The Wages Of Evil

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For a long time, Professor John Mearsheimer has been making the point that the war in Ukraine can easily lead to a much larger war. In fact, it could lead to a global war, maybe even a nuclear war. After all, the United States is provoking a nuclear power over the Ukraine and it is provoking nuclear powers that support Russia. China and India are both nuclear powers and both back Russia. Here is Mearsheimer’s latest analysis of how things can get very bad very fast.

One of the problems with this sort of analysis is it assumes both sides remain as they are in terms of the abilities and points of view. The great unknown unknown in all wars is how the two sides will evolve in terms of how they see the conflict, themselves and their opponents. The actions and reactions of the players in a war creates a dynamic that is impossible to even think about in advance. The race to the sea at the start of the Great War is a good example of the unknowable unknowns.

We can already see this in the Ukraine. It is clear that Russia, the Ukrainian leaders and Europe expected a quick settlement. Zelensky made concessions at the start and was pretty close to taking the deal on offer from Russia. This deal was pretty much the old deal called the Minsk Accords. Then London and Washington intervened to sabotage negotiations, which came to a sudden halt. The West unleashed a tsunami of economic attacks on the Russian economy.

This forced the Russians to reevaluate their operation. Over six months they have switched from a short and limited war that would hopefully end in a peace deal, to a long war of attrition. The Russians are now slowly obliterating the Ukrainian army, in an artillery based meatgrinder. They also have changed their goals. There is little doubt that Russia will take most of Ukraine now. What they will leave as Ukraine will be a land-locked state with limited resources.

This has in turn created a new dynamic on the Western side. The reckless flood of weapons into Ukraine has now given way to a form of terrorism. Washington and London are now helping the Ukrainians target civilian targets in the Donbass. They have launched sabotage attacks in the Crimea and shelled a nuclear plant. None of these are effective military operations. They are intended to create havoc for the Russians and in the case of the nuke plant, possibly kill a lot of civilians.

The other reason for Washington to have Ukraine launch these sorts of attack is in the hope they will provoke a response. The facts on the ground are only going to get worse and public support in the West has started to collapse. Normal people do not care about the Ukraine, but they care about food prices and energy bills. The typical German does not see why his government should send billions to the crooks in Ukraine while he has to take cold showers to save energy.

If the Russians respond to these civilian attacks with an attack on civilian targets in the Ukraine, so the thinking goes, then public outrage in the West will bring opinion back around to supporting the war. A meltdown at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station would contaminate half of Ukraine. Western media would blame it on Russia, which would then warrant greater involvement in the war. This is the sort of lunacy that no one can plan for or even contemplate in advance.

Now we have a new unknowable unknown in the mix. The assassination of Darya Dugina, by Ukrainian terrorists, is the sort of escalation that can set off a dangerous dynamic in this war. Darya Dugina is the daughter of Alexander Dugin, the most important intellectual in the world today. His ideas about a post-Cold War East are credited with shaping the world view of Putin and his supporters. The attack was meant for him but killed his daughter instead.

There is no question that the attack was done by professionally trained assassins and that those assassins were working on behalf of the West. The Russians will blame this on Washington and London because they are not stupid. They will see this as Washington personalizing this dispute. That could very well mean they take the same view and we begin to see car bombings in Western capitals. The neocons better hire food tasters and install radiation detectors in their homes.

One of the early warnings about dumping arms in Ukraine is they could easily get into the hands of gangsters and terrorist. The Ukrainian are the most corrupt people on earth, so they have been selling this stuff as fast as they get it. Now imagine Russia letting Javelin missiles fall into the hands of Berlin-based Islamists who would like to do something big, like take out the motorcade of Olaf Scholtz. The idiots who cooked up the Dugin caper just put everyone’s name on a list.

This is exactly what Mearsheimer has been warning of for months. While everyone would celebrate a car bombing campaign against the neocons, these things never go as planned and quickly become a new problem. Killing Dugin would have angered Russia, but killing his daughter infuriates the world. It underscores the fact that Western leaders are gangsters without scruples. They will kill everyone if that is what it takes to reach the end times they are pursuing.

In the end, the larger story here is not the dynamics of war or how great powers can easily maneuver themselves into conflict. The real issue is the danger of having large empires ruled by alien elites. If the people running the American empire cared at all about the people, this never would have come to pass. They do no care so they do not think about the consequences to the people. It turns out that giving dangerous sociopaths like the neocons access to power is suicidal.

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199 thoughts on “The Wages Of Evil

  1. Western [c]overt arms to Ukraine? Well, yes and (mostly) no. Lacking detailed information, and if we had any, it might rightly be suspect as disinformation, we might inquire, “Just how much of that funding or war materiel actually makes it to Ukraine fighters who then deploy it against Russians?” Only a small fraction of the total, I’d hazard. At the very least, the money/arms will almost surely be pilfered as follows:

    1. (Especially cash) Middlemen will skim a percentage of the total, which will end up in foreign accounts. It’s probable that there is more than one intermediate party involved, and each will demand his percentage of the transaction.

    2. [For arms or other physical goods] Just how, pray tell, does one insure that it arrives at the desired destination? This is highly problematic. Truth be told, it’s likely that a large portion of arms or other resources “disappears”, even if it could be confirmed as delivered onto Ukraine territory. For the same reasons as (1) there is simply too much incentive to steal some of the goods. These will end up on the black market, sold to warlords in Africa, the Mid-East, indeed anywhere. Some may even be captured by Russian agents.

    3. Other factors I’ve overlooked.

    I’m just generalizing from peacetime cynicism, but it’s probably compounded by the “fog of war.” There is little accountability for where all the so-called “aid” goes, and it’s a fair bet that most of it never reaches the front lines for the stated purpose.

    Note that, other than the total funds/materiel supplied, all the above says nothing about the politics of the West. What I’ve diagrammed is accepted as part of the cost of doing business especially in covert ops.

  2. We live in a universe of lies where nothing can be assumed to be what it appears. Our government (and every other government on the face of the globe) lies about everything in order to gain some perceived advantage. I have already seen the articles claiming that the assassination was the result of “Russian nationalists” (note the clever identification as “nationalists”) who opposed Putin. Only one thing can be taken as true; i.e., that nothing we see, read about of hear from “official sources” is accurate and untainted by propaganda. On another note, the amount of war materiel available from Ukrainian sources is probably dwarfed by that which is available from Afghanistan, which is being shopped around the globe by Afghan/Chinese/Iranian suppliers. Given that our current regime in DC has no affection for the American people as constituted, it would not surprise me to see a large scale attack on the mainland, which will be touted as the work of “White Christian Nationalists,” so that the full fury of the praetorian guard in charge of the FBI/DOJ/CIA can be unleashed against us trad Americans. Selfishly, I am glad to reside in a part of the country that presents little advantage to attack. I would not live in any city with a population of 35,000 or more for all the tea in China. But I could be wrong, of course, in which event I will be glad to apologize to anyone affronted by my opinions, should we still be able to communicate.

    • The Black Market in stolen or abandoned US military equipment is a feature (and not a bug) of the current regime. They want these things to be distributed in order to foster chaos. Remember that the Obama Administration shopped firearms to the cartels at the Southern Border, so this is nothing new. And yes, they will likely run several false flag ops in which these weapons are trafficked back into the US and then planted on militias that they have created and then duped into some kind of idiot attack (or at least made to appear that way). These events would then be used to justify instituting martial law and a crackdown on “white nationalists”. So the smart play is . . . don’t join militias that are just entrapment ops staged by the Stasi. As much as I wish it were otherwise, a lot of young bucks are going to do just that and get the Jan 6th treatment. Better is to go dark, disappear, become a nobody on nobody’s radar, train yourself in stealth tactics, wait for the fog of chaos to arrive, and then (on only then) act solely, spontaneously, and unexpectedly. And don’t forget the focus part.

