russians to rise from the dead.

    • Intelligence analysts aren’t known for their clairvoyance, which is what is unrealistically expected from them, but the ratio of KIA to operation commitment the Americans are putting out is a farce.

      I have been reading that Russian special operations forces (the much vaunted “spetznaz” and “alfa” dudes) are probably experiencing higher than expected casualties. It’s not unusual for the US to supply training programs to allied-country SOF units; it wouldn’t be surprising if the Ukrainians got some actual qualitative training out of that and put it to use.

      Special operations is probably one of the few areas the yanks still win hands down; though that can’t last forever. The Americans have come to rely heavily on special operations assets more and more in the past wars, especially to redirect a failing occupation or extricate the themselves from an unwanted occupation (Iraq and Afghanistan). Weird reversal from the ’80s and ’90s where SOCOM was practically poor town for funding whilst the rest of the general military was flush.

      • I find the idea that the Americans “training” the Ukes makes them better soldiers a hoot.

      • The increasing US reliance on SF suggests to me that it’s our solution to the problem of how to turn the general military into a shitshow full of freaks and welfare cases while still being able to do something militarily.

    • As soon as the Ukraine war started a whole bunch of YouTube channels popped up claiming to offer analysis of the situation. On my feed there’s one obnoxious fat cuckboy in particular (I won’t link to his channel, he’s got enough money already) who poses with a computer monitor showing a big Uke flag. The story these guys tell is always basically that Russian soldiers can’t fight, Russian planes can’t fly, and Russian tanks and mechanized artillery are out of gas. They seem to ramp up these channels every time the Russian advance pauses for a bit.

      Part of the purpose for the intelligence agencies has got to be just keeping the Ukraine flag pin stuck on the same jackets and bookbags that are festooned with rainbow flag, “I’m hexa-vaxxed”, and carbon-neutral pins already. Cuckboy above, for instance, occasionally lets the camera pan around his room. There’s a prominently placed bicycle for one thing, though it’s hard to imagine him riding it much. Even the flag on the monitors; Why not just have an actual flag? Well, cucky is supposedly an “IT worker” by day so maybe this is just meant to be part of the “cool hipster hi-tech” atmosphere. Got to keep the hipsters on board the Uke choo-choo lest they realize they’re creating business for defense contractors.

      At this point they may also be ramping up the propaganda for fear that the Russians are mounting a final offensive that will crush the Zelensky regime and with it all that delicious “aid” money flowing through defense companies, NGOs, and the intelligence services themselves. When trying to explain anything the ruling elite does I’ve gotten in the habit of always asking “where’s the grift?” first.

  7. ” emotional Pices sad-girl type”, “family of Intergenerational holocaust survivors who thinks everyone is out to get them

    Interpretation: Schizophrenic Ashkenazi.

  8. We should have articles with names like “What Leah Stokes (and her ilk) is Costing Us”

    We have real environmental problems being totally ignored because of lunatics like Mx Stokes. We are putting up millions of solar panels. We are even considering trying to power the entire passenger vehicle fleet with solar panels and batteries. These people are delusional and they have an enormous cost on society.

    • I am not well versed on solar panel manufacturing, but I am right to conclude or infer by glancing through the internet that China has most of the necessary raw materials?

      If indeed that is the case, and we do in fact as a country move forward in adopting fully or nearly fully over to Green Energy, then the collapse is going to come at us much faster.

      • Falcone: From what I understand, we have some of the raw materials here but the cost/pollution to extract and manufacture the solar panels is not something Greenies are willing to face. Solar can be useful in certain applications (motion lights, small pumps, etc.) but despite some trumpeting that costs are dropping, relying on only solar power for electricity is extremely expensive for initial installation.

        IF you have electrical knowledge AND the $25-$45k for initial installation, and you can afford to stockpile backup batteries and panels for when your current system degrades over the next decade, then best of luck. For the rest of us, some mixture of Lithium Ion (prone to explosion in extreme heat and sluggish to work in extreme cold), Lithium Iron, propane, and gas generators in combination is the best bet.

        Or buy property somewhere with a year round, strong-flowing stream/river with a decent drop for pressure, and work on your own hydro-generating system.

        • I’m looking for property with a natural river. I’m not wasting time anymore and moving full bore into a bug out plan.

        • I’ll make another YouTube themed post here and bring up those annoying ads that are all over the site about how The Big Potato is giving away “free” money so YOU can get solar panels for “free”. Well, as long as you own a home to put them on. Otherwise, like me, you get to be one of the saps who pays for all the “free” panels. Yes, I know renting is stupid and I’m saving money for land and a house but not as fast as I could without all these “free” boondoggles.

          So that’s my take on green energy. It may look like some dastardly and carefully planned assault on the energy sector but what I see is just another simple government wealth transfer scam designed to benefit insiders. Green energy doesn’t look like a very good investment when the low energy density, difficult storage, and problematical transport aspects are factored in. When billions in funds coerced from the serfs, er taxpayers, are factored in. Well, you could make the case that hamster-wheels are the future of energy generation.

          Like I said in the post above – always ask “where’s the grift?” Cui bono? as the lawyers say. Oh, and when I get my house, if the solar scam is still available, I’m paneling the shit out of everything. Hell, I might just get the panels to drain the treasury that much faster and not even turn them on if it’s too much trouble to operate the system.

    • What I tell every warpig that spouts crazy Russian casualty figures is that whatever number you come up with, it is certain that the Ukrainians have suffered as much if not much more.

      Sadly this bit of reality usually falls on deaf ears.

      • Oh the Ukranians have suffered A LOT more casualties. In addition, so much of their brain power and money have left the country, most never to return. The Ukraine could very well become the place white people retreat to from the USA and Wetern Europe to begin a new civilisation.

    • Kinda like the Sierra Club in this.

      Apparently, the green that they favor the most is the dollar.

  9. guess i am the first one to notice today’s post has a title that is a play on a Hendrix album. where do i go to get my prize?

