Objectively Partisan

One of the consequences of partisanship is that it insulates the partisan from the rest of the world to the extent that their reality is deranged. They only know what the others in their group know and that is limited to what is best for the group. Civic nationalists decry partisanship for this reason. It makes objective truth impossible. Radicals, of course, embrace partisanship because they reject objective truth. It is why modern radicals literally speak of their truth.

The funny thing about partisanship is both sides are correct. Politics is about friends and enemies, which leaves little room for objectivity. In politics you want to advance your interests or the interests of your side. That often means doing so at the expense of those viewed as enemies. If the facts say you should yield in deference to your opponent, then you have no choice but to reject the facts. Otherwise, you lose and that undermines the point of politics.

The reality of politics in a participatory system is that the winners and those with some chance to win must be partisans and reject objective truth. The outsiders, those seeking to crack the nut of the political dynamic, must embrace what they claim to be objective truth, in order to wedge open the door of politics. In other words, appeals to truth are just another partisan tool. It is the outsider who can embrace objective reality, because he has no skin in the game of politics.

An example of this is this New York Times opinion piece by two extremist law professors calling for the abolition of the constitution. The very first sentence in their piece is a lie designed to advance their agenda. “When liberals lose in the Supreme Court — as they increasingly have over the past half-century — they usually say that the justices got the Constitution wrong.” Liberals so rarely lose in court that when it happens, it is literally news for months, as we see with abortion.

The point of the lie is to butter up the intended audience with a bit of flattery to let them know the writers are fellow partisans. “We keep trying to use reason on these odious monsters, but they are immune to reason, so here is what we do.” In effect, the partisan statement at the start is an appeal to abandon objectivity. The next sentence makes that exact demand and the next paragraph explains why. What they mean by “rejecting constitutionalism” is the rejection of objective truth.

Of course, in order to make that work logically, they have to provide a definition of “constitution” that is itself a lie. These legal scholars from two of the most important elite academies in the empire claim that a constitution is about “setting more sacrosanct rules than the ones the legislature can pass.” You see, it is just an arbitrary set of “super rules” that were made up out of convenience. Most likely, the people behind it were bad people, being from the past and all that.

The argument in favor of a constitution has always been that it is a formalization of the superstructure of society. For any human grouping to hold together it must first answer the question, “Who are we?” The answer to the question must be filled out by a set of rules that define the answer. A constitution is what complex societies create to define themselves as a people. In one sentence the liberal tradition is discarded and relegated to partisan whimsy by these two radical legal scholars.

The rest of the piece is an argument in favor of overthrowing what remains of the liberal order and instituting what amounts to fascism. They imagine a totalitarian model of the law based on the tyranny of the majority. They make no effort to explain why fifty percent plus one is a sacred number. That is the partisan mind. The partisan never puts thought into analyzing his own statements of faith. Words exist for purely partisan reasons, to signal the who? whom? of politics.

Interestingly, the people chanting democratic phrases, while claiming to appeal to the will of the people, make clear that who decides is what matters. “Liberals have been attempting to reclaim the Constitution for 50 years — with agonizingly little to show for it. It’s time for them to radically alter the basic rules of the game.” The basic argument here is not against constitutions, but about who makes the rules. Objectively, this is a purely anti-democratic argument.

That is why the Left is immune to claims of hypocrisy. They can easily allow contradictory claims exist in their mind, as long as both claims advance the partisan agenda of their group. On the one hand they can demand democracy and on the other demand tyrannical control of the law. Both claims are useful in the partisan game of politics, so both can exist in the same toolbox. For the partisan, the contradiction makes reaching for the right tool easier.

Here is a great example. “No matter how openly political it may purport to be, reclaiming the Constitution remains a kind of antipolitics. It requires the substitution of claims about the best reading of some centuries-old text or about promises said to be already in our traditions for direct arguments about what fairness or justice demands.” The first sentence is self-contradictory. The last sentence is a promise to impose the values of a tiny minority on the population, in the name of democracy.

From the outside, the partisanship of Ryan D. Doerfler and Samuel Moyn, the authors of the piece, is monstrous. The only end is a bloodbath. These two are making the same basic claim as Pol Pot. The thing is, they are correct about one thing. It is who decides that matters, not how they decide. Constitutions must always be about who decides, first and foremost. This ensures the laws maintain this relationship between the rulers and their people.

That was the critical mistake of the Founders. It left open the door for others to decide and that is what led to the nightmare of the 20th century and the current crisis. At the other end of this crisis will be the answer to who decides going forward. Will it be vengeful aliens or the founding stock? In the end, the point of politics is not words on a paper but who puts the words on the paper. Ironically, that is the one objective truth that every partisan can accept.

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166 thoughts on “Objectively Partisan

  1. So strange when you look at the early life on the authors. Every. Single. Time.

    The noses on these 2.

  2. the key to fixing things would be to have different parties at the state legislative level than in congress. Once state legislative affairs becomes simply a JV level for DC – the type of bullsh-t we are in now was inevitable.

  3. The idea keeps coming back to me that we are in a race against the clock between Russia winning and putting a formal stake in the heart of the west vs the west’s implementation of the great reset — which I interpret to mean as an intentional economic wipeout

    Incidentally, if all of our car factories go EV, how we ever going to ramp up the industrial production of armaments and tanks and all the rest for the war that is surely coming? All the stuff we need for that will have been dismantled. And where we going to get all the nickel and so forth for all of the batteries?

    • Prez O’s oft stated plan was to “manage our decline.”

      Prez B is mismanaging our decline, to diversify the threats, making it impossible to defend against them all. EMP, civil war, stagflation, plague, starvation, crime, stochastic domestic terrorism.

      Prognosis bleak. Decapitation required. 1,000 lamp posts.

    • The tyranny is accelerating and is going to be possibly this year in its full form.


      There will be private property if this come to pass. Your store of value will be in a government electronic wallet. Your tokens will be programmed by the issuer.

      If you think physical assets are going to help just try and barter for a car or a house. Any thing above small items will be impossible to exchange for a fungible value token.

      It will be a system beyond anything humans have existed in before outside a prison.

      This what the new IRS is for, Not audits.

      • …and your behavior will be rewarded/penalized according to your social credit score.

        Stalin’s weaponization of food is outdated, so yesterday.

        • His weaponization isn’t completely a yesterday concept. The regime announced it would withhold school lunch food from schools that didn’t allow men in dresses to compete in women’s sports.