  3. The military summery channel is reporting that the Russian Parliament is meeting soon. He says he believes the Parliament will give Putin additional powers to prosecute the war.

    So we may see an escalation soon.

  4. Are the Germans really upset about sacrificing for the war against Putin? I have no direct way of knowing but German expats swear that their families and friends back in Germany are fully on board with the war against Russia. They are certain that the Ukraine is winning and laugh at the expats for buying into Russian propaganda and believing Russia is winning. They are upset with their government but for other reasons.

    True? I have no idea. I imagine this winter we will see if they are still onboard.

    I also imagine that people in places who support Russia may be mad about the lass being murdered but Americans likely mainly don’t care due to not knowing it happened, not caring what happens in Russia or not seeing the big picture. The rest, some democrats, probably are happy about it.

    Many people may claim to care because they is expected of them but actually don’t.

    • From a German in Germany: So far, the constant propaganda drumbeat is effective and does its job. Most Germans are on board with fighting the aggressive and possibly insatiable tyrant Putin (that’s the way he is framed over here). It’s more “against Putin and his Russia” though than actively pro-Ukraine, in my view.

      We’ll see how this holds up when inflation and energy shortages begin to bite really incisively. So far, inflation has been unpleasant but by and large still manageable, while we had a glorious (and very dry) summer. But the latter is coming to an end, and inflation will certainly continue to increase.

      Moral preening has been a collective vice in Germany for a long time (a result of Protestantism?), but has intensified and been taken to absurd dimensions with the woke ignoramuses that rule the day now, and in fact the country. As to true grit and moral substance though, I have my doubts. So, I wouldn’t be overly surprised if much of the current moral anti-Russian posturing would evaporate once the going really gets tough. Much veneer, little true conviction beneath.

    • The old,”Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland; Who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island; Who rules the World-Island commands the World.” –Sir Halford Mackinder, 1919

      Used to true but its no longer true.

      Sam J.’s theory of the control of Earth.

      “Whoever controls low Earth orbit controls the planet.”

      I think the Chinese new silk road deal is because they believe Mackinder. Well, that thing could be blasted to dust from low earth orbit in an afternoon. Wouldn’t even need bombs, you could use pointy shaped concrete blocks.

      All the energy needed to get to low earth orbit is around the same as flying to Australia from Los Angeles. If they stopped throwing the rockets away, as Musk realized all along, then it would just take fuel.

  5. The scum as we know them had better be careful. Can you imagine the weeping, wailing, and knashing of teeth if the Russians open up a can of worms with a systemic program of liquidations against the very same people we despise?

    The Russians like to leave little trademarks behind when they assassinate people. I can imagine they’ve already sent out orders to their assortment of RBMK nuclear reactors to start cooking up batches of Polonium 210. We can only hope they strike terror in the hearts of those who cause all of the trouble. Stalin was right about one thing. He used to say that death was the solution to all problems. No man, no problem, was what he liked to say.

    • One of the very few amusing aspects to this sh*t show is seeing how our “elites” believe that they are totally immune from any personal repercussions for their actions. We know where your luxury bunkers are, dudes!

    • The botched assanation was appaling. Ukes might have planted and detonated but there is no doubt brittan and the united ststes are deeply involved.
      As revolting as isis or alquida
      If the russians start killing yanks or limeys now who could blame them.

  6. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it was Sanna Marin!

    Baby shower
    NATO Baltic front collapses as Sweden and Finnish governments try to take him away from her, I’m hotter than she is

    Ukraine sues for peace
    Germany sues for gas
    America sues everybody

    The Zman pronounced King of the Sami

    Jutland declares independence, proclaims Zman as King of the North

    The Wedding unites East, West, and North America

    The End, or…the Beginning?

    • Hunter’s entertainment value is enormous.

      I like having him unprosecuted because it’s such a striking example of anarcho-tyranny and Lenin’s “Who Whom” principle.

      Not even progressives can deny that the media actively suppressed this news before the 2020 election.

      In last week’s Radio Derb, John did a lengthy analysis of Sam Harris’ defense of the suppression of news about Hunter. He acknowledged that the suppression was bad but argued that the suppression was only infinitesimally as damaging as Trump being reelected.

      It’s rare that anarcho-tyranny and “Who Whom” are so stark. No one can overlook this.

      • No!

        Say what he said.(The video is available).

        He said it was worth hiding if there were dead children’s bodies buried in Hunters basement, if the concealment of that fact kept Trump out of office.

        Nice try at sugarcoating.

        Watch the video. You can see the color drain from the faces of the two guys interviewing Harris as he relates the scenario.

  7. Z Man writes, “The real issue is the danger of having large empires ruled by alien elites.”

    It’s hard to overstate how revolutionary that thought is, as understated as the language may be.

    Dissidents who continue to hope that we can salvage the system with messaging, tinkering, or voting fail to engage with this truth.

    “Hey, let’s form an alliance with the hispanics and asians because they don’t like how Biden has handled the economy!”

      • Somewhat off topic: Among the many popular SF movies about aliens, back in the late 90s was a pair called “The Arrival” (1996) and a sequel two years later Without giving too much away, part of the plot involves a truly alien (extraterrestrial) takeover of the Earth, but with the secret connivance of Earthly rulers. Even global warming plays a role, but in this case, deliberately induced by humans to make the world more accommodating to the new rulers.

        Now that I think of it, national governments handing over the keys to aliens, albeit from the same planet, who apparently don’t have our best interests at heart, is not so very off topic after all. 🙁

    • One green shoot is that people seem to be coming around to the idea of the elites being alien without understanding what makes them alien. That is enough for now. If normie accepts that his rulers are not him, the rest takes care of itself.

      • Since the neocons are party fluid, and financed by the largest defense contractors in the world, and some states, one in particular, the only way to lock them out is massive defense budget cuts and the peaceful passing to a multi-polar world.

        However, before that happens, they will try make a great national security gamble, putting all the chips on the table. Even Obama would have said, “Thanks but no. I prefer my five star restaurants, estates and bath houses to not be blown up.” Since Biden, Pelosi, Feinstein, etc., know that they’re breathing out of one nostril, waiting for the reaper, why not go all in on this gamble prior to checking out?

  8. ” It underscores the fact that Western leaders are gangsters without scruples. They will kill everyone if that is what it takes to reach the end times they are pursuing.”

    The difference btw Cuban gangsters like Tony Montana, and Jewish gangsters like Ze, is that the Jews will target civilians, including children. The Jews don’t see the goyim as human, and it’s about time the goyim returned the compliment.

    • I could not help but think about the promiscuous use of targeted assassination by the Israelis. They kill targets based on their psychological impact, not their strategic impact. The same thing was at play here. Frankly, I would not be shocked to learn that the Robert Kagan suggested this idea to Zelensky.

      • Finally coming round to who is actually running the war, the destruction of Europe, the targeting of civilians just to kill more ethnic Russians, shelling the nuclear reactor to try and cause a new chernobyl (because fuck you, that’s why) and now car bombing in the style of the Israelis?

        Kagan, Blinken, Neuland, Kain …

        Is the noticing enough yet?

    • It is all laid out very plainly in the Old Testament.

      This tribe, after receiving Ten Commandments, namely “thou shall not kill”, marched into the promised land and slaughtered the people of Jericho wholesale.

      The rules or the law only apply to their tribe – outside the tribe it is all fair game.

  9. Dugin was demoted from head of his department to Associate Professor. He no longer ran a TV station. Putin had purged him, somewhat, he was still around but no one paid him any attention.