  10. the “thumb” test for women is fantastic. even if you are drunk as a skunk you can compare a woman to your thumb (even if you can’t tell which is which). how long before there is a dating site for thumb-fems?

  11. They never do anything about it.

    They are monitoring the situation. And sending more videos.

  12. The neocon and mainstream media talk about Ukraine winning is probably a propaganda move to make a false flag attack blamed on Russia would be believed.
    Kind of like the Syrian “Assad gas attack” only bigger . If it they let the fact that Putin has basically crushed the Ukrainian army. If normie knew that he wouldn’t buy the “gas attack on XXX” or “bioweapon release on XXX” or even ” desperate Putin Nukes XXX” . They are going to set up a justification for for direct NATO attack against Russia.

    • At this point the working hypothesis must be “the US did it” until proven otherwise.

  13. Indeed more needs to brought up about the medication of woman. I’ve mentioned before how in my small sample size it was never birth control or brain pills, it was always both, like the chemicals from one were used to offset the other. The subjects had borderline insanity issues, but the medications were always just strong enough to keep them from going to a padded cell. Again, small sample size, but when they gave up both they were way better off.

    A quick aside on your “Girl Trouble” segment as that, even more so than the other bits, sounded like something written by a high schooler.

    • I’d like to see a study on mixing medications. For the last fifty years women having been pissing the remnants of their birth control into the water supply. I’m sure that hasn’t helped matters any, now let’s see a study of how the birth control pills “mix” with all of the anxiety/anti-psychotic/anti-depressant medication. Should be interesting.

  14. “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention!”

    Many of you will recall that little paroxysm appearing on grimy Volvo hatchbacks–along with “Question authority” and “Subvert the dominant paradigm”–a good 25 years ago. This particular white horse has been cantering crazily for at least a good quarter century.

    • Related “total lack of self-awareness” comedy by Leftists.

      “Co-exist” bumper stickers with all those cute little religious symbols used to make the letters routinely driven by foaming at the mouth Christ haters and anti-Christian bigots.

      “Choose Civility” bumper stickers driven around by some of the most unhinged uncivilized frothing lunatics should you be someone whose views don’t align with theirs.

      Leftists are self-parody for the most part at this point and should be relentlessly mocked for it.

      “Sustainable climate friendly living”. Uses $1200 phone filled with rare earth metals strip mined by Chinese slave labor, lounges in a house at a comfortable 72F provided by the constant burning of fossil fuels, flies everywhere on carbon spewing jets for their “Eat, Pray, Love” finding themselves vacations.

      • A house with a “HATE HAS NO HOME HERE” sign in the front is palpable with hate, and it isn’t limited solely to the politics and anti-White racism. Mentally mark those places.

        • I’ve noticed those “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism” bumper stickers vanished directly BO got elected. No foolin’.

          • I lived in College Town when His Holiness, Barky the First, got elected. Up to that point, every lawn sported one of those “Support the troops; end the war” signs. On the night before His inauguration, I spotted people literally sneaking out in the dead of night to remove them. Come morning, and it was a stone-cold miracle, all those pristine lawns…

        • Jack Dobson: Mentally mark them – we all ought to have a little list – but better yet, leave them behind. If/when circumstances are more amenable, take necessary measures regarding left behind refuse. But right now, it’s better to move far, far away from most people.

          • Agreed, and I already have. In the little town where I am now, there are maybe three houses with such signs. I’m certain, in fact, I know, those houses were marked by more than me.

      • I think COEXIST came out of the War on Terror. That’s when the media-addicted couldn’t figure out why people in the Middle East hated each other so much. I don’t think it was anti-Christian. It was like a cleverer peace sign.

        My personal favorite is “Si qieres paz, lucha pro la justicia.” Real virtue signalers don’t use the white man’s English.

      • I drove a beater for a while when I was in my late teens and the only bumper sticker on my car was “Don’t laugh, your daughter might be in this car.”

      • Actually, the co-exist sticker displayers are granola types, Universalist Unitarians, old hippies. They pretty much view Jesus positively, as someone who came to bring world peace. Or a magician, wonder worker, or perhaps a myth.

        You might look elsewhere to find your mouth foamer.

        The one group who does hate Jesus is Jews. Jesus is the number one hated figure among Jews, the mustached pharaoh is merely number two. To them. Jesus lead Jews astray. He snuck up and attacked from behind and is thus an Amalekite.

        What many people don’t much like and even fear, is religious people who’ve gotten themselves wound up too.tight.

  15. Dear Jezebel writer:

    you sound like a basket case, but there is hope for you that does not involve SSRIs.
    1. Accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior.
    2. get married.
    3. have kids.

    if you follow these three steps, your life will be full of meaning and joy. Throw away those pills and your tribal grievances. Join the human race.

    • There is a picture of her BITD. She was very well built. I think she was a cheerleader. Very odd for lezibel. But I think it is too late for her.

  16. I ought to be outraged, apparently. The potential next Prime Minister of the once formidable Isles could well be some Asiatic (no deep racial/ethnic ties to The Isles) or some dupe of a woman. But why ought I to care now?

    The wife remarked upon this last night, and we both agreed that now is the time to trust in God and buy land; if we can. Nobody is here to help us. I no longer expect services provided by government (and, in fact, ditto many private services) to give me what I pay for. Actually, expecting to be disappointed in these Worldly things is a great mental tool.

    I’m still attached to my failed country in many ways, for example, I’ll still fly the St. George, but for what England used to be, not what she has become. I meet great folks everyday, who realize the madness too, and I’d call these normal people… but good luck finding these people represented in any leading institution. We all know why.

    If I go to a tearoom, and get talking to some oldies, I cannot help but ask them about how it used to be. If I meet a tradesperson who seems like he’d be receptive, the same; we’ve all lost something, us White English of a certain sort. We should be outraged. And perhaps internally we are. But the direction is erroneous for most: reforming institutions. This will never happen.