          • Good point El Greco. Controlling calories and money both effective tools to enforce compliance.

        • Lenin’s phrase of “those that will not work, will not eat” has become “Those who do not obey will not eat”.

          People wondered how the Bolsheviks managed their reign of terror, well we are living it, and yet people still think they are political discussions.

  4. Politics is a woman.

    Anything which serves goals of the emitter is put forth as “truth”, regardless of contradictions.

  5. In the longest run, maybe it’s a good thing “they don’t teach civics or critical thinking anymore.”

    I mean, if a small group nursing envy and grudge can use that to go on and rule the world for a season, imagine what will happen if white people are pissed off, under attack, and unrestrained?

    C’mon, people. We invented metal, for effs sake. And the wheel. Sampson Option *this*, motherf******s!

  6. Don’t worry about typos, Primi, please keep reporting from the front.

    The IRS thingie seems to be the formal ‘national police force’ they want.

    Riots, crime, and standowns;

    The uncompartmentalized ability to search your bank records, internet history, and past crimes;

    Judicial, legal, activist, corruptocrat full spectrum dominance;

    Now this “New Constitution” flag to formalize the takeover started with “Civil Rights.”

    I think we’re

  7. Obviously off topic for here – which I haven’t read yet – this column over at the Z Blog – Travelogue: The Journey Home – is one of the most honest and poignant columns the Z Man has written.


  8. Stellar, host and commenters.
    This is pure Z.

    What sprung to mind is, how long did it take for Canada to replace its Constitution with the Charter of Rights?

    As if the technicals mattered in the end, but hey, fight for every last inch of ground. Thus I applaud the “conservatards”.

    • While (((Moyn))) is called out in his wiki bio, the other dude is hard to pin down, and I couldn’t find a bio.

      Dot Indian?

      Can’t tell from the picks.

      And all three bastions of higher learning (Harvard,Columbia, and Yale) represented.

      What are the odds?

      I betting neither one of those asshats has ever broken a sweat doing any kind of labor.

      • “Doerfler” is obviously of German origin, but our dear professor does not look German at all – decidedly Middle Eastern…

  9. So these are a couple of AINO’s keenest legal minds, eh?

    Well, let’s take a look at this: “It requires the substitution of claims about the best reading of some centuries-old text or about promises said to be already in our traditions for direct arguments about what fairness or justice demands.”

    That sentence, in its context, is itself semantically incoherent. The correct formulation is: It requires the substitution of direct arguments about what fairness or justice demands for claims about the best reading of some centuries-old text or about promises said to be already in our traditions.

    These scholars wish to substitute their notions of so-called “fairness” and “justice” for that arbitrary text called the US Constitution, not the other way ’round, as they’ve stated.

    Mush-brained fools such as these constitute the “elite.”

  10. I’ll see them an abolition of the Constitution and raise them a dissolution of the Union. The one seems to flow logically from the other.

  11. Wow, a whole piece on the Constitution and no mention of “we wuz a republic, not a democracy!” This could be a first on the Right.

    People who talk about racial superiority always assume their race is on top. The professors want “democracy” because they assume the majority would agree with them, and so they resent being stymied by the Senate or the SCOTUS. You, on the other hand, don’t like the professors talk about “reason and justice” because you think it means rule by experts and you think the People should decide. See? Democracy and obstacles on BOTH sides. The terms are meaningless.

    People on both sides talk about “democracy” because they can’t talk about what’s really going on. Democracy would lead to chaos. There must be an elite running things, whatever the superficial trappings.

    The Framers set up a republic so that democracy would be limited; not only by the Cons. mechanism, but by restricting the vote to free white men with property. NO other country has adopted our system of President and Electoral College; the British system of monarch/president vs. parliament/prime minister is used everywhere with great success. BUT NONE OF THIS MATTERS. What matters is what the Elite does with the mechanism. The amendment system was used to expand the franchise and dilute the Senate; the Prime Minister discovered he could create as many new peers as needed to pass the House of Lords. Etc. Constitutions are paper (Britain doesn’t even have a paper). What matter is the people in the elite, and how they make use of the mechanism.

    Our problem is we have a hostile Elite. Note the names of the professors. IF we still had a white Christian male property-owning Elite to decide what was “reasonable and fair” you’d be quite happy.

    • JJOM –

      The constant carping about “our democracy” makes me want to throw my tv out the window. The level of remedial civics the so-called “elites” warrant is off the charts. It’s either that or willful obfuscation, most likely the latter. This nation was formed as a representational, constitutional republic. Period. Think it was Heinlein who nailed it exactly: “a democracy is two wolves & a sheep deciding what’s for dinner.”

      • Throw the tv out the window, it’s a jew in your living room. Forgot who said that, some priest from the stone age.

  12. “They can easily allow contradictory claims exist in their mind, as long as both claims advance the partisan agenda of their group. On the one hand they can demand democracy and on the other demand tyrannical control of the law. Both claims are useful in the partisan game of politics, so both can exist in the same toolbox. For the partisan, the contradiction makes reaching for the right tool easier.”

    Have you forgotten doublethink?

  13. It’s revealing (not to mention gratifying) to see how the overturning of Roe really hit these leftoids where they live. The American Right endured defeat after defeat, but (for good or ill) it only made them embrace the constitutional order more firmly. But lefty suffers one defeat–albeit a big one–and she’s ready to chuck the whole system.

    And in practical terms, the defeat is not that consequential. If lefty really has to keep killing her babies, she can still do so 75% of the time. “If you like your abortionist, you can keep your abortionist,” as Obama said. (Or wanted to say.)

    The lesson to draw *might* be that the left is fragile, despite holding the commanding heights of the culture; or that the “total” in totalitarianism can’t tolerate any kind of retreat or compromise. But I think Zman is right about the deeper lesson: that the important factor is *who* decides, interprets, enforces. Segments of the Right in this country are becoming comfortable with that reality, after a long, unfruitful preoccupation with abstract ideas. And lefty knows that must be avoided at all costs.

    In that sense, the “threat” issued by two lackeys of the regime, in the regime’s most influential organ, to dispense with the Constitution altogether, may be a ploy to provoke Rightists to resume the time-wasting exercise of defending abstract “principles,” instead of concentrating on the truly relevant question of personnel.

  14. The craziest part of that editorial was that they seemed to endorse a proposal to use the dem’s current narrow majority to immediately divide Washington DC into something like 127 new states, which in turn would allow them to pass several new amendments to gut the constitution:


    To the dem’s credit, they understand incrementalism and how to play the long game. If they did something like this, it would hasten the eventual civil war. You want a bloody armed conflict? This is how you get one.