    NOW he is a martyr by way of his murdered daughter, and Russians are going to seriously adopt many of his ideas. They would have if the bomb had killed him instead of or alongside his daughter. This was a stupid move on all levels, but to the Elite it does not matter. Dugin’s ideas will now motivate much of Russian policy, that’s pretty much guaranteed now.

    However, the Ruling Elite know they will face no consequences. Dirt people yes, that’s a feature not a bug. But not them. Sanna Marin has skated by on her looks since age 14 and will never ever face any consequences even if her people starve and freeze to death this winter. And of course it will all be their fault not hers. Whoever authorized Dugin’s assassination at the CIA will never face any consequences. Nor will Biden, Pelosi, or Schumer.

    Not only will the Democrats gain in the Senate, they are going to gain in the House according to Pelosi. Monkey. Pox. Another lockdown is guaranteed for fall/winter and more ballot harvesting and so forth. There are zero consequences and they don’t need to be even competent when they are all powerful.

    Indeed they’d say we need to understand them, not the other way around as they can and will like Darth Vader “alter the deal” at any time. I would be very surprised if the FBI or such did not kidnap and “arrest” Putin and Xi when they attend the G-20 in Indonesia. They view the killing of Dugin’s Daughter as warning to Putin that he can suffer that fate as well. I would expect more of that, and various attacks deep inside Russia.

    They figure in any total war with Russia it would only be the Dirt People suffering and people from Eric Swalwell to Biden have said they want to nuke Texas and Florida anyway. Win-win for them. They have all massive luxury underground bunkers.

    • As if those underground bunkers with “nubile” women (Dr.Strangelove) will really save them…After a while, the survivors would block the air vents and shoot everyone who comes out…

    • this op has the look of a 5 eyes all over it. probably a way to make a false flag in Ukraine by them believable to western audiences

    • Yeah, the “Putin’s Brain” stuff is wildly wrong.

      When he’s comprehensible to us, Dugin is a normal conservative intellectual, basically Russian Pat Buchanan. The rest of him is obscurantist old-school pre-Soviet Russian™ (mostly German) stuff that Russians aren’t even like anymore—”performative” anachronism. People who call him a fascist have an idea of fascism that’s not only “aesthetic” but childish. He has a doofus-y haircut, Q.E.D.

      Putin is the same kind of authoritarian liberal US/EU/NATO/WEF has installed everywhere. His “Duginist” sin in the eyes of globohomo is that he sometimes points the gun of state at its/his internal rivals and external enemies, not always and only at the average Russian.

      Even now, Putin is fundamentally a *non-enemy* of globohomo. But they’re mad at him, and this other Russian guy actually opposes them, so the warrant says they’re the same guy.

    • i will let you worry about the GOP and “elections” for me. everything in clown world fits inside a standard size goldfish bowl…

  10. The more I watch the nihilistic madness of modernity, the more persuaded I am that I must do my best to get right with the Lord and spiritually detach from practically everything and everybody else aside from a handful of individuals in my personal life. And I am only slowly moving away from a very weary and cynical agnosticism.

    For regular (powerless) plebes such as myself, there are no answers to be had in politics. Our culture has grown too solipsistic and degraded to provide anything genuinely fulfilling or valuable. Our technology threatens to devour us. Something approaching a universal brokenness seems to immiserate Western man and woman. Everything has been out of sync for a long while and is becoming more so now at a harrowing rate of acceleration. And it doesn’t appear that anyone will or even can put any brakes on the rapidly increasing discombobulation.

    What relief can be had short of placing one’s faith in something beyond?

    • Comment of the day. I’m no longer a Christian because I can’t stand Christians or their lousy churches. However, cleaving to God is our only source of sanity. This world is some kind of test we have to go through, and the best is yet to come. Oh, and if people like Pelosi and HRC rot in an eternal lake of fire, that would be an added bonus.

      • Thank you, Steve. I personally believe that Christianity is much greater than any of the individuals or institutions that profess to represent it. Seeing as those individuals and institutions are human, they are limited and fallible, and thus bound to fall short of the sacred glory of the faith. Additionally, while I sympathize with the sentiment contained in your final sentence, I will nevertheless strive to hope and pray that the Nancy Pelosis and Hillary Clintons of the world will experience an awakening and set themselves right with divinity before it is too late for them. Perhaps that is naïveté on my part. Yet, I consider such a conviction, whether it be naive or not, most likely to aid my own purification. Peace and God bless.

      • “if people like Pelosi and HRC rot in an eternal lake of fire”

        That’s “burn”. BURN in an eternal lake of fire.

  11. Re: Marin, she’s what I call a Basic College Girl. I have lots of ex-students in their late 30s who no doubt still act exactly like she does. And believe it or not, that “I’ll get drug tested to prove I was just drunk off my ass” thing is pretty standard. I’d have students tell me to my face that the reason they missed the midterm was because they were just too hung over to come to class. No kidding. They didn’t even bother pretending they had the flu or something. Just “I was too plastered to come to class; when’s the make up exam?”

    Shame is going the way of “ruthe,” a Middle English synonym for “pity.” We still have the word “ruthless,” but not “ruthe.” Same way, we still retain the word “shameless,” but nobody really groks what “shame” means. Thanks, Facebook!

    • Since you’ve got an inside track to college ( i haven’t been involved since early 2000’s), how many of your students should even be in college? It was rather bad from my opinion in the early 2000’s of people who had no right setting foot on campus. I only imagine its worse now. I remember a guy who never went to class and blew his student loan money partying and traveling. And now the taxpayer should suck it up again, just like we did for the banks………

      • In your opinion, what qualifies one to be a college student? An honest, not unfriendly question.

        • Not lowering the standards of admission so you can rake in more money? I don’t like to set any sort of criteria for who may do what or not do what. I’m not god, but i also don’t think people should be shielded by every poor mistake they’ve made. As in no student loan forgiveness, might as well forgive all debt in that case.

        • Also, if you let the market do what its supposed as in liquidating bad debt, we wouldn’t even be discussing the problems of college because they’d be self contained. I find it rich that largest reason students can’t discharge debt in bankruptcy is now president of the country toying with the idea of forgiving that debt. The system is built on debt, debt is power, finance has taken over the world under the US and is a large reason so many do not live in “reality”. Heck the battle of the Ukraine could be a fight between the fake finance of the West and the fact that Russia is tired of selling the resources we use to live our lives at prices that we set.

          • After watching this video, you begin to wonder: Are these people kept around and in leisure to hold down those who know they’re getting screwed?

      • Keeping in mind that I retired a few years ago (so the trends have no doubt accelerated past Ludicrous Speed), as of a few years ago I’d say about 75% of college students had no real interest in being there, couldn’t really handle the work, and in fact lacked the building blocks to get the background they’d need to handle the work.

        The other 25% were in STEM.

        By “unprepared” I mean things like “didn’t grok the basics.” Couldn’t find big important continents on a map. Didn’t know within half a century when major wars were fought, or who fought them. Had never heard names like “Aristotle.” Had probably never read a book — A book, ONE — from cover to cover (with the possible exception of Harry Potter). I am not in any way joking, or exaggerating for effect.

        But that was then. Now, I’d totally revise my view of “prepared.” Nowadays, what you learn to do in college is Game the System. Find the most profitable axe you can, and grind it like a meth-addled monkey. Work that bureaucracy. Complain your way to an A. Break every rule that can be bent (while insisting that the Administration cross every I and dot every T). Since those are the key survival skills in Clown World, I’d say 100% of American college students deserve to be there, and are all prize graduates.

        • Faux studies and degrees in such aside, if *lowered standards* (as in course rigor) were not the inevitable result of increased admissions, then I’d say anybody who can pay the freight belonged there as well.