    We accept that what we once had (which, to be fair, we probably do view with rose tinted glasses) has now gone. It won’t come back. But the memories and the history remain. The stories of people passed remain. The link to the ancestors (for the moment) remains. I guess it’s why I want to homeschool my kids: I want them to know about their people. Their history.

    So I have outrage, but I don’t direct it toward The System. I ask for help from God and move on with things that benefit my family. Building personal connections helps. Every farmer, publican, cafe owner, plumber to whom you’re kind and with whom you have a connection – that’s something. A gift from God.

    All starts with that connection, that first little piece of trust…

    • Beautifully put. Letting go is tough for all of us who spent part of our lives in unabashedly Western, White countries; our children and our grandchildren never even had that fleeting moment. We owe them the opportunity to have that experience.

      • I suspect in some ways that Covid was a vehicle for normies to express their outrage over what they’ve lost as a society.

        Why do I say this? Just anecdotally, I run into a lot of normies who have all of this pent up and bottled up anger. Covid gives them a socially acceptable way to vent. But they direct it at the non-conformists who refuse the shots and who poo poo the masks. And in my recent experience, they would start directing their anger at minorities not for being here illegally or for being black troublemakers walking the sidewalks, but for not treating Covid seriously because they were waking around without masks. I had this experience with a few Uber drivers recently. They can’t make it into a racial issue, but they CAN make it into a Covid issue. And the only ones who will listen and not punch them in the face for being a Karen type are white people. Like poor old me having to hear it sitting in the back seat while counting the minutes til I am free.

        I used to see a similar thing with regard to littering. They could never just say “These Mexicans are always littering and making a mess,” so they would go on over some tangential issue, the big one being “some parents just don’t raise their kids right anymore, to show respect.”

        I am not saying this is a 100% correlation, but Covid is a vehicle for them to vent and express their outrage. And I have to wonder how much of that outrage is really over Covid and how much is really more about them becoming a minority or about how trashy society has become or whatever else is eating at them. They have no other socially acceptable outlet for their bottled up anger.

        • Falcone: Good insight. They dare not even think to themselves that diversity=chaos and conflict, so they channel it into a socially acceptable cause.

    • Truss or Sunak. God help the UK, I will laugh at the result for a few seconds, then remember that my own country (Ireland) is just as bad

      Its possible that by December, both Ireland and the UK will have Indian prime ministers, crazy days

      • Nothing screams the luck o’ the Irish, b’gosh n’ begorrah, quite like Chandragupta O’Shaughnessey.

  17. I’m surprised no one has mentioned Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, who recently doubled down on his public pro-life stance and said that he’d adopt and raise a child from anyone on his team that was in a situation where a pregnancy was about to be terminated.

    I have to imagine Ann Arbor is in total meltdown mode over this and that the university is scrambling to find a means of terminating him without having to pay out the tens of millions of penalties in his contract.

    Actually, these people are so crazy, I can see them eating the contract penalties just to make a point.

    • Wild Geese: If this guy is actually considering adopting whole or half sub-Saharans, he’s in for a world of chaos and hurt. My innate revulsion for abortion does not apply in those circumstances, moral consistency be damned.

      • To be as oblique as possible and confuse everyone who’s not a math or comp sci geek I’ll say that my moral principles have a very complex ordering function.

    • That’s normie-con for ya

      Why I don’t think there is any reason or value for guys on our side to go after them as potential allies. Here is a grown man who’s fully bought into the idea of his being righteous by adopting a pickaninny. And all of the Hannity’s and the like will go on tooting his horn and quoting MLK.

      There is no helping these people.

    • I am convinced he’s doing this because he wants to get out of his Michigan contract. He tried to leave for I The Minnesota Vikings and it fell apart. The University will have no choice pledge to terminate this “anti-abortion bigot“

  18. This is an outrage!!!!

    Conservative Inc. looks exactly like a government program in its incentive structure. It makes money showing the latest leftist derangement and degeneracy. It never proposes solutions or fights for them. Like a government program it can’t solve the problems. It’s entire profit structure is dependent upon the Left perpetuating and getting increasingly deranged and degenerate. I used to think that the Left was just performing for itself. It is. But thinking this through, it is also performing for Conservative Inc. and Joe Normie.

    Shapiro is the worst. His website looks like its domain name should be: givemeyourmoney.com. He is just milking the outrage consumption cows. Then there is Dave, “Yuk-Yuk Um uh Libertarian, and I’m gay and I like black people. Yuk-Yuk-Yuk”, Rubin. Then there is Douglas Murray. Oh and Curtis Yarvin. Is there some rule that all of these guys have to stutter and yammer and sound like Porky Pig? Now that is a conspiracy theory!

    On that note. We need to put together a positive program. One week of devising constructive solutions. Then one week of putting it into action. Simple and easily accomplished steps. Then build momentum.

    • Douglas Murray is OK IMO, he’s just a writer, I think he’s as close to our side that a homosexual could be

      • I believe someone mentioned in passing that Greg Johnson, the guy behind Counter Currents is a shirt-lifter.
        He seems to me to be otherwise pretty sound.

    • I got tossed off of Breitbart for noticing that during Rush Limbaugh’s career in pointing out the idiocy of the Left that things only got progressively worse, pun intended I guess.

      You would think that making people aware of the Left would have proved an obstacle to their advance, but rather it opened the doors.

      Things were far better in America before conservative talk radio and TV, etc. Seems that these conservative little squawkers, irritating as they might have been to the Left, only increased their resolve and focus and tenacity. It energized them.

      I give Trump credit for grasping this, seems at least to be the case to me. He realized you have to take it to them directly in the field of battle, not by throwing stink bombs at them from the sidelines a la Conservative Inc.

      This all said, I truly have to wonder how Limbaugh would have reacted to the complete woke and tranny lunacy. And the Covid lunacy which he missed. Wonder what side he would have fallen on wrt Covid and the so-called vaccines??