    • JR Ewing: Yes, they understand (and cleverly use) incrementalism. And that’s precisely why they won’t get “a blood armed conflict,” at least in the short term. If there is anything that will motivate the mass of ordinary people, I have no idea what it is.

      • In these parts, the sole motivation appears to be, “muh fantasy football team!”


      • ” If there is anything that will motivate the mass of ordinary people, I have no idea what it is.”

        Hunger and economic deprivation will do it, as always. It also is why there has been a wholesale retreat, albeit temporary, from increased energy prices (electricity still will increase by upwards of 40 percent next Spring, but there had been plans to impose the costs before winter; Europe is testing the waters even now). It is sobering and disheartening to realize their finger constantly is on the pulse of the one thing that could trigger a revolt. Economic collapse is coming, and all we can do is live through it, but there also is an understanding about how long it can be safely put off until reignning in Hell is not threatened.

        • Just to note, it usually isn’t the crisis itself, but the reaction to it. The French didn’t overthrow the monarchy when they were starving, but when they realized the brittle system made a bad situation worse.

    • What’s crazy is that these nutjobs and all the WEF brigade really believe that they will survive the chaos and carnage they are creating. These are people who can wipe their own butt without an instruction manual, and yet they think they can kill us all off without consequence.

      • They aren’t trying to kill us in order to achieve a goal. They’re trying to kill us because they hate us.

        Leftist demands for a utopia serve two purposes. One, they give them an excuse to hate dissidents. Two, they disguise the fact that Leftism is nothing but the politics of envy.

        You can see this in the WEF by looking at the members’ spending priorities. They don’t do anything whimsical. They don’t do real philanthropy. Everything they do with their money… is to get more money. An endless loop that doesn’t even benefit the ‘winner’.

        The typical globalist plutocrat has the wealth and power to do anything he wants, but all he wants to do is kill people he’s never met, empty the wallets of the poor then follow them into the bathroom. It’s like they never outgrew being a carnival huckster.

        • Gunner

          I think the word you’re looking for to describe them is sociopath/psychopath.

        • Hardly a coincidence, but this is exactly the same motivations that psychopaths have. They don’t really enjoy anything other than hurting, manipulating, or gaining power over others.

      • They think this because there are plenty of thugs with guns who will do their bidding for a paycheck. All vampires with their human pets. Plenty of low rent socio/psychopaths selling their services.

  15. My question is, was the constitution ever scalable to what it is now? It originally was composed of 13 states. We now have 50 states, stretching across time zones and into the Pacific. Clearly the Southerners didn’t think so in the 1850’s, and much of the west was still territories.

    I think it was pretty much centrifugal forces that kept the country together for so long. Always war, and then spurts of material progress through further industrialization. Industrialization – Civil War – Further Industrialization – WW1 – Further industrialization – WW2- further industrialization – Vietnam? Then we have financialization, deficit spending, sh. t middle little eastern wars, etc. The centrifuge likely stopped in the 1970’s, and now, the country is listless and in a state of entropy. The logical solution for the so called elites is a big war that “brings us together.”

    Vast countries that stretch thousands of miles, generally develop big problems that break them up. Our problems seem no different.

    • Pretty much Frederick Jackson Turner’s thesis in a nutshell. As long as there was a frontier with concomitant borderlands, the excesses of energy and capital could be expended in relatively beneficent, trickle-down, means. When the wave of expansion crested……we turned back on ourselves to introspection, indolence,, and entropy.
      Though chimerical, Musk’s Mars mission draws interest. Man was made for adventure, not freaking service industry.

      • I’ll never understand the Mars obsession with anyone. We’ve seen the pictures. It sucks. It’s cold, ugly and radioactive. It’s worse than Nevada and has no casinos or celebrity chef restaurants.

        Never heard of Turner. Should look him up.

    • One would think as the empire dies, the furthest reaches of the empire will go first. Hawaii, Alaska and the left coast the first to go. Not to mention Hawaii and Alaska have a lot of not-Americans in them along with California and the rest of the American Southwest.

      • The brown “natives” of Hawaii already hate the haole and want independence. The Indians of Alaska probably have similar feelings. Both groups hate the white man, but are willing to go along with the program so long as they keep getting bribed into quiescence by those little green pieces of paper with the picture of the Great White Chiefs on them…

        • And they aren’t even “natives.” If they are they’re like 1/8th or something. Most of the Natives died of disease when the British arrived. The current “natives” are fat, mean, Philippine/Polynesian import posers. Of course they have an angle to rake in the “native” dough. In late stage empire everyone has an angle.

          • Given the fact even the original “natives ” did not get there until post 400AD they are pretty recent. Same as New Zealand etc.

            Europeans whose ancestors have been in the same lands since well before the fucking bronze age are somehow not natives. Nor are they ever referred to as such.

      • The Empire shares your view. An enormous amount of Hawaiian territory was “ceded” in recent years to the purported natives to give an illusion of semi-independence. My money on the first to go, and it will be solely due to the Empire’s inability to extend its influence that far, will be Pacific territories you likely do not know are under United States jurisdiction.

      • I agree. HI and AK need to spin themselves off. It’s not an accident that they’re two of the biggest welfare states in the union. Almost like DC subconsciously knows that they need slightly bigger bribes to stay in due to their distance. CA is its own place now for sure and growing more distant than ever with an alien population.

        • All the green energy/climate change bullshit aside, AK isn’t going anywhere until the oil is completely tapped out. The ANWR has only been “online” for drilling for fewer than ten years. There’s plenty of the aboriginals’ milkshake left to drink.

  16. I taught the Constitution to college students for 20 years, and at the end of my career concluded that this was a fool’s errand, not because I disagree with or do not admire the Constitution, but because as a practical matter the destruction of the Constitution is a fait accompli.

    The Constitution was a compact between sovereign states to create a federal government of strictly limited and enumerated powers. Only 73 years after it was ratified, that same federal government attacked and conquered the very states that created it with the federal army they agreed to include in Art. 1, Sec. 8.

    From 1865-1933 the Constitution was amended in ways that fundamentally altered the character of the country by stripping powers from the states and giving them to the federal government. After 1933 the Establishment mostly quit even bothering to try to amend it, and simply began to rely on partisan courts to use legal sophistry to justify anything the federal government wanted (cf. Wickard v. Filburn).