    • Sev-

      Thanks for pointing out Dugin’s ties to the hardliners in Russia and the slight, but growing possibility they could try to wrest power from Putin. That seems like a scenario that sees Kiev and Lvov getting tac-nuked in short order.

      Mr. H-

      In the late-90s it was quite clear to me there were tons of people that did not belong at university. This was in the Humanities and STEM spaces at a public state flagship university in the Midwest.

    • Nietzsche, in several places, writes that in earlier times cruelty, sadism and the like were much more “acceptable” in societies. Even in Western Europe until just a few centuries ago, the condemned being burnt at the stake, animals (often cats) suffering a similar fate, or other treatments of man or animal that today we’d call barbaric, were spectacles for public entertainment. Even in the 19th century here in America, picnickers took the train west from Washington to Manassas to watch the battle. The periodic hangings at the town square were drew crowds.

      Conversely, in more ancient times (Greece, perhaps), a victim of torture, illness or some other misadventure would be mortified if he begged for mercy from his torment, or if he knew that others pitied his state.

      In fact, to feel pity for the sufferings of another was considered an undesirable emotion.

      It’s worth noting that while some of these traditions were of alien cultures a few millennia ago, the more recent examples are of as little a two or four centuries back, and from cultures that were recent ancestors of ours. If naught else, this shows how rapidly in historical terms, what’s considered “normal” can change.

      While he doesn’t treat shame, I wonder if there could have been similar dramatic shifts in public perception of it.

  12. with regards to Sanna Marin, my question is, when were the videos taken? I know she was in trouble for breaking curfew during the plandemic and her excuse was she didn’t take her phone with her…….. what 36 year old women today would go out and not take her phone with her? So i want to know, was she partying while locking down the rest of her country? She’s obviously not a serious mother or wife, but those are how things go these days. If you’re selected to be important, no rules apply to you.

    • OMFG. Our host knocked that one right outta the park! 😂👍

      I wonder if New Zealand is still a country?

      • Things i noticed: She’s very pretty with regards to her face, but she’s flat as a board. She was raised by two lesbians and doesn’t eat meat, perhaps why she’s so skinny? Could also be the coke 😉

        Anyways the perfect “leader” of our times.

        • She clearly ticks all the boxes. Putin is a master statesman, but boy do these idiots make it easy for him!

  13. I fear the only way we’ll ever be freed from our psychopathic government and it’s alphabet agencies is via some catastrophic conflagration. As we all know, there is no voting our way out and a locally based political revolution, or revolution of any sort is hardly likely. Ultimately, there may be other stuff incoming from the East besides the rising sun, in the not too distant future…

  14. “If the people running the American empire cared at all about the people, this never would have come to pass. They do no care so they do not think about the consequences to the people.”

    Ha, do you know how many times i’ve made that argument with regards to a date in September that happened two decades ago? Trying to explain that if you believe the “official” story then it was the actions of our government that caused the reaction by “terrorists”. I suppose many people believed that they really hated us for our “freedoms” which we then lost so we could punish those freedom haters!

    • Honestly, if you’re still hung up on competing narratives for 9/11 you’re still stuck two decades in the past. Even the truthist movement grew bored with that seesaw 15 years ago.

      • You don’t think that is at all connected with what is going on now? Not in the least? Also i’m a “historian” so yeah things that happened in the past interest me. We’ve got one long connected story from 9/11 thru 2008 thru the plandemic and i believe its all connected. What do you think? Cause you know, people who lie about Great financial crisis and viruses killing us all would never do such a thing 😉

        • But it didn’t begin with 9/11..It began with the Kennedy assassination, which was engineered by the CIA and Israel, because Kennedy wanted to halt the Israeli nuclear program..Putting Johnson in also allowed the Israelis to steal a large quantity of fissionable material from the US, and get away with it…

          • “It began with the Kennedy assassination, which was engineered by the CIA and Israel, because Kennedy wanted to halt the Israeli nuclear program..Putting Johnson in also allowed the Israelis to steal a large quantity of fissionable material from the US, and get away with it…”

            This is a new one to me. I agree it was the CIA but i always thought it had more to do with his reluctance to get involved in Vietnam.

          • I wonder if bobby would have gone after those who killed his brother and hence wasn’t allowed anywhere near the levers of power……..

          • There are many groups who wanted JFK and later RFK dead. It’s no secret that “Da Mob” helped JFK get elected in ’60, and to return the favor his brother as Attorney General cracked down on organized crime. Well, that’s not the best way to return a favor, is it? Especially coming from two young scions from a man who made his fortune running booze during Prohibition.

            And even I know this…just from reading the occasional book, or frequenting alternative web sites.

        • “We’ve got one long connected story from 9/11 thru 2008 thru the plandemic and i believe its all connected.”

          I realize I’m dating myself, but your long connected story began on 11/22/63, carried through the removal of a President who had just won >500 electoral votes and >60% of the popular vote, and which brought an obscure small state governor with an ambitious wife to the White House in 1992.

      • I disagree. We’re still dealing with the consequences of that attack. Until the truth comes out, whatever that truth is, it’s a valid debate.

        To me, your logic smacks of the liberal approach to conservative outrage. At first, libs deny whatever evil thing is being done, and then they say it’s old news, without pausing in the middle part, where facts reside.

        If we agree to these terms, we’re giving them a “win” without making them fight for it. By now, most reasonable people agree that the official story is bunk. What we disagree on is what actually happened.

        Finding out, and making that information public, might go a long way in kicking our current elites to the curb, especially as it relates to warmongering neocons and the masters they serve.

      • The Patriot Act, NSA Fusion Center, BigTech/Government Panopticon, Airport ‘Security Theater’, and absurd politicization & militarization of domestic law enforcement are prima facie evidence you have no idea WTF you are talking about.

        Everything we are being crushed with due to related loss of liberty is related to the fact that “Some People Did Something” 21 years ago.

        It would be good to know the ‘real’ truth behind that but much like JFK it is doubtful it will ever see daylight.

        • Just because our liberties are dramatically diminished does not mean that the gubmint initiated some sort of false flag on 9/11 to steal those liberties. More likely, and just like the Kovid Krock, the Powers simply took advantage of a crisis that was gifted to them on a silver platter.

          • Don’t see how that follows.

            So they had a 2000 page patriot bill and all the other surveillance stuff in place ready to go and just stood around for years hoping for some massive attack on CONUS would allow them to roll it out?

            Does that really seem a likely sequence?

        • Also of note is that the US has not had a genuine budget pretty much since the creation of the Parriot Act, and other oppressive actions. Working by continuing resolutions permits the baseline budgetary allocations to roll over with the passage of these continuing resolutions. The Uniparty at work, digging these abominations into the workings of the government like some many ineradicable chiggers.

          • The US has not had a genuine budget since the Great Compromise of 1986, which allowed the GOP to cut taxes as much as desired and allowed the Democrats to borrow or create as much money as needed to spend as they wished.

          • That’s a curious term. One of my favorite John Prine songs is titled the same. It’s worth mentioning that the imagery, and theme of the ballad is of a young man who’s lost faith in his nation:

            “I used to sleep at the foot of Old Glory,
            And awake in the dawn’s early light,
            But much to my surprise, when I opened my eyes,
            I was the victim of the great compromise.”

  15. It must really suck to be Brittany Griner right now. She just got sentenced to 9 years in a gulag prison and her best hope is that Dennis Rodman is now going to negotiate for her release. But don’t you worry, that assassination of Dugin’s daughter is not effect that negotiation one bit. Take it to the bank.

    • Didn’t Rodman do yeoman’s work negotiating with the Norks under Trump? Diplomacy is his gift, apparently. I look for xzher to be out in time for the next war.