      • I remember Limbaugh making fun of people who said the drug companies were producing dangerous products. He also said that GATT and NAFTA were great and would make America stronger.

        Paraphrasing: “As if corporations would want to kill their customers.”

        ” Free Trade should be embraced because we want America to show the world how we Kick Ass!”

        Limbaugh was just another gatekeeper.

        • Karma came and Limbaugh got hooked on the Sackler family’s kosher krack, Oxycontin. Something tasty about an Israel Firsters and Big Pharma cheerleader becoming a junkie

  19. Gerald Celente says politics is Hollywood for ugly people. I used to think that meant politics is a way of getting attention, but with time the truth of the statement deepens. It really is little more than bad entertainment these days.

    • “Gerald Celente says politics is Hollywood for ugly people.”

      Perhaps. Although Heaven help us when they enter the ‘sex-tape’ phase.

      Clinton would’ve gone there, to be fair.

      • Liberal, upper-middle/upper class women exist in a state of complete delusion about what their male BFFs get up to when they’re not around.

      • Speaking of witches, Vogue cover this month is Zelensky wife and Time cover is Brittney Griner. I’m not too familiar with the Griner story, but it appears Russians aren’t budging on her case until US accepts a swap – possibly for Victor Bout or someone of that caliber. Didn’t Trump personally go to bat for two of our thug basketballers with sticky fingers in China? Dems don’t seem willing to lift a finger for one of theirs in this Griner case..

        • I heard a rumor that Russia wanted to swap her for Assange.

          Now there’s a way to fuck with the left.

          • What a great thought to put into the vapors of the universe.

            In a perfect world,Orange Man gets elected and pardons Assange before he’s Arkansided.

            Ah, one can dream….

  20. The Jan 6 “insurrection” reminds me more of “Disco Demolition” than anything else.
    That was when Chicago radio DJ Steve Dahl in July 1979 at White Sox’ Comiskey Park blew up disco records and then fans got out of control and stormed the field.

    • Michael Anton wrote that the Ruling Class will NOT allow (per Weihan Zhang) Trump or any other similar candidate to be elected, as they are dead set on making the US a “Green” economy with windmills and such. Of course, there is no possibility of any significant military power with “Green” economies. So like Bill Murray we got that going for us, which is nice. [Significant elements of the Military Industrial Complex want a Trump figure so they can make and use missiles and rockets: Musk, Bezos, Lockheed, etc.]

      The plan is to convict Trump, have the Senate vote to exclude him (A). Plan B is a court rules he’s ineligible. Plan C is massive vote fraud, Plan D is George Floyd style riots raised to 11 and some sort of security crackdown. Likely enhanced by war with China which the Regime now needs to have an excuse for Lincoln type martial law. In all cases the primary drive is hate hate hate of White people and a desire for Utopia in the Green variety. The danger of that movement is true believers end up running things.

      • Oh, don’t tell them there will be no military with Green power.

        I just finished reading the defense supply chain report written in response to a Biden EO.

        Not a single word about petroleum, but tons about battery this and electric that, maybe toss in a few solar cells for good measure.

        There were also plenty of laughers about helping small businesses supply DoD.

        Most hilarious were the lines about developing the STEM and manufacturing workforces as our schools and universities are flooded with CRT and gender confusion.

        The sinister core of the report is the implication that DoD needs more tentacles into all levels of the industrial base to exert central control.

        I agree they’re looking for a war to declare martial law and cancel the elections since the new coof and GRIDS variants are failing to catch on. I’m just not sure it it will be with China.

        There are signs they are angling for open war with Russia. There are also signs Syria/Iran might go hot, which would align well with Bibilcal prophecy.

        • “I’m just not sure it it will be with China.”

          There appears to be a pro-China Regime faction, largely people like the Bidens and McConnells who have taken bribes from them for years, and an anti-China faction. Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan either is kabuki, which would mean the former has the upper hand and greenlighted it with the consent of Beijing, or sincere, which means thing could get hot.

          The Regime could care less about this election, because either party will do what it wants. The 2024 election troubles them because they have to either murder/disqualify Trump or cheat more blatantly. If somehow Trump survives and gets past the GOP poohbahs, who almost certainly will try to rig the primaries against him, I actually will make an exception and go vote for him just to pile onto the mayhem.

          • Jack-

            My blackpilled take is that it may be a setup to run cover for the regime to enter a conflict with China.

            “Sorry folks, we must show our resolve.”

            That gives the regime to declare martial law, cancel the Constitution, and cancel the midterms. No draft because that risks too much internal resistance.

            “Sorry folks, but we’re in a war.”

            Then, the regime permits the Chicoms to sink a carrier.

            “Sorry folks, no one could have predicted.”

            The regime then attempts to use the sinking as cover for surrendering to China.

            “Sorry folks, nothing we can do.”

            Finally, the regime invites the PLA in as peacekeepers to secure farmland, mineral deposits, energy deposits, and freshwater in North America.

            “Sorry folks, it’s all for the greater good.”

          • WG Howard.

            I like your take on things.

            My response to the PLA “occupying” mainland North America is;

            Good luck with that!

          • Howard.
            Thanks for the laugh
            “Then, the regime permits the Chicoms to sink a carrier. ”

            There’ll be no “permits” necessary.

        • Ostei: This. All the ‘vote for the crazy’ or “judges/courts are the last line of defense” or “they’ll cheat” – just indicates to me that people have learned nothing from the past 10-15 years of managerial class behavior. I was over electoral politics back in 2008 (ought to have been over it sooner, but I did learn) but people still think it matters. That this belief lingers, even here, is deeply depressing to me.

          • I bet I am not alone in wanting to be there just to see your face when you open up your email and see all of that RNC spam begging for donations

          • Falcone: I’ve been mailing it back with pennies taped in for extra weight/expense whenever they include a postage-paid envelope. It has taken time, but the flow is slowing. I may not even leave a forwarding address at the post office when we move, and as long as my husband doesn’t register to vote we should be golden.

    • You’re righter than you know.

