The Death Of Bourgeois

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Spengler famously described a civilization as having a birth, life and then a decline into death, much like the life of man. One of the features of decline is the elite stops being elite in term of talent and ability. They may sit atop society and hold power over the people, but they are no longer a genuine elite. They simply hold positions in a system created by those who came before them. They are the inheritors of status that they did not earn and they lack the ability to earn.

This reality is becoming increasingly obvious as we see highly credentialed morons stagger from one blunder to the next. Europe is about to go into a modern version of the turnip winter because European leaders picked a fight with Russia, the primary energy supplier to the continent. The people leading Europe do not decorate themselves like African potentates, but they are every bit as ridiculous. They are like children wearing their parents clothes, pretending to be adults.

The decline of the elites has become so obvious that even some former neocons are starting to notice the problem. Victor David Hanson has a piece in American Greatness bemoaning the decline of the elites. He clings to his old civic nationalists beliefs, so that has left him in a no man’s land of sorts. He cannot take the trip over the great divide, but he cannot sign onto the latest thing. He is left to argue that better people at the top would somehow fix the system.

What civic nationalist critics fail to see is the elite incompetnace is a product of the system, rather than a plague upon it. The crisis in the West is not caused by failed leadership but rather the elites are a product of the same forces behind the general crisis in the West. A bourgeoise culture evolved in the 20th century that naturally leads to a flattening of talent. The elites seem mediocre because bourgeoise society, taken to its logical end, is the celebration of mediocrity.

One part of it is democracy. The core assumption of democracy is that all opinions are equally valid, if not equally correct. The former is a moral claim while the latter is an empirical claim. The problem is you cannot suppress a moral claim with a factual one, so bad opinions can flourish like weeds alongside good ones. Before long it is impossible to tell the good from the bad. In fact, any effort to pull the weeds from the garden is met with howls of protest.

Of course, democracy in the modern sense is only possible in a society with a large middle-class, like post-war America. Prior to the war, egalitarian notions had little purchase in American society. Men were equal before God and equal before the law, but few people confused that with equality of talent. Nonwhites were systematically excluded from everything important because whites naturally assumed they lacked the ability to perform the duties of citizens.

The great explosion of middle-class life after the war changed that view. In a world where most white people could expect a nice house in a nice neighborhood and their kids would have a better life, natural equality started making sense. As the bulk of white Americans entered the material sameness of middleclass life, they began to adopt the spiritual sameness of bourgeoise life. When the observed differences were the result of effort, it is not a big leap to egalitarian civic nationalism.

Late 20th century America became a bourgeois-ocracy. Middle-class values dominated not just the popular culture, but elite culture. The world of deeds gave way to the world of clever words. When the plumber’s house is not that much different from the lawyer’s house, there has to be something other than material prosperity to distinguish the lawyer from the plumber. The result was a growing collection of soft things, moral signifiers to distinguish people within the bourgeoise space.

As an aside, the drive to impoverish the middle-class is not the result of a ravenous elite seeking to enrich itself. It is the result of an insecure elite trying to create distance between itself and the vast middle-class. Think of the college student that comes home with a nose ring and blue hair. The point is to put space between herself and her family with the exaggerated gesture. Our sophomoric elites are doing the same things, except you will eat bugs and walk to work.

Putting that aside, this need to distinguish oneself within a system that champions sameness is part of what drives the current thing. People within the elite of a bourgeois-ocracy struggle to distinguish each other within the elite. The reason they rush from one weird fad to the next is the fear of melting into the bland, gray nothingness that is bourgeoise culture. They are not weird for material gain or even spite, but out of fear of being smothered by the great nothingness.

This excellent essay in First Things about the intelligent is pre-revolutionary Russia gets at an aspect of this phenomenon. In a world where deeds count for very little, the only thing left is posturing. In pre-revolutionary Russia, liberals were happy to sign on with the radical terrorist, even though they were often the victims. The reason is the pose was a way to signal their existence. They sided with radicals because that let them stand apart from the crowd.

The modern intelligent, with her pronouns in her profile, is simply hoping to create barriers in the gray nothingness. On the one hand, it signals moral status within the gray nothingness of bourgeois life. On the other hand, it creates the sense that there is a moral barrier to entry. The gross people at Target do not use the proper pronouns, while the cool people using Instacart never deadname anyone. The meaningless gestures are supposed to give meaning in an otherwise meaningless culture.

The crisis in the West is not due to faulty elites. The elites are the product of a long decline into a bourgeois-ocracy. The replacement of the vertical relations with horizonal ones was always unnatural and unnatural things cannot last. The mediocre elites are just the natural result of mediocre people spawned by the socio-political culture that values mediocrity over greatness. Nature selects against the mediocre and therefore the bourgeois-ocracy is trundling to its natural end.

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204 thoughts on “The Death Of Bourgeois

  1. I concur with all of this, though I would go further and ascribe the rise of mediocracy to the rise of the female – a group strangely not mentioned in this piece.

    By the way: “unnatural things cannot last” – yes indeed. This is my precept No.1, though I put it thus: “Anything unnatural has deleterious consequences in the long term.” If you believe this, you must adjust your position on environmentalism. Gotcha.

  2. O/T

    As there seems to be a bit of push back about CBCs in the US the US govt is launching a totally not digital currency trojan hilariously called FedNow.

    So it looks like visa/mastercard et al will be rolled into this network in all likelihood as the retail backbone, shortly followed by the retail banks, as they will end up as extensions of the federal system. You don’t need a bank if there is only govt wallets.

    I assume they originally wanted to go with SerfNow but thought FedNow had a friendlier ring to it.

  3. I’m currently in the weeds on my seventh book and while they have been well-reviewed, I still feel my constant aim for clarity (not a normal goal for an academic, I’ll admit) falls far short of the mark when I read a short essay like this. I was across the divide well before I found Z, but this kind of bracing prose would surely have done the trick had I found that last step over to be a bridge too far from the other side. Even when I disagree with various formulations, particular points, or whole arguments here, the reading itself is always invigorating, as are many of the comments.

    The first two paragraphs were just wonderful. They went down very well with my ounce of scotch.

    Please keep them coming, Z.

  4. Not sure I’d knock walking to work. A long time ago I had a workplace on the edge of town, really in the woods, and lived in an apartment complex nearby. I walked to work, and it took five minutes. Could leave home ten minutes before my shift started, and get to work early. There was a noon to midnight shift, and I’d often encounter deer walking home at midnight. Beat the heck out of commuting in a traffic jam.

    • Just as winter played a major role in stopping the German invasion of Russia, Operation Barbarossa last century, winter may doom Germany and the rest of Europe in its Uke war effort by Putin turning off their gas supply. T warned them about their reliance on Russian energy, but, you know, Orange man bad.

      How bad will winter be? Blackouts, shortages, unaffordability of necessities? How bad will civil unrest become?

      So somebody, anybody, talk me out of this. The future of the United States does not consist of race wars and disintegration? Instead we will go gently into that utopian tyrannical, Marxist goodnight, where we will own nothing and be happy? Chinese hegemony does not replace the United States? Western Europe does not become Muslim?

      Yes! Trend lines can always be reversed, right?

      • Tractor Supply has limited amounts of bagged nut coal, a 40 pound bag for $10, will burn for 30 hours, longer if supplemented by wood. Got me 3 bags full yes sir yes sir.

  5. “…bourgeois-ocracy is trundling to its natural end.”

    It needs to pick up the pace.

  6. The question is sheer survival of societies in the West under stress from its insane, emotion-driven leaders desperate for distinction against the common man.

    The Germans are likely to be starving, and we hungry. Iraq is falling apart and the Shia have stormed the Presidential Palace and the Embassy is reportedly evacuating (there may already be hostages). This as we are hell-bent on the Iran Deal (because there is a tidal wave of money coming Democrats way in the deal). Meanwhile some Senior FBI official has reportedly been “escorted out the building” as Wray/Garland look for a fall guy as even Lindsay Graham said there would be riots if Trump was indicted. We can’t even launch rockets out of NASA now, that’s for some Tech bro billionaire. [The Moon launch was scrubbed].

    Technology increases complexity and fragility – it enables great wealth and power but has a cost. People like us are NEEDED. That is our strength. Drag Queen Story Hour is all well and good until the power goes out for three months and there is no food.

    • Society will fail to notice the correlation between the increase in incidence of drag queen story hour and the decrease in first world living standards.

      Common sense, rational thinking, and forethought are all but dead.

      The best we can manage for ourselves is a soft landing spot away from the masses.

    • Never succumb to the great right copes:

      1. Politicians don’t want to oppress us; they’re blackmailed into it.

      2. Once this case gets to discovery, it’s all coming out.

      3. When the lights go out on civilization, sanity returns.

    • Did anyone notice the comment on another website about the Canadian rep named Freeland being harangued in an elevator with her squad? My thought was instead of yelling and calling her a fu77ing bi77h he should have stuck his foot in the elevator and kneeled so they couldn’t escape, and prayed loudly for the Lords (specific) violence to overtake them, and if they tried to climb out over him, started yelling Don’t Touch Me, Stop Attacking Me.

  7. Perhaps slightly off topic, but academic and scientific journals have gone full Ministry of Truth. Both of these are somewhat lengthy. If you want a very brief summary, basically science must take a back seat to political correctness. In fact if that science might in any way offend someone, it probably won’t even be allowed to seat on the bus.

    Link to the Nature editorial.

    • Thanks for this. Very interesting.

      This seems to be a unilateral declaration by the publishers.
      “Nature Human Behaviour” journal is edited by ‘professional editors’ rather than the usual senior academics. Most of them are women. The Chief Editor looks like a prototypical feminazi. There we have it. This is the primary problem. There is no hope until these women can be deplatformed and enkitchened.

  8. Yes, but how does your Dirt People and Cloud People intersect with “bourgeoise” society.

    I would use Curtis Yarvin’s three layer Educated Gentry, Commoner, and Client. or something similar.

    And the point of the Commoner class is that, yes, to the “intelligent” or the educated pronouner, the “bourgeoise” culture is gray and meaningless. But the actual Commoner finds meaning in work, marriage, children, and making a home.