    The reality is that you don’t have any Constitutional rights today. The government gets to decide if you can have a gun after undergoing an FBI background check, and can even deny you for life for a misdemeanor. You cannot say anything you want to lest you run afoul of “hate speech” laws, you cannot go to church if government declares that there is a COVID pandemic. Cops can track and surveil you without probable cause if they label you a “terrorist.” If you are a 19-year-old “Nazi” like James Fields you get tried twice for the same crime and sentenced to over 400 years in prison, meaning you have no Fifth or Eighth Amendment protections. Cops can seize cash from you simply because you have it, without even charging you with a crime, meaning you have no Fourth or Fifth Amendment rights. The ATF can change the rules and ban a bumpstock that they had previously declared legal and make you surrender it without compensation.

    The reality is that the Federal government is completely untethered from the original Constitution, it is not a government of limited and enumerated powers but a Hobbesian Leviathan. The Founders would be aghast if they could see it today. It is worse by an order of magnitude than anything George III imposed on the colonists.

    And most people simply don’t give a damn. The Left is actually correct: the Constitution was written by English-speaking white men “to secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity,” not to create an egalitarian democracy for the global brown lumpenproletariat and to secure abortions for women.

    As much as I would like to see a return to the agrarian, preindustrial, white-male dominated United States of 1788, it ain’t gonna happen. Conservative appeals to the Constitution are mostly futile given the present demographic status of the country.

    The leftist/Jewish Ivy League Law professors writing diatribes against the Constitution in the NYT are merely spiking the football while their team is ahead 56-0.

    • Amazingly succinct—yet inclusive—analysis, worthy of a standalone publication in its own right, not merely a comment.

    • No words written on a piece of paper is capable of constraining evil men. The Constitution was never really meant to be the law, but rather a framework to give guidance to the men who make laws and otherwise organize the government. It was up to the men to honor it and that takes honorable men.

      • Or as Hamilton called them — “fit men” — without which the system would fail. In the upper reaches, we have few too none. (and yes, I realize the irony of citing Hamilton here)

      • What I’d like to know is what the reason was for the down vote. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation all appear correct.
        Not sure what else it could be.

    • Often said, laws are just words on paper without enforcement. Enforcement is up to the states and ultimately the people.

      That was the idea behind federalism and popular involvement in government, I’d guess. Seems to me it goes beyond civic duty. Not enough to have your say, i.e., Democracy! and otherwise be left alone. Rule or be ruled. Americans chose to be ruled.

    • Beautifully put. Your 2nd paragraph alone may be the best one paragraph summary of the Civil War I have ever read. Thanks!

    • As the 70 upvotes (as of my replying) indicate this is a piece of prose that deserves to be enshrined somewhere. This should be stuck to the door of every federal building, every courthouse, every statehouse, and any other ‘government institution’ in the US so people can see the grotesquery we’ve become.

      Totalitarian communist state wearing the skinsuit of a dead Republic and really pretending it still exists in any form or fashion.

  17. “That was the critical mistake of the Founders. It left open the door for others to decide”

    If I believe in objective truth and universal principles (I do), or that I have a people (I do), why would I be bound to include everyone in my thing? I don’t see how excluding people who aren’t on the same page or simply don’t belong would make me a hypocrite, or even noncommittal wrt to my principles.

    To the contrary, not discriminating and drawing lines would seem evidence that I don’t actually believe what I profess. It’s another lie we’ve been convinced of imo. More likely paid to believe, I think.

    I’m not certain where the Founders stood on that question, as a whole. Certainly, some ‘got’ it, and certainly these problems will persist until Americans decide who we are. Iow, settle on an identity. Maybe the most fundamental question, and the one we’ve struggled hardest with.

    • Maybe related. Back in college, profs talked a lot about commodification, how the Market! rules America and everything is for sale. I’d guess the lack of identity is at the root of that.

      Talking Dugin yesterday, somebody linked, etc. He’s onto something with the idea that Americans are about whether or not something works, how that makes us mysterious to Europeans. I imagine that’s because they have a notion of how they do things, and whether or not it works doesn’t matter, as long as it works well enough for them. Iow, they have an identity.

      It reminds me of the idea of an American project or experiment. We’re supposed to be figuring out what works for us and consequently who we are. Building an identity, nation building. Not changing or saving the world with an endless revolution.

      It’s messy, even ugly, work, but not nearly as bad as revolution. You’re bound to make mistakes. Having made mistakes, you can get over them and/or rectify them, or you can get stuck and suffer. We got stuck a while back imo. Now it seems existential. Hit bottom and live, or die in the ditch.

  18. Hostile aliens and spiteful mutants. It’s gonna be a vicious battle, boys.

    Another thing besides “my truth” being one of their great weapons, are the twin bugbears of freedom and democracy. Notice that in those zones abroad where the West has its most influence (cultural degeneracy, intelligence operations) those are where people are always demanding their freedom, usually in seemingly innocuous and fun ways. “We just want to dance and love!” The women wearing body paint over their bare breasts and screaming against the hijab or Putin being mean to gays are always in those cities crawling with spooks. Freedom and democracy are just the way to establish a beachhead to break tradition. They’re right in Iran or Russia and China to throw the howler monkeys in stir.

    Of course, the left (and most republicans) claim that anytime anything traditional (sex roles, real Christianity) rears its head here, it’s the Fascist Eurasian other trying to trick us. The idiots on talk radio were saying that Dugin was trying to steer American Republicans into anti-American, pro-Russian thinking. As if the American Empire falling would be anything but a boon to those of us despised by the Empire. Read comments on mainstream and prog sites about the Dugin bombing and it’s just justification and gloating: “Her and her father preach violence so they deserve this,” etc. Of course, preaching violence is worse than car bombing someone, because Dugin is a meanie who started it with his violent words. The car bomb was just speech, “my truth.”

    The sovereign is he (or she, or the tranny) who makes the exception. Which kind of sucks when the exception involves deciding who gets to kill who.

  19. I agree with Chet and Jack below about the Constitution being a compact among sovereign States. Of equal importance, in my view, are the protections for minorities in the Constitution and, by extension, the Constitution’s inherent conservatism on the “50%+1” issue Zman emphasizes so eloquently.

    A republic is about protecting the losers of democratic elections. The winners don’t need protection. That’s the whole point. If the 49.9%, or even the 40%, think they are going to be pillaged and stripped of their rights, they are simply going to “nullify” elections, or at least challenge or resist them. For a “democratic” society to function, losers have to be willing to lose peacefully.