      Decades of media propaganda have convinced almost everyone, and definitely everyone who’s too young to remember the ’70s, that the Disco Demolition promotion was our Kristallnacht, a symbolic lynching of all blacks and gays by racist homophobes (in Hendrix and Queen t-shirts). The spectacle emboldened White America™ to vote for Reagan to finish the job with AIDS and crack.

      By the time the story of 1/6 hardens into official mythology, you won’t recognize *anything* about it. Already, before that week was through, the “narrative”—mad gunmen shit and pissed everywhere, beat a cop to death with a fire extinguisher, tried to guillotine Pence and rape AOC and sell Pelosi’s laptop to Russia, etc.—bore no resemblance to reality.

      Ask any normie media consumer about either event. You’ll be amazed what insanity they believe.

  21. Bizarrely, the neocons are increasingly hopeful about Ukrainie. They seem to believe that the whooping 16 HIMARS will turn the tide.

    They also believe the that so-far muted counterattack in the south will prove to be a major Russian defeat.

    It’s just strange.

    Meanwhile, the Russians are hammering the last of Ukraine’s trained army in the east. Once those guys are ground into mincemeat, there won’t be much left of the professional Ukrainian army.

    The neocon narrative will take a serious hit in the fall when the Donbass falls and Russia holds the south.

    • The great counter offensive in the south is looking a lot like the great counter offensive in the north back in the winter. That one was mostly a public relations offensive. This time they have added the shelling of a bridge, but otherwise it is mostly vague promises. We shall see but so far there is no reason to think it is anything but a media offensive.

      • Hi. I’m Bill. Hey Bill. Nice to meet you. What do you do? Oh. I’m a Manager over at the Institute For State and Military Policy. Oh cool. Sounds impressive. What do you do? Well we effectively run foreign policy and America’s wars. Oh okay. What do you manage? I Manage Perceptions.

      • Yeah, the offensive in the south – so far – seems to be more a media campaign than a military campaign.

        Seemed designed to divert attention away from the grinding losses in the east and to convince the West that there’s still hope.

        The fall is not looking good for the neocons or Zelensky. What little public support they had for the war will take a serious hit when the Donbas falls and the Ukrainians pull back in the south.

        What’s more, the fed appeared to back off of aggressive future rate hikes yesterday. Oil and gold surged, suggesting inflation may not fall as fast as expected. That puts pressure on the neocons to end the war.

    • Alex C on the Duran recently stated that he met with some Wall Street types and to a man they just knew Elensky will be dragging Putin from the Kremlin in chains by September and the economy is just fine.

      In my little blue zoo, it seems as though everyone is pretending things are just fine. I think it helps that our prices aren’t too crazy and the shelves are quite full. I do wonder if the regime is gaming things to keep the zoos supplied since they know that is the heart of their power.

      • “…my little blue zoo…” Haha! I want to steal that line. Love it. Feel it.

        Yep. In my blue zoo here in the heart of Lagos, everyone (White) is going around absolutely blissful and pretending as if NOTHING is going wrong. They are pounding every other outrage in order to cover up talking about Basic Things such as a cratering economy.

        It is as if they are looking at the outrages from the outside most farthest nodes (e.g. abortion as argued by childless spinsters) and then gradually coming back into near-earth orbit but never, ever getting close to these Basic Things. The outrage is always these far-off, vague concepts that are VERY animating.

        But in the close proximity: nope, nothing to see here. We are all ready to pay a buck more for gas since nobody drives anyway. Not enough stock on the shelves? Great! You should be waif-thin like all of the mousy little grrls here. Just keep focused on that far-off outrage and don’t look around your own house.

      • Wild Geese: Hubby and I were discussing this last night. I constantly try to center myself and my beliefs/perceptions. Yes there’s inflation and I’ve read about the weather and harvests and countries banning exports . . . but there is plenty on the shelf here. Yes, Blinken et al are convinced words equal reality and think they can bluff/bully Russia and China into submission.

        And here in DFW, everyone also seems to think everything will always continue just as it is, albeit with higher prices. But everything in me sees patterns and trends. And I’m no economist, but I see what’s happening, I know a bit of history, and I have learned something of human nature over the past 63 years.

        I cannot conceive of life in 5, 10, or 20 years (if I live that long) being in any way better than it is now – or even the same. I see things getting worse. Whether it’s a long, slow, grinding decline into Brazil, or a hot conflict, I firmly believe it will happen within my lifetime. Even the already degraded and perverted AINO of 15-20 years ago has vanished, and most appear oblivious. They live purely in the now and accept the surveillance state as perfectly normal.

        I believe I need to act today based on what I believe will happen tomorrow. I don’t prognosticate specific dates or means of decline, but everything I know tells me it’s coming. And, fwiw, I’m constantly learning/hearing of other people with more a lot more money than we have (husband’s bosses, customers, etc.) and almost to a man they’re buying land and preparing bolt holes. YMMV.

        • I think your view correct, 3g.

          Our nations have built up alot of grand things, and there is plenty of ruin in them. I’ve made mention of the same sentiments as Yourself; namely, that this country will be markedly different in twenty years time.

          There’s a good chance that it will happen at a pace that leaves people feeling like nothing has changed. Nothing is wrong &c… but the reality is things are changing. I do not take anything for granted anymore. Our ‘leaders’ shut the world down for a cold.

          God help us all.

      • I happen to know a bunch of hedge funders whose wealth came from the “privatization” of Russia’s oil in the 90s. They are the classic ex Russians who are not Russian as they have a stronger loyalty to something else. They all immigrated to the states as kids in the seventies. They fly between London and New York and the castles they own throughout Europe.

        I was sitting next to one guy at a lunch and the subject of America came up. I said something to the effect of I really want us to straighten out and restore my country. The guy looked at me and said, “Yeah. America needs a lot more immigration!” He wasn’t joking. He was dead serious. I just rolled my eyes, laughed and took a long gulp of my Old Fashion. Then I ordered another as a way out of the conversation.