    The situation of the “intelligent” or the Cloud Person is that mere middle-class bourgeois existence is not enough. Thus they need something higher, nobler. And like the Russians in that First Things article they need to destroy society in order to save it.

  9. Re your Taki post: I agree it is bad policy to have a large number of young people crushed under debt. But I don’t think we have to have a full debt jubilee for student loan debt. We should just let these loans be dischargeable in Ch 13 bankruptcy like other debts. The court would determine the 5 year payment schedule and the portion to be discharged. It could also determine which type of loans would be discharged, undergraduate, graduate etc. The borrowers would not get away scot free as they would pay a portion for 5 years and have adverse credit consequences as well.

    My problem with this is that by doing this all taxpayers now have responsibility for that debt. College grads typically make more money than non college grads. So it seems pretty unfair. Maybe to fund it we revoke the special tax shelters and trusts the truly rich use to shelter their gains. And make it retroactive with a credit for taxes paid when the shelter was first used.

    • Rather than put the taxpayers or “the rich” on the hook, the universities should be required to contribute. They’ve been the primary beneficiaries of the increasing tuition windfall and the larger ones have hundreds of billions of dollars in endowments stashed away.

      Property rights need to be respected or we’re all going to be eaten by the maw of ever growing government confiscation. But the tax exempt status of the universities who’ve churned out the thousands of students with over priced degrees who have no employable skills need to be addressed. They are more responsible for the current situation than the students.

    • Maybe the cost of loan forgiveness should be deducted from Federal Grants to Higher Education, over, say a Ten year period.

  10. There’s also the more cancerous problem of smart people looking at the lunacy and just deciding to stay out of society entirely. You see it a lot. Some really talented individual shows up at a community or government meeting. He gets confronted with a wall of incompetence and stupidity. He might even try to help out for a while. But the incompetence and stupidity also mask the corruption and graft, and the smart person realizes the whole thing is a scam and moves on to other things that require a lot less pretending to be stupid. Or, they try to help out, but the screamers start showing up at the meetings and grind everything to a halt.

    A lot of the genuinely smart people I know just roll their eyes and go find more interesting things to do with their time. They couldn’t be bothered to save stupid people from themselves and actually are just sitting back waiting for things to implode.

    • That is where I am and I think lots of DR people currently reside. I’m done talking because there is nothing left to talk about. Yet it’s too early to start “removing” so I simply opt out. I come to Zs blog for the erudite commentary but I’m under no illusion any of it matters.

      Having to peel the onion slowly for normies and to maintain the semblance of polite society when talking politics is time & energy I don’t have.

      If I talked about what I –really– think should be happening people will start to physically move away from me, so why bother? Let it burn, not my problem. I’m positioning myself as best I’m able for the long slow decline. Don’t bet on collapse in your lifetime, it’s all too common and it’s a conceit you likely can’t afford.

      • This is exactly my view. I am under no delusion that the “good guys” will win and the leftists will get what they deserve. What I really think should be done with them is that which we cannot speak of.

        I do not engage in political discourse and haven’t for quite some time. It gets my blood pressure up when I see something stupid spouted from a leftist, but I have learned to suppress the rage. You cannot help them. The power of the stupid is all too overwhelming.

        • The last time I interacted with a dingbat leftist, it was at my sisters place. I listened with interest the drivel that she was espousing.

          When she was done, I politely told my sis I was leaving. No drama. When she showed disappointment, I explained that the person she had invited into her home, was dangerously stupid.

          You could see she knew what I was talking about.

  11. And yes Student Debt should be CANCELLED. But justice would demand that racketeering colleges should eat it for the fraud they perpetrated.

    But of course Joe Taxpayer Griller Sucker will pick up the tab. What a surprise!

    • No, it should not. You do not teach stupid people who borrowed vast sums of money they cannot hope to repay on a $34,000 salary to be less stupid with money by blame-storming the colleges.

      What you do is make the colleges co-sign the loans instead of the parents. It’s not a college loan, it’s a Federal loan, and therefore the college is just as much a party to that loan as the student and the parents. And I have zero problem requiring colleges to allocate 40-50% of their endowments to a non-means-based program to pay down student (but especially parent) loan debt. And, bar colleges from claiming “100% of need met” unless that 100% is done through grants and scholarships. What they currently do is this:

      $50,000 tuition
      – $10,000 scholarship
      – $10,000 grant
      – $20,000 subsidized loan
      – $10,000 Parent Plus loan
      = 100% of need met. That’s just fraud.

      But no, the debt should not be canceled. That is stupid and cruel to the stupid people who borrowed the money in the first place. All you’re teaching them is that their FHA, VA, or other Fed backed mortgage should be canceled.

      And you can damn well bet that this is up next on the agenda.

      • I don’t disagree with what you’re saying.

        My point is that for decades the propaganda has been pounded that everyone needs useless college degrees and that degree, even in anthro, will get you a high paying job and make you one of the beautiful people.

        The idea of putting a nice but naive 18 year old on the hook for 50 grand (or more!) in order to sweat through idiotic classes and papers for 4+ years is criminal. The college doesn’t give a shit if that kid gets a job afterward and has just sucked away his most productive working years with him getting no benefit whatsoever! Even if the kid didn’t take out a loan and his well-off parents footed the ridiculous bill, I’d say the parents should be refunded for this monumental fraud!

        Coulter or Tucker called universities “hedge funds with classrooms.” It’s a criminal enterprise both financially AND in terms of the insanity being taught in the “social sciences.”

        • Yep, I was one of the brainwashed young fools who thought college was the ticket to success. The only thing that saved me was I took advantage of being the kid of a disabled veteran to get discounted tuition. That allowed me to work my way through college, though I didn’t get to have any of the alleged “fun” that supposedly comes with going to college.

  12. Spengler is correct. There is no stopping America going down the toilet. The only question is HOW FAR into satanic depravity it goes and when it ends.

    America was once a great country with a good culture and decent people; at least as good and decent as people are on a mass scale. It was forged by strong and smart (huwhite) men. There was baseball, mom, and apple pie. A modicum of Christian decency and realistic views of the races and sexes. Ward and June Cleaver are badly missed.

    But what must be understood is that left to to natural devices government, ALL GOVERNMENT, is a criminal organization, a mafia that enslaves the rest. It’s no different than the psychotic serial killers who get off on control, pain, and humiliation. It is the psychos who can resist killing in their basements who sublimate that need into “public service.”

    The decent people, the majority once in the USA, tried for decades to keep their country and they failed at every turn. Why? One basic reason: good people basically do not want to rule or to harm others while bad people DO. And those willing and able to inflict pain will take the whip-hand one way or another.

    Anyway, what’s done is done and there is no coming back. In the future if there is any hope, I don’t want to see any more “representative democracies” or “republics” or “constitutions”; it all leads to government which as I said is inherently criminal or will be left to it’s own devices. A virtuous king is necessary, a George Washington who DOESN’T step down after 8 years. An individual who’s personal nature is to maintain, defend, and uplift his people.

    I know, i wont hold my breath.

    • It all starts with a homogenous, all white society. The mistake was made the minute the first African stepped foot on the soil.

        • Bartleby: Don’t give that bastard more credit than he deserves. Lincoln never truly meant it and would never have carried through with it, yet conservatards still crow he was a race realist. No, he was an opportunist who said whatever earned him the most brownie points with his listeners at the time.

  13. If our modern day society is as meaningless as described in this post, which it is, then the other side of the coin is another segment of society committing violence for the sake of violence just to feel something. I’m not just talking about n -words who are violent by nature, but any male of youth whose currently being suffocated. The whole MMA culture is a legal, highly marketed culture that channels this need. But I sense a group of young people coming along who’ll want more than that. Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange is the perfect archetype for the dystopian future of today.

    • The 2020 summer of love was pretty much that. The chimpout phase from St. Floyd didn’t really last all that long, but the entire rest of the summer you had the mostly white antifas running around trying to set downtown Portland on fire. Sure their excuse was racial blah-de-blah, but the actual motivation was pure Clockwork Orange.

      • Those antifa fags also fanned out and tried to start forest fires to harm White rural communities in Oregon. Some of them even succeeded at causing some damage. They will try again though, so those of you in rural communities need to be aware and prepared in case that happens.

        • they don’t do well outside their urban environments, my relatives in a small E OR town lined the main street carrying their weapons and the local cops simply told antifa, we cannot protect you. Their bus turned around and left.

    • Those young people, at least 99 percent of them, sit on their fat, lazy, tatted asses and watch MMA. Alex and his high testosterone, high energy droogs were kinetic and ultra-violence. So I don’t see it. Even the Sub-Saharans are getting too slovenly and soy-infused to loot a Target with near as much gusto in the past. They also are starting to commit suicide at rates greater than their White counterparts. There’s a White Pill for you.

      If AI droogs come on line, I will change my mind. Maybe.

  14. More signs of creeping Western decay as the UK aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales breaks down one day into a four month long mission, reportedly due to a mechanical issue involving one of its propeller shafts:

    I wonder how many RPMs Lord Nelson is currently rotating at? I bet you could stuff him in a dynamo and easily cover the UK’s current power needs.

    • It’s called “NATOs Flagship”.

      An overpriced/hyped white elephant.

      Of course it is.

      • Aircraft carriers are not only white elephants but dangerously obsolete in this age of hypersonic missiles. Their whole raison d’etre was that they could stay out of range and deliver massive airpower. Hypersonics have made that a null hypothesis.

    • But Liz Truss is ready to go to war. As a line in the XTC song from their album Black Sea, “Living Through Another Cuba”, had it, “Tell the Lion to put his teeth back in”. Andy Partridge related of this song, written in response to Cold War I, “It was total nuclear-war paranoia. That, and the uselessness of England – this completely and utterly useless little country whose significance in the world ended at the First World War.” (Maybe a bit of an overstatement considering their efforts in WWII, after which it becomes largely true.)

      But that’s about the size of it now, innit? But trying to tell Liz what time it is would clearly be a fool’s errand.