      • Yes, but I understand the Norks are bigger b-ball fans than the Ruskies.

        Had they sent Gretzky….

      • I don’t think Putin needs to make a conciliatory gesture to the US wrt Griner via Rodman. The Russians have done this same song and dance under Putin before. I forget the exact date, either under Obama or Bush, but the FBI grabbed a Russian here for espionage, the Russians cried foul, and within a couple of days they grabbed some American “smuck” in Moscow under the same charge. Presto, an exchange was negotiated. And the effect was that the FBI seems no to have done such nonsense since then.

        It will be an exchange. Rodman may announce such, but I don’t see him getting Griner back exchange free.

        • a seven-foot tall Negress pothead is not a prime trading card, from the US’s point of view. Even “Magic Negro”in a Democrat/Woke administration is a pretty low rank against international terrorist, convicted arms dealer, nabbed spy, etc.

    • Incidentally, when sundry corporations ca. 1990 stumbled all over themselves to enlist that fruity pituitary case as their spokesthing, I knew the jig was up. The worship of transgression and sexual deviance didn’t just pop up with the Biden administration.

  16. A comment on the Taki post since I didn’t find comment section there:
    Re: last 4 para’s
    Bezmenov was boring. So thank you Allan Dulles!
    Subproject 58 made the Boomers Boom and made them – and their 4th Turning successors – who they are today. Excellent presentation on that a decade ago by Jan Irvin and Joe Atwill. Worth a look – or listen if you can find it.

  17. The arrogance and stupidity of the elites has a way of allowing things to spin ridiculously out of control.

    American farm boys from Kansas were drafted and sent to kill German boys in the trenches of France… why? Because Gavrilo Princip shot Franz Ferdinand with a .32 in Sarajevo in 1914, that’s why.

    And American farm boys were once again drafted to go kill Germans in 1944… why? Because President Wilson demanded that Germany become democratic and the NSDAP formed a coalition government in a multiparty democracy after 100% legitimate democratic elections, that’s why.

    The “butterfly wings” theory is real and has gotten a lot of average dudes killed throughout history. The only question is why the hoi polloi continually allows itself to be led by the nose like cattle to the slaughterhouse so easily…

  18. “Reality is that thing that does not go away when you stop believing in it.” is the “Carthago Delenda Est!” of the ZMan.

    The West is definitely on a holiday from reality and the sad part is that there are no adults to stop it and get things back on track. Reality seems cruel and psychopathic when you have to come to terms with it after a drunk night, but the truth is that it is easy to be happy if you get along with Her.

    The whole equity stuff is cruel with the honest people of all kinds (even the ones that are overrepresented in crime stats). The truth is that minorities in the USA would be better served if they left competent people to manage the country and they left the judicial system to incarcerate all the violent crazies even at the “cost” of being overrepresented themselves. It would require a little common sense to realize that many of the good things we take for granted depend on letting a competent elite to get a bigger cut of the pie if your pie is going to be large enough.

    I believe that Marxism is a big part of the problem as regular to low IQ people can be indoctrinated in a happier ideology that let them understand we live in an extremely prosperous age and there is no upper class exploiting them. We live in the times of the overweight person with an iPhone and a 70 inch flat screen TV at home that thinks he is oppressed. Humans cannot live in reality too much and Marxism is just a nightmare and needs to be replaced by a more sane dream.

    I am surprised that I am now thinking that the problem started with liberalism and the enlightenment. I was indoctrinated into it to the extreme and I was a “classical liberal” until recently. There are a few books that argue that the whole thing started because a few party boys and girls wanted 24/7 access to promiscuous sex and the whole liberal ideology was tailored to subvert the old Christian sex morality.

    • Yeah, man. I think we have to pin this on the Enlightenment. It requires a rethinking of a lot of American history, but I can’t see it any other way. But then you get to observing things like, if the Constitution were so great, why was it only 80 years before half the states decided they had to kill their way out of it?

      And if that constitution was not able to prevent hostile elites from taking over, then what form of government would prevent it?

        • The Enlightenment injected a poison into Western society, to which no society can survive.

          I know that this sounds outrageous after centuries of brainwashing that the Enlightenment was the best, the Founding Fathers were very wise men, that freedom, equality and yaddah, yaddah, yaddah.

          This poison was individualism + relativism. No society can survive this. All societies are built on a shared notion of the good (a common moral standard, which is normally said to be of divine origin: Christianity, Islam, Confucianism).

          The Enlightenment claimed that each person can have its own moral standard (freedom). This is a recipe for disaster. This is the opposite of society. Society is giving up some of your freedom for the society to function. You can’t have a structure if you have freedom. You car or your body cannot work if each of the parts feels themselves free.

          It is the common moral standard that says which person has to cede some of his freedom in each case. This idea is completely strange to the modern man that feel itself free and willing to do anything that can get away with.

          So without a common moral standard, the society unravels. It degenerates into a fight of everybody against everybody else, in which the powerful people always win. These powerful people destroy society to get more benefits for them, because they are not limited by any moral standard.

          This is completely deadly but there is more. Besides freedom, there is equality, a complete nonsense because it does not exist in the Universe and it is impossible. So Western society is destroying itself in the quest of trying to make impossible things come true.

          Since the Enlightenment is expressed in terms of freedom and equality, no structure between the State and the individual can stand. For example, the cultural nation. If a Mexican person wants to illegally immigrate, this is freedom. This is equality with American people. If a woman wants to divorce, this is freedom.

          It is very difficult to defend your nation (or the family or any other structure) if your supreme goods are freedom and equality. Is it the heart free? Are the feet equal to the brain?

          No society could have endured this poison. Western society was the strongest society in history but it had a limit.

          The fact that Western society lasted so long after the bourgeois revolutions that implanted the Enlightenment ideology was due to the fact that it took long for people to be deeply imbibed by this ideology. For centuries, people followed Christian values while the political system was founded on Enlightenment anti-values. Only after the 60s, the school and the media managed to brainwash people to adopt the Enlightenment ideology in their private lives. It has been downhill after this.

        • Not the enlightenment precisely but the liberal movement that was an inherent part of it.

          The liberal movement is based on the premise that humans are born without any nature – a tabula rasa – with any and all negative behaviors caused by exogenous factors and influences. “Liberal” is a shortened form of liberate. The movement seeks to liberate people from those negative exogenous forces.

          When the movement began, the primary force they saw as a negative influence was aristocratic government. But grew to include ignorance, religious, culture, family and ultimately reality.

          It seeks the perfection of man, which is an impossibility, and so becomes frustrated with each victory, because the ultimate goal keeps receding.

      • WRT to the constitution, American history makes much more sense if you view the constitution as a diplomatic accord instead of an explication of legal principles.

        • Which makes the reaction of the Yankees even more odious. If the Constitution were to be viewed in this way, as a way to reduce potential flashpoints between the cultural norms in the various states, and those who seceded did so because they felt that that agreement no longer obtained due to increasing, willful infringements upon their rights to their own social arrangements, then their secession was justified. But Big Business Abe, the railroad attorney insisred otherwise.

          A moot point? Water over the dam? Maybe not, considering the present day cultural wars that have secession once again being bruited.

        • No such thing as a right to secession. There is only the ability (or lack thereof) to secede.

          • There could be a right to secession in natural law. Think of it as freedom of association extrapolated to the state level.

        • IMO the way to view the constitution is as a gentleman’s agreement. It works fine as long as everyone wants it to work, embraces the spirit of doing so, and doesn’t push the boundaries.

          But quickly falls apart when people fail to do all three.