        Of course he’ll never live with the immigrants or suffer from deracination. I think one thing we need to understand about this ruling class and oligarchy is that they are all quantitative and not qualitative. Everything is a spreadsheet formula. It is about getting the numbers right – usually the bigger the number the better. They never consider quality. I don’t think it computes with them.

        To get economic growth, you need more consumers. The natives aren’t breeding enough consumers, so import more consumers! No problem! Of course, that can’t be squared with the calls for UBI since there will never be enough jobs once the robots take them all away.

        I wonder how many of these people are just idiot savants. I wonder how many just were in the right place at the right time and had no scruples about getting money via a bunch of zero sum transactions as opposed to creating wealth by producing something of value.

        Anyway, don’t worry. The hedge funders are over the target. More immigrants! It is truly … Outrageous!!

    • > They seem to believe that the whooping 16 HIMARS will turn the tide.

      Especially ironic since one of the HIMARS was used to kill Azov POWs. At some point even the most dull witted will realize that maybe Russia isn’t the good guy, but neither is Ukraine. At that point they’ll shrug and go to the next Current Thing.

    • We have some former military men reading this, so boys, I have a question, how would the US army defeat Russia in a land war, if the US army didn’t have an Air Force, while at the same time the Russians did. Am I right in saying its just not possible ?

      So how can the Ukraine win against Russia, am I missing something, I watched a video on twitter a few days ago and the Ukrainians shot down a Russian drone with a stinger missile, should they not have saved the stinger for a better target, who knows, but if they are using stingers to stop drones then they will run out very soon, and it just gets easier for the Russian AF, I mean the Hind D and Frogfoot are perfect for this war

    • One thing holding Russia back is mud. As soon as the ground dries up enough to support heavy movement again, (perhaps mid-August?), Russia will continue mopping up the east and move into the middle.

      It’s becoming clear Russia is having to digest a bit more territory than what they originally planned, but after 5 months of deliberately avoiding unnecessary destruction of Ukraine’s civilian core, perhaps that’s inevitable. The US would have just bombed the entire country indiscriminately the first 96 hours, so it’s maddening for US lugenpresse to explain any restrained campaign. They do have excess reserves of contempt though!

      Russian missiles destroyed some of those Himars right away. Presumeably UAVs will find the rest (perhaps aided by villager tipoffs).

      As for birthing blabbermouth – her reflexive (learned?) contempt for the term “property” ironically undermines her every perceived “concern”. Word salad is more than a style with the Left’s untalented ninetieth – it is their most elegant expression of profound ignorance and confused mind farts. We are seeing that our New Bureaucracy has unlimited funds for employing Herr Professor Doktors of Noisemaking.

      • From what I’ve read, the Himars are effective and causing trouble for the Russians where they’re located. However, again, the Ukrainians only have 16 of them for a front that runs hundreds of miles.

        And, as you say, the Russians will be hunting them down. The Himars have longer range than Russian artillery, but Russia controls the sky. They’re air force will track down the Himars and destroy them.

        On top of that, there’s some concern that the Americans may not have enough rockets because the Ukrainians are firing at a rate far above what the Americans expected. The fact that 16 Himars could put pressure on the production of rockets given the US has 500 Himars shows how stupid the US military has become.

        At what pace did the Americans expect their 500 Himars to be fired in a war? I read that the US can produce about 9,000 rockets for the Himar a year. If you have 500 Himars, that’s 18 rockets per Himar per year!

        Sure we have some stockpiles, but, obviously, not that much. So the dumbfuck military expects Himar crews to limit themselves to ~20 rocket launches a year in the middle of a war.

        The Russian artillery may be less sophisticated, but the Russians seem able to supply their artillery will all the munitions that they need. The American artillery is better than the Russian artillery – until the Americans run out of rockets.

        Basically, the Ukrainians won’t be allowed to have more than ~20 Himars because we’d never be able to supply them with enough rockets if we gave them more. And since 20 Himars isn’t going to change the outcome of the war, they’re just for show and propaganda.

        • “I read that the US can produce about 9,000 rockets for the Himar a year. If you have 500 Himars, that’s 18 rockets per Himar per year!”

          Careful there… with that there arithmetic. That’ll get you in hot water.

          • When 3rd grade math is a bit much for the US military, we know that there’s a problem.

            But, seriously, I’ve known a lot of military guys. One of them was a finance major and had an MBA and econ masters. He was a very smart guy. There are plenty of others.

            Yet, you see things like this. It’s such a bizarre combination.

        • CoaSC – Thanks for info on the rate of use – I wasn’t aware of any of that info on use vs production.

          You know, another thing is this mess with a Himar blowing up that Russian held prison of Ukrainian POWs – turns out that all of the prisoners were killed. Russia wouldn’t benefit from doing this – if they wanted to kill the prisoners, they would have done the old Soviet back of the head at the base of a stairwell routine. It was rumored that some of these prisoners had started talking. Seems to me more logical the Ukrainians wanted to shut up the talkers. This really could prove Zelensky’s undoing if he’s responsible. Have you seen much on this?

    • “when the Donbass falls and Russia holds the south.”

      At that point 80 odd percent of Ukrainian GDP is Russian.

  22. All this outrage. I feel like Mr. Furious from Mystery Men.
    “I am a ticking time bomb of fury.”

    • “I know what you’re thinking, ‘Did he fire 16 HIMARS or only 15?’ The question you have to ask yourself is, ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do you punk?”

  23. In this short podcast intro, there is an abundance of Pulitzer quality quotes that should become eternal. Namely, descriptors such as “GrifterCon” “Conservative Industrial Complex” and “outrage fatigue”, plus the iconic phrase “Outrage fatigue is a real thing and you can be sure that the outrage addicts are outraged by it.”

    And if I may be so bold, I would like to add “rage-whining” to the list, which is form of belligerent crying fit that when practiced by a 5 year old results in a spanking. A lessor version is known as the “shit-snit”, in which the practitioner get so worked up that they shit their pants as the finale of their tantrum.