      • Not only direct UK troops in Ukraine (UK army is currently about 80k), but also cut off all China cooperation and label them as hostile and commit the navy to south china sea.

        No finished goods to the UK from China.

        No one is that incompetent.

      • Jersey;

        Liz Truss is not “going to war”. She may send others to their death, but it won’t be her or hers.

        Notice when it comes to sending boys to their death, or spending other people’s money, political asshats have no difficulty. There are absolutely no consequences to them.

        • Maybe the “boys” are cottoning on. UK army recruitment is in the toilet. Why should the usual white working class kids sign on when they will be told how awful they are and see AA picks take all the top jobs?

      • What did they do in WW2 other than sink the French fleet at dock, murdering over 1,000 French sailors, on Churchill’s command?

    • And the fun really starts when Liz finally shuffles off and the real Prince of Wales becomes Queen.
      Republic in 20 years.

      • From the ever changing pictures of Liz I would say she has been dead a while and they have been going with a look alike for a while. It was odd that there was a flurry of stuff around Andrew getting booted and the other royals all at the same time. So I pin her death around then.

        I thought they were going to roll out a state funeral during the coof to unify the nation.

        But maybe they decided to save it to try and derail the mass food riots coming in the winter.

  15. “ Think of the college student that comes home with a nose ring and blue hair. The point is to put space between herself and her family with the exaggerated gesture.”

    Ya think, Z…? That one bothers me.

    I dunno. It has the ring of truth…but… I found myself in that exact same situation years ago when my daughter came home and announced she was now a lesbian. The hive greeted this with open arms and love and support. Only I rejected it to begin with. Obviously my daughter and I needed distance… and I can see why I got cancelled. But she cancelled all of the others in the hive too.

    And she didn’t do that to impress other elites or elitists… the last I saw in her circle, the kids were all bums and flakes. Mediocrity would be something they’d have to struggle for. I think she was trying to impress a different hive, and her behaviour was the product of peer pressure.

    I didn’t know much about queers or SJWs at the time, and I didn’t trust the work of fags like Vox Day who claimed to be authorities on the subject. I started studying them myself… and you are exactly right. Those people move in swarms or herds. They use the same language, the same narratives, and the same scripts and lines. The difference between them and the Globohomo elite in terms of sociology…is conversational at best.

    Hmmmmpffff. They have their own language, their own community, their own morals and ethics… their own system, really. Sure, it parasites off the mainstream… but I wonder if we are mixing up causes and effects?

    Consider: our elites used to run the system because they had the wherewithal and talent for it. They could even fix it if things went awry. Could it be that the parasite system grew alongside the old establishment one? And that it is simply devouring its host?

    There well could be a number of things at work here.

    • I suppose that she did this to impress the moral code that trickled down from the elite (leaving out hive-theory stuff). When a young girl used duck lips in a selfie a couple years back, she was not doing it to pay homage to Kim Kardashian or whatever idiot in the stratosphere that pushed it. She did it to appease her peers, who were shaped by the stratosphere.

    • Sorry to hear that Glenfilthie. Believer here, too. Hang onto what is good. Our kids are all up, out, highly functional, married, traditional and conservative, grandkids, solid, but your story is very common. It’s messed up. We are very fortunate—almost a minority now, wife and I, (58 and 62). I fear for my grandkids….

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  17. In short, when we get to the final stages of a civilization, the leaders are as crappy as the people they represent. It’s the same old thing: there are people with skin in the game and people without it. The more decadent, perverted and corrupt a society gets (Hey, I talking to us!), the fewer dirt people there are.

  18. I always regarded the victory of the U.S. in the War of Northern Aggression as a triumph of the mediocre, of quantity over quality. U.S. Grant personifies this — a stumpy little nonentity who had a certain talent for logistics (think a division VP at GE) courting political and press favor (his HQ was larded with journalists, unlike that of the irascible Meade) and brutality enough to not give a shit as to how many of his conscripts died – the mathematics of supply and logistics would prevail in the end. He would have done well at GE, methinks, offshoring plants to low-cost locales. Behold, the homo americanus. Robert E Lee, who tried to lead his troops into combat at least three times during the overland campaign, belongs to another era – a heroic age, ike Brythnoth at Maldon or Beowulf against the dragon.

    • Nonsense. You are judging a 19th century general and POTUS through a cloudy 21st century lens. Sure, Grant may have been an absolute chit…but consider: that is the way wars were fought in those days. Personal honour and codes of conduct were real things. Duels were fought over it. Grant thrived in that army living under the same conditions himself. Of course he courted the press; he had political aspirations.

      Chances are he’d make a superior president than the current bubblehead…

      • If only Jackson hadn’t been felled by his own men. What might have been at Gettysburg and then 1864 and beyond…

        • Or, for that matter, had Davis given Bedford Forrest a larger army and more control over the western theater. Alas, Bragg hated Forrest, which truly damaged the Southern cause.

      • You also have to look at Grant through the lens of McClellan who was running basically a large parade ground while he preened around Washington.

        The original commenter might not like that Grant threw blood at the problem, but as Lincoln said of him “He fights.” Grant understood the concept of total war far better than his contemporaries.

        • Lenin and Trotsky also understood “total war” and learned a great deal from Lincoln, which was also part of my point. And I don’t think that’s anything to brag about (although the wretched V.D. Hanson certainly does).

      • Grant had no personal honor or code of conduct. That was my point. If you need proof, look at his presidency, relative to which “Joe Biden” doesn’t look all that bad. Grant’s victories in the WNA represented the triumph of the machine age and the machine soldier over individual valor and courage.

  19. Here you have an answer why Eastern Europe is less affected by the liberal madness. Relative social conservatism is an unintended consequence of society flattened by communist hammer. We are making up for the lost time, though as education quality plummeted after socialism had ended. Modern universities are “intelligentsya” factories, instinctively following latest fads from brotherly campuses in the West

    • It always seemed more likely to me that the slower penetration rate of western media and the smaller language families in Eastern Surope kept them off the radar of the eye of sauron for a while. The social conservatism is just how normal people are outside this programming.

      Once it turns its gaze and the same playbook will be played as you can already see in Slovenia, Czech, Bulgaria, Romania etc now adopting the madness quite quickly.

      Serbia and Hungary seem a bit more resistant, but I doubt they will resist for long once the boot comes down unless they take active steps.

      Russia I think has decided to actively challenge it using the orthodox church and laws aimed at preventing its spread.

    • Quigley called E Europe Orthodox Civilization, reflecting the east/west split of Rome. I agree with him. It’s different enough to be separate. More stable, frankly. Plus the experience of communism, like you say.

      • Poland belongs to Latin Civilization according to the typology of Feliks Koneczny.
        Russia is a mix of Byzantine and Turanic civilizations.
        Of course the genetic component is important as well. Slavs represent a distinct group within the Indo-European family. The “Faustian spirit” westerners talk about is largely alien to our mentality.

    • We need a new name for our soyboy/blue haired karen type intelligentia being churned out by college. I go for intelligenitalia. Covers all the angles.

    • I think it may just be that they’re different people. They’re outside the Blue Banana as well as the Protestant cultural zones.

      N-W Euros are prone to instability and a lack of moderation. For both good and bad. Puritanism, prohibition, Victorianism, world domination, H-man, woke-ism, sexual liberation, etc. It’s unlikely that a modern day Serb or Russian has a much different view of sexuality, or alcohol, than his ancestor from the 1850s, for instance.

      There’s also the fact that Slavs are just a little bit dumber – and this can help when fending off Globohomo if you are just too dumb to understand it. Not an insult to Slavs, btw.

      Boris Johnson of England was mindlessly flinging vile poo at Vladimir Putin – but Putin is still in office, still in Ukraine and Boris has been replaced by an even dumber woman or foreigner (didn’t follow the end result of the race). The Eastern people (from Eastern Europe to Asia) will still be relatively unchanged culturally in 100-200 years, but the West will change drastically, if not collapse. In line with the lack of moderation.

        • I scanned his bio on Wikipedia. I can understand your claim. I’m sure he qualifies as a UK subject, but curiously, if the tables were turned (if I’d been born to American citizens in London), I would be ineligible for certain offices (e.g. President) as not being born here. I don’t know the fine points, but I’d be surprised if overseas birth to American citizens would obviate that stipulation. Indeed unless Boris renounced it (does UK require that?) it’s possible that he could claim U.S. citizenship and even (in theory) run for President!

          I’m by no means an expert on things diplomatic, but I did hold a diplomatic passport the first few years of my life 😀

      • Slavic peoples are characterized by greater passivism. Moral crusading and eternal dissatisfaction with this world is not our feature.

        • This is very true. Slavs tend to accept the human condition. People are going to do what their nature says they will do. This is an alien outlook among NW Euros.

          • It is a bit fatalistic, hence why greater pessimism towards reality that always defined conservatism at base level.

            In times of great peril such grim fatalism often served as a source of endurance and determination to march on, even if it meant certain death for the individual.
            No one avoids their fate unless a miracle happens.

            Bootstraps can only be pulled by God, to end on a more humoristic note

      • B125

        Good post, but I had to chuckle at the phrase that Slavs are just to dumb to understand Globohomo.

        As a proud defendant of “Eastern European white trash”, I can tell you I understand that an individual who screws another guy in the ass is a degenerate who has a mental disorder.

        Not too hard to understand.

  20. Z-Man, you are completely misreading the Student Debt cancellation. It is very much resented, because only blacks get their debt canceled. It was that by design, even Dr. Jill and Yellen told Brandon not to do it and he did it anyway.

    ONLY Pell Grants recipients (something like 90% black) or those with Government held debt (not private like Citibank) get debt forgiveness. If a person graduated a few years ago or more, their debt was resold to a private company and they get no debt relief. A few get loan relief, most do not, and the blatant unfairness creates unhappiness. Indeed deep anger — other people get stuff while most do not. Again this was engineered for only black recipients to get relief and a big middle finger to White people.