    • I agree with nearly all you say, save for thinking the problem (of blank slate or all are equal) starting with Liberalism and the Enlightenment. Others have voiced similar opinions. I would agree, but with the added condition of “widespread adoption, in modern times” (past 300-400 years). But earlier examples can be found dating to (at least) ancient Greece and perhaps Rome.

      We the living enjoy the fruits (good fruits, at least), of things we think were discovered just in the past few centuries. But at least some of those were known to the ancients but lost. For example, two Greeks about 500 BC concluded the Earth is round. A few centuries later, another computed its circumference with accuracy, especially given the primitive technology of his day.

      Unfortunately stupid ideas can follow a similar growth pattern.

  19. > The attack was meant for him but killed his daughter instead.

    I’m not so sure of this, given the actions by the Azov nazis the past 8+ years. These are the same people who raped/tortured/murdered civilians in Odessa and recently dropped butterfly mines in civilian areas to purposely maim/kill Donbas children.

    • The FSB has identified one of the assassins. It is a women and she is now in Estonia. Russia will demand that she be returned to Russia. Estonia, run by lunatics, will refuse and then Estonian politicians can start worrying about polonium poisoning. This is the road to horror.

      • So an FSB proxy can spread polonium around central London or Tallinn but nobody may reciprocate.
        Interesting rule the Russians have created.

        What’s the Russian for childish?

        • Yeah sure cause they did.

          Like they found the deadly nerve agent novichock in some old perfume bottles in a bin that the police and paramedics were not affected by as they used the super secret antidote to military nerve agents of having a shower later on in the day.

          • Nerve agents are odd things. Right after 9/11 had to take about 40 hours of WMD training for the FD. Dispersal is the issue with most of them—easy to make hard to aerosolize effectively. And chemically, once mixed will break down relatively quickly—hence many are in binary projectiles and mix on firing. Understanding was the agent in the London case was painted on a door knob. We used the Japanese case as the training scenario (we have train lines in our district) where some were coated in it and died where many had peripheral exposure and only injured. SOG was rigging an aerial horizontally, tarping the sides, stripping and running ambulatory patients through showers from 1 3/4 lines. Non ambulatory would get O2 support, stripped and showered in situ and atropine injections as soon as available. That was just my peripheral experience. What I found charming was the estimate that 50% of my crew would be disabled for each 30 working minutes, even with full bunkers and on SCBA air.

        • Aleksander Litvinenko was a spy actively working against Russia. Daria Dugina was the daughter of a philosopher. If you cannot see the difference…

          The Russian word for obtuse is tupoi.

          • Yeah, the unofficial rule during the Cold War was neither side target each other’s case officers. The actual spies themselves were game. Litvinenko, from all I’ve fead about him, liked the game and lost according to the rules.

        • “What’s the Russian for childish?”

          Salisbury Cathedral, apparently.

      • You have to admire the patience and good manners of the Russians requesting extradition when both sides know Russia could roll Estonia in a matter of hours.

        I figure the Russians are busy sending out coded instructions via their HF radio, “Numbers Stations,” to activate particular sleeper agents in the West.

        Unfortunately, Russia has to react to this. Politically, Putin simply can’t afford to have this type of successful high-profile attack so close to Moscow.

        • Well, as revenge is a dish best served cold, the perpetrators of this attack likely will be identified, but not yet actively brought to justice barring anything unforseen; tracing back to their handlers might be very fruitful, and this work could be disrupted if the FSB were to act in haste.

          I think that the chief impact of this in Russia will be similar to that triggered by the egregious terrorist acts of the Wahhabi jihadis, such as the takeover of the theater, or the attack on the school in Beslan(?). These actions generated a public mandate and a consensus to do whatever needed doing to put a stop to this stuff. If I recall correctly, the Russians took out the shotcallers in some country in the Gulf states. It took time to confirm identities, as well as vulnerabilities, but when ready, they went kinetic with a vengence. On a parallel track, they also went after the lower level wetworkers whenever found. I should imagine that this encouraged those who financed these actions to reconsider as well, perhaps when the Russians had determined who they were, and let them know of this. Other potential donors would feel a cold wind blowing up their back, too. Slaughter a pig to scare those chickens who thought that they were safe from that.

        • How do you say “fucked around and found out” in Russian? Brittney found dead in her cell?

      • Wonder if there is an instrument to speculate in Polonium futures. Might be a hoppin’ market.

      • Just when you think Clown World cannot get more clownish….

        In the video footage of the woman assassin, it’s obvious she has the silicone-injected, distorted duck lips that the perverts running the GAE hold up as the distorted ideal of female beauty.

        Because of course she does.

        Bonus points for the Mini Cooper getaway vehicle that is actually a BMW in drag.

        • So the likelihood that a mid 40s woman with silicone lips made a radio controlled magnetic car bomb device is what?

          The person putting the device is irrelevant, its the planning and supply, manufacture that counts.

          RT had a weird sentence from the Russian security that along the lines that information was returned to London after the attack.

          Not looking great.

    • Agreed. There are any number of other suspects on the list that also have the motive and means for a hit like this. It is too early to tell with the info we have.

      Although – in hits like this, if it were terrorists, they would be hopping up and down and be screaming at the top of their lungs to take responsibility. As of yesterday I saw no evidence of this. It speaks loudly in favour of Z’s assumption.

      Not disagreeing with our esteemed blog host… but I will need to see the due diligence done before pointing fingers.

          • Simply put, terrorists are far less likely than they were 40 years ago to publicly take responsibility for their violence. They work entirely in the shadows and assume their message will be received without broadcasting it en clair. In doing so, they complicate if not obviate reprisals.

        • Yeah, most terrorism these days is organized from an official-looking building within 2 miles of the Potomac.

          • How do you know the earlier stuff wasn’t more of the same?

            Am I the only person that noticed that all the left wing/right wing terror groups in Europe through the 60s – 80s stopped almost overnight when large scale Muslim immigration was fed into Europe happened and it became islamic terror all the time?

  20. Vaguely recall a comment, attributed to Bismarck, though it doesn’t sound like his voice…to the effect of “achieving victory in a poorly considered war is akin to entering a dark room blindfolded and attempting to catch a black cat”

  21. “Now we have a new unknowable unknown in the mix. The assassination of Darya Dugina, by Ukrainian terrorists, is the sort of escalation that can set off a dangerous dynamic in this war.”

    Two words: Franz Ferdinand. The roles are reversed and there are weapons of mass destruction involved, but same old, same old. Many of us have feared since the outset of this war that the sociopaths and psychopaths who rule the husk of the West, along with their political, military and corporate puppets, would cause a conflagration that plunges us into mass death and destruction. It looks like we are well on our way now.

    As you write, the Russians have no other choice than to respond, and while targeting and killing Neocons and their propagandists would be almost universally welcomed, the likelihood of accidentally hitting others not as hated or despised is great and will lay the foundation for nuclear war.

    It is long past shameful to be a citizen of the United States. To refresh, the Biden Administration murdered an innocent Afghani family as a “response” to it getting soldiers killed in the overdue withdrawal from that country, but the raw stupidity and viciousness of this terrorist action is worse and cannot be blamed on ignorance and incompetence. We are powerless human shields and our lives are meaningless to the sociopaths in charge. The odds of death in a nuclear war they cause are enormous. We are as understandably seen just as culpable as the monsters who would gleefully do the same to us.

    Does the alien, hostile elite behind this madness think they are untouchable or are they on a deranged suicide mission? It certainly seems like the latter.

    • I didn’t know how bad things were until that mealy-mouther pathetic worm of a man from the DoD had his press conference and tried to explain why no one would be punished

      It’s the sort of thing entire departments would be sacked or worse for a couple decades ago, especially given the insane recklessness at every level of the operation.