  24. Sometime over the past decade, “concern” over various issues became “outrage”. And I’m not so sure the word wasn’t dropped from on high to change the description – just to help gin up the psychos as well as POC, sexual deviant, xirl and cat lady factions. It’s just so outrageously fatiguing.

  25. I’m outraged by my HOA right now, and outraged that I allowed myself to get into a HOA in the first place. But I’m trying to channel my simmering madness into planning two or three moves ahead.

    • In all HOA disputes, it is always best to blame the property manager. It’s like when people kick a dog when they are mad.

    • Tom K: Our neighborhood is a rarity in our area for not having an HOA. Initially I thought this was a problem due to lack of care for neighborhood entry/common spaces. Now, after talking with realtors, I realize it may be a big financial blessing in selling our house. Not really something I thought of in setting selling price but apparently it’s a big factor.

      • It WILL increase the value. HOA’s are microcosms of the United States, petty empires run by sociopaths. They increase HOA fees constantly and even enforce and promote poz (if there is a BIPOC under their jursidiction, no matter how incompetent/evil, that person inevitabily will wind up on the HOA board). Anyone who has experienced to tender mercies of an HOA will avoid them and that reduces both the value and number of potential buyers, which increases the time on market.

        When we sold our property to move far, far away from the tumult, the realtor told us flat out it was more valuable because there was no HOA, and other realtors admitted as much.

    • As with government, an HOA is merely a tool. It can serve for good, bad or indifferent outcome. If you wish to live somewhere where you can paint your shutters purple, make your lawn look like an auto salvage yard and raise chickens in the back, you certainly may, but not anywhere. Other people have rights too, and that is why zoning, HOAs and other entities exist.

    • Your outrage is a result of your Whiteness. We need a government funded campaign to raise awareness of this outrageous example of inequality. Send your financial contribution to Stop The Outrage Now c/o #analretentive…..

  26. re: A Witch

    “At some point normal people get tired of being outraged by the outrageous behavior of these outrage addicts. You see it with the abortion stuff.”

    Just got back from week visit at the Jersey shore area. At a big BBQ gathering there was a woman who continually talked very loud about the horror of the SCOTUS decision. I thought Ahaa, a witch! As she bullied her way around, I looked at my wife who gave me the “Please don’t” to which I said, “but I gotta”.

    When she went to the drink table I walked over and said “Hi, you seem pretty upset about something”, and she then went off on the whole abortion thing. I asked if she had kids and she said yes. I then said “I’ll bet the first picture of your kids that you hung on the fridge was an ultrasound, right? She replied “so what”? I replied “your actions are inconsistent with belief since you felt they were living babies in the womb before birth, correct?” She went off “I decide if they are, it’s a women’s choice” to which I replied “That’s very Mengele of you. I know, the world won’t be right until you can go to a McD’s drive through and order a BigMack, Happy Meal and an abortion, so keep fighting that good fight.” Then she really went off loudly: “you don’t realize how these decisions strip women of their rights”. I said, “I think your mistaken, actually, when a fat hairy nobody named Richard Levine put on a sun dress and transcended through the government ranks to become the first Women 4 Star Admiral, that stripped women of their rights. And you probably support it”. She let out a primal Aaaagggghhhh and I answered “great we could have this little chat” and walked away laughing.

    Z is correct, the normies ran for cover and will not confront the Witches.

    • SwissGuard

      “Please don’t” to which I said,”but I gotta”.

      I laughed out loud so hard my wife had to check and see what was up.

      My sister, who is to the right of me and makes me look like a Libtard, insists on keeping friends that are similar to the lady you described.

      I call them “dangerously stupid”.

      I used to have fun mocking them at her occasional get togethers.

      Funny, I’m not invited anymore.😛

      • If those witches figure out that she is right wing, they will dime her out in an instant should they ever consider that to be justified, and this no matter how gracious she may have been to them.

    • One of the many trojans exiting the horse of egalitarianism once inside the white gates of FUSA was the assumption that feral woman in the public square were but harmless loons. That this outrage was merely free speech, free expression.

      Fast forward and here we are with a woman stating the actual truth as to the nature of her wicked power, codified by the State: she gets to define a human life according to her desire in that moment.

      This goes far beyond the democrat double-standards or leftist hypocrisy that we have enjoyed clowning on for decades under the guise of our conservative principals.

      No, this is evil. And the cost is not the outrageous disruption of another feral woman in the square, but the toll it takes on our own soul as we are subjected to this inversion of defining life itself and are forced to bear witness.

      That witch’s sickness is not her outrage, but rather the spiritual cannibalism of defining another human’s existence as a life or a ‘clump of cells’ that is not confined to the privacy of her twisted soul.

      The wickedness of this proposition has always unnerved me in ways that are hard to explain to this day, but I have come to accept that even though this witch is consumed by the death cult none of us are truly insulated from the evil if it is allowed free passage to walk among us.

      While one man cannot right the inversion, he can, turn a witch away in public. A million men doing the same at every opportunity, OTOH, well that’s a start. Good on you.

    • Why not say, “Show me the section of the Constitution that guarantees federally funded abortion?”

    • “you don’t realize how these decisions strip women of their rights”


      So tiresome. A back hander would’ve wonders here.

  27. Outrage is how they raise the money. Get tons of outraged emails asking for money. I automatically assume that any politician doing this is a red/blue team scoundrel.

  28. Forget the robot historians for a moment, I wonder what the robot biologists will make of all this. As I understand it, PTSD is caused by your body’s inability to flush stress hormones. (Not *just* that, of course, but that’s the biological baseline). So many days’ continuous combat will result in a psychiatric casualty, because your baseline biochemistry never gets a chance to reset.

    I wonder if these outrage addicts aren’t, in effect, shellshocking *themselves.* The behavioral manifestations of shellshock are highly culture-bound, so you can see some really bizarre stuff in WWI examples. Since it’s possible to live online 24/7 now, I bet there really is a lot of that happening.