    Statements by Brandon (“semi fascists”) and Hochul (“Republicans leave New York”) and Crist (“I don’t want your vote”) seem to signal a reign of terror. For as you note emotional reasons, as a way to distinguish themselves from the masses. And contra to your notion of the theater of the phony opposition, this theater is unstable not because of the audience but because the players fashioned as heroes now want to destroy the bad guys totally. The Ruling Elite has convinced itself that nearly every White person is a hidden Mustache Man so they must all be dealt with permanently. I figure Trump arrested or shot or extradited to Iran soon, Florida and Texas under Federal control and martial law. With 87,000 IRS agents sent armed and with “willingness to use deadly force” against Dirt People who voted Trump or even Republican. It fills the emotional needs of the Elites viewing themselves as the Avengers and Justice League. Meanwhile in Germany the Ag Minister says starvation is the price of “freedom” for Ukraine and he’s willing to see Germans starve. They don’t care because there is no threat to their rule and cannot be any threat from anywhere. The Elites actually have “Bill Murray disease” (or Robert DeNiro or Al Pacino) in that they have become their own characters.

    Of course, this is not Stalin’s Russia. You can’t just have peasants shoveling coal and run the nation. And the thalassocracy that is the US cannot survive without the Dirt People defending it and running it. Such moves that the Elites will make to satisfy their Feelz will result in the Pacific up to and including Hawaii and even possibly California turning into a Chinese lake. Europe will belong to Russia, possibly including the UK, Ireland, and Iceland. Weakness invites attack, it begs for it, as Stalin found. Seaborne empires require lots and lots of coordination, cooperation, much higher IQs to get stuff around the oceans, lakes, and rivers. Just getting a container ship from Shanghai to the Port of Los Angeles, getting it unloaded, and the containers to distribution centers thence to rail cars or trucks to go all over the nation is not sustainable with what the Elites have planned. And imagine your local nuclear power plant with the competent engineers in Brandon’s IRS gulag and the remaining ones diverse and vibrant. Collapse for us will far quicker than the Romans, because our systems are more complex and require higher IQ people.

    • I have readjusted my thinking on how long this will last.* I had thought that even the USSR managed to go on 70 years and it did not have the elaborate propaganda system the United States/Rump West enjoys, so this could go on forever. But the complex and intricate system is falling apart even now and the Regime has labeled as kulaks the only population that could have propped it up for a longer haul. So, yes, there could be a sudden collapse and it might not be as far off as it once seemed.

      *I am not including the possibility of nuclear war, which these religious psychopaths would kick off in a nanosecond to preserve transgenderism.

      • The collapse is already here. Everything happens faster these days because our advanced comms not only circulates the info faster but also stokes up hysteria and fear.

      • Rome survived for centuries after it became hedonistic and decadent, and for a millennium after that as Byzantium.

        This degenerate empire won’t have similar longevity, but it could well last much longer than we suspect.

        Our Pinochet was likely purged by Obama.

    • This is an outstanding and literary exposition of what ails us, but then what? Can you eat your Pulitzer Prize?

      • Well if you live in a city then you either get vaporized by Russia or eaten by Negros resorting to cannibalism, depending on the particular collapse scenario. If you live in the country you have a good chance of living, although you might get hit by a leftist Terror before the end.

        • Actually, the point I was trying to make is that we expend enormous brain power studying what ails us, but very little cogitating on what to do about it. In my opinion, those priorities should be reversed.

    • It will be interesting to see the reaction from normie conservatives when the “pendulum” never swings back the other way like they keep counting on.

      • It’s not a pendulum. It’s a ratchet that turns ever leftward.

        I fear normie, including those well-armed and trained ex- military and LEOs who might be our salvation, will figure it out as they’re led away into the camps. But at least acquiescence will have sustained their paychecks to the very end.

  21. I had this conversation recently whether the obvious effort by the elites to wreck the “hospitality” industry, especially commercial air travel, is due to their irritation that the Dirt People get to do the things that used to be the reserve of demi-gods. When more and more plebs got it in their undeserving heads that they too could go wherever whenever they wanted air travel was deregulated. Instead of pretty flight attendants in groovy matching outfits serving food on cloth napkins with real plates and silverware we get Greyhound in the sky. If that wasn’t enough deterrent to flight they added being felt up and/or irradiated for the privilege of waiting several hours to sit squashed into a 2×2 space next to a person who couldn’t be bothered to change out of their pajamas to the menu. But apparently even that wasn’t enough so bring on the face diapers!

    What manner of perversity dangles all of this in our face only to yank it away on the flimsiest of narratives? These are our “elites”.

    • I remember when sushi became affordable for lower classes at one point. Tweets and articles from Beautiful People bemoaned Dirty invasion on their exclusive venue

      • I wonder how effective it would be to pass a law declaring that anyone who doesn’t have a Master’s degree is forbidden to eat dog shit.

        Would the professors, media, and politicians all start shoveling it down to show everyone how smart they are?

    • One of the weirdest aspects of the past 2+ years of hysteria is the nearly complete lack of pushback from the hospitality industry.

      I say this because there is an enormous amount of money in and around the global hospitality industry. There are entire cities, regions, and even countries that depend on that enormous hospitality money flow.

      On top of that, there are plenty of upper class, even elite types that have made and continue to make fortunes on hospitality money.

      Yet, here we are, over two years into this hysterical garbage and I can’t think of a single, organized, large-scale pushback on this utter crap from the hospitality industry anywhere on Earth.

      Based on this reality, I can only conclude that the Cloud People occupying the top of the hospitality industry are almost all true believers in the flu, green, and depop agendas that require the destruction of said industry.

      • How big an industry do you need to support just the top tier traveling about?

        Pretty small I would guess. I was watching a vid of some guy who was commenting that during all the lockdowns he was flying about in his private jet and there were no masks, no tests and no entry restrictions.

        He had to fly commercial one time and then all of a sudden he had to observe all the entry rules.

        As he said restrictions did not happen for the private travel set.

        • I keep getting junk emails from some outfit trying to sell me travel by private jets. They may be wasting pixels on little ol’ me, ’cause boy howdee, I am not in the nomenklatura. But they must be getting some takers from that group, or from those aspiring to be perceived as such, and probably for those very reasons.

  22. Meanwhile, NASA’s effort to put Wakandans on the moon is off to a terrible start as the Artemis launch has to be scrubbed due to engine cooling issue:

    This is an interesting point because the RS-25 booster engine mentioned in the article has been flown since April 1981. Maybe all the guys who knew the ins and outs of these systems have retired, voluntarily or involuntarily.

    On the other hand, designing anything that needs to be chilled to -423F to operate seems a bit nuts to me.

    • The SLS is a disaster.

      Original program development cost was under 10 billion, with each launch to cost $500 million each.

      Total development costs so far: $20 billion.

      Much worse: Each launch now estimated to be $4.1 BILLION.

      Everyone knows this. They’ll put the woman, the minority, and the trannies on the moon and call them “astronauts”. (even though they don’t touch the controls).

      Then they’ll quietly shut it down. Only moving 25,000 lbs to the moon for $4.1 billion a shot is completely unstainable and pointless.

      (SpaceX, reusing most of the parts, may do better)

    • NASA will fix that right quick.

      A Diverse Community. A Common Goal.

      At NASA, our people are as diverse as our mission. We have assembled a team of world-class experts from many different fields and backgrounds who share a passion for exploration. It’s this diversity of thought and collaborative environment that fosters innovation and groundbreaking ideas.

      • I have no doubt the Somalis could teach those Cal Tech geeks a few things about rocket propulsion, the parallax effect and space-time continuums!

  23. Culture, dictated by economics, is another element of the tyranny of mediocrity. Capitalism, even imperfectly realized as is the case today, is a powerful generator of disposible income. In postwar America, even most poor people had a bit of filthy lucre to throw around. Now every time somebody purchases a good or service in a capitalist society, he is casting a vote. He is signaling his likes and his preferences. And in not purchasing something else, he is showing his dislikes and antipathies. The producers of goods and services take note of the votes and act accordingly. They produce more of the stuff that gets lots of votes, and they circular file the stuff that gets few votes. In this way the masses get what they want and arguably deserve.

    Unfortunately, popular tastes, with few exceptions, are poor tastes. When the great unwashed get to call the tune with the wad of their fat, heavy votes, and particularly when they are also beleaguered by hyper-egalitarian ideology, we get Jay Z instead of Mozart, Chuck E Cheeze instead of Maxim’s. We are long past the time of elite cultural patronage, which sustained a beautiful culture. Instead, the mass of grody serfs drag culture down to a depressingly hideous common denominator. And that is why, by and large, everything looks, tastes and sounds so awful.

    • Popular tastes are just reflections of the culture given to them by media. Its just breakfast cereal.

      The destruction of culture was top down in the high culture areas.

      Modern art, atonal music, academia corruption, educational syllabus changes etc. All these were pushed down from the elites, not pushed up.

      Cultural patronage stopped not long after WW1.

      • Pretty much only independent ensembles of high-culture-preservationist snobs still play orchestral music that could be described as atonal. The ’80s institutional shift *away* from the intellectualized music of the 20th century was made for explicitly woke reasons: Horror-movie-sounding stuff alienates minority audiences, especially academic (insecure) ones. The official music of state has been frozen somewhere near “PBS waiting room / coffee shop ‘world’ music” for decades now. Atonality is high whiteness.

        • Sure. I don’t see them as ends in themselves.

          They were, and in some cases still are when needed, weapons to be used to smash the existing cultural high art norms. You will see modern art replaced with ethnic shit art in the high end museums quite soon I expect.

          Once they achieved the corruption then they could be let go, or moved to something else.

          It seems the same to me as the “issues” used in the wider culture. Conservatives think they are about the issue and frame their losing argument thus, where their opponents just use them as tools for destruction.

          Its just parasites all the way.

      • Google CIA Modern Art, look for the October 22, 1995 article from the Independent in the UK. This is not the only figurative ( and literal) poison that the elites have injected into Western Civilization.