    The literally Bolshevik (majority) mentality of those “legal scholars” really illuminates the present challenge: These people are playing for keeps. As I have said here before, it will take a General Strike of grillers and dissidents to blunt the Bolshevik momentum. Some demonstration of relative “thermodynamic” power is always necessary in these situations.

    • Far less concerned about protecting the 49.9% than I am with the insane obsession of making the 99.9% bend a knee to the 00.1%.

    • If the Constitution really is a compact between sovereign states, it fails to address zmans criticism, which if you and Zman are correct, means our Constitution is a fundamental failure doomed to inevitable defeat. If “who we are” is just a musical chairs game of who happens to be in this area on November 5, combined with whoever is in THAT area on Nov 5, we will be invaded, defeated, and subjugated. So The Constitution is dead, unless it is amended to say , explicitly and irrevocably, who “we” are.

      • An interesting point. As I’ve noted before, many of the concerns we have with “shortcomings” of the Constitution are understandable when we look at the original American “stock”—those people who conceived of and wrote the original Constitution. Such questions did not occur because they were *not* questions/concerns of the time. They were unknown, unknowns.

        Who we are, as in race, was assumed. Cultural norms and religious precepts inculcated. Fish don’t necessarily think about swimming in water. In that, I agree it is a document for Christian Whites, and to a slightly lesser extent Northern European Whites. For a time it functioned—if only on life support—as the White stock diminished and their culture degraded. But the tipping point has arrived.

        The Left recognizes this. They always have tendency to over reach, while we have a tendency to under react. Even if we succeed in stopping and perhaps even reversing the most odious Constitutional degradations, the respite will be but temporary because Whites are not a people and will remain disunited.

        • Who we are, 1787 version, was not just assumed, but explicit.
          “With equal pleasure I have as often taken notice that Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country to one united people–a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs…”
          John Jay, Federalist 2.

          Note the absolutely unambiguous, can’t miss the meaning phrase A PEOPLE DESCENDED FROM THE SAME ANCESTORS.

          • Touché. Yes, but the Founders must have implicitly assumed a stasis in the population or that newer arrivals would be of similar stock. This indeed was the case for quite a while, but was eventually overtaken by people *not* descended from same ancestors. Hard for me to believe that the Founders would not have taken such into consideration had they every thought such a demographic decline possible.

          • @Compsci-
            Reply to your response below, since the damn reply function got squirrely, as it does.

            The Founders did not envision that the descendants of the New England Yankees would go batshit insane and declare war on the other half of the country, composed of their own people, over the two legged African farm equipment. That would take a level of prescience Biff Tannen would envy.

            Everything that is wrong in the Constitution is today was rammed into legality at the point of a bayonet after 1865, or was a bastard child of those revisions by conquest. The founders faults lay not in any ambiguities in the document itself, but in the inability of them to conceive that one half the country would launch a bloody war to subjugate the other and permanently change the governing document forever.

      • The Articles of Confederation of 1777 was a compact between sovereign states. The Constitution was a federation of semi-sovereign states. That document died in December 1860, and had dirt shoveled on its corpse in 1865. What we have today is rotten carrion.

      • Made it five seconds.

        You know some lackey in the board room said, “Hey, Top Gun is cool again, let’s do that.”

    • If his next advert has him in a flight suit landing on an aircraft carrier a la ‘W’ – that’s a bad look and would peg the cringe worthy meter.

    • DeSantis appeared to play OK to his base off the cuff.

      Then he got in the bright people who have no idea how his base thinks, sees them as caricatures out of CNN casting and let them write the script for him.

      As someone else pointed out Trump spent his whole time trying to get the cabal to give him a minor seat in the club. Looks like DeSantis is the same way.

      In sci-fi the old trope of “what is this thing you earthlings call kissing”, should be replaced with “what is this thing you earthlings call nationalism”

      Does no one normal sit in the approval preview?

    • Wild Geese: Godawful. And the magatards (at Conservatard Treehouse and elsewhere) are just as cringey. Yet again why I do not vote and do not put any of my hope in any politician or political process. Politics really is theater for ugly people – and they’re really crappy actors. Perhaps if I had read Star magazine when I was a kid, I would have had some of Jane Ordinary’s reverence for actors and liars of all sorts, but I didn’t and I don’t.

      Since I have no way to effect change in any area other than my own life, that’s what I’m focusing on. I eschew the ballot box. What other means might be possible remains to be seen, and I’m an old lady, not a leader of men or causes. Personal secession – from AINO politics, faux culture, and perverted values. Be one of Papa Bush’s points of light with the goal, when the time comes, of joining the conflagration of all the Bushes and their ilk hold dear.

      Not fedpoasting – just a personal manifesto. Whatever decent White people and heritage Americans value and treasure, they want destroyed – I return their hate in spades.

      • this my attitude as well. I don’t worry about things I have no control over. and I don’t participate in pozzed situations. places like CT are for low IQ feces flingers.

        • Those shit fingers turn out to do the voting for the civnat mascots that are going to run your life.

          • trumpton: True, but in all honesty, do you believe anything one of us could do or say would change anything? As I noted before, I was banned at CT (and many other sites) long ago – even if I had the desire to ‘debate’ with them I could not.

            There is no way out but through – and no peaceful solution is possible. The question is who will survive, and what tactics each side will use. Or, as you already know, why conservatards always lose.

          • @3g4me

            I agree its past hope for those rootless zombies. You can’t debate with their mind worms, it just causes pain to them. Its odd looking at cults in realtime emergence.

            Ultimately, one cannot compete with the drowning megaphone of the media/education complex that implants these worms.

            Without control of something of similar to inject our worms it is lost.

            Russia, for example, has recognized this and decided to remove western media so it may survive the poison. It seems it a war to cut itself off more than anything else.

            China looks like it also sees the danger, but its consumerism may be its undoing in the long run.

          • thinking voters decide “who runs their life”….
            if you let someone else “run your life”… so sad.
            Recognizing that freedom is outlawed, any intelligent human should understand that only outlaws have any freedom. And hopefully be intelligent enough to not get caught.

      • My philosophy. There are leaders and there are recruits. It has always been such. Leaders are made by the particular unfolding of events (as well as personal qualities). Recruits have more personal responsibility, they prepare themselves for a leader to arrive. This may never happen.