    • I read somewhere that, if you get angry enough often enough, then your brain gets addicted to whatever chemical reactions happen when you do.

      Leftists are addicts and The Muffington Post and Salon.com are Dr. Feelgood.

      • It’s shocking that the obese, purple haired lunatics don’t experience heart attacks during those raging tirades.

    • Like adrenal junkies that keep setting up false deadlines to generate that next chemical hit, when the letdown comes, it’s worse every time and they need more and more outrage to sustain themselves. If you were to isolate them from their phones and all news their heads would explode like the Martians on Mars Attacks.

    • I tend to side with Greg Cochran on the PTSD issue. This was not an issue until aerial bombardment became common in the Great War. Maybe soldiers broke down in the prior age, but we have little to suggest it was anywhere near as common as now. Cochran suspects that high explosives could cause a form of brain damage in some people. Standing in front of a line of men pointing muskets at you is just as terrifying as someone pointing an AK at you. Why was shell shock so rare in the Napoleonic era versus the industrial war era?

      Perhaps the bombardment of information we now see triggers some chemical process in the brain that alters brain chemistry in the same way a genetic mutation causes psychosis. We know that meth user’s brains are damaged by the drug. Once they stop using it, they struggle to experience pleasure. perhaps the dopamine rush from intense on-line experiences does something similar.

      • I don’t think it works that way. I was a Marine Corps artilleryman, who was thumped somewhere around 50,000 times with howitzers firing 155mm high explosives a hundred yards away. My hearing was permanently damaged, my hips are too, but my brain is fine. If the explosive theory were true, artillerymen would be the primary sufferers of traumatic brain injury/ptsd/shellshock, and we are not.

        We are seeing a massive increase in “PTSD” because today’s combat troops are connected to social media and the civilian world in real time, unlike all previous wars, where you temporarily cut yourself off from Mommy and Daddy and your civilian existence and submerge yourself in a war mindset. When you can get in a firefight in the morning in Durka Durka Stan and go back to base and tell everyone on TikTok, and find out your girlfreind went lesbian on Onlyfans, and your creditors from Globohomocorp are hassling you about your debts, you can’t ever get your mind right for war.

      • That’s the thing I’m getting at — it’s not the intensity of the exposure to stress, it’s the duration. Napoleonic campaigns were strictly time limited — a short season of marching followed by one battle, two tops. WWI saw long periods of continuous duty in the trenches, where the stress never stopped. You never got to flush your system (as opposed to the Napoleonic campaign, which was 99% “rest”).

        It’s also the prolonged feeling of helplessness. As Pickle Rick notes below, artillerymen as a rule don’t get PTSD, even though they get more “vibration” than anybody, because they’re on the outgoing end of the bombardment — they’re in control. It’s the guys on the receiving end who get PTSD, because they have no control.

        Apply that to the Twitter addicts, and what you get looks very much like shellshock. The weird, instant, hyper-violent mood swings. Total emotional incontinence. Bizarre behavior and thought and speech patterns. They’re constantly under stress by a “bombardment” they have zero control over, since if you’re on Twitter in the first place, by definition you feel you have no agency…

        • IMO ptsd is just a type of learned behavior. There are studies (yeah i know, but these intuitively make sense) that show high levels of stress enhance memory retention.

          Which makes sense from an evolutionary point and also at a personal level. Remembering the life threatening situations that you survive will make ypu more likely to survive similar situations in the future. And at a personal level, we all remember emotionally charged situations and forget then mundane ones.

          War is obviously highly emotionally charged. And modern war is especially tricky because it is so lethal and not all that different than everyday life. Your walking on patrol and a buddy gets sniped or ied detonates or some missiles of bombs hit without much warning. Your mind remembers all the little details that are similar enough to ones you experience in modern life. And because the stakes are so high kicks you into a fight or flight auto response when something small triggers it subconciously.

          War before the mid 19th century was different because it involved masses of armed men facing off against each other. Which was a triggering cue that people were unlikely to experience outside of a battlefield.

      • Last I heard, soldiers are now equipped with sensors to detect explosive shock—as in close by explosions. These are checked after such action and soldiers examined for PTSD signs and possible treatment—whatever that is. I found the discussion interesting, but have not followed up on it.

        I do think Cochran is on to something. I strongly suspect *real* PTSD is caused physically—probably brain damage by concussive force. However, most is just psychological and stems from our infantilized/feminized society. To this conclusion I point to the term being used for just about any civilian being subjected to psychological “trauma”, like witnessing a car accident.

        • PTSD has been around since humans took up fighting. Its referenced in Celtic lore and Ancient Greek history. There have always been ways to deal with it, The Cauldron of Rebirth is thought to have been such a ritual by some and some Polynesian tribes wear masks into battle than leave the war with the mask

          What makes it so bad now is artillery. Serverian as usual explains it perfectly. Duratation and Ops tempo

          Unless we drug up soldiers like on that lousy STNG episode Encounter at Far Point anyone going into modern war will come back broken and will raise broken kids

          In the end we are reaping the effects of the Great War still and in the end it will probably truly be the war to end all wars, at least industrial ones since its going to kill modernity

          • Perhaps, but the answer does not fit all the encounters nor the literature I’ve read. It’s too pat an answer for the “extensive” presence of PTSD in today’s population. For example, many soldiers of similar exposure never show signs of this “disease”, why? Why, with the millions of combat troops under shelling in WWII and Korea is this disease now so prevalent?

          • Society broke completely after WW1 . I’d say that was plenty of trauma.

            A few years in from WW1 and a lot of areas like say Germany had become thoroughly depraved same as now

            I think we see “less” of it is because there was less artillery in WW1 , more face to face combat (even in trenches) and because sciety found the idea of shell shock abhorrent will into the 50’s and thought the brain damage moral weakness You wouldn’t get help, you’d get a bullet or branded a coward so it got covered up

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