        • That’s abstract expressionism. Kandinsky, Kupka, Mondrian, etc. had been producing a different variety of abstract art for a good 35 years before the CIA had anything to do with it. Absract art–especially painting–is an important, valuable, and often beautiful form, rather than poison. Other forms of modern art, on the other hand, I abominate unreconstructedly.

      • It’s a bit of both. Academia didn’t suppress Peggy Lee and replace her with Elvis Pressley. Princeton didn’t destroy the aesthetic originality of American automobiles, ca. 1972, and give us taupe clones on four wheels instead. And the elites didn’t dictate the love for the sleazy provender offered up Burger King and Applebee’s. In point of fact, the average schlub is usually incapable of appreciating the finer things in life. And he’s been, by and large, calling the shots for the last several decades.

    • Right, we want to go back to the good old days of JS Bach getting stiffed for his composing fee by the Margrave of Brandenburg lol. But I take your point.

      I would just observe that Elite patronage was almost always a function of intra-Elite competition. In the good old days you mention, the Elites knew how to channel internal competition. We, in contrast, have expensive basketball teams and rap music.

      • “I would just observe that Elite patronage was almost always a function of intra-Elite competition.”

        Intra-elite social status competition was a major driver behind the patronage that led to the flowering of classical physics, which occurred disproportionately among all the little states that comprised pre-unification Germany. When ruling class energy is directed at cultivating their most capable workers, great things happen. When ruling class energy is directed at celebrating population replacement, glorification of criminality, and sexual mutilation of children, the Globalist American Empire happens.

        • Excellent point, Horace! It comes down to this: Do a particular civilization’s elites pursue excellence or embrace degeneracy? We already know the answer with regard to contemporary Western elites.

          As Ostei stated, the lower orders will tend to exhibit poor taste/judgment. It’s not their fault because most of them are simply not inherently capable of ascending much higher. At the very least, they ought to benefit to whatever degree they can from having a good example set for them by elites. Unfortunately, our elites set such a horribly disfigured and destructive example that our lower orders would be far better off left to their own devices at this point. Poor taste or not, the lower orders are not characterized by an inordinate amount of insanity. Meanwhile, the supposedly higher orders of today demonstrate insanity almost exclusively. It appears they have become addicted to Evil and would prefer to see our entire civilization overdose to its death rather than attempt to kick their irredeemably perverse habit.

      • This is true. Most elites these days are so debased that they’re little more capable of appreciating Bruckner and Tintoretto than are Brittnee and Skyler over in Fecal Hollow trailer park. As Z notes, the elites are a product of the broader mediocrity that is liberal democracy.

    • Pop culture itself is the outgrowth of elites, or at least elite-adjacent. Jay-Z did not emerge from nowhere and just randomly found a massive audience of mostly White kids far away from Brooklyn. He was literally managed and moved through a system, he said the things the system wanted him to say, and that system rewarded him and his handlers amply. It is not so different from the ways that lightweights like Obama, Buttigeig, and Newsom move up through the political system.

      What would pop culture be without this management process? We got an inkling of it in the early days of the internet and later when different internet technologies came on (e.g. video, social media, etc.). But in each and every case the elites stepped in and exerted control over it, banning the things they do not like. I would say YouTube today is at least as stage managed as Hollywood or the music industry, if not more so. It turns out the natural outgrowth of culture is quite different from the one the elites choose to impose on us.

      • There is much truth to this. However, the elites do not create the cultural structures that produce the Jay Zs. Rock n’ roll was a form of grass roots music that emerged largely in the rural South during the second half of the 50s. The same goes for rap, albeit in urban ghettoes ca. 1980. The elites take control after the market–usually for garbage–is established. They simply contour an existing market rather than create it.

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  25. Even the great Russians who had a sense that something was coming did not really understand what was coming (Turgenev, Fathers and Sons) or if they did understand, were unable to appreciate the pace and scale (Dostoyevsky, Demons).

    • I think Dostoyevsky apprehended the day was close, but he held onto the delusion that it could be stopped with reason. The same is playing out now and the same wishcasting looms large.

      • Not sure about Dostoyevsky. The Devils (or Possessed) was not only an amazingly accurate portrayal of what the Bolsheviks would be like, but was also pretty bleak about the consequences.

  26. I was amused when the Germans complained that the pipeline shutdown earlier in the year was retaliation for the sanctions.
    Why would they expect business as usual?
    It’s not going to be much fun being a vassal state of the GAE.

    • To give you an idea as to how stupid these people are and oblivious to the real world.

      Wolfgang Kubicki, deputy chairman of Germany’s Free Democrats in print suggested Germany should open NS2 long enough to fill the gas reserves and then renege on the contract once they had enough for the winter and close it down again.

      Perhaps he imagines the pipeline is full of magic gas all the time without anyone needing to put it in the other end. and Russia has no strategic actions of their own.

      • It’s amazing. They’re playing these games against a country that produces copious quantities of Chess grandmasters. People that are trained to looked many steps ahead in all directions. The Western elites have no idea how stupid they are

        • True. Putin has played this brilliantly – admittedly aided in his brilliance by probably the worst bunch of leaders at any time in history. All I hear from the liberal rubes around me at work is how the Russkies are bogged down in the Ukraine. They don’t have the wherewithal to realize that every day Putin strings this out, it gets a day closer to winter when even the Euro sheep will start looking at their leaders’ throats with malice aforethought. Playing chess is the best analogy: it takes time and thought. Two things we don’t do in the West. I’m off to collect some firewood from the nearby forest.

      • It is sad and stupid, but Kubicki also is dealing with rank lunatics and assorted other True Believers. To give credit where credit may not be due, Kubicki may be using this idiocy to try to get them to start moving in a rational direction. As furious as I am about what has been done to Americans, it pales in comparison to the infantilization of Germans.

        • In America, I see plenty of sheep, but I also see a lot of resistance. In Germany, I just see sheep. They are pathetic.

          • And yet Merkinland is much more pozzed than Europe.

            There was more pushback against Covid in Europe, and more opposition to Net Zero.

            Where is this American resistance outside of the digital realm?

      • Sure. Russia will agree: they just require payment up front and a security deposit. All in gold bullion.

    • Current Germans seem clueless that most of their current problems are being driven by Habeck and Baerbock and that the hapless Scholz is largely along for the ride.

      Of course, if we review the ELOW sections in Habeck and Baerbock’s profiles we see that neither of them have spent a day in the dreaded private sector.

      Oddly, for persons seemingly on board with the depop agenda, both Habeck and Baerbock have multiple children.

    • European elites envision their peoples freezing in the dark and their industries shuttered, all to sacrifice yet more thousands of Ukrainians and teach Putin a lesson. They plan to open public buildings as “warming centers” if there is insufficient heating fuel available.

      It’s sheer madness, and will not end well, as things stand now.

  27. Britain was great when the public schools taught nothing else but Latin and classical Greek. Latin grammar is notoriously difficult and translating passages from Latin to English demanded considerable intellectual rigour, focus,discipline and painstaking precision. All this honed the mind and sharpened the intellect.
    To create future elites worthy of the name perhaps we great unwashed should demand that any candidate for elected office however petty should be able to clearly demonstrate mastery of Latin?

    • The death of God. Moral relativism. All cultures are equal. The unorthodox is now orthodoxy. Why? Visit any classroom in America or turn on a television.

      More than a great intellect, we need men of virtue. At every turn we find evidence of a vulgar, sinful, nihilistic society lacking in basic politeness, manners, remorse or shame. We live in a virtue free society that necessarily produces selfish virtue free leadership.

    • Why would we want smart Elites? Wise Elites are better. Wisdom says that math is just as rigorous, more useful in life and doesn’t foster more globalism via a shared, insular language.

    • Stephanie G: Dr. Thomas Fleming, former editor of Chronicles magazine, has always insisted that learning Latin is essential to our civilization.

      He says that Latin connects us with the past, the great civilizations, the great traditions, the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, with Shakespeare, Washington and Jefferson, etc and now that Latin is no longer taught, it cuts us off from the past.

      He brings up Cicero, who said, “Not to know what your ancestors have done, what the people before you were born have done is to remain forever a child.” Fleming adds that one of the reasons our culture is so infantile, is we’ve cut ourselves off from thousands of years of the past.

      Fleming also points out that the language you speak helps to form your brain. Latin and Greek are like calisthenics for your brain, making your mind stronger, more disciplined, more clear, and makes you a better human being, where you can think, reason and explain yourself.

      Podcast: “Latin’s dead, so why study it.”

      • Agree wholeheartedly.

        Meanwhile, insisting 2+2=4 is quickly becoming heretical.

        We have bigger fish to fry at the moment.

  28. As much as I loathe the guy, David Brooks actually nailed the problem over 20 years ago in his book “BoBos in Paradise.” The bourgeois upper middle class became bohemians. They’re the elites today, and while they ostensibly appear bourgeois from their bank statements, foreign cars, and 401(k)s, they’re the ones promoting trannyism, homosexuality, feminism, abortion, legalization of recreational drugs, and unrestricted brown immigration or voting for the people who do.

    I noticed this beginning to develop as an undergraduate in the mid-1980s. I came from a blue-collar background and (stupidly) assumed that the purpose of college was to become educated. Not so! It was an enormous orgy of bacchanalia and illegal drug use, and the biggest druggies were the children of judgers, cops, politicians, attorneys, businessmen, and doctors.

    The vilest, filthiest fraternity on campus, which got de-sanctioned by the college for hanging a banner over the street saying “Give us your daughters -We want the Gash” on move-in day, had two sons of a congressman as members. They were wasted 24/7.

    Drugs weren’t my thing, so I didn’t partake. But I have since realized that I would have gotten much further ahead in life by doing bong hits with those scumbags and making connections to their family than by going to graduate school and writing a dissertation.

    I also recall seeing one kid whose dad owned a trucking company which he later inherited lighting a bowl full of dope at a party. Nearly 40 years later, I see their trucks on the road, no doubt all their drivers making $17-18 bucks and hour are drug-tested to the hilt.

    • I shared a large apartment with 4 other guys my sophomore year. One was a brother at one of the fancier frats. It was rush week, so no party. Instead, the party was held at our apartment. My roommate told me to lock up anything I didn’t want stolen. Fwiw.