        Is one more important than the other? I don’t think so. But one *is* within everyone’s grasp. TomA knows this and preaches such regularly. 3g4me practices it. I see no downside.

      • “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” -Marcus Aurelius, Meditations.

      • Hun-

        Yes, there is still a great deal of reflexive military admiration among the middle-mass of people, particularly the ones in paper-pushing jobs.

        They also seem to hold a deep belief that the GAE could easily fight a two, or even three front war against Russia, China, and Iran without much difficulty.

        • The fact that they think that GAE *should* wage a war against Russia or China puts them in the same category as any progressive leftist. They just support a slightly different flavor of evil.

        • I don’t know …. something is afoot. Yes, out here in the provinces, people still have respect for those who served and for the institution. But I think it’s respect for the legacy institution — the thing of the 1940s that still lives in the mythology of the people who insist in living out in America’s small towns and rural landscape.

          I spent over 30 years in that organization. Because of what I did, in the last 15 years I had to interact with those at the lower and mid level policy levels at local levels and in the Z-man’s Imperial Capitol. My young officers are now field grade leaders who are enmired in the situation, and they see clearly what’s afoot. They relate that even the nakedly political sorts driven by ambition know what game’s afoot, though they are very careful about what they say and do.

          Point is, they began to relate to me early last year that there was a growing awareness that something was really amiss. I do think the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal was a serious jolt for even the dullest. Most had been there; all had spent years of their lives preparing themselves, their people, and their organizations. Many lost people under their command.

          They personified the saying “skin in the game”. They do see. And they tell me that people simply are not re-enlisting, extending or signing up. They can’t even fill all their aviator slots — unheard of in my many years of service. So something is afoot out in legacy America.

          • Gads …. forgive typos and repetitive words. Typing fast to get on with something pressing …

      • Hun–

        Among the people who always have comprised the cannon fodder, the White working class, the answer is “no” and their children and grandchildren have voted with their feet and by not showing up. I also notice that conservatard radio features more and more commercials pointing out it is a legal requirement to register. We all know Juan and Shitavious are not registering, but apparently that has spread to the race that matters.

        The middle class, although it is diminished, continues to hold the military in some regard. Those types provided very little manpower outside junior officers who took advantage of the now-worthless college tuition support. The DeSantis commercial is aimed at that remnant. I actually read Instacuck after Dugin’s daughter was murdered, and sure enough, they were hoorahing their fat and sedentary asses off over it. So they are still there, even if fewer in number.

        I strongly suspect the Regime is working furiously to produce AI soldiers, sailors and marines.

        • Saw a Jordon Peterson vid today where he references The Bell Curve(!) where, I guess, they mentioned that anyone with an IQ below 85 is a net negative as they cannot be trained to do anything reliably, and even 90 is sketchy as, even though 85-90 can be trained they cannot adapt to even lightly changing circumstances. So, it won’t matter if Juan and Shitavious register as they will not be allowed to serve.

          • “So, it won’t matter if Juan and Shitavious register as they will not be allowed to serve.”

            Not only will they be allowed to serve they will be encouraged to serve. Robert McNamara, one of the most evil people in American history, implemented a program during the Vietnam War to draft those with IQ’s in the high 60’s-low 70’s, most of them predictably black. It was denied until it could not be, and McNamara quickly claimed it was a full employment program. They died at three times the rates of higher IQ draftees.

            See MCNAMARA’S FOLLY for details.

          • They are going to be your internal occupation force just to ram it in your faces that you have lost your country.

          • read an article recently about how the military recruited dimwits for Viet Nam, and they were worse than useless. amd they had 3x the casualty rate of non-idjits. contra to leftist mythology, stupidity is not a benefit in a kinetic environment.

    • That’s one hell of a hokey ad. Other than with a shrinking minority, jingoistic associations have lost any appeal they may have once had. It’s as if DeSantis got stuck in an alternate universe — one in which none of the Empire’s innumerable blunders in the Middle East ever occurred.

      ALL of today’s political carny folk are hopelessly out of touch and deserve no one’s support. Don’t give me that “lesser of two evils” tripe. It’s the evil of two lessers; in actuality, it’s the evil of one lesser. Regardless of party, these puppets all play for the same team (“cloud people”). The rest of us (“dirt people”) are just sitting in the bleachers like a bunch of rubes who should have long ago abandoned the whole fraudulent spectacle. Depriving it of attention would be a move in the right direction.

        • Actually what I would love to see is Trump re-elected in ’24 just so a great many, smug, condescending people I know will lose their friggen minds and four years of that will warm my occasionally twisted heart. And I’d love the opening line of his inauguration speech to be this; “Let the word go forth from this time and place, that on this date, the torch has been passed……….to an arsonist!”
          We all know the rot must be burned out!

        • That was already, albeit tacitly, conveyed through his vote when in the House for the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. That is the team he chose to play for, and it left an indelible mark.

      • WEll, he’s a Yale/Harvard man, so regardless of his official S&B membership, he’s one of them.

    • I happened to catch this in real time on TV about 10 seconds into the start of it and I honestly thought at first it was a piss take by a comedian sort of mocking the Dukakis Tank ad, but its REAL. Holy Tone Deaf Batman!

      And he ‘sort of’ was in the military. He was a Navy Lawyer so probably JAG or something like that but hardly a war fighter and definitely NOT a pilot. So yeah… pretty awful.

  20. These spiteful mutants are just following in a long, long tradition.

    “The compact [The US Constitution] which exists between the North and the South is a covenant with death and an agreement with hell.”
    William Lloyd Garrison, 1832.

    Of course, Garrison was speaking of the original Constitution of 1787. Those spiteful mutants want to remove all vestiges of the document prior to 1865.

    In its state today, just like my ancestors in 1860, I quite agree with Mr. Garrison’s opinion on the Constitution, may he rot in Hell.

    • The purported social compact has been a contract of adhesion from the start. I’m glad the Left formally wants to scuttle a phantom agreement and formalize the raw, dictatorial power that has been there from the start. How many Republican senators will agree to their abolition? All of them is my guess. How many states will agree to their erasure? Not all of them is my guess.