    • Franz Ferdinand did not trigger the war – he was an excuse. If it had not been him, it would have been someone or something else. When the powers want to fight… they will, and nothing can stop it.

      My grandfather was in that war, and he went because the King told him and the boys that they’d be Over There for six months, pound the hell out of the Germans, hang the Kaiser and be home for Christmas as heroes – and the girls would be waiting. He beilived it – they all did.

      People are more sophisticated these days. TPTB can no longer control public opinion the way they used to. Right now I am more concerned about the upcoming elections. Sure, they don’t matter, voating harder will not change anything… but I could see another election heist as kicking off some interesting fireworks too.

      We live in interesting times and they are going to become fascinating in short order…

      • The lying was just as endemic then–Lloyd George and Raymond Poncaire convinced Woodrow Wilson they were on the cusp of victory and all they needed was a nudge. Wilson wanted a negotiated peace but changed positions based on that false information. The world never recovered. My great-grandfather also was a WWI vet and not in the least proud of it. He lived into the Eighties, too.

        You are correct that more people discount what their so-called leaders tell them now, usually based on accurate information, but the regimes no longer care about popular opinion, either.

        • You are lying.

          The Americans along with the British and Germans were planning for the war to go into 1919. Pershing worried that the war would end too quickly.

          Wilson changed his mind about reparations after he crossed the Atlantic and met the (in his words) “arrogant Germans”.

        • More people discount what the powers-that be tell them? Then how come did all those people wear masks and take shots?

      • “Sure, they don’t matter, voating harder will not change anything… but I could see another election heist as kicking off some interesting fireworks too.”

        You aren’t using your imagination dude, think bigger. Perhaps some sort of violence at a voting station which leads to martial law and the end of elections? Then trot out some “white nationalists” and ban the opposition. Kinda like they’ve done in the Ukraine. They’ve been telling us since 2016 that perhaps “democracy” isn’t the greatest unless it elects them.

    • WWI? The Corbett Report has an excellent three part series on the origins. Seems like the usual suspects in The City influencing things then are repeating them now. Tom Luongo has some excellent analysis of that as long a s two years ago in his podcasts.

      • English people control the minds of Germans and Austrians forcing the Germans to invade France over a dispute between Austria and Serbia.

        BTW the Russians trained Gavrilo Prinzip.

  22. It turns out that giving dangerous sociopaths like the neocons access to power is suicidal.

    Nothing new there, except the poundage of suffering. History is littered with psychos like Alexander, Cromwell, Charles XII, Marlborough, Napoleon, Hitler, Truman and others.
    The most interesting aspect is the ascendancy of females in serious government positions. They’re then required to demonstrate their toughness in the international scene. Thatcher put the Argentines in their place over the Falklands fiasco, something most people no longer even remember. But at least the islands haven’t become a stepping stone for Argentine domination of the Atlantic sea lanes.
    Whatever the actual plan for eastern Europe might be, we can trust Victoria Nuland and Susan Rice to pull enough strings to make it a success.

  23. “It turns out that giving dangerous sociopaths like the neocons access to power is suicidal.”

    The best way to do that is not let them into your country in the first place. If they are already there, then do as the Russians do and keep them out of the control nodes of civilization (power -> financial, media, education) so that they cannot hijack the state machinery of authority (ex: legislatures, police, military, state dept./foreign ministry) for their own ends.

    If you fail at this, then you end up like the Ukrainians, throwing their lives away by the hundreds of thousands in a desperate attempt by internationalist oligarchs to maintain control over the (stolen from Ukrainians) energy, mineral and industrial resources of eastern Ukraine. The interests of the Ukrainian-flavored internationalist oligarchs coincide with the interests of their more cosmopolitan kindred, who are focused on the larger issue of destroying the Russian Federation because the example of its defiant national sovereignty threatens to unravel the globalist project.

    The unfortunate reality is that in a multiethnic much less multiracial society, one must control the state forces of order to ensure that hostile ethnicities or races do not use them against you. Deportation and repatriation are the most morally correct answers. They all have homelands somewhere else where they actually belong. No respect given for the property rights or citizenship rights of warmongering enemies of civilization.

  24. Over on the Saker blog Andrei (the Saker) says that Dugin was more widely-read in the West than in Russia. My own limited efforts to read him left me scratching my head, but perhaps that’s my own limitation. I suspect Russia will exact reprisals for the murder of Dugin’s daughter. I think another form of assymetric warfare would be for Russia to arrange shipments of anti-tank or anti-aircraft missiles to Mexican drug cartels in the United States, along with the training to use them. (Drug cartels have already fought the Mexican army to a standstill on some occasions.) Lightly-armored vehicles and police helicopters and drones would be fairly easy targets for such weapons and would greatly complicate U.S. law enforcement operations. Imagine a DEA/local law enforcement raid where the vehicles are smoldering wrecks and the helicopters and drones are piles of burning pieces.

    • > Imagine a DEA/local law enforcement raid where the vehicles are smoldering wrecks and the helicopters and drones are piles of burning pieces.

      Good thing Law Enforcement has shown themselves to be impeccable heroes, risking their lives daily for the common good as can be seen by their heroism in Uvalde. No way they would let the cartels get their way without a fight.

    • I think that that would be a lot of waste motion. After all, the alien-led West is doing a bang up job of committing suicide already, so why interrupt your enemy when he is in the process of making a mistake and run some degree of risk of providing the West with a tangible causus belli, something that Putin and Lavrov are tiptoing around.

      No, the Russians are occupied in fighting the West/NATO as it is, but largely on their own terms, taking down their stalking horse, Ukraine, and letting them ultimately sanction themselves in their petulant frenzy. The tactic is to grind slowly, but exceeding fine, all the while baiting the West/NATO to reveal themselves rather like the proverbial monkey scaling a tree, all the better for everyone to be thus enabled to see its big, red ass in all of its hideosity, and this not merely to those in the non-Western/NATO world, but more tellingly, to its own citizenry.

      • I believe there will be some sort of payback by the Russians but on the down low. They won’t celebrate it but it will happen. It’s likely that whatever it is won’t be recognized by most in the West as retaliation but the elite will know or at least be suspicious.

        This is a bad time by our elites to push a war on us. There is a substantial minority of us who will root for the other side and maybe if we can try to help them. Count the indifferent but not openly hostile to the USG and you probably have a majority.

        There are interesting times ahead. We can’t know what will happen.

    • Don’t be puzzled about Dugin the father. His importance in Russia is widely overestimated in the West. He is a convenient scapegoat for the West because he has some extreme and even eliminationist views about Ukrainians and non-Russians in Eurasia. I strongly suggest looking at how outfits like or The New Atlas/Brian Berletic assess Dugin’s stature in Russia. He is merely an excuse for further Western provocation against anti-globalist factions in Eurasia.

    • Are you suggesting Cartel has enough money to buy arms on the Ukrainian black market?

      Muy goodness. And we just happen to have 2 million men of military age coming in every year.

    • Diversity Heretic: Most of the drug cartels include members with official US military training. Mexican gangs are everywhere in all branches of the US armed forces (primarily army and Marines, less so in Air Force and Navy (Navy is increasingly black).

      • I’m not an expert by any means. However, by reading scattered news reports, the problem of organized crime members (foreign or domestic) infiltration has been reported as a problem afflicting domestic police and “relevant” Federal agencies such as Border Patrol or DEA. A rational commander will place moles where they are most useful. If I were a Mexican drug lord, thus I’d prioritize putting my man in the CBP or DEA, not the 321st Air Defense Battalion of the local Air Guard 🙂

  25. “She is lucky that he did not ring up the god of the underworld and give her to him as a bride”.