      I thought I was there to learn, too, lol. Funny thing is, I got a real world education on top of the academics.

    • Glad you mentioned that book. It was the first real eye opener I ever read on our society and everything I’ve witnessed since confirms Brooks’ picture. The bourgeoise couldn’t be satisfied with their home cinemas and caravan holidays; they had to be hip and PC too. Everyone around me is basically bourgeois. Yet, they all have tattoos, dyed hair and radical slogans on their t-shirts, cars, etc. And need I say that all these brave, fearless rebels are trampled each other to get the jab?

      • “And you think you’re so clever and classless and free
        But you’re still fucking peasants as far as I can see”

        This was one of Lennon’s lesser known gems, atypical of his work: a spare ballad with only haunting voice and acoustic guitar. Although he wrote it to criticize the mid-70s bourgeois culture, it still rings somewhat prophetic, nearly half a century later.

  29. ..”Nature selects against the mediocre and therefore the bourgeois-ocracy is trundling to its natural end…”
    Trundle definition: to move slowly, noisily, or clumsily. As for the noisy and clumsy aspects – spot on. However, as all this is moving fast and getting faster – “careening” – to lurch or move forward rapidly, especially with a swaying motion – depicts the sensation I have.

  30. Elite hubris is not unique to modern America. Lots of other successful civilizations thought they could achieve lofty, unrealistic goals only to have reality intervene. Thinking that Blacks could be integrated into modern American society wasn’t anymore unrealistic than the Romans trying to suppress the Germanic tribes or Alexander marching toward India.

    The successful civilizations adjust to failures like these. The Romans just decided to stare across the Rhine at the Germans and they (more or less) gave up on messing with the Persians too. The Greeks decentralized with reasonable success.

    Our problem is not that we dream bigly; it’s that we don’t adjust to failure or even accept feedback from reality. Sixty years of “civil rights”, 30 years of Iraq/Afghanistan etc. and no apparently ability to accept the verdict of reality. If anything, our Elite are chosen specifically for their ability to ignore reality.

    • I’m not sure they are necessarily chosen for their ability to ignore reality (although maybe the WEF Young Global Leaders programme contradicts that!). I think it’s more that they are brought up in Cloud World from the moment they are in diapers. I work indirectly with international school. The kids there all come out the same: arrogant little globalists who think that attending Model United Nations workshops qualifies them for world leadership. These kids – and you can bet it is the same for kids in every other kind of elite school – have absolutely no contact with reality or with those nasty, smelly dirt folks. In a way I am glad it is so, because it almost certainly guarantees their failure. Reality exists whether you believe in it or not. And it always wins.

  31. First, excellent analysis. As for here:

    “The result was a growing collection of soft things, moral signifiers to distinguish people within the bourgeoise space.”

    Boomers, X’ers, and possibly even Millennials recall ridiculous grifts where someone would publish a book or a one-off magazine that listed the “best” lawyers, architects, physicians, veterinarians, accountants, and so forth. These “best” were solicited via the mail by the publisher/conman, who would inform the professional or skilled tradesman that, for a mere $100.00, their suggested name would appear in the Very Important publication. You could tell someone was a loser if they had their entry framed somewhere in their office. It was more vanity than promotion.

    Digital versions of this persist, of course, although the con is a bit slicker now and the motive usually is different. Google and you find out who the 100 best surveyors are in your area, the first five or so of whom paid for the slot. Unlike the previous iteration, though, the purpose tends to be promotion rather than self-aggrandizement. For self-aggrandizement, a worthless diploma or certificate of membership in a professional organization hangs on the wall or appears on the website. The moral signifiers are far costlier than the primitive forerunners.

    “In pre-revolutionary Russia, liberals were happy to sign on with the radical terrorist, even though they were often the victims. The reason is the pose was a way to signal their existence. They sided with radicals because that let them stand apart from the crowd.”

    Even if you are last, the crocodile still eats you. That’s why you see fear more and more in their dullard eyes.

    “The gross people at Target do not use the proper pronouns, while the cool people using Instacart never deadname anyone. The meaningless gestures are supposed to give meaning in an otherwise meaningless culture.”

    Discussing “Keeeeeeve” while masked still has a few fans, too.

    • *The linked SUICIDE OF THE LIBERALS is extraordinary and obviously timely as the rump West hurls into totalitarianism. I don’t think the North American and Western European types have the literal intelligence of their Russian predecessors, and that may be why their impulsivity (their Achilles heel) is impossible for them to calibrate effectively. Still, bad days ahead.

      • When one’s culture abominates rationality, it is only to be expected that the worship of the notoriously impulsive, such as Kneegroes, will follow upon the heels of this singularly ill-advised lapse from one of the shining legacies of Western civilization.

  32. On a side note, Toynbee (who considered himself a rival and competitor to Spengler) also wrote about the supplanting of a “creative minority” by a “dominant minority” in his 12-volume “A Study of History.”

    There are some arguments of yours I have to quibble with and I apologise in advance. For starters, it’s not the Europeans who picked a fight with Russia. It’s the Americans, as part of a long-standing program to colonise that large country. The Europeans went along with it because after 77 years of servitude to the Americans, obedience to US diktat is reflexive. It reminds me of when my father. bought a cage of birds and released them. Those poor birds could not fly because of enforced inactivity. As my European nationalist friends have moaned in the past, they live in a golden cage. That’s the nature of European “leadership” today.

    The second point I have to quibble with is your thinking that bourgeoisie culture leads inevitably to a “dominant minority” of incompetent dunderheads. I would argue you are misusing the term “bourgeoisie culture”, and conflating European bourgeoisie culture with US mass consumption culture. The USA has never had a bourgeoisie culture. Europe has and so has Japan. As I understand it, bourgeoisie culture comes into being when a rising and expanding middle class tries to acquire “cultural capital” as well. That “capital” is access to the music, literature and cultural values that had hitherto been the property only of an aristocratic minority, of landed gentry. This cultural broadening reflects itself in politics as well as (historically at least) European politicians had to have at least a patina of culture, be capable of reasoned argument, and show some sense of taste. The US has never been like this. The only thing that determines class and power in the USA is money, and truckloads of it. Beethoven and Proust be damned. Any US politician who claims his favorite reading is Schopenhauer is signing his own death warrant.

    The US never had a real “high culture” (except perhaps in the pre-Civil War era, which itself was an import from Europe). The vestiges of culture it has had have probably all been imports from Europe and artificially grafted on. This lack of high culture, and a concomitant lack of real intellectuals, is arguably the real reason the USA is governed by credentialed morons. To the extent that there is an intelligentsia, it is arguably all Jewish, with some white gentile hangers-on.

    Some writer described the Ottoman empire as a “savage empire.” I don’t see how the US empire is any different.

    • “it’s not the Europeans who picked a fight with Russia. It’s the Americans”

      I wonder if the neocons, like many things ‘American’, are actually American. That could be me rationalizing away ownership, yet it’s hard not to notice the drastic changes in American society, and our decline, coincide with our re-entrance in European affairs and the adoption of an Atlanticist attitude.

      • “I wonder if the neocons, like many things ‘American’, are actually American.”

        Very good point. Even if they are American by birth, they hardly hold any traditional American values. These are the same people who, during their obligatory semester abroad, would claim to be Canadians instead of being identified with the ugly Americans. When they returned home after only a few months, had adopted the mannerisms and even the accents of their European hosts.

        These affectations went beyond the fake accents and coffee snobbery. They often fetishized European political systems as “far superior” to ours. The amount of time I spent hearing about the wonders of Proportional Representation made me long for a new mustache man to round up these dilettantes.

        • That made me think of that creepy old sociopath, Dick Cheney, and his pathetic video in support of his even more unlikable daughter. The guy made the vid wearing a Stetson, just like he’s a good old American patriot. Of course, he’s nothing of the kind. He’s a neo-con globalist who would happily boil every American into glue if it made him a profit.

    • ” For starters, it’s not the Europeans who picked a fight with Russia. It’s the Americans, as part of a long-standing program to colonise that large country.”

      Agreed as to the responsible party but not as to the motive.

      The United States (I no longer refer to “Americans” in this context) antagonized the war to divorce Europe and Russia. It has, so far, been successful although it is fraying around the edges, hence reports today about how the United States is “unfairly” shouldering the financial costs. The purpose was to retain the colonies of Europe. Some may want to add Russia to that list but it seems apparent the Empire saw Europe was leaving its orbit to some degree, largely in the economic realm, and wanted to stop it. I’m dubious this can be sustained in the long-term because enslaved people are unlike caged birds. We will see come mid-November.

    • You make many great points Arshad Ali. I think ZMan is right on many points, but I think you are correct that he has conflated the trash-culture of the 60s cultural revolution with a genuine bourgeoisie.

      Our nation has long struggled with an ability to build a true elite – particularly a cultural elite. The 19th century industrialists had the right idea when building grand buildings, libraries, railway stations, symphony halls and establishing conservatories of music that mimicked those of Europe. A common theme that came up in my conservatory education was America’s inferiority complex when confronting Europe. We had great symphonies and symphony halls, but never could cultivate our own conductors and virtuosi, so we imported them from Europe to give ourselves legitimacy. Of course, the degeneracy of modernism meant that no talented person would ever want to nor could they aspire to cultivating monstrosity. So we never completed the task of cultivating our elite; one that could realize and make our contribution to our Greco-Roman heritage in art, literature, theater; one that could imbue our scientific, architectural and engineering ingenuity with higher purpose.

      The Progressive Egalitarianism made everyone aspire to the same thing – a degree from the best possible industry going into business where the elite signifier was not the value you created, but the number of zeros to the right of the most significant digit that you accumulated and the prestige given to a name by greatness past. We are in the degenerate phase of the Progressive Era – that could also be called the Zero Sum era.

      I am currently travelling the South. I am struck and dismayed at how many beautiful young people have spoiled their physical beauty with tattoos. It isn’t just young people, I sat next to a table of 70 year old hens last night and they were all covered in fairly new tattoos.