  21. The Constitution is actually a contract between the States to give up part of their sovereignty to a central government that would be restricted in size and powers…It replaced the Articles of Confederation, which was a looser confederation of the States to give up only a little authority to a central Government…Because the people understood that the Constitution provided a lot of leeway for tyranny, a Bill of Rights was tacked on to persuade voters to ratify it…The voters were smarter then, and passage was rejected in a couple of States because people like Patrick Henry pointed out that it still provided plenty of scope for evil against the people…The bankers and their friends then used bribery and coercion to get it passed….Patrick Henry was right…

    • > The Constitution is actually a contract between the States to give up part of their sovereignty to a central government that would be restricted in size and powers

      And it was clear from the start States were supposed to be sovereign and equals partners in said contract, meaning they could leave the contract at will. The Civil War ended that, and magically legal scholarship of the states relation to the federal government changed along with it.

      If we ever get a hard left Supreme Court, the first thing they will do is get rid of the two senator per state model as violating the Equal Protection clause to put the final nail in the coffin of any sort of state sovereignty. The only question is whether, by that time, any Red state still cares what D.C. says.

      • Not a swipe at your comment necessarily, but I always laugh when people say “It’s illegal for states to secede!”

        Yeah, so the government that they are rejecting has a law that says they can’t reject it? And that’s supposed to be some kind of gigantic Catch 22?

        “Well, we wanted to quit but we aren’t allowed to quit. We’re stuck here forever.”

        If one or more states eventually decide they want to leave, they will try to leave. The only reason it hasn’t happened yet is because not enough people want it. Everyone is still fat and happy. If that ever changes, then the politics will change too.

        • My only question is whether it will be an entire state. There are any number of states that are as politically fractured as the Union.

  22. There was the controversy a while back with Goodyear executive management allowing BLM, Gay Pride, and other memorabilia at their factories but not MAGA hats and All Lives Matter signs, because in their minds the former items were apolitical and the latter political.

    The blind partisan can’t even comprehend how someone might be offended by BLM items, even after the cities were terrorized for months, in the same way they can’t see how anyone with a MAGA hat could not be a racist hick.

    The proliferation of Fact Checkers follows the same format, with the powers that be being unable to ascertain that people automatically assume entities that describe themselves as Fact Checkers are almost certainly lying, in the same way no one will buy a used car at Honest Bill’s car dealership. The partisan bubble, however, can’t see outside their clique.

    The only thing that will save us is a Nicolae Ceausescu moment.

  23. Sadly, modern politics is about “friends and enemies” rather than compatriots with differing views. And the divide is growing wider and more visceral with each new outrage such as mandating drag queen story hour for kids at the public library. Common ground is becoming virtually non-existent. But that is a problem for another day. When you have lung cancer and are hacking up blood, it’s asinine to scream for cough medicine.

    A large society is somewhat akin to a human body, in that it’s health can be degraded by the arrival of disease. Sometimes this disease arrives as a foreign infection and sometimes it occurs because native cells go haywire. Either way, for about a billion years that life has existed on Earth, the remedy has been to “expel or eliminate” the disease cells, which typically are few in number at the early stages of disease. And the longer the remedy is postponed, the greater is the collateral damage to healthy tissue and the potential for early death as the eventual consequence.

    This is where we find ourselves at the present time. Voting harder just delays the remedy and increases collateral damage on the road to early death. The RINO wave in November fixes nothing, but will create an illusion of remedy that further postpones the inevitable. Normie will stay on the couch until the house burns down around him.

    Get out of the big city now. Find a safe haven. Survive the maelstrom of collapse and chaos. Act when the time is right.

    • why do you feel the need to obsessively post the same thing over and over again? OCD? it’s very peculiar and makes me think you have some mental health issues. and of course you also regularly criticize “typing our way out of this”.

      • People come and go (I assume) on this blog. More come than go, for sure. So the message *does* reach new viewership. I have in the past, argued a bit against the general recommendation as being nihilistic, but that does not make it invalid.

        BTW, the new posters here have been nothing short of wonderful in their insights. New blood is useful and it seems welcome.

      • “A fanatic is someone who won’t change his mind and can’t change the subject.”

        -Variously attributed

        • To whom is this comment directed, TomA, or Karl von Hungus? I guess it depends on who you feel to be the realist, or if that even matters.

      • @KVH

        You know, you really do need to fuck off and die, for your own sake as well as the well being of those around you. You are literally arguing for censorship via intimidation on a website that routinely excoriates the brain-dead idiots advocating for such. How can you not recognize the hypocrisy in your comment? Please God, do us a favor and have this moron join a militia so that the Stasi can entrap him and put him away in a Jan 6th detention camp.

        And how the fuck do you know if some new reader saw my post and learned something useful today?

        • Ah. Now it makes sense. Marketing basics.

          1. New readers
          2. Main point, stay on track
          3. Repetion, Repetition, Repetition

          If TomA were selling soap, he wouldn’t suddenly buy ad space for guacamole.
          KISS principle.

  24. “Who?” Us. “Whom?” Them.

    These left-wing legal “scholars” have said the quiet part aloud. “Our democracy” and “our personal truth” is all about the “our,” not “your.”

    The Left wants to scuttle the Constitution in full, and has done a very good job getting there, but it also knows this is the only rationale for all the states to be in one polity. No matter how ludicrous and outdated, the constitution is first and foremost a contract. Obviously, the contract has not been honored and never will be again, but the fantasy of a constitution is the only way to hold 50 states and how every many outright colonies together short of violent, dictatorial force, which already waits in the wings.

    Although seemingly unrelated, this is just a predictable continuation of the Mar-A-Lago raid. The Junta realizes that those states who want to formally abolish the constitution will in fact leave the union if Trump or whomever they don’t like is elected in 2024, or if affirmative action is abolished, etc. While trying to plug that hole, new holes take on water as a dictatorship of the professoriate is pushed as the alternative. Also, this indicates the Left knows the farcical GAE is on borrowed time and the need to pretend to be a “democracy” vs. “our democracy” has ended.

    I applaud the honesty.

    • Exactly why my teeth grate every time I hear “defending democracy.”

      Apologies to the Zman, but democracy is a country run by j****- and no, that don’t mean Jesus.

  25. Not to be that guy, but a certain group with an affinity for small hats has always played by one morality and game plan: Is it good for the Jevvs.

    That’s the question that a partisan asks on any subject: Is it good for our side.

    Lying is okay if it promotes your side’s interest. Same with violence, same with favoring democracy or favoring tyranny at different times, same with bringing in immigrants as vote ringers or keeping them out if they might become a threat, etc., etc.

    The higher morality is promoting your side’s interest. CivNats can’t understand this, which is why they’re worthless.

    • CivNats are both stupid and in denial. At some visceral level, they do understand this is a garden variety totalitarian state now but also think that is just a fleeting thing.