    Dear Lord, I’m laughing as I type this, out loud in a crowded restaurant. The geezers having their Monday breakfast are giving me the fish eye.

    I don’t know how you do it Z, but thank you for a bright moment on a Monday morning.

    • Mx. Marin does have a 4-year old daughter though. In fact she snapped an instie of the child at her teet. That a 36-year-old prime minister mother of a 4 year old would go out grinding at a party is the shocking thing for me. You’d expect this behavior at a trailer park.

      • Also note Mx. Marin was captured on video cucking her husband by grinding on some Finnish pop/rock star.

      • Actors act on stage and are dopamine seekers in private.

        The mistake is seeing these people as politicians. They are cast and directed.

      • Per Wikipedia, she lived with the father of her daughter for about 15 years before marrying him about 2 years ago. She has no decorum or dignity for a married woman of 36 with a daughter. (In a more reasonable age, she would have received a beating from her husband with the approval of her own family, although without any serious or permanent injuries.) That she is also a prime minister speaks volumes about the decadence of the West, as Z’s Takis post so eloquently describes.

  26. First, the Taki post is one for the ages. The turn of phrase is epic and encapsulates an encyclopedia of message in just a few descriptive words. No one writing on the internet today is as efficient as our host. The only thing I would add is that Sanna is hot, dumb, and bangable; and therefore totally miscast as a PM, but seriously could have become a world class MILF.

    As for today’s post, once again, go deeper. The root problem is that we are now ruled by suicidal corruptocrats who will push the envelope until they get the civil war they so desperately desire. In their conception of this outcome, the jackboots win and tyranny flourishes with them in charge. But more likely is that the spring has been winding tighter for over a decade now and the repressed fury has been building like a sleeping volcano. When normie has finally had enough, a spark will ignite an inferno of rage. And anyone even remotely associated with liberal Progressivism is going to start dying horribly and immediately. As in the French Revolution, there will be no mercy.

    • But if we descend the socio-and-psychopaths to meet their Master, who would Rule over Us?? Malignant Overlords are eternal.

    • “Sanna is hot, dumb, and bangable; and therefore totally miscast as a PM, but seriously could have become a world class MILF.”

      Your standards are very low. She is a used up whore, probably full of STDs and hitting the wall with full force.

  27. The car bombing – besides being reprehensible – is shockingly and, more important, terrifyingly stupid. This is an extremely bad sign.

    If there’s a silver lining, it’s that the world will now have no illusions about the foreign elite who rule the American Empire. The desire of the Chinese, Indians and other countries to get out from under the thumb of these gangsters will be greater than ever.

    • Being under the thumb of bona-fide gangsters if probably better for one’s sanity than dealing with the American Empire. Imagine being accused of war crimes your enemies set up. Then being given ultimatums you comply with only for them to accuse you of shirking them. Then being subject to a massive media slander campaign where you’re compared to mustache guy for weeks.

      At least the mob will show the courtesy of just whacking you without the incessant gaslighting.

      • True. The only thing worse than a gangster is a moralizing gangster. Actually, you can get worse: a moralizing gangster who considers himself the victim even as he beats and robs you.

        • Ah, yes. That brings to mind this great passage from the pen of C.S. Lewis:

          Dropping in a link will probably have me thrown ass over tin cup into moderation, only to emerge from Purgatory at some unknown time. Oh well, it is a fine distillation of the problem, is it not?

          • Don’t access that link. It gives a (probably fake) security warning. That’s actually not too far from what we treat here: a false flag . In this case a (probable) bad actor pretending to detect a “problem” which you can solve by installing his program, changing some settings, calling this number or visiting this website. Yeah, right buddy!

      • “Being under the thumb of bona-fide gangsters if probably better for one’s sanity than dealing with the American Empire”

        Evergreen: “Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised
        for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with approval of their own conscience.” — C.S. Lewis, The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment.

        • My college neighbor was a tyrant in training. He espoused just such ideas, then went to work for a politician to help enact them. When challenged on his ideas he said that they would be pushed regardless of opposition or even minor support because he though they were right.

      • Given how we are seeing real time gaslighting wrt Russia/China/Enemy de jour, makes one wonder if any gaslighting was involved regarding mustache man . . . hmm.

    • Yep. It was up there with the MAL raid in the “It seemed like a good idea at the time” league. Maybe the Deep Staters are just panicky idiots after all.

  28. If I were Putin, I would start targeting media people, including executives. They have the least personal security, and are the most cowardly. Plus their deaths will elicit very little outrage amongst the home population.

    Planting car bombs in Moscow is very short sighted, to say the least. Would be funny if the Russians grabbed some US officials – or even politicians – and took them back to Russia for show trials for war crimes.

    • The targeting of media figures is a feature of Matt Braken’s “What I Saw at the Coup”.

      It’s a well done, short read, with LOTS of useful ideas.

      • And I recall it featured an overly confident belief in mastering the
        “Action-reaction” calculus.

        • You are correct.

          The bad guys expected “A” and got “B”. I’ve always thought of it as a manual for a potential conflict with the Clouds.

          In keeping with the overall mindset of most of the posters here, I especially like the notion of Air Force 1 being grounded in South America due to a lack of maintenance skills. A priceless passage.

    • Russia can design their counter moves to send a clear message while maintaining plausible deniability.

      How sad would it be if someone at say, the ISW, were to have an unfortunate car accident? Or perhaps get caught in a mugging gone terribly wrong?

      • Like that Seth Rich fellow, for instance. The “mugger” left his wallet behind. Facilitated identification of the deceased, made it simple for the assassin to verify his completion of the appointed task.

        In your hypothetical, facilitation of the identity of the deceased would expedite spreading the message implicit in this unfortunate incident. Schade, nicht wahr?

    • Disagree. They need to start “Descending” from the death jab they foisted on the compliant Normies.
      Perhaps the Russians can formulate a “special” version for them. Media, the top of the Sick(dont)Care system, and mid level people at the Fraud & Death Administerers. Obvious mutations, slow and painful. They could be the first walking dead of the Zombie Apocalyse. After all, they do (figuratively) eat brains.

    • Is the irony lost on anyone that much of Western media, and perhaps even government, is more Marxist than the Soviet Union was? Have the tables turned so much that post-Communism Russia now finds her enemy is a diffuse, mutant descendant of the infiltration she tried for decades under Soviet rule: corrupt the West and her institutions?

    • “Who are the people running the American empire?”

      Lizards in human skin suits.

      [Search on the keywords “Jesse Karmazin” and “Young Blood”.]

        • Damn, that is a good line. I’m sure I can use it in the Catholic side of the family, but I really want to tweak the Ulster descended Presbyterian side of the family. Unfortunately, they abstain from humor along with alcohol and fun on the Sabbath

  29. > Darya Dugina is the daughter of Alexander Dugin, the most important intellectual in the world today. His ideas about a post-Cold War east are credited with shaping the world view of Putin and his supporters.

    Vaguely familiar with Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory, and he’s definitely an interesting thinker, but I hear so many conflicting things about his actual power. Some say he is a mastermind who has the ear of Putin, and others say he’s just a boogeyman of the West and other thinkers have far more influence in Russia. No idea who to believe.

    In any case, killing someone’s daughter, even if she wasn’t the target, will only serve to infuriate. In any case, can’t help but agree this was a planned escalation that is likely to backfire horribly.

    • Remember we assassinated the popular head of the Iranian armed forces in cold blood by a missile in early 2020, after making friendly gestures towards him?

      Shame on the USA.

      • Luongo noted at the time that he was perhaps the only person in a position to promote real peace in the Middle East. And that a small country on the east coast of the Mediterranean, with ties to the Trump family, could NOT allow that.


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