      Part of our job is to herald a new regime by leading the way. We must comport ourselves with beauty and dignity without the supercilious accent and mannerisms of this current Trash Culture, “elite.” I am in the South, but if you closed your eyes you would think you were in anywhere college grad America with the throat gurgle everything-is-a-question accent that so perfectly marks this non-elite as being characterized by self-contempt and self-doubt. Frat parties, Saturday tail gates, face painted sports cheering sections on the luggage rail to the managerial class yielded this garbage culture. Had they spent Saturday farming or playing an instrument, they would have turned out differently.

      This isn’t a bourgeoisie. It is a vaudeville sub-culture that has gone mainstream. It was able to go mainstream because rather than the big top wandering the outback, it was adopted and erected by the regime. This is why Yarvin’s claim that the Burning Man crowd is an elite is farcical. That isn’t an elite. It is a circling the drain culture that never established itself and that never succeeded in building a true elite worthy of its Greco-Roman heritage. It was hijacked by progressivism and the 60s cultural revolution by people who are crass and craven materialists. Attacking, supplanting and disfiguring is all they and their disciples are capable of.

      If our people survive The Great Replacement, we will need to act with great intent and create just as the tribes of Europe in the stabilizing period after the fall of Rome. In the process of emergence in what comes next, we can’t just hire from elsewhere to stand in. For one, they may not exist. We will have to look back in the literature and history books and create our culture on our impressions of their image and see its pinnacle as our minimum standard. We will do so by rendering the legitimate confidence of our highly cultivated and real, self image.

      We are The West. For us, it isn’t enough to survive. We survive and endure hardship so that we may thrive with true nobility and legitimate dignity. For us, thriving is not winning coin counting contests. For us, thriving is cultivating our ability to distinguish ourselves; by becoming and surrounding ourselves with the most beautiful and distinguished of people and our awe inspiring creations.

  33. As someone who was once around these people in my 20s, it’s hard to describe how much they hated and looked down upon suburban life. These people will make massive sacrifices to avoid living in the suburbs or, at least, outer suburbs.

    To live in the suburbs is to join the masses and that’s a fate worse than death to these people. Even when they are forced to live in a suburb, they’ll live in a 3-bd, tiny house in North Arlington or Bethesda in the DC area rather than a spacious house farther out – and, no, it’s not about the shopping or living near a Metro stop. It’s about not wanting to live with the masses.

    Also, this is one of the reasons that they hate flyover country so much. To them, outside of a few oasis such as Chicago, Vail, Park City and, maybe, Denver, flyover country is just one big suburb.

    • I recently returned to my home in western Kentucky and stopped to visit an old friend. I had been on all the old backroads and remarked at the McMansions and large estates where corn and bean crops once stood.

      He said, “You used to go to the country to see poor folks, now you go to see the rich folks”.

    • Nothing says flyover country like the town of Sidney, Nebraska, which was essentially destroyed by a hedge fund led by (((Paul Singer))), who caused the merger of Cabela’s, based in Sidney, with Bass Pro Shops a couple of years ago.

      Cabela’s affected almost everything there, and the move resulted in over 2,000 jobs lost in the town of 6,300 people in western Nebraska.

      It’s hard to imagine New York banking elites like Singer caring much about the hard-working, good people and their families out in the woods and prairies. They’re just interchangeable units to people like him, who could and should be replaced by more compliant Guatemalans and Somalians anyway.

  34. Our prosperity post WW2 has really been our downfall. Everything was pretty much coming up roses, so general egalitarianism could take root and flourish. Whites were the vast majority of the population, with more and more folks were doing well and living good lives, so why not spread the wealth and opportunities a bit more, both here and abroad? Why indeed. It’s been a long, slow decline that’s been picking up more speed of late – it looks like there’s another light coming towards us on the tracks and our “elite” switch men and wamynz are frantically throwing levers to no appreciable avail.

  35. Can someone with more knowledge about this explain to me what’s going on in Europe, especially Germany. From what I understand, Germany should be freaking out right now, but they’re not. Even if they manage to get through this winter reasonably intact, I don’t see how their industry stays competitive with higher energy prices.

    My point is that Germany has just increased its energy costs long-term. That means a lower standard of living via higher home energy bills and lower wages or lost jobs due to industry adjusting to higher input costs.

    That would seem to be a very serious problem, but the Germans don’t seem too worried about it, which makes me wonder if this is all being overblown. Can someone explain why the Germans aren’t freaking out both about this winter and longer term?

    (Btw, I’ve lived in Germany. Yes, they were crazy environmentalists, but they weren’t retarded. It’s an engineering culture, so I’d assume some engineers have been looking at this situation.)

    • obedience to media as a high trust culture makes them frozen in any attempt to defy their own destruction.

      they will sit and watch their entire industry crushed and will not raise a finger (as will the rest of Europe). The might murmur a bit and maybe have a march, but will then demand the politicians and media tell them what to do. Which will be more of the same destruction.

      Case in point Germany is going to re-impose masks in public between October – March despite the fact its all over and is bringing back the tracking app, yet no one seems to be able to create a movement to resist.

      • Yeah, the Germans were very trusting of government and leaders to a degree that’s hard to fathom to an American. And, yes, I’m sure the govt is subsidizing electric bills.

        But this is a very serious, long-term issue. German heavy industry relies on cheap Russian gas. They can switch to LNG from other countries, but the price will be significantly higher. No way around that, at least for many years to come.

        Even if the Germans wanted to be crazy about Russia, they should be implementing a massive nuclear program. But, of course, they’re not.

        • Perhaps it would make sense if you separated the references with regard to the current German puppet “govt” from the German people.

          I doubt it will be understandable what has happened even when the many millions of unemployed are shuffling past their previous factories on the way to get their rations.

          Although in saying that Halbeck is still seen as the person not causing all the chaos, its mostly directed at the hapless Scholtz so make of that doublethink stupidity what you will.

          • I suspect that having two consecutive generations of nearly every Alpha and Beta male getting killed off may have something to do with the Germanic gene pool. Where are the real/natural leaders supposed to come from?

          • @Outdoorspro

            Fair point. Seems to apply across Europe.

            Although Germany had Schroeder and Kohl in the not too distant past who weren’t actually suicidal for their nation in quite the same way.

            The pattern seems to be the more women, the more infantile and suicidal an institution becomes.

          • @Outdoorspro and Trumpton-
            I don’t think the ‘Alphas all got killed off” theory holds any water at all. The Russians lost millions upon millions of men in the period of 1914-1945, yet do not seem to be culturally brittle, or lack for men as leaders. Nor do the Poles, who lost proportionally an even greater amount. How would you explain Sweden, which lost no “Alpha” men at all in either war, committing national suicide? What about the Swiss, also untouched demographically by the wars, doing the exact opposite of the Swedes?

            I think that theory is far too simplistic to explain Germany’s gelding by Globohomo.

          • @pickle.

            Its just a hypothesis as to one significant contributing variable rather than a blanket explanation.

            France , Germany, England all saw their existing Elite’s offspring greatly reduced in this period and a large void where they would have been was rapidly filled by a new professional class and non-natives in many cases (Germany even more so as they have been a US colony since then politically speaking).

            Russia, although it lost a lot of men, I don’t think had the same demographic decimation of its upper ranks in the war, plus it only really started to industrialize out of peasant ville as a result of ww2, not into it. Probably had more elite replacement after but in a spread out fashion.

          • @everyone

            I don’t think that it’s so much that Germany and other European nations lost their tough-minded men as it is that they had their entire worldview shattered.

            In their minds, their elite and culture lead them to near complete destruction. They were mentally ripe to accept a new worldview based on peace, equality and tolerance. That all sounded great after WWI and WWII.

            Unfortunately, it’s a childish pipedream.

        • Americans bought the Maine, the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, 9/11, two weeks to flatten the curve and who knows what else over the years. Not that different from Germans.

    • I live in neighbouring Switzerland, Citizen, and it is the same here. I think that what is happening is simply normalcy bias. I suffer from it myself! We read the headlines but simply can’t believe what is happening. Even the most intelligent people, who can join the dots and see that closing down energy supplies in a cold country is going to make for a very, very bad winter, just cannot take their reasoning to its logical conclusions. We are in suspended animation. It hasn’t helped either that it has been a splendid summer, making it even harder to imagine freezing our nuts off in a few months time. The other reasons are that we and the Germans are very, very obedient people who trust our leaders. And why not? Until very recently they provided us with a great standard of living and a peaceful existence. And some damn good cheese too :)! Most people find it impossible to realise that the pols who did all that are gone, to be replaced by Bolshevik ideologues who want them dead. Finally, history shows us that ordinary people don’t ever really get angry and rebel until things get personally and directly bad for them. The French revolution was heating up for 40 years, but it was only in 1788 when a bad harvest made bread unaffordable for the peasants, that they got out the pitchforks. So, it ain’t over yet.

      • Yeah, I understand. Until it hits, everyone acts like it will never hit.

        I just keep wondering if what I’m reading is correct. This winter looks like a potential shit show, but it’s the long-term impacts that seem most dire. I figure that by hook or crook the Germans will figure something out this winter. Hell, just print a bunch of Euros to buy LNG.

        But long-term, if you permanently raise the price of nat gas by two or three times what you were getting it from Russia, something is going to give. You’ll have permanently lower standard of living due to higher home energy costs.

        But it’s also industry. Germany’s economy is based on heavy manufacturing and that’s based on cheap energy from Russia. If you raise the energy input costs by 2X or 3X, those companies will need to cut costs somewhere else, likely by cutting wages or moving overseas.

        If Germany’s economy goes into the toilet for the next three to five year years, so does the rest of Europe.

        All of this is happening with the Euro in a freefall to the dollar. The ECB can’t raise rate much with the economies going into recession, but if they don’t raise rates, you’ll continue to have inflation.

        Oh, and did we mention the bond market testing the ECB on Italian bond rates.

        Italy isn’t Greece. The ECB can’t paper over that mess so easily, especially in the middle of an inflationary recession.