      • CivNats believe that their wonderful ideas and values will eventually win the day. Because they can’t understand loyalty to family and people, they look only at ideas.

        They’re very similar to libertarians, which, again, is why they’re worthless.

      • what if the Shriners attend and fund a church that participates in relocating 3rd world immigrants into homeland areas of the country? what if the Shriners support the FBI uncritically? what if the Shriners vote for Mitch McConnell and Lyndsey Buckingraham?

  26. The founding stock better get their damn act together quick before (((vengeful aliens))) such as these two commie hacks have complete control. They’re practically there now and complicit Whites have allowed it to happen.

  27. Question left unasked by this post: what do the founding stock deserve?

    Answer: everything they get.

    So many people here suffer under the delusion that you can somehow “fix” people; that they can become something different than what they are now. You cannot; they cannot.

    • I do not think anyone here suffers from that delusion. If you think that, you are delusional.

      • Delusional are the grillers, the legal-immigration enthusiasts, the “colorblind” based black man followers, the MAGA believers and Q drop decoders. Many of them are from the founding stock.

        • I’ve been told by these types to “stop trying to divide us.” when I talk of white interests. As “Q” says WWG1WGA (where we go one, we go all)

          What Q, whoever that is, is doing, is running the clock out on replacing the white population, with all the talk of sitting tight and trusting the plan.

          And what the elites are doing is jamming us all together. That’s what divides us

      • well, you are one of the worst ones this way. it is your biggest blind spot. every comment that mentions bringing people to “our side” is written by a person that believes this fantasy. all talk of building up the DR also falls into this category. every comment about normie “waking up” is in this category.

        for some reason you are not interested in exploring human nature, which IMO is where all the real answers are to be found. it’s pretty much immutable over time, with lots of recorded information (AKA history).

        • Apparently, you are on drugs or off drugs, as nothing you are saying bares any relation to reality. Perhaps you should see the doctor. it could be a tumor.

      • I don’t suffer from that delusion either. But I do think that “normalizing” and “celebrating” delusion and perversion has to be prevented, and can. Intolerance and witch burning is not necessary, at least not as a maintenance process. 😉

          • Seems we did alright restricting those type of people from positions of affect in normal society as little ago as the fifties. They were restricted to the fringes and I’m not convinced this will not work again, albeit it might be less efficient or practical.

            Violence is what I referred to and a small population percentage is what I’m counting on. Surveys (all suspect) indicating large numbers of these freaks are nonsense and basically indicate an hysteria—quite common in out modern society. Make it not so trendy to be included in one of the freak categories and their numbers will vanish in a generation to a manageable level.

            But you observation is as valid as mine, I admit. I am the ultimate optimist.

          • @compsci

            And yet here we are a short time later. They used your lack of intolerance against you.

            Everywhere this has been lessened has been swallowed by it.

    • In politics you want to advance your interests or the interests of your side. That often means doing so at the expense of those viewed as enemies.
      Not exactly. Politically, the task is to convince the citizenry that your policies will make life better for everyone, not just a particular segment of the population. Redistribution of assets will improve life not just for the poor but for the wealthy as well. Making colonies out of third world countries by blowing them to smithereens is good for them and the colonizer.
      For most of human history the structure of societies was determined by the dominant religion. The enlightenment advocated a secular approach based on reason rather than superstition and that philosophical fad was the basis for the US constitution. Aware that the population was already too large and widespread for an effective democracy, a republic was required. Keep in mind that no vote was ever taken of the population to revolt from British rule. In fact, since the overwhelming majority of the original inhabitants had died from either disease, starvation or musket fire, the revolution was fought by English subjects on both sides. It was a civil war.
      The victors, familiar with the vagaries of English rule and hereditary monarchy, wanted their own particular system encoded in writing, in this case a constitution capable of being read and understood by any literate English speaker, as it is today.
      Fairly quickly the constitution became subverted by changing conditions. There was no authority granted to any branch of government to purchase additional land on the continent or elsewhere. That didn’t stop Jefferson from making the Louisiana Purchase or Seward from buying Alaska. The constitution had to be amended in order to enforce temperance but not to prohibit the smoking of weeds growing alongside the railroad tracks a few years later. No real effort is needed any longer to by-pass constitutional
      restrictions on any particular topic. The latest controversial Supreme Court decision merely took the issue out of the federal domain and returned it to the states, something many people don’t seem to understand.

      • At one point maybe it was to convince (not that it necessarily be true) that X policy was beneficial to the largest number of citizens. But as 2020 and before has shown, we don’t need no stinking voters.

      • “… something many people don’t seem to understand.”

        Thank our educational system and its subversion by the Left. Hell, it’s worse. Common discussion in the media often remarks that the President should issue this or that “Executive Order” to supersede Congress’s clearly defined legislative powers—yes, even those not directly removed/subverted by SCOTUS.

        This type of daily discussion conditions folk to allow/accept authoritarian rule. I often think back to Ancient Rome in this regard. It seems arguable to me that the people of the time did not truly realize they had a dictatorship until Caligula’s short rein. And afterwards, it was way too late to regain the Republic.

    • karl: As the saying goes, leopards don’t change their spots. The purported tool or cure doesn’t matter (rayciss ‘facts,’ the deaths from the magic vax, their loved ones raped and murdered) – people cling tight to their comforting delusions. While many regulars here have shed those beliefs, there are still various remnants of civnattery or belief in rule of law or founding myths or magic market/free trade that continually crop up. It’s a continual process to examine your beliefs and whether what underlies them is truth and reality, or mere childhood stories and indoctrination.

      • i think it goes much deeper than that. down to the instinctual level; a person’s nature is hard wired and fixed. all behavior is ultimately rooted in instinct, how could it not be? we are our DNA, for better and for worse. and then there is epigenetics 🙂

  28. “the people behind it were bad people, being from the past and all that.”

    This short sentence says a lot and it also made me laugh.

    • It’s the one sentence that jumped out at me. There’s snark, and then there’s snark. The left has never moved on from the 60’s, “hope I die before I get old” mindset.

      • “The left has never moved on from the 60’s, “hope I die before I get old” mindset.”

        If only they had! Oh well, too late now.

          • Like everything else with them, old is continuously redefined. Or rather, old always means “older than I currently am.”

        • Seems nobody’s moved beyond.

          From the “Warrior’s Song”: “…Lord make me dead before you make me old…”

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