        That said, if anybody can get out of this reasonably intact, it’s the Swiss. (For members of the EU, I’d suggest holding a few dollars just in case.)

          • Yep. We get to play everyone off against each other and also to keep their money in our banks! Switz is the most honest place on Earth – but only up to a certain level!

        • Agree totally. The EU is doomed. However, a key factor this winter in Europe will simply be how cold it is. If it’s a ripsnorter with some heavy minus temps in there, it’s going to be fun. However, winters here can also be quite nondescript. As for the Swiss, we are quite canny and cunning (and good at playing both sides against each other to our advantage!). However, like every other country, the traditional national tendencies have been heavily compromised by modernism and Woke/PC. We have just as many idiots here talking about closing our power stations and going back to Middle Ages farming methods.

  36. One of the cardinal rules of fixing a match is it needs to be believable. McConnell is choking on the midterms so hard there’s no plausible deniability. They are going to trot out the Roe v. Wade overturn as being the reason, which is going to fall on deaf ears with their base.

    The Republicans are pitted against a literal Cult devoted to sodomy and black people, and they still can’t win for the sole reason they don’t want to sound uncouth.

    • they still can’t win as they are the same cult. Why do people still think its some other explanation.

      Talk to normies, it is now their base political state.

    • Two names for you Chet: Dr Oz and Hershel Walker. The Washington Generals again……These guys aren’t exactly John C. Calhoun and Stephen Douglass.

      • I told the Pennsylvania Vichy Party, when they started rattling the can for funds, that at least Strokey Fetterman was from Braddock, and isn’t a dual citizen, nor had he served in the Turkish Army.
        When they nominate a White man who isn’t a sexual deviant, who was born, raised, and lived his entire adult life in Pennsylvania and has never once been involved with politics or worked for a multinational corporation, or attended a college or university, to be a Senator, I might consider voting Republican. I won’t be holding my breath.
        I wonder who they have in line to replace Senator Strokey when they drag him across the finish line, since he surely isn’t a Cloud Person. He’s a Yinzer from Pittsburgh. I’m sure there’s some nonwhite deviant from Philadelphia they’re itching to install so they can rub Pennsylvania Normie’s face in shit.

    • When Republicans flop this midterm the GAE media will proclaim this a stunning indictment of the Republican voter. Rather than blaming the party for giving people what they don’t want, it will be the voters’ fault for not accepting the GAE agenda that the Republican is selling. The Republican establishment will fully embrace this and say their dirty voters just need to get with the times and support abortion, replacement, and child HRT more. It is just how it needs to be.

      This is a playbook the GOP has been running for as long as I have been of voting age and probably longer, most recently after they lost those Georgia run-offs in 2020. It is just how this goes and there is no point in complaining about it. Let them rot.

      • It is happening now. I will admit watching McConnell deliberately sabotage candidates in his own party is quite remarkable even if utterly predictable.

  37. Once upon a time, in our ancestral past, the path to high status for young males was to become an efficient and successful hunter. The reason this worked is obvious. When food was scarce, he who regularly brought back a bounty of meat to the tribe got lots of reinforcing praise and ancillary rewards. And it was in the realm of these “ancillary” rewards that females found an avenue for gaining status. They would compete for mating rights with the best hunters because that promised a bright future for their offspring. But in order to attract the best hunters, they too had to possess talents or traits that were valued by these men. Both parties to this dance had to work hard within their venue to maximize their value and ultimately this became an important fitness driver that improved the species over time. And none of this would have happened without food scarcity being a fundamental element of their environment. The species was driven to improve by natural hardship.

    But we now live in a world devoid of natural hardship in which the ancestral driver for tangible fitness improvement has been replaced by man-made mind games that favor exploitation over productive labor. In the world of abundance, it is easier to defraud or confiscate than it is to create or grow. And we are now devolving as a result.

    Nothing changes until the environment changes. And only a return of real hardship can right the ship. And when hardship returns, the best hunters will again be rewarded. But what will be their prey? That which once again serves to improve the species.

    • The “hunters” were elements of the most “primitive” societies, which no longer exist. Even during their time on earth they were superseded everywhere by agriculturalists, who remain today the most important people on earth, more important than government figures, engineers, academics or purveyors of superstition. Without the food that they grow everything else is as nothing. Second in status are the miners. Without the products of their labor mankind literally lives in the stone age.

      • A farmer is only of value if he is allowed to farm. You may want to do some reading about the plight of farmers in the Netherlands to see that my first sentence was not rhetorical. Also, modern high-yield farming is utterly dependent upon the availability of fertilizers and insecticides, both of which are manufactured in bulk using sophisticated and large scale chemical processing facilities that rely heavily on natural gas and other raw materials. And once upon a time, governments aided these food processing industries, but now the opposite is true by virtue of the Global Reset agenda. Let them eat bugs is not a punchline, they really mean it. Which brings me back to hunters. A hunter is difficult to intimidate because of his unique skill set.

        • There were 288,025 whitetail deer killed in Wisconsin during the 2019 seasons, many by Chicago suburbanites. Be that at is may, there are 5,935,064 people living in Cheeseland. If the dispatched deer average 125 lbs in usable meat that means every Cheesehead would get a little over half an ounce of venison on the table annually. Of course, there are other edible varmints available, beaver, skunks, robins, turkeys and so on that would allow a few Packer fans to survive. If you happen to run into any real hunters, let everyone know.

          • You can hunt more than deer, and some types of hunting are more efficacious than others. But we agree that farming is essential and must continue. Do you understand that in order for farming to continue, roadblocks that prevent farmers from farming must be removed? And if you think “voting harder” solves this problem, then in actuality, you are part of the problem.

  38. I understand people like Hanson and his civic nationalism, but I don’t agree with it. As the nation becomes more fractionalized ideologically and racially, it is becoming more and more apparent that we must stick with our own. There is no coming to terms with the ideological -finding common ground. But what about those non-whites who are more or less on our side ideologically. How do we maneuver in this sphere?

    • We find allies where we can, for now.

      In general, latinos loathe blacks, much more so since the Saint Floyd lunacy. A shrewd politician (not one who brays about his fondness for burrito bowls) could use that to strategic advantage.

      Cross one bridge at a time.

  39. The elites long for a return of the days when they could ride to the hounds while trampling over peasant fields and stopping only long enough to avail themselves of the attractive peasant girl. Or boy, considering the degenerate loaded society that inhabits this land.

  40. It used to be Catholics distinguished themselves in America by eating fish on Friday, going to a service in an ancient language, and having large families. The post-Vatican II church brought in Protestant blandness. Now, traditionalists are rising and restoring the old distinctions, and indeed elitism. And they have large families.

    • Just as American elites hate heritage Americans, the Vatican hates serious Catholics.

      The revolutions in American culture and Catholic culture in the 60’s followed the same path, with the same general fallout. The quality of leadership in both cases has plummeted. Just listen to a Francis speech compared to a B16 speech.

    • It still astounds me that a 2 millenia old, globe-spanning religion suddenly forgave the tiny cult that had clamored for the murder of its savior, all to give Mustache Man the posthumous kick in the nuts demanded of it.

      Judeo-Christian values my ass.

  41. Yes the elites we’re so happy when Elon musk made a car that could both signify their virtue and their wealth. The Prius was so pedestrian, anyone could afford it. But the funny thing about the cars is these $100,000 plus cars breakdown constantly. I know a lot of people that drive very expensive cars and they are having constant issues with them yet all is plebs, that drive Hondas and Toyotas and similar, just drive our cars into the ground and get an oil change every a few thousand miles. I find it kind of amazing. Though I do realize the end game is to take away my car. I’m sure when Newsom banned internal combustion engines he didn’t ban it for buses I bet. The servents still have to get around

    • Expensive cars being unreliable isn’t a new thing. It used to be said that if you bought a jaguar, you better buy two so that youd have on to drive while the other was in the shop.

      • True. But the overall reliability of cars has gone way up in recent years. They really don’t break down anymore except for the expensive ones or the very very old ones.

      • I ride Ducatis, so I have a couple of spares in case one is down. They’re more reliable now, but I’m playing it safe.

      • Oh Dear Lord in Heaven, Jaguar.

        I struggle to comprehend how a nation that built the Supermarine Spitfire, De Havilland Mosquito, Avro Lancaster, and Hawker Hunter could build a “piece of shite” like the Jaguar V12. 🤦🏻‍♂️

        The X-KE, especially the drop top, was dead sexy, but as with a woman, beauty takes you only so far, what have you done for me lately?

        With a Jaguar it was sit immobile in your garage and leak oil on the floor.

    • “The servents still have to get around”

      The servants will be forced to stay in the servants quarters and not allowed to travel freely, except on errands for their master.

      • There will be no “servants” and “masters” in our promised Age of Equity and Inclusion. There will be “advantaged” and “disadvantaged”.

      • Autonomous EV Uber, weekly soylent ration, and plus-comfort residence, provided your social credit is in good standing, of course.

        Are movies predictive programming, or do these idiots think they’re real?

    • All of the major German brands have been building what I call, “lease mobiles,” for at least the past 15 years, possibly even longer.

      This is because something like 80% of all BMWs and about 70% of all Mercedes and Audis are leased.

      Thus, there is no need to build a vehicle that will last beyond about 50k miles. This is why all of these brands now have engine bays filled with expensive plastic crap.

      Even Porsche has models like this, the Macan SUV being a stand out in my mind. There are plenty of YouTube videos that explain design details which imply Porsche’s engineers expected regular oil leaks and *intentionally* added details to conceal those leaks from the owner as long as possible.

    • “I’m sure when Newsom banned internal combustion engines he didn’t ban it for buses I bet”

      You would lose this bet. Electric buses are already everywhere. What you need to know is that Newson’s cousin, Paul Pelosi Jr, runs the lithium-mining racket.

      h ttps://

      St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp. is pleased to welcome Mr. Paul Pelosi, Jr. as a Director and the President of St-Georges’ new subsidiary, EVSX Corp. which is dedicated to electric vehicle battery recycling and future partnerships in the development of lithium mineral resources.

      Quite the conflict of interest